Six kids all alone in their hearts, forgotten, but together through a bond of fate. 3 in England & 3 in Konoha, 3 destined to clash like waves upon a world of magic, & 3 to reign in a storm of power as ninja! Together they will grow stronger, faster, and with each other they will write their own fate and bring down an end. It All Ends! Harry/Hinata - Naruto/Ginny – Sasuke/Luna!

Crossover - Harry Potter & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Supernatural - Chapters: 3 - Words: 13,580 - Reviews: 69 - Updated: 5/15/2013 - Published: 3/26/2013 - [Harry P., Hinata H.] [Naruto U., Ginny W.]


Harry Potter was breathing harshly, his chest stinging painfully in his slender chest. He could hear yelling and screaming even though he didn't understand why. The six-year-old black haired, emerald-eyed boy wished his trainers weren't so huge that he felt like he was going to trip any moment now.

They had belonged to his huge elephant sized cousin alone with the ugly blue jumper hiding his small frame, and the baggy brown cord trousers held up with string because no belt that ever belongs to his cousin would ever fit his tiny underfed waist.

He has lived with his aunt, uncle, and cousin since forever - or at least as far back as he can remember, and as far back as he can remember they have done everything in their power to torment and bully him for things out of his control. He's not sure what those things are, but apparently they make him a freak.

Though, maybe he is a freak as he's been seeing and hearing things for the past few days, confusing him. It could be worse he supposes when he looked around to see his fat cousin and his friends chasing the weird Harry Potter with sticks to beat him with.

The teachers at school don't and won't care. It's odd, as his Aunt and Uncle Dursley tell people, the teachers included that he's the troublemaker and he gets into trouble even after Dudley (his cousin) and his band of bullies have beaten him up. Someday – someday he'll get them back for this. He doesn't know how, but deep inside he feels this burning need to strike back, and to hurt them in return.

"Get back here you filthy demon!"

"Let's kill the monster!"

"Thieving fox freak!"

Naruto Uzumaki looked back at the small mob chasing him with a grimace, through the darkening streets of mid-evening, early night. He held the bread he had stolen from that food stand tightly in his small six-year-old hands. He had tried to buy it with the little money he had manage to find but the stall owner had taken his money and laughed telling him to get lost without his food.

His stomach had grumbled loudly so he just took what was rightfully his and ran, which resulted in the real thief screaming about him taking the bread, and like always a mob forms to try murdering him. He doesn't know what their problem is but he would love to see them burn.

He's grown to hate them, and despise the way they treat him. He dodged around a corner into an alley and started scoffing his meal greedily, downing every last crumb. He can't afford to waste anything. He doesn't want to die of hunger like some of the other street kids he's seen.

It made him quiver at the thought. Some of them either disappear or curl up cold in a corner and die. He had to shake off all of those disturbing images as he dived around another corner only to crash into a pair of legs. He fell back and landed on his butt with an 'oomph'.

He gulped as he looked up into this sick grin from a man dressed in green ninja garb with a jonin flank jacket. His hair is brown and he has twin slashes on his left cheek, his eyes hidden by shadow, but Naruto knew they were staring at him in hate. The man is holding a katana, and he was poised to strike the blonde boy down.

Then it happened, Naruto couldn't even screams as he whimpered when his right thigh was pierced. He could only feel pain sear through his flesh as the ninja twisted the blade, the blonde boy finally screamed. He could hear cheers all around so he immediately knew his torturous murder was going to make a good show.

"NO!" Harry cried out, tears in his eyes as he dived around a corner and landed with a painful crash, so distracted he almost hit his head on the chimney vent thing.

His breathing was ragged, and he could feel the pain as if it was his, but not quite. He didn't know what that was, but it felt like – he doesn't know, but familiar. It hurt his chest watching the ghostly images, seeing what was happening, and he had thought he had a bad life.

It took him a moment to gather himself and push himself to his feet. He had felt enough pain over his life for a little fall to mean nothing to him. However, looking around he realised he isn't between the two buildings he wanted to be. Thinking back to the moment he jumped, he felt an odd squeezing sensation and now he's.

He looked around, moved to the end of the schoolhouse roof, and looked down wide-eyed as he saw his cousin and his friends leaving, looking confused as Harry wasn't there, and just throwing their sticks away as they'll get into trouble for hitting anybody but Harry with them.

Though, their confusion is nothing to how confused Harry felt as he moved back from the edge so no one sees him. He'll get into trouble again, and he doesn't want a beating from his uncle if he can perhaps help it.

Harry dropped to his butt by the chimney vent thing and lent his back against the bricks for some rest before he tries to find a way down without anyone seeing him. His aunt and uncle would call this freakish behaviour, but then just disappearing and reappearing on a roof is freakish to him too.

However, rather than fear or hate it Harry has always wanted to understand. Odd things are always happening around him, especially when he's running from a beating or getting a beating. Its sometimes like something hardens him so he doesn't have any bones broken, and once his uncle had tried strangling him and then needed the hospital for burnt hands.

He would have thought his uncle would stop after that, but if anything, the beatings got worse. This in turn seemed to make whatever protects Harry work over time. But this…? He had never just moved locations before in the blink of an eye. Though, thinking about that, its kind of cool.

It was also a wonder. He had often wondered what would happen if he knew how to do these things instead of just having them happen. There has to be some kind of reason. However, he can't be too sure. He had tried his hardest to try to feel fearful when alone because this is how he feels every time something happens, like whatever this was.


Harry started as he heard the small voice whisper and looked to his right, but nobody was there. "W-who's there?" he asked trembling.

"You apparated," she said again. He looked round to his other side to see a rippling transparent hole in space where he could see through to the other side easily, but also inside was a wispy scene, like a phantom space that was huge and small at the same time.

He could see a room as if it was next to him, as if he was nearly in it. It's a bedroom filled with dolls, soft toys, and a small single bed with a see-through girl kneeling on it staring at him. She looked younger than him and wore a little white dress. The scene was almost black and white, but not quite. It was as if the colour was dimmed. He could just make out from the dim colour that her hair is a dirty kind of blonde, long down to her butt.

Then as fast as she had come, smiling at him, her eyes, faraway blue, surprisingly the only bright colour in the image. She was gone, just like that blonde boy, and now he's all alone wondering whether he really is a crazy freak.

"Sasuke, come out come out! I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to play, just like we used to!"

"No Sasuke, stay there, keep quiet, he's going to hurt you!"

"Hide and seek was never really that fun to play, come out here and have some fun playing ninja."

"No Sasuke, he's gone mad. You can't listen to him. He killed them. He killed them all. There was so much blood, oh god. He'll kill you next, just stay quiet and don't move!"

It was one of those voices again, but somehow she felt comforting. He could almost picture the red haired girl with freckles. He had thought he was going crazy. He's only six and that's what he thought. Though, seeing his brother, he realised that guys gone loony so he shouldn't worry about his mind just yet.

The voice is soft and kind, helping him, worried for him. So he stayed where he hid in a tiny crawl space under one of his family properties. He had never hid here while hiding before because he doesn't like the dark, but now. He has to or his big brother will get him and he'll be gone.

"He's leaving," the voice suddenly said, though that didn't make him want to leave his hiding spot anytime soon.

He could practically see her. She wasn't too clear but she was in a room on a bed with sparsely anything in it. She was wearing some tatty old blue robes, but she was smiling at him in relief, her hair to the middle of her back, a dark luxurious red. It was like seeing her as a phantom, and he wondered whether she was real or not.

She and the vision of her seemed to light up the darkness of his pace like a door left open a crack with the light on the other side. He gave her a weak smile, but he's sure it looked horrible, especially covered in the blood of some cousins who protected him even though it was his own brother.

The blonde haired boy, Naruto Uzumaki cried out more as the sword was pulled out of his thigh, and then stabbed through his left shoulder, blood soaking him while he cried, and whimpered in pain. The crowd cheered and Harry could only watch in horror, feeling phantom pains.

Hinata Hyuuga, a five year old, heir to the Hyuuga Clan coughed and wheezed as she was kicked in the chest, flying across the huge sparse dojo floor as her cold and hateful cousin Neji kicked her and sent her skidding across the floor.

She timidly picked herself up, shaking like a leaf. Her muscles felt as if they were going to give way any moment. She could taste blood on her lips, but tears just wouldn't fall from her purl with a dash of lavender eyes. She shakily stood, her cheeks flamed with humiliation, and her short deep dark purple hair is plastered to her forehead with sweat like her gi is sticking with cold dampness.

"You will be nothing but a failure Hinata-sama!" the boy said causing her to shield away even though she knows her beating isn't quite over yet. She looked over to where her father stood, watching with a cold look and arms folding across his chest. He doesn't care how much pain she's in.

"I wish I could beat him up for you, Hinata!"

It was one of those voices again. It was Harry's, at least he's safe. She's here too, safe. Her father doesn't even know what just happened at the Uchiha district yet. However, she couldn't cry – not when she realised her life could be worse. She's going to lose the blonde boy, and she couldn't do anything about it, and she can't cry.

"I'm not strong enough to even protect myself!" he near spat out in self-loathing. "But I bet you could really beat him up if you wanted to."

"B-but I can't," she whispered shakily to him, but from the rude snort, Neji must have thought she had spoken to him.

"Can't what loser!?" he asked laughingly. "Can't even hit me – well of course not. You're weak, and you're destined to always be weak!"

"You're not weak," Harry told her, ignoring the boy completely. "I don't know how I know, but I do. You're strong, Hinata. I believe you can beat him! Just try something different!"

She looked up, startled as her cousin finally started charging her; the look of smugness on his face had always annoyed her. The arrogance and self-assurance; she hated it, and worse, she hated people like that.

He struck at her, his eyes pure white with veins protruding: the byakugan, her family's doujutsu, eye blood line ability, allowing him to see her energy, (chakra) points and shut them down as well as see through things and near three hundred and sixty degrees. He loves to brag because she hasn't been able to activate hers yet while he's only a year older and has had his for three years.

So, as soon as his dominant right arm shot out at her face, she did something different. She dropped backwards and landed on her fingertips, flipping back, standing up on her fingertips, his strike ending up between her shins, his eyes wide with surprise. Then she clamped her legs closed and locked them around his arm, her feet locking onto his shoulder as she pushed herself up and around.

She grabbed his hand, crushing it between both of hers with some help from chakra, locking into place. He cried out as he went down, banging his head as she held his arm in an arm lock with her legs and hands, which caused him to scream more as she managed to put most of the energy from the fall into his arm, cracking his shoulder out of joint, and then she used her legs as leverage.

He screamed as she snapped his arm sent a shiver through her spine. She had heard the snap reverberate throughout the dojo. However, she didn't let go, but took a weird and uncharacteristic pleasure in snapping her cousins wrist next before she released him and rolled backwards and up to her feet breathing heavily.

"See Hinata," he said to her and she could near see him looking at her proudly from where he sat with his back up against some bricks on a floor. "I believe in you… I only wish I could punish my cousin like that."

She looked back at Neji Hyuuga; her cousin to see him bawling, tears blasting down his cheeks as he rocked back and forth on the dojo floor cradling his broken arm and wrist. She can see the nasty purple bruises forming along the arm, and she couldn't help but feel proud of the bruises he has given her in the past.

"Maybe you can," she replied quietly, shuddering as she listened to her cousin. She looked to her father to see him just staring at Neji with his mouth wide-open, utter disbelief blatant. "I hate him… I hate them both!" she hissed under her breath, her voice shaking as she said something she has tried not to do or say since after her kidnap attempt when she was just three.

That was the day her father stopped caring about her. The day her uncle, Neji's father, her father's twin brother disappeared, dead, retribution for the kidnapper that her father got rid of. The day her father started hating her because she wasn't strong enough to fight an adult man kidnapping her from her bed while she slept.

"He's just as bad as my relatives," the boy said sounding depressed. "Though, I don't really understand why my family hates me, and I don't care… someday-…" he didn't know what to finish with.

"Someday," she whispered under her breath, understanding.

Naruto had blood pouring from his mouth in globs, shivering and feeling tired. He had been stabbed in each thigh, his arms, and his shoulders, but now for the final show. The man raised his sword to take Naruto's head. The crowd cheered loudly and he just closed his eyes waiting for the inevitable.

However, nothing happened for a moment when the crowd gasped in horror. He looked up to see his attacker. Though, he now had a silver blade sticking out of his throat, wearing a look of shock. He dropped off the sword to Naruto's feet, dead. The blonde boy looked up and near wet himself as he looked into the spiralling red shuriken sharingan eyes of Sasuke's brother.

He wondered whether he was better off having his head cut off. The teen looked down at him with quite the strange look of coldness and sadness, and maybe a hint of pity. Then his eyes snapped up to the previously cheering mob. They didn't seem so happy with the entertainment any more

"What… Itachi…?"

Naruto had heard that voice say the name of his brother a few times since this weird connection thing, but never sounding so uncertain or confused. It was quite hard to hear, but looking to Itachi, he moved around Naruto towards the villagers.

"I just murdered my whole clan," he muttered; his voice sounding deep with something, but Naruto couldn't tell. He wasn't sure, but it seemed like Itachi didn't know he can actually hear him as he moved towards the mob and they slowly moved back. "But… - but that was on orders to stop my families stupid plan to start a civil war to gain control of the village, but you… - while I have to leave my home and everything for this village. You-you pick on Naruto-kun and would murder him to satisfy your own sick and twisted pleasures.

"Yet, he has always been the biggest victim!" he practically hissed that as he walked closer, blood dripping from his sword. "He is but a child, forced to hold the Kyuubi, the demon fox prisoner within his own body. Someday I believe he will become a powerful warrior, but whether he is slaughtering filth like you or saving your poor excuse for lives is down to how people like you treat him.

"But that doesn't mean you won't die today," he said with a rage that couldn't be matched as he grit his teeth, and a killing intent exploded over them. "What's a few more deaths to those who deserve nothing less!?"

Naruto and spectres all watched the massacre in silence, unable to do more than that. It made them sick, but it was over in seconds before the killing intent stopped and the last man fell, dead, his head taken from his shoulders.

Itachi just looked at Naruto for a few seconds before looking away. "If you ever meet my little brother… I don't know… our mothers wished that you were to become as good friends as they were," he said shocking him. "If you wish to learn about your parents Naruto-kun… you can at least find a little about Kushina-sama in the Uchiha district if my mother kept anything after her death, but I wouldn't know where she would hide them from the Hokage taking it all.

"Anything else, it will be SS Classified," he said as he began walking away. "But there are many secrets around this village, so maybe you could do me a favour and expose them all; or not. It's up to you what you do with your life, but don't fight for those who are so ignorant and blind-."

He then disappeared in a huge blast of wind leaving Naruto alone in a bloodied alley unprotected by the crazy killer Uchiha. He gulped as he heard multiple voices telling him to get away.

It was easier said than done in his condition. He had found out some creepy things, some of which he's sure are super-secret. Then he also doesn't want to be caught in an alley with all those dead people by someone who will claim he did it even though they know it's impossible.

He used a wall to push himself up. It was shaky work but he could already feel himself healing, and the same is true now. Though, now he realised that his better than normal senses and hearing is probably the result of being a prison to some super-powerful demon, and that his hero the Yondaime Hokage couldn't kill it but locked it up in him.

That's why the villagers hate him because they think he's a demon fox.

"If they really thought you're a demon fox why would they be stupid enough to attack you," the red headed girl asked rolling her eyes, as she sat on her bed at home feeling sick after watching all of this craziness when her bedroom door was burst open by a small ginger boy.

"Ginny!" he said looking at her, annoyed. "What did you do to my action figure?" he demanded waving around a blonde Barbie doll in her face. It was even wearing a frilly pink ball gown. "Dad bought me this from the muggle world, and look, one of its shoes are missing. He said all the muggle kids love these."

The five-year-old red haired girl would have laughed if it weren't so sad, but the blonde girl watching did. "Umm… Ron, that's a girl's doll, the twins have kept telling you that!"

"Don't be stupid Ginny!" he hissed out spitefully. "Dad works in the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office so he knows about this stuff!"

"Is he really that stupid?" Hinata couldn't help but ask she had returned to her room, relieved all of the dramas over – well the action scenes, and sat on her bed. It didn't even occur to her that she hadn't been stuttering like she was this morning and every day before that for the past two years.

"It looks like it," Harry agreed from his hidden space on the roof.

"Just get lost Ron, I didn't touch your stupid doll!" Ginny hissed angrily at her brother when suddenly she screamed out as he grabbed her by her hair.

"Hey get off her you jerk!" Naruto called out to the dark even though he knows by now he won't hear while he was staggering painfully to leave the crime scene. However, unknown to them a mugger a few blocks down heard the echoed voice and quickly let a woman go as he ran off spooked.

Ron yanked Ginny while she cried straight off her bed by her hair. "Don't you talk to me like that you stupid smelly girl!"

"Ginny hit him!" the blonde girl called out worried.

"Between the legs…!" Sasuke suggested having barely spoken until now. He's still trying to get over what he had heard from his brother, and felt unsure about everything.

Ginny's eyes were watering when she swung out and bang, he let go dropping her to cry on the floor as he screamed like a girl and fell to the floor too, holding his crotch. "Ginny, Ron, what's going on here!?" demanded a fat ginger woman as she entered the scene.

"R-Ron barged in and d-dragged me off my bed by my hair so I-I hit him," Ginny whimpered out as she climbed up to her knees, tears streaming down her eyes.

"Ronal…" she said looking to him before turning back to Ginny furious. "Ginevra Weasley, how dare you hit one of your brothers there!" she roared out rhetorically forgetting that Ron had brutally attacked her. "Right young lady, no lunch or dinner for you, until you learn to behave and you apologise to your brother!" she said scooping the boy and his doll up and leaving the room, closing the door and locking it.

Ginny near growled as she grit her teeth, now screaming out in anger, the legs on her bed shattered, her chest of draws buckles and a hairline crack slit her wall as the bedroom window shattered, but no one came to investigate. Her tears had dried up and all that was left was vengeful brown eyes.

"Well, you can join my club for starved kids with freaky powers," Harry said trying to lighten the mood but all she did with sigh, her anger fading for sadness as she flopped back onto the mattress and bed base as its low enough now.

"I get to join too," Naruto said trying not to laugh or it will hurt, and if he or any of them laughed now it would be in hysterics, and they might not be able to stop, and none of them want to go to the nuthouse.

"I'm not sure whether I should feel lucky that I've already watched my mother accidentality kill herself or my dad go nuts," the blonde girl said with a sigh. "She died two years ago, she was a spell weaver, and weaved wrong and blew herself up, and dad's bats, and doesn't even take care of me any more He just works on all his conspiracy theories, and his magazine, and I think I might not be all here either. Its easy to see yourself going nuts when you're watching someone else fall apart every day."

"Maybe you're just eccentric?" Ginny couldn't help but ask.

"Possibly," she agreed shrugging. "I'm Luna Lovegood by the way, if nobody had caught my name. I know all yours so, I guess that's introductions sorted."

"So, Hinata, Naruto, and Sasuke are what, ninja-wannabes?" Ginny said amused at the indignant noise from Sasuke. "And me and Luna are witches while Harry's a wizard… wait, Merlin, you're Harry Potter!"

"What do you mean wizard?" he asked, confused. "Wait, why do I think that's odd? And… umm… do you know me or something?"

"You don't know and-," Ginny said horrified. "I heard you're supposed to be safe you're your muggle family and happy and that Professor Dumbledore watches out for you, but, oh Merlin it's all lies!"

"I don't understand?" he asked looking from the horrified visage of the red head to the wide eyed blonde and to the three confused not-quite-ninja, Naruto had even stopped around the corner from the death street to rest and listen.

"You're Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived," she said as if that should have been enough before quickly continuing. "Harry Potter… you destroyed a super-dark wizard when you were just a year and a half or… no I think you were a bit younger even. It's how your parents died. They say that you survived the Killing Curse, and that it bounced back at He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Though, I've heard mum and dad, and I don't think he's fully gone, and he might come back. it's how you got that scar on your head."

Harry absent-mindedly rubbed the lightning bolt on his head shivering as he remembers some dreams and flashes of green light. "W-who is he?" Harry asked gulping as he readied himself.

Ginny looked scared, and gulped, shuddering as she spoke his name in little more than a whisper that slid from her tongue seemingly going on forever, but they all heard, but only Luna quivered with her.



"Voldemort…?" Harry asked and the two little witches flinched while nodding their heads. "That's a stupid name," he couldn't help but say, a part of him more bothered that someone with such a stupid name sent his life into this spiral of hate rather than the act itself.

"I never really thought about it," Ginny said with a sheepish shrug. "I only know what it is because I heard Dumbledore say it before."

"Why do you keep flinching?" Naruto asked as he lent tiredly against a wall, letting himself heal a bit more.

"What do you mean?" she asked him, confused.

"Every time… well, Voldemort," Harry said and they flinched again. "I'm not super smart but that doesn't seem normal, but I don't know anything about magical people so you could just be weird?"

"We're not weird," she said though sounded as if she wasn't completely convinced. "I-I've never really said the name before. Honestly, the only time I had ever heard it was when I overheard Dumbledore say it, and before then I didn't know what his name was and I flinched then too."

They all just stared at her. They may only be five and six respectively but they're not complete morons and know something is completely messed up with that.

"The first time I heard it was just now," Luna said giving extra credit to their suspiciousness. "But… Voldemort," she said quivering with Ginny. "Its like I just feel a shiver of dread run down my back," she said baffled. "But it doesn't happen to Harry-."

"Who is this Dumbledore anyway?" Harry asked, curious, but the ninja looked curious too. "You said he lied about where I was."

"Yeah," Ginny nodded her head felling uncomfortable. "Well, he's this really old headmaster of a school for magic. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and he's the one who apparently handed you to the muggles… oh and that means none magical-."

"But… my aunt and uncle said my parents died in a car crash," Harry said to make that clear. "So I know they're full of lies about what happened to me, but I had always suspected that was a lie. I've gotten so used to their lies that it's easy to tell when they're not lying, and they said I was just dumped on their doorstep, which I found odd," he said shrugging and hugging himself for warmth.

"Whoa, so that old man just dumped you on a doorstep," Naruto said shaking his head. "That's cold man… but then I live outside so it's kind of colder, and I'm really hurt for anyone who cares."

"I'm not leaving my hiding spot to come and find you," Sasuke said, his eyes darting around the dark in worry. "S-sorry, I just can't… I-I'll come out when the suns up. The sun is always so happy and carefree. Hinata, you'll have to go and find him."

"I-I can't, if I get caught sneaking out I'll be in so much trouble," she said looking at Naruto, worried. "I'm sorry Naruto-kun; can't you get to the hospital?"

He couldn't help the snort. "Sorry, but last time I was there, one doctor tried to over-something me with a sleepy drug so I die, another threw me out of a window making my problem worse, and last time I was there a few nurses held me down and forced me to drink three bottles of bleach, and they do not taste nice."

"How are you alive?" Harry asked in awe, and he thought he had problems, but his don't YET compare to that.

He shrugged sheepishly. "I guess the same reason I haven't bled to death yet and that I can feel myself healing right now," he said looking to his feet, blood soaking them and his horrid orange suit. "I guess the Kyuubi is the cause of my problems but also the only thing that's been keeping me from dying."

"If that's the case then whoever's in charge has been letting people do this to you," Harry said sadly. "But, it seems like it's happening to us both because now I know its magic causing everyone to behave the way they do towards me."

"But the old man Hokage wouldn't-," Naruto defended half-heartedly. "But then he just leaves me all alone out on the streets to fend for myself after they kicked me out of the orphanage."

"Yeah, at least you're not stuck on a roof," Harry said with a sigh. "If I get caught I'm going to get beaten unconscious."

They all (except Naruto) grimaced. "Why don't you just jump down?" Naruto suggested reasonably.

"Because I'll break my legs," he retorted rolling his eyes.

"No, I meant jump the same way you did before, with magical powers," he said sounding 'smart', which even surprised him.

"Oh, right," Harry said rolling his eyes. "I don't know how to do that. I was just wanting to get away from my cousin, and then I was worried watching you, and then boom, I was on the roof."

"How did it feel?" Sasuke asked thoughtfully. "Maybe you could replicate the feeling, mum had always-," he paused for a moment before he continued. "Mum had always said nothing is impossible if you can do it once you can do it again!"

"He's right, Harry-kun, you can do it, I'm certain," Hinata readily agreed. "Y-you have magical powers so you should be able to control them whenever you like."

"But he hasn't even got a wand," Ginny said worriedly. "Wizards need a wand to do magic."

"That isn't strictly true is it?" Luna surprisingly spoke. "I mean, he got up there, so he should be able to get down. Accidental magic is only accidental because we don't know how to control it properly because we can't control how we feel. If we could control how we feel we should be able to control magic."

"My family has plenty of meditations for things like that," Hinata piped in. "I can get some scrolls and help you learn them."

"B-but that doesn't help right now does it?" Naruto asked reasonably. "I mean, how did you feel to get up there and try imagining it while wishing to get down. That could work if you're lucky, right?"

"It might do," Ginny said excitedly. "You can only try right. You've got to get lucky, right?"

Harry nodded his head and took a deep breath as he climbed to his feet with them all watching him and hoping for him. He looked out for a place he wanted to go and saw the large tree the other side of the play field. Then picturing the tree he concentrated with all his might on imagining his cousin was chasing him, and that he was going to get a beating.

He made himself feel that horrid dread run through his veins, and he has felt it more than enough to easily pull up the feeling. However, this time he was trying to make that feeling work for him, and he felt something weird, like he was being squished through a tube, and he gasped, his eyes opening wide as he flickered a few spaces forward and almost fell over.

"Whoa, you actually did it," Ginny praised with wide eyes. "I can't believe you actually did magic, and apparation is supposed to be really hard magic to do."

"You didn't get very far," Naruto couldn't help but say.

Harry puffed out his cheeks and concentrated again. This time when he felt the oppressive feeling of being squeezed he didn't try to leave, but tried to figure it out, look at it, feel it, and try to work it out. The others watched him for a full minute before he flickered away, gasping.

The young wizard almost fell out of the tree as he opened his eyes, but managed to grab hold, breathing heavily, awe in his expression as he concentrated again, then flickered to the ground, hidden from the schoolhouse by the tree.

He couldn't help but laugh. It had been the first time he had laughed that he could remember. "I did it… I actually did magic, real magic, and I jumped!"

"See, I told you, you could do it," Naruto said grinning in pain as he started leaving his position and fast. "You don't mind if I run as fast as I can do you because I can hear people coming," he said as he turned into a dead end. "Oh, dam, where can I-."

"Look down, Naruto, a manhole cover," Hinata said. "Can you escape down there?"

"It wouldn't be the first time," he agreed as he weakly struggled to move the cover enough to squeeze down and put it back just before some ninja turned the corner. He climbed down into the dark only lit up by the soft phantom glows by his new friends.

"W-wait, I know where you are," Sasuke said as he looked around Naruto in surprise as he landed on a surprisingly dry floor. "You got lucky… that's one of the abandoned sewer tunnels that leads all over Konoha, and I think it leads to a secret entrance into the Uchiha district, follow it until you can go right. I've only been down there once with… Itachi, but we didn't go far, and look," he said pointing to some faded black kanji markings as they came to a cross section.

"It's right from here, not far," he said as Naruto limped on until he reached a dead end. "There, that wall is really a hidden door, there's a trick…" he trailed off as Naruto had just felt the bricks and pushed some in turn before it clicked and swung open. "How did you know how to do that?"

"I've found other secret passages all over the place," he replied as he entered and closed the large door behind him. "I've found about five so far… they're great escape routes if you can get to them without anyone spotting you," he said as he walked down some dark steps and through a door into a long corridor.

"Well, the far end door should have something to wash up with, and a change of clothes," he replied with a tired sigh. "Just don't try to find a way out of there yet. It's a guarded secret of the Uchiha so nobody knows about it, but you best keep it a secret, too, all of you."

"Wasn't going to tell anyone," Naruto said while the others nodded in agreement. He then entered a large room and finally found a light switch. Turning the light on made him grimace as the bright lights temporarily blinded him. "Augh," he moaned rubbing his eyes and looking around.

He found some beds on wheels like the ones at the hospital and cabinets all around with medicines and medical tools and machines with plenty of closets. He looked few some of them before he came across a large walk in closet stacked and filled with ninja clothes of different colours and types from sizes smaller than he'll need to huge adult sizes.

"Wow," he said in surprise as he started picking something out. He didn't even hesitate when he started pulling his clothes off, which caused the three girls to squeal and look away quick.

However, he just ignored them as he stripped out of his clothes and just dumped them on the floor with his sandals. He then pulled on some clean and new underwear, some long blue trousers with a long-sleeve white shirt with a small black flank jacket with many pockets to put stuff. He didn't bother putting on some new sandals as there were so many types of footwear he couldn't be-bothered to choose something right then.

"You can look back now girls, blondie is decent," Harry said at least not oblivious to their embarrassment, but that did leave the dilemma of whether they'll be able to control or manipulate this connection at all for some privacy, but he doubted it would come easy or fast if at all.

"Naruto-…!" Ginny reprimanded with pink cheeks. "You don't just strip without warning us so we can look away. It isn't proper."

"Oh," he said sheepishly as he didn't know that. "Umm… sorry I didn't know. Anyway, what do you think of my new outfit?" he asked with a smile.

"It's pretty cool, cooler without the dried blood," Harry said pouting. "But I wish I only took a few hours to heal like that. I can take a full night before my bones are mended."

"Well, aren't you two great," Sasuke said sarcastically. "You both have super healing, so don't rub it in."

"So, what's down here anyway?" Naruto asked looking around at the medical wing.

"All sorts of things," he replied. "From weapons and clothes… of that, that's only one of the many stocked wardrobes. There are bedrooms, food stores and a kitchen with huge mess hall, and then the families' hidden library full of all sorts of ninja things."

"Wow," Naruto said with widened eyes. "We could all learn lots of ninja stuff to kick butt and beat up all of our enemies!"

"We're not ninja," Luna said reasonably. "But then you don't have to be ninja to learn about ninja, and learn to normal people fight, and there might be more. If we can really learn to use our powers without a wand, and you can learn to be real ninja, the six of us together could be unstoppable."

"That sounds awesome," Naruto said as he wound himself through some corridors turning on lights everywhere he went until he found it, the kitchen with tons of canned and preserved foods in massive store cupboards. They had never seen a boy tear into food so fast before. (Well Harry had but he wasn't going to mention his filthy fat cousin and bring down the mood any more).

"Lucky him," Harry said sadly. "At least somebody gets dinner," he said with a sigh before brightening. "Can't I jump things to me, like if I looked into the kitchens, couldn't I jump food rather than jumping myself?"

"It's called apparating, and I don't know," Ginny said looking to Luna.

She just shrugged. "I'm only five you know. I've never heard of doing that before, but why shouldn't you be able to. If you can do it to you, you could do it to other things, right?"

"All right," Harry said with a nod. "First things first, practice jumping until I can do it awesomely, and then practice jumping things to me."

"Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!" Sasuke interrupted in a panic. "T-there are people hear, they're near me," he said in a hushed whisper as they could all see the feet in the dark before a face poked underneath Sasuke's hiding place.

"Hokage-sama!" the man yelled. "There's a boy here in the crawl space."

It took them, unknowingly with five other kids help over an hour to get Sasuke out from under the building and taken to hospital where Harry suggested not talking to them or someone might see and think he's gone mental and lock him away.

The night was going slowly for Sasuke, and the day too fast for Harry as he had bunked off classes, not that it mattered as they had never called his name during roll yet, nor did they care. He watched carefully as his uncle picked up his cousin and drove him away, back home.

"Wow, what is that metal thing and why didn't he take you home too?" Naruto couldn't help but ask.

"Later," Harry said as he started running. "If I'm more than a few minutes after them he'll hit me and just lock me up. If I'm lucky I'll just get locked up, and after that I can leave and practice jumping."

"Why don't you just jump there?" Hinata suggested reasonably.

"It's called apparating," Ginny piped in but knew she was wasting her breath, they had already named it in their heads and aren't going to start using the more complicated name any time soon, if ever.

"Yeah," Harry said with a grin as he stopped and took a deep breath as he concentrated on that odd feeling before the air shifted and he flickered away.

Then he cried out as he felt like he had just crashed into some kind of huge bouncy bubble and skidded across the sand until he splashed into some shallow water. He groaned as they were all calling his name and he blinked the pain away and coughed a little as he sat up, tired and confused.

"W-what just happened?" Harry asked, looking confused, his voice groggy as he looked up at the stars, the full moon lighting up the white sand and dark blue waves as they gently rolled in and swept over his feet and butt. "W-where am I?" he asked looking around to find a huge expanse of sand and water as far as he can see and behind him the thick foliage of a huge garden with some mountains and cliffs in the near distance.

"You must have hit the wards and bounced off," Luna said, shocked. "But… if the wards are designed with you in mind, they should have let you in – unless they were made to stop you apparating out accidentality to get away from your family. I doubt Dumbledore would think that you might 'accidentality' try to apparate in them."

"Well, its warmer here than where I was," Harry said as he stood up and realised he had lost one of his shoes so kicked the other off. The cool sand was quite nice between his toes. "So, where am I and how do I get back?"

"I don't think you're in the UK any more as the sun hasn't gone down here yet," Ginny said looking out of her shattered window.

"Maybe you're on a deserted island with loads of horrid monster," Naruto suggested with a grin, like that might actually be fun.

"Naruto!" all three girls reprimanded together.

"So, I'll just try to jump back," Harry said and they watched, holding their breaths as he flickered away only to cry out as he landed in the middle of the ocean. The waves crashing against him, he was tossed like a salad and couldn't see land. "I-I can't swim!" he yelped as he struggled to stay up.

"Harry!" Ginny yelled out in a panic. "Take off your top and trousers, they're dragging you down… that's it now relax a bit more," she said really trying not to panic herself. "Now try to jump again.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath letting himself sink as he thought about land. He didn't care where. That 'island' seemed so much nicer. It took a lot of concentration, and the water was frigid, he could barely think when he flickered away. He reappeared with a mass load of water depositing him on solid land in a huge splash he was gasping for breath on his hands and knees in his black boxers, (the only thing his aunt ever bought him new).

Harry was soaked through and once again in day light. The sun beat down on him as he gasped for breath when a couple of young men had rushed over speaking in a strange language and picked him up worrying the others.

However, Harry took a look around and saw a gawking crowed of people with cameras and some men in blue robes with little sticks pointing them with green lights and taking film and cards from cameras.

Harry was shivering as he looked around at the huge sandy stone ruin structure that ran around him while he was carried, like a theatre, or long disused ancient arena. The two men escorted him out into the stands where they couldn't be seen before he felt that squishy feeling and they disappeared and reappeared in what looked similar to the hospital Sasuke's in, though this one had a buzz of power about it.

Nurses rushed forward with a gurney when they saw them and the man carrying Harry placed him on the bed while the other spoke to one nurse in that weird language again. Harry was shivering still as a nurse pulled the blanket over him and his wet boxers off in a swift movement so the waiting patients don't see anything.

She then waved her little stick over him, which made him warm up a little. She was speaking to him, though he knew her words were comforting, he didn't have a clue what they meant. They wheeled him into a room where one nurse started using her little stick while another brushed his sopping wet hair back to feel his forehead.

The nurses both double took as this one ran her thumb across his scar, the two men having left. That was when a doctor or whatever came in and one nurse spoke to him, and Harry heard his name spoken.

The doctor came over looking over the scar and actually waved his wand over it before speaking in English with an accent of some kind. "How are you feeling Mr. Potter?" he asked, as he started scanning him more. "Ah, nothing much to worry about… well immediately at least," he said with a kind smile.

"I-I think I'm OK," he said, surprised as a nurse did something to the bed and it sat him up comfortably while another gave him some hot chocolate, and hot or not he drunk it greedily, coughing the doctor took it and put it on the bedside table.

"Get him some food," the doctor ordered. "And not the rubbish we have here," he added and one of the nurses nodded and quickly rushed out before turning to the other. "A strict regime of potions for muscle growth, malnutrition and bone regeneration should handle our immediate issues of getting his health up to scratch. He's fine from his trip in the ocean, but his sight is poor, and his right eyes has to be removed with that scar.

"The scar has been eating away at him, starting with that eye. His other should be fine and return to good vision once the scar and right eye are removed."

Harry covered his eye, his other wide while the others (unseen by the doctor or nurse) stared in varying degrees of horror, especially Sasuke and Hinata, as eyes to them are quite a bit more important socially than anyone else.

"Do not worry," the doctor quickly told him with a smile. "We can get in a specialist to have your eye replaced, and you will lose any connection you might have had with Voldemort," he said, which made Ginny and Luna flinch, but neither the nurse or doctor looked scared in the lease.

"Umm… who's Voldemort, where am I and what's with the little sticks?" he asked quickly before they got the impression he knows more than he's supposed to encase this Dumbledore turns up, but it doesn't hurt to give clues about his muggle family. "I-I have to get home… if I don't get back within just a few minutes of my uncle driving my cousin back from school, I'll be in trouble!" he said not having to fake worry, but he was more concerned with Dumbledore finding out, and what he might do.

"Well that explains the… umm… jumping," he said which annoyed Ginny. "You must have been scared," he said, trying not to show any outwards sign. "But do not worry… I'm sure we can… make sure nothing happens to you… why don't you tell me about your teachers at school?" he suggested suspiciously. "Do they let you go home by yourself while you're so small?"

"Of course," Harry said as if that is supposed to be normal. "They don't like me… they think I'm a troublemaker and let everyone at school bully me or hit me. My aunt and uncle say I'm a troublemaker, and everyone believes them when I would be… if I ever caused trouble," he said actually shivering at the thought. "So… sir, where am I, and how did I get here, and what are the sticks and the weird buzzy feeling?"

The doctor sighed, but hitched up a smile. "You won't have to worry about your… family again," he said actually meaning it and his friends were congratulating him on finally getting lucky. "You are in Rome, Italy, you are a wizard, the stick is a wand, and the buzzy feeling as you put it is all of the healing magic around the hospital together with the wards, which protect the building and keep non-magical people away."

He had expected Harry to question it and not just nod his head in agreement. "Well, that explains why my aunt and uncle are always calling me a freak," he said sadly.

"Wow, you're really good at lying without outright lying," Naruto couldn't help but butt in.

"But if I have to have an eye out and you can make a magical one, won't that cost money and I don't have money?" Harry asked, knowing he can't respond to Naruto without looking like he's gone nuts, which he might have, if only a little.

"Don't worry about that for now Harry," he said with a reassuring smile. "I'm sure we can sort something out, but while we wait for your operation, why don't you eat," he said as the other nurse returned with a smile and a bucket of fried chicken and fries with some sides.

"You should be lucky," she said smiling. "Rome does not have too many places that sell such convenience foods, but even here, the US plagues us with KFC and McDonald's," she said laughing as she handed him the bucket and put the sides beside him. "You can eat it all."

He didn't need to be told twice as he dug in, hungry. It was probably the best meal he had ever had. The nurses and doctors were actually surprised by how much he ate before they left him to rest after his potions and some juice.

"Wow, looks like you actually get to live in Rome," Ginny said awed after they had left him alone, lying back his bed so he can get some sleep.

"Yeah," he said, nodding as he snuggled under the comfortable covers. "I'm glad I didn't stay on that island, and I had thought about it."

"It could have been Hawaii you know," Luna piped in helpfully.

"Not helping," Harry said with a yawn. "Now, if you could all please keep the noise down, I'm really tired," he said quickly drifting off to sleep.


Ginny sighed as she climbed off her bed and unlocked her door. "Well, I'm hungry. I'm going to get some dinner," she said causing her new friends in another place, wherever to gawk. "Oh, that, yeah, they treat me like I'm pond scum… well, mum, Percy and Ron do, but," she said sticking her head out of the door.

"Yep, dads home, you know he doesn't treat me like mum does, but getting those dolls, he won't believe us when we tell him they're girls' toys. He started getting them because Ron keeps complaining about getting nothing, so they were to shut him up, other people have to grow up faster than morons like him."

The other four couldn't help but smile. "So whys your mum like that anyway?" Hinata asked, confused as she remembered how nice her mother was, missing the cuddles.

She rolled her eyes. "Mum was raised to believe that girls aren't as important as boys, and both Percy, one of my older brothers and Ron are her favourites and take her lessons to heart."

"So they're just followers," Sasuke said quietly, not sure how to think as he thought of his mother. She followed his father, even when she didn't agree; thinking about that it seemed quite pathetic. "Don't know how to think for themselves," he said, wincing at the irony as he had always followed his brother around too.

"Yeah, pretty much," she said as she left her room and closed her door when she almost jumped as two identical older boys turned up behind her snickering.

"We heard you're not allowed out of your room or any food until you apologise to ikle doll carrying Ronikins," they said together teasingly.

"I'm not apologising to him," she hissed out venomously causing the twins to flinch, and it wasn't just them as her new friends winced too. "If anything I'll hit him again, harder this time."

They both laughed, picturing it. "We also felt the quake, did the weak little girl do that?" gasped out one twin. "We have yet to see more than a spoon twitch from Ron, so he must be well on his way to becoming Merlin's love-child!" the other giggled, and that seemed to think they're the universes gifts to humour.

She couldn't help but smile as her twin brothers are always (mostly) fun and talk to her like she's not a mentally handicapped person. She sat at the table next to her father after giving him a hug and started eating dinner while her mother scowled at her, just pausing, and Ron looked smug, but she ignored them.

"Well, I'm waiting!" Molly demanded angrily.

"Oh," she replied turning to Arthur with her sad watery eyed expression at the ready. "Dad, Ron burst into my room, accused me of stealing a shoe from one of his dolls and pulled me off my bed by my hair. So I hit him between the legs, and mum thinks I should apologise, but I don't," she told him about what happened, and even the twins and Charlie their oldest brother (still at home), year seven looked at Ron in anger.

"Ronald Weasley!" Arthur said heatedly standing. "How dare you touch your sister, this is the last straw, touch her again and I'll let you sleep in the garden where wild animals belong, now apologise to your sister."

"But she's just a girl," Ron said angrily. "Mum, tell dad, she's just a girl, she doesn't matter like I do."

"Yes, Arthur, he's your son, and she's just a silly little girl," she replied nodding her head, agreeing with her son. "She just wants to cause trouble, and stir things up."

"No Molly," he finally said trying to calm down. "I'm sick and tired of this. I don't know, nor have I ever treated you any differently. I'm sick and tired of this, and if you don't get your head out of your rear I'll take the twins, Charlie, and Ginny and leave you and your sexist little world behind because this is getting ridiculous!" he said angrily. "Come on, Ginny, guys, I'll take you out for some dinner," he said leading them out of the kitchen, only leaving Molly, Ron and Percy, shocked he was finally putting his foot down hard and actually meant it this time.

Arthur, his 3 sons and 1 daughter exited the fireplace into an old warn out pub, which Naruto commented on being cool, (the walking through the fire, not the pub, the pub he thought needed a lick of paint, and cleaning, lots of cleaning). They were just about to find a table for themselves when they were called, (well Arthur was).

They looked over to see a stern looking witch with greying brown blonde hair sitting at a large table with a small girl with her reddish blond hair tied back into a plat. Arthur walked over leading his brood with a smile aimed at the woman.

"Amelia, what brings you out here?" he asked.

Her smile was tight-lipped as she gestured the remaining seats. "Arthur, won't you all join us. I'm afraid I wasn't feeling up to cooking anything today I'm so busy with work. So I thought I would treat Susan, here," she introduced the little girl while Ginny sat next to her and the others took seats too.

"Well, this is Ginny, Fred, George, and Charlie," he introduced his lot.

"I thought you had three more," she said looking them over, her eyes scanning and checking she didn't miss anyone.

He nodded with a sigh. "Unfortunately I've had quite the falling out with Molly, and I don't think I can fix it or want too. She keeps treating Ginny like she has no rights over my youngest son, Ron, letting him get away with what he likes when it involves Ginny. He and my third oldest have been led to believe that girls are just to become wives to look after the kids, and I'm starting to worry, as you can understand."

She rubbed her eyes, shaking her head while she let that sink in. "I knew Molly back at school. She was always like that then, trying to set back women's rights a century or two," she said sadly as a waiter came over and took their orders before continuing as if uninterrupted. "If you… you know what. If you do me a favour you and this lot can stay with us. We have plenty of spare rooms and it does get quite cold just the two of us. At least for a while, until Molly comes around."

"You mean we would be staying forever?" he asked, amused while she just laughed a little.

"Well, she is really stubborn and set in her ways," she reluctantly agreed. "But how about my, favour…?"

"OK, what is it?" he asked, curious while the twins, Charlie, and Ginny couldn't believe they might be leaving their mother. Though, they will probably miss her, even Ginny a bit, but they won't miss her rants on the way things 'should' be. Their ears burn with those rants and quite honestly none make sense to the kids so how their mother thinks they make sense they couldn't tell.

"I need a new head for the Misuse of Magic department," she said, putting her hand up to stall his refusal or whatever. "I know, I know, I've offered you lesser promotions before, and you refused because you like where you are. However, this position is the head of your whole department. I was looking to find someone, and I'm afraid that only a few people, yourself included are viable candidates.

"But a couple of those are in Dumbledore's pocket all the way, or in the Ministers, and through default, Malfoy's," she said with a sigh. "I know your family have had some strong ties with Dumbledore, but we've known each other since Hogwarts, and I know you can say no when you want to. I want it clear that I want you to run the department, not Dumbledore."

"Of course," he said with a nod. "I know Dumbledore isn't as great as too many people think he is. I've come home from work early before to find him talking with Molly… about what I can only guess, but I've asked him about Harry Potter before, and the way he says things. I don't know what he's really done with him, but-."

Ginny had to keep her mouth shut as Amelia Bones continued. "I've looked for him too, and I can't find him anywhere. I've even tried getting injunctions to force Dumbledore to hand him over, but he's always managed to block me, and I was a registered guardian, being friends with his mother while we worked together for a few years at Arrow Brooms, and I haven't heard from Ar..." she was interrupted as dinner arrived and the kids tucked in.

Arthur started as he looked to Amelia. "Then... Dumbledore has something to do with her not turning up...?"

Ginny didn't know who hadn't turned up but this news was surprising. This means as Hinata put it Harry was kidnapped, and is a kidnap victim. The same was going through the adults and other kids' minds, except Susan's, as she looked confused.

The red haired girl and her hidden friends all thought this over, and each promised some form of vengeance on this old man that would be humiliating. This is their brother after all, which again made them start as they realised thinking of each other as family was right, they are family.

"Then, if Dumbledore brings Harry to Hogwarts, even then he'll be able to stop you," Arthur finally added after a moment of deep thought as they started on their meal. "OK, you know what… no more listening to these fools, or Molly, I'll accept your offer."

"Great," she said smiling. "It will be good for Susan to have a playmate," she said smiling at Ginny; however she was zoning out of all that talk as Hinata called her attention, surprised.

"Hey look," she said pointing to Harry fast asleep on his hospital bed, even Sasuke looked as he was having trouble sleeping and no one thought to give him a sleeping pill or something, and Naruto had only just found himself a comfortable room to sleep in.

They looked to Harry's room, surprised as a nurse led in a woman with red hair and bright green eyes; age in her mid twenties. She looked like she couldn't believe something was real. She has a slender body and instead of wearing robes, she's wearing black hipster combat trousers, a white top and cream jacket, and brown walking boots, with a beaten look, as if she works with her hands and muscles, though that doesn't detract from her looks; she's beautiful.

She walked over to Harry with tears in her eyes as she reached out and stroked the hair from his head and took a seat holding his hand. She stroked his fingers with her thumb while the nurse left them alone. She didn't say anything as she just sat and waited for him with a watery smile.

"Who do you think she is?" Naruto asked as he slipped under some covers on his newly claimed bed.

"She must know him," Hinata said with a gentle smile. "It's so sweet, Harry's so lucky right now."

Ginny couldn't help but agree as she ate her dinner feeling better. Her dad had finally accepted a better paying job and they're going to live in a new house. It couldn't get any better could it? Well her mum could stop hating her, but that doesn't seem likely. She'll just have to get on with it and commit her acts of revenge against Ron when she goes to Hogwarts.

Soon, even Hinata had said goodnight to Ginny and slipped under her covers before going to sleep, which dimmed all of the 'windows' a bit, but Ginny could still see them, but that left her semi-alone. She was starting to get used to this odd connection, and now has to wait to see them awake again, but at least she still has Luna.

Ginny's mum had been furious later that evening when her father had arrived back, packing all of their things. It seemed odd that a woman who thinks women are dirt compared to men would speak to him like that, and very bigoted and biased. They left pretty quickly as she started throwing stuff at them, and arrived in a large house.

Ginny had never seen a bedroom as big as the one Susan showed her, the empty one next to hers, eager to have a little 'sister' to play with. They did play some games for about an hour before they were tucked into their beds and were soon fast asleep, and Luna, as she climbed into her bed was the last to say good night to her.

Harry groaned and stretched as his eyes flickered opened tiredly, and then widened as some strange red haired green-eyed woman had moved to obscure his sight of the ceiling for her face, and teary eyes. She looked down at him as if he was her one and only miracle, and could now die happy.

"Oh god, Harry, you're safe," she said, whimpering, hugging him quickly before pulling back. "I thought I was never going to see you again, and that Dumbledore would get away with kidnapping you!" she cried out cuddling him tightly this time, baffling him, but it was nice and warm.

"Oh god, sorry," she said pulling back, worried as he flinched a little that time, thinking she hurt him. "I'm Artemis, Artemis Evans, but I suppose that's Aunty Artemis to you, or Aunty Art if you like, or you can just call me Artemis if you like. Dad was an archaeologist like me, though mum was a linguist. He named me after, well, never mind, mum wanted the flower thing like Lily and... Oh, I mean your grandpa and grandma.

"Sorry, I don't know where they are, and truthfully they could be... well, umm, anyway," she said wiping her tears away with a small smile. "Sorry, I guess I'm blabbering, but I've looked for you everywhere, and tried everything to get you back. I couldn't find you, or mum and dad, and others too, old friends..."

"Y-you're magic like me?" he asked, worried she isn't even though he knows she is.

She smiled and nodded her head frantically. "Yeah, I was so relieved when I found out and… augh, I'm blabbering again. I heard you've… been through some things, and when I get my hands on that filthy sister of mine I'm going to turn her and her family into rats and donate them to a muggle research lab."

"T-that's OK," he said shyly, mainly because that's a good idea and he wants the pleasure. "So… umm… I've never even heard of you before," he said blushing while she smiled and held his hand, stroking his hair back from his eyes.

"Yeah, well, I'm… I was a few years younger than your mum, Lily," she said sadly as she retook her seat. "And when I finished, Hogwarts… umm… magic school, it was just after your mum married Potter. He was OK, not the sort of person I would ever go with… wrong… umm… never mind, but he was all right, and looked after your mum. Well, anyway, with Voldemort on the loose I decided I wanted to get out.

"I tried to convince your mum and dad to leave too, but they were headstrong to stay with Dumbledore," she said, talking without the knowledge that he shouldn't really know who they are, but he wasn't going to correct her. "Well, I wanted to see the world and make some awesome discoveries, and I never trusted Dumbledore. It's something about the way he looks at you, or the giant fear Voldemort's name jinx has all over the magical population of the UK.

"Though, some see through it like me. So I left and travelled around, finding dig sites here and there, Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome are my specialities. I was there for your birth though, and your first birthday. It took me a couple of days to hear about your mother and father, and that you survived the Killing Curse, so I went back to get you and bring you home with me, as I had already settled here with a job with some magical archaeological sites they had just discovered at the time with the hope of finding some new connections to Greece.

"But Dumbledore had just laughed in my face and said that I couldn't have you, and that he would never let you leave the country. You would be out of his grasp, but now you're here. I'm your legal guardian, and he can't do naught to get you back if he even realises you're gone until school age, but what am I talking about. I'll tell you the whole story when you're older, you probably barely understand," she said, smiling as she kissed his forehead.

"I pulled a few strings with some friends here," she said with a grin. "So that… oh, that's how I found you; word travels when you're listening for any hope. Anyway, so your appointment with the operation theatre will be in just a few hours, and the replacement eye specialist will be here soon after, and we can even add some special features if you want? They'll be sure to help you out in any coming confrontations with our enemies."

"B-but I don't have any money," he said blushing, confused, and his mind whirling in hundreds of different directions of uncertainly.

"Don't be silly," she said, rolling her eyes. "Your grandparents… umm, mine and your mums' parents are quite wealthy, not to mention what I've amassed, and I still get money in my account, so I'm fine to fit the bill, but that does make me wonder.

"Your fathers' family died during the war with Voldemort, and they were really wealthy, and I'm talking some of the wealthiest wizards on Earth. So where is all of that? If I find out Dumbledore has given a single Euro to that bitch Petunia for your 'keep' I'll... well, never mind now, we'll deal with that when you're old enough to make a dispute of line theft.

"I still don't get how Dumbledore could bypass me, or your god mother," she said, seemingly lost in her own thoughts. "I know Sirius; your god father was falsely imprisoned for murder, but I wonder how he got at Kennedy, I always liked her. She was Lily's best friend at Hogwarts, but... I wonder how Dumbledore..."

"I-it's Okay, Aunt Artemis," he quickly interrupted her spillage of information, smiling at her; he took her hand while she blushed and returned his smile, embarrassed. "I'm sure everything will work out now we're together where we should be."

"Yes, you're absolutely correct, Harry," she replied, sighing, stroking his cheek in a loving manner. "So, don't worry too much, just get a little more rest before the medi guys get here for you, but don't worry, I'll be here for you from now until forever, OK?"

He smiled, never before feeling so happy. "Yeah, thank you, I know everything will be so much better now..."

Meanwhile, outside of Harry's worries and troubles, a young Uchiha had been let out of the hospital in Konoha, just like that. He hadn't been told what to do, and no one was there to take him in or anything. It felt wrong, criminal even, but at least he has his families' property, and his new brothers and sisters.

So after feeling annoyed that he loses all of his blood family and Harry at least gets someone (not that he'll hold that against him) he headed back to his district. Though, he did think that a potentially traumatised boy should have been kept in the hospital for a few weeks with one of those talky-head-doctors he's heard about.

He would be feeling good if he hadn't just remembered that his whole blood family had just died, and it was probably ordered by the village. He didn't know whether he should get vengeance against the village, or the people who live there, greedy.

"Look what I got!" laughed some teen as he charged out of the main gates of his district.

Sasuke's eyes widened as he saw the boy with a cheap sword. It wasn't much but it was covered in blood. Sasuke snuck in, wide eyed as even ninja were looting his home. He quickly dived out of the way and activated a secret path, underground before closing the door behind him, panting.

There was still blood all over the district and people were robbing, and tearing apart his home. It made him grit his teeth, furious before he took some deep breaths, ordered by Hinata as she had woken a few hours ago and saw what he did. She didn't seem like she was going to leave her room anytime soon, but with a quick nudge and a secret wink from Harry while his aunt wasn't paying attention she ventured out.

Sasuke sighed as he went downstairs to wake up Naruto. He hadn't actually met the blonde in person before so when he entered the boys' room, he was unsure how to wake him.

"Just shake him," Hinata suggested quietly as she walked to breakfast.

He nodded and shook the boy. His blue eyes flickered open as he swatted at Sasuke, falling from the bed, and they both ended up in a heap on the floor. Naruto gave him a sheepish look as he pulled himself up and helped Sasuke stand before making his bed, stretching and yawning.

"Wow, Sasuke, you're really here?" he asked in shock, poking him just to be certain.

"Yeah," he replied, annoyed, swatting away the poking finger. "And the whole of my district is being ransacked and looted and nobody is doing anything to stop it."

"Bide your time, get stronger, and then punish them," Naruto suggested with a clear head. "If you went out now you might get beaten up!" he said, thoughtful. "I don't know why the village would let them, but obviously the evil people of Konoha need to be punished, and only you, me, and Hinata can do that until we meet up with the others. We're family now, and I think family should be that for each other."

Sasuke looked away for a moment before looking back. "You're right, we only have each other. It's obvious now that we're connected like this for a reason, three ninja and three mage, and together we can avenge ourselves!"

"That sounds nice but can you keep your voices down, I'm still sleepy," Ginny mumbled from her bed contently snuggled under her covers.

"Sorry, Ginny-chan," Naruto said sheepishly; his voice quietening as he looked from the bed to Sasuke. "I think we should go to your family's hidden jutsu place and start training. Hinata-chan can come and join us after breakfast..."

He paused as his tummy grumbled. "Well, maybe we should get breakfast first."

Sasuke sighed and couldn't help the small smile; it took his mind off his heartache and made him feel a little more whole. "Sure, let's grab a bite, then training, OK?"