AU! 1st yr! Harry is just a "normal" boy. He's going to rock this new world to its core as a gifted student of the 5th Hogwarts House. This time the mage evolved differently, where magic his strong and doesn't need a focus (wand). Magical World history is different to canon. Here Harry Evans will make new friends as he fights for muggle born rights, leading his house to victory!

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"So I'm a wizard?" he had asked so many times in disbelief that even he was starting to get a little annoyed with himself.

Those words! His words continued to echo in the back of his mind, still with an unreal air about them, as it all seemed so unreal, even while he was at Kings Cross Station after having seen all of the cool magic, and living around it for the past few weeks. He had just had to buy a normal person ticket to get through the turnstiles, and though he had plenty of money he inherited; he didn't feel that he should have had to pay, but the magical people could be very ignorant when it came to muggles, and their train platform was through Kings Cross Station.

He still thought the word muggle that they used for non-magical people was a thinly veiled insult to their intelligence when the magical world wasn't exactly smart, fun, but not smart. Well, the magic was fun, and he had practised a few simple things from some of his spell books so that he might get a small head start if he could, because he had always enjoyed school and learning.

"For the last time yes Evans!" that mean... lady hissed out back at him rather rudely, and though he had been annoying she was mean to him and the other couple of muggle-born kids and their parents; almost making that annoying know-it-all cry. However, that 'woman', and he used the term woman very loosely, was worse to him because he had no one to even try sticking up for him.

The woman's voice got on his nerves just thinking about the way she talked down on everyone, even parents, speaking to them like they were mindless children in a terrible sugary voice, and Harry could just imagine someone squeezing her throat as they rung her neck. Harry smiled at the memory. It would be one of those special memories that he will treasure forever, and try to rewrite that horrid woman out.

It was strange when he found out he was a wizard that his Aunt Petunia was so easy to accept everything so well. Then she took him aside and gave him the 'deal' as she called it. She would let him go, and sign off and release his full inheritance from his grandparents and he could go to this Hogwarts, and never return, or he stays and gets nothing until he was old enough and leaves to never return, and go to a muggle school for smart kids that had offered him a scholarship, but that was only part boarding.

He didn't even hesitate in taking the deal, as magic was awesome. He hated his aunt, uncle, and cousin, anyway, and vice verse, so no lose there. They had bullied him for years, feeding him less than he deserved, making him wearing rubbish old hand-me-downs that were much too large for him as his cousin was several sizes larger than him. It wasn't like they couldn't afford to buy him nice new things, but they chose not to out of some kind of spite.

Harry knew it had something to do with his mother and father. He didn't believe that they were drunks, or that they died in a car crash. His aunt and uncle lied to everyone so much that it was easy to tell when they were telling the truth. Then his aunt hated her sister, Harry's mother, so it was all vindictive, and what kind of monster would take out their hate for someone's parent out on their children, especially when the parent was dead?

It was quite funny thinking about the moments after his aunt signed over every penny his Grandma and Grandpa Evans had left him, because of his mother being dead as it was all left to her and fell to him after her passing. It was in the millions, and he couldn't believe how much the first time he saw the numbers; if his aunt knew there was that much she would have probably greedily tried to take most of it away from him, to keep for herself and her ungrateful family.

The money was more than enough to buy everything he would need for school, and then he was sure if he didn't want to he would never need to work. Though, that wasn't him; he would get bored out of his mind, so thought that in the future he might start his own business, doing what he would have to wait and find out what he wanted to do when he was older and hopefully wiser.

The school sounded as if it would be fun, but he had noticed some extreme racism against muggle-born students such as him. However, he supposed he could ignore that as he had grown up in a house of racists, and he didn't think he had gone very long without hearing one of them criticised a 'bloody foreigner', even normal tourists who help the economy that he complains about when it drops too. Then the 'blacks this... the blacks that...' or even criticising, well a lot of other groups of people too, some for just working hard and earning money; it was crazy.

Harry didn't get why anyone would need to bring colour, religion, or race into anything. He believed that if someone was going to criticise someone else, it should be because the person was a git. If you wanted to be bad about a group or race or something; he believed that you had to be a part of that somehow, some way, and have reason, but then you could try changing things from the inside, and maybe find others who agreed with how you felt to help things change.

That was why he could say the magical world were slow and stuck in a time warp; not to mention their lack of cleanliness, not that he would expect a shop or restaurant to be sparkling, but he expected some good standards, especially when the people had magical powers. And then a lot of people wore frayed old clothes and were dirty and smelt really bad. Did they forget they had magical powers? Or were they just really pathetic at using magic?

He had spent his time before school staying at this cesspool of an inn called the Leaky Cauldron. The tables were black with dirt; the bar, and floor covered with dust with the windows nearly blackened, blocking out the natural light and it was just dark and grubby, and people were all over the place smoking. At least the rooms were cleanish, and Harry managed to pretend to be a pureblood wizard by dressing in some fashionable robes. This helped him get honest answers out of people, and they were more than helpful in some areas, but others they were more clueless that him.

Harry had also bought plenty of books when he found ones he liked the look of, along with a multi-compartment-shrinkable trunk to place in his pocket with his books and all of his school stuff. It was quite the amazing buy as it had an altered dimensional space, which the clerk didn't even get the concept of altered dimensions; he just said it was bigger on the inside. Harry found it off-putting that someone who used such a dangerous looking branch of magic didn't have a clue about the how's and whys, even at a fundamental level.

He studied as hard as he could, in the few weeks he had before school would start, and he was feeling excited to start lessons, as hopefully his teachers were teachers for a reason, and knew how things worked better or he would have to figure it out for himself. He had always done well in school, and though some of the books were difficult to understand, (mainly because a lot of what he read shocked and disgusted him as most of it was guesswork, as they didn't seem to care about experimenting; the authors were that arrogant in their own self worth and intellect, and nobody seemed to have questioned them as their books were still top of the pile of best sellers, and even the low sellers agree with their guesses).

Magic to Harry had to be treated as a science or else he would never discover its secrets. If he couldn't find any books with scientific experiments that he could do to prove or disprove as much guesswork as he could, then he would have to discover methods himself. He had always been a big fan of science class because it was about discovering the way the world worked, and that fascinated him, or looking to the stars and wondering what could be out there; from new elements, to new life.

He had never believed in magic before, but it was real, and before he had believed that there must be other life forms not of the earth, and now he was certain, but he doubted he would ever meet any. However, he realised he had a whole new world to discover and watch, to explore and experiment with, and the new world was on the earth, hidden away, and though it had many shortcomings it was still amazing and marvellous.

He had turned 11 that July, just over a month ago. He had gotten the London Underground to get to Kings Cross Station, which meant he had bought 2 tickets because the underground didn't come out behind the barriers to the main lines, but his second ticket wasn't very expensive as he found a cheap enough one-way route.

However, he was lost; not in the 'I don't know where I am way'; he was lost as in the 'I don't know where I'm going way', as he couldn't see a platform 9 and ¾. The station started at 0, but not one place had a 'point 5' or anything crazy like that.

However, he did make sure to go through the turnstiles by platforms 9 and 10; he was befuddled as he knew the platform had to be hidden somewhere between the 2. It would have been nice for the instructions on the ticket as they probably couldn't put up a sign that only mage could see as that could cause problems for under-school-age muggle-born kids seeing it and wandering in.

The magical world needed to get some common sense. First, the ticket could be as crazy as they liked, as long as it wasn't stupidly huge and old fashioned, and more importantly that it fit in the turnstiles, as long as they had the reader strip on the card to open them. Then instructions on the ticket that only a mage could see would be helpful. Again the magical world had so much power and potential but in this case, ignorance was not bliss, but arrogant, and most of all, mean.

He huffed sulkily as he tried to figure it out. He had already been humiliated when he showed the guard his ticket to get through the gate and he looked at him as if he was stupid. He only had about 10 minutes to get the train as it would leave at 11 on the dot according to his mean guide who should have said something about the barrier, but chose not to because she was a mean racist.

Harry shook his head and brushed his black hair back a little. It was short cropped out in forward facing spikes on top and shorter at the sides as he had gotten a haircut for his first ever day at school. His emerald eyes scanned the barriers between platform 9 and 10 wondering which one would hold the key. He wasn't overly small for his age, and he had some muscle under his clothes from all of the forced labour his horrid family made him do.

However, he now looked respectable. He had ventured out into the muggle world and managed to by a large assortment of very nice clothes. He wore beige combat trouser with a brown belt as they were a little baggy on him; room to grow. He was wearing some comfortable brown walking boots he had liked, and a black shirt with only the middle 2 buttons done up, along with un-cuffing his sleeves, as he was sweltering hot and wished he wore shorts but it was pouring down the night before, and when he left he had been wearing his coat as it was chilly, but snuck off to the bathroom to put it in his trunk.

He had a nice leather wallet that changed into what he needed it for, and held lots of galleons for magic things, pounds, (coins included), and his banks cards. He had 3 bank cards that held his muggle inheritance safely, and his trunk nicely fit in the altered dimension space within a pocket in his wallet. The wallet even had safety features so no one but he could open it, and it would return to him if he lost it, or called for it. It was a really nice find, but then not all magical's could be stupid, but like with the truck, the store clerks look blankly when asked about the altered dimensions, or how did the wallet know what you wanted from it.

He wore a thick brown leather strap around his left wrist with a silver watch attached that was unbreakable, and had every magical feature imaginable (within reason), but when he saw it in the shop window and went to buy it, it was missing 2 useful things, a clock and compass. The magical people were really that odd, so he had to get them added, and for the watch to be its main face, which made it the most valuable thing Harry owned, and the most expensive watch the store had ever sold.

Harry sighed, and was just going to go and pat down walls and hope he fell through one when he was startled as a pompous man was marching passed him, sneering around at all of the people. He was short, and stubby. He had short, balding blonde hair, and mismatched stubble with a mole on his right cheek with hairs sticking out of it.

He seemed to be with a woman. She was a complete opposite. She was stunning with long wavy crinkled brown hair and beautiful dark eyes. She was nearly dragging 2 girls along with her. The first girl was likely the oldest. She had wavy blonde hair down to the small of her back and cool blue eyes. The second girl was smaller. She was a brunette, and her hair was cut short in a pixie style, but longer over her ears, and spiking in a downward angle and looking a little ruffled.

"Bloody floo!" the man near spat out in anger. "Now we have to be near all of these filthy muggles!"

Harry sighed as he quickly followed. He was almost amused by the man's casual racism. If someone said that and changed muggles for the word 'blacks' or something the whole station would have probably gasped in horror, which would have probably been funny, which he supposed shouldn't be, but he didn't care because he wasn't racist, and wouldn't care much whether people thought he was, because if they wouldn't care to find out the truth they wouldn't be worth bothering with. He didn't like people who believed stupid rumours that had no foundation to stand on.

The man and his family (Harry cringed as that woman was just too beautiful; he would have to figure that one out) stopped by a barrier between platforms 9 and 10. He was surprised as that was the one he figured would have been the likely choice for ¾'s. It was nice to know that he had sussed it out by himself before the 'nice' family turned up.

The man turned after having some words with his daughters, looking Harry up and down; he didn't hide his disgust. Wizards didn't wear muggle clothes. They wore robes like dresses. It was crazy. Witches wore 'muggle' clothes under robes, and muggle-born boys wore clothes. It meant that muggle-born boys' uniforms were marked up ridiculously, so Harry was going to buy his uniforms from the muggle world in the future where they won't be at stupid prices.

"Get lost brat!" the man hissed out in anger. He even sounded as odd and pathetic as he looked, which was amusing, and made the man anything but intimidating.

Harry rolled his eyes and didn't back down, how could he, he would look foolish in front of the girls, and he could admit a little that he didn't like to feel foolish, but then who did? "We're going to the same place, so I'm waiting for you to show me the way," he replied not showing any outward sign that the man bothered him, and honestly; the only thing that bothered him was how in the hells did he get a woman like her?

The strange racist man's daughters and wife had turned to Harry too. The blonde girl did not give him anything but a neural, nonchalant stare (and slightly blushing cheeks as she could see his chest and abs, and magical world people tended to be prudes, and covered up so much, which was probably why pureblood girls had more uniform to them, poor girls were a little sweaty too).

Looking deeper into the blonde girl's green eyes he noted just a tint of amusement, either with her father's racism, or Harry not backing down; he couldn't tell, but hoped it was the latter. However, her younger sister was glaring more than her father was; her cheeks red from her anger, and there was plenty of hate and mistrust in her icy pale blue eyes he was sure she was curious about something.

However, he was surprised to see the wide grin on the woman's beautiful face. "I suppose this is your first year at Hogwarts?" she asked with a kind English accent, and he nodded in agreement. "You'll be in the same year as Astoria then," she said, gesturing her brown haired daughter. "I'm on the Board of Directors at the school, and I should apologise. Professor Dumbledore and I have been trying to get them to add instructions for getting to the train for muggle-born students, but they can be stubborn arses, and the guides seem to 'forget'.

"I hadn't known about the new muggle gates to stop fair dodger, ingenious of them though they are. I'll have to try to get the tickets changed so you can-."

"Kennedy!" her husband growled out annoyed with her, but she didn't seem to care, but then he was about as scary as a goldfish, and she flashed him an annoyed look; he backed down straight away. Harry couldn't help but like her. She was kind and pretty, and with a smile like that. If her daughters followed suit (which seemed unlikely with their dad 'influencing' them) then they'll be stunning too. Though, who was he kidding? Even as 'evil' racists they were cute!

They were all wearing robes. The girls were in school uniforms, and Harry suspected magic for the muggles to not actually pay their weird clothing choice any attention. Though he supposed robes weren't all that odd when he saw some Goth kids rushing passed and decided that robes were quite normal compared to all of that.

The father, and girls robes were completely done up. However, this Kennedy woman's robes were nicer by far, and left open showing a pale blue dress underneath, with nice curves and legs as he had heard about such things from his uncle when his aunt wasn't around he could be somewhat more civil, and didn't sensor himself as much.

Plus, Harry knew he might get a smack or 2 if he repeated any of the things his uncle had said about women on TV he thought were fit, which was ironic coming from a lard-ass like him. Harry didn't want to be like him, and though he was sure he could appreciate the female form (the one's he liked), he would stay clear from being a pig, and then he would get some cute girlfriends to kiss, and when he was older do 'other' things he had heard about.

Harry had to hold back the blush and shake his head clear as he did tend to drift off sometimes, and the doctor said once (when the school made the Dursley's send him because he got bored easily, and disrupted class sometime) that he had a mild form of ADHD, which his 'family' made good use of making it an excuse to work him harder, even though he was sure the doctor was an idiot as he was certain everyone drifts off when they're bored or over thinking things, and slide off tangent; it was only natural, he supposed, but another teacher realised soon after that he was just smarter, finishing classwork long before anyone else and getting bored, so they upped his class load and everything was kind of better.

"Terry...!" Kennedy reprimanded a moment later, which made the man grimaced, and Harry realised that she was more powerful than him, by far, by the way he backed down so easily. She probably let him get away with a lot of rubbish, but that was at 'home', or in the family, but his behaviour could be considered embarrassing, as well as being rude.

"I told you about this before!" she said before turning back to Harry with her wide smile back in place, and soft blue eyes. "Well; I'm Kennedy Greengrass, and this is my husband, Terry!" she gestured the man as he sneered and sulked at the same time. "Then we have my oldest daughter, Daphne," she said gesturing her blonde daughter, and the blonde girl nodded to him and offered a small smile as a good gesture, which he reciprocated with a grin, and her cheeks darkened. "And this is my youngest daughter, Astoria. I'm sure you'll get along great!" she said, but Astoria's narrowed eyes said she would not agree with that, even if Daphne was nonchalant about it either way.

"Umm… well, I'm Harry Evans," he replied, and he was surprised as she seemed to pause as her pale blue eyes meeting his, and widened slightly as she gazed into his emerald eyes in wonder. Mrs. Greengrass seemed to gulp before her smile became more radiant than ever. However, even her daughters caught the hitch and odd look. However, they looked just as confused by it as Harry was, but that just made for another mystery for him to figure out.

However; another oddity was Mr. Greengrass's sneer intensifying; his brown eyes were even colder than before. "Come on, before we're even later and miss the train-!" he spat out before he looked over the kids' heads, eyes widening slightly as he saw a gaggle of red heads. "Oh crap, come on, before we have to speak to that annoying Weasley woman!"

Harry was a little surprised as the man grabbed him and the two girls and shoved them viciously through the wall, and for that moment all 3 were on the same page and glared back at him in indignation while he and Mrs. Greengrass brought through the girls trolleys with their trunks. Harry and the girls looked at each other in surprise for a moment blushing before the girls grabbed their trolleys, Astoria sneering at him before walking ahead with their father, leaving Mrs. Greengrass to walk behind with Harry.

"Don't mind him, Harry; he has the sense of a grapefruit and the tact of an onion, but I know what he means about that woman," she said to Harry, to elaborate. "Arthur Weasley. Her husband is a great guy, not my type, kind of odd really, but still; a good guy, but his wife Molly… well, for a pureblood, blood-traitor; she can be more racist than some of the worst people I've met! She honestly doesn't even realise it herself; she is the definition of the bigotry in Gryffindor, but then I am biased as I was in Slytherin, and with house rivalries and all. You probably wouldn't like being in either house, but I think that you should make some friends on the train and what will-be, will-be, and you'll find your place at the sorting."

"Okay," he said fretting a little about what house would be his, and hoping the other kids were nice to him, and then he could make friends.

Mrs. Greengrass smiled as she went to her daughters as they were going to board the train without saying bye. He watched as Daphne hugged her mother and kissed her cheek in return, but Astoria fought it and lost. Bright red in the cheeks, and she caught Harry laughing at her and stuck her tongue out childishly. However, Harry did notice that Mr. Greengrass stayed back to the side, and wasn't going to even say more to the girls, and worse was they didn't care or wave, or even acknowledge him.

Harry looked around at the huge scarlet stream train and all of the other kids saying their farewells to parents and family members. It made him wish he had a family. But he had what he had. He could only hope that in the future he could make his very own family to love.

He was feeling jealous and lonely when he was surprised as Kennedy Greengrass engulfed him in a warm sneak hug. He melted before he realised what he was doing as he felt her soft chest on his cheek, squishing into his face; he was blushing madly as she pulled back, smiling at him in adoration.

"Don't worry Harry," she said as she gave him his first ever, motherly kiss to the forehead. He couldn't help but show his surprise, but she laughed it off. "I couldn't just let a cutie like you go without a hug and a kiss good bye," she said with a weird hitch of emotion in her voice, which made him more curious than ever.

"T-thank you," he mumbled under his breath while she giggled and gave him a gentle nudge towards the train as the last boarding call whistle sounded.

He smiled at her; his widest, and waved to her as he charged off and onto the train. He ended up near the back, finding a free compartment. He had thought about finding some other first years to hang out with, but he didn't know how to make friends like that, and he was certain the Greengrass girls wouldn't want his company either, so he would wait and hope for the best that a friend found him.

Sitting down he sighed as he looked out the window. He could see Mrs. Greengrass as the train started pulling away from the station. She saw him and waved, giving him a cheeky wink before they rounded the corner, out of sight.

He relaxed as he watched the scenery zoom by the window, wondering about that woman. How does a jerk bag like Mr. Greengrass get such a nice, beautiful woman to marry him? It seemed crazy, but it gave lots of hope for Harry's future love life, as he was not a jerk, plus he knew he was good looking too.

Harry had never been on a proper train before; the underground just wasn't the same as that was so noisy and kind of scary too with all of those people. He had used this thing called a portkey when the mean and honestly stupid witch arrived to show him around and take him shopping; it kind of teleported people, but the woman wasn't smart enough to even understand the potential concept of teleportation, maybe they should send muggle-born staff to green new muggle-born kids, but then Muggle-born's might have gone native; he would have to protect himself; he didn't want to catch stupid, or ignorance.

She wasn't nice at all. She didn't even care how he was going to get home, not that he went back once he was free from her patronizing idiocy. If he was in charge, he would never let anyone like her be in charge of dealing with people. She had no people skills to speak of, and Harry was certain she had no friends and everyone avoided her and made fun of her behind her back when they weren't being hateful about her.

Harry was sitting alone for a few minutes when his compartment door slid open, startling him. He looked up, surprised to see a pretty young girl standing in the doorway. She had the brightest smile he had ever seen, and he had thought Mrs. Greengrass's smile was nice.

She was small with bright brown eyes and long cherry red hair down further than her bottom left loose, clipped up in curtains framing her face over her shoulders on the left side by a kitten clip, and the other side, less so by some obviously hidden clips to keep her hair from her eyes. She was wearing her school robe, left undone with a white skirt and pale blue top underneath with pale blue knee socks and black shoes.

"Hey!" she greeted cheerfully. "I'm Ginevra Weasley, but everyone just calls me Ginny. I'll be a first year this year. This is so awesome. I can't wait, what year are you in?" she asked in a hurry, rushing out her words and nearly tripping over them.

"Oh, umm… I'll be a first year too," he said, which brightened her expression as she took the seat next to him, in his personal space, pushing herself up against him, blushing a little. "Err, yeah, and I'm Harry – Harry Evans!" he quickly gave his name as he realised she was waiting for it with a cute expectant look on her face.

"Nice to meet you Harry!" she greeted, hugging his arm after an eager handshake if afraid he might try running away from her; she was odd, but it was nice odd.

Harry gulped, as she was so close he could almost count the dashes of freckles on her pale skin, over her nose while she leaned on him, kneeling on the seat with his arm trapped in her hug. "It's umm… nice to meet you too," he quickly said, not used to such closeness to another human being. Mrs. Greengrass's hug didn't count as it wasn't for long, and she caught him off guard.

"It's funny. I don't think I've seen you around school before," she said, looking him over more carefully before her eyes widened in surprise. "You must be a muggle-born then," she said with a nod of her head, glaring at him as she let him go for a moment before sighing while he looked confused. "I just don't have it in me to be mean about muggles like mum, Ron, and Percy."

"So, you're a pureblood?" he asked, and she nodded her head in agreement. "And you want to be mean, because?" he couldn't help but ask, confused about the whole situation. She was about to answer when he thought of something better and asked that instead. "You look younger than me," he said, surprising her with the interruption. "So why would you have been to Hogwarts already?"

"Yeah, I'm ten, but that's when pure-bloods start school," she said before continuing. "Well, nine really, but that's more about none magical things, making sure we're all up to scratch with reading and writing, and maybe the odd simple spell, which were so much more fun."

Harry couldn't help but chuckle with the way she told him. It was condescending. She gave him a weird look and he shrugged. "Sorry. It's just that was a bit too smug. It was funny, and made you look as cute as a kitten, like your hair clip."

She blushed and pouted, but it was ruined by her tiny smile. "Well, I am a pureblood, so I'm obviously better than you!" she declared as fact.

Harry laughed again, and Ginny was as surprised as Harry when he playfully tackled her, pinning her to the seat where she struggled. He was heavier and stronger than she was. He then whispered something in her ear that made her shiver before she lit up with a white ripple for a very brief moment, and started giggling uncontrollably, and crying out for him to stop, tears in her eyes.

"Now who's better?" he asked, laughing with her.

"You are! You are!" she cried out trying unsuccessfully to wriggle free. "Please stop, I can't breathe!" she begged, and he let her go where she gulped in the air, breathing hard. He sat up helping her up next to him. She was holding her ribs half-glaring at him.

"That was mean!" she said, pouting after a few moments before she lent up against him smiling with a sigh, as she latched back onto his arm. "I'm sorry… things aren't all that… well when it comes to family and stuff. The magical world takes all of that very seriously, and my family has neither wealth nor power. Mum wants us to all start taking status and everything more seriously, but dad said we should make friends, not allies."

"What about you?" he asked, and she blushed, smiling.

"We're going to be the best of friends Harry, and I don't care what anyone says!" she admitted proudly as she hugged him tighter. "I mean, you're much more fun than most of the pure-bloods I've met!" she said as matter-of-fact.

Harry couldn't help but grin. "Yeah," he agreed, comforted by her; he liked the way she was holding him, as it was nice.

She then giggled as she sat up more, loosening her hold on him and poking his bare chest. "You'll have to do your shirt up soon, silly, and put on your robe. The teachers like you to look proper or something for all the big occasions like the Welcoming, and Leaving Feasts," she said before frowning as she poked his chest again before putting her hand flat on his soft skin, eyes wide.

"Wow Harry!" she declared in awe as she looked at him better. "That's real muscle...that is so cool. I sometimes see my brothers without tops when it's hot and they're playing silly games outside, and they're kind of flabby or real skinny! Though mum doesn't like when they take tops off because it apparently isn't proper or something, but boys don't have boobs like girls so it's okay I think," she said shrugging as she pulled her hand back while Harry was blushing at her bluntness.

"Well thanks for the 'memo'," he said with a sheepish grin.

"Any time!" she agreed with a smirk. "Anyway, you'll meet Luna soon if she finds me. She was the only friend I made. She is really nice though, but weird; I think you'll like her, she is pretty too, and nice to cuddle when one of us is feeling down, but we have you too now. She's a nice friend, but very strange sometimes. I think I've got the hang of her though," she said in a hurry. "I couldn't find her on the train. I hope she's not missed it."

"I'm sure she'll turn up for this sorting thing I've heard about," he replied while she nodded eagerly with a look of hope. "Though, I still can't figure this whole house thing out. I had worn robes in Diagon Alley, so I could fit in so I could ask people things, but they just expected me to know. What I've got so far is, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and this apparently hated house, Aerenight, but even the books are pretty elusive, and this huge one about Hogwarts was pretty useless if you wanted a bit of history other than stupid achievements and events the school held, like quidditch and stuff," he finished off shrugging.

"Okay," she began thoughtfully. "So we have the Gryffindors; they are supposed to be brave. Then we have, Ravenclaws who are supposedly all smarty pants, and Hufflepuffs the loyal hard workers. Slytherins are supposed to be cunning and ambitious, though if you ask Gryffindors they'll say evil too, but I'm not really sure myself. Then the Aerenights are near all muggle-born students, but they're supposed to be adventurous! I suppose coming to Hogwarts from the muggle world you would have to be, or you would be crying for the first few weeks.

"Professor McGonagall is nice but stern; she teaches transfiguration, and is the Head of Gryffindor House. Then Professor Sprout teaches herbology, and heads Hufflepuff. This tiny teacher, Professor Flitwick teaches charms and he is Head of Ravenclaw. Then this mean jerk, Snape teaches potions, and he is Head of Slytherin, and for some reason he absolutely hates the head of Aerenight. Professor Lupin teaches elementology, and heads Aerenight! But we don't go into elementology until third year as it's an elective, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to take it because it sounds so cool."

"OK, so these people founded the school and set up houses with their names?" Harry asked while she nodded her head in agreement, letting his arm go she took on a thinking pose.

"Yep," she said nodding. "There is, Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Annabella Aerenight-."

"- anyway," she said leaning closer to whisper secretively for effect. "Rumour has it that Annabella Aerenight was muggle-born while the others were all pure-bloods.. and I heard once that she was a wealthy heiress to a duke or king or something like that, and that Hogwarts was built with her money, but then rumours are like that for all the founders, trying to claim the castle was rightfully theirs or something silly like that," she giggled, sitting back and letting her volume return to normal, she continued.

"Aerenight House isn't very popular with the other houses because of the whole muggle-born thing, but I would probably prefer to go there over Slytherin. Slytherin normally have so many rich pure-bloods; it wouldn't feel right. That's not to mention how angry my family would be as Slytherins have this reputation for being evil, or at least producing some pretty bad witches and wizards, even though Merlin himself was in Slytherin and he was a huge muggle rights activist with that whole Avalon thing and Camelot!"

"O-K," Harry said with a shrug as he filed away the Merlin bit in his 'holy cow, serious?' vault within his mind for later evaluation. "Well, at least those little monsters that run the bank were nice to me… well they weren't horrible."

Ginny laughed, shaking her head, amused with him. "Don't call them that to their faces or they will be horrible!"

Harry shrugged sheepishly. "So what house are you in?" he asked, startling her.

However, she rolled her eyes, shaking her head again. "We don't get sorted until we're ten, silly. So I'll be sorted with you. Haven't you been listening? I said that I would prefer to… never mind," she said, smiling at him while he blushed as he realised it had been heavily implied.

"So… what house do you think you'll be in then?" he asked, hoping she forgot his silly transgression.

"I don't know," she replied, shrugging. "I just know that all of my family have been in Gryffindor for centuries. Though, I don't know whether that's good or bad, as Gryffindors have a rep for being reckless idiots."

"Looks like you're going to break tradition then!" he replied, smirking as her pale cheeks lit up at the compliment.

"Actually, I hope your right," she said suddenly in thought. "I've met the Boy-Who-Lived, and I would rather somewhere different. I had always dreamt that he would be this awesome hero, but what we get is a big-headed, self-centred braggart! Then he's friends with my brother Ron, and Ron was already a selfish jerk, and has since gotten worse."

"Boy-Who-Lived?" he asked, baffled. "I've heard this kid mentioned a few times, but never figured out what it meant or who he was."

"Yeah, well," she leant in closer to him quivering and holding back onto his arm, and this time taking his hand; her face was nearly touching his as if this was going to be the biggest secret ever. "Years ago, back about nine and a half years I think. There was this super-evil Dark Wizard. His name: Voldemort!" she hissed out the name, flinching, but Harry didn't react more than befuddlement. "Well anyway, Neville Longbottom was fifteen months or something like that.

"Rumour tells of a prophecy. They say that it foretold the Dark Lords defeat at the hands of a child. He supposedly heard about this. So he sort to find the child. He had his Death Eaters, which is what he called his supporter, search for the child that matched the description in the prophecy.

"He went after the Longbottom's, and killed the boys' father," she said mysteriously. "However, his mother was left comatose in the hospital to this day. The Dark Lord; he tried to kill Longbottom, but something happened and his unstoppable killing curse flew back and obliterated him.

"This is how Neville Longbottom became the Boy-Who-Lived," she finished her story with a sigh of relief. "I don't know any more than that, sorry, but that's all anybody really knows about that Halloween night anyway."

"Wow, you make a great story teller, Ginny!" he said, smiling at her as she blushed.

"Well… thanks and… people don't usually say 'his' name, even now they're afraid he'll return, and with magic, who knows. They call him You-Know-Who or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, but if Dumbledore is allowed to say it," she said, shrugging.

"So I gather this Voldemort dude…" he trailed off as she flinched and gasped at the name, and she was awed he said it so casually. He shrugged and continued. "Well, anyway, he was trying to hurt muggle-born people and muggles?"

"Yeah; he wasn't very nice at all," she readily agreed. "But he also wanted to conquer the world or something."

Harry snorted at that shocking her. "Sorry, I was just wondering how he would deal with millions of highly trained and dangerous muggle soldiers with highly advanced weaponry? Or I've watched too many alien invasion movies when my aunt was out and my uncle didn't mind if I sat and watched too because my cousin freaked out at movies like that."

She frowned before shrugging. "I don't know, maybe he just wanted to concur the magical world because even a wizard as powerful as him had limits, and nowhere near that many people, but I don't know what you mean by weaponry; do you mean swords and stuff? And what's a movie? Is it like the theatre? And what's an alien? That's kind of a weird word."

"Umm... maybe I'll teach you something during a holiday and show you around the muggle world, take you to see a movie, and you would understand, but let's just say he was sneaky; he was a Slytherin, right, who knows what he could really do?" he said and asked while she nodded her head, and it was her time to feel baffled about something. "So anyway, this jerk Neville will be in his… second year?" he asked to get more knowledge. It sounded like this boy needed to be avoided if he could manage it.

She nodded her head in agreement; glad to be back on track of something she knew all too well. "He needs his butt kicking to knock some manners into him. He thinks he can do whatever he wants because he's some supposed hero. Then his family manage to get him near everything, and the corrupt and greedy give in to them easily according to my dad. He works at the ministry in muggle affairs because idiots think it is funny to curse muggle stuff, and people get hurt and not just muggles, so he deals with fixing the problems."

Harry laughed when they turned together as the door slid open. It was a small girl with light blonde hair tied back to her back, wearing weird radish earrings and a bottle cap necklace. She had some stunning and expressive sky blue eyes. She was wearing her robe open like Ginny but wore a blue summer dress underneath with normal white socks, and black shoes.

"Luna!" Ginny squealed with delight as she hugged her friend before plopping back down next to Harry with a smile. "Hey, Luna, this is Harry Evans, our new best friend. Harry, this is Luna Lovegood," she introduced them.

"H-hi," he replied while she smiled and drifted over to the seat the other side of him, just as close as Ginny was with an endearing smile as she examined him closely.

"Hello Harry!" she greeted with a misty, breathy voice. "Do you know your mana is glowing so much with kittanegaels?" she asked him, smiling further.

Harry looked to Ginny, confused. She giggled and answered. "They're supposed to be a sign of lots of good mana. She 'sees' them on lots of people."

"Oh," he said looking down at himself before back to Luna. "Well, thanks a lot for the heads up, Luna."

"You are welcome Harry," she said, pleased he wasn't making fun of her like everyone else; apart from Ginny.

"Where have you been Luna?" Ginny quickly asked as her friend looked to her.

"I'm sorry Ginevra," she said regretfully. "I was confronted by that bully Neville Longbottom and his friends making fun of me until a Slytherin prefect turned up and saved me. Though, I think she only saved me because it was 'him'."

Ginny sighed in relief and glompped onto her friend, over Harry's pulling him into the hugging too. Luna looked like she was enjoying the hug as she hugged back, lavishing in the attention while Harry did enjoy the contact he had lacked for so long, he felt a little uncomfortable at too much too fast before Ginny kissed Luna's check and let go so they could return to their seats.

"I was kind of worried about you, silly!" Ginny said while she was hugged up to 1 of Harry's arms and Luna was eagerly hugging the other once she saw Ginny and realised she was allowed too.

It was nice to finally have friends.

Harry was having a great time with his new friends, playing a card game where cards blew up in your face if you snapped wrong. Then there was this chess with moving pieces that didn't like Harry much because he kept winning. The pieces he chose did like him, however, Ginny and Luna both kept pouting as they had been teaching him how to play, and he had some natural talent. He had always wanted to learn how to play chess, and other games but never had the friends to play with, but he could learn all the games he wanted to now. And he would secretly admit he liked that they would lounge on him without hesitation; it was comforting somehow to accept their cuddly nature to him.

It was around lunchtime that a woman with a near empty snack cart turned up looking apologetic. "Sorry dears, we don't have much left. Mr. Longbottom nearly bought it all. I tried to talk some reason into him, but…" she sighed, shaking her head sadly.

"That's OK Miss," Harry said smiling. "I bought some sandwiches from the sandwich shop," he said smiling as the other 2 waved her off. Luna was carrying hers in her bag and Ginny's was in her large inside pocket, a little squished.

"Why does mum never listen when I tell her what I want?" Ginny asked herself, as she looked her sandwiches over sadly.

"Here," Harry startled them both as he had pulled out his trunk, resized it and opened a refrigerated compartment with several baguette rolls filled with all sorts. He pulled out the rolls and offered them up. "You can share these. I won't eat them all, and I don't want to waste them. I have some fizzy cans too," he said as he had stockpiled, just in case the magical people drunk something stupid and yucky, like pumpkin juice or worse.

The girls both looked at the odd tins cans each, confused until they watched Harry open his orange and take a sip before using his trunk as a table and starting his sandwich. The girls then pulled the ring pulls opening the cans and drinking the tasty fizzy stuff.

Harry couldn't help but smile after lunch, as he had each of his new best friends either side of him, taking naps hugging an arm each before he fell asleep soon after.


"Do you think those boats look safe?" Harry asked nervously as he looked from the giant man with a beard sitting in one of the little wooden boats by himself to his two new best friends, Ginny and Luna while other kids climbed into boats without a thought for their own personal safety, which was crazy to him; the boats looked anything but safe. The boats were old, and had rusted nail, and some of the wood looked to have been rotting away.

Luna and Ginny wouldn't have thought about it either if Harry hadn't said anything. However, now, looking from their new best friend to the flimsy looking boat they were supposed to climb into they felt concerned, and rightfully so they silently said, nodding to each other before back to Harry.

He had done up his shirt, apart from the top few buttons, and was now wearing a long black robe that he left open because even though the sun had gone down it was still humid and hot. But no matter how hot he would prefer not to have a night time swim in the dark water.

"Well. I think magic probably stops them from sinking," Ginny said to herself more than Harry or Luna, trying to reassure herself that she wouldn't fall in and drown a horrible death.

"What? We're not going to share with them losers!"

They were startled, and turned to see Astoria arguing with her sister, just behind them, glare pouting angrily. However, Daphne looked nonplussed by the whole thing and gave Harry a shrug as she saw him watching them before turning back to her stubborn little sister.

"It's either that or we go with that jerk Longbottom," Daphne retorted rolling her eyes. "You were the one who waited until the train stopped before going to the bathroom, which is why we were at the back of the queue! Anyway, mum doesn't like us listening to dads' muggle hate stuff because he's just sore that she liked-."


The brown haired girl huffed as she just barged passed Harry, Ginny and Luna and climbed into the boat with her sister sighing and climbing in after her. They sat at the other end facing the 3 best friends as they waited for them to climb in.

"Umm… Astoria and Daphne Greengrass," Harry introduced them nervously. "Their mum is awesome, but I think they take after their dad in the 'manners' department... well at least Astoria does," he said which caused Astoria to glare her hardest while he saw a small smirk on Daphne's lips. But he ignored Astoria's silliness as he climbed in the boat and helped his friends in to sit with him, opposite the sisters.

It wasn't a moment sooner that the giant man saw everyone was settle and the boats pulled away sailing off across the deep dark lake towards the magnificent silhouette of the castle-school. Harry was certain that the school would house many secrets for him to discover, and truths he could uncover; if for nothing more than to bug the purists.

"Umm... hi Astoria...!" Ginny greeted nervously, trying to keep her giant grin through all of the cold staring the brunette was expertly aiming at them while her sisters was neutral, and cool.

"Weasley," she replied as if saying that was the greatest struggle in her life.

"I told you, my name is Ginny!" she replied sighing. "I don't hate you so I don't call you by your family name. I don't get why you would hate me so much anyway; it's mean. I have never done anything wrong to you!"

"You have now!" she replied, gesturing to Harry. "You're hanging out with a mud-blood!"

"Mud-blood..?" Harry asked, startling Ginny as she looked ready to leave her place and attack the muggle way. "That is your insult…?" he asked, shocking them all into staring at him. "Dirty-blood...? The insult would imply that I would be offended by having muggle ancestry. This would then derive that I hate muggles and other muggle-born mage, which is ridiculous. That can only be an insult to a wannabe! I am what I am, and why should I care about simple-minded bigotry. I bet if you look hard enough your bloodline derived from muggles too!"

"Take that back...!" Astoria demanded with a fire in her eyes that Harry preferred over the icy meanness she normally had.

Harry smirked as he leaned over, crawling round to his knees; his face mere centre metres from hers, noses touching so soft they were almost not at all. His emerald green eyes connecting and capturing her cool pale blue eyes. Her cheeks lit up on fire as she could smell him, and feel his cool minty breath on her lips as well as taste it.

"Magicians...! All...! Came...! From...! Muggles...!" he said, drawing out each word, and with emphasis that each word made Astoria flinch, as if hit before he sat back with a huge grin while her glare returned with the brightest red cheeks any of them had ever seen before, and Ginny and Luna were snickering.

"Not funny!" she retorted as she tried to pretend her sister wasn't struggling to hold in her laughter, which was a good sign Harry thought that she was at least not a robot, but then he best not try to explain what a robot was to any of them or he would be at it all night.

It wasn't long after that that the five were led into the castle by a stern woman. Professor McGonagall. She met them at the doors where the new first years separated from the second years. A beautiful black woman with long, smooth dark hair and dark eyes led off the second years so that they could get seats in the Great Hall to watch the sorting.

Astoria surprisingly stayed with Harry, Ginny, and Luna. Though, it was probably just because she knew them and hadn't made many friends if any last year. Then with her attitude, it was not surprising, but Harry knew how douchy her dad was, so he wanted to be nice at least, poor girl needed some help, and Harry knew how lonely the world could be.

Harry was quite awed at the amazing sights the school offered, and who could blame him. From the huge lake that reflected the full moon outside, to the moving and talking paintings around the school that he was certain spied on everyone, because he would use them for that purpose, so made sure to be wary of them? He had never seen anything quite so awesome. He could live without technology for a while if he had such awesome things to explore, which would keep him busy.

The Deputy Headmistress, McGonagall led them through into an antechamber to wait a short while where many fools in all nervousness wondered what would sort them. They thought from the ridiculous to the absurd!

Then the teacher returned to collect them, holding an old wooden three-legged stool and a ratty old pointed wizard's hat. It reminded Harry of a patchwork quilt from where people over the centuries had tried to repair it on the cheap. They had magical powers and again didn't use them to repair stuff for free, which was even more absurd than fighting a troll to find their houses.

They were all led from their chamber, after the thing with the creepy ghosts floating through walls and pretending they didn't know they would have been there, and then into the Great Hall of Hogwarts. It was lined with five tables using different colours for the banners over the tables. Kids were all seated at the House tables as the first years poured in either side of the middle table.

The two at either end were decorated in scarlet and emerald. The far right was red, decorated with a golden lion; the Gryffindor Table. The far left was the green one, decorated with the magnificent silver snake that was Slytherins coat of arms.

Then next to them, either side of the centre table, on the right was Hufflepuff in yellow with a black and white badger. The other side was blue with a black bird in its centre, which was Ravenclaws symbol.

The centre table caught Harry's eyes most. It was deep purple with a black border and a huge silhouette of a large bat with its wings spread wide like a shadow. Its eyes were in shadow, but it was easy to see its features if you paid attention. The bat was hanging upside down, wings out. It seemed to have its mouth open in a screech, and then surrounding it leading back to the distance were many more bats, smaller, and indistinct. That was the Coat of Arms to the muggle-born House, Aerenight House, founded by the witch Annabella Aerenight.

The hall was intriguing as candles floated around on thin air. The ceiling was looking out to the sky, as if it wasn't there upon first looking, but Harry could see the supports. It was wicked cool. Harry knew he had to find the charms to make a ceiling like that for when he buys a house.

He had never expected to see such beauty in the Great Hall, but here it was, special, and crazy all in one. He suspected they had some of those house elf's he had heard they had enslaved to make the place nice and clean. Though, he didn't like the thought of slaves no matter whether they supposedly liked it; he knew they didn't know any better, and magic forced them to obey anyway, so he couldn't agree that they really liked it or whether that was the magic they were under.

Harry walked between his 2 best friends while Astoria kept close to them as she had started looking nervous as they were led with the other first years to a stop at the front of the hall where the stool had been placed down, and the hat was placed on top. The hall then went quiet as the hat started singing a really bad song that everyone applauded enthusiastically anyway.

Harry took that opportunity to look around the hall. He let his eyes fall on the teachers table first. He couldn't miss the old man in the centre with his long white hair, beard, and blue eyes peering over his half-moon specs even if he wanted too. He was certainly Professor Albus Dumbledore: the headmaster. He seemed like the amusing old man stereotype of a wizard.

Then Harry grimaced as he looked at a greasy haired professor. The man was sneering at him with a hate so profound Harry could feel it in the air. He quickly looked away to the guy with the red turban. There was just something cowardly about the way his eyes darted all over the place looking for enemies that weren't likely going to get him because that would be too much bother when the hall was full of wizards and witches, most of them trained to some degree.

Looking further down the table he was surprised to see a wild looking man with greying brown hair and dangerous grey eyes. He was looking at Harry; his eyes were holding a sadness he had only ever seen reflected in the mirror before. His body seemed to be shaking a little while he sat with Dumbledore. The old man seemed to be talking to him, and he nodded and looked away.

It was a little odd, but he shook his head, clearing it of any weird thoughts as he noticed the hat had stopped its song. He applauded with his friends and Astoria, as she doesn't want to be his friend, yet, but he liked her mum, so maybe she was kind of his friend, or not quite, but whatever.

"First years," McGonagall began to gain their full attention. "When I call out your names you shall come forward, take a seat and place the hat upon your head to be sorted. Once your house has been chosen, take off the hat and take a seat at the chosen table."

She then paused and looked at all of the nervous first years sternly to make sure they had all been paying attention, which they seemed to have been as she started calling out names of first years to step up and place on the ratty old hat.

Harry watched as the sorting started, children having to go up to the front, sit on the stool, place the hat on their head for it to sorts out what house you were best suited. Though, he wondered whether that was possible, or whether the hat just threw kids where they wanted or something because he doubted that everyone who was sorted had the traits they were supposed to in spades. He didn't mind too much, though it seemed that Slytherin house was the pureblood equivalent to Aerenight House being for Muggle-born's, only add in the racism.

That made him feel that Slytherin was certainly out was that he didn't want to have to deal with racist fools, but he didn't much care otherwise. He watched as Astoria was called forward. It took over a minute for the hat to call out her house.


She was quick in rushing away from Harry, Ginny, and Luna, looking pale and relieved, worried even. It looked like something went on that had terrified her. Harry made a mental note to find out what house the hat thought she wanted that she 'didn't' because that would be amusing to no end.

Though, he wasn't as surprised as he could have been that she went into Slytherin as she wanted to be a racist like her father. She took the seat next to her sister, and a black haired girl who was likely her sister's best friend; she was grinning at Astoria about something.

"Lovegood, Luna!" the deputy head called out, and the blonde girl was nervous as she stepped up to the stool, sat and placed on the hat. It took a few moments for anything to happen when the hat suddenly called out.


Luna pulled off the hat, giving her best friends a wide grin, as there was a slight pause. Her dreamy blue eyes full of surprise and wonderment just as the centre table started applauding. Luna smiled wider. Her cheeks lit red slightly as she hurried to take her seat with the other first year Bats.

Harry had half-expected Ravenclaw or something, which seemed to suit her odd mind, but now he thought about it. She did seem to have an adventurous spirit. He liked that about her, and it was probably the reason Ginny was drawn to her too.

"Evans, Harry!" McGonagall called after a while later. Harry had zoned out, so she had startling him. She looked up from her list and staring at the nervous boy for the briefest of moments with an odd look in her eyes before gesturing the stool. Harry gulped and took a deep breath when Ginny quickly squeezed his hand giving him a small reassuring smile.

"Good luck," she whispered to him as she let his hand go and let him walk forward.

It was unnerving to have all eyes on him as he picked up the hat and sat on the stool. Why couldn't they all just examine their tables or something? He took one final deep breath before he placed the hat on his head where it slipped down covering his eyes. Thankfully the hat blocked out the view of his large audience as they were unnerving him further as they stared at him unblinking.

'Be in your noggin, Evans!' a small voice whispered in his ear. He nearly jumped out of the seat, startled. It was a talking hat. He should have expected nothing less than talking because that was the main thing it did, and singing, but he wouldn't want to mention that it was bad singing.

'Yes, where to put you...?' the hat mumbled in his mind. "A great mind yes! Hard working, certainly, and loyal too… and what is this, cunning, very… yes, bravery, very much, but no, you already know the choice is yours… Gryffindor would not suit you. You would resent them; hate them even, for their ideals. Let us see this! A thirst for adventure I see. Such an independent young man you are Mr. Evans, but where to put you…?'

'I don't mind really… but-…' he trailed off in thought.

'How odd; it is so rare that someone would be so open, but not Gryffindor or Slytherin eh!' the hat mumbled to itself more than Harry.

'Yeah, but...'

'Another Weasley, eh,' the hat chuckled. 'Well... she has her choice as you have yours. Ready for this or not it's time you make your new family!'

The hat had paused for dramatic effect, ruining Harry's nerves even though he knew what house he was going too; he felt it at the very core of his being where he would be happiest.


The centre table started applauding loudly as Harry sighed in relief as he pulled off the hat, placed it back on the stool and rushed over to the centre table, sitting next to Luna. He left the seat the other side of him for Ginny knowing she would certainly follow him.

He couldn't help but feel bad as Ginny looked so sad, but if the hat doesn't really choose then Ginny would be joining them in a few minutes anyway. He just had to wait, saving the seat next to him for when she chose to join her best friends.

"Weasley, Ginevra!"

Harry shot Ginny a reassuring smile, as she nodded and took a seat on the chair. She pulled the hat on her head and waited. She was under the hat for fifteen seconds at most when the hat shouted. The hall went deathly quiet.


Ginny was blushing deep red when she pulled off the hat, looking around nervously.

"Oh my, a Weasley... in the Bats Cave...!"

"I can't believe it. The Weasley's couldn't sink any lower!"

However, no more comments like that could be heard as Harry started clapping, with Luna joining in, and the rest of the house following suit, starting with the first years.

Ginny quickly rushed over and took the seat next to Harry, holding onto his arm, shaking with nerves before the applauding could stop. The older Aerenights nearest them knew about Weasley's, and strained to look round to see this one, holding a muggle-born boys arm while he was reassuring her, befuddled by this turn of events, and in some, amused.

The rest of the sorting continued as normal, after Professor Dumbledore made announcements, and threatened people with death if they wandered into a forbidden forest. That was nice of him; no huge wall – what would stop mean monsters sneaking out of the forest?

Once the weird old man had finished his ramblings the tables filled up with food for the students and they began to dig in. The tables filled with foods of all varieties if you were at a table beside Aerenight. However, the Aerenight table only had things like fish fingers, sausages, mash potatoes and green vegetables, which was wrong, and annoying as what the others had looked delicious, and had tons of variety.

"Why is our food different from the other four tables?" Harry suddenly asked loud enough for the older students to hear. "They have such variety, and roast dinner and all sorts, but we have… like what the hell…?"

One of the older students, a boy with black hair sitting nearby snorted bitterly.

"Why do you think kid?" he asked in mock wonder. "We're a house full of mud-bloods and blood-traitors, so we get below their standards," he said, sounding like he wanted to start a war over it and Harry could understand as he could smell the roast chickens and chops.

"Well that's pathetic," he replied in annoyance, thinking hard. If he could just find the kitchens, he would be set, even if he had to cook the food. He had gotten plenty of practice with his 'family'. It was just lucky that they didn't make him cook and then starve him. It just became one of his chores because he had gotten so good at cooking.

"Yeah we know," said another older student; a beautiful girl with short-cropped blonde hair and green eyes. "But what can we do about it. It's just the way they are. Maybe if we had a few decent quidditch players and won a few games we might actually get a little respect around here, but most of our players suck on a broom. It's like Muggle-born's aren't cut out for flying, but then pure-bloods have years of practice before school."

"Yeah or even win the house cup for once," said a brown haired boy with a sigh.

"I can fly," interrupted Ginny. "Are there any team positions? I saw you play last year and you sucked, well, not you, you're brilliant, but most of the team, and… – no offence"

"None taken," the girl replied. "Thanks, and… the team does suck. First years don't normally get onto the team, but we do have a chaser, and seeker position available."

"Um, what is quidditch?" asked Harry because he like the other first years (except Luna) were looking beyond confused and none of them seemed likely to ask any time soon. "I had seen the shop and know it's played on flying broomstick but I didn't ask anyone."

The blonde girl: Aerenights new quidditch captain. She was a fifth year chaser on the team, and began the explanation for the younger students while they ate and listened with rapt attention. Some other students added in bits she missed out. To Harry it sounded like an unusual but intriguing sport, and would not mind learning to play himself if only because flying on a broom sounded awesome. Maybe they had broom races that would be fun too.

"Well, you know what," the team captain, Emily Rose began. "I could ask our head of house Professor Lupin if we can try-out first years," she said as she gestured to the wild looking professor from earlier. "Then you would be able to have your own brooms at school."

"That would be awesome, but when are try-outs?" asked Ginny excitedly, hoping for the best, and apparently, according to her, Harry found out that Professor Lupin was a really stand up teacher, and Ginny seemed determined that Harry would be trying out with her as Luna apparently didn't like flying fast.

"Don't get your hopes up yet. We might not be allowed," Emily said with a shrug. "But Gryffindor have their precious Boy-Who-Lived seeking for them, and he got on the team first year, and he was ten. So we can use that to our advantage. Even though the Longbottom's want the teachers to play favourites, most don't, and not for him, but Snape…"

She did not need to give further explanation as Harry looked over at the sneering douche bag. He was dreading potions because that man was so horrible and Harry hadn't met him yet. That proved that Snape was not good for anything.

The feast was a fun affair for the new Aerenights and old alike, (ignoring the cheap hypermarket branded food). Everyone was so friendly and helpful. They looked out for each other, as a proper family should. Having no family himself Harry was lavishing in the atmosphere. They had even accepted Ginny even though she was this Ron boy's sister, and he was a racist jerk! She was one of them now, along with half-blood, but magical-raised Luna.

They didn't even seem to care too much about the non-feast they received compared to the rest of the school. It was just normal to them, and they put up with it because they were stronger than that, and refused to let the racism get their spirits down. They were a strong family who would support each other through any hardships.

Harry learnt a few more things such as why he had not noticed the nine year olds was because they came with the older students, and were scattered around the school sitting at which table they liked, which didn't include Aerenight, and only first and second years took the boats while the rest took invisible-thing drawn carriages.

Also, he learnt a few things about their head of house Professor Remus Lupin. He taught an elective subject for third years and above, which was elementology. It taught students about their element, and better control over their magic because of it, which sounded interesting to Harry. Though, he thought Ginny mentioned something about that earlier; it was nice knowing a little more about elementology.

Apparently, the professor was of the fire element, and a lykan, which was impressive since it was a full moon, and Harry worried a little, but the others laughed it up as he apparently had superb control. Harry didn't know how he would have dealt. Therefore, Harry just shrugged sheepishly and was interested to know what his element might be but had to wait for his third year to find out.

Soon the feast was over and Dumbledore stood giving all sorts of announcements about banned magical items that nobody would listen too; the forest on the grounds being off limits again; no magic to be used in the corridors, and not to go to the third floor corridor to the right if you don't want to die a most horrid death. They should probably just lock, seal, and ward that off if it's that dangerous. But then again, common sense; he didn't think they had any.

Harry thought it was some sick joke at first, like many others, but the serious expression on his face, and repeating the warning over to force on them the importance made Harry and those others realise he was being 'deadly' serious.

After Dumbledore finished with the announcements the Aerenight prefects called out for the first years to follow them and led the way through the castle. It took about fifteen minutes to reach the 9th floor since they were made to walk faster than normal because of its greater distance than any other towers.

They stood before an alcove with a beautiful tan marble statue of a young woman of maybe 15 or 16 with some kind bat perched on her shoulder. She was wearing long dark marble robes that draped her body with a hood shadowing her face. She was wearing a very elegant and flowing dress under her robe with a corset boosting up her large cleavage, with a mocking smirk on her lips that made her look almost alive. Her eyes seemed to be a shine of emerald glittering in the torch light.

"Abracadabra!" one of the prefects said which caused some giggling.

However, Harry and the other first years jumped as the statue sunk into the wall as if walking backwards, winking at the students as she moved around a corner. The wall behind her was dismantled itself, pulling back and away with her as she stood aside.

Harry was awed as he looked at the statue as the bat on her shoulder, made of black marble was moving and squeaking while the woman looked more alive than anything as her stone clothes were actually moving like material, and she locked eyes with Harry for a moment and he blushed as she made a kissy face at him.

The prefects laughed as they nudged him in first with his friends and other first years following them into a hall with spiral staircase leading down. It was all carpeted in fluffy purple with wooden walls leading around with some paintings of fluttering bats leading all the way down, getting closer to the front to see the new first years.

Ginny and Luna both held one of Harry's arms and hands each as they were impressed, and they had been to school before, so it was likely that neither Gryffindor nor Ravenclaw had an awesome statue like that.

Harry led the way down the staircase with his best friends looking all over at the paintings, and was pleased that something finally amazed Ginny and Luna so much since he knew they had never seen Aerenight Tower before. It was impressive and warm while feeling homely and comfortable, but when they stepped out into the common room their eyes bulged wide open.

It was huge with a massive veranda spanning round above them with bookshelves and study tables. The walls were all varnished wood up to a huge light arched ceiling. The floor was all carpeted in purple with leather couches and chairs all over and around angling a huge fireplace. The windows were massive, wide and tall, clear with large blinds up. It made the place seemed more open, and airy, looking out over the lake and forest, staring out to the distance where a huge river led through a valley of trees from the lake.

The room was vast and oval shaped, with many still paintings from people to bats, and even one that contained all 5 founders of the school. Then overhanging the fireplace was a huge bat that wasn't being very bat like as the flying fox was lying on the floor on a rug, like those on the floor between sofas and coffee tables as it was in a huge comfortable looking homely cave. The bat was snoozing away with its wings curled up around its fluffy orange and black body, ignoring them, or a heavy sleeper.

There was a large set of taps to one side that looking seemed to dispense different drinks with cupboards, which likely carried cups and mugs, and a sink to clean up after.

"Gryffindor don't have anything like that!" Ginny whispered to Harry staring at the taps. "In fact, Gryffindor isn't this big or clean!" she declared in amazement.

Harry smiled as he thought about it before looking further he could see twin doors to the boys' dorms and twin doors to a girl's dorms, and then there were doors leading to bathrooms. Spiralling staircases climbed up to the upper levels, and everything just looked so fresh and exciting. Obviously, the upper floor was designed for a study area, so the people in the main common room didn't disturb anyone when they've finished and were having fun or playing.

The most amazing thing he had to admit was Ginny and Luna's expressions since they looked even more shocked and impressed compared to the other first years, and he felt a little better about his lack of magical experience through it.

Suddenly one of the prefects cleared his throat to gain their attention, which was when they all seemed to realise how quiet they were. He grinned cockily at them when he had their attention and led them towards the fireplace where he and his partner prefect stood in front of them ready to speak.

"OK now first years! Before we begin! This is Spirit!" he gestured the large sleeping Bat over the fireplace. "She can be a little pushy, rude, and well; she has an odd sense of humour, so please don't let her get you into trouble!

"Other than that, she is like a guardian of sort, watching out for those in her house. She sleeps a lot and sometimes leaves her portrait for a while, but she'll answer any questions she can when she's here and awake.

"OK then, about our house. We are sorcerers the wizarding society doesn't much like, but tolerates to a degree. However, while you are here in this house and even beyond that we are family! We will help each other out as much as we possibly can no matter the consequences, because that is what family does.

"If you need help with your homework, don't hesitate to ask an older student if they have free time to help you they shall at least try. We like to do well in this house to prove we are not weaklings just because of our house or heritage.

"So first let me tell you, life will be easy if you stick together, and stick with the rest of the house. Of course making friends outside the house is encouraged, because acting like the rest of the school is a pointless waste of time and energy we could use for something more productive and fun.

"However, I should warn you now, while two of the other houses for the most part will leave us alone because they are not stupid enough to think we're helpless against them, and know we can and will fight back or retaliate just as fiercely as needed..."

He paused here to let his words sink in, and Harry gulped taking a long deep breath as he looked at Ginny and Luna to see Luna looked like she wasn't listening, and Ginny was looking a little pale as she looked at him. However, he gave her a reassuring smile and she returned it though a little reluctance, as she remembered that the houses were in some kind of feud, and now she had to 'fight' for her new house; against her brothers, but they were kind of gits anyway so she internally shrugged.

"However," he finally continued. "Slytherin House seem to think they're better than everybody else no matter how many times their spells are deflected. But we have the advantage on them since they are always warring with those idiot Gryffindors who think everything is plain and simply good versus evil, and that they're the good guys. So the Slytherins pay a lot less attention to us because of this, which we should be thankful for.

"However, that does not mean we can let our guard down around either of them. Slytherins think we are scum, and Gryffindors are threatened by us possibly being the better good guys', so treat us like crap, trying to keep us down, and honestly they're more racist than Slytherins.

"Well the good versus evil crap is mainly speculation since they accept Muggle-born's, and blood-traitors with open arms, but not quite the same as their Muggle-born's start going native and they encourage this foolish behaviour, which then makes them offended by words like mud-blood, which would tell any intelligent persons that they were ashamed to have muggle family's, which is a disgrace. Anyway, out of our blood-traitor collection we only have around ten, including our two new first years-."

He gestured towards Ginny and Luna with a smirk while Ginny blushed brightly at being singled out looking down at the floor in embarrassment. Luna didn't seem to be paying any attention what so-ever as she was humming lightly while looking around in marvel, cuddling Harry's arm, happy.

"Well enough about that for now. You will find out more as time goes on here at Hogwarts," he continued grinning at all the first years. "Maybe this year we might be able to win the house cup...

"Or, even better and win the quidditch cup. If we can get some better members on the team, or the current team improves. Well boys and girls, I'm sure you can find your rooms," he finished gesturing towards the dormitories.

"Have a good night; first classes tomorrow so don't stay up too late! Classes start at nine thirty so try to be up for a shower and to get dressed by eight thirty in the morning, so you have enough time to get to the Great Hall and have a quick breakfast."

He finished as all the first years headed off to their dorms. Harry was heading up the stairs when he heard the rest of the house entering the common room behind them. He wondered vaguely whether they planned it like that.

The first floor dorm room had a platinum plaque on it saying first years so he entered followed by five other boys he had only vaguely talked with at dinner.

They all nervously looked around the dull cream room with huge oak four-poster beds with purple hangings, covers, carpet, and two huge windows with window seats overlooking the lake and forest. Trunks were at the edge of each bed as they had been brought from the train for them while they were eating. Harry had left his when he realised that no one else was taking theirs, and was pleased to see it again, next to a bed by a window.

Harry wondered who could have brought them up and how they knew what house they went into so quickly, but shrugged it off for another day since he was too exhausted to care about that too much, right then. Anyway, when something weird happened he should just answer with magic, because that was probably the right answer, and find out how that magic worked once he had gotten settled.

Harry found his trunk at the end of the bed by one of the large windows and sat on it, looking at the two bedside tables he had either side of the head of his bed in wonder. They both had draws and some kind of fire lamp on each in Bat shaped patterns. Annabella Aerenight sure did have a great love for Bats, not that Harry was going to complain since Bats are cool.

He had never even considered the possibility that in all of his life he would ever have such a beautiful, huge and comfortable bed. It all seemed too much. It almost made up for the stupidity of the rest of the wizarding world just to have such comfort, and from the expression Ginny wore in the common room earlier this whole tower probably out-shined Gryffindors completely.

He sighed contently as he looked around as the other boys either sat or stood around looking nervous so Harry introduced himself. "Hi, I'm Harry Evans!" he just announced out of the blue making the others jump, but they laughed at themselves for being jumpy.

"I'm Matthew Parks," said a small mousey boy with rusty brown hair and light grey eyes smiling brightly.

"Yo, the names Donovan Kelley," introduced a dark skinned boy with very dark brown hair in some tight dreadlocks, and dark eyes, giving a wave of his hand as he dropped down onto his bed. "You guys can just call me Don, or Donny though, everyone else does!"

"I-I'm David Waylon," said a small timid looking boy with dim dark eyes and short cut hair; he had a cross between white and Asian look going for him.

"And I'm Edward Sanders," added a boy with rusty ginger hair and dark blue eyes. "Just call me, Ed, or Eddy I guess."

"I'm Samuel Spencer," introduced the last boy as everyone else was staring at him for his name. He had light brown hair with brown tan skin and dark eyes. He smiled nervously. "Just call me Sam. Mexico if you were wondering, but I was born in the states, been living in the UK for a few years. It's nice to meet you all," he said and it was true that he did have a hint of Spanish in his voice, but otherwise his accent was American.

"Well what do you guys think of all this?" asked Donovan as he shook his head. "It's a bit overwhelming for me, but that bloody common room is awesome. I expected something cool but that was almost too much."

"Yeah it was awesome," agreed Eddy grinning. "Though, Annabella Aerenight seems to have been obsessed with Bats, not that I'm complaining since they're totally awesome paintings and all, and Batman is so my favourite superhero!"

"Na man...!" Donny disagreed shaking his head in disagreement. "Static is so much cooler!"

"Spider-Man...!" Sam interrupted with a grin. "I prefer Marvel Comics anyway!"

"I always liked Doctor Strange or Zatanna!" Harry said with a thoughtful smile. "I guess that might have been because magic is freaking awesome!" he declared while the other boys nodded their heads in agreement. "Though that doesn't mean the magical people aren't stupid because they are. I saw these people wearing ragged old robes when they have magical powers!"

"Yeah, I wondered about that too!" Eddy agreed, nodding his head. "How could people with magical powers ever be hard up for anything...!?"

"I don't know," he replied while he shrugged with the other boys. "So were you guys all as freaked as me when you found out you were like real freaky powered magicians?" he asked them eagerly.

"Too right I was," laughed Sam. "It took a while for me to get used to the idea. Mum and dad were a little more accepting since it explained away all of those freaky things that kept happening around me."

They all settled down into talk about themselves and their families, and of course comic books; the main source of entertainment for Harry as his cousin Dudley got them for gifts, and either couldn't read or was too lazy and they never got opened; he had hundreds of them in his trunk, as whole series of comics were bought for the ungrateful twerp.

Well Harry expertly diverted things away from him when it came to family as he wasn't even sure where he would go for the summer holidays' yet. However, the other boys had not seemed to notice. So Harry was thankful for the pre-teen's short attention span.

Though they only talked for about an hour when they changed into pyjamas and climbed into their warm beds, and as soon as their heads hit their soft pillows; they fell into the world of dreams.

However, in the reflection of the window by Harry's bed. If he were to open his eyes and look into the darkness of night. He would see the beautiful silhouette of the reflection of a tan skinned girl of 15 with deep red hair and green eyes watching over him.

She watched over the sleeping boy with curious eyes and a hint of mischief, all night, until he began to stir that morning, well rested, and the girl was gone as if she had never been there.