Warning: Contains some scenes of a sexual nature, suggestive themes, and a bit of callous violence, some crude language, and scenes never meant to exist.

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AU: Girl-Who-Lived: 13 year old Morgana "Lightning" Evans/Potter femme-Harry is on the streets when the magical world comes calling, having taken care of herself, she's became strong with her power over lightning.

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Hi, my names Morgana Evens and I've just turned thirteen years old. Yesterday in fact. It wasn't such a great day as I have no family or friends to celebrate with as I live alone on the streets of London. Though, don't you worry about me I'm used to it, I have been here since the incident when I was eight. The Ray Sphere. The maker of Lightning… me, a power house for super powered electricity, being able to suck it out of the very sockets in the wall just to strengthen my self.

It's why I'm safe from the perverts who would want to abuse me, though that's not saying they haven't tried because they have and they ended up dead… fried within my power and now this cities underworld fears me, they call me Lightning out of reverence of my abilities.

I don't care for the male of the species; I never have and never will. I remember before my power when my uncle came home after a bad day at work and beat me as if it were my fault. I was special then as I healed like a miracle, and it scared my family and made them hate me more. The men I've known have never been soft and gentle like girls but rough and violent, and I refuse to let any male touch me out of principle.

I know what others on the street call me behind my back, the dykning rod, sparkle the girl vibrator (well not all of them are any good, after all most of these fools have barely been to school), but I don't give a shit. So what if I find other girls attractive… so what if I have taken sexual payment from other girls for me 'taking care of something' for them… why shouldn't I be allowed pleasures in this world that make me feel good about my self even if its only for a moment.

I can't believe how sick of this filthy city I am… can't I have something else? Something more? Dreams? A future? I sigh as I look into the reflecting glass of the window as I easily hold on to the ledge with my fingers my feet pushed up against the concrete over twenty stories high as I was on my way to the roof, I just look at my self.

I'm wearing a black tee that hugs my form but cuts of above my stomach leaving my tone tummy bare, but I'm a little small in the chest area, and I'm wearing black hipster combats with a pocket belt around my waist holding all of my most important stuff. I wear a creamy white leather jacket with some blue edges and a large blue hood. My hair is a cream blonde that some times looks white or silver depending on the light and within and very noticeable is the pink copper that makes my hair look unique, and the oddest bit is its natural. I'm not stupid I know I'm beautiful, and I've heard others say so and mean it.

I stare at my electric blue eyes sadly as my life has always seemed incomplete before looking to my grey hiking boots modified with metal plates around the sides of the soles, and on my hands blue fingerless gloves with metal plates. The metal really doesn't do anything special but makes the blue sparks of warning electric look more menacing and cool. I am a girl after all; I can be a little vane.

I sigh before I climb the last few floors with grace and agility and crouch as I land on the edge of the roof. The Ray Sphere had also enhanced my natural strength and senses along with my powers so I find climbing easy and fun. Its one of the best ways to escape the fuzz when they've chased me (only happened a few times) for theft or something that I didn't do but I was with or around the person that did. They can't catch me.

I shoot forward suddenly and jump across the roof, my hands flat down by my sides spark and glow blue as I float at speed across and over the edge and drifting down between two buildings before I land safely on the ground. However, I was not expecting to land the moment an old stern looking woman appeared out of thin air in front of me.

The woman didn't seem the least bit bother by my falling with style. "Miss. Potter you should be more careful, you could hurt your self," the woman had said shocking me. I had never actually had anyone actually speak with real concern before. I've lived on the streets long enough to know when someone is being sincere or not. Though she obviously has me mistaken for some one else.

"Its Evens not Potter," I retorted with a scowl.

The woman frowned. "Your name is Morgana, correct?" she asked and I nodded. "You live her in London City?" Again I nodded. "They call you Lightening because you have the power to harness lightening and use it as you wish?" Again I nodded, now feeling highly confused as I've already figured out she has powers. "I hear that you hate men and that you're a menace to society."

"Well I don't exactly hate men," I replied with a shrug. "I just distrust them, don't like them, think they're ugly, and… well I probably am a menace to society so what?"

I was surprised the woman gave me a tight lipped smile as she pulled out an envelope from her robe (odd). "I'm here to deliver this to you. I'm afraid its taken two years as your powers seem to interfere with… certain aspects of getting it to you. And I must say if I had known those… those… people would have thrown you out onto the streets I would have began searching a lot sooner, I told the old fool not to leave you with them…" she trailed off looking embarrassed at her rant before continuing. "But you look well, clean, and with clean clothes I am relieved."

I smirked at her. "You can thank my talents in theft for that," I said making the woman looking uncomfortable as I finally opened the letter she gave me and carefully read it through several times before looking up at her. "So not only am I the Lightening Princess but now I'm a fecking witch, and going to be the only thirteen year old in first year?"

"Y-you mean you don't need convincing to come?" she asked in surprise. "I hadn't planned on it being this easy."

I shrug. "Well it explains my fast healing from when the fat bastard used to beat the shit out of me and call me a freak," I replied shrugging again while her eyes widened in shock. "I believe you mentioned some old fool leaving me there?" I say with a sinister smile as I clench my right fist making several blue sparks.

She coughed into her hand nervously. "Well, erm… I was asked to find you and bring you to stay with a nice magical family for the rest of the summer break at least."

"So I'll get the shit out of here?" I asked hopefully and she nodded slowly. "Sweet, this shit hole town was fucking me off I thought I might go crazy and go on a super fucking awesome old fashioned mutant rampage through the city just to liven up my spirits."

"So let's get out of here then," she said quickly and worriedly. "Emm, by the way, I'm Professor Minerva McGonagall, deputy headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," she introduced her self proudly like I give a dam.

I managed to hold in my snicker. "So how are we getting out of here?"

"Don't you have any belongings?"

"Only what I've got on me, come on already I'm board and you interrupted me while I was base jumping."

"Okay," she answered, confused. "All you need do is hold my arm, and please try not to use your… power at all or I may go wrong."

I shrugged and gripped her arm a little too tightly because she winced so I loosened my grip and the next thing I know it feels like I'm being squeezed through a tunnel and then its over as we're in the country not too far from but not too near a small village and I look up at the wonky farm house.

"I would have thought that you magical guys wouldn't fall for cowboy builders," I said shaking my head. "It looks like this poor family have resorted to using magic to keep the place up. We should call Dom Littlewood or Matt Alright about this. These builders should be named and shamed."

She just stared at me as if I'm crazy but if there is one type of criminal I hate it is scam artists stealing people's hard earned money. It's just not right because most of those people can't afford to get someone to sort it afterwards and I'm certain most of them don't have magical powers to hold the house together.

"Uh, I think its always been like that," she replied nervously and I couldn't help but blush and was thankful the owners didn't hear or I would have embarrassed them and I don't want to offend people who are so kind as to let a stranger like me stay in their home.

After a few moments she knocked on the door and I met with some fat jolly woman who would make a better Santa than some of the pervs I've seen. The only thing jolly about them is the fact the children's parents let them sit on some strange unmarried fat douches lap.

It was only a minute when the fatty… sorry… ginger fatty was trying to… hug me… fuck no my lightning said as a tiny stream lashed out and McGonagall said something about me not liking people touching me, which is perfectly true, unless I want them too, they're cute, and a lot younger than fatty… I'll admit I like red heads but ginger… at a stretch if she were cute enough and has a super fine body.

Soon I was invited in and the Professor of… I didn't ask… fuck it I'll find out eventually… well anyway she left and I was led into a large lounge. I was impressed the place is certainly nice and homely. I was introduced to the primarily male family, first off was Percy… a douche bag who obviously wants to suck politician cock when he finishes school this year.

Then the twins barely avoided twin strikes of blue as they attempted to offer their hands and their mother was quick to reprimand them and tell them I don't like being touched. The twins I figured are odd because instead of being afraid that they almost got blasted across the room they seemed to be amazed and think it cool, I internally shrugged at least they're kind of funny.

Next up was a ginger my age. He has this clueless expression and seemed to think I'll like him but I told him to go and fuck him self because I don't associate with deadbeat pricks. Molly Weasley tried to reprimand me as the moron stormed off muttering some crap about some old guy. I wonder if Ron is into that kind of thing, but I cringe in disgust as I'm finally introduced to Arthur Weasley the father, and told that the other two boys Charlie and Bill have already left home.

And last but certainly the only member of this family I want to know, Ginevra 'Ginny' Weasley with her long dark red hair shining under the candle light (I know I couldn't see one light switch). I couldn't see much of her under her black robe but I was certain she has a fine body, but my eyes flick back up to her face with cute little freckles and my heart skipped a pleasant beat as I discover that I won't get a room of my own but I'm sharing with Ginny, and I can practically smell the innocence in the room from these naive morons. I'll just get the pleasure of educating my sweet Ginevra.

I step nearer to her and put out my right hand in an offer to her mothers worry. "Thanks for letting me share your room with you babes, I'm sure you and I will get along real fine. Perhaps you can help me learn some stuff? That Professor woman says they're going to try to at least fast track me through first year so I could perhaps join second by New Year. Then I'll be in your class permanently, won't that be cool?"

"Y-yeah," she replied as she reached out timidly and took my hand. I held hers back shaking it as a large relieved smile lit up her beautiful face. Her hand is smooth and soft and going to be touching me tonight, I can barely wait. "W-would you like me to show y-you m-our room?" she asked nervously, probably because I haven't let her hand go yet.

"Sure, that'll be awesome, we can hang out just you…" my eyes lit up as I pushed some power into them before they faded back to normal and I could hear her heart pounding. "And me…" I laughed as I tugged her hand because she seemed to have zoned out for a moment before she realised what she was doing and led me up the stairs where I heard Percy reprimanding his parents about how dangerous some guy called Dumbledore said I am and that just because he asked for them to take me in doesn't mean they should. I was pleased that Molly was at least sticking up for me I still think she's just a fatty, but maybe she'll cook awesome meals, I figure fatty's are good in the kitchen.

Ginny led me into a small room on the first floor with two beds set up surprisingly close. Heck, one shove. "There," I say in amusement as I remove my foot from the bed I pushed to make two singles into one double we can share. Ginny looked at what I had done embarrassed. "What, are you afraid of me?" I asked her.

She turned to me and looked into my eyes. "A-a little," she agreed. "The headmaster says you might have killed someone before."

I closed the gap between us within moments and she startled as I carefully wrapped my arms around her waist, pinning her arms to her sides and held her softly to my body. "And it frightens you that I might have killed someone?"

"I-I guess," she whispered and I could feel her heart beating between us terribly fast. "Y-your Morgana Potter, your not supposed to do bad things."

"OK-okay sweets, what the hell are you talking about?" I demanded in confusion. "McGonagall called me Potter before when my name is Morgana Evens… what's the deal, why go to all the trouble of finding me anyway?"

She gasped with wide eyes. "Y-you don't know?"

"Know what?" I demanded angrily. "Tell me now or I'll shove my fingers up your arsehole followed by ten thousand volts!"

She started and tried to pull away but it was useless against my strength as she just spoke, telling me about how my parents died at the hands of Voldemort (she wouldn't say his name until I licked her tasty soft nose and sent a spark into her. It was painless but she got the massage). I told her to always say his name or she is shitting on my families sacrifice. I was surprised that she spoke his name for me no matter how scared she sounded and I loosened my grip, hugging her I buried my face into her neck, my lips touching her soft skin.

"Thank you," I said after a few moments sending a quiver down her spine before I pulled back with a grin. "I think you should know before you fully decide whether you could possibly be my friend. I'm a bitch; I'm hateful, bitter and vengeful. I was beaten as a kid and dumped in London soon after I got my powers, when I was eight. I plan on destroying those who ruined my life, from Voldemort, to my relatives and even Dumbledore and the Death Eaters. They've made me what I am Ginevra, can you truly be friends with someone who wants to slaughter all those who violently and maliciously harmed her?"

Ginny just stood still staring into my eyes. "You're so unhappy. I can feel it now," she whispered sadly. "I couldn't before because you're-you're unstable emotionally, so angry, so full of hate. I'm an empath, as well a few… other things" she replied to my confusion. "Dumbledore really just wants to hear me say you're mad. He says you could be more dangerous than V-Voldemort, but all I could feel was fear. I think when he found you he may have realised that… that you wouldn't praise him for rescuing you from that hell. He realised you had the power and will to oppose him.

"I-I'm not stupid Morgana. I've had these powers since I was born. I know how to dissect emotions. I can tell a lie from fact, and Dumbledore is always lying. I don't think I've heard him tell truths. He tries to hide lies a lot of the time behind half-truths. He's a worse person than you could ever be. He does what he does because he's selfish."

I couldn't help but smile and I just leaned down placing my lips on hers, I softly kissed her before she pulled back with wide horrified eyes so full of confusion. I didn't pursue her, and I would never try to force someone to do anything like that. I would never force another girl into doing things as I've seen the filth that would, have, and I've taken the lives of those who would have forced them selves on me.

"W-what was that?" she asked shakily and I noticed her small tongue lick her lips as I let her go and she took a step back.

"It was a kiss silly," I replied with as soft a smile I could manage. "Have you never… never been kissed before?"

"N-no," she replied nervously. "G-girls aren't supposed t-to kiss each other like that."

I rolled my eyes shaking my head before looking directly into her eyes. "I find boys, men, males to be disgusting wastes of space, repulsive and plain ugly. I dislike them and I have never found one attractive, but I like girls and I've kissed loads of other girls and it's wonderful. You and I Ginevra are two of a kind. We have abilities that others don't, we're special… why should we let some males think they can control us. You could be powerful with me Ginevra."

I opened out my right hand to her. "You and I," I continued. "Are different, don't tell me your family fully accepts your ability to feel their emotions."

"M-my mum says I should n-never f-fully feel someone," she answered timidly touching her lips with the fingertips of her right hand. "S-she says I'll get lost in someone else's feelings and get addicted."

"You are stronger than that," I replied honestly. "I have met plenty of people who have had terrible lives that strengthened them, but they're still weaker than you, but with me. I can help you to feel things you had never dreamed possible, physical pleasures, and my emotional pain. Let me taint you and make you stronger for it, and I shall be here for every deprived and sane-less step you take, just take my hand."

"I-I don't know," she replied, confused as she took half a step closer as her left hand raised a little as if to take mine. "My mum and dad wouldn't like…"

"Follow your heart, not theirs, and certainly not mine," I firmly reply surprising me and her. "Come into my arms my Dark Princess, and together we can do great things and bring other girls into our Dark Sisterhood and we shall not allow foolish old bastards to tarnish our freedom."

Ginny's hand was already in mine before I finished and her soft pale cheeks were bright red as she allowed me to pull her into my arms, my lips touched her forehead as I spoke softly. "Tonight my Ginevra," I whispered saucy. "I will make you mine, and you shall know pleasure you have never even dreamt."


I had only been awake for a few minutes; my naked body was pushed to hers, our soft skin touching under the covers as she slept. I was half on, half off of her and I could feel her small soft breasts under my cheek causing me to heat up. My arms are wrapped around her as I replay an amazing and frightening night within my mind as Morgana did things to my body I had never known to do, sending me over a cliff of pleasure, and teaching me how to return those feelings, and I can still taste her deliciousness on my tongue.

However, it was Morgana's raw feelings that made me putty in her hands, so full of want, need, rage, hate, and another emotion Morgana told me is called lust, an emotion I've never picked up before but coming from Morgana it is my absolute favourite. It made my insides buzz with excitement and something brilliant called an orgasm even more intense than the first she explored with me using her small yet powerful fingers between my legs.

I could feel that warm moisture starting to form between my legs thinking about her as my eyes open. I can barely believe even in her arms now that this angle is really a devil with superpowers, and she wants me at her side. I've chosen. I shall not forsake her as the Magical-world did all those years ago. I shall stand by her side and relish in our physical and emotional pleasures together, and I shan't let Dumbledore hurt her any more just because he's afraid of the monster he was party to creating.

"Ginny, mum…" Ron yelled in annoyance suddenly as he barged my bedroom door open to my horror.

However, Morgana's right hand flew up before he even got the door open several inches, and I felt the static charge gently caress my skin as it had last night and for the first time since her arrival saw her use her powers fully as a blue bolt of static lightning shot from her hand slamming the door closed and causing Ron to yelp in pain, before he started banging on the door several times in the attempt to open it, but it seemed sealed even though I could no longer see any blue.

"Fuck off you bastard pervert!" Morgana yelled grumpily to the door as her stunning electric blue eyes looked to me as they slowly open. "Didn't anyone ever teach you to knock and await permission to enter a lady's bed chambers? If you pull a shit headed stunt like that again, I can promise you'll get more than a warning shock. You'll get a trip to hospital."

I heard Ron stumbling over himself to escape as Morgana's soft lips easily found mine and I couldn't help but gently return her morning kiss, but I wanted more as I pushed my tongue into her willing mouth and felt her soft little tongue. Kissing I realise is something that I hope to get a lot of practice with, especially with Morgana but maybe when we get to Hogwarts another girl or two, though I'm not that greedy.

I pulled back with a groan as I sensed my mother approaching as I'm paying attention this time, and she feels anxious. "Ginny, Morgana," she said with a small tap on the door. "Breakfast will be ready in a minute, and I should apologise for Ronald's rude behaviour Morgana, he should know better."

"That's okay Mrs. W," Morgana replied with a shrug though mum can't see it. "Just make sure the jerk remembers because I will hurt him."

"O-of course dear," she replied nervously. "Also, Professor Dumbledore said he's sending someone to take you shopping for your school things this morning."

"Okay, but Ginny's coming with me," she replied as a statement rather than asking permission.

"That's fine dear," mum answered sounding happier but still feeling a little anxious. "I'm pleased you're making friends, hurry up now dears."

"Okay we'll be down soon," I answered this time as I heard mum heading downstairs feeling more content. "I think mum believes that if we're close I'll make you good."

Morgana laughed and sweetly kissed my nose. "I think it hasn't crossed her mind that I might corrupt you my sweet little lover, but I believe we should get up and dressed."

I nodded and blushed brightly as we laughed.


During breakfast I found it both frightening and amusing as Morgana has no qualms against blasting Ron. I don't have a clue what my brothers problem is but I'm sure it has something to do with Dumbledore but just left those thoughts be for now as Morgana is eyeing our escort to Diagon Alley with distrust and annoyance as she looks up at the friendly giant of a man.

"This Dumbledore twat sent this lard-arse?" she asked, and Hagrid looked as if he wasn't sure who to defend, himself or Dumbledore as her eyes roamed up and down the huge guy, and I tried not to let my snickering show. "Well I suppose we'll have to accept what we get so here's the deal lard-arse, you drop us off give me money and then fuck off, stay in this pub or something and we'll meet you back here for you to take us home."

Hagrid looked uncomfortable as I'm sure even Death Eaters aren't as crude as my beautiful Morgana when being rude to someone they think is inferior to them. "Err… well here's ya key Morgana," he said in his thick northern accent as he forked out a small golden key from his pocket and handed it over. "It's the trust vault ya parents left ya."

"I see," she muttered as she pulled a blue wallet/purse from her belt pocket with little key ring attachments and put it on one before putting her purse away.

"Though, I can't let ya go off by ya self," he was quick to add. "Dumbledore said ya might get in ta trouble as it'll be ya first trip in ta Diagon Alley."

"But Ginny will be with me," she retorted stumping him. I can tell the guy is under instructions, most likely to stay with Morgana and probably given these excuses too as he really believes what he's saying. I think the guy needs to stop sitting in the gullible chair.

"Well, okay," he finally said as he finally led us to the entrance into the alley and using his pink umbrella to tap certain bricks, and the archway melted to show off Diagon Alley. I had expected Morgana to be awestruck but the girl just strolled in yelling a 'later lard-arse' and leaving me to jog to catch up.

"So that marble place is where I can get my money, yeah?" she asked me a few minutes later as she grabbed my hand and shoved some big scruffy guy out of the way as he was about to trample us. The guy fell to the ground, and as he did Morgana nonchalantly zapped the bag on his back and loads of rope, tape, knives and all sorts of nasty stuff poured out as everyone turned to look at him, and some large black man in beige robes was quick to spot it and drew his wand on the man, promptly arresting him.

"So that guy with the badge on his chest was a pig," she said with a smile. "I thought so."

"W… how did you know to do that?" I asked in wonder.

"Blah," she mumbled with a wicked smile. "Bastard was eyeing us since we entered the alley, fucking piece of filth. If it weren't for all these people I would have fried the shit face."

"Y-you mean he's a kidnapper?" I asked in shock, shivering at the thought that without Morgana that guy might have captured some poor innocent girl.

She just shrugged as she looked up the steps to the bank to see two grumpy looking goblins. "They're goblins… they're not very friendly and they won't care that your just a kid if you offend one," I quickly warn her but I'm almost certain now by her mood she is considering bothering one to see what they'll do. Though, I'm certain it would be the goblins needing help and not her.

However, we make quick work of the steps and the goblins eye Morgana wearily but otherwise ignore us as we enter. Those goblins are supposed to be cleaver and I'm certain they at least sense something different about Morgana.

We approach the nearest free goblin and I expected Morgana to show him her key but she just looked at him in wonder. "Hey," she hissed and he paid her the minimal of attention but she went on anyway. "I'm Morgana Potter," she said which at least got some more interest. "I want you to show me to my family's money."

"Key," he asked bored and she took out her key handing it to him. "This is only a personal trust vault Miss. Potter," he commented as he pulled out a ledger and looked in it bored. "Ah, it seems you do not have any family money Miss. Potter."

The goblin then started as a spark of electricity sparked up her right cheek and he now look a little worried and I wonder why Morgana's so angry. "A trust vault without a main vault is just stupid you moron. So, may I ask when the last deposit was made to my vault?" So Morgana thinks someone robbed her, I would be angry too.

"Hmm… let's see," he muttered. "Yes, January twelfth nineteen ninety eight when the account was opened," he replied bored again.

"Then where did the money come from?" she demanded getting angry.

The goblin looked before shrugging. "It doesn't say. If I may Miss. Potter I have other customers to see so if you do not wish to make a withdrawal or deposit I suggest you…"

He squeaked out as Morgana had suddenly jumped up to his tall desk and dragged him over it and down by the throat within moments before squeezing real tight, and grabbing the goblins ledger frightening me as she held him off the ground as if he weighed nothing, and everyone watched in shock as other goblins came charging out carrying spears, though watching her cautiously.

However, she ignored them as I followed her towards some side doors and the goblins watched wearily as she read the ledger. "It says here nothing because it's been removed you filthy piece of garbage," she hissed as she looked to another banker goblin who had come out of the side door she was heading too. "You fucks stole my money. I'm not leaving until I've either gotten my money returned or you're nothing but stains beneath my boots."

"P-please follow me," he squeaked out as lightning rolled over her body for a second to get her point across and we followed him into an office and I was surprised as he sat behind a desk that the rest of them stayed out.

"It seems you're very serious Miss. Potter," he spoke after a few moments and Morgana still has the ledger and goblin banker. "You seem to be under the impression that we robbed you Miss. Potter, but we do not have that power… not a lone at least, and it was none of my people."

"He didn't tell me my family's money was scratched off."

"You didn't ask."

"Then who took my money?"

"Albus Dumbledore of course," he replied and I could sense Morgana wasn't surprised and startled that neither was I. "Shortly after your parent's end he came to this bank and took your family's fortune. He had also attempted to lessen your trust vaults contents but he has no authority over it."

Morgana stepped forward and threw her captive to the side where he landed painfully gasping for breath before she slammed the ledger on the goblins desk with her eyes aglow with furry and lightning.

"If you don't return my fucking money," she whispered frighteningly as she leaned over his desk, and I can sense the goblins terror, though he hid how scared he is very well. "I will return and take it from your wealthiest vaults with interest, and let's see where you stand when the magical wankers no longer trust the not robable Gringotts bank."

"A-are you threatening to rob us?" he demanded with a slight quiver to his voice.

"Oh no, Mr. Goblin," she replied shaking her head. "I'm promising you that if you do not see to it that all of my money is returned to me I'll take it back myself, and kill every little fucking goblin that crosses my path just for sport. So I suggest if you can't afford it you get it back from Dumbledore, and don't think I'm bluffing or incapable because I'm thirteen."

She then stood with one finger on the table. It exploded into thousands of tiny splinters almost making me wet myself with excitement as I've never seen goblins scared let alone near a state when they might have a heart attack, and my beautiful Morgana is the cause of such fear.

"B-but he took it-it lawfully," the goblin replied shakily as little sparks danced from Morgana's legs bouncing down and up to the floor and back. I could tell from his emotions that he is not entirely sure of the accuracy of his statement himself.

"Was he willed my rightful inheritance?" she demanded and the goblin just shook his head, shaking. "Then no matter what, you allowed that bastard to steal a newly orphaned child's money. I might add an orphan he sent away to be abused and finally left on the streets to fend for herself without a fucking care. I'm not a nice person, and stealing from me is very hazardous to your health. You," she pointed to the other goblin. "I need some money right now as I have to collect my school supplies. I want a bag-full of money and it isn't coming from my vault, understand?"

He looked to the other and he nodded before he ran off out of the office at top speeds. "I want my family vault returned by the first of September or you shall regret crossing me. I'm not like these pansy wizards. I'm laced with power and I'm not afraid to use it to get what is rightfully mine."

"Y-yes m-ma'am," he spoke with a stutter, his lips quivering.


"Ah," Morgana gasped in a deep breath. "Air free of those morons," she mumbled as she stretched her arms and flexed her fingers, and I watched transfixed as blue sparks buzzed momentarily around and through her fingers. "So what should I get for school first?"

"Umm…" I was still awed and I think I might be a little too… horny (that's the word Morgana would use for this feeling) from watching Morgana 'kicking butt'. "How about school robes first since the robe shops nearest and then the trunk shop and work our way down to the wand shop which is the other end of the alley."

"Sounds like a plan Ginny-baby," she agreed as she took my hand and dragged me across the alley and into the robe shop. I grimaced as there was a black girl being measured for new school robes with long smooth dark hair and cold dark eyes. If my recollections correct her name is Blaise Zabini and soon to start third year. She hangs with a group of Slytherins led by an ugly girl (with money and political connections) called Pansy Parkinson. They don't cause too much trouble as most of Pansy's posy is smarter than her boy equivalent, (that doesn't include Pansy and her ogres).

Zabini stared at us coldly as if she's better than us for less than a moment before I surprisingly detect a grimace on the girl and she looks away quickly. Its then I look at Morgana to see a cruel smirk on her lips as her electric blue eyes stare as hard as steel and cold as ice. I had almost forgotten Morgana is with me and feel thankful, some of these Slytherins glares are plain creepy. I'll have to ask Morgana for pointers on scary expressions.

I walked with Morgana as she moved into the shop and just stood on the stool next to Zabini without a word as the kind clothe maker smiled at the pair even though they both stared a snow storm at her. I was happy to note that she actually showed signs of concern when looking at Morgana as she said she needed some more pins and some tacks and fabric for Morgana.

"Are you a transfer student," the black girl suddenly spoke, her voice smooth and sharp.

"Nooo!" Morgana replied drawing it out sarcastically. "I'm here because I like dressing up as a cute witch school girl."

The black girl said nothing and barely responded to the sarcasm. "My name is Blaise Zabini. Is that… Blood-traitor with you?" she asked and I winced as she gestured me as I know she… yep, she's now gotten a slender pale hand wrapped around her throat squeezing tight.

"That's my girl you're talking about," she hissed into the other girls face. "The names Morgana Evens Potter," she added with a sneer to Blaise's widening eyes full of fear. "I may not know what the fuck you mean and I don't care, but the tone you took is one of spite and my Ginny doesn't deserve that from you so I suggest you keep your fucking trap shut unless it's to apologise do you understand me bitch?" she barely nodded panicky. "Good because you haven't a clue what bad is until you've met me," she finished letting the girl go gasping for breath. It had to have been one of the wonders of this world and my panties were embarrassingly soaking wet.

It took a moment for Zabini to get her breath under control and she just stared at Morgana for several moments in fear before giving a small bow of submission before turning to me. "I am sorry about my behaviour; I was out of line and shall never address you bad again."

She then turned back to Morgana and bowed even lower this time. "I am truly sorry that I offended you and your friend. I have truly never met anyone who can scare me as you have, and I'm afraid and ashamed to admit that I have wet myself."

Morgana just grinned at this, her eyes wild. "Don't fret it Blaise," she said shrugging. "But next time you pee yourself we want to watch it soak your underwear."

Blaise's dark cheeks tinted but mine exploded red, and I can't deny the thought of watching her wet herself is now very appealing, am I sick? "Y-y-yes of course Lady Potter…"

"Lightning," she corrected with a wider grin as the clothe lady returned and finished something on Blaise's shoulder before she was quick to change out of embarrassment and flee the shop with one quick bow to Morgana. I can barely believe Morgana walks into a clothes shop with just me and walks out having converted a Slytherin into… is a worshipper too strong a word?

It took little time for Morgana to have her uniforms made and we entered the trunk shop, and she just had to get one with all the special features before we reached the bookshop, and she loaded up on plenty of books, most of which Dumbledore wouldn't like her seeing even if they aren't dark magic. Heck, thinking of him, what is he going to try if the goblins try to reclaim Morgana's money from the thieving old fraud?

Anyway, after the bookshop we just travelled from shop to shop until we reached the wand shop to find it empty. "Come out you dirty bastard!" Morgana suddenly called out and I realised upon further inspection of my power she's right someone is here. "I'll fry you if you don't," she continued clenching her fists creating sparks of lightning.

"Please, please," a white haired old man appeared shaking his hands in defence. "I…" whatever he was going to say went unheard as a wave of electricity coerced from Morgana and the old man cried out as he was blasted into a shelf of wands and they toppled on him as he collapsed unconscious.

"Morgana, I think he surrendered," I say as I turn to her, surprisingly not as worried as I might have previously been as my eyes are widened to the truth of the world.

"Umm…" she chuckled with a shrug. "Oops, my bad… ah well who cares the jerk obviously wanted to at least jump out and scare us, it was obviously an accident on my part but still his fault."

I frown for a moment before shrugging. "I suppose it will teach him not to do that any more encase crazy girls come in for a wand."

"Too right he will," she agreed. "So where is there another wand shop?"

"This is the only one," I replied as I look down at the shop keeper. "I suppose you can just hunt for one yourself. I hear it's the wand that chooses us so you have to pick one up and try until you find the correct one."

"So you haven't done this before?"

"No I've got my grans hand me down."

"Then just take one," she replied. "I'm not paying for mine for the old bastard's cheek so you can get one too; I bet it will work better."

"B-but that's stealing," I complain not liking the idea too much. I do have my family pride after all.

"Don't be so stupid," she replied rolling her eyes. "The old guy owes us as we could potentially rob everything he owns while he's napping."

I bite my lower lip in thought for a moment before nodding slowly. "O-okay," I answered as we began our search. I have to be a little more evil and who's going to say anything about stealing when I'm with Morgana? We found plenty of wands and tried them one after the other, reading what kind of wood, cores, size, and wand info from the paper tags in the boxes, but getting no luck when I find one with a sticky note on it saying that its core brother belongs to You-Know… Voldemort… a phoenix feather, and the phoenix belonging to Dumbledore.

I was quick to show it to Morgana. She and I both had a quick go although Morgana said it was the best so far she said it seems to be struggling whatever that means, she didn't know either so Morgana shrugged and fried the wand into dust saying that the worlds better off without a twin to Voldemort's wand, and I couldn't help but agree.

Therefore we continued on and Morgana called me over to some shelves in what looked like a workshop where we were surprised to find a notebook stating that all of the wands here are not made by ministry approved magical creatures or materials. Heck, I was surprised that a few of the wands were made with what Morgana said are Muggle materials.

"Ha, this one sounds like me," Morgana said after a minute as she showed me the wand inside the box. It looked like some kind of black plastic halfway up from the handle towards the tip with four dark blue metal spikes pointing up running along towards the tip stopping half way from the white leather bound handle and metal knuckle duster (Morgana's words) hand guard. "Let's see wing feather from a Thunderbird, and I believe the black bit is carbon fibre while the metal is titanium," she said whatever they are.

However, Morgana picked it up and I moved back as blue sparks exploded softly out from her right hand as it held the wand and wrapped around her arm and wand, dancing along its length, and then body scorching the floor as I watch in awe as it slowly dies down we just stare at each other before she grins sadistically.

"Fuck yeah baby," she cried out as she was quick to find a dark blue arm holster and put it on her arm upside down under her left sleeve and slid her wand in under her arm. "Thunderbird core suits me baby, but what about you? How about this one?" she asked as she picked up one that looked to be made out of bone.

I just took it and felt the connection instantly and she were quick to get me set up with a white holster and slid the wand in as I read what it was. "Nue bone with mermaid scale entwined with Siren hair core, no wonder the ministry doesn't want wands like this sold, though I must admit it feels loads more powerful compared to my other wand."

"Cool babes, let's get out of here," she replied. "I'm a little tired and want to play with you when we get home."

I couldn't help but grin in excitement while blushing as I followed her out into the main shop where we startled to see the shop keeper groggily pulling himself from under wands.

"M-Miss. Potter… I-I'll help you find your wand in just a…"

"Don't worry old man, we've both found wands that are obviously on the house," she replied as she showed hers off and pointed to mine smugly while his eyes widened in horror. "After all what would everyone say if they knew you're a pervert?"

We didn't await answer as she laughed and pulled me by the hand out of the shop with our cool new wands. So what if my wands some messed up monster ivory, it feels so much better between my fingers than I had ever thought a wand should.


"Come on Gin-baby," I complained rolling my eyes as I not only push our cart along the train platform but drag Ginny along with me. It has been a fun time with Ginny and I care for her more than I should but I don't mind she's got a very eagerly learning tongue. I had received a letter notifying me that all of my families' wealth has been fully restored this morning and that Gringotts are pursuing charges against Dumbledore as it was finally discovered that he had forged some paperwork involving my mothers and fathers wishes and secretly sealing their wills.

I'm still surprised Dumbledore hasn't confronted me about anything yet… could he really be that scared I'll just attack without warning and kill him? I think he probably should stay away as I might do just that if he says one thing I don't like. The jumped up little bastard!

In addition, I had the weirdest conversation with Ginny's dad just a moment ago about some escaped convict Sirius Black. I think Black is after me for some Girl-Who-Lived related business and Arthur is trying to make sure 'if I hear anything' about Black that I won't try to track him down as if this Black fellow holds a fucking candle to my power. If truth be told the poor bastard is probably innocent and finally got away, after all I've been part of this world for a month and even I can tell they're all corrupt fucks. Anyway, if the guy stays clear of me I'll have no reason to crush him into dust.

"Yeah yea," she replied rolling her eyes but smiling that beautiful smile anyway. "I know you want to get a compartment for just the two of us without forcefully evicting a group but we've got five minutes until the train leaves so everywhere is bound to be full."

I sigh as we stop at a luggage cart and I just ignore the douche loading it and lob our trunks in neatly one after the other without much thought before dragging Ginny to a near door. "I guess but it was worth a try," I agreed shrugging. "How the hell can your fucking family take so bloody long to get here? If they just pack and double check and shit the night before we could effortlessly have gotten here an hour early," I say as we enter the train and slam the door closed behind us.

Ginny shrugged as she followed me to look for a compartment. "Yeah well, only we thought of that and even if we discussed it with my brothers I believe Percy would do it not to be outdone and the twins because they think your powers are cool and don't want to be fried. Its Ron who would still not pack the day before because he's a lazy moron with no self-preservation instincts," she rants with a cute pout.

I couldn't help but chuckle at the truth as I stopped (Ginny stopping with me) at a compartment door. It only contained three hot girls, one being Blaise, and another with dark blonde hair and pale blue eyes, and the last with short(ish) (how a boys would grow if he didn't get it cut) messy brown hair with green eyes. I kind of miss my green eyes but blues still really cool. The three girls I'm sure would look finer if they wore tight Muggle clothes but they were wearing baggy robes.

Internally shrugging I pull the door open and without invitation I slid onto the bench opposite them with Ginny next to me as the door slides shut. "Weasley what the hell do you think…" the brown haired girl begun but trailed off into a startled yelp as she was elbowed by Blaise

"T-this is the girl I told you both about," Blaise said glaring at the brown haired girl while the blonde looked indifferent.

"The Girl-Who-Lived, Morgana Potter," the brown haired girl said with a snort. "I doubt a goody two shoes like, ah!" she cried out as her nose exploded in blood just as the train started moving, I had hit her with a right hook bloodying her nose and lip gaining the blondes cautious attention and the brown haired girl curled up with her hands on her face sobbing.

"I'm Daphne Greengrass," the blonde soon announced over her friends sobs, ignoring her. "The girl you just proved your point to is Tracy Davis," she continued.

I smiled crookedly. "If you three babes' side with me…" I begin as my grin widens. "You won't have to hang around those fucking morons Gin-baby says you hang with following her orders because she has connections. What good are her connections if my power has murdered the corrupt pieces of filth before they can do shit?"

"You know I now side with you Lady Lightning," Blaise spoke first. "I would rather kiss the ground you walk on than Pansy, or worse Malfoy. At least you have real power."

I smile a little as I easily slip my right boot off and place it in her lap looking smug as her dark cheeks flush. "I would rather you kiss my feet than the dirt, so much nicer… for both of us."

I waited to see what she would do, Daphne and Ginny watching too, and I was surprised as Tracy had stifled her cries a little and looked through watery eyes through her fingers as Blaise slowly took my foot between her fingers. She surprisingly pulled my sock off before raising my foot to her lips and giving it a lingering kiss. She was about to push my sock back on when Daphne suddenly stopped her and leaned down also leaving a tingling kiss. They both turned to Tracy and she whimpered as she wiped her face on her robes before she too kissed my foot before Blaise finally replaced my sock and I slipped my foot back into my boot with a wide grin.

"And her," Daphne asked as she coldly gestured Ginny.

I just smirked. "Oh, believe me my new sisters. She has kissed my feet and so much more," I said as I reach over gently to the crying girl and pull her to my side and into my arms as the other two girls blushed. "You'll be fine once you see the nurse baby, and I'll be sure to counteract such pain with even more pleasure when we all have some wondrous free time together sometime soon this week."


I figure Tracy is a bit of a cry baby but brave enough to just cry rather than run away and quick enough to swear loyalty to me and kiss my feet. Daphne is strong willed and cold at first glance but I see the odd smile as one of us tells an amusing joke, and Blaise puts on a cold exterior but once she feels comfortable its cut in half. After we had cleaned Tracy up and seen that she hasn't gotten a broken nose and only a small cut lip as I hadn't actually hit her that hard I found out the girls quite outgoing and is now a little clingy with me, though she's super fine so I don't care.

We had played some childish games, eaten and shared snacks, and chatted for hours when we were all startled (well okay I wasn't as I sensed it) as the door was yanked open by the dick head Ron and some bossy looking girl who seriously needed her arse spanked for daring to look at me in such a superior manner… even these three Slytherins hadn't looked at me like that.

"Can we help you?" I asked after a moment of glares all around.

"What are you doing with Slytherins?" Ron demanded heatedly.

"Hanging out until we get to school," I answered with a shrug. "So what shit head if you have a problem I don't give a flying shit pie!"

"They're evil!" he roared angrily before the girl he's with no doubt reprimands me for cussing, she seriously has that look.

I shrugged, amused. "Do you see this face?" I ask pointing to my face with a blank expression.

"Yeah so?" he replied, confused.

"Does it look bothered?" I asked blandly. "Do you think I'm bothered? Do you now?"

Ron just looked confused while his friend surprisingly looked as if she knew my act. "You do realise that its lost on him don't you?" she asked pompously.

I just nod. "Yeah, but when you get a solid chance to do it like that it can't be helped. Now why don't you two just fuck off before I turn you into a couple of Pikachu's," I finish off rolling lightning between the fingers of my right hand. Ron didn't understand the threat even with the visual aid but the girl did and took a step back.

"Y-you'll get into serious trouble," she said worriedly. I grinned and pointed to my face causing her to grimace. "I guess you really don't look bothered. R-Ron we should get out of here, you know Dumbledore says she could be dangerous," she said as she dragged him away and if I were a normal human I would have missed the last bit.

The five of us looked at each other as the door closed and I laughed with Ginny, Tracy, and Blaise while Daphne let a larger smile onto her lips.

I had almost expected it to be Ron and his friend returning when the door was rammed open, but a girl with dazed blue eyes and light blonde haired tumbled in out of breath and scared on the floor before the door was torn open again to reveal a fatty, another fatty, and a skinny blonde boy with gangster hairdo in the middle. The three boys almost seemed surprised to see us when I moved grabbing fatty number one by the head and smashing his face into the door frame before kicking him out to the floor screaming and crying in pain before grabbing the sliding door and pulling it into the others foot causing him to hop in pain.

Then my knee came up into his gut before I grabbed behind his head and kneeled him in the face letting go he joined his friend crying. I hadn't given the blonde boy a second as I grabbed his hair and slammed him into the compartment opposite face first painfully squishing his nose.

His bloody face was whimpering and crying on the glass of the compartment of older Slytherins and they just stared (making silent promises to stay clear of the psycho girl) as she whispers in his ear. "Don't enter my compartment trying to bully or attack any girl or I'll fucking kill you. In fact, touch any girl at Hogwarts and I'll chop off your dick and force feed it to you."

I then just threw him to the side and re-entered my compartment as Ginny was quick to wipe the blood from the compartment with her wand with magic before checking on the new girl. "Luna, are you okay, what the hell was that about?" Ginny asked as she checked her friend over for injury and thankful she isn't hurt.

"I-I don't know," she replied as I sat next to her with Ginny the other side. "He was saying his dads really angry because Morgana Potter," she gave me a quick look before continuing. "Is back in the wizarding world and isn't apparently on Dumbledore's, the Ministry's, or You-Know…"

She yelped as I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back to face me, other than the yelp she made no sign of pain, though I could see it in her eyes along with some fear. "You call the bastard by his name or you are shitting on the deaths of those who dared speak his name and fight him. Plus if you don't I'll strip you naked and kick your arse in front of all these lovely lady's for our pleasure."

"V-Voldemort," she continued and I let her hair go and gently stroked her silky hair and allowed the cute thing to lean on me. (She's a fucking weirdo). "It's apparently angered his father as he may fear you if rumour about your power is true," she said the last bit looking at me with no doubt in her dreamy blue eyes. "I think Malfoy's dad is taking his frustrations out on him so he tried to hurt me for similar reasons."

"You stick with me Luna..?" I asked.

"Lovegood," she answered.

"You stick with me… us and we'll take care that shit heads like him don't pick on you, okay?" I asked as I held my right arm around her and she leaned into the hug nodding her head.

However, we had little chance to talk as the train lurched and the breaks screeched. It took no time for the train to stop to our confusion when we noticed the dark windows slowly icing over when the lights snuffed out. That's what they get for using flame lamps.

I could feel the tension in the compartment and sense something weird boarding the train (not quite alive but not quite dead). It was the oddest electric life force I have ever encountered, but I'm certain it can't be a vampire because I figure they will still register with me as living.

"Dementors," Daphne whispered and she sounded scared. If what the papers say about the things is true then they are most foul and guarding Hogwarts because of the supposed dangerous convict. I could feel the effects starting to hit me and hear many things ringing though my head with images flashing through my eyes with sweat building as one had reached our door but I ignored the effects as I stood some sparks sliding up my body as the thing opened our compartment door.

I glared at the robed creature in disgust as both of my forearms ignited in constant sparks lighting the compartment in a blue glow as I stared the creature down. "Get the fuck off this train you filthy thing!" I hissed out demandingly but it didn't move but instead lifted its scabby hands and I heard my new sisters gasp in horror as it removed its hood to reveal just one giant mouth and I could practically see the foggy/happiness getting drawn in as it drew closer to me.

I thrust both hands out in an instant as a swirling wave of electricity picked the thing up (even though it was floating) and forced it back at speed slamming it into the opposite compartment and shattered the glass though the pieces stayed attached barely as the monster hit the ground. It tried to get up but I rapidly created a bolt in my right hand and throwing it at the Dementor causing it to scream out a whale with each of my torturous attacks but it wouldn't die.

I neared it as it twitched in pain and leant down grabbing its face over its soul sucking mouth in a vice like grip, and pulled at all of the energy within its body as it squirmed and struggled in its panic. I pulled condensed blue streams of electric energy pulled up curling around and in to my body for only a few moments before the last of the stream entered and the Dementor ceased its struggling against me and I stood up watching in awe as it burst into thick wads of blackened ash with spectres of whaling green lights blasting out like fire flies and disappearing through the walls of the train.

It was a weird and creepy sight to behold as the last disappeared and I turned first to the right, and then to the left as I can see more of those things but the moment I looked they were quick to flee out of the train and I felt the cold leaving as the torches returned to life and the train started moving again. I'll have to look up away to kill them in large numbers for mine and my new sisters safety.

I re-entered my compartment to see all of the other girls pasty white and clammy just staring at me with wide eyes full of awe. I give them a smirk and a wink as I reclaim my seat.

"W-what the hell…" muttered Daphne. "Y-you killed a Dementor… it looked like you sucked out its soul."

I snort at that as I pulled out some chocolate and pass it around taking a bite and feeling warm almost instantly. "Ironic, but no, everything living has electricity flowing through them, and I can control electricity. I can absorb it out of Muggle stuff, and without it flowing through the body you just can't function so you die. So I can suck a person of the electric within them and they die and I get a power boost."

"W-whoa, you can literally suck the life out of someone," Ginny commented in awe. "That thing was crying out so much, it was in incredible pain and I could tell it wished not to exist at one point, but when you started pulling away its life… god Morgana it was so awesome how much pain it was in."

"Y-you're an empath?" Blaise asked in surprise, and Ginny nodded in agreement. "That's pretty cool, can you influence emotions?"

"N-no," she answered. "But Morgana says I should start practising because she thinks it might be funny to assist petty arguments into full-scale fights."

"That could be amusing," agreed Luna suddenly as her eyes seemed out of focus. "However, Dumbledore will realise what's going on eventually. Though depending on how you go about it depends on when he'll realise. Though I'm afraid to say it will not end well for him either way as one of us will kill him very violently within fifth year. However, the further I look the less likely the probability is. It is my talent to read probability, and it is not always one hundred percent as people change their minds all of the time. Fate is not written in stone."

"That's great," Daphne said nonchalant. "A seer, an empath, and a Lightning Empress… we could rule the school."

"Rule the school?" I asked in mild amusement while the other girls nodded I shook my head. "Not how you think we should, but more along the lines of behind the scenes, let them see my power, let them experience the pain of being a bitch to me, but make them unsure of what I want. Eventually Dumbledore will get fed up with not knowing whether I'm going to destroy him or not and then… then we mess with his head some more as he tries a pre-emptive strike against us…

"Well, by then it shall be too late as we shall already be through the door that he opened wide, and if you are patient enough, money, greed, and fear are all that is needed to direct the world in any direction we wish."

"I think you maybe a Slytherin," said Tracy with a small smile.

I just shake my head. "Oh no my dear sweet Tracy," I reply to their surprise. "No really cunning person would allow themselves to enter Slytherin. Your house is despised by the other three. Though, I'll have to start bridging gaps with our open friendship and my strength… as a Hufflepuff perhaps?"

"You would be better off in Gryffindor for that," Blaise commented.

"No she wouldn't," answered Luna. "Slytherins hate Gryffindors as well… Hufflepuff makes sense because of house stereotypes. The masses believe that the house defines your character no matter the evidence that contradicts such stereotyping."

"Exactly," I agree stroking Luna's hair and smile as she leans into me just as the train slows into the station, I place my lips to her cheek as my fingers stroke the other, her eyes drift closed. "Today my beautiful sisters begins the Sisterhood… today begins the Covenant of Witches."


I had seen my future many times before entering the train for third year and it had been boring and not very productive social wise. I had seen the bullies picking on me because I'm odd, and others taking my belongings to hide for their own sick and twisted pleasure. I would do nothing and not show how upset or angry I am, but that future changed the moment I saw Morgana dragging Ginevra along the platform.

It had never happened before. Futures don't just change so drastically because you see one person do they? Probability is based on choice and maybe I chose then to be with her. However, as I rode the train in a compartment nearby to hers what I was seeing was awing me as I had never seen any relationships I might have in the future because it's too far for me to see and neither I nor anyone else could have made the choice. However, I saw Morgana kissing me, Ginny too, and even other girls, and in some cases not including clothes yet we weren't any older, and we were always having a great time. It was baffling and exciting all at the same time.

When the horrid Malfoy boy tried hexing me because he's a jerk I saw my chance and ran to the only person nearby (or on the train) who would not only stop him, but hurt him and take me in. It's now that I realise I will soon fall in love with each and every single one of these girls and they me as they are now my sisters and I theirs. I feel whole for once in my odd little life and I have a purpose I wish wholeheartedly to serve with Lightning leading the way.

I'm unfortunately separated from my new friends as I'm sitting at the Ravenclaw table and they're not in my house. The hall is packed and I look over at the staff table to see a new professor, and the old headmaster looks uneasy. I know why he looks so nervous having such a powerful girl enter his school knowing that she knows he's a thief and a kidnapping child abuser. It's enough to frighten any senile old man.

Near the headmaster is a greasy piece of filth Professor Severus Snape. Since I've been sitting here waiting for the sorting of first years which will include Morgana, Snape's future hasn't been looking as bright as he no doubt wishes for as he is going to piss her off tomorrow and she's going to hurt him, and at the moment the most likely way is her smashing her cauldron over his head leaving him in a coma for two days and the infirmary for two weeks. Though for some reason with every passing moment his future pain is shifting nearer or further, it's a little confusing.

I smile a little as the first years are led in and I see Morgana glaring down at an overly small first year girl with wild black hair framing her sweet little face perfectly as she glare-pouted back. I frown; if only I was all-knowing then I would understand what is going on when I saw the little girl grab Morgana's hand as they stopped. Although Morgana did glare as the little first year clung to her she didn't try to remove her or hurt her. I see a high probability that the first year will be our newest sister within the week.

It doesn't take long for the sorting to go underway and I was surprised as the tiny girl with Morgana, Tabitha Lacy (a Muggle-born) was sent to Slytherin house on the far side. Very few people applauded this but I noticed that cunning smirk on Morgana's lips as she gave the girl a reassuring nod of encouragement as the girl sat near Daphne.

The fun started however when McGonagall called Morgana forth to try on the hat. The hall quietened for only a few moments as whispering broke out.

"I heard she has special powers!"

"Yeah, I think she's going evil!"

"Did you hear she sucked the life out of a Dementor and scared the rest away?"

"I hear she beat up Malfoy."

"Who cares, its Malfoy?"

"Point taken, but seriously, I hear she's dangerous!"

I tuned them out as I watched her standing as she doesn't seem too trusting of the small stool as she placed on the hat. It seemed to be having a very long discussion with her and she looked board before it surprised me with what it called out, and I frowned as Dumbledore looked relieved.


The Gryffindors began clapping loudly but stopped in shock as the hat continued.




The hall was deathly quiet for a few moments when Dumbledore stood and nervously proclaimed that as the hat has stated Morgana is allowed to be in all four houses. The girl amusedly pulled off the hat and was soon sitting next to me with a wink obviously pleased with her new plan of being in all of the houses. I can't help but be impressed. If she wants power then being in all four houses will grant her instant access to all of the girls in school.

The rest of the sorting was over quickly and after Dumbledore introduced Professor Lupin the new defence teacher dinner arrived, and I was about to dish myself some food when one of my worse tormentors from my house spoke up snootily towards Morgana.

"I wouldn't sit next to her if I were you Potter," she said brushing her brown hair back. "She's a nutter, you might catch it," she finished laughing with her friends."

Morgana just looked at her nonchalant before responding. "Tonight I shall not be spending in this house but tomorrow night I shall, and tomorrow night is the night I will allow my sweet Luna her vengeance upon you so I suggest you treat her well this night as she may go easy on you tomorrow. If you choose otherwise I shall take some control over your punishment if I think she's being too good to you."

The girl snorted. "Just because some people believe those rumours…" she trailed off with wide eyes as she pointed at her like a gun with sparks around her finger.

"Excuse me?" she asked, amused while the whole table slowly quietened as the girl shook her head frantically. "Good girl, play your cards right and you and I shall get along just fine," she said as she glared around getting them to look away quickly before her eyes calmed on me. "I just thought I would come and make sure this house knows who they are fucking with when they're picking a fight with you before I go to the Slytherin table. Shortcake will be annoyed; I believe she has taken a liking to me. I think it has something to do with the dead octopus floating in the lake," she said shrugging as she stood up, gave me a quick peck on the cheek and headed over towards the Slytherins

Octopus? I ask myself in thought as I look up to the staff table to see Hagrid didn't look very boisterous, and I realise Morgana had killed the giant squid, most likely thinking it would attack. Damn, it's no wonder the girl likes her after seeing something like that and maybe thinking her life was saved.

I shake my head clear as I look around the hall and see Ginny grinning at me from her place at Gryffindor before she winked and returned to her food. I had to hold in a small laugh as I looked back at my table to see some of my classmates looking very nervous.

I divert my attention to the Slytherin table just as Morgana had taken her seat next to Tabitha to see the poor first year looking nervous but determined as she was receiving many heated glares. I'm not stupid enough to believe that all of the Slytherins hate Muggle-born's, and I'm smart enough to know they're pushed to by stereotyping and the other teachers as they don't try to stop all of the fighting between houses, but I think with Morgana's assistance Tabby will be safe and make friends in her house.

Though I think it's a shame that someone like Dumbledore would allow such petty hate to continue, especially between Gryffindor and Slytherin. It's like the school is trying to continue the fight between the two founders even after death. If I were a betting girl I would bet that Gryffindor and Slytherin didn't hate each other and that Slytherin had no problem with Muggle-born's. It was probably the idea of someone like Dumbledore who thought such crap a good idea and left our people divided between racists and normal people who just want to get on with their lives.

My eyes suddenly widen in shock as I watch Morgana pick up a plate half-full of chicken pieces and lob it at the nearest glaring Slytherins head knocking him out and causing the rest to look away in fright. It's no doubt that these rumours of Lightning are spreading and they don't want to meet their end.

I let my eyes wander from the scene as the hall quietens to the staff table where Snape was fuming as he marched off towards the Slytherin table, but as my eyes followed him I couldn't help but notice the new teachers awe and shock. I guess even a lykan can see something knew, I internally shrug.

"Bastards should learn some manners!" I heard Morgana tell the little first year with a shrug. I believe that she probably has no right to talk about manners with her cussing all the time. She continued speaking however, when Snape turned up behind her ready to draw his wand. "And if you raise your wand at me you greasy shit-head you'll be joining your fucking boyfriend in lala land."

"How dare you?" Snape hissed out grinding his teeth. "You'll be have… ah!" he then screamed out and I grimaced as Morgana first stabbed him in the groan with what looked like a fork, and when he bent over squealing in pain she smashed a plate full force into his face knocking him out.

She then returned to her meal and the other teachers looked as if they were not going to risk collecting Snape while Morgana is still so close. I notice as everyone just stared at her in awe that her new little friend had also continued eating.

"I love the good old fashioned attacks best," I hear her says as she smirks at Tabby. "A fork to the groan is bound to shut any greasy fucking retard up, and if you follow through with a plate to the face you'll not have to worry about the bother of them crying and begging for medical attention."

I couldn't help but silently agree with her sentiment as I noticed the tiny charms teacher braved collecting Snape and the Slytherin student and Morgana just ignored him as he was quick to depart out of the hall.

Dinner ended a little sooner than normal as Dumbledore stood to make announcements, and tell all of the students about all of the dangers inside the school, (he looked at Morgana here) and outside, especially the Dementors.

Therefore, after his babbling had ended we were dismissed and I was making my way when Ginny joined me with a smirk. "That were awesome what Morgana did," she commented, amused. "She just told me she's going into Slytherin tonight to make sure the Slytherins understand what happens if they pick on her new little Muggle-born."

"Then they're in for a world of pain," I reply with a shrug. "It's their fault for letting fools like Dumbledore, Gryffindors and their parent's dictate who they'll be."

Ginny shrugged. "Well it's not my problem if they get beaten up," she said with a small smirk. "Anyway, what did Lightning stop at your table for?"

"She was promising the girls in my dorm that tomorrow she is coming to stay so that I can punish them all for all of my mistreatment."

"Whoa girl," she said smiling. "I'm so happy for you. I'm sure whatever you think of will be very fun, but I got to go this way, see you in the morning," she chimed as she shot off up a different flight of stairs after the Gryffindor first years.

I shake my head while rolling my eyes as I head up my own stairs towards Ravenclaw tower. However, I had just reached the top and was surprised to be met with Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall, and my head of house Flitwick blocking my way.

"Professor's?" I find myself asking in surprise as I wasn't looking into my immediate future. "Umm… what can I do for you?"

"Miss. Lovegood," Dumbledore begun with that fake grandfatherly way that fools mostly everyone. "We were just… umm… curious about your relationship with Miss. Potter," he said. "We all noticed that she sat with you for a moment while the sorting ended."

I just nodded while feigning confusion as I made up fake memories in my head as I felt the old man attempting intrusion and let him in as I continued. "Oh, nothing much Professor. She was just really nice to me when Draco Malfoy was attempting to attack me on the train, she beat him up. She was really nice to me, and she came over to see that I was doing okay by myself, but ended up threatening a mean girl from my year who had said that Morgana might catch madness if she hangs around me."

"I see," he replied as he nodded at seeing what I want him to looking pleased. "Miss. Daniels had come to Professor Flitwick with the allegation that Miss. Potter had threatened to hurt her, but I'm sure if you are telling us that it was not without reason then we shall leave it there. It is of course only natural to stick up for ones friends and I'm sure Miss. Potter was only doing what she thought was right. Though, perhaps you could tell her when you next see her that it is better to solve problems by discussing them with a teacher."

"Of course Professor," I replied nodding my head quickly as he gestured for me to leave. I had only rounded the corner when McGonagall asked 'Albus' whether he is really that stupid. I had just about caught the bit about my fake memories when I was finally out of earshot.

Dumbledore really seems to believe that because I'm only twelve that I'm some kind of idiot incapable of deceiving him in anyway. I have to wonder sometimes whether the 'children' should run things as the 'adults' seem to be incompetent and neglectful of their duties. I had learnt occlumency (mind protection) for the sole purpose of controlling my sight but it does come handy when dealing with mind rapists.

I shake my head as I reach my tower door and knock using the knocker before it said some kind of riddle that I just answered nonchalant. Someday I expect the door to stump us as it opened up into the blue empty common room, but I can hear others making a noise upstairs and was quick to take the girls stairs.

I reached the second year girls dorm and tuned out probability as I pushed the door open and entered. I caught my classmates in their underwear as they were preparing to get into PJ's and my brown haired nemeses stood taller as she glared at me with a smug undertone.

"I told Professor Flitwick on you and your whacko friend," she said smugly. "You'll both get detention, though she might get expelled for attacking a teacher."

I couldn't help the dark smirk as I allow the possibilities from tomorrow night play cheerily in my vision (well cheerily for me). These girls won't be as happy… right away. "Don't be silly… my Lightning Empress has too much dirt on Dumbledore, and too much power to risk fighting her. Plus, don't you think it odd that after all this time searching that they invite her here even though they know she is dangerous. It would be a wise, smart person who realises that Dumbledore believes that Lightning and Voldemort," her room-mates flinched at the name. "Are to face one another again, but this time Lightning will have the power to end him for good."

None of them seemed quite capable of anything right now as I glared and they now looked nervous as I have never stood up to them before, and I quietly stripped and climbed into my PJ's before sliding into bed and snuggling under my covers as they finally climbed into their own beds.

I lay in thought for a while wishing a little that Morgana had come with me today but knowing she couldn't leave our new little sister alone tonight, but I have my visions to keep the loneliness away and that is all I can hope for right now. I curl up in my covers and enjoy the warmth my bed gives me as I imagine my pillow is my Lightning Empress. I can't wait to experience my first night with her.


I find myself frowning in annoyance as I look at the tiny and flimsy boats Lard-ass wants me and the midgets to ride in over the deep dark lake to school, but they don't look very safe even though Lard-ass says they are safe and his lard ass is actually sitting in one. How the fuck is it still floating?

I have my reservations as I cautiously step into one taking a seat, and lounging back it felt more secure than it looked. I took note as I was waiting that most of the boats had been full but one abnormally tiny girl with wild black hair framing her pretty little face was still on the bank looking as if she was about to have a nervous breakdown.

"Hey, Shortcake!" I yelled in annoyance. She startled and looked at me in surprise, her soft hazel eyes almost tearing. "If I have to ride in this thing then so do you, even if I have to drag your tiny little tush in here with me now hurry up Shortcake as I'm a little hungry and waiting for you is boring."

I watched the girl as she took a few terrified breaths before stepping into my boat and sitting opposite me. "I-I don't like boats," she whimpered as the boats started moving across the water of their own accord across the deep dark lake.

"Don't be such a cry-baby Shortcake," I tell her laughingly and she glare-pouts at me.

"My name is Tabitha!" she whinges.

"And you can call me Lightning," I replied in amusement and noticed she was going to ask something. She jumped as I lit sparks between my fingers. "That's why my sweet little Shortcake."

She just stuck out her tongue and I couldn't help but laugh because I could see she was awed by my little demonstration. "So what house are you in?" she asked after a few moment of silence.

"I don't know yet Shortcake," I replied, amused. "I'll be a first year until Christmas when I'll be a second year… what house do you think you'll be in?"

"Oh, I dunno," she answered with a sweet pout. "I hope Gryffindor though because the lady who showed me around to get my stuff for Hogwarts says that Muggle-born's are best suited for Gryffindor, and that I should pray I'm not a Slytherin because they are evil."

I frown in annoyance and roll my eyes. "Listen and Listen good Shortcake," I say seriously and she nods her head quickly. "Don't listen to any of those asses because they're lying just because they want you to hate Slytherin. They're just kids like you and me, and if they are bad it's because their parents have taught them that bull shit and it's up to awesome people like you and me to put a stop to such nonsense, so if the sorting wishes to place you in Slytherin you shouldn't argue, and then others after you will see how brave you are, and you'll have me taking care of you. None of those Slytherins who have gone bad will hurt you when I can fry them, understand?"

"Y-yes," she agreed nodding when something disturbed the water, she screamed as a huge black tentacle broke the water's surface, and I was quick to move to my knees quickly focusing my energy and within moments the lake was a sea of electricity and a giant black thing that looked like an octopus exploded through the surface screaming in agony for a minute before its body just floated on the surface twitching with all of the many dead fish.

I sigh in relief as the monster was dead and I stopped frying the lake thankful that it hadn't gotten me or my adorable new 'friend'/potential sister. "Damn, the school should be more careful," I say with a smile aimed at Tabby as the little thing was gripping the side of the boat in terror before she just gave me one look and then she threw herself into my arms shaking in fear so I had no choice but to hold her in return .

I did notice the either awed, or horrorful expressions in the other boats but I didn't care as I had saved everyone from the sea monster they should be thanking me.

We continued on until we reached a small dock next to some massive oak doors and McGonagall answered the door after Lard-ass almost knocks it down with his huge fists still looking sick about the dead octopus. I think they might have been friends, ah well it's not my fault the thing attacked us.

McGonagall leads us into a huge antechamber and told us all to wait for her return. As soon as she left most of the first years moved further from me and kept eyeing me nervously. I suppose their parents teach them to fear or hate what they do not understand rather than for them to try understanding it.

Soon the deputy head returned from wherever and I noticed Tabby glaring at me as we entered the great hall and I rose an eyebrow in question while returning her glare before she took my left hand in her right and glompped my arm as we came to a halt, and I glared darker but let her be as I can sense her fear and apprehension as we reach the front of the hall with other first years, plus she's really cute.

"Lacy, Tabitha!" McGonagall finally called and I felt Shortcake startle as I pried her off and pushed her forward with a promising smile, she just sighed as she sat on the stool and the hat was dropped onto her head, covering her eyes.

"Slytherin!" the hat finally shouted out and I wasn't as surprised as I should be as I gave the girl a wink, but I was annoyed that the hall would be so shocked and not show her the respect they showed everyone else with an applause of welcome. It was then that a more amusing and cunning plan formed in my mind, giving me away to protect my Shortcake and 'not' be in Slytherin house… well not only Slytherin house. I couldn't help but smirk darkly as I watched the sorting continue and I prepared myself.

"Potter, Morgana!" A fitting name I think to myself as I step forward and the hall quietens as students crane their necks to see me with some rumours being spoken, which I ignored. Morgana… Merlin's enemy… but in this case Dumbledore shall play Merlin, though I shall be the victor over 'Merlin's' evil.

I take the hat from McGonagall, but I stand as the small stool doesn't look very safe. It reminded me of those awful boats, and I don't want any more monsters jumping out at me for me to fry.

"Hmm…" a small, faraway voice whispered in my ear. I had expected the hat could talk to those wearing it but it felt odd. "Well this is new. What an odd mental shield. I can sense your presence but I cannot see within you."

"Oh, well, put me in all of the houses," I reply quietly, demanding.

The hat gave a soft chuckle. "Ambitious thing aren't you, that's a Slytherin trait," he went on. "What makes you think that'll put you where you wish to be, and in all four houses too?"

"Because if you don't, that boy you just sorted will be the last!" I retorted with a growl.

"I see… and I will not doubt you if what… a certain person says is true. Well then when you put it that way."

"GRYFFINDOR!" the hat cried out and I looked over the hall as said table applauded loudly and I took amusement in Ginny's surprise and Dumbledore's relief, but the hall stopped deathly quiet as the hat continued.




The hall was deathly quiet for a few moments when Dumbledore stood and nervously proclaimed that as the hat has stated I am allowed to be in all four houses and I held in a laugh as I amusedly pulled off the hat and was soon sitting next to Luna with a wink I was pleased with the effect of my brilliant new plan. I couldn't help but feel a little proud at how Dumbledore had stuttered.

The rest of the sorting was over quickly and after Dumbledore introduced Professor Lupin the new defence teacher dinner arrived. I was about to ask Luna about her bullies as I came over here to sort them out for now while the blonde was about to dish herself some food the need to ask was taken from me.

"I wouldn't sit next to her if I were you Potter," she said brushing her brown hair back snootily. "She's a nutter, you might catch it," she finished laughing with her friends.

I just stared at her blankly before responding. "Tonight I shall not be spending in this house but tomorrow night I shall, and tomorrow night is the night I will allow my sweet Luna her vengeance upon you so I suggest you treat her well this night as she may go easy on you tomorrow. If you choose otherwise I shall take some control over your punishment if I think she's being too good to you."

The girl snorted. "Just because some people believe those rumours…" she trailed off with wide eyes as I point my finger at her like a gun with sparks around my pointer, smirking.

"Excuse me?" I asked, amused while the whole table slowly quietened as the girl shook her head frantically. "Good girl, play your cards right and you and I shall get along just fine," I finished with an electric glare that caused her to flinch. I turned my attention to Luna moments after the girl and her friends were quick to turn from me. "I just thought I would come and make sure this house knows who they are fucking with when they're picking a fight with you before I go to the Slytherin table. Shortcake will be annoyed; I believe she has taken a liking to me. I think it has something to do with the dead octopus floating in the lake," I tell her shrugging as I stood and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

I left Luna to herself after giving warning to Ravenclaw that Luna is mine and quickly slid into the seat next to little Tabby as she's nervously eating. The glares she's getting are probably off putting, but I set things right with a Lightning glare right back at them, but they didn't seem to get it so I stood up and grabbed a huge dish that previously contained many chicken and turkey drumsticks, now half full I didn't even bother emptying it as I threw in straight into the nearest glarer's face causing a yelp and blood to splatter as he went flying off of his piece of bench to the floor and didn't get up as the shattered dish pieces and drumsticks fell on top of him.

Now my glare had effect as they quickly got the message as the hall quietened and Tabby stared at me in awe as I shrugged. "Bastards should learn some manors," I replied with another shrug. "And if you raise your wand at me you greasy shit-head you'll be joining your fucking boyfriend in lala land."

"How dear you?" the man hissed. "You'll be have… ah!" he screamed like a little girl as I stabbed him in the nuts with a fork, and when he bent over in wide-eyed pain I smashed him in the face with a plat knocking him out. I swear the students might as well have died with shock, (haven't they ever watched WWE on TV before?). Though, I suppose wrestling is kind of fake, but still, what a bunch of pussies. It's no wonder they get their asses handed to them by these Dark Douche's that come along every so often.

However, I just shrugged nonchalant and continued with dinner, and after a moment my new little worshipper joined me in eating and after a while longer the whole school continued as they noticed none of the other teachers wanted to go and check on the greasy bastard as they're afraid of the same or similar treatment.

"I love the good old fashioned attacks best," I said with a smirk aimed at Shortcake. "A fork to the groan is bound to shut any greasy fucking retard up, and if you follow through with a plate to the face you'll not have to worry about the bother of them crying and begging for medical attention."

Tabitha nodded eagerly as the other students around the hall started making nose again, but I could tell they kept eyeing me nervously and I could sense one of the teachers daring to rescue the grease ball and student I downed, but I ignored him.

"Wow, you are soooo cool," Shortcake chimed out happy. "Just like when you killed the murderous octopus before it got us and tried to eat us or something."

"You killed the giant squid?" asked Daphne suddenly peaking around Tabby.

"Oh, I thought it was an octopus," I reply shrugging. "I bet it's been terrorising the first years every year and the headmasters been too busy jacking off over his collection of Justin Bieber posters to bother getting rid of it."

Shortcake burst out giggling and blushing deeply while Daphne looked at me blankly and shrugged. I bet the poor girls practically a shut in within the Magical-world. I'll have to take her to a Muggle hotel sometime in the future to show her what she and the rest of her people are missing because I know I miss watching the odd TV show. Though, I don't think anybody will miss Justin Bieber if I manage to get my wish and drop the douche off a very tall building and rescue that super gorgeous cutie Selena Gomez from his evil. I am supposed to be a saviour after all.

The rest of lunch was uneventful but at least Shortcake is no longer getting glared at by this house of retarded followers (that aren't yet following me). It's stupid following the 'noble' crowed in hating for hates sake. They have no reason to hate Muggle-born's. However, I have plenty of reason to hate Voldemort and Dumbledore so I shall savour and enjoy my vengeance.

After dinner Dumbledore made what I guess is his normal start of year speech (modified), about the dangers inside the castle (he looked at me here and I smirked), and the dangers outside the castle, which are soul sucking monsters any competent headmaster or government would never allow near a school no matter what the circumstances'.

So after the old bastard bored us to near death with his babble we were dismissed and I followed after the nervous Slytherin prefects with Shortcake as they called for first years to follow them and smiled a little as the rest of the house (minus Blaise, Tracy, and Daphne) appeared to flee as fast as they can, which was disappointingly slow. I had almost forgot Hogwarts doesn't have PE so they're bound to be unfit with the laziness magic can create.

They led us into the dungeons (Shortcake was now hanging onto my right arm), and up to a blank looking wall before they said the password and it opened up for us to enter into a warm green and black common room. I wasn't really paying attention as the prefects went on about some crap as my attention was drawn to the three huge boys sneaking up on me.

I moved fast prying Shortcake off I pushed her into Daphne before spinning round and catching one with a left boot to the nuts, and as his watering eyes widened and he bent over squealing I hopped up with my right foot taking his face with a round house knocking him out with blood spilling to the floor.

I didn't stop to admire my handiwork as my left fist sparked with blue and crashed into another guys face and I heard bone crack as he cried out dropping to his knees holding his face I knocked him flying and out cold with thunder shock-wave before jumping up with my static thrusters in my palms as I sensed more boys coming to attack from behind. I did one backflip to increase my height as I glowered with masses of building electricity spiralling over my body as I fell to the ground in a crouch.

As I landed the ground beneath my hands and feet caved slightly as thunder boomed and a blue shock-wave spread out around me catching all of my aggressors and throwing them back to the ground, some were just crying in pain while a few more had been knocked out as I stood up with sparks dancing eagerly around my body. I looked around the room with eyes of dark lightning.

"Try that shit again," I whisper deathly quiet, but they can all hear. "Or you come near my Shortcake or any of my girls with bad intentions again, I'll burn your flesh off before leaving you to die in a pit of salt." I was pleased with all of the flinches, and glad they understood how painful their deaths would actually be. "Come along Shortcake," I say as I allow my eyes to soften as I reach out my left hand, she's quick to except as she looks at me in admiration.

I'm quick to gesture for my fellow first year girls to go upstairs first before following up behind them and leaving the other Slytherins to the mess. They won't attack me again in a hurry, and I'm certain they won't hurt my Shortcake.


I frown as I slowly wake and pull my watch from my bedside table in my dorm room. It's only seven thirty and Sunday. I'm glad the first of September fell on a Saturday this year as it leaves me a day to get used to being back at school.

I notice that Blaise and Tracy are still sleeping, making good use of this free day. I sigh as I quietly slid out of bed only wearing some blue shorts and a tee shirt (well I'm wearing underwear too). I'm not really sure what to do so I decide that I'll go and see whether Lady Lightning is awake yet. Yesterday even after kissing her foot I was unsure whether she really has the power for me to feel free to obey, but after her 'demonstration' I saw she not only has the power but the skill too.

I'm now one hundred percent certain, and I'll bow before her and kiss her feet all she wants to have her protection, and friendship, after all she is quite fun to be around. She kind of excites me, and after watching her fight last night I had almost wet myself with want… a want to be closer to this beautiful menace to society… this destructive yet intelligent force of unstoppable chaos.

I let a small smile onto my lips before shaking my head clear. I thought about getting some robes but figured its only two floors down to the first years and there's nowhere either of us needs to be so I quietly crept out of my dorm and down the stairs. I don't hear anyone about as I arrive at the first year girls dorm and quietly open the door before sliding in.

I spot Lightning straight-away as she is sharing a bed with Tabitha, and all of the bed hangings are tied open so I can see all of the first years. Lightning was awake with Tabitha curled up into her and stroking the adorable first years mess of black locks and gestured for me to go over and sit beside her on the bed, which I did.

"What brings you here at this wee hour?" she asked me in a quiet, soothing and gentle voice.

I looked down at the bed sheets with a shrug. "I-I woke up early and I can never get back to sleep," I replied truthfully. "I was hoping you were up since neither Blaise nor Tracy are up yet and from past experiences won't be for a while yet."

"I see…" she replied with an amused smile. "If you wouldn't mind I would be very grateful for a tour of the castle and grounds."

"Okay," I reply as I slip off the bed and watch Lightning carefully pull Tabitha from her embrace and slipped a pillow into the girls arms before pulling back the covers revealing both girls smooth naked bodies, and I'm certain my cheeks had never been as red before and I quickly looked away.

However, she slid up next to me on her knees and forced me effortlessly to look at her, and she lent in kissing my nose, causing me to shiver delightfully, before pulling the covers back over Tabitha and climbing off the bed. I couldn't help but look at her fit, lightly toned body as she stood in front of me unashamedly.

"Well I'm getting the grand tour, I believe we should clean up and get dressed first, so you head back to your dorm and I'll meet you in the common room in about forty minutes, okay?" she asked me while moving her soft smooth body in such small ways that I was almost hypnotised by her beauty.

"Y-yes, Lady Lightning," I answer breathlessly as I stand to leave but quickly turn to her and drop to my knees in a bow and put my lips to each foot, lingering a little longer than needed and ignore the pleasant shiver as a few salty beads traverse passed my lips and onto my tongue before standing and hurrying out of the room barely able to believe I had kissed her feet while she's naked without prompting and enjoying the weird butterflies in my stomach feeling.

I could feel my heart pounding even more than ever as I came down from my dorm with my hair done up and wearing a skirt and tee under some of my nicest silk robes. I had realised quite fast into my shower that a cool temperature was the best to calm me down after my morning encounter. I'm certain Death Eaters had never felt excited to be around their master as I do being around mine, but I keep my expression as calm and indifferent as I can. I don't want her to think I'm too eager, it might put her off, and I want her to enjoy my company not feel nervous or uncomfortable around me.

It was a surprise (pleasant surprise) to see Lightning had beaten me to the common room and I couldn't help but stares at the beauty. Her copper/pink/blonde hair was neatly tied back in a ponytail and she was wearing a dark blue and black chequered skirt that only hung halfway down her thighs unlike mine as it was to my knees and my robes to my ankles. Her black top hugged her perfect figure nicely without an upper back or any sleeves as the collar wrapped neatly around her neck. She wore some small blue boots with metal plates around the edges and on the tongue, and dark blue fingerless gloves also with lighter metal plating.

She was simply stunning and I'm certain the only bit of make-up she's wearing is lip-gloss, and I gulp as I look at her shiny lips wondering what flavour a goddess like Lightning would enjoy best. I had just bowed my greeting with a small smile when something made me stop.

"Daph what are you doing up already?" she asked from behind. I groaned as another blonde girl (younger) stood behind me with her darker blue eyes looking between me and Lightning in bewilderment, and wearing her school uniform. "Hey Daph are you going somewhere with Miss. Lightning?" she asked in confusion.

I sighed and was about to reply when Lightning beat me to it. "Yes, Daphne said she'll show me around while we're both up so early… you are?"

"Oh," she replied shrugging sheepishly. "I'm Astoria, Daphne's younger sister. I'm in second year."

"And why are you up so early?" I asked her suspiciously.

She gave us a sheepish smile. "Nothing much," she shrugged. "I just have a meeting at Music Club. They're probably going to try some other lame excuse to throw me out."

"I guess you're the only Slytherin in that club?" Lightning asked laughingly.

"Yeah," she agreed rolling her eyes. "Last year they tried stopping me from joining because I'm a Slytherin. I think I only stay in the club now just to bug them because I can sing better than anyone else out of all of them."

"Well you stay at it babe and I'm sure you'll piss the bitches off some more," Lightning said seemingly brightening my sisters mood.

"Okay, thanks," she said as she rushed to the door. "Thanks Miss. Lightning and enjoy your morning date with my sister but remember she isn't always so cold," she said making my cheeks feel like they're on fire as she exited the common room.

Lightning however laughed and took my hand. I felt my heart speed up painfully in my chest as she pulled me out into the corridor with her. "Don't be embarrassed sweetness," she said with a crooked smile that melted the ice within my heart instantly. "So where to first?" she asked as we began walking.

I wasn't so sure. "Umm… I think we could start in the Entrance Hall, we can see the lake from there, and then work our way around the school and arrive back at the Entrance Hall by lunch time."

"That sound's brilliant Daphne," she agreed with a smile. "I just hope Shortcake manages to get on okay."

"I think Blaise and Tracy will know to help her out," I told her certain they will.

Lightning nodded with a smile as we walked hand in hand in comfortable silence to the Entrance Hall, which wasn't a very long trip at all as we look out of the doors into the cool morning fog but we could both clearly see the dead squid on the lake as we walked outside.

"Hey, Daph, there are some people over there by the octopus I killed," Lightning commented and as we got closer to the lake I too noticed the figures.

"T-they're merpeople," I said in surprise. "I think I heard that they live in the lake."

"Wow, cool," she chimed. "They look so different than from books and TV. Hey that girl one is sooo cute," she added as I saw a female look to us with a smile and wave, but I realised she's only waving because Lightning is. "So where next?" she asked as the eager merfolk began dragging the giant squid away (probably for food).

"Umm…" I thought for a moment. "Well how about the Quidditch Stadium while it's still quiet and no one will be using it. I quite enjoy watching it as I'm not much of a flyer. You know about Quidditch don't you?"

"Yeah, of course, Ginny loves it," she replied. "Though I must admit it looks more fun to play than watch," she finished as she and the mergirl waved bye to each other and I led her by the hand around the side of the castle.

"You're not cold are you?" I ask as I realise I'm a bit cold and I'm wearing a robe, she's not.

She shakes her head. "No thank you for asking," she replied. "If you hadn't noticed my skins cooler than normal anyway as my body runs cooler so I don't really have problems with heat or cold. Though, I've never been to a desert or the North Pole, so I might find those places unpleasant."

I smiled slightly at that as we were passing a small hut a giant of a man stepped out with a big grey boarhound on his heels. "Hello there Morgana," he greeted with a wave. "Are you getting a tour?" he asked.

"I sure am Lard-ass," she replied and I couldn't hold in the snort of humour but Hagrid didn't seem to react so I'm guessing he's gotten used to his nickname. "Can't stop and chat, we're on our way to see the Quidditch Stadium."

"Err, okay, bye," he replied as we continued on our way.

I smiled a little more. "Lard-ass? I think you're the only person in school with the guts to be so openly rude to a teacher."

"Oh yeah," she replied with a shrug. "I can't be sure but I think Dumbledore mentioned something about Lard-ass taking over something to do with animals."

"Magical Creature Class," I told her as we arrived at the stadium and she looked less impressed than I had thought she would.

"It isn't as big as I thought it would be," she said as she led me into the stadium and I was just as surprised as her to see Gryffindors Quidditch team flying around practising. "Wow, Gryffindor are really devoted to playing this game if they get up this early on a Sunday."

"Well they have to get that extra practice," I told her. "Especially after Malfoy, the blonde boy you beat up on the train yesterday, bought Slytherin Quidditch team some top of the line racing brooms… Nimbus two thousand and one's."

"Wow," she said shaking her head in distaste. "Why kind of looser buys their way onto a sporting team?"

"Well he does," interrupted one of the Weasley twins as they had spotted us and flown over.

"Yea," his twin agreed with a shrug. "But we have to make good with what we've got. Hopefully we'll get a decent Seeker at try-outs"

"By the way awesome what you did to Snape yesterday."

"Scary, but awesome," laughed the other. "Anyway, our beloved Captain asked us to come over here and tell you both to leave as he doesn't want his 'plays' stolen by 'Snakes'."

"He was too afraid to come himself."

"Tried to get one of the girls to come over."

"He seems to think you wouldn't hurt another girl."

"The girls seem to think otherwise."

"O-okay," Lightning said rolling her eyes. "Whatever, we weren't going to stay long anyway; Daphne here is showing me the main spots on campus."

"Well see ya; don't forget to visit club rooms. Heck, some clubs are meeting today like us," one said as we left them be and soon returned to the castle. I was pleased that not once did she let my hand go as I showed her around.

I walked her by all of the classrooms she will no doubt have to use before we headed towards the club rooms, and just entered the corridor when we heard a loud commotion coming from one of the larger rooms so we hurried to see what was going on and I felt a little concerned as its Music Club and my little sister will be in there.

We open the door and get a shock as Ginny Weasley had two Gryffindor boys pinned painfully to the far side wall with her wand while she had another begging her as she had him on the floor with her knee in his back and arm bent back and practically touching the base of his neck as he cried and whimpered in what I will assume is agony.

However, that wasn't all, two Gryffindor girls were unconscious, and two Ravenclaw boys were bound and gagged struggling while my sister was kicking them. The rest of the class had looked ready to join in the fight when we turned up and interrupted.

"That's my girl," Lightning said praising Ginny but she didn't let me go to join in. "Just how I taught you, take no prisoners," she chuckled as a spark ran round the left side of her face startling them. "Now if I may ask, what the hell is going on so I know the reason that I'm beating you up for daring to attack my Ginevra, and my Daphne's sister?"

None of them answered but Astoria seemed only too eager. "Miss. Lightning they had this stupid meeting today with the sole purpose of bullying me out of Music Club, but when I still wouldn't leave and they attacked me, but Ginny shielded me and went on flinging magic at them and stuff and I was just joining in," she waved her wand to prove her point and pointed to the girls she probably stunned.

"I see," she replied taking a step in and looking around at the mess with broken instruments. "Music is not about who you are but an art anyone and everyone has a right to enjoy so what gives you shit-fuckers the right to attack someone just because you don't want her here based on what Hogwarts house she's in. That is predigest, and this vicious attack could be considered a hate crime you filthy wastes of space."

"But she's only a filthy…" what the boy was about to finish went unsaid as a pulse of electricity engulfed him and he cried out in both pain and shock as he was lifted at speed off his feet and crashed into the ceiling, stuck.

"You pricks aren't even worth the energy," she muttered rolling her eyes. "You dipshits are all fucking brainwashed. Come on Gin, Astoria; let's get the fuck out of here. Who would want to stay in a club with a bunch of talentless dumb fucks like them anyway?"

She then turned and pulled me out with her with my Sister and Ginny quickly following after, and I hear a cry and thud as Lightning clicked her free fingers, and Ginny and my sister snickered. "They should start a hate crime club and leave Music Club alone," Lightning said amusedly after a few moments. "But then people like Malfoy will want in but he's their hate victim while they're his, I'm not sure it wouldn't end them all murdering each other."

"GOOD!" Ginny and Astoria called out together before turning to each other and bursting out into giggles while I roll my eyes at their childishness.

"Maybe if you and I get another chance Daphne we can go on a morning picnic for a date or something next time," Lightning suddenly said smirking at me while I blushed but didn't deny I liked the idea. "That way we can hide and enjoy some trouble free time."

"Hey, no fair, I wanna picnic with you too," Ginny winged childishly but I can sense the tease in her tone.

Lightning just stuck her tongue out with a little bit of blue static on the tip for a moment. "Don't lie Gin-baby, I know it's my tongue you really want."

"Well that too," she admitted sheepishly.

"What would you want Miss. Lightning's tongue for?" Astoria asked in bewilderment, but I'm curious too.

Ginny snickered. "The things she can do will make you both go wild."

"Huh, how come…" Astoria began as we entered the Entrance Hall only to come across Ronald Weasley and his Gryffindor idiots. They're the worse Slytherin haters in the school.

"GINNY!" Weasley roared out in horror upon noticing us. Of course his loud proclamation drew the attention of others as Ginny glared at him in annoyance. "What do you think you're doing with filthy evil Slytherins and a bitch that attacks teachers?"

I didn't have to have a gift to see the boy was well and truly getting a pounding however I was surprised to see Lightning hadn't seemed to be paying attention before she looked at him oddly. "Huh? Did you guys hear something?" she asked as she looked to us. "It kind of sounded like an insignificant nobody who shall forever be a nobody, with no brain, no heart, and no soul who blindly follows others ideals and thoughts like a puppet. A badly made, ugly tramp of a puppet but a puppet not the less."

"Oh, yes I totally agree," nodded Ginny as she caught on and seeing Weasley's face this red and contorted in rage was just icing. "If only the voice would learn that we neither care for nor want its opinions of bull it does not understand."

"Yeah, it should also realised that insulting Miss. Lightning can be hazardous to one's health," continued Astoria, amused. "But as once before stated it is very stupid."

"Shut up making fun of me!" he shouted out as he raised his fist to attack. However, he didn't get the chance as he glowed red suddenly and fell to the ground unconscious with his twin brothers behind, one just putting his wand away.

"I seriously have to wonder about him," one said shaking his head. "I believe he thinks that because he's a Gryffindor nobody can beat the snot out of him."

"Yea," his twin replied sadly. "Well at least we saved his…" he trailed off with wide eyes and we all looked to see Lightning kicking Weasley over and over towards the Entrance Hall doors, and punted him down the steps outside before rising her hands either side towards the doors with streams of power the doors slammed shuts, she brushed her hands in satisfaction.

"What?" she asked as she turned back to us. I hadn't even noticed she had let go of my hand until I looked down to see the smaller hand of a grinning first year girl, Tabitha. I hadn't even noticed her or Blaise and Tracy behind us on the verge of breaking down in a fit of laughter. I just rolled my eyes slightly amused. Though I have to admit the Weasley twin's expressions are totally hilarious.

It seems nobody gets out of punishment from our beautiful Lightning I believe as I held little Tabitha's hand just that bit firmer as I'm already missing Lightning soft, cool fingers.


"First day of classes!" I chimed out cheerily as I skipped into the Great Hall wearing my school uniform and robes ahead of Blaise, Tracy, and Daphne as they were nice enough to walk with me and the other first year girls to breakfast so we don't lose our way.

My fellow first year girls are quite embarrassed with me but they're quite nice I figure… and the girls keep giving me embarrassed, questioning looks. I know why, it's because they watched me and Lightning doing some really nice but naughty things the other night. I think they probably liked watching us or they would have hid under their c overs instead of embarrassing me by staring, transfixed.

However, I have to find Lightning as she promised we can travel to and from classes together today, but she spent the night with Miss. Luna to help her punish some mean girls somehow, and told me to meet her at the Ravenclaw table.

I quickly spot her as she gestures a seat next to her, and I rush over and quickly take it and grab some toast. I smile at her as she wears her Slytherin uniform to as she sat next to Luna who was wearing her Ravenclaw uniform. I greet them cheerily as I bite into my toast and notice a girl with brown hair sitting opposite. Not only does she look very uncomfortable and in pain but she has bruises on her face.

The brown haired girl is eating quietly I notice with a blonde and red head either side of her in similar states, though I think they're more jumpy than the brown haired girl. So these must be the mean girls Lightning helped Miss. Luna sort out.

"Cassandra!" Lightning suddenly demanded and opened her mouth. The brown haired girl startled and was quick to move while the other two just kept their heads down.

Cassandra picked up a chocolate cereal bar and placed some in Lightning's mouth but Lightning pulled back with a glare. "Don't be stupid," she reprimanded. "Break it, and then feed me," she ordered and the girl nodded frantically and did just that and began feeding Lightning whenever her mouth was empty to the girls growing humiliation and fear.

At the end of breakfast after Cassandra had fed both Miss. Lightning and Miss. Luna, Lightning stood smiling at me. "Shall we get to class," she said showing me two class schedules she had gotten. I don't know how as I saw Flitwick giving them to his house but not me or Lightning and our head of house Snape looked as if he would rather not come over.

"OK," I agree as I get up and take the schedule she gives me. "Bye Miss. Luna," I say as I follow after her.

"Let's go girl!" Luna demanded as we were leaving and the brown haired girl whimpered like a misbehaving puppy as she got up and followed but I saw Luna glare at the other two girls. "Don't you forget your duties now? You should think yourself lucky Casey that you're only my new pet."

I held in a giggle at having a pretty girl for a pet and wonder whether I can have one when I'm older. I'll have to remember to ask Miss. Lightning.

"Let's see," she muttered as she looked at the schedule. "Okay, we have transfiguration first thing followed by charms, defence against the dark arts, and potions… wow look, we have flying lessons on Saturday, it'll be so cool."

I look at my schedule too and smile as it does indeed say we have flying lessons and I can't wait. "We'll have lots of fun Saturday then, right Miss… Mistress Lightning."

She looked at me with a huge grin. "Sure thing Shortcake," she replied as she led us into a classroom and I couldn't help but smile wider as I really like the way she uses the silly nickname for me.

We take a seat up front where a tabby cat sat as still as a statue on the teacher's desk as other Slytherin first years and Ravenclaw first years joined us in the class. "I-I hope I do well, I didn't practice anything yesterday. Do you think I should have?" I ask her feeling a little worried.

"No babes," she answers me rolling her eyes. "After all it was your first day here, no need to try too much right now unless it's really cool and worth the bother."

I nod my head as the last few students take seats and the cat startled the whole class as it leapt from its desk perch and changed into Professor McGonagall. The class paused for a moment before applauding, even Lightning seemed impressed.

"That was so fucking awesome, Professor!" she actually cried out with that odd spark of madness in her eyes. "How did you do it? I want to be able to turn into a cool animal too."

"Miss. Potter," the teacher reprimanded. "Although I praise your enthusiasm we do not appreciate your use of foul language," she cleared her throat. "As for the how, this is fifth year magic, and the cat is my animagus form. Now we shall be dealing with transfiguration using your wand. However, I shall be discussing the theory behind the act before I shall give you each a matchstick that you shall turn into a needle."

I was surprisingly paying less attention than Lightning as the teacher rambled on about something that went way over my head, and Lightning was eagerly searching her book. I have no doubt she's looking up animagus and doesn't care what the teacher says.

We had roughly twenty minutes to go when we were finally given our matchsticks. I pulled out my wand, but when Lightning pulled hers from her sleeve my jaw dropped open at how much cooler hers looks to mine. It's not fair.

"How come you're wand looks like that?" I asked the reasonable question.

She just shrugged. "It's how it came, but I hear you can modify wands if you want at this shop that does stuff like that, watches and jewellery if you want yours to look better than just brown."

"Cool, I'll find it when I next go to Diagon Alley," I answered already imagining what kind of cool mods I can make to my wand as I got underway trying to turn my matchstick into a needle.

I wasn't as good at it as Lightning but she was nice enough to help me get it right and I couldn't help but cheer. However, we got ours done first and the teacher saw we did but some Ravenclaw first year got points and she barely did as good as me and certainly didn't get Lightning's perfect results. I was going to ask the Professor why she would do that but as my arm went up Lightning stopped me and shook her head with a shrug.

"It's bound to happen Shortcake," she told me not caring to keep her voice down. "After all Gryffindors like Professor McGonagall obviously like bullying Slytherins because they like to see their families die by continuing such a vicious circle. They aren't really the good guys because they are essentially the reason for Voldemort's being."

I watched as McGonagall actually looked a little shameful as she flinched and Lightning put her arm around me and gave me a one armed hug for comfort. I had earned the right to some house points after all.


After morning break Lightning and I led all of the sheep we had accumulated in the form of the other Slytherin first year girls to Charms. It turned out that this jerk named Ronald Weasley had been chasing them with his friends trying to score some hexes but his friends all backed off when they saw who they were running too, but Ronald didn't seem to see a threat, though his sister, Miss. Ginny looked amused and eagerly awaited the results.

Does he have such a bad memory that he doesn't remember the day before? Let's just say Ronald ran off crying as blood poured from his nose and our dorm-mates stayed with us throughout break. I'm just happy they're all addressing her with the proper respect that she deserves. I just have to wonder what happened to the boys. They probably ran off and left the girls to fend for themselves like the cowards they no doubt are.

Charms class wasn't that bad I suppose, though the tiny Professor did ramble on and on about his subject. It sounded more fun than transfiguration. He wanted us to levitate a feather off of our desks and I looked around as all of the Slytherin girls were around us and we were once again with Ravenclaws

Lightning this time seemed especially gifted in this subject as she got the spell first try, levitating her feather up to the ceiling and back again. I was surprised Flitwick gave her one house point though Lightning seemed not to care and was helping me with mine. However, I was again annoyed because when a Ravenclaw got the charm right he gave him five house points.

I only kept my cool and didn't speak out and lose us points when Lightning lovingly stroked my cheek and giving me a calm smile. I just sighed at the injustice and she chuckled.

"Do not bare the favouritism any bother Shortcake," she said once again loud enough for everyone to hear. "I don't think some stupid house points are worth the bother. The greatest prize you can receive in this class sweetie is leaning spells and getting your education. House points are a waste of our bother. They're just a means for us to gloat and say we're better, but I would rather not waste my time trying to prove what I already know, understand Shortcake?"

I nod my head with a proud smile of agreement and witness my fellow dorm mates nodding along too, and Flitwick has the decency to look ashamed. I realise Lightning can be so insightful when she's not pounding some mean jerk into pulp.


"How did you get all of this stuff sent here from the house elves?" asked Miss. Ginny in awe as we sat outside for lunch in a secluded caught yard with a huge blanket stacked with enough food for fifty and still room for me, all of my dorm mates and the older girls to sit and eat.

Lightning shrugged. "Let's just say your twin brothers are down one secret," she replies sticking her tongue out.

I giggle as I watch but then my attention is turned to Luna as she was lying with her head comfortably in Cassandra's lap as the brown haired girl carefully fed herself and Luna, but the other two aren't here. I also noted that Cassandra is now wearing a thick black leather collar with a silver bird with electric volts around it name tag that I'm sure says she belongs to Luna but I can't be certain. Also I realised Cassandra doesn't seem as reluctant any more and seems content even though she's blushing brightly at her humiliation.

"Damn, I bet it was a good one too," she answered as she flopped back with a dramatic sigh. "I wish I was as evil as you. I bet it was a very sneaky discovery. What was it anyway?" she finally asked eagerly sitting up again as she grabbed a sandwich.

Lightning laughed. "I can't tell you babes… you'll have to find out for yourself. It's more fun that way," she said as she looked up to the bright sky and high tower of the school. "I'm going to jump off of that later… wait which is the tallest tower."

"Y-you can d-do that Mistress," one of our dorm mates butted in worriedly, an oriental girl not much taller than me as I'm the smallest first year in school. "You might h-hurt yourself."

Lightning just laughed rolling her eyes. "Don't be silly," she retorted taking the Asian girls fingers gently between hers. "I could jump from the top of the Empire State Building and land on my feet without breaking a bone, but I mean to glide down using my power. You know the one I used on my hands to float in the common room before the shock-wave knocked them all down. I call them static thrusters and I can use it to glide."

"Whoa, that's so cool," I couldn't help but cry out. "I wish I could, but I won't be able to do anything cool like flying until broom lessons."

"You'll love flying Tabs," Ginny said with a wide grin. "It's so much fun. Perhaps you'll learn to play Quidditch. It's more fun to play but it's still kind of fun screaming at players or the ref for being stupid while watching games too."

I giggle as we continue lunch and all end up lounging around on the blanket in the sun after these odd little creatures called house elves came and took all of our scraps away.


Lightning, my dorm mates and I made it to Professor Lupin's class in no time and he greeted everyone with a smile. I felt sorry for the poor guy. He's obviously been on hard times as he looks older than I think he is, and haggard wearing tatty clothes.

He begins his class by giving us a surprisingly short lecture on curses, hexes, and jinxes. He also said that if you are going to learn to curse someone that you should be intelligent enough to learn how to reverse your spells. I think the teachers pretty smart to tell us this as I have a feeling all of the previous defence teachers weren't as cleaver to give such facts as McGonagall never mentioned anything like it and I'm sure some silly little hex isn't as bad as transfiguring someone.

Next up he showed us a Dark Fairy and let us go up front to see her in her cage up close (as it's hard to see her properly from our desks). I was eager to see a real magical creature, a dark one but Lightning and I were sitting at the very back of the class so we may get picked last.

Yep, I was correct as he called us up and Lightning led the way. Lupin smiled at Lightning as she stopped and stared at him for a few moments before turning to the fairy.

She was light grey with soft and smooth looking skin with dark grey nearly black hair to her shoulders and standing about nine to ten inches tall (maybe more as I'm not too good of a judge). Her eyes are navy blue and her white teeth fanged. She was wearing a green and red dress expertly made from what looked like rose bush. She wasn't wearing any shoes on her tiny feet, and if she were human I would say she's a beautiful fifteen, sixteen year old girl. Coming out of the back of her dress is a soft fluffy grey/black tail and delicate looking bat like wings with really thin dark fur covering them.

"Hi there," Lightning said as she bent lower to get a better look and I was not as surprised as I should have been to see the little thing move back looking scared. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you," she continued as she reached for the latch on the cage.

"No don't she's a dark creature!" Lupin cried out in alarm. "She'll cause mayhem, that cage is designed to suppress her abilities."

Lightning just looked at him and glared. "Get bent," was all she said as she popped the catch and opened the little door before putting her hand in and gently grabbing the tiny creature and pulling her out. Lightning carefully adjusted the fairy until she was whimpering on her hands looking up, alarmed.

"It's okay sugar, I'm not going to hurt you," Lightning said sincerely. "I know you're not a horrid monster." I was surprised that the fairy wiped her eyes of tears on her arm sniffling a little as she looked up in hope. "Don't you worry babes, you stick with me and I'll set you free later okay?"

The fairy nodded eagerly as Lightning just lifted her and placed her comfortably on her head smirking at Lupin. "It isn't nice to judge based on appearances. If it was, I would judge you as a fur ball in disguise."

I didn't have a clue what she meant by those last few words but by Lupin's paled cheeks he sure does.


I still blushed after Lightning and I set Saydi (the name Lightning gave the fairy) free as my mistress got the sweet little thing to take off her clothes. Though, she didn't hesitate. Lightning had been curious to see her naked and figured afternoon break was as good a time as any. After Lightning had felt the creature up a little and I think made her cum she redressed and gave us each a kiss on the cheek before flying off into the forbidden forest.

It's a good job we set Saydi free so soon as this Snape guy has an aura of evil, selfish git. I hate him and he was glaring at me and Lightning with utter loathing. However, it made me nervous Lightning had just nonchalant sat down at the back without a care. (If I hadn't known any better I would think she hadn't noticed).

He also went into a speech, though I'll admit it was short and to the point he did pretty much insult us and claim he could teach us potions on immortality, fame, and fortune. This guy is obviously a joke as questions about that were asked by me and other Muggle-born's during our initiation into the Magical-world. The woman had laughed at me asking whether she would be this old and have such a pitiful job if they could do stuff like that.

After his speech he turned to Lightning with a sneer. "Potter!" he spat such hate I flinched but she just yawned and looked at him questioningly. "What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?"

Lightning looked up at him in surprise with a frown of thought. "Umm… I don't know but I'm sure if you do your job right I'll soon find out."

Snape ground his teeth angrily. "It's Draught of Living Dead," he spoke harshly. "And ten points from… Gryffindor for your cheek."

"But I'm a Slytherin today," she retorted tugging on the Slytherin crest on her robe to prove her point.

"I don't care," he hissed outraged but she just shrugged with a sigh, at least none of the other teachers took points from us. "Where would you go if I asked you to find me a bezoar?" he demanded.

"Umm…" she looked so cute thinking so hard she really is trying and Snape's not making it any easier, at least only the boys (Slytherin) are stupid enough to snicker. The Gryffindor first years looked horrified of annoying him that they couldn't laugh even if they weren't afraid of Lightning. "Perhaps the local… the nearest ASDA, Sainsbury's or Tesco might sell them, they seem to sell practically everything else," she suggested and I swear a few Gryffindors laughed behind their hands, and I'm not sure whether she is joking or being serious.

He snorted. "No Potter not in a Muggle shop," he retorted smugly. "In the stomach of a goat, and can cure most poisons, another ten points from Gryffindor for being an idiot." I'm surprised he hasn't been stuck to the ceiling yet, but thinking of his question I wouldn't be surprised if Lightning was just as right because I'm certain people would sell them in their shops, after all they wouldn't expect everyone to kill a goat themselves when they need one.

"Now Potter what is the difference between Monkshood and Wolfsbane?" he asked smugly.

However, Lightning looked up at him with a small smirk. "They're both the same species of buttercup," she said proudly.

"Incorrect…" he said the word but trailed off to a shocked whisper.

"Its proper name is Aconite, but it goes by others too," she continued smugly while he ground his teeth and it was hard not to laugh as she just drained all of his scary away with her uncaring attitude towards his class, and the fact she answered a question that might not even be in the textbook was amazing and fun to watch.

"Oh, my mistake," he spat out after a few moments. "You do know something after all, well five points to Slytherin."

That almost made me crack up but Lightning grabbed my wrist in warning and I managed to hold it as instructions appeared on the bored and he expected first years to just get on with it without any help from him, the 'teacher', what a lazy jerk.


"Mistress, why did you let him get away with that?" I asked after class and we were just exiting the creepy dungeons.

She just smirked. "Because it pisses him off even more that I didn't retaliate. Fucks like him want you to jump to their bait. They want a negative response to validate their lives. If I don't react to such petty bull shit then it pisses him off more. Though, I did have this odd urge to smash my cauldron over the lazy fuckers head when he didn't even do his job."

I nodded with a smile. "I thought you had gotten stupid or something, but when you answered his last question and he gave Slytherin points when he was taking them from Gryffindor I didn't imagine I would have been able to not laugh."

"You shouldn't mess with Snape," a girl interrupted, and we looked to see a girl in Slytherin robes with cold silver eyes and long black hair down to her butt, and I believe she's a sixteen years old, sixth year with very pale skin. She is very pretty and has a calm aura about her as her eyes lock hungrily with Lightning's.

"And why would that be?" Lightning asked with a raised eyebrow.

She just let a small smile form. "Snape is an annoying whiner. I have no doubt my Lady Lightning that he is complaining about you to Dumbledore right now and he'll only continue, especially after you trounced him yesterday with little effort. It makes more sense to just beat him up, at least that way he'll be out for a few days. Do you not understand how annoying he'll be in my NEWT class tomorrow morning? It will be unbearable and I already regret getting an O in my OWL exam because my stupid parents pushed me into…" she trailed off seeming to pretend that she hadn't started ranting.

"So you're just being selfish because you have him next," I demand glaring at her.

She just shrugged. "Hey, she can tell the jerk where to shove off as she has the power to back up her words, I do not."

"So do you like what you see?" I was surprised when Lightning asked this gesturing to herself.

The other girl's eyes roamed her up and down. "Very much so. The last girl I had was a Ravenclaw but she's left school about a year ago and goes to Auror Academy. It leaves me feeling a little needy, and I don't mind sharing."

"And your name is?" Lightning asked with a smirk.

"Elizabeth Jennings," she answered with a smirk. "But you my Empress may call me Lizzy."

Lightning smirked. "Come to the first year dorm tonight," she said and I saw the older girls eyes light up in excitement. "If they say no, it means no, understand?" she demanded.

Her eyes widened. "Of course my master," she agreed. "I would never force another girl into anything that she doesn't want. Plus I don't want to die."

I found out from Miss. Lizzy at a later date that she wasn't there to tell Lightning to not bug Snape but to get a lock on Lightning as she had already half suspected, but Lightning picked up her blatant want and took much more talking from her hands.


I smile with excitement as its Saturday morning and Lightning, my dorm mates and I had arrive in a large part of grassland outside beside the castle with all of the first years from school with a bunch of old school brooms. I would have thought they would have bought new ones by now for safety reasons if not any other.

"Okay boys and girls," the flying teacher Madam Hooch said with a no nonsense tone. "I want you to stand to the left of your brooms and put your right hand over it and say UP!" she said and commanded the last, her broom shot up into her hand to our awe. "OK, now you try it."

"UP!" I yelled but my broom just bounced a little to my annoyance. I looked around to see only a few had managed it and brooms were just bouncing around when I looked to see Lightning just staring at her broom in thought before clicking her fingers creating one spark. I startled as her broom shot into her hand like an obedient dog.

I then watched as she grinned and dropped the broom to the ground before whistling and the broom once again shot up but hovered by her hand before she took it. "There is no need to show off Miss. Potter," Hooch said as she looked over though even she looked impressed.

"I think you need to be more forceful," Lightning told me as she ignored the teacher to help me. "Just like Luna is with Casey Casey responds more eagerly the more controlling Luna is."

I nod my head. "Okay," I say taking a deep breath as my hand hovers over the broom. "UP!" I command and straight-away the broom is in my hand and I beam at Lightning as she strokes my hair.

"How Miss. Lightning?" my oriental Asian (I think Japanese but I can't be one hundred percent correct) friend Garnet asked shyly from Lightning's other side pushing her long silky black hair from her dark eyes.

Lightning grinned. "You have to be more assertive. You are its boss so you tell it what to do, okay?"

Garnet nodded nervously with a deep breath. "Up!" she called out and almost dropped the broom as it crashed into her hand fast with Lightning and I laughing as she blushed.

"Okay now class," Hooch spoke crisply. "I want you to mount your brooms, yes… yes like that and hold on firmly. Okay on the count of three I want you to gently kick off and hover before touching back down… one… two… three!" she called out and I was about to go when Garnet screamed as she shot off into the air weaving all over the place.

"Girl, girl, get back down here," Hooch called angrily but it was no good as poor Garnet was terrified and all over the place bound to fall and hurt herself at any moment.

I turned to see Lightning but as I did my eyes widened to see her zoom into the air like a pro (ignoring Hooch) after Garnet as she suddenly slipped from her broom just as Lightning reached her height of well I don't know but it looks really high. However, Lightning dives down after her on the broom and catches her arm before they reached half way and flung her on back where she clung on to Lightning for dear life.

But then Lightning dived down and reached out catching something barely before it hit the ground and pulling up before carefully flying over and letting Garnet shakily off. She held up a little silver necklace with a crystal snake on it and Garnet quickly took it throwing her arms around Lightning and crying.

Hooch was just about to angrily reprimand them when someone else interrupted. "Miss. Potter!" McGonagall called in reprimand, Garnet pulled back from her hug with teary eyes and I was quick to take over hugging duties. "Why in all my years I've never…" she trailed off at a loss for words but I'm certain I saw some weird glint in her eyes. "Please follow me Miss. Potter; we should talk about this reckless behaviour somewhere more private."


Halloween? What a stupid holiday, and a bloody feast to celebrate. I would certainly not be here dressed as a vampire if it weren't for Lady Lightning leading us all into the Great Hall looking beyond delicious in her tight leather low cut trousers and deep red form hugging top that wrapped around her neck exposing her beautiful arms and back as well as tummy, with black plat-formed high heeled toe-less boots showing off her crimson toenails to match her crimson pointed, sharp fingernails, and her wand holster upside down on her left forearm holding her wand.

Her hair has got long black strands in it and her lips are painted crimson with some black outliner, and black and purple eye shadow, and on her hands some thin black fingerless gloves with crimson metal plates. She had on seven hoops all around her left ear with just two in her right earlobe, one with a silver cross to match the chain hanging around her neck. Her hair is slick and wet-look hanging free as she walked with a mesmerizing sway in her step… as we enter the great hall everything stops.

I know we don't look half as dark and menacing as she does but I think the effect is felt by all as others like Ginny and Tracy are vampires with fake fangs like me, and others like Daphne, Astoria and Elizabeth are dressed as cat demon (Daphne and Astoria), and a fox demon (Elizabeth), and wearing really tight leather outfits and they look less self-conscious than me. Luna was a slave master and Casey her slave while all of the first year Slytherin girls were dressed as dark elves with their skin paled and fake pointy ears as they crowded round us.

"I'm still not sure what Lightning's came as," I mutter to Ginny.

She smiled. "That's easy Blaise," she answered. "She's came as our Dark Lady Lightning," she replied loud enough for others in the hall to hear and gasp.

Lightning just turned to me with a cruel grin as her eyes sparkled with electricity. "Aren't all of these other students being so unoriginal?" she asked slowly with a soft sharp edge to her words. "What is the point of being magical creatures if we don't even dress up for Halloween? They're always dressing as normal witches and wizards, so why do they not try something new for such a beautiful holiday."

She said no more as she walked in a straight line (with scared students jumping for cover out of her way) straight for one end of Hufflepuffs table and took a seat (nobody's going to stop her) so we sat all around her and she drew her wand and used some charms to pour us all drinks of blood red juice, (the hall still quiet and watching us) she lifted her glass in a salute which we all copied.

"To our conquest!" she proclaimed and we all mimicked in chant. "This corrupt world of politicians and filthy old men with Merlin envy shall fall to us, and I shall be forever your Dark Empress!" she finished as her fingers brushed Ginny's cheek before she drained her glass and we all mimicked her action.

I was startled as I heard giggling and we looked behind us to see Fred and George Weasley laughing as they saluted their own glasses. "Wish we thought of something as grand as this," one said.

The other nodded, amused. "Me too brother, me too," he answered laughingly as they drained their glasses.

The hall seemed to return to some semblance of normal after the twins ruined our fun, but I did catch Dumbledore's worried looks so that is something. The old man really thinks Lady Lightning wants to rule the Magical-world or something. Is he really that stupid? Only a complete fool would want to rule what they can easily manipulate as Dumbledore must know as anyone with half a brain should know that the old man pulls most strings.

"Mistress Lightning," Tabitha suddenly interrupted my thoughts as she slid in the gap between Lightning and me. "This party isn't very party like… where's the music and games?"

"I concede your point my Shortcake," she answered as her right hand gently cupped Tabitha's cheek before she leaned down to the blushing girl and allowed her lips to touch hers for only a moment before pulling back with Tabitha sighing in pleasure.

I could here a few urgent whispers about what a few people saw and my eyes flickered to the teachers to see that both Dumbledore and McGonagall had witnessed the exchange and looked both confused and worried, and rightfully so as Lightning is playing them for our entertainment.

"Then let us dance my Shortcake," she continued as she gracefully slid from her seat pulling the small girl with her but she resisted to my surprise.

"I-I can't dance."

"Then I shall teach you."

"C-can't I learn when there are not as many people to watch?"

Lightning smiled and nodded her head getting a relieved sigh as Tabitha reclaimed her seat. Lightning wasted no time in offering Ginny her hand and the red haired princess was only too happy to accept the invitation.

The Empress was gentle in leading Ginny to a spot of floor and I was wondering how the dance would look without music when I spotted Lightning wave her wand which somehow snuffed out half of the candles floating above them only leaving the duller ones inside the floating pumpkins (Jack-o-Lanterns), and a soft yet powerful tune started playing all around us.

The hall quietened in surprise as I watched Ginny and Lightning move with grace, Ginny's long black dress flowing around with their perfect movements. I could feel the heat settling between my legs as I watched with the rest of the hall.

Ginny's long black gloved arms wrapped loosely around Lightning's neck as Lightning's fingers were placed on Ginny's small waist as they spun and twisted in the large space at the front of the hall between the teachers table and students.

The music only seemed to egg them on as it got stronger and I feel a little jealous as I would never be able to move like them even without heels. I wish I could dance with Lightning and startle when Elizabeth (the oldest of our group) stood and offered me her hand with a grin.

I couldn't help myself as I looked at her sexy fox ears and tight red leather body suit equip with fluffy tail. I took her hand and allowed her to lead me on to the dance floor. I see Luna being led by Tracy as the music fades out of its tune and into a new one, more sensual and dark, creepy… (more Halloween).

I moved to the music taking the odd peek down my partner's cleavage and enjoying the feel of her great body against mine, chocolate and cream as Lightning had said once.

It had been a few minutes lost in our own world when I noticed other couples had gotten up and were dancing; and after a few more the tune changed again, faster this time, more energetic, some kind of jazz bands music I think so we started moving and having a great time.

I saw Lightning and Ginny collect our first year girls and bring them over to dance and mildly wonder what happened to the two central tables as they had disappeared.

The dancing and fun was going great until around eleven pm when that grumpy arsehole caretaker Filtch (who doesn't like Lightning because she sent some volts up his pet cats butt).

"I-it's the Fat Lady's portrait," he cried out over the music as everyone had stopped to listen and I had been enjoying a dance with Lightning, she pulled me closer and my arms wrapped around her waist while I rest my cheek on her shoulder. "She was attacked, Sirius Black!" he cried out to some gasps of horror as muttered wondering of how he got in were bound.

Dumbledore waved his wand and the music stopped and I heard Lightning mutter something about meddling out men playing with her enchantment but she didn't complain and it gained the old man everyone's attention.

"I'm afraid our lovely Halloween party…" he paused here. "Of course arranged in part by Miss. Potter and friends will have to cease as we may have an intruder within the school.

"Therefore, I believe it will be wise that you all spend the night here in the great hall for your protection," he finished off with a wave of his wand the remaining two tables disappeared and hundreds of sleeping bags appeared instead. "We will secure the hall; prefects are in charge until we return."

And with those last few words he left with the other teachers hot on his tail. "Alright everyone you heard the headmaster into bed now!" demanded Percy Weasley pompously but Lightning just ignored him and slipped from my arms. I almost missed Casey Luna's 'servant' being slid into my arms in her place, and I would have missed it if I hadn't looked to her at that moment.

"Morgana what do you think you are doing?" Percy demanded as she walked swiftly to the teachers table.

"Living up to my namesake and not listening to dipshits," she retorted laughingly as she walked around the teachers table and we all watched as she picked up Dumbledore's chair, (more like throne) and brought it to the centre of the front of the hall on the raised platform the podium normally sits and slid into the chair crossing her legs at the ankle as she sat back smirking.

"Wow, me likey," she chimed.

Ginny then walked forward and curtsied to a kneeling position in front of her. "My Empress, what are your orders?" she asked without any fear or playfulness, in all seriousness.

"I wish for your brother Percy to bow down before me and apologise for daring to take such a superior tone with me," she replied in an almost bored voice as Casey and I looked at each other before back to the scene we drew our wands and stepped forward with our other sisters but stayed as unnoticed as of yet.

Ginny bowed her head in respect. "Of course my Empress, I shall see to it that the fool shall do just that." Lightning just nodded as Ginny stood with a grin and turned to her brother. "You shall do as commanded or suffer the consequences!" she demanded as her wand was out from up her sleeve in an instant and pointing at him.

"Ginny stop this foolishness now and get into your sleeping bag…" he suddenly fell to the floor laughing hysterically as Ginny flicked her wand.

She held him under the tickle charm for a good minute before letting go. He was gasping from breath and I'm sure a little sore from moving about so much on the floor.

"Apologise!" she commanded heatedly. However, he just glared angrily at her and went for his wand but with a flick of hers his wand had soared through the air and another flick he burst out laughing just as she caught his wand.

I fired a charm tying a prefect up as he went for his wand while Casey caught the Head Girl with a jelly legs tripping her following through with a sneezing curse so she'll have trouble countering the jelly legs.

Tracy caught one in a dancing legs and an eyebrow growing curse with the second getting struck by a stunner. Luna also took one down and he was attacked by a flock of canaries and disarmed. However, while all of this went on Percy was under the tickle charm for over three minutes before being let go and red faced gasping and gasping for air looking to actually be in pain. Who knew such a stupid charm could cause such an effect? Well apart from Ginny and Lightning?

"Stop it, what do you think you are doing?" Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley's bossy and somewhat annoying friend demanded. Though, I'm sure Weasley only put up with her because she'll do his homework, and she only does his homework because she won't have any 'friends' if she doesn't. I'm sure if she drops her panties to Lady Lightning and spreads her legs willingly she could make a nice part of our Covenant.

"Not until he apologises to our Empress!" Tabitha suddenly piped in sweetly as she was curled up on her knees sitting by Lightning's feet with an arm wrapped around one leg with her fingers caressing Lightning's soft leg, and Lightning stroking her hair lovingly, like a pet.

"I'm sorry Double O Seven but I don't have a white cat or even a rabbit substitute," Lightning suddenly said with a put on posh/royal English accent confusing most of us. "However, I do have my Shortcake, and quite honestly she is so much cuter."

"You are not funny you know?" she demanded as she went for her wand but it suddenly shot out of her hand to land at Lightning's feet where Tabitha's free hand took it, and Hermione was now bound by what looked like a long chain of daisies, and I started as a little Dark Fairy flew past before floating before Lightning and bowing in respect before taking the gestured place of Lightning's shoulder snuggling into her.

"Now brother, I believe you have something to say to my Empress, correct?" Ginny demanded glaring and he nodded frantically.

He scurried forward on his hands and knees whimpering he finally bowed before her begging over and over for forgiveness and that he should have known better than to assume that he'll have any say in anything.

"Good, now out of my sight," she answered loosely gesturing with her left hand which sparked causing him to scamper to his feet in fear and move away back into the terrified students. I can barely believe how sexy it is to watch her scare them all and Casey has pulled herself up against me almost humping my leg so I figure she needs it from one of her sisters bad, and I'm the closest.

"I hope Lady Luna gives me a beating tonight," I hear the sicko whisper excitedly in my ear, her tongue barely missing the inside of my ear and sending a wondrous shiver throughout my body. "Oh god I wish Empress Lightning would be there to beat me too. I know how excited it can make a girl to see me crying in pain. If it's anything like how I feel now watching our beautiful Empress then I'll gladly let Lady Luna rip my arms and legs off if only to pleasure her more."

I just look at her rolling my eyes, and try not to start humping her in return as my crouch heats up even more. "You should probably keep these sick little fantasies to yourself unless you really want them to come true," I tell her quietly as her large blue eyes stare at me in want, need, lust, and more dirty emotions than I would have thought possible. "In which case," I continue breathlessly. "I suggest you talk to your girlfriend, and don't give me that look I know you're not just a sicko slave and owner. But if you did want your fantasy to come true I'm sure with magic you can stay alive while she does some horrid and painful stuff to you, and magic can regrow limbs."

She looked excited at the very thought as a few of the teachers returned dampening the mood a little, Dumbledore with them. "What's going on here? Why are none of you asleep?" he asked eyeing Lightning wearily but nobody answered him.

"Oh, my humble apologise," Lightning spoke but she sounded anything but sorry. "I just had to try out your 'throne' sir; I just couldn't help myself, I've been eyeing it since I started school. It's so awesome, and I had not expected it to be so comfortable."

"Is that so?" he asked her and she nodded but he looked at a prefect (all of the spells having been reversed while Dumbledore was distracted). It was Percy and he just nodded in rapidly in agreement. (I hadn't expected the pompous idiot to actually back down like this). "Well no harm done and we have determined that Sirius Black is no longer in the castle so I believe since you are all still up, it would be more comfortable to sleep in your dorm rooms."

"Great," Lightning said as she slid from her throne and took Tabitha's hand helping her up before taking Ginny's hand, the rest of us following after her to Slytherin and quickly to the first year girls dorm (before the rest of the house arrives) where silencing and locking charms, and the like went up. I even saw that Luna had brought her (literal) potty mouth dorm mates with her, and I was thinking of going to the bathroom, it seems none of us will have to with them here.

I grin as the fun begins, and my lips are captured, by whom I don't care, all I know is I'm getting lots of girl ass tonight, and my tongue can barely wait.


I tried not to snicker as I enter the Great Hall Sunday morning to see that prick Draco Malfoy glaring at me as I sit at the Gryffindor table next to Ginny all kitted out in Gryffindor Quidditch robes.

"I still can't believe McGonagall made you Gryffindors new seeker," Ginny whispered, snickering. "The look on Malfoy's face, but I see the jerks not wearing his cast today."

I just laughed as Malfoy had tried to get his match with Gryffindor postponed (probably to get out of flying in the storm yesterday, or the freezing drizzle today) and I had done what any smart girl would do when she realised now she's got her family money back that she has more money than sense. I had seriously just stared at my bank statement for over an hour drooling.

I bought a lawyer and had her come and make Dumbledore see that it is against Quidditch standards to postpone for any reason and brought in the school nurse to swear that Draco Malfoy is a faker, and that his injury at the talons of a Hippogriff during Magical Creatures Class was healed perfectly and that even if they had been left they were minor and would have healed fine by themselves in enough time for the match.

I also made sure to have my lawyer make sure that the Malfoy's ploy to get at Hagrid for the attack fails and that nothing happens to the Hippogriff, and for compensation to be given for all persons involved for stress and other bull-crap 'legal' stuff just for the fuck of pissing off Malfoy's. It took relatively little to have the case dropped as there was no evidence that Hagrid did anything wrong and my lawyer said if the Malfoy's had tried continuing their suit it would have made them look like fools, and that Malfoy reluctantly paid every compensation suit without any form of fight.

It had come to my attention during the whole two week long bull crap, which got our game pushed back a day that Dumbledore was seemingly on the Malfoy's side as he did nothing for Hagrid. He may have only been on Malfoy's side though to keep his little bitch Snape sweet on him, which is something I wish to never know. I only helped Hagrid because it helped me piss off a couple of twats and get the match I want. I had told McGonagall that I would play one game and if I didn't like it I'm out, and I want that game to be against Slytherin as Malfoy thinks he's the dogs PJ's, and I think he's a dipshit and want to prove it on the field of battle, but I suppose a sports field is good enough.

"It's just a shame that all the Slytherins still have top of the line brooms," Ginny continued. "But I'm sure you'll beat them anyway, but where's your broom, has it even arrived yet, you never told me what you got?"

I roll my eyes. "Yeah I got my broom, it's in my trunk," I answered smirking.

"But then…" she trailed off as for large men entered the hall floating a bunch of long cases each and we could see what looked like hundreds of cases out in the Entrance Hall.

Dumbledore came down from the staff table as another man followed with some paper and handed it to the old man showing him where to sign as the four men levitated seven cases onto each table, the cases of different colours, Gryffindors scarlet red, Hufflepuff Golden yellow, Ravenclaw navy blue, and Slytherin, emerald green.

"Excuse me but who are these from?" the old man asked as everyone in the hall were craning themselves to look at other tables as they noticed the house badges on each case.

"They are an anonymous donation sir," the man replied. "Seven custom designed brooms for each of the four house Quidditch teams, plus three hundred custom design Nimbus two thousands, plus two hundred custom design Solar Pulse's."

"Well we cannot accept such generous gifts," he replied feigning sadness. "It could also be dangerous to accept…"

"They have not left our companies possession sir; I assure you they have not been tampered with."

"But still," the old man answered. "We of Hogwarts do not just accept donations."

"I understand you accepted Malfoy's 'donations'," I suddenly interrupted as I stood up and unclasped a case pulling out a sleek rose wood broom with Gryffindor written how it is on the coat of arms banner down both sides with the brooms name.

"Freaking heck they're Firebolts, and I thought the Pulse's would be cool to fly!" one of the Weasley twins declared loudly causing a small commotion of excitement before Dumbledore again spoke.

"It does not matter that we accepted Mr. Malfoy's generous donations," he retorted looking a little smug. "But we cannot be sure w-who…" he trailed off as I in my annoyance pulled out a huge receipt and opened it for all to see.

"Happy now Old Man, I bought them," I replied smirking smugly. "I figured that I'll give each team identical brooms so nobody can claim that they are more skilful when they use far superior equipment. I've just made it all equal, and as for the other brooms I figured that pile of kindling you have stashed away in the broom shed is passed due its burning date."

"But-but," he stuttered unable to think of much as far as I can tell.

I was then surprised to see Professor Lupin join the old man looking rather amused, and dare I say smug as he took the parchment from Dumbledore checked it over and signed with the self-inking quill the delivery guy lent him before returning it and the parchment.

"Thank you very much," the teacher said and the delivery men nodded shaking his hand before they parted and Lupin turned to the students. "I believe we own Morgana a big thank you for being so kind as to gift our school with all of these much needed presents, don't you Professor Dumbledore?"

The old man snapped out of his stupor as I reclaimed my seat and put the receipt away. "O-oh yes, certainly," he replied but even an idiot (well except Ron) could tell he was anything but sincere, but they all surprisingly applauded me anyway. I guess Dumbledore's bull-crap just went against him and for me. It's not my fault he fell into a trap that wasn't even there. I just wanted to be one the same modal broom when I beat Malfoy, and if when I defeat the jerk his house throws him off their team for being crap and no longer having any leverage to stay on their team then that's just the icing on my sugar filled cream cake.


The crowd screamed out loud as my fellow Gryffindor teammates, and the Slytherins all on team brooms hovered near the ground in front of each other as a little drizzle dropped here and there. I had heard before the match from Daphne that Malfoy was refusing to ride the new broom but the captain of his team had threatened to throw him off the team if he didn't. I doubt Malfoy will be on any team by the end of this match.

I smirked at the gangster wannabe as he glared at me and the whistle was blown, the balls were released, but I didn't care as I had moved up at speed and away to watch for the snitch when Malfoy flew closer, marking me.

"You think you're cleaver don't you?" he demanded. "Thinking you can interfere in what doesn't concern you."

"You do realise that it will hurt if I decide to foul you right now," I reply bored. "Remember in this game no one can get sent off only reprimanded and a penalty for your team. Anyway, fuck you I've got a Snitch to catch," I laughed as I zoomed off and couldn't help noticing Malfoy straight after me.

I smirk to myself as I zip right suddenly and spiral down toward the ground at top speed. I had no clue what was going on in the match and didn't care as long as Malfoy was chasing me the match would not end. I shot down suddenly and looped upside down and went straight with my hair skimming the ground I grinned as I heard the gasp and loud thud.

I flipped myself upright to see Malfoy now being helped sit by a team member as his team landed around him. Smelling salts seemed to wake him from stupor but he was whimpering and crying as blood poured from his face. I could just make out his captain yelling at him to get back on his broom or he'll be off the team.

It was a little surprising that Malfoy got back on and wobbled off into the sky. "Good move Morgana," a Weasley twin yelled just as the game continued.

It had been another ten minutes where Malfoy marked me but kept his distance when I noticed a huge black dog at the top of the stands near an empty row of seats but I just turned from it wondering who he could belong to before shrugging it off.

During my distraction Malfoy was pelting towards the ground and my eyes widened as I saw the Snitch, moved several yards, kicked a Slytherin beater hard in the knees and took his bat avoiding the Bludger sent at me it smashed into his friends face before back at me, I smacked it back at the other Slytherin beater and he was so surprised he got hit in the face too, both of them falling to the sodden ground below.

I growled as I saw Malfoy nearing the Snitch and shot after him at full speed before using my unnatural strength to lob the bat, which with my momentum and speed was not slow by any stretch of the imagination. Malfoy's finger tips had just touched the winged ball just as they levelled off when a huge crack rang through the stadium and the bat, broom, and Slytherin Seeker crashed painfully into the ground.

"FUCK YEAH!" I roared along with those sick members of Hogwarts who like a violent game of Quidditch.

"Holy…" Katie Bell, one of the Gryffindor Chasers muttered near me. "I think you might have killed the moron," she finished as several people ran to his rescue. I just shrugged and started as the whole school just roared out in applause (Slytherins included). I guess more people hate the douche than I had originally thought.

"I don't think my fans care," I retorted smugly as I looked around and spotted the dog again slack jawed with wide eyes and I frowned. It seemed to start as our eyes connected, pulled its self together and flee the stands. "That dog seems a little freaky," I mutter to myself shrugging as I realise that this whole schools freaky.


Today I became Gryffindors goddess and with the exception of a few jerks the house didn't mind me inviting my non-Gryffindor friends to the celebration of our victory. Five hundred and ninety to fifty, and as you can guess I grabbed the Snitch because Malfoy was carried away on a stretcher with many broken bones and concussions.

"I still can't believe you not only took out one player but three in a row," laughed Astoria. "Not only that but Flint was so pissed at them for getting decked that he only scoured one of the six penalty shots Madam Hooch gave them."

"So are you staying on the team?" Ginny asked hopefully.

"Nope," I replied shrugging. "You should try out Gin, I know you're good just play it like a winged serpent and you're golden."

"I-I don't know," she answered looking around to make sure no one overhears, and quietened as her twin brothers came over.

"Well as promised," Fred Weasley said sadly (his Quidditch robes say his name), and dropped a piece of folded parchment onto my lap looking well and truly gutted.

I laughed at my friend's confused expressions. "They bet me this… piece of parchment against five hundred galleons that I couldn't find a new and awesome way to knock Malfoy off his broom and do it to prove it's possible."

"Just for a piece of parchment?" asked Elizabeth frowning. "You got robbed baby."

I just rolled my eyes as I hid the parchment in my robe. "Don't be silly Liz, this is most certainly worth more than five hundred, but they're just so stupid they accepted my first offer because to them it was high."

"Say what?" George asked looking shocked. "Then how much do you think its worth?"

"A few thousand at least to the teachers," I say smirking at their expressions. "But if you found a rich enough student… well we're talking big bucks. It's a shame you didn't see its true value, but you would have lost it in the bet no matter what so," I shrug, amused as they sulked.

"Don't worry silly little boys," I say mockingly. "If you stay on my side of Dumbledore, you may find yourself a wealthy investor or two in this little… business you wish to start upon graduation."

They both peaked up at that and high-fived as they hurried off no longer upset over their lose. Anyway, I've seen some of the pranks they've come up with and know they'll make me money with them.


I was walking with a spring in my step the next day in my school uniform minus the robe as I looked at the map, when I started as I saw something interesting on the map and wondered whether I should go and capture the criminal myself to earn brownie points with the magical world.

However, I came up with an idea to get Lupin some brownie points for when that bastard Snape tells everyone he's a lykan out of spite, even though with my support most of the students shouldn't complain. After all, the guy had helped out with the whole broom business as I know Dumbledore would have continued trying to deny the school them until I used force to make him see reason, so I own him a favour.

Therefore, I'm quick to head to the Defence Classroom, not caring if the teacher sees the map as he thinks that no one will grass about his virus and it's only a matter of time until Snape does or that busybody Hermione Granger, so he'll think that I might if he tells anyone about the map.

I understand Hermione had the misfortune to run into my little friend Saydi a few times and ended up being rescued hours later all tied up. The bookworm doesn't seem to understand the world at all. She reads bull-crap written by idiots and thinks the magical world is all daisies and roses.

Soon I just barge into Lupin's office starting him as he was about to drink a frothy concoction. "Better you than me. I wouldn't drink anything that greasy wank stain makes," I said in amusement and he was about to put it down but I rolled my eyes. "Drink it you idiot or it might slip your mind."

He just nodded and drained the goblet with a grimace before giving me a small smile. "Good afternoon Morgana, what can I do for you?"

I don't do much but slam the map onto his desk and point at Sirius' dot. Lupin's eyes widened in shock but he wasn't looking at the same mark as me but rather Hagrid's hut before looking at Sirius' dot. If figure he must have seen the map before but don't call him on it as he hasn't acted in to surprise about it.

"B-but that's impossible," he said. "Peter Pettigrew is dead."

I was startled as I looked at Hagrid's hut to see a dot saying Peter Pettigrew. "Hang on, isn't he the wizard who supposedly died by Sirius' wand with all those Muggles?"

Lupin just nodded his head looking sick and I don't think it's the potion or the full moon tonight. "I-I don't think we've had all of the facts, but it doesn't make sense, Dumbledore swore in court that he performed the Fidelius Charm, and that Sirius was your secret keeper… but-but… if Peter's alive!"

"What?" I hissed startling him. "Fidelius, as in a ward to hide behind?" I demanded as I had read a little on it, and he nodded startled. "Who the fuck is Sirius Black to me? Why would Dumbledore pull this fucking shit, the filthy old bastard will pay big before I kill him!"

He looked absolutely horrified as lightning danced around my body. "H-he's your godfather… he, your dad, Pettigrew and me were best friends at school… we created… well James, Sirius and I created this map. Pettigrew was never talented enough. He was just a tag-along really."

The electric splashed from me as I calmed my breathing and looked at him. "I would have lived with Black after my parent's murder… Dumbledore wanted a saviour he has power over… beaten, abused and treated like shit so he can come along and be my hero. He didn't count on my power, and the Dursley fucks dumping me on the streets to become hard and independent, fending for myself.

"Let's go get Sirius before he ends up a soulless fuck," I finish off as I calm down. "Then Pettigrew, and by dinner this evening while you transform I'll reveal Pettigrew in front of the whole school, and that way the old fuck won't be able to do shit!"


I glared as Lupin as we hurried down the corridor in the direction of Hagrid's Hut as Sirius is heading that way on the map. "So why not tell me you knew my parents, everyone else I assume did that I care to talk to kept pushing the subject away."

He sighed and looked more tired than ever. "I'm sorry but Dumbledore told me not too. I need the money as its hard having my… problem. The Ministry restricts what I can do so much that if I am not hired by someone with power or wealth then I cannot work here and end up tutoring in maths within the Muggle-world, which pays less than you might think."

"I see," I replied feeling a little sorry for him. "Then I'll guess Dumbledore is the reason others are so unresponsive to queries on my parents. If you could, I wish to know the reason behind this."

"He says that you are both highly dangerous and mentally unbalanced," he replied with a humourless chuckle. "He says with your powers that if you knew who your parents were, what they were like and the reasoning that led to their death that you would go on a homicidal rampage until you've murdered Sirius. Though, I believe he may possibly feel you'll go on a rampage until he's dead.

"I get the feeling he fears you more than anything," he sighed. "It makes sense if even half of the rumours around this school are true and add in what I already know I wonder whether I shouldn't have drunk my potion and locked myself in a room with the old man."

I couldn't help but laugh. "That's cool… vengeance may not solve much in this world, but for an unrepentant old bastard like him it will at least make me feel at little better."

"You're more like your mother than your father," he said quietly. "James was quite the trouble maker but he always looked up to Dumbledore while Lily was hot tempered and had a mean right hook." I couldn't help the smile. "She had also never believed in Dumbledore's philosophy as she wanted the Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore's anti purest movement to strike back with lethal force but he always won out because of the support of people like Molly Weasley and her one sided view of the world that always coincided with Dumbledore's."

I just shake my head as I return attention to the map and start. "What the heck," I say and Lupin looks over my shoulder to see Ron and Hermione out and just leaving Hagrid's hut, and if the maps to be believed Pettigrew is riding on Ron somehow. "He must be in his rat form," I say as Lupin nodded having told me about the animagi thing and me discovering the odd dog was Sirius at my match.

Then even more startling Sirius comes out of nowhere (bushes) and attacks Ron before dragging the boy off as Hermione gives chase. Ron is then seemingly dragged under the Whomping Willow Tree and through what looks like a tunnel with Hermione soon following after.

"Come on, we must hurry before he kills Pettigrew!" Lupin said in a panic. "Without Pettigrew Sirius will have to continue on the run because of the Ministry being idiots won't listen to us no matter how much money you throw at them."

I nod as we hurry outside and round the castle and I just dodged as we reached the attacking tree and flung a static blast before Lupin reached me and the tree froze, but we wasted no time as I dived through the gap under the tree just after the Professor and before the tree started attacking again.

"Good job," he whispered as he began leading the way with me following. "I guess it has more use than just threatening people. Though I do here that for the most part they're not threats."

I couldn't help but laugh. "So how far does this tunnel go?" I ask him as we've been moving for about five minutes.

"It leads to the Shrieking Shack in Hogsmeade," he replied. "It's one of the few secret tunnels out of school that hasn't collapsed."

"Wow, that spreads confidence in my safety Professor," I retort, though amused. "Aren't you supposed to protect the bad students as well as the good?"

"Well yes…"

"Then tell that to the other teachers I had while wearing Slytherin colours," I say in annoyance. "Giving points to others when they had plainly seen me doing better. Sure, I don't really care about the points too much but my little Shortcake likes to get them… it is truly unfair and foolish."

"Yeah well, your mum was kind of the same there," he agreed. "She had these two girl friends in Slytherin and hated when they were singled out just because they're Slytherin. Though she loathed Snape, the slime ball was always eyeing her."

I shivered at the thought. "Do you have to fight the impulse to just kill him for just entering a room?"

"Damn, you too," he asked in surprise. "I thought it was just me, though I have noticed Flitwick's hand twitch towards his wand once or twice. I think only Dumbledore enjoys his company."

I snort at that. "Yeah two sociopaths enjoying each other's company, just add in a couple psychopaths, and they've got themselves a party."

"I'm still trying to come to terms with that Halloween party you magicked up. I don't think it was nearly as amusing until you and your friends turned up in costume just as should be done for Halloween… and coming as Dark beings was the icing as I think Dumbledore gained a few years just because you lot were intent on a good time. I believe now that Dumbledore doesn't like to lose control, and enjoys things staying so old fashioned and traditional.

"I still can't believe you were sitting on Dumbledore throne chair and it looked to me like you were trying to rule them… Dumbledore was frantic later about it at a staff meeting saying that you were working so much quicker than Voldemort ever did."

"Blah, too much trouble," I retorted. "I was just making a point to Percy Weasley that he does not have a say because he has not the power."

"I guess," he agreed. "Well here we are, quieten down," he added shushing me, which normally would have pissed me off.

He then lifted a trap door and climbed through. He then turned to give me a hand but started as I was already out smirking at him.

"Super powers remember," I whispered to him, amused as we continued through the dusty old shack and to some stairs where we could hear noise. It was surprisingly quiet climbing the stairs and I could see light flowing from a room at the top, and being me kicked the door clear off its hinges.

Ron Weasley was lying on the bed quivering and holding the filthy rat close to his chest while Hermione Granger was pinned to the far wall the moment we entered, by a long haired shaggy man with tattered robes spilling off his gaunt form and pained tired blue eyes, and dirty beard.

"Come any closer Morgana and your friend bites the dust!" Sirius croaked out but I just laughed.

"Her… my friend?" I ask, shaking my head in bewilderment. "I don't know where you got that idea… go ahead, kill her for all I care. You must have me mistaken for someone who cares for either of these idiots. If I did I would already have freed them and be beating the living shit out of you, you dipshit."

He started before bursting out laughing. "Ha, you don't fool me kid, Dumbledore gloated enough for me to know… that… they…" he paused as he looked at the two to see they looked even more scared now than before

"Dumbledore," I hissed and sparks exploded around my body for a moment and Sirius took a half step back and his magic dropped the bossy-pants girl. "The old man knows nothing of me but my hate for him, and the vengeance I will reap upon his thieving soul. He stole my life, he…"

"It isn't your life you bitch," Ron suddenly spat out. "You should be doing what we want until You-Know-Who is dead when Professor Dumbledore says if you survive I can have…"

"AHHHHHHHHH!" Ron screamed bloody murder as I grabbed his broken ankle and pulled him from the bed and slammed him painfully into the wall I rip the squeaking rat from his hands and throw it into Remus' where he barely catches it.

"YOU WILL NEVER TOUCH ME!" I scream as I grab his face and his screams only get louder as blue energy starts streaming from him into me.

"Morgana stop it, you're killing him!" Lupin demanded but I would not. "Morgana, we won't be able to explain his death. They know you hate him for being too stupid to just leave you, Ginny and your friend's alone. You'll be the first person they see. It's not worth it! They do not own you, if anything it's the other way around, someday they will all pay, but not like this, murdering a weak, insignificant selfish greedy bastard isn't worth the trouble!"

I let go and threw Ron to the side as the energy drain stopped and the boy fell unconscious as blood pooled from his lips, ears, and eyes I turned to Hermione and she flinched.

"Are these the people you side with Granger?" I asked quietly, though she flinched at her name. "Ungrateful fuckers that would force their saviour into the bed of some freak mother fucker. I will not allow a man to touch me like that ever, even if I have to topple the world until they get the message, and if I weren't gay I most certainly would NOT want him!" Hermione just whimpered back shaking from fear.

"Holy shit," Sirius whispered hoarsely after a few moments silence. "Well it seems I was misinformed, but you have to believe me…"

"We already know about the rat," Remus told him as he pulled out an unbreakable cage and shoved it in before locking it.

"M-Morgana he-he's, a, a…" Hermione began but trailed off into a frightened whimper at my cold glare.

"Lykan," was my nonchalant reply, which caused her to jump. "That is your problem Hermione. If a popular textbook on dark creatures said that your sweet pet bunny is a thing that will rape your ass when you least expect it you would believe it's true. And you seem to be under the impression that Dumbledore is good because he has authority and that he knows what's best because he's old and therefore wise. If you ask me he's a senile old bastard with dementia. What kind of sane person would hire Snape?"

"B-but he… Professor Snape…"

"Is an evil bastard that should not be allowed to 'teach'," I retort rolling my eyes. "And I use the word 'teach' very loosely because the filth has taught me nothing but how pitying it is to bully school children into crying or failing your class. You have no right Granger to defend him."

"Dumbledore's letting the greasy fuck teach?" Sirius asked, appalled at the very thought. "Bastard was always a vindictive little shit that Dumbledore let get away with whatever he wanted while us Marauders got the stick when it was him. We didn't ever pull a prank that could cause damage or hurt someone, but we got into trouble for them."

Lupin nodded in agreement. "It's unfortunate but true," he agreed sadly. "I'm sorry I let them do this to us. However, we can do nothing about that now, we must take Pettigrew in."

"Allow me," I reply as I snatch the cage away from him. "Lupin, when we're out I suggest you leave as it's almost dark, and I'll deal with the rest, understand?"

He just nodded as I turned to Hermione. "You coming with us or staying with it?" I demanded gesturing towards Ron. She was shaking as she stood. "Good because none of us intended to tell anyone where Ron is, so that leaves you if you feel like it."


The four of us escaped the tunnel and tree fine enough but it had taken time travelling and it was broaching dark when we entered and Lupin was quick to flee across the grass and into the woods as his transformation begun.

"Sirius, go with him," I command. "If you stay Dumbledore may try something desperate, don't worry about me I can handle myself."

"Okay, but I'll be around, 'k?" he replied and I nodded pushing him to leave and Hermione and I watched him shrink into a big black dog and disappear into the forbidden forest.

I turn to Hermione and she flinches as I place a hand on the back of her neck to 'lead her on' my fingertip brushing a curious chain when I started feeling abnormally cold. I looked to bossy-pants and she me looking even more terrified.

"Fuck no!" I growl out as I take a deep breath just as they fly closer I pull my wand on them. "Hmm… that's an awful lot," I mutter as I aim at over one hundred. "But what the fuck, lets add my power too it… Expecto Tonare Patronum!"

I yelled the spell (slightly modified to use my power) pulling at all of the happiness my girls have granted me over the short months I've known them and I can't wait for more of those months. I'm begging every god of Thunder or Lightning for it to work as this is the first I've had to test my spell.

It roars from me with an explosive sonic boom that is awing as a shock-wave of white mist and blue lightning charges, bringing a feel of static around me in the air as a universe of beauty seems to explode before me, stunningly beautiful, silvery swirls of galaxies.

However, it hit the dementors and they screamed ghostly whales as one after the other they exploded into red, yellow, and orange sparks, and bursting into ash setting free streams of green 'fireflies' shooting into the sky and out of sight streaming through the beauty of my spell as it continued cutting down dementors spreading out around Hermione and I it felt like I had created my own universe of destruction as I hear the cries from behind.

I have no doubt Hermione's thankful that my power is only tingling over her skin and it's like I can taste her and feel her magic as well as the dementors and those of the freed spirits. The dementors cries were long and loud, and I'm sure a few may have escaped but I didn't care as they would now know not to fuck with me.

My attack soon fizzled away like an open power line on a lake and I was still flawed by what my attack had looked like and the fuzzy feeling having people I care about makes me feel.

By the time I got my senses I looked around to see the whole school and teachers just out of range staring at me in awe as I place away my wand and turn to see several aurors with their mouths handing open and smirk.

However, I have little time for gloating over who can control their filthy guards best and turn to Professor McGonagall with a wicked grin.

"Ah, my dear Professor McGonagall, I wonder whether you could humour me with just one request," I say as I slowly walk towards her and pull out Pettigrew's cage with squealing and crying rat contained within.

I can tell instantly from Dumbledore's horrified expression that he knows that I know.

The truth about Sirius Black.


I had actually wanted to bring Ginny with me at the very least, but I have to hide her away over the Christmas holiday with Eva or else her 'evil' family might try something messed up, (while we're trying to find away to get her from them), which is why I'm alone as all of my other friends have had to go home because they have family to spend the holidays with, which, now since I only have the idiot I call godfather and the lykan we decided to go on vacation.

Well, OK, I was content to staying with Ginny, Eva, and Chachamaru for the holiday, but NO! Sirius 'thoughtfully' bought the three of us plane tickets to Las Vegas, (easier to escape Dumbledore by muggle means). He knew Ginny wouldn't be able to come but still thought it would be fun, (and she practically forced me when she realised I've never holidayed before). I know what he's thinking... loose women, booze and gambling.

Douche... but I guess I can have some of those loose women. I've not really been with another chick too much older than me, so , maybe I'll get lucky here.

The hotel is nice, and my room is cosy, but not too cosy its small. Sirius had tried to get larger and better rooms, but the management apparently didn't believe that he's wealthy. Heck, if they only knew how wealthy he is they would have comped all our rooms (penthouses baby!), and sent a private jet to pick us up from England.

This particular hotel, like many along the Vegas strip has its own mega huge casino, and I just happen to have a fake ID off the friendly goblins at Gringotts bank so I can partake in some gambling too. And with a little make-up, and nice elegant black dress (top designer stuff), and a nice purse with my 'credit and debit' card I've at least managed to make myself look older so they don't question my ID (even though the tiny charm would stop them doubting), but how do other girls stand these high heal things? I had to use cushioning charm on them.

I know the US Ministry has probably detected my use of underage magic, (if the whole underage thing isn't as load of bullcrap. I've never had reason to test that theory. Though, I know amongst lots of magic, Diagon Alley, the Quidditch World Cup, etc., I can't be detected apart), but I don't think that anyone's going to turn up to reprimand me anyway for using such docile charms, especially since I'm a 'foreigner'. It would probably be too much trouble. And if someone did show up, I'll kick their ass as usual.

I have already drunk a little and now I'm riding the elevator from my room. I've decided that I'm going to play some games and flash around my cash to hopefully get these douche bag hotel people to get me a nicer, bigger room, like from the movies.

I'm not sure where either Sirius or Remus are and I don't care either. They should have got us here yesterday and gotten me concert tickets. They can't be trusted with anything. Well, OK, so they didn't know about the concert, or the fact the last performance before the tour moves on was last night, but seriously. I'll blame them anyway because it makes me feel so much better.

Maybe I could follow them to the next city, watch the show, and then come back? It would be the last show too, held in LA starting next week, which would be a bonus actually getting to see the 'City of Angels'.

You see, me... I'm a fan of Hannah Montana... now don't get me wrong, her songs are cool and all that, but... damn is that little pop sensation smokin' hot or what. I mean, seriously, smokin'. Then there's that cute weirdo Hannah hangs out with, damn fine, the both of them, just thinking about them makes me drool.

I was so into my own thoughts that I almost missed the elevator stopping at a floor to let someone in as its kind of empty, except for me right now.

"Come on Miles', this'll be great!" exclaimed an over excited blonde haired babe to a girl with brown hair crinkled at the bottom, just my type, both of them... HOT!

"Jeez girl, give it a rest," the other spoke sounding both exasperated and amused as her stunning blue eyes rolled. It was her accent though, it was incredibly sexy. It was a Southern US (hillbilly-ish) accent that rolled out lazily as if trying to turn me on.

The two girls entered the elevator as the blonde continued. "But I'm so excited... this is Vegas Miley... Las Vegas!" she cried out the last with a wide grin and an incredible smile. "I mean, we can do anything we want for the whole day and night before we have to even think of heading to LA!"

"We're fourteen, OK, nearing fifteen, Lilly," the brown haired girl reprimanded rolling her eyes again. "What can two fourteen year old girls legally do in the gabling capitol of the world, the WORLD!" she said laughing a little as her friend slumped in defeat.

"I'm only fourteen and have a fake ID," I interrupted quietly, but managed to gain the other two girls attention, startling them as they obviously hadn't realised I was in the lift, and I could see both girl suppress shivers as my sexy electric blue eyes scanned their sexy dresses. "If you both hang with me no one will question how old you are... trust me. Plus I really don't have anyone else my age to hang with."

"OK," the blonde agreed her smile back, but the brown haired girl didn't look too happy with her friend for that. "I'm Lilly Truscott and this is my best friend Miley Stewart!"

"I'm Morgana Potter," I answered shaking the blondes hand in mine making sure he fizz through the smallest of sparks, which caused her to jump and blush. I so owe Twilight for putting in that stupid spark like electricity so girls are susceptible to thinking of the book after I shake their hand, and the whole soul mate crap.

"Lilly, she's talking about breaking the law," the brown haired girl suddenly hissed looking worried. "If my dad finds out, we'll be in so much trouble."

"Ahh, come on Miley," Lilly begged pouting so cutely that I was quite sure I would have gave in just as the other girl did as she let out a breathe and gave me a half-smile.

"Umm... nice to meet you," she said in her sexy accent shaking my hand. Though, she did start at my electric touch she just seemed to shrug it off as nothing important. She's a strong girl most certainly, probably having only watched the Twilight movies while her friend has read the books.

The elevator stopped at that moment on the ground floor and I was only too eager to lead my new friends out and into the casino. This is going to be so great, illegally gambling, and then possibly getting laid by two cute virgin girls who are apparently from Malibu, which is what the blonde said, maybe I could spend Christmas day in |Malibu with them. I've never been to a beach before... well proper beach as I went to Southend once just out of curiosity, but it was crappy compared to the ones I have seen on TV in other countries.

They stopped at the Black Jack table after getting some drinks and buying some chips. Though, Lilly and Miley bought some chips they were surprised at how many Morgana bought, or more accurately the value of a lot of them. Its no wonder she could afford such a great fake ID.

"So... this is like twenty one right?" asked Morgana as she was dealt her hand of two cards.

"Yes ma'am," agreed the young man wearing some kind of suit like uniform after he dealt the three girls their cards.

"Umm... OK then I'll..." she looked at her cards. "I'll place in a bet," she said putting down a single purple chip, which caused the dealer to double take.

"That's five thousand dollars Miss.," he said as if she didn't know.

"Too rich for me," Lilly said folding her hand down sadly.

"Me too," agreed Miley copying suit. "Maybe we should have tried the slots," she suggested as she finished off her alcoholic drink. They really shouldn't make these things so tasty, she thought about her cocktail. It just encourages underage drinking.

This one round went on for only a few more moments when Morgana won a heck load of money laughing her head off as she couldn't believe that she had actually won her first time.

However, after that she started loosing for a few tries, more than she had won when each turn ended she got a little bit better and won some more. Though, she always bet big as if actually flaunting her wealth at the casino.

Morgana to Lilly's and Miley's surprise actually had more money after she started playing than before when she had told them that the slot machines would be more fun since the three of them can play together without Morgana being able to bet too high for them to keep up.

They got themselves a small bucket of quarters each and chose three machines next to each other in a row that had a very high, multi million dollar jackpot that was even then increasing.

Lilly laughed as her machine paid out some coins after she had only put in a couple of coins winning her about ten dollars.

"I feel like one of those grannies you see at these machines on TV," she said to her best friend and new friend while they laughed. "Though with that jackpot sum in the thirty millions I'm not caring."

"How about if one of us hits it we split the winnings three ways?" Morgana was quick to offer getting two sets of wide eyes.

"Really?" Miley asked sounding confused.

"Sure," she agreed. "I already have plenty of money. Anyway, isn't that what friends do?" she asked them smirking.

"OK, I guess," Miley agreed smiling at her new and slightly odd friend. Well hanging with Lilly she doesn't think Morgana's really that odd, plus her family gives a whole other meaning to odd.

"Excuse me ladies," they were interrupted by a fine looking waitress with a tray carrying three drinks that are exactly what they had ordered earlier from the bar. "Your drinks shall be on the house from now on," she said surprising them, but they weren't going to complain as they took them.

"Thanks," Morgana said smilingly as she took a sip, pulled out a purple chip from her pocket, one of many she still hasn't cashed in and gave it to the waitress. "Keep them coming and maybe you'll get another."

The waitresses eyes bugged out of her head as she looked the chip over and frantically nodded her head in agreement before quickly going off to get them another order of drinks.

"I wish I was your waitress," Lilly jokingly said just as Morgana had pulled her machines lever, it spun, stopped and the sirens blazed to life startling the three girl. "Holy crap," she chimed out instead of continuing on her tangent. "You just won over thirty million dollars! You must be the luckiest girl on Earth."

Morgana couldn't quite believe it herself before turning a grin back to her two surprised new friends. "Actually, we all win around ten million each, remember."

"You were actually being serious!" Lilly exclaimed in shock as a smiling guy in a suit was quick to greet them.

"Congratulations Miss. Potter," he said in praise. "How would you like your winnings to be deposited?"

"Split evenly between these three cards," she said fanning out three bank cards. The two American girls eyes widened in shock as they recognised their bank cards and wondered how in the last few moments she had swiped them.

"Of course Miss. Potter, we would also like to offer you and your friends," he began, taking the cards and looking at the three different names. "A penthouse apartment here in the casino free of charge of course, and for as long as you stay, drink, food, clothes, all on the house."

"Thank you," Morgana said with a grin. "I finally got what I wanted, and I never thought I was lucky before now."

"Yes ma'am," he said. "I'll return your cards in a short moment, please excuse me," he said before quickly hurrying off just as their waitress returned with some more drinks.

"How'd you swipe our cards?" Miley asked after the waitress had left, probably to get them some more drinks, and she was starting to really feel the affects now.

"Magic," she replied laughingly. Sure, she has tried alcohol before out of curiosity, but she had never took too much, and she was starting to feel a little light headed, plus her drinks are stronger as she knows she has a high tolerance to most things. "See, I have magical powers!" she laughed some more.

"Pickpocketing powers more like," Lilly piped in laughingly as she felt the buzz from her drinks.

Morgana rolled her eyes. "I can prove it if you like," she replied smugly. "My moron godfather and his buddy chose to come to this hotel because it has a hidden magical section to the casino," she said smugly just as the guy in suit returned with their cards and keys to their apartment with a promise that their belongings will be in their new room before they get their before scurrying off somewhere else.

"OK then prove it," Lilly said smugly as she downed the last drop of her cocktail just as the waitress returned with another, hopping dizzily from her stool she grabbed another.

"OK then," Morgana answered as she drained her drink and collected the next just as Miley, laughing did the same. Morgana grinned gave the waitress a purple chip and led both girls through the casino.

"There is no...!" started Miley, but Morgana drained her drink dry and just dumped the empty glass on a passing waiters tray and grabbed both of their hands as they reached the far corner where an old unused poker table sat collecting dust and for some weird reason they hadn't actually noticed it until they were real close.

"Wait! I've got to go and do something," Miley suddenly said trying to pull out of Morgana's grip without success.

"Me too," Lilly agreed pulling in vane, not realising that she's trying to brake the grip of someone with superpowers.

"What?" Morgana asked in amusement and both girls looked to her in surprise as they couldn't figure it out themselves. "You feel like you should be doing something else, and without me holding you, you would have turned around, walked off, and forgotten all about this," she said laughingly as both girls looked to her, confused.

However, they gasped and flinched as they were forced to walk right into the old poker table. However, gasped further as they never hit it and looked behind them to see the table gone, and a golden arch in its stead where they could see everyone through it, but knew none of them could see them.

The two girls eyes almost popped out of their heads as they finally looked around to see a large number of people at what appeared to look like normal gambling machines, or tables, along with obviously different things, and the roulette dial was simply huge, about two times the size of a large monster trucks wheel floating in the air without a bottom with a huge silver ball spinning around it, with red and blue rather than black. The two colours with numbers flashing above everyone's heads while people stood on the betting table placing down sums of gold, silver, and bronze, which just floated back to the winners by its self, or to the table master (the house).

There were things that smoked and puffed that they couldn't figure out, to standard Black Jack tables, only from what they could see the cards weren't of the same tangent as the other side of the arch.

The casino floor was paved with beautiful tiles, and the walls were of a perfectly polished wood with high ceilings and huge crystal chandeliers that sparkled and twinkled, floating, suspended by thin air.

Taking more note of the people now they saw men and women wearing different kinds of robes, some suit like, some probably to be a height of fashion. Some women though, preferred the standard and fashionable dresses just like them and Morgana which meant they wouldn't feel too out of place.

However, they had to hold in gasps as they saw some wrinkly little midget monsters wearing business type suits running some of the games with name tags. That being odd they saw many different kinds of what could only be pixies, and or fairies flying around with either sparkles of light fluttering from their wings or with trays of drinks floating with them through the air to their intended target.

"Pretty cool, huh?" Morgana asked startling them and knocking them out of their trances. They looked to each other and drained their drinks dry.

However, they were further startled at the tinkling little giggle as a sweet little fairy floated down to them with a tray and three drinks. The same the three had been drinking floating in front of them.

"I think we'll need them," Miley spoke out in a small voice as she took her drink, and Lilly copied taking hers while Morgana just chuckled taking hers as her two new friends placed their empties on the fairies floating tray. "Umm.. thank you," she said thanking the 'girl'. The fairy just tinkled her giggle, nodded her appreciation and flew off with her tray and the empty glasses.


The three girls winced as a man in his mid to late thirties stumbled over, obviously having drunk too much, his shaggy black hair falling in his eyes. He was being helped stand... well OK, they were helping each other stand. The other man looked quite worn out with greying brown hair, but not any older than the first man.

"Who are your friends," he asked giggling like a little girl on a sugar high.

Morgana sighed rolling her eyes. "Trust you... Sirius, these are Lilly and Miley. Lilly, Miley, these two are Remus Lupin, my somewhat uncle, and Sirius Black, my Godfather."

"Here, have you kids tried some... f-f-fire whisky before...? You should. Its killer stuff," Sirius slurred laughingly.

"Umm... no," Lilly braved answering shyly.

He just laughed. "Well, that's OK. Morgana is killer powerful. I mean seriously. She has... has lightning powers. Her girls call her Lady Lightning. She even has this midget vampire chick on her side," he giggled and Lilly and Miley looked at Morgana with wide eyes.

"Turned when she was ten," she answered them, though they didn't stop gawking, she realised that wasn't the unasked question. "Oh, right... yeah... although muggle... I mean non-magical peoples legends come close... well, the myths are just a little off on the details. See, Remus here's a werewolf."

Lilly gasped as she looked him up and down while Miley moved closer to Morgana. "So, can you... you know transform whenever you want?" Lilly asked eagerly. "Do vampires really sparkle in the sunlight."

"No and no," Morgana quickly answered as Remus seemed to notice something and speak hushed.

"Morgana, they're muggles. If someone finds out you just found a couple of muggles and brought them in you'll get into trouble."

However, Morgana smirked a she lifted up her left hand and clenched it into a fist. The muggle girls and two grown wizards flinched as her fist sparked with blue electricity.

"Yeah, like they'll not be in even more trouble for starting a fight with Morgana," Sirius said laughingly.

Though, Morgana turned from them and gave her two new friends a reassuring grin. "Don't listen to them. I'll look after you both, and I know the three of us are going to have a great time."

"Umm... sure..." Lilly said uncertainly as her soft blue eyes scanned the casino before pausing on something down the far end. "What's that over there?" she asked interestedly getting Morgana and Miley's attention to the same spot. "I-it looks like some kind of... race?"

"What's with all the fire?" Miley asked in wonder as she followed Lilly as Lilly headed off and Morgana brought up the rear, and a fine view she gets too. Both of them are quite flat on top she's noticed, but with fine asses like theirs, she's not going to complain.

They got to some kind of race track as they finished their drinks and replaces their empties when another little fairy floated down with replacements, and Lilly had mentioned that she could get used to such quick service, and Morgana decided to try out some fire whisky. So she asked the fairy to brink a bottle with three glasses when they've finished their cocktail. The fairy nodded and quickly hurried off as they finally looked down to the track.

The track kind of looked like a motor car racing track. It was large and wide, with concrete barriers running the hundred metre length, and with ten lanes. To one side, the start there were starting cages and looking in all three girls frowned as they saw flashes of fire seemingly exiting the creatures butts.

They looked like crosses between giant lobsters, giant crabs, and some kind of lizard, maybe a magical salamander perhaps. They're red, but some faded to yellow around their underbellies, and the girls couldn't make out a head on any. They had either suckers or stings yet all of them seemingly fart fire. They also wore around their middles seemingly fireproof sashes with their names and numbers in different colours.

"What the hell are they supposed to be!" Morgana asked, but didn't expect a reply as Miley and Lilly shrugged in unison.

"Blast-Ended-Skrewts," a gruff voice said from behind. They turned to see a goblin... well that's what Morgana muttered he is. He was wearing a suit and seemed to be collecting money. "Fancy a bet on one of these beauties!" he asked, grinning and showing off his pointy teeth.

"Twenty thousand dollars on number nine to win," Morgana answered shrugging her shoulders as she handed him four purple chips, and he handed her her betting slip.

He turned to the other two girls. "Five minutes until the race starts..." he said, his grin still in place.

"Err... five thousand dollars on... umm... number two," Lilly couldn't help but make a bet, and saying too low a figure might get her on the wrong side of this guy, and he's creepy.

"Err, five thousand dollars on number five," Miley added as they charged their cards, happy that they have all of that money to spend now.

Handing over their betting slips the goblin grinned even wider and gave a short bow of his head. "Enjoy the race girls!" he said laughing as he stalked another 'customer'.

"That guys kind of creepy," Lilly said shaking her head clear as she saw Morgana looking at her funny. "Umm... what?" she asked, baffled.

"Nothing," she shrugged. "Its just you chose the Blast-Ended-Umm-Thingy with the highest odds, which means he's going to be rubbish. Why'd you waste five grand like that?"

"Huh?" Lilly answered looking baffled.

"There's a bored telling us the odds there Lils," Miley said pointing it out for the friend, and sure enough, with glowing chalk colours above everyone was the odds bored and hers was last.

"Ah, crap. I didn't see that," the blonde complained unhappily.

Morgana laughed rolling her eyes. "No worries babe," she said smilingly. "If by some miracle your... Blast thingy does win you'll have won sixty-five thousand dollars."

"That doesn't make me feel any better you know," Lilly winged with a cute pout that only made her friends laugh.

fifteen minutes later Lilly was laughing her head off. "I can't believe it. I freaking won!" she cried out triumphantly as the goblin had handed over her winnings looking a little amused and baffled himself as she was the only one to bet on that skrewt before he left them be.

"That is some seriously fluky stuff Lils," Miley slurred laughing and rolling her eyes with a slight stumble having to be caught from falling by Morgana as they had recently received their fire whisky bottle and it was already quarter empty and its not a small bottle.

"S... so you... I mean w-what should w-we do now?" Lilly asked as she held on to her two friends to stay still. Miley laughed at her best friend as she downed her glass.

"I've always wanted to see one of those Vegas Elvis' that ya... you know... from TV," said Miley giggling in amusement as she caught Morgana from stumbling over as she adjusted her footing. The three of them giggled madly at the thought.

"O... Okay... but... oh, hey, Mr. Goblin," Morgana called out and agreed, getting his attention he looked at her questioningly. "We... we want to see Elvis... where can we...?"

He just shrugged, his eyes rolling. "Just down their on the other side on the casino is a magical world chapel. I think they have one of those lame impersonators if you're interested."

"Sweet Nibblets!" Miley called out suddenly, her sexy accent coming on stronger as the goblin left them be. "To the chapel," she chimed out happily.

"Damn your accents hot," Lilly suddenly blurted out before she could stop herself.

Miley laughed at her embarrassed friend. "Why thank you Miss. Lilly," she said putting her accent on thickly.

"It seriously is really hot," Morgana backed up Lilly's statement without any doubt.

Miley blushed but laughed as she pored three more glasses (barely without spilling), of fire whisky. "W-well, shall we go see Elvis then?" she asked, her cheeks stained red at the sincerer complements to her accent.

"Yea...!" Lilly and Morgana called out, the three of them clinking glasses before downing them and heading towards the chapel as Morgana tried to pour more glasses but couldn't quite see straight so they just threw their glasses away and started drinking from the bottle.

"Augh, damn, my head!" Morgana cried as she had slowly woken, her throbbing skull getting progressively worse the more aware her mind seemed to become.

She wasn't quite certain where she is, other than in a very soft and comfortable bed snuggled up nice and warn. Her recent memories seem to be a little hazy and unclear. Her thumping headache not making matters any better.

However, she could tell she's not alone, and cracking her eyes open signed in relief as she held Lilly and Miley, one in each arm, and could feel their soft, smooth, naked bodies against hers.

She closed her eyes again as even with the drawn curtains her eyes needed time to adjust as she realised her head is throbbing because of a killer hangover. She would swear off drinking ever again right now if she didn't know she would be lying to herself.

"Oww!" two simultaneous yelps started her as Miley and Lilly seemed to come around at the same time. Morgana would have laughed if she didn't know what they were feeling.

"My head hurts," complained Lilly, wining.

"Mine too," Miley also answered as Morgana finally managed to open her eyes and keep them open as both girls snuggled closer into her.

"Yea... my headaches slowly fading," Morgana told them, her throat dry and scratchy. "After all, with my lightning powers I heal faster than normal, and a quick snack of electricity and I'll be fine."

"What the...!" Both Lilly and Miley say together, their eyes opening in shock to see that yes, the three of them are in bed together, and their minds summarise that yes they are naked and sticky.

"O-oh god we... we did didn't we?" asked Lilly horrified but seemingly unable to move out of Morgana's arms just yet.

"Yep we did," Morgana chimed happily before wincing at the throb in her head.

"Y-you took advantage of us!" Miley said angrily.

"Me...!" she retorted rolling her eyes. "I'm not sure what kind of things we did last night. Though, I do have a few memories of you both being naughty girls to me."

Both blushed as their minds flashed with too many embarrassing instances that Morgana could be talking about, about their fragmented night.

"I'm-I'm, just don't look," Miley said as she quickly slid out of the covers. However, they didn't look away from her beautiful body, from her small breasts to thin, long legs, and her tight butt. Though, she was quick in grabbing a hotel bathrobe and putting it on before throwing one each to the other two girls.

Morgana just laughed as she shamelessly slid out from under Lilly and slid the robe over her beautiful body, enjoying the fact that neither of them seemed able to look away.

Lilly slid on her robe under the bed covers before getting out and sitting on the edge when she noticed something on her fingers.

"Where'd I get this band?" she asked, too surprised to see it to even stutter with nerves being able to remember doing some pretty graphic and dirty things with her friends.

"Umm... I have one too," Morgana said in surprise as she looked at the gold band on her finger with runes engraved throughout.

Miley grimaced as she looked to see a band on her finger too. "Oh, sweet nibblets!" she cried out in desperation. "You're magic, right?" she asked Morgana getting a nod. "And girls can get legally married in the magical world, right!" she ask demanded.

Morgana just shrugged sheepishly. "Umm... not quite sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if the three of us were allowed to marry each other in the magical world!"

"T-then how do we get out of it!" asked Lilly looking frightened.

Morgana looked around until finding a DVD and some papers on the marriage. She was quick in reading through some main points. "O-K... if we hadn't consummated the marriage we could have gotten annulled. The same goes if even one of us was reluctant to or forced. However, the contracts still green so that never happened. Umm... whoa... I cant see anyway out of this. Even age. As long as we're thirteen or older because I'm the last in line, or should I say heir or head of my family I can not only marry at the age of thirteen, but as many times as I want with willing parties.

"Though, it says that if I want to marry more that the 'others' have to agree, being compatible or some such drivel. Wow... this is really, really freakishly weird."

"W-what you're saying is we have to stay married?" Miley asked in horror.

"Wow, I love you too, my darling wife," Morgana said jokingly, which caused Miley to deflate a little, uncertain and confused.

"My dad is so going to be pissed," Miley whimpered. "And... ah, sweet nibblets. Now I'm cussing!"

"Well..." Morgan started thoughtfully. "Umm... how about I take you to LA with me. Then... I don't know. I can talk to him about all of this...? If he doesn't come around to the idea... then... I can kick his ass!"

"Please don't beat up my dad. He's pretty cool!"

"Mr. S is awesome," agreed Lilly trying to smile. "I suppose us, is... well... all; the boys we've tried to date before haven't really been productive, and here we've gotten married."

Morgana laughed a little. "Everything will work out, trust me. I'll even get Hannah Montana tickets since she'll be in LA. And lets face it. That's the main reason I'm going to LA!"

"Oh sweet freaking nibblets!" Miley cried while Lilly actually let out a laugh.

"You'll have to tell her 'honey'," Lilly said laughing, not sure whether it was hysterics or not. "After all, such a big secret. She told us hers, even before we got married."

"I'm Hannah Montana!" Miley found herself blurting out to get it over and done with.

"Say what now?" Morgana asked with wide eyes as the brown haired girl opened her locked vanity case from where it had sat by the mirror, using some small pins to pin her hair up she pulled out a blonde wig and put it on becoming Hannah Montana, in a bathrobe.

"I screwed Hannah Montana!" Morgana said as a huge grin split her face in two. She then turned to Lilly, her grin seemingly widening. "I screwed Hannah Montana and Lola Luftnagle!"

"Y-you actually know my name!" Lilly said a smile lighting her lips. "You have no idea how annoying it is when people say Lola something."

"What...! But all of those wigs and outfits made you a different sexy each time you were on TV!" Morgana said in surprise. "You should have sued all the douches for not getting your name right. You are freaking awesome. I've seen you on TV go celebrity star struck and chase some poor celeb down! Its awesome."

"Wow, thanks, finally somebody who appreciates my art!" Lilly replied, her smile bright.

"Oh sweet...!" Miley began before taking a deep breath as she put her wig back and let her hair back down. "But that still doesn't...!" she paused in surprise as she looked to Morgana to see her with black hair rather than copper/pink, and emerald eyes rather than electric blue, smirking.

"What?" Morgana asked in amusement. "This would have been how I looked if I hadn't gotten my powers. Its just a simple physically illusion. I've been practising things like this at school. I figured... ah, screw it. I want backstage passes and you don't want two girls with freaky hair colours backstage with you do you?"

"I... I guess not..." Miley agreed as she let a smile grace her lips as she watched the changes melt back away, looking like fire streaming along her hair and over her eyes.

"That is freakishly cool," Lilly commented laughing as she and Miley were getting used to the idea, and thought of what they had done. In truth Lilly had thought about Miley in a... sexy way plenty of times, but who could blame her with Miley's sexy accent, and then Morgana's on top of that.

The other two girls couldn't comment as there was a knock on a door in the distance, which startled them as they realised this was a hotel penthouse apartment. So it has many rooms, so securing their bathrobes they nervously made their way into the beautiful lounge and Morgana opened the door to see Remus with Sirius standing behind wearing dark glasses.

"Reception down stairs said you got a comped room," the old werewolf said glancing behind the girl to the other two.

"Yeah... our lucky night," she said nervously. "Oh, yeah, guess what. The three of us girls got married to each other!" Sirius barked out laughing while Remus held his humour back.

"Yes, we know... we were there," he agreed. "Though, I can barely remember it all. I do remember you giving Sirius and I some more fire whisky."

"Oh great," Morgana hissed as she slammed the door in their faces before turning to her wives. "Adults are fucking useless... well. At least until we're adults!"

"Too true girlfriend, too true...!" Lilly started before correcting. "Umm... I mean wife."

"Lilly," Miley reprimanded half-heartedly before sighing. "Well... never mind, we are all married to each other now, and we're not even virgins," she said, her cheeks staining scarlet with embarrassment over the conversation.

"I wasn't before this," Morgana said shrugging at their looks. "I've made love to plenty of girls! As your satisfied bodies can attest too."

The two of them couldn't quite deny how good they felt in those areas as Morgana smirked at them in amusement and more structure came to their minds and they remembered more and more. The more Lilly and Miley did remember, the more aroused they felt thinking of the things Morgana could do to them.

The memories where slowly flooding back to the three girls, a night that none of them would ever want to forget. A night in which they left their troubles behind and just enjoyed each other, and let the world around them disappear!

However, before some crazy flashback could occur there was another knock at the door and Morgana opened it to see two official looking woman wearing robes.

"Can I help you?" Morgana asked as one woman pulled out a clipboard reading from it.

"Morgana Potter. You are under arrest for the improper use of magic!" she began snappily. "You are accused of preforming magic outside of a school on multiple occasions. We may have let the cushioning charms slide, but the illusion charm and counter charm were shall not as they were preformed in front of muggles."

"And your point is?" she asked in amusement. "If you wanted to arrest me you should have brought along an army! However, technically because of a recent incident that I will say was very fun I have became an emancipated minor. And my magical binding marriage to these two lovely young ladies is the incident that allowed for me to use magic whenever I like now! Well according to what I saw in the contract a few minutes ago."

"If that's true, you should not have been detected, the trace would have left," the second woman spoke, her voice gentle, unlike the harshness of the other.

"Hey, Lils, grab the contract," Morgana said grinning at the blonde. Lilly was only gone for a moment before returning with the parchment and handing it over to the woman.

The woman frowned as she read it, and even waved her wand over it. "But... this is legit," she said as she handed it back to the girl. "May I see your wand?" she asked and Morgana shrugged and handed it over. She then waved her wand over it before handing it back. "That's odd.. that wand had never even had the trace to begin with.

"May I?" she asked gesturing to scan Morgana, she just shrugged and after a moment the woman's frown deepened. "Your body and nothing you wear would be able to hold a tracer, let alone someone putting the trace directly on you, which is illegal. Your wand wouldn't even be able to take the trace."

"Foul play!" the other woman hissed as she whipped out her wand and scanned both Miley and Lilly before shaking her head. "Nothing important magical wise on them, just some pixy dust," she said as she started waving her wand all over the hotel room.

"Umm... sorry about her," the other said as her partner continued her frantic search for the source. "She's a very... well, she likes to do her job to perfection."

"The trace is on everything along with some tracking charms on all of the suitcases, bags, clothes, everything," the other said angrily.

Morgana's eyes widened in shock at this and all three girls felt violated, rightful so, but Morgana surprisingly didn't blow anything up. If she did she might ruin the evidence.

"I want who ever did this caught!" she settled for hissing out. "I would start with anyone who has connections with Albus Dumbledore, and especially that filthy old bastard himself!"

The two women nodded as the nicer of the two spoke. "We'll have to get you a new room as we need to bring in a team."

Morgana nodded. "Make sure nothing of mine ends up on whatever you magical people have instead of eBay, understand?" she demanded as her eyes lit up dangerously as she stalked over to the phone as both woman nodded frantically as they realised her earlier 'threat' was not as empty as they had thought.

She picked up the phone and dialled the magical extension when a woman answered. "Someone has been placing charms in my room! Myself, Miss. Truscott, and Miss. Stewart shall be checking out immediately and you shall be hearing from my lawyer!"

The man on the other end seemed to be spluttering to speak. "P-please ma'am, let us call in..."

"They're already here!" she spat back. "If any of your staff did this I will sue this casino into pixy dust!" She then slammed the phone down onto the receiver and stalked into the bedroom, but stopped in the door way.

"Winks," she called and in a wisp of fog a tiny girl appeared her eyes dark, black even, her skin tan, and long pointed ears up the side of her head with long snow white hair to her shoulders. Her teeth were a little fangy and on the ends of her long slim fingers were perfectly sharp finger nails, just like with her bare feet. She has a body that's like a perfectly miniaturised human woman of perhaps between the age of seventeen and nineteen.

Winks looked up with her piecing and devoted black eyes, brushing her little blue maid uniform free from any creases and giving a beautiful smile, and short bow of respect.

"Mistress Lightning called Winks?" she asked in a soft voice that held complete loyalty and devotion to this one human.

"Yes," she agreed smiling at her, pushing her anger back for now. "My wives and I are in need of a change of clothes as it seems someone has been riffling through our stuff."

"Of course my Lady," she agreed with a slight frown marring her pretty little face and a glint of anger. "I shall get you all some clothes right away," she agreed staring at Miley and Lilly in delighted wonderment before back to Morgana. "Do you wish for anything else before I get right on that?"

"Yes, I need you to bring me Miss. Cooper," she agreed nodding as the creature disappeared silently in a wisp of fog.

The creature was back moments later and handed the three girls three sets of robes before heading off. The girls used the bathroom quickly, though didn't really wash as they wanted out of the room, so quickly got dress in the robe outfits and exited the room as many more law guys were turning up and Miss. Cooper arrived by use of Winks.

"Morgana...?" the woman asked looking around at all of the aurors in surprise. "What's going on, what's happening?"

"I think my powers stop the trace from sticking to me or my wand," she began before quickly finishing. "And someone saw fit to enter our room," she said gesturing her friends. "While we were out and spam the trace on everything, and some tracking charms too. And I now need an emergency magical super injunction!"

"What could they have found out?" she asked urgently.

However, Miley's eyes widening in horror as she let out a gasp. "Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap... sweet sweet sweet nibblets!" she cried out looking panicked she grabbed the woman's arm with begging eyes. "God you can stop them from telling right, oh... I'll pay anything to stop them!"

"Stop them from what?" the woman asked, baffled as she looked the panicked girl over, also seeing a similar look on the blonde girl.

"You heard of Hannah Montana?" Morgana asked quietly.

"Well yeah," she agreed confused. "Abby's a huge fan."

"She's Hannah Montana and would like the world not to find out," Morgana answered with a sigh as Miss. Cooper's eyes widened in surprise. "If this was Dumbledore's doing he might use this knowledge. If he or who did this knew what they have found to try and gain leverage over me. To control me...! And I'm sorry Miles' but I would not do anything just for a secret. Too much is depending on me destroying the old Merlin wannabe someday."

"W-who is he?" Lilly asked looking scared.

"He's the Headmaster of a magical school in the UK," Miss. Cooper answered for her. "Unfortunately he's off his rocker and has too many supposed 'light' wizards and witches worshipping him through years of slow grooming, convincing the magical people that he's a great and noble leader who will only serve the 'greater good'."

"I was fifteen months old when I destroyed Dumbledore's dark enemy," Morgana continued. "I don't know how, and maybe it was just a fluke. Dumbledore dumped me on the doorstep of my magic hating aunt and uncle where I was... less than treated well. I believe he wanted to come swooping in and rescue me, to have my full support without me having any knowledge of magic and my rights.

"I believe he might have hoped that I was raped or sexually abused even," she hissed out before taking a deep breath and continuing. "Then I got my powers and my 'relatives' got scared of me snapping and killing them and dumped me in London! I wasn't found until I was thirteen, but by then it was too late. I was too powerful to do anything. And now I have political and monetary pull over the world too. Well, after I got back all of the money the bastard stole from me."

Morgana was looking to her feet as she told them her story, and was surprised as she felt them each take a hand of hers giving her reassuring yet sad smiles.

"OK, Morgana, I'll get the injunction put in place," Miss. Cooper quickly interrupted as things needed to be sorted quickly. "I take it that you want the hotel to pay compensation to the three of you for violating your privacy and not securing your safety."

"You bet," she agreed smirking.

"I'm on it," she said nodding. "Do you need me for anything else?" she asked and got a shake of the head as she headed off and the three girls fully exited the bathroom, Morgana swiped out her wand and blasted Miley's vanity case into oblivion before a man could get too it.

"Any more things like that?" Morgana asked as the aurors were putting their wands away as Morgana did and ignored what happened and Miley shook her head.

"W-we should just leave quickly," Miley said as she looked around at all of the stuff being checked over, catalogued and bagged up. "I... I told Daddy that we would be in LA by this evenings show, where's Roxy?"

"Roxy?" Morgana asked.

"My bodyguard," she said with a sigh. "She can sometimes be a little flaky when I'm the real me, otherwise she's pretty awesome!" she said as they were about to leave the room when a smartly dressed older gentleman stood in their way looking panicked as his eyes scanned over the 'cops' stripping the room of evidence before they locked on the three girls.

"Mrs. … Potter's!" he said rather rushed and out of breath. "Please forgive me... my hotel. I shall have this matter sorted out soon, and whoever illegally placed charms in your room shall be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. I have just now left aurors to view video footage to hopefully get to the bottom of this."

"So you should," Morgana agreed heatedly. "Play your cards right when my lawyer gets in touch and we can perhaps sweep this quietly under the carpet. Or at the very lease down play it, understand!"

"Y-yes ma'am," he readily agreed nodding his head franticly.

"Good," she nodded her head. "We're leaving now as we have other places to be. Please inform my godfather and uncle that I've left in an hour or so, and that I'll call."

"O-of course ma'am," he readily agreed nodding his head frantically.

Morgana just nodded as she led her friends... wives passed the nervous man and straight into the lift and pressing for the lobby as Miley, she and Lilly having been allowed their cell phones and purses as they had no charms since they had them all and speed dialled a number quick.

However, the lift stopped at a floor as they heard a phone ringing and the door opened to find a large, fat woman answering the phone before seeing them and moving into some weird kung fu pose.

"Roxy quick like a puma!" she declared as Miley sighed and hung up her phone as the woman was scanning the elevator for potential threats.

"This is Roxy!" Miley said gesturing to the black woman with a sigh. "Roxy this is our... friend Morgana, she knows my secret, she's coming to LA with us, and we're leaving now!"

"Umm... right!" she replied looking somewhat baffled as she hopped into the lift and let the doors close for its descent. "But where are all your stuff. Have you been getting the valets to carry your stuff again. You know Mr. Stewart doesn't approve of that."

"No," Miley said sounding uncomfortable which got Roxy's worry radar bleeping.

"Long story short," Morgana surprisingly interrupted. "I have an evil old man trying to get to me. He bugged our newly acquired comped room and now the cops have all of our stuff. And quite honestly, I don't want anything back after they touched it."

"Whys this evil old man after you?" she asked, startled and a little excited to maybe be able to kick bad guy butt. "And why are the three of you wearing those stylish looking robes. Are they silk."

"Yeah," Morgana said shrugging. "Umm... the guys a bad wizard and I'm the good powerful witch, but he's a daemon in lion clothing. Or at least seriously mentally unbalanced."

"Magic...?" she asked sceptically until she saw the literal sparks in Morgana's eyes. "Right. So this guy has everyone believing, or near everyone believing that he's awesome, and great, and no matter what crap he does to other people, including other 'good guys' its all for some greater good when in fact its just making the other 'good guys' want his blood, and the blood of his puppets?"

"You're good at this," Morgana praised smirking.

Roxy puffed up with pride. "I watch a lot of movies!" she said causing the three girls to laugh as the elevator came to a stop at the lobby.

The three girls them followed Roxy across the floor our front and to the side street where a shiny black limo was parked up with the waiting driver after Roxy had called it round when they all stopped as a large group of men and women had moved out of hiding places, all of them wearing robes of some kind and in the middle it was HIM.

"Dumbledore!" Morgana hissed angrily before composing herself as all of their wands were trained on them, and Roxy moved more protectively over Miley and Lilly than anything else and Morgana wouldn't have wanted Roxy to try defending her as she'll just get in the way.

"I don't believe, Professor that we've actually had the 'pleasure' of a face to face... 'chat," she continued, her electric blue eyes like icebergs.

"No Miss. Potter, I don't believe we have," he said with a brilliant twinkle to his blue eyes, and a grandfatherly smile while his supporters, which included all of the Weasley's, minus Ginny of course as she's being kept safe, and minus the twins as they stayed at Hogwarts and wouldn't be here anyway. "You can say goodbye to your friends now Miss. Potter. You are coming back with us where you belong, where you'll be safe!"

She just laughed rolling her eyes. "Indeed... or I could just fry you all...?" she suggested lightning rushing around her forearms as she clenched her fists. The wizards and witches, minus Dumbledore all flinched back in fear. "After all... you all own me a debt of life!"

"Ah yes," Dumbledore agreed smilingly. "But we're paying that by protecting you from yourself! We are looking out for you. We don't want you to continue your relations to the likes of those deviant Slytherins as they are certainly bad influences. We're just trying to stop you from going dark."

"Dark!" she suddenly hissed in her anger, the sparks of blue electricity around her forearms flashed crimson for a moment and her glowing electric blue eyes flashed with crimson lightning causing the mage to all gasp, but for Dumbledore as he remained calm.

"Then..." she continued quietly as she just stared at them. "If you're what counts as the light... BRING ON THE DARKNESS AND I SHALL BRING YOUR WOULD TO ITS END!"

She roared to the heavens as streams of electricity rolled around her for only a moment and the bright sky forked with a flash of blue, streaking across the sky and exploding with thunder.

The witches and wizards had taken a step back in cautious fear, and Roxy found the terrifying sight awing as she could feel the supercharged air, and knew being this close should have gotten a few shocks but no, Morgana was obviously protecting them some how.

"Do you think I give a shit about light being good, and dark being evil Dumbledore!" she continued on, demanding, but she awaited no answer as she saw that the old man was starting to look worried. "There is truly no light or dark, only shades of grey!"

"If that's what you believe Morgana, then we shall have to subdue you," the old man proclaimed. "I will not allow you to mess with the balance any longer...!"

"Balance...!" she asked, interrupting suddenly looking thoughtful, her eyes then widened in realisation. "This isn't about a balance. It isn't even about Voldemort," she paused here rolling her eyes as the wizards flinched. "You have so much say and sway over the ministry that you don't consider it a power worth taking or crushing. You want me and Voldemort both gone," she muttered, amused. "In the end, that's your goal, but right now. You need to 'control' me, to keep me from building an army. To keep me from having people listening to me.

"To keep me from destroying you. Stopping you and your minions from controlling everything. I understand. You could help bring change to the world. Surely the 'great' Albus Dumbledore has more sway over legislation than the likes of Lucius Malfoy. You don't want anyone around who will change the magical world, who might change the status quo. You don't want someone... a witch, or wizard even with power, political or otherwise that is dark or light who will look to a elf or werewolf with the same respect as a human, or any other intelligent creature. And I thought I could be a bitch."

"Now now Miss. Potter, there is no need for bad language!" he spoke, reprimanding. "Though, I'll admit that I could allow more lenient laws through, such as werewolf legislation, and perhaps even for vampires under certain conditions, but..." he gestured behind him where his sheep were calling for the blood of these so-called dark creatures.

"I see," she responded, shrugging. "Winks," she called and the little elf appeared next to her, her beautiful black eyes cold with fury as she glares at the enemy wizards.

"Mistress wants Winks to help fight selfish evil wizards!" the little elf asked, its eyes almost alight with delight at the idea.

"Indeed sweetie," Morgana agreed. "But, we may not get to fight!"

"YOU!" yelled a very angry voice and Dumbledore and his people turned to see a large group of aurors with more popping sounds as others appeared with wands out. "You are all under arrest for illegal entry into the United States of America, and under suspicion of breaking and entering, illegal use of charms, and theft!"

Dumbledore looked at Morgana, his grandfatherly façade gone for anger as she smirked smugly. "Oops, silly us," she said as a huge mocking grin stretched across her face. "What was I thinking, and I knew my darling little Winks would have been watching the aurors in our room to report back, and there was me calling her with all of those traces to alert the aurors to come here. Silly, silly me."

"Yes, very silly," he spat out sarcastically. "It seems you've out manoeuvred me this time Miss. Potter, but I will keep the magical world safe from you!"

"And I'll keep the rest of the world safe from you!" she spat out hatefully. "Even if it means standing in the night...! Without the night... we would never have the day! And there is nothing bad about the night! Enjoy the rest of your stay in the US Dumbledore, and... just a word to the not so wise Professor. My friends and family are mine. Hurt them, or be responsible for any pain to befall them, emotionally or physically, or their families, muggle or mage. Then I will tear you and your minions to pieces, their won't be a stone to hide under that I won't find you!"

Morgana opened the limo door and gestured for the other three to get in. However, Roxy entered the drivers side instead pushing the old driver into the passenger seat as he had fainted, as Dumbledore gestured for his minions to stand down as they still have trained law mage with wands trained on then.

"Where's my sister you evil bitch!" Ron Weasley suddenly demands before Morgana got into the limo. "I know you've been forcing her to do filthy things...!"


He was blasted off his feet by a spell from Winks as she glared heatedly, but they couldn't retaliate as they might go to jail for it as they're the ones technically breaking international law.

"You shall not speak ill of Lady Ginevra!" she said commandingly. "Nor my Lady Lightning, or next time I will destroy you you filthy creature!"

Morgana nodded to the elf in gratitude. "Follow us, and make sure no charms that are not mine follow us, are on us, or the limo or yourself... or any kind of magic that you think I myself, Lilly or Miley would not appreciate, okay sweetie."

"Yes ma'am. I shall protect you, Lady Lilly, and Lady Miley," she agreed with a nod as she disappeared and Morgana entered the limo, it screeching off as soon as the door closed.

"So... she's your maid?" Miley asked after a few moments unsure of what else to say.

"Yeah, kind of... its more... screwed up than that, but essentially yes," she agreed as she lay back in her seat and rested her eyes. "Umm.. I'm sorry if I scared you with the whole... you know, back there. I kind of just lost it and was so close to just, ugh!"

"Its OK," Lilly said smiling softly while Miley nodded her agreement. "After all, listening to that old guy...! If I had super powers I might have killed him myself!"

"Your not alone there Lilly," Miley agreed. "That guy is such an arrogant loser! And hearing you talk like that. I'll agree. It sounds like he's a stupid corn farmer that still pulls his harvester with a horse."

"Say what...?" Morgana asked looking at Miley weirdly.

Lilly however laughed a little. "You'll eventually get used to her... weird little farm country analogies."

Miley playfully glared at her blonde before turning back to Morgana. "After I've done this show I'm done for awhile," she said looking relieved. "Then... we'll have to tell my dad about this whole weird mess we've gotten into!"

"Its not too much of a mess I hope," Morgana said suggestively licking her lips. "After all, I recall having a lot of fun last night." She laughed as Miley and Lilly blushed bright scarlet as those memories slid around in their minds too. "You sexy babes are too easy to blush," she said teasingly but they at least smiled.

It took a fair few hours driving to get to LA by which time the original drive had woken up and freaked out so Morgana had to stun him and after asking Miley and Lilly wiped his memory clear of recent events.

Morgana Was her black haired, green eyed self as they had all stopped at the mall to bye some outfits that aren't all wizardry. Though, Lilly kept saying how cool the robes are when they flap around in the wind. And although they got a few weird looks it is LA so people dressed weirdly isn't exactly uncommon.

After they each got dressed just tearing labels off they threw down the labels at the checkout, threw down more than enough cash said keep the change hurrying out to the limo as they were running later than should be and Miley and Lilly pulled out spare wigs they hid in the limo for emergency's.

Lilly's with was bright purple, and made her into that cutie Lola. The three helped each other with their make-up, and by the time they reached the concert hall Miley/Hannah only had ten minutes, but with a little 'magic', or Morgana forcing everyone in their way to move as she assisted Roxy in getting Hannah through a potential mob of fans and into the building.

Even as a normal Morgana Potter her glare can get the mindless mob to hurry up and move out of the way. They met up with Miley's 'cowboy' 'hill-billy' father outside her dressing room and she was practically thrown into the room with Lilly while Morgana broke some persistent photographers camera and sent him on his way as security finally caught him.

"Wow, so your Robby Ray huh?" Morgana asked looking up at the man.

He grinned at her in pride. "Sure am," he spoke, his Southern accent even stronger than Miley's but not the least appealing. "So you're a fan, huh?"

"Fan?" she asked in surprise. "are famous or something?" she asked causing him to pout and look sad. "I was just asking... though I guess the point seems mute as I know you are... Miley's dad."

"Well, that's me," he said suddenly looking even prouder. "And you are?" he asked curiously.

"Morgana Potter," she said smiling and shaking his hand. "I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of each other over the rest of the holiday's."

"Oh really, well that's nice," he said with a confused half smile. "So where'd you mean Mile... Hannah, and how'd ya find our her secret?"

"Las Vegas," she replied smilingly. "We got hammered and magically married. Well, Lilly too, but don't worry too much, we'll explain everything later!"

However, he just stood still, rooted to the spot even as Hannah rushed out of her room with Lola straight behind her, the pair pausing as they saw Robby Ray just standing still with his mouth half open in shock.

"Y-you didn't just tell my daddy did you?" Hannah asked waving her hand in front of his face but getting no response. "Ahh, sweet nibblets you did," she tiredly reprimanded.

It was a few hours later in which the group, minus Roxy, and including Robby, Heather Truscott Lilly's mother, and Jackson Stewart Miley's brother. They later of the three looking as if they had just been told up is really down, and down is really up as Morgan as her real, copper haired self was rolling lightning around her fingers after having demonstrated turning the coffee table into... well another coffee table of higher quality because she does not yet know how to do anything grander with transfiguration.

"And that's how we became married, well magically, to my best friend and our new friend Morgana," Miley said sheepishly having been voted speaker and having omitted certain parts her dad, brother and Mrs. Truscott doesn't need to know, and probably don't want to.

"Whoa, so magic huh?" Jackson suddenly shook away his shock as a weird grin stretched his lips. "So, you can hook me up with some loooove potions?" he asked hopefully.

Morgana just rolled her eyes shaking her head. "First that's illegal, and second its unethical. If you're too pathetic to get a date for yourself, that's your problem."

"Very blunt isn't she," Robby said all of a sudden to his daughter as his son was pouting. "So... what about this... Dumbledore person. Will he come here?"" he asked worriedly.

"Na... shouldn't," Morgana replied. "He's in enough trouble right now with breaking intentional magical travel laws. Probably even created an illegal international portkey, as well as all of the illegal use of charms in an allied country! Though, he may only get off with a hefty fine. He'll wait until I return to the UK to make his next move. Well I hope," she chuckled at the last nervously.

"OK, well you girls get some rest," he said while Heather nodded. "And not in the same bed. We'll discuss this in the morning!"

"Lilly, I'll see you tomorrow too, OK," Heather said giving her daughter a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving.

"Your mum is freakishly hot!" Morgana said out of the blue causing Jackson to burst out laughing while Lilly's cheeks flamed up.

"Maybe you should stay in the guest room," Robby said slowly as he nodded. "Yea... and Lilly can stay in the other guest room."

"You know we're all legally emancipated right?" Morgana asked hoping he would see reason, but the unwavering expression on his face said otherwise.

He just raised an eyebrow. "Maybe this magic stuff has pulled off some screwy things because of ancient traditions that haven't changed over the years to take into count the changing world but this is still MY house!" He said it all without a trace of anger or hate for her, which was annoying because it made her feel bad about all of her stored up rebuttals.

The next morning an unsatisfied Morgana had dressed in some clothes she had stolen from Miley last night, after showering and 'stuff' to enter the kitchen to find both Lilly and Miley also ready for the day sitting at the breakfast bar with Robby Ray, Jackson, and surprisingly Miss. Cooper.

"I'm afraid not Mr. Stewart," she answered a question Morgana missed. "The contract is iron clad. Just because they had been 'trying' some alcohol at the time means nothing as long as they were one hundred percent willing, or at least ninety percent. It has to leave room for nerves. I wouldn't be too angry if I were you... as witches go, Miss. Potter is one who does not care of ones blood or even species, and she's quite wealthy."

"So can two girls have kids together in your world?" Jackson buttered in curiously just as Morgana sat next to her furiously blushing wives, obviously been having a very uncomfortable talk with Mr. Stewart and Miss Cooper.

"Yes, two girls can use magic to co-create children together," she answered nodding her head. "Either can be the birth giver, or they both could. In fact there are recorded instances with tests of these kinds of magic where two females impregnated each other at the same time, each giving birth to one child, the others identical twin."

"We're fourteen, we don't want to talk babies," Morgana interrupted glaring at Jackson for bringing it up, but he just shrugged sheepishly.

"Then what do I do...? How do I handle this?" Robby asked the woman desperate for answers. He knew his daughter was at the age where she might want to try alcohol, and do stupid things, but this. He can honestly say that this scenario had never entered his mind.

She just shrugged. "Just leave them be... if they're happy then shouldn't you be happy too?" she asked and he sighed giving into her point. "Also, its probably best is you let them... have their privacy to... well you know, because lets face it, if they want to they will even if you try to keep them from being alone for long."

"Oh, sweet nibblets!" Miley cried out in horror as it became apparently obvious about what their talking about and even Jackson crinkled his nose in distaste rather than laughing.

They all seemed to start and sigh in relief as the doorbell went and Miley was quick in answering it. They all looked over to see a blonde boy at the door with this stupid grin on his face. He actually tried to steal a kiss off the unexpected girl. However, Miley was quick in leaning back away from his attempt and too a few steps back.

"Jake," the secret pop star said in surprise as she looked back at the breakfast bar worried as Morgana's eyes had narrowed dangerously. "W-what are you doing here. We broke up two months ago!"

"Well... that didn't work out, so I figured I would come back and we could get back together," he said with a smart smile. Its just a shame he doesn't realise the danger he's it. Though, Lilly did and she had a huge grin as Morgana got up. Though, she felt like getting up too she stayed put just to watch the show.

Morgana reached Miley and slid her arm around the brown haired girls waist and pulled the girl to her. Miley didn't resist and felt content to lean on the newest member of her family.

"Do you want something 'little' boy?" Morgana asked him, an amused smile gracing her lips a his cheeks stained pink. "This is my girl you're bothering. If you have a problem. I can always see how heroic the real Jake Ryan is when confronted with some real 'zombies'."

"Miley, who is she," Jake suddenly demanded as if he's just been cheated on or something.

"This is Morgana," she was quick to say. "I'm sorry Jake... wait no I'm not, your a womanising jerk."

"Well, I should thank you Jake-e-pooh," Morgana interrupted mockingly. "If it weren't for your poor acting, lame TV show, and anti-stella personality Miley here might still like silly little boys," she said scoffing in amusement with fake gratitude.

"I... I made you gay!" he shouted out in horror wondering what he could have possibly done wrong.

Miley, although blushing brightly didn't deny it and in fact nodded her head in agreement. I'm sorry, but everything she said is true. I love girls now!" she admitted blushing even brighter unable to believe she said that, and shocked and a little scared at how right that sounded as she looked back at Lilly for a moment.

"No... I'm not having this!" he declared, panicking. "I-I'll... if you don't go back out with me and dump her I'll tell everyone your secret!" he declared smugly.

Mr. Stewart had risen at that with protective anger in his eyes but paused as Miss. Cooper took his hand smirking at him she winked gesturing back to the scene he watched as Morgana left Miley's side and got into Jake's personal space with eyes near glowing with rage.

"Never, never, threaten one of my girls like that," she hissed such venom that he stumbled back from her whimpering in panic as the air itself seemed to sizzle. "This is my family you're trying to mess with. Anyway, you don't have the finances to deal with the law suit we would ram down your filthy little throat. Not to mention I'll break both of your legs, your arms, and if you're lucky I won't use some rusty shears to cut off your tiny prick! Understand!"

He nodded his head frantically as he maybe arrogant and sometimes stupid, but he knew when someone was out of his league and pissed himself on the door step in fear before scurrying backwards and running as fast as his legs could carry him.

"Eww!" Miley said in wide-eyed awe as she saw the puddle left on her doorstep.

"Morgana," her dad suddenly called sternly as he approached with an unreadable expression before surprising her and giving her a hug. She had to fight herself not to electrocute him. "Welcome to the family," he said wiping tears from his eyes as he pulled back from her. "Standing up for my daughter like this... especially to that punk... I'll even get that pee puddle cleared up," he said with honest gratitude to having someone to care for and look out for his daughter, along with Lilly of course. "Jackson...!" he then added gesturing to the puddle.

"Ah man!" he wined. "I freaking knew you were going to get me to clean it up."

"I'll get it," Morgana interrupted as she waved her wand and it all disappeared as she put her wand back. "I don't really use magic too much to do things like that, but I figured it was more hygienic as magic can get rid of all traces."

"Well thank you there bud," Robby said with a wide grin. "You know what. I'll make us all up for delicious barbecue," he added as he hurried back to the kitchen. "Would you like to stay for dinner Miss. Cooper?" he asked her with a wide smile.

"W-well, OK," she said in surprise of the offer, smiling at the man. "But please. I told you. Call me Charlotte."

"Did someone mention barbecue?" asked a black haired boy as he poked his head in the front door a moment later. "And did I just see Jake Ryan running away from her crying?"

"Yes you did on both accounts," Miley said rolling her eyes. "Morgana, Oliver, Oliver, Morgana," she introduced.

"Well hello there good looking!" Oliver greeted with a grin. "Oliver Oken at your service."

"You want a repeat of why Jake Ryan was running away crying to happen to you?" Lilly asked as she came up to her wives and held them around the waists smirking as he shook his head frantically. "Then I suggest you don't piss her off or she'll send you packing!"

"Right..." he said now eyeing his friends new friend with caution. "Well... I can stay for barbecue though, right?"

Miley sighed rolling her eyes. "Sure you can stay," she agreed as he fully entered the house and closed the door behind him as Mr. Stewart was leading everyone out back to the barbecue with a huge plat of meat.

"Whoa..." Oliver said after a few moments staring at Robby and Charlotte. "Mr. S is flirting pretty hard with her... where'd he find her?" he asked Jackson as he was feeling a little afraid of girl wrath."

Jackson just laughed. "She's Morgana's lawyer," he said shrugging. "She's just helping us get a few... well injunctions to stop Miley's secret getting out, and I guess dad likes her, but who could blame him?"

"Not me," Oliver agreed nodding his head. "But what's the deal with Miley's secret?"

"Just some... unsavoury douches," he answered. "Lets just say if I told you the truth you would look at me as if I need to see a shrink."

"Well, I guess I don't want to know," he answered laughing nervously. "Girls these days huh?"

"Yea... girls these days!" Jackson agreed nervously.

It was getting late when Robby Ray finally threw Oliver out and Charlotte left back to England and Morgana had smirked when she 'secretly' led her girls upstairs into Miley's room looking eager, and pleased Mr. Stewart just seemed to ignore them.

Morgana closed and locked the door as she turned to her lovely American babes licking her lips at how nervous they looked, and she could practically hear their hearts pounding painfully in their chests from fear, but could also see their eyes dilate and darken with arousal just thinking of what they're going to do.

Taking off her wand holster Morgana pulled out her wand and waved it a few times around the room before putting it and holster on Miley's vanity cabinet smirking.

"No one can hear your screams," Morgana spoke in a husky and seductive tone as both girls eyes widened in awe, carefully moisturising their lips with their cute little pink tongues, hungry tongues perhaps.

Lilly and Miley were standing together as Morgana walked to them in just two steps, her body close to theirs. They felt hot, suffocated, and trapped, but they could not break away from Morgana's piecing lustful gaze.

Morgana carefully slid her arms around both girls small waists and pulled them sharp into her hold. Her hands sliding down from the smalls of their backs to grabbing at their tight little butts. Their small chests pulled up her against her larger bust.

Miley and Lilly let their hands wander around Morgana as they felt their hearts pound, pound, pound, wanting, wanting what is being offered up, wanting Morgana, and wanting each other, their desire for each other having long been suppressed broke free as they also left their hands touch each other as they did the night of Vegas.

The three girls groaned as they tried to pull each other in tighter, feeling the oceans churning between their young thighs, crying out for release. Needing each other, needing that inanity that seems so much more sane with each other.

Morgana's hungry lips first crashed with Miley's, and the secret star was eager and hungry when she accepted the witches tongue without hesitation, meeting her tongue with her own, the tree trying to hump each other before they pulled apart and Morgan's lips found Lilly's eager to please.

However, this time Lilly got to Morgana first and slipped in the tongue to the willing witches eager and hungry mouth, all the while the three girls were groping all over each other, unable to help themselves, too far into their passion.

The Lightning Witch let out a few moans into Lilly's mouth as the pop star's lips started nibbling at her neck, behind the ear to her earlobes and even licking in her ear sending pleasant shivers through her body as she finally pulled back from the blonde.

Morgana let a small grin slide to her lips as she just watched them as Lilly and Miley didn't need prompting to capture each others swollen lips in a deep and meaningful kiss, tongues sliding all over inside each others mouths.

Lilly and Miley were kissing for a minute or so while Morgana's hands had wandered up the back of their skirts to their beautiful panty clad butts, squeezing them and causing bother girls to moan loudly into each others hungry, saliva feeding mouths before pulling back with gasps as Morgana singled out Lilly sliding from Miley and picking the blonde muggle up holding her tight butt and dropping her to sit on the edge of the bed.

Morgana knelt on the floor between Lilly's legs licking her lips with lustful eyes as her hands stroked up Lilly's soft lightly tan legs enjoying the sounds she was making as her hands travelled further up her legs and disappearing up the blondes skirt before returning moments later with her wet white panties, leaving them around her ankles.

Lilly's blue eyes were dazed as she could barely hold herself sitting up on Miley's bed as she gazed down on Morgana as Miley slid to her knees up behind the witch, her small arms wrapping around the copper haired girl's waist and hitching up her skirt to show off her soaking blue panties, and without hesitation as Miley started suckling Morgana's left ear she squeezed and rubbed the witches socked panties across her slit.

Morgana moaned out loudly her head tilting back before looking back to Lilly's legs, and the panties around her ankles before holding in another moan and hitching up Lilly's skirt to show off her swollen and soaking pussy with light dusting of blonde hairs on her pubic mound.

"Delicious," the witch just muttered before Lilly couldn't help but cry out loudly, almost a scream as Morgana's lips clamped hold of her and she came with just that touch, but Morgana didn't stop suckling as she drunk the delightful, musky sweet juice that poured from her coming wife.

Lilly's fingers were burred in Morgana's hair holding the magical girl firmly in place while her lips and tongue worked her harder, pushing her through the incredible cum and straight into the build up of another as she continued to make loud noises, she just couldn't stop as she added in her desperate hip movements.

Meanwhile Miley moved Morgana as the witch hungrily drank from their wives pussy, still unable to believe all of this fairytale wonder is real. So its perverted fairytale wonder... lesbian fairytale wonder, but she's not going to complain as she moved Morgana so her beautiful panty clad butt is in the air and slid the panties down to her knees revealing it to her in all its splendour as the witch even opened her legs for her.

She could see Morgana's smooth pussy from behind as well as her tight puckered little butthole. She couldn't stop as she let her lips kiss the witches ass, her teeth gently scraping it delightfully. Her hands caressing each check, teasing her, she wiggled a bit just as Morgana had teased Miley like this in Vegas. Though, Miley was free to beg as she didn't have her face burred in between Lilly's thighs... unfortunately. The squirming intensified, and Miley could see creamy juices dribbling nicely down Morgana's thighs.

Miley couldn't help herself, though keeping hold of Morgana's fine, tight cheeks she moved down and licked the copper haired girls inner thighs, taking in her delectable slime with eager vigour, but this just made Morgana squirm more.

However, Miley just returned to the girls butt, and in a moment that surprised her as well as Morgana she let the tip of her tongue trail over the witches butthole causing the witch to shiver in delight and Miley to start. She realised it didn't taste bad like she thought it might, a little bitter, but otherwise quite alright.

Therefore, she went in with her tongue again for another taste, this time pressing harder, letting the tip slip it a little, but didn't pull it out, instead pushing it in further. She moved her tongue around inside Morgana's sphincter, her mouth between those two tight cheeks she stops squeezing, her right hand feeling round sliding over Morgana's smooth pussy and sliding two fingers in. The witch was bucking powerfully on Miley, desperate and needy.

Miley slid her other hand into her own panties, feeling her own soft hairs down to the soft gooey slit, burning as hot as Morgana's she slid in her middle finger as she continued to finger bang Morgana and rim the girl too.

The three girls were in a city of pleasure... a city where only they exist in this moment of bliss. Their bodies throbbed and ached, but in all the ways they wanted as they all quivered together, but lustfully continued the pleasure feast for as long as they could before they all collapsed and tiredly pulled back from each other.

"Whoa..." Morgana was the first to speak as she turned to Miley grinning. "You're freaking awesome doing that to me!" she declared while Miley blushed unable to think what to say. "I think Lilly and I should make our Hannah Montana squeal!" she said smirking at the brown haired girl. "What do you think Lilly?" she asked with a cute little growl.

"I think its the greatest idea ever!" she chimed out as she sat up breathing heavily, her soaking pussy on full display as she kicked off her panties and threw her skirt to the side and taking her top and bra off, showing her beautiful small body to the other two, her small breasts and small pink nipples that are like little pencil erasers.

Morgana stood up as her skirt was thrown to the floor and her panties kicked off before her top and bra, showing off her nicely toned body. Morgana pulled up Miley before kissing her fiercely letting her taste Lilly's juices in her mouth, and Miley wasn't being shy about wanting to taste those juices.

The Lightning witch smirked as she pulled back, and Lilly just stayed on the bed watching and slowly rubbing herself and couldn't help groan out as Morgana just tore away Miley's top and bra in one perfect moment throwing the ruined material to the floor and without hesitation or invitation took in one of Miley's bullet stiff nipples on her tiny beasts, suckling, Miley cried out in pleasure, her arms hugging around Morgana's neck.

Miley hadn't noticed until her skirt was undone and pulled away to be discarded but Lilly had moved from the bed, kneeling down by Miley's legs, but the pop star could do nothing but feel even more excited as Lilly pulled off her white panties and discard them too.

The secret pop star hadn't a moment to think as she cried out as Lilly's tongue lapped up powerfully from the bottom of her slit to the top with enough pressure to get in landing on her clit and licking around the small hard bud with her eager tongue.

Miley shuddered as Morgana moved from one small breast to the other, doing things with her tongue that combined with Lilly's work as the blonde has settled for suckling her clit eagerly, and with the moans of enjoyment Miley couldn't help but cry out, praising Lilly over and over.

"OH GOD Lilly!" Miley was crying. "Suck harder!" she begged and wasn't disappointed. "Ahhhuggghhh!" she cried out in pleasure, her breathing laboured with effort.

Morgana kissed up her bosom, over her collar bone and to her throat as Miley's head was bent back to the ceiling as she was gasping for breathe. The witches hands all over her neck, breast, face, lips. Her fingers sliding in the pop stars mouth being sucked on hungrily before trailing round to her ass, squeezing tightly causing her to gasp out in pleasure.

Morgana grinned as she nibbled Miley's left ear and started kissing her way slowly down the pop princesses hot young flesh, down her breast and tummy to join Lilly, the blonde girl pulling back with slime covered lips and a grin as she offered up some pussy to her. Morgana not being the girl to turn down the offer of a beautiful girls pussy eagerly took several long slurps tingles of electricity running through the tip of her tongue make Miley scream.

"OH SWEET NIBBLETS!" she roared out as she came powerfully gushing into both girls mouths as they hungrily took turns in feeding from her delicious opening.

"Again...?" suggested Lilly hungrily not letting her eyes off the secret pop stars incredible pussy.

Morgana smirked. "You can take the front door, I'll take the back," she said causing Miley to stutter out, begging.

"P-please!" she whimpered out, needing both Lilly and Morgana to help her stand. "Please M-Morgana... love... please put your tongue up my... my my butt while Lilly licks my pussy more!" she begs, slurring her words in her rush and lust.

"All you had to do was ask," Morgana spoke looking up with electric blue eyes glowing with power as she tuned Miley so the pop stars perfect little butt was in her face.

Morgana didn't even pause to admire her view as she started nibbling on Miley's butt checks as she pulled them open and easily slid her tongue in wiggling it about Miley cried out in bliss, but that cry only doubled as Lilly's tongue struck her golden entrance, designated for girls tongues.

They moved in sync, causing Miley to try out louder and louder. She didn't know how much longer she could hold out, even after coming only moments before, with the stimulus up her butt and in her pussy as Lilly's tongue easily slides in between her juicy fold. Miley was holding Lilly's head between her legs, her fingers lovingly in her head as she tried to rub Lilly's face in her rather than buck her hips.

"Ahhhhhh! Fuck, yeah! Damn! God! I feel like I'm going to explode!" Miley cries out breathlessly as she exploded once more into Lilly's mouth, keeping her friends face attached Lilly's was drinking every last drop like a good girl while Miley continued to quiver and let out girl cum into Lilly's willing throat as Morgana pulled back breathing heavily.

Morgana slid her hands up Miley's flawless skin from her legs to her butt to her back, smirking as her hands finally rest on Miley's shoulders just as she lets Lilly fall back breathing with gushes of cream all over her lips and what was unmistakably some piss dribbling from her lips down her chin with a look of awe and she saw Miley look guilty about peeing a little so gave her a grin to she she was okay with it, which made Miley sigh in relief.

The three girls seemed to only wait a minute before Lilly stood up and didn't falter once as she kissed Morgana. The witch wasn't into 'water sports' other than girl cum, but didn't mind tasting the bit of Miley's pee on her lips as lilly led her from Miley and lying her on her bed where she climbed on top of Morgana's lap, her hands roaming and squeezing the witches tits, feeling her solid hard nipples on her pale, soft, perfect body.

Lilly was nibbling on Morgana's lower lip when Miley slid up on the bed with them, her hands all over the pair. "I think its time we show you how quick we can learn... with a favourable outcome for us... of course," Lilly whispered lushly.

"Of course," came Morgana's husky reply as both girls were now kissing and sucking at her neck and throat.

Both Lilly and Miley lowered their lips each reaching a nipple allowing her twin suckles, which caused her moans out before they kept on going down, their little tongues and mouths b rushing delightfully over her tummy, etch dipping their tongue in her belly button before continuing down.

"Oh, god yeah, don't you babes stop!" Morgana cried out as they each kept taking a lick of her smooth slit, taking in that delectable sweaty odder from the sex they've already had, and the cums that have ponded their bodies numb.

One tongue after the other she squirmed and moaned, louder and louder, as she stroked her fingers softly through their hair, they licked like eager kittens lapping up a bowl of milk. And they wanted their milk, as they eagerly drank with the odd suckle on the 'teat'.

"Oh, damn...! Harder! Lick me harder!" Morgana commanded and neither girl could deny her anything as their tongues sank deeper within her tight, wet, and sticky fold. "Oh, fuck yes!" she whimpered out her legs wider than ever, enjoying her lapping wives, the way their tongues eagerly lapped at her, and lapped and her, and the way she can feel them swallowing every gush and drop from her pussy.

She could feel the bubbling build up to her next cum creeping up fast as she started moving her hips in rhythm to Lilly and Miley's tongue in groove action. Morgana's breathing became more frantic and needy as the hungry star, and friend ate her like her pussy delivered the greatest tasting fruit juice the world of girls could ever know, and after this night they would realise they they can get full on each others sex.

She screamed out as she came, letting go and shooting out as much as she can all over their lovely and eager faces, cum and piss shoots out and both Lilly and Miley are only too happy to drink it all down, suckling on her swollen pussy, taking it in turns as Morgana took a while for her body to calm down with just a few spasms, she lay back letting the secret pop star and her jet-setting friend continue licking to their sweet little hearts content.

Soon Morgana was lying back and breathing heavily as she came down from her cum with Lilly and Miley snuggled up, their heads by her hips as she stroked them lovingly and they still kept their brilliant view of her red swollen pussy after they had been enjoying it.

"I-I don't think I can go any more," Lilly said after a few tired, panty moments.

"Me neither," said Miley in exhaustion.

"I don't know girls," Morgana replied just as tired but still horny. "I think we could go another couple of rounds."

Miley and Lilly looked at each other for only a moment before nodding briefly as their hands were quick to find each others pussies and their other hands sharing Morgana's.

A while latter and the three accidental wives were covered in sweat and stunk of sex and bad body odour, not that they cared, it just seemed to turn them on how slick they had became, and they had gotten used to the body odour smell, and the smell of sex just made them hungrier for each other.

Morgana was sitting up against the head of Miley's bed with her feet firmly planted and her knees far apart. Her pink lips parted as Miley's head was down on her, her mouth practically buried between her folds as her tongue slid in and out of her creamy pussy, and her nose was buried in thin dark hairs.

Miley was lapping up as much as she could as her best friend /wife Lilly was holding her ass from behind and was lapping at both Miley's slimy pussy and arsehole, enjoying the moans and quivering of both girls. Her tongue would slip into her best friend's anus easily after a coating of pussy juice and she slid round her right hand allowing her middle finger to slid inside her friends slippery pussy as she continued the bitterly tasting rim job she was giving the pop goddess.

Miley Stewart just squealed with pleasure as her tongue went madly across Morgana's solid clit bringing a squeal of pleasure from the copper haired teen.

"Oh fuck Miley! God yeah you fucking hot babe! Don't stop!Oh Shit! Don't stop!" cried out Morgana unable to stop her face screwing up in excitement as her fingers trapped within the back of Miley's head holding her firmly in place, exhausted true, but pushing through there walls. Her body arching as she withered and moaned, groaning with every slither of her slime sliding down Miley's artistic throat.

It took two or three more laps from the blonde pop stars eager and learning tongue before the copper haired girl cried out bucking her hips further into her mouth as she came, squirting her juices. Miley was once again happy to drink in the cum and a few drops of unavoidable pee from being too excited, her heart pounding powerfully in her young chest.

"Fuuuuckkk yeah! Damn! Its so fucking good! Damn!" she cried out breathing heavily before she lay back panting for breath. She lay back against the head of the bed in exhaustion as Miley came up for air crying out in her own pleasure and panting.

Lilly wasn't going to be out done by Miley so she worked her friend harder, rimming her butthole deeper, her middle finger working deep inside her best friend/wife's pussy soon followed by her index finger while her thumb manipulated her clit.

Miley screamed out wildly as Lola worked faster and harder to make her friend scream louder and louder loosing her very breath as she bucked her hips wanted to explode with orgasm while Morgana just watched with hungry enthralled eyes as Miley was practically screaming into her pussy.

"Oh god Lilly! Fuck I don't care! I love you! I've always loved you! Fuck, I need this! I need it bad! Fuck yeah!" she cried out bringing tears of happiness to Lilly's blue eyes as she lapped harder and faster. "

Oh god it feels so… ugh!" Miley continued crying out in pleasure taking the odd lap of Morgana's juicy pussy just to stop her lips and throat drying up, and still loving the taste.

"Baby, ohhh! Shit damn!" she went on wishing she could see Lilly eating her arsehole and pussy. "Lilly god it's so fucking good! Augh, you bitch more please Lilly! I need it please damn! I need to cuuuum!" she screamed out shrilly as she was finally relived of the pressure before collapsing face first into her Morgana's beautiful pussy unable to move or breath properly any more as Lily moved her tongue fully to Miley's pussy to lap up all the cum now dribbling out.

It was a few minutes later that all three girls were laying naked, tired, and sweaty under Miley's bed covers in her queen sized bed. Morgana is in the middle with both other girls, one in either arm, both snuggled up practically on top of her, holding each other too.

"D-did you mean what you said Miles'?" Lilly asked quietly and still out of breath after a moment, all three girls still out of breath with their eyes gently closed readying their spent, pleasured and relaxing bodies for sleep. "You know... when you said you've always loved me... did you mean as in... this kind of way...?"

Miley gave out a little sigh, nodding her head against Morgana's breast, but realising Lilly couldn't see that spoke. "Yea..." she answered quietly. "But... but until we met Morgana... I would have never realised."

"I love you too," Lilly spoke honestly. "And... although my feelings might be weaker because I haven't known you for very long. I still love you too Morgana."

"Me too," agreed Miley with an infectious smile in her voice. "I think that Lilly and I got lucky meeting you... thank you."

"And I love the pair of you too," Morgana replied in an understanding voice. "You'll love my girlfriend too," she added in amusement.

"You have a girlfriend?" they both asked out in surprise.

"Yep," she agreed laughingly. "Her names Ginny... but that's not all... well... I kind of have of Covenant of Witches. If you want. I'm sure we can arrange for you to... meet and... hang out with... a few feisty babes during the summer holidays."

"Oh god...! You just offered us some sex friends didn't you!" ask demanded Lilly, though sounded as if she's stopping a laugh.

"Sure am," she agreed. "After all I have some... well I have to piss off Dumbledore some more by being the free spirited lesbian super witch that I am! Especially after this year. I might be only able to spend a week or so, but I can send out other girls to stay here with you for a 'vacation'."

"A sexy vacation," accused Miley, but she didn't sound mad. "I guess that leaves us the whole next couple of terms all alone," she said before continuing brighter. "Well... we have each other so we'll be fine."

"Plus, I'm sure you have some... girlfriends somewhere!" Morgana retorted making them shift a little uneasily. "Just don't hide who you both are."

It has been two weeks so far that Morgana has been with Miley and Lilly and they were getting on swimmingly. Heck, Miley's dad and Lilly's mum have just excepted the oddities and excepted the orphaned Potter witch as a member of the family.

Christmas has come and gone and Miley, Morgana, and Lilly were out in the sun on the beautiful beach as Lilly had been surfing and the two non-surfers were just watching in their bikinis.

Though, Lilly had tried teacher Morgana (something she tried unsuccessfully with Miley), but Morgana wasn't really into it. So after that one fall from the board where she could have hurt Lilly by exploding with electricity as she panicked and tried to fly (unsuccessfully) they gave up that idea as electric plus water does not mix well.

Lilly had just sat down in her sweet little bikini after taking off her wetsuit and sat on the huge towel with Morgana and Miley when they heard several loud popping sounds.

Morgana was quick in jumping to her feet, her left forearm up and an electric shield jumping up into place sucking up several different coloured lights.

Lily and Miley quickly got up and hid behind Morgana as she let the shield down glaring at the old man and his stupid ignorant groupies. At least Ronald isn't with them, but then apparently he wasn't very cooperative with US officials when he got arrested last time. Maybe this is a legal visit this time, so they left him behind... maybe he couldn't get permission to enter the country.

"For fucks sake Dumbledore!" Morgana roared out angrily. "Can't you just fuck off and take your groupies with you, you ill mannered fucking retard!"

"There is no need to be rude Miss. Potter," the old man spoke with a wide friendly grin that none of the three lovers/wives bought for a moment. "We have entered the country legally this time to collect you. We shall use force if we have too."

Morgana rubbed her brow impatiently. "I will be back in what... the train to school leaves on the fourth of January at eleven am. Its now the first of January! What is your fucking problem!"

"We must protect you from the Death Eaters who have gone free," he said with a proud smile.

"Damn, you are fucking senile!" Morgana hissed getting some angry shouts from Dumbledore's worshippers. "Your not my fucking guardian. Until recently Sirius was, and now I'm an emancipated minor, so fuck off. Anyway, I really doubt any Death Eater wants to start a fight with me when I'm completely against you, you prick! Even if they know I don't hate muggles, or intelligent magical creatures! They hate you more than pissing me off is worth!"

"Now Miss. Potter, you should not speak to me like that," the old man said, his kind old man lie slipping a little. "I have come here to make sure you are immediately returned to the UK. In which case Miss. Potter you will lead us to Miss Weasley where she will be returned to her loving family."

Morgana snorted rudely, glaring. "Loving family!" she asked in anger. "They bow down before you!" she hisses, her electric blue eyes sparking. "I've had enough of your shit Dumbledore, so if the authorities are unable to keep you away from me...!"

She said no more as she opened fire, a long stream of electricity exploding from her hands. Dumbledore managed to shield himself, but the stream of lightning flowed around his shield connecting from one minion to the next causing them to scream, several of them caught by her power like they were lightning rods while others ran screaming.

Lily and Miley were quick in running for cover as Lady Lightning's anger exploded over the old man's minions. She fired several small balls of lightning that exploded on Dumbledore's shields shaking him to the bones, and causing him to bleed as thunder exploded with each him creating concussive force that the shield just couldn't deal with.

Lightning fired a lightning wave suddenly that picked up Dumbledore and sent him flying through his minions as those that hadn't been taken down were firing back, but Morgana used her electric shield to block their pathetically childish spells and just fired back.

After she started feeling a drain on her power she started conserving energy until she can suck out the energy from one of her enemies. She starting spamming cutting curses with her wand, and reflecting pathetic disarming charms.

Her cutting curses cut into the enemy with perfect destructibility, blood coating the beach when Dumbledore getting back into the fight caught her with some kind of vine spell

Dumbledore's spell cut painfully into her, cutting her flesh as she cried out in anger, lightning exploding all over, around her, but it could only singe the plant so she settled for glaring at the old bastard as blood dribbled from her lips and Miley and Lilly could only watch in horror.

"Well it looks like we finally caught you," the old man said as he limped over, smiling smugly, but she could tell he was really hurt. "I think that I'll have to recommend to the ministry for your crimes that during all holidays that you are kept protected in Azkaban!"

"Where the daemon guards that would torture anyone else fear me!" she asked, laughing.

However, a second later her mouth was covered by the vines and Dumbledore smiled wider. "And no, you shan't be calling that pathetic little house elf you've acquired. How you managed to truly give it freedom of choice, and to take back its species true form is a mystery I'll someday take from you so it will never happen again! And your two muggle friends and their family's will forget your existence."

Miley and Lilly watched hidden, and scared as they heard that when Miley stood up, gaining some courage. "No you wont!" She cried out in rage shocking them all as the other wizards and witches were treating the wounded. "WINKS!"

In that moment the sand tore up around Morgana and the vines holding her captive exploded into sand dropping the Lightning Witch to the sand, blood dripping from her wounds as she grabbed her wand and stood up, her eyes alight with power and her elf-maid standing on the sand by her side, beautiful black eyes full of rage.

"NEVER FUCK WITH MY FAMILY!" Morgana raged as she moved running at impossible speeds across the sand, lightning dancing around her beautiful bikini clad body, like a goddess with Winks matching her speed and keeping up by her side.

Morgana reached Dumbledore in mere seconds, but Winks kept on charging towards the other wizards and witches.

Lightning span as she stopped by the old man, spun around, her foot coming up as she spun backwards her heel smashed into the old man's face shattering his nose and causing him to scream in panic and agony as the force of the kick, lightning enhanced lifted him from the sand and sent him crashing down twenty metres away, skidding across the sand spraying his blood all over as he came to a stop.

The old man's body twitched several times and she heard him whimpering as he barely pulled himself up, sitting, blood coating his face, soaking his white beard and hair. He had tears and horror in his blue eyes as she moved her body ready to finish him once and for all.

She could see Winks waging war with his minions, and they were not prepared for a 'lowly' magical creature to be trouncing them so easily.

"If Voldemort's forces turn out to be as pathetic as yours!" Morgana hissed out in rage as lightning coursed dangerously around her body. "Then I'll flay them whenever they make their come back!"

Dumbledore staggered dizzily to his feet, a look of horror present on his face as he finally realised that he's lost as he can barely stand.

She charged at the old man while he breathed heavily and looked to those members of his light forces that are out cold, or possibly dead.

"We have to leave NOW!" the old man screamed, garbled by his completely shattered nose, as he looked up the beach as well over forty US aurors were charging onto the beach with wands at the ready and his forces couldn't beat one little girl and her pet elf.

Morgana skidded to a stop as Dumbledore disappeared in a soft pop and looked around as the aurors charged passed her trying to get to the adults, blood still dripping from her wounds.

However, pop after pop and anyone not down for the count or tending to the wounds of family members disappeared. The aurors grabbed those still here, cuffing them as medical teams rushed to the aid of those that have fallen to Morgana, as her elf returned to her side, immediately tending her wounds with incredible perfection that the open cuts not being dangerous started closing up to become thin white lines that the elf said will fade away completely within a few days.

However, Morgana was still feeling woozy from the blood loss and tired. Lilly and Miley were quick to rush into her arms even if they got blood on them, what they saw was both incredible and terrifying and they were crying, pleased she is safe.

"Miss. … or should I say Mrs. Potter," a woman's voice gently interrupted, and she looked over to see a woman, ageing around early to mid forties with crisp brown hair and kind green eyes. "I am so sorry this had to happen while you are on vacation in my country..." she said sounding saddened.

Morgana just stood up straight and held her girl;s as she watched the woman closely, but only saw honest regret. "And you are?" she asked the woman, going for a polite stance until she has all the facts. After all, she doesn't want to potentially alienate a potential ally.

"I am Karen Miller," she said introducing herself. "I am the Magus President of the United States of America! As soon as I was informed of the... unfortunate event involving Albus Dumbledore while you were in Las Vegas I saw fit to... lets say make sure I kept my peoples ears to the grindstone encase he returned...

"Unfortunately..." she said with a flash of anger in her eyes for a moment. "Dumbledore seems to have a few... people in my government who pushed through his travel applications, which took a while, but would have taken longer as we're not on the best of terms with the UK.

"However, it should be noted that a few ex-deportees from your last attack were refused entry visas because they had not cooperated with the authorities at all."

"They could have just got passports," Morgana said rolling her eyes.

"Yes, they could have," she agreed also rolling her eyes. "But it seems these people aren't very bright and those who have escaped jail this day will have an immortal warrant on their arrest!"

"Well. I guess that's all I can hope for," she answered as she held Miley and Lilly tighter. "Unless you want to go to war because there's no chance in hell that that messed up ministry will hand Dumbledore over."

She shook her head sadly. "Although it sounds tempting I can't do that. However, Miss. Potter I can offer you a place in one of our many magical schools?" she suggested hopefully.

"Sorry, no dice dice Mrs. President!" she replied smirking. "I have an old man to destroy and family to protect."

She laughed smiling sadly. "I figured you would say something like that... but it was worth a shot... but will you be safe at Hogwarts?"

"Even Dumbledore can't fuck with the founders!" she replied laughingly. "The school protects its students when they need protecting. If it didn't... well I shudder to think what Snape would be able to do and get away with!"

"The Death Eater...!" she asked and Morgana just nodded. "I see, Dumbledore is just as delusional as ever, and most of the British are just as delusional following him!"

"Yea... pretty much," Morgana agreed. "But... well... we should get out of here. We're kind of covered in blood. I'm leaving the evening of the third. I'll trust my WIVES, muggle or otherwise will not befall any foul-play while I'm gone?"

"Of course not Miss. … Mrs. Potter," she agreed nodding vigorously. "I shall set a couple of women to protect them, more so for..." she trailed off looking to see that no aurors are listening. "Certain events," she finished gesturing a shocked Miley.

"Its appreciated," she replied giving Miley a reassuring squeeze.

It had been two days since the Stewart's and Truscott's saw off Morgana, her 'Uncle' Remus, and her Godfather Sirius black at LAX as they had come down from Vegas to meet her and get a plane.

"Everything in the school is magic free Mrs. Potter's," one woman said to her, the more professional of the two aurors that had first met them in Vegas, Teaila, while the other Megan just shook her head looking embarrassed at her partner.

"You gotta be quick like a puma!" Roxy declared nodding in appreciation to the magical bodyguard.

"Maybe we should have left with Morgana?" Miley suggested as they watched Roxy teaching Teaila how to be 'quick like a puma' and actually impressing the US auror with her martial arts talent.

"If you ever get on that plane, don't forget me," Megan said with a small smile as it was at least amusing.

"Your not leaving me with these two loons," Jackson commented as he entered the lounge area from the stairs giving the two women weird looks. "Anyway, I've gotta get to work at Rico's, later!"

Morgana was almost ploughed over by the hug she got from Ginny when she entered the mansion she's staying at with Eva, while the 'ten year old' vampire watched rolling her eyes.

"So Morgana did anything weird happen on holiday?" Ginny asked after stealing a quick loving kiss. "You know. We've heard that Dumbledore's been after you. He even got arrested in Las Vegas according to the Daily Prophet."

"Umm... yea..." Morgana said sounding a little nervous. "Some... very odd things did happen, and I met some cool people, and made new friends!"

"This should be interesting," Eva commented while turning to the green haired Chachamaru. "Bring us some tea to the lounge," she said and the green haired 'teenager' nodded and left the mansion foyer. "Why don't we retire to the lounge and you can tell us all about it!"

"OK," Morgana said with a shrug and a blush. "But its pretty messed up!"

"All the better," the vampire chick spoke with a hint of eagerness, a smirk aligning her red lips.


I find myself yawning as I lie on mine and Ginny's double bed on my tummy wearing some blue shorts and white tee (two smaller beds pushed together), and did my homework for the new school year while Ginny was fetching something from downstairs in the lounge she left, a book I believe.

I admit to finding it amusing that when Ginny and I had returned to the Burrow that the two single beds had been separated but I easily put them back to how I believe they should be.

I'm still here and not now with my godfather for two reasons really. The first is easily guessed. Dumbledore doesn't want me staying with him; though that's not the reason I'm actually here, just the one he thinks is right. I'm actually here to be with Ginny and protect her from Dumbledore and her family until such a time as I can 'lawfully' make it so that she can leave with me.

She has already told me that she doesn't feel as safe as she used to in her own home, and I know Dumbledore has visited before during the holiday. I know for a fact that Molly Weasley doesn't actually want me in her house any more and she makes no secret of it as she knows I was seconds away from killing Ron.

However, she's a slave to Dumbledore's will and she easily does what he says. Though I'm sure she doesn't want me staying in Ginny's room with her as she had suggested several times that I take one of the small spare rooms for myself.

I have also been having to bring in food from the outside world as Ginny and I have been checking our food and discovered that its always laced with some freaky concoction designed to break down a persons will and make it easy to manipulate them. Well that's what the card that came with the detection spells says is in our food after Molly's finished with it.

Does she not know what Dumbledore's giving her, because she always seems so adamantly against 'DARK' magic that it seems far-fetched to believe that she would spike us such controlling and dark drugs?

Molly has tried demanding we eat but we won't bother even testing our food now. I had talked to both Sirius and Remus about it and both of them wanted me to leave. I could only talk to them while out front as Molly will not allow neither a 'criminal' nor werewolf into her home.

She believes that because Dumbledore testified that Sirius is a criminal that he is no matter the proof to the contrary. I'm still surprised Dumbledore managed to blag his way out of any trouble, and Miss. Cooper my lawyer still has no clue how he managed it and suspects foul play as he still manages to slip away from charges the goblins are trying to bring him up on for stealing a ancient and noble houses money… my money.

Also, Snape did tell the whole school (starting with Slytherin) a few months after Christmas Remus' secret. The greasy bastard didn't get as bigger negative response as he was expecting as I had already made a few well-placed moves against him.

I had sent off a letter to the Minister congratulating him and Hogwarts on getting such a capable teacher, and mentioned that I had heard that Professor Lupin is the best that any of the students have had and that it was a clever idea to get a nice and professional werewolf to teach the subject of defence.

They were quite surprised as I was openly supporting Lupin, which in turn brought about others support that a representative turned up from the Ministry just before Lupin got fed up with fools like Ron and Malfoy and quit, and gave him a special award from the Ministry for working as a good cause and asked hopefully whether he shall stay on as it is hard to come by a teacher who actually knows what he's doing.

However, rather than quitting Dumbledore fired his ass and lied saying he quit, but I made sure to inform the Minister of the truth for which I got a reply thanking me. Since then Remus had been given a job within the ministry as ambassador towards other lykan, and with my lawyer's assistance got loads of werewolf legislation overturned in minutes as it was discovered that it would be cheaper and cost efficient to just offer up free Wolfsbane potion to any werewolf who wanted it.

So now Lykan are able to secure good jobs, and with the fact they're good with their hands and are stronger physically than normal people make good tradesmen, and who cares whether they're off for three days a month. If need be they can make up hours at the weekend.

I think the whole Remus thing had thrown the old man through a loop as he has ranted a little while here about Lupin this, Lupin that, and all of the things Lupin has been allowed to try out within the Ministry. Though according to Remus, Dumbledore hasn't been the only angry person about my 'manipulation' of the Ministers ego, but a disgusting racist too: Dolores Umbridge.

I had to wonder in my next letter to the Minister whether it is wise to have such a woman near when her hatred could stall potential new revenues and votes, as the people do love when they're saved money and given tax cuts even if it is because you are giving the rightful freedom to a group of cursed people, and some will just love you for your kind heartedness.

Sure, I know some will hate him for it, like Malfoy, but I also know he'll let it slide or else he'll never get anything out of the Minister. Corrupt little fucks are so easily pushed into doing anything you want if you give them assertive like the two thousand galleon 'donation' to his re-election campaign next year. I wonder what he'll do with the knowledge that Umbridge is most likely not the sort of person he needs near him with any kind of political power.

Damn, being a super famous saviour of wizard kind gets a lot of peoples greed sensors tingling when I write and offer them my support. If only the Minister wasn't such an idiot he wouldn't trust either me or Malfoy.

I internally shrug as I think of the one good bit of news which is that Arthur Weasley has gotten us some very good seats for the Quidditch World Cup tomorrow. He was lucky to get them from a friend from work, conveniently not asking for any more for certain tolerable males that may wish to see the world cut too, which would be nice as I'll get to ask them stuff about my parents as Molly keeps interrupting when we talk out front.

Therefore, I did the only thing possible and pulled some strings and got an ass-lode of tickets I dished out to all of our friends (well those not going with family) and kept two for Ginny and I. though we'll all be together I was smart enough to send Remus and Sirius to sit somewhere away from us. Though, the Weasley's won't know this until we leave them to use our girl's only tent after collecting some of the younger girls from the portkey site.

"Look who I found," Ginny suddenly interrupted as she entered the room and was nervously followed by Hermione as the red head just dumped her found book on the desk. "Mum says she's coming to the match with us, and that she is to stay in here with us even though there's a spare room. Mum insisted."

"I see," I replied as I slid round on the bed to sit on the edge with my small feet landing on the floor. "Well I suppose we can put up with her. After all she had not told anyone about what I did to Ronald. But I feel like she is a liability to our personal freedom. What may I ask Miss. Hermione is your reason for being here?"

She grimaces as my cold stare penetrates her very being. "I-I… Dumbledore wants me to spy on you both," she broke down sobbing, and fell to her knees, as Ginny closed the door and sealed and silenced it with her wand as ours aren't registered we can use magic, even though we suspect that as long as we're around magic it wouldn't matter anyway.

"I-I'm so sorry, please don't hurt me," she continued as tears leaked and flowed freely from her red puffy eyes. "I-I couldn't say no… after everything that-that's happened. The way he looks at me, I, I, I hadn't realised how… how creepy he is, and how-how. It's hard to explain, b, but the mere thought of saying no scares me… its, it's like he… he might do something to me or, or my parents if I refuse him."

I felt some pity towards her as she sobbed loudly with more tears on her hands and knees looking up to me, begging. "She isn't lying," Ginny said with a wide grin as she no doubt relishes in Hermione's misery I can't keep the smile off my face as I raise my left foot to Hermione and poke her nose with my big toe startling her.

"I could possibly be persuaded to assist you in this matter," I tell her, smirking as she looked to me in hope. I lay back on the bed while Ginny giggled and I presented my feet. "I could use a lovely foot rub right about now Hermione, as to you my power and protection does not come cheap as you have been so foolish and defiant when you could have easily opened your eyes and stood by my side, understand?"

"Y, yes, Mistress Lightning," she replied as her fingers shakily took my feet into their care and began rubbing one after the other as Ginny lay beside me and snuggled in my arms, her cheek squishing against my left breast as I felt my nipple harden I let out a little groan of pleasure. Though I hope Hermione learns to do this better for future occasions.

"Be a really good girl," I continued. "And my dear Hermione, I shall make sure Dumbledore is kept away from your family, understand?"

"Y, yes Mistress," she agreed with a bit more vigour and I couldn't keep in the moans even if I tried as Ginny's hand was quick to slid down my stomach and slid down the waist of my shorts (I'm glad I'm not wearing panties), and was quick to find my soaking slit. I could see Hermione's eyes widen as she watched my girls hand disappear into my shorts causing me to groan out in pleasure as Ginny then began to eagerly nibble on my left ear and neck causing me to buck my hips as one of her fingers slid in while her thumb began to massage my solid little clit.

Hermione had stopped rubbing my feet and seemed to just be staring in open awe and fascination when I glared and groaned out, gasping. "Hermione… I didn't say stop, now suck my fucking toes," I demanded almost ramming my foot into her mouth in my eagerness.

Hermione had stopped crying by now but her eyes are still red and puffy as she started licking my right foot and toes (blushing brightly) slowly at first but as the moments passed and Ginny's small finger worked me faster as a second was eager to pass through my tight wet folds, Hermione got hungrier with my foot sucking in my toes, and licking between them.

"I, I, I… have two feet!" I cried out in pleasure as Hermione got the message and began working her mouth and tongue over my other foot, sucking my toes I cried out with a few sparks as I bucked my hips against Ginny's hand furiously as my arms pulled her body tighter to me, losing my breath with my cum I quivered down but Hermione didn't stop her tongue lapping my feet clean like a good girl.

"Oh fuck," I just cry out as I move my feet from Hermione and lay them flat on the bed with my knees up and easily pull off my short with my legs wide open giving Hermione a good look as her eyes seem transfixed on my slit with Ginny's two fingers still in it.

"Come on Hermione," Ginny teased as the red head is humping my leg her thumb pointing at my clit as she used her two inserted fingers to open me a little more. "Put your tongue on this cute little button right where my thumbs pointing and pleasure our Lady Lightning. Morgana will love you lapping at her pussy juice more than her feet."

Hermione gulped and looked both worried and determined as she moved closer. The closer she got the more I could feel her hot breath between my thighs, and before long the tip of her hot little tongue touched my hard slimy clit sending a low growl of pleasure running through my chest.

"Yeah Hermione, like that," I cried out as her tongue continued licking faster and faster on my clit, tasting my pussy slime and cum juices. "Fuck you bitch," I continued looking down at Hermione as the girl had closed her eyes. "You love it don't you, you fucking lesbian whore?" I demanded and she just mumbled her agreement as Ginny carried on finger fucking me.

I must say, I'm now glad Hermione turned up as I lifted my tee to allow Ginny access to my left nipple to her mouth. She didn't think twice before swallowing my rock hard nipple which caused me to crow out almost whimpering for their combined efforts.

They were working on my for over five minutes when I finally felt the hot bubbling sensation in the pit of my stomach as my screaming got louder and louder and my hips bucked more and more as I pull Hermione's face into my pussy having her tongue almost joining Ginny's fingers as she began suckling my clit.

I exploded loudly, gasping for breath, squirting a load of juice down Hermione's throat, but she hadn't tried stopping as she lapped up my cream with her eager tongue. Ginny had moved her fingers away, and smirked around my nipple before kissing up to my ear while Hermione continued drinking from my pussy-cum full pussy.

"She's enjoying herself baby," she whispered pleasantly in my ear. "Look, she's got her hand up her own skirt playing with herself."

I nod, smirking as I too notice and can hear Hermione's breathing, laboured with pants between her licking me clean. However, I disturb and startle her as I move and she pulls back blushing brightly with sticky all over her lips making them shine. Though she didn't remove her hand from up her skirt or stop playing with herself.

I grin as I swing myself round, kneeling either side of Ginny's lap with my tight smooth butt in the air as I pull off my tee throwing it to the floor to join my shorts and looked back to see Hermione's hand working harder as she stared at my ass and pussy from behind.

I'm quick to pull Ginny's shorts down and off next giving Hermione a good look at my red haired girls sopping wet pussy and thin, fine red hairs above her slit before helping remove her tee showing off her beautiful small still forming breasts.

I waste no time in leaning down and capturing my Dark Princesses rock solid pencil eraser nipples between my welcoming lips one after the other causing the princess to groan, her hands slide all over my soft bare flesh and gently ease me down. I kiss my way down her delicious pale chest to her tummy, kissing her lightly my tongue trails between her bellybutton, and Hermione's pants only get louder and more frantic as I finally reach my babes centre.

I'm licking my lips in anticipation as I'm now standing on the floor bent over the bed with my face centre meters away from Ginny's waiting vagina and I can feel the heat radiating off of it as I turn to face Hermione wiggling my butt.

"I quite enjoy being… rimmed," I tell her with a soft growl which startled her and she gave me an embarrassed questioning look. I just grinned wider. "Tongue my arsehole baby," I answered her question as I turned back to Ginny's tasty pussy and eagerly licked up her crack. She grabbed my hair between her fingers gasping out in pleasure as her back arched.

It was only a few minutes into eating Ginny's delightfully tasty pussy that I felt Hermione's soft touch on my butt checks before her lips kissed each one with lingering gentleness as she shakily pulled my tight cheeks apart and allowed her face between them, her tongue touching my puckered anal passageway carefully sliding in as I relaxed.

I let out soft moans that joined in with Ginny's rapidly noisy performance as she squirmed under my tongues eager laps of her slit and more so as the tip of my tongue eagerly presses her little button, and she starts crying out my name as Hermione wiggles her tongue inside my ass, my right hand finding my pussy as I slid in two fingers to add feeling. I can hear Hermione behind me and feel her panting on my butt as she tongued it as fast as she's capable.

"FUCK, Morgana!" Ginny cries out bucking her hips wildly and forcing my face deeper into her beautiful hole. Her thrashing becoming more wild as she pants and cries my tongue just continues brining her nearer and nearer the edge of her sanity until she cries out one last time arching her back as I manage to cum with her, she squirts her love juice into my waiting mouth and I suck her as she comes down before carefully licking her clean as I come up from her and smile licking my lips.

I bit my lower lips as Hermione's tongue is now so eager up my butthole and it feels so deep before I pull away. She tries to come with me as I move my wet fingers from my pussy and Ginny's sucking them clean moments later and I move from the red head to sit curled up on the bed against the wall, as my eyes travel back to Hermione as she just stared at us as Ginny sat up too, the bossy-pants girls hand was frantic up her skirt and I smirk.

"Now, now, Hermione," I spoke quietly and huskily as I slowly regain my breathing. "Take your hand out of there and take off your clothes, understand?"

Hermione's cheeks were inflamed as she shakily and reluctantly pulled her hand out and we could tell instantly that she had it down her panties by how slime coated her fingers and hand is as she started stripping.

"Wow, Hermione I had never thought you would diddle yourself before now," Ginny commented, impressed as Hermione took off her cardigan and shirt revealing her slightly larger bust covered by a plain white bra before slipping out of her skirt, taking off her shoes and socks, but stopped here more embarrassed than I have ever seen her before.

I gestured Ginny. "Babe, be a dear and give me an entertaining and very sexy show!" I command of her and Ginny grinned eagerly as she jumps from the bed and wraps her arms around Hermione, squeezing her panty clad ass before just pulling the offending underwear down to reveal her pussy.

I wasn't surprised that Hermione has quite the bush going on down stairs as she has thick hair I expected her to have lots down below. Ginny doesn't seem to mind as her fingers easily found her slippery young gash and dropped to her knees parting Hermione's slit for easy access her tongue slid from top to bottom causing Hermione to yelp out quivering in pleasure.

Damn, I can smell Hermione's strong musky scent from where I'm sitting just gently caressing my pussy as there's plenty more time tonight for us to have fun, and for me to get off in either of their sweet little mouths as much as we can handle.

Ginny soon got Hermione up against the wall and was eagerly drinking the girls slime and I could tell Ginny had slid a finger up Hermione's ass as the girl jumped when Ginny had moved her hand round there, but it only made Hermione's excited cries louder.

"P-please Ginny, p, p, please, I'm begging you, more, faster, harder… I need this!" she cries out whimpering.

"What do you need Hermione?" I asked.

She looked at me with her bra covered breasts heaving from effort. "I, I need it please!" she cried out again.

"Need what?" I asked teasingly. "Say it, I know you know the words, you're not stupid."

"I, I, I, I need to CUM!" she screamed out bucking her hips into Ginny. "Please master, please I need it, I need to cum so bad I feel like I'm going to explode!" she cried out at the top of her lungs, her breathing faster and a look of desperation in her expression. "Please Ginny, please make me cum, make me cum hard! Oh god this feels so good, so awesome, oh Ginny it's so much better than masturbation, please I need to cum, make me cum!"

Ginny started working harder with her tongue as Hermione pulled off her bra and I'm not sure but might have torn it to get it off. Her tits are lovely with dark areola around large stiff nipples and I watch as Hermione starts teasing her tits, squeezing them, pinching her nipples as Ginny brings her closer and closer to the edge.

"Oh god, oh god, oh GOD!" she screamed as she left her young tits alone and pulled Ginny's face more into her pussy. "Oh god, my pussy, my cunt, it, it's about to explode!" she cried out using the first 'real' cuss words I've ever heard from her as she continued fucking Ginny's mouth for well over a minute before she slowly let go looking very exhausted and Ginny sucked up from her pussy and let her slide down the wall to the floor panting heavily.

Ginny grinned as she stood leaving Hermione slumped on the floor up against the wall licking her lips before sliding onto the bed and onto my lap, snaking her arms around me her lips clashed with mine in a wonderful kiss that allowed me the second mouth taste of Hermione's musky pussy as our tongues met.

We were kissing for a few minutes before we pulled back for air and Ginny started kissing her way down my jaw and neck, slowly working her magical lips lower and lower down my body.

She came to a stop at my pussy and didn't wait for anything as her tongue scooped up my slit causing me to cry out as it reached my clit and her lips wrapped it, she sucked and I yelled out with my eyes rolling back into my head.

Fuck, I wonder how long the three of us can last… plus we have to leave for Quidditch tomorrow.


It had just happened to be a coincidence that we bumped into Remus and Sirius after we arrived at the portkey site for the Quidditch World Cup. Well that's what I told Mr. Weasley, but I know he didn't believe me. It was the parents dropping off their daughters with me and Ginny that Mr. Weasley spoke up about when he realised we also have our own tent.

"If I want to buy tickets front row centre so we can see the twat bags smack into the ground I shall," I retort. "And if I want to buy tickets for all of my friends to join me I shall also."

"But who will be a responsible adult," he replied smugly. "Because I sure am not intent on…"

"I guess that leaves me then," interrupted a voluptuous auburn haired woman of maybe around thirty five, thirty six with a large chest and holding a tiny pre-teen version of her selves hand. It was uncanny how much the two look alike, and I know they're just aunt and niece.

"W, w, who are you?" he asked in surprise.

She laughed breezily. "My name is Charlotte Cooper, Miss Potter's lawyer," she replied with a sexy smile on her plump red lips. Fuck, what the hell was I thinking when I hired her? Damn she's hot, but very good at what she does. "And this is my niece Abigail, but she prefers to be called Abby, and will be starting Hogwarts come September. We were given tickets and asked to join Miss. Potter and friends for the event.

"So I guess since her legal guardian Mr. Black will have his own tent and I'm sharing with the girls I'll keep them as in check as a gall can," she finished laughing. "Well I believe we should get a move on, yes?"

"Of course," I reply smiling as I move next to them and offer my hand to Abby. "It's nice to finally meet you babes," I say as she timidly takes my hand and I keep hold, smiling. "Your aunt talks about her sweet little Abby all the time, I'm sure you and I will become great friends okay?"

She nodded eagerly as she let her aunt go and glompped my arm when my Shortcake Tabitha glompped my other arm giggling as she stuck her tongue out at Abby causing her to giggle too.

I roll my eyes as I lead our large party on wishing that Blaise, Tracy, Daphne, Astoria, and Elizabeth could have joined us rather than coming here with their parents. However, we do have all of our first… second years, Luna, Casey, and the scat sisters, (not really sisters but the red head and blonde do eat shit and drink piss on command as they are fully trained, and according to Ginny they actually look forward to it now).

I had zoned out a little when we reached the site managers hut, a Mr. Roberts or something and he was making Mr. Weasley nervous by asking questions about what was going on as some idiots had tried paying him with giant golden coins.

I just laughed as I moved forward smirking as I let Abby and Tabby go. "We're all a bunch of sadists and this is a worldwide cult event where we 'summon' up dark spirits and shit hoping to rule the world. If you have a fucking problem you can bitch off because I don't give a flying fuck, got it?"

I asked the last rolling electric around my right hand and he flinched back whimpering in fear. "Good little doggy, now if you'll excuse us!" I reclaimed Tabs and Abs and began walking away with everyone following. Though, my girls were thinking what I did funny, and Mr. Weasley looking pale and scared.

"Miss. Potter I wish you would show a little restraint," Miss. Cooper said after a few moments but otherwise was smiling in amusement.


I sigh in annoyance as I sit down at one of the many bench sets that came with our all girls tent next to my girlfriend Morgana as my brothers, (minus the twins as one glare is all that's needed to set them straight), complained about me and my friends supposedly performing blatant acts of magic as Miss. Cooper with the assistance of Garnet, (her mother having taught her) cooking on the huge gas (muggle) barbecue.

I let a small smirk line my lips as I watch my dad cooking, or should I say burning some sausages on an open fire. One would think that with his obsession with muggle stuff he would take note that they've almost perfected turning a camping trip into a luxury vacation.

"Hey, Hermione," hissed Ron suddenly gaining her attention as she sat on the grass near us chatting, (and discussing some creature she doesn't believe exists) with Luna and Cassandra. She looked over in surprise, most likely because he still barely talks to her because she hadn't told anyone where he was during that night before Christmas, and wouldn't grass on Morgana. Though, I think he thinks she is too scared, which is only a partial reason. "Why are you just sitting there talking to Loony Lovegood and her freak of a best friend? I would've thought you would speak out against these idiots for using magic."

Hermione frowned and glared at him. "I believe you shouldn't speak like that, do you forget your manors?" she asked in reply but awaited no answer. "Firstly, don't speak to them like that. They unlike you can carry a conversation, and second. The barbecue is a muggle convenience and uses no magic you moron."

I couldn't help but laugh with Morgana and the other girls as he burnt bright red and turned away mumbling under his breath. Damn, I had never known anyone could feel that much embarrassment. Just moments ago he felt so sure of himself and full of confidence.

"Hey sis, you'll let Fred and I join you and your friends for dinner, right?" George suddenly asked hopefully.

I couldn't help but snort and roll my eyes. "Don't be ridiculous," I answered dashing their hope and gestured over to where Sirius and Remus had set up their tent and had proclaimed and set up a small charcoal barbecue. "You are both on the same list as them. Tolerable males, so if you want something prepared reasonably well, I suggest you go and see them as father has not even thought to bring any cooking implements."

The twins sighed and moved over to Remus and Sirius looking hopeful at all the many burgers being finished and the buns and cheese slices. "We hear ya boys," Sirius spoke laughingly. "Pull up a piece of grass," he said and I could tell the twins were relieved. "Damn, I don't have a clue what's up with those girls but Lily would have loved Morgana to bits. I still can't believe how violent she is, she most certainly gets it from her mother's side of the family."

He started while I giggled as a spark landed just between his legs. "Escaped convict say what?" Morgana asked with a raised eyebrow, which caused some other girls to snicker as he began shaking his hands in defence while Remus and the twins instantly shimmied away from him.

"I, I, I was just saying how much you take after your mother," he answered nervously. "A, and how brilliant your mother was, and how much I respected her."

Morgana grinned. "That's what I thought you said," she agreed as we burst out laughing.

"Morgana, now is that anyway to treat your godfather?" I asked her through my laughter.

She just rolled her electric blue eyes. "If he was a really good godfather he would have broken out of Azkaban years ago and murdered Dumbledore for us all. It would have done the world a big favour."

"Well if I knew what he was up to I would have," he agreed.

"Why do you hate Dumbledore so much?" my eldest brother Bill suddenly asked. "Dumbledore's a great man and he does anything for everyone."

Oh shit this isn't going to end well. Nope, Morgana is deathly serious if she's actually out of her seat, and I groaned as Bill foolishly stood to return her glare. Though her eyes sparked and I wasn't surprised to see Bill flinch, and I can now sense his doubt about confronting her.

"Oh really… is that… so?" she asked slowly as she took two steps forward before stopping, he took half step back as he nodded his head. "He is the reason I am who I am, so I suppose on this front I shall thank him." I was surprised at her words but I can feel her hate bubbling hotter than ever, darker, and fiercer. "However, who would you blame if right now I murdered your little brother Charlie?"

The moment she asked him she moved and Charlie's hand grabbed at her wrists as her hand wrapped tightly around his neck and he began struggling to breathe, and was trying to pull her off but she's too strong. I felt a little sorry for Charlie as he hadn't said anything, and I had to hide my smile as I fed on his fear.

"Let him go!" dad suddenly demanded as he, Ron, and Percy joined Bill with their wands out while she just smirked and everyone else watched, or in the case of Miss. Cooper watched while continuing to prepare our meal.

"Oh, then if William shall not answer my question, maybe you shall," she asked smugly. "If I kill Charlie and Dumbledore's the cause of my suffering. The suffering that makes me the tough and vicious bitch I am today, who will you blame?"

"You," he hissed out. "We all have our own minds!"

She just laughed. "That's correct. Even the vilest of creatures has a choice. Sometimes that vile creature might have a moment of compassion for the enemy, or the human whose blood it had been willing to consume. That creature may feel pity as they watch their pray beg, but for every one person spared another hundred have died.

"However, even the best of mankind can fall and do bad things," she continued shrugging. "Be it through anger, or perhaps revenge… or worse still, perhaps they do some bad things because they think they have to, for some greater good in this world? But then they may entrap themselves in someone's all-consuming hate, and eventually they will meet a terrible end."

"You don't know anything," dad spat out angrily. "Albus did what he did for the greater good of the wizarding world…"

Sparks danced across Morgana as she glared. "I don't give a shit about your fucked up little backwater society!" she hissed causing him to flinch back. "You know nothing, even now. If what he did was good why fear me? If what he did was good why was I beaten by those who had custody of me until I was eight and thrown out on the streets? YOU KNOW FUCK ALL BUT HOW TO EAT DUMBLEDORE'S SHIT!"

And with that she threw Charlie to dad's feet where he chocked and gasped for breath. "No caring person would condone my treatment to any child you poor excuse for a human."

She then turned and walked to the barbecue and grabbed a plat of burgers before heading off with a few sparks. "Ginny, come on because I will end up killing the bastards if we don't go somewhere else."

I just hopped out of my seat. "See you guys in a bit," I muttered to our friends as I followed after my girlfriend.

"Ginny you're not going anywhere with that crazy…" dad trailed off, and I turned back smirking to see someone had bound and gagged my dad leaving him on the floor while a wide range of curses hit the other four knocking them out.

I shrugged with a smile as I reached Morgana, and took a burger and munching as she did. We didn't talk as we finished off the plate before I magicked it away as it was only paper, and held her hand as we explored.

We had been wandering for about forty minutes when we came across a whole bunch of foreigners standing in a circle and chanting about something, which made me realise that I should perhaps learn some translation magic though by the look on Morgana's face she already learnt some as she waved her wand at us and I could understand… well kind of understand, the less common, larger words were still lost on me but I suppose with time they'll come.





"Kill her!"

"Kill him!"





The chanting continued with jeers and cheers as Morgana helped us squeeze through to the front, though I did notice a few guys fall down and not get up. I almost gasped as we reached the front and could see the fight as a beautiful young woman (maybe in her early twenties) with long flowing creamy blonde hair, wearing black leather zippered top with red lace up the front with the zip stopping short enough to show skin and cleavage of her huge bust. She wore a loose short leather skirt with crimson belt showing off her long smooth creamy legs, and shin high black leather boots and a cloak with hood and with crimson inner lining, and a jagged torn look at the bottom.

The beautiful woman's bright forest green (almost luminous green) eyes glared at the huge hairy man in front of her, baring sharp looking canines. The man wore raggedy clothes and reminded me of a tramp. If a tramp looked like a gorilla had been doing the nasty with a person.

However, I startled as the woman seemed to just flitter, leaving a red and black trail as she moved at speeds I could never imagine being able to, and sending the giant of a man/thing flying and crashing down with a yelp of pain before he got up roaring in anger.

I was feeling a little worried about the young woman and got a shock as she suddenly looked at me as the man charged her. Her bright red lips curved upwards into a wicked smile as her fist crashed into the giant man's gut causing him to scream as I could hear bones snapping.

"Spiritus!" she whispered to the air and suddenly a huge gust blew out and picked the 'man' up. The crowd split as he sailed through and cracked his head on a tree and landing unconscious. However, the young woman's eyes never left mine when she was declared the winner by some bald guy, and as he asked whether there is anyone else willing to face the deadly and beautiful 'Evangeline A.K. McDowell'. I blinked, and then she was practically curled around me, her nose buried in my neck, inhaling, with her fingers holding me still around my waist.

"You smell so alluring," she whispered in my ear as she took another deep breath, I shudder at the pleasant feel of her cool lips barely touching me and her pleasantly frosty breath. I had been shocked and awed by the sound of her voice as I had never heard such a beautiful, soft voice before, or such a really English accent. She sounded as if she should be living in a British palace in London or something. "So delectable, and what a mind, I could feel your gift reading me. Do you find my emotions… tasty?"

I was almost as surprised she could sense my ability to read emotions as much as I was that Morgana hadn't attacked her yet. I could practically feel the anxious, and in some cases worried stares from the crown when I heard Morgana finally speak up sounding royally pissed off, though not next to me.

"HEY!" she cried out in annoyance gaining everyone's attention, and we looked over to see her standing in the middle of the ring wearing her dark blue hipster combats and pocket belt with black tee and boot, with dark blue jacket and fingerless mettle plated gloves.

"Eva, right?" she asked of the blonde and I almost laughed at the blondes cute eye twitch at the nickname. "Are you going to leave MY Ginevra alone and fight me or are you going to continue sniffing her all day like a dog in heat?"

Evangeline growled and flittered forward. "Are you sure you can afford it?" she asked snootily. "One hundred galleons for your chance at me little girl, but I guess the chance at five thousand is quite alluring, yes?"

"OK, sounds fair enough," Morgana agreed. "But I don't have that kind of cash with me."

"Oh, well…" she began in thought as she looked at me smirking before back to Morgana. "Perhaps you can put up your sweet red haired girlfriend?" she asked as her small pink tongue licked out over her crimson lips.

Morgana shrugged while I grimaced wondering what the hell she's thinking. "Sure thing," she agreed before turning to the bald man. I just internally sigh. "Hurry up before the fucking Quidditch starts douche fuck!" she said glaring at him.

He nodded quickly as Eva added in her glare too. "Okay, fight!" he was quick to shout out and Eva flittered. She reappeared knocking Morgana off her feet and grabbing her ankles before throwing her into the air about one hundred meters causing the crowd to gasp while Eva snickered.

However, Morgan righted herself in air and a huge static clap erupted as a circle of electromagnetic energy shot from her, and Eva barely had time to look up in shock as she was hit and went flying back screaming as her hair frizzed up from the electricity.

Eva dizzily got back to her feet as Morgana landed on hers in a crouch before standing with a smirk. "The name's Lightning… and that's my name for a reason."

"Well, and I thought I wouldn't be beat," she retorts. "But just because you're good at lightning magic and tricks doesn't mean you'll…"

She trailed off with wide eyes as Morgana moved in with a right fist sparking following through with a left, both hitting her beautiful face and causing her to cry out in pain.

Then Morgana back flipped, her sparking toes hitting Eva's chin knocking her back and to the ground before she threw a ball of blue lightning and landed. Eva had just barely picked herself up before she was hit in an electric explosion.

It only took a few moments for the smoke to clear but when it did it left a burnt and dazed little girl in its place, looking just like a ten year old version of Eva. It took me a moment to come to terms that it really is her as the ref reluctantly handed over Morgana's money and she victory danced over to her opponent.

"H, hey that is so not fair," the tiny girl declares angrily as she shakes her head clear. "I didn't know you could just throw lightning around like that… give that back!" she demands (she's now just beyond cute) as she jumped at the sack of cash but Morgana just laughed and moved it out of the way and caught the girl by her arm.

"Na-ah little girl," she replied in amusement. "You didn't declare what you can do, so I believe I won. Anyway I think my Ginevra might like you so I'll tell ya what Eva. If you play nice and come with us if you're good she might let you have a taste if you want," she said as she carried the girl in her arms now (I think she would be too heavy for me, or any normal person to carry so effortlessly), and I followed out of the parting fearful crowd.

"Whoa, it was bad enough when the crazy vampire turned up," some random guy said as we were heading back to our tent, and Morgana let Eva drop to the ground to walk for herself.

"Yeah, and now some crazy lightning throwing chick, what is the world coming too!" another nameless guy said when I started as an emotionless bright green haired young woman had taken my hand and began walking with us. She is quite a looker, her eyes purple, and her ears pointed and long up the sides of her head ending a little above. She was also wearing a tan and lavender kimono though I noticed she wasn't wearing anything on her small feet.

"Oh there you are Chachamaru," Eva suddenly said looking behind her at me and the green haired woman (girl, she doesn't look that old, maybe sixteen, seventeen at the most).

"Yes Master!" she agreed in a soft monotone voice, though it was also polite and too had that English accent to it. However, as she spoke and looked towards Eva (still holding my warm hand in her soft, warm(ish) hand) I felt just a jolt, almost unnoticeable but it was there… love. Though, the emotion disappeared seconds later.

"Lightning, Ginevra!" Eva said gesturing to each of us. "This is my servant Chachamaru," she introduced us.

"It is a pleasure," she replied with a slight bow before continuing her attention onto me with a curious expression. "It appears my Master has taken a liking to you and your blood. It has been so long since my Master has taken much of an interest in anything, I thank you."

"Err, thanks I guess," I replied nervously as we neared our campsite.

Morgana laughed looking back at us with a smirk. "So, Chacha, you and Eva will be joining us for the match, I still have quite a few spare tickets for our section."

"Why thank you, that is most kind of you," she replied in that same polite monotone.

"No problem," she answered. "After all it's going to be cool. Eva here can probably teach my girls a few things about magic."

Eva looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Why exactly would I want to do that?"

"Oh well," Morgana began in thought. "It's just that we plan on kicking some major league Dumbledore worshippers ass in the near future, and hopefully rid the world of the old bastard forever."

"Well, all you needed to say is you plan on over throwing the bigot Dumbledork," she retorted smirking smugly. "That foolish old man preaches about tolerance and crap and all of the 'Light' love him for it, but the bastard has never gone out on a limb and actually tried to amend the laws he's supposedly against. And the way he looks at people even creeps me out and I'm a vampire."

"Yeah, I've noticed," I couldn't help but interrupt. "I, it's because of his legilimency. Though, all of our girls have, or are learning occlumency to stop him."

"That is good news is it not Master," Chachamaru says monotone. "This way when you begin teaching them they shall either have the art down or at the least a basic understanding for you to assist them into mastery."

"Yes, Chachamaru," she agreed nodding with a small smirk and dark gleam in her eyes. "And when they are finished with mental protection I shall be perfectly capable of teaching them to defeat the Merlin wannabe," she laughed.

Morgana laughed too. "That's what I call him."


"Yea...! Look at that bitch hit dirt!" I couldn't help but scream out, whooping with my sisters. And I couldn't help but be amused as Eva was sitting up close to me and Ginny also screaming out in pleasure at seeing the Irish keeper smash face first into the ground... well even the little vamp sees how fun that is... well to watch anyway.

It was impossible to help but be disappointed as I'm better than this guy. Though, that Bulgarian Seeker is pretty good his tells are so easy. Anyway, from my point of view all the Irish Seeker needs to do is keep the Bulgarian minger away from the Snitch. He doesn't need it.

It boggles the mind at the stupidity of some people... especially magical people. Its a sport, and all sports have some strategic merit, and that goes double for those with league points.

Considering how far behind Bulgaria is, they would have to catch the Snitch with a three hundred and forty point lead to win by just ten points, which looking at how lame their Chasers are... well, that ain't likely, after all the Irish team has such a point advantage because of their Chasers.

Shaking that thought away I look back to the pitch seeing those Veela women dancing about mocking the leprechauns... no need to guess who's mascots are who's even if I hadn't seen them come flying down. Though, those Veela are smoking when not like throwing fireballs about and looking like crows, literally. I had to stop some of my girls killing themselves to impress the Veela.

I bet that douche bag Ron loved the leprechauns though, when they dropped all of that 'gold' into the crowds. Though, honestly that was dangerous, they could have hurt a little kid. I just hope I'm there to see the greedy look on Ron's face disappear when the gold just ups and fades away in a few hours.

Though, it looks unlikely as neither Seeker is ever likely to find the Snitch. The match has been going on for over five hours now and some of my girls had even taken naps snuggled up together looking just too adorable, especially Abby, Tabby, and Garnet. They're just too freaking cute.

"Peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs, sodas!" a young man called out as he with two young women and another young man seemingly only a few years out of school were walking by their private section carrying a large, (though probably magic light) tray each strapped around their necks and waists, each containing many of the mentioned confectioneries.

"Over here!" Ginny called out licking her lips having moaned about being thirsty just moments ago. "I want a lemon soda!" she said handing over some money to one of the young women and getting a giant sized drink she can share with some of her friends while other girls also grabbed giant sodas, and others sweets, or popcorn in huge buckets, enough to feed and water them all just fine.

"I can't believe two days... two freaking days!" Eva grumbled in annoyance, later, two days later. "The players are starting to get bored let alone me! I always knew this came could in theory go on forever, but I've never seen one last more than eight hours before."

"Oh really. So you think I should give the Snitch back or something?" I asked in surprise as I was actually just enjoying sitting back, relaxing and knowing no one of importance is scheming against me because they're all watching the match.

The girl's all looked at me with mouths hanging open in shock as I showed them the little golden ball struggling to get free from between my fingers.

"How long have you had that?" Eva demanded heatedly glaring at the Snitch as if it had also wronged her.

"Mistress Lightning has had the Snitch in her possession now one hour and two minuets after the game started, My Master," Chachamaru answered before I could surprising me that she saw and never mentioned it to Eva.

"And why didn't you tell me Chachamaru?" the tiny vampire reprimanded tiredly.

"It did not seem important," she answered. "I am sorry Master if I displeased you. It was not my intention."

"Just forget about it Chachamaru," she replied before turning her forest green eyes to glare at me. "Honestly... I escape that barrier and those insane girls and... 'her'... only to be stuck with another lot of insane girls... well at least I'll get some with you!" she complained, pouting.

"OK, OK, games over," I replied as I point my finger at the ball and blast it with a tiny stream of blue lightning, holding it with only the electricity I point like a gun as my girls watch in awe, straight at the Irish Seeker as he's nearest, and fire.

The Snitch shoots forward and up towards him, winding him as it hit his gut causing him to cry out in pain. However, the Snitch then dropped down into his surprised hands as he looked around in shock the crowd having gone quiet.

"Wow...!" the commentators voice boomed over the stadium. "Could the Golden Snitch have gotten bored and turned itself it?" he asked, but most people were too surprised to laugh. "Ireland have caught the Snitch, earning them an extra one hundred and fifty points and they not only win this match but the Quidditch World Cup!"

However, this time the Irish supporters exploded into cheer, drowning out any negative shouting from the opposition. I just smirked as my girls cheered too, some of them just glad they can leave and go to bed.

I was leaving with my friends out of the huge crowd when I was seeing red as two of my girls had just been snagged. Ginny had seen too an look of horror on her face but she said nothing as I charged after them not caring that I threw people out of my way with super strength.

I shot through the woods after them and soon skidded out into a large clearing where a clear thirty or so fully trained wizards had gather, my two girls, Shortcake and Garnet struggling against their attackers with tears in their eyes.

There were many other girls of varying ages having had items of clothing tore off with men with their pants down, and none of them looked worried that someone had interrupted, but more delighted than anything.

"You best let every single one of them go, or I'm going to tear you apart!" I hissed out in my rage as they laughed, but they stopped abruptly as I side peddled the large arm trying to grab me from behind and my left elbow crashed into his ribs causing him to squeal with pain spitting up blood.

I then grabbed his face before he hit the ground holding him up, my power crackled as streams of blue energy started pulling out of him and up, streaming down my left arm and into my body. His gurgled cries died down after only a moment when I let his lifeless body hit the ground.

Turning my attention back to the men my eyes lit up, sparking with blue electricity. It sparked once around my body before they threw aside their captives pulling pants up as fast as they could and turning to flee the way they came.

However, they paused as their stood Eva, her eyes hidden by shadows as I could feel her anger for these things.

"Its just another little girl!" one called out in relief as they went to continue fleeing.

However, they stopped once again as the Eva's eyes lit up crimson red with a sinister smile baring fangs. "And where do you think you gentlemen are going?" she asked licking her red lips as she kicked something large by her feet at them.

It was a drained body landing by their feet with a look of terror on its face. "I caught this little bastard trying to swipe Abigail just after you ran after these two, Lightning!" Eva spoke as she flittered through the men sending several flying painfully before picking up both Tabby and Garnet, flittering again and placing them down as she stood by me.

I sneered at the remaining petrified men cracking my knuckles. "Well... we are good girls... lets take out the rest of the garbage. After all, we have just had a couple of tasty meals now haven't we?"

"Yes, lets burn off some of that energy, or we'll never get any rest until tomorrow," Eva agreed, her accent accentuated even more by her anger.

The men were obviously messing themselves, and even in the dark I could see piss stains forming on their crutches.

"What's going on here!" someone interrupted as several men in beige robes entered the clearing with wands draw, seeing the large group of huddled up, scared girls in the middle some having torn clothes, the two dead men, the large group of terrified men, and the vampire child and girl with lightning dancing around her body, their first thought was to aim wands at the two girl, as they seemingly have two other girls hostage.

However, their were a few female aurors and one in particular with brightly coloured pink hair moved her wand to face at the men to the shock of the male aurors. However, her fellow women joined suit in this endeavour.

"Your Lightning!" the pink haired woman called out.

"Yeah," she agreed as a smirk came to her lips. "Pink hair... pretty auror chick... you must be, Nymphadora Tonks! I believe we have a Lizzy in common!"

"Yea... but... just call me Tonks," she replied with caution. "So, what did these men do to you?"

"kidnapped these two," she answered as she let her power down to stroke their hair lovingly before standing up straight.

"And tried to kidnap another," Eva added with narrowed red eyes as she returned focus on her targets. "Now if you'll take the other girls back to their family's we'll deal with these... men."

"We can't just let you eat them," Tonks said as her anger filled eyes glared at the men, but only a few of the other aurors chose to re-aim. "They'll be going to jail where they belong."

"Nonsense!" a large black auror spoke commandingly. "Albus has warned us of Potter!" he spat in disgust. "A lying insane girl, a murderer even, and here's the proof."

"Well... if it isn't one of Dumbledore's little servant bitches," I said while Eva smirked and seemed to hold back a laugh. "You dare go around pointing your wand at me when the evidence is quite clear. In addition, we being two magus are perfectly within our right according to the law under certain circumstances such as this to kill at our digression. Goblins might be greedy, but they know this shit."

"What a filthy vampire like her," he laughed out mockingly. "A magus... she's nothing but a leach!"

"Leach!" Eva hissed out in anger. "I'll have you know you filthy wannabe! I far outstrip your precious Dumbledore in power, and intellect!" she hissed taking a step towards them when I took her shoulder and shook my head no. Now is not the time to slaughter one of Dumbledore's minions.

The black auror just snorted before getting a shove from another man. "What Dawlish?" he demanded angrily.

"They were within their right to defend themselves with lethal force. And I believe the evidence speaks for itself. If you have a problem them why don't we take it to Madam Bones and see whether she gives a crap about what Dumbledore says! Now lets go and round up the rest of these bastards before they try to escape while the lady's can see to getting the children back to parents or guardians and taking statements."

"But she's a vampire, she has no rights!" he commanded angrily.

Dawlish however pointed his wand at the black guy. "Now listen here Kingsley. I don't care. She's on a leash so to speak. Under the house of one of the Ancients! She is within her right, under that houses name within reason and just cause to take a life of a wizard under the Arcanum, which is absolute! So just get on with your job as I'm your superior not Dumbledore!"

Kingsley just grumbled in anger as he left to cuff up some men, all of which surprisingly willing to be taken in. However, all of the women were quick in heading off to console the large group of girl, use magic to repair clothes etc. before taking them off to find their family's. Harder chore than it seems as not all of them are English!

However, Tonks had joined me and Evangeline as I was now cuddling my two missing girls lovingly as they snuggled their faces into my neck shivering with tears, my hands holding the small of their backs, pulling them tight to me.

"Will they be OK?" Tonks asked in concern.

I nodded with a sigh. "Yea... they'll be fine with a little tender loving care. So you haven't turned into a Slytherin hating Dumbledore worshipper then?"

She crinkled her nose in disgust. "Of course not," she said rolling her eyes. "My mother was in Slytherin House, and she married a muggle-born from Hufflepuff. The Black family disowned mum for that. So can't win either way," she shrugged unconcerned, but I made a mental not to speak with Sirius about possibly taking them back into his family.

"Not to mention your relationship with Lizzy," I added unable to help myself, smirking as I look over the woman's hot body with the knowledge that she can turn into other people... yummy.

Tonks was furiously blushing. "I-I can't believe she told you... wait... your not...?"

"Of course I am," I agreed rolling my eyes. "She really knows how to please a girl."

"Yeah..." Tonks whispered with a longing look in her eyes.

"So... do you have a tent here?" I asked as a plan formed in my mind.

"Yea... I had to buy one just for this match," she said rolling her eyes but still red cheeked. "I saw the ones the aurors office wanted us to use. I only think a few auror took those."

"How would you like to... join my exclusive girls only Covenant of Witches?" I asked with a smirk lining my lips.

"You don't want me obeying Dumbledore but you want me obeying you?" Tonks asked me, but she didn't say no.

"Not obeying as such..." I tell her thoughtfully. "More like working for the greater good..." I said and could sense her rebuttal so continued. "Of kicking dipshits asses!"

"For a second there... with the greater good," she shivered. "That's Dumbledore's bull-crap line for when his sheep, or at least one or two question him. Most of them just accept that as an actual excuse for doing something messed up!"

"Na... me..." I shook my head smirking. "I'll destroy for those I care about, which is why those I do love know I'm sincere. To die for those you love is a great honour, but to kill for those you love just means your loved one isn't going to be tortured and raped before they join you in death! Dumbledore's minions just don't seem to understand this simple principle."

"I've never heard it being spoken quite like that before," Tonks said sadly. "But thinking about what I would rather do. I guess I would rather kill and be able to say I did my best if I were to die. To go down fighting is better than to crap ya pants and die."

"So you in?" I asked as I frowned catching Eva draining the still warm blood from the guy I killed. I suppose its better than leaving it to waste. "It would be nice to have an auror on our side to dish us the dirt in the Ministry! I might even be able to... use my good name amongst those who don't eat Dumbles shit to dig you a little deeper into the ministry itself. Hopefully, keep our eyes and ears on Dumbledore's fucked up schemes."

"Umm... sure," she agreed. "So... do I get a free pen for signing up?" she asked jokingly.

I just smirked rolling my eyes as Tabby and Garnet had stopped crying and were watching with interest. "Garnet, Tabby, this is Nymphadora Tonks, our new sister," I said kissing their cheeks lovingly. "Would you like to stay with her tonight and she'll bring you back to us tomorrow."

To Tonks' surprise both girl each kissed my cheek and glompped onto one of Tonks' arms each nodding their heads in eagerness.

"You mean for... too?" Tonks asked, her checks flamed red.

"Just go and enjoy, they must really think your pretty if they agreed just like that," I told the surprised woman. "Normally they're really clingy with me or our other sister Daphne, or mostly each other when we have classes now I'm in third year. Maybe they could enjoy a few on your... transformation tricks. Just enjoy, and let them enjoy you.

"You girls be good for Sister Dora now, OK," she asked them and they nodded eagerly. "She's probably been working real hard because of the quidditch so why don't you girls be sure to give her an all over massage to relieve her stress, OK?"

"Yep!" both girls chimed in happiness as they practically dragged Tonks off towards camp having pushed the scary events from their minds where two super awesome but sometimes naughty heroes rescued them, and now they get to play with their newest big sister.

"A shape-shifter," Eva commented. How she could just tell...? Well, that will come in handy I'm sure, maybe she can teach me sometime. "She will be highly useful. And I don't mean just for playing with."

"I know what you meant," I replied rolling my eyes.

"Just checking," she retorted smirking as if she thinks hot girls are all I think about. I think about revenge a fair bit too... and blowing stuff up... blowing stuff up is cool... car goes boom.

However, shaking off those childish and pervy thoughts I saw that we had been left alone. I let my senses out and could just about sense people heading into the forest when a huge explosion made Eva and I startle as we looked towards where camp is to see a ploom of rising fire.

Therefore, we ran off in that direction, a large crowd of screaming weakling pussies were heading in our direction when I was startled to see a female house elf with panic on its face.

At first look the house elf seemed to be running away, however, looking closer as I stopped I could see it fighting an unknown force to go back. Then looking further I can detect an invisible human with a thread of magic I've never really paid attention to before, it was strong but seemed like it was shackled too, house elf magic... another creatures magic in chains? How fucked up!

"Lightning...?" Eva called but I just watched. "Morgana...!"

I was startled as that was the first time Eva had had ever spoken my real name. "Protect the girls...! I feel I have to follow that elf... something about the person...!"

"She's trying to stop," Eva nodded in agreement. "I'll protect them... our sisters. You stop him!"

"Right," I agreed as I left after watching in surprise as Eva just bust into hundreds of tiny bats and shot into the sky over the trees in a great swarm.

I shook that awesome sight from my head as I chased after the elf for a good few minutes when I entered a clearing I came to a stop and there was no one, no house elf in sight.

However, I carefully moved around, looking for any sign of the elf, but I found none when I instinctively back peddled twice skidding to a halt as a huge mucky green blast shot up into the sky behind some bushes and a tree.

I let my eyes trail its path up into the sky to see a giant mucky green grey skull form in the sky, with a huge green serpent slithering through and around its eye holes and mouth. I found myself growling as my eyes trialled back down to the bushes and tree where the spell came from.

Taking one step forward, my forearms igniting with blue sparks of electricity as I readied to fight whoever shot that stupid looking goth symbol into the air, when I felt the air pressure shift before hearing the multitude of popping sounds.

They all appeared at once in a circle around me. I lifted my right forearm as red lights swam at me, a blue electric shield erupted and the spells harmlessly hit. I spun, pulling my other arm up deflecting some spells into the surrounding bushes before creating a small shock-wave that knocked all of the wizards to the ground.

"What the fuck are you retards doing attacking me for?" I screamed out in rage. Sure I'm happy about my new power but still, they're total douches. I can even see Arthur Weasley cautiously getting to his feet with the others, some of which I noticed were of higher ministry office than mere aurors.

"Who are you?" demanded a greying brown haired man I know to be a Barty Crouch. He was standing next to a bearded man I know as Amos Diggory, and other than Mr. Bagman, and Mr. Weasley I hadn't met any of them and didn't care to.

"Are you such a spanner that you don't remember me as you met me before the Cup match started?" I demanded in annoyance as I glared at him and took great enjoyment in his blush and the snicker from Bagman. "After all, if you can't remember a staff members name... well.. maybe you should retire, because the douche you were calling Wetherby is actually Percy, but I suppose us little people are beneath you, you prick!

"Its not like I destroyed a Dark Lord you pussies can't bare to speak of when I was fifteen months old," I said mockingly, he just started getting angry but I continued, smirking. "Oh wait a moment... I did that, silly me... how could I forget that everyone knows my name... but the dipshit with the opening signs of dementia... you should see a medi-wizard if your having memory issues, after all you can't be too careful...!"

"That is enough!" Arthur Weasley just butted in angrily, but that didn't stop a few childish peoples continued laughing, including one blonde older woman (kind of fine body) who had at first seemed more stern than Professor McGonagall... turns out this one at least has a childish side.

"Yea yea, whatever," I replied disinterested. "Oh... if your looking for the cake shite who threw that goth-kid thing up into the sky, he was over there. I might have got him with one of those many stunner's you threw at me. You could have killed a little old guy. You should be more careful. You might accidentally do us all a favour and kill Dumbledork!"

"Shut up Potter!" Mr. Weasley hissed in rage. "Don't you talk like that about your betters!" he practically screamed with his face red with rage. His words causing plenty of shocked gasps.

"Oh do excuse my bad manners!" I replied with a kind smile full of bull-shite forgiveness. I replied laughing as my right hand sparkled with electricity starting them all. "After all... his Greater Good is absolute... someone should check for a phoenix tattooed to your ass!" That got quite a few just roaring out laughing, but Mrs. Weasley just fumed, glaring.

"I'll... check behind the bushes then," Mr. Crouch interrupted as the laughing slowly died down, and nobody told him not to so he looked around. I don't know why, but I think I'll check again after him. He seems like the type that would have defended himself over my insult but he just let it go. I'll let them slid until I've seen enough.

"Winky!" he roared out in rage as he came out and just threw the house elf's unconscious body to the floor. My eyes narrowed in rage as he would treat another creature like this... one that can't even defend itself. Crouch also had a second wand but used his to wake the creature up.

She woke groggily as she looked around. However, for a brief moment her large black eyes connected with mine with horror written clearly in them before she turned to Barty Crouch.

"M-Master Barty... Please...!" she whimpered out, her cries shrill and panicked, tugging on her tea-towel toga bearing the coat of arms of the Crouch family. "I... I didn't do nothin' wrong! Please Master Barty!"

"I caught you with this!" he accused waving the extra wand in her face causing her to shiver back in fear. "Its clothes for you when we get home!" he spoke harshly causing her to cry with great big tears in her eyes. Her eyes, the only real sign of beauty on the creature.

I smirked as I pictured a plan as she continued whaling about not knowing how to fire the goth thingy. "Why wait until you get her home," I spoke looking at the elf before back to Barty Crouch. "I'm sure you can live without a tie for a while!"

He shifted uncomfortably for a moment before nodding his head in agreement as the elf whaled louder he pulled off his tie, but I took a little pleasure in the fact he showed at least the tiniest spark of guilt. He forced the tie into her hands and she dropped to her knees whaling with sadness as she held it.

Mr. Crouch had just turned to leave when I suddenly spoke. "Now lets see who Mr. Crouch is actually hiding behind the bushes," I spoke in amusement.

"Excuse me?" the blonde woman was back to her stern ways as she spoke, her wand cautiously moving to Barty Crouch, a few others following suit.

"I can sense the human," I replied shrugging. "That's the reason I'm here. I followed the elf chick after I noticed her trying to stop a human I couldn't see from leaving deep into the forest."

"Amelia... you can't believe this nut job of a girl," Arthur Weasley spoke up. "She's dangerous and deluded."

"Amelia Bones, head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement?" I spoke having heard of her and she gave a nod. "Give me a second and I'll go and get him. Then we'll see who the deluded nut job is. Maybe I should get you some of his wife's cooking sometime. You might find it a little... dark around the edges, but you'll find it... quite controlling!"

Amelia's eyes snapped over to Arthur Weasley in anger. "If I find out you and your wife have been trying to drug Miss. Potter with illegal potions on Dumbledore's orders... or any potion for that matter I'll have you in Azkaban before you can say, 'but Dumbledore'!" she hissed out angrily before turning and nodding to me, Arthur Weasley having paled and backed down.

I gave her a grateful smile as I have not actually met an adult mage who would stand up for me. So I quickly left into the bushes and 'saw' him under an invisibility cloak. I didn't even bother to pull the cloak off him as I grabbed at his clothes and just threw him out where he crashed down to the dirt before the others, his cloak no longer on his head.

"Barty Crouch Junior!" someone gasped out in horror. "But... he's supposed to be in Azkaban for... for crimes against the Longbottom's. He's a Death Eater!"

Amelia looked up in rage from the Death Eater to the Death Eaters father as he looked sick. He didn't even try to resist as Amelia sent aurors to arrest him for harbouring a criminal.

"I don't care what Dumbledore says!" Arthur Weasley suddenly spat out at me in hate. "I'm not have an evil thing like you in my house ever again! And you're to stay away from Ginny!"

I moved grabbing him by the throat squeezing. "You are disrespecting one of the Ancients... one of the Ancient Families. The head even. Yet you don't have the power to back it up. Ginny is MINE! And she likes it that way. You have a problem..." I shrug while those around me watch but none can come to his aid, and those that can, wont.

"I care about Ginny a lot," I continued on. "And she me, in return... and... quite frankly I now grant her protection of my family! Touch her, or try doing anything to her... then... well I'll be having some fun!"

I then threw him to the floor where he coughed and wheezed for a moment before glaring full force. "Then we just wont pay for the bitches tuition for betraying us!" he hissed out angrily. "Then we'll have her at home... maybe we can sell her off to..."

He was blasted across the clearing unconscious by Amelia, which surprised me because I wanted to do the blasting. "Aurors... arrest Arthur Weasley," she said and two of them did so a little too eagerly. "Dumbledore may help him out of this, but..."

"I'll pay her tuition fees and keep her from their grasp," I hissed out interrupting angrily. "Dumbledore has corrupted them so much that they care more about doing what he wants over protecting their own children from him."

"Unfortunately they're not the only one's to fall under Dumbledore's control," Amelia spoke as she looked once sadly at the sobbing little house elf. "We should get back to camp. I won't be able to keep Arthur long, but long enough to perhaps get some information."

"Go ahead," I told her quickly. "I just want a word or two with Winky if I may."

"Of course," she agreed as she gestured to the others and they began leaving. "But even after the bond is broken she wont give up family secrets, even under truth potion. She would rather die"

"I understand," I replied. "But that isn't what I want to talk to her about."

Amelia gave a simple nod before heading off, following after her colleagues while I turned back to Winky and knelt down in front of her.

"Winky..." I spoke gently but she didn't look up. "Winks...!" I spoke more commandingly and holding her tie with huge tears in her expressive eyes she looked to me.

"W-Winky... Winky is no good..." she spoke blowing her huge nose on the tie. "Winky is bad House Elf. Winky never have...! Winky ruined. What Winky do, please... what Winky do!"

"You let me take you in," I said straight-away continuing with my plan. I know all house elf's will obey every command given, and I want to try something with her.

"Y-you would let bad Winky be y-your House Elf?" she asked as if unable to believe it.

I smiled softly as I reached out and she let me pull away the tear and snot stained tie (no less than it deserves) and threw it to my side.

"Yes Winky... I want you..." I tell the stunned little thing as more tears shed of gratitude. "Track your self to me Winky...! Go ahead, let me be your master, your mistress."

"Y-yes," she said mesmerised by my stare. Her hand waves and a beautiful pattern encroaches of silvers, golds and reds around me like pixy dust before fading away and I could sense any freedom she might have had draining away as well, to her relief.

"W-what are your first orders Master?" she asked with absolute devotion in her big expressive eyes.

"I wish for you to use your powers," I began and the elf wiped her eyes clear, hope, devotion, gratitude and other emotions I could not be described as she eagerly awaited her first ever order from her new master.

"Yes My Master... My Mistress?" she asked in absolute obedience and longing, needing to hear her first order as a new slave to a new master.

"I wish for you to use your magic... all of your power," I continued as I stroked the creatures face with affection and hope. She leant into the touch, unsure, tears of confusion in her brilliant black eyes. "To be truthfully FREE!" I practically roared the last word and she paused.

Winky took two short steps back in confusion, her large black eyes on her ugly face widened in shock at her order. The words spoken with suck caring need.

The elf hadn't noticed at first but something was happening to her, a golden energy was building up, bursting from within her wrinkled skin. It felt wonderful to the elf, blissful, her power larger than it had ever been... divine, and beautiful.

The light and energy was peaceful, engulfing the elf in a golden glow hiding her from sight. I could barely believe that what I had hoped for was actually working. It was happening, and I wonder what will happen when its finished. I can already feel the momentary bound gone completely.

Then the golden energy faded away and I had to hold back a gasp as a tiny girl appeared her eyes dark, black even, her skin tan, and long pointed ears up the side of her head with long snow white hair to her shoulders. Her teeth were a little fangy and on the ends of her long slim fingers were perfectly sharp finger nails, just like with her bare feet. She has a body that's like a perfectly miniaturised human woman of perhaps between the age of seventeen and nineteen.

She was still wearing her tea towel toga, which was now a big baggy on her as she looked herself over with her mouth dropping open in awe and shock.

The elf looked up at me, her height still the same, and her eyes just as expressive full of tears, tears of love, and devotion, only these weren't faked by a curse but genuine and she dropped to her knees bowing to me.

"I am... I am really truly... free," she whispered, startled as her little voice was no longer squeaky and annoying, but soft and gentle. "I... I will serve you My Lady of Lightning... My Master! In all that you need. Please allow me this!"

I smiled as I help her to kneel up straight as I pull out my wand and in but a moment she's wearing a cute little blue maid dress with white apron on the front with white and blue headdress holding her beautiful hair from falling into her eyes.

"As my maid... not slave," I told her smilingly. "If I want a slave or two they'll be human girls, not an elf girl, understand?"

"Yes My Master," she agreed. "I... wish to continue calling you Master, or Mistress as you... out of all humans I know," her gaze was unwaveringly full of devotion and loyalty. "None have deserved such titles as you do."

I smiled as I put my wand away and stroked her cheek. This time however, she didn't hesitate in leaning into my touch, a smile gracing her pretty pink tiny lips as my thumb traced them.

"And there you were when we first me saying you're not nice," Ginny said from behind startling me as I turned to see her with Chachamaru. "But really Morgana... you really freed her... and she's so adorable!"

I sighed but smiled as Winky peaked around me staring at the red haired girl in awe. "I know," I agreed smiling. "But what was happening in camp?"

"Death Eaters," Ginny said darkly. "They got drunk and were juggling Mr. Robert's and his family, but Eva got them down. She even trapped a couple of the Munchers in ice before someone fired that," she said gesturing the goth thingy as it was almost faded away. "Then they ran away in fear... so while Eva was trying to track the escapees down she sent me with Chachamaru as my bodyguard to check on you."

"Well, we were about to leave," I told her standing up.

"What happened here anyway?" Ginny asked curiously as the clearing looked a little singed.

"Nothing much... but you remember that guy, Crouch who couldn't remember Percy's real name?" I asked amused when she grinned, nodding. "I think he somehow snuck his son out of Azkaban. His son shot that thing into the sky. Then Crouch tried to blame Winks here and 'fired' her. So I offered her a job and the ordered her to be free, and now she looks like what I think they should!"

"Whoa... that's some adventure," Ginny said smilingly. "But where's dad... I heard the idiot was over here somewhere probably trying to preach Word of Dumbledore!" she said rolling her eyes.

"Oh, right," I said chuckling. "I beat him up for threatening me, then Amelia Bones Head of the Magic Cops stunned him after he started threatening you, probably partially for his protection from me, and then she arrested him."

"O...K," she answered with a sigh before shrugging. "I... I guess I don't have a family any more..?" she asked uncertainly.

"You do if you want to be Dumbledore's latest minion," I answered laughingly as she gave me a look that promised a very painful spanking... I can't wait. "Sorry Gin... but your family are too far gone... well except Fred and George! They at least know bull-shit when Dumbledore presents it as the Greater Good!"

"With capital G's?"

"Of course."

We laughed a little before I turned back to the elf. "Lets go Winks and meet the rest of our family."

"No," the elf suddenly said, looking to herself in awe. "I... I can say no," she said in joy.

"Well good for you Winks," I told her glad she's feeling good. She doesn't have as much to worry about as us. The old bastards certainly going to try something fucked up in the future!

I pulled Ginny into my arms and gave her a loving kiss on the lips, which she only too eagerly returned, our tongues slipping into each others mouths as her hands wandered, squeezing my butt. I pulled back from her grinning.

"We stop now, or we soil the clearing floor and have Chacha and Winks protect our privacy!" I couldn't help but gasp out, out of breath from the searing kiss.

Ginny grinned. "You two... keep everyone away... I'm going down town on this fine ass!" she said, and both Chachamaru and Winks nodded in agreement.