After Edward leaves Bella is left to cry on the forest floor, sobbing where she is hit by a powerful meteor. This grants her the power of a god. Here she'll build an army to purify the world of evil with the help of her vampire servants! She'll fight through everyone from 'shifters' to vampires, lykan, & even humans. She'll become the unstoppable force, & unmovable object.

Twilight - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Fantasy - Chapters: 2 - Words: 8,805 - Reviews: 34 - Updated: 10/21/2013- Published: 4/18/2012 - [Alice, Angela, Bella, Jane]


He left me… just like that… "Bella I don't love you!" it was like he smashed his hand through my chest and instead of tearing out my pathetic excuse for a heart he tore out my soul and swallowed it whole while cackling insanely.

Words of my own creation run through my mind as I lay lost upon the forest floor unable to breathe properly, unable to move, and unable to stop these damn tears frown flowing from my eyes… why is it that I can still think? My mind keeps showing me images… lies that they told me, to keep me… their temporary pet. I just feel sorry for the next poor girl that Edward dooms to heartache.

"I love you!"

His words ringing painful lies within my mind, flowing so easily from his imaginary lips as if he's told this lie to countless girls through countless decades, and shall continue to do so through the aeons to come. I see the faces of 'his' family… 'my' family as they smile with these lies and deceits passing, slippery through their lips. It's as if they no nothing but these lies, getting pleasure from the pain they cause.

It hurts most though when I think of my friend. She was the first person to ever call me her friend. We were best friends and I talked to her about everything, though I wish I could have told her more, but when I was dating her mind reading brother it seems a moot point to talk about him.

I remember when she had let slip about Edward's silly little night visits before we were dating or I knew he is a vampire. It actually hadn't bothered me as much as I now realise it should have. He had been stalking me 'obviously'… maybe Alice was trying to tell me that he's a no good douche. Maybe she did care, even if it were only a little. She cared enough to let me know of Edward's creepy factor. I shudder to think about what he might have been doing while I slept on unawares.

I heard a gentle laugh building up within my throat and it slowly passes may cracked and sore lips as a small smile graces me. I feel a little content thinking that Alice had likely felt guilty for the way they treated me but that did not mean I would let her off. No… she needed punishing too. Even if I have to search for a way for the rest of my life I shall make them pay, and nobody shall get in my way.

A woman scorned, and all that bullshit. I feel myself on auto pilot shakily pull myself up into a kneeling position my eyes open wide and I'm sure if someone were to look into them they would be horrified by the murderous intent within them.

I tried to even my breathing as I shivered, soaked through I had only just noticed it is pissing down and I was caked in soggy dirt but I only laughed. I couldn't stop myself as I look to the dark sky, rain soaking my face but I kept my eyes open. It was a sight… raining so hard yet the clouds are so wispy thin tonight. I could even make out some stars.

I almost choked when I suddenly gasped in surprise my laughter stopping as I coughed before returning my unwavering gave to the sky. I smiled as I watched a beautiful ball of red fire shooting across the sky brightening my darkness.

I smirked evilly before I made my wish. "I wish for the power to get my revenge. To show those bastard vampires what true strength is, and that they're the inferior species to me!" I yelled out, my throat going hoarse at the end as I giggle.

I seriously hadn't expected anything to happen, but as I watched the shooting star it kept getting larger and larger until I was certain the thing is going to hit land. I just watched in mesmerised fascination as it careered across the sky. However, as the seconds ticked away I started to get nervous as to my perspective it was getting larger still, which means it's getting closer. Is it going to hit somewhere near me?

Nope, I was wrong as my world exploded into nothing.

Nothing? Is that even something? But that's all I am. I think. It seems ironic that I wished upon this star to give me power so that I can be superior to vampires and then this star squishes me into nothing. Wait. If I'm nothing how can I be thinking? Can nothing think? Well I guess I was nothing to the Cullen's and I thought then. Well when Edward wasn't 'thinking' for me.

The world as suddenly as it left erupted back into sharp focus. I had to blink away the stars from my eyes (pun intended) as I shook away a soft ringing within my ears. I was standing in a large black burnt crater, but I couldn't see any meteor fragments, and wondered why I'm not dead. That should have certainly killed me, shouldn't it? Maybe I am dead and this is my hell for wishing for revenge or perhaps dating a daemon like Edward. Is it a sin for a human to fall in love with a vampire?

But still, I should have at the very least felt pain, right? Yeah I'm almost certain of it. I'm so fucking confused. What's going on? I sigh heavily in frustration and shake my sodden hair from my eyes brushing it away in annoyance with my right hand.

However, I pause in curiosity as I gaze at my hand. I don't remember putting on any gloves. I'm now wearing skin-tight leather/rubber gloves with some kind of dark red plastic ring attached around my wrists like thick bracelets, though they're firmly attached. I'm confused further as I look down at my self, I'm wearing skin-tight leather/rubber going down my firm body to my black skin-tight boots with more red plastic bracelets around my ankles. Though, my large firm breasts have some more red plastic covering them like some kind of military body armour.

I staggered back a step in shock. I took note that even though the skin-tight body hugging suit that I actually have muscle definition now, and I'm also wearing a slim-line coat that's swaying down to my ankles in the same crimson as the bracelets, left undone with some black trim. Around my waist again with that freaking red plastic, like a thick and stylish belt adding to my looks.

I look back to my gloved covered hands in awe. I would never wear anything like this so where did it come from. I clenched my fists and almost stumbled over in surprise as red sparks of lightning flashed to life around my fists. I relaxed and the lightning fizzled away leaving me with a small smile on my face.

I look up from my crater and gasp in horror at what I saw, taking half a step back. Blood was lining the assault along with torn and burnt human bodies. Blood oozing from eye sockets, and skull caps seemingly torn open, and cars in crumpled heaps, some people even crushed within their vehicles. I was too shocked to even dry heave in disgust. I took another half step back but jumped moving forward I spun around as something crunched beneath me feet.

I screamed and staggered back. There lay my friend Angela Webber naked with one leg mulled and both arms shredded and burnt, laying on her stomach, her eyes looking up at me dead and lifeless, pleading. I grabbed at my head and screamed as I could see images flooding me with terror.

I had died hadn't I? Those were my thoughts as I woke up stark naked on the scorched forest floor. It was still raining but I was surprisingly warm. I stood up and checked out my body in confused curiosity as I was never very fit, but now I couldn't help but wonder. I stared around the forest in awe seeing colours I had never known to exist before. I could hear things around me that I knew I couldn't before. It was exhilarating.

However, that was before I heard that heartbeat. It was faster that what I figured to be normal, and it was the smell that told me it is dangerous. It smelt like someone had thrown a huge pile of dog shit on a fire. It burnt at my nostrils like someone had been squeezing a tube of acid up my nose, and I was seconds from trying to hide or run when he came into view walking out from behind some bushes with a crinkled nose like mine as if he smelt something bad too.

He just stared at me in pity, not that I know why. He's tall; maybe six foot five, Native American, and had bulging muscles that are on display as he's only wearing some denim shorts and he was vibrating… seriously he was. It was disturbing as he tried to calmly tell me my dad is worried and he's part of a rescue team. He hadn't even commented on the fact I'm naked and a little singed.

I just took a step back and he tried to put on a friendly smile but it came off wrong and I moved. I seemed even to myself to just materialise out of thin air in front of his surprised face with my left hand wrapped tightly around his neck. His hands came up to try and pry me off but I was stronger. Then weird got weirder as he shifted his form from huge guy to giant sized dark grey wolf.

However, I seemed to stream back to where I was originally before I was bitten. The wolf only took a moment to spot me as I stared at it in horror. I crossed my arms to hopefully defend myself, but as he came within a foot of me a powerful red shield of electricity spread around me and the monster painfully bounced off crashing down a few feet away with a whimpering yelp of pain and I could hear some bones snap.

Though that hadn't stopped the beast as it climbed to its paws and its yellow eyes glared hate at me. It went to attack again but I uncrossed my arms in what I hoped was a powerful motion and was awed by the effect (it actually did what I hoped). The shield exploded outwards in a furry of fire and lightning. The wolf screamed out as it was caught in my power and collided with a tree creating a huge crack. I smiled as I raised my right hand before the wolf fell. My hand sparked as did the wolf as I seemed to have it pinned to the tree by static electricity.

I found myself laughing loudly and proudly as I held the monster to the tree as it screamed, roared, yelped, and struggled relentlessly, but it was no use as my power was too great… all he can do is turn into a dog while I truly have power.

"You filthy fucking monster!" I found myself screaming at it as I laughed in hysterics. "You think you're all of that and more, huh? You fucks are all the same thinking you're all that. Well news flash buddy. I am all of that and so much more. But that least you'll die quickly whereas Edward will suffer for treating me like a fucking toy. Bye Bye!"

I laughed as the wolf guy looked at me pleadingly, begging me with his eyes as he struggled against my power. I had just laughed, I think he even tried transforming back but my power wouldn't let him. Then I closed my fist in one fluid motion and the wolf's body imploded with a flash of red and an explosion of thunder. I laughed as his guts and internals pooled down the tree and was fascinated as they slowly shifted back into human pieces. His face had actually fallen off and was staring up at me lifeless, but I just sneered. Why should I care about any kind of a monster even if he was human I don't think I would have cared?

I grinned as I looked at my hands to find them not bare and my grin widened as I discovered my new and sexy 'revenge' outfit. Yes, now I have to track down my dearest Edward and the Cullen's so I can toy with them to my heats content, which might not be for a very long time. They should just pray I'm not immortal or their eternity wouldn't be able to end soon enough.

Soon after I was flying around the forest using my lightning powers to do some kind of electromagnetic thing to fly and blasting trees and setting them alight, giggling in happiness (no wonder vampires feel so superior). I had already blown the Cullen's house to smithereens, shattered every window and defiled every room. I was having the time of my life when a weird thought hit me. I'm missing school, and by the position of the sun as I flew up above the clouds it's no doubt dinner time and I sure could use something to eat.

Therefore I giggled my way back through the clouds and shot down towards school. I soon landed in the car park only cars to keep me company as I walked towards the cafeteria where I can certainly hear everyone. Super hearing rocks my world. It takes only a few moments for me to get to the cafeteria doors gracefully thanks to my new senses. I pulled the doors open and walked in as if I owned the place making quite the scene.

Eyes turned to me and mouths fell open in shock, awe, and in the case of some of the guys lust. However, I ignored the douche bags and walked up to the lunch line right at the front and piled food onto a tray before walking passed the weird checkout dyke umm… I mean lady. Fuck it, who am I kidding she's always checking us girls out. I gave her a wink before turning to my usual table with Mike, Tyler, Jess and Angela.

I slid into my usual seat next to Angela and began eating while they stared at me and plenty others in the hall kept talking to each other about how I look different and that I'm supposed to be missing and how hot I am and shit like that but I just eat my lunch. I do have some stuff I might want to blow up later, so I'll need my strength up.

"Bella?" Angela spoke timidly. "Where have you been, everyone's been so worried. And I-I heard the Cullen's have left town."

I giggled and turned to her. She recoiled and I grinned. "Oh don't worry about those little bitches, I'll get them good. But would you all like to know their secrets?" I asked eagerly and even Angela nodded at that. "You want to know the real reason why they bunked off when the sun came out?" Again they nodded. "The reason you never saw them eat?" Once again they nodded leaning in eagerly. "The reason why they avoided people?" More nods. "The reason they're as cold as ice… literally?" They continued nodding. "The reason their eyes are gold yet none of them are related?" More nods. "Or the reason their eyes are sometimes black?" They nodded so hard now they looked like their heads might fall of if I don't tell them soon.

I smiled wider. "The reason they bunk off on sunny days is because their skin sparkles like diamonds during direct sunlight," I began and their eyes all widened. "The reason you've never seen them eat is because they can only drink. Their bodies can't process it." They looked confused now but I continued, and noted other tables listening in. "The reason they avoid people is for two reasons but right now I'll only tell you one and maybe after I've finished you'll know the other. It's because they have superhuman strength and could hurt you with little to no effort if they don't concentrate hard enough on what they're doing so keep away so they don't have to pay that much attention.

"The reason they're as cold as ice," I quickly interrupted Mike. "Is because they are as solid as… and near unbreakable. And the reason their eyes are gold is because they feed on animals…"

"But you said they don't eat," interrupted Mike thickly while others nodded in agreement.

I rolled my eyes at him in annoyance. "They don't… I said feed… not eat," I told them in annoyance and was pleased when I noted Angela's face loose colour as she seemed to be working it together while everyone else most likely needed more clues. I winked at her and she gulped. "And the reason their eyes are sometimes black is because they're thirsty."

"I still don't get it," said Jessica suddenly. "Are you saying they have superpowers or something?"

I laugh as I shake my head in amusement. "No babes!" I reply whimsically waggling my finger. "It means that when Jasper is looking at you or your friends like he needs a crap. He wants to eat you, and not in the munch on your pussy kind of way."

Mostly everyone blushed and a few boys snickered but they all seemed lost so. "They're vampires you idiots!" I say loosing my patience with them.

They all pulled away from me, some of the smarter ones putting clues together but seeming to try convincing them selves more than anyone else that I'm a nut-bar, and others just plane unbelieving and believing that I'm having them on and I just shrugged as I finished off my lunch when the lunch bell rang we all got up to leave for class.

"Y-you weren't j-joking were you?" Angela suddenly asked me in a small voice and I shook my head. "W-what happened to you Bella? You're different, but you don't have different colour eyes or anything. It's more like your presence. I've only ever felt this nervous around the Cullen's and now you. Its like I'm scared but don't know why."

I stopped and she stopped with me. I smiled at her and she flinched as I lovingly stroked her cheek with my gloved hand. "Don't worry babes. I won't hurt you if I can help it, but if I can't then believe me when I tell you that I am so so sorry." I lean down and capture her lips in mine for a chaste kiss.

I pull back and her eyes are watery and we ignore some catcalls from perverts as she smiles at me. "I-I know Bella, thank you."

Suddenly I smelt something both sickeningly sweet and that dog shit again, lots of something's. I could also hear bickering when people screamed as four vampires I've never seen before crashed through the far wall and started feeding on people nearby.

Angela screamed in fear as I pulled her protectively behind me. I took a little satisfaction in the fact that my doubters were no longer doubting me but screaming and running pointlessly for their lives. Then the shit got worse when two huge wolves smashed through another wall and growled angrily making more kids flee to my side of the cafeteria.

Following on the wolf side I was surprised to see my once Native American friend Jacob Black, though he's changed a lot since I last saw him. Now he was huge with short cut hair and a tattoo of some kind on his shoulder and only wearing some blue cut-off jeans. I could tell instantly that he's one of these wolf things to by the smell of burning shit.

I actually groaned when a beautiful ginger bitch followed the vampires through though ignored them as they finished off their meals, she got a small growl from the dogs but not much else as they all looked at me.

"You're all here for me I presume?" I asked conversationally as my fellow students look at me in fear most likely wondering why I would get them into such shit.

"Bella you bitch, you murdered our Alpha last night!" Jacob screamed at me outraged, his body vibrating.

My eyes widen in surprise. "Oh, you mean the fucking dog monster like you?" I asked in realisation to why he wants my head so bad as to expose himself. He and his buds looked barely able to control them selves as I turned from them to the ginger. "So Victoria, you want to kill me because?"

"Your mate killed mine you stupid girl!" she hissed out in rage.

I rolled my eyes. "Well for your information bitch," I began and she growled. "Edward broke up with me and I plan on getting my own revenge for thinking he can just play with me like that. And secondly your douche of a mate hunted me in the knowledge that I had a much larger coven of vampire to back me up, so just stand still so I can send you to bitch at him in hell."

I grinned as I clenched my right fist and it started sparking with red lightening. "Bring it bitch. I'm not a weak little human any more I'll slaughter all of you monsters."

I look down at poor Angela's broken body as I remember the battle. It had started out on even footing while in side and more wolves and vamps joined in attacking me and the humans. I tried to protect the humans as best I could but that was proving futile as the vamps and wolves started turning on each other too.

It ended up with me trying desperately to keep Angela safe as out of all of the humans at Forks high she's the only one who's ever been sincere to me. However, that became a fruitless effort and Victoria eventually got hold of her tearing her clothes off and touching her in places I couldn't allow, and biting her so her venom causes my friend pain.

I had blasted them both out of both anger and jealousy to get her off my friend, and Victoria had fled like the wolves after I had taken care of the other vampires since the wolves weren't purposefully attacking humans I saved them for last, though I think Jacob got away too.

Angela had dropped lifelessly to the floor and I feel like Victoria will be satisfied with all she's done to me as the police had turned up and my father had also been killed, but now she's on my list along with the Cullen's and wolves, I'll get them all. I doubt she'll be stupid enough to think she can take me again.


I startled at the noise and looked around in wonderment as I can't see any survivors throughout the school parking lot.

'Thump Thump'

I looked down to see a slight light on in Angela's eyes and mine widened in hope as I watched her muscles twitch and hear her heart beating ever so softly. I just watch and wait praying that theirs enough venom throughout her body to establish the change as I can't move her yet or she will die; I'll just have to stand as her vigil guardian angle. I've already lost so much within the past forty-eight hours I would be happy to only have her.


I look down at the once battered, naked body of my friend as she quivers. I have stood vigil over her for the past three days, ever watching the change. It was amazing and beautiful wrapped into one.

I'll admit to playing with her body once she had recovered enough that I wouldn't damage her, or cause the transformation to take longer. Once she started screaming. She had finally hit the pain, which I took as a good sign. Her wounds and broken bones had healed before my eyes. She taste nice on my lips as I assaulted her defenceless body, getting off on her pain.

She'll become a useful tool for both my sexual needs and as strength. Also, she is my very good friend, best friend in fact. The only friend I have left in this world. I'll destroy all who oppose me, and to do that I need servants to command, strong loyal servants. I'll rid this world of evil and reshape it as mine to control.

Maybe I'll even get to enslave an adorable little pixie and have her 'eat' me whenever I want. If she doesn't willingly bow down before me, and join in my noble quest.

I couldn't help but smile as I sat naked on top of Angela's naked lap, tweaking her cool solid nipples every so often, absent-mindedly She was close to the end as I heard her heartbeat speeding up so fast; too fast a normal human would die of some kind of seizer. Then it stopped, and she stopped twitching underneath me.

I couldn't help but smile as crimson eyes flashed open, and I pinned her arms up, above her head, laying on her. I pinned her body beneath me, smiling as she struggled. I sparked with red light, holding her, stopping her newly formed super strength from setting her free from my control.

She stopped after a minute, looking at me, confused. I smiled at her, amused as I could feel her squirmy body in all those places I want to.

"Bella!" she whispered with bell like clarity.

I let her hands go and pulled her to sit up, in my arms while I was sitting on her lap. She wrapped her arms around me tightly, which would have killed a human, but not me.

I comforted her as she sobbed tears she could not shed. I had heard that most vampires do not remember their human lives very clearly, but it is not unheard of.

"Shh!" I murmured into her ear, brushing the cool lobe with my lips, which caused her to shiver in my arms as my warm breath made sensual contact with her sensitive ear. "Everything is going to be okay now. I promise you my sweet immortal toy!"

She pulled back slightly to looking into my eyes of red stormy power. "I'm a…!" she began, trailing off to look down at my breast, but whether she was embarrassed or not I could not tell, as she could no longer blush. "Why are we naked, and like this?" she asked, but did not try to get away.

"You're lucky," I had to tell her, smiling more. "Victoria had bitten you so much that the venom had started your transformation. Keeping you alive and turning you. She stripped you remember, and my suit is made up of my energy, but I 'took' it off because I got bored and decided to play with you while I wait for you to finish."

"You were… taking advantage of me?" she asked me, and I nodded readily agreeing, but she still did not try to get away. Instead, she surprised me and curled back into our previous naked cuddle. "Before I would have freaked out, but now… now something tells me that this is a good thing, and that you will look after me, protect me.

"I'll admit. I've thought about it plenty of times while human. In truth, there are a few girls I thought about doing 'it' with, but with that, only one who I could imagine dating, which was you. You've always been so nice and kind, not to mention naturally pretty and hot without trying or caring about it."

I laughed at that. I have to admit I was feeling smug about her confession. I remember a time where I would be embarrassed and deny it. "You're taking all of this very well considering what happened. Do you want to get back at her… at Victoria? We could keep her as a pet!"

She pulled back. Suddenly her lips were on mine, and her tongue had invaded my mouth with a passion. She went to grab at my chest but she stopped short as a low growl escaped her lips. She pulled back and I fired a blast of lightning into the bushes, setting them ablaze where we were in a small clearing somewhere in Canada where I fled with her after the battle, but it seemed like someone followed us.

We were both on our feet fast, looking around in the darkness when a small beautiful creature stepped out. She was red eyed with blonde hair tied back hidden by the hood of the black cloak she was wearing. She was frowning as she looked at me before looking to Angela.

I looked to as she fell to the floor screaming in pain. I blast the girl, sticking her to a tree as Angela crawled to her hand and knees panting for breath. "Looks like a servant found me," I muttered as the small vampire, (smaller than Alice) struggled under the static electricity as it sparked around her, red. "I do hope servants will always be that eager to hand over their power and loyalty. Who are you!?"

I demanded and she growled, which caused Angela to hiss, her instincts were likely telling her not to attack. According to what I know about animals, I would be considered the alpha. That means as long as the little one is no longer a threat she won't attack unless coaxed by me or ordered.

"My name is… Jane of the Volturi Guard!" she muttered in a soft voice, which she likely did not use much. "I am not alone. If you release me now, explain your actions in Forks, Washington. Then perhaps you and she will be free and let on your way!"

"And I am Isabella of the Cosmic Heavens…" I needed to pause at that as I had not actually spent much thought about what I am, but Edwards vampires are 'gods' amongst men complex made me think of a few titles that involved some kind of godly reference. I was getting better at it as my first few ideas sounded so much cheaper.

After all, I was hit by a huge piece of cosmic power giving meteorite. I absorbed it, and it came from the sky: as in the heavens. Though, I guess I could have been cheap and just went with a comic book superheroes name, but I'm not the hero here. So that just cheapens comics, and keep it a secret but I am a comic book lover, which is one reason I was so fascinated by Edward.

Though thinking of him. He's super smart and instead of using that intellect to make something that could prove his humanity, like the cure for things like aids and cancer, he repeats high school over and over. He literally has all of the time in the universe and wastes it.

Sure, I understand that he has to stay hidden because of what he is, but they take it too far. Humans aren't that clever. It might be fun to try high school again in fifty years. When technology and the world has changed so much. If they don't want anyone questioning why 'kids' aren't at school, stay in a country where sixteen is the proper age of leaving.


Right, now where was I? Oh yes, my new servant. Jane. I look back up to see her still glaring at me as I flash red, startling her as my clothes are back. I'll have to practice to see whether I can create normal clothes. I think it was my subconscious that made my kick-ass clothes.

"So… little Jane," I said with a smile as I walked over. She could not move as I unfastened her cloak, stealing it. I threw it to Angela and she pulled it on, hiding away her goodies. "There, much better. I can take a good look at this beautiful little creature."

She was wearing dark hipsters, not quite black with a black belt hanging on her hips. Then over her small chest was a dark green, army coloured top, and she wore black walking boots.

"Certainly not the stylish sort are you?" I asked but I did not care for an answer as I continued, stroking my right hand up her right thigh while she continued trying to use her gift on me, but it would not work. My hand cupped over her crouch giving a squeeze, having 'lost' the gloves to my outfit. I can feel her cool body better.

I stroked my hand up her toned small tummy, letting it lift her top a little to feel her smooth and soft skin before flicking over as my hand continued, letting her top fall back into place. I was soon squeezing her firm and small breasts each and she had stopped glaring at that.

"What are you…?" I asked, amused as she tried squirming free under my power and touch. "A few hundred years old, turned when you were fifteen, sixteen at the most and never having anyone touch you, or take an interest?" I asked, awed at such a revelation that someone could be an older virgin than Edward was.

She went back to glaring as I let her go and replied. "No one is worth my time or heart. I belong to the Volturi now and since my power does not work on you. I shall have to hurt you the ancient way."

"But I am a Goddess!" I could not help reply, and I saw in her eyes that she was starting to believe me, even before her proclamation she was. I had her at my mercy with little effort after all. "If you willingly join me, together we can scour this world of all of its darkness. You can gorge on and bathe in the human blood of the cruel and wicked. We will learn, and destroy the corruption and selfishness of this world. We can experience pleasures unexplored, and we will feel the pleasures of each other's bodies-."

I stopped. She had stopped glaring at least, but three men in cloaks like the one stolen from Jane had finally arrived, stepping out to confront us. I looked them over. They're big, but I didn't care. Since the battle with the mob of vampires and the dogs, I have only gotten stronger than ever.

"Hello boys, come to join my army to help cleanse this world?" I asked with a smiled, amused as I felt their caution. "If not, then leave and tell this Volturi that Jane belongs to me!"

I had expected it, as one, the largest charged. I clicked the fingers of my right hand out in front of me and a blaze of burning red lightning smashed out and blast him through a tree where he screamed in agony as the flames turned a deep purple. It was too late for him as he was quickly turned to dust.

"Leave!" Jane suddenly hissed out as the other two moved forward to try their luck, but stopped at her word, looking to her. "She is a GOD!" she hissed out angrily. "She has chosen me to stand by her side. To use my powers for her. I shall be staying by my Mistresses side for all of eternity!" she declared, and even I was surprised by her sudden devotion.

"You have never sworn such loyalty!" the smallest male said with a nod. "Even to the Volturi you just wanted to cause pain. However, sister I cannot stay with you either, as I had sworn such loyalty. Let's go!" he said to the last guy who nodded. They both flittered away quickly. I could actually smell the apprehension and fear.

Jane moved in front of me as I had let her go, believing her words. She dropped to one knee and bowed like a loyal knight to her ruler and god. I think I'm going to like being her goddess. However, I was more surprised when Angela knelt beside her, just as loyal.


Angela stopped at Jane's glare at her coldly. "That is Mistress, Master, or Lady Isabella. Do not use such familiar terms in the open. It will leave underlings with a bad impression of our Lady's power."

"Oh, right," she said nervously. "Lady Isabella," she said, which was both amusing and made me feel important for once. "I have this really awful burning in my throat I can barely concentrate."

I nod with a sigh. "Jane, be sweet and teach Angela a few things about hunting. We're quite far from civilisation so you'll have to make do with wild animals until we get out of here. We need to find some vampires with money we can use because we can't just steal and kill everyone we meet. It will bring the authorities."

"Yes Mistress!" Jane readily agreed, not standing yet. "I know of a coven of golden eyes that live in Alaska, away from humans, but they travel a lot, and earn money to fit in. They may have enough to… 'loan' us some so we can set up a location."

"I've heard of them from Edward Cullen," I mutter to myself as she stands, pulling Angela up with her, holding her wrist, keeping her submissive and under control, but she paused at that. "I see you've heard of him?" I asked, and she nodded. "I want him to suffer for the heartache he had caused me. You can ask Angela the details while you hunt. She knows most of them. You are both to be two of my Captains.

"You have experience, Jane; teach her all you can. Maybe she has a gift all of her own we can discover and utilise, but it is not necessary. I have something I need to do. I'll meet you back here in a couple of hours. I understand that animals are not as appetising, so gorge and be full. We shall leave for Alaska soon after we reunite."

"Yes Master!" she agreed, near dragging Angela after her at super speeds.

I look to the dull blue sky with a grin before bursting away in sparks of red lightning. I reappeared in a massive hall full of people, grinning maliciously. I was on 'stage' and they had all stopped, the hall going perfectly quiet. I looked to see my old friend Jacob near me, at a podium, staring at me in fear.

"Hello Jacob. Everyone," I said cheerfully with a wave. I scanned the people to see several looking sick, not yet turned by the scent. "I've not come to fight anyone, or hurt anyone, just to talk for a moment. After all Jacob, you saw what happened when we fought in Forks. Not very bright of you to attack me in town, or to team up with Victoria, but… whatever."

"W-what do you want!?" he demanded looking around at all of the people I could kill on a whim, and knowing he is powerless to stop me.

"I'm here to tell you to stay away from me!" I remarked, smirking. "You who is responsible for thousands of innocent people's deaths over a misunderstanding-."


An angry vibrating boy shouted it as he charged up on the stage.

"Don't attack. That is an ORDER!" Jacob quickly said, glaring at the muscle bound guy. "Fighting here will be the death of more innocent people. As of now she has all of the human's hostage!"

He stopped but glared at me. "You killed our Alpha!" he roared out in rage. "He was just trying to help you. We saw it. We are all linked."

I couldn't help but snort. "I had just been hit by a meteorite. I was terrified and naked when some dude turns up smelling as you do. My instincts were screaming at me to kill him the moment I smelt him. I'm surprised I didn't kill him quicker."

"You don't smell very appealing either!" the guy retorted, snarling at me in anger and hate.

"I've come to apologise!" I said, startling them as I smiled and shrugged. "At first I'll admit I was intending to eradicate every last one of you, along with every blood relative, to make sure no more are born, but. That would be petty of me now. We have all lost friends and family and too many innocent people have died. Granted, some were douches, but they could have change over time."

"Apology not accepted, bitch-!"

"Enough!" Jacob roared out and he shut up. He then looked to Bella. "You no longer have such remorse do you?" he asked, but I just shrugged, unsure whether that is true or not. "Very well. We accept your apology!" he replied, shocking the crowd. "I am sorry that I was so blinded by what happened I did not consider the consequences. Stay far from our land and we shall have no reason to fight any longer."

I nod my head and burst away in a blaze of lightning. I reappeared in the forest back in Canada. I can sense my vampires are not too far. I lift off the ground, flying through and round the trees, landing just as Angela and Jane finish off a pair of bears.

They looked to me and flittered over, kneeling before me, heads bowed in submission. I smiled at how hot it looked to have servants being so servant-y. I reached out, gently nudging up Jane until she was in my arms.

"Money and a place first I think," I said, trying to restrain from just tearing her clothes off and having her and Angela now. I also want our first time to be more special than rolling around in the grass and flowers.

"Yes Master!" she agreed with her throat hitching. She turned to Angela, looking down. "Angela. It is time for us to leave. I shall lead, as I know where we are going. You bring up the rear. It is unlikely that we shall come across any other vampires, but we should not leave it to chance, understand."

"Yes. Of course," she readily agreed as Jane nodded and flittered off across Canada with Angela and me close behind. I probably should have mentioned that I can teleport, but running is nice, not as nice as. Who am I kidding? I'm flying high above them by the time we had cut across Canada to get into Alaska.

I watched as Jane slowed down once they reached a huge house out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by snow and mountains, but didn't have to knock on the door as I floated, wide eyed, above, watching. Cullen's All of them except for Edward came out before they arrived to a stop.

I chose to watch rather than land right now, as Alice looked to Angela in horror with her sexy pixy cut pixy hair un-kept, which just made it sexier for some reason. She looked terrible. Well, terrible to a normal person (only those without supernatural senses) who did not want to fly down and take her against her will and make her squeal.

I have to wonder why I've suddenly gone from supposedly (probably not) straight human girl to goddess type girl who like the lady's and wants to get it on so bad with the 'lady's' she'll molest her best friend while turning into a vampire, and consider forcing girls.

"A-Angela!" Alice said, stuttering. Her throat thick with emotions, and pain. She looked like someone might have tried ripping her heart out. "Where's Bella? Oh please tell me she's okay. I can't find her, please. I haven't been able to see her future for the past few days. I… I can't see the future of anyone in Forks!" she said not caring that Angela should not know about her gift, and a useful one it shall be.

I had not even harboured the thought that the Cullen's would come here. However, now, it seemed stupid that I would not. After all, these people are close friends, family even. I noted the red haired beauty rolling her eyes at Alice and had to hold back from blasting her. After all, she is smoking, and maybe has other uses apart from fulfilling my need for sexual contact with the honey's

"You shall not use such a formal tone about our Master!" Jane suddenly added in before Angela could reply.

"Lady Isabella is different!" Angela spoke, as they looked so lost. "She had been… awoken as a… god," she said causing gasps as I carefully landed on the roof of the house down wind, watching, leaving foot prints in the snow. "She had killed a shape shifter as he found her after Edward had left, and after her powers. She killed him before heading back to Forks High wearing a strange outfit.

"The dogs came for vengeance, and they teamed up with Victoria!" she said while there eyes all widened in horror. "You can't see the town of Forks' future because they have no future. You left and became a catalyst for the death of thousands. Edward must pay for his crime!"

"Oh god no!" Esme broke down dropping to her knees sobbing. "I told you. I said to listen to Alice. That it was wrong. But everyone else sided with Edward and forced us to leave. The family hasn't been the same since we left and now we have all those deaths on our hands."

"W-where is… Bell…" Roselle, the normally stuck up blonde haired beauty asked as she didn't looked very superior any more She stopped at Jane's stare of promised pain. "I-I mean, Lady Isabella?" she asked shakily. I knew deep down somewhere she cared about me, maybe too much as I had what she wanted, and that was life.

Angela pointed up to the roof of the house at me. They all looked to see me grinning down at them in amusement. This is interesting. It seems some of them do care. Esme. Even Roselle. However, most of all, her. Alice. Alice cared all this time. He forbid her. They voted on my happiness. I did not even get a say.

"Now where is that Victorian bastard?" I asked pleasantly. "I want to smash his teeth down his throat and show him, modern woman don't need a man telling them what to do!" I told them stretching some kinks out of my muscles that honestly were not there.

"B-Bella!" Alice called out as if she had just seen her kitten murdered. However, she paused as she heard the twin growls. "I-I mean Lady Isabella. Please forgive me. I wanted to stay more than anything. I did! Please believe me. Edward threatened me. I'm not strong enough to fight him. You could have been hurt. He wouldn't even let me say good bye."

I burst away only to reappear in front of her, startling her. I smiled. It was fun to be the one to get that reaction. "I see," I replied, reaching out and stroking her soft cheek. "Your power will come of use in the future," I said laughing at the pun. "You will have forever to make things right because no matter how hard I try I can't and don't want to stop loving you!" I said pulling her into a hug; she melted, cuddling.

"Now, where is Eddy-pooh?" I asked, annoyed nobody was answering.

"Who cares?" the red head (strawberry blonde) woman said rolling her golden eyes. "He's obviously defective. He turns me down, and then you! He could have had a goddess! Is he crazy!? He's either gay or doesn't work. But if you must know he's down south somewhere sulking like he really is seventeen!"

I frowned at that, nodding. I think I might like her. "Well. I have plenty of time to drag him back to avenge myself so I'll leave him for now. I have better things to do!" I told them before looking at the unknown vampire family, scanning them before resting on 'her' again. "Tanya. If I'm not mistaken?" I asked and she nodded. "We have come to request money and it isn't optional!"

"Y-you came here to rob us?" she asked, blinking in surprise.

"No," Jane interrupted. "Make a 'lone'," she said as she even made air quotes.

"Yeah. They came here to rob us!" said a woman with long straight blonde hair down to her butt. "I'm Kate by the way," she introduced herself.

"The pleasure is all yours," I said, smirking. I have always wanted to say that and mean it. "Or mine if you're lucky," I added as an afterthought, winking.

"Wow, Edward really is ridiculously stupid!" Tanya said shaking her head looking for the entire world as if she could find no greater pitiful man than Edward! I'll have to agree there as I look the woman over. My type. Female and hot.

"Money?" I asked as the subject had shifted in the wrong direction.

"We can give you money if you need it!" Roselle surprisingly spoke out as she moved forward looking at Alice and shaking her head. I was wondering how long Alice was going to stay sniffing me all Jell-O like as well. She wasn't even trying to be discreet. "Our family has fallen apart. If you're taking Alice you're taking me and Esme too. We can't stay like this. I didn't realise until you were gone that you were family too. We had been falling apart before you came along. You held us together," she said and none of the 'men' said anything against it.

I sighed as I thought about it. "OK, you can come too, but I am not living in Alaska. Don't you watch the news? There is this crazy gun toting hooligan politician woman who lives here somewhere. Let's just go, OK!?" I asked as Roselle helped Esme up and we were gone, flittering away when I noticed Tanya and Kate rushing after us, catching up.

"Hey, figured we would tag along," Tanya said, smirking. "Plus watching Edwards's ex-and-only-ever-girlfriend beat the tar out of him will likely be amusing."

"What will we be doing anyway?" Kate asked while they all looked to my evil grin in wonder.

"Cleansing this world of evil and bathing in their blood while fucking each other, a lot!" I reply, nonchalant while they double took.

"Can't we just skip that first bit and go straight to the last?" Tanya asked hopefully.

"We can do it first and then after we have slaughtered some evil!" I reply with sparks of lightning rolling over my body.

"You shall do as our Master says!" Jane interrupted, glaring at them, but Alice looked at me, smiling as I flew, close to the ground with her still cuddled to me tightly. I cannot wait to get my first taste of her.