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Ionic Storm

Morgana Evans was her given name. But she had also taken a name that suited her too. After all, names held power or something like that. She figured she watched too many cheesy TV shows, but having super powers herself, she could not be too careful about these things. Therefore, she took the name, Plasma, just in case. She had seen so many odd things in her short years that she was a little superstitious. Though, that did not mean she used the name much. She liked the name her mother had given her because it was from her mother.

She chose Plasma rather than something like Lightning or Thunder, as it was more neutral, or unisex. It sounded more right than anything else did, but different. She was smart enough to know that plasma was supercharged ionic matter, which went hand in hand with her powers. That was how she was different to 'normal' people, and was why she could easily believe in the unbelievable.

She had just turned thirteen years old. Yesterday was her birthday. It was not such a great day, as she had no family left. Her parents had died when she was a small defenceless baby. She did not really have friends either to celebrate with. Her friends were more like acquaintances, or people she had saved or helped in exchange for their help, if she wasn't just feeling helpful at the time, which happened sometimes when she was helping someone from a filthy 'man' or one of her 'enemies'. She had lived alone on the streets of London for a long time now and even allies became fleeting.

Though, she supposed her life could have been worse. She could have still been with 'them'. They were her only living relatives, and she would use the word relatives with a grain of salt. She had grown to hate them with a passion as they hated her from day one, bitter and twisted because they hated her mother and father, and because of that, they were petty hateful fools. She had not known why back then, but when she got her powers, she grew suspicious that their hate and fear grew so vast. Could her parents have had powers too? Was that why she survived and gained her new powers instead of dying as everyone else did?

She could not give any other reason, but she got used to being alone. She did not think it was too bad, but she would have loved to share her life with someone special. But it was kind of freeing compared to what she had before becoming a homeless annoyance to society, or whatever the losers of this world would, call her. She did okay by herself, but she always had a feeling that there was more to her life, her world. She hoped that she would have some greater purpose. She hoped that she could change the world one bit at a time, so that one day she would be accepted for who she was, not what others would want her to be.

She had been alone in the city since the incident. It happened quite a while back when she was eight years old. The Ray Sphere. That was what it was called! It was her saving grace! It was her life, and she loved it without knowing because it saved her a painful life as a weak puppet of self-loathing, to death, destitute and to someone far below her standing.

She came across the sphere when her 'family' had 'lost' her in London. Yes. They did make a habit out of losing her, but she always managed to find them again. It seemed like magic at the time, but she could never even utter that word in front of them.

The Dursley's had a phobia to anything abnormal. She guessed to them, abnormal was having your parents die on you, or something like that. If she ever saw those, good for nothing Dursley's again she would fry them, and leave their burnt corpses on the underground. Not that she expected to ever see them willingly entering the city again, knowing that she could be there somewhere, waiting to claim her vengeance.

Honestly, if she wanted to hunt them down and kill them, fry them, or torment them or something. It would not be hard to find them. She bet they still lived in the same suburb in Surrey as they did when they dumped her, which was their stupidity if she did decide to kill them one day. The thought of what they would look like if she knocked on the door made her smile and contemplate finding them just for that alone, but then she would have to kill them. The look, and then the suffering she would bring to them was something that could always make her squirm slightly with excitement. The mere thought of killing them made her feel happy.

They finally abandoned her in the City of London all alone after it happened. The Ray Sphere housed electromagnetic mutagenic energies. It was the power over electricity, lightning, pure undiluted plasma. She should know. She could create a concentrated beam capable of cutting through anything from bone to steel.

She had met a strange young woman with fierce red hair and crimson eyes. That should have been a giveaway that not all was right. The woman had given Morgana a pack with the sphere inside with a cell phone. She offered the innocent child money to deliver it somewhere. Morgana was not stupid, but she wanted money. Then she could have brought brand new things, like pretty clothes, and glasses for her little green eyes as she couldn't see well like the other children at school and the Dursley's didn't care.

Morgana would admit that she probably should not have accepted the job, just because her relatives had conveniently lost her again. Sure, the clothes she wanted were pretty, but the risk was not worth it. Well, she would have thought that, thinking about the scum that walked around the city because what was worth it was the power she received. So, a few hundred people were seriously injured or killed, she was free, and it was not as if it was her fault. She did not activate the bomb; she was too young to know any better, no matter how clever she was.

It had saved her life in many ways; they were selfish in many more, but she did not care, she deserved to have a future and to have some hope. It had freed her from the Dursley's, and she could not have been more thankful that sometimes miracles did happen.

The phone rang while Morgana was on her delivery. She answered the phone as the woman had instructed and it was her voice. Her voice was gentle and warm, full of a compassion and kindness Morgana had never received before.

She said just four clear words.

"Child of the Sky!" she had near whispered over the line.

Then boom! It felt like every molecule in Morgana's body had been torn apart. It was a pain she could never describe, or forget. She had been fried by enough electricity to destroy a small army, and it had taken out several streets and buildings along with London Bridge half collapsing into the Themes. So she knew that when she fried someone with her powers, they did not know true pain. She could not move a muscle in her body and she was suffering severe burns over her whole body.

She passed out shortly after seeing some of the destruction, but that was good for her recovery and meant she did not have to continue feeling the pain. It was strange to wake up in hospital. The miracle child. The child who was regenerating skin, muscle, and even hair that should never have grown back, but they did not know of the power seeded deep within waiting to get out to be free. No one could have foreseen what would happen.

She could not remember whether she dreamed, but the reality was so much better when she woke. The hospital staff actually fed her for one. However, she had become something else, more, something special, and so, she could be fearless, and make others fear her for once and for all. She was the Goddess of Lightning, Scorch of the Sky, and she would not let anyone hurt her ever again.

She had been found bloodied and battered in the centre of the destruction the sphere had brought to the city. She felt a little bad about how many people had died to give her, her powers, but she could live with that, closing her heart to those who would use or abuse her. She had been in a smouldering crater, but that sounded nicer than when she went back to the Dursley's. It was as if some unseen force was making everyone look passed the horror of her family, so they had no choice but to take her, and those who might have objected stayed quiet.

The Dursley's had not even come to see her at the hospital, so it was a shock for them to see she had changed. It was not much of a change, mainly physical and confidence with an air of strength she never had before. Her hair was a midnight black, darker than it had been before the incident, and her eyes were still a flash of emerald green mixed with some teal that blurred out into the whites. Her body was stronger with slight, but still noticeable tone to her muscle. However, it was the look like a storm that frightened the Dursley's most, and when her eyes would glow electric blue and spark when she was angry.

She would make sparks of blue light dance around her fingers to scare the Dursley's, and maybe she had a great responsibility to use her newfound powers to protect people, but who had ever protected her? The Dursley's used to hit her, torment her, goad and mock her, but with that first spark, they saw the deep water they were treading, and that electrical cables hung over that water. They had seen that they had pushed far enough that she would not, could not be pushed further without risking their lives.

Morgana's power had strengthened her body physically, and gave her more than that; it mentally strengthened her resolve. That was not to mention her command over electricity, from bio and natural, to artificial power. She could do anything she wanted, and become a queen, an empress. She was better than the Dursley's and they feared that, and she enjoyed their fear. It gave her strength to realise that she was more than they could ever hope for. She would make them fear her as she once feared them, and they would not take it as she had, but they would whimper and cry in fear of her, so who were the children?

With her great power, Morgana had a beautiful new freedom that she had always longed for, and she became more than a mere mortal. She had the responsibility to use her power how she saw fit. She would never let anyone make her into the victim again. She could be the bully if she wanted. But she would never stoop so low. She knew that she would protect girls from people like them, and anyone who chose to cause them harm.

Then the Dursley's left her, not even pretending that they 'lost' her. She was just a small girl. She could admit to herself that she was left alone and scared, in a scary new world because they finally started fearing her beyond the rational. If it was not for her powers she might have become some filths plaything, but instead she held all of the cards. She had fools and criminal gangs bowing to her, learning from watching them, observing what went on in her city. They gave her whatever she wanted to appease her, or she could end them and leave them in chains outside of a police station, or worse, drained of their electrolytes, dead.

The men in her city sickened her. She had grown away from any thoughts of them – men or boys, she despised them. The fairer of the sex was what made her happy. She had been a hero to the cute girls of her city, and most were willing to let her play with them as a thank you, but she would never force the matter, she was above that, and she had a magnetic personality. It had been nice how she had grown to learn the fine arts of getting cute girls into her bed, or into their bed.

The criminals within the city had grown to fear Morgana and her power, and even more, they started to fear mistreating any girl within her territory, which was widespread. Prostitution of innocent girls had dropped to near nothing because men feared Morgana coming to kill them. They had good reason to fear her taking their lives. She had stopped some who had gotten some fourteen and fifteen year old girls addicted to drugs because they wanted to use that to sell their bodies for sex. Morgana had gotten the girls out and home, hopefully getting them the help, they needed and the men died painfully.

Then that brought her, her names or titles. Names had meaning to lots of different people and she chose to take them all. The names had grown to bring her would be enemies fear as if she was the Don of the city, and exploiting any female became an 'at risk of death' activity with a very high risk score, and death was much more feared than life in jail if caught by the police. Even the police new of her legacy, and stayed out of her way for the most part because they knew she wasn't above killing them if they tried to stop her, and those that were 'investigating' her 'murders' conveniently had a knack for being 'incompetent'.

Morgana was The Lightning Bringer! The Empress of the Storm! The Plasma Goddess! Goddess of the Skies! And even the Hell-Goddess Death Light! She liked having names people used to worship and fear her. They were names that brought fear to those who should be fearful, and that brought her pleasure. But to those she protected the names were those of worship and gratitude, and that made her happy.

It amused her to see the foolish men shit themselves as they saw her for the first time, lit up with blue storms of light blazing around her body like the Angel of Death herself. She would show off her power and they would stare in horror. They would see what she could do; her destructive capability and their knees would shake with cold dread.

Then she would amusedly take a cut of their drug deals because she needed the money, or set their slave workers free because she hated exploiters more than anything, especially people traffickers. They stayed clear of London these days, but that did not mean she would not find a place here and there, and then her will would be done, and the people would be free to go home. She even knew that there were criminals all over the world that stayed clear of her because they had heard, and seen the fear she held over man.

She had become an Urban Legend throughout the city. She was a cautionary tale to all criminals. She knew that the police knew she was the real deal. However, they could not admit they had seen a girl who could control electricity in their city, as no one would ever believe them and they would become a laughing stock. To them it was something out of the comic books, only Morgana was no superhero, but more the not-quite villain; she was the anti-hero

Morgana remembered when she was weak before her powers. Her uncle used to come home drunk after a bad day of work. He used to blame her for his bad luck. It never occurred to him that he was an uncouth douche bag that believed he was owed everything and nobody liked him, least of all Morgana and that the business dealing had gone bad was because he was a prick and everyone knew it.

Getting the belt hurt, even more so when you knew that you did not deserve it, and that he did. She had to only think about it for her anger to boil, giving her thoughts of returning for her vengeance. She had gotten broken bones, bruises, welts, and sores because the Dursley's were petty fools. However, even then she had something for them to fear. She healed perfectly within the day, which was her luck or she would have been covered in scars, or dead.

She could heal even faster now. She could pull electricity from nearly anything to close her wounds and take her scars. She was more durable. Stronger. She could jump from the tallest skyscraper without using her powers and crack the concrete, not her head.

Now she refused to let any male touch her out of sheer principle. She supposed Vernon Dursley started her on the road to disliking men, but his greedy, fat, bully of a son could not have helped matters. She still wondered how that fat tub of baby fat had not died of a heart attack with the amount of junk he greedily shoved down his throat.

Morgana was dangerous. There were hardly any who would be willing to do 'business' with her, not that they had a choice if she needed the money. It was mostly girls who wanted to cut her in for their protection from any men, and she would admit that to some of the cuter girls in the city she might have accepted some payment in other areas she had gotten good at. She was their anti-hero She did not give a shit what anyone thought. It got her feeling good and a warm bed for the night with a cute warm body or two to cuddle with.

Though, Morgana had gotten kind of sick of this cesspool city, or maybe just really bored. There had to be something fun to do. She had tried doing the superhero bit, proper, but that did not work out too well. She guessed she was too cynical to work out as a hero like that. She would have to stick to the anti-hero bit because she was not really a bad person – well, maybe she was a little, but she would not go out of her way to hurt someone.

Morgana had once protected a whole school bus full of kids before. Okay, so she was partially responsible for the bus slipping off the bridge, but she got it up again. She did not know whether she could have lived with herself if they had fallen to their doom. They were innocent, and though she would be reluctant to admit it, even the boys were.

She was sitting on the edge of the roof of a tall building, looking out over the city as it brought dusk to the sky, and a peace to her soul. She loved the colours, from the Reds, yellows, and oranges. The colours were clouding the sky in a pattern of wild-beauty. The sky reminded her of herself at that moment, streaking with uncontrolled colours.

She smiled gently as she ran her right hand through her straight black hair. Her hair was long, hanging to her waist. It was tied back with a weird spider hair clip a girl gave her as a gift, more grateful than her body was worth, to her at least, to Morgana, she treasured it because it was from her heart. She was into the Goth scene and was on a school field trip when Morgana rescued her from some douche bags that never saw her coming.

Morgana's cute Goth girl was nice, and eager to 'experiment' with her. She tasted sweet. She was a few years older than Morgana was too. Morgana was not sure what she preferred to be honest. In her age range or older than her. They both had great qualities. She supposed it did not matter too much because she loved them all, and that did not make her slutty. It made her awesome with a slight touch of slutty. There was a difference.

Maybe if Morgana went on a trip she could get out of her rut. It would give her something to do. She wanted some cool dreams and a fun future where she got lots of cute girl-ass. She was so bored. She supposed heading into Surrey would be cool. That way she could get her vengeance on the douche bag Dursley's. The thought of the horrors she could inflict made her red lips curl into a grin.

She looked out over the cityscape. She could not help but feel giddy at the thought of leaving. She could not wait for some more adventures, and making new friends. The thought of all those damsels she could rescue and seduce, maybe a rich one she could mooch off for a while that would satisfy all of her desires at the click of her fingers.

She would have to use her powers only when necessary outside of the holes and pitfalls she could hide in inside London.

Morgana's bright emerald eyes glowed with blue light slightly as she watched dusk turn to an inky darkness, lit by the streets of her city far below. It was all so depressing and artificial. However, it held an odd beauty, all that power she could feed on, but even she had limits.

She brush out the creases in her tight, form hugging black top as she stood up on the edge of the roof without a care in the world for how dangerous that was. She was wearing a blue leather jacket over her top, left open with white angle wings on each chest side and a tail of white feathers on the back. She had on some baggy beige combat hipsters over her legs and tight to her tight butt with black belt hugging her hips holding brown suede pockets, and finally brown walking boots on her small feet for comfort.

She had a baggy hood on her jacket left down under her long hair, which was crinkled midway down to the end, hanging at her waist. She clenched her fingers within her black leather fingerless gloves. The gloves had blue metal plate strips on the backs, arching electric sparks. Her fingernails were not too long but rounded to slight points on her small and experienced fingers.

"The city looks so pathetic and small from up here!" she mumbled to herself thoughtfully, "the people even more so...! I could do whatever I wanted to them! What could they do to stop me?!" she finished her thoughts with her soft cool voice before shaking the thought away and smirking as she looked down towards the ground forty storeys down.

She leaned forward and within seconds, she was falling towards the ground. The wind washed at her hair, whipping it back. It was exhilarating, breathe taking, brilliant. She could see through each of the windows as she fell as if everything was moving slower, even her fall. She could see mindless people moving like drones. They did not notice her, she did not expect them too, and even more they would not have cared. A woman Morgana had saved from a kidnap attempt, for a ransom, owned the building. She paid Morgana back for her help by making sure she had a fun place to jump where people would not pay attention, or could not see her.

The feeling of falling was beautiful, rushing up inside her chest and behind her navel, exhilarating. She watched as the ground rushed up to meet her. The splat that would meet most people, but her? She was so much more. She was different. She was special in more ways than one. The feeling of adrenalin, and fear was something she loved, base-jumping without a parachute.

It had only taken a few moments before she would smash face first into the ground. But she twisted, sliding, flipping through the air, and landed with a crunch, on her feet, shattering the concrete as her boots hit in a spider web pattern, sinking into the ground with her pure strength of force.

Standing to full height, which was not much, she grinned and stretched some kinks out of her slender muscles. That was always something fun she liked doing. Though, it was always more fun to fall than climb, even the climb could be most exhilarating since she couldn't use the elevators in most places without some guard chasing her out.

She was surprised this time as she looked to her left side to see a woman. She looked as if her heart had been caught in her throat. However, she was this stern type, pretty, much older stern type, with her brown hair up in a bun wearing a neat woman's tweed business suit. So she straightened herself out quickly. She looked as if she was short of any choice words for a moment before she found them.

"Miss. Potter, you almost took ten years off my life with that stunt!"

Miss. Potter?

"Miss. Potter, you almost took ten years off my life with that stunt!" the woman spoke crisply, but for a slight quiver. It sounded like this odd woman was actually reprimanding Morgana, as if she had been worried for her safety. It was an odd and unusual feeling. "Y-you could hurt yourself, or worse!" she continued her reprimand.

"Err, whatever," Morgana replied, confused, as normally, people would find her survival alarming and freaky, and this one purse-snatcher ran away screaming like a little girl and turned himself into the cops. "Anyway, I think you have me mistaken for someone else, my name is Evans!" she added, wondering why she bothered to correct her.

"Morgana Evans?" the woman asked, and Morgana could only nod, surprised she knew her, and getting more confused by the minute. She did not seem like the sort of person to be in some bad business, even for one of those rich douchy types Morgana had come across plenty of times.

"Your mother chose the name Morgana to annoy your father and the 'light'," she said as if Morgana asked her, but it was nice to know. But it would be nicer if she knew the circumstances behind that, or who this woman was, first.

"You're a witch," she carried on as if Morgana had asked her, which made sense she supposed, because of the odd things that her electric powers could not explain. "You survived the killing curse. Your mother did not like the way people labelled the light and dark. She was a good person. She had a 'dark' best-."

"So she named me after the most famous Dark Witch of all time?" Morgana interrupted her. She was feeling baffled. She could not deny magic after all the stuff she had seen in her short years. Her powers included. "I guess she had a good sense of humour. So who hit me with this killing curse so I can get pay back? This bastard killed my parents too?" she demanded, outraged at these new revelations, and wanting revenge on the Dursley's even more than ever and her parents sounded like they had been her heroes.

She nodded with a sad expression. "He was called… Voldemort," she said his name with a quiver, so Morgana guessed this jerk was truly vile, or these people were pansies. Yeah, she would say the later as people said her name and she was a dangerous menace to society. "He went after you. I'm not sure of the specifics. He killed your mother and father. Then he went for you but his curse backfired for some reason. He is now little more than a spectre trying to regain his body!"

"I see," was all Morgana could reply even though she did not really see, but whatever. She was interested, and invested. It looked like she had her very own supervillain. She would have to tear him apart for taking everything from her, just to make the point that no one messes with her.

"So… you do know about magic?" she asked looking hopeful.

"Nope, but it sounds like to you people at least, I'm pretty awesome and famous?" she said with a small grin, already planning some nasty pranks on them to begin her vengeance.

"W-well, famous, yes... InFAMOUS even," she agreed with a nod. "I suppose it's because of your…" she trailed to a stop at my head-shake

"Got my powers years later in an incident with a bomb thing," Morgana interrupted, smirking. "Anyway, why come now? You people haven't cared in twelve years!" she asked, curious why. If she was their hero and saviour, or whatever, why hadn't they taken care of her?

"We lost track of you!" she quickly answered. "Your family said that you were kidnapped-."

"Family...?!" Morgana ask-demanded, startling her. "Those pieces of shit, who liked beating me, got scared when I got my powers and dumped me in this cesspool city?" she was quick to make it clear that she had no family.

"B-but Dumbledore said-," she tried to defend but stopped at Morgana's glare with sparks in her eyes, literally. "He's the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! He placed you with t-the Dursley's."

"I see," Morgana replied, keeping her anger in check. "Then he dumped me on a doorstep," she muttered, which caused the woman to grimace. "So that is why you are here. You want me to go to this school?" she demanded only liking the idea because it meant she could get vengeance on this old fool and make some cute new friends.

"W-well yes," she quickly agreed. "It is a brilliant opportunity. You would normally go at age eleven, but we could not find you. Your abilities made traces impossible. But we plan to try fast tracking you to at least second year by Christmas, and if we can, third by next September."

"So… Potter was my father's name?" she replied, uncertain. The strange woman nodded. "I see, but I prefer Evans. It is the name I've been under for most of my life."

"Okay, but people won't like that as you're their saviour and that's a muggle name-."

"I don't give a shit!" she interrupt. "They owe me! So they should use whatever name I choose!" she informed her, straight to the point, and disappointed in the name they seemed to use for non-powered humans. She had half expected them to call them mortals, which would have been just as silly as that would have falsely implied that they were immortals, which would be stupid.

"Reasonable," she replied with a sigh. "I'll have it sorted out, but be prepared for less reasonable people, such as the headmaster and his following, as well as egotistical pure-blooded wizards to not think so and still call you Potter."

"It looks like I need to watch this headmaster!" Morgana answered, and she did not deny it. "I suppose this school could be entertaining? If nothing else, it would be fun ruining the schemes of morons. So, anyway, where do I get my school stuff? Also, you need to give me money, or hadn't you noticed I'm dirt poor?" she said, lying as she had a few hundred pounds in her purse, but she wanted someone else to pay.

"Well, your parents left you-."

"Oh great! I'm going to find out I'm rich!" she muttered, annoyed, as the woman did not deny it, not even a little, which meant she was very rich. Though, Morgana soon got over it as being rich sounded like it would be fun. "So who are you anyway? A teacher I figure?"

"Professor Minerva McGonagall," she quickly responded. "I'm the Deputy Headmistress and transfiguration teacher. And… well. A nice good family has accepted to let you stay with them while not at school and they will see to your shopping," she added as she handed over a small gold key.

Morgana studied it for a moment before placing it away in her rubber purse as it saved money from being burnt to a crisp by her powers. "So that is for a magical world safe or something in a bank?" she asked, curious as her purse went back into her pocket.

"Yes! Gringotts Wizarding Bank," the teacher quickly agreed.

Morgana nodded thoughtfully before shrugging. "Okay, so how do we get to this… family?" she asked quickly. "I need to get the hell out of here before I go on a rampage just to liven the place up!"

"O-oh right!" she said quickly as she offered Morgana her right arm. "Just hold onto me and I can apparate us," she said confusing Morgana. "It's a kind of teleportation so try not to use your ability while in transit or it could go horribly wrong!"

"Right," she replied with a shrug as she gripped her arm. She winced a little so Morgana quickly loosened her grip, remembering not everyone could withstand her strength and she did not want to injure her ride out of her cesspool, and would like to get there in one piece. The woman did not seem as bad as she had thought she would.

"It will feel odd and oppressive the first time," the older woman quickly said. "It feels like trying to squeeze through a tube that is much too small."

"Okay," Morgana replied. "Let's go!" she agreed that she was ready, and taking a deep breath to prepare herself.

Morgana quivered as she felt the squished, sucked through a straw feeling before it was gone and they were in a field outside a large wonky farmhouse on the outskirts of a small village. Morgana shook off the feeling, quivering at the squished feeling, as it felt so very odd.

"So… who would live in a house like this?" Morgana asked grimacing as some cowboy builder had had a laugh at them with that bodge job. It looked like they had to use magic just to keep the place standing after being screwed over.

"The Weasley's," McGonagall answered without a look as if anything was wrong. "They have two kids about your age. Well Ginevra is a year younger, and Ronald is your age. I'm sure you'll get along great!"

Morgana snorted, annoyed. "Yeah, with the girl, of course; not the boy; boys are only good for cannon fodder. There was not a chance Morgana would consent to hang out with one willingly like that! I bet this one is just a stupid douche bag anyway."

"T-there is only one girl, and six boys, but two boys have left home!" she quickly said in worry to Morgana's annoyance.

A few moments later, they had gotten to the door and she quickly knocked. Morgana was met with some fat jolly woman who would make a better Santa than some of the pervy jerks she had seen. The only thing jolly about them was the fact that children's parents let them sit on some strange unmarried fat douches lap.

A few minutes later, the fatty – sorry – ginger-fatty was trying to hug Morgana - fuck no. She let a spark lash out just to push her back, away from her. Morgana could not stand people like her, thinking they could hug anyone because they were smaller than she was which everyone was.

McGonagall said something to her about Morgana not liking people touching her, which was perfectly true, unless she wanted them too, as if they were cute, and a lot younger than fatty. She would admit she liked red heads, but ginger…? At a stretch if, she was cute enough, and had a super fine body, but in this case. NO, one thousand times, NO!

Soon Morgana was invited in. The Professor had left, and Morgana was led into a large lounge. Morgana was half impressed the place was certainly nice and homely. It was not much of a mirror to the bad building work outside, but she thought it was best not to bother mentioning that as it was likely a sore subject being done over by cowboys.

Morgana was introduced to the primarily male family. First was Percy – a super douche bag who obviously wanted to suck politician cock when he finished school this year. He was that much of a pleb that she wanted to smack him on sight on sheer principle.

Then the twins barely avoided twin strikes of blue light as they attempted to offer their hands. Their mother was quick to reprimand them and tell them that Morgana did not like being touched. She honestly read them and figured they would like the near death experience.

She figured the twins were odd because instead of being afraid as they should have of her awesome powers they were amazed and admitted that she was cool. She internally shrugged as they were somewhat funny, and a little humour was always a good thing.

Next up was the ginger boy Morgana's age: Ronald the Moron. He looked like he deserved a kick in the balls just for looking at her 'that way'. It was as if he expected her to like him. She did not. She wanted to cut him with a giant knife. He had this clueless expression on his ugly face. She told him to go and fuck himself sideways because she did not associate with deadbeat pricks.

Molly Weasley tried to reprimand Morgana as the moron stormed off muttering some crap about some old guy. Morgana wondered if Ronald was into that kind of thing, but she cringed in disgust at the mere thought. He could go off with any old man he wanted for all she cared, but she did not want to hear about it. She would have to scrub her brain if she kept thinking about his old man love.

Next, she was introduced to this weirdo Arthur Weasley: the father of the family. He actually asked Morgana what someone would use a rubber duck for. She was so close to telling him that muggles (the stupid word they used for non-magical's) stick them up their asses, but did not need the hassle no matter how funny his expression would have been.

Then, last but certainly not least, the only member of this odd family Morgana would want to know. Ginevra. Ginevra "Ginny" Weasley. She was cute and had Morgana's heart racing with the need to taste her lips. She was cute in all the correct ways, which was surprising considering what the rest of the family, looked like.

They all wore robes, but the way Ginny's hung to her small body was different somehow, making her sweeter. She had freckles dotting her nose and cheeks with pale skin. Her hair was a light red-orange hanging back, tied to her shoulder blades.

She was a little smaller than Morgana was with a small nose and cute lips. Her brow was crinkled sweetly as she shook her hand. Morgana smiled at her, and she smiled in return, likely thankful that Morgana had not shocked her. Her smile was nice and her chocolaty brown eyes lit up happily, as she held her hand in hers, her fingers were secretly caressing her soft skin.

"So I'll be sharing your room, babes?" Morgana asked and Ginny nodded her head, embarrassed as a cute little blush lit her cheeks on fire. "The Professor said that I'll be in first year till Christmas, so with any luck we'll be classmates after the New Year... so girl - want to show me to your room?" she asked hopeful, the quicker they left, the quicker they were in bed, 'sleeping'.

Ginny nodded her head quickly as the others looked to her, confused. Morgana had that reaction when the 'males' or whatever didn't know she did not like them on principle. Plus, I do not like the way they look, or look at me because they are jerks!

"O-okay," Ginny quickly agreed leading Morgana away from everyone else with Molly Weasley calling after us that dinner would be soon. She looked like the sort of woman who could cook a nice meal, and Morgana had heard good things about a home cooked meal by a mother, and looked forward to trying one.

"So this is your room?" Morgana asked, even though she knew it was with the two small beds, the wardrobe, and the unicorn stickers. She was cute without even trying as she looked to one of the beds with some soft toys from bunnies to teddies.

Morgana was still holding Ginny's hand, and she was not trying to get her to let go so she was okay with everything.

"Are you afraid of me?" Morgana asked Ginny, as she had not replied as she closed the door behind us.

"A-a little," she answered, startled as Morgana kicked the beds together for more comfort and room for both of us.

"Why are you afraid, Ginny?" she asked her, moving into her space, her body pushed to hers as she held her hand firmly.

"Y-you're dangerous!" she said quickly. "The headmaster said you might have killed people before!" she said before her eyes flickered to the joint beds. "Y-you're Morgana Potter. You're not supposed to be like this, and…"

She was startled as Morgana's lips touched hers in a chased kiss. "There's a little more to you that that!" she retorted smartly as Ginny quivered, weak in the knees. "You and I could be incredible together. Us, with other girls, we could make something more for ourselves, so just give in. What is so different about you compared with the others?"

"I-I'm empathic!" she quickly blurted out, embarrassed because she wanted so much to have another kiss like that, more, deeper. "I-I can feel your emotions. The feelings of… naughty feelings for me," she added, her cheeks fire red.

Morgana licked her lips and still she had not pulled back, just staring into her eyes. She was lost in her, and she loved the control of herself that she easily handed over to her.

"Someone is trying to stop you using your gift?" she asked her and she nodded slowly.

"T-they say that I shouldn't. That it's wrong!" she replied. "B-but Dumbledore is afraid of me. He is scared of my power because I know when he is lying. He never tells the whole truth. He…"

Morgana kissed her lips again. Her eyes drooped for a moment before she pulled back, suckling off her lower lip, smirking at her. "Who cares? You should be relishing in your gift - for me Ginevra. We can pay this world back. Bring it to life. Live free!"

"O-oh yes," she whimpered, capturing Morgana's lips with hers lips until she pulled from her.

"I have so many enemies that need putting in their place," Morgana informed her. "Will you stand at my side? Hold my hand? Love me?!"

"Yes," she whispered as they kissed, tongues slipping inside each other's mouths, lost in that moment. Morgana loved her taste, her feel, her body; she was hers.

"W-wow," Ginny mumbled, quivering as Morgana pulled back leaving her breathless, and with a dreamy expression as she swallowed, swooning over Morgana.

"W-why are w-we kissing?" she asked. "G-girls a-aren't supposed to kiss like that!" she said, uncertain, confused, baffled.

"Follow the heart, the body, and the soul," Morgana replied quietly, smirking as she held her small body flush with hers, cuddling her. "But when it comes to pretty girls, our hormones are the best to follow!" she told her, leaning in to suck her small pink tongue in between her welcoming lips.

"Tonight and forever, you're all mine!" Morgana mumbled with Ginny's moist tongue in her welcoming mouth. "And together," she continued mumbling into her soft loving, longing kiss. "We will change everything," she finished while she lowered Ginny onto their bed, lying carefully on top of her, running her hands inside Ginny's robe, to find her delicious butt beneath.


Ginny Weasley would have never even gave such naughty thinking a moment of her time, but that was before she woke up in bed, naked with another naked girl after having a confusing yet wonderful night, exploring, and learning how to be with another girl like that. She found the though pleasant, and even comforting as Morgana was nice to her, and attentive. She wanted Ginny to relish in her curse, what Morgana considered her gift.

Morgana encouraged the use of her ability. Ginny felt odd opening it up to feel Morgana's honesty, and compassion. Ginny had sometimes abused her ability when she could, worried that her family would hate her if they ever found out. She never tried to manipulate any one's emotions, but use her ability to feel them as a lie detector.

She had always felt conflicted. She was told not to use her abilities, and that they were dangerous, maybe even dark, but Morgana laughed that off and told her it was ridiculous to think like that. She made sense comparing it with other talents such as maths or art, some people are masters of it and some people are not. It made her feel better, more content to use her powers, and even abuse them as they were a part of her, so why shouldn't she, as long as she doesn't use them to hurt innocent people.

Ginny realised that Morgana was completely right. It would have been like not ever using her magic just because it could be dangerous, or for Morgana not to use her powers. She had always felt like something was wrong when she looked at people and felt nothing. Her empathic abilities were a part of what made her, and Morgana loved her more for that part of her, and did not fear her.

Morgana was a parselmouth, which meant she could speak to snakes, and understand them, something she showed her that night. It was a shock. Ginny had been scared about her own ability and likened it to speaking snake in the evil department. That was why Morgana showed her and laughed it off because in many other countries the snake was not seen in a dark light, but as signs of longevity and good fortune.

It had been a relief for the red haired girl to see that Morgana made a lot more sense than her parents or Dumbledore. Ginny realised that it obviously came from living in the much more diverse muggle world, and having to look after herself for so long. She felt bad for her beautiful brunette goddess for having suffered so much if even the gist was a small portion, right about how she had grown up, so it was no wonder she was a strong independent and incredible girl.

Ginny had been awake for a few minutes lying under the covers together with Morgana still sleeping, and she was content and comfortable. Her naked body was pulled tightly to Morgana's as they snuggled contently together, bathing in the warmth and softness of each other's flesh. She was half on top on her while we cuddled. Ginny was feeling content. She had chosen to be more than just best friends to this cute, soft, fine Goddess of Lightning.

Ginny could feel Morgana's small soft breasts under her cheek causing her to heat up. Her arms were wrapped around her as she replayed an amazing and frightening night within her mind as Morgana did things to her body she had never known to do. It all sent her over the cliffs of pleasure. She then spent time teaching Ginny how to return those feelings. Ginny could still taste Morgana's deliciousness on her tongue and lips.

However, Morgana's raw emotions made Ginny putty in her hands. She was so captivating, controlling, soft, dangerous, daring, loving, and perfect. Ginny could not stop her heart from racing a mile a second just thinking about this sweet person, or the love she was already feeling. She needed this girl more than she needed any one, and she realised deep down that she belonged to her, and had since the days they were born, and that excited her.

Morgana was so full of want, need, rage, hate, and another emotion Morgana told Ginny was called lust, which came from love and mutual attraction. It was an emotion she had never sensed before, but coming from Morgana it was her absolute favourite. It made her insides buzz, and her head dizzy with excitement and something brilliant called an orgasm even more intense than the first she explored with her using her small yet powerful fingers between her legs.

Ginny could feel that warm moisture starting to form between her legs thinking about Morgana touching her as she peeled her sleepy eyes opened. She could barely believe even in her arms now that this angel was really a devil in perfect angelic skin. She could feel Morgana's power through her skin.

She wants me at her side, and I could not choose anything less than her. Because there was nothing less or more than Morgana in Ginny's eyes, she was what she wanted, and to bow to her and to love her, she found her place was at Morgana's side.

Ginny would NOT EVER forsake her as the magical world did all those years ago. She shall stand by her side and relish in their physical and emotional pleasures together. She would never let Dumbledore or anyone hurt Morgana ever again. She would relish in her inner daemons and hold her through everything she was, and then some as Morgana reaps her justice upon those who dared wrong an innocent child.

It had never even crossed Ginny's thoughts to hold such a scandalous want for another girl. This one. She could want forever. To bow down and lovingly kiss her sweet feet in worship. To caress her being and to make sure she was happy with her, and well satisfied.

Ginny was started a moment later. Her eyes widened as she heard a banging on the door-handle as it was pushed, door and all. Then there was a suction sound, sparks and a yelp of pain the other side. Then came the crying and whimpering. She was surprised and wished she could do something to lock the door like that, but she could not as she was still an underage witch so that meant she could not preform magic outside of school yet.

Ginny's eyes flicked up to see Morgana's beautiful emerald eyes droopily glaring at the door while she cuddled her tightly in her arms.

"Stupid Ronald!" she mumbled.

Her voice travelled so he likely heard her from the other side of the door even though he was crying. Ginny could sense his fear and pain and it made her smile against Morgana's breast, but she knew he would not have learnt anything. He was very slow. He probably needed extra help if the truth was known, but with her family, it was not likely going to happen any time soon.

It did feel nice to open up her senses more. Her gift as Morgana referred to it needed opening. While others tried to call it a curse that needed to be hidden and suppressed, Morgana said it was a gift that she needed to control. Ginny loved her thoughts on the matter more. She had never felt so free than now she was opening up her extra senses, practising her self-control.

Ginny supposed in many ways it was a gift over a curse. The power to really feel, not just her own tempered emotions but others too. Hers. Morgana's. She did not think she would get enough of such unrestrained emotion. Her feelings. They made Ginny tingly. She needed more from her. Her forever. To love. To hold. To worship. To be loyal forever.

My Empress of Lightning!

Morgana only lazily pointed at the door as her hand was still floppy and not quite pointing with a small blue spark. It had vacuum sealed the door shut tightly with ease. Then that spark had shocked Ronald, and that was what she could do with a single blue spark to show mercy. It made Ginny wonder what it would have been like if Morgana was not so thoughtful. Ginny doubted it was much of a shock, but it was enough to teach him a valuable lesson in manners that she was sure he would have forgotten in a few hours.

Ginny had always disliked him most of all of her brothers. The rest at least knew how to knock on someone's door and wait for a response, even her prankster twin brothers. However, Ronald believed that he could just barge in and get away with anything he wanted to just because he was the youngest son.

It had always been hard being the youngest girl with six older brothers. But now. Now. She had an older 'sister' things should be a lot different. Especially since her older sister had mad butt kicking skills and what she called super powers.

"You would think with a mother like yours he would have learnt to knock!" Morgana said, startling Ginny out of her thoughts. She could not help but blush in pleasure as Morgana kissed her nose. "Next time I'll make sure to hit him with a lot more power to teach the moron good and proper!"

Ginny smiled as she snuggled all cosy into Morgana's softness under the covers, "yeah, but he isn't very bright. It will take a while. Trust me. The twins are always pranking him and he still does not get why, and they tell him. He just doesn't believe them!"

"Your mum has just-."

"I can sense her," Ginny replied quickly interrupting, whispering as she could sense her mother now that she was using her ability.

"Ginevra!" Her mum called from outside the door. She tried not to make her name a reprimand, but it did not quite work. "Why exactly is Ron crying with frizzled hair? He said Morgana attacked him, but that can't be right?" she asked, seeing the 'good' in Morgana that she wanted to believe in because of who she was and what she was 'supposed' to represent to the 'light' side of magic.

"He tried barging in," Ginny quickly told her. "Morgana just used her power on the door to stop him. Sealing it shut. Not our fault he got shocked. He should knock anyway. We're both practically naked in here-."

"Sounds like he's a pervert...-!" Morgana interrupted, smirking at Ginny and groping her bare butt under the covers, wiggling her eyebrows, which made Ginny have to stifle a laugh while her cheeks darkened red.

"Ronald Weasley!" Her mum yelled down the stairs. "If I've told you once, I've told you one thousand times! You knock on someone else's door. Then you wait for them to say whether you're allowed in or not, especially your sister's room! Now more than ever that Morgana is staying!" she shouted angrily before becoming gentler with her words.

"Morgana, Ginny... I'll make sure to keep closer tabs on him," she said apologetically. "Anyway, breakfast will be ready in a minute. Morgana. Professor Dumbledore also said he'd be sending someone to take you to Diagon Alley to collect your school things. I believe you'll need some extra clothes since you don't have any luggage. Don't worry we'll have you sorted in no time," she said before hurrying away down the stairs.

"Umm… thanks," Morgana mumbled sleepily but Ginny's mother was already long gone. Ginny giggled into her chest and Morgana looked at her, grinning, and span her over so she was on top of her, and her grin turned into a smug smirk while Ginny was laughing. "If only we had time. You would be squealing little kitty!"

"I-I don't consider that a threat!" Ginny replied cheekily while Morgana's lips captured hers, and Ginny's tongue darted out into her mouth within that moment. Ginny could barely believe how free she felt with her. She was Ginny's Morgana, her famous, cute, powerful, and dangerous girl who knew how to treat other less dangerous girls' bodies with loving respect.

Morgana pulled back after a few moments of kissing, one of Ginny's new favourite things, and grinned widely, "you have to come with me to this Diagon Alley place. I don't think I could stomach hanging around some dipshite this Dumb-Dore would send by myself," she said. "I might kill the donkey brained mongrel."

"Of course," Ginny readily agreed, as she had never gotten to do much shopping, even window-shopping, so she knew with her girlfriend it would be extra fun. She grinned as she snuggled her face into the crock of her neck, pulling her down on top of her, flush with her body, happier than she had been in ages, "anything to spend more time with you... I've never felt so content before."

Morgana laughed while nibbling Ginny's right ear. "My corruption runs deep in you my sweet, sweet lover!" she said, causing me to giggle with her as we rested a little, content in each other's arms, curled into each other.

Later, during breakfast, Ginny found it both frightening and amusing, as Morgana had no qualms against blasting Ron. It was not too much, but it was enough to get rid of him. He had tried to take Ginny's seat, and even pushed me out of the way to sit next to HER best 'friend', girlfriend, and lover, as if he could hope to stand on even footing with her in any way.

However, the idiot did not even see it coming, even after what happened that morning. He just could not seem to get it as he ran off crying. Morgana did not even shock him that hard, just a few sparks and he was crying like an idiot. Though, Ginny had to admit she could feel the atmosphere charge with those sparks so maybe they held more power than she thought.

Morgana had even gone off on a rant about NOT hurting her friends, as it was clear she did not like anyone hurting girls she cared about. It was made obvious that Morgana had no qualms against hurting anyone who would dare hurt someone she liked.

They were good qualities in a friend Ginny would say, and she quivered as she wondered what Morgana would do to the bullies who picked on her friend Luna just because Luna was a little odd, and still smarter than any of them. Ginny just knew that Morgana would get along well with Luna, and love her too, as she was really cute and sweet.

Molly Weasley, Ginny's mother yelled at Ron for that, and made him stay in his room out of everyone's hair until Ginny and Morgana left for Diagon Alley.

Ginny did not have a clue what her brothers problem was, but she was sure it has something to do with Dumbledore. It was obvious. After Ron managed to get up to storm off (as his muscles kept spasmming from his shock) he kept muttering about the old man enough that even her mum gave him a look of concern.

However, shaking those thoughts away it was somewhat amusing how Ginny's twin brothers had promised to prank Ronald for her later. She could always count on them to cause some mayhem to brighten the day in Prank City. Not to mention they thought Morgana was the greatest, and were trying to get Morgana to shock them, and she only did it to shut them up. They were odd as they seemed to have loved it, but they were always blowing themselves up while trying to create the ultimate prank. Ginny knew they were a lot smarter than they let anyone believe, and was sure they could get top grades in most classes at school if they cared too.

Ginny and Morgana used the floo to fire travel to Diagon Alley through the fireplace, and Morgana was eyeing their escort, Rubeus Hagrid with distrust and annoyance as she looked up at the friendly giant of a man. He was oblivious to her distrust, and I could tell he didn't have a clue that Dumbledore was likely scared of her, and sent him as he was intimidating at first, but after that impression went away fast; he was really a soft hearted pushover.

Dumbledore had reason to be afraid of Morgana, and Ginny would gladly watch her kill him if she wanted to, for the horrors, he brought her for his 'Greater Good' (of the magical world - odd how he never mentions the 'Greater Good' of anything else). Morgana's 'minders', who he handed her, too had abused her as a small child. Then to top things off Ginny knew for a fact Dumbledore had put up wards that would 'protect' her, but also keep magical's away. This in turn would make sure Dumbledore had her, but things didn't turn out the way he had hoped and she got her powers, and therefore her 'minders' got scared of her retaliating against them, and dumped her in London where she ruled, or rules the underworld, keeping innocent girls safe.

It was amusing, as Morgana had gained powers that crated a magnetic field around her that nullified spells from sticking to her, trackers included. Well, that was if Ginny was working things out right from what she had observed and heard. Morgana's powers even seemed to negate blood magic's too if Dumbledore was telling the truth about the wards he set up being blood based, based around the self-sacrifice of Morgana's mother, and her blood. It was thankful that she got that added bonus as it meant it took a while for Dumbledore to find her, and she grew up, free.

"This Dumbledore joke sent this lard-arse?" Morgana asked, and Hagrid looked as if he was not sure who to defend himself or Dumbledore. So he kept quiet as her eyes roamed up and down the huge guy in distrust. Ginny tried not to let her snickering show, as he looked so uncomfortable it was the funniest thing she had seen in a while. He did not get out enough to meet people who would be so openly rude and distrustful before, so he did not know how to react.

"Well I suppose we'll have to accept what we get so here's the deal lard-arse!" she said with a cute eye roll and smirk. "You've dropped us off, so now you can fuck off and stay in this… cesspool pub or something and we'll meet you back here for you to take us home later."

Hagrid looked more uncomfortable, as Ginny was sure even Death Eaters were not as crude as her beautiful Morgana when being rude to someone they thought was inferior to them. Morgana did not seem to think of herself as better than Hagrid like that though, but Hagrid had nothing she wanted to consider respecting, least of all, he lacked confidence in himself as a person. Ginny could tell clearly that Hagrid needed to get out from under the shadow of Dumbledore and be his own person. Morgana was like a wild animal, and she could sense his submissive nature a mile away, so she knew she could get away with calling him anything and he would likely get used to it rather than challenging it.

"Err… well," Hagrid began, stumbling over his words, confused, in his thick northern accent. "B-but see; I can't jus' let ya go off by ya self's. Dumbledore said to make sure you get everythin' and not ta let ya out me sigh'. Tis will be ya first ever trip an' everythin', an' well…-."

"And well I don't give a crap," she interrupted. He looked like he was going to retort when she continued, "anyway, I have Ginny. She will be perfectly able to show me around. Why would we want to spend so much time with a lard-arse like you for anyway?"

Ginny was surprised that Morgana could be so flat and outright with what she said. She did not feel the need to sensor herself with him, or anyone in fact. Ginny felt that he was going to cry soon if Morgana continued. The man needed to stop sitting in the sissy chair about as much as Ronald needed to stop sitting on the idiot loser stick.

"W-well, I-I suppose it will be okay," he reluctantly agreed after a moment in which he likely realised that this was one person who wouldn't back down to anyone, no matter who they were. No amount of 'but Dumbledore's' would get her to 'see reason' because she was being reasonable in her own wonderful mind. Ginny agreed that they did not need him tagging along, ruining their shopping trip together, "jus' meet back 'ere when ya done, okay?" he said with a hopeful look.

Morgana rolled her eyes at him. "Where else would we meet?" she asked rhetorically. "The freaking fireplace back to the Burrow is in here," she said turning her nose up at the filthy, dark, dank, and grotesque bar. "I can't believe anyone would want to come in here. Let alone eat or drink here. This can't be hygienic," she said rolling her eyes as she walked out of the pubs 'back alley' where the trash was left and through the arch into Diagon Alley that Hagrid: the giant man left open for them.

Ginny had expected to see awe and intrigue on Morgana's beautiful face, but she was disappointed, but then Morgana has super powers and magic, so how much more awe could one girl have? She led Ginny by the hand towards a marble building at the back of the alley overlooking the other shops. Ginny had already described the bank to her, so she obviously knew to head there first.

They had not gone too far when they heard a woman screaming in panic and Ginny looked around for her, "help! Please! He stole my bag!" she cried out in worry.

It was a young woman wearing normal muggle clothes pointing towards a filthy man with broken yellow teeth, a huge grin, and filthy black robes as he ran away with a nice looking handbag between his filth covered hands.

"Filthy mud-blood!" the ironic man called her as he charged away, towards us. He held a wand out and not one person looked as if they were going to stop him, most of them looking away, trying to pretend they could not see any crime-taking place.

What cowards!

Then it happened. It was a blaze of blue, striking forward, rolling off Morgana, and causing tingles to run down Ginny's right arm as that hand still held hers. It was a marvel as Ginny realised how nice Morgana had been to Ron when she shocked him.



Blue arched and buzzed in two jumps grounded and smashed into the man, shattering the cobbled stones of the street as they soared. The man screamed as he was lifted from the ground. His wand turned to dust. He was flung back, landing at the woman's feet out cold. His body was twitching in pain as Morgana gave the woman a cheeky grin while she stared in awe. Ginny was awed herself, as heroics was not something one saw much, if at all in the magical world.

The electricity around Morgana was gone and she kept us walking after that as if nothing had happened. The 'spectators' could only look around in shock; unable to process what had happened, as they previously played ignorant. They must have realised that a powerful witch or wizard had chosen not to stay ignorant, and word would get around that Morgana Potter had returned, and she was badarse awesome.

"So what's the deal with that whole mud-blood thing?" Morgana asked Ginny after a few moments, confused with the whole ordeal.

Ginny looked to her before shrugging off what happened and answering. "It means dirty blood. Umm… muggles can give birth to wizards and witches. It's what the purist idiots call them."

"I see. Simple minded racism," she replied, shrugging. "Though, I pity any witch or wizard born of muggles who would be offended by that," she said thoughtfully. "I mean. The notion is that it is shameful to have muggle blood, which would mean anyone offended is ashamed of that muggle blood. Anyway, isn't it likely that mage all evolved from muggles somewhere?"

"I-I guess that actually makes sense," she replied, surprised by this revelation. "I've never really thought much about it, but wow. I guess either Muggle-born's are that idiotic, or they've not thought about what it really means and the concept before."

"People tend to let others think about things for them. Who cares about the insult?" Morgana answered thoughtfully shrugging. "An insult only has power when it bothers you. I guess nobody has come to that conclusion before…," she said trailing to a stop as we came to the bank.

"They're goblins," Ginny quickly told her as she was staring at the leathery little monsters guarding the door. Two of them were eyeing her warily. Ginny was quite certain after that display with the purse-snatcher that Morgana could take them with ease, but there were more of them inside.

"They're not very friendly," she quickly continue. "They don't quite like humans, and. I think they know you're not normal. So let's try to do this all nice and no blowing any of them up or whatnot. Please!" she begged, as Morgana looked tempted to try fate.

However, she sighed, rolling her eyes. "Okay, okay," she said with a head-shake "I won't start anything unless they do… or whoever. I promise," she said and Ginny wasn't sure whether she was likely to keep promises, but she hoped she would keep this one. Therefore, Ginny quickly led her up the steps into the huge marble building where people did their business.

Ginny walked Morgana up to a nearby banker as he worked at his desk. It was taller than they were, even though goblins were naturally much shorter than humans were. She also knew the goblin was ignoring them until a small thunderclap startled him and Ginny. It was just low enough not to cause many people to glance over.

"Can I help you?" he asked, bored, but Ginny could just make out the caution in his eyes and movements as he looked to Morgana. She held back her smile, as she knew he was afraid of Morgana, she could feel it, but goblins were good at suppressing their emotions.

"You sure can!" Morgana replied, annoyed with him. "You can work on your customer service skills or I'll take whatever my parents left me and ditch you morons for a muggle bank! I'm sure apart from the small amount of magic money I'll need for books, potions stuff and the like I can buy everything else in the muggle world! Understand?!"

He looked down at her in surprise as her eyes flashed with blue sparks but it was the key she handed over that scared him. "Y-yes, Lady Potter," he was quick to address her.

They watched as he went through a ledger before he looked sick. "Umm… t-this vault is near empty My Lady," he said to her shock.

"Excuse me?" she asked, but didn't wait for him to repeat. "Albus Dumbledore. Some crazy old bastard had that key. It's a trust vault, right?" she asked and he nodded. "The gold key has to mean…-."

"It means the vault is of high standing," he quickly answered. "In other words, it should be plentiful. I do not understand," he said, frowning before he shrugged. "Well, I can have everything withdrawn and this account closed to save you money, like you said before."

"Where is my money?!" she demanded and the goblin shrugged, uninterested now.

However, she growled as she sprang up onto the desk and booted him off, painfully to the floor before grabbing his ledger and jumping down with him while other goblin charged in and the few mage watched in shock before turning away and pretending nothing was happening. Ginny figured that to them, ignorance was bliss.


"Says here I had other vaults, most of which have been closed, and the money gone!" she said dangerously. "After my parents' deaths it says that shit loads of these galleons have been transferred every year to muggle currency. Then they were passed on to the Dursley's from my trust fund. I haven't been with those bastards for over six years! And even before then they gave me NOTHING!"

She was near sizzling as she walked towards the goblin while he was scrambling back across the floor in terror. "You little fucks are going to give me back every last fucking penny before I get really angry! This says something about MY money going to pay for people's homes and businesses that were destroyed during the war with Voldemort!

"I had lost my parents! I had given too much! Now this!? Authorised by Dumbledore!" she finished. Ginny couldn't believe one girl could get that angry. She scared the crap out of her, and she may have peed herself a little.

Morgana leant down and grabbed the goblin by the throat, lifting him to face her, and he was quivering as the other goblins just watched, wide-eyed with awe, uncertain as they could sense her power charging the air. Ginny doubted they had been faced with a super powered teenage girl with the anti-hero persona before.

"Put him down and we can discuss this like civilised people!"

She looked round to another goblin. This one was very much in charge compared to any other.

"You're going to reimburse me everything!" she didn't ask. She told him.

"Yes!" he answered looking as if it cost him a great deal of effort. Ginny wonder how much money was stolen for the goblin to look so ill about refunding everything.

"The items and property... I want it returned, or compensation times ten! Understand?!"

"Yes!" he squeaked out looking worse, "p-please follow me, and we-we can have it arranged. I-I shall have those responsible for this… 'oversight' executed for treason!"

"Good," she replied as she flung her captive to the side and out of her way and turned back to Ginny smiling (ADHD). "Hey babes, come on. This nice gentleman is going to help put things right," she said and took Ginny's left hand in her right as she quickly hurried after her, hoping this didn't get out, but then, Dumbledore stealing from the Girl-Who-Lived would dam him for a while.

"So," the goblin spoke as they reached his office. "You may refer to me as Manager. It is a high title within our bank," he said as Morgana and Ginny sat, and Morgana placed down the ledger, but Manager held one of his own, looking it over, grimacing. "It seems that I have a problem. None of this money should have left your accounts. Except reasonable stipends for Christmas, birthdays, and for your guardians.

"But this was too much for guardians. They've near cleared out your trust. It seems Dumbledore didn't know the value of the pound to the galleon. It is also clear now that I have your accounts that the Dursley's here are not your guardians.

"Two of the written guardians are both incapacitated. One of your godmothers is hospitalised after being tortured mentally incoherent. Her family should have been contacted to take you. Either muggle as she was muggle-born or her husbands who are pure-bloods of a nicer variety than most. There is another godmother, but I'm afraid that her identity is wizengamot sealed by Dumbledore. I will find the goblin that assisted in writing this up found so that he can tell us her identity.

"Then we have your godfather. It was stated that he and not his family was the only one of the Black name capable of putting claim to your guardianship. However, since he is Sirius Black. He was in jail. Unfortunate. He was never officially charged with betraying your family and killing all those muggles. Escaped Azkaban Prison last week."

"I see," she replied, less shocked than Ginny considering she didn't know as much about it. "Then what of this godmothers family?"

"It seems that they were never informed," he answered quickly. "We can have them informed-."

"No!" Morgana surprised them. "I want emancipation!"

"I see," he answered thoughtfully. "End of the line clause. The clause doesn't mean you have to ever birth an heir, but it is quite convenient for… shall we say screwing with other peoples plots when it comes to lack of protection."

"I like that. Yes. Do it," she answered thoughtfully. "I don't want anyone to discover this if you can prevent it."

"A few years at most," he said nodding. "But that's because Dumbledore is a nosy bastard. We shall also fully reimburse your losses and file to reclaim it. This means the property and businesses too. Do you wish to… house them for yourself or us to take claim? It's an awful lot to deal with."

"I think I don't hate you any more," she responded, smirking. "I'll take them. They could come in use in the future."

"Most kind My Lady!" he said looking relieved.

She shrugged, nodding. "Okay, so give me some cash so I can get away and go shopping for school crap!"

"Yes ma'am!"


"Whoa!" Morgana gasped out for a nice deep breath of fresh air. "Clear air, no more morons, and I'm super-rich and assisting in making Dumbledore and his stupid band of faggots' dirt poor!"

"Umm… Morgana… err, well…?" Ginny felt a little fidgety as Morgana turned to look at her with a bright grin with sparkling white teeth. She was making Ginny feel weak by just looking at her like that, in that cute and sexy way. It was almost too hard to keep from jumping her, and then humping her, which was an all-new concept to the red head.

Ginny could not help but feel that way. She just need to look at her. She had never felt so close to anyone before. She had let Morgana's emotions into her heart and now she was hers. She could admit that to herself. She belonged to her. Even more. She wanted to be hers. To belong in her arms, happy, content to feel all of her free emotions. To be able to feel like that someday.

"What is it Ginny?" Morgana asked her with an impish grin.

Ginny was startled as she had almost forgotten she was going to ask a question. "Oh, right," she said sheepishly. "Sorry. I just thought that maybe we should start with some school robes if that's okay with you? I don't need any since mine still fit, but you'll need them for your first year at Hogwarts."

"Right you are sweetness!" she chimed, taking Ginny's hand and smiling brightly she allowed Ginny to lead her to the robe store where she could buy a new school uniform. Ginny loved the way Morgana smiled and acted so sweet after such stress with the mess with the goblins.

They entered the robe shop and Ginny couldn't help but grimace slightly as she saw the dark skinned girl having robes pinned up to her size standing on a small stool at the end of the store. She had long loose dark hair, crinkled at the ends with dark eyes, and a pretty face. If she remembered correctly, she was in third year, and in Slytherin House. Ginny only remembered that because her not quite friend, but sometimes lab partner, and part time friend was in Slytherin, and her older sister was friends with this dark skinned beauty.

"Her names Felicity Smoke!" Ginny quickly whispered to her empress. "She's in Slytherin House. I don't know much about her."

"That's okay baby!" Morgana replied shrugging, smiling, amused. "Hello, ma'am," she said to the woman helping Felicity. She didn't seem to notice the patronising tone. Ginny knew it was too good for someone as rebellious as Morgana to truly being honestly polite to anyone who had not earned that honour yet.

"Oh, need some robes for Hogwarts dear?" the woman asked with a motherly smile that could teach Ginny's mother something.

Morgana nodded her head. "Yep," she agreed as the woman helped her onto the second stool. "I'll need a whole set that will last me the year at least," she said and the woman nodded quickly and headed off, leaving them alone with the dark skinned Slytherin.

Smoke stared at both Ginny and Morgana coldly and Ginny feared for her safety, but Morgana seemed not to notice. Though, Ginny was certain she was up to something, or at least planned to put this girl in her place.

"Are you a transfer student?" the black girl suddenly asked, curious. Her voice both smooth and sharp. She wore some black rimmed glasses around her eyes giving her a nerdy appearance. This actually stamped out any bite she might have had, but if not for the goblin thing showing Ginny what real power was she might have flinched.

"No!" Morgana replied over the top, exhilarating. "I'm here just because I like the uniform," she said so sarcastically that her words were like sludge.

The black girl said nothing and barely responded to the sarcasm. "I'm Felicity Smoke. Is that… Blood-traitor with you?"

Ginny couldn't quite grimace as Morgana looked to the girl with a wicked grin that made the girl lose her cold look, concern clouding her eyes as she realised that she was messing with a dangerous girl, which showed she was smart and observant. Morgana moved before the girl fully realised that she made a mistake, grabbing her hair and snapping her neck back.

Felicity looked terrified as Morgana put her lips to her ear, speaking clear but low. "That's my girl you're talking about!" she hissed, causing Ginny, and Felicity to shiver for different reasons. She looked like she was frozen in place, her face in a painful grimace.

"The name is Morgana! But if you don't play with me nicely, you'll have to call me Plasma!" she continued, licking inside the girls' ear with a spark that tingled her, which brought out a whimper and Ginny could sense the growing horror, and it excited her more than ever. "And I'm not the type of girl you want to cross, got it bitch?!" she demanded, nibbling her ear now. The girl was in tears, her eyes nodding more than her head could.

"Y-yes M-Master!" she whimpered out quickly, shivering and Ginny looked down to see some pee escaping from her pinned up robes.

"Good, now apologise to Ginevra!" she demanded, still holding her just so.

Felicity was cowering as only her eyes could move to look at her. "I-I'm sorry Lady G-Ginevra. Please. I-I am in your debt!" she said hopeful, and Ginny nodded in acceptance as she felt sorry for the delicious looking girl as Morgana let her go.

Felicity was red in the cheeks still whimpering as she dropped to her hands and knees bowing before Morgana pulled the terrified girl up to her feet, half holding her in her arms.

"You and your witch friends stand by me!" Morgana demanded. "And we can be awesome, and do whatever we want to get vengeance on the arse wipes that think they can control us," she said, gesturing the girl dismissed.

"Y-y-yes. M-my-I apologise about my behaviour Master!" she managed to gasp out as her breathing was heavy. "I was out of line. Please. I shall forever make amends. I have… I am truly s-sorry."

"No sweat, Felicity," Morgana replied, changing in an instant and smirking. "Just next time you wet yourself warn me and Gin so we can get close and personal to enjoy the show through your undies."

"Y-yes My Master!" she stuttered out darkening red with embarrassment, totally humiliated even though she knew Morgana was being honest with her words.

Felicity was then quick to flee without even removing the robe, but Morgana made that 'go away', (the 'stealing' thing. It was kind of her fault. Not that Ginny would ever admit that), by paying for them and more when buying her own robes from the baffled woman, and having the dark skinned girls orders sent on to her home as a kind gift.

Ginny could not help but quiver as she watched the woman take extra care while measuring Morgana's school uniform. The woman might have caught the gist of what she did to Smoke, and realised that Morgana was a "high" standing customer far above the likes of Smoke and wanted to get the extra business that Morgana could bring when she needed things like custom made clothes for example. She took as much care while helping Morgana pick out some normal everyday robes as well as some muggle clothes she had in stock, promising to get more muggle selections for the next time they visited of the latest fashions.

Morgana asked about that. It turned out that very few people ever asked for muggle clothes. If they did. They were normally pure-bloods who didn't understand the muggle world enough to buy clothes there. It was quite interesting to find out Ginny supposed. Morgana had forced Ginny to accept a few gifts of cute outfits Morgana decided would look hot on her.

Ginny could just about imagine her dad with his odd and frankly offensive muggle fascination trying to buy some muggle clothes. The thought was quite amusing. She smiled a little and Morgana gave her a look as they finally left the robe shop as the woman inside started scrubbing up the pee on the floor with her wand, which was interesting as Morgana actually thought the house cleaning charm would have been useful to learn and put it on her 'need to learn' list.

"My dad has this weird fascination with muggle stuff," Ginny answered her questioning look while holding onto her arm. "He doesn't really have a clue. The stuff he knows about. Those TV things and whatever. He believes they're just silly fads. I was imagining how he would react in a muggle shop, and it would be… well highly amusing."

"Sounds like your dads' racist but doesn't see it," she replied, whimsically as she paused her steps, amused. "So, anyway, where shall we go next?" she asked, so Ginny led her on, surprised as she realised the truth behind Morgana's words.


Ginny and Morgana went to the trunk store first during their shopping trip for Morgana since Ginny already had her stuff. Ginny had to wonder what Morgana thought they were going to buy when she got a top security trunk with seven compartments with all sorts of needless functions as it wasn't like they were buying platinum bars she needed to secure the safety of from thieves. Though, she supposed when one of your enemies was your headmaster it was better safe than sorry. She wouldn't want him stealing her stuff.

Next up Ginny took Morgana to the potion store to get ingredients and a potion kit with a couple cauldrons she might need. Ginny had to keep checking the shopping list her mother had for her of things since she was expected to get both first year and second year stuff. Ginny couldn't imagine being able to complete two years in one, but she knew her beautiful Morgana could and would without trying very hard.

Morgana complained a bit… - well a lot about some of the stuff being gross, and asked me why they couldn't build machines to mass manufacture potions for them perfectly rather than doing it by hand, which was much more expensive and time consuming. Ginny was a little confused, but after a brief explanation about how muggles mass-produced things on the cheap from foods to medicines, she was amazed that mage wouldn't think about trying that for themselves. It sounded like a good thing to her. If they could, then it would make a certain teachers job obsolete and presto, happiness all around for the whole of Hogwarts.

Except for the Slytherins.

What do I care about them?


In the book store, Ginny realised that the large dimensional screwy space as she called it of Morgana's new trunk was perfect. Morgana literally bought one of every book. They had been in there for two hours buying everything. She had a library section in her trunk. This was neat because she would dump the books in and they would neaten themselves into rails using the Dewey Decimal System so everything was neat and tidy, and easily accessible.

They could just ask the trunk for what they wanted, or a subject and the racks would move to offer up the goodies. Ginny supposed wanting the best trunk in the store wasn't quite a waste of money after all as that was quite useful.

Last, they reached the wand shop. They entered and Ginny could just about sense someone, hidden by magic. She looked to her Morgana to see her eyes narrowed in untapped annoyance. It took just one spark, rolling up her perfect body. The blue flashing through the dirt and dust covered store before Ginny detected the slither of fear and the mitigating doubt.

Ginny smirked as Morgana was blatantly staring at the man's (she thought) invisible hiding spot. Her eyes were beautiful, alight with danger, sparks arching, dancing from eye to eye, and using her small soft nose as a bridge.

"Looks like we have ourselves a perverted old man!" the Empress of Lightning commented, amused. "Let the beat down commence!" she finished, clenching her fists with small static sparks.

"W-wait-wait!" he quickly said, waving his hands in defence as he dropped the charm and appeared out of 'nowhere'. "It's only to observe, so I'll know what-!"

It was just a lick of blue light, slapping into the man, but it knocked him back, into a stack of dust-covered wands, unconscious to the floor. Ginny was a little surprised as she looked down at the old man.

"I-I think he surrendered!" she said before she could stop herself.

Morgana shrugged sheepishly. "Who cares?! You heard him. He was spying on us like a pervy old man!"

"W-well, yeah I guess," Ginny replied reluctantly, shrugging. "Well, let's just find your wand. Just pick them up one at a time. You should find the right one. I haven't done this before, myself though as I have my grandmothers old wand. It's supposed to be the wand that chooses the witch but we can't afford to be as picky as the wand."

Morgana rolled her eyes at her. "Then take your pick. We won't even have to pay. It will make you cooler to have a good wand that actually wants to hang out with you more than the one you have now."

"B-but that would be stealing!" Ginny blurted out in worry. She didn't doubt that Morgana had stolen before, many times, but that was to survive the cruel world all alone, but this!? This was needless theft, and she wasn't sure how to react.

However, Morgana smiled at her and pulled her into a soft kiss. "Don't worry baby!" she said with a soft purr to her voice, cuddling Ginny tightly. "He owes us for not calling the authorities about his perverted actions!"

"Well," Ginny said thinking about it, and not sure that the old wand maker was really a pervert or not, but it made her feel better thinking he was, and therefore deserved punishment. "Okay. If you are. I will!" she answered her, cuddling into her soft and small body lovingly before she pulled back, smiling and charged off to touch wands.

Ginny smiled, as Morgana looked so young and innocent before she followed her, and tried wand after wand with her. They were at it for over an hour when Morgana suddenly found a wand that reacted to her.

"Hmm… doesn't feel right," Morgana muttered as the odd gold glow faded away. "Let's see here," she said looking at the label. "Holly, phoenix feather from Dumbledore's pet, and brother wand to Voldemort's. Wow, I wouldn't want this even if it really picked me!" she finished and in a blast of blue, the wand was a pile of ash she was brushing from her hands.

"Morgana!" Ginny playfully reprimanded. She looked at Ginny with an impish grin that might have promised a fun (mainly for her) game of spank the red haired girls' bare butt. "I guess the brother wand to… V-V-Voldemort's s-should be destroyed," she said, stuttering on the name. Morgana had told Ginny off rather nastily about dishonouring the dead by cowering over a pathetic comic book bad guy name.

She had never thought of it quite like that before, but it was true; it was very comic book. And by not saying his name, Ginny wouldn't have been dishonouring the cowards, but the brave who stood up and fought back. She could care less about the cowardly scum who rolled over and died, leaving possible children or lovers at the mercy of the Death Eaters.

"I know!" Morgana readily agreed, stroking Ginny's cheek before giving her a sweet tasting kiss as a reward for knowing what she meant, and for saying 'his' name. "I think it was being forced to accept me and didn't want to. I suppose I shouldn't expect anything more of Dumbledore. It was his bird that pooped the core after all."

"He wants his hooks in everything," Ginny agreed. The more she thought about Dumbledore and his schemes the more she realised that he really was a giant turd sandwich with a glass of cat pee.

"Exactly what I thought," Morgana agreed, nodding. "Let's go over there. They're made of rarer cores. Maybe one of them would be awesome for me and another for you?" she said, eagerly pulling Ginny after her to a far corner of the back of the surprisingly large store.

"Wow!" Morgana said after a few more minutes of searching. "Thunderbirds are GO!" she cheered, but Ginny didn't get her reference. It was okay as Ginny saw Morgana's face light up in happiness and excitement.

Morgana pulled out a dark wand with many dark shades of blue with deep purple veins throughout the wood. Ginny watched in awe as Morgana's hand and wand sparked blue. Morgana looked like she was in heaven holding it.

"This is my baby!" she said after a few weird moments where Ginny wondered whether she should leave her and the wand alone for a while or join them.

"Okay!" Ginny mumbled as she leant back on some boxes before leaning on one and knocking out a white wood wand. She picked it up and instantly felt it in her stomach and chest. She could understand why Morgana had paused like she had now, to feel everything the connection had.

"Birch!" Morgana startled Ginny as she was reading the small card that came with the box of Ginny's new wand. "Siren hair taken from… hmm… that bit has been scratched out," she said snickering. "Maybe it wasn't a head hair," she said giggling while Ginny blushed at the thought.

"B-but Sirens are like human-ish merpeople!" Ginny quickly told her, trying to defend her new wand.

"Oh, but don't they grow legs when they come out to kill people and stuff?" she asked, curious. "I mean that's what I saw in that Pirates of the Caribbean movie!" she told her, which confused her. Ginny was sure it showed in her expression. "Never mind," she replied with a sigh. "I have a lot to teach you about being normal!"

"Okay…" Ginny said slowly, more confused than ever. So she changed the subject, uneasy with the muggle pop-culture Morgana threw out so casually. "Shall we get out of here then?" she asked thoughtfully as they had gotten what they wanted.

"Okay," Morgana readily agreed. "Let's grab some wand holder things too before we leave!"

"I think they're called holsters."

"Okay. It isn't like we're paying for anything. After all, the old man should be super thankful. We could have robbed everything he has here. I even have the trunk for the job!"

Ginny giggled as she could imagine Morgana taking everything and never even trying to sell it to make some extra money, but just taking it because she could. Leading her back to the front of the shop they were both surprised to see the old man pulling himself up, trying to shake off the shock. His white hair was frizzy and standing up on end.

"I-I'll be w-with you in a moment M-Miss. Potter!" he clumsily called out while she had just ignored him, grabbed a top of the line black leather holster and placed it on her left arm upside down with her wand in it for safe keeping. She then found another and strapped it to Ginny's right arm as she was left handed, but the right way up and Ginny placed her wand in.

"No need you stupid pervert!" Morgana chimed with a mad grin, as he looked at her befuddled. "We found our own, and since we didn't call in the authorities about you being a pervert, we're getting freebies!"

Morgana then took Ginny's hand, and before the old pervert could do or say anything, they had trekked out of the door, back into Diagon Alley.

"Where to now?" Morgana asked Ginny. Ginny was startled, as she looked to her list, surprised as she almost forgot they still had more shopping to do.

"I almost forgot!" Ginny said sheepishly. "Do you want to get a pet? It says you can have a cat or bird, but you can have other things too. Short of a horse or something just as ridiculous! Though I'm not sure anyone would deny you a horse at Hogwarts!" she said laughing with Morgana as it was true.

"Well, I've never been much of a pet person!" Morgana replied, shrugging. "Most animals don't like me much because they can sense my electromagnetic field and it bothers them. Do they have any pets that can… well, you know, do something cool?"

Ginny wasn't surprised by her answer. She would only want a pet if it had some useful ability and certainly needed a pet that wasn't scared by her powers. "Well, owls deliver letters, but they'll probably be upset by her powers. But you could even get packages and such sent by owl. That's useful. But you really need a special pet. If you want, we can look in the pet store. I suppose there should be other pets with cool tricks that will love you!"

"Okay," Morgana quickly agreed. Taking Ginny's hand, fingers interlocked Morgana led Ginny across the street and into the loud pet shop with all of the caged birds and cats, to mice up front using each other's tails as skipping ropes. The animals didn't seem to appreciate Morgana entering the store as some cats even hissed at her, but she ignored them as she and Ginny looked around.

"That is something you don't see every day," Ginny commented, as she looked the rats over baffled as they all tried to look nice for her to possibly buy one, so they were smart little critters. However, Ginny shook her head feeling sorry for them as they all sighed, pouting before heading back to their game.

"Can I help you find what you need?"

Ginny was startled by the store girl as she came from out back, smiling. She couldn't have been long out of Hogwarts: a couple years at most. She was quite attractive with short blonde hair and happy blue eyes, slender everywhere but on top where she was generously gifted.

"N-no, not me," Ginny quickly told her. "My friend, Morgana is looking for a useful pet!"

"Morgana?" she asked, looking around, confused. Ginny saw the problem too. Morgana had disappeared.

"Over here!" Morgana called out alerting us as she had moved to the very back, dark corner of the store and removed a dark purple sheet from a dark, cloudy glass cylinder. It was large enough that Hagrid would fit inside, just about, and that was saying something.

"Don't…!" the young woman said quickly. "Don't touch the glass or they'll use your body as a ground point and get out!" she said in a hurry, concerned.

"They?" Morgana asked her, corking her head to one side.

The young woman nodded her head. "Yeah. There's two of them. Storm spirits. Hard to catch. Impossible to tame. They're dangerous. We cannot just let them go now. They will attack and kill everything in the shop. Me and you both!"

"Storm spirits?" Ginny asked-concerned herself, as she knew how dangerous they could be. "Like from ancient legends?"

"Yeah, beautiful but dangerous," she replied quickly. "They're both female… we think. We're not too sure, whether they have a real sex, but sometimes you can see a feminine form or two in the storm.

Ginny looked back at the glass and sure enough, beautiful, dark stormy purple, her shape was no older than Ginny. She was beautiful. Then she was gone for the storm to brew faster and more dangerous, and it was beautiful.

"They're twins!" Morgana suddenly said, her small right hand caressing the glass but the spirits didn't escape, but then Morgana controlled electricity so how could they ground to her. "Connected to each other, forever, together. They feel each other's joy and sadness. Love. Hate. I'll take them!"

"You'll take them?" the store girl asked, horrified. "No. no. no. They are not for sale!"

"I didn't say I was going to buy them!" she replied coldly. The shop girl backed up as Morgana sparked with one blue lightning tongue, but still the spirits didn't grab at the opportunity. "I said I'll take them!"

Then the hand touching the glass sparked and the glass shattered. The shop girl screamed in horror as the dark blue, navy coloured cloud burst out with an angry buzz. The power sparked the air with small thunderclaps and lightning bolts from the cloud.

The cloud enveloped Morgana buzzing and sparking in anger before it just stopped. The cloud poofed away and Morgana stood their holding the scruff of two confused looking girls with dark blue skin and sky blue eyes. They looked identical with robes of dark, near purple clouds and small bare feet blinking in bafflement.

Their hair was ruffled, short and a light silvery colour with a pale blue tint over it. They looked confused as they looked towards Morgana blinking owlishly.

Morgana smiled at them, amused. "I think I'll call you Sparkler and Stormy!" she said sounding satisfied with her new 'pets' names. Was pets even the correct word for them?

They pouted glaring at her, baring little white teeth, hissing. They didn't look much older than Ginny or Morgana. If anything, a little younger. They were somewhat cute if you were into storm monsters in guises of cute girls, which being a lightning powered witch, Morgana likely was.

Morgana placed the storm spirits on their feet and brushed down their robes, neatening them. The shop girl just stared in awe as they were pouting, but obeying Morgana as if they were well trained pets, which they likely would become. It was amusing to watch them and the shop girl as their eyes found her, and anger clouded their little eyes in static.

"No, Sparkler, Stormy!" Morgana reprimanded lightly as she looked to the shop girl licking her lips. "I think you should lock up. I think I have something you can do for Ginny and I in exchange for not letting my new pets kill you!"

She gulped and Ginny blushed, as we both knew what she was talking about, as she didn't even try to be subtle as she locked the door and took the shop girls hand, leading her out back with Ginny, Sparkler and Stormy bringing up the rear.

I wonder whether an older girl will taste different.


Hayate had been in a wheelchair for as long as she could remember, and always felt so lonely even when she had her mum and dad. She had a white western appearance, but she had been found all alone when she was small, left in Japan. Left with nothing she didn't even know her birth name if she had ever been given one by her birth mother.

She had always wondered who her birth mother way. Whether she was nice. Whether she had a reason to leave her all alone. But the worst thought was that she was dead. She didn't give her blood-father much thought about that, but her mother. Mothers were supposed to love their daughters unconditionally.

When she was discovered, she was taken in to child services, and luckily a very nice couple took her in to their home and loved her, looking after her very well, and they had taken great care to adopted her soon after.

However, she was now 12 and was left alone in the world; her adoptive parents passing on from this world. But she had a generous weekly snippet coming in from somewhere, not completely sure on where the money came from, or who sponsored her to live alone; she was grateful, and it was generous enough to buy her what she needed, clothes, food, books and the like.

Her adoptive parents were not around any more, so she had felt so alone in her nice suburb house. It had felt too big just for her. At least she was warm and still had a home, and wasn't in an orphanage somewhere.

She tried to go to school every day to get her education, but she was sick and weak, and sometimes couldn't make it in because she needed to go to the hospital, but her doctor was really nice, and she liked her a lot.

However, when these girls and a 'dog' appeared one day: a few weeks ago. Everything changed, and she was happy. They arrive just to look after her. She felt tears in her eyes just thinking of that wonderful day and how happy the memory made her feel.

There were three girls. They were Signum: she was nice, but sharp witted sometimes. Hayate thought she worked at whatever it was she did too hard, and was about anywhere from 16 to 19; much too young to push herself so much. But Hayate appreciated everything Signum did for her and the other two, and the dog too of course.

Shamal was the oldest. Hayate thought she had to be in her early twenties, twenty two or three at the most, and she was just as pretty as Signum. But she had a motherly big sister vibe, and looked after everyone. She was really smart and helped Hayate with her homework when she could. It was nice because it helped the wheelchair bound girl keep up with her studies-even though they weren't sure how long Hayate could continue going to school, which was a very sad thought.

Hayate did like school and some of the girls tried to be nice and help her when they could. But she supposed it could be some trouble with her wheelchair, so she couldn't blame them for wanting to run around and play without having to worry about the sick girl dragging them down. She supposed it would have been nice to make a close girl friend at school to talk with and have lots of fun, but she shouldn't get herself down; the girls at school tried their best to include her.

Then there was their dog, Zafria. She was huge; like a sabre toothed dog or something. She had purple fur and fluffy white mane around her neck. Though she was nice too, and could actually speak like a person. But her friends didn't know Hayate knew that secret, but she had overheard her, but that was so awesome, and she wouldn't ever tell anyone.

Then last, but certainly not least was Hayate's best friend, Vita. It was great having a best friend finally. Vita worried about Hayate so much it was nice to have someone love her like that after her mum and dad – well Vita was small and feisty: quick to fight would be a great way to describe her. But she was fun and slept in Hayate's bed with her, as their house only had two bedrooms, and Signum and Shamal shared the other together while Zafria stayed in the living room area.

Hayate didn't mind sharing with Vita. She was a nice room-mate, and it was great sharing with her. Vita snuggled up to Hayate making her feel warm and comforted at night, and she found that was a nice change from being alone. It was also amusing the crazy antics that Vita managed to get up to, and didn't realise she was 'misbehaving'.

Vita was always looking out for Hayate, but she was short, and though Hayate wasn't sure how old Vita was, she must have been a few years younger than her-maybe nine if she were to guess. Hayate hadn't had the heart to ask, just in case Vita was really the same age as her, which she was certain she wasn't, but she wouldn't count out the possibility, and upsetting her was furthest thing from Hayate's mind.

They were Hayate's new family, worrying over her when they took her to see her doctor at the hospital. Though, she didn't condone lying they managed to convince the doctors that they were family, and came to take care of her. They did take care of her, but she knew they weren't related by blood or her adoption. She knew they had to lie, so that they could stay with her because to her that first day they came, they became her family.

Hayate's doctor couldn't do anything for her, not really, not even knowing what was slowly – she didn't want to think like that. Vita would be upset if she found out. It seemed all her doctor could do for her was help ease the pain with medications and treatments for things that likely weren't doing anything, but they could not just give up. She could only wish that she could move her legs a little, just a day to walk and run with Vita, and she would be happy.


Hayate was startled as the amusing voice interrupted her as she was making dinner for everyone for the evening as they were all useless in the kitchen, and she enjoyed cooking. The house was a kitchen-diner on the ground floor opened up into the lounge, so even when someone was in the living space she could ask for help if she needed it, as her chair wasn't always high enough to reach some areas in the kitchen space.

She smiled at Vita as she charged over after closing the front door after her while Hayate sat in her wheelchair making some home-made pastries with some packet noodles, as she didn't have time to make them from scratch too or her new family would get hungry waiting. She had to admire Vita's ginger hair neatly framing her pretty face, and tied into twin braided pigtails at the back of her head to each side as they made her look cuter than anything.

"Vita...!" Hayate greeted her with a grin as the 'punk'-'Goth'-ish girl hugged her, and she laughed, hugging her in return. "...could you set the table, dinner will be ready in a bit," Hayate said checking the pastries were crisping as they should. Being Japanese, and in Japan, Hayate found that Japanese dishes got boring all of the time. So she liked to try different things, and she came to realise that Signum was a big pastry fan, especially stake and potato.

That was why Hayate was making them as had had promised Signum that morning before she and the others took her to school. Shamal had picked her up after classes and brought her home before leaving. She needed to pick up groceries and Hayate couldn't go with her as she had dinner to prepare. Signum and Shamal were both the 'responsible' young adults who took care to be her new guardians, and she couldn't be more thankful for them becoming her new family.

Vita grinned as she looked at the pies before Hayate shooed her away to the table, closing the oven door. Vita giggled as she rushed off to finish setting the table for dinner. It was good to have a family again but Hayate was startled as she looked out of the window as it started raining and streaks of lightning crossed the sky.

Hayate always liked the rain, and thunderstorms had been comforting for some reason she couldn't understand. She smiled as Vita returned, looking out of the window with her. Hayate saw that look in Vita's eyes that she bravely tried to hide from her. She was just too adorable while she tried to pretend she was the bravest girl on earth.

"I hope Signum and Shamal don't get too wet. Don't worry Hayate; I'll protect you from the storm!" Vita declared, pumping her fist in triumph before she was in Hayate's lap a moment later as the sky roared and lightning flashed across the heavens.

Hayate couldn't hold in her giggle while Vita pouted at being caught out. It was obviously it was she that wanted protecting from the storm rather than Hayate. It was adorable of her, and Hayate gave her a cuddle in her arms.

"Don't worry, Vita, I've always been comforted during storms since I was little," Hayate said thoughtfully. "I don't know why, but it makes me think of home. I guess that's weird, but... everyone has to be a little weird or they'll all be boring!" she told her laughing while she sat up on Hayate's lap and laughed with her.

"Y-yeah, Hayate!" she said as she hopped off Hayate's lap with a sigh of relief and a small embarrassed blush, smiling back as she tried to be brave, but everybody had their fears. "I'll finish with the table. Don't worry; the others will be back soon."

Hayate nodded her head, smiling as she watched Vita return to the table again for a moment before getting back to checking the pasta before the pastries. They were doing well, and would hopefully taste great.

It didn't take long after that for Shamal to get home with the groceries. She had short blond hair that hung only to her neck, and had kind blue eyes. She was wearing a long green coat when she entered and was a little wet, but removing her coat and placing it with her yellow umbrella on the coat rack. She was wearing a long green skirt and a white polo jumper.

She smiled at Hayate and Vita as she carried her bags into the kitchen to put the groceries away. "Wow, that smells delicious, Hayate!" she praised, and Hayate smiled widely pleased that she liked her cooking, even if it was only the smell. She just had to hope that she enjoyed the meal too when she finally got to sample it.

Hayate had to grab some tomatoes and lettuce for the plates, as they hadn't any vegetables since Shamal hadn't been able to get the groceries while she was at school. But that was okay as they had some salad stuff left over from the day before when they had chicken salad. She arranged four plates before going about straining the noodles before Shamal came over.

"Let me Hayate," she said as her chair wasn't exactly high enough to reach the sink so she was pleased for the offered help, so let Shamal start dishing out some noodles for all of their plates while Hayate checked on the oven.

"Perfect!" she declared happily, as she took her oven mitts and carefully pulled out the hot tray of pies and placed it on top of the hobs as they were then off. They looked delicious and Vita rushed over to see with a hungry look on her face.

"Wow!" she declared while Hayate laughed at her as the front door opened and a young woman with her bright red hair tied up at the crown of her head entered with a tired sigh. Her hair was in a ponytail down her back and ending at her waist.

She entered with the large 'pet' dog. They both looked soaked, but unconcerned. Fortunately their 'pet' wasn't fussy, and a couple pies in her bowl was all she needed, as apparently, she was always eating sneakily, and she did look sheepish when Shamal had told her. She wouldn't eat most veggies or pasta anyway, so she got to get hers first while Hayate dished out for the humans.

"Feeling hungry Signum?" Hayate asked while she slumped at the table after removing her coat and shoes while Hayate finished dishing out the food, and Shamal thoughtfully placed some glasses with juice on the table.

Signum turned a grin on her, but her green eyes said she was a quite exhausted. Hayate liked her eyes as they looked kind of like hers, so it was almost as if they were related. The other two had blue so they had that in common so it was only fair, but Hayate's hair was brown and short cut to her neck and clipped out of her eyes so that was different from all of them, but that was how she liked it.

Hayate went to bed later content, and tired as she snuggled up in bed with her dear beloved, Vita, and once she was asleep, her mind wandered some place else. It was a dream. She dreamt of her again. She knew magic was real, how could she not? She was quite sure her new family came from a magical book she received one day out of the blue. But she couldn't bring herself to ask anything about it. She didn't want to lose her new for saying the wrong thing. She loved them too much, especially Vita. She didn't think she would have the heart to survive losing her most precious people ever, and would do everything in her power to protect them, even if that meant pretending nothing was different with them.

However, since she opened the book she dreamt every night. Not all of the dreams were good. And some of her dreams were kind of-well-really 'naughty' when she dreamt of 'her'. The Lightning. That was the only way to describe 'her'. The dreams were weird. She dreamt of weird things, but 'she' was always there in the beginning. Lightning lived in a world of amazing things, but Hayate could never see it all clearly no matter how much she wanted to. She was a light and deadly blaze of lighting and power too far out of her reach, like a goddess, beautiful and amazing.

She was going somewhere new, full of magic she knew, and it worried her because she didn't want to stop seeing this girl, even though she didn't know why. The Magical Girl was fully of anger, but also much love she gave in many naughty ways to other girls, embarrassing her unintended observer, and making her hot between her own legs with her heart pounding dangerously in her chest.

But as always, the dream lasted but moments or hours before it changed. This time of darkness overcame the light, and green shadows from the night struck dangerous light across the sky through a window. Not a dream of another place she knew, but a terrible memory long since buried with time, one she dread the truth of.

That was always when she would bolt upright in bed and heard a scream so terrible it begged the world. But she knew it was her as her throat ached after she gained control over her fearful emotions, shivering with dread.

Hayate held herself up with her hands on the bed, panting in breath, sweat drenching her face and PJ's. She looked to see Vita kneeling beside her in her cute Goth-bunny PJ's looking at her in worry before Shamal and Signum burst in the room moments later. They looked as scared as they always did when she woke them like that every night, sometimes having dreamt for longer, or even just moments.

"We heard you scream?" Shamal asked in concern. She looked so afraid for Hayate it could almost break her heart to worry them all every night.

"Master Hayate!" Vita whimpered with worried tears in her eyes. She always called her that when she was so concerned for her, and made Hayate feel like crying for her, and cuddling her and never letting her go. "She must have had that dream again," she said as she turned to the others, "–it could be bad-!" she said, leaving something unsaid, but Hayate wasn't stupid, but she didn't mention anything yet.

"I'm fine now Vita-chan!" Hayate quickly tried to reassure her as her pounding heart slowed its beats, she wiped her wet eyes on her sleeve, and tried to relax and regain her breath. "It's just. I saw her again and... she was going somewhere – it was a school for magic-."

"Magic!?" Vita asked not looking reassured about Hayate's dream, as Hayate knew they believed it was all real, which worried her more, as she felt concerned for a person she had never met. Because she knew deep down in her heart that she loved this girl.

"Then it was those green flashes of something and I just felt a cold dread suddenly like always," she finished, explaining. "I-I should be okay now. I don't have them more than once, but I really wish I knew what they meant," she said tiredly sliding into her pillow with a tired yawn.

"Okay," Shamal said in concern. "Get back to sleep! Do you need anything?" she asked, but Hayate just shook her head sleepily. "Vita if anything is wrong call for us, okay?" she commanded and Vita was fast to nod, as she was always worrying about Hayate.

"Of course," she agreed as she snuggled up to Hayate and pulled the covers over them both before the other two left. It wasn't the first nightmare just like it, so they shouldn't have been too concerned, as she would try to forget that dread was too gentle of a word to describe that hopeless, endless fear of what that light meant.

She knew that the girl in the first vision was different. That wasn't as much a dream but it felt like she was there, but not enough to see everything in perfect detail, or hear anything, but Hayate knew that the girl was strong, and powerful, and gay. She just knew that she would stand before the green darkness and smile, putting it in its place because that was what Hayate sensed from her.

If it was her? She would cower, small and afraid while her Knights protected her. She paused that thought as she looked to Vita and wondered why she thought that. Vita was fast asleep, so Hayate didn't try to speak with her.


Were they knights? Were they her knights? They came to her when she opened the book, but she hadn't opened it since. She got a sense of danger from it. She wouldn't want to do something bad with a magic book when she didn't understand the first thing about magic. She was afraid to ask her new family in case they left her all alone again.

She felt like such a wimp. She was too soft and gentle. She was too nice sometimes, but she supposed Uminari City was just really peaceful and quite most of the time. She had never had any reason to be tough, and though her illness should have made her angry about how unfair it was, and that she was so young. She hadn't experienced much, and she accepted it, and now she had her new family she could spend what time she had left being happy with them.

Was that silly of her or not? She knew she didn't have long. However, how long she had she wouldn't want to guess. She was scared, but she had to be brave for her beloved family, especially her frightened, beautiful Vita. She didn't feel that she should waste her time being angry, but living the rest of her life loving her Knights and making sure they knew how important they had become to her.

Hayate curled up and smiled as she cuddled her little Vita and kissed her lips gently just to try it as her Lightning seemed to enjoy kissing other girls a lot. She blushed brightly as Vita returned her kiss with her little tongue brushing her lips. Hayate let her eyes close as she let Vita's tongue in for a moment before pulling back, sucking off her best friends tongue, heart beating dangerously. It felt better than she had dreamed, but she was glad her friend didn't wake, she didn't know whether Vita would understand the way she felt.

Hayate sighed and a little smile graced her lips as she held Vita tightly and she snuggled into her chest tighter, and Hayate soon joined her best friend in more pleasant dreams where Hayate got to experience her first ever kiss over and over with her best friend awake.

Meanwhile, Shamal and Signum had left Hayate and Vita to sleep unaware of any odd feelings arising within their masters heart.

They went to the sofa within the lounge, slumping down while Zafria sat up and watched them while they gathered themselves looking uncertain and more concerned than they ever had before.

"Mistress Hayate is starting to see beyond all of our half-truths and secrets!" Shamal said in concern. "She won't keep pretending nothing is different about her to normal people. I didn't think that she would notice anything; not this quick at least. Then filling the book... the book is refusing to take too much from the linker cores.

"It's never done that before. It used to kill, but it's still linked to Hayate, and she's just too pure that she's somehow imposing her will on it enough to stop us killing any magicians, and it's only a matter of time until she realises that the book is missing and all that is left is an illusion."

"Then what should we do?" Zafria asked in a feral female voice. "Do we explain to her what we're doing, and why?"

"She would never let us continue!" Signum said looking sick. "She could order us to return the book no matter how dangerous it is, or whether we beg her! She's too pure, good, and not to mention how kind she is... we've never had a master like her before. She would never want the power because it would mean hurting others and letting us, even if we could cure her, and fix her legs so she could finally walk. She wouldn't care, and would stop us, and be so disappointed, but I don't want to lose her."

"I know... but you know that look," Shamal said, frustrated. "Right after she wakes from those dreams-from that nightmare!" she said frowning in worry. "She looks at us as if she can see straight through the lies to the secrets we hold, and none of the previous owners of the book ever looked at us like that. They were weak and pathetic. She is not. We care about her as we never did the rest, and in return, she cares for us. We have never had a bond with our master before, and we cannot start being distant. It wouldn't be fair on her, it would be a huge lie, and Vita would never go for hurting her!"

"Then what do we do?" Signum demanded gritting her teeth in frustration, as she didn't know how to cope with the situation.

Shamal sighed and rubbed her tired eyes. "We don't do anything yet... we carry on as planned, but when she finally asks us... we tell her the truth. I heard a phrase that sits right here. 'It is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask permission'."

"Especially when you know the answer would be no...!" Signum added looking defeated. "We need to hurry; take Linker Cores from off world, animals if we need to!" she said clenching her fists, shaking as she could feel her own uncertainty. "Before Master Hayate finds out. So that we can save her!"

"Agreed," Shamal said nodding even though she felt terrible about all the lies and going against their masters wishes, but they wanted to save her so they would have forever together. But even if she hated them for it – they could live with that if only Hayate was safe and alive.


"Ginny, hun-hun!" Morgana chirped playfully as she hugged her cute red-haired girl from behind after they had stowed their trunks away on the scarlet steam train: Destination Hogwarts, "a little faster babes or the freaking trains going to leave without us!"

Ginny leaned back into her, smiling up, amused. "Keep it together Sparky or I might be the one spanking you next time," she said cheekily, making sure to keep her voice down.

Her mother had started watching them closer. It was probably on the old man Dumbledore's orders, especially if that wand thing with that phoenix feather was a part of his plans that she ruined. Then the stealing their wands thing, though she said she bought them. Morgana didn't think that Molly Weasley's mind would even think for a moment anything near the truth. The magical people had a tendency to be a little… well very slow on the uptake.

It was more amusing because Morgana believed that Dumbledore had discovered the bank going after him for the money he had wrongfully taken, or some such. She could barely get over that the bastard stole from an infant, and some of the goblins showed their corruption. At least the goblin bastards involved would meet their maker for it. It was a shame that the goblins couldn't end Dumbledore for them too, and she hadn't met him yet and he had earned her wrath, and swift justice.

I'll have to get Dumbledore myself. He has to repay me for that. The greedy prick.

Though, she had to say, even if only inside her own head. She doubted they would have refunded her or cared without her showing them that she had the strength to carry out her threats. She would have robbed them greedy bastards blind. It looked like she would only need to enchant a lot of muggle gadgets and it wouldn't be too hard, or a giant drill.

The drill sounds more fun!

Shaking those thoughts away, she pulled back from her cuddle, and started pushing her until they were safely on the train. "We would have been here ages ago if your idiot family knew how to get ready the day before. Honestly. I never knew people could be that retarded!"

Ginny blushed as she looked at Morgana as they walked hand in hand through the train together looking for the perfect place to sit. It was already crowded with students and Morgana had to shove many of them out of their way, some to the floor as they were annoyingly not moving fast enough as they messed about while hunting down more morons to hang out with.

"I guess. They've always been like that," she replied with a shrug. "None of them have any organisational skills. I swear sometimes it feels like they're happy being so ridiculously close to time," she said right as the last boarding call whistle blew.

Morgana rolled her eyes. "Yeah. Stupid if you ask me," she said as she stopped her by a compartment with three girls within, all already in uniform so likely used a fireplace to get to the station.

The first Morgana already knew. Felicity Smoke. Smoking hot. She sat next to a girl with long blonde hair to her waist, tied back with a black headband keeping it pulled tight out of her eyes. Her cool grey eyes flashed up looking at them in disdain through the window on the door.

Sitting opposite was a smaller girl with ruffled brown hair, in a long-style pixy cut, or whatever girls were calling it these days. She was the smallest of the three, but not by much with dark blue eyes and a sweet looking face.

Morgana smirked as she checked out her blue skirt, hanging halfway down her thighs and black top hugging her body with her blue coat, her gloves, blue half boots and baggy black shin socks. She looked good, but had to frown looking at Ginny in her school uniform with Gryffindor patch hiding away her goodness.

Shrugging she barged into the compartment. It seemed like the sort of thing she would do, and it was, as she did. The three girls looked to them, startled, and though the blonde and the pixy lover glared, Felicity showed both caution and respect as she stood to her friends shock and bowed as she waited for Morgana and Ginny.

Morgana sat next to Pixie while Ginny sat opposite, between the fine blonde and Felicity. It was only after they sat that Felicity retook her seat too, glaring at the other two, which seemed to confuse them further.

"T-this is Mistress Lightning!" Felicity was quick to say to her two friends. "These are friends of mine," she added, gesturing the two other girls, both wearing Slytherin patches. "Daphne Greengrass," she said pointing out the hot blonde, before gesturing the cute brunette. "And Tracey Davis!" she introduced.

"You don't look like much!" Tracey said before Felicity could stop her, pushing up her glasses in worry. "Felicity said you're some kind of dangerous bad-ass, but you're nothing but another girl-."

She didn't say any more as Morgana grabbed Tracey's wrist and with little effort pulled her onto her lap. Tracey's cheeks went red, and eyes wide as blue power flowed, arching up around Morgana's eyes, over her nose, around her ears, and arching through her hair without making it frizzy.

Morgana's nose was touching Tracey's as she went still, Morgana's grip too tight for her, their lips near touching as her demonstration stopped. "Be a good girl, or I'm going to have to spank that tight little ass of yours. But if you're into that sort of thing, I'll do it anyway," Morgana told her in a husky voice while her hands wandered behind her, to feel her tight butt through her robe.

They felt the train finally moving as Morgana watched Tracey's cute little whimpers as she gently kissed her lips, nibbling them softly before speaking. "But give me your-everything, and we can take this world from the incompetent morons, and rule in their stead!"

Morgana Pulled Tracey tightly into her arms. The cute Slytherin practically curled up on her lap, burying her face into the crook of her neck and breathing deeply. Her arms wrapped around Morgana in contentment, as she held her in return, cuddling around her neck.

"Yes Mistress Lightning!" she was quick to agree, shivering as she melted further into Morgana's embrace as she finally found someone she wanted to be her master who would look after her, protect her, and even love her.

Morgana looked to Daphne. She was watching in awe before she nodded, "Master!" she agreed with her pale cheek flushed with rose. "I-I will follow you, of course," she readily agreed, no longer with coldness in her eyes but uncertainty and surprisingly loyalty. They obviously need an out from the Death Nibblers that had been hanging around for a while now.

Offer people an alternative to serving morons and they were easily the most loyal people you could have by your side.

"Good," she said with a grin, lightening the mood and not letting Tracey go, not that she tried to as she snuggled, content. "Gin-baby said you girls have been hanging around some filthy tart because she is 'higher' up than you. That stops now!"

"It's not that easy Master!" Felicity said while Daphne nodded in agreement.

"To Slytherin house it's an honour thing!" Daphne continued to elaborate as she saw her master was lost and wondered how her master would help them from that. "A muggle-born with a… Weasley girl aren't going to cut it no matter what you can do! It will be trying, but…" she trailed off as said Weasley was snickering. "What?" she asked while Morgana held in her humour.

Ginny grinned at her. "So Parkinson out ranks The Girl-Who-Lived?" she asked, amused as they all looked at Morgana, shocked, even Tracey pulled back to stare at her with wide eyes.

"T-the Potter name is a different matter," Daphne said while Morgana settled Tracey to lie on her again, though this time she used Morgana's chest for a pillow so she could interact too. "Out ranks Parkinson by a long way, but unless you were in Slytherin it doesn't matter. They're big on crap like that or we would have broader options! And if you were in Slytherin. It wouldn't be pretty."

Morgana made a noise of amusement. "If your fellow house mates want to fight! There little twigs couldn't help them. Foolish bullies and haters like them. They don't know what a real fight is! Look into muggle fighting, whether with weapons or without and you will see them do things without magic that could turn your stomach.

"If this Parkinson doesn't get the message. I'll put the bitch on a leash!" she finished coldly causing them to grimace, as they knew she meant a real leash to keep her as a pet.

There was quiet for a moment before there was a flash of purple light, and deep purple thundercloud coloured bird appeared, shifting and morphing to land on Tracey's lap with a letter in her mouth, as she was now a cute storm coloured kitten offering up her mail delivery.

"Thank you Sparkler!" Morgana said smiling as she took her delivery and she was proudly wearing her blue colour with platinum tag with her name on it. She let Tracey pet her while she padded away between them to get comfortable and lay down with a cute little yawn.

"You have a mail carrying lightning travelling shape shifting bird-cat?" Daphne blurted out looking as if she felt silly asking all of that as she saw it with her own eyes. But seriously, she had never seen such a cool familiar before, or heard of one.

"Storm spirit!" Felicity surprisingly answered. "But I suppose it shouldn't be surprising given our Masters power set."

"Oh what do we have here…? Huh?" Morgana asked as she looked down at the kitten as she looked at her in return with smiling blue eyes. "Very funny," she told her, rolling her eyes. "I can see it's a letter from Gringotts," she told her while Tracey stroked her under the chin and she was soon purring away in total bliss.

Shaking her head, Morgana opened the letter and read over some things. "Let's see, yep, yep, and yep. Ha, would you look at that. I now own that shite-hole. The Leaky Cauldron! I think I'll turn it into a candy store and juice bar or something."

"Y-you own the… and you want to turn it into a candy store?" Felicity asked, scandalised. "It's been there for… well a long time. It's the first place Muggle-born's see and-."

"I'll accept muggle money as well as magic," she interrupt her rant thoughtfully. "You made my point for me. Amaze with all of the goodies, not a dirty old bar!"

"Well that does kind of make sense," Daphne agreed with her. "I mean, if it can turn over a prophet and… fast access, nearly first access to the first year Muggle-born's What would no pureblood ever think of-?"

"Muggle-born's going 'dark'," Tracey said with a cheeky smirk. "It's genius. Even if they suspect their own arrogance will hold them back until it's too late."

Morgana grinned, shrugging. "That's the thing with people stuffing their own heads up their asses. They don't have time for somebody else's!" she said but frowned, as that just sounded like she wanted her butt cleaned by a cute girl rather than a metaphor, or maybe that was just her own naughty mind.

She internally shrugged, as that would have felt nice too.

I wonder how far up their tongues could-. No! Naughty Plasma. Not yet. You have more pressing evils to think about. Not to mention games you could be playing. You'll just turn yourself on and have to take the girls to the bathroom in turn all journey.

They settled in after that and after a short while, they got out some games they brought between them to play during their trip to school. Tracey climbed off Morgana's lap and they played some odd magical card games. Ginny couldn't really teach Morgana many before, as two wasn't an optimum number for a lot of the games, just exploding snap and witches chess. Morgana would refused to call it wizards anything after she found an all-female piece set.

The snack woman came wheeling her trolley and they got some odd snacks. Morgana still had to wonder about those every flavour beans. Why the heck did people keep buying them when they contained flavours like snot, puke, and even poop and pee flavoured beans? It was ridiculous that some moron even thought it was a great idea to make them, let alone sell them in packets!

The girls settled down after they finished sharing their snack, all huddled around a magazine. It wasn't anything girly, but it was a broom magazine as Felicity followed broom races.

It looked like fun.

The magazine had many moving pictures showing race highlights. However, we were looking over some of the new broom stats to brooms just out or coming out soon like the Nimbus Sidewinder, and the Firebolt among some of the coolest when trouble came calling as usual.

They did say that all good things came to a quick end when idiots interrupted your games with your new friends. The door was harshly torn open and there he was. The idiot of idiots wearing mismatched 'muggle' clothes standing with a girl. She had frizzled brown hair to her shoulder blades and wearing her school uniform with Gryffindor patch.

"Wow. I knew I should have removed the sign saying idiots welcome!" Morgana said rolling her eyes as they sparked. At least the girl got the hint and took a step back. "The girl can stay. You. Piss off!"

Ronald sneered as hard as he could before ignoring Morgana and turning to Ginny. He was giving her a loathed look that was making Morgana have to count to ten in her head or she would have no choice but to break his face, and she was thinking about doing that anyway just because he was a pleb

"Ginny!" he spat out her name in disgust. His face was bright red from rage and he was actually shaking he was that angry. He reminded Morgana of this comedy she once saw where this tumble dryer went out of control and the lead character was shaking fiercely as he jumped on top of it hoping, fruitlessly that it would help stop the out of control machine.

"What are you doing here!" he demanded. "With these filthy Slytherins!" he roared out.

Ginny stood up calmly, smiling even, which should have been a bad sign - a sign to run.


She hit him so hard with her left fist that when he hit the floor blood exploded out of his broken nose and he burst into tears, sobbing. What could Morgana say? She may have taught her lovely Ginevra how to throw a proper punch and make sure it hurt while they had little else to do, except read up on some stuff for school so they were ahead and whatnot. She needed to be ahead anyway with this whole catch up debacle.

"O-oh my god!" the girl cried out in horror. "Y-you hit him-."

Morgana stood with Sparkler zooming up to sit on her shoulder, hissing at the girl as she took a step back. "Hermione Granger if I'm not mistaken?" she asked her and she nodded, gulping. "Ronald talks a lot about the friendless girl who he has do all of his homework for him!"

She offered her, her hand, which caused her to flinch. "Come. Join our… sisterhood and you can stand by my side. I shall only offer you this once. If you refuse and come running to me in the future for protection from Dumbledore and Voldemort. I shall only accept you as my obedient slave! Understand! I don't give second chances!"

Hermione took a step back, shaking her head in fear.

"Then leave, but you shall return," Morgana said, sitting back down. "You're smart enough that you'll see passed Dumbledore eventually. When that time comes, you will come back. You will drop to your knees and you will swear your undying loyalty because it won't be about you, but what about your family. They'll need protecting from the old basket case too."

Hermione looked to Ron as he sobbed on the floor and stepped towards him as the door slid closed. They watched Hermione as she helped Ronald leave and smirked at each other smugly.

"You really think that she will come to you?" Tracey asked in doubt.

Morgana looked to her and nodded. "She will have no choice if she wants to ever find happiness, and for her family to be protected. I will be the only person rich and powerful enough to help her, who will help her."

They didn't have a chance to reply as in a fizzle of purple a little storm coloured purple fox kit landed in Morgana's lap with a letter in her mouth. She hopped up to her feet and yipped as she dropped the letter.

"You have two?" Tracey said in amazement as she started eagerly petting the kit.

"Oh, yeah. This is Stormy. Sparkler's twin sister!" she agreed as Tracey picked Stormy up, cuddling her while Sparkler zipped over to land in Ginny's lap for some attention. "Ha," Morgana mumbled as she opened the letter and looked it over, curious. "So Alice Longbottom. My godmother is in the mental illness ward just as described. The hospital has now moved her to a private sector for some expensive experimental treatments. I don't know why the Longbottom's didn't bother trying everything and not just giving up so easily."

"They were tortured weren't they?" Felicity asked, sad, startling her. "It was Death Eaters. I hadn't ever heard that Alice Longbottom was your godmother though-."

"Yes," she replied frowning. "It makes one wonder that since Sirius was out of the picture whether a certain old man instigated things."

The other girls looked thoughtful for a moment when the door slid open again. Morgana had thought that either the moron had returned, or another moron, but it was a cute girl with dirty blonde hair hanging loose down her back. Her light blue eyes were dazed and far away. She was out of breath so Morgana figured she had been running, likely fleeing. Yep, but the look on her face, fleeing seemed to have been what she had been doing.

They noticed the relief on the new girls face as she looked at Morgana. She was content. Morgana realised that she came to her. She knew Morgana was here, and that she was powerful enough to help her. They saw the fear as she turned round as a huge boy would have ran her over if Morgana hadn't moved, pulling her back as she stood, pulling the blonde girl to stand behind her.

The large boy was joined moments later by another huge monstrosity and a skinny pale boy with slick back blonde hair, in an eighties gangster style, sneering at them as if he actually thought he was superior to anyone, much less Morgana.

"You had a problem with her. Now you have a problem with me!" Morgana hissed out dangerously. "If you don't get the fuck out of here, I'm going to hurt you!"

The leader. The blonde boy sneered harder. "You think you…" He trailed to a stop as he noticed the three Slytherins with her, and chose to comment his protest, "W-what the hell… with a freaking Weasley, and her – a mud-blood-!"

"Morgana Evans!" she corrected him coldly as if he had somehow asked for her name. His eyes widened and showed he wasn't quite that stupid as he put two and two together, and got the last Potter, The Girl-Who-Lived. "But you should call me Plasma!" she added as one powerful spark flicked up her body and crashed into the ceiling, burning it. "And that was just me flexing my… muscles!" she commented whimsically.

The blonde idiot didn't seem to care as he looked over each of his minions with a smirk. "Crabbe! Goyle! Teach her who runs things around here!" he ordered only for one to take Morgana's left leg in the stomach and scream as he flew out of their compartment, crashing into the door opposite, buckling it and he was not getting up again under his own steam as he was out cold.

The blonde boy looked sick as he and the other stared in horror. "Piss me off again little boy and it will be you, and I'll put my power into it. Understand?!"

"Y-yes!" he quickly said, leading his last minion off, the door closing. Behind him as he didn't want to mess with her if that was her going easy on them. He and minion had to drag away the 'cold' minion, and it took some effort. Morgana watched until they were far enough away from them that she didn't care, and just retook her seat, smirking.

"That's Draco Malfoy if you're wondering," Daphne said while giving her a look of wonder. "His family is high up… but him. He's nothing but a pretender!"

"Good to know!"

Ginny was giggling. "Wow, that little prick had it coming. I bet eventually one of us will kill him."

"It will be you Master!" the new blonde girl said as she moved opposite Morgana, bowing with a sweet smile. "But I'll admit. His death is always changing from you to Ginevra, and even occasionally me and others," she said looking around to the other girls.

Morgana grinned at her. "Clairvoyance?" she asked as she pulled her new blonde cutie to sit on her lap where she belonged. She snuggling up in Morgana's arms happily cuddling her in return.

"Yes," she agreed. "Ginevra is an empath, and you. You are something so much more. The muggles are responsible for your powers. Such genius."

"Luna. Are you okay?" Ginny asked as she moved, plopping Stormy on Daphne's lap and sitting beside them, stroking the blonde girls' cheek in worry. "You never told me you can see into the future."

"You never told me you can feel people's emotions," she replied with a sheepish smile, leaning into Ginny's touch, kissing her fingers, but Morgana supposed that being a seer had already seen, knew, and wanted that.

"I concede!" Ginny replied cuddling up with them.

"So why was that out-of-date-hairdo-dick-head after you?" Morgana asked, confused as she seemed harmless unless you knew of her gift, which she was certain he didn't since it was obvious he was as know nothing loser.

She shrugged impishly, "I could really only guess. I can't see other people's futures. Only mine. When mine overlaps someone else's, only then can I see. If that future involves me. I know it might not seem like much, but it can really help me avoid bad things.

"I think it might be something to do with Draco's father though," she speculated shrugging. "His father isn't a nice man. Then you. I think his father might have found out about your return, Lady Morgana. Not only that but even I've heard a few whispers that you're not… the 'good' girl you're supposed to be. Lucius Malfoy will be concerned. Should be concerned even. He may not consider you a threat now, especially with your love of Muggle-born's

"However, you do pose a threat siding against Dumbledore and… and Voldemort. This could give people an extra ground. He'll also be wary… afraid that you'll side with Dumbledore, or even the ministry, even if only a temporary alliance. I think he might be taking it out on his son, which was why he took the opportunity to send his goons after me."

"Well you stick with me baby!" Morgana quickly told her, smirking and captured her lips with hers. She accepted her kiss eagerly, kissing sloppily back, but she would learn like Ginny had, and her other girls would. Morgana pulled back after a few tasty moments with a grin. "Next time that shit head even looks at you. I'll shove his head up his own ass!"

She smiled dreamily and snuggled with Morgana. "I love you Master Morgana!" she admitted breathlessly.

Morgana smiled. Kissing her cheek. "And I'm sure in the future I'll come to love you too," she replied smugly, since to Morgana at least they had only just met, she couldn't say she had feelings more than really liking her, yet, and Luna understood that and knew the words and feelings would be returned soon enough.

They hadn't much of a chance to get comfortable as the train suddenly lurched, screeching to a halt, nearly throwing a few girls from their seats. Metal on metal was almost worse than nails on a chalkboard while the lanterns flickering. Morgana looked at their mirrored reflections in the window outside, as it was pitch black out, as she realised that night had fallen.

The train came to a full stop, and still looking at the glass Morgana watched as it frost over cracking and fogging.

"Dementors!" Luna quickly said, worried. "M-Master Morgana, please. I mean. Your future is too. It is all over the place. Chaotic. Because of the unpredictability of lightning. I can only see things that will be. The lights going out and the dementors!"

She said it, and poof. The lights had gone out as an icy chill extinguished them. Morgana was quite apprehensive as everything happened. She had heard about dementors and read up on them because of Sirius Black's escape from the wizard prison Azkaban; even though she was not sure, he really betrayed her and her parents. The more she knew about this world of mage, the more she doubt it as real Death Eaters actually went free.

"D-Dementors aren't g-good!" Daphne stuttered out fearfully.

Morgana felt it through the dark. Her eyes glowed in the dark, and unearthly electric blue as something felt like breathing ice into her lungs slowly slid the door open, and there IT was. It wore a long black robe and Morgana realised this thing was where the image of Death came from. Its breath was bone rattling, sucking the happiness out of the air.

Morgana heard it. The screaming. Her mother. Begging, not for her own life, but for Morgana's. She felt dizzy hearing her with a cold dread, but most of all an irrational anger towards the creature beyond her blurred vision for making her see what she no longer had. Her mother. She grit her teeth as she looked through the haze to this thing. She could see its scabby hands as it pulled its hood back to show a gaping mouth full of teeth. It came closer and Morgana could see blurred lines of white-blue light coming from her very being, pulling the heat and warmth from her.

"Fuck you!" she hissed as she stood and boom. Blue ball lightning blast forward exploding into the creature, shattering glass. The monster dropped heavily to the ground, sliding down the opposite carriage wall, cracking it and buckling the door more as blue lightning danced around her body, showing her hate and anger with glowing electric blue eyes.

The Dementor had cried out in agony, but she walked closer. She could smell its burning flesh and smirked as she looked down at it. The whole train had seemed to freeze. A dementor was no longer the hunter, but the hunted as it came across the greater predator. Dementors didn't have a natural enemy before because they were too unkillable, until they met this girl.

Morgana reached down grabbing the things face with her right hand in a vice like iron grip that crushed into the spectre. "Irony has come to suck the life out of you!" she hissed out as streams of blue power bubbled and poured back into her, healing her, strengthening her before the creature burst into a whale of black smog, nothing but ash!

From within its centre burst screams as green pyreflies blast out and up, through walls and ceilings, joy and gratitude filling the corridor as they watched them slowly leave. It was awing and disgusting all rolled into one event.

Morgana looked down the train, stronger than normal on her recharge as many more Dementors fled their new and only predator, running and crying out in a panic while she returned to her girls, ignoring the monsters as long as they left the train and didn't hurt any more innocent children. She sat down with her girls while they were looking at her oddly.

"How the hell did you kill a Dementor?" Daphne demanded in awe and hero-worship, more pleased than ever with her choice in master.

"Everything has… electricity flowing through them to live," Morgana told them, shrugging. "It is a bio energy, but I control electricity. I can draw it out of power boxes, lights, or whatever, but I can also draw it out of living beings. It can heal me. It recharges my… battery…"

"T-those lights at the end. Freed souls!" Tracey mumbled while looking sick, quivering in disgust as she thought about all of the innocent people who had their souls kissed away.


The future was always tricky. Ever changing. Ever moving. Luna Lovegood could see the future so she knew this better than anyone did. However, one thing she saw now. Morgana defied her power. She didn't consciously do it, but she was forever changing her mind. She was like a storm that couldn't quite decide whether to destroy half of Miami or Hawaii.

Morgana lived so content in the here and now that Luna's future shifted with Morgana tightly wound in it, for the better. Luna had seen her coming. She saw her coming at eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and many other years but she was glad it was finally this one as she could practice and hone her powers more with such an unpredictable girl within her life, and she knew it would be fun. Morgana was found, and brought into the fold, but she was so very different to what the magical people would have expected and hoped for, and that was all Dumbledore's fault as he tried to control the Incoming Storm, and he hadn't yet came to terms that storms like that were wild and free.

Luna knew that Morgana would be no one's selfless hero, as they would want. She wasn't the villain either. If anything, she was the victim who gained the power to stand against her enemies, 'light' or 'dark', and stand as neither of those forces because she was something else entirely. Luna knew that Dumbledore was going to label her as dark and evil and everything, but Luna thought that in the end, maybe everything would work itself out, and she would defeat him. However, the sad part was that most people believed in the old man's nonsensical and unfounded drivel, and believe in his so-called 'Greater Good' with capital G's as if it is a great title all of its own.

Luna's future had changed the moment she finally saw the beautiful Morgana Evans for the first time in person. She was chaos in its purest and most deadly form, and Luna loved that. The Empress of Lightning: Plasma. She made Luna's insides melt with a need she had never felt for another person before let alone another girl.

She saw her shifting future. Paths. Infinite and full of choice. Morgana made Luna's head spin without even knowing. She made her weak in the knees. She saw her love her. She saw her love her. Luna fell in love with her and her other sisters in that moment, unable to suppress those feelings even if she wanted too. She had seen the glimpses of love before, but without the certainty of that love-having Morgana in her life, she could never see the full truth and get to fall in love as she had done seeing her, and having Morgana in her life, finally.

Ginny had watched Morgana on the train platform 9 ¾ with Ginevra. She could not help but love them when she was led into the possibilities. It helped that she already cared very deeply for Ginevra, as they were best friends. Now she realised with her power added to theirs they could be even more unstoppable, and that wasn't mentioning other factors if those futures turned out well.

Probability was an amazing thing. It was what her power really saw. It also gave her the foresight to knock it in the direction that suited her most if she needed too. People didn't understand what a seer truly was. Seers were not unflappable. Nothing was set in stone, not even in prophecy. The future was like a stormy ocean where the water was undiluted time. The closer something was, the more likely it was going to come to fruition. However, even then it was never a certainly, and never would be until it happened, or someone wanted it to happen.

It could take one tiny, insignificant decision for a 'certainly' to become nothing but a 'what could have been'. It proved that the universe was not a simple place. For every possibility, there is a timeline where that happened. Maybe seers didn't predict the future, but see through time, space, and reality to all of possibility past, present, and future.

However, now, Luna could see it always, in her mind in the future. Morgana's lips were on hers like from before on the train, but more, much, much more. Morgana's hands were on Luna's body, making her feel pleasures that were only shadows to her sight, and yet those shadows made her squirm just thinking about them. Her memory was good enough that she could see and feel everything, even her taste.

Her eidetic memory was a curse and a gift. It allowed her to remember all of her visions perfectly. That was why she tried not to look into futures that would scar her. She didn't want to see the bad that likely wouldn't even come to be because they were only non-possibilities to her.

Looking into her future sex-life had been something she refused to do, but here she was forced to and she couldn't wait to feel the real thing, under the covers, in their warm arms. It made her quiver with excitement, but she would have to wait.

When that jerk Malfoy and his minions had made the decision to attack Luna, she ran, fast. Their movements were so ingrained in them that they were easy to run from. She only had one place to run to. She knew that her empress would save her, and that she was one of the very few who would or could, because Luna knew how cowardly or uncaring so many people could be.

The Empress of Lightning made defeating that oversized oaf look like child's play. Luna wished she could have seen her. The way she had lived. Powerful. Growing up with the need to fight and use her abilities to get what she needed and wanted.

If fools like Dumbledore thought that someone who fought and lived to survive and find her own throne could be domesticated, he had a rude awakening in the future, and Luna looked forward to that very much so. Dumbledore had been the catalyst to who she was now. The powerful girl who may have designs on conquest. Luna couldn't tell yet as it was something-even, she didn't know as the future twisted and turned this way and that, and time looked like the uncontrollable mess that Luna always thought it should be.

The Dark or the Light? Morgana was neither. She was both. She was who she was. She was a creation of time. Maybe her powers were a gift. Not from the muggles, but maybe fate. Maybe she was something completely different, something that had no desire to label herself as good or bad, but she just was, and Luna felt that that was good enough for her.

Though, Luna wasn't sure whether she believed in fate any more Everything was so random. Her mind was random. She was full of hope because of this. She knew why Dumbledore wanted Morgana at Hogwarts so much. He expected from her what he and no one had the right to ask, and Luna knew that she would never have to give her life or body, or anything to conquer Voldemort; she would bio-drain the megalomaniac dead, and maybe do the same to Dumbledore for good measure.

It was fate. Dumbledore believed in prediction. Luna didn't know what seer he had been playing fancy with, but none were as skilled or gifted as Luna was. They may see through time, but they all still believed that it was! They didn't see beyond time as Luna did. She saw through it all like some of the greatest seers on the planet had, like Cassandra, and Delphi. Most – no, all but a couple, prophets apart from Luna were weaklings or frauds they were trying to make people believe that they carried the blood of their ancestors when the seer genes did not carry down through blood, but could skip centuries worth of descendants, or just never return to that blood. Then it would crop up in new blood like Luna, being a half-blood herself, and she knew there were some muggle-born seers who had some aspect of power even if it was nothing compared to Luna, there children might be the true seers and they were just carriers of something to ensure that they could teach their children something. If the pure-blooded 'seers' (the 'real' ones at least) ever met Morgana, they would be devastated to realise that their 'abilities' were truly useless.

Though, thinking on that, Luna knew her powers were useless in the grand scheme of things. However, she had learnt to use that, see around it. She was sometime too smart for her own good, and she never thought outside of her box because she was sure she never had that box when she was born as her mother before she died had taught her lots about always thinking beyond what she could see, and that sometimes her first sense was wrong.

The future may be ever changing, but I can still see.

Being so close to Morgana, curling up on her lap, taking in her scent. Her scent was like a thunderstorm, beautiful and calming. Luna felt she was safe there. She loved Morgana more than she realised she had. Morgana held Luna in her warmth and she was at peace. She was at home. Wherever she and her present and future sisters were was now her home

Home is with family. She is our family.

Luna had fallen in love all over again, outside of her sight. She had felt weak seeing her beautiful queen in person. She was unable to resist her gentle pull. She could feel her protectiveness. She was dangerous, and dark around the edges, but in her eyes was a light beyond her powers. Morgana Evans was going to be the first ever-Magical World Queen. Luna would make that a fact, even if she had to make sure it happened herself, but Morgana Evans would be their empress.

Morgana was gentle inside. She wanted love. She wanted so much. She deserved so much more. She had so much to give. She was kind. Loving. Happy to have her new friends and Luna. Morgana had been through too much because of her people. She deserved to get more in return, as compensation, and as her right of birth.

Though, Luna noticed that Morgana was hateful to 'men' she don't think she hated them, just loved girls, and distrusted, disliked, and didn't find the male of the species attractive. Well, growing up alone in a city riddled with crime, which was mostly organised by men, could turn any girl away from wanting much in the way of male relationships.

Luna had felt alone for so long, knowing that she now had what she had never known she had always wanted made her feel happy. She squirmed a little in her seat later, after the wonderful train ride at the Ravenclaw table. She was in the Great Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and it was as interesting as always.

Luna's eyes scanned the teachers table as everyone around her talked and waited for the first years to arrive. Albus Dumbledore was sitting at the table in the centre on a 'throne' as if he was worthy of such a position when the throne belonged to her master. The old man was smiling with twinkling mind-raping eyes, but she could see passed that, and could block him from her head with the simplest of ease, and make him see what she wanted him to, and in his arrogance, he was completely clueless.

Looking to the Gryffindor table, Luna saw Ginevra. Her beautiful brown eyes flickered from the head table to her, smirking. Ginevra nodded to Luna's unasked question and she smiled. He really was nervous. This year he had invited a dangerous girl to school, and he was scared of her and with just cause too.

Luna looked back to the teachers. The table was full except for one seat. McGonagall's seat was empty as usual at the start of the sorting ceremony. However, that was probably because she was dealing with the new first years before she would bring them in.

Professor Sinistra was sitting next to Professor Flitwick, Luna's Head of House. He was a good professor, but she was Luna's favourite. She taught astronomy, and though she was sure, the muggles would and could prove lots of her teachings wrong as the magical people were backwards in the sciences she was fun. Luna sometimes got the impression that she knew her teaching was outdated by a long shot, but that she went along with it to keep her job, as pureblood morons would want to learn what muggles had discovered.

Yes, she was fun. Not to mention nice to look at. She was the youngest and prettiest teacher in the school. Well she thought so. She thought the new runes teacher was the same age there about, and just as pretty.

In fact, Luna thought that Professor Sinistra was the only teacher anyone could think about 'doing' (except the rune teacher but she was mean to people-but at least she was fair) and not feel sick after, and then going back for more.

Luna blushed as she caught Ginevra giving her a grin; eyes flicking to the caramel skinned woman with a slight moisten of her lips with her tongue in a playful joking manner. Luna was embarrassed as she remembered that Ginevra wasn't suppressing her powers any more so she was keeping a connection to her best friends, so could feel what Luna was feeling, and for who.

Letting her eyes scan the table more as she looked away from her best friend, Luna caught Sinistra looking at her. She was smiling as always. She had a pretty smile. Luna couldn't help but look away as Sinistra brushed her long dark and smooth hair out of her sparkling dark eyes before the teacher turned back to Professor Sprout; the plump and kind herbology teacher as she was sitting the other side of Sinistra, and they continued their conversation.

Luna could see Hagrid sitting on the end talking almost loud enough that she could hear him to the runology teacher, Professor Anna Rose while she looked bored. Professor Rose was new to the school. She had taken over for runology the year before when the previous teacher was offered another job at the Auror Academy or something.

Professor Rose would be the best-looking teacher at school, or at least draw with Sinistra if she let her hair down. She was pale and had her hair plaited, then tied, and pinned up around her head as if her white-blonde hair was short. She was slender, and unlike Sinistra who was shapely in all of those curvy ways a girl or guy could want in a woman, she was flat, and narrow. Though, she did have a fair sized bust and sometimes when she smiled, it showed how cute she actually was.

Professor Rose didn't wear a dress that showed off like Sinistra. She didn't wear blue or any light and beautiful colours either. She wore black robes that hid her away with cool blue eyes daring anyone to bother her, and promising pain, but Hagrid was dense so probably didn't notice.

She was kind of strict, and didn't actually like people, let alone kids as far as Luna could tell, but sometimes Luna got the impression that it was all hidden lies, and their futures never crossed much to see the truth. But at least she was fair anyway, unlike the greasy haired man sitting next to the new defence teacher glaring at him while said, 'secret' werewolf teacher tried to pretend he wasn't there, smiling anyway.

Luna would have to warn her Lady Plasma about the wolf-man and why he was in the school. Sirius Black. He was friends with him, but not just him, James Potter, Morgana's father. Luna was certain that Morgana would find that interesting news.

Ignoring the new professor Luna looked to the greasy teacher. Professor Severus Snape. Evil piece of ignorant and arrogant turd. Luna couldn't stop the smirk as she saw his immediate future wasn't looking too good. He was going to piss off her Lady and she was going to hurt him. It was about time someone put that turd in his place.

Luna couldn't wait to see the events unfold before her. It would be amusing. Luna knew that Morgana wouldn't let her down with one of these visions. Luna watched Dumbledore looking across the table to Snape, worrying. It seemed as if someone else realised that Snape might not behave and get his ass kicked, and that made things all the more funny, and interesting.

Turning away from them, Luna saw Ginevra looking over and grinning as her eyes flickered to them to show that she saw the amusing sight too. She winked, and made a pouty lip gesture. Luna smiled; holding in a snicker as the new first years finally started walking in.

Luna ignored a few girls from her dorm that were glaring at her as they watched Ginevra and her messing around across tables. They didn't like Ginevra any more than they liked Luna, but that was when something changed. It was something she had never even thought about before, and it surprised her more than anything did.

It was hard to keep her eyes from widening. She hadn't expected anything like it. She looked across the table at Cassandra. She was Luna's main tormentor, always stealing her stuff with her friends to hide all over the place to amuse themselves.

She was pretty. She had long brown hair tied back, and glaring silver eyes. Luna could admit that she had always liked the way she looked. Luna had seen her naked while in the showers and changing in their dorms, so she knew about the supple, sweet flesh beneath her school robes.

Luna looked down at herself. She was wearing her school uniform, but hadn't bothered with her robe as it was quite the humid night. She had worn the uniform to the train. She knew that most of the school weren't wearing uniforms under their robes. They had their normal clothes under their robes, but she hadn't the time to find something nice so she grabbed her uniform.

I was running late.

Looking to the first years, Luna could see Morgana looking over at her and smirking. She hadn't even worn a robe over her clothes. She was still wearing a black rippled skirt, hugging her tight butt, hanging halfway down her thighs, and black top hugging her beautiful, perfect form, tightly.

However, Morgana was now wearing a long black coat that was left open, reaching down to the ankles of her black half boots, and thigh high black socks, only leaving a few inches of skin in view on her lightly tanned thighs. Her midnight black hair was tied back, and electric blue glowed lightly in her emerald eyes that were scanning the hall in a brief sweep. Luna had figured out that Morgana's mind was faster than normal, so she could take in everything at unreal speeds.

Morgana's emerald and blue eyes were aimed down a moment later, at a short girl with ruffled wild black hair, framing her sweet little face, half-glaring, half amused as the girl looked up with a wide grin as she was glompped onto Morgana's left arm, holding her hand tightly. Luna was glad Morgana was still making friends.

The little first year was obviously in hero-worship mode with the Empress of Lightning. Luna must have missed something. She couldn't help but wonder what Morgana had done. Then looking at the other little first years, she realised that while a few of them were obviously scared of Morgana, most were looking at her in awe and admiration, especially the girls. It must have been a novel experience for the pureblood girls to meet a powerful girl who took crap from no one.

The sorting was underway before Luna realised it and McGonagall was calling the first years forward. She watched as they dissolved away to their new homes and students at tables applauded where necessary when little Tabitha Lacy; the small first year Morgana had claimed, or who claimed her was called forward to be sorted. By the name she was certainly a muggle-born girl, which made what happened next all the more interesting.

The girl was practically carry-dragged to the front and Morgana annoyed McGonagall as she snatched the hat and plopped it on the girls head. Certainly a muggle-born. She was surprised. More so as the hat said that one word, that caused the hall to pause and gasps to spread throughout.


Tabitha was frightened and embarrassed as she pulled the hat off her head, but left the hat behind as she was encouraged by a pissed off looking empress to take her seat. Morgana was glaring, even at teachers for daring to act like that. It was racist. It showed they didn't think muggle-born children could have ambition or be cunning.


Soon it was Morgana's turn.

"Potter, Morgana-," McGonagall read off a huge scroll of names before she paused, looking up at Morgana, as she looked so cold. Luna couldn't help but gulp, but it had been done. The whole school was quiet looking at Morgana as if she was even more fascinating than just the disrespectful girl who did not wear her school robes.

"I mean. Morgana Evans!" the Deputy Headmistress corrected and Luna could see her scrubbing something out and writing on the scroll. She had obviously been on autopilot. She could see her annoyed frown as she looked up at Dumbledore. He was looking down, amused with the 'slip' as he obviously messed with her scroll.

Morgana rolled her eyes as she stood, pulling on the hat. She must have been speaking to it for a moment when she adjusted it so she could see.

"Gryffindor!" the hat roared out. Luna was surprised by this. If anything, she would have considered her a Slytherin or Ravenclaw. Did the Headmaster use some spells on the hat? She wouldn't have put anything passed that crazy old man.

However, a moment after the Gryffindor table applauded in glee at having the famous Girl-Who-Lived at their table they shut up. Even Ginevra had looked as if she was surprised by the house choice. But she had known her longest so knew without a doubt that Morgana would have liked Gryffindor House.


The hall had gone even quieter than when the idiots realised that the Girl-Who-Lived had been found and invited to Hogwarts.


It was quite awing that Morgana was planning the improbable. To prove to the masses of idiots that one person can amass all of the house traits in spades, and then some more. That the houses were just a symbol of idiocy and competition that she could crush with ease.


Luna could almost laugh as she heard gasps of horror coming from the Gryffindor table. That made her smile though. It was likely those moronic Gryffindors that were like Ginevra's brother, Ron, ignorant fools. Black and white. Nothing else. No other colours. No other possibilities. In other words, they were complete plebs

Wondering what the black and white brigade would think of a girl in Gryffindor and Slytherin should have been amusing, but it hurt her head thinking about it more than anything had.

"I heard she has freaky powers!"

The rumours started flying as people spoke up, whispering over the quiet as Morgana pulled off the hat, grinning as if her job was well done. It was. Luna supposed that her job was more than well done. Defying moronic views and stereotypes in the wizarding world deserved a sainthood.

"I hear she controls lightning!"

"Someone said she's going evil!"

"Well she did manage to trick the hat into letting her join all four houses!"

"I heard she sucked the life out of a dementor, murdering it!"

"Why would the Girl-Who-Lived be in Slytherin?! Even if she is in the other houses too?! I thought a muggle-born going to Slytherin was wrong! This is stupid! She should just be in Gryffindor!"

"She's dangerous!"

"I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of her!"

Luna tuned out the idiots, smirking as she looked to Dumbledore. He was pale and it was obvious that he was in shock. It amused her, and by the look of Morgana, it amused her even more. Luna thought it was a long while since someone was duel sorted. Even then. Luna didn't think anyone had ever been in all of the houses.

Morgana placed the hat down and Luna wasn't paying attention to where she would sit so she was surprised that Morgana took the empty seat next to her. Morgana smiled and took Luna's hand under the table, giving it a squeeze. Luna held her hand in return, ignoring the other girls opposite as they glared at her while the sorting continued.

"Why would you sit next to her, Potter?!" Cassandra demanded as soon as the feast appeared on the tables and everyone started talking about what happened during the sorting.

"Evans," she corrected with a 'sweet' smile. "You must be Casey! My Luna told me all about this hot bitch who has no manners or respect!" she said, amused as Cassandra's eyes widened and cheeks stained red. "Listen up bitch. Tonight I have my little Shortcake to protect from all of them racist fucks.

"So, I can't stay over and teach you and your little friends how to be good little girls," she said leaning over the table, eyes sparkling blue, which caused Cassandra to flinch. "But tomorrow evening. You'll all belong to me. So be nice to my adorable Luna and I might be nice in return. Otherwise. I will cause… well. I'll leave that to your imagination!"

She then turned to Luna from Cassandra and her friends, leaving them pale and fearful. "Sorry Luna sweetie. I would love to hang with you tonight and put your…" she trailed to a quick pause, eyes flickering to Cassandra, and that caused the beautiful yet mean girl to grimace.

"I'm afraid I have to teach the Slytherin morons their place," she continued, ignoring Cassandra, returning full attention to Luna. "I can't let my Shortcake deal with it alone. She's so small. It wouldn't feel right," she said, letting go of her hand and cuddling her for a few moments before pulling back.

"That's okay My Empress!" Luna quickly replied, smiling at her most favourite person with all the love and admiration she could. "I understand. They're foolish humans. They need to learn their place before they earn your wrath by hurting someone you care about."

"Hey, look at that grease ball loser!" she said gesturing to Snape. Luna could almost burst out laughing as he was ranting with rage at the old Headmaster while the Headmaster looked small and sick.

However, looking down the teachers, Professor Sinistra was looking over at us with a smirk, winking, amused with the whole thing? Luna could see that even Professor Rose looked their way. She looked livelier, and for once interested in things going on around her.

"Well anyway, babes. I have to go!" Morgana said, smiling. "This place is really dangerous. I had to kill a giant octopus I found attacking Shortcake and me in the lake. It was huge, but don't worry Luna. I fried it. It won't trouble anyone ever again."

Luna now realised what Hagrid was so animated about which was boring Professor Rose. The giant squid. She should have paid closer attention as Hagrid looked quite sad. He was probably all-buddy with that giant sea monster.

"Y-you killed the…?" Cassandra interrupted, paler than before as she looked at Morgana, gulping more. Luna could see it in her eyes. She finally saw the danger she was in, but Luna was certain that she would have forgotten soon, trying to convince herself, she was wrong.


Morgana shrugged as she stood, kissing Luna's cheek and walking away, to the Slytherin table. Luna blushed a little as Cassandra and her friends looked at her, but they were uncertain, even a little scared, and it made Luna's heart pound in her chest as she looked at her future with Cassandra.

However, a moment later, Luna diverted her attention away from them and to the Slytherin table where Tabitha was. Morgana sat next to the small first year girl. The small muggle born first year looked relieved, smiling up at her protector as some of the other Slytherins looked away, stopping the glare 'attack'.

The poor first year looked like a nervous wreck before. However, now Morgana served them both some food while ignoring the heated glares for a moment. At least, the other girls from their train compartment were with them for some civilised conversation.

Then after placing some chicken drumsticks on their plates the platter and rest of the chicken flew, smashing into the head of a particularly ugly Slytherin boy. He flew out of his chair with a cry of pain, landing on the floor unconscious with blood pooling from his broken nose.

"Too many morons in the world, Shortcake!" Morgana commented, and since everyone in the hall had quietened in shock, they could clearly hear every word. "Bastards like him should learn some manners!" she said not noticing the irony in lacking manners herself, not that Luna would ever complain. Her fearlessness was what added to her beautiful charm.

Morgana didn't even move as Luna watched as the greasy jerk, Snape had charged up from the teachers table and drew his wand in glee. Morgana hadn't even moved much as she turned and stabbed the man in his wand hand with a fork, making him drop his 'weapon'.

Snape cried out in pain, more so when Morgana twisted before she used another food platter and knocked him out with it, letting him drop to the floor unconscious.

She shrugged while grinning at Tabitha while she looked at her in awe. Finding a new fork, she continued with her dinner while the other teachers looked to be arguing over who was going to head over to reprimand the girl and give her detention while clearing away the downed teacher and student.

The hall was quiet as Professor Flitwick snuck close and Morgana let him take away Snape and the Slytherin boy while Professor Rose stood coldly behind her.

Morgana turned her head, eyes sparking with blue electricity. However, Professor Rose didn't mention anything. Her cool silver eyes scanned over the girl, apprising her, maybe even admiring her with a slight hunger in her cool eyes.

"Miss. Evans," she spoke coolly, using the name Morgana preferred so Luna took that as a goodish sign that the Professor was showing some respect, and wasn't a minion of Dumbledore. "Twenty points from all four houses!" she said. That startled everyone, as that didn't do anything to the point count as it kept everyone level at eighty points a house rather than the starting one-hundred.

"You shall also be serving a detention with me next Friday after classes," she continued coolly. "You are not to dawdle and get dinner. Do you understand?"

Morgana rose an eyebrow and Luna feared for the teachers continued life as a smirk aligned the girls' lips. "You best hope it isn't a waste of my time bitch or I'm going to fry you up and feed you to the next monster I meet!"

The woman didn't make comment for a moment before a small smirk lit her lips. "I can assure you. I do not like time wasting either, Miss. Evans," she said before her expression went blank again and she returned to the teachers table.

It was only a glare Professor Rose sent, but everyone got the message and everything returned to some normal.

Professor Rose was worse than Snape sometimes, except that she was actually fair with students, even though she was a Slytherin when she had been at school.

Slytherins hated her more than they hated any other teacher because of that. She wanted to become Head of Slytherin House. Luna had seen glimpses of what would happen. She would have sorted them out. Straightened the house out of its idiocy. She wouldn't allow them all of the bastardised leeway that Snape insisted giving them, and everything would neaten out and actually be pleasant after several years. Sure, it would have taken time, but everything worthwhile took time.

Luna couldn't quite see what Professor Rose had in store for Morgana, but she was curious. The Professor was a very smart woman. She knew Morgana meant it when she threatened her. She may not cook her, but that didn't mean she wouldn't do something the same as she did to Snape, or maybe worse even.

Professor Rose had to be up to something. Luna would normally get a feel for it if someone were trying to cause someone close to her pain. She would have seen it if she meant harm. That left Luna more curious than ever. She had to figure this out, but it looked like she wouldn't figure it out until Morgana told them next week.

Dinner ended sooner than normal when Dumbledore stood to make announcements. He went on about the dementors guarding the school. He told them how dangerous they could be if given reason. However, Luna saw him looking to Morgana. She knew he knew that she was the most dangerous thing at the school.

After he had finish, babbling everyone was dismissed. Luna would have liked to have talked with Ginevra as she saw her in the Gryffindor crowd, smirking at her.

She waved bye and was soon out of sight.

Luna sighed as she slowly took the route back to her common room. They were told to give the first years a few minutes head start. So Luna ended up by herself as she headed up to her tower, in no real hurry when she was surprised to see Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall, Flitwick, and Sinistra blocking her progress towards her tower.

The last was smiling at her.

"P-Professors?" Luna asked, curious.

"Miss. Lovegood," Dumbledore greeted with a smile. "We were wondering whether we could have a quick word," he suggested, gesturing behind him where a beet red Cassandra stood trying to hide as Luna realised she had 'grassed' and didn't like that she had been dragged along as she was embarrassed and ashamed by her actions.

"Why, of course Professor Dumbledore!" Luna readily agreed as she put on her best innocent smile while hiding her truest thoughts.

"Miss. Hayden says that your friend Morgana Potter threatened her," he said, smiling with twinkle mind rape eyes.

Luna shook her head. "Morgana Evans," she corrected on behalf of her Lady, "and no… not really. Morgana is my very good friend. She was just looking out for me. Cassandra has been picking on me, stealing my stuff and hiding it to make fun of me because I'm smarter than her. She was jealous. Morgana was just sticking up for me."

"I see-," he replied, uncertain.

"So do I!" Flitwick turned to Cassandra with a frown while she paled further. "I do not like bullying, Miss. Hayden It is never nice, no matter who you are! I commend Miss. Evans for sticking up for her friend. Friendships must be cherished. Ten points from Ravenclaw! Unless perhaps it has been a misunderstanding?" he said but she just looked away more ashamed than ever as she realised that she had been a bitch to Luna while Luna didn't ever deserve that, but-.

"Then I guess everything has been sorted out!" Dumbledore said with a brighter smile. "Professor Sinistra wanted to talk to you Miss. Lovegood, so we'll leave her to walk with you to your dorm," he said turning to Cassandra. "You can hurry on ahead, understand?"

"Y-yes Professor!" she stuttered out, hurrying ahead while the other three teachers left Luna and Sinistra behind to walk by themselves.

"Now Luna," Sinistra said, smirking. "I'm curious about our Mistress Morgana. Why don't you enlighten me about that beautiful creature, just a little!" she begged in eagerness.

Well, Luna was not expecting that, but it could do well to have a teacher bowing before her-their Empress of Lightning.


Morgana found herself frowning in annoyance as she looked at the tiny and flimsy boats Lard-ass wants the new first years; herself included with the midgets to ride in, over the deep dark lake to school. They did not look very safe even though Lard-ass said they were. His lard ass was actually sitting in one. How the fuck was it still floating? Morgana would have expected it to sink with just a look from him.

She would have had her reservations as she cautiously stepped into one, and taking a seat while lounging back. It felt more secure than it looked. It was probably something to do with magic. She took note that she was waiting that most of the boats had been full while little first years waited for her to reluctantly get in her own tiny boat. However, she was not the only one waiting while dubious about her safety. There was one abnormally tiny girl with wild black hair framing her pretty little face still on the bank looking as if she was about to have a nervous breakdown.

The tiny girl was standing by Morgana's boat and she saw her problem. Morgana's boat was the only one left with any space. Maybe she was nervous because of Morgana. She could not help but sight as she opened her legs and pat the spot between her legs for her to sit.

"Hey, Shortcake!" Morgana yelled in annoyance. She startled and looked at her in surprise, her soft hazel eyes almost tearing as she saw where Morgana was gesturing for her to sit. It was not as if Morgana wanted to sit up any differently; lounging was quite the hobby of hers when given the opportunity.

"If I have to ride in this thing then so do you," Morgana commanded, frustrated. "Hurry up or I'll have to drag your tiny little tosh in here with me. Now get in Shortcake. I'm a little hungry, and waiting for you is boring."

Morgana watched the girl as she took a few terrified breaths before stepping into her boat and sitting down between her legs. "I-I don't like boats," she whimpered as Morgana pulled her to lean comfortably against her chest so she could see over her.

The boats started moving across the water of their own accord once she settled and relaxed a little, as she realised the boats were not going to sink. They headed towards the deep silhouette of the castle. Morgana did not think too much of it, but she supposed as creepy castles went it was cool.

"Don't be such a cry-baby Shortcake," Morgana told the small first year, laughing while she glare-pouted with her little arms folded, but at least she felt comfortable enough to lean back on Morgana to get comfortable.

"My name is Tabitha!" she whinged, pouty.

"And you can call me Morgana, or… I suppose, Plasma," she replied in amusement and noticed, looking over her shoulder that she was going to ask her something. Tabitha jumped as Morgana lit sparks between her fingers in front of her face. "That's why my sweet little Shortcake."

Tabitha stuck out her tongue in a cute childish manner, turning her head to Morgana so she could see the adorable action. Morgana could not help but laugh because she could see Tabitha was-awed by her little demonstration anyway.

"So what house are you in?" Tabitha asked after a few moments of silence.

"I don't know yet Shortcake," she replied, amused. "I'll be a first year until Christmas when I'll be fast tracked to second year… the idiots only just found me… what house do you think you'll be in?" she asked her to keep up the conversation.

"Oh. I don't know," she answered with a sweet pout as she was getting snuggly in Morgana's arms. "I hope Gryffindor though because the lady who showed me around to get my stuff for Hogwarts said that Muggle-born's are best suited for Gryffindor. She said I should pray I'm not a Slytherin because they are evil and hate… mud-bloods"

Morgana frowned, annoyed, and even disgusted, as she knew that was far from the truth about all of them at least, and rolled her eyes; not that she could not agree somewhere along the road. Having Slytherin friends, she knew that some of them were evil, but not all of them. Well evil-ish would be a better way to describe them. They were mostly following their idiotic parents' example, and never getting a clue for themselves.

"Listen and Listen good Shortcake," Morgana said seriously a moment later. She nodded her head quickly as she turned in her arms, looking at her in rapt attention, as she was her senior and she wanted to learn everything she could, even if Morgana was a little rude, she was nice too. "Don't listen to any of those asses because they're lying just because they want you to hate Slytherin.

"They're just kids like you and me. If they are bad, it is because their parents have taught them that bull shit. Then people like this woman 'teaching' nice people like you to hate them. This gives them no choice but to follow in their parents footsteps and be bad or dark, or whatever.

"Even then, there are Slytherins that pretend to be 'bad' so that the ones who really are bad do not try to hurt them. You be who you are Shortcake, and do not worry. Not one bit. If you are in Slytherin and some bad jerks try to hurt you, I will break them in two.

"The world needs visionaries. Brave people able to break the mould," she said, stroking her sweet little cheek between her fingers. She quivered with the contact, looking into Morgana's eyes. "Don't you worry, now Shortcake? Not when you have me to protect you. I have a cunning plan. I will be able to go anywhere you can.

"You'll be a brave girl for me won't you?" Morgana asked her, and she gulped, captured by Morgana's emerald green eyes, lost. "You'll go into Slytherin won't you?" she asked her and she nodded her head readily. "Yes… ambition, huh?" she asked her cheekily, and she blushed sheepishly. "A muggle-born in Slytherin. It would be the ultimate bitch-slap to all of those purest filth."

"Y-yes," she agreed, cheeks aflame nodding her head readily.

Morgana was contemplating kissing her cheek for a moment as she had gained her little heart. Tabitha was likely scared and uncertain before meeting Morgana and she took her into her care without a second thought. Morgana knew what it was like to be scared, she wanted to help Tabitha whereas no one had been able to help her – well maybe, except the woman, the woman who gave her power no matter that it was accidental.

However, it was a brief moment later when something disturbed the water, startling them. Shortcake screeched in terror as a huge black tentacle broke the water's surface.

Tabitha was on Morgana's lap, curled up and shaking, hugging her tightly around the waist in a brief flash. Morgana was quick to move, holding the small girl she moved forward to her knees, holding her tightly. She focused her energy, reaching out with her right hand the Dark Lake was-lit with an electric field.

Tabitha looked round in awe as the monster octopus lurched out of the water in pain. First years screamed as it roared out in agony, pieces of it exploding before Morgana stopped and everything went quiet with the monster floating on top of the water, dead. It twitched with its death, and Morgana felt her little Shortcake relax in relief.

Morgana sighed herself, relief flooding her veins, as the monster was dead. She had not really thought that coming to Hogwarts would mean rescuing first years from monsters. She could see all the other first years staring at her. Some of them looked like Morgana was their newest hero while some looked like she was the villain.

"Dam, the school should be more careful," Morgana said to her adorable little sister, Tabitha. She was cute, and tangled in her school robe as she cuddled with her, in her arms. She was still shivering a little with fear. The poor thing being a muggle-born had never had to see such a horror before, but all was right as Morgana saw to getting rid of the beast for her.

Morgana let her eyes scan the other boats as first year started whispering to each other in excitement. Her eyes trailed over Lard-ass as he was staring off into space looking lost as if he tried to see the dead octopus as we passed and it was lost in the black void of night.

They carried on to the docks into the grotto of the lower castle. Morgana climbed out carrying Shortcake in her arms. She placed her on her small pink trainer covered feet, let her glomp her left arm, and hold her hand. The other first years climbed out with them, excited, nervous and other things in-between.

Morgana looked to Hagrid but he did not seem like he was getting up right away. There was only one door leading into the castle so Morgana led the first years up to it. She gave it a shove but it would not budge. She thought that explained Hagrid with his super strength. Though, for a guy with his strength he sure was a pansy.

Frowning Morgana lashed out with her right foot, kicking the door. It made a loud bang and cracked a little of the wood, but the wooden door was too solid for her to kick open like that. She would have to put more oomph into it.

However, a moment later a dark skinned young woman pulled the door open when Morgana had rose her leg higher, knee bent in for more force to give it another go, showing her her white panties. Morgana was surprised her that the woman's eyes lingered between her legs for a little longer than she would have expected. She liked that about her.

Morgana lowered her leg as the woman smiled at them, yes lingering a little longer on Morgana before she spoke. "Hello first years. Professor McGonagall will be with us shortly, but I offered to come and greet the new first years… this… what is wrong with Hagrid?" she began, but asked the last as she looked round to see him in his boat still, staring off into space.

"Miss. Morgana killed this giant octopus that attacked us!" Shortcake was eager to tell her. "She was all, sparks flying, and the octopus was dead. I don't know why Mr. Hagrid isn't working any more"

"Hagrid!" Sinistra called out, startling him. He looked to her, confused. "Pull yourself together and get to the Great Hall. The sorting will start soon," she said before turning back to the new students. "Okay. I'm Professor Aurora Sinistra, and I teach astronomy," she introduced herself. "Come along now," she said, stroking back her long, smooth, dark hair, smiling at Morgana before leading them into the castle.

Morgana could not help but admire the curves on the teacher. Her dress curved around her beautiful figure, and great rear. She could tell when someone was coming on to her, but a teacher – now that was something new.


Sinistra led them to an antechamber, smiling at Morgana with sparkling dark eyes, and leaving them alone for a while. Soon the deputy headmistress came in from wherever she had been, to collect them, carrying a ratty old hat and a small three-legged stool.

Tabitha was glaring cutely at Morgana as they entered the Great Hall. Morgana rose an eyebrow in question, half-glaring, and half-smiling. Tabitha could not hold her cheeks together as they puffed out with silent giggles. Her hand tightening in Morgana's and she squashed herself into her arm with a content sigh.

They were lining up at the front of the hall where McGonagall left the small three-legged stool with the hat on top of it, and stood to face us as she pulled a huge scroll from inside her robes.

The hat sang a song, but it could not hold a tune at all, and Morgana was glad when it had finished and the first years were called forth to be sorted. Staring at the weird selection of teachers was boring as she rolled her eyes, Morgana felt as if it was like something from a bad fantasy TV show.

Three of them had tried using some kind of mind reading on her from what Morgana could tell from that feeling on or in her head. The headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. He stopped as soon as he realised he was not getting anywhere, and that she could feel the intrusion. His 'attack' was light and did not bother her all that much.

However, the grease ball at the table. His attack was like a battering ram. It smashed against Morgana's brain, trying to tear away her thoughts, and her memories, but he did not get in and gave up as her eyes started sparking and the headmaster gave the man a warning look. She knew it must have been some kind of polarised magnetic ability that foiled them, as that had all kind of effectiveness on everything from the muscles to electronic, so why not the brain too, in a positive way.

Then there was a blonde woman. Her 'probe' was light and gentle. It was obvious that she was not trying to enter Morgana's head. She was different. No. she was trying to get a sense of who she was. However, she let up after a few moments with a slight quirk of her lips as she realised she was getting nowhere and that seemed to amuse and please her.

Morgana guessed it paid off more than just helping with her powers to learn meditation techniques so that she was the only person allowed in her own head.

"Lacy, Tabitha!" McGonagall finally called after the silly song, and others had finished their sorting. Morgana looked away from the three teachers. She could deal with Dumbledore. He was smart enough to be subtle, but the grease ball. She wanted to pound him into the ground. The woman? She wasn't even trying to get into her head, so she would let that go completely, plus if she smiled and let her hair down, wore some hot, and tight muggle clothes she would be smoking hot… more smoking hot.

Morgana smiled at Shortcake as she was suddenly terrified, paling. She felt sorry for her as she guided her up front; prying her off her arm, she sat her down on the stool and popped the hat onto her head, ignoring McGonagall, as she looked annoyed that Morgana was interfering with her job of doing that as she had to with a couple other first years so far.

The hall went deathly quiet as the hat called out her house moments later. Morgana could not help but grin proudly at her little Shortcake as she nervously pulled off the hat, looking at Morgana for reassurance. She gave her a nod and a smile, gesturing for her to go and sit at her table. Tabitha quickly hurried off, and when Morgana give her a look, Tracey was eager to get Tabitha to sit with her, leaving a space between Tabitha and Daphne, expecting Morgana to soon join them as they knew that only she could protect the shortcake.

The hall whispered a little about the muggle-born Slytherin. It was as if they could not believe a muggle-born could have ambition or cunning. Morgana had an amusing plan forming in her head that would give her the upper hand over anyone else at Hogwarts. She found it difficult not to spread an evil grin across her lips.

"Potter, Morgana-!" McGonagall read off the huge scroll she had on autopilot. She paused. Looking up at Morgana, she gave her her coldest look. The hall had gone quieter than when Morgana's muggle-born had-been sorted into Slytherin.

However, McGonagall was quick to correct the error, scrubbing it out on the scroll and correcting it while glaring up at Dumbledore. Morgana looked up at him sitting on his throne looking like the smug bastard he was.

"I mean Morgana Evans!" the deputy headmistress called out but the damage was-done. Morgana was annoyed but she stepped up and placed the hat on her head. She did not feel like trying her luck sitting on the stool. That would be humiliating if it broke.


It was a soft mumble in her ear. She could almost not hear it. It was the hat. It made her smile. It must not be able to get into her mind. That was interesting. That was useful to know. It would help her keep her secrets from it since Dumbledore could not enter directly either.

"All of them," Morgana mumbled out under her breath, but she got the impression the hat heard her.

Morgana waited a moment. "Ambitious thing aren't you," the hat replied. "Power. You have it so far beyond a mere mage. Change the world. Girl of Lightning! Save it from itself!"

The hat paused and she lifted it off her eyes to see the reactions when it suddenly called out.


The hall seemed to stop holding its collective breath for a moment as the Gryffindors started cheering out in glee. Morgana looked over and winked at Tabitha, as she looked at her, horrified, but her horror only lasted a few moments.

Even Ginny was surprised. She believed Morgana would be a Ravenclaw or Slytherin. This was going to be amusing. She let her eyes reach the teachers, scanning the two hot women, the pale one looked as if she hated how boring the world was, while Morgana believed, Sinistra knew something different was going to happen.

Then it did.


The applause cut off like a knife. The look on faces was the most amusing in a long while. Dumbledore looked as if he was not sure what was going on, and Sinistra grinned at Morgana while the other young teacher was then showing interest.

However, the fun was not over with just two schoolhouses. Morgana was much too fun to have just two, and the hat was finally enjoying itself as it met someone interesting after so many mundane and boring children.


The hall somehow managed to get quieter. At least Morgana's sisters were finding the whole thing amusing with a few other people around the hall, rather than gawking like fish.

Then it came the gasps of shock and horror.


Morgana pulled the hat off as she heard some whispers.

"I heard she has freaky powers!"

"I hear she controls lightning!"

"Someone said she's going evil!"

"Well she did manage to trick the hat into letting her join all four houses!"

"I heard she sucked the life out of a dementor, murdering it!"

"Why would the Girl-Who-Lived be in Slytherin?! Even if she is in the other houses too?! I thought a muggle-born going to Slytherin was wrong! This is stupid! She should just be in Gryffindor!"

"She's dangerous!"

"I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of her!"

Morgana looked to the teachers table. Dumbledore looked sick. She shrugged as she made her way to the Ravenclaw table, sitting next to Luna as she smiled at her. She took her hand under the table, squeezing it in reassurance as the rest of the sorting continued and finished and they waited before they could talk.

"Why would you sit next to her, Potter?!"

Morgana was startled as she looked at the brunette girl. She was pretty. With cool grey eyes, but she seemed to be a bitch with a secret self-hatred problem. It was just obvious that the girl was not a fan of herself with the way her eyes were cool and uncaring. She likely felt different to her spoken thoughts as lots of people tended to hide their true thoughts behind bitchiness.

"Evans!" Morgana corrected automatically with a 'sweet' smile as the hall started talking about the craziness going on. She was not too surprised that Dumbledore did not let any grease ball, much alone himself bitch at her house choice. "You must be Casey! My Luna told me all about this hot bitch who has no manners or respect!" she said, amused as Cassandra's eyes widened, her cheeks blushing at the compliment as her eyes briefly flickered to Luna.

Morgana did not think Luna noticed that bit, but it was a revelation. Morgana was not going to say anything quite yet because it would be fun teaching this girl and her two friends how to treat her Luna with love and respect.

"Listen up bitch," she continued in her best 'sweet' yet highly dangerous voice. "Tonight I have my little Shortcake to protect from all of them racist fucks. So I can't stay over and teach you and your little friends how to be good little girls-," she paused here to lean over the table, eyeing them across the food, "but tomorrow evening," she continued on, smirking. "You'll all belong to me. So be nice to my adorable Luna and I might be nice in return. Otherwise…" she let her eyes spark and they took that as a threat, gulping. "I will cause… well. I'll leave that to your imagination!"

Morgana turned from Cassandra and her blonde and brown haired friends, dismissing them, and leaving them pale and fearful. "Sorry Luna sweetie. I would love to hang with you and your… tonight …," she said, trailing off with her eyes flickering to Cassandra to see the grimace. "However, I'm afraid I have to teach the Slytherin morons their place," she said, turning back to Luna. "I can't let my Shortcake deal with it alone. She was so small. It wouldn't feel right," she finished, letting go of her hand and giving her a quick cuddle before pulling back with a smile.

"That's okay My Empress!" she quickly replied, smiling at Morgana in love and admiration. "I understand. They were foolish humans. They need to learn their place before they earn your wrath by hurting someone you care about."

Morgana smiled when she noticed something amusing happening at the teachers table. She had already been told about the most useless teacher of the school. Severus Snape. The Potion 'teacher'. The bastard who had never heard of subtlety when he abuses his position to torment students, but then Dumbledore did not care and the other teachers followed Lore of Dumbledore.

"Hey look at that grease ball loser," she chose to point out while snickering. Luna looked. Her cheeks puffed out with suppressed laughter. The headmaster looked sick as he tried to brush the man away as he got a rage-full earful by the man, pointing to Shortcake and Morgana in turn.

Racist filth!

"Well, anyway babes. I have to go!" Morgana said, smiling. "This place is really dangerous. I had to kill a giant octopus I found attacking Shortcake and me in the lake. It was huge, but do not worry Luna. I fried it. It won't trouble anyone ever again."

"Y-you killed the…?" Cassandra interrupted, paler than before as she looked at Morgana in horror.

She shrugged as she stood and kissed Luna's cheek before heading away to the Slytherin table. She took the space between Tabitha and Daphne with a smile as she started loading up food on hers, and Shortcakes plates, and some juice for the both of them.

There were still many idiots glaring at Tabitha, and now Morgana so she did the only thing that made sense. She picked up a large platter of chicken drumsticks, picking out the biggest and ugliest glarer and threw it like a Frisbee. It whacked him in the head with a yell of pain he was-thrown out of his seat and to the floor, out cold.

Tabitha looked more at ease, as other rude jerks quickly looked away, grimacing. Morgana wondered whether they were reminded of the woman, she was named after and how awesome she was.

The hall had gotten quiet as they looked to her in awe and horror. They had heard all of the rumours about Morgana and still they were surprised when some of them rumours were true.

I am dangerous!

"Too many morons in the world, Shortcake," Morgana commented, off-hand. Her Slytherin-girls' cheeks bulged as she tried not to laugh. "Bastards like him should learn some manners!"

Yes. I did see the irony, as I did not practice what I preach. That was a part of my awesomeness. I didn't have too. I am dangerous after all.

It was just a few moments later when Morgana sensed him before he got close, but the moment he was in range, she grabbed her fork, span and stabbed Severus Snape in his wand hand, causing him to drop his wand. He cried out in pain before she grabbed another platter and buckled it on his head, knocking him out.

Morgana shrugged as she grinned at Tabitha, grabbing a new fork. Tabitha looked at Morgana in awe as she started eating her dinner. She copied suit a moment later, and Morgana let the tiny teacher take Snape and the Slytherin boy away when she turned to see the good-looking young woman in black robes with white-blonde hair in a plat pulled up around her head behind her, but she wasn't being threatening.

"Miss. Evans," she said with her deep blue eyes staring into Morgana's emerald green. At least she showed her some respect by not calling her, 'Potter'. "Twenty points from all four houses," she said, surprising everyone, as that did not do anything to house tallies. If it was that Snape jerk. He would have likely took from the other three only, even in front of other teachers, and most of them would have let him.

"You shall be serving detention with me next Friday after classes," she continued coolly. "You are not to dawdle and get dinner. Do you understand?"

Morgana rose an eyebrow as she thought about it. She did not mind. Maybe she could flirt some obedience into her. "You best hope it isn't a waste of my time bitch or I'm going to fry you up and feed you to the next monster I meet!" Morgana would not actually kill her, but she could threaten, and hurt her in other ways.

The woman did not make comment for a moment before a small smirk lit her lips. "I can assure you. I do not like time wasting either, Miss. Evans," she said before her expression went blank again and she returned to the teachers table.

I could get to like her.

After the feast Dumbledore made what Morgana guessed was his normal start of year speech (modified slightly), about the dangers inside the castle (he looked at Morgana here and she smirked), and the dangers outside the castle, which were soul sucking monsters any competent headmaster or government would never allow near a school no matter what the circumstances'. It just went to show the level of non-common-sense the magical world had, or at least magical UK.

Therefore, after the old bastard bored them to near death with his babble they were dismissed and Morgana followed the nervous Slytherin prefects with her Shortcake, as they called for first years to follow them.

Morgana smiled a little, as the rest of the house (minus Felicity, Tracy, and Daphne) appeared to flee as fast as they could, which was disappointingly slow. She had almost forgotten that Hogwarts did not have PE so they were bound to be unfit with the laziness magic would create. She would be sure to get some equipment from somewhere so that she could make sure her girls toned up their supple young bodies so that they could kick butt. She was sure that magic got stronger, or easier to control the stronger the body if it was anything like her lightning based powers, and she wanted and needed strong Wiccan to stand by her side.

They were led into the dungeons (Shortcake was now hanging onto Morgana's right arm), and up to a blank looking wall before the prefects said the password and it opened up for them to enter into a warm green and black common room.

Morgana was not really paying attention as the prefects went on about some crap as her attention was-drawn to the three huge boys sneaking up on her.

She moved fast prying Shortcake off. She pushed her into Daphne before spinning around and catching one boy with a left boot to the nuts. His watering eyes widened as he bent over squealing as a huge crack reverberated throughout the common room. Morgana smirked smugly and hopped up with her right foot taking his face with a roundhouse knocking him out with blood spilling to the floor. That did not make her other attackers elude confidence, but rather doubt and concern.

Morgana did not stop to admire her handiwork as her left fist sparked with blue and crashed into another guys face. She could hear the bone crack as he cried out dropping to his knees holding his face as blood pooled out from between his fingers and he was balling. She knocked him flying and out cold with thunder shock-wave as she kicked him into the far wall, cracking brick, he slid down and he would be feeling that for months.

She grinned viciously as she jumped up with static thrusters in her palms with tongues of blue electricity rolling around her powerful body, lighting her as the rest of the common room could only marvel in fascination or terror at the goddess before them.

Morgana was more dangerous than any of the rumours eluded too, and many of them made notes to either stay clear of her, stay on her good side, or find some way to side with her even if that was against their parents and the Dark Lord. After all, they had strong self-preservation instincts drilled into them by their families and they did not want Morgana killing them.

Other Slytherins would keep out of her way and bide their time before choosing sides if the Dark Lord would ever return to see what they could get. Then there were those who were so stupid, or with such giant egos that they would piss the goddess off again very soon no doubt. Or some would try their luck, just to see, just in case, but they would likely see sense whereas others wouldn't and make a choice based on that observation, if they survived the encounter, but she didn't seem like she was going to needlessly kill, just like that, yet at least as she had to deal with Dumbledore.

Morgana was levitating above them all as she sensed more boys coming to attack from behind. She did one backflip to increase her height as she glowed, flipping round her boots touched the ceiling with masses of building electricity spiralling over her body as she shot down, bending her knees she pushed off from the ceiling, and boom the whole room shook.

Where she landed the ground beneath her hands and feet caved slightly, shattering as thunder boomed and a blue shock-wave spread out around her catching all of her aggressors and throwing them back to the ground. She made sure that all that happened to anyone else was the numbing of her after shock as tables exploded to splinters.

The boys were crying in pain as Morgana stood from her crouch, sparking along her perfect skin with emerald eyes glowing with blue light she was a menacing sight. The other boys had been knocked-out from what she could tell as her eyes scanned around the room and any boy or girl for that matter who had previously thought about challenging her placed their wands away taking steps back and dropping to their knees with their heads lowered in submission.

"Try that shit again!" she whisper deathly quiet, but they could all hear her, and the Slytherins on their hands and knees were quivering. "Or you come near my Shortcake or any of my girls with bad intentions again! I'll burn your flesh off before leaving you to die in a pit of salt."

Morgana was pleased with all of the flinches, and glad they understood how painful their deaths would actually be. "But keep this new act up, and maybe we can work together, for something… more interesting," she said before she walked passed her fallen and knelling foes, "come along Shortcake," she said as she allowed her eyes to soften, and the glow faded away while the sparks stopped as she reach out her left hand. She was quick to except as she looked at Morgana in admiration.

Morgana had half expected to have scared the poor girl with her display of power, but Slytherin house had become rotten somewhere, likely stemming from people like Voldemort and Dumbledore, a combination of 'good intentions' gone awry, and the hate and vengeance of the dark and betrayed. It seemed TV-ish style prison-house-rules applied to the house. Now Morgana was the biggest bad Slytherin house had ever known, and she would keep it that way.

Morgana was quick to gesture for her fellow first year girls to go upstairs first before following up behind them. They were eager to leave with her after what they saw. It was odd, but most of them were raised in traditional ways so they must have realised that to be offered protection from the powerful girl was something to quickly accept and relish in that kind of freedom from following one of the many other groups within the school.

Following a girl was a bonus to many them as that was an unlikely thing as the magical world didn't have that much, if any respect for girls these days, going backwards from how the muggles had equal rights amendments and laws that they never used to. Now, men like Dumbledore tried stripping such rights from witches to keep the control he had stolen over people who could have stood up against him, being more 'Slytherin' than anyone. But as with all things-that could change, and Dumbledore could always meet his match-no-superior eventually, and that match-that-superior was going to be their new queen. The clever little first years, or more knowledgeable from their family teachings (half of them at least) weren't the only girls, and even boys who saw that Morgana could become queen of the magical UK, and that with that, maybe they would have a prosperous future, no matter what her beliefs may be.

They could be freed from the mundane of good versus evil, dark and light, Dumbledore's Greater Good versus, the Dark Lords hatred of muggles and Muggle-born's

Morgana left the other Slytherins to the mess, not having a clue about their odd thoughts, as she had never given ruling anything like that much thought. She just did what she did to survive, and even to help people sometimes.

She mildly wonder what idiot would dare try and attack her the next day, it would be fun pounding them until they learnt their lesson, and if not, she would have to make them disappear. They would learn eventually.


Daphne Greengrass groaned tiredly as her eyes slowly peeled open. She yawned and stretched as she sat up in her bed. Her covers slid down her slender body, showing her blue PJ's with shorts and short-sleeved top. They had little fairies and pixies fluttering around on them. Her mother liked cute things and she had thought they were cute when she found them, even though they were of a 'muggle' design since they were PJ's and not a nightdress like the rest of her Slytherin friends would wear.

Looking to her bedside clock it was only seven thirty in the morning that Saturday. She would not be able to get back to sleep now she was awake, as she never could. She looked at her covers and sighed. Why did everything have to be so green? It was a nice colour but, everything. It got tedious after a while.

Felicity and Tracey were both still fast asleep in their beds opposite hers and she did not have the heart to wake them just yet.

Daphne stretched the kinks out of her shoulders and yawned again as she climbed out of her bed, quiet not to wake anyone. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she looked around the room. It was not the largest Slytherin girls' dorm as it only had five girls in it. Felicity, Tracey, and her. Then that butt ugly Bulstrode bitch, and then Pansy Parkinson.

Her friends and she had made it their mission to get on Pansy's nerves ever since they met her because of the 'status-quo' crap, and she was annoying. She was really small and very delicate looking. Whereas that muggle-born girl of Morgana's looked like she could take a few spells, Pansy looked like it would take one breeze of the wind and she would go flying.

It amused them sometimes. If Pansy would just go with it and laugh with them, they would have likely given up and became good friends or something, and then maybe Pansy would not have become such a bitch. She had too much pride, and not enough common sense, like most pure-bloods Daphne included herself in that sometimes.

Shaking her thoughts clear Daphne felt like she should have pranked Pansy. She had once written 'cute little pixie' on her forehead with a muggle marker because she was such a heavy sleeper. Daphne's mum always made sure she had plenty of muggle stationary.

Her mum said that they were ingenious 'things' to help Daphne keep ahead in classes, keeping up with Muggle-born's who did not buy magical world stationary. Muggle pens were a lot faster, neater, and simpler to use. Daphne had to agree that they did come in handy, and not just for writing on Pansy's head and making it hard for her to erase.

Though, thinking back to that, Daphne felt sorry for making Pansy cry when she realised why people were pointing and laughing. She was not as bad as she could have been if Daphne and her friends had pandered to her every stupid philosophy of pissing off everyone outside of Slytherin she met.

Daphne could never be-bothered to go out of her way to be a bitch. That always seemed like too much hassle. It was needless hard work. Not only that but her mum would not be happy, and then she would end up grounded or something when she got home. Her dad. Who cared? He was always a meaningless pleb in her life.

Her dad was killed when her little sister was six and she was seven. He got on the wrong side of some free Death Eaters or something. She still remembered him a bit. He was a jerk. Never cared about their mother from what she saw, nor them either. Only wanted heirs to his family. He had always wanted a son, but after Daphne's sister was born, he found out that he could not produce any more

It made Daphne quiver in disgust thinking of that. He was a hateful racist jerk. He hated her godmother more than he hated anyone from what she heard while her mother probably loved her godmother more than she probably loved anyone. That was why Daphne was so accepting of Morgana. She was her godmothers' daughter, and she was the coolest person she had ever met.

Morgana's mother was her mother's best friend at school. Daphne's mother was Morgana's godmother too-well one of them. That was why Daphne had taken Morgana aside just after they had gotten into the tower, while the little first years were changing for bed to tell her.

Morgana had hugged Daphne tightly. She had melted. She could have been. She should have been raised as Daphne's sister, but Dumbledore had kidnapped her. The old man would not let Daphne's mother take custody of her. She knew for a fact that her mother was going to divorce her father to take Morgana without him trying to use her to get into the free Death Eaters good graces.

Running her right hand through her long blonde hair, Daphne stood from her bed. She wondered whether Morgana was awake yet. She figured that the least she could do was go and check on her newest sister and hope she was awake so they could hang out.

Daphne thought about getting dressed first, but it was only two floors down, and all girls, so it would be fine. Leaving the room, she was quiet. She did not want to wake anybody. Plus she knew how grumpy Felicity could be when woken prematurely.

Entering the first year dorm, it was quiet, and only had a dull light floating in from the closed curtains, coming from the early morning sun. Daphne could hear some light snoozing, and looking around she saw the adorable little first years.

Then Daphne found her, Morgana in her bed, sleeping. She moved closer, smiling down at her when Morgana's eyes flashed open, sparking with blue electricity. Daphne jumped while she smirked at her in amusement. Looking around Daphne could see that she had taken the bed next to little Tabitha's bed. She was surprised the little first year had not climbed into bed with Morgana, which might have just been too cute though.

"Good morning Daphne!" Morgana chimed out with a radiant smile. Daphne could not help but wonder how she looked so beautiful and neat in the morning while still in bed. "Climb in big-sister," she said, lifting the covers as Daphne was two months older than she was.

However, Daphne's eyes widened as she looked at Morgana's beautiful naked body under the soft, cool covers, as she obviously did not wear PJ's. Her breasts were not much yet but they were cute. Her body was slender, tone, and powerful. She was perfect in Daphne's eyes. She had a beautiful butt and some light dusting's of dark hairs between her legs.

Daphne gulped as she was on autopilot. She carefully slid under the covers with Morgana. She lay beside her while she giggled as she pulled the covers over them. Morgana wrapped her arms around Daphne as she moved over, snuggling up to her. Daphne could feel her soft, warm, and firm body curling up to her.

Daphne's heart was beating at a pace she had never known it could as she shakily wrapped her arms around Morgana in return. Morgana was smirking at Daphne, stroking her small fingers through her hair, gently nuzzling at her cheek. Daphne felt Morgana's hands stroking down her body, one ending on one of her small breasts, and the other between her thighs, cupping her hot area that was hidden away by her PJ's.

"So sweetie," Morgana mumbled to Daphne, nuzzling her. Daphne was quivering under Morgana's touch, her every movement. Morgana was squeezing Daphne tightly, rubbing over her PJ's between her legs, making her feel really good. "We can't exactly do more than this with all of the adorable little first years in the room. So what would you like to do after…? I know. How about you take me out, on a tour of the school grounds. You could show me around. Then I won't get lost when classes start. It could be our first date."

"O-okay," Daphne stuttered out as Morgana's lips started nibbling at hers, nipping while she could not get the thought of a romantic date with Morgana out of her head even though she knew a tour of the school was not actually romantic. Morgana's tongue stroked over Daphne's lips, wiggling into her sweet mouth. Her taste was sweet and minty as their tongues danced in each other's mouths eagerly, Daphne knew that she was gone, and in love.

Morgana giggled as she moved her left hand from Daphne's chest, running her fingers through her hair, kissing her deeper. Daphne's lips and tongue moved eagerly with hers. Morgana's right hand kept squeezing between Daphne's legs. Daphne spread her legs wider with her cheeks burning almost as much. She was soaking between her legs and she did not quite understand how Morgana could make her feel so good.

Daphne felt little sparks from Morgana's tongue, but they did not shock her. They made her feel better, more. They stimulated her every nerve. It made her first kiss better, nicer, and more pleasurable. That same spark made her moan and gasp as it gently caressed Morgana's fingers, on her right hand, spreading into her nervous system.

Daphne's heart was pounding faster and faster as she felt the bubbling in her stomach, up through her pounding chest. The build up to a wonderful feeling beyond her wildest thoughts. She would have been vocal enough to wake the first years if not for Morgan's lips on hers. Her flavour, her love, her everything. Her eyes were closed just like Daphne were. They savoured everything each other was and relished in the contact.

Then it happened. Daphne cried out into Morgana's lips. She pushed her pelvis up, arching her body into her, whimpering in a silent cry of pleasure that she allowed to escape from between their sealed lips.

Morgana kept her lips on Daphne's, keeping her from getting more air. Daphne's hands had come up, her fingers winding through her hair, pulling her tighter into their kisses before she finally collapsed back breathing heavily.

Morgana pulled back from Daphne's lips, grinning before she gave them another kiss, which Daphne eagerly met. "Okay, you should go and get dressed baby," Morgana said kissing her nose in a loving manner. For a girl who was dangerous, and powerful, she was just as gentle and loving as she was deadly.

"D-don't you w-want, me too?" Daphne asked nervously as she stroked her hands down Morgana's soft, firm body, until she was squeezing her beautiful, firm butt, and she really wanted to play with Morgana next and learn to make her happy in return. She was her loving mistress after all, so it only seemed right.

However, Morgana smiled as she kissed Daphne lovingly. "Not here," she carefully reprimanded. "We haven't the time. I would want to teach you more than that. I plan to stay with Luna tonight, so maybe… Sunday night," she suggested causing Daphne to nod readily and pull her deeper into her arms just to feel all of her naked awesomeness for a little longer as she would have to wait a while before she got to play with her in return.

"Okay, Master!" she readily agreed, bright red, heart pounding. She could barely wait to play with her perfect sisters' body.

Morgana laughed as she suddenly sat up on Daphne's lap, dropping the covers back. "I'll meet you downstairs in thirty minutes," she said, smiling while taking Daphne's hands off her butt and sliding them up her abs to land on her small breasts. They were beautiful with hard pink nipples on the ends. Daphne squeezed them a few times before Morgana hopped off the bed, laughing, out of Daphne's reach.

Daphne sat up, more embarrassed than ever as a few first year girls had woken and were watching Morgana, as she had no problem being naked around any of her sisters. Daphne thought it was cute as she quickly climbed out of the bed and bowed to her empress before hurrying out of the dorm to wash up and get dressed.

Daphne could feel her heart pounding even more than ever as she finally came down from her dorm room where her best friends still slept peacefully, and she let them as she wanted some alone time with her future queen. She had her hair done up into a neat knot that hung back and up at the crown of her head with curtains trailing either side of her face.

She was wearing a plaid black and red skirt that her mother had bought for her from the muggle world, since Daphne had liked it and it was really cute on her. She had on a tight black tee shirt under some of her nicest black silk robes that she left open so Morgana could see her better.

Daphne had managed to get a quick shower. It was cool, which was nice to calm her down quite a bit. She could still feel Morgana on her; her kisses; her body, her hands. Thinking about Morgana was making her feel needy quivers. She wondered what her mother would say if she could see her thoughts, likely something encouraging as her mother was weird and had many pictures of Lily Evans and herself together hung in her room where Lily was wearing many cute things with her, and thinking of some of them now, they were quite close. Though some of the pictures had another girl with them, probably Morgana's other godmother.

It excited Daphne to bow before her empress. She was incredible. The way she could make her feel. The way she held her, kissed her, loved her. It was no wonder that her mother had (thinking on it now) been madly in love with Morgana's mother. She would have to ask about that sometime, as she was curious to know whether Lily Evans returned any of her feelings. Daphne had to take several deep breaths to calm down before she took the last step into the common room.

Daphne had not expected to see Morgana ready before her, but then she was more practical. There she was in all her perfection. Her hair was tied back with a white strap with its ends hanging down either side of her head, trailing down to her waist. Her hair was hanging over her left shoulder, and loosely back around in curves, dropping to the small of her back.

She was wearing a black armless top that hugged her form perfectly, going around her neck, but only having a lower back to it. She wore a tight black skirt hanging halfway down her delicious thighs to the right but longer down to her ankles at an angle to the left and hung loosely with a thin black belt. She had on her left leg a long white sock up just leaving a few inches of flesh on her thighs with a black sock the other leg.

Morgana wore a black half boot on her left foot with a white identical half boot on her other foot. She wore a silver watch on her left wrist, and had a white pocket belt hanging off her curved hips at a jaunty angle to her right.

She was stunning. Daphne had almost chocked over her perfection as her emerald eyes were alight with glee, and worse, Daphne almost missed the three boys with bloody faces whimpering on the floor with the other five boys watching Morgana with caution and fear while others were staying back, submissive. Morgana had knocked down a fourth boy, and started punting him in the gut while he was down and defenceless just as she noticed Daphne, giving her a fast cheeky grin before returning her attention to the boys.

The boys she had beaten were all disarmed, wands now little more than kindling. The other boys were shakily pointing their wands at her, terrified. Daphne knew that a few more of the so-called tougher crowd would have started something to try staying on top but they now knew whom the alpha in Slytherin was now. Though, Daphne did wonder how long it would take Malfoy to understand that or die. It must be the ultimate humiliation for boys to lose to a girl, but even more so for pureblood boys, and then add in she was not a pureblood. She was a half-blood that grew up in the muggle world. Well, slightly more than a half-blood as her mother and father were both magical.

Humiliation City!

Daphne felt week in the knees as she looked at Morgana. She was dressed to please. She was beautiful. She was kickarse She was awesome. Daphne was biased. Very, very biased.

"Don't you Muppet-Craps know?" Morgana asked them when she returned her full attention to the dregs who needed to learn their place. Most of them were older than she was, and all of them were bigger than she was. Morgana had not even had a day of magic lessons yet and she was scaring them more than Snape could, and she wasn't even trying very hard, so Daphne couldn't wait to see what she could do if she was trying. "If you haven't got game. Don't step on the court!" Morgana said with a cool smirk. Daphne could not help but agree with her sentiment there as the boys were subconsciously nodding their heads.

Then Morgana made one slight step forward with her right fist rising and clenched tightly, pointed at them. They grimaced and stepped back as blue lightning stroked in arches, and flickered around her arm and shoulder, flicking off the end of her fist.

"You boys want to take your… whatever they're supposed to be-," she began, looking down at her defeated foes. "And get out of my sight before I decide I'm not going to be very nice any more?" she declared coolly.

Wow. This was her being nice. Daphne wondered what her being nasty was like. Morgana smiled at her and winked, which lit her cheeks up as the boys put their wands away and quickly dragged off their friends.

"Looking good baby!" Morgana said to Daphne once she had made sure all of the boys had fled and the others quickly hurried off on their way as they saw what they wanted to, to see that they were right to choose the side that left them pain-free.

Morgana pulled Daphne into her arms, and gave her a quick, soft kiss on the lips, which she greedily returned, cuddling her.

"Wow Daph! That was cute, and hot!"

They were startled apart by the girl behind them on the stairs. She was smirking at them smugly. She was a year younger. She was wearing blue hipsters with a white blouse and her school robe over left undone like Daphne's, and looked like a slightly smaller blonde with features that made some people wonder whether she was Daphne's younger twin sister.

"A-Astoria!" Daphne stuttered out in shock.

She was smirking. "Is that anyway to say good morning to your little sister?" she asked laughingly before turning to Morgana. "Good Morning My Queen," she greeted with a bow, smiling.

"Good morning," she replied, amused smile on her lips as she gave Daphne's sister a sneak kiss to the lips. Astoria's cheeks brightened but she did not look like she had minded. "Where are you off to this early? If you want. I would love to have a sister on each arm taking me on the grand tour."

She was still smiling as she brushed back her light blonde to one side. It was pulled back into a messy ponytail at the crown of her head, held with a silver hair clip

"Sorry, Master," she said shaking her head. "I would have loved to, but Music Club has this early meeting. I have to go to all of them or they will throw me out. I would have just quit, but I stay just on principle now. They do not like that I am a Slytherin. The only Slytherin in the club. I like singing and play piano. I thought that Music Club would be okay, but they're full of douches.

"Daphne plays guitar and violin-," she continued but paused at her sister's glare.

"I'm not very good with the guitar," she corrected after a few moments as she squished sown her blush and turned to Morgana.

Astoria laughed at her. "She saw this muggle rock band a few years ago and wanted to learn electric guitar. Mum got her lessons, but she's really good at violin. Mum gave us a choice when we were younger what we wanted to learn. I keep trying to get her to join Music Club with me. She has a great voice too.

"She sings in the shower at home. When we were younger, we showered together all the time and sang. It was fun singing together, but she only likes practising the electric guitar these days. She can only do that at home though. She has to use an acoustic guitar while here as the castle doesn't have power sockets for her amp."

Daphne was blushing brightly while Morgana smiled at her, looking proud. "Good on you, learning something fun," she said, taking Daphne's left hand with her right, linking their fingers together before turning to Astoria. "So sweets. You want us to walk you to Music Club. Maybe I could have some words with them. I think Ginny goes to Music Club too."

"Yeah. She's my only support," Astoria replied, rolling her eyes. "I was surprised she stood up for me all the time with a family like hers. Anyway. I'll be fine walking by myself. Ginny is going to be meeting me before we get there anyway.

"Though, you should come and check out the club room during your tour. Don't forget the classrooms, and quidditch pitch too," she said, surprising Daphne as she gave Morgana a quick but lingering kiss on the lips, giggling she skipped off out of the common room.

"I love your sister. She's fun," Morgana said as she quickly captured Daphne's eager lips in a burning kiss.

Daphne smiled as she pulled back. "Yeah. She is a great sister. Looks out for me, and I look out for her. I love her to bits."

Morgana grinned as she tugged Daphne to the exit. She laughed as she led her through the corridor, back to ground floor. Daphne showed her back to the Entrance Hall to start the tour. The huge front doors were open wide, letting in the morning sun and a slight breeze from the morning chill.

She looked to Morgana. "Oh… should we go back so you can get your jacket. I don't want you to catch a cold," she quickly said as she looked at her. She was not dressed for the cool weather but she did not look like it bothered her in the slightest.

Morgana looked to her and grinned. During the trip up from the dungeons, Daphne had taken her arm while she held her hand tightly. "Don't be silly, Daphne," she said rolling her stunning green eyes. "My body runs hotter than normal, so the cold doesn't bother me much. Anyway, it is not that cold outside. So our tour will start out there, huh?"

"Oh. Yes," Daphne was quick to agree. "You didn't see the Dark Lake very well last night and then there's the quidditch stadium and greenhouses."

"Okay," she agreed, smiling. "Maybe we can get a good look at that monster octopus I killed that attacked us!"

Daphne hid her grimace as she nodded her head. She did not have the guts to tell her that the squid was almost harmless. It did not bother her that it was dead. It should not have broken the surface of the water to freak out first years. The school was probably better off for it anyway. There were enough dangerous things to worry about without a sea monster.

"This way," Daphne said guiding Morgana out of the doors and down the stone steps out onto the cobbled stone path that led by the lake towards the schools main gates to the Village of Hogsmeade

"Wow. It's much nicer during the day-," Morgana began, but stopped. She then dragged Daphne with her as she charged down to the bank of the lake onto an outcropping of rocks.

Daphne saw what she was so eager to see. There were merpeople.

They looked different to sea merpeople or sirens as they were better known, and could not leave the water as they could. They had light ashen grey skin with long tails like a fishes of different colours. There were males who were bare chested, but also female. They wore bikini like tops made from the lakes vegetation. They had odd coloured hair, from green to blue and large eyes of silvers, blacks, and yellows, and some were carrying weapons.

Looking further, Daphne realised that they had found the giant squid. It was black and nasty floating lifelessly on the surface. They had tools, and they were carving pieces of the giant squid off to take back with them into the depths of the lake to their homes. It would likely feed them for a good time to come. Daphne had never eaten squid before so she could not tell whether that was a good thing or not, but maybe they really liked it or something.

It took Daphne a moment to realise that a mergirl had swum a lot closer than she would have expected. She had a fangy-toothed expression that was kind of cute and curious. Her hair was long and wild cosmic blue with dark orange eyes that were somewhat odd and captivating.

The mergirl suddenly smiled and started waving with her long webbed fingers with clawed fingernails. She used her right hand as she held a spear in her left. She was smiling brightly. Her chest was much larger than either Morgana's or Daphne's-her body just as slender as she was out of the water up to her waist, which was a marvel of strength. Daphne could just tell her tail was a multi-colour of blues and greens curving around from her hips.

Daphne took note that the mergirl could not be more than fourteen, or fifteen. Just a year or two older than she was. However, Daphne wondered why the mergirl was so eagerly waving at them as she was sure that merpeople did not get on well enough with humans to volunteer to be friendly.

That was when Daphne looked to Morgan to see her eagerly waving to the mergirl, blowing her kisses and cheeky winks. The mergirl was surprisingly reciprocating as she swam over, pulling herself up as high as she could on the rocks. Daphne was thankful that she did not try communicating, as a merpersons voice out of the water was similar to nails on a chalkboard.

Morgana let Daphne go and crouched down face to face with the mergirl. Morgana did not hesitate in reaching out and stroking the mergirls soaking wet cosmic blue hair, moving it out of her face and stroking her fingers through it. The mergirl was smiling, enjoying the contact with Daphne's beautiful queen. Daphne was amazed that Morgana could be so loving to a non-human whereas most humans, wizards especially were arrogant self-serving fools who looked down on other races when they probably should not, but Morgana was going to become a great ruler someday.

Daphne was awed as Morgana leaned over and kissed the mergirls lips. Even more that the mergirl kissed back, before silently giggling and pulling back from the kiss. The mergirls smile was radiant as she held Morgana's hands, sliding back through the water, letting go and splashing off through the lake, back to carving off pieces of the squid with her family. She waved a few more times until Morgana looked to Daphne as she stood up.

"Well what next?" she asked, smiling widely.

"Umm…" Daphne mumbled before internally shrugging. "Well we can go to the quidditch stadium next!" she suggested while Morgana nodded eagerly, taking her hand again, Daphne led the way. "So… what was it like kissing that mergirl?" Daphne could not stop herself from asking. She was curious. It was hot, and, she was kind of wishing she could have tasted her lips too, but maybe another time.

Morgana giggled with a wild look in her eyes. "It was soft, moist, and sweet from the water. It was cool. I could taste traces of fresh water 'life'. I liked it. We should come out here again sometime. I'm sure she would love to kiss you too."

"Umm… yea, sure," she quickly said, embarrassed. If other Slytherins found out she had contemplated cross-species relations like that she would become a pariah of Slytherin, until Morgana had words with them of course.

"That mergirl was so cute though," Morgana continued for a moment before smiling at Daphne widely as they were nearing the stadium. "I really don't get ball sports like quidditch, but Ginny loves the sport. I suppose like all sports it's probably more fun to play and whatnot."

"I'm not very good at flying, so I prefer to watch," Daphne replied sheepishly. "I've seen Ginny fly though. She is really-good on a broom. She would make a brilliant seeker or chaser, but I'm no expert. I could be wrong. Her twin brothers are both beaters for the Gryffindor team though."

Morgana smiled slightly as they were passing a small hut when a huge dark grey boarhound came bounding out as the door opened. It charged and went too bound up on them in happiness when it paused as a burst of purple lightning produced a jealous dark purple/blue furred husky, growling at the dog, which cause it to whimper.

"Stormy!" Morgana reprimanded, but it was half-hearted as she scratched her pet behind her ears. "I know. You and Sparkler are my pets, but there was no need to be so possessive."

Stormy yipped as she jumped up licking Morgana's face in happiness as she changed into a cute purple stormy squirrel, sitting on her shoulder, snuggling with her cheek.

"'Ello, Morgana'!" Hagrid boomed as he came out of the hut while she petted the real dogs head while Stormy pouted cutely. "Wha' are ya doin' up so early?" he asked her in curiosity.

She rolled her eyes. "Daphne is taking me on a tour of the school," she replied. "Anyway, Lard-ass. What are you doing here? Do you… live in there?" she asked him rudely. Daphne had to hold back from laughing. Morgana was the only person Daphne could imagine being that rude to any teacher, let alone Hagrid. She doubted even that idiot Malfoy would have the guts to do it to his face.

Hagrid did not react so this was not the first time Morgana had used his unflattering nickname to his face. "Yep. This is me, 'ouse!" he readily agreed, smiling. "You wan' a cuppa tea you two?" he asked, eagerly, which was a surprise considering Daphne was a Slytherin and Morgana was ill-mannered, and even more that Morgana hated Dumbledore.

"Na!" she replied, shaking her head. "Daphne-baby was just taking me to see the quidditch stadium, so later!" she called as Daphne eagerly pulled her to follow along.

"Wow!" It was all Daphne could say as she looked to Morgana. "I don't think anyone else would have the guts to speak to a teacher like you," she said, near amused by it as they came to the stadium.

"This place is huge," she said in surprise as they looked around the stadium and at the Gryffindor team as they were already out training on the pitch.

"I know," she agreed. "Talking about that. You know that Malfoy twit you saw off on the train?" she asked while Morgana nodded, curious. "He bought his way onto the Slytherin team as seeker by buying them all top of the range Nimbus Two Thousand and One racing brooms."

"That's pretty pathetic!" she replied with a thoughtful look when a girl on a broom interrupted them.

"Tell me about it," she said with a nervous grin. She was two years older, fifth year. Pretty and fit. She had brown hair pulled back into a tight ponytail, and was wearing crimson and black robes with fingerless brown leather gloves that went up her forearms with protections. She was floating near upright on her broom very low down.

"I'm Katie Bell, Gryffindor Chaser," she introduced herself, offering her hand for Morgana to shake.

Morgana stepped closer, taking her hand and surprising the older girl as she kissed her exposed fingers. "Morgana Evans," she introduced herself while Katie was blushing fiercely. "But you can address me, as your empress or queen," she finished with a spark of power in her eyes.

Katie was blushing more at that as she absently nodded. "Umm… sure, M-My Empress," she agreed, "a-and I mean no disrespect but our team captain doesn't trust you not to try stealing our moves, so…"

"No problem, baby," Morgana was quick to agree and Daphne could see the occasional nervous glances from the rest of the team. "Come along Daphne, Stormy," she said leading them off before blowing a kiss and wink at the older girl.

After that Daphne walked Morgana around the castle, showing her where all of her classes would take place before they finally reached the Music Club. Morgana seemed to be having a good time, so it was with a grimace that Daphne pulled open the music room door, as she should have guessed that the date would not have been completely trouble free.

There was a fight going on. Inside Ginny Weasley had knocked out a boy with a punch by the look of his bruised eye. She had another two pinned to the far wall with her wand while another had been about to attack her before the door was pulled open and everything paused to look at them in surprise.

Near Ginny was Daphne's sister. Astoria was in a tangle with two girls on the floor, teeth on one of the girls' arm as she was not afraid to bite her enemies. Next to them were a few other unconscious boys and Sparkler.

Sparkler was in human form hissing angrily. She was cute and small. She looked as if she was around Daphne's age, and was wearing a purple top, hoodie, and hipsters, bare foot. Her purple hair was short. She had two boys pinned to the wall with her small hands around their throats while they struggled to breath. Her sharp nails piercing their skin with tiny trails on blood dripping down.

Three girls and four boys were pinned to the floor with sparks of dark purple electricity. They struggled but looked as if they were not in any pain, other than from bruises forming from where they had been beaten up. None of the other Music Club members looked like they wanted to go near her as her deep purple eyes sparkled with her anger.

"Hey, Gin!" Morgana chimed out as if it was perfectly normal to see things like that going on.

Ginny looked over and smiled, letting her captured morons drop. "Morgana!" she chimed out pleased to see her. She nonchalant left her attackers be to give Morgana a hug. "Come on Sparkler! Tori! Let's leave these morons to their silly little club!"

Sparkler looked at her with a pout before lobbing the boys to the floor and skipping over as she turned into a little squirrel, joining her sister on Morgana's free shoulder.

Astoria shrugged as she let go of the girls who jumped her and stood with her sister and new friends where she would not have to be bothered by morons any longer. The girls she had been grappling had fallen to the floor as she left them. Daphne thought it was good to know that her sister had been kicking their butts.

Morgana smirked as she looked in the room, eyes sparkling. "Ever touch my sisters again," she said dangerously. She clicked her fingers and a flash of blue light boomed into the room. The windows shattered an exploded outwards. The club members screamed and cried out in panic before they were left in wide-eyed terror. Those under the static binds had even been freed with just a touch of Morgana's power.

"And that was me not even trying!" she growled out before slamming the door behind her as she was the last to step outside. "You girls shouldn't play with douche bags like them. Stick to our club of-," she trailed off. She looked like she did not have the correct word.

"Awesome?" Astoria suggested with a grin as she was holding Ginny's hand while Daphne was still holding Morgana's after witnessing that cool show of power, as they walked towards the Great Hall so they could hopefully get some breakfast.

"Yeah. I like that. Awesome," she agreed, grinning.

Meanwhile, watching as the quartet of girls leave the clubroom corridor was Professor Anna Rose. She hid in the shadows of a hidden corridor. Her cool blue eyes were cold as she watched the girls leave. Her eyes lingered on the rear of each of the girls in turn, thoughtful, lingering more on their future queen.

"Everything is coming together," she mumbled to herself. "These fools make this too easy. Messing with us isn't very healthy," she said as the girls rounded a corner and out of sight.

She moved from her hiding spot and walked over to the music room. Opening the door. They all looked relieved before they saw her cold expression.

"For that disgraceful attack, and racism," she spoke whimsically with a cold smirk. "All of the boys in this room shall be sharing all of Saturday with Mr. Filch cleaning the school corridors. All of the girls will be sharing detention with me! I have some things I could use some servants for, for the day. If any of you are late for your detentions, you will regret it. You will arrive at seven in the morning and will not finish until you are told you can leave. Understand!?"

They were all quick at nodding their heads vigorously. They did not try to blame the others as she made it clear she had seen what happened. She had been waiting for Morgana's tour to end here, to observe her. The fight was only an added prize. She found it mildly amusing how stupid some of these people could be.

She would have stepped in to stop it before if one of Morgana's familiars had not turned up and started flooring them. Then with Ginny's talent she had not needed to when Morgana turned up and showed them why messing with a girls 'sisters' was a bad idea.

"Now tidy up this mess and repair the glass or I'll have to inform your parents and send home bills for the damage," she said to their horror as she turned and left them to it.

She hid her smirk as she was enjoying this. Not only that but Saturday she would have several girls all day long doing all of her work and pampering her, so she wouldn't have to do anything Saturday. She would have to check out some of the older girls' runology grades. Maybe she could get them to mark up her third year's homework.

Anna took a walk toward breakfast in the Great Hall. She was surprised she had caught up with Morgana and her girls in the Entrance Hall when she heard a loud screech from one of her most loathed bullies. He was bigoted. That was what she hated about him the most. If she could get away with actually slapping some sense into him, she would have been happy. Well happier. Well, happier if she could get away with beating him to death.

"GINNY!" he roared out at the top of his lungs while Ginny and her friends had reached the bottom of the stairs.

Ginny looked at him, confused. "Ronald, what now?" she asked as the whole Entrance Hall had gone quiet where that small first year, Tabitha stood waiting for Morgana and the girls with Tracey Davis and Felicity Smoke with her holding her small hands.

"What do you think you're doing with filthy Slytherins!?" he demanded, fists clenched, vibrating with rage. "Then that bitch, Potter! She is nothing but evil, and trouble! She attacked a teacher!"

"And I'm giving her a detention for that, Mr. Weasley!" Professor Anna Rose interrupted as she moved to stand behind the girls with her arms folded over her bust. "If you don't think detention with me is good enough. I don't care!" she said coldly. He looked up the stairs where she stood on the second to bottom step. "Now. Twenty points from Gryffindor for using such foul language in front of me!"

"B-but!" he stuttered out, enraged. "That bitch-."

"And another twenty points from you for using such foul language in front of young ladies," she interrupted to his horror. "Also, another twenty for daring to call a young lady a bitch," she said, hiding her humour. "Also, twenty points for causing a commotion and making a fool out of Gryffindor House. I also believe that a detention with Filtch this Saturday is in order. You will be at his office with his other cleaners at seven in the morning, and you will not leave until he allows you. Understand?"

"Gutted, dipshit!" Morgana said, snickering.

"Understand?" Professor Rose demanded as she ignored the interruption.

"But she just-!" he roared out angrily.

"I don't care!" she snapped, startling him she moved around the girls, cold blue eyes glaring at him frostily. "Understand Mr. Weasley!?" she commanded and he paled as he nodded his head frantically. "Now get out of my sight!" she ordered. He did not need telling twice as he quickly turned and fled from her before she took more points or gave him another detention.

Professor Rose turned to the girls and gave them a nod. "Run along now and get some breakfast," she said before walking passed them and into the Great Hall.

"I think I really like that woman," Morgana muttered to her friends. They nodded their heads in agreement while they walked over to join Tabitha, Tracey, and Felicity.

The first year was soon glompped onto Morgana's free arm, smiling widely. "That was odd, Lady Morgana!" she chimed cheerfully while Morgana could only nod while shrugging. "Why was that boy being mean to Miss. Ginny?" she asked, curious.

"Unfortunately that's my brother," Ginny answered for herself. "He's an idiot, don't worry about him. Let's go to breakfast," she said looking in the hall. "Luna's waiting for us at the Ravenclaw table," she added waving back as Luna waved for their attention and they were all quick in heading over to begin the rest of their day.


Cassandra Hayden was rightfully nervous and felt an odd pang in her chest when she saw the empress that Saturday morning with all of her friends as Luna Lovegood waved them over towards them. She just happened to be sitting opposite the blonde haired weirdo, which made her more nervous as they were going to sit with them too.

Morgana Potter… or Evans, whatever was already being known as the Storm Queen, or Empress of Lightning, whichever one people liked better, she was not too sure, what the outcome of that would be in the end. Many people in the school were already starting to show signs that they were afraid of her while some were being openly supportive, submissive, or hostile. Many believed that Morgana was going to be the next dark thing.

Cassandra, or Casey as she preferred for short had even heard some morons saying that Lady Morgana was going to become like He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and start murdering muggle-born mage. The odd things was that those pure-bloods sprouting off stuff like that were convinced and convincing muggle-born students.

Their idiocy was astounding as it was clear that Morgana Evans. The magical world's first and only queen did not give a crap about blood-status. Casey doubted that Morgana had even heard about blood-status before arriving in the magical world. She was obviously brighter than that. She could build a more powerful kickarse army if she used any mage no matter their background.

However, she shuddered at the thought. Morgana was going to be staying in Ravenclaw tower with Casey tonight. She had been a bitch to Luna since they started Hogwarts and now she felt like she was going to get her punishment.

Looking to her left and right Casey was surprised as she looked up to see her two, supposed best friends fleeing from the table and the hall. She could not hold in her gulp as Morgana and girls had reached the table.

The empress herself smiled at Casey as she moved around to her side. That little first year muggle-born Slytherin followed her happily holding her hand. How anyone could consider that muggle-born hate was beyond her. It was obvious that Morgana was caring for the small first year and even loved her, but that did not mean she was not dangerous. Casey had heard some disturbing rumours about what happened to a load of Slytherin boys who threatened them. Not that she thought to care about how many Slytherin boys she would beat up, but she did not want to be beaten.

Morgan sat the first year, Tabitha, she thought, down one side of Casey and took the seat the other side while looking as if she had not a care in the world while she was becoming something so much more to the people than anyone would have expected, herself included. Morgana was the wizarding world's saviour, and maybe that was why certain people were bowing out of her way. Casey knew that Dumbledore, the ministry, and the pure-bloods (mainly purists) would try to fight against her eventually, as they would not want to have all of their corrupt power taken from them.

Casey wasn't stupid, far from it, she was in Ravenclaw for a reason, and not like some who asked the sorting hat as she knew that it was really up to the students where they went. She knew that Dumbledore in his 'benevolence' was not the nice old man he pretended to be. If he were then Morgana Evans would have been a nice well looked after girl who was not out for vengeance against him. She was also sure that Dumbledore was a lying and conniving snake in a lion skin jacket.

Dumbledore controlled people by giving off that 'Merlin' vibe and they believed that in some kind of huge grand scheme of things that Dumbledore knew what was best even if they couldn't see how right then. Dumbledore conned them into believing that, but Casey's mother was a psychoanalyst for Interpol and the EU working on cross boarder murders, which even included terrorist activity. So Casey had picked up a lot over the years.

Casey was certain that Dumbledore had some serious problems, and her mother agreed with that. Her mother was a muggle-born that couldn't get work with the magical UK, so she went back to school and joined the police force while continuing to study, and now worked all over the place, mainly all over Europe. She tended to go after the more – odd murders since eight times out of ten they were magical world related, which was why she tended to work closely with the International Confederation of Wizards.

That was how she knew that Dumbledore was high up on their watch list. It was also, why she learnt occlumency because she knew a little more than she was supposed to, some classified stuff, and her mother was always warning her to stay back from Dumbledore, or stay on his 'light' side or be labelled dark. However, now with Morgana around she supposed that so many people will be 'poked' into the 'dark' camp that it became a moot point.

She forced a small smile on her lips in welcome, as she was still nervous and rightfully scared of Morgana, rightfully so, until she knew she was in the green with the girl and out of the amber. She hoped Luna had not told her she grassed on her for the little threat. She would not have if she realised that Morgana was really a new power. She mildly wondered what her mother would make of Morgana. Casey could not make heads or tails yet because she was so contradictory.

Ginny Weasley had followed them around, taking the seat next to Morgana, smirking at Casey, which caused her cheeks to light up, but it was not a mean smirk so she took that as a good sign. The other girls sat around Luna, not caring that they were Slytherins sitting at the Ravenclaw. It was something out of the ordinary as before rivalries or hate ran too deep.

Casey got a good look around as she noticed that some Gryffindors were openly and hatefully glaring at them, but more so Ravenclaws until Morgana looked towards them, blue sparks in her glowing electric coated green eyes and the Ravenclaws at least looked away. They had better self-preservation instincts than the Gryffindors did. Plus, some of them were actually in Ravenclaw because they were smart, and others because of house stereotyping studied harder than they would have, so they managed to get bright through knowledge.

After all, Gryffindors did some stupid things. They run off into trouble without giving the consequences a moment of thought. That was why they were the worse house, and they were not very bright while following Dumbledore around as if they were very bad smells.

Morgana turned back to Casey with a radiant smile, leaning close. "Good morning, Casey!" she purred, close to her ear. Casey let out an involuntary shiver as her warm breath caressed her inner ear and had to wonder how a girl could make her feel that naughty when she hadn't done more than greet her.

Casey looked to her. She was nervous, and shaky. However, if she left her with the impression that she would be her good girl maybe she would get off lightly. She did not to be on this girl's wrong side, ever if she could help it. Especially after hearing, that she had beaten up a whole lot of Slytherin boys the night before, and more that morning.

"G-good morning, umm… Y-Your Majesty!" she quickly said, nearly holding her breath as she waited for her to respond. Morgana was surprised by the royal address but did not look displeased with its use while the other girls giggled.

Morgana's smile widened slightly. "I like that Casey!" she exclaimed while some of the other girls giggled more.

Casey could only take that as a good sign. Well she hoped it was a good sign. She would hate for this to be a bad sign. What would happen to her if this were just the tip of a bad sign if she reached the very centre? Would that be the end of her? Would she actually kill her? Would she keep her as a pet like one of those adorable little squirrels sitting on the table with a plate of breakfast each?

"Miss. Evans!"

They were interrupted from breakfast by the squeaky voice of the head of Ravenclaw. He was small. He had a long beard and long white hair with a bald scalp.

Morgana looked to him with a questioning eyebrow raised.

"Well normally we don't allow pets to… eat… on… the… table…" he trailed his words to a slow stop.

The pets shocked Casey too as they poofed into stormy clouds, falling back to emerge as young girls no older than she was, or the rest of their group. They were wearing purple hipsters, tee shirts and hoodies, like muggles would wear, but they did not have on shoes.

The grey/purple skinned identical twin girls with short deep, ruffled purple hair pulled their plates over as they sat the other side of Ginny and continued their breakfast.

"They are house trained, so I don't see the problem," Morgana pointed out to the baffled man as the pets both looked to him with smug fangy-toothed grins with little sparks of purple to their dark stormy purple/blue eyes.

"O-kay then," the small Professor said, baffled as he wandered back to the teachers table.

Casey looked to the other teachers. McGonagall watched the whole things with a tired look in her eyes. She looked as if she had expected something weird when Flitwick had seen fit to reprimand Morgana, and Casey could not blame her.

Next to her, Dumbledore looked more worried than ever. She could blame him for lots of things, but not for fearing Morgana, and the future with her at the epicentre of the magical world. Casey felt the urge to attack him for what she heard about the way he had treated their saviour.

Casey had heard that Dumbledore had given her to her muggle family. However, they were not just a nice muggle family. They were racists. The (in most cases) Slytherin equivalent to the muggle world. She was not a sweet young girl who had been looked after in a nice home with nice thing, but a girl who had to grow up and conquer all just to stay sane.

However, Dumbledore's foolishness and ignorance would be his downfall. Casey was not sorted into Ravenclaw for nothing, as she would always say. She was smart. She was even a bit of a bookworm, though nothing compared to Hermione Granger as Casey understood that books were not always correct. Casey had always enjoyed learning new things. She supposed she had been jealous of Luna because she could still dream and imagine. She still believed in the new and interesting things that might exist.

Casey was a half-blood. Her father was a muggle, but he died when she was young. However, she had lived in the muggle world all her life, growing up with muggle things, and muggle friends. Tell them they were a mage. They would accept after proof, but. Really, Luna's conspiracies and stuff could be looked at the same way as telling a muggle-born they have magic.

If Luna proved herself right, and Casey and everyone else wrong, they would be highly embarrassed. Casey had forgotten to imagine, hope, and look forward. She looked to Luna, and felt bad. She always looked to her and felt bad about the way she had been acting towards her when they should have been close friends. She just could not help herself. She was jealous, and foolish.

Turning her eyes from the potential child abusing nutter she saw Professor Sinistra silently snickering as Flitwick had retaken his seat telling them what happened, even though they had seen. Then that weird rune teacher, Professor Rose was eyeing her table with dark, dangerous looking blue eyes.

That teacher gave Casey the creeps sometimes. She did not think anybody could read her, or know what she was up-to. She could not help but wonder what she had planned for Morgana's detention. Casey had heard she had used girls as servants so that she did not have to do anything. Casey could not see Morgana letting her live through trying to pull that with her.

"A kiss for your thoughts!" Morgana suddenly whispered in Casey's ear. She jumped, blushing as she spun in her seat to come near nose to nose with her. "I know. Professor Anna Rose. Hard to get what she is up to. She is up to something. I can't wait to find out what."

Casey could feel her cheeks heating up brightly as she looked into Morgana's eyes that close up. It was like staring into a storm cloud. Casey could see the blue sparks dancing within the green, tiny and nearly unnoticeable before she looked away, too embarrassed to keep looking into the void beyond her soul.

"I-I guess!" she replied as she realised Morgana was waiting for an answer.

Morgana smiled wider than ever. "Well girls, breakfast is done. Shall we get out of here? Find something fun to do?" she asked while the other girls nodded and the purple twins were back on Morgana's shoulders in squirrel form in moments.

Casey was half hoping that Morgana would just take the other girls and leave her by herself, but to her horror, Morgana took Casey's hand and dragged her up without any effort. Morgana did not let Casey go as they left the Great Hall and left down the steps of the Entrance Hall for a walk.

"Here Luna. She's your girlfriend," Morgana said smiling and Luna eagerly took Casey's free hand as Morgana let her go, giggling. Casey was surprised that she held on in return, blushing her brightest as Luna latched onto her arm.

The little first year was nearly in Morgana's arms a second later. "Where are we going Miss. Morgana?" she asked eagerly.

"I don't know," she answered thoughtfully. "But… maybe we should find a club room somewhere in school where no one will disturb us. So we can all get together, mixed houses without the commotion during our spare time?"

"That's a great idea!" Ginny agreed, nodding eagerly. "But where are we going to find a place like that. I doubt the teachers will let us have anywhere."

"I know a place!"

They were startled, as they had been passing a large tree by the lake. The merpeople had gone from where Casey saw them earlier carving up the giant squid that Morgana had killed.

She was taller than the rest of them. Older too. Guessing Casey would say she was sixteen. She was wearing a long black robe with the lining yellow. It was Hufflepuff colours with the Hufflepuff badge with a silver prefect badge next to it. However, that was where her school attire ended, as it was left open, Casey's mouth opened too.

Her robe breezed behind her. She leant up against the tree with confidence with a light tan, and a smirk on her lips. Her hair was auburn, trailing neat and tidy, tied back, down her back to her waist. She was wearing silver framed glasses around her green eyes.

She was wearing a tight corset around her body. It was bound crimson leather around her ribs and abs tied with black. Around her very generous breasts was white material that showed some flesh of her lightly tan chest. She wore tight crimson leather short shorts around her small tight butt.

The girl had a black belt around her waist with a long black half-skirt attached, hanging to her ankles fading into red at the bottom. She wore shin high black leather boots tied with crimson lace.

If Casey was not seeing what she was seeing with her own eyes and she had her robe done up she would have never imagined that she would be so risqué. She was beautiful, but she had a nerdy look to her style, neck up at least. She would look as if she studied more than Casey, or any Ravenclaw did and she was in Hufflepuff.

"Whoa," Morgana said with a creeping grin as she left Tabitha staring with her little mouth hanging open and approached the girl. Casey could see that Morgana swaggering forward had deflated the new girls sails a bit but she was not backing down from whatever that was supposed to be.

"Morgana Evans. My Queen of Clouds!" the girl addressed her with a bow. Well that title was a new one as none of them had heard it before, but it was only day two at school. "I believe I have a place for these… meetings. It is hidden away, and only people of the… female variety can get in," she said with a small smile as she buttoned up her robes, suddenly looking like the nerd over the 'slutty nerd' she was before. "I have a reputation as a… good girl to keep. Meet me here in one hour," she said as she offered Morgana a slip of parchment.

Morgana accepted it with a curious frown before the girl walked off at a brisk pace back to the castle. Morgana returned to the other girls a few moments later and gave the parchment to Tracey Davis.

"You know where that is?" she asked, curious.

Tracey nodded, as she looked it over. "Yeah. Its apart of the school that is not used. That whole tower is off limits as far as I know. I suppose there would be plenty of places to hide a secret club."

Casey did not want to be a part of a secret cult of girls, but she was left with no choice as Luna was happily dragging her along with her. She could only sigh and try not to whimper. But she supposed if she had gotten to see Luna smile like that – why had she never known that her smile was so radiant and beautiful?

"Don't worry Casey," Luna startled her, smirking at her. "I'll take good care of you."

Casey grimaced as they were led back into the castle. "I-I'm not sure whether that is a good thing or not," she replied wondering whether she should even care. This was getting so complicated. She had thought that Morgana was going to spank her, or something for her punishment. It had not crossed her mind that Morgana would give her to Luna for the adorable blonde girl to keep and own.

Not that that was particularly a bad thing. Maybe a good thing. It would. She did not know. Be interesting to let another girl dictate what she did. The idea of that being Luna. With her eccentricity. She could not for the life of her imagine what she would end up doing, except perhaps naughty things if this 'cult' was as blatant as she thought it was when so up close.

She was in her own head confusing herself for so long that she hadn't noticed until it was too late that they had ventured into a dark and dusty part of the castle. It had cobwebs and dirty windows all over, keeping the light dull. Casey found herself holding onto Luna tighter, and Luna smiled more, cuddling Casey's arm into her chest.

"This place is kind of creepy!" Ginny said as she held onto Daphne Greengrass' hand, while Daphne held her sisters and Tracey Davis was up front with Felicity Smoke. "I hope this 'secret' place isn't filthy, and or a trap by that slutty nerd with the leather fetish!"

"It's here!" Tracy interrupted while she and Felicity were looking over the map.

They had pulled to a stop and Morgana let go of her first year, leaving her to glomp onto Luna's free hand and moving over to them, looking over the point on the map.

"So it's behind this door?" she asked, curious.

"Umm… that door is only a painting," Felicity commented thoughtfully.

"I didn't expect you this fast!"

She was there. To the side. Casey was startled, but Morgana, Ginny, and surprisingly Luna had looked before she spoke. She had her robe open again. Showing off her beautiful body underneath. In her leather. She moved towards them and Morgana gestured towards the large golden framed painting.

Casey watched in amazement as she reached into the painting and opened the painting door, but no door came out like a 3D TV would show, but the 3D was just inwards, in depth. It led into a huge glass staircase that led down and around to somewhere off canvass.

"It's all yours, My Lady!" the girls said with a submissive bow.

"What's your name?" Morgana suddenly asked startling her and her girls.

The new girl was finally blushing with a sheepish smile.

"Umm… oops. I knew there was something I forgot," she said, embarrassed. "Sorry. Don't let the intellectual look over my clothes fool you. I'm not the smartest girl around. Don't get me wrong, I'm not stupid. I get good grades, but I work hard for them."

"And your name is?" Ginny asked.

This lit her cheeks up further.

"Right," she said impishly. "I'm Erica Lane," she said doing a twirl with her robe flowing up before bowing. "Pure-blood magician extraordinaire!" she said while smiling widely.

"Wow. Girl has style!" Morgana said. That caused all her girls to look at her as if she had lost her sense of style. "And a delicious looking ass!" she added, which caused many double takes as that was probably what she meant by 'style' in the first place.

"Why thank you My Lady!" she chimed out smugly. "Now follow me to the wonders within!" she finished as she stepped into the door as if it was not in a painting.

It was odd to see. She did not suddenly look like she was a painting, but then the staircase did not either. The rest of the painting did, however. It was quite amazing. Casey had to admit that she had never seen anything quite like it before. If this was a secret entrance. It was the coolest in the whole school. The best bit of magic she had seen before.

Casey watched, as Morgana did not hesitate in stepping through to the glass stairs the other side. "Whoa, you guys have to see this!" she declared from the other side as clear as if she was standing across a normal door threshold.

The others started walking through with Casey, Luna, and Tabitha bringing up the rear. Casey had to let her mouth fall open. It was as if she had just entered an evil supervillain lair. The place was cool blue glass crystal leading down the stairs. The walls were blues and creams with paintings of woman and girls of all ages, none moving all over the walls.

Some of the paintings showed girls in Hogwarts uniforms. However, some were different. Some of the older girls wore white bands around their upper arms. They had either green, blue, yellow, or red pentagrams on them with some words in Latin.

The 'common room' was impressive beyond what Casey could have thought, and was absolutely massive. It had varnished cherry wood floors leading to a stone 'beach', as there was a huge lagoon like pool to one side.

Looking from the water the seated areas had big wide leather couches and chairs with comfortable fluffy rugs and coffee tables. They circled a large fireplace that was in a huge round support pillar circling with the pillar. The fire was not lit, and it did not look like it had been lit in years.

There were large semi-tinted windows lining the walls. The place gave off an aura of inside and outside at the same time. It even had a large beautifully kept garden near the 'lake'. There were doors heading off to what could only be dorms and other places such as bathrooms.

There was a second layer, spanning around with bookshelves full of books with tables and chairs for study. Casey was slowly walking down the stairs as Erica closed the door behind them and followed with a wide smile.

"This place is freckling awesome, but why is this here?" Morgana asked, looking to Erica for an explanation. "Was there supposed to be a fifth house that was too awesome or something?"

"Na, nothing like that," she said wiggling her way to Morgana, sliding her arms around the younger girl. "The Covenant of Witches used to have such power before Dumbledore arrived at the school. He got too much power. Sway over families, parents. Eventually parents would not allow their daughters into the Covenant. They forbid it.

"It had once been a great honour," she said with a shrug. "The Covenant has lost so much power now it's ridiculous. My mothers are both two of the last members. Having been born in. Me. I guess I just wanted to be a part of something new. With you Mistress Morgana. We all thought, the members that are left, that maybe there was something worthwhile."

Erica leaned down and kissed Morgana caste on her lips. The other girls all blushed, but it was only brief. "They told me about this old place. It's ours. It has magic's to self-clean, and keep it neat. We figured someone like you would need a place. Away from the likes of Dumbledore.

"The old basket case has been trying to find this place for as long as my mothers were at school. Much longer in fact. Probably as long as he has been at school, looking for its secrets," she said as she pulled back from Morgana, amused smile on her lips. "He is terrified of you! Who could blame him? You're incredible!"

"I know," she agreed as she walked over to the nearest couch with a blast of blue sparks sliding around her, lifting her skirt slightly in a breeze before she flopped down onto the couch, and powered down. "I think I'm going to like hanging out here, but we need some TV's and stereos and things."

"They won't work at Hogwarts!" Astoria informed her.

"Don't worry about that girl'!" Erica interrupted with a smug grin. "I'm sure I can get something sorted. After all, the Covenant may be near gone. They still have quite the wealth we can skim for some new things."

"I like your thinking girl!" Morgan said as Erika sat down next to her, and before the older girl could react, Morgana was sliding up onto her lap, arms around her neck, grinning as she sat, legs either side of her waist, and her nose nearly touching Erika's. "But for now, let's have some fun, shall we?" she asked while Erika grinned in agreement as she stroked her hands around Morgana, grabbing, squeezing her butt, running her hands up her skirt to her white panties beneath.

"Best thing to do in your secret girls only club," she said as Morgana's lips collided with hers.

Casey could only blush as they watched them making out. It was hot and cute and Casey could not believe that they were so blatant about it.

That day. That night. They would be forever ingrained into Casey's hearts most-fondest memories.


"It's the first day of classes!" Tabitha chimed out cheerily as she skipped into the Great Hall wearing her school uniform and robes. She was with Felicity, Tracy, and Daphne as they were nice enough to walk with her as her most favourite person ever, Miss. Morgana, Lady Saviour, or whatever people were calling her that morning had headed out of their new and super awesome tower ahead of them.

It was their first ever day of classes – well Tabitha's at least. She could not wait to see what they got to learn. Miss. Saviour (she liked that new one some older Hufflepuff girls were calling her when they passed them in the Entrance Hall) said that Tabitha should make a couple of girlfriends though, her own age, from her house to play with. Though, Morgana did say she would be happy to go with Tabitha to all of their classes together since she was still a first year until she caught up.

Tabitha could secretly admit that she had been highly embarrassed a lot over the weekend, but she was very happy with her new friends. They were nice to her, and looked after her, even though most of the older boys and girls in Slytherin house didn't like her because she was a muggle-born student; they obeyed Morgana or something like that. She just hoped that she could find some first year girls her age that weren't damaged by the silly stereotyping. Tabitha would have liked to believe that like with Daphne and her other older Slytherin girl friends that some of the younger girls, or at least one, would be nice and want to be her bestest best friend.

Looking around the hall to find her saviour she was startled as someone grabbed her shoulders from behind, rubbing them a little. Tabitha looked up to see that it was her newest Hufflepuff friend, Erika. She liked her as she was really fun. She had her hair up in a messy bun and was wearing her glasses and full robe set, smiling down at Tabitha.

"You have a good first day now Shortcake," she said while rubbing her shoulders, which felt very nice. She turned to Tabitha's three chaperones, grinning at them, which caused them to blush. "You three stay out of trouble until we can hang," she said which caused some amused grinning before she turned back to Tabitha. "The Thunder Witch is at the Ravenclaw table with Luna, Ginny, and Casey if you guys were wondering, so I'll let you go," she said using another silly nickname. "I have to get back to prefect-ing and stuff. Got a rep as a good girl to keep," she finished giving Tabitha a quick hug before hurrying off into the hall to the Hufflepuff table.

Tabitha looked over and grinned as she saw Miss. Morgana at the Ravenclaw table to one end. She was quick to rush over with the other girls following her. Miss. Ginny saw Tabitha coming and smiled, moving over to let her sit between her and Miss. Morgana, which was nice because she got to sit with them both, which she did giddily. Tracey, Daphne, and Felicity sat opposite, and though got some glares from Gryffindors the Ravenclaws didn't seem to care that they were Slytherins at the Ravenclaw table any more

Miss. Morgana gave Tabitha a grin and a one armed hug before Miss. Ginny did the same the other side so she was very happy as she dished herself some breakfast. However, she noticed that Miss. Morgana was staring at a girl across from her in Ravenclaw colours. She was pretty with brown skin. Tabitha was pretty certain that she was Asian or something like that, and she was sitting, eating her breakfast nervously.

"Are you Indian?" Morgana suddenly asked which caused some embarrassed blushing from all around as that wasn't the sort of conversation opener that was readily accepted, but Tabitha knew that no one would say anything about that.

The Asian girl looked up sharply with wide eyes and a deep blush. "N-no... I was born in Wales a-actually, but m-my parents came from Bangladesh... and well... it's hard when you're magic in some places," she answered while looking frightened.

"So," Morgana muttered, as she looked the girl over more carefully. "No religious... anything," she commented thoughtfully.

"We-," she said blushing. "Umm... well witches and wizards when you know... you have all of this power tend to lose faith from what my father says, as long as there is love, happiness, and companionship, or something like that, and then we have our own traditions and belief's too. He was muggle-born, which was lucky, or unlucky depending on your point of view. At least it wasn't mum. I've heard of muggle parents killing girls because they hate the magic and-," she stopped, blushing further and squirming under Morgana's interested gaze, but Tabitha was actually curious now too. "My mum was a pureblood, so she was lucky, didn't have a bad time, but dad wanted out of all that so they moved to the UK."

"Wow, that is a pretty amazing story... umm-," Morgana paused with a sheepish grin before offering her hand. "Oops, forgot to ask you name. I'm Plasma Burn," she said laughing while some other girls snickered as she gave herself a new name because she thought it was all hilariously amusing. The Asian girl nervously took her hand, shaking it and looking relieved when she wasn't shocked.

"P-Padma, Padma Patil," she quickly said as Morgana let her hand go.

The Lightning Witch laughed, rolling those stunning eyes of hers. "I don't go around hurting people for the fun of it, you know," she said with a small grin. "Anyway, I'm sure we'll get to become great friends, so no need to worry."

"S-sorry," she replied quickly, spilling out her words in a rush. "But I've heard rumours that you're crazy or something."

"One person's crazy is another's interesting!" Miss. Ginny piped in helpfully while Tabitha giggled with some of their friends, as Padma didn't know how to respond by that odd look on her face.

"Anyway, we should get to classes!" Daphne interrupted with a small grin as Professor Flitwick the head of Ravenclaw had even the non-Ravenclaws class sheets, handing them over with a smile. He was probably happy that no one was bothering Miss. Morgana any more, and that greasy one was just sitting at the teachers table, glaring and sulking at the same time, which Tabitha had never thought possible until now.

"Let's see here," Miss. Electricity said as she looked at her sheet before grinning. "Hey Shortcake, we have transfiguration first thing, so that will be fun, what do the rest of you guys have?"

"I have Defence against the Dark Arts with that new guy," Ginny said gesturing the teachers table. Tabitha honestly hadn't noticed him. He looked older than he probably was with greying brown hair, but smiled down at their table when he noticed them looking over at him. Tabitha thought she remembered hearing the old man with the beard and bad Gandalf impression mention him at the Welcoming Feast: Professor Remus Lupin, or something.

"Herbology...!" Felicity said, as she looked her sheet over. "Which we share with Ravenclaw, so, Padma, right?" she asked to make sure, and she nodded quickly. "Do you want to walk with us, or find your Ravenclaw friends?"

"Umm..." she looked around to see the hall had drastically emptied and lots of Ravenclaws that might have been friends had already left her with them, but Tabitha was certain she would make an awesome new friend. "Well, okay, but this will be the first time I've ever hung out with Slytherins before, but dad is always telling me and my sister try not to label anyone we don't know just because other's do. I guess he knows what it was like."

"You have a sister?" The Mistress of the Sky asked, surprised, and Tabitha thought it was fun to make up new names for Miss. Morgana too.

"She's in Gryffindor," Ginny surprisingly answered for her, grinning as they all started standing, finishing off any scraps they had left as they were all growing young ladies, and they had to have energy to burn off. "They're identical twins," she added, which seemed to please Morgana greatly before she turned to Tabitha with a grin.

"Well, anyway, Shortcake, let's get to class before we're late and have to suffer through some meaningless reprimand," she said, taking Tabitha's small left hand in her right. Tabitha held her hand back tightly as she waved to the other girls as they left the hall together and everyone went their separate ways. Ginny, Luna and Casey went up some stairs, and Tracey, Felicity, Daphne, and Padma left out of the huge doors in the Entrance Hall as herbology was outside, and Morgana and Tabitha walked straight on towards where Morgana said the transfiguration class was as Miss. Daphne had given her a tour.

"Miss. Morgana," Tabitha quickly said after a few moments when she realised something. "Umm, will I be okay. We kind of just played and been all Jell-O-y all weekend, and played, and I didn't even open a book, so what if she asks me a question?" she asked her as the closer they got the more she was worrying.

Morgana looked at her, laughing while she blushed as Tabitha admired her beauty. "Don't be silly sweets; it's our first day, and first year. They shouldn't expect much out of us. If you are asked a question, just say you don't know and I'm sure she'll just tell us. After all, that is how people learn and teach. One person says I don't know, the other person does, and then explains it."

Tabitha sighed in relief and smiled. "Thanks Miss-tress!" she chimed sing-song with relief and happiness, "you made me feel much better."

"Of cause... that is what the best-of-sisters do," Morgana replied while grinning at her as they stopped by a door just as the later bell for classes rang. Morgana crouched and pulled Tabitha into a hug with a small peak on the lips, and she couldn't not melt, hugging and kissing her back before she stood up straight and leading Tabitha into the classroom, as it was full of other first years from Slytherin and Hufflepuff.

"Miss. Evans, you and your friend are cutting the line pretty fine!" Professor McGonagall said from the front of the class with narrowed eyes.

"Well you see," Morgana said while leading Tabitha to the two empty seats next to a small girl with a Slytherin patch and oriental features, letting Tabitha sit in the middle next to her. She figured Miss. Morgana thought she should try to make a new friend, and the girl was cute too with a nice smile, and almost as small as her, so that was a bonus. "There was this old lady and she needed help crossing the street, so Tabby and I couldn't just walk by without doing something."

McGonagall looked flabbergasted while many of the students, Tabitha included bit their lips to keep from giggling aloud and getting into trouble. However, Tabitha was surprised to see McGonagall's lips twitch slightly.

"For that Miss. Evans," she said as she looked at her patch. Morgana was wearing a Slytherin uniform like Tabitha's, which was why she was with Slytherins, and she said she liked the green as it brought out the green in her eyes. "I'll give Slytherin a point for originality, and I must say as excuses go, quite amusing," she said before bringing order to class and explaining something's about transfiguration.

They had apparently missed the teacher turning into a cat, or she should say into a person from a cat. It was a shame. Tabitha was sure that would have been awesome, but looking to Morgana she was certain that she would eventually figure that they would all be awesome if they could turn into animals, so she would have to wait awhile.

The teacher then went on to give them out their first-ever magical assignment with thirty minutes to spare, changing a matchstick into a needle.

Therefore, they went about it in quick time, and Tabitha was smiling as she watched the other first year next to her scrunching up her face, but her match never changed, and she pouted cutely as Tabitha giggled. She then laughed as Tabitha tried and did no better than she did, so they were both pouting cutely.

"I'm Tabitha," she introduced herself.

She blushed but politely took her offered handshake. "My name is Garnet," she replied with an accent. "I was born in Japan," she added as Tabitha was about to ask. She smiled at that. "Dad got a new job down here working on a top secret broom, but I guess it's not secret any more as it just came out," she said, and Tabitha knew she must have looked lost.

"The Firebolt," Morgana piped in, not looking away from her matchstick. "It was designed more for racing than quidditch, but I read in one of Ginny's broom books that it is to be the standard broom for the world cup next year. I would be more inclined to fly the Crimson Reign, or even Nimbus Launcher, or Nimbus Star! They're all designed for manoeuvrability and handling, but they're no slouches either, but of course not on par with the Firebolt's speed, but for quidditch pretty awesome! Brooms like Nimbus' Thousand series, and Firebolt are designed for speed, but still the Reign and Launcher are both faster than the Nimbus Two Thousand, and about as fast as a Two Thousand and One."

Garnet was nodding her head in agreement. "That's what daddy said when he heard about that. FireBrand makes brooms designed for racing, not silly ball games," she said with a nod of her head while Morgana distracted them as she said magical words and her matchstick changed from wood to metal. It was as if her words carried magic in their sound and her eyes lit up with some kind of golden light for a brief second.

"Very good Miss. Evans!" Professor McGonagall praised from where she watched at the front of the classroom. "Five points to Slytherin for that fine display. A little longer and I'm sure you will be ready to move on ahead of the class. I knew you had a lot of your mother inside you."

"Thanks I guess," she replied sheepishly. "I have some photos thanks to lard-ass, and my mum was smoking hot so I'll take that as a great compliment!" she said with a grin while it seemed McGonagall was going to ignore her rudeness towards a teacher.

Miss. Lightning turned her smile to Tabitha and Garnet a moment later as the class continued. "It's okay; I'll help you guys out. You need too... be more forceful, girls. Do not ask your magic to do something or we could be here forever. It's your power so tell it what you want it to do and I think with some practice it will obey you cuties!"

Tabitha nodded her head in determination, and tried the spell again, awed as she watched the wood tern a silver colour, and looking to her new friend Garnet she saw hers turn the same colour. They looked at each other with giant grins and high fived while giggling, and Tabitha knew that she would become best friends with this girl as they already got along so well.

Morgana was smiling at them prideful. "You'll get better babies. It also helps if you're more fluid in the movement of your wands, and more confident in the use of words. Words have a lot of power and meaning, okay, like this."

They watched with wide eyes as she moved her wand with such grace and beauty that they were awed with her grace. Then she spoke the magic words and everyone in the class seemed to pause as one and stare. The words had echoed and buzzed through everyone. They had all felt her power that time as she performed the magic with glowing gold eyes, and they watched as the matchstick turned into a perfect golden needle with little loop to tie the thread as the glow in her eyes faded to her normal green.

"I-incredible, Miss. Evans... take ten points for Slytherin!" McGonagall said in amazement as she realised that Dumbledore had real reason to fear her taking strength and power from him for herself and people, and maybe she would be the ultimate saviour.

Morgana smirked at Tabitha and Garnet, winking. Tabitha melted and had to take Garnet's hand to keep herself calm. Morgana was just that special, that important, and she was their sister. The way Garnet gripped her hand in return, she knew she realised that too.

It was during morning break that Morgana and Tabitha led all of the sheep they had accumulated in the form of the other Slytherin first year girls to Charms, not including Tabitha's new best friend Garnet in that as she was with her, happy and having fun to begin with.

It turned out that this jerk named Ronald Weasley had been chasing them with his friends trying to score some hexes as if hurting Slytherins two years younger than them was the greatest ever game, but his friends all backed off when they saw whom they were running too. Tabitha was startled they would flee to Miss. Morgana, but not surprised as if she didn't protect them, she knew no one would, but she knew her queen, she was such a nice person. However, Ronald didn't seem to see a threat, though his sister, Miss. Ginny looked amused and eagerly awaited the results.

Did he have such a bad memory that he didn't remember the day when Miss. Morgana beat up a teacher? Let's just say Ronald ran off crying as blood poured from his nose and their Slytherin dorm-mates stayed with them throughout break. Tabitha just hoped they would all become her new sisters, like Garnet had, even if she hadn't realised that yet. She was just happy they were all addressing Morgana with the proper respect that she deserved. Tabitha had to wonder what happened to the boys. They probably ran off and left the girls to fend for themselves like the cowards they no doubt were: losers.

Charms class was kind of fun. They had to levitate a feather. It sounded easier than it was. However, Miss. Lightning was very gifted, and Tabitha watched as her feather lifted from the desk they sat at with Garnet. Garnet was sitting next to Tabitha with open mouth, awed as they had tried, but got nothing but twitching feathers, which she should admit was great for their first real tries at charms. Morgana's eyes were alight with gold and every time she spoke the spell, they could feel the magic in her beautiful voice burning through them, and warning them that she had power.

"Brilliant, brilliant, Miss. Evans!" the tiny professor said in joy. "Five points to Slytherin, yes most impressive. Keep this up Miss. Potter and I'm sure by Christmas you'll have graduated to second year easily."

Tabitha wasn't the only one staring in awe that lunchtime. They were all sitting outside for a picnic that Miss. Morgana had set up. They had picnic baskets set up with large cooked hams, some sandwiches, salad, crisps, and juices. Tabitha would have to say it all looked so very appetising to her and her mouth was watering just looking at it.

"How did you get all of this stuff sent here from the house elves?" asked Miss. Ginny in awe as they sat in a secluded caught yard with a huge blanket stacked with enough food for twice as many girls. All of Tabitha's fellow Slytherin first year girls were with them, but she sat all snugly with her new best friend Garnet, happily talking and giggling together.

Morgana shrugged with a cheeky grin. "Let's just say your twin brothers are down one secret," she replied, sticking her tongue out smugly.

Tabitha giggled as she watched, but then her attention was turned to Luna as she was lying with her head comfortably in Cassandra's lap as the brown haired girl carefully fed herself and Luna. Cassandra was now wearing a thick black leather collar with a silver bird with electric volts around the nametag that Tabitha was sure said 'Property of Luna Lovegood' on it, but she couldn't be certain. It was nice to see that Casey was happy and contently in love with her girlfriend, and Tabitha thought that Casey might have been crushing on Miss. Luna for a while and teasing and bullying the kind blonde girl because she was so scared, but now she was happy.

"Damn, I bet it was a good secret too," Miss. Ginny answered as she flopped back on the grass with a dramatic sigh as her head landed on Felicities lap and the dark skinned girl absent-mindedly started stroking her hair back. "I wish I was as evil as you. I bet it was a very sneaky discovery. What was it anyway?" she finally asked eagerly sitting up again as she grabbed a sandwich, and near snuggled in Felicity's arms.

Lightning laughed with a smug grin. "I can't tell you babes… you'll have to find out for yourself. It's more fun that way," she said as she looked up to the bright sky and highest tower she could see of the school with thought in her expression. "I'm going to jump off of that later… wait which is the tallest tower? That one looks pretty tall."

"Y-you can d-do that Miss. Morgana!" Garnet cried out in worry with bubbly moist eyes. "You might h-hurt yourself," she said in concern.

Morgana laughed while rolling her eyes. "Don't be silly, sweetie," she retorted taking the Asian girls fingers gently between hers. "I could jump from the top of the Empire State Building and land on my feet without breaking a bone, but I meant to glide down using my powers because it's fun. I can create a magnetic pulse in my hands to use like thrusters, as though I can't fly, I can at least glide. I could probably take you for a ride if you would like to give it a try, piggyback style."

"Whoa, that's so cool," Tabitha couldn't help but cry out. "Can you take me, or I'll have to wait for broom lessons before I can do any awesome flying stuff!"

"You'll love flying Tabs," Miss. Ginny interrupted with a wide grin. "It's so much fun. Perhaps you'll learn to play Quidditch. It's more fun to play but it's still kind of fun screaming at players or the ref for being stupid while watching games too."

Tabitha giggled as she was cuddled up with Garnet as they continue lunch, and all ended up lounging around on the blanket in the sun after the house elves took away their scraps and left them to their relaxing, and she got to know Garnet more, along with some other Slytherin first year girls.

It was Professor Lupin's class last. Morgana hurriedly led Tabitha, Garnet, and their classmates to his classroom, taking seats together happily. Professor Lupin greeted them as they entered his classroom. Tabitha felt sorry for the poor guy. He had obviously been on hard times as he looked old and very tired, and he was wearing tattered old clothes that she wouldn't have given to charity.

He began his class by giving them a surprisingly short lecture on curses, hexes, and jinxes. He also said that if you were going to learn to curse someone that you should be intelligent enough to learn how to reverse your spells. That made sense, especially if the curse-ee reflected the curse back at you; you would need to know how to undo it. Tabitha thought the teacher was smart to tell them this as she had a feeling all of the previous defence teachers weren't as clever to give such facts. Though, even McGonagall never mentioned anything like it, and Tabitha was sure some silly little hex wasn't as bad as transfiguring someone.

Next up he showed them a Dark Fairy He was letting them go up front to see her in her cage up close (as it was hard to see her properly from their desks). Tabitha was eager to see a real magical creature; a dark one, but she was sitting in the back with Miss. Morgana so they would get picked to see it last.

Tabitha was correct as he called them up and Morgana led the way. Lupin smiled at Morgana as she stopped and stared at him for a few moments with an unnerving frown, looking suspicious, or accusing before turning to the fairy.

She was light grey with soft and smooth looking skin with dark grey nearly black hair to her shoulders, and standing about nine to ten inches tall (maybe more as neither of them was too good of a judge). Her eyes were navy blue and her white teeth fanged. She was wearing a green and red dress expertly made from what looked like rose bush. She wasn't wearing any shoes on her tiny feet, and if she were human, Tabitha would say she was a beautiful fifteen, sixteen-year-old girl. Coming out of the back of her dress was a soft fluffy grey/black tail and delicate looking bat like wings with thin dark fur covering them.

"Hi there," Morgana said as she bent lower to get a better look and Tabitha was not as surprised as she should have been to see the little thing move back looking terrified, and it had never met Morgana before so it was likely scared of humans, at least while she was imprisoned. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you," she continued as she reached for the latch on the cage.

"No don't she's a dark creature!" Lupin cried out in alarm. "She'll cause mayhem. That cage is designed to suppress her abilities."

Morgana looked at him as if she should have had ice powers. "Get bent!" was all she said as she popped the catch and opened the little door before putting her hand in and gently grabbing the tiny creature and pulling her out. Morgana carefully adjusted the fairy until she was whimpering on her hands looking up at her in alarm.

"Its okay sugar, I'm not going to hurt you," Morgana said sincerely and lovingly to the adorable little fairy. "I know you're not a horrid monster." Tabitha was surprised that the fairy wiped her eyes of tears on her arm sniffling a little from her recent crying, as she looked up in hope. "Don't you worry babes, you stick with me and I'll set you free later okay?"

The fairy nodded eagerly as Morgana lifted her and placed her comfortably on her head smirking at Lupin. "It isn't nice to judge based on appearances. If it was, I would judge you as a fur ball in disguise, hiding from the moon," she said with a smug smirk, even though they didn't know what she meant, they sure knew that Lupin did as he had paled.

Tabitha was still blushing after she and Morgana had set their new and very close friend, Saydi (the human name Morgana gave the fairy) free as her mistress got the sweet little thing to take off her clothes in curiosity, not that the adorable thing minded, in fact she liked them playing with her. Morgana had been curious to see her naked and figured afternoon break was as good a time as any.

After Morgana had felt the creature up a little and Tabitha thought she made her do that cum thing that felt incredible she redressed and gave them each a kiss on the cheek before flying off into the forbidden forest. Saydi was happy and content with her new friends, surprised that she had human friends, and she couldn't wait to tell her queen about her adventure and human saviour.

It was a good they let her go so soon to as they had potions next. Morgana had told Tabitha that she would only be in the first 'introductory' potion class because Snape refused to help her catch up so it would be better to be with her peers and find someone in Ravenclaw to tutor her. He was this evil crap. Snape was their teacher, and he might have tried to hurt the fairy girl. He had this terrible aura of evil, selfish git. Morgana hated him on sight as everyone else did.

Snape was glaring at Tabitha and Morgana with utter loathing, and Tabitha could understand why he hated Morgana as she beat him up, but why her? Did he hate her so much just because she loved Miss. Morgana? It was nice to see that she was taking his bull as nonchalant as she was though, which seemed to actually annoy him more.

Snape went into a speech, though Tabitha would admit it was short and to the point, he did pretty much insult everyone, and claim he could teach them potions on immortality, fame, and fortune. This guy was obviously a joke as questions about that were asked by her and other Muggle-born's during their initiation into the magical world. The woman had laughed at her; asking whether she would be that old and have such a pitiful job if they could do stuff like that.

After his speech, Snape turned to Morgana with a sneer. "Potter!" he spat such hate that Tabitha flinched, but Morgana just yawned and looked at him questioningly, and ignored the fact he used a name she did not for herself, but Tabitha thought that she didn't care as much as she let on. "What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?"

The queen looked up at him with a surprised frown of thought on her beautiful face. "Umm… I don't know but I'm sure if you do your job right I'll soon find out."

Snape ground his teeth angrily. "It's Draught of Living Dead," he spoke harshly. "And ten points from… Gryffindor for your cheek..."

"But I'm a Slytherin today," she retorted tugging on the Slytherin crest on her robe to prove her point.

"I don't care," he hissed outraged but she just shrugged with a sigh, at least none of the other teachers took points from them. "Where would you go if I asked you to find me a bezoar?" he demanded with hateful eyes.

"Umm…" she looked so cute thinking so hard she really was trying and Snape was not making it any easier. At least only, the boys (Slytherin) were stupid enough to snicker when they knew Morgana could crush them and Snape at any time. It looked like Snape was holding a grudge against her, because of what she did at the Welcoming Feats, or, it could be something so much more petty, like hating her dead father or something, but she shuddered at the thought of how evil that would make him.

The Gryffindor first years looked horrified of annoying Snape so much, so that they couldn't laugh even if they weren't more afraid of Morgana. "Perhaps the local… the nearest ASDA, Sainsbury's or Tesco might sell them, they seem to sell practically everything else," she suggested, and Tabitha would swear a few Gryffindors laughed behind their hands, and she was not sure whether Morgana was joking or being serious, but then Tabitha supposed they did sell lots of weird things as well as groceries.

Snape snorted rudely. "No Potter...! Not in a Muggle shop," he retorted smugly. "In the stomach of a goat, and can cure most poisons. Another ten points from Gryffindor for being an idiot," he declared, and Tabitha was surprised that Snape hadn't been destroyed yet, but thinking of his question, she wouldn't have been surprised if Miss. Morgana was just as right because Tabitha was certain people would sell them in their shops! After all they wouldn't expect everyone to kill a goat themselves when they needed one.

"Now Potter what is the difference between Monkshood and Wolfsbane?" the teacher asked smugly.

However, Morgana looked up at him with a small smirk. "They're both the same species of buttercup," she said proudly, which made the flower sound really lame.

"Incorrect…" he said the word but trailed off to a shocked whisper and Tabitha realised that her master actually knew the answer to this question and made him look stupid.

"Its proper name is Aconite," she explained. "But it goes by others too," she continued smugly while Snape ground his teeth and it was hard not to laugh as Morgana had just drained all of Snape's scary away with her uncaring attitude towards his class, and the fact she answered a question that might not even be in the textbook was amazing and fun to watch.

"Oh, my mistake," he spat out after a few moments. "You do know something after all, well five points to Slytherin."

That almost made Tabitha crack up laughing, but Morgana grabbed her wrist in warning and she managed to hold it as instructions appeared on the bored, and he expected first years to just get on with it without any help from him, the 'teacher', what a lazy jerk, not to mention lack of health and safety.

"Miss. Morgana...?" Tabitha complained. "Why did you let Snape get away with that?" she asked after class and they were just exiting the creepy dungeons into the Entrance Hall.

She smirked at her as she was holding Garnets hand. "Because it pisses him off even more that I didn't retaliate. Fucks like him want you to jump to their bait. They want a negative response to validate their lives. If I don't react to such petty bullshit then it pisses him off more. Though, I did have this odd urge to smash my cauldron over the lazy fuckers head when he didn't even do his job."

Tabitha nodded with a small smile while Garnet giggled. "I thought you had gotten stupid or something, but when you answered his last question and he gave Slytherin points when he was taking them from Gryffindor I didn't imagine I would have been able to not laugh."

"That man is simply pathetic," Garnet said giggly. "Dad won't like hearing about him, but the way I see things, Dumbledore wants that thing to teach so it wouldn't matter who cried out against him!"

"You shouldn't mess with Snape," a girl interrupted, and they looked over in surprise to see a girl in Slytherin robes. She had cold silver eyes and long black hair down to her butt. Tabitha believed she looked about sixteen years old, which would have made her a sixth year. She had very pale skin and they noticed the prefect badge on her nice sized chest. She was very pretty and had a calm aura about her as her silver eyes locked hungrily with Morgana's.

"And why would that be?" Morgana asked with a raised eyebrow, obviously as curious as the first year girls were.

She let a small smile form. "Snape is an annoying winger I have no doubt my Lady of Storms that he is complaining about you to Dumbledore right now and he'll only continue, especially after you trounced him at the welcoming feast with little effort. It makes more sense to just beat him up. At least that way he'll be out for a few days. Do you not understand how annoying he'll be in my NEWT class tomorrow morning? It will be unbearable and I already regret getting an O in my OWL exam because my stupid parents pushed me into…" she trailed off seeming to pretend that she hadn't started ranting with her sheepish smile.

"So you're just being selfish because you have him next," Tabitha demand glaring at her in suspicion.

She shrugged. "Hey, she can tell the jerk where to shove off as she has the power to back up her words, I do not."

"So do you like what you see?" Tabitha was surprised when Morgana asked the cute girl, gesturing to herself with a wicked smirk.

The other girl's eyes were roaming her up and down. "Very much so," she quickly agreed. "The last girl I had was a Ravenclaw, but she left school about a year ago and goes to the Auror Academy. It leaves me feeling a little needy, and I don't mind sharing. I have honestly never met anyone quite like you My Lady, and just watching you gets my juices flowing."

"And your name is?" Morgana asked with a smirk as her emerald green eyes scanned up and down her stunning body hidden away by her Slytherin robes and uniform.

"Elizabeth Winters," she answered with a smirk. "But you my empress may call me Lizzy."

Lightning smirked smugly, licking her perfect lips while looking Lizzy over eagerly, and Tabitha knew that her mistress would enjoy her.

Tabitha would find out from Miss. Lizzy at a later date that she wasn't there to tell Morgana to not bug Snape, but to get a lock on Miss. Lightning. She had already half suspected, but she needed to know that Morgana's bed was for cute girls, but Morgana ended up picking up her blatant want and took any more guess work from her versed hands.


Friday afternoon had finally arrived, not that Morgana gave much of a crap. However, she would be meeting with Professor Anna Rose and see what the heck she wanted to give her detention for; other than the beating of that dick head, Severus Snape, but he deserved getting the crap beat out of him for breathing in the same air as her. It was just a shame there were not more of her to dish out extra punishments to him whenever she could because he liked tormenting kids whenever he could because he was a vindictive douche bag.

Morgana walked into Professor Rose's office after knocking and getting the 'come in' signal from the professor. She was shocked as she looked around to see highly embarrassed girls pampering the stern woman from massaging her, as she was topless wearing cream coloured shorts and nothing else; to cleaning up after her while, she looked content with her hair still in a plait but loose down her neck hanging out of the way to the side.

Professor Rose looked up at Morgana lazily from where she lay on her tummy on a massage bed with a small smirk. There was another massage bed empty next to her, and she surprisingly gestured towards it. "Care to join me My Lady?" she asked as she motioned the other bed while two older Gryffindor girls stood by it looking highly embarrassed and mildly ashamed. She smiled as one of them was that hot sporty girl Katie Bell, and the other was her fellow Gryffindor chaser, Angelina Johnson, a smoking black girl with her hair down long in dreads.

She shrugged as she pulled off her robe, dumping it in the corner, and then pulled off her blouse and bra. It was nice for the other girls, and Professor Rose to check out her assets before she hopped up onto the bed and lying on her tummy before the Gryffindor girls "reluctantly" got to work on her back, and she had to admit that they did not slack off, as her back rub was spectacular.

Moaning in pleasure seemed like the correct thing to do as these girls obviously misbehaved a lot, so they had gotten to be good girls when it came to pleasing other girls with back rubs. Morgana melted into their touch and though they seemed like they hated touching her on first inspection, she realised quickly that was just them lying, to themselves even as they obviously enjoyed touching her and were anything but timid.

"Professor...!" Morgana purred happily. "I like the way you give these girls detention!" she said all sleepily and happy with the way the girl's hands and fingers expertly moved along her soft skin. "Oh yes, most certainly," she mumbled as they really worked at her powerful muscles, which she was glad to note that they realised were stronger than most by the way they worked harder at her flesh, but the 'timid' all seemed to be a part of their act.

"Of course...!" Professor Rose said with a tired grin. "I like to make sure they understand their place, and I treat them well, they're like family so won't want to defy their place when I look after them, and help them, and love them. I know you would defy the gods, but then your place is kind of godly with your abilities, and honesty, death is something I can wait a good long time for, so I have no intention of ever giving you or your beautiful young lover's detention unless prearranged for appearances sake."

"Good to know," she mumbled, enjoying the work her naughty Gryffindors were doing on her shoulders. "So… let me guess, Covenant of Witches, one of the few remaining 'old'-timers, along with Erika's parents, and these… new girls you've been bringing in?"

"Yes," she agreed moaning more at the touches. "Erika is such a naughty girl, I love her to bits, and she has quite the fine, rear," she answered, looking over at Morgana with a grin that she would have never shown outside of these confines. "But then both of her mothers have fine rears too so it's lucky she got that too."

"Aren't you afraid that certain girls will blab?" Morgana asked looking at some of the girls as hers were looking more enthusiastic as they rubbed her flesh, legs, back, arms, neck, and she realised that they were getting off on touching her by just looking into their lustful eyes.

Professor Rose snorted rather rudely and rolled her eyes, shaking her head. "Of course not," she replied, smirking. "Most of them would be too embarrassed if anyone found out that they had seen me naked, let alone that some of them have done 'things' to me and they watched, played with themselves and enjoyed it all too!"

"Okay," she replied sheepishly. "A young teacher after my own heart... and she is recruiting into the Covenant, so who gets to become leader when 'we' rise again?!" she asked thoughtfully joking.

"You of course," she replied with a shrug, as a Slytherin girl and Ravenclaw girl rubbed her body, and Morgana expected that answer as it would, maybe could be no one else as she probably had all the qualifications in spades. "You can revive the Covenant to its former glory. You should know that Sinistra is a member. She sometimes joins me for the girl's detentions, but she felt that I would be better to prepare you alone as new leader. The girls I have here are all mine if you didn't realise, yours now, but you get what I meant. Any I would have trouble with, Death Nibblers or the like would be too troubling so I have them cleaning my class and quarters with surveillances to see whether some could possibly be recruited to become a Wiccan of the Covenant."

"So these girls would belong to me?" she asked in surprise as she looked to the Katie and Angelina as they didn't deny it and weren't pretending any longer as they liked their lips looking into her stunning green eyes, feeling up her legs, letting their hands disappear up her leather skirt.

"Dumbledore had destroyed such an old and powerful order through trickery, lies, and half-truths," Anna replied. "He said it was for progress, yet the magical people do not progress. He keeps them down. We had always evolved with the world, but they keep the world the same. The magical world has become stale, and boring. But with you, Morgana Evans, the world can and will move on to become so much better. These girls came to me after I made them offers of protection from their political use by parents who are ridden with greed."

"Okay, since these girls really know how to make me relax," she commented as she reached around and stopped Katie as she had moved on to rubbing her shoulders. Morgana took her fingers to her lips, kissing them and sucking on them the girl moaned, whimpering in pleasure. The other girl was quivering as she continued working on her legs with her hands up her skirt, squeezing her tight little ass, covered only in black cotton panties. She was glad she was wearing her new skirt, as it would give them better access to her.

She pulled Katie down to her level, and she closed her eyes as Morgana pulled her lips to hers, and she was eagerly sliding her tongue into her ladies mouth, and unlike when Morgana had to teach her girlfriend, Ginny how to kiss among other girls, Professor Rose taught Katie very well. Morgana's fingers slid through her long brown hair pulling her lips tighter to hers as she pulled the ponytail away, letting her hair hang loose.

Katie was nearly on top of Morgana in moments, pushing herself into her. Katie's fingers wound into Morgana's hair before sliding round to her chest in desperation and eagerness from where Morgana had made her so hot the first time they met. Katie easily found Morgana's small breasts, squeezing them, feeling her solid pink nipples on her pale flesh and pinching them expertly between her fingers before moving her mouth from Morgana's and going in, sucking each one in turn, Morgana gasped out.

Angelina was behind Morgana, rubbing her body, pushing herself up into her back, kissing her shoulders and nipping at her warm skin, humping her desperately. The dark skinned girl had removed her robe and Morgana could feel her delightful body better (and she obviously had not been wearing anything but panties underneath as Morgana could feel her large hard nipples). The other girls in the room were no longer cleaning but blatantly watching, including the Professor, some of which had hands in robes playing with themselves.

The other girls were all older than Morgana, around twelve of them in total, and larger in the chest, but Morgana still had plenty of time to grow, and she got to play with each of the girls. Anyway, Morgana was designed for amazing feats of athletics and gymnastics. She pulled at the girl in front of her, dropping her robe, which she only wore panties under, and she squeezed the older girls breasts, which caused her to gasp and let go of hers, giving Morgana the opportunity to sample each in turn.

Five hours of detention seemed like a bad thing to most girls but Morgana enjoyed every moment of it, if when she got that many cute girls worshipping her body. It was eleven at night. Morgana had finally removed herself from Professor Rose's company, and about ten minutes later that she came to a stop down a corridor when she sensed someone following her. She knew it couldn't be any of her new girls as they left an hour before her, as Professor Rose wanted to speak with her some more in private, but spent most of the time playing with Morgana while she was naked on her lap.

Morgana turned and let her eyes scan the hall. It was without paintings because she chose to walk routes she had memorised from a certain map she owned that didn't have spying paintings. It seemed crazy that students sprouted off about the 'amazing' Professor Dumbledore. How he knew so much about everything going on in the school. They talked freely around paintings that had eyes, ears, and mouths, and not one person she had heard all week commented on the paintings spying. She had to wonder whether magical people had become so complacent that they didn't think of the obvious, thinking their world was so complicated when the opposite was normally true.

It was dark as most of the flame lamps were out leaving only a few along with the moon lighting the darkness of the corridor. Morgana raised her right hand as she stood in the middle of a long corridor and sparks danced along her fingers in a stream of lightning coursing, and arching, and bounced down the corridor lighting the darkness.

Clenching her fist, she pulled her arm back and the stream died out as she heard twin screeches. She saw two shapes dive into a side path and out of sight and could actually feel the fear in the air. Morgana walked forward and made sure her half boots tapped the floor louder than necessary as she moved with purpose. Her footfalls echoed loudly and she could sense the squirming.

She turned the corner to see two horrified girls wearing Hufflepuff uniforms on the floor cowering. She believed they must have been about her age as she might have seen them before. They scrambled to their feet in fear before they ran the other way. Morgana watched them get twenty metres or so when she gave chase, shooting straight passed them within moments, and sliding round to a stop. They barely managed to avoid running into her and stopped, wide eyed and panting for breath while Morgana looked as if she had only gone for a short stroll.

"Since you girls have obviously been waiting for me to finish detention," Morgana commented airily, walking around them, checking them over. They both had their hair tied back. The slightly taller had dark blonde hair while the other was a red head-well ginger, but Morgana was okay with that as she was really cute, and though out of shape her body looked like it would be nice looking anyway, same with the blonde. "Then," she whispered as she continued, coming to face them again, up close in their faces. "You follow me, so I believe you have something to say?" she finished while both girls were close together so it was easy for her to get up close into their faces together, and it amused her to see them cowering together when they really had no need to fear her. Unless they were her enemies, which meant Death Nibbler, Death Eater, douche bag, or Dumbledore worshipper, and they didn't seem like any of those categories fit.

They were bright red and shaking, holding each other in fear as Morgana's cold emerald eyes gazed into the red heads green, and the blondes' blue.

"Err, umm..." the red head stuttered out with wide caught in the headlight eyes. "W-we, well... I w-was c-curious. M-my aunt said I should stay away b-but, I wanted to ask for y-your h-help," she said and Morgana let her eyes softened, as she was curious now, so she could play less frightening games.

"Names?" Morgana asked, being politer now, and Professor Rose did tell her that she shouldn't be as quick to shoot someone as listening, investigating, and using her findings in a more, cunning manner could work out better in the long run, and if it was worthless, then fire blow it up if it bugged her.

"I-I'm S-Susan Bones, and this is my best friend Hannah Abbot!" the red head quickly said. "I was going to come alone, but she wouldn't let me, we didn't think you were going to leave Professor Rose's."

"So what do you want?" she asked as they squeaked in shock as she grabbed them and pulled them into an abandoned room, drawing her wand she used some silencing and privacy charms that Erika had taught her. They were for such occasions. She put her wand away as the spells wouldn't need cancelling as they only lasted between three to five hours.

"Well...!?" Morgana demanded walking away from them and turning her back before finding an old desk, turning back to them and sitting up on it with her legs dangling over the edge. Her robe was open so they saw her black panty flash up her skirt as she crossed her legs with a raised eyebrow while they were blushing beet red.

Morgana was wearing her new uniform. It had a slim line black blouse. It was crinkled from being on the floor in a ball. And left un-tucked with only the middle three buttons done up, now showing her black bra, and some of her tone tummy. Her socks were black halfway up her thighs, and she wore black half boots where the other girls all had to wear normal white socks, and black shoes. She wore a black lose leather rippled school skirt (which was certainly against the rules of any school that had a mandatory uniform) was even shorter than the standard, about quarter way down her thighs. She had to admit that her uniform was different yet not too much that McGonagall would complain, and risk annoying her too much.

The girls gulped as they saw Morgana leaning back on her hands, legs crossed with sparks of blue lightning dancing up and down her arms, lighting them and the room, arching between her arms and body, legs and fingers. She had tried to do the whole normal uniform bit, but had bought some nicer wears from the muggle world, and changed for the first time that day, and because of her robe, though leather, being closed she supposed no one had really noticed except Shortcake and Ginny as they drooled when she showed them.

However, even her robe was different with thin leather material, hanging halfway down her shins to not hamper her movement if done up as it only did to the waist, and it was reinforced. It was black with a deep green trim and lining, a hood with green lining, and a Slytherin badge. Then she wore a black and green angle striped tie loose around her collar tied short to hang just below her chest. Then to finish her look her hair was tied back by a green clip at an angle to the right at the base of her neck, hanging over her right shoulder to her chest.

"W-we need y-your help!" Susan suddenly stuttered out. "Y-you see, its-its Dumbledore... I mean not just him, but he's behind it too," she said in a quick rush.

"Oh, the plan," she replied with a small grin as their eyes widened and they stood, shaking and holding each other as their eyes danced with fear. "Professor Rose was kind enough to tell me of his foolish plan to mass marriage contract girls from Hogwarts, myself included, to boys. So I take it that your families are against this foolish bid to... up the purity of mage by forcing muggle-born girls and boys mainly to mate in a sense with pure-bloods Muggle-born's have been leaving the magical world in such vast numbers after they leave Hogwarts that the mage numbers in the UK are pathetically low, because they can't find work, because employers take pure-bloods over Muggle-born's no matter qualifications. Well, most, and then they have to go back to muggle school because they are so unprepared, but end up with each other or a muggle and a lot of them send their children to schools outside of Europe where they study normal classes too, so they can be prepared in both societies."

"So… you're going to help stop him, right?" Hannah begged with a stutter. "My dad was a muggle-born, but he got lucky and found work, and mum was a half-blood, so she was lucky too. We don't want to be married off, especially when we could actually be forced to marry an eighty year old racist!"

Morgana raised an eyebrow at that, amused, which was probably creepily lit in her power. "That is highly doubtful... wait a moment, this is Dumbledore, so I have to doubt my doubt now, and I'm not marrying any man, but he expects me to either marry that filthy Ronald, or Snape," she said snorting in humour while they looked horrified. "If Dumbledore wants them both dead, by all means let him try it. I assure you both that I will not allow Dumbledore to continue this ignorance and arrogance, and someday I will rip out his cold beating heart."

"B-but how can you stop him...?" Susan asked and Morgana frowned, as they were both on the verge of tears.

Morgana jumped down from her seat and walked to them as her power went out and they were looking down, obviously freaked out about this. Morgana took their chins and pushed their faces to look at her. Her eyes were alight with blue sparks and the green was glowing an electric blue as she looked at them. She stroked around their blushing cheeks and pulled their lips to hers one after the other and they let her for a chaste kiss and they calmed.

"Trust me girls. So let me walk you back to your dorm," she said pulling them apart from each other and taking their small hands in hers. She guided them from the room. They held her hands back tightly as she took them into the basement, taking shortcuts, still avoiding any and all paintings like it was second nature before they came to the painting entrance, which didn't have a voice to grass, so Morgana said the password and took the girls in.

Morgana led her new friends up into the third year girls dorms and snuck them in. she found one of two spare beds and sat them down on it. She kept quiet so they didn't wake the other girls as they snoozed away, (she would feel a little bad, as she knew how nice a good sleep was too). She helped her girls with their clothes, until they were only in panties and bras. Morgana pulled the covers back for them to slide in together and they didn't protest as she thought they might. Morgana must have tuckered them out with all of the emotions, and hoped that next time they were tuckered out from doing other things with her.

Smiling Morgana slid them closer to each other until they eagerly cuddled up and then covered them snug in bed, letting them see that she wasn't a bitch, not to people who proved something to her. At least, and though they were terrified they did ask for her help, and sweet girls like them feeling trapped needed her protection, and she was pleased to offer it. Morgana kissed each of their foreheads like a mother or older sister might, and stroked their hair lovingly.

"I look after my friends," Morgana whispered to them while her lips were close to their ears, and stroking their hair in affection, as she knew they were relaxing. "I will put a stop to Dumbledore, so trust me. He may be able to persuade people that I'm wrong and evil or whatever, but they aren't worth caring about as they're too blind to think for themselves because they think of him as Merlin. But then they think of me as Morgana le Fay because they're ignorant, and trust only the 'history' written by human men. But there are always those who don't trust or like him will side by us because they see through his lies, but I think I have a nice plan set!"

"Good night," she finished giving them one last kiss each to show that she really did care about them, because it was true. She wouldn't let Dumbledore have his way because unlike her, many of the girls couldn't continue killing anyone Dumbledore managed to 'contract' constantly to get out of it. Morgana had wondered how he could get away with doing that, but Professor Rose explained that while at Hogwarts the students were, by technicality wards of the school and therefore Dumbledore, but only if the ministry who ran the school and financed it agreed and made new laws and previsions to enforce it and Dumbledore was politically powerful.

Though, that power was always limited when it can to heirs and heads of families such as Morgana, especially ancient families. However, some things still applied according to Professor Rose as she had looked into it. Morgana still had a plan though, so she left the girls and snuck out of the dorm and down out of the common room and through the corridor back to Ravenclaw where she stripped and climbed into bed with Luna, spooning with her while she was naked with Casey, cuddling her girl face on and snoozing.

They used some silence charms so the others girls could not hear Luna and Casey together as the curtains had been drawn but the magic locking them had run its course for Morgana to get in. They did not spend much time in the Covenants tower yet because they needed enough power to burn Dumbledore out of their way with first or he would make a stink and get in their way too soon.

"Dumbledore's silly plan...?" Luna asked Morgana sleepily as she felt Morgana's perfect boy push up nicely into her back. Morgana felt a little bad as she realised she must have woken her. Morgana could have as easily spoken about it with her lovely seer in the morning. Though, she felt better that Casey was staying sound asleep. "Yeah, sorry love, Casey can be really distracting and I forgot to mention it," she mumbled as she took Morgana's right hand holding it and kissing her fingers before snuggling them between Casey's and her breasts. "Your plan is amusing, and it will probably work for a while at least, but Dumbledore will try over crap, but at least if everything goes well we're rid of one enemy.

"Though, I honestly don't think Dumbledore will get his way as much as he would want, as he has plenty of opposition anyway, including Death Eaters, probably because they don't want to touch Muggle-born's, but there are some men in the dark and evil realms that are pushing with the old man to be allowed more than one. You could always go and visit them and Bio Drain them all and lose Dumbledore's scheme all of that support.

"They're mainly supporters because even the dark stays clear of them because they're vile and inbred to extremes. I mean sure, honestly I don't care if siblings do... things together I suppose really it's up to them, and the thought of watching Daphne and Astoria together is super-hot! But then they are girls, no chance of an accident there. Pure-blood mongrels incestuously breeding, and having kids together is probably making squibs or monsters who are so magically retarded and mentally and physically deformed, I don't know; I'm no biologist, but they still think they're awesome despite the proof of the opposite."

"Well good to know, babe, I'll save this till morning, and we can talk it over, and adjust the plans," she replied after a moment of thought before kissing her cheek and snuggling with her and soon they fell asleep content with her in her arms.

The next day was Saturday and it was going to be a great day for Morgana and Shortcake as it was the day they got flying lessons, on a broom. It would be fun she was sure, but that wasn't until after lunch since it was a Saturday. They let the students have a lie in on the weekends, which Morgana, and all the girls were pleased with, as everybody should have been. Casey and Luna eager to please her before she climbed out of bed. There were other girls there staring at her embarrassedly as she was completely naked and they knew there were two other girls behind the curtains, and though they said nothing, they weren't stupid. Morgana smiled, winking at the embarrassed girls and grabbed a towel from Luna's trunk before headed into the showers as her trunk was in Slytherin tower.

The showers were shared. Doors to the first four years linked them, and the last three years shared another communal bath and showers. The bath was huge enough that Morgana was sure the first four lower years could easily bath together, but the showers were different, designed with large shower-heads for up to four girls to share. Morgana hung up her towel in the dry area and went to where a shower was free.

There were several girls from upper years lounging around in the tub, giggling, and if Morgana wasn't mistaken, she noticed the two girls next to each other, closest were getting each other off, and their friends were watching, as the water was clear but moved their hands when Morgana looked over and they noticed. There were a few other girls taking showers, but other than that it seemed like not many girls were going to wash today or not yet anyway, but the girls in showers seemed to be pretending they couldn't see the girls in the bath, or Morgana when she entered.

Morgana chose to move and use the shower next to the girls in the bath and turned on the shower, flashing them a small, amused smile. They had watched Morgana with every step, and while the shower was on her, she leaned over, onto the bath and grinned at them as she checked out there supple bodies and didn't even hide what she was doing.

"No need to stop on my account girls," she said while they all paled and tried to look like they hadn't checked her out as Morgana wasn't shy around girls. Morgana didn't know whether they like girls like her, or just experimenting, just to get off harder having their friends do it for them, but Morgana had seen playing and it was too light for her liking, she would want a face buried down their not just fingers.

"I would join you if I didn't have stuff to do," Morgana added, winking at the blushing girls. She was sure they didn't talk about what they did and likely bathed together every so often and just started diddling each other and then pretended nothing happened after they all had a mellow cum. "I could teach you some things that would make you feel much better, but another time," she finished and stood up straight.

Morgana liked the schools showers as they had shower gel on tap so she didn't have to remember hers, even though hers was nice as the schools was unscented. The girls pretended they hadn't been watching Morgana lather and rinse, or that she rubbed between her legs enough to get off while watching them and they had started staring. Morgana laughed once she was soap free, turned off the shower, and blew them a kiss.

Morgana turned and went back to her towel, and noticed a few other blushing girls at showers as she, though hadn't really been going all out and diddling. She had performed a naughty show and it showed they couldn't ignore such a blatant act, even though it was their minds that filled in the gaps, 'telling' them by guessing what she was doing and the mind drew to that, though it was mostly true. She grinned as she wrapped her towel around her chest and made a show of it. It was so naughty, especially as it was so easy with how prudish magical people could be.

Giving her new admirers a small wave, which made them turn away they were so embarrassed, she exited the bathroom, so life was good and the day started out with two cute lovers in their bed. Then some fun with some girls in the bathroom, amusing herself and feeling good that she might have opened the bath babes minds a little too some more experimentation, and maybe her bed.


Morgana met with Luna and Casey back in their dorm room after her shower and gave them the heads up about the girls they could mess with in the bathroom, and Luna was quick to drag her girl in there. Morgana shrugged as she dried off and got dressed in her modified school uniform since they had flying lessons they were supposed to wear their school uniform, and from what she knew, a lot of students would wear their uniform during the weekend anyway, especially the older pureblood lines, or at least their robe.

Looking at herself in the body length mirror, she admired her outfit. She liked it a lot, but did up the extra top button on her blouse to hide her bra since she didn't want any stupid perverted boys to see. She put on some of Casey's clear lip gloss just because it tasted like candy, which made her a must kiss for a cute girls with a sweet tooth everywhere, as it was a magical variety so kept lips sweet for longer than normal muggle stuff ever could.

Morgana left the dorm and enjoyed the looks that bordered on fear and 'what the heck...' they showed. She liked that so made sure to put more grace and ease in her movements. It was a plus to having enhanced senses. It made her able to move like a dancer that could do EVERY dance ever invented. She left them to it as she left the tower and down the spiral staircase and out the bottom.

It didn't take long to find the transfiguration classroom in the Gryffindor side of the school, and couldn't sense her query, so headed to Gryffindor tower because her chambers would be close. She wasn't sure her plan would go off perfectly, but it would work, hopefully. She had unfortunately left her map in the Covenant's tower and couldn't be bothered to fetch it as that was quite far from where she was, but the class and tower were on way to the Great Hall anyway, so she was bound to find her somewhere.

She gave the Fat Lady the password and she reluctantly opened up eyeing Morgana's Slytherin badge in suspicion. She wondered whether she ever thought that what everyone kept calling her was rude because Morgana did, but then maybe she could stop calling Lard-ass a lard ass. Morgana would probably have to work on that, and ask someone his name, as she couldn't remember what it really was. As Morgana entered Gryffindor tower, it seemed someone was on ball to attack her. She sidestepped left and then right absent-mindedly dodging some spells that flew at her and looked to see her attackers with a frown and mild look of reprimand.

It was that moron, Ronald, and some of his friends. Morgana wished she could forget his name as she had Lard-asses. Though, she wondered whether she was missing something, as she didn't know he had minions, she thought it was Malfoy's thing to have minions, not that she cared much because she knew Ronald was too weak and cowardly to attack her alone, not that she knew what his or the others beefs were with her.

Morgana shrugged as she moved again as a spell flew by before she pointed at one of the boys and he went down in a yelp of a blue spark, losing some motor functions in his wand arm. His wand went flying away from him as he cried on the floor holding his hand as it twitched uncontrollably, but he would be fine in several minutes as she was very merciful, not to mention awesome.

"Get out of here Potter!" Ronald yelled while they stopped firing because they were afraid of what Morgana would do to them next if they kept up their uncalled for attack. The rest of the common room stood around to watch, some of which were actually looking at Ronald with a look that showed that he wasn't much liked, so they likely wanted him to get his arse kicked. "You don't fool us, we know you're really just an evil Slytherin, look you even wear their colours and patch!"

"I look good in green… it brings out the colour in my eyes and goes nicely with my dark hair," she replied, blue sparks dancing on her right hand. "Colour coding is cliché comic book stuff, anyway moron, and red is kind of a good guy and bad guy colour anyway, if anything, Ravenclaw blue would be the proper good guy colour!" she retorted rolling her eyes in amusement.

"You going to attack the grass outside next because it's too 'Slytherin' for you?" she asked in amusement, "or go around killing innocent and defenceless snakes. I hear that psychopaths and serial killers start out like that, murdering small animals to get their jollies off, and then they move on to bigger things, like humans!"

Morgana was smirking as Ronald fumed while glaring around at anyone who laughed at him or looked like they agreed with her, as her red haired girl came out from the girls' stairs. Ronald was bright red with anger and embarrassment facing away from Ginny and the stairs. Ronald didn't stand a chance as Ginny slammed her right foot onto the back of Ronald's left calf, felling him to his knees in a cry of pain before she walked passed him nonchalant. Ginny snatched Ronald's wand from his slack hand and threw it out of an open window to his shock and horror before she wound up in Morgana's welcoming arms for a hug.

"Looking hot!" Ginny commented with a grin.

"Thanks, you're looking good too," Morgana replied as Ginny was wearing some tight black hipsters that Morgana had bought her with a black belt hanging off her hips with some white trainers and a black top hugging her body with her hair tied back, and her Gryffindor school robe left open. "Anyway girl I was looking for McGonagall because I have something to talk to her about!"

"Well I think her apartment or whatever teachers get is the next painting over," she said with a thoughtful look before shrugging. "I'll see you later then, as that weird girl Lizzy wanted me to 'introduce' her to Erika. I'm surprised they don't hang out they are in the same year and both prefects," she said shaking her head. "But then Erika is quite well at keeping under the radar," she said laughing when she startled as Morgana had to move her as they were being watched all the time, and their attacker had enough of being ignored. Ronald had acquired a new wand, or got someone to summon his before firing at Ginny and her girlfriend.

"Does this house not have any prefects to put a stop to that idiot!?" Morgana asked as she looked around thoughtfully.

"Yeah, well, Percy is Head Boy but he's Ron's brother," Ginny replied nodding. "Mine too, but I would like to forget that sometimes. He would have normally interfered, but I guess he doesn't like you, and his prissy genes stopped working."

"Well, I'm going to tell on him!" Morgana replied, smirking, and internally realised that she probably would forget. "Let's just get out of here anyway, before stupid bigoted twerp rubs off on us."

"You're not going anywhere with my sister!" Percy surprisingly stepped forward sneering at Morgana in loathing. It was surprising how the 'good' house had the most hateful within. "I've had enough. I don't care what Dumbledore or mum say, you're corrupting her!" he said drawing his wand and pointing it in Morgana's face though she showed no concern, which made him pause to think, and doubt crept into his eyes.

"Past tense, Percy...!" Morgana corrected whimsically, amused, knowing she could destroy his wand faster than he could fire the easiest spell in the book, whatever that might have been. "And I suggest you put your tiny little twig away before you hurt yourself. Well unless you're masochist and enjoy having the crap beat out of you but well, anyway, don't swing that way so sorry, all I can offer up is blowing you up a little."

"You don't scare me!" he spat out while some around the room stifled snickers because his voice didn't sound as confident as he wanted. Then they gasped as Morgana's eyes flashed blue and Percy's wand exploded and he staggered back by the force, and the direction the magic was forced by her power when she overloaded his wand, protecting herself and throwing him to the ground crying as the magic overload burnt his hand.

Morgana turned to everyone watching as Percy whimpered on the floor, and she shook her head with a sigh. "Seriously, I don't get these people. A girl just wants to hang with her friends, and doesn't care what house they're in because I don't believe in light or dark, good and evil being traits that people are born with! If they're Slytherin that makes them bad, and Gryffindor, good is a load of crap because look at Ronald, his brother, and minions! That is certainly not good, and if you continue this crap, it's all one big circle of never ending tiresome bull shit!"

She shrugged as she took Ginny's hand and led her from the common room and looked back to see that Ronald went to attack them as she had suspected he would, and smirked to see the Weasley twins had stunned him, smirking at Morgana and Ginny to show they had some brains before the door closed behind them. The Weasley twins had just saved Ronald a trip to the infirmary as Morgana was going to strike that time.

"Well I'll see you later, babe," Morgana said giving Ginny a hug as they couldn't kiss as Dumbledore's spies were watching, and she didn't think he could outright lie, but if anything try to make his butt-head brigade come to 'conclusions' themselves.

Ginny hugged Morgana back before they parted amused. It was amusing mostly because Morgana showed them a merciful side of herself. She gave them a chance and they chose to be morons. Morgana was in all four houses, and now she thought about it that should show that she was more than simple traits even though she talked the hat into it, even though it didn't take much persuasion or any in fact. It was likely that Ronald had grown up to believe that Gryffindors were always heroes, Ravenclaws nerds, Hufflepuffs useless, and Slytherins evil, and Dumbledore though a cunning little old jerk was still in Gryffindor so he cemented moronic peoples belief.

Morgana came to another painting and knocked on the frame a few times, as it wasn't a person but a giant cat that watched her with smiles. She was about to leave it as a bad job and look in the Great Hall when the door swung open and the stern teacher stood in the doorway peering at Morgana over her specs and wearing her neat robes for the day and her hair was up in a tight bun as usual.

"Miss. Evans?" she asked while eyeing Morgana's new uniform in distaste, and probably more because of how she was wearing it, but she didn't say anything about it and waited for her to tell her what she wanted.

"I would like to speak with you in private if I may come in for a moment," Morgana answered with a polite and sweet, innocent smile that she was sure McGonagall didn't buy for a moment.

"Most unusual request, Miss. Potter," she answered, frowning. "However, our rooms are warded to stop anyone under the age of eighteen from entering."

"Oh… ah, rune teacher. That explains how she gets all of those detention girls to clean her chambers," Morgana mumbled to herself, and McGonagall just didn't ask while Morgana gave her teacher a sheepish grin. "It's really important that I speak with you in private."

"Very well," she said exiting her chambers and closing the door after her before leading Morgana away. "We can meet in my office," she said when she paused as Morgana opened a secret passageway she didn't know was there, and it always bugged her when students knew more secrets than her, especially a first year only a week into school, but she let it slide, as Morgana gestured for her to be silent.

"Okay Professor," Morgana agreed with a crafty grin while McGonagall walked into the secret passage and Morgana closed it the teacher looked to her, confused. "The walls have ears, eyes, and unfortunately mouths," Morgana answered her unasked question while pulling out her wand and spamming some privacy spells, and locked all three exits.

"You don't want Professor Dumbledore to find out what we talk about?" she asked, but Morgana didn't need to answer her.

"I know about his stupid little plan!" Morgana told her coldly while her teachers' eyes widened, as Morgana knew she would have likely heard about it. "To stop him I need solid dirt on him, proof of neglect, and gross incompetence, and it needs to be all over the press, because if I tried to tell everyone about what he has done to me it will be his word against mine no matter the proof.

"To them, they won't care, and they will believe he had best of intentions, and made an error in judgement even though he is stopping one of my godmothers from taking me in, and though the Dursley's would likely go to jail. Dumbledore would get nothing but some enemies trying unsuccessfully to prove he sent me their illegally and knowing how I was treated for their – and his own ends, but I doubt they will find anything once the old geezer starts scrubbing the blood away.

"Then he'll carry on his plan knowing I want to bring question to his judgement, and be more careful. However, if say he did something that put all of the students in Hogwarts in danger, to their safety and their education it would bring questions to his judgement."

"And you think you can trust me to help you ruin Albus' reputation enough to destroy this bill he wants to put into law and enforce?" she asked her in surprise.

"If you haven't gone power hungry and insane thinking Dumbledore knows what is best for everyone, and that we have no right to fall in love and live our lives to our decrees...!" she answered offhandedly with a grin.

"Okay, you've made your point," she said with a thoughtful look. "Okay I'll agree this is going too far, but how do you propose we damage his reputation enough to have the bill stopped before he gets it any further?"

"We stitch up Snape!" Morgana said with an evil grin while McGonagall's eyes widened as something so devious would have never crossed her thoughts, to get to Dumbledore you destroy a man he had so willingly stuck his neck out for, and a man who deserved to be punished finally as McGonagall had never trusted him. He was a free Death Eater in her eyes and should have been kept away from the school, and certainly not made a teacher.

"Come on, now, be honest, Professor," Morgana continued after a pause to let her think, "how many student complaints have been made against him?" she asked while McGonagall recognised the starting point of what this very clever and cunning girl was getting at. It was no wonder the green uniform seemed to suit her better than any other colour, she had a very bright and quick mind, and give her resources and she would be incredibly dangerous, and she had them.

"Then all we would need to do is piss him off," Morgana said with a steel grin. "We piss him of, so bad that he attacks a student... and that needs to be a student who has power from a house not known for being the sweet little push over's. But also, someone who I believe from my snooping into things has an aunt who also heads the magical law enforcement as well as a strong family name that I can give full support to going against Snape and Dumbledore. It seems only right as her niece is my close personal friend of mine, and others will follow our lead, seeing a chance to strike Dumbledore while others may have obligations to side with me. Even some of the Death Eaters still in power will strike against Snape if it means tumbling Dumbledore's power."

"I see," McGonagall said in surprise. "It would give a well-liked figures motivation to strike Dumbledore down for appointing Snape as a teacher, and nobody could blame her or her allies, or try to claim she wanted anything for attacking him. Then I could slip out all of the complaints Albus has ignored over the years about Snape. But how would you convince the girl to rile up Snape, and how exactly could you get him to attack her in the first place without hurting her, but enough-."

"Snape has to go," Morgana interrupted with a grin. "It will be easy to rile him up. We drug him, spell him, and give him his worst ever day! You'll have to be a part of spiking him, and when he gives out countless detentions to the people I will get to mess with him they will come to you complaining about how unfair the detention was. We'll make sure they were unfair since he is really that vindictive that he has been known to take house points for breathing, he'll give detentions if angry enough with no time to calm down. You'll bring him to Dumbledore, and make sure they know you're not going to back down this time, and that you'll stick up for everyone equally, and be the voice that Dumbledore has never let speak before.

"I'll have Slytherin girls get detention for stupid things like being friends with muggle-born girls so they can bring to you that Snape is promoting racism, and you can bring it up with him at lunch in front of the whole school, humiliating him. I'll have the Weasley twins constantly harassing him. I can also arrange for Professor's Rose and Sinistra helping you with making complaints against Snape. Since I have to go with year three to his classes now because he wouldn't let me stay in first year, I believe I will have that class on Monday after first years, last class.

"You can take meetings with the other house heads about Snape's behaviour. I think you could get them to side with you for a while at least upon hearing about the new stream of complaints, and they can add in some harassment when their own students start going to them complaining about Snape unfair biased racism. Dumbledore will be left with no choice but to have a talk with Snape, and though I think, he will be nice about it and say it will blow over. I think Dumbledore not making it blow over straight away will anger him further, and he'll stew on it."

"Okay so you know a lot about Snape," she said in surprise. "How do you expect him to finally blow his top?"

Morgana smirked, laughing. "That is where I come in for the final in the Entrance Hall if all goes to plan, otherwise we wing it. Snape seems to actually like Draco Malfoy. I'll set up some first year Muggle-born's talking happily about how much of a twat Snape is and how he doesn't just bring dishonour to mage but humanity. Draco Malfoy is pathetically arrogant. He will jump to the bait, like a fish to dynamite. This has to happen while everyone is arriving for dinner, so we have our witnesses. I'll have a Slytherin run to fetch Snape and tell him that Malfoy picked a fight with me when I interfere, and he'll come.

"I'll have our ace with me, and pick a fight with Snape. I have the perfect ammo to throw in his face, and he'll attack me. But our heir will take the hit for me in front of so many witnesses, most of which will come out and say he attacked her straight out and their voices will be the loudest and that will sway the memory of others and they will believe Snape attacked her and not me.

"Then Professor, you and the other heads along with Rose and Sinistra come out from the back of the crowd and subdue, Snape and call in for Law Enforcement while we get our bait to the infirmary. He's poisoned so many kids maliciously to 'test' potions that I think our kindly nurse would be willing to exaggerate our baits injury so we can fill her up with potions and magic to protect her from his spell."

"What if he tries for something deadly?" she asked starting to feel concerned.

"I'll make sure she isn't hurt," she replied with a nod. "The most dangerous would likely be a spell that I hear is on the edge of every Death Eaters lips to punish their enemies, which would put him in Azkaban and he wouldn't get out."

McGonagall sighed as she rubbed her eyes, thinking. "Okay, but can you get her to agree to this?" she asked her, still worried and she could see some small sparks of excitement, she really wanted rid of Snape or being a teacher was getting that boring it was nice to plot vengeance and to fight back against their enemies, and Snape and Dumbledore were enemies.

"Of course I can," Morgana readily agreed, smirking. "We do this Monday, and by Monday at dinner with luck and brilliant play acting while using idiots we get rid of that incompetent piece of crap and put an end to Dumbledore's schemes!"

Later that Saturday, Tabitha was smiling with excitement as she was with her most favourite person, Miss. Morgana. The goddess had found her and Garnet, holding their hands with a beautiful smile and they were so excited that they were dragging Morgana along after them. It was okay for her to wait as they had seen her glide with her static thrusters, which was cool, but Garnet and Tabitha needed a broom each, or at least one between them.

Miss. Morgana was laughing as they finally got to the courtyard where the other first years were waiting with Madam Hooch. She seemed like a strict woman, about the same age as Tabitha's mummy, and she was thirty-five. Madam Hooch had short fair hair, which was probably a blonde tone but Tabitha didn't know what else to call it. The teacher nodded to them and gestured for other girls to stand as she had lined out rows of old school brooms for them to use, and they stood by one each.

"Okay boys and girls!" Hooch barked out in a readying voice. "I want you to stand with your dominant hand over the broom, normally your wand or writing hand!" she instructed now smiling as they all got into place and readied themselves. "Then you place out your hand and say, up!" she said and the broom at her feet jumped into her hand. "Okay, begin, and no messing around with this or you could potentially hurt yourselves!"

They all nodded and then: "UP!" They all cried out and some brooms bounced around, and even a few people caught their brooms. But Miss. Morgana didn't even try as Tabitha looked at her, curious as she looked her broom over, and then clicked her fingers with a spark of blue, and her broom shot into her hand like an overly clever and obedient dog.

"Interesting," Morgana muttered as she turned to Garnet and Tabitha was a large grin as they were staring in awe and total amazement. "Girls, be more forceful or you'll never get it," Morgana said, "you have to command the broom."

"Up," they called out again, and whoosh. They happily caught their brooms. "Thanks Miss. Morgana," they chimed out in a cute echo, looked to each other, and giggled.

"Okay girls and boys, since you've... gotten that," Madam Hooch said looking doubtful, she continued anyway. "First item is to learn to hover, so brooms between legs and when I tell you, push off, push off o..." she trailed off as Garnet went shooting up and screaming out in terror.

"Oh no, Garnet!" Tabitha cried out in horror while they all watched her getting higher when she started as Morgana had flown up trying to reach out for Garnet's broom, and flying as if she always could. However, Tabitha's poor best friend was rocking all over the place and getting higher and higher before she slipped from her broom and Tabitha knew she would be splattered if she hit the ground, and they were all gasped in horror.

Miss. Morgana shot down after her, weaving around Garnet's floating broom but her broom just wasn't fast enough. Tabitha couldn't look away when Miss. Morgana suddenly launched herself from her broom, blazing with blue sparks in her palms she shot passed Garnet. The sparks disappeared and she turned in the air, spreading her arms and legs she slowed down, falling backwards, and caught Garnet in her arms while the girl was screaming her little lungs out in terror.

Tabitha thought Miss. Morgana was going to crash into the ground on her back for a moment when in the same motion she flipped herself a moment from the ground, and boom. Miss. Morgana landed in a crouch on the concrete, and it shattered and exploded up with waves of blue and white electricity from her feet tearing into the concrete before she stood as if nothing extraordinary happened, cuddling Tabitha's best friend while Garnet was sobbing and likely just gained a fear of flying.

Miss. Morgana cuddled her, and kissed her forehead, stroking her hair while Tabitha rushed passed the teacher as she stared in awe, looking up and then back at Miss. Morgana in disbelief. Tabitha reached Garnet and joined in the hug while other girls rushed over to see whether she was okay.


Susan Bones really didn't like being called 'The Bait'. Of course when Morgana came to her with the plan she was all for it. It would drop Dumbledore in it, and hopefully get rid of Snape. She had Ginny Weasley as her 'Bodyguard', or more like chaperone when not in classes. Ginny was talking a lot while holding Susan's left hand with her right, and had threaded their fingers. She was then hugging her arm while Susan was feeling self-conscious, and she had thought it was embarrassing waking up in bed with her best friend on Saturday morning, only in their undies, and she felt weird as they lay cuddled like that for over an hour before they finally got up.

They thought it was embarrassment, not wanting to move but thinking it over Susan could secretly admit she enjoyed cuddling like that. Hannah was soft and warm, and it was comforting in a way. That night Susan had never felt so scared, and then she discovered that the 'scary' Empress of Lightning was actually really sweet when she wanted to be. Susan liked the way Morgana treat her and Hannah, like little sisters and comforted them even though Susan was actually older by 2 months, she knew Morgana would protect them, and here they were, a part of Morgana's scheme for that very reason.

Hannah was walking with them, and kept looking at Susan, blushing when Susan realised what her best friend wanted, and reached out her free hand, taking Hannah's. It might have felt weird but Susan didn't see why as they were girls and that was a girlie thing to do. Hannah went bright red but gripped Susan's hand tightly, and then her fingers were thread with Susan's like Ginny's were.

It was weird that they got so few looks, and Ginny dragged them after her, smiling and happy they were all going to become great friends. After having known her brother Ronald for a few years, Susan hadn't thought she would like Ginny, but she was nice and fun, and not one bit like him. In fact, Ginny was the opposite. She had been hanging to the Slytherin, Felicity Smoke when they met up with Susan and Hannah to begin 'Operation Explosion'. Apparently, Ginny would be the final ploy that made Snape explode as she was an empath and could magnify his emotions here and there, which were always negative, so not hard.

When Susan saw Ginny with the Slytherin girl giggling and hanging off each other, she would admit that she was shocked and awed. She didn't know Gryffindors could love any Slytherin, unless it was a love of bullying them. Anybody could tell that Gryffindors bullied people even more than Slytherins, as most Slytherins wanted to keep below the rest of the schools notice.

"Don't worry honey bunny!" Ginny chimed out cheerfully as Susan looked around but realised barely anyone looked to them for more than a moment or two as they entered the Great Hall for lunch. "Us red heads have to stick to-geth-er!" she said with an eyebrow wiggle. "And then we have our blondie honey bunny to keep us extra happy," she said teasing them and giggling. They couldn't hold back from laughing no matter how embarrassed they were as Ginny was fun and nice. Morgana had personally selected Ginny to hang with them as much as she could until dinner, which was most of the day, except for classes where she got a different girl or two from either house to keep them company and help with the plan, which most didn't know the full scope.

Ginny led them to the end of the Hufflepuff table near the teachers table as there was going to be a huge show Susan was certain they didn't want to miss. They sat down and Susan grimaced as she looked at the teachers table. McGonagall wasn't in the hall yet, but Severus Snape was in a fuming temper and she had to let him hex her, and there was the possibility that she would have to take the torture cures.

Morgana promised that if Susan took that curse that it would last no more than a second before Snape was taken down. She also promised that any green or black coloured light coming from him would be torn apart by her powers.

Susan had to be brave, still in the knowledge that she would be playing her own aunt, as she was her only family. Susan's aunt would never agree to let her do this, as she would be so worried, (not that she wouldn't plot against Snape and Dumbledore because she would be on the front lines in that vein). But no matter what, Susan would never stand aside and let Dumbledore get away with want he wanted too if she could stop it, especially this as in truth it was tad amount to illegal imprisonment, and then worse, well she would rather not think about that.

"Morgana knows what she's doing!" Ginny whispered into Susan's ear, startling her as she gave her a reassuring grin. "Now turn that frown upside down, the fun is about to begin!" she said as the hall was almost full and then started quieting as McGonagall came charging in, furious with two scared looking Slytherin 6th year girls behind her as they were following timidly, and they were nearly in tears. Susan admired their acting skills even if they were using magic to added effect. It was a surprise that Morgana had such power over Slytherins, mainly girls, but boys feared not bowing to the queen too from what she had heard.

"SEVERUS SNAPE!" McGonagall roared out at the top of her lungs and everything stopped in amazement. The greasy teacher looked to her, and he had paled, which was new. Though Susan knew, the stern teacher could scare anyone if she needed to. Even Dumbledore looked to her in fright she was like a raging daemon of hellish fury come to devour evil souls.

Dumbledore took but a moment to stand quickly while the woman's fury was just that awesome. "Please, Minerva, whatever this is about I'm sure we can deal with it in my office, in private," he replied, looking quite concerned.

"No!" she hissed out angrily. "This man has been threatening these two girls and others too I would presume with detentions and a hard time for making friends with muggle-born students, and others from outside of their house! I will not stand by and allow this 'man' to promote racism in this school! This is unforgivable, and goes against everything this school should stand for!"

"They're lying!" Snape cried out in his defence. Susan knew, though they were exaggerating things up a level or two that Snape actually implied things like that all the time, as when Felicity had been with Ginny earlier that morning he told her off and took points from Gryffindor, which didn't bother them as it was in line with the plan, but still. He probably caught them in potions since he had them last period in his class from what Ginny told her, and Gryffindors always paired with Slytherins in potions for some weird reason that probably started when Snape joined the faculty.

"So your Slytherins come to me, me with these accusations, after I quite honestly thinking about it can't remember the last time a Slytherin student had come to me with a problem! I remember that quite a few girls used to for certain, things, even if they weren't related to bullying or misbehaviour?" she asked, mockingly, and Susan blushed a little as she realised those things were probably 'girl-things'. "What possible reason could they have to come to me now, and lie?!" she demanded, but she didn't stop there. "They've also told me that you've been teaching Slytherin students that they can't go to anyone but you with problems and that you've led them to believe the rest of the staff won't care!"

"He's doing what!?" Sinistra stood glaring at the man as he moved away from her, and looked scared. Susan was surprised as she could feel a slight pressure coming from the dark skinned woman, and her eyes widened, as she had never thought of her as powerful before. She realised that Sinistra had been holding back, and taught what she did because she enjoyed it, not that she couldn't teach anything else, but she chose not to. "I was a Slytherin back when you were in your final year when I was in my first. And I could always go to Professor McGonagall if I had a problem. But back then Professor Slughorn didn't encourage such appalling behaviour while he was Potion Professor, and Head of Slytherin!"

"No..., that's all a lie!" he declared quickly, but he wasn't getting any leeway from her as other teachers added in their own dirty looks and angry glares as the truth was getting out now, finally.

"P-Professor McGonagall!?" a quiet voice asked, and everyone turned to look around to the Slytherin table where an adorable little muggle-born Slytherin first year sat with tears in her eyes threatening to fall. "I-it's true... the-the prefects when they took us to Slytherin common room said so. And-and then they went to attack me and Miss. Morgana because I'm a muggle-born, calling me filthy mud-blood, and Miss. Morgana because she destroyed their daddies master, and she had to defend me from harm!" she said crying before she burst out into sobs as she threw herself into Daphne's comforting arms where she held her tight.

"It's true!" Daphne agreed with a sad look. "If Morgana hadn't come to Hogwarts we would all still be scared and still think that was true."

"Potter...!" Snape hissed enraged. "Where is Potter, she's getting them all to do this to ruin my good name!"

"Don't be ridiculous!" interrupted Professor Flickwick coldly, and Susan had never seen him look scary before he was so small. But Susan was highly impressed with the small girls' performance, and though mostly true she obviously didn't feel, threatened enough to cry like that with Morgana holding her hand. "Miss. Evans is quite the well behaved and good student once some twit isn't trying to provoke her by being an imbecile and not leaving her and her friends alone. You just want to blame her for all of your troubles because James Potter married Lily-!" he said, but stopped at what he let out covering his mouth as the hall went frigid and Susan didn't know whether he said that on purpose or not.

"Enough!" Dumbledore commanded, likely trying to figure out what they were doing, and knew something wasn't right but not what as any pureblood from an old-line like Susan's would know he was a smart man, even if he was a meddling fool when lots of people didn't want him too. But it would be a long while before he realised this wasn't about Snape, but that was just a happy side effect. "We should continue this somewhere more private!" he said, leaving no room for debate as all of the teachers followed him into the hall antechamber and the hall started making noise again, talking about what was going on.

"You bitch's-!" a Slytherin year seven boy yelled out at the two Slytherin girls but they shield away when several Slytherin boys stood drawing their wands at them.

"Yo!" Morgana startled the heck out of everyone as she entered the room through the side entrance with a giant chicken and bacon salad baguette, munching away happily. She looked around to see everyone staring at her in shock as her sparkling green eyes looked to see the boys quickly retaking their seats in terror as her eyes lit up blue. Word and deed of Morgana's growing might and magic was spreading, and the disobedient Slytherins were getting smart as they were realising that Morgana wasn't just bark, spark, and punch, but deadly too, and held a beauty more than any could see as well as what they could see of her. "Umm, what's up guys?" she asked, sitting opposite Susan.

The Slytherin girl Lizzy and her friend sat down while their Hufflepuff friend, Erika 'comforted' the sad girls with her friends in 'pity' and whatever else nice Hufflepuffs would think, and the hall started talking again with Daphne, Tracey and Felicity quickly fleeing the Slytherins and bringing Tabitha, sitting with Morgana.

Morgana put her sandwich on a plate and hurried to pull Tabitha into her arms to sit on her lap and cry the spell out while pretending to mumble what was going on while Daphne gently 'explained', and told her about what Flitwick let slip. Susan was pretty sure when they found out the rest of what went unsaid Snape would be dead.

"I see," she mumbled before shrugging. "I'll deal with that-," she didn't finish as the antechamber opened and Snape stormed out without looking at the students while in a fuming rage and left the way she came in before the rest of the teachers returned to their table pretending everything was all okay. Well Dumbledore was while the rest of them except a few were giving Dumbledore death glares of doom.

"All great Empires fall Mr. Dumbledore," Morgana spoke quietly and Susan could just see it. To the old man, Hogwarts had become his Empire where he taught people he was right and they should follow his lead, but throughout history, every great Empire had fallen because of men like that, because the people didn't like to be controlled and told what to do. They had moral obligations to each other as a civilised society, and as people who needed each other to thrive, but when the ruler took your freedom and stepped on it throughout all of history, new kings had stepped up and fought back.

That was it! Susan thought she understood! Morgana was their new king, or should she say she was their new queen and she didn't need nor want a king. She was the Empress of Lightning, and Susan was here with her as she was laughing with Tabitha as she fed the girl some sandwich and wiped her tear stained eyes with some tissues, a contradiction on so many levels of everything.

Susan couldn't be certain, and she wasn't the smartest girl around-that would be that odd Luna or her girlfriend who made it so obvious that girls around the lower years pretended it wasn't that obvious because they-well Casey seemed to think it was a great secret or something.

She had joined the beginning of something new, and the world around her. Everyone-everything changed the moment Morgana was found, and shown what she was. Morgana defied their world from day one, and Susan felt a strange sense of peace because of that. Morgana was meant to be their queen-all of the girls were talking about it behind their hands. It was a chance to not be objects, but to be free, and for their world to change.

"Hey, Susie, I'm talking to you!" Morgana said smirking as Susan started as Morgana poked her in the face with the last half of her sandwich. It had obviously been a full sized baguette when she brought it in with a few bites out of it. Susan blushed as she licked the mayo off her lips with a sigh while she was laughed at. "I was just saying that I thought it would be cool to have a get together after school and hang out, so you and Hannah will be in too, right?"

"Oh, of course," she quickly agreed sheepishly while she had just been staring at her.

Hannah nodded too. "Umm... Morgana, where were you at the start of lunch anyway?" she asked, curious but they all listened in.

"Snape has a stash of booze. I was convincing the house-elves that it was stolen from that weird fake-seer, Trelawney, and they kindly returned it," she answered smugly. "According to the elves she was very grateful for all of that quality fire whisky being 'returned'. I knew I could count on her taking it in since she has an alcohol problem, so she wasn't going to turn it down. Professor Rose was annoyed with me though, while spiking Snape's tea when she found out I gave it all to Trelawney when she would have had it. That's why she isn't here. She's trying to get a couple bottles from her, you know, make nice, offer a galleon or two, or whatever, and at least get a couple bottles cheap."

"So he can't try to calm down with a little booze, but what about a calming drought?" Tracey asked in a whisper.

"He's taken a cleansing potion. The booze wouldn't work on him anyway, but just finding he couldn't have a drink will make him worse, and then realising a 'student' must have stolen it," Morgana said smugly. "Well, anyway, let's finish up lunch and get out of here; we have more fun to have. Ginny's troublesome brothers already have a few fun events planned now he is really angry."

Susan nodded with the other girls, and everyone was soon finished and heading off to classes. Susan was actually shaking a little as they walked through a side corridor. Morgana seemed to pull out two Gryffindor robes from nowhere for Susan and Hannah. They had finished Defence against the Dark Arts and had Rune Class next but the Professor was going to skip over their names and mark them present anyway so they could go to Potions with Morgana and company, as Ginny went off to her last class as she couldn't go with them because her brother would call it out.

They entered the dungeon to see the slimy man was boiling over with rage and looked at Morgana with such hate the class could almost feel it bouncing off her giant happy grin, as if she hadn't a care in the world and that angered him more. It amazed Susan how one girl could be so carefree while being the most dangerous student at school.

Susan sat down with Hannah next to Parvati Patil, and her best friend Lavender Brown. They both looked at them as they sat in the back. Morgana sat up front with Daphne, Tracey, and Felicity. The two real Gryffindors didn't say anything but shared small grins that meant they knew something was going down and wanted to watch it play out. Susan bet they wanted to side with Morgana anyway as they were just those sort of girls who liked to be on top with the cool crowed.

The class was exceptionally quiet as Snape sneered hate at them all, even his favourites. "Potter!" he spat out. "Twenty points from Gryffindor for daring to attack my character! Then fifty more for not wearing a proper school uniform!" he said with a sneer while the likes of Ronald Weasley looked smug, and Susan wondered whether he got that those points were stolen from Gryffindor or missed that because they were taken from her and didn't think about the house. "Books out, and instructions are on the board!" he hissed out and went and sat down when his eyes suddenly flickered up when Ronald Weasley pulled a large glass bottle filled with amber liquid from his backpack looking shocked.

However, all Snape saw was half a bottle of HIS booze and lost the plot. "WEASEL!" he screeched out in fury, spittle shooting from his mouth. "How dare you steal from me you pathetic little tramp with your filthily made robes that some other tramp wore before you?!"

Ron actually messed himself and Hannah and Susan could only stare in awe, as that was crafty. It would piss of the 'teacher' more while striking at Ronald too. Snape dragged Ron out of his seat, taking the drink, opened the door and flung him out before he went to slam the door closed, but instead the fuming mess of a grease ball sneered at everyone.

"Out now, all of you!" he spat and everyone was quick and getting up, but he wasn't finished. "Except you Potter, you stay!" he hissed with a vile grin on his face as he went to stop her, she grabbed his wrist, twisted it behind his back with little effort and smashed him into a wall.

"A pathetic little Death Eater like you isn't worth beating up!" she said before pulling the drink from his other hand and smashing it into the wall while he whaled out in rage while she threw him to the side, where he landed painfully on the ground.

"I'll kill you Potter!" Snape cried out but she had already led everyone out. Morgana didn't have to tell anyone before they were running because they all knew like her that Snape would be blindly firing at the students backs blinded by rage. Two blasts of purple smoke burst into the hall and two tinted purple girls wearing purple outfits of Morgana's style without robes blazed in.

Susan watched one pull a girl, and she didn't even think she was one of Morgana's, and she was a Slytherin, out of the way of a spell. The Slytherin girl was small and Susan didn't have time to see who it was as she was flung around the corner while the other of Morgana's two familiars grabbed that somewhat annoying Gryffindor know-it-all. The one with curly brown hair up by her robe and pulled her back into her, crashing her back into the wall while the Gryffindor girl cried out as a spell sailed by.

Morgana grabbed both Lavender and Parvati by the smalls of their backs, throwing them out of the way while leaning back to avoid a spell just as Susan and Hannah span around into the corner. Several students were staggering up to their feet running faster, some screaming as Morgana streaked into the hall, grabbed the small Slytherin girl as she had been dazed by so-called friends trampling her, but pulled her to her feet and moved her on so she ran under her own steam.

Sparkler and Stormy came charging after them next, bursting into purple clouds; they shot out as large birds, flying. "Stormy, Sparkler, get the teachers, he's chasing us!" Morgana called out as she pulled Susan out of the way of a spell as they rounded a corner, charging up the stairs out into the Entrance Hall as the Storm Spirits in phoenix form burst away in flashes of purple electricity.

"Potter...! What the hell have you done!?" Malfoy panted out as everyone had stopped, and everyone but Morgana was out of breath, grabbing at his or her own chests and ribs, and she pulled Susan up while ignoring him.

"Plan B.," Morgana whispered in Susan's ear. "Call him a bastard and tell him your aunt will arrest him and throw away the keys!"

"This wasn't her!" the small Slytherin she had saved turned out to be Pansy Parkinson, and she wasn't normally a very nice person but she was shivering and in a life debt situation which was more of a family honour thing than an obligation, and she had been rescued twice. "It was that idiot Weasley!" she said turning to glaring at him in fury while he was white as a sheet and covered in his own urine. "He thought he could get away with stealing Snape's fire whisky-!"

Pansy hadn't the chance to say more as everyone paled as Snape slammed through the door like a bull in a china shop. "S-stay away from us...!" Susan braved, and he turned to her. She realised she didn't have to be heroic and take a spell for Morgana. Snape was aiming for Susan. "M-my aunt is head of the law enforcement department, and she'll have you in Azkaban you spiteful, useless man!"

He was already aiming at her. She heard the word before he said it. "Crucio!" he roared out flicking his wand and the entire world slowed down as Susan watched it come for her. It was a dirty orange colour, and she knew that Morgana was going to let it hit her, even if for only a moment before she stopped it, as for him to be gone forever, he needed to hit Susan with the unforgivable curse. Not that she would forgive him for hitting her with anything less if he chose to.

Susan heard the scream from ripping from her own lips, detached from reality, and felt a pain that just wasn't describable, but was-it just was. It was like every nerve in her body screamed in a pain so foreign that her body didn't understand as her mind felt numb, only able to feel the pain, imagining nightmares and wishing for an end. She realised that death was not the worst thing that could happen, and to fear death over this was to love such excruciating agony that it felt like the world would end and that was only under for a moment.

The pain left in a second, and Susan was on the floor cradled in soft arms. She looked up into emerald green, so beautiful, so worried and loving for her safety. The potions and spells Susan had taken couldn't do anything to dull the pain of such a curse. Susan could feel herself crying and whimpering, sobbing as Morgana held her protectively in her arms while Professor Rose was with them kneeling beside her using her wand on her to dull the aching.

Susan was panting for breath. Her eyes looked around the hall at terrified students and teachers staring at her, some, (students), in concern. All head teachers had come and looked like they ran along with Professor Rose and Sinistra. Professor Dumbledore was there looking numb and slack jawed as he looked passed Susan, unconcerned for her well-being, but she saw some concern shining through for the greasy bastard, as Professor Snape was crumpled up against a far wall. He had huge black burn over his face with a burnt gash, and a gaping burnt mess where his left eye used to be, but as Susan's vision cleared, it looked like melted gunk.

Snape was also tied in thick vines cutting through his flesh, and his robes were still smoking. Then she could see the red puddle forming around his head and spreading out. There were nasty blisters forming over what little she could see of his burnt flesh, and his was body twitching. She could see he had been soaked too, and two empty suits of armour stood either side of him with long sharp spears at his throat and Flitwick standing over him with wand drawn.

It was obvious that if Snape was dead it was because of the burns from Morgana's lightning, and Susan knew she was dangerous, but even the first time they met she hadn't believed she was really able to kill someone, but here Susan realised Morgana had actually not just shot to stun, but maimed. But then she looked back up into her soft eyes as Morgana held her comfortable stroking her hair. Susan's other friends had arrived, and Hannah was there kneeling, holding her hand, worried.

"I think we should get her to the hospital wing to rest!" Professor Rose said with a soft smile showing that she wasn't always as hard as while in class and with troublemakers as she stroked Susan's sweaty hair from her face with a proud smile.

Morgana scooped her up into her arms with ease, holding Susan gently, and showing off her strength. Susan curled up to her, and buried her face into the crock of her neck, sighing in relief; the hard part was over. Susan had an experience that she hoped would allow her to grow. She knew what it was like for a vindictive person to hurt her out of pettiness, so she knew she would do whatever it took to put a stop to people like Snape.

"Milking it...!" Morgana accused playfully and kindly, whispering in Susan's ear and she had to stifle a cross between a laugh and a sob as she realised she was, just a little, but she didn't care as she felt safe in her queens arms.


Severus Snape was hospitalised at the Ministry in a high security cell for his vicious attack on Susan Bones, and though she hadn't been hurt too badly, nobody had to know that or they might try to get some kind of lenient sentenced passed, forgetting Snape was an evil child abusing douche bag. The greasy prick would be going to jail for the rest of his life if Anna Rose had any say, and it was lucky that she did have some. She was chosen by her queen to take the Covenants seats on the Wizengamot as she had already made a few allies with some big houses, and the queen herself already had to hold both the Black and Potter seats and needed someone else as moral support. Not that Anna thought her beautiful queen needed anything from her; it was incredible to be trusted so highly.

Dumbledore wasn't at all pleased but worse when Morgana openly admitted that she was the new leader of the Covenant he and a lot of slow members paled, and Anna knew some of them would switch sides now that truth was out in the open. The old man though likely suspected that already but stayed out of the way. He was more annoyed with Morgana for leaving the school for the meetings (likely because without her support he would be able to get Snape off) to take the Potter and Black seats, determined Snape's fate along with other matters of magical state, and the old basket case tried to expel her. Oh, Anna had underestimated that beautiful little minxes mind (after Anna had given her some words of wisdom their first time together, and she took them to heart) because of her lack of refinement and restraint but she was like a musician that played everything by ear, and she was more cunning and daring than Anna ever realised.

Morgana easily questioned Dumbledore's judgement in appointing such a volatile man when she handed out complaint reports. Some of Dumbledore's people laughed it off as Snape had worked at the school for twelve years, and thirty nine complaints was perfectly reasonable (Anna would agree) until they were told they were the complaints from September the first that year and pulled out a space time case and poured it all out on the chamber floor. Anna must say she was just as shocked that Dumbledore could ignore over 700,000 complaints, and they were only the students and parents who had the guts.

Dumbledore tried to brush the whole ordeal off by bringing charges to Morgana for attempted murder and for crippling him, as he couldn't move his left shoulder because the nerves were completely fused and wouldn't regenerate with magic, and then the loss of his eye.

Morgana turned to the old man coldly and raised her eyebrows before pointing to him from the wooden stands that surrounded the centre pit where criminals would be brought in. She aimed her finger at him, and as she stood next to Anna, she felt her supercharge the atmosphere in her anger.

"You bring this back to me, Dumbledore!" she said in statement fashion. "That man attacked my friend, torturing her, so I did what any great friend would do and made him stop by any means necessary, and if I could do it all over again we wouldn't be having this discussion because that Death Eater would have been dead!"

Anna couldn't help but quiver as Morgana talking like that with those beautiful emerald eyes, alight with that unearthly blue light and her sexy modified school uniform was almost too much for Anna to bear all at once, then her accent. She also had her new platinum Covenant pendent around her neck on a black cord like Anna's silver one. Anna remembered Morgana's mother from school. She was just as feisty and cute, but then the Covenant had nearly fallen apart so they weren't getting new members. It was a shame, and blessing, as they lost the chance to have Lily Evans, but got her much more powerful and dangerous daughter to be their queen instead.

"But Miss. Potter we shouldn't act like that!" Dumbledore said with a 'disarming old man smile' but she kept her expression closed. "Severus was just having a really bad day, and then Ronald being caught with his, personal property!"

"If everyone acted like that while having a bad day the world would dissolve into anarchy!" Morgana replied while he grimaced and backed down before Anna spoke to him as the chamber took in what she said, knowing that it was the truth of society and wouldn't try to dispute her 'claim', just as Dumbledore knew he couldn't, and didn't try anything more in that vein.

"I don't feel like any teacher should be allowed to drink in a school!" Anna added coldly, omitting that she drank with female students at school, as long as they were old enough to handle it. "Let alone a man I have observed being vindictive to my students. I have been to Dumbledore on a few occasions with concerns since starting at the school, but unfortunately, he shakes his head and laughs it off as a misunderstanding. I have collected evidence to show that since he became potion professor after Professor Slughorn retired, NEWT applicants have dropped to just ten percent of what they were, and OWL passes have dropped to a six percent low," she said passing out copies of her findings and getting gasps.

"Albus Dumbledore!" the woman at the centre said coldly. She was a red head. She wasn't old, but not young either. She was in her mid-forties, and kept a nice figure. She was pretty, in a stern way with her hair tied up tight and neat. "This proceeding is to see why you had seen fit to put our children in danger, Severus Snape's competence as a teacher, and your roll in this, not Miss. Potter's DEFENCE of MY niece!" she hissed out even colder than Anna had been. "These records are applauding for any subject, and having both eyewitnesses and proof from his wand, Severus Snape is never going back to Hogwarts no matter what you say. It is obvious that he is now, and has always been a Death Eater, and that your testimony to the contra was nothing but lies because all you gave was your word on the matter that he had 'changed' sides, so why don't you tell us the truth!"

"But I can assure you Madam Bones-."

"I'm sorry, but that is not good enough!" she interrupted with a cold look like frost in her striking green eyes. "I have claimed testimony from someone who had been close friends to the Potter's before their death-."

"Remus Lupin is a werewolf so his testimony does not count!" Dumbledore interrupted smugly while Anna saw Morgana looked like she wanted to hit him and damn her plan, but she stayed fast. She loved her familiars and they weren't human, and she would trust them with her life, (and had good reason as they loved her, and she loved them in return, and Anna knew they had formed an internal bond because of those feelings) so she wasn't going to take that, and Anna knew she would seek equality all around, eventually.

"I'm still curious!" Morgana interrupted while her eyes flickered to the old man, glowing, raged. "After all, the old man keeps so much from me about my family, going so far as to coarse people into staying quiet, like Professor Lupin it seems. Threatening his job when he is a most excellent teacher, and the ministry makes life too difficult for lykan and others too, and since your toy Mr. Snape is gone, I'll personally have wolfsbane brewed for him at my own personal cost to make sure such a helpful and creative teacher is not lost to us."

So Morgana was going for the big guns, (yes Anna knew about muggle things, she wasn't stupid or ignorant). It was amusing how many people nodded along with a thirteen-year-old girl when she headed the House's Potter, Black, and the Covenant of Witches. (Though that was in some cases because other members had chairs so they had to, and wanted to), while they had already, (well the smart one's), realised that she was a very smart and cunning girl. When it didn't affect them and whatever they wanted they were willing to side with her because they didn't want to end up in the doghouse with Dumbledore, his minions, and the stupid, or they hated Snape, and or, Dumbledore that much.

"Of course Miss. Potter, I don't see why we can't hear it," Captain Amelia Bones agreed politely. "Professor Albus Dumbledore came to the Potter home announcing a prophecy that he would not tell them of its content. He would only tell them that it foretold a child with power that the Dark Lord would fall too. Lily Potter wanted to take their new-born child and, understandably run, leave the country and never look back, but James ever the fool wouldn't so they stayed, and maybe she should have left him, she had friends that would have ran with her.

"So they went into hiding because a Death Eater had heard the first half of this prophecy and told 'him'. This Death Eater was friends with Lily Evans at school, but he wasn't good enough for her, in the sense that he played with horrible magic and boys that hated anyone not of pureblood. So that friendship was lost but he was jealous, and when he heard the prophecy he knew, and sent 'him' after the family asking for one thing in return, Lily Evans while he knew that James Potter and their child would be killed.

"Severus Snape, the Death Eater got scared or he was more likely ordered by his master. He turned to Dumbledore and his endless chances, and the Potter's went into hiding. They were betrayed, but Lily never wavered for her baby girl as any mother or parent with love in their heart wouldn't, and she and James died, but the killing curse returned to its sender after trying to take our young Miss. Morgana Potter.

"Then I've heard later, from Professor McGonagall that Morgana has two godmothers, one of which is in a mental hospital, tortured insane, and a godfather, it seems from records, illegally imprisoned in Azkaban, now on the run. I will be sure he receives fair trail, and so help anyone if he is innocent and you had a hand in his imprisonment as I...

"Morgana's second godmother, likely Lily's best friend was a pureblood, and a Slytherin witch, Laurel Cross, now Greengrass. She has been illegally refused custody by Dumbledore even though she was going to take her girls and dump her racist husband her parents had forced her to marry before they died in the war, and from her own mouth," she said gesturing a slender woman with long smooth blonde hair to her side. She was still as hot as Anna remembered, only more mature, but still had that great rack, with frozen blue eyes aimed at Dumbledore in her eternal hate for stealing her third daughter and getting away with it for so long.

"She planned on taking Morgana and her daughters and leaving the country," Amelia said with a sad sigh. "She knew that Morgana would be hated by the dark, and the light would seek to own her, and planned to take her, to learn to fight with her daughters, Morgana's sisters, in magic, and muggle styles, so that she would return, smart and be prepared with her sisters to fight the incompetence of Dumbledore's minions, and the Death Eaters.

"Then finally from Professor McGonagall I discovered that Albus Dumbledore had dumped our SAVIOUR on a doorstep to her muggle relatives who hated Lily. They took out that hate on their niece before soon throwing her out into the streets to fend for herself because they got scared when she started using her powers to protect herself. So you can be sympathetic that she has grown up with a need to be tough and dangerous, but what I see is a young lady who has also grown up to care about people, her new friends especially!"

"T-these are all downright lies!" Dumbledore cried out in distress. That was a sign that he knew Snape was going to jail and his strong rep was going to start falling apart because he had taken their hero and hurt her, taken away her sisters, and her new mother. He might have had a hand in taking her father figure too if Sirius turned out to be innocent which wouldn't surprise Anna as she never thought he would betray James Potter as they were like brothers, and Sirius hated his family, well most of them.

"Shut it Dumbledore!" Morgana and Laurel hissed out at the same time. Morgana smiled down to her godmother giving a small wave, which was returned, but Anna was sure Morgana was surprised to see her Covenant pendant as she had joined as soon as she knew her daughters were in, Morgana included in with that. Laurel would have likely joined straight away if Lily had all those years ago too. However, her pendant was a broach on the right breast of her robe.

"Bring out the defendant for his charges!" Morgana ordered and not even Dumbledore said anything more as he knew Snape was going down and he could not come back. Morgana was the only person stood as Snape was half dragged out into the courtroom by five huge set male aurors that Anna was certain Morgana could beat up without using her powers. Everyone knew what was going to happen, no one asked for a vote on his sentence. For the use of such a curse on an innocent child, they all knew his fate, and as Madam Bones handed over the representation of her family for this judgement to Morgana and the covenant of which her niece was apart, for protecting Susan, nobody denied her her right.

"Severus Snape!" Morgana said as he was forced to sit on an old wooden chair and chains shackled him in place as he glared up covered in bandages that were bloody and dirty. "You are charged with the use of an unforgivable curse on a thirteen year old child. However, certain deeds must be taken into account while sentencing you," she said and Dumbledore looked up to her in hope, but Anna knew her queen was soon to dash that.

"You have on numerous occasions," she continued coldly. "Incited hate and racism within the Hogwarts House, Slytherin," she said and Anna saw Dumbledore looked away in horror as his mind whirled with bad thoughts, and he knew where this was going. "You have been vindictive, humiliating, and discouraging to students, going so far as to torture them with dangerous physical punishments, adding cleaning chemicals and potions to unknown potion waste for one example," she said reading off some notes. The man glared at her so hard it amused Anna as he was finally powerless because he had attacked one child too many.

Morgana looked down at him in ice. "Then we cannot overlook the fact that Voldemort!" she said to gasps and filches from most but some of them, Amelia, Laurel, and herself didn't even look surprised that Morgana would say his name so casually as they knew that she would never fear him, let alone his name. "He has an initiation for new recruits, which involves killing a young muggle, normally not of age, after proving your worth with the torture curse, which you have been shown to be apt in, so not one count of use of the cruciatus is being applied, but multiple, as well of multiple counts of using the killing curse. Your vindictiveness has known no bounds, but we of the Wizengamot shall show you mercy!"

Snape for a moment looked like he had hope, and Dumbledore looked at Morgana in surprise before he looked sick as he saw no mercy in her eyes. "We sentence you to the death of your choosing, here and now, with any party performing this deed exonerated of any criminal act while preformed on the now hereby named, Condemned."

"You can't do this!" Dumbledore cried out in horror while Snape actually broke down sobbing.

"If you do not choose within the next ten minutes, you shall die with your soul taken by dementors!" Morgana added, ignoring Dumbledore while he had tears in his eyes but he didn't move to try saving Snape.

"P-please, h-he deserves a chance, he can do better, make it better!" Dumbledore tried to get people to shout out but even his followers couldn't overturn the judging, but looked away, even if they wanted to, some were even sick. His crimes had been admitted to, even when Dumbledore vouched for him all those years ago, but Snape never stuck to the deal he made with the Wizengamot, and that bound with using the torture curse on a child, let alone of a noble and ancient pureblood family, the heir no less, he was done.

"Then why don't you come down here and end me, Potter!" Snape suddenly roared up at her with horrified tears running down his eyes, and Anna knew that when she had amended to give him a choice she had hoped he would chose her. "I wish I just took that bitch and killed Potter. I had thought about it, and fantasised about it!" he mocked and even Anna startled as Morgana crashed down from the stands, buzzing with blue lightning, crushing the ground in the pit, in a shattered crater as her mere power sunk the ground, cracking and displacing it to show everyone why she was the new queen.

Snape didn't look so mocking when she walked over to him without missing a beat, the ground around her sinking and shaking, cracking with every spark-filled step. "Maybe Severus, maybe if you truly cared for my mother at all you would have been happy for her and moved on. Maybe you missed your happy ending because you allowed yourself to pine in bitterness and jealously. That isn't love, but nothing but obsession and that is bad for your mental health..." she said, and had reached him while her sparks died out, she grabbed his face with her right hand while he struggled in horror.

"... and is almost as not good for you as hurting my friend," she said and he cried out as she started crushing his face with her bare hand, blood started spilling. "What I'm going to do to you will insure you will never come back, not even as a ghost, because even they need an electronic current!" she said when suddenly he screamed in agony as a blue white light of electricity blazed up from him pulling out, ripping in swirls and loops from his body. It was drawing out and into Morgana while Anna heard Dumbledore sobbing out in horror.

Then it was over as blue sparks danced over Morgana's body as she recharged from him like a vampire would blood, but not as disgusting. Morgana turned back to everyone as she let the grease-ball go, lifeless. Anna could see Dumbledore sobbing along with some others who ran with Dumbledore, and a few tears from Death Eaters on the council as they looked at the Empress of Lightning, and for once, those who sided with Dumbledore and Voldemort feared anew… they feared the magical queen.

"Nobody hurts my friends, or my people!" Morgana said coolly. "Well, I believe we only have one more thing... a vote on a proposition to... I'm sorry Anna, I left my papers up there!" she said, ignoring the limp corpse behind her while aurors got to removing it, a couple looking as if Christmas had arrived as they obviously knew Snape, or had family at school.

"Quite alright, My Lady...!" Anna replied slowly with a smile and nod as she found her papers and looked at them; already knowing what they were about, but it was all just for show. "Yes, this odd proposition from Dumbledore to... hmm... force marriages of girls and even boys to breed mage for the UK as it seems that lots of Muggle-born's and some half-bloods find it difficult to get paid employment in-."

"Oh yes," she interrupted Anna as she climbed up the stands (as they had no stairs from the pit) like it was easy work and landed in Laurel's space, sitting on her lap she gave her quick hug a kiss on the cheek before shooting along back to her seat. "Seems like a hefty lot of work. I'm certain it would be so much more simple to make more work, and maybe an equality bill would be better, so that brilliantly qualified Muggle-born's can't be passed over for a less qualified pureblood like that. It doesn't seem fair to me, and I've heard about it happening all of the time, it's why the UK magical world has become so stale and doesn't change as fast as it should."

"I agree," Madam Bones added in looking to her papers. "This bill Dumbledore is trying to push would give him power to marry off school girls to old men, and being an old man himself, and what has happened here today. I believe it should be abolished in favour of creating more jobs and writing into law equality of employment," she said not having a clue that Morgana was running way faster than she ever thought and would want to nudge it enough that it never says human or any variation of the word mage.

"All in favour...!" Anna asked and majority hands went up. "Okay, so Dumbledore's new law is out of the window in favour of keeping the Muggle-born's we have. I also see the danger of students fleeing out of the country in disgust."

"Well, if we have nothing more to discuss," Madam Bones said with a nod she stood and nodded, dismissing everybody.

Morgana took Anna's hand and arm smirking at Dumbledore behind everyone's backs as they stood, and Anna was sure he realised when he looked sick that Snape's death was just a happy accident to taking him down a few notches, if not more, and stopping his decree from even getting through the first door. However, he didn't say anything as he stormed off, and Anna knew he wouldn't and couldn't attack them with so much support lost or waning.

Anna was led out of another door where Laurel waited for them. Laurel was almost in tears when she scooped Morgana into her arms and got a huge hug back in return. "I'm so sorry, but I hear you've been having a blast with my baby girls, but what am I saying, you're my baby girl too!" she said pulling back and kissing Morgana's cheek, holding her hand she wouldn't let go as she walked them through the ministry building. "You two will come and have a cup of tea with me, won't you, and Morgana, baby, you're welcome home anytime you want now I'm certain Dumbledore can't stop us."

"Of course...!" Morgana said with a grin. "But in the muggle world, because I want a giant cookie as well, because those coffees shops in Diagon Alley don't do giant cookies!"

"Of course, anything you want!" she agreed, stroking Morgana's hair, and Anna couldn't blame her for looking at her like that, other than her hair colour, Morgana shared so many similarities with Lily at that age and maybe even more beautiful.

Morgana would later persuade Laurel to let her and Anna spend the night at her place, and the woman was putty in her hands, and Anna wasn't far behind.


It had been two weeks already and the school had settled down with a substitute taking over potions. It came as a surprise how many people really didn't give a crap about Snape's life as so many people, teachers included, congratulated Morgana on doing the world a favour. Dumbledore was forbidden under the courts to interact with her on any level or risk a few weeks in jail, which would lower his rep even more, so she was okay making chatter.

Morgana had been curious about Remus Lupin and his involvement with his testimony to the case, though meaningless in the long run, it gave Morgana reason to enjoy killing Snape, and she had managed to make sure Lupin could keep his job until the end of the year at least. That was something as Morgana saw he needed that and felt kind of sorry for the guy, which wasn't her normal thing, but then she did find out so much from his statement.

Walking through the halls wondering where she was heading was odd because she was with that small Parkinson girl while she looked embarrassed, and Morgana didn't make matters better for the small girl.

"Okay..." Pansy said blushing brightly. Morgana smiled a little as she thought she looked kind of sweet with her little bob hairdo. Her hair was black and she looked frail and weaker than Morgana was sure she was, as Morgana hadn't broken any of Pansy's bones when she was throwing her around when she was saving her from being trampled, and being hexed by Snape.

"Thank you for saving my life okay!" she said quickly in a rush, and Morgana smiled, patting her shoulder.

"No worries Pansy!" she replied, not letting her get away as she-shield away from her touch and she pulled her robe aside at the collar, and she flinched. "Who the hell hit you, girl!" Morgana demanded and Pansy pouted, looking away as she didn't stop Morgana from seeing the bruise on her lower neck to the left shoulder.

"Malfoy, okay!" she said and Morgana knew she had called him by his first name before, but they had obviously fallen out. "I told him I wanted to thank you for saving me the other week and he smacked me, but he missed my face because he doesn't know how to throw a punch like a muggle... or you!" she said shaking her head as Morgana let her go. "Snape was his godfather, and you not only sentenced him to death, but executed him. I honestly don't care any more I've been such an idiot. I was following the crowd, and... I don't know, but I wish I could have been friends with nicer people or something."

Morgana grinned as she patted her head like she would pat an adorable little puppy she was really that small, and Morgana was certain Tabitha would be taller than she was when she was older. "Hey, no worries, girl, I'll give you a hint!" Morgana said, smirking as she thought of something. "Find a girl you think might have something fun in common with you that doesn't hurt anyone else. If you've been mean to her before drop to your knees and kiss her feet if you need to because I think somewhere, a friendship like that could know no boundaries, because what Slytherins tend to not realise is to them, loyalty is fleeting.

"I could conquer the whole of Slytherin House and most in it would be quick to bow down to me and call me master, if they already don't. But if you and your friend don't, and protect each other with everything you've got including your lives, then that is what I respect, that is what real friendship is. But the rest of them Slytherins would run and cry if someone came charging.

"Even if you argue you should still stand before hell for her because that is what real friends would do for each other, because that is what love is about. Otherwise, without that kind of friendship, you will always be alone with nobody to hold your hand through all of the pain or happiness life has to offer. I guess before I came here and made connections I never understood that, but at least I had a reason, I raised myself, alone, but if I can feel love and companionship then so can you, and you don't need to look in your house, be sincere and you can find some happiness too."

Morgana gave her nose a poke, laughing as she was watching her in thought, and started blushing lightly while they passed through the Entrance Hall when Morgana grabbed Draco Malfoy by the throat, as he didn't see them coming as he had been making Hermione Granger cry in near hysterics, and slammed him into the wall while he peed himself.

"Don't ever hit Pansy again!" Morgana demanded coolly. "In fact, if I ever hear that you hit a girl again I'll upset your mother as she'll be forced to let your prick of a father artificially inseminate her again because he was born a-sexual!" she said before rolling her eyes. He was that stupid. She threw him to the side where he scurried away and she nodded to Pansy as she had watched in awe before hurrying away into the Great Hall before Morgana finally turned to acknowledge Hermione.

"Are you ready yet, Hermione?" she asked her while she looked away and Morgana knew she was stubborn. Morgana knew that Hermione regretted not taking her first offer on the train. "You could at least thank me for saving your life girl, or at least Stormy!" she said before turning to walk into the Great Hall for breakfast.

"Thank you!" she muttered and Morgana pulled to a stop looking back at her, as she stood there, uncomfortable. "I said thank you okay!" she hissed out nearly in tears again. "I don't know what to do, and I'm lost, and books don't help, but make me more confused because they contradict the muggle world, and the magical worlds just believes someone because they're supposed to be clever or something, or good at magic without any proof while muggles and science, and-."

"HERMIONE!" Ronald Weasley roared out startling her as he came down the stairs looking so smug, she looked around, and Morgana could see the fear she had. That bastard was mentally bullying her and she didn't know away out because she was afraid of being alone.

Hermione wasn't the confident, happy research bunny she could have been with Morgana and her girls. Morgana felt bad for her. "What are you doing talking to this murderer…?!" he demanded, outraged. "… when you could be helping me with my homework!" he said stuffing a parchment roll, book, and quill into her hands.

Morgana wondered what could have happened, but Hermione had been timid on the train too. Ron may not have realised how he was manipulating Hermione, but he was selfishly and spitefully taking advantage of her.

Ron sneered at Morgana before he smirked smugly as he went into the Great Hall for breakfast while Morgana was tempted to strangle the prick she let him go and looked back at the girl; she had bruises from lack of sleep around her eyes, and looked ill.

Morgana reached out and Hermione flinched as Morgana flicked her forehead while looking her over carefully. Morgana threw the crap that the filthy boy dumped on her to the floor and Hermione was so out of it she didn't say anything against it. Not for littering or getting rid of her 'friends' homework and Morgana was certain that Hermione looked relieved.

Hermione had a golden chain around her neck that led to something magical, and maybe, combined with Ron it was making her ill. Morgana wasn't the only one to realise that Hermione managed to get to more than one class at the same time, and other than a duplication charm of some kind that she wasn't sure existed she could only think of time travel, and how dangerous that would be.

If Morgana hadn't been such an observant person she wouldn't have noticed or cared, and Hermione looked so ill, which was why Morgana grabbed her and dragged her to the side, into a secret passage before she realised what she was doing.

Hermione surprisingly struggled in a panic when Morgana grabbed her chain pulling the small gold hourglass from her robes. Hermione panicked before Morgana slapped her face, and Hermione broke down in tears, and this had been after only a month. Morgana wondered how long until Hermione had a heart attack and died, but then, she finally let her take it from her.

"This is time travel magic isn't it?" Morgana demanded while Hermione sobbed and nodded her head while Morgana pulled it on and hid it in her robes. "Hermione, this is freaking dangerous. And I'm not talking me dangerous, I'm talking end of time, as we know it dangerous, in the wrong hands! You haven't even been using it to get any extra sleep you idiot! Is this so you can do extra classes, because if it is, here's all five years of muggle studies 'duh... what's a pen do', but would probably call it a hen, and you should know divination is bull crap, the woman's a freaking lonely disparate drunk. You can even ask Lavender and Parvati if you want and they love her class!"

"B-but Professor McGonagall said and, umm..." she trailed off blinking back furious tears.

"McGonagall didn't want you to have this did she?" Morgana asked and Hermione shook her head, "Dumbledore pushed for you to have it didn't he?" she asked, already knowing the answer. Hermione whimpered as she nodded and broke down crying into Morgana's chest where Morgana cursed her good nature and rubbed her back as Hermione had obviously had very little sleep, maybe getting a few hours a day as with classes, Ron, and his, and her own homework, along with his bullying.

"Stormy!" Morgana called and she appeared in human form. "Get McGonagall and lead her to the infirmary for me please, love!" she said with a smile as her adorable pet nodded and flashed away. Morgana let Hermione lean on her as she took her to the infirmary in silence, apart from her sniffles.

"Miss. Evans," the nurse said in worry as they entered the room. She was in her late 40s to early 50s, but still looked good with a red cross on her chest and short-cropped brown hair. Morgana saw her Covenant chain hanging down her white robes, which surprised her when she found out she was a member and underling, and was a happy coincidence when plotting vengeance against Dumbledore.

"She has barely slept at all in a month!" Morgana said while she helped the medi-witch take Hermione behind a bed screen and strip her naked and into a pair of hospital PJ's before into bed where she was out like a light. They pushed back the screen as McGonagall rushed in with Stormy tugging her along hurriedly.

"Miss. Evans what is the problem with Miss. Granger?" the teacher asked and checked her clothes, paling before she looked relieved when Morgana showed her the necklace before she made her hide it away. "Don't that is dangerous, I don't want anyone knowing about it, thank the gods you found her, what's wrong?"

"Sever fatigue," the nurse commented as McGonagall looked relieved at the last two words. "She has not had more than a few hours all month… Lady Morgana, what happened?"

"Seal the room," she replied, and it was done in seconds with her more curious than ever while McGonagall was surprised that the nurse took her order without question, but it was obvious now that more hidden members of the covenant were coming out to light. They answered to Morgana above all else, as she was like there queen from what the teacher knew. "Dumbledore allowed her to go to every class, including all electives using time travel," Morgana finished showing Pomfrey the time thing, which caused her to glare at McGonagall.

"I didn't want her to have it," the deputy head of the school said in her defence. "But still, I know I told her not to abuse the trust, or the time turner. She must have taken that too literal. She could have used it to catch some extra sleep and I wouldn't have known, nor cared if I did find out. Albus thought it was a wonderful idea, and..."

"Ever thought about a banana skin, the top of the stairs from his office?" Pomfrey surprisingly asked with raised eyebrow. "Believe me, he won't have survived if he passed through here after what he let Snape get away with even if we did provoke him, he still tortured poor Miss. Bones."

"Go to sleep, Hermione, and forget you heard anything!" Morgana interrupted, as Hermione's blurry hazel bloodshot eyes were open looking at Morgana. Morgana pat her head, stroking her hair and she frizzled and was out. "That should keep her out for several hours, hopefully, and that should be a good long rest."

"Don't worry," Pomfrey said glaring at the girl. "I'll dope her up with REM potion to make her dream and if she says anything when she wakes I'll modify her memory if I have to."

"So if I fry this time turner thing will the time-sand magic..." Morgana paused slowly with thought. "Will the Sands of Time blow up and do something screwed up?"

"Probably," McGonagall said with a sigh. "Once Christmas is here can you leave for a day and put it in your family's main vault or get the goblins to get you a high security vault? It could be a handy tool if used sparingly, and we can always blame Ronald for its disappearance."

"Professor," Morgana reprimanded but had a wicked grin. "You're catching my bad habits, but yes. I'll see what I can do," she said laughing as she snuck out of the hospital wing of the school and found Ginny to play with.

It was later that evening when she finally found her, as it was a weekend and Morgana knew Ginny had been with Luna and Casey doing some homework as they had lots to catch up on that they had ignored in favour of other pursuits.

Ginny and Morgana were hanging out with Aria, their mergirl friend, giggling and swimming in the lake, along with some kissing. Morgana was in a half wetsuit, well it was all wetsuit, but short sleeved and legged while Ginny wore her black bikini and shorts with tee. Morgana was dangerous to Aria while in the water because if anyone attacked her she could potentially fry her, and Ginny for that matter, which was why they swam so far out into the lake with all sorts of magical stuff that allowed them to play with their friend without being near enemies.

However, it was getting late that Aria was holding them both above the water, giggling when they looked over to shore and spotted the ginger twat, Ronald Weasley being dragged away by a giant sized black dog and disappearing into a tree. Then they watched as they saw Hermione chasing after him, and the tree move, thwacking her in the face and she wasn't getting up from wherever she fell.

"Why is that girl out of bed?" Morgana asked herself rather than her girls and sighed as she removed her fingers from within her panting mergirl, which made her pout, but she understood, kissed their lips each and slid under the water leaving them to swim back to shore in annoyance to see what was going down.

They climbed out by the huge tree that apparently attacked people, but Hermione wasn't anywhere in sight and the tree took a swing at Morgana, and was soon on fire whaling its limbs after she had blasted it in a boom, but it should have known better than to mess with her. However, they heard a chocking cough, and Ginny pointed it out; the large gap in the roots of the tree.

"Hermione must have fallen down that hole!" Ginny said quickly.

"Come on!" Morgana said as she pulled Ginny with her, and slid into the hole after pulling their breathers down from on top of their heads. They were pretty simple to make actually. They were designed to recycle air by turning CO2 into Oxygen, as well as other things. It had Plexiglas that went over their eyes with spells to see through mucky water, and smoke apparently while a sealed tight black piece went over their mouths.

They had lights on each side by their eyes so they could see through the dark under water, and then they would use magic to help them sink. Morgana's was blue rimmed while Ginny's was red. They had gotten Professor Rose to help with them as a new way to breath under water, but they were working as well in the smoke. They didn't have the eye shields at first when Morgana took the things to the professor, but she added them so they could see in the dark lake. The Professor made them within just a couple days, as they were that simple, and she was surprised nobody else thought about a device like them before, but shrugged that off as the muggles obviously did.

Morgana and Ginny found Hermione chocking in the dirt under the tree. Morgana pulled out her wand and made a bubble head charm, which Ginny had originally thought they could use, but Morgana wanted better and less breakable. Morgana used the charm on Hermione and the air around her head cleared before she dragged the girl from the flames, down the secret tunnel she knew was under the tree while Ginny collapsed the tunnel at Morgana's nod, blocking out the smoke.

Morgana looked at Hermione with the lights of her mask and rolled her eyes as she pulled it down, and pulling some clips and folding it to hang around her neck so she could use the lights with Ginny copying with hers. Morgana popped the idiot Granger girls bubble and she almost broke down in tears and had a huge bruise forming on the left side of her face.

"So you ran back to hanging around that useless loser!?" Morgana asked even though she knew it was true, and Hermione nodded her head before wincing, as it was no bet that Hermione's head was throbbing. Morgana sighed in annoyance as she led the way through the tunnel. "Come along you two, that idiot Black will be in the Shrieking Shack by the look of things, along with that idiot boy!" she said as they followed her, but Hermione did seem reluctant, but whatever.

"I would have thought you would have learnt to stay away from Ronald. He's a bad influence!" Morgana said and she was sure Hermione knew that, but she was friendless and lonely, but all she had to do was bow down before Morgana, admit she regretted not ditching him before, and ask for forgiveness, and she wouldn't be alone any longer.


Ginny found it amusing to watch her girlfriend beating the crap out of Sirius Black. She found her newfound freedom to enjoy the simple things refreshing. Morgana was just too precious. It was just unfortunate for Sirius that he didn't realise that as her fist connected with his face. He cried out in pain more than that idiot brother of hers had, as Ronald was in the dirty old room too with a snapped ankle, half-sobbing. Hermione was in a corner whimpering and sniffling, but she stayed away from Ginny and her Morgana.

"What...? Going to kill me Morgana!?" Sirius asked with a crazy grin full of blood on his lips as she pulled him up to face her by his hair.

Morgana looked more amused with him, smirking before she threw him to the side, nonchalant. "I really have no reason to kill you," she replied whimsically, and Ginny was worried as he baited her, but she still didn't kill him.

"Why not!?" he spat out spitefully.

"Because you're innocent for one, and I tend to not kill innocent people no matter how much they piss me off... though I suppose even I do have my limits."

The man looked like he went to retort but he stopped, staring at her in shock, mouth hanging open and blood dripping from his lips. "You know that Pettigrew...!" he asked quickly before she rolled her eyes and gestured to where Ron looked horrified, on the bed clutching a dirty great big rat to his chest.

"The rat is the animagus Peter Pettigrew!" she agreed as the rat in Ronald's hands squealed in panic, trying to get free. "Him... well his life will be my newest toy and I will make him suffer!" she said with hunger in her eyes as she moved around the bed where he was, and tore the creature from Ronald's hands and smacked Ginny's brother in the face, causing him to scream and burst into tears, blood exploding from his nose.

"Whoa," Sirius mumbled, as he pulled himself up to his feet, looking at the boy as Morgana turned back to him clutching the rat in a grip so tight that the creature was screaming. "Dumbledore said he was your friend, gloated over and over when I was locked away, visited sometimes to tell me how you belonged to him, and that he would make sure you married the Weasley boy!"

Ginny saw a spark of blue slide across Morgana's right eye before flashing the colour of blood for a moment. She turned to Ronald, his screams echoed with the rats as her free hand rose and streams of blue, and white lightning burst from her, frying him for a good ten seconds before she stopped and he was unconscious, twitching.

"That should clear up any misunderstandings you might have about that!" she replied coolly as she turned back to Sirius, and Ginny thought she might have wet herself a little as that was so hot, and the fear in the room was almost pliable.

Sirius gulped before looking to the twitching rat. "I'm glad I'm not him now more than ever!" he said nervously.

Morgana turned from him to look over at Hermione, green eyes rolling and flashing electric blue. "See Dumbledore for the foolish old bastard he is because you do not want to be on the wrong side of the coming war. He tries to tell people I'm a racist muggle hater, yet he keeps the magical world free of science, and ignorant of their world. He treats people like they are commodities to use at his whim, and to throw away at his convenience."

She gestured to Sirius as he made it clear Dumbledore knew he was innocent and got rid of him. "Getting rid of my godfather so that he could dump me on a doorstep where I could be abused, beaten, and have my hope stolen. So that he could come along and give me just a taste of hope, so that I would do what he wanted, and I had always thought Fate was a bitch to me, but now I understand that she favoured me with my powers and freedom!

"Now you have a choice girl," she said moving closer, and Ginny watched as the rat in her hands ran out of air, it couldn't breathe as Morgana was squeezing it so tight. It was crying, but sound could no longer exit, as it had no air to build the vibrations in the air to hear.

Morgana dropped the rat, as in a pop, and shift of form it transformed into a huge set man with balding mousey hair and bucked teeth. His robes were worse than Sirius's and he was just as filthy. He was chocking and wheezing, coughing up blood on the floor with tears pouring from his eyes while he whimpered and coward.

"Hello, Peter!" Morgana greeted him after a few minutes of letting him get his breath back while Hermione was staring at him in horror and disgust. Pettigrew looked up at Morgana with fear-unimaginable in his brown eyes. Ginny doubted Voldemort could put that much fear into him. Voldemort had purpose with his fear. He could be bargained with. Morgana was vengeance incarnated, and Pettigrew knew that she would never bargain with him because he would never have anything she would have wanted.

His eyes flickered around before they fell on Sirius and Ginny wasn't the only one surprised. Sirius had obviously come for the rat, and yet the rat scurried along on his knees openly crying his eyes out as he grabbed the bottom of Sirius's dirty robes. Ginny grimaced as she realised that he had left a trail of urine in the dust. He feared Morgana more than he had feared anyone, Sirius included and he had let the man rot in jail for his crimes for the past twelve years.

"S-Sirius my old friend!" he croaked out shakily and it was amazing that he was going to a man that he had personally had part in torturing. Ginny could tell as his eyes had flickered to her first that he knew going to her was an immediate death, she knew he knew that Morgana would have never allowed him to live for a moment longer if he went towards her. "You won't let her near me, I know you, you know me... I had-had to do it or he... he had terrible ways!" he whimpered and looked to Morgana's crewel expression and turned back quivering. "She's not like Lily or James, they wouldn't have hurt me, they would have understood!"

"Yet they betrayed no one to him!" Morgana surprisingly spoke instead of Sirius and he looked round, shivering as he looked into her eyes while they sparked blue, white, and red. "If they as you put it would have understood your cowardice they would have betrayed the world with you, before you even as they weren't an incompetent idiot like you!"

"P-please!" he begged as Morgana grabbed his throat and lifted him from his knees.

"You murdered my parents and expect me to care one bit about you!?" she demanded when she suddenly moved, throwing him into a wall and flipping round, sliding as she did, grabbing a post of the bed and span round and up, half crouching on the post, shooting at the members of interlopers. She reminded Ginny of that Spider guy from the comic books that Morgana liked reading. It was actually awing how many muggle comic books Morgana had managed to buy since she joined the magical world.

Dumbledore had interrupted Pettigrew's imminent death. He fired at Morgana, but his spell hit Pettigrew instead, knocking him out, and the old man was with Ginny's parents, and a large black man that she had heard somewhere that he was a promising auror, Kingsley Shacklebolt. He wasn't that promising if he bowed to Dumbledore though. Not someone that Ginny would want investigating any crimes for her if he couldn't see through such obvious bull-crap.

They dodged out of the way of the return fire, blast of lightning, and Sirius raised the wand he stole from Ron at them while Morgana swung round gracefully and landed effortlessly ion her feet with bursts of blue lightning rolling around her forearms.

"Hello again Mr. Dumbledore...!" Morgana said with a mocking grin. "I believe what... it's been about a month or more."

"Just over five weeks since you were allowed to murder Severus," he replied coolly.

"You are aware that you are in breach of a court order aren't you?" she asked him whimsically as if Snape was less than nothing she didn't acknowledge his existence, and she didn't wait for a reply. "Well, of course you are, but you're the Great Albus Dumbledore, and the Great Albus Dumbledore believes that he in all of his glory is the next coming of Merlin himself, but what am I talking about. Merlin was a Slytherin; the greatest muggle rights activist of all time in the magical world, but then he was terribly sexist so that lets him down. But anyway the great Albus Dumbledore seems to be under the impression that all Slytherins are racist jerks, or should I say, enjoys promoting such idiocy amongst Gryffindors especially, booting the Circle of Twats."

"Enough of this, Ginny!" her mother demanded, angrily, glaring at her as she had her wand out ready to fight for her people, and her mum never did like to hear of her children having a mind of their own.

Molly Weasley had hated both Bill and Charlie at some point for their career choices, and she knew she would hate the twins worse than that for theirs, but Ginny. She knew she would never care about her again because she was doing the unforgivable in her eyes. Ginny was turning against Dumbledore for a brand new ideology of freedom and equality, and waking up with her queen, even if Morgana was sometimes cold, violent, and full of rage and hate.

Morgana was such a nice person the other times, when They did fun things, played game, hugged, kissed, and she had grown up understanding a world of greed and corruption, and that was in a neater society the muggles had built, but Ginny knew their people were many times worse. The thing was, Morgana had the intellect and power to say 'no', and help to bring about an end to people like Dumbledore or Voldemort. They took a person's hopes and dreams and squished them because they thought they had the right.

"No mother!" Ginny replied coldly, which shocked her greatly, but Ginny was no longer her daughter unless she abandoned Dumbledore, but she wouldn't, Ginny knew that to her, he was more important than her children were. "I do not side with Dumbledore, and I do not side with Voldemort, and I never will!" she said with narrowed eyes. "Neither of them are any good, both preaching bull crap, just because they both want to rule, one by controlling naive idiots like you, and another through fear and hate!"

"What about her?" the auror demanded, pointing to Morgana. "She's a murderer; tricked the Wizengamot into letting her kill Snape!" he said while trailing his wand on Morgana.

"Wait, you killed Snape!" Sirius interrupted looking as if he was trying to hide his pride, and not doing a very good job of it, but no one answered him. Ginny thought he was kind of amusing in a childish kind of way.

"Morgana doesn't tell me what is right or wrong," Ginny answered instead, shrugging. "She lets us come to our own conclusions, whether they match or not she doesn't care. Snape was a murdering, pitiless man who was a bitter fool. He bullied students, and all for what evidence of his teaching prowess? Or that he wasn't a Death Eater? Is Dumbledore's word, law to you?!"

"Let's not forget, Gin!" Morgana piped in here. "One man's word against another's, no matter who that man is, means very little without any evidence to back it up, but they go 'awww' every time the man looks at them with those twinkling eyes, raping their minds of all the perversions he could enjoy late at night!"

"Why you little brat...!" Dumbledore finally added in. "I do what I do for the Greater Good of the wizarding world! Once I'm though with you I'll have you sealed so tight that you'll be practically a squib, and I'll do the same to your entire little girls club and then you'll become property of any boy I see fit to marry you too!"

"Really now Mr. Dumbledore?" she asked in amusement, which surprised Ginny as Morgana laughed as Ginny had expected some serious violence and murder. "My electricity isn't magic you idiot. It's a genetic mutation, and it can't be sealed!" she said whimsically while she looked passed them. "Why hello Professor Rose!" she said and they all looked.

She shot forwards smashing into Kingsley and he went straight down the stairs screaming and wasn't getting up again before her left fist took out Ginny's mother, and she broke her father's leg sending them down next before she grabbed Dumbledore's wand, snapping his wrist, and threw him by his beard into the room, closing the door behind her.

Ginny was pretty impressed with the trick, and easy defeat, as Dumbledore grit his teeth, looking up at her, his wrist broken. "Now what Potter, going to murder me too!" he demanded in hate. "I will get you back under control, and I will do what I like, you think you can stop me!?"

"No," she agreed. "You've already gone, portkeyed away, leaving this... I suppose astroprojection, and I know you're no weak mage, but you will always underestimate my power! And the power of those around you, because we aren't all weak fools like your minions. My subjects are powerful and I wouldn't have it any other way!" she said snapping his wand with a blast of blue it exploded but she didn't even look fazed while he glared in horror staring at the wand pieces.

Ginny couldn't help but wonder whether there was something important about his wand that they were missing, but whatever it was, whether it was powerful or special, it and Dumbledore didn't match up to Morgana. Ginny realised that maybe Morgana destroyed something, more than normal, the boom was much more than when she destroyed Percy's wand like that, and as the old man faded-away electricity sparked on her hand.

The explosion had been contained in an electromagnetic field before Morgana shook her hand, looking confused as the burnt white wooden fragments drifted to the ground before looking at Ginny as she looked to her and they shrugged together with small-bemused smiles.

"What have you done...?"

Remus Lupin interrupted them as he pushed the door open. However, he looked to Pettigrew seconds later, anger swelling in that expression. "I knew it; the moment I found out about Morgana that Dumbledore did something fucked up! Lily was right!"

Morgana turned from him to Hermione where she looked like she was going to be sick. "Go straight to McGonagall with Lupin and tell her, she needs to have tea with Amelia Bones, no matter who else is in front of you!" she said before turning to Lupin while he looked shocked. "Guard her, and take down any of Dumbledore's minions that try to approach. The old man has lost his fucking mind! McGonagall will know to attack first and ask questions later!"

Morgana raised her hands and in a boom of blue, the sidewall the shack was blow out and to the ground outside, leading to a rusted stairs down the side of the shack.

"Now!" Morgana said turning to them. Hermione quickly nodded as she pulled herself up from the floor and hurriedly led the confused professor from the shack with one last look at Pettigrew.

"Let's go!" she finished, walking over to Pettigrew and grabbing his ankle, dragging him. Sirius and Ginny quickly followed her out. "Be prepared for an attack, probably dementors!" she said banging Pettigrew's head on every step down

"What about Ron and the other three?" Ginny asked, looking back at her fried brother.

Morgana shrugged, nonchalant. "Just leave them, they aren't worth the bother," she answered as Ginny felt it coming down-the cold, and oppression, chilling her to the bones.

"Dementors...!" Sirius muttered as it was dark now and it would be hard to see where they were coming from.

Morgana frowned, as they had to stop. They were getting so close and Ginny jumped as she heard snapping, then again, and looked to see Morgana snapping Pettigrew's legs in several places, then his arms before looking at Ginny as she sensed her stare.

"It will be very unlikely that he'll get away now!" she explained while Sirius again looked proud, probably a dark family thing on his part, or he was that starved of anything to do in prison thoughts of painful vengeance kept him going. Though, Ginny thought that through and realised that that would have kept her going too.

They stopped by a wall of the castle, sliding through an opening into a large courtyard. They moved in looking for a door or window to get into the castle, where with luck the dementors would never get at them. Ginny didn't think the castle would let the monsters in because of the wards, but then Dumbledore was partially in control. The other teachers could keep the other wards open if they weren't in his pocket.

"Over here!" Morgana said as she dragged Pettigrew and pulled open a window into the castle. It was an unused classroom, and she dumped Pettigrew through. Ginny wasn't certain that Pettigrew was even alive any more Ginny was near certain that he was dead, and if not that he would be soon, but then he had survived for so long.

Morgana helped Ginny climb in through the window before Sirius climbed through. Morgana slipped in last. She closed and bolted the window before looking to Sirius. "Drag him would you since I have the whole super power thing to beat bad guys up with!" she demanded and he didn't complain as she led them out of the dark empty classroom, and he dragged the dead or dying man through the hall by his hair after them without a care for his continuity

"Which way to the Great Hall, dinner should be on now!" Morgana said looking around, trying to gain her bearings.

"I think it's that way," Sirius said pointing down one corridor.

"Okay, let's go!" Morgana agreed, taking Ginny's hand they led the way, sneaking through the dark, which was odd since Ginny knew that all of the torches throughout the school should have been lit until eleven at night when they dampen to a minimum, but there was no lights on at all.

They moved around a corner, and Morgana's forearms lit up as she let Ginny go as they almost attacked. However, they were almost attacked too, but it was lucky lightning lit the hall or they might have all attacked without thought, even Sirius as he let the prisoner drop to the floor: a crumpled mess and drew his wand.

"Wands down!" Amelia Bones said as she was with several aurors and moved forward to Morgana, as they were all armed and ready for a fight. Ginny thought they came from the Gryffindor side of the castle through the transfiguration corridor so they couldn't be far from the Great Hall. They must have arrived because of McGonagall.

"What's going on, the whole castle is in low power!" Amelia said, concerned. "The only wards still operating fully seem to be anti-transport for things like apparation and portkey. It was lucky that my department for my use had tampered with McGonagall's fire or we wouldn't be here yet. We got a message through the fire, but she had to leave quickly."

"Dumbledore is attacking us!" Morgana said while she looked at Sirius and he looked nervous, she let her eyes travel down to their prisoner.

"Pettigrew!" she said gesturing two of her aurors. "Take him into custody, and make sure everyone knows we have him, and then call in reinforcements fast!" she said and they nodded, dragging away the traitor.

"One or more men who are supposed to lead the dementors sent them after us, ordered by Dumbledore," Morgana added quickly. "That is one demented old man and he needs to be stopped!"

She nodded her head. "Let's go!" she said leading everyone on when they came out into the Entrance Hall, they heard some explosions as we neared. They never would have expected to see Professor McGonagall engaged in battle with Dumbledore and holding him to a standstill while Professor's Rose and Sinistra managed to scare off some of Dumbledore's minions while he was calling a retreat, as they were heavily outnumbered.

He had likely noticed that he was outnumbered as the lights from their spells lit up the hall and he was moving back to the open doors before he turned and ran. Ginny couldn't say what happened to the hand Morgana had snapped, but he did have magical powers, and found a new wand it seemed.

Most of the older members of the Covenant were outside in the hall with bruises and cuts, along with some allies while the Great Hall doors had been closed and sealed. Ginny could feel the powerful emotions beyond the doors so she knew it wasn't going to be pretty.

Morgana walked up to the doors through the mess and Ginny had to cover her ears as thunder exploded through the castle as Morgana slammed her palms into each door standing between them. The doors were torn off, falling forward. Ginny knew that Morgana's body suppressed the thunder, but never imagined that it would have been so loud if she didn't hold it back.

Inside was chaos as tables had been overturned and used as shields as other students, and the few remaining teachers, trapped had picked sides and were fighting up until the moment of thunder, and then they stopped, looking to the doors as they fell to the ground between the battle, and made a loud bang.

It was a surprise that the 'light' and 'dark' had been pushed into 2 corners the same side of the room by the 'other', and were losing because they were taking shots at each other more than anyone else.

"I do hope that the light and dark minions are going to be cleaning this mess up!" Morgana said coldly before her girls got up at her gesture, and helped their injured and quickly hurried to her. "Head to the tower, and we'll be with you shortly, Dumbledore will not get away with this!" she said and the girls all nodded their heads and hurried away.

Morgana turned to Amelia. "Dumbledore always underplays people's strength, and today, he witnessed his own defeat!" she said before turning an impressed eye to her teacher before grinning. "I like the cut of your kickarse magic," she praised before turning serious as she looked to the woman. "Dumbledore knew Sirius was innocent, and that Peter Pettigrew was guilty. I wouldn't be surprised if Dumbledore knew Pettigrew was alive and chose not to care, for his Greater Good."

Morgana then took Ginny's hand, smiled at her and led the way away where some of the older girls waited for then, leading then as royal guard back to their tower where they knew things had changed, and Dumbledore had declared war.

However, they knew; they would destroy his 'Greater Good' and protect the world from people like him, forever. They would be together.


Felicity Smoke knew that the Smoke family had been around for a great many centuries whether that was their name back then or not, Felicity's family had never been a part of a new world until she chose to accept Morgana as her queen, but seriously. Halloween wasn't the sort of holiday that normal people celebrated, but whatever. Morgana thought that after the chaotic events where a loser old man declared war on the Covenant with his little band of morons sucking his toes and giving a bad name to phoenixes everywhere: The Order of the Phoenix. She believed the only reason the minister couldn't side with him was that Dumbledore was dirt crossed with Morgana's power in the Wizengamot, Covenant and allies.

So Morgana thought it would be nice for everyone to dress up and play the part of whatever it was that Halloween-ing people liked to do. Felicity had on some old-fashioned muggle clothes and went for some fangs, and would have done yellow eyes and the bumpy-face thing if she could have been less lazy, or at least had more time.

Ginny was on her arm as Morgana walked up front as they entered the hall. Ginny was done up looking like a pretty convincing zombie, so she worked on it, but Felicity didn't get how she looked so hot still. She didn't think until then that that had a zombie fetish, but internally shrugged as she leaned over to Ginny to ask her a question.

"What has Morgana came as?" she asked while Ginny looked to her, smiling.

"She is Morgana le Fay, silly," she replied and Felicity looked to their lady. She wore a long black dress with slits down the sides that hung to her feet, which were in a pair of blood red pumps, showing her long smooth legs occasionally. She had a tight corset accentuating her chest; it was cut around her chest with white underneath; her sleeves ended above the backs of her hands with loops over her middle fingers.

She had both Tabitha and Garnet walking either side of her wearing adorable little blue maid outfits with white aprons over the front of their dresses with little white headbands. The girls both curtsied as they reached the front where Dumbledore's old throne sat up on a plinth, and Morgana sat while little Tabitha, still head bowed in submission offered her a wooden magical staff. Felicity was surprised it was so well crafted, but then if it was real, Morgana probably got it from her families vault, even though the ministry doesn't approve they were not technically illegal.

Tabitha and Garnet sat at Morgana's feet comfortably either side while everyone watched, some confused, some scared, and others grinning, while red haired twin boys wished they thought of putting on a grand entrance, but even they knew they couldn't outdo her style. Morgana had a special sense of fun that was quite risky.

Morgana leaned forward holding the long wooden staff between both hands. It was quite beautiful Felicity would admit, curved at the top and she was sure carved all over with symbols that were too close together to read. The hall was full of whispers until Morgana tapped the staff on the ground three times by her feet and the noise echoed out, magnified by magic. The hall silenced. It was already full of decoration that could rival Christmas, and had many round tables filled with finger foods, and sweets, and finally a large space in the centre for dancing.

Everybody looked to Morgana as she spoke. "Good evening, my friends, allies, and enemies," she said rather amused, and with her accent it gave a regal feel to events. "I welcome you; this event is my treat, paid in full by myself as a way that perhaps we can forget to fight on this night, the anniversary of my parents' murders-."

She paused and Felicity looked around to see many people looked uncomfortable, and probably regretted coming, but luckily, that Ronald boy had detention along with some others who might have started something. It was just lucky that Professor Rose had seen to it, but Felicity was still surprised that his mother let him stay, but she was also sure that Dumbledore would try to reclaim the school so wanted spies, but then him as a spy, they would never get the truth, just his version, so who could care.

"I feel that we should cherish the dead this night by remembering the happy times," Morgana said smiling around the chamber. "Halloween has become a night when even the biggest of bads that stalk the night take a break. So perhaps we should adhere to this and follow suit, with some music and dancing," she said as she tapped her staff on the floor twice, the top glowed a dull white, and the lights dimmed while some cool chilling music surrounded them, which got plenty of applause as everyone moved further into the hall.

"What do you think you're doing Potter!?"

Everything went quiet, but the music as the boy interrupted, and Felicity looked to see that Gryffindor Head Boy, and Weasley. The only one of them Felicity liked was her zombie date as she was holding her arm looking to her brother as he had stormed up to her over the empty dance floor.

Morgana stood while everyone watched and her little maids stood with her. She smiled as she stepped down from the plinth and passed her staff to Tabitha where she held it with reverence, and Felicity was sure awed with it, and treasured the trust and love Morgana showed in her and her little lover, Garnet, being so close.

"I was enjoying the party," Morgana replied with a smile. "I arranged it at my own expense to show that I will agree that this day is a time off for everyone where they don't have to fear the things that go bump in the night. But if you do not wish to enjoy this night, then you can just leave because I may choose to make this a night where the dead can rest at peace, does not mean that I won't fry you for spoiling our party!"

"Dumbledore won't let you get away with this!" he hissed out drawing his wand when suddenly out of nowhere seeds fell from above and burst into vines. They exploded down around him, trapping him as an adorable dark fairy flew around and down, stopping in the air before Morgana. The little fairy bowed with a curtsy before she made a gesture. She was called Saydi. She landed on Garnets head before Morgana reclaimed her seat, and took her staff, as the maid-girls retook their places with Saydi now.

Morgana tapped her staff, looking coldly at the struggling Head Boy. "Not understanding the meaning of fun Mr. Head Boy. I think I will have to have your tenure as a prefect looked at, and maybe the staff and board of governors will have all your badges revoked," she said mildly bored with him before tapping her staff once and two house elves appeared and didn't ask, but took Percy away without needing to ask their mistress.

"Please, now that his... interruption has been dealt with, enjoy yourselves," Morgana said while they went back to it and none of the teachers even said anything, but then, most of them wanted out of Dumbledore's rules, and the rest; they never turned up.

It turned out to be a great night and Felicity had gotten to dance with all of her best friends, and then some girls she barely knew, and of course, the lovely Morgana held her in her arms for a slow dance, smiling at her as she complemented her idea of fun.


"So you're Lightning!" she purred out as her long pink coloured tongue licked out over her lips while large pink eyes stared up at Morgana from where she sat at a table with some kind of drink in front of her, and Morgana would rather not know what it was she was drinking.

Morgana had just entered the bar and she couldn't help but cringe as she looked around at all of the 'people', or things in the establishment. The Christmas holiday had crept up on her, and since Dumbledore was no longer in any power at the school, it was so much more peaceful, if you ignored a few of his minions but they were close to being expelled by McGonagall if they didn't quit being idiots, which Morgana doubted was possible.

The old man had been fired as school headmaster. He tried to plead a case and blame everything on Morgana, but the board and wizengamot wouldn't listen to him as he was running low on powerful allies who were stupid enough to speak for him, and Morgana was gaining more support than ever.

Dumbledore had even been taken off the Wizengamot for incompetence, gross neglect, and abusing his power when it came to the Girl-Who-Lived. He was also under investigation for the matter of Sirius Black.

Sirius had already been set free, and the ministry forced to pay a large sum of compensation. Morgana made sure he went into rehab, so that he could get the treatment he needed for his time served under the dreaded power of the dementors. The ministry liked to keep the money they had so that would put some damnation on the old fool.

However, Morgana did manage to get a new law imposed that stated that under NO circumstances were dementors allowed near ANY school again, even though the minister and his waning support fought her team on that front it was passed. Though, Morgana didn't get why anyone would have fought her on that as it was only common sense placed into law. The minister was practically screwing his arse to the gates of hell while fighting against that. It was a wonder the minister was voted in he was so incompetent and greedy, but then Dumbledore helped him, which was understandable as the minister was easily manipulated.

Morgana let her emerald green eyes roam the young woman's body before nodding. "That's me," she agreed, as she looked her over. She was wearing a long blue dress with slits to the sides and spaghetti straps, which accentuated her bust, and she had some nice looking legs.

However, she wasn't human. Her eyes were slanted in black crosses with the irises pink. Her tongue was 3 times the size of a human's from what Morgana just saw. She looked to be around 20 with straight teeth, but her skin was a deep shade of blue with some noticeable scales around her eyes and shoulders.

Her fingers were long and thin and Morgana was certain she had a tail, and yes, it was long and thin like a whip, curled around her right leg, half hidden by her dress. She was wearing lose shoes on her small feet, and she had a small nose, and nice smile on her deep plumb lips.

"Please, do take a seat!" she invited, moving with predatory grace as her right foot moved out of her shoe, and pushed the chair opposite her back slightly for Morgana before disappearing back under the table and into her shoe.

Morgana waited a moment, letting her take in everything she was. Morgana was wearing a black leather rippled skirt that hung halfway down her thighs. Her right sock was black and went up her thigh only leaving a few inches of skin exposed, and her left was white. She was wearing half boots, her right was white leather, and her left black.

Her belt was black but her tee shirt was white, hugging her body perfectly, and hidden underneath was a white sports bra. It was tight, firm to her, and sleeveless, ending just above her bare abs. She wore a thin leather jacket open, which went to her waist fading from white at the bottom through several different shades into greys to black at the collar.

Over her hips, she wore a deep blue pocket belt that hung to her left side with several leather pockets. Then hidden by her left sleeve was her wand holster, containing her wand under her forearm for quick access if she ever needed to use sorcery as a weapon to compliment her powers. Then she was wearing white leather fingerless gloves with black metal plate pieces on the back of her hands with an engraved lightning bolt over them, near unnoticeable and at an angle. Her long black hair was tied to her right side at the back hanging loose over her right shoulder.

Morgana took the offered seat and scooted forward slightly as she placed down a bottled water she bought since she wasn't technically old enough to drink alcohol, and that green guy who owned the place wasn't going to fool for her fake ID that she got from Gringotts, no matter the charms to make him he saw through them.

He complemented Morgana on her 'ID' and offered a non-alcoholic selection rather than the blueberry alcopop she had wanted. He didn't even think she should have come into the bar in the first place until a spark told him to shut up when she asked for a bottle of water instead.

Opening the cap on the bottle, Morgana drained the chilled drink before her eyes flicked over to a pair of men at another table who at first glance could pass as human, but she knew differently as they eyed her, licking their lips.

However, they quickly looked away as her eyes lit up with sparks. They should learn that things aren't as they seem in the bar, but then again if they followed her out later she would enjoy dusting them. Morgana hoped they would follow her later as she hadn't killed vampires before, and it would be fun for them to be the first and second she got to dust.

Morgana turned back to the woman while she watched her with a smile. "So where is it?" Morgana demanded coolly straight to the point. "I don't want to spend any more time with these things than I have too!" she demanded, but she wasn't too aggressive.

Morgana had left Ginny with Daphne, Astoria, and their mother at a sealed and warded 'castle' near Dublin for the Christmas holiday that Morgana owned. She had the goblins work on it to get it extra secure. It wasn't really a castle as Hogwarts was, but it was large, old, and Gothic with lots of secrets and cool stuff, like land with the quidditch pitch, and small to medium sized wood where Saydi had brought her family to make a home and watch over the castle.

It was quite incredible all of the muggle and magical conveniences that the goblins set up and then all of the flushing of unknown and potentially dangerous tampering done to some of the magic's that they could find in the wards, before uploading new wards that could rival Hogwarts in a few years.

"Unfortunately I couldn't get my hands on it," she answered, sounding unconcerned, but she did frown looking slightly disappointed before looking back up at Morgana with a radiant smile. "However, I do have somewhere you may find one; they're so rare to non-existent these days, and nobody knows how they were created, but.

"I am sorry to fall short. It is so rare that I have trouble recovering something, and unfortunately I will not walk onto the Mouth of Hell willingly no matter the price, and they don't have it to order online, even though I knew they..."

"The Mouth of, what?" Morgana interrupted as her 'resource' had started babbling and that did catch her attention as it would anyone's, and Morgana was confused.

Morgana was disappointed that she couldn't get it, but when she agreed to this she knew it might not be as easy as they hoped. Morgana was chosen, or more like volunteered to head into the dark, mainly because she gave good reasoning. Morgana was the only one, who could walk both worlds, walking the line of good and evil, so effortlessly without rousing anyone's attention in that way, but she could also fight, and she had proven, willing to kill her enemies, so she was the safest.

"The aeon staff was designed for cleansing the darkness of magic," she replied with a small smile and not answering Morgana's question. "It was used by Shinto over one thousand years ago when that religion was still a bigger scene before other large scale religions unfortunately, or whatever, caught on so much more. I doubt anyone would be pure enough in this day and age to build one, unless a child, but then they would never have the power or magic.

"If I may?" she asked, curious. "What exactly do you want with one, you don't look like the type of girl who would want to become a priestess and no offence but I doubt you could use it?"

"Yeah, yeah, only the pure of heart can use it," Morgana replied, rolling her eyes, as she knew this too. "I just want to purify a school if you must know, send on some imprints, and take out the magic that isn't in the schools best interest, like the odd curse or jinks some jerk put around."

"I see. Well, I guess that means the school is old enough for you to show concern," she replied thoughtful while Morgana nodded.

"Yeah, the headmaster has been expelled for now, but he's a slippery old man," Morgana growled out hatefully thinking about him. "So… what is the Mouth of Hell, and where do I find it?"

"Oh, yes," she replied, smiling at Morgana, and she felt a soft bare foot sliding up her right leg, over her thigh until it stroked about the warm flesh of her inner thigh up her skirt, but she let her have her fun as Morgana took another gulp of her water, and nodded for her to explain.

"It is of course on Earth," she was fast in explaining, smiling at the queen of the covenant. "It is where, let's say: a gateway from a hell dimension to earth or vice versa is always so close. It can be highly dangerous, and the vampire count in the town is off the charts because of where the town is. It draws soulless evil, or just plain badness towards it, so lucky for me I have a soul and I don't wish to see the town, especially not right now-."

"What do you mean by that?" Morgana interrupted, but she didn't seem to start at all as the demonesses foot reached higher up her skirt, touching across the front of her white panties. Morgana had started absent-mindedly stroking her ankle and lower leg, as she was turning her on she couldn't help it as demon chick or no, Morgana thought she was hot, and it was a mutual attraction.

"There is this evil bitch of a hell god, and from my resources she is after some kind of key to escape the earth," she answered with a shrug. "From what I can gather, this, Glorificus was imprisoned here some time ago and wants to get home, and you have to wonder what evil she was up too that could possible get hell gods to punish another.

"Though, there's more. If she gets the key it could potentially destabilise the earth's reality and hey, Armageddon," she finished looking as if she didn't know what else to say. "Well, umm," she tried before something seemed to come to mind. "That whole Armageddon thing might just be hearsay and myth anyway because if it did do that then how would anyone know, unless the key has never been used, in which case-."

"How would anyone know for sure," Morgana agreed with a small smile. It made her feel uneasy thinking about this crazy goddess, but maybe Morgana could kick her arse and get her to bow or some such. "So... is anyone trying to stop her?" she finally asked, hoping so because Morgana didn't want too, well not alone at least, otherwise it could be fun, but then she also needed to stop being so big-headed and not underestimate anyone, especially no goddess from a hell dimension.

"Yeah well-," she began but they looked around as the noise in the bar that had been brash with chatter and even some laughter and karaoke quietened when a man walked in through the doors.

He looked human and had muscle that he hid by a large long black coat to his calves and a seriously depressing expression as if the world and universe hated him and he wanted to sulk about it, but he was too macho for that sort of thing so he brooded instead. If it wasn't for the fact he was certainly a vampire, and his eyes showed age, Morgana would have thought that he took his mood and style from Batman comics, but she was sure he was much older than those comics were.

"That's Angel," Morgana's new demoness informant startled her as she watched him head over to Lorne. Well she thought that was the green-skinned owner's name, and realised she should have paid more attention.

Morgana turned back to her, Narielle, she thought. It was an odd name, so Morgana thought that was right. "He's... there's something different about that guy, he... other vampire's don't look like they hate themselves like that."

"He was cursed with his soul," Narielle replied quietly as she nearly made Morgana jump as she pushed her foot tight into her crotch. "He has to suffer the pain of every atrocity he had ever caused, every life he had taken, forever immortal with all of that guilt, alone to repent."

"Well that must suck," Morgana said with a smirk, amused with her own pun while the demoness laughed. "Well anyway about this Glory-," Morgana trailed off as she couldn't remember the hell goddesses full name, shrugging she continued. "Glory and my staff?" she asked hopeful.

"Well the Slayer is dealing with Glory," she answered and sighed, as Morgana knew she looked lost, as she didn't know what a slayer was. "The Slayer is a supernatural girl, picked one in every generation. In other words when one dies another awakens, and they fight monsters to the death. Buffy Summers is quite the specimen actually, never met her, but she seems determined to live, or Fate just likes her, or hates her, depending on whether she is having fun or getting tired.

"She has a younger sister, Dawn, and some other help," she listed off. "She has two Wicca, Tara, and then the other one is Willow. Willow is quite powerful too. She seems to be using magic a little too much though, without mental and spiritual training, doing it alone without someone to keep her anchored. Earth bound magic, or I suppose you could call its darker side demonic magic can become somewhat addictive, and unpredictable, triggered by emotions alone like a sorcerers accidental bouts while they are young, but on a whole new level that your people could never cope with.

"Anyway, then we have some silly boy who really doesn't do much. Alexander Harris. He was dating an ex-vengeance daemon, Anyanka, or as she uses now, Anya, but I think he blew that or something, idiot, she is smoking no matter she's a selfish bitch. Centuries ago when she was young and human she was a good person, but men... anyway the Slayers watcher is a man named Rupert Giles. You should watch him, he never used to be the man he is today, and can be dangerous."

"Okay, fair enough, and sounds like it's going to be, fun, I suppose, yeah, fun, fun, fun," Morgana mumbled, not sure whether it was going to be fun or complete trouble, though, probably the latter. "So, this staff, how will I find it and can it purify daemons, or should I say a hell goddess?"

"A magic shop called the Magic Box is owned by Rupert Giles, and you should be able to find it there," she replied, smirking. "And then, no, won't work on daemons or her, though it may be able to destabilise their magic if they cursed something or someone for example."

"Good," Morgana replied with a sigh. Semi-satisfied, as she relaxed into the seat enjoying the way Narielle had obviously used her foot like that before. Morgana pulled out a small wad of US dollars cash and slid it across the table to the demoness where she quickly snapped it up and Morgana groaned in annoyance when she pulled her foot back.

However, Morgana noticed the shadow over them, even in the dim blue lights of the club, and looked up to see Angel. Morgana had let her guard down slightly. It wouldn't happen again, but she heard daemons couldn't hurt anyone within the bar so she felt safer than they should have felt with her inside the bar. Though, Morgana would stick to the bars rules as long as they had too as she did like to play fair when others did, or in this case were forced too.

Angel chose one of the spare seats, not even asking for permission to join them, but Morgana was in a good mood so let it drop. "You're Narielle?" he asked, and the demoness nodded while Morgana was actually pleased she remembered her name right. "I need some information," he said, before eyeing Morgana as if to tell her to go away, but paused as her eyes sparked blue.

"It's nice to meet you at last, Angel," she said with a wide smile. "This is my dear friend, Queen Morgana," she said, which startled him, but he said nothing of it. "She cares nothing for anyone you might hunt, so please, don't be shy now. If you have the money, and I have the information; I'm sure we'll both be pleased."

He looked away from Morgana after a moment and back to her before pulling out a few hundred dollar bills and handing them over before she nodded. "I'm looking for a pack of vampires," he began, "they have been buying blood with cocaine and heroin. Humans capture someone, take them in alive, and they receive a fee in drugs. I've heard some rumours too; one teenage boy selling his twelve year old sister-!"

He startled as Morgana sparked as her eyes went wild with hate. "Tell me where they're hiding, so I can kill them all, human, vampire, I'm not fussy!" Morgana demanded clenching her fists as they burst with power.

Narielle shrugged and pulled out a pen and piece of paper, writing down the address and handing it to Morgana. Morgana grabbed the vampires arm and dragged the surprised man up to his feet, glaring at him and showing him the address.

"You have a car don't you, and know where this is?" she demanded because there was one thing she hated more than Dumbledore, it was human dealers. She had stopped some humans doing it back in London before, but in many ways, this was worse, and she wouldn't stand back knowing about this and not doing anything about it.

"Umm... well yes," he agreed nervously before straightening himself back out. "I'm not taking you with me, you're just a kid," he said snatching the address from her coolly.

"I'm a lightning powered sorceress!" Morgana retorted glaring at him. "I can and will do what I want!" she informed him coldly, and he backed up slightly as he saw her eyes on fire with blue and white storms.


Hermione Granger was finally home with her parents. She had chosen to spend the holiday in the quiet of normal muggle life at home. She hadn't told her parents about what was going on at school, and they should be glad of ignorance. She would never want to needlessly worry them. The magical world had started sucking the year before when Hermione realised that Ronald was just using her, and even though she knew, she couldn't help herself as she had no one she thought she could turn too, and no friends, and she didn't want to be alone. If only she had been brave enough to take Morgana's friendship sooner, she would have been happy.

Morgana Evans came along, and Hermione could admit she was awed by her presence and character as it defied all expectations. Morgana wasn't anyone's property, and watching, Hermione knew that everything Ronald said about having Morgana was a lie. Morgana would rather destroy him without hesitation. Hermione knew that Morgana was much too good for Ronald, and that wasn't mentioning that Hermione was sure that Ginny had her, and she was gay.

Hermione felt her lips curve up in a smile at the thought. Morgana was a beautiful girl, and below her darkness was light that shone brightest. Hermione had discovered that Albus Dumbledore, despite all of the books she had read was not the great white hero they depicted, but an evil vile old man hiding in the light, corrupting fools, and she had almost been in amongst those fools.

Hermione finally realised that no sane person would give her a time turner for any reason as easily as he did. After Morgana took it from Hermione and took her to rest, she realised that Morgana had cared about her health even though she was foolish enough not to take her friendship that first day she met her.

Ronald didn't notice Hermione was breaking. Strangers and enemies did. If the time turner ended up in the wrong hands because of her, what could have happened, she could only guess, shivering at the thought.

Hermione had been so stupid, foolishly believing that she needed all of those extra classes, and if she wanted she could have easily found courses after Hogwarts to satiate her curiosity at least.

It was early in the afternoon when the doorbell sounded, and Hermione pulled herself up from her desk, doing homework as her dad was at work and her mum was out grocery shopping. Hermione would normally go with her mum, but she was too fixated on her homework so she left her alone to complete it. Hermione was completely OCD like that, so once it was done she could get on with other things.

Walking down the stairs of her house, Hermione wondered who it could be before she pulled open the door. Hermione's eyes widened in horror as she tried to force the door closed, as it was Dumbledore and several of his followers. However, he forced the door with a giant smile as he knocked Hermione to the floor.

"Hello Miss. Granger. I thought we could have a word!" the old man said while Hermione was horrified and rightfully scared. He had come to force her back, to make her friends with Ronald again, and she never wanted that. She was finally free, and able to breathe easily, but she thought she knew, no matter what Dumbledore did, Morgan's people would know, but she wondered whether they could save her again.

However, seconds later, the whole front of the house was ripped apart in flames of white fog, and Hermione knew the signs of apparation. Glass shattered, bricks fell, and explosions wrecked the street. Dumbledore had hurried back with his people as several women appeared in front of her in protective positions.

Hermione knew the red haired woman was Amelia Bones, head of Magical Law Enforcement, and she was with several female aurors, but also Professor's Rose and Sinistra were with her, wands pointed at Dumbledore and party.

"You're under arrest Dumbledore for the assault on a minor!" Madam Bones hissed out angrily while Professor Sinistra left the others, checking on Hermione with a reassuring smile she pulled her to her feet and she couldn't bring herself to let her hand go.

"Now don't be silly, Amelia!" the old man chirped with his twinkling eyes, which Hermione now realised were raping the minds of anyone who didn't practice the defence, and he really looked as if he did nothing wrong. "Miss. Granger, you'll tell the nice... what do muggles call them, oh yes, police officer that we are welcomed guests."

Hermione felt queasy as Dumbledore looked at her and she was about to agree with him when she shook her head clear as she remembered this was a man to fear. Dumbledore didn't care about people, especially not Hermione, but they were mere commodities to him and his Greater Good.

"N-no I didn't!" she forced out fighting the words when Sinistra looked up at Dumbledore. The dark skinned beauty moved her eyes between herself and him. Hermione instantly felt better, was surprised when the old man cried out grabbing his head, and stumbled back before glaring. It was awing that he wasn't the biggest bad on the playground, and others could match him.

Sinistra then moved, wand firing. Hermione watched in awe, as her teacher was a blaze of colours as she fought the old man. He wasn't proving to be as good as the books said he was, though that could be down to ageing However, he looked down on woman, pretending to be the next Merlin but he wasn't, he believed that Morgana le Fay was nothing, but even would have Merlin respected her power no matter how much of a sexist twit he was.

Merlin was a Slytherin, possibly even studied under Salazar Slytherin, but yet he was a huge muggle rights activist. He believed that given the opportunity that muggle and mage could work together to become something special, and for a while his work paid off with Camelot, but then it collapsed through greed or just plan foolishness for both parties; it was lost to hearsay.

Sinistra knocked Dumbledore back, away from Hermione's house and the spells stopped. Dumbledore was no Merlin, just like he was no Morgana le Fay. In many ways, Hermione saw Morgana, the Lightning Empress as a cross between both great figures. She had the darkness of Morgana le Fay, but the heart and kindness of someone who fought for equal rights as Merlin had.

Hermione finally understood why so many people followed her so freely. She wasn't darkness, or light. She just was. That was her. She was Morgana Evans; she wasn't evil or good but something else entirely. Hermione understood that maybe a girl was born who could cross the boundaries, cross the traits of the greatest mage of all time to show them all that they could be anything they wanted to be.

Dumbledore was rambling nonsense about his Greater Good when Hermione stepped forward and interrupted. "You fear change!" she said and he stopped, and stared at her in loathing. "Morgana Evans is new because she doesn't fall into the magical world and get comfortable. She came from the muggle world surviving, but she didn't hate them, if anything she saw what the magical world had forced on her, but she didn't hate mage.

"She knew from experience that she couldn't blame a species for the horrors a select few would inflict upon her whether muggle or mage!" Hermione said as she felt angry tears running down her cheeks. "She never looked to books to tell her what was what. She saw, and knew that something had to give, but then Dumbledore just laughed everything off as a joke because he wanted to always be right, and in control!"

"You'll regret siding against the light, girl!" Dumbledore hissed out spitefully.

Hermione could only look at him in coldness. "No, but I regret the moment I thought, light referred to good and right!" she answered and he looked madder, but not just him, but his followers too. She realised that if anyone from his people looked like that they were gone, never to return.

More aurors had turned up behind the old man and he turned, sneering his loathing before turning to Hermione and her protectors. "You'll regret siding with the dark girl as you watch Morgana die!"

"No!" Hermione was surprised by her own hiss and confidence. "I'm going to spit in your face while she drains every last spark out of you!" she spat out while he gave her a look as if she was just a foolish child before he and his minions apparated away in mucky mist.

"Everything will be okay now, Hermione!" She was startled as Professor Rose crept up on her with a proud nod. "We'll have you and your parents put in protection. Your parents will be taken out of the country, and you can come and stay at my home until Morgana returns, then I'm sure she will be pleased to allow you to stay with her and Ginevra."

"T-thank you P-Professor," she replied quietly as she felt her knees almost give way but Professor Rose wrapped her arms around Hermione, keeping her up as she watched muggles getting their memories modified, and Hermione was in agreement. It was better for them that they didn't have to put up with the memories.


Angel only waited in his car for the girl because it was his duty to protect innocence as that was her way of dealing with what he had done when he was a soulless monster. It was his way of repenting, and repaying the world for the horrors he had caused back then.

He couldn't let Morgana run off to fight these monsters alone no matter how much sparking with electricity she could threaten him or any daemon with. She was barely 14 from what she told him, and he didn't like leaving her alone in the bar, but she needed to use the ladies room so he couldn't follow, and got the impression that she would kick his arse if he tried too.

She may have some unique abilities, as well as magic, but still. What could she do? It was only because the daemons couldn't hurt her inside the bar that Angel left her. She was just as stubborn as Buffy was in many ways, but he wouldn't tell Buffy but he was sure the girl had plenty of advantages over her, though mainly because of magic, and her electricity control, and possible wealth.

Morgana exited the bar after a few minutes and smiled as she walked towards Angel's car when he held back a groan as two vampires from inside followed her out. This meant that Angel would have to go and do his job... okay; maybe he didn't have to interfere. He watched Morgana beat the ten barrels of crap out of them before grabbing their faces, and in streams of blue and white light, it was as if she sucked them dry of every electrical impulse in their undead bodies and they burst into dust.

"Let's go already!" she commanded rolling her eyes as she pulled open the passenger side door and climbed in, closing the door and pulling on her seatbelt. "I have other stuff to do later, got places to be, people to see, evil old men to vanquish! So put the pedal to the metal Mr. Matrix!" she demanded laughing at him.

Angel looked down at his coat with a sigh before pulling out into the road wondering whether it was a girl thing to make fun of a guy's outfit. "Cordelia said something like that to me when I got this new coat," he complained as his last one only came to his knees, whereas this one came mid-calf.

"Well next time get her to pick out your clothes," she said mockingly but Angel couldn't help but shudder. "Yeah, I guess she would ruin your dark, mysterious ways if she did," she said mocking him, but he wouldn't want to say anything, as she was just a child, like Dawn, only with highly dangerous super powers and magic, so not as like Dawn as he would have preferred.

Angel sighed, which he always found odd as he didn't actually need to breathe, but figured it was just a habit left over from when he was human. He sometimes wished he could remember his human days as well as others, even the bad would be better. Angel remembered a lot over the years, but it wasn't as great as it could have been, and he wished he were born in this time as things were more complicated, but much easier.

"So, when are you leaving town?" Angel asked her out of curiosity. He knew that if she had been in town for long someone would have heard and he would have found out. Therefore, he would wager that she was just passing through on her way somewhere, likely landed at LAX to head on after a few days, and he could tell without a doubt she didn't even have a chaperone, but Angel wouldn't say anything as she was strong enough to look after herself from what she saw with the vampires.

"Yeah, I've got other stuff to do, but while I'm here, saving damsels in distress is my thing, but if they've already been killed, reaping vengeance in their names seems like the right thing to do," she said shrugging.

Angel grimaced at that as he realised she really thought like that and looking he could actually picture her with her own army of like-minded girls ready to charge a fort with magic.

"It isn't like I have anything urgent hanging…" she continued thoughtfully. "Though, I guess Narielle would be fun to play with, never done a daemon girl before."

Angel kept his eyes on the road and he was glad he couldn't blush as he knew he would have been ten shades of red right then. He didn't like to think of such young people doing things like that even if he knew statistically it was a certainty. So to keep his mind off things Angel pulled out his phone and hit the speed dial. She was just so open yet closed at the same time, and not to mention the sense of danger he got from her now.

Angel's cell phone answered after the second ring. "Wes, it's me…" he began, quickly getting to the point.

"Angel," a voice on the other end spoke. "Have you got the location? We'll be out there right…"

He was quick to cut him off. "It's all fine. I have the location, and made a new contact," he replied. Angel was quick to agree that backup would be good as he looked to the young girl and gave them the address quickly. Buffy did say he worried too much sometimes, as he had been concerned about her, her friends and Dawn too much when he worked back in Sunnydale.

"I also have," he continued, slowly in thought. "Some backup, but she's just a fourteen year old witch with an attitude problem," he said, eyeing the witch as she glared at him and muttered 'thirteen'.

"Backup?" he asked sounding confused. "A witch...? Who? I don't understand," he said sounding more confused, which made Angel sigh, rolling his eyes.

"I'll tell you when you get here, just trust me!" Angel finished and hung up his phone, and dumping it on the dashboard.

"Trust is a two way street," Morgana suddenly spoke almost startling him as he looked into her amused and mocking emerald green eyes. She had a point but he wasn't going to tell her so. It was more annoying because she had an English accent and that made him think of that idiot Spike, but at least hers was royal to his northern.

"And you trust Narielle?" Angel couldn't help but ask in reply because he couldn't think of much else. Angel doubted she did trust her much, but he detected some kind of connection or affinity between the young ladies.

Morgana shrugged while making a none-committed face. "I think... yeah sure, I trust her enough to know that she'll never try to kill me," she answered with a frown of thought. "Other than that," she shrugged again with a small grin. "Trust isn't easy for me I suppose, but I've been alone enough to know who I can and cannot show any trust or faith. My 'family' after my mother and father were murdered never was the nicest of people, but I suppose being dumped in London when I was eight was better than if they dumped me here. I could have been a lot worse surviving here."

Angel didn't know how to respond to that as he too knew what it was like to be alone, but he couldn't help but feel impressed if a little humbled at the knowledge that this girl had survive by herself for so long, even if it was just in London, even they had badness. Angel could see she chose to be better than she could have been, choosing the high road while maybe taking some shortcuts along the way. She was dangerous because she had to be to survive the streets alone, intact.

It was relative quiet for the rest of their journey, and even so, he wouldn't know what to say if he did try to make conversation. Anyway, conversation wasn't up his street, even before his split from Buffy he wasn't much for conversation. He guessed he should probably work on that. Though, he was a dangerous vampire he should probably have no one to practice talking too, but still, he did, and he still wasn't sure whether he should be thankful or not.

Angel was soon pulling up in the correct street across the road from a rundown looking building that most likely contained plenty of apartment's that under normal circumstances would be empty or contain normal squatters until it was torn down or renovated. However, two large vampires that looked bored either side of the door guarded it.

"Here," Lightning suddenly spoke as she pulled out a beautifully crafted wand from her left sleeve. It had been a long time since Angel had seen such a focus, and even longer since, it had been so beautiful. She tapped it to his arm gently whispering some words before she could protest. The words were gentle and spoken in Latin, and then her wand was out of sight back up her sleeve.

Angel started at the dull white flash before the wand was gone, even though he should have mentally prepared for some sign of magic. He looked at herself confused as he now had a light tan and he could hear a heartbeat coming from him, but couldn't feel his heart beating in his chest so gave her a questioning look. Angel was quite impressed with the illusionary spell; it was ingenious.

She smirked at him. "It's just a simple illusion, nothing worthwhile. Most vampires are too thick to ever see through it, so let's just hope that there aren't any clever or knowledgeable daemons around or something. If we go in there with you wanting some drugs we'll at least get in, and hopefully get to see their boss. Kill him and the rest will become a disorganised mess and easily picked off!"

Angel nodded in agreement, surprised as he expected to have to stop her trying to storm the place, power blazing and then the ring leader getting away. "How do you want to do…?"

He trailed off as she pretended to be unconscious slumping in her seat, very convincingly. Angel was actually spending a few moments marvelling at her acting skill. He made a mental note to give some more thought into entrapment as ways to stop big bads evil schemes.

"Hurry up idiot," she demanded through her lips without even opening her eyes, and startling him as he was staring too much at the beautiful creature.

Angel rolled his eyes, though it was lost on her as he climbed out of his car, closing the door behind him. He was fast to open the passenger side door and was careful to pull her out, and cradle her in his arms. He was actually awed that she could make herself so… floppy.

Kicking the door closed he turned to see the two large vampires looking both ways as the street wasn't the quietest they could have chosen to set up their evil 'shop'. They saw the coast was clear and gestured for Angel to hurry across, which he did, climbing the steps up to the apartment buildings front door.

The two vampires licked their lips hungrily while eyeing Morgana, but they made no move to touch her, which Angel was thankful for or their cover would have been blown. Angel was certain she would have dusted them in moments, but then she might have done that electricity drain thing fast enough that they couldn't alert anyone.

"Top floor; room number twenty five," one vampire said grumbling while licking his lips. "She looks good; the boss will want that one personally," he commented and Angel didn't like that implication, but kept his expression neutral and uninterested.

Angel nodded his head feigning nervousness, though he was a little nervous at how easy they were getting in. But then it was true that sometimes the simplest solutions worked best, and he would have to thank Morgana for helping out.

Entering the dank and dark building it stank of human waste, and Angel was a little startled to see several humans all junked up all over the ground floor lounged around. If it weren't that their blood would taste foul, which was a reason vampires never did prey on the sick or infirm, they would have become lunch as the drugs made them ill in a way.

It was disgusting that all of the humans who could make free lives for themselves would do that to themselves, let alone taking another person's life and or freedom. Angel would have given anything, (well near anything) to be human again; to be a normal man and have a love life. Well, preferably human with powers because he had pissed off a lot of daemons over the centuries.

He walked up the stairs pushing passed a few humans. He ended up kicking one down a few steps as he went to touch Morgana's chest with a crazed almost zombie like lust on his face. That would have blown their cover, and he was sure that once they reached the top their cover would be blown and they would have to fight their way to the boss anyway.

Angel watched Morgana as he held her cradled in his arms as if she could have been his own daughter fallen asleep on the couch watching TV and he was taking her to her bed. It would have been nice for that to be true for her and him, as they wouldn't have to fight monsters whether human or vampire just to be who they were.

She looked so peaceful, and Angel realised easily that this made life simpler than the usual walk in fists and stakes swinging, but it didn't mean he wouldn't worry because that was what he did. It was amusing though, he supposed that eight times out of ten rushing in fists swinging only worked through sheer fluke, or the fact the enemy were that brazen they hadn't though anyone would dare.

They reached the top of the building, and Angel steadied himself. He moved along the corridor where two more large vampires stood outside a door, number twenty-five. They were grumpy fellows, and Angel was twitching to stake them, but they would have to wait.

The two vampires looked at Angel suspiciously but one opened the door silently, and he went to step through when he paused. He couldn't, and the two guards looked to him, readying for a fight. This must have meant this place belonged to a human if he couldn't walk over the threshold without invitation.

"Come in!"

The words: Angel almost missed them. He gave Morgana a quick look before back to the now angst ridden vampires that gave their kind a bad name, which wasn't hard as they were human drinking monsters. Angel crossed the threshold, which made them relax and close the door behind him.

Angel looked forward to see a filthy rat of a human man sitting behind a filthy looking desk in a near empty room with several vampires male and female, and a few dead humans.

One female human's body was dumped in the middle of the room, dead and naked almost causing Angel to growl. She looked like she had never even reached her teens. Angel would have growled if it weren't for the lack of blood in the air as they had drunk it all after playing with the girls. But he felt like growling anyway just through anger.

"Angel!" the man behind the desk said in amusement, which caused the vampires to tense and ready themselves. "And Miss. Morgana, according to my sources. It seems, you Missy killed two of my vampires tonight!" he commented whimsically. "They say the Lightning Empress is a very dangerous witch. Rumour of your existence even travelled to me. But then I do have a cousin who lives in London, terrified of your return to the city he is. But here Miss. Morgana, you are but a little girl!" he mocked her, and Angel was sure she wouldn't stand for that, or lie, carried by a vampire no less, even if he didn't understand the title the air thickened dangerously. He knew she must have been putting the fear of her into the thugs, gangs, and organised criminals in London by herself.

Morgana sighed as her eyes glared at the man and Angel lowered her to her feet. "Well, the filthy little prick knows so much, but it won't matter when I've killed you! I'll be sure to find your cousin in the near future and rid him from MY streets!" she hissed in anger. "When I'm through with you, you little piss-ant you'll be eating nothing more than a statistic of LA's high crime rates, and it won't end painlessly for you because with my powers, painless doesn't exist!"

He snorted in amusement, not showing any fear but Angel could see she wasn't making that threat likely, she planned on killing him and making it hurt, and he had messed with her so Angel wouldn't try to stop her. He couldn't quite place something about her. She was more than just a teenaged super powered witch. She was smart and cunning too, and had some anger management issues, but she did what was right anyway, and that made her a very dangerous person for anyone in the blackness of heart to mess with. Yet had plenty of light, she trod in the darkness, so maybe there was a barrier between dark and evil.

"I doubt that very much…" he replied confidently. "Do you honestly think that you and that vampire can defeat me and my vampires?" he asked making sure to accentuate the plural in vampire. "And you came alone, how marvellous of you both to be so forthcoming in your own everlasting deaths."

"It's never about numbers you dipshit," she said in amusement. "It's always about the quality," she mocked, which caused the vampires to vamp-out and hiss in anger.

"Drain the bitch dry!" he hissed out in anger. "And stake the vampire!"

Angel moved fast, ignoring Morgana as he pulled out a wooden stake and took out a vampire in mere moments to their shock. He then blocked a punch, sliding round another. He staked him moments later when his eyes widened as flashes of blue light caught his attention and then agonising screams screeched in his ears.

He turned to see Morgana holding out her right hand frying the other vampires, holding them under electricity igniting them into flames and dust moments later, sparks bouncing off the floor and ceiling as the attack finally ceased she looked nonchalant about the whole ordeal. He had made child's play out of over fifteen vampires.

She looked to Angel and smirked. "Vampires really shouldn't start a fight with me inside such a confined space! Nowhere to run! It could burn the flesh right off their bones, and turn them to dust!" she added whimsically.

"You bitch!" the human suddenly yelled as he stood from his desk holding up some kind of silver medallion on a golden chain. Angel could just make out some kind of star in the centre with a purple gem through the middle as he smirked at them spitefully. "You fool's! I have all the power here!" he laughed as Angel took half a step back as the medallion started glowing blue even while Morgana stood her ground, unconcerned.

"Destroy the undead!" he cried out suddenly when Angel flinched as a blast of white light flashed over him. It burnt and made him drop to his knees as he cried out in pain. Angel realised this was how he was ordering the other vampires around without them attacking him and taking over operations for themselves and running amok with greed.

However, a moment later the light pulled back and the rat of a human started crying out instead. Angel looked up thinking that Morgana had gotten him but no; she just watched smirking as the light now engulfed him in white and blue flames. She had sparks of blue striking up and down her body while she watched the poor excuse for a human begging her to save him, but Angel knew she wouldn't. She wasn't like heroes from storybooks or comics who would let the vile evil live to hurt people another day because to people like him she wasn't merciful.

"You were just a foolish little wannabe sorcerer," Morgana suddenly said as Angel saw the human looking at her as he screamed for her to save him. Out of her and Angel the man knew only she had any real power. "And honestly I don't know what I did but they say electricity can have a polarising effect on dipshits like you. You should have thought this through, because I am not ever going to let filth like you live after harming my sisters, as I am leader of Covenant of Witches!"

The man staggered back in horror, and even Angel was shocked she was powerful enough at her age to have gained leadership of the Covenant, their queen even, and they had never been known to be nice to any man treating any female as if they were below them, let alone a commodity like this man had treated them.

"Please! Please…!" he screamed as he stumbled from behind his desk, staggering pleading ablaze in white-blue fire, but Angel knew she couldn't, and more that she wouldn't if she could, and Angel thought the scum knew that too but had to try. "Please save me…!" he begged dropping to his knees and crying in agony, withering in pain.

"All I did was polarise your spell. I can't save you even if I wanted too," she answered hatefully, proving that his thoughts had been right, he had crossed the newest head of the Covenant of Witches and she had brought him to justice as no one else would. "Bastards like you don't deserve to be spared anyway…! Do you spare these woman and children some sick fuck gives you when they begged for mercy?!"

"Please…!" he whimpered one last time while his body twitched in pain on his knees.

She shrugged. "Go to hell you sick pile of shit!" she hissed coldly as the light faded away and the rat of a human was dead, burnt, and bloody, his clothes practically melted to his flesh as his corpse collapsed flat with a thud, and shattered like brittle charcoal.

Morgana sighed and Angel watched as she pried the medallion from his fingers. His fingers crumbled away as it was pulled free. Angel couldn't help but worry about what she would do with it as he tiredly climb up to his feet. Angel looked to his charred flesh, thankful he wasn't crumbling. However, he winced as he noticed that the charm used by Morgana to make him seem human had faded away.

Angel's shirt had been destroyed showing off his pale muscular chest, and he took a little satisfaction that the witches' cheeks stained red as she turned to him. However, when her eyes narrowed in anger he realised that she just didn't want to see him like that.

"Guess I'll need a new coat," he said trying to lighten the mood, which was new for him, but she made him feel that uncomfortable. He didn't normally condone the loss of human life but if a human was using supernatural means to cause harm he supposed in some cases, it couldn't be helped. He chose to not mention her command position, and felt pleased that she was alone, but also concerned that her Order was that confident in her power, so young. But then having seen her power first hand, and he was certain that was a fraction, he would be confident in her power too.

"I guess," she answered quietly when they both tensed as the door was kicked open. He was shocked to see Wes, Cordelia, and Gunn barging in carrying sword or axe looking a bit beat up. He had almost forgotten about them as he was with such a powerful sorceress, and forgot he called them for backup.

"Whoa!" he called as Morgana made to move, moving in her way she paused and relaxed as he turned to them as they looked around at her, moving back as she sparked with blue in places, and they saw his concern so given what they dealt in knew she wasn't just a mere child.

"So you must be Morgana?" Wes said suddenly. He was nervous and gave her a polite smile. Angel had only told them her name on the phone and little more, but he was a smart enough man to know that she was more than the blue sparks. He looked around at all of the defeated evil, or dust. "My name is Wesley Wyndan-Pryce, and you know Angel, but these two are our collages Cordelia Chase and Charles Gunn, though he prefers the use of his surname."

"Nice to meet you I guess!" she replied with a shrug, only shaking Cordelia's hand and ignoring the other two men. Angel could see she didn't care too much about any other introductions. She didn't seem all that fond of men either.

"We could really use a witch on... the... team…" he began looking up to Angel, so he was fast in interrupting.

"She's leader of the Covenant of Witches!" Angel was quick to inform him and he looked back in doubt for a moment before paling and turning back to her with a scared smile and a low bow.

"M-my apologise Lady Morgana!" he quickly said while only Angel knew why he had changed tact and the other two looked baffled. "I'm sure we can manage with the magic side of daemon hunting ourselves."

"Well I suppose I would have liked to hang and stuff, but I have other crap to get on with," she answered, and Angel knew she would be somewhat crude but she wouldn't be a bitch about such a small question asking for help; she would have to be smart as well as strong to get such a position. Angel had actually thought about it briefly himself when he saw her fight, before he knew who she was. "I'm leaving LA as soon as one of you so kindly drives me to the bus station," she said looking at her watch. "I think I'll be able to get a bus out of town before they stop for the night."

"Why the hurry to leave," Gunn asked suspiciously, still not sure of who she was by the look on his face. But Angel knew from the way he and Wes were acting that Gunn knew that she was important and dangerous. "Running from some big unstoppable force we might want to know about?"

"Nope," she replied rolling her eyes. "I just have to find something and need to go and get it I only have till the holidays end, stupid. I guess I'm in no real hurry though, but I do go where I want, do what I want too… within reason of course. Though I have an annoying habit of being the stupid hero just because, but I guess I just wanted to be the superhero, like from comics, but I don't know who I am sometimes, and have lots of responsibility, but whatever."

"I'll drive you," Angel said, trying to keep out of analysing her. After all, he owed her his life; it was the least he could do for now.

Angel led her back to his car and they both climbed in, and just as he started the engine, Cordelia climbed in the back seat glaring at Morgana. It was quite a funny glare too, but he couldn't laugh, that wasn't him. She didn't like someone else being the centre of attention, and Angel just hoped that she didn't get them into trouble with Morgana as having a 'friendship' with her could help them in the future. It was lucky that Morgana wasn't a typical queen.


It was dark and kind of creepy to tell the truth. Sunnydale California was a name of irony in Morgana's honest opinion. She had already moved passed three creepy cemeteries on her way to find a local inn that might be open at half eleven at night. It shouldn't be too hard. Back in London, she remembered that hotels were open 24/7 in some places. Anyway, half eleven wasn't that late, so she shouldn't have to feel concerned about where she would get a good night's rest.

Morgana had just phoned home and spoken with Ginny on her cell phone. She sounded as if she was having a great time. It was a shame she couldn't have come with her, to keep her company, and enjoy the vacation, but things were a little more complicated than they would have ever liked.

Hiding Ginny from her 'family' was step one of Morgana's plans to save her from a whack job family, but at least, though she hated admitting it, her twin brothers were okay guys, and stuck with her. But then the Weasley twins were closet genius and they could see bull-crap when it was presented as the 'right thing'.

Next, they had to get Ginny adopted into Morgana's family, like a sister of sorts, and magical lore would easily arrange that if everything were done right. It was just that they had to wait awhile while Amelia and some other agents fast tracked the papers and had them approved before Dumbledore found out and taught Arthur Weasley how he could stop it from taking place, but they had back up plans in place.

Because magical lore was ever changing, arranged marriages were not enforceable. Just because the magical people didn't change with popular opinion, or take opinion in from the 'non-magical-world' didn't mean that lore of magic didn't. The magical lore in many respects was like sentient and watchful, from what had been studied in the past.

Yet it wasn't alive at all. It was created thousands of years in the past where powerful witches and wizards (who essentially could have been called gods that was how much more powerful they were) needed something to keep them in line, give them structure. Back then, there was no magical world, and they lived, hidden amongst the muggles in a world where magic even to non-magic was commonplace and respected rather than just feared. That was the first mentions of the Covenant of Witches, and the Order of Warlocks, though the latter had since gone extinct because the then queen some few centuries back destroyed the Warlocks for a crime that had been lost to time, and many Wicca survived to rebuild the covenant after the war.

But that was beside the point, they had never imagined that the magical world would exist full of magicians hidden unmoving with the rest of the world, so the magical lore didn't move on to just watch the magical world, but muggle too, and evolved through that. Books were made, and still were made that updated themselves every seven years, whether the mage liked the additions or changes or not. They were vast books full of unknown pages, but they were smart so that you could ask the book what you wanted to know and it would find the pages for you.

Morgana had wondered why all magical books couldn't be that clever, but then that was likely asking for much too much from them.

But anyway, back to marriage. Dumbledore would have never been able to marry Morgana off to anyone; least of all she would have killed them. But both parties had to agree since around the 60s, and either pure-bloods who had been betrothed didn't know they could refuse, or it was a family honour thing and they were brought up to think it was a good idea, even if the male party was so much older than the seventeen year old girl. But there had always been ways out of anything. The warlocks had tried to squish the witch's rights, but the covenant had been smarter than them.

It was kind of gross and creepy thinking about how backwater that could be. The human race had moved on passed that kind of thing, well most had. However, Morgana and her people could use that to marry Ginny into another family if they stopped her making her her adoptive sister. They were thinking about one of their of age, seventeen year old girls, as it was a surprise that same sex marriage had never been illegal in the magical world, and was actually quite a lot more frequent that she would have thought.

Five percent of all marriages in the magical world each year, or just below that were gay. However, even then they saw the problem with marrying her to a seventeen year old. None of them had families in enough power for Dumbledore and the ministry to back down, but Laurel Greengrass did, and though it was a weird conundrum and Laurel didn't actually want to marry again, she agreed to it anyway, for Morgana.

Anyway, that was a last case scenario. Hopefully their plans would work out smoothly and then Ginny would no longer be a Weasley, but an Evans like Morgana, and then kissing would be even naughtier.

Morgana couldn't help but laugh as she was passing yet another graveyard and rolled her eyes. However, her eyes flickered up to see a surprise. There were several men exiting the graveyard and circling her while, she came to a stop almost amused with them, but they were in her way and she could see the lights ahead where a main street lay with, hopefully a motel or something. Morgana was told there was a place near the train station, but dam some places that didn't put up signposts for visitors.

"Now look what we have here boys', its dinner!" one of the men foolishly said as his rough face went from blue eyed moron, to yellow eyed moron with bumpy brow, face, and fangs, reminding Morgana of a Neanderthal, and she wondered why she never teased Angel about that, and made a mental note for if she saw him again.

The vampire hissed at Morgana as he charged, and she punted him in the nuts. He cried out as he came to a stop, and the other men winced as they heard his bulls crack before she grabbed his hair and broke his nose on her knee. It exploded with blood as he was crying before streams of blue light pulled from him, into her for a few moments before he burst into dust.

Morgana turned to the men, eyeing them each in turn as she flexed her muscles, and blue sparks danced across and around her arms, flicking off her fingers, and arching to the ground, lightening the dark alley and causing the vampires to step back for a moment looking concerned.

Morgana narrowed her eyes dangerously, "so which one of you bat fuckers is next?!" she demanded and the vampires took steps back, as they took stock of what they had stumbled onto. They had ran into a bigger bad than any of them could hope to be and they didn't even know whether running was an option.

One man charged; vamping out, as Morgana had heard it was nicknamed by youth culture these days while she noticed something nudge her foot. It was a piece of wood and she kicked it up into her right hand and thrust it through the vampires' chest; he was dust a second later as she pulled the pointed piece of wood from his chest. She had always wanted to stake a vampire with a piece of wood since seeing Angel doing it; it looked cool, and it was.

The remaining vampires looked at Morgana in horror and took further steps back before two of them went all bumpy faced and were dust a moment later. Morgana was quite disappointed. Vampires, well most seemed to be complete weaklings. It was annoying; they were beneath her, and yet the fools still didn't understand that.

"You know, I really don't like you guys," she said pointing her left hand and there was a clap of thunder as she fired a shock-wave They were blast back into the wall and held to it before they cried out further as she shot blue sparks at them, securing them to the wall with blue electric shackles. "You guys stay put, watch the sunrise." She giggled as she walked away, amused with their future demises.

"Ah, come on, please; looking for evil minions? We're your go to guys!" one of the men cried out, trying to plead.

"No thank you;" Morgana said with a mocking grin. "I already have the whole Covenant at my beck and call if I needed something, and they're not incompetent idiots," she said waving them off with a shrug, laughing as they annoyed the hell out of her, and bothered her, which was their grave error in judgement.

It was a blessing for her when she was out of earshot of those losers. Why would she want or need vampire minions? More still why would she need or want men vampire minions? It was just how crazy the world was that they didn't understand how awesome she was and they weren't, so they would be dust come morning, and Morgana took pleasure knowing that she had probably saved the lives of many innocent people.

Morgana was walking around a corner into the main street twirling her new stake when she heard a commotion inside a nearby building. It looked like it was disused office space as it had a 'too let' sign high up for everyone to see with a phone number to call for 'more details'. Morgana paused when she was near the building. She was going to try peering in through the window to see what was going on when the sidewall crumbled, and exploded out.

Jumping back and away, Morgana battered a few bricks away with her hands and lost her poor stake before the bricks hit her. She let it go. She could get a new one another day. She stopped on the side of the road, as she looked down as the dust settled to see a small blonde girl... umm...-young woman. She was pretty, even with a bloody and bruised face with her hair tied back into a ponytail. She was wearing blue jeans, and a white top with a stylish black leather jacket and white trainers.

The late-teen-early twenty girl was on her stomach coughing up blood, trying to drag herself up while another blonde, taller, older looking and quite super model hot walked out of the hole in the wall. Her hair was long to her shoulders and curled. She had blue eyes and wore tight jeans and red pumps with a blue top that accentuated her assets nicely.

"Well now Buffy!" the woman spoke to the blonde on the floor with a sultry voice. "It looks like I finally get to end the pesky little Slayer!" she said whimsically while 'Buffy' tried to move away from her, fear in her blue eyes.

The woman leaned down to grab her only to scream out as she was struck with a stream of blue electricity. She crashed into a sidewall. The wall toppled down, collapsing on top of her and she didn't seem like she was going to get up.

Morgana quickly ran to Buffy as she looked up at her through blurry eyes and she carefully helped her up to stand with her arm around her neck. Buffy was wobbly, and she was so tired she could barely support any of her own weight.

"Come on, let's get you out of here," Morgana said quickly as she didn't fancy having to get rid of any more vampires, or worse, daemons. "That bitch isn't getting up after that!" she said but the blonde looked back to the rubble in doubt, and it caught Morgana's attention as the bricks burst up and the woman was back, glaring at Morgana with frizzled hair, licking a spot of blood from her lower lip, enraged. Morgana did seem to have a talent for pissing certain types of losers off.

"Oh... that was supposed to kill you!" Morgana commented offhandedly. "So let me guess, Glory, the hell goddess. Well I can say you do have the hot goddess vibe going for you. Well it's either that or Victoria Secret has been giving her supermodels super powers."

"So the Slayer isn't the only wise cracking hero wannabe!" Glory said coolly as she straightened out her hair, clicking the cranks in her neck. She eyed the new super powered girl warily, but she felt unconcerned. "Who are you?" she demanded, incensed at the audacity of these freak abnormal humans getting in her way all the time. "If you knew I was here you should have stayed away from Sunnydale!"

"Me...? I'm the Plasma Cutter that's going to take that pretty little head of yours and detach it from that fine looking body of yours!" she replied with a twisted grin as her emerald eyes lit up bright blue with white sparks.

Morgana adjusted Buffy in her arms as she was leaning on her to stay up just to glare at Glory in loathing.

Though," she continued whimsically, "I'm only here because there is something in town I want, I can't let you murder cute girls who save the day! Girl heroes are just too awesome and should be treasured by other girl heroes, and get to have lots of fun reaping vengeance on their enemies, and the fools who would hurt them or their girlfriends for their own greed, ignorance, or stupidity!"

"Then I'm going to have to kill you too, Sparkles!" Glory replied mockingly as she flittered at incredible speeds. Morgana had to dodge back while throwing Buffy out of harm's way where she collapsed to a grassy area next to a small tree with a hiss of pain.

Glory paused where Morgana had been a moment before, fist out in a strike. She looked surprised that Morgana had managed to avoid the hit before she moved in. Glory was fast, but she didn't suspect the attack as Morgana didn't like to beat around the bush.

Glory was strong and fast, and normally she had no match, so she didn't have technique, so when Morgana's right knee crashed into her nose. Blood blew out as she cried and flittered back away from her new foe, holding her nose while blood streamed through her fingers with a look of astonishment in her eyes before that look became full of rage. It looked like she couldn't believe anyone could ever hurt her, especially a human.

However, Morgana gasped as Glory suddenly had her fist buried in her gut, and she coughed up blood before she took her bearings and grabbed her wrist. She had been so fast that she caught Morgana, but she didn't know how to fight and certainly didn't realise that she should have moved back straight away after hitting her new foe.

Morgana could feel her bloodied smirk as she sparked. "Ever hear this one?" she asked as her smirk turned into a huge grin. "Pika... CHU!" she laughed through the pain. Then they were lit up in blue, buzzing and singing, exploding with blue and white lightning. Glory screamed in agony for several moments before she gritted her teeth, still buzzing in pain she lifted Morgana up on her fist while she held her still, and then Morgana's back sunk into the concrete beneath them as Glory slammed her down.

It hurt like nothing Morgana had ever felt before. She had always been the strongest. The electricity went out and Glory tossed Morgana away like a worthless doll where she skipped across the road, and hit a fire hydrant the other side, tearing it from its foundation, water exploded up, soaking her. It was refreshing as she landed, embedded into the boot of a car; the alarm went off making her head hurt more than when she hit the road.

Morgana was blurry eyed when she looked up to see Buffy had somehow gotten up and a second later she flew across the street and crashed into Morgana, knocking the wind out of her for the second time. Morgana was certain she wasn't getting up again after the beating she had received, and Morgana could already feel her own bruises and injuries.

Glory was across the street, smirking as she sauntered over. Morgana held Buffy tight in her arms as she drew her wand. "Avada Kedavra!" Morgana roared out in hate, and she was surprised it did anything. Morgana had only looked up the killing curse out of curiosity as she had survived it, as she had never thought she would resort to sorcery to kill.

The beam of green was unstable but it hit Glory, and she flashed green, dropping to her knees with blood drooling from her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. She looked dizzy, and sick, but she was most certainly not dead, as Morgana had planned. Though, that was likely a goddess thing, but it at least hurt her. Glory looked furious before something bubbled in her hand; her skin morphing and contorting; she went wide-eyed.

Glory sneered at Morgana before she flittered off, running away. Morgana smiled a little, as she knew Glory wouldn't let them go next time, but Morgana would be ready to vanquish her by then.

Morgana felt terrible, as if she had been run over by a car, but then she did hit a parked car. This was a lesson to her. She wasn't always going to be the strongest, so she had to fight smarter, and in stronger company. She smiled bloodily down at the unconscious Slayer as having a Slayer on the team sounded like a good idea. Morgana groaned as she put her wand away and held Buffy tightly before she finally lost the fight to stay awake.


Morgana woke with a start. She groggily sat up sharp, as she let her mind process what had happened. Something wet had been on her forehead but fell to the covers, as she was in a bed somewhere. She looked around, surprised to see Buffy next to her still sound asleep with a wet cloth on her head, and looked to see one on her own lap. She was in some blue pyjamas that were a little big for her.

The sun was shining through the closed curtains, and when Morgana looked to her side, she saw a startled red haired young woman with a blonde. They couldn't be any older than Buffy, young college student age at the most. They were pretty, though Morgana was sure she was getting a fetish for cute red heads and this one certainly counted.

"Yo, hey, wet cloths really aren't my thing, but I'm dandy with wet hotties like you two!" she quickly declared, feeling right as rain and naughty, giving them both a wink while they were both blushing brightly before Morgana slid out of bed, stretching the cranks from her body.

"Hey, you shouldn't be out of bed!" the red head said looking her over, as she noticed something. "Wait... your bruises, and... well it's all healed, but it's only been several hours," she said in awe.

"Yeah, yeah, I heal fast!" she informed her before looking to the side dresser where her phone was sitting with her purse. "Where are my clothes and who undressed me?" she asked with narrowed eyes.

"Umm... we did; you were both soaking wet from the hydrant!" the red head replied quickly. "You could have caught a cold. Sorry the PJ's are a bit big; they were mine from when I was younger, but I didn't wear them too much. Your clothes are still being dried, but your phone and purse are okay. Some of the money got a little soggy but we dried it on the radiator and put it back, but what are you doing with over two thousand dollars on you?"

"Oh, umm... didn't know how much I would need," she replied, waving it off as nothing, pleased they were trustworthy. "If I needed more I have my bank cards. But hang on, where is my pendant?" she asked as it wasn't with her phone or purse and she double-checked. She didn't really need it for anything, but she had grown attached. She didn't usually wear jewellery, but it was nice, and tasteful.

"This?" the blonde asked pulling it out of her pocket and letting it hang on the black cord, watching it in marvel. "Where did you get this? This is the symbol of the Covenant of Witches, and this is the genuine article. I checked it, and its one hundred percent the real deal, and worth a fortune!"

Morgana rolled her eyes and the blonde reluctantly let her take it back. "I'm the new leader of the Covenant of Witches, stupid head!" she replied playfully while the blonde and the red head went wide eyed and pale as they looked the odd girl over more carefully. Though, that would explain how a girl of her youth could go toe to toe with an evil bitch hell goddess.

"Anyway, I know Buffy's name, but you guys are?" Morgana asked them, as she was getting curious about them now. Morgana could tell they were both together, and sleeping together, but that was just obvious observation, so she needed more. She could take a wild guess, but she knew when to be polite, and when to take liberties in some private lessons from Professor Rose.

"I'm Willow and this is my... friend, Tara!" the red head said with a small smile.

"You know, you can say girlfriend!" Morgana said, amused while they looked uncomfortable with her bluntness. "I have a girlfriend; her name's Ginny; she's a witch too," she told them shrugging, nonchalant.

"Oh," Tara said timidly before smiling. "So, you're really the leader of the Covenant?" she asked while Morgana nodded. She had been forewarned that the covenant was quite famous throughout the world, and apart from half of western Europe (thanks to Dumbledore), witches around the world would die to get in. "How do you get in?" she asked while looking eager and even Willow shared her look as she likely thought over the potential too.

"Oh, you have to be a witch, Wicca, sorceress, or whatever, but a girl, and mostly gay!" Morgana replied as that wasn't all to it, but the most important, to her at least.

"Well we kind of fill those requirements!" Willow said with a nod.

"Also there's a test of loyalty!" she added as she shrugged. "I can waive the main test thing only if you show loyalty in the battlefield, political, friendship – that sort of thing, or an actual battlefield, but I don't think the test is all that hard, more of a ceremony that is a part of the initiation than anything.

"We haven't had one yet since I took over, but it's planned for the day before school starts next summer, so the Thirtieth of August Greenwich Mean Time in Ireland. Then that gives us the last day to prepare for school. If you want to join you're more than welcome to try."

"Really...?" Tara asked in awe while Morgana nodded her head. Of course, Morgana could sense their magic since she was so close and they weren't suppressing anything. And though Tara was gifted; that was nothing compared to Willow, not that she was a super-witch, yet at least, or anything, but had a lot of energy, more than Tara by a fair margin, and talent like them was always welcome. "So what is the ceremony like? I read that it would take place with lots of other witches, and a big joint spell to seal the deal."

Morgana laughed, rolling her eyes. "Let's see, Erika was telling me about it, and it involves some symbology!" she said while they nodded eagerly. "Then all of the present members will form a circle around the new recruits. The new girls will be wearing mana woven white silk robes, and swear their loyalty to the Covenant and me, under the magic before removing their robes. They'll be completely naked under their robes, and then they have to take their element test; you know, fire, wind, water, earth, then all the sub elements like lighting, or ice, and sub elements are taken in by the four main elements, normally the element that is greater, because subs are-."

"They're a mage born with two elements that combine!" Willow answered eagerly. "Like lightning, your element is fire and wind, so where do you go?" she asked, eagerly. "Oh, sorry, we caught some of your fight with Glory, and saw you use your powers."

"Wind according to the test," she replied, shrugging. "And I'm not a sub; my power was muggle... umm... mortal made... dam, I mean human made. It was a bomb that I was under, and I absorbed all of its power and it changed my DNA. I think my element should have just been wind, but I have the fire element too, but not by much, just a hint that it played with my magic a little."

"So... why do we have to be naked after we're sworn in?" Tara asked, looking highly embarrassed.

"Oh, I asked that too," Morgana replied with an impish grin. "I thought Erika was just being a pervert or something, but it's both a part of tradition, and about showing that to your sisters you have nothing to hide from them!"

"Oh, well, that's okay, right Willow?" she asked while Willow gave her a small grin.

"Well, anyway," Morgana said with a smile. "I'm the Queen of Sparks, or something. I forget with all of these names that people keep giving me... well, you can call me Morgana if you want, I don't mind. I'm Morgana Evans!" she said shaking both of their hands readily. "It's a nice Christmas holiday you guys are having! Already the twenty-eighth and having to deal with some bitch hell goddess. Ever think about squeezing open this Hellmouth and shoving her in?"

"No!" they both said with identical looks.

"We... just throw her into a hell dimension we can open without the key she's looking for!" Willow said with a wide smile. "Then we're rid of her for good, and all would be right with the world or a little less hectic until the next big bad come along. Morgana, you are a genius!"

"I know!" she replied, smirking while they laughed when they all heard a groan from the bed and turned to Buffy.

"Ow!" Buffy mumbled, rubbing her head and blurrily looking to them. "Did somebody get the number of that bus that ran me over?"

"Buffy!" Willow said with a relieved sigh as she went to her side. "You're so lucky, if Morgana hadn't saved you, you would be dead... again."

"I got the hell kicked out of me!" Morgana added, trying to keep from pouting as she failed her heroing that day, she would be more awesome the next and kick Glory's, glorious arse.

"Y-you're that girl!" Buffy grumbled, looking around. "Where is everyone, Dawn, and... why am I wearing pyjamas?"

"You were soaked from the hydrant, so we had to change you or you would have a cold as well as bruises!" Willow reprimanded. "We've been worried sick about you, going off and fighting hell goddesses!"

"Oh, sorry," she mumbled, looking down at the sheets where her head cloth had fallen.

"Well, Morgana gave us an idea that might just get rid of Glory for good!" she added cheering the blonde up. "We give her just want she wants and send her off the planet, but it won't exactly be the hell dimension she wants, but any would do! So we just open the Hellmouth a smidgen enough to fit her through and then lob her in!"

"You can do that?" she asked in surprise.

Willow shrugged her shoulders. "All of the big bads we've fought except a very few have opened it at some point to let things in, so I don't see why it wouldn't work the other way!"

"Alright, let's get on this, but first we should see what Giles thinks; he does have a lot of experience with this stuff," Buffy agreed, nodding. "But first-first can the girl with super strength and quicker healing than me, please carry me to the bathroom as I am dying for a pee and my legs still feel like Jell-O."

"Umm... sure...!" Morgana replied with a grin, as this would hopefully be amusing as she helped her into her arms. Buffy had a few years on Morgana, but she was so easy to carry, bridle style, as she was so short.

"Oh, and Willow...!" Buffy called as Morgana was carrying her out of the room, as the door had been opened. "If you guys are going on vacation to Ireland for the summer; I'm coming too, and maybe get a break from all of this crap!" she said, turning to Morgana. "I can watch this thing right?" she asked hopefully as she gestured which door was the bathroom of the house and Morgana opened the door without disrupting her much.

"Umm... have you ever given magic a try?" Morgana asked her thoughtfully.

"Well not really!" she said with a shake of her head.

Morgana frowned in thought as she sat Buffy on the toilet. "Okay, I'll do you a deal, learn one Wiccan spell from Willow and Tara and I'll let you join too! I'm the boss. It's my prerogative to do what I want!"

"But I don't think I'm kind of gay!" she said, blushing. "I was a little out of it and half asleep but I heard what you guys were talking about. Then, I doubt I would be able to light a candle with magic, let alone perform a proper spell."

Morgana laughed, shaking her head. Buffy was started as Morgana placed her right pointing finger on her lips and with a spark she pulled back, and Buffy's breathing had increased as she licked her lips as she felt the tingle still.

"Then why do you look at Willow like you do?" Morgana asked, as she hadn't missed that look; it was the look of love mixed with guilt and regret. Morgana had grown up having to be observant, and able to read people, so she saw that look, and wasn't sure that Tara didn't know as Buffy couldn't always stay guarded, and would likely let her mind wander some times. "My girlfriend is an empath so I've picked up a few things from watching her, but growing up where and how I did, I had to look beyond the surface. Anyway, I think that if you can't perform a simple match charm I would be shocked, especially with all of your supernatural potential.

"Your problem is; Buffy that you believe that there is such a thing as impossible. Me, I think I'm more inclined to believe in the improbable, which is the impossible waiting to happen. Maybe deep down I'm quite the optimist-I think everyone can do improbable things given the guts to give it a try. If you fail, then at least you tried, but maybe, sometimes, if you fail, try again and again, and never stop until you've done it. It is like giving the world the finger!"

"You're pretty wise for what, fourteen, fifteen years old?" Buffy replied with a grin.

"Fourteen in July," she answered to her surprise. "I've had a hard life, and I've grown up fast, and I already have arch-enemies, cool huh?"

"Not really, but can you, you know, wait outside for me? I think I can manage," she said while Morgana laughed and grinned, winking at her before leaving her to herself and closing the door.

Morgana turned to see a brunette girl closer to her age come charging up the stairs. She came to a stop in front of Morgana in surprise. She was pretty with pale blue eyes wearing beige hipsters, and a white top, bare foot with a nice bust; she was younger than the others were, maybe a year older than Morgana at the most.

"You're that girl!" the girl said, pointing at Morgana accusingly.

She pointed back mocking her. "You're; I don't know, but if you want to show me to your room we could have some naughty but fun, fun because you're smoking girl!" she suggested while wiggling her eyebrows and she blushed a tomato red.

"That isn't funny!" she said, pouting while folding her arms across her chest while Morgana was laughing at the cute girl, and was totally not joking, but whatever. "Is Buffy okay; how the hell did you do that thing with the lightning, and that Pikachu joke was epic!"

"Thanks, I thought it was awesome!" she agreed, offering her hand to shake. "Morgana, and you would be... let me guess, Dawn, the Slayers sister!"

"Y-yeah, umm... nice to meet you!" she said, shaking Morgana's hand, and startling at the slight spark before they let go, and Dawn narrowed her eyes suspiciously. "I am not falling for that stupid spark thing from Twilight when I know you're a lightning witch!"

"Worth a try," she replied, shrugging impishly. "And your sisters in the bathroom, still injured so I was carrying her..."

"I think I can walk myself now!" They were interrupted as the door was pulled open and Buffy was soon leaning on Morgana to keep herself up. "Well, okay, with a little assistance-."

"Buffy!" Dawn said in worry. "If you're still hurt you shouldn't be wandering around without help!" she declared as she moved around them to help Morgana walk Buffy back to her room.

"The world just got weirder!" Morgana said with a sheepish grin as they returned to Willow and Tara, helping Buffy back into bed. Morgana crawled in with her and took her place with her head cloth, grinning. "So get back to pampering us, we're still so poorly after fighting an evil goddess bent on killing everyone because she's a bitch."

"Now that is milking it!" Dawn said with a grin. "Oh, owe, my head is hurting!" she said very unconvincingly and crawled into bed next to Morgana when she pulled the cover up for her while they giggled.

"Dawn!" Willow complained with a small smile before everyone was laughing with them.


Dawn Summers, the Slayers younger sister yawned when she woke, but startled, and yelped as she looked up into beautifully stunning emerald green eyes before sighing in relief.

It had been a few days since Morgana joined them, which was cool. It was nice to have a girl her own age to hang around with.

Morgana was giggling while Dawn let her heart calm down as Morgana was staying in her room with her on the spare camp bed, but never stayed there, opting to sleep with Dawn, which was kind of nice and comfortable. Morgana managed to make Dawn feel safe and forget about the evils out to get her. Dawn knew Morgana could and would stop them and put the fear of her into the things that would go bump in the night.

Morgana was curled up tightly to Dawn's side; her beautiful face hovering above hers while she stroked Dawn's brunette hair. Morgana was odd in many ways, but so refreshing. Dawn couldn't help but feel enthralled by Morgana's magnificent eyes. She had the most amazing smile Dawn had ever seen, and she had always thought that Willow smile couldn't be beaten, but maybe this was a draw or something.

"Hey there, good looking!" she chirped and gave Dawn a sneaky morning wake up kiss on the lips, but she didn't mind; it was quick and nice. It was like having a big sister who wasn't all melodramatic and too in her own world of evil, monsters, and no love life to notice her, even though Dawn was older than Morgana. Dawn even returned the soft kiss, blushing as she did every morning Morgana had woken her up.

"You ready for the day?" Morgana asked, but Dawn was sure she was joking as Dawn was still so sleepy and would have loved nothing more than to spend all day in bed with this odd yet sweet and dangerous girl doing nothing but watching TV and eating snacks.

"I don't think I can do this magic thing," Sawn told her sheepishly. Dawn wanted to join the Covenant too, even though it took a little while for her sister to reluctantly agree that being apart made everyone safer as Dawn would always have places all around the world to go where she would be safe and taken care of, especially if something happened to Buffy. "I think Buffy's doing much better than me!" she complained as Morgana giggled and lay half on Dawn, using her breast for a pillow, cuddling her while she wrapped her arms around her in return.

"She hasn't lit the candle yet either you know. You just need to listen to Willow and Tara and you'll get it eventually," she replied with an amused voice. "You never know you might pick up the talent. I'm sure Tara and Willow would love having another Wicca to play with and do some cooler spells together. From what I gather from this type of magic, it's more about communing with the world...umm...-accessing higher brain functions through use of knowledge to manipulate the planets magic. So the more of you the stronger and better the spells, but that's not to say a single Wiccan can't be powerful alone."

"So it's like I have to become a psychic?" she asked thoughtfully when the door barged open and a sleepy Buffy still in her PJ's was dragged in by Willow and Tara who were fully clothed and ready for the day in high spirits.

"Exactly...!" Willow agreed with a smile. "I'm glad someone was paying attention."

"Come on, Will...!" Buffy was complaining while Morgana and Dawn sat up in bed rubbing sleep from their eyes, smiling as Buffy was a big complainer in the mornings. Willow and Tara had to wake her up, knowing that Morgana would have already woken Dawn, saving them a bit of time to just come and get them for breakfast as Morgana would have been happy cuddling Dawn all morning in bed. The two Wicca would then drag them off for magical studies as they called it.

"It's only eight thirty!" Buffy continued pleading but her pleads would fall on deaf ears as they had since the first morning they started their studies in the occultic use of planetary manipulation as Willow called it as if it was all science and not cool mysterious powers.

"Don't be such a cry-baby Buffy!" Willow reprimanded with a large smile as she was enjoying being in charge for a change. This wasn't slayer business, but magical stuff where Willow shined, and from what Morgana said Willow had a great bit of power, or potential she supposed; much larger than Tara's, which Dawn found surprising, but Morgana wanted it kept quiet so she hadn't told anyone.

"To join the Covenant of Witches with us you have to be a witch, or at least know how to do some magic!" Willow said rolling her green eyes. "It's a great chance for you and Dawn to have powerful backing, support, and funding beyond anything you could have now. They are powerful-ish, and only growing in power since Morgana took over. Not to mention the wealth that could help us with our evil killing and stuff. They can offer financial backing, and extra support."

"I know but I'm still sleepy!"

"But Morgana went out slaying last night!" Tara smiled as she reminded Dawn's silly sister. She was worse than Dawn at times, and she was supposed to be the responsible adult.

"You had us up until one in the morning!" she added in her defence.

"Can you augment strength with magic?" Morgana suddenly piped in looking thoughtful as she knelt next to Dawn on the bed. "I do it with my electricity. I'm normally stronger than everyone else, but to survive falls from huge buildings or punches from hell goddesses I augment my strength, but that has its limits to what my body can take, still. But I suppose with magic I could go further, get stronger?"

"Well, yeah, I don't see why not!" Willow agreed, which surprisingly wiped the sleep from Buffy's face as she paid attention. "Then with magic you could protect your body for a limited time, depending on your natural and magical limits, if you need to surpass your natural limitations!"

"Okay, let's get started so I can kick Glory's teeth down her smug throat!" Buffy declared, pumping her right fist into the palm of her left hand, determined to get results today by the look of her.

"Well that woke her up!" Dawn said with a grin while she climbed out of bed with Morgana right beside her, ready for the day.

It had been a few hours and they were in the lounge, having moved some stuff around to draw some focus symbols on the carpet in; amusingly Shake 'n Vac, so that it could easily be vacuumed up and not leave a mess. It was large around so Buffy and Dawn didn't need to sit in it, and to help with their magic they had taken off their normal clothes for blue robes made out of a silk that conducted magic, like a conduit.

That meant that Dawn and her sister were nearly naked, which was embarrassing as Morgana teased Dawn a lot from where she lay on the couch wearing some tight beige hipster with her belt on her hips and tight white tee shirt, but that was all, as they didn't need shoes inside. However, Dawn had embarrassed myself a little as she had been a little daring and flashed her butt to Morgana (who seemed to appreciate the peak), as the robes were only thigh high.

Buffy and Dawn were sitting opposite each other with a long candle each with a wick in a candlestick holder. They held their hands over theirs using the methods that Willow and Tara had been drilling into them so that they could will it to ignite. Apparently, that sort of magic was easy beginners stuff, but only should be practised with teachers who knew what they were doing, and who could put out potential fires, which was likely the main reason.

Willow had left Tara in charge while she had to rush off to get something. She was rushing so fast she hadn't even mentioned what yet, so Dawn was curious, which was a little distracting. She had work harder as Buffy was in her eagerness to get stronger had started making her wick glow slightly red at the tip, proving she could do anything when she put her mind to it, or had the proper motivation to actually want to succeed.

"Wow, check that out Dawn!" Morgana commented with a grin and Dawn was startled to see the tip of her wick had started glowing a faint white and grinned widely.

"That's very good, Dawn!" Tara agreed in praise as she was kneeling outside the circle between the sisters, giving them steady encouragement as she was such a gentle person when the door opened and they all looked up to see Willow had returned carrying a cage with a little black rat in it.

"Hey, Morgana!" she said lifting the cage up with a pleased smile, showing off her pet, not that Morgana seemed interested to meet it, and Dawn couldn't blame her as Morgana had told her about a certain filthy rat she had captured a few months back. "This is Amy; she... well, we… well, okay, she," Willow gestured to the rat, "accidentality turned herself into a rat about two years ago to escape an angry cursed mob trying to burn us at the stake, and I can't seem to change her back. I don't think transfiguration is my thing!" she said taking some blame and responsibility.

Morgana stared at the little rat for a while, and Dawn was shocked by the news, but she watched the rat huff as Morgana's lips twitched before she burst out laughing, holding her tummy as it was probably hurting. However, Buffy was also holding in some snickering, but Dawn was sure Amy's predicament wasn't news to her, but then if it was 'that' Amy she could be a little annoying, and Dawn wondered what happened to her; maybe her time as Willows pet rat would be humbling.

"Oh – that is a classic, but I can't turn her back!" she declared as she took some deep breaths to calm down, wiping tears from her eyes, and the little rat looked down in sadness. "I've only had one term of transfiguration lessons, but whatever you guys did must have sealed the spell or it would have worn off within a few days; a week at most from what I have learned."

"So there's nothing you can do for her?" Willow asked sadly.

She shrugged thoughtfully. "Sure there is. We can just post her to someone who can undo the spell."

"We post her?" Willow asked while either the rat, Amy looked up in hope or 'are you freaking kidding me'. She looked down at the rat as Morgana nodded. "You want to be human again, Amy!" she reprimanded while the rat settled down with a sigh, which was really quite cute.

"Okay, let's see here!" Morgana said as she grabbed a pen and notepad from the side and wrote something on it for a few minutes before folding the paper. "Stormy, Sparkler!" she called out as she hopped up of the couch and a few moments later, they burst in.

They blazed out of purple sparks. They were two magnificent swan sized birds, and Dawn had a feeling they weren't swans but phoenix, as they were so much more, even if there were magical swans. They blazed with sparks and landed as two cute girls with weird coloured skin, and purple hair wearing matching school uniforms of purple and black robes, skirts, shoes and blouses with matching patches on their right breasts with lightning strike symbols and 'Evans' in a banner at the bottom, and 'Lightning' at the top.

The twins were cuddling Morgana in moments actually purring while she stroked their soft looking hair affectionately like someone would their pet. It took Dawn a moment to realise they were her pets, as she had to stop one as she licked her face across her lips and nose, but Morgana didn't seem to mind. Dawn figured that whatever they were, they were in an animal form more than, or just as much as human, and some of those qualities rubbed off on them and they forget themselves sometimes.

"Okay, I'm pleased to see you both too!" Morgana agreed, kissing each on the forehead, which was sweet as they melted in happiness, so they were obviously very loyal and loving pets. Dawn couldn't even get a kitten in fear it might return a vampire kitten or cat one day, which seemed unlikely, but just in case she figured, she would keep that quiet because vampire cats likely hadn't been tried before, just in case it actually worked.

"I have a job for you both okay; a delivery!" she continued, and their little fanged mouths grinned in happiness as they stepped back, letting their master go and in a flash of purple light they were both dressed in cute purple girl scout uniforms, and saluting.

"Storm Spirits...!" Tara said when Dawn realised they were all looking for an answer to that question. "They're so adorable!" she declared which brightened their spirits as they looked to Morgana with questioning eyes, and she nodded, and before Dawn realised it they were enthusiastically greeting Tara while she smiled and patted their heads where little beret now sat perched at angles with their 'lightning' patches in the centre as well as on their chests.

"Wow they are really cute!" Willow agreed as the girls let her pet them too and they were purring in happiness. They were near giddy to receive affection. It was strange looking at them, they looked so human, but Dawn knew they weren't, and even Buffy stroked ones hair, likely because it looked so soft and she was as curious as Dawn when she checked out the other girls' hair; she had never felt something that soft before, like the softness of a cloud.

"Squeak squeak!" the little rat Amy still in her cage drew their attention, and Dawn almost laughed as she wondered whether she enjoyed Willow taking her out of her cage and cuddling and playing with her. She thought about how weird that would be when Amy was turned back into a normal girl, and how awkward that could be.

"Okay girls!" Morgana said, and the twins pouted before they were standing to attention with adorable scout salutes and beaming smiles. "Here; this is Amy, be careful with her," she said as Willow offered one of the girls the cage, and she took it carefully.

"Now, girls," she continued as she passed the other the note. "Take this note and Amy the Rat to Professor McGonagall, and make sure she reads the letter. McGonagall will then call you to bring her home when she's human again. I know you can't travel with a human this far, but you can at least get her to the floo at the house, and then floo to Rockne Street in Sacramento. You can stay for a bit if you want after, and I'll call Ginny to let her know you're both safe, and to tell her and Laurel to prepare!" she said and they looked overjoyed while Morgana whispered something to the rat just before they burst away in purple sparks.

"What did you say to Amy?" Willow asked as she shook her head.

Morgana shrugged. "The fidelius house location or she wouldn't get in to use the floo to get to Sacramento. They can easily use the US Knight Bus to get back to Sunnydale if that bus has the guts to get this close, otherwise they'll have to ride the train-."

"Fidelius...?" Buffy and Dawn asked at the same time.

"It's a secret, normally a location hidden within someone, without it you wouldn't be able to see the place, let alone get in," Willow answered with a knowledgeable nod. "I've only ever read about it. I thought it would have been a good idea to hide this house but it's really complicated and would require three people who... well would be capable of understanding it at least. It needs one person to seal the secret inside of, and two to cast the secret to them. They would automatically be allowed to know the secret unless omitted once they leave the house with an added bit of the warding spell that the Secret Keeper can perform, and it would make them forget even warding the house as well as where it was and anything to do with it."

"Well anyway!" Morgana interrupted with a smirk. "Shouldn't two of you be trying to light your candles?" she asked, amused as Buffy sulked a little but didn't complain, and Dawn caught Morgana looking down the top of her sisters robe, winking at her, Dawn blushed but not before Morgana gestured Willow and Tara as they had looked too.

"Buffy!" Dawn complained as she rolled her eyes. "Your robe has come lose and we can all see your boobs!" she informed her and she looked down at herself, and blushed a little, but shrugged as she tightened the belt, covering herself.

"Hey I have nothing to be embarrassed about!" she replied with a smug grin. "Looking is to flatter a girl with an unspoken compliment!" she said while she and Morgana laughed and the other two witches suppressed giggles while Dawn sighed, but she supposed in a way she was right.

It had just turned five that afternoon, or evening; Dawn guessed it didn't matter what she called it really, it was just 5pm and she and Buffy had gotten dressed out of their robes as they were all going to meet with the others at the Magic Box shop that her sisters Watcher owned. They wanted to talk about stuff to do with getting rid of Glory somehow, so once Morgana finished procrastinating and pulled on her socks and trainers after fetching them from that trunk of hers that seemed to carry everything and then some they headed out.

They had just walked passed a graveyard. Dawn was holding Morgana's right arm close to her chest, and she was pleased it was still light out so they didn't have to go the long way around to avoid any pesky vampires. It didn't take them long to get to the Magic Box and it was locked up for the evening but they got in through the side door.

"You know this reminds me of why I'm in town!" Morgana said suddenly as they were led in by the stuffy librarian type, Giles, Buffy's Watcher while a blonde girl was sitting on the store counter filing her nails without a care in the world, or thought in her head, and Xander was sitting at a table by the books eyeing Morgana warily as they hadn't met yet.

"What do you mean?" Dawn asked but Morgana just waved her off and walked up to the blonde on the counter, Anya, letting Dawn go by herself. Anya could be so annoying, and she was so full of herself it wasn't even funny.

"Hey, you're Anya, right?" Morgana asked as Anya just nodded as she looked from her nails to Morgana. "Okay, so I'll have one Aeon Staff please!"

Anya looked down at the girl and laughed. "We're closed, go away, and I doubt a little girl like you could afford it anyway!"

Morgana raised a brunette eyebrow in response and challenge while everyone paused to watch. "I see," Morgana replied before pulling out her purse and flipping it between her fingers it turned into a leather pouch. She then pulled out a single gold coin and flipping it in the air, and greed being her centre, Anya hungrily watched it twisting and went to snap it up but Morgana was too fast for her as she swiped it back.

"So you have one measly galleon!" Anya complained, sticking her nose up. "The exchange rate from galleon to the dollar is thirty seven dollars to the galleon! You don't have enough so go and play with Dawn and leave the grown-ups to grown-up talk!"

Morgana sparked, which cause Anya to deflate slightly. "I assure you, you old hag that I could buy this whole store if I wanted and that would be pocket change!"

"How dare you call me hag, or old!" she demanded right back as she jumped down from the side in a fuming temper. "I don't care how much money you have, just get out!" she demanded, and Dawn was sure that Morgana was going to kill her or at least beat her up a little.

Morgana looked like she was thinking for a moment before her eye sparked electric as they scanned something in a glass case in the counter and before Anya or anyone could stop her, her right fist went through the glass and came back with a white and blue metallic looking rod of some kind. She then looked up at Anya with a smug smirk, mocking her, and daring her with sparkling green eyes.

"Then I'll just take it and you won't get a knutt for it bitch!" she said before turning to us. "I'll see you guys later, and you were right Will, Anya really is a complete bitch!" she said, pausing before looking the blonde over more, "doable, but complete bitch!" before storming out, and Dawn blushed as she was sure that Morgana only left because she didn't want to end up killing anyone.

"You think I'm a bitch?" Anya demanded turning to Willow before pausing, "a-and doable…?" she asked calmer before she started panicking while Willow looked uncomfortable. "T-that girl just stole a twenty thousand dollar staff, we've got to call the police!"

"And say what?" Buffy asked with raised eyebrows. "A super powered witch stole your magical staff because you wouldn't let her buy it when she carries thousands of dollars in her purse and you were too stupid to take the money...?"

"And technically the staff is mine!" Giles added, looking at her in reprimand before rubbing his eyes tiredly. "So maybe you should go and apologise and perhaps beg her to pay for it; the broken display cabinet will be repaired at your expense for insulting her in the first place. You're not always going to get a customer who folds to your eccentricities."

"But Giles!" she whined childishly. "How was I supposed to know that she was that wealthy...!? I just thought she was one of these stupid backwards wizards! Anyway, she can just come back here and wave her wand, and fix the case!"

"Anya!" he commanded in frustration, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Just go and find her, and beg if you have too, now more than ever we could use all the help we could get! And we can't afford to let such expensive rare items just up and walk off without being paid for."

"Okay, okay, geez; I'll go find her!" she said sulking before she stalked off out of the side door after Morgana, and Dawn really hoped Anya didn't get hurt by being her usual rude self. Dawn honestly didn't think she knew any better because of her long past and history as a Communist Vengeance Daemon, now turned greedy capitalist.

Giles turned back to the rest of the crew after taking a deep breath, "okay, I've had a hard long think about using the monsters usual plans for Armageddon to dump Glory out of our world by opening the Hellmouth, but I honestly don't believe it would work. She is just too strong and would likely break back in within a week-."

"W-well I had an idea," Dawn piped in quickly before they just decided the old-fashioned beat her up method would have to do. They all turned to her with Giles looking sceptical but she was surprised that Buffy was listening and not treating her like a stupid kid, but maybe that was Morgana's influence, as the girl was younger than her. "I umm mean, can't we change her... she's supposed to be trapped in some humans body by day, and then by night she becomes her, but couldn't we split them apart and split the power too?"

They all stared at her strangely for a moment. "It could be possible," Willow said slowly while even Giles nodded in agreement. "But I'm sure it would kill the human; the host wouldn't be able to handle all of her sealed godly powers without her to hold it in check. But we could pass it to someone whose body was capable of withstanding the stress, or even create a magical vice to store the power, use it like the core of a staff or wand. Then… or maybe send it into the planets Lifestream. But this would be big magic, and we would need to capture Glory in her proper form for long enough to finish, and there would be no guarantee that the human wouldn't die anyway just from the shock and pain of having her removed."

"After this will she stay-down if I shoved a sword into her chest?" Buffy asked the practical question.

Willow looked to Giles for the answer but he didn't look like he had one either. "I don't know," he said, "but she should do! Ripping her powers apart she wouldn't be anything more than a new Slayer, or there about in strength, and should be mortal. But this could theoretically only be done because of her imprisonment within a human, otherwise she would have her full powers and we would have been killed already and the world destroyed. We'll have to do a lot of research and hopefully we'll find something.

"It would be capturing her, and then keeping her captured that would be the main problem!" Giles added with a sigh. "If it was that easy we could have just captured her and locked her up forever," he said warily.

"So we're done now?" Dawn asked while they nodded. "Good, Buffy and I need to get back to our lessons or we'll never get into the Covenant!" she said as she took her sisters hand and dragged her off, hoping their two teachers would follow, which they did, quickly giving Giles twin shrugs as they followed them.

"Hopefully, Morgana will be home soon," Tara said worriedly. "It's getting dark and it looks like it's going to rain soon!"

Dawn looked up to the sky and couldn't help but feel like the dark clouds were somewhat ominous, but then living in this town when were they not?

Meanwhile, back in the UK, Ginny or Emicon as she was going by was annoyed. She had only chosen a weird name because she had met a weird girl with a weird taken name, and her Morgana had taken the name,,, well, loads of them, and not to mention all of the names people forced on her, so why not? It was part emotion and part con because she could con people's emotions. She thought it was clever for a spare of the moment name change because she didn't want to be left out of all of the fun.

She had met the weird Irish girl by chance. Well they were neighbours. Valkyrie had inherited the house down the dark path from them from her uncle. It just so happened that she was a mage. She had owned the house longer than Ginny had lived at Morgana's, and had a weird thing for fire magic and necromancy. Though Ginny didn't think the dark haired girl had ever tried to raise the dead before, so that was a plus for a budding friendship to grow, though she was sure that wouldn't have stopped Morgana from making friends, especially since the girl was cute.

The girls' friends' car had broken down, and she had lost rock, paper, and scissors to go and ask to borrow the use of Morgana's home phone as neither she or her friend had charged their phones and the batteries had died.

It had been by chance that some lunatic had chosen to attack Valkyrie and Ginny as they were out front of the huge castle like home by the front door, talking as they realised each other was magic. Kennedy and her daughters weren't in, as they went shopping for groceries, and the visiting teachers had classes to prepare so ventured back and forth between the house and school.

"Do you know this guy?" Ginny asked as she summoned Morgana's staff from the wall mount in the hall as her wand was in her room and it would be more powerful anyway. "How'd you get through our wards you dick!" she demanded while Valkyrie was surprised as she saw Ginny use magic of a kind she hadn't seen before, and was secretly eager to learn something like that as summoning something from one place to another would be mighty useful as using air magic to do that took so much more effort.

"Umm… nope, never seen this one in my life!" she quickly said as she shook away her thoughts for now while her dark eyes glared at the man and she clicked her fingers, creating a fireball in each hand. "I do tend to attract trouble though so I suppose he's after me, but I couldn't think of anyone who wants to kill me right now, and if they did, they would want the pleasure themselves."

"Actually, don't know who either of you are!" he replied with a gruff voice. He was a large built man who could give Hagrid a good arm wrestle, and probably win. "I'm here to kill the Empress of Lightning, so where is she!" he demanded gruffly.

Valkyrie looked confused as she stood straight and defiant in her long black coat, trousers and tunic, "I've never heard of her, do you have a description?" she asked, trying to not sound like she was mocking him, even though she was a little.

"Thirteen, brunette, highly dangerous, has electrical superpowers!" he replied with a growl.

"Morgana's in California!" Ginny said, rolling her eyes. "If I weren't going to have to kill you for pissing me off, she would have loved to beat you to death for thinking you alone would be enough to kill her!"

"You, kill me!?" he demanded, laughing, "little empath fool," he laughed as he turned to leave only to stop as he realised he was trapped in shadows and turning his neck Valkyrie had him trapped with shadows pouring from her ring.

"Nice trick," Ginny said appreciatively.

"Thanks," she replied, smirking smugly.

"Now who hired you?" Ginny asked as she moved around the man, but she could see, she knew, nothing she did would convince him to talk. She rose her staff, and said two words in a soft whisper and in a flash of green; he was dead with a look of horror on his face, collapsing in the weave of shadows.

"Whoa, deadly," Valkyrie muttered as she let him drop to the floor. "Well, who is this Lightning Empress anyway?"

"Leader of the Covenant of Witches, my best friend, and girlfriend!" she said smugly, "but we have a pretty open relationship. So, you wanted to use the phone to call someone?" she asked, gesturing the front door.

"Umm… yeah," she said, "but I've not heard much about the real deal, but, umm… how do I join the Covenant?" she asked, curious as it was worth a listen even if she didn't try to get in as that kind of power could make certain douche bags back down in her future as a S-Class detective. "Oh, and who will clean him away?" she asked, gesturing the dead man as her shadows retreated back into her ring.

"Don't worry about that!" Ginny replied, and led the girl inside, closing the door behind them.


Professor McGonagall was just thinking about heading to the Great Hall for lunch when she was surprised when she wasn't surprised as two young female visitors burst into her office at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, she wouldn't have expected Morgana Evans's familiars to have brought her a rat, and she quivered thinking of the last one they had found. They looked very pleased with themselves as they placed down the cage on her desk with the agitated animal in it and passed her her letter.

She read it over, more surprised the more she read while sighing as she looked at the rat and shook her head before turning back to the twins. "That will be all; I shall call you when she is fit to travel home," she said while they nodded and were gone within a blast of electricity later. She would secretly admit that familiars like them were more useful, and certainly more practical than any owl, or even a phoenix.

McGonagall sighed as she picked up the cage and left her office in a swift motion. "Some people need to read the warnings in books before they think about such dangerous magiks as self-transfiguration, or any kind of human, or even animal transfiguration for that matter Miss. Madison," she reprimanded the rat. "I am Professor McGonagall, head teacher here, and transfiguration mistress. I shall take you to see our school medi-witch, Madam Pomfrey before undoing your foolhardy spell," she finished reprimanding before they reached the hospital wing where the medi-witch rushed out of her room when she saw her.

"Is everything okay, Minerva?" she asked quickly. "It's not one of, Miss. Evans's lot, is it?"

"No, Poppy," she replied with a sigh and lifted up the cage for her to see.

Pomfrey looked closely at the rat. "I see; a student, but I don't see why-."

"She's been like this for around two years, so I felt that once I unlocked the spell and reversed it that she should at least get some medical attention before I get her home," she said. "A Wiccan friend of Miss. Evans's was looking after her and trying to find a way to turn her back but hadn't had any success. It was likely illegal or questionable magic at least, so they couldn't go to the Ministry buildings in Sacramento to ask for help, and it does seem it was her own fault as it was self-inflicted, so Miss. Evans sent her to me."

"Very well," she nodded as she opened the cage and pulled the rat out, placing her on a bed at the end. It was quiet since there was no one else in the infirmary and McGonagall just had to wave her wand with a few words, and the girl morphed back into her proper form, only naked. She had smooth brown hair to her shoulders and lightly tanned skin, slender body, and deep brown eyes.

"Here!" Pomfrey said as she pulled off some blankets from the bed next to her as the girl was shivering and hugging herself, blushing as she was highly embarrassed being naked in front of two strange woman, even if one was a doctor. Though, she was even more embarrassed with how long she had trapped herself as a rat, when this one woman turned her back as if the spell was child's play to her. The covers were wrapped around her tightly a moment later and she relaxed into them, pulling them tightly around her to keep warm.

The medi-witch then began some medical scans with her wand, and tutted disapprovingly while shaking her head. "You Miss.-," Madam Pomfrey began, but paused as she hadn't gotten a name yet, and looking to McGonagall for the answer.

"Madison; Amy Madison," she answered the question while Pomfrey went and started pulling down some potions from a cabinet.

"Well, Miss. Madison, you owe Miss. Evans for sending you here," she continued. "Here; take these potions, in this order and they'll help you re-acclimatise to your proper body!" she ordered, not giving her a choice but to swallow the yucky stuff, and she held off complaining as they were helping her where no one before had been able. "It's your own fault; kids these days; don't think about the consequences of their actions until they've lived as a rat for two years."

"T-thanks...!" Amy replied taking a shaky breath, and feeling more uncomfortable at the reprimands, but more so as they were right; she never did understand her spell work properly. Maybe it was time she started thinking about things more seriously, or Willow would be proven right and she would end up in jail and by the look of things, they likely had magical jails to keep her from getting away by using magic. "I-I don't think I-I'll try anything like that again," she said while her voice was croaky from non-use.

"I'll have some food sent up!" McGonagall said as they heard Amy's tummy rumbling, further embarrassing her, but she hadn't eaten the fill of a human in years.

"Meat," she said quickly. "Beef, ham, chicken, anything but cheese, or worse…" she shuddered thinking about it but in her rat form it didn't taste too bad she supposed, but that could have been because of the very few taste buds rats had, but the thought was gross too. "W-Willow wouldn't feed me proper human food, and she kept insisting I might be sick, so I guess that was punishment too!"

"Well, you'll be staying here for a couple days at least so I can monitor you," Pomfrey said with a nod before turning to McGonagall. "We can't risk sending her to St. Mungo's hospital where Dumbledore might try to get his grubby old hands on her to find or lure Miss. Evans."

McGonagall nodded. "Yes, quite, she's still looking for the staff."

"Umm… Miss., um, where am I?" Amy asked, startling them.

"This is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in the United Kingdom," she answered to Amy's surprise, as McGonagall knew she was from the States from the note, and she knew roughly, where Morgana was, so she added the 'UK' bit for her. "Get some rest," she said before leaving the girl (though she was in her late teens she was just a girl to her), and the Hospital Wing.

It wasn't long before some strange little creature wearing a pillowcase brought Amy her food, and wow, she got to gorge something silly on everything she had missed in the past two years, and then some; the school seemed to really treat its students.

Then she got to look around the infirmary when the nurse gave her some hospital standard PJ's, but they were better than being butt naked until she had to leave, in which case she hoped to be given some regular clothes at least.

She had heard rumours about schools of sorcery, but never really believed in them, but here one was. That was cool in her books. If Willow would have been with her, she would have probably escaped and found the treasure-trove that was the library already. That girl had a serious thing about books; not that books weren't useful, especially when they were magic books, but too much of a good thing got boring for her at least.

"Yo!" she was startled as an auburn haired girl with silver framed glasses and green eyes skipped into the room. She must have been around 16, 17, and wore some black robes done up with some yellow lining, and she was carrying some clothes in her hands; it looked like a uniform like hers, but it showed the shirt, and blouse while leaving out other things like tie; it was the Christmas Holiday still anyway.

"I'm Erika!" she greeted with a mock bow and a wide smile as she skipped over, and Amy hadn't even gotten the PJ's on yet. Erika then dropped the spare clothes onto her. "I bumped into Professor McGonagall; she said I should keep you out of trouble. So get dressed; as long as I don't keep you too long Madam Pomfrey won't mind. Lady Morgana sent you so I'll be happy to show you around; being a rodent for two years; if it were me I would want to stretch my human legs too."

"Umm… well, privacy," she said gesturing for Erika to leave her to get dressed alone.

Erika rolled her eyes. "Have you even tried moving from that spot yet?" she asked amused when Amy scooted around on the bed and realised that it would take forever to get dressed without help; she felt so stiff and unsure just moving around on the bed. "You'll have to get used to your body silly or you'll fall flat on your face with your arse in the air, and I might get frisky and take advantage of you," she laughed while Amy's cheeks lit up.

However, she sighed. "At least pull the curtains around us; this is humiliating enough as it is!" she replied, and Erika took pity and did as she was asked. She enjoyed seeing the new girl naked, with her fine breasts and great arse and 'accidentality' cupping a feel where she could as she helped the girl get dressed.

"No underwear?" she asked, pouting.

"Sorry," she replied sheepishly. "My schoolhouse mates are kind of… what's the word, right; self-sufficient. So we're not supposed to employ the house-elves to do our laundry, so I have to wait until the right time. So I don't get caught, so I haven't got any undies to wear either," she said showing her to prove it, shrugging before she let her robe drop back down. Other than totally shaven, Amy was sure Erika was wearing a red leather skirt, was gay, coming on to her, and totally wouldn't lose; she was just that confident in herself.

That left her with option one, run for the hills, or option two, try it, she might like it, and considering her position; option two it was. Then Willow sure did seem to enjoy that Tara girl. Thinking about it Amy wasn't sure whether Willow often forgot she was really human when she brought her girlfriend home, or whether it turned her on; she liked to think the red head girl was secretly quite kinky like that; it made her somewhat friend more fun somehow.

She just hoped that she and Willow were still friends, as she remembered running away leaving her and Buffy to fend for themselves, but she had suffered 2 years as a rat for the consequences, so that evened things out somewhat, and she had plenty of time to dwell on what a bitch she had been. She would just have to take that Willow had looked after her for just over two years as a good sign; not to mention having finally gotten her help because that was near certainly a friend thing to do.

"I'm probably just going to take my things to a friend who is in Gryffindor house and she'll put my stuff in with hers," Erika finished with a sheepish grin. "I'll admit I hate doing the laundry and all those other girl chatting about things they shouldn't think about until, well, never… who wants to chat about the best magical world detergents?" she asked, ranting but Amy's mind hit on something she found more important.

"Wait, Gryffindor as in 'the' Godric Gryffindor?" Amy asked in surprise while Erika straightened Amy's skirt for her and buttoned up her robe, as she hadn't quite re-figured out the small buttons and from what Erika saw of spilled food, knives and forks had been evil to her dexterity.

"Yeah, he was one of the founders of this school," she said with a shrug. "He, along with, Helga Hufflepuff... I'm in her house; Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin. Lots of the Slytherins these days are complete jerks, but they did have 'the' Merlin, but then they go and ruin his attempted good deeds by most of them going down the hate muggles route when Merlin was a muggle rights activist."

"Okay… that is awesome," she declared while her mind was hitting overdrive. "Four of the greatest ever sorcerers, and I'm at their school, and to top it off, Merlin came here!"

"Yeah, I suppose that is pretty cool, but he was totally sexist, lets it down somewhat, but whatever!" she agreed with a grin. "Well anyway, Amy," she said as she finished fastening the shoes onto her feet before helping her up. "Let's get out of here. If you're feeling up to it I happen to be the only prefect here this Christmas, so after the tour, maybe a nice long soak in the girls prefect baths. Trust me; the only thing that could make them better would be to add in muggle luxuries, and the Covenants new remodelling hasn't been finished yet so we can't sneak in there for a while, but it's still cool."

"Y-you mean the Covenant of Witches really exists?" Amy asked in awe.

"Of course silly," she replied, rolling her eyes. "Morgana is our new leader, and we're organising an Initiation Ceremony for the summer, if you think you fit all of the qualifications, but don't worry, I'll test you out for that!" she said smiling mischievously as she helped Amy out of the hospital wing.

Erika was happy to lead Amy around the castle, watching her look everywhere in eagerness was quite amusing and childlike. She must have been like that her first time walking around the school her first year, and it was quite a bit more than spectacular back then. Now it had all gotten highly mundane and not just a little bit routine these days to walk passed something freaky and not bat an eyelid.

They had been walking around for a couple hours, and by that time Amy wasn't stumbling or staggering any longer, but seemed to be doing fine. She still held Erika's right hand with her left, fingers linked as she did still stumble slightly sometimes, but that was mainly through surprise. When she first saw a 'ghost', or imprint (she shrieked in shock) as Erika corrected as they weren't real ghosts, and any real ghost would have been 'sent', which was pretty much a magical exorcism for all intents and purposes, but referred to as a sending, which was rare in the magical world, well in magical locations.

"So how is Morgana?" Erika asked once they entered the Great Hall as it was lunchtime and they were both hungry, so Erika led her to sit at her table where food was supplied. The school was quite Spartan, as not too many students stayed for the holiday. It was possible that some parents even secretly pulled out kids because they didn't want to side against Dumbledore no matter how wrong that old nutter was.

"You mean that weird witch with the lightning powers who sent me here?" she asked and Erika nodded her head in agreement. "Well, umm… she looked perfectly fine; looked like they were trying to teach the Slayer and her sister magic though for some reason," she shrugged. "Other than that...oh, she did get beaten up by a hell goddess but I think they'll think of something to stop her; they always do!"

"O-kay, well, since she hasn't called for help I guess she has things under wraps… and hanging with the slayer… that's cool," she replied, concerned but not overly so. She paused as she spun her head to look over at the Gryffindor table suddenly, which was the other side of the hall, and frowned as she looked at a ginger boy as he had his wand out, doing something with it that was suspicious. "Oh really now," she commented. "If you don't put your little twig down you Dumbledore worshipping prick, I'm going to come over there and ram it down your throat!" she said, not even raising her voice, so he 'shouldn't' have been able to hear her, but he could, even Amy noticed the charm after it was pointed out.

The ginger boy didn't so much as flinch as he looked ever so smug. "Umm… who is that jerk?" Amy asked after a few moments.

"Nobody important, just a 'spy'!" she replied, shrugging and using air quotes, brushing him off as nothing, which Amy noticed with a smirk angered him quickly. She figured he was using magic to listen in on them to report back to his master. So that must have been the charm in the air; no, more like something directed at them with his wand, like those listening devices she had seen in spy movies with a dish thing, headphones, and a control on the handle.

"Oh, I figured as much," she replied to see whether they could rile him up enough to get him to anger the teachers and get into trouble, which was something she liked to do, and it seemed Erika was her kind of girl. "Just looking at him; it's obvious he wears a magical leash, and licks his master's balls because he can't reach his own!"

Erika grinned, as that was funny. "Yeah; he has about as much perception as a ripe orange, barely knows where to fall!" she said nodding her head in agreement. "His younger sister is freaking awesome though. But then there has to be at least one sane member of their family who doesn't bow before old men who want you to believe they're the next coming of Merlin without any of Merlin's morels or belief in equality. Well, equality if you were a dude anyway!" she finished while holding up three fingers, hidden from his view and lowered one, then another, and finally the last while they were suppressing giggles.

Right on, queue the ginger boy screamed in his outrage, startling the students and teachers. "HOW DARE YOU USELESS HUFFLEPUFF BITCHES TALK LIKE THAT ABOUT THE GREAT ALBUS DUMBLEDORE!" the boy roared out drooling saliva; he reminded them of a wild beast. "Albus Dumbledore is the next Merlin!" he declared arrogantly.

"Wasn't Merlin a Slytherin?" Luna Lovegood asked nonchalant, and knowingly from where she sat with her girlfriend Casey at the Ravenclaw table. They were both dressed casually in blue jeans and blue tee shirts, though Luna wore a black shirt too that only had a few buttons done up and the baggy sleeves opened over her small hands. Casey was smirking, and holding back a laugh as Ron turned to them in a Terra-storm rage filled to the brim with hate and loathing.

"MERLIN WAS A GRYFFINDOR!" he screeched deafeningly.

"Wow, arrogant beyond arrogant! And ignorantly stupid!" Luna commented airily. "Ask the Sorting Hat if you're really that sure because it will tell you that Myrddin Emrys. The Merlin was a Slytherin, you ignoramus. But you want to know something even more amusing? Morgana Pendragon was a Gryffindor!" she said in absolute delight.

"Huh?" he asked, blinking stupidly while many people around were snickering.

"Morgana le Fay!" she replied rolling her eyes. "A history lesson fool… while Merlin was a great wizard no doubt, and a muggle rights activist he was also a notorious sexist. Morgana le Fay was a gifted witch, and this was before the time the sorting hat was used.

"Morgana Pendragon was a couple years younger than Merlin, and King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot's half-sister. Godric Gryffindor saw her talent when she was invited with other children to join Hogwarts, so snapped her up for his house before anyone else notice the bright and lively child, because believe it or not, Godric Gryffindor was quite the crafty, quick-witted man, and kind, best friends with Salazar Slytherin. This was long before the hat sorted by traits where the founders sought by talent.

"Gryffindor needed Morgana and her talent and intellect for bragging rights over Slytherin having Merlin, and it would be likely in my opinion that Merlin would become Slytherins apprentice, and Morgana, Gryffindors. It was like a competition to them in a way; a friendly back and forth, which is probably why people have said they hated each other, blowing their game out of proportion, as there has never been any evidence that they were at 'war'. Neither was there proof that Slytherin was a muggle hater, just ignorant speculation made by fools, mainly because of future Slytherins, or too us, past and present giving his house a bad rep, so of course mindless people believed he was the same.

"However, Morgana started coming into her own within a few years, started beating records set by Merlin, and he got jealous that a mere girl could best him; it is unknown whether Slytherin thought like that about women, but considering he found a school with two it seems unlikely.

"Then over the years the rivalry grew, and Morgana stepped into darker waters as she studied magic like an art or science. She wanted to know the ins and outs; the limitations, and true lore's of everything from daemonoligy to symbology, and then beyond the world to the celestial and hell realms, proving her intelligence time and again to Merlin's ire. She proved many simple theories, and ideas of magic that we take for granted to this day, and even invented many mundane spells, but more importantly, she invented over three hundred and fifty medical spells and healing potions that too this day created modern magical healing, without her, who knows how far behind we could have been.

"However, Merlin grew bitter and jealous, likely because she had the imagination to look to the future. She was a futurist before its time. However with the ear of the king and his court, Merlin convinced the 'world' as they knew it that she was a dark sorceress and therefore evil. It would ultimately lead to the end of Camelot and the beginning of the Ministry of Magic, as we now know it. Merlin went too far, and as it turned out some say that Morgana had enough of him and attacked full force, bringing an army of creatures, muggles, and sorcerers out of nowhere, unprovoked.

"But others say Merlin killed one of Morgana's loved ones that earned him her wrath, and she took down Camelot and her half-brother Arthur with him because Arthur wouldn't step aside. She took Excalibur and returned it to her sister, known more commonly as the Lady of the Lake and made her swear that only a woman's hand could wield it if her path was honest. I don't think anyone could tell whether the Lady of the Lake changed the magic within her sword or not without finding it.

"There are many people who play ignorant to the truth behind the 'myths' and children's stories, but maybe Ronald. If you picked up a book every once in a while instead of believing what you want to believe you might actually learn something instead of being a fool!" she declared mockingly as she finished her story. She had nearly everyone listening intently; some students likely knew the gist of the truth, but the younger ones marvelled as their fantasy stories crumbled down around them. And some looked like the stories became more entertaining, which was good because sometimes truth could be more fun than fiction, but none of the teachers looked like the history lesson was anything but true.

"You're a liar!" Ron accused in loathing, looking around the table. "Where's Hermione; she'll tell me you're nothing but a loon, Loony Lovegood!"

"Hermione went home you moron!" Casey snarled out, standing to glare at him in hatred for calling her girlfriend names, only she got to do that, and she was playful, and used them in naughty games that she wouldn't admit to in front of her best friends let alone in front of the remaining school. "... Because she had enough of you bullying her you spiteful little twerp! And if you go near her ever again you'll be in for a world of pain, and that would be us being nice!"

He snorted smugly. "You can't do anything to me you stupid cow!"

"Mr. Weasley!" The voice was cold and clearly unimpressed as he turned to see Professor Rose behind him. She grabbed his arm and threw him across the floor to gasps from the students as he had finally crossed the line and started eating in a field that didn't belong to filth like him. She had him at wand point as he cradled his arm and his wand exploded with a flick of hers causing him to whimper back in terror. "You're coming with me; packing your bags and you're expelled from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!"

"Y-you can't do that!" he whimpered out with tears in his eyes.

"Oh, yes I can, and I have; this here has been in my pocket since Dumbledore and Snape had left," she said waving papers at him. "I have just had them signed by the headmistress! I will no longer have to worry about my students, mainly first year girls running to me crying about you bullying them, and with Dumbledore gone we can finally start protecting students from selfish minions like you! Now MOVE!" she ordered coldly.

He scrambled to his feet in horror as he started running with her chasing him; she was much faster than him, fitter, and it was impressive. She wasn't clunky or unused to chasing someone she was swift and athletic while he was the clumpy mess.

Ron fled straight out of the Entrance Hall doors out into the snowy grounds fleeing towards the gates. It was a moment later that Professor Rose returned with Ron floating behind her, panting for breathe, screaming, and crying while she didn't look like she had been running anywhere as she carted him off up some stairs, out of sight and hearing range.

"Wow that boy is retarded or seriously brainwashed by this Dumbledore guy!" Amy muttered to Erika while she nodded in agreement and McGonagall managed to restore order to the hall, and everyone went back to lunch to talk about what happened and marvel about the scene. "But I never knew that about Merlin and Morgana; that was seriously petty of Merlin."

"Yeah, I suppose it was," Erika replied thoughtfully as they finished lunch. "So, want to get that bath. I've been told I give a great all-over massage!" she suggested with a cheeky grin.

Amy gulped but nodded her head anyway, embarrassed. "Umm… okay," she agreed as she wondered whether so much time as a rat made her less fussy, especially about sex, but then Erika was hot, so that couldn't break a deal, and that English accent was too sexy.


Anyanka 'Anya' Jenkins was admittedly pissed off that she had to go and apologise to that stupid girl who, secretly she would admit probably held herself back from killing her or something. Now Anya had to venture out and search for her and it was getting darker by the second, and by the time she had passed her first cemetery, the sun had set, which was quite annoying because she knew all too well how terrifying the streets could be after dark. The things that parents reassured their children didn't go bump in the night, unfortunately did, and that was just the tip of the hellish nightmare the world truly had bumping around in the darkness.

Anya was annoyed, as she had to go and annoy a rich girl who just happened to have the guts to take what she wanted, and the power to keep it if she chose which was more annoying because Anya liked money. In fact, Anya liked it a lot. She was kind of out just thinking about the money really. Then she supposed since the girl was slaying with Buffy and trying to help them with their hell-goddess problem it couldn't hurt to keep her sweet, or whatever.

"Hey boys, looks like dinner came to us tonight!"

Anya turned and internally groaned. Vampires always seemed to turn up at the most inopportune times, just to be annoying D-bags, and they wondered why nobody liked them. Well that and nearly all of them were soulless murdering D-bags whole liked to drink blood or something like that anyway. She was almost certain they were soulless-blood drinking D-bags, unless some gipsies were cursing vampires with souls, left and right these days, and that was sarcasm.

"You should know I'm friends with the Slayer, right?!" Anya asked with a raised eyebrow. Though, she'd tried that before and they were too stupid to run away and Buffy did what she did best and slayed them. Vampire's these days just didn't respect the Slayer's slayer-ing-ness, no matter that Buffy had been one of the, well, the longest running Slayer, and had surrounded herself with two powerful Wicca, so she was going to last longer, maybe even grow old, which would be a first for a Slayer.

Anya frowned as she realised that she was disappointed that Buffy wasn't getting the recognition that she deserved, and wondered when she had started caring about the girl. That annoyed her. She had never anticipated caring about any human, let alone the Slayer. She felt queasy when she had an epiphany. She loved her friends. That was why Anya went after Morgana, because she didn't want to disappoint them, as they obviously loved her even if they didn't always show it because she could admit she was more than a little annoying sometimes. She certainly didn't want to be left alone for being a bitch.

Anya had heard that before death, life would flash before your eyes, but maybe in her case, she had lived so long that she had to settle for the unspoken truth. She loved her friends. She wasn't supposed too was she? But wither way, she did. She had never made plans for loving anyone ever again, but again, she did, and it terrified her. She would admit (to herself at least, for now), she had been using Xander, but she hadn't done anything in ages, he was stale and weak.

She hated thinking that she might have willingly died for any one of them because love tended to be stupid, and selfless, and crazy, and she was crazy enough as it was.

"Oh really!" the leader of the five vampires asked, knocking Anya from her internal monologue with a wicked grin on his smug bastard face. "It looks like we have ourselves a plaything. The Slayer might want her back, after we've finished with her of course. Though, she'll be more compact and portable, in pieces!"

Anya couldn't help but smile a little. "Then you'll be dead soon after!" she retorted, surprisingly at peace with herself for once. Dying at such an age would be a miracle to any human. She had lived a long life, and dying after finding some kind of happiness wasn't so bad she supposed.

The vampire was about to retort when he suddenly exploded into dust a moment later. The other vampires all looked round in horror. Morgana stood behind where the vampire had been, holding a wooden stake with electric alight in her eyes burning with power. She stood with a nonchalance that wowed Anya as even she couldn't be that indifferent after well, anything.

"Oh god, it's her!" one of the vampires cried out in horror. "It's that monster! It's The Bearer of Lightning!" he squealed like a little girl while her eyes sparked and his friends started panicking too.

Anya had seriously never had to watch someone running after vampires to slay them before, so it was a novel experience. She had to make a mental note to say that she was friends with, Morgana from then onwards if she scared the vampires that much more than the slayer. Looking it was probably because she played with them and wasn't quick in their demises. Though if Buffy did get even a small bit versed in magic, enough to augment her strength, and or throw fireballs, she would get scarier, and not all of the vampires were as stupid as them.

"I hope they weren't buddies of yours…? Anya, wasn't it?" Morgana asked with a raised eyebrow, looking calm and collect, thankfully she seemed like she had gotten over being pissed at her. But then she seemed like the sort of person who was quick to get over certain things that weren't all that important.

"Umm... yeah," Anya agreed quickly. "I err... came looking for you to umm... apologise," she said quickly as she looked at the rod the girl wore in her belt. "That staff isn't actually mine, but Giles's, so I was hoping you could, you know, pay for it so I don't have to because it looks like it would go that way and I really like money, so paying for things I don't have or want is bad. And that thing is really expensive; it would take me years to pay it off in instalments."

"I see!" Morgana replied with a small grin. "And I suppose, Anya that you intend to do something for me, so that I make sure you don't get left with a huge bill, huh?"

"Okay, what do you want?" she asked in relief. She would literally do… well, nearly anything – she would wash the girls house, inside and out, and even scrub the floors – or wash her if that was what she commanded – a little short of whoring herself out was what she would do for her beloved money, though she might have considered that as Morgana was quite the good looking girl.

"You used to be a vengeance daemon, so you must have gotten around, so maybe you've run across these wizards I've heard rumours of, at least once?!" she asked, surprising Anya as this girl was smarter by far compared to normal mystics of her kind. They wouldn't have even considered these 'rumours' to be true in their unholy ignorance.

Therefore, Anya allowed her eyes to narrow in annoyance, for show. She tried to make it seem as if answering her silly question was beneath her, but that seemed to amuse her, so Anya just chose to answer straight away and save herself the agro, or getting her cute rear kicked.

"The last family like that I met lived in New York, a year or so ago when I was, well never mind. If they're still there, they won't be hard for someone like you to find. But I wouldn't know why that would interest you, as they're all freaking crackpots! I gave a 'wish' to this annoying girl who is kind of good at heart but it takes her awhile because she is pretty selfish… well, pretty and selfish, but I guess you get the point; probably why I liked her so much, reminded me a bit of myself. She managed to undo her wish, so I suppose she could make a nice addition to your silly little club."

"Well then, all is forgiven!" Morgana replied with a wide grin, startling Anya as she was an easy master to please, which startled her further and baffled her as she referred to her as her master, which was odd as she had never met her before, and she couldn't quite place why she called her master. "But what was her wish?" she asked, curious.

Anya shook that thought away as she snorted, and shook her head clear as she told her, "she had a secret crush of some stupid pop star; a girl at that, and she could never get close. Her brothers kept getting in the way of her using magic. So she spent half a year, after her wish trying to get her attention. She wished to be from a talented musical family, allowing her to become a pop star to get closer to her crush, but things didn't turn out well and she ended up being rivals. All wish magic has messed up consequences to deal with. It was just a childish fan thing really, but she broke the wish eventually, so all was, kind of right, I guess anyway."

"Wow, gives credence to the term 'be careful what you wish for'," Morgana replied, laughing about it.

Anya shrugged, "she has to be one of my most favourite wishers," she half agreed. "I always got sick of the boring, thinking inside the box girls. I never normally gave girls vengeance on brothers, but they were being a pain, and it was a slow month for me. Her eldest brother, Justin had the smarts when it came to magic, but I liked her roar natural talent. She was the practical type of learner, do by seeing, while he could self-teach from a book, but I've always thought the naturals were better, like you, and Willow."

"Please, tell me more!" Morgana nearly ordered, but Anya didn't care as she ordered people around all the time, but at least this girl had the presence, strength, and power that she knew she should follow, and didn't just use her amazing looks to persuade anyone of anything. Morgana was a born leader, so Anya talked about the wizard-girl for a short while.

"I'll be sure to pay her a visit when I have some free time… or maybe send her an invite," Morgan said after the short while before she shrugged, and walked away, "come on I'll take you home. I promised Dawn that I would help her out on some problem she's having or something!"

"Umm… thanks," Anya replied as she followed her, walking fast to keep up, "but why aren't you being a bitch to me any more?" she asked, curious, before adding quickly, "not that I want you to be, but you are so unreadable it's annoying."

Morgana shrugged while thinking that through. "Hmm… I guess that was too troubling. Anyway, you came running to find me, and could have ended up as vamp-snacks, so I let you off the hook!"

"Thanks, I guess!" she replied laughing while Morgana grabbed her arm and pulled her to hurry up and startling her as she would have tripped if Morgana hadn't been strong enough to hold her up and pull her along at the same time.

"More vampires are going to turn up and bother us soon if we don't hurry," Morgana said while smirking, and still holding Anya's arm tightly to her chest after she had caught her footing, "they seriously have no sense to just stay away from me for long.

"There was this huge black vampire guy yesterday, like seriously massive. He was the sort of guy you would expect to see on a door at a nightclub. I was just doing my thing, kicking butt, and being all Slayer-like, and he was laughing at me as I kept dodging him. He was making fun of me, and being a pervert, so I stopped toying with him, and broke his legs, just to see the fear in his eyes before I dusted him in front of his mates, and they all charged at me, like what the heck, seriously stupid! Needless to say they were all turned into dust bunnies soon after!"

"Vampires tend to not be very bright!" Anya agreed. She was laughing, as she finally felt safe around the Lightning Empress. Then Anya almost paused as she had thought empress and actually meant it in the way it was supposed to be, which was kind of scary how willing she was to submit to the girl. Morgana gave off an odd feeling off strength, but thinking about that it was the same way with Buffy, and… and though shadowed with doubt and uncertainty, Willow?

Anya had always been dismissive of Willow, afraid that she wanted Xander back, even after she came out, but lately, Anya had felt differently with her own lack of interest in him, and maybe back then she hadn't realised it, but maybe she felt that, oddity then too. It was power. Anya had always been drawn to power, like she secretly was to Buffy, but Anya had generally gravitated towards men before then because of the times she had lived through.

Not to mention, Anya had never came across a woman or girl (discounting Glory as she wanted to kill everyone) who was so strong, and didn't need nor want a man in their lives to protect them at all. They had themselves to rely on, their own power, and each other. It was an amazing epiphany and all that, but it scared her as she found herself sexually attracted to Morgana because of this, and in turn wondered whether the Wiccan were up for a three-way with her before shaking that off in case she got too horny she couldn't sleep later.

Slayers had come and gone. They were called and they died quite quickly. But now, Buffy, and that weird psycho Dark Slayer, Faith. They weren't dead yet, and by statistics they should have been long ago. The only difference between them and those before them was the Watchers Council. With the Watchers Council mostly absent they thrived and got stronger, and with friends (in Buffy's case at least) she had a reason to fight and live, and get stronger.

"Who you sayin' isn't bright, pet?"

Anya froze, as that was all she needed as she and Morgana stopped together, looking to the bleach blonde vampire as he swaggered closer. Morgana didn't look at all impressed with him, if anything Anya was sure he had just signed his own death warrant. It made Anya feel weak in the knees and a little damp, as she had wanted to see Spike being staked a long time ago, as he was that annoying.

"So you're Spike the Neutered Vampire?" Morgana asked with a grin on her face, which caused Spike to stop just to glare at her.

"I'm Spike, and I don't appreciate funny girlies like you!" he declared.

"Wow, you give British people a bad name!" she retorted, unamused with him.

He growled, and vamped out. He surprised Anya as he charged at her, and Morgana pushed her out of the way, as she heard the crack of his fist on Morgana's face, and nothing. He wasn't hurt, which meant the chip in his head didn't consider her human enough to care about protecting her, which made his fang-filled face grin in triumph.

"Looks like you're, not… hue-man, girl…?" he questioned slowly as she had just skidded back a foot and his fist was still pushing at her cheek, but she only looked angry, not hurt, and an angry storm was always frightening, no matter how long she would live, Anya knew that as a fundamental truth.

The ex-daemon watched in awe as Morgana stepped out of the punch with a grin splitting her lips in two, licking her lips, but that storm still raged in her beautiful emerald eyes.

"Good!" she mumbled, rubbing her cheek. "I didn't want to kill a vampire who had his fangs removed, what would the other bad-asses of the world think of me then?" she asked him, and he stepped back.

Anya could see that Spike realised that he made a terrible mistake. The only reason he was alive before then was that he was tougher than most-lower ranked daemons, and he could no longer hurt humans so the slayer left him alone.

Morgana wasn't a lower-level being. She was a high-level mutant-sorceress who didn't like D-bags like him. He didn't see it coming as her stake flew, and stuck into his chest in a matter of moments. Anya watched, fascinated as Spike burst into dust with a stunned, disbelieving expression on his face as someone finally went and staked him. Anya was actually in the opinion that he was on borrowed time anyway, so who cared; he died centuries ago.

The dust settled as Morgana's stake cluttered to the ground, and Anya watched her retrieve it before turning and giving her a marvellous grin while staking a blonde girl behind her in nonchalance before placing her stake away, looking pleased with herself as the other vampire poofed into dust without a second to register her own overdue demise.

"Okay, so… home it is!" Anya said as she rushed over to the girl and she took her right hand in her left and smiled wider. "So, everyone is going to feel quite odd hearing that you finally staked Spike."

"Blah, he was a loser!" she retorted, unconcerned.

"O-kay!" Anya replied timidly as that was, she couldn't explain what, but on this girl's wrong side, she would never be again.


It had been Tara's idea. Willow Rosenberg was against it. Well she wasn't really, but for Tara she was. She loved her with everything she was, but yes, it was true that she felt the same way about Buffy, but that was supposed to be a secret, but somehow Willow was too obvious. However, Tara surprised her by being not just supportive, but pushy about it. If Willow didn't know better, which she might not, she would think that Tara wanted her to do things because she had her eyes on another girl too, or Buffy and wanted a three-way, and that would be all fair play. They could have each other, but get to share other girls too, or something kinky like that, so maybe Morgana was rubbing off a little as that did sound nice and totally fun, and super-hot.

The idea held merit she supposed, and made Willow feel really tingly just thinking about it. Buffy was her best friend, and if she was to join the covenant she would have to like girls like that. Well, she was nearly certain that wasn't actually true, (just mainly Morgana's little fantasy idea), but she didn't have to let Buffy know that, and who better than her best friend to be her first girl?

"I had always wondered about… you know the whole super-strength thing," Willow said suddenly as they were sitting together in the lounge. Dawn was the only other person in the house, and was in her room waiting for Morgana to get home. Buffy had come straight home after killing a few vampires, and Morgana hadn't gotten in yet from whatever she was doing with Anya, likely saving her from some vampires, or killing her, but Willow couldn't think about that any more

"Oh, been fantasising about me now, huh?" Buffy replied jokingly as she wrapped her arms around Willow in a friendly cuddle. Willow was sappy like that and melted as if she couldn't do anything else, and she was certain she couldn't, and smiled, "actually… there was a time…" Buffy said slowly, "when you first admitted about Tara… that I was really jealous of her. But I got to know her and see how happy she made you. I'm still not quite sure whether that was me just being overly protective like I was with Oz or whether I was jealous that you come out and didn't want me…

"I know that seems conceited but hey," she shrugged, "Faith kissed me once," she suddenly said shocking Willow and she turned sharply in Buffy's arms to look at her better. "Well, more than once, and I kind of kissed back. She tried to take it further but… I pushed her away. I kind of regret that. I wonder whether if I had done it she might still be here on the side of good rather than...-"

"Buffy…!" Willow quietly reprimanded, and surprising the Slayer with a soft kiss to the cheek. "You shouldn't regret not doing something just because you feel everything would be better if you had… that kind of regret is never ending."

"That isn't why I regret it," she answered rolling her eyes while wearing a sad smile. "I regret it for many reasons… but, one is that I might have made Faith happy… I'm not stupid, I know how she felt about me… and… maybe I might have been happy with her too…"

Willow sighed as she held her best friend. "I guess we're all a little fucked up in the head," she commented, laughing.

Buffy grinned slightly, "I think that's what makes us human."

"I-I just want to feel… feel some happiness, to feel like all of the battles we've been in were worth it," Willow replied as her heart was pounding painfully in her chest. She leaned in, and let her lips graze Buffy's in a gentle touch, she kissed back before pulling away with worried eyes.

"W-what about Tara?" she asked her breathlessly. Willow found it nice that Buffy was thinking of her girlfriends feelings.

"She's game," Willow replied, smirking as she stole Buffy's lips again, and this time, Buffy didn't resist her, and gave in to the temptation. She could barely believe it had taken her so long to kiss Willow's soft moist lips.

Their eyes drifted closed, their lips worked together in sync as they finally gave in, and tasted each other. Their movements were getting faster as their tongues touched, and their movements become more frantic, more desperate, more needed, like oxygen they couldn't quite get too, and that was what Willow liked. She wanted. She needed to have Buffy at last. Buffy was Willow's in this moment that would feel like forever.

Buffy's hands parted the dressing robe Willow was wearing, which was all she was wearing after her shower. She slid her hands in and groping both of Willow's breasts, tweaking her solid nipples between her fingers and thumb. Willow whimpered into Buffy's mouth, groaning and shivering. Buffy capitalised and nibbled on Willow's lower lip, hungry, and lost in a love she knew deep down she should have had years before.

In one fluid motion, Buffy moved with Willow in her arms, laying her on her back. Their lips had parted causing them to whimper at the lost contact for only a moment before the blonde Slayer was on top of the red haired Wicca, and their lips connected again. Willow's robe was now open to expose her soft, pert, pale breasts with stiffened pink nipples.

Buffy's lips travelled from Willow's lips to her jaw, and then to her throat. She found her pulse point, and she gently suckled a little causing Willow to buck a little and groan loudly. It felt better than she could have expected, the anticipation, the roar power, the love, the companionship, and uninhibited lust that flowed through them was driving Willow crazy with the need and want to finally be satisfied by her beautiful and powerful Slayer.

The Slayer's hands stroked back up the witch's body, pulling open her robe, exposing all of her to her beautiful blue eyes. Buffy trailed her hands up from Willow's small tummy to her breasts while she sat up on her red head goddess, playing with her chest, gently. Willow's breasts weren't very big, a size bigger than Buffy's though, with pale skin and lovely little hard pink nipples. Buffy hungrily started kissing her again, and worked her kisses lower as Willow couldn't control herself, groaning, and trying to grind herself on Buffy somehow.

Buffy soon reached her destination, her hot mouth quick to capture Willow's right, then left nipple in a powerful suck each, causing gasping moans with lots more hip thrusts from her new lover. The Slayer smirked about the witch's reaction and sat up pinning her down she pulled off her shirt and bra in just a moment. Willow grinned. Buffy's breasts weren't as pale as Willow's as she didn't have fair skin so she could tan up a little. Her nipples were darker, just as Willow knew they were, having seen her naked before as she had cleaned up her wounds plenty of times.

Willow licked her lips as she looked upon her best friends' strong feminine body. She was certain the only girl to come close to a body like hers was Morgana, but that little minx of a witch had growing still.

Willow shuddered, as she had wanted this for so long. She was quick and desperate to sit up, grabbing at each of Buffy's breasts, feeling the soft flesh between her fingers at last. Her lips were fast to take in each nipple one at a time. It caused her great pleasure to hear her Buffy cry out in pleasure from such a simple action from her, and her alone.

Soon Buffy and Willow were attacking each other again, Willow in a hurry to get Buffy out of her trousers and panties, and Buffy was in a hurry to get out of her jeans and panties as they were in the way of what she had never realised before then that she had desperately wanted.

They were naked in moments as the last shreds of Buffy's jeans hit the floor, and they fell to the floor moments after, kissing and loving, and teasing, and sucking. Buffy had two fingers buried inside Willow, sliming up her fingers and using her thumb on her bud while Willow was in a similar position with Buffy. Their friendship had now changed, but they knew, nothing could pull them apart, best friends forever, no matter what happened they would always love each other forever, sisters, friends, lovers.

Willow was on top, both girls had been frantically grinding at each other and kissing when Willow pulled back, smirking at Buffy as she also pulled out her slime covered fingers and brought them straight to her lips. Buffy watched as Willow licked her fingers clean, and it drove her wild with lust. She licked her lips.

Buffy was not one to be out done as she was hungry, and pulled her fingers free from Willow, and for the first time she tasted a girl's juices, (other than her own), and was surprised at how much better they tasted to anything a guy could produce as she cleaned her fingers.

As soon as Buffy had finished Willow's lips attacked hers, tasting each other in each other's mouths. It was sexy, and dirty, but showed their love and lust, and friendship. They couldn't live without each other, without their love for each other, and in this love, they could only think of each other.

Willow pulled her lips back, and spoke in a husky whisper with darkened eyes and slight definition of veins showing on her pale face. Her eyes were nearly black and held a power that almost made Buffy cum just looking at her, realising for the first time that Willow was a powerful witch, and she had a deep taste, feeling it through her skin. She knew Willow was unaware of it, and it was frightening and hot at the same time as she watched her best friends eyes fade back to that amazing green a moment later.

"How about w-we try it this way," she whispered shakily, as she pulled back from her friend and while staying on top she turned around so her sopping wetness was inches from Buffy's mouth giving the blonde a good close up look at the sweet area with red runway of hair. Willow was dripping onto Buffy's tongue, tantalising and teasing her taste buds.

The witch cried out in shock a moment later with pleasure and surprise as Buffy grabbed her butt, pulled her down and buried her face, suckling at her cream. Willow's breathing was uneven as she looked down at the blondes dripping and neatly shaved area before diving in to the drink she had fantasised about for so long, as it was finally a place she was allowed, and welcomed to drink from.

Both slayer and witch were a mass of moans and slurps, their bodies shuddering with pleasure as they squeezed tightly at each other's asses, pulling each other tighter into each other's faces, as tongues dipped, and lips suckled swollen lips.

Their bodies withered and twisted on the floor. Their moths were hungry as their backs arched with each buck of their hips, as they needed more. They both were lacking breath, and they were both feeling it. It was a cool build up, rising through their bodies, their souls, their power and bursting within their frantically beating hearts.

It was like a euphoric explosion throughout their beings as they gushed, and came in each other's hungry willing, eagerly begging mouths, sliding triumphantly down each other's throats. They drank, and tasted, making out with each other's lower areas as they shivered, and slowed down from the feeling within them.

After a few minutes of quiet coming down, just gently licking each other to enjoy some more Willow tiredly rolled off her best friend and they lay still for a while, their breathing slowly calming. They were licking their lips clean of the bitter-sweet-deliciousness.

Buffy soon sat up; sweat greased her whole body just as Willow's hot little body was. She spoke. "Whoa… now… wow… just… wow…"

Willow smiled a little as she sat up facing her best friend, smiling shyly at her. "Yea… just wow…," she agreed with a yawn, "I can stay in with you tonight, can't I?"

Buffy nodded in agreement, breathing heavily she was trying to calm her beating heart, "sure… I mean of course, I was going to insist on it. I don't think we've finished yet, but we should get to my room before Morgana gets home and catches us at it!" she said, smirking.

"She would probably enjoy that!" Willow agreed while they smiled as they got up together, holding hands and naked.

Buffy smiled as she pulled Willow into her arms and kissed her lips. They were both sweaty and were still breathing hard, "That girl is freaky, but I don't think she would be anywhere near as nice or fun to be around if she were like a normal teenage girl."

"I'm surprised you let her share Dawn's room," Willow replied with a cheeky grin.

Buffy shrugged thoughtfully, "she isn't a boy, so I suppose I don't care what they get up to behind closed doors," she said as she led Willow up the stairs. They reached the landing, glanced towards Dawn's open bedroom door in surprise to see both Morgana and Dawn all over each other, making out and pulling at each other's clothes to get them off.

"Y-yeah, behind c-closed doors," Willow muttered as they both paused, transfixed by the sight of the two girls, and it was turning them on like nothing before could have.


Dawn took a deep calming breath as she sat in her room waiting for Morgana to get home, which was taking a while. Buffy and Willow were downstairs talking about something, or whatever it was that they did alone together, and Tara had gone to meet Amy in Sacramento by train by herself as she had insisted for some reason on going alone. It was just a good thing that both of Morgana's familiars had come home, and one happily went with Tara while the other went to be Amy's escort home.

Though, she thought it would have been nice to talk to someone like Tara about her problem first. However, she looked so excited to get to go into a magical shopping district, and it would be an ideal place to get some hard to come by magical ingredients too, and Tara was good at that side of magic compared with Willow's more practical application.

Lying back on her bed, Dawn almost jumped off when the door barged open and the beautiful Morgana entered, giggling. She flopped back onto Dawn's bed beside her, and didn't even bother closing the door.

"Guess what I saw downstairs!?" Morgana began at the same time as Dawn spoke, "Morgana, can I talk to you about something important?"

"Okay," she was quick to agree.

"What?" Dawn asked as she was curious, but Morgana had turned to her with a serious expression, which wasn't a surprise, as she knew she was a serious person when the time called for it. Though Dawn loved the carefree childish side, she had just as much.

"Don't worry about that!" she replied, brushing it aside, and pulling Dawn into a hug. Dawn couldn't help but melt into her cuddle as Morgana stroked her hair the way she found she liked her too. "Why don't you tell me what you want to, so then I can tell you what I saw?" she asked while Dawn hugged her back.

"Kiss me…?" Dawn said, but she somehow made it feel like she was asking her whether she should ask her to kiss her.

Morgana looked at Dawn in surprise while she was certain her face burst into flames, but she was surprised when Morgana was giggling again, back to her adorable fun loving self. Morgana flipped Dawn over, so she could sit on her lap while they sat up. Morgana's lips didn't hesitate to take Dawn's as if they belonged to her, and Dawn felt she wanted to belong to her.

Dawn was in shock for a moment before she realised it was true, and Morgana was kissing her proper. Her tongue slid into Dawn's mouth, and Dawn's lips and tongue moved with hers.

Dawn's arms wrapped around Morgana, and she pulled her tight, down into her body, feeling every curve of this beauty beneath her as she had her first proper kiss, and she would want many more after it, along with other things. Her body responded to the sparks she felt from her lips, turning her on. Morgana pulled back, sucking off Dawn's tongue and they gasped for breathe.

Morgana had a wicked grin on her pretty and tasty lips as she grabbed at Dawn's chest, tugging at her clothes. "You, don't need to ask my permission, next time, just come in and kiss me!" she ordered, and Dawn would as her lips met hers again, and Morgana's hands went up Dawn's top without hesitation. She knew what she wanted, and Dawn knew she wanted to let her have every piece of her she wanted.

Dawn would have sworn that she had died and gone to heaven. She could feel Morgana's strength pulsing through her lips and tongue. Their kiss only seemed to deepen further, full of lust and love. Dawn had been thinking about Morgana like this for as long as she had met her, needed to feel her, for her love. Dawn could feel Morgana's hands wondering south down her tender-untouched body.

Morgana's hands trailed down, and finally reached their destination, and hoisted up Dawn's skirt to firmly plant themselves on her firm panty clad butt. It felt like fire, igniting a lust, want, need, and love for her further than anything before. Dawn could never have imagined. She was burning, melting her. Even now, it seemed so surreal. Dawn pulled herself up on Morgana and wrapped her legs around her waist as Morgana stood to move her. She hadn't even staggered as she held Dawn without any effort. Her powerful arms bulged slightly with strength as Dawn's hands slid from Morgana's neck to her arms.

Their kiss trailed down as Morgana's hands kept a hold of her. Morgana turned to place Dawn on the bed fully. She felt them slowly falling towards it, though when they landed with Morgana on top it was soft and quiet. Her lips trailed from Dawn's down her jaw to her neck, enticing a whimper to escape Dawn's mouth. How could one pair of lips leave her putty in her hands? Though those hands slowly moved from where they held her butt and over her stomach feeling her through her blouse.

Morgana continued to spread delightful kisses along Dawn's neck and collarbone when she pulled back suddenly, and sat up on Dawn's lap as she lay there looking up at her. Morgana tore Dawn's blouse clean off her, and discarded the material to the floor. Dawn's eyes had opened wide in surprise as Morgana's experienced hands had free roam on her bare skin. They slid along her abdomen, making Dawn hitch her breath as they headed north along her body towards her bra.

Morgana finally reached the material, and when Dawn heard the slow tearing of fabric, she couldn't help but let her hands wonder to her body, sliding them up her top to feel her warm, soft and tender body. Its touch was deceptive in its venerability. Morgana let out a pleasant moan, a small smirk encroaching upon her lips as she had finally relieved Dawn of her bra.

Morgana sat atop her latest angles lap and discarded her ruined bra to the ground. She was amazed that she didn't have to seduce Dawn, but she came to her, she asked, she wanted, she needed Morgana, and Dawn wanted the kind of love she could only, would only want from Morgana.

Morgana had fallen in love with her, and the other girls even though it had been such a short time with them, and especially Dawn, she was special to her, her best friend here on the edge of hell.

Morgana paused as she gazed upon those luxurious breasts. They were firm and soft, bigger than hers were. The feel of Dawn's warm fingers trailing along her sides felt like heaven, enticing excited shivers to run down her spine, and ended between her legs.

Morgana couldn't help it as a smirk aligned her lips. She pulled her top over her head, bra going with it, revealing herself to her new-girls gaze, so full of lust and love. Morgana dropped her top and sports bra to the ground as Dawn's fingers wound their way up her body, finally encroaching upon her breasts; the first other than her own she had ever touched.

The slightest touch across Morgana's solid nipples almost made her explode there and then as it had been a few days since she had been with Ginny or any of her girls. Dawn squeezed gently as she sat up, keeping Morgana on her lap, she was letting her instincts and imagination roam free. Morgana smiled, and encouraged her with a nod. Dawn's lips slowly surrounded Morgana's left nipple, giving a small suck, she groaned, almost throwing her head back with the pleasure of being Dawn's first anything.

Morgana's crouch felt like it was on fire. Damn. The way Dawn ran her tongue over one nipple and then moved on to the next, teasing her younger prey, unintentionally. Morgana began thrusting against her trying to get some relief as Dawn's arms wound around her body, her hands resting on her butt giving careful squeezes. Morgana moaned out again, her hips involuntarily moving. She reached up Dawn's skirt once more, her hands firmly squeezing her great firm arse.

Morgana lifted Dawn, and threw her back, to lie on the bed before straddling the surprised girl. She had almost let her take charge. But was not having that. She placed one leg between Dawn's as she moved down and captured her eager lips once again. Morgana slowly worked her way down Dawn's jaw to her neck. They were grinding as best they could against each other's thighs. Morgana continued down Dawn's neck, reaching her collarbone. Dawn moaned out loudly as she sucked on her skin, causing her to grind into Morgana's thigh harder. In turn, she pushed her thigh tightly into Morgana's socking crutch, enticing a whimpering groan.

Morgana proceeded south down Dawn's body, kissing her delectable skin, trailing her tongue down her soft flesh. It just made her hunger for her more, to taste every inch. Morgana's lips and tongue left trails down her chest until she reached her breasts. Their breathing was laboured and erratic as Morgana's lips circled around one nipple while she squeezed around her breasts. Sucking one sweet tasting nipple after the other, Dawn was moaning and bucking her hips, and whimpered, now grinding her crutch into Morgana's hip from their new position, faster and faster.

After a few moments, Morgana couldn't take much more so she lowered her kisses, though kept her hands firmly plastered for the time being squeezing her nipples in-between her forefingers and thumbs, getting more noise to spill forth from her lips. Morgana's tongue travelled down Dawn's firm stomach to her bellybutton, dipping inside Dawn bucked her hips to the air. Morgana could smell Dawn's strong scent. Her juices were flowing like a river. Her sweet smell mixed with Morgana's own as they were covered in sweat already.

Morgana soon removed her hands from Dawn's breasts, and received a frustrated moan from as her hands slid down her stomach. She glanced up to see Dawn watching her, and smirked as she let her hands slide from her stomach to her perfectly shaped thighs, and up to her soaking panty clad area. Morgana could feel her burning heat through the material. She let her fingers slide from her crutch to the elastic of her undies and slid them in. Dawn didn't even hesitate in lifting her butt from the bed to let Morgana pull them down. And she didn't disappoint her as she slid them down and off her legs flicking them to the floor in one fluid motion.

Once again, Morgana looked up at the beautiful girl. She was smiling at her, a smile she just had to return as she lifted her skirt to reveal her burning centre. Morgana's eyes travelled from her face to her sopping wetness. She could scarcely believe how much moisture was coming from her, as it was her first time, but then Ginny had been the same. It dribbled down her thighs and arse onto the bed. She had short thin black hairs on her pubic mound. Morgana's mouth was watering with the desire to taste her. So she did, lowering her head to her, her tongue flicked out.

Oh, fuck. She tasted delicious. Dawn had cried out, flinching at the sensations, and Morgana took another taste, forcing Dawn's legs to stay open, wide. She moved her tongue along the drip and lapped it up from her thighs up to her slit again. She didn't want to waste anything that left her. Dawn bucked her hips as Morgana lifted her legs up, resting them on her shoulders, and lapped at her creamy goodness.

Dawn moaned and groaned, crying out in her lust. Her fingers wound through Morgana's luscious black hair. Morgana continued licking her, enjoying her. Finding her bud, Dawn gasped out, squealing in pleasure as Morgana's tongue flicked it a couple of times, and near cried when Morgana's teeth nibbled her, and lips were suckling. Dawn was gripping Morgana's hair almost painfully. Then something happened. It was a huge gush of juice squirting out into Morgana's mouth as she sucked on her.

Morgana didn't want to waste any of her, and she relished in her slime sliding effortlessly down her throat, tantalising her taste buds with her new flavour. It was the most refreshing thing she had drunk in a while, and she didn't doubt that she would be drinking from that fountain a lot in the future.

Dawn's body quivered with her orgasm, unable to grasp how much more it was given by this goddess over her own experienced fingers. She had been thrusting her hips, and it became more frantic as another gush erupted from her body. Dawn was screaming out loudly in pleasure, and Morgana didn't care about the noise as she could sense their two audience members. They had been watching for a while now, and letting her eyes flicker to the door Morgana could see the two naked older girls rubbing themselves as they watched the show before returning her full attention to her Dawn.

Morgana's tongue dipped into Dawn's hole, in and out, keeping her suspended for a few moments longer before her body slowly began to rest, and Morgana sat up letting her collapse for a moment on the bed as Dawn gazed adoringly at her. Morgana very much liked that look as she made sure to keep her view from the door and their 'spies' or she might stop, and Morgana didn't want that; it was her first time after all, and that needed to be special and fun, and it would be more than that.

'Holy fuck!'. Those words ran rampaging through Dawn's mind after that intense feeling. Her chest hurt with having to recover her breath but she loved the feeling. She could never make herself feel like that no matter how much she might have tried, and she had tried a lot. Morgana was an incredible creature, using her mutation to full advantage, to make Dawn feel more than just her beautiful, moist touch.

Dawn stared at her as she sat up, letting her fingers untangle from her hair. Dawn stared longingly for a moment at her fallen angle. She could feel her strength flexing and straining within every pore of her being. It was like a storming volcano of burning fury. She licked her lips as she gazed lovingly at her. Dawn had to have a taste of her, to make her feel as good as she made her feel, to give her all of her love as she gave her hers.

Dawn moved as fast as she could so that she was kneeling before Morgana on the bed. Morgana smiled a small smile as Dawn leaned in and captured her lips in hers. She could taste herself on Morgana's tongue as they kissed, but the scent of Morgana completely overpowered her own taste.

After a moment of kissing with her hands caressing Morgana's breasts, Dawn moved fast, and flipping Morgana over onto the bed, smirking, but Dawn was certain that Morgana let her flip her over. Dawn desperately needed to taste her. And she needed it now. She was certain her eyes were dark with lust and a need she didn't think anyone could feel.

"Y-your turn!" Dawn whispered in a husky voice that hitched slightly with nervousness as this was her first time and she wanted to get it right.

Morgana grinned, biting her lower lip to keep from looking too eager, but Dawn wasn't convinced. Dawn quickly took the waistband of Morgana's hipsters and slid them off at top speeds with her panties in one go, throwing them to the floor. Dawn gazed upon her nude lover's body. Whoa, who would have thought sweet Morgana would completely shave down there. Dawn hadn't actually thought about it before, but now, she realised that was Morgana's style.

Pushing those thoughts aside, Dawn licked her lips as she looked down at Morgana's soaking wetness and quivered as she took in her powerful scent as if she was a siren calling for her. Damn, it was like an ocean down there.

'An ocean ready to feed me…', she thought as she moved down taking a sample taste with a long powerful lick up her slit from bottom to top.

Morgana gasped and screeched out through clenched teeth, as she was so hot from everything thus far she couldn't help it. Her fists balled into the bedding, tightly, her eyes squeezed shut.

The taste on Dawn's tongue was excitable and reignited her need as she lapped up some more before using her right hand to pull her lips open and gaze eagerly at the soft pink flesh beyond. She had watched some porn before so she knew-ish what to do.

Morgana gasped out and ground her hips tightly against Dawn, as she stroked her tongue along the inside of her tastiness. This was the first time she had ever tasted another girl before, and she knew from this it wouldn't be the last, and she was going by her example. Morgana squealed as Dawn easily spied her swollen bud, copying what she had had done to her, and sucked it firmly between her teeth.

"Ohhhh, fuuuck!" Morgana cried out, gasping for breath as Dawn continued suckling her stiffened bud. Morgana had gone easy on Dawn her first time, but Dawn was going all out.

Morgana's juices were spilling nicely into Dawn's mouth and slithering down her throat. It should have been a crime for one girl to taste so nice. But who was she to complain. She was the one getting to sample it, to enjoy it as much as she wanted.

Dawn slid her tongue around inside Morgana, easily finding her hole. It darted in and out as fast as it could manage. Her thighs clamped around Dawn's neck and face, tighter than she could have imagined, but not-uncomfortably so, not that she would have stopped as she was enjoying herself immensely.

Morgana began thrashing on the bed with screams of ecstasy coming from her beautiful face, which encouraged Dawn to try harder to make sure she wanted her more and more, to love her, to hold her, to kiss her, and certainly screw her.

"I-I went easy on-on you-no-no-fair!" Morgana cried out.

Dawn could only smirk as she continued her meal with renewed vigour because if that was going easy, she couldn't wait to have her best. Morgana's thrashing only got worse as Dawn's tongue added in side-to-side and rotational movements.

Morgana was harder to get off than Dawn was as she had plenty of practice with other girls. Dawn was finding it hard now to keep Morgana pinned down; she was using so much strength, and she knew she was holding back to stop from hurting her, as Morgana could likely snap Dawn like a twig.

Then Dawn caught an explosion of juices as Morgana finally came. Dawn swallowed them down, drinking everything. Morgana continued to whither and thrash about. Thrusting her hips powerfully into Dawn's mouth. Her body was convulsing with mounds of pleasure. Then another burst of cream lined Dawn's tongue and tailed eagerly down her throat.

Dawn kept going, drinking everything for another few minutes before Morgana's beautiful body collapsed to just a few twitches. She slowly relaxed as Dawn slowed to some soft kisses on her, allowing her to come out from her thighs.

Dawn's breathing was hitched as she gazed at her lover as stared at her in return with glazed over eyes for a moment before a smile slowly worked its way onto her lips. Morgana looked exhausted while Dawn collapsed into her welcoming arms, covered in sweat.

Dawn smiled as she wound her way into Morgana's body's embrace. She carefully slid her arms around here as she snuggled into her love as she rested her head on her shoulder, as her arms held her lovingly. They stared at each other for a few moments, their bodies perfectly meshed, relaxed, and truly pleasured.

"By the way!" Morgana said to her after a few moments, pointing towards the door Dawn looked up and squealed in shock, embarrassment, and horror.

"Buffy! Willow!"

Dawn was certain they had both been watching. They were both naked too. Dawn gulped as she realised they had both been playing with each other while watching her lose my virginity to Morgana, and she wasn't sure whether to call that hot or not.

Morgana only smiled, and Dawn realised that she had known they were there, "yes, now you've enjoyed the show, why don't you two come and participate?" Morgana suggested and Dawn was surprised as Willow took Buffy's hand and pulled her into the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Dawn gulped as she looked at her sister naked, wondering how things had gotten that naughty, as she looked at her, naked too. The odd thing was, Dawn wasn't going to say no, and she was sure that neither was Buffy.

Not too long later, Buffy was completely naked still, sitting up against the head of Dawn's bed with her feet firmly planted and her knees far apart. Her pink lips parted as her equally naked sisters brunette head was down on her, her mouth practically buried between her folds as her tongue slid in and out of her creaminess. Her heart was pounding worse than anything was, as it was incredible feeling her own sister there.

Dawn was surprised at how heavenly it was lapping up as much of her sister as she could as Buffy's best friend, Willow was holding her ass from behind, also naked and was lapping at both Dawn's sliminess and rear-hole, enjoying the moans and quivering of both girls. Her tongue would slip into her Dawn's tight rear entrance easily after a coating of juice and she slid round her right hand allowing her middle finger to slid inside her friends slippery area as she continued the bitterly tasting the rear passage.

Morgana was standing up over Buffy, and the Slayer was eagerly eating her. They were a mess of moans, and pleasures. Buffy's tongue was deep inside the younger girl while Dawn was deep inside her sister, suckling the torrential juices spilling out. Morgana hadn't been so turned on since she got Daphne to do it with her sister and mum as Astoria and Laurel had been more for it, but now Daphne had no qualms against it.

"Oh hells Dawnie!" Buffy whimpered out to her munching little sister, muffled in Morgana's crutch. "Gods yeah you, don't stop, oh crap don't stop!" she cried out unable to stop her face screwing up in excitement as she tried to gag herself in Morgana. Her fingers were trapped within the black hair of Dawn's head, pulling her firmer into herself while keeping her strength at bay. Her body arched as she withered and moaned, groaning with every slither of her slime her sister drunk down her throat.

It took maybe two or three more laps from the brunette before Buffy cried out as her sister finally got her there. She was bucking her hips further into her sisters willing and eager mouth as she came, squirting her juices, Dawn was happy to drink it all from her.

"Hells, yeah!" Buffy cried out breathing heavily. She lay back against the head of the bed in exhaustion while Morgana was crying out and squirting down her throat and collapsing into her waiting arms with Dawn the other side, both younger girls cuddled up into the blonde slayers arms.

Willow wasn't done with Dawn though. She pulled her away from the other two a moment later, and she didn't protest as Willow was digging into her with her tongue. Licking and suckling both of her delicious holes before moving so that they were in the 69 position withering in each other's arms, as she needed some attention. Dawn was eager to taste the red haired witch as they dug back into each other while Morgana and Buffy were cuddled up together to watch and enjoy the show.

It would be a long and tiring night, but it would be a very good night that none of the girls would ever forget, and they would repeat it whenever they could, and that would add quite a few extra girls in the coming years.

Meanwhile, the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, someone else was having a good time. Ginny Weasley. She panted in exhaustion as she was in a large comfortable four-post bed with creamy white satin sheets. Her heart was pounding in her chest when two beautiful girls slid up from under the satin sheets to where her head rested on the soft downy pillows at the head. They curled up in her arms smirking at her smugly.

It was as if Ginny was on fire, and the sheets were soaked with their combined sweat, and it made their smooth skin glisten. They had been together in Ginny and Morgana's huge bedroom in her freaking awesome castle, and she meant massive, castle, and rooms she had never imagined needing to be that large.

Since that morning when they woke up… well a pair of cute blonde babes woke Ginny up the special way to a girl loving heart. The Greengrass sisters from then on, just wouldn't leave her alone, not that she was complaining, as it was hot, and watching them do things to each other was always super-awesome and sexy.

"Daph, Tori!" Ginny croaked out shivering as they had been eating her non-stop for the past two hours, taking it in terns or they would have got cramped jaws long ago, but even that didn't stop them from alternating double tongues, one up her bottom, and the other through the front. "I need to rest, I can't take any more, and I'm tired, please!" she begged half-heartedly as she knew she could probably last a little longer at least.

"Girls!" Laurel Greengrass interrupted as she entered the room, only wearing a short thin silk bathrobe over her hot older body, and she was carrying a tray of snacks. Professors Rose and Sinistra followed her. They were equally dressed in sexy little nighties, carrying snacks that were more likely to be eaten off a girl, but at least they also bought drinks to rehydrate with.

Ginny gulped as the door closed behind them and pouted. "If I fall asleep at any time, just be careful with me while you're playing, and let me have at least five minutes!"

"Daphne! Astoria!" Laurel playfully reprimanded her daughters, shaking her head in mock disappointment. "Keeping poor Ginevra up for so long, you girls will be going over my lap for a spanking," she said which woke Ginny up, as she wanted to watch that hot piece of action. The sisters didn't look like they were remotely opposed, but eagerly awaiting their butts being slapped by their mother, and as Laurel got going, the slaps got harder and harder as each girl took a painful turn.

The sisters were getting as kinky as Luna and Casey, talking of which, those nut-bar girls would be coming over to spend the rest of their holiday. They would be going to school with Ginny and her sisters on the fourth of January, so things were going to get weirder for a few days while they waited for Morgana to get home. But we knew how to entertain themselves, especially with the two professors visiting.

Life was great, and the only thing that could make Ginny feel happier as they watched two tight bare butts as the Greengrass sisters crawled out of the covers, completely naked, and towards their waiting mother while Professor's Rose and Sinistra sat either side of her on the bed to watch would be having Morgana with them too.

Ginny smiled as she gave Professor Rose a kiss on the lips as she offered her a bottle of water as she was dehydrated, and downed it in one.

It was morning across the other side of the planet in a large coastal town in Japan, and for once while asleep, Hayate hadn't had any nightmares, but for the first times she was having a dream unlike any other she had ever before, which drenched her in sweat and made her heart pound unlike anything before.

Her Lightning Goddesses right hand slid down her body and wound through between her legs, squeezing her tightly. She was embarrassed, but she didn't care. It felt good, no, more than good. She was soaking wet, but she didn't mind, she liked that. She kissed, nibbled and sucked in her lips, working around to her neck and left ear, she quivered as her fingers moved tighter on her-…

Hayate gasped as she cried out as something happened and squirted out from between her legs. It felt incredible and she didn't want the feeling to end while her cheeks burnt red.

The bed was soaked and Hayate was covered in sweat, squeezing the life out of Vita as she was cuddling the girl and humping her leg rubbing 'herself' on her, which was a feat of strength as she couldn't use her legs for leverage, as they didn't work. Her eyes widened in horror, her cheeks flushing crimson in embarrassment while the girl was calling out for her to stop as she was squeezing too tight.

Hayate felt mortified that she had accidentality molested her best friend, and hoped that Vita's naive charm won out and she hadn't realised what was going on. Hayate did not think that she could have 'that' conversation with Vita, let alone her other two nights without dying of embarrassment.

"Master Hayate! Master Hayate!" Vita was calling out and Hayate let her go (no matter how much she might have wanted to keep on going, damn her hormones). Vita flopped next to Hayate panting for breath almost as much as she was. Hayate didn't know what had taken hold of her. She took that Vita didn't flee out of bed as a good sign that she hadn't realised what was going on.

One moment Hayate had been talking to Vita. They went to sleep in Hayate's bed together as usual. Then things were different from previous dreams. Hayate saw her again. The Goddess of Lightning. She was kissing and touching another girl, and there were two older girls too. It made Hayate feel weird and tingly, and then something happened, they were doing 'naughty' things, and Hayate wouldn't admit it but it looked like fun.

Then Hayate woke up in the state she was in with the soft morning light of summer slowly shining through the curtains. She could barely believe it. She knew it was all happening somewhere else because her imagination was not that vivid, or 'naughty'. She was certain before then she wouldn't have thought about doing naughty things with girls, but wondered whether she could get those thoughts to leave her alone now.

"M-Master Hayate?" Vita questioned in that endearingly cute way she tended to do as she pulled herself up to her knees and looked over at her mistress in worry. "There's nothing to be ashamed off, wetting the bed if you have bad dreams," she said, thankfully not realising that to Hayate it was a shameful good dream.

"I won't tell the others," she continued, "and we can clear this up right away, but… it smells weird, and nothing like pee!" she said taking some curious sniffs while Hayate tried not to look at her in too much shame and embarrassment as what she did was worse than wetting the bed with her friend in it.

"You must have had a really weird bad dream this time Master Hayate," she continued babbling, but the dream wasn't bad, it was nice. Hayate had never felt so good before.

Hayate looked into Vita's worried eyes and managed a reassuring smile. Vita called Hayate master a lot more since her dreams had been getting odder, and she knew she couldn't keep her mouth shut for long because she needed to know. Hayate needed to protect her knights and she could just feel it in her heart that they were doing something bad, just for her, and she couldn't stand the way she could feel their pain, and know their unquestioned, unbound love for her.

She knew, she would have to be brave for her knights, and look out for them, and she would have to say no, because if she didn't she wouldn't want them to get into trouble just for her.

She wouldn't be able to live with that.

She needed them so much.

She loved them with all her heart.


Tara had honestly felt a little weird pushing her girlfriend into the bed of girls, but also pleased, as she knew how much they cared for each other. She was hoping it would lead to some fun with Buffy and Willow for her in the future, which she would admit was a little perverted she supposed, but she would openly admit that Buffy was hot, and with a slayers body, well, it brought to the forefront naughty thoughts, many naughty thoughts.

She chose to head to Sacramento to pick up Amy because it would give both best friends some time alone so that they could do whatever they wanted to each other, and it sounded like a nice plan. They needed some rare ingredients, and if she couldn't find some in the potion supply store, she knew that she could order it, or ask the goblins as they dealt in the black market behind wizard's backs.

Plus, she hadn't travelled much, if at all for a long while, so it would be nice to get out. And she had Sparkler escorting her. Her train stopped in Santa Maria, and she had to wait until morning for the next one to arrive, which would take her too San Luis Obispo, and then she could get the bus, or coach, whatever they called it to Sacramento. She didn't like flying so she chose to take the more adventurous route.

She had just booked into the okay priced travellers lodge and got a bit peckish. It was dark outside, but not Sunnydale, so she felt safer venturing out, and leaving Sparkler curled up on the bed in the form of a cute husky-puppy, as she could call her at any time. So she could grab a bite to eat (bringing something back for her adorable companion) before she would return to her room and retire for the night. However, that might have been a rash choice on her part when she was heading towards a part of town with some restaurants and passing by an unusually empty park she heard a noise.

It was a groaning and mumbling sound followed by the sound of hurried, nearly frantic running and moving. Then she heard the gunshots ringing out through the night. She was startled, and for a moment, she was going to run away and hide, or get back to her hotel room because she would want nothing to go with gang violence.

However, she would need to be brave if she was going to join the Covenant, and she wasn't sure it was gang violence, it could be someone who needed help. She knew the Covenant was supposed to protect people or something like that. It was a part of what made them so legendary, and she was certain that the groaning wasn't somebody injured but something else. She could sense the mindless hunger as she concentrated, and didn't hear more than one gun going off.

While Morgana had been around, though she hadn't been around long, Tara and Willow had been practising some fire magic while teaching Dawn and Buffy magic, among other things, so – well, okay, fire was all they really got to practice as it was such an easy element to utilise. If someone was fighting a daemon they might need help, and it sounded like they weren't fairing too well, and if she could save a life, then that was a good thing, as long as it was a good person.

She readied herself and brought her magic to the forefront of her being, readying to throw flames at a moment's notice, and forgetting to call Sparkler, which would have helped. She rushed around some trees and into the park. It was nice, and would have been better during the day. It would have been even better than that if there were not some huge fat fleshy thing chasing a brown haired girl while she shot at it with her handgun. It made Tara think that rarely the US's lax gun laws (or a gun for everyone) came in handy, for the girl at least.

The creature was slow but it spat out some kind of green sludge that looked poisonous as it poofed up in a green cloud of horrid acidy dust. It looked like it had boils of red and flesh all over its husk of an oversized body.

Tara looked around and saw three more things, but these were different. They wore clothes, and looked almost human, except they had that same puss of boils and flesh covering their faces. They weren't moving as they lay still on the ground, and their face-blisters were smashed, so they must have been like shells rather than flesh.

There were several more 'people', and they looked like they had started decaying long before they were killed. There was just two of them left while the girl had been trying to dodge and shoot them while dealing with the fat one, but they saw Tara and changed target, and charged at her.

The young Wicca was startled for a moment as they charged. She looked into their lifeless eyes before going through the motions. She clicked the fingers on both hands. She refused to be useless any more; she would prove her worth to her friends, to her new family. Flames blazed to life, erupting up and forming into orange and crimson fireballs floating within her palms.

She threw her flames before the creatures got close. They fell back from the power of the flames and withered on the floor, screeching as they ignited in flames. However, she didn't have time to watch them end as she looked up. The girl had gotten too close to the fat monster, and it had grabbed her, opening its mouth, which she had overlooked before, it went to bit the girls' throat out with blister-teeth.

Tara panicked as she shouted, "mutolinquo!" And waving her left hand the girl was retched from the creatures grasp and knocked away. It wasn't a very powerful spell, but it had been more than enough as the girl dropped to the ground a few feet from the beast, losing her gun somewhere, and looking confused as she got her wind back after the creature had stolen it.

The young Wicca ran closer while the creature turned its attention from the girl to her before stopping and with a click of her fingers flames erupted as the fat monster headed towards her, and throwing her hands out fire burst forth. The flames tore out and splashed into the non-fire-resistant monster, and in a few moments it dropped to the ground in a smouldering husk of its former demonic might, steaming, dead, or properly dead at least.

The girl could only stare at Tara in awe, as she had never seen anything like it before. She was still on the floor. She brushed back her auburn brown hair as it was falling in her eyes. She left it framing her face in strands in a ponytail at the back. She had pale green eyes, and didn't look much older than Morgana was. She was wearing beaten blue jeans with a filthy tee under her red, white, and black striped coat with a brown backpack. The girl was filthy with some cuts on her face, along with some bruises, and she looked hungry and exhausted.

"Are you okay?" Tara asked kindly.

The girl shook her head clear and rushed to her feet, looking around to see the burnt up things, "how-how did you do that… with the fire?" she demanded while keeping her guard up.

"Would you believe me if I said I am a Wiccan!?" she asked with a kind smile.

She shook her head, frowning, "what's a Wiccan?" she asked in curiosity.

"A witch, I suppose," Tara said, which caused the girls eyes to widen as she understood what that was.

However, her eyes narrowed in suspicion after a few moments. "Witches are things of fairy tales. They aren't real."

"But these daemons are, why not witches?" she asked kindly.

"The infected have been around since before I was born!" she retorted, rolling her eyes, "where have you been, they rule the world now!"

"How did you get here?" Tara asked in concern.

The girl looked around, frowning, "I don't know… where I was had… well, didn't look like this. The path wasn't neat like that and…" she looked up in awe as a huge passenger plane was flying overhead. "W-well, I found this old book," she said scrambling to pull it from her backpack. "It was in a cave, and I wanted to read it, and it had this with it," she said, showing Tara a pendant with a nine-point pentagram from around her neck before stuffing it back in her top. "I left the cave, and got attacked by the infected. I don't know what happened, but there was a huge flash while I was fighting for my life, but I didn't have a moment to try figuring out where it came from or anything."

"I see," Tara said looking at the book as the girl held it up for her to see, "The Grimoire of Demonology!" she said in horror as she read the old text on the dusty beaten thick leather bound book. "Somebody must have sent it to another reality, but it used you to return; the book is rumoured to have every known weakness of every known daemon within and the spells used to defeat them, or something like that, nobody really knows. But a lot of those spells could be considered pretty nasty, and most grimoires are very hard to destroy, some maybe even impossible like the fabled Book of Shadows-."

"So-so this is some kind of magic book?" the girl asked, baffled.

"Yes," Tara agreed with a nod, "and I would bet that your pendant is the key," she added as the book had a similar rune on it going over a powerful looking sealing latch that had no actual key hole, ending in platinum.

"But I was just going to cut it open later," the girl commented, glaring at Tara.

Tara could only offer a reassuring smile. "You would have had to use a blade as powerful as Excalibur to stand a chance of getting that open without the sealing key. The book may have chosen you to be its guardian, and brought you to its home because you have a greater purpose."

"T-this isn't my world is it?" she asked in worry, trying not to panic as she was starting to believe in all of the craziness that was going on, after all before the infected people wouldn't have believed in them.

"I believe that is true," she replied, trying to be as understanding as possible as it must be an odd situation. But then if these zombie things had destroyed her world, and the human race brought to near extinction, the girl was certainly in a nicer world, even if there were too many daemons around to count, and the world was on the brink of destruction by a hell goddess. "I am Tara. I am friends with some very connected people, and they can help you, if you would like?"

"Ellie!" she introduced herself wondering when the shock would hit before something came to mind, "do you have umm, video arcades here?" she asked hopefully, "I've always wanted to play one."

Tara smiled and nodded, "better yet, machines to play inside at home, I'm sure Morgana would be kind enough to get one to play!"


"Not when you're going to be lunch!"

They spun around to see three men with bumpy faces, yellow eyes and fangs before a purplish girl flashed into being between them and Ellie wearing an odd school uniform, and after some flashes of purple electricity they burst into dust with looks of horror on their faces.

"Vampire's!" Ellie mumbled in awe. "This is so freaking awesome!"

Tara's face fell. The girl was cute in the survivalist kind of way. To have seen such horrors that vampires didn't scare her in the least. She would have to show Ellie the wonders of a world beyond the terror of hers, and look after her.

Somewhere unknown-

The blonde girl ran because the mean monsters were trying to eat her, what more reason would she have needed. She had enough problems in her life, and the only reason she wasn't fighting the hordes of evil any more was because she was getting tired. They may have been weak but they outnumbered her thousands to one, no matter how awesome she might have been, or how powerful her daemon might have been.

She had a few friends left and they ran by her side. There was a blonde with her sandy coloured hair up in four ponytails. Her name was Temari, and she was a bit of a tom-boy, but in a totally hot girl way. Then a girl with short purplish brunette hair and purl eyes. She was the shiest girl she knew, but when it came to certain things she liked to do with the cute blonde leader she was quite the freak.

There was a girl with brown hair in twin buns. She was nice but liked stabbing evil with sharp-pointed death. It seemed to do the trick. Then last was another blonde with her light coloured blonde hair in a long ponytail from the crown of her head. She was the type of girl who should be a cheerleader, but she was strong too, and had great thighs.

Narumi Uzumaki liked her friends a lot, especially Temari as she let Narumi get away with whatever she wanted, and Narumi wanted lots of loving, and wanted it in many different ways. Other than Temari, only Hinata gave into the blonde girls loving advances, even though Ino and Tenten had kissed her, with tongue and had been tempted as all of the boys their generation tended to be twits of the highest degree.

Narumi was a different kind of girl. She was pretty, and was sweet, sometimes airheaded, and very smart, and abnormally stubborn and powerful. She was kind and bubbly, and had a great body. Hinata gave in first, after some coaxing, well, more like Narumi started undressing her while she had already stripped, and Hinata was too embarrassed to say no, even though she wanted it anyway as she had been madly in love with the girl since they were at school together training to be ninja.

Temari just had a huge crush on her ever since Narumi beat the crap out of her psychopathic brother, and taught him a lesson in defeat. She had always known she liked other girls, and liked strong girls especially, and Narumi just happened to be the strongest, so she couldn't be kept off Narumi. The thought of her lips made Temari tingle to her toes, and the look of those stunning blue eyes made her shiver, more so when they were coldly in the zone of battle. She loved it to be violent and maybe even a little torturous being Narumi's 'conquest' and toy made her cum harder than anything could.

The monsters were attacking everything and everyone. They heard the leader talking. He had said that he breached the veil using the Hellmouth, which was situated, ironically, in a town in a place called Spring Time Valley. They weren't sure what the Hellmouth was but running from the monsters it puked up seemed like the right thing to do after watching so many people getting devoured or turned into soulless monsters.

It was just luck that the people 'turned' lost their powers, likely because they were dead they had no spirit, so couldn't use spiritual powers any more, and that was not to mention they became mindless, so lost their mental ability to control the power anyway.

It took them a while to stop, breathing harshly as they realised they had lost their pursuers, and remembered that they were much faster than the demonic creatures that hunted them for their lunch, or maybe just because they defied their leader.

"I can't believe we just ran away!" the bun haired girl said with a tired sigh and tears in her brown eyes, "we left all of our friends, we ran away, we deserted everybody, we're scum, we're-!"

She stopped as the lead blonde haired girl; Narumi slapped her around the face. She looked at the girl sharply with tears threatening to fall. Narumi had her haircut short into what would be called a pixy-cut. It was in neat disarray and had two long strands down over her right side twisted into plates with coloured strings. She was wearing black body armour that hugged her chest but left her ton tummy open. She wore black hipster combats and boots with fingerless gloves, but her jacket with a deep orange colour. She wasn't very large in the chest at just fifteen.

Tenten wore a green and blue Chinese style dress with a huge scroll on her back and several smaller scrolls with many others hidden. She was flatter in the chest than Narumi and she was older by a year than her, and two years older than Hinata, and Ino. Temari was two years older than her. But then she did have a much larger chest, dressed in tight black shorts and white teen it was noticeable, and she carried a huge black fan on her back.

Tenten was ashamed to say that the shy girl of their group, Hinata had the hugest boobs from all of the gloating and praise Narumi gave her on a teasing spree, and Temari didn't deny anything. Hinata was wearing tight black shorts, she also wore a huge purple coat that hid what she was too shy to let be known. Ino was the most-showy with her tight yellow top and tiny beige short-short-explorer shorts, showing off her long legs and juicy thighs.

"Only an idiot would have stayed!" Narumi said, shaking her head. "Sometimes you need to run away or you'll end up dead just like everyone else, and what use would that be, Ten-chan?!" she demanded, trying to keep upbeat about everything.

"It's unlike you to be the smart one!" Ino jokingly said because it was true. Narumi tended to keep her trap shut, mainly because not many people cared to listen to her over people they believed were smarter than her, even though they weren't, and Ino actually knew that very few people could try to claim to be smarter than Narumi, especially when it came to battle.

"Shut up, we have to get out of here!" Temari growled out, rolling her eyes as she never could stand anyone (even in jest) talking about Narumi like that, let alone to her face, even though she knew Narumi could deal with it herself, no matter who it was.

Temari almost smiled when she remembered that some douche bag from Konoha, Narumi's and the others village, as Temari was from Suna, hence the different headbands they wore, called her stupid too many times. Narumi had been ignoring him. He was the type of moron ninja that thought he was gifted because he had a ninja clan, and was registered with Konoha as a 'genius' ninja to gloat or something to other villages.

He went to punch her during an important meeting that was turning to chaos when she was point-black ignoring his existence. She broke his arm in several places, ripped it out of his socket, and punted him through several walls. He barely had a chance to cry out she had been so quick, which shut up all the other men who had been like him and causing trouble while her kage and Narumi's were discussing the daemonic attacks, and what they were going to do about it.

None of the decent ninja attending the meeting, or sensible civilian advisors even commented, but one look from Narumi's deadly blue eyes and the rest shut up threatening her because they knew they would join their friend if they wouldn't shut their ignorant mouths. But Temari couldn't keep herself off Narumi, hugging her from behind, smiling cruelly at the dipshits so they got the message, and they did.

Narumi had been at the meeting, not because of a clan, or any such bull crap, it was because she was a very high ranked ninja, even while the village council held her back from being promoted passed genin. It pissed Temari off, but the Hokage, Konoha's leader gave her a permanent field promotion straight to jonin there and then, and no one said anything bad about it.

"Let's go!" Narumi said when she jumped up and back as a red haired girl screeching at the top of her lungs went flying back, cracking into a tree branch and falling to the floor, whimpering in pain, trying to pull herself up.

The beast burst through a moment later. It was pale with taught skin and huge bat wings. It was naked and screeched with huge fanged teeth on the end of a bat-ish snout. It charged for the red head, through the air when Narumi moved and grabbed its long whip-like tail, and slammed it into a tree with her right hand while her left grabbed its throat and in one squeeze, crushed its throat and tore its head clear off, and it burst into dust.

"Hey, Karin!" Narumi chimed as she brushed dust free from her hands, crouching by the older girl and pushing up her skewed glassed straight.

She was pretty with long red hair and brown eyes hidden behind black glasses, and her outfit would have looked more the part on a librarian, a hot one, over a ninja.

"U-Uzumaki!" The girl whimpered, and was hugging onto Narumi's waist, shaking, terrified. "P-please… we were attacked, and Sasuke-kun was overwhelmed. The-they weren't like these other ones. They're monsters, and are m-much stronger."

"Yeah, we can across a couple of these!" Narumi said happily stroking her head in a comforting manner.

"N-Narumi-chan!" Hinata timidly interrupted, "isn't she the enemy too?"

"Hmm?" Narumi mumbled looking down at her 'enemy', "oh, yeah, she's Sasuke's new fangirl loser isn't she," she said thoughtfully, but the red head just held on tighter.

"P-please, I-I won't survive," Karin whimpered, looking up with blood on her lips and tears in her eyes. "P-please, you-you're strong enough to look after me. You're strong enough to fight Sasuke to a stand-still for crying-out-loud!"

"We could keep her as a pet?" Tenten suggested jokingly.

"A-anything, please!" Karin surprisingly agreed, suddenly liking Narumi's cheek before the blonde stopped her, frowning.

"Eww, you've kissed Sasuke with that mouth!"

"What?" She was actually surprised and looked down, embarrassed. I haven't," she said. "I don't even think he likes boys, let alone girls. It probably doesn't even work. He was more obsessed with hunting his brother than fighting against all of these monsters!"

"These things started showing up a year ago, and all he's concerned with is Itachi?" Ino asked, rolling her eyes while Karin nodded, not letting go of Narumi, as she was potentially her saviour. "Wow, glad I dumped any thought of that loser years ago when I left the academy. I kind of just liked bugging Sakura after that. Though it was a shame, the only way we could hang was 'fighting' over him. But she's gone crazy thanks to Narumi and her somewhat evil ways."

"Hey, what can I say, I'm awesome!" Narumi said smugly, "but anyway girl," she said looking to Karin, "you so owe me for saving you, but betray me and I'll use you as my own personal toy!" she said happily. She caused Karin to pale and nod her head readily as she had heard about many of the ninja that Narumi had slaughtered, and they were powerful, Karin couldn't hope to escape.

Though, she also knew many of Narumi's vanquishes were credited to Sasuke by her village. Her defeated foes villages were not simple-minded idiots inflating egos, and oddly, Sasuke disclaimed them to Narumi, mainly because he was pissed, he didn't win.

"Come on, let's go!" Temari said, glaring at the new girl. "Sensor, make yourself useful and lead us away from them, I know you'll be able to pick up their daemonic energies!" she said, grabbing Karin and pulling the scared girl from Narumi and forcing her to move slightly ahead of her, so she could keep her eyes on her.

"Hinata-chan!" Narumi said quickly.

"Yes, Narumi-sama!" she quickly agreed lovingly as she moved forward and activated her eye bloodline to see ahead while Karin senses.

"Tem-chan, they're on your team up front!" Narumi ordered. "I'll take the rear with Ten-chan and Ino-chan in the middle, and we move as fast as our slowest member. We should find a place to rest and gather our strength. We'll need to gather intelligence. These things aren't all mindless monsters."

"We'll need to gather more ninja!" Ino said with a nod, "and then we take out the Hellmouth!"

"And that should stop them, right?" Tenten asked in concern.

"With hope!" Narumi said. "But let's get out of here first," she added, nodding Temari forced Karin on ahead of her where Hinata joined the red head, feeling sorry for her.

Tenten and Ino followed on with Narumi chasing after them, and enjoying the view of all of her girls' tight arses. Her life was quite good as she saved all of her friends. She couldn't care-less about the rest of her village, or the world. They had never done anything for her, but these girls had been nice to her, and Karin was cute and deserved better than Sasuke, like her.

She smirked as she wondered whether she was slightly naughty. Yep, she could live with that.

It would be a while, but sometime soon she would meet a kindred spirit in a lightning powered witch where she would find a welcoming home within a sisterhood that she would want to join.


Morgana was frowning as she sat at the large 'planning' table in the Magic Box. It was late and they were trying to 'fine-tune' the 'plan'. The store had been closed and a plot to defeat Glory had been rushed together before she put any more people in commas as that seemed to be her thing, and ripping out people's sanity to keep her own, not that Morgana would say Glory was all that sane. That bitch did have to be put in her place, soon.

"So… this will work?" Morgana asked sceptically.

Willow shrugged sheepishly, "I hope so. It should rip apart Glory's powers while in human form, and to get her to revert we need to wear her out. Morgana, when she fought you and Buffy you almost had her running out of strength and turning back. We just need her human host to be in the rune long enough. It will pull apart her power and fire it into the planets life stream, and it will hopefully be recycled into natural mage. Then Glory will be nothing more than a human, no stronger than a slayer, and her host will be free of her."

"She'll be pissed if this works!" Buffy said with a wicked grin as she flexed her fingers into tight fists, "and I can't wait to beat the bitch into submission, see how she likes being picked on, and make her my servant girl. I've always wanted my own housemaid!"

Morgana gave Buffy a high five while Giles rolled his eyes, "if this does get results," he said, cleaning his glasses, "it will not work again. It is just the circumstances that gives us this opportunity, and if we fail then Glory will find a way to protect herself from it again! And we won't see her until she has done so."

"Then let's not fail!" Morgana said, smugly. "Let's teach this bitch that awesome out trumps bitch every day!"

"Well everyone knows that!" Anya agreed with a nod.

"Good!" Buffy said, smirking, "then tomorrow night, Glory's reign of bitchiness ends permanently!"

"Or at least not godly!" Willow reminded her that they weren't actually going to kill Glory.

"Right!" she agreed sheepishly as she had been getting carried away.

Back in the UK it was mid-morning when Ginny, or Emicon as she was going by as she was going by now. She had only chosen a weird name because she had met a weird girl with a weird taken name, and her Morgana had taken the name Lightning, or Plasma, or something, so why not? It was part emotion and part con because she could con people's emotions.

She had read the magical sensor screen by the front door to get all the information on her guest that she could. It read that her given name was Stephanie, and her taken name was Valkyrie. It was something about names having power. They did, everyone should know that, but the choice still belonged to a persons will. The name only had power if you accepted it did. She would have to teach her new friend that while trying to get the cute girl into her bed because a powerful girl like her would be a superb sister, and the covenant was always recruiting now they had a new queen.

Ginny had met the weird Irish girl by chance. Well they were neighbours. Valkyrie had inherited the house down the dark path from them from her uncle. It just so happened that she was a mage, which was a fluke on both their parts as they chatted, half forgetting why Valkyrie called round in the first place.

Valkyrie had owned the house longer than Ginny had lived at Morgana's. She had inherited it a couple years back. According to the sensor, Val had a weird thing for fire magic and necromancy. Though, Ginny didn't think the dark haired girl had ever tried to raise the dead before, so that was a plus for a budding friendship to grow, though she was sure that wouldn't have stopped Morgana from making friends, especially since the girl was cute.

The dark haired mage was fascinated by the magic detection magic that called her out on even her given name, but she looked thankful when she noted that it didn't know her true name as that was something she wouldn't want out, even if Ginny was right and she could just wilfully deny anyone control over her name.

Valkyrie liked Ginny, she was good conversation, and it was nice to make a friend who was actually in her age range. She loved her friends, like Tanith, but she was much-much-much older than her.

The girls' friends' car had broken down, and she had lost rock, paper, and scissors to go and ask to borrow the use of Morgana's phone. It had been by chance that some lunatic had chosen to attack Valkyrie and Ginny, and Laurel and her daughters weren't in, as they went shopping, and the visiting teachers had classes to prepare so ventured back and forth between the house and school and weren't in right then. However, Ginny had practised for the day she would have to let out her inner bad-arse when Morgana wasn't in.

"Do you know this guy?" Ginny asked as she summoned Morgana's staff from the wall mount in the hall as her wand was in her room and it would be more powerful anyway. "How'd you get through our wards you dick!" she demanded while Valkyrie was surprised as she saw Ginny use a magic she hadn't seen before. She had seen stuff being summoned by air magic, but never by a new branch of magic alone.

"Umm… nope, never seen this one in my life!" she quickly said while her dark eyes glared at the man and she clicked her fingers, creating a fireball in each hand. She wondered whether she could learn how to use the same magic as Ginny though. "I do tend to attract trouble though so I suppose he's after me."

"Actually, don't know who either of you are!" he replied with a gruff voice. He was a large built man who could give Hagrid a good arm wrestle, and probably win. "I'm here to kill the Empress of Lightning, so where is she!" he demanded coldly.

Valkyrie just looked confused as she stood straight and defiant in her long black coat, trousers and tunic, "I've never heard of her, do you have a description?" she asked, trying to not sound like she was mocking him, even though she was a little.

"Thirteen, black hair, green eyes, has electrical superpowers!" he replied with a growl.

"Morgana's in California!" Ginny said, rolling her eyes. "If I weren't going to have to kill you for pissing me off, she would have loved to beat you to death for thinking you alone would be enough to kill her!"

"You, kill me!?" he demanded, laughing, "little empath fool," he laughed, shaking his head as he turned to leave only to stop as he realised he was trapped in shadows and turning his neck Valkyrie had him trapped with cold, death shadows pouring from her ring as she had snuffed out her flames.

"Nice trick," Ginny said appreciatively as she admired her new friends' powers.

"Thanks," she replied, smirking.

"Now who hired you?" Ginny asked as she moved around the man, but she could see, she knew, nothing she did would convince him to talk. She rose her staff, and said two words in a soft whisper and in a flash of green; he was dead with a look of horror on his face, as he had no idea that she would really strike to kill because of her age.

"Whoa, deadly," Valkyrie muttered. "Well, who is this Lightning Empress anyway?"

"Leader of the Covenant of Witches, my best friend, and girlfriend!" she said smugly, "but we have a pretty open relationship, so, you wanted to use the phone to call someone?" she asked, gesturing the front door.

"Umm… yeah," she said, "but I've not heard much about the real deal, but, umm… how do I join the Covenant?" she asked, curious as it was worth a listen even if she didn't try to get in, "oh, and who will clean him away?" she asked, gesturing the dead man as her shadows retreated back into her ring.

"Don't worry about that!" Ginny replied, placing her arm around her shoulders as she led the girl inside, closing the door behind them with a tap of the staff. While her other sisters were away, best to make a new one to play.

In Sunnydale that night, Morgana had never honestly given a thought to what it would feel like to be swung around in a circle by her ankles before. Unfortunately, it would never be a wonder, ever, as the blonde hell goddess Glory was doing just that.

Glory was holding Morgana's ankles in a vice like grip and spinning while slamming the lightning witch into anything and everything. Morgana hit walls and cars, shattering them, as they had managed to pick a fight in a street within the dead of night, ironic considering the dead of night could be livelier than the day, even though most of it was in fact, dead. Then that was really kind of confusing, and weird, not to mention creepy, and strange.

That wasn't the worst part for Morgana as Glory finally decided to let her go and she cried out in surprise as she was flung into the side of a blue car, shattering the side windows and crumpling the metal around her as she dropped to the floor with a whine of pain. That probably wasn't the worst either as she could see more terribly inconvenient crap happening to her soon, too if she and her friends didn't pick up their A game, and bring it into SSS territory.

Buffy had picked herself up, fighting through her pain next as she pulled herself up from where her aching body had made a crater earlier and she took a few moments to rest. Buffy charged, striking out with her left foot, but Glory caught it with her right hand, flipping the Slayer over to land painfully on her back, cracking the concrete.

"Buffy! Buffy! Buffy!" Glory mocked, as she didn't have a hair out of place as she walked mockingly around the slayer after releasing her. "Don't you get it!? Even with your witch, off doing her thing, and the foolish Lightning 'Empress' at your side you are nothing to me!"

"Bitch say what?!" Morgana demanded as she stood, pulling herself up on the car, gritting her teeth with sparks of blue frizzing around her body. "I don't like your attitude, bitch; you are so going to bow before me and beg me not to kill you when we're through with you!" she hissed out through her bloodied mouth.

"Oh really?" she asked in mock as she took a step closer, "and what exactly are you going too-?" She looked down in surprise as Buffy had grabbed her legs and twisted her body around her and before she knew it, Morgana was on her with her hands clamped onto her face and in her hair.

Then streams of blue light started pooling up from Glory, pouring into Morgana while the goddess struggled to throw her off, but the longer it went on the weaker she felt, the less she struggled. Her eyes went wild and insane with desperation as she struggled against her assailants in vain, as she could feel her strength leaving her.

"Now!" Buffy shouted as she activated the portkey she had on her person, and they swished away from the town to an abandoned field in the blink of an eye.

The goddess fell backwards and they landed with a crash, but neither Morgana nor Buffy would let go as Morgana continued to drain her of her energy. It was the only way they could think that her godly powers would be gone forever, by making her extremely weak when the symbolic spell had been cast.

"Buffy! Morgana! Now!" Willow called from where she was performing the magic, before they all paused when several loud cracks caught their attention and robed men and women surrounded them all at wand point.

The lead man stepped forward with an arrogant air, "you two will unhand that woman now!"

"Yes, why don't you muggers do as the nice man says and unhand me!?" Glory said and her words were coated in mock for the man and them.

"You've got to be freaking kidding me?" Morgana asked, looking at them, annoyed, "this is a hell goddess who needs to be vanquished. Its slayer business you arse-wipes so get lost-!"

"I said let her go or I will be forced to use violence!"

"She wants to destroy the world!" Willow tried reasoning with him.

"Let. Her. Go!" he ordered.

"I much rather the world survive!" interrupted a brunette woman with cool blue eyes wearing leathers as she knocked him out in one cool move.

"Faith aren't you supposed to be-?" –Buffy.

"Yeah yea," she shrugged, "but that was a drag with the looming end of the world, so go for it and kick ass, B!"

"Willow!" Buffy called out as the other magical cops seemed to be less effective without their boss, or smarter, and the red haired witch nodded quickly and was on it in moments with patterns of light exploding out and open, converging a magnitude of colours on the screaming hell goddess, stripping her of her daemonic status as a goddess.

They had been fighting through the night and the sun shone up igniting Glory's truest weakness and ripping her apart from her host. It seemed anticlimactic after everything they had been through, but it was done, and Glory screeched in her rage as she was no longer the powerhouse god she once was.

In South California. In the town of Heatherfield, Wilma "Will" Vandom was happy-ish. Well she was just glad that the jerk Phobos had been dethroned and that the rightful heir was now in charge of Meridian the other side of the Veil, or they would have more problems to deal with other than relationships and school.

"Hey Will!"

Will was startled as her over exuberant and flirty brown haired friend Irma called out as they met on their way to school. Irma was grinning widely as she glompped her left arm to continue on their way.

The red haired Will shook her head while smiling at the brown haired cutie and half wondered whether her friend did swing 'that' way. She wouldn't mind as even she had had some naughty thoughts about her girl friends before, plenty of times. She had read that kind of thing was normal among young girls so thought nothing of it really. Well, she tried to think nothing of it, but Irma was really cute.

She used her free hand to brush her shoulder length scarlet red hair back out of her bright green eyes, as she remembered her friend admiring them, and what girl didn't love compliments like that, especially from her best friend? She let out a sigh that made white static like electricity brush up her hair before it fell lose again.

"You should be careful when sighing," Irma teased sweetly causing Will to shake away naughty thoughts as they were only fourteen and shouldn't be thinking like that should they? "You'll blow something up if you're not careful," Irma finished singsong as Will finally settled her frantic heart down, and pretended that she wasn't in love with her best friend as she usually would, even though she was certain she was kidding herself and not doing a good job of that either.

"Yea, yeah, whatever," she retorted with a cheeky wink that surprisingly got her friend blushing. She had finally managed to make her friend blush, that deserved internal praise. It made her grin widen as she had a moment to think that maybe she had a chance with Irma when she shook that thought away.

However, it was seconds later that they heard the screech of tires from around the corner up ahead along with screams, and then a roar that certainly out roared any of the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, and sent a chill down their spines. That did not sound like a happy Heatherfield. That sounded like a bad-bad thing that was going to make them be late for school while doing their superhero thing.

The girls only flashed each other quick looks before nodding and hurrying around the corner only to freeze in shock and horror with wide eyes. It was huge – heck, it was bigger than the T-Rex in Jurassic Park, and more evil looking. It was rusty yellow and bone like. It was had a giant alien from the movie Alien like head with huge fangs and a giant body. It leered over some of the smaller buildings, and reached the top of some of the larger buildings. It had seven bladed tails slicing through buildings and cars, tearing at the road below.

People were being crushed by its giant feet and Will almost heaved her breakfast in her horror. Its large arms could reach down so its dangerous claws could grab a car or two and throw them into buildings or just crush them for fun. If giant daemonic monsters had fun.

However, flying around the monster was deadly looking horse muzzled winged things that also attacked the people, crewing into them. It was a sight that none of the girls was ever going to forget anytime in the future. It was a nightmare come to life, some evil villain going all out to destroy them, drawing them out by setting lose a monster to destroy their town, knowing they were the only people capable of stopping them.

"W-what the hell is going on?" Irma asked in horror as their other three friends Cordelia, (a blonde bombshell), Taranee, (a cute black girl wearing glasses and spaghetti hairdo), and Hay Lin (Chinese with long, deep purple hair in tails either side of her head) rushed to them from where they would have met across the street.

"T-this doesn't look good," Hay Lin spoke quietly as she tried to keep her breakfast down.

"Not good at all!" Will agreed. "But we know what we have to do, so, Guardians Unite!" she called out igniting their magical powers and beginning their transformation, so that they could fight those monsters while hoping for a miracle.

Back with Morgana, she frowned as the law guys glared at her and her friends while she gloated that they were idiots, and made fun of them. Morgana and friends had freed the idiot guy from being Glory's host and saved the world. They left with their tails between their legs, but managed to take Glory prisoner for all of the crimes she had committed, making people insane with the intention to get some mind healers to Sunnydale hospital to see whether they could undo her evil.

They took Glory's ex-host too to get magical medical attention before they would modify his memory, as he would be better off not knowing what he had done. Even though technically he didn't do anything, it seemed he knew on many levels about Glory.

"Do you think we'll ever see Glory again?" Dawn asked while she had been given the update while everyone was back at Buffy's house, "I mean she is kind of evil, so do you think she'll break out of magical people jail?"

"Probably!" Buffy said with a frown, "then she'll be after us, or me at least, but maybe things will work out in the end?" she said with a shrug, "I'm kind of annoyed that I don't get to keep her as my own personal servant!"

"You so owe me, B!" Faith said while the other girls turned and glared at her since Xander and Giles had left them to deal with her. "Hey, babe, I just saved your butts with those idiot magical people cops! The least you could do was let me off at least one hook! I was let out, legitimately!"

"Actually that was me!" Morgana said, shrugging as they looked to her, "I think I have a mission for you, huh, think you can handle it, to pay me back for getting you out?!"

"Well that explains why I was told to head here when I wanted further away, so shoot?"

"I want you to go to a town called Heatherfield near the south Californian boarder and find some, odd girls for me!"

"Odd girls?" she asked.

"You'll know who I mean when you find them," she replied, shrugging, "trust me, most rumours like this are nearly always kinda true. And I needed someone, and you need a reason, so maybe-," she shrugged, leaving the maybe unsaid, but Faith understood if no one else did. She was given a second chance and now was the time to take it, or she could go back to jail, but there, she would have no way to make up for all she had done.


Narumi Uzumaki was lounging back on her high backed chair sat at the huge long wooden table, at the head with her back to solid grey brick. The chamber was large and decorated sparsely with flame torches lining the walls. She was wearing silver armoured plating over her chest with an orange swirl, and black hipster combats with black boots and a long black coat to mid-calf with orange swirl on her back. She wore a silver plated forehead protector on her head on orange material with a swirl engraved on it.

Two girls flanked her, standing, one either side of her standing rigid to attention with their eyes watching every movement of the masses of ninja and village leaders seated around the table. To her right stood, Temari, now sporting armour with black materials with silver plating and orange swirl insignias, and a huge black fan on her back. The other side was Ino wearing similar armour and clothing, and now sporting a small slash over her right cheek, and both girls wore deadly cold blue eyes.

Hinata Hyuuga sat on Narumi's right side with her traumatised little sister, Hanabi next to her, holding her arm. They were both wearing swirl headbands on orange material, and wearing orange and black gi with silver plating. Narumi felt bad for Hanabi as she had watched most of her clan die fighting, and if it wasn't for her cousin, Neji she would have died too. He stood wearing whites and black behind them covered in scars, to attention with what remained of their clan, which was around two dozen or so.

To the other side was Tenten with Karin, both wearing greens, blues, and white, military style with Tenten coated in blades, and scrolls. They wore their leaders swirl headband and stood at the head of a small unit of ninja hunters, counting to ten lieutenants in total, and they stood behind their captains.

The Hokage, leader of what remained of Konoha, Tsunade sat on Narumi's left with A, kage of Kumo, and other leaders and powerful ninja from other villages sat within the meeting chamber of the base within the former Whirlpool Village within the castle. It had been several months.

Whirlpool was the last stronghold of the Elemental Nations, ironic since it fell years before, but Narumi had returned as Whirlpools last Child, as far as they knew, and Springtime Valley was within Whirlpools borders, so they had little choice but to set their sights on the Hellmouth. Enemies were not friends, but they were no longer enemies, as villages had come together to fight for their world.

"My Lady, Uzumaki-sama!" Narumi was interrupted from letting her eyes scan the table further when she was called.

She let her eyes scan over the table until they hit the man like a laser, "you have a report for us, Kakashi?" she asked coolly as he sat at the table a few spaces down with his tracker team of five behind him standing to attention. It seemed to be hard for so many ninja in such gentle times to present themselves as soldiers as well as warriors, but they seemed to be doing well enough. It seemed harder for many of Konoha's remaining forces, as they didn't like following Narumi's order while others didn't care which was why Kakashi was so accepting. That and she knew who her father was and spiralled her ex-sensei on a supreme guilt trip as he had been wallowing in his own self-pity that he didn't look out for her as he should have.

"Yes," he agreed with a nod while all eyes turned to him, "the Apulian Daemons seem to be massing the bat-like vampires for an attack on Wave. I can't be certain but it seems like a force of missing-nin might have gathered in mass on the small Island of Wave."

"If they have they believe they shall be safer in numbers."

"Princess Fuun is correct!" Jiraiya said from where he sat with Kakashi. "If it's true that they have massed there, there may be surviving civilians-."

"We will invade first!" Narumi interrupted leaving little room for discussion, "we shall then assimilate every man, woman, samurai, or ninja able into our forces whether they like it or not they shall be drafted. This is a war and we shall not let them die needlessly because they're too busy being greedy pricks!"

"Maybe we could try the subtle touch first My Lady?" Anko interrupted from next to Hanabi with a wicked grin on her lips, and wearing a Whirlpool headband. "I'll take a team, sneak in and find the strongest amongst them and lay out an offer to join us in combat, and with the strongest out to prove themselves against the daemons the rest will follow out of fear!"

"If it pleases Queen Uzumaki, I shall join her team with Yugito and Fū!" A said glaring at his brother as he stood behind the huge man with a slender blonde young woman next to him, and a green haired girl the other side pointed to herself, surprised as she wore a Waterfall village headband. His brother was about to say something but stopped abruptly, pouting. "B, you are to stay and help guard the castle. I can't take our heaviest hitters and leave the castle low on protection," he ordered.

"I'll take Yugao, and a Hyuuga, either Hinata or Neji!" Anko agreed while Narumi nodded her consent.

"I'll go, Hinata-sama!" Neji spoke up, stepping forward, "you should take care of the clan."

"Very well," Hinata agreed, as she didn't want to leave her little sister alone for too long.

"We have other matters!" Tsunade said before anyone else could. "Unfortunately my apprentice, Sakura Haruno is-."

"Insane!" Narumi said. She shrugged as everyone looked to her.

"Yes, thank you!" Tsunade said, rolling her eyes, "and then tried to murder our host queen, Uzumaki-dono. So we need to pass sentence on her. Is she well enough to be brought in?" she asked, as she didn't want to deal with healing her, as technically Narumi was her only living relative that would have been a conflict of interest, and Sakura's safety for betraying her village and kage.

"Sorry Tsunade-sama!" Shizune said from behind her. She was nervous as all eyes turned to her and brushed her dark hair out of her dark eyes as she had been tempted to kill the pink haired bitch herself. "Narumi-chan, I mean sama shattered both of her arms, and her right leg, caused severe bruising to her spine, split the bones in her nose, punctured her left lung, shattering three ribs and braking the rest. She's in critical condition, and if I hadn't seen to her would have died already. If it wasn't for the techniques you taught her Narumi-sama would have killed her on her first strike."

"Take her off life support and let her die!" A said as he would have just snapped her neck given the choice, for high treason against an allied nation.

However, Narumi shook her head, "Tsunade… I want you to fix her," she said coolly. "You wanted to test the limits of the vampire mutation didn't you?" she asked to stop them interrupting. "Its no doubt she would not survive the turning in her current condition. They are usually soulless creatures, but what if we could make it so they do not lose their souls, or so that someone bitten and drained can't turn, so that they will burn instead."

"Some kind of seal we place on everyone, as a last resort?" Jiraiya asked while she nodded, looking thoughtful, "it could work to destroy the person once they're dead or infected should I say, so they don't turn, but burn."

"We've been cremating all of our dead anyway!" Hinata spoke up coolly, "so why not make it faster so they don't become a soulless thing, so that its assured. Only the jinchuriki are immune. If we can't find a cure, or way to keep their souls it may be the best way to keep their numbers down."

"Very well, but one test subject likely won't be enough, and we only have two standard vampires contained," Tsunade agreed with a nod.

"Tsunade-sama!" Tenten interrupted, stepping forward, "if I may, Karin and I will take our unit out to capture some straggling vampires!"

"Be careful," she agreed when Narumi nodded and they each bowed to Narumi before quickly leaving the chamber with their strike unit following their lead.

It was later that day when Narumi was in her chambers flopped back onto her bed with her head in Temari's lap while the blonde girl with four tails in her hair had removed Narumi's armoured top and slid her fingers in the soft black material of her normal top, rubbing her shoulders as they could be themselves now.

Narumi really wasn't all that into armour but since discovering her mother's home village and realising she was the last of the royal family, she had to keep up appearances at least in formal situations, and let her power speak on the battlefield. It was shock enough to discover she was a queen.

"This is getting headache-ee!" Narumi complained, whining while Hinata closed the door behind her and her little sister Hanabi, seating the younger girl at the seat by the dresser where Hanabi quietly took a brush and brushed her hair. She was happy as Narumi was always nice to her, and her big sister took better care of her than their father ever had. But Hanabi had still seen so much death that she was glad it was her sister helping her, and not her father (as he was dead anyway).

Hinata sat on the bed with her most favourite people, (other than her sister of course). She pat Narumi's thigh in a gesture of sympathy. She had grown quite well since the war with the daemons began, finding a confidence she had never knew she could, especially for Narumi-chan.

"I know it must not be to your liking, Narumi-chan!" Hinata agreed. She slid up to sit against the headboard of the huge bed, next to Temari, stroking her fingers through her queens beautiful short sunny blonde hair, in a loving and comforting manner.

"Yeah, and now I have to worry about sending out Ten-chan and Kari-chan to capture vampires!" she said with a sigh. "I know it was kind of my idea to use Sakura and other traitors as lab rats, but…" she sighed and just relaxed back as Temari's shoulder rub, and Hinata playing with her hair felt nice and relaxing.

"They'll be okay, don't worry," Temari said, rolling her eyes as she hugged her. Her hands were in Narumi's top a moment later, cupping Narumi's bra covered breasts and hugging her tightly. "They aren't elite hunters for nothing, love! They're two of our favourite girls!"

"I know Tem-chan!" Narumi agreed while Temari's hands slid down to Narumi's strong ab muscles, finally resting there. "But that doesn't mean that I won't worry a hell of a lot about our girls."

"I know Karin turned out to be a loving and obedient girl, but honestly, Narumi-sama!" Temari said, rolling her eyes. "You should worry more about Tenten, but even then she is an accomplished ninja-babe!"

"Okay, okay," she said, laughing as she watched Hanabi playing with her girl stuff that she had to use to look nicer than nice while commanding the masses and whoever needed commanding under her throne. "Hey Hanabi-chaaan!" she said, opening her arms as she remembered Moegi-chan had lost so much too, and it was just luck that brought her and Konohamaru-chan and herself to Whirlpool, safe. But Moegi had been so much more fragile as she has been raised as a civilian.

Hanabi had been with them when they were found by some Lightning ninja, not that Kumo existed much beyond its people, then. Yugito had been head of that scout party and found then, holding them and bringing them home. The poor girls had been left all alone, so it was a happy day that they were brought to Whirlpool.

The young girl smiled (which was unusual before the war for her) as she left her hairbrush and clambered up, cuddling Narumi on her lap. Narumi cuddled the girl tightly and she snuggled the girl lovingly as she was kind of family through Narumi's love of her older sister.

"Everything will be great in the end Hanabi-chan!" Narumi said. "We love you to bits, and you'll be safe with us," she said. She had to believe her own words and look after the children at least. She snuggled the sweet girl tight into her arms, loving the soft bundle of joy.

"Nauuumi-chan!" Ino called out as she entered the room. "Oh, hey guys," she said to the others before she closed the door, smiling brightly.

"I'm going to beat you this time nee-chan!" called out a brown haired girl no older than Hanabi as she charged in only to be caught by the scruff of her tee shirt by Ino.

"Kono-chan!" Ino complained while the girl tried to escape, but all that did was tear her top a little. "Seriously, when not with your friends hanging out stay at my heels…-"

"But sensei!" the girl whined sulking. "How will I ever prove myself to become the next queen if I don't challenge nee-chan?!"

"Kono-chan!" Hanabi surprisingly reprimanded as she sat up from her loving cuddle. "Narumi-sama-nee-chan is too powerful for you to beat all alone, so you shouldn't try, and she's really beautiful. You're only twelve so you're still only cute," he said smugly.

Kono-chan sulked, "okay, I'll do better,!" she said sadly.

"Good!" Hanabi said with a nod as she crawled down from Narumi's lap and took her friends hand. "Let's find Moegi-chan and practice harder, right sensei?" she asked Ino hopefully.

"Right, girls," she quickly agreed, "I'll be with you honey's in a few minutes," she said as the girls happily left, holding hands.

"If you girls be good I'll come by later and teach you something awesome!" Narumi called after them, which made them giddy with happiness as they finally left to find their other best friend.

"If you stopped encouraging them so much!" Ino reprimanded the queen.

Narumi shrugged and didn't look at all apologetic," well you wanted something hottie?" she asked.

Ino rolled her eyes. "Its just that the forces are getting bored so I set up a football game, and I was hoping that you girls would join my team!"

"Sweet!" Narumi said. "That's almost as good as screwing my bestest girlfriends."

"As crude as ever baby!" Hinata joked with a smile, kissing her best friends soft moist, lips.


It seemed unreal that Dumbledore could continue having so much power over idiots. The school year ended well, and happy without Dumbledore or that idiot Ronald ruining everyone's good times, but the minister was in his pants. The old man happened to have weaselled his way straight back into the school. The old man had even tried to blame all of his bitchiness on Morgana, and even tried saying that 'if only she behaved like a good little girl and listened to me'.

As if she would give a crap about what he wanted. However, it came time for a deal. The old basket case was crafty, if nothing else. He had discovered their ploys to take custody of Ginny behind his back, likely because he would have tried them given the positions reversed. Now Morgana knew that despite Molly and Arthur Weasley being big Dumbledore worshippers, somewhere their daughters' happiness was paramount above Dumbledore's 'Greater Good' (of the magical world, of course, it seems he could care less about the rest of the world).

That was what Dumbledore seemed to have prayed on. He made a deal with their 'loving' consent of course, for their daughters 'happiness'. It was a last ditch effort to get Morgana to join the 'light', but as always he underestimated their intellect, and overestimated his. They would use the 'deal' to their advantage.

It was quite simple. Morgana agreed to continue her stay at the Weasley's during the summer break, and she gets full custody of Ginny. What the old man meant however, was that he wanted her to stay (with Ginny) at the Weasley's for every holiday until they leave school. He still couldn't stand having lost them over the winter holiday with one gallivanting (as he put it) around the world. But what the contract stated was this summer, and Morgana made sure it was dated. She had had her lawyer draft up the contract, and Dumbledore had even gone over it and agreed.

Morgana had to wonder whether the nutter really paid enough attention. She wondered what he would try next when he realised he had been duped. Well that was a harsh word when he obviously just skimmed over the contract as expected. He didn't seem to get that other people could be crafty gits too.

It all meant that Ginny was now technically Morgana's sister, or step-sister, Ginevra Evans, and paid her way, which was fine as Ginny needed a new sexy wardrobe. It pissed that loser Ronald off to no end that Morgana was getting her way, and staying at their house in Ginny's room, and further that Ginny got new things, which she would have protested about if Ron's reaction hadn't been as awesome as it was that rubbing her newfound position and 'wealth' in his face was fun.

Though, Molly Weasley wasn't all that pleased with the arrangements either. She and Arthur agreed to it under the pretext that the old nutter knew what he was talking about when he said 'Greater Good', (and it couldn't hurt that they no longer had to pay her tuition or school supplies), but Morgana was sure even the old man wasn't certain what the 'Greater Good' was any more He had been screwing people over for so long he had likely lost sight of whatever moral guidelines he once might have used. At least Morgana never used those, or any guidelines, but wung it by heart, and she would always have that.

Morgana had been rude and insufferable ever since going back to the Weasley's, and she and Ginny missed the castle, and cute babes they had there to play with. There had been many 'spy' charms spammed all over Ginevra's room, just like there was the house, but they got rid of them easily enough.

It also seemed to infuriate Molly Weasley that Morgana somehow managed to always have pre-ordered food, (magical people were sometimes clueless about how versatile magic was, and Tara was a great cook, even teaching her new friend Ellie while Willow was an expert in sending the care packages each day), so Molly's potions weren't working on the girls as Dumbledore had likely assured her that they would.

Morgana had pushed the twin camp beds in Ginny's old room together, but it wasn't the same as the bed they shared back at Rayzed Castle. Plus, Morgana sulked a little as she had only made out with their cute Irish neighbour girl once, and only got in a little groping. But she had 'evil' schemes to complete, so she would have to wait a few weeks until the initiation ceremony to see the cute hellfire girl again. They only had to 'live' at the Weasley's, not stay their all summer. It was all in the way, Morgana's lawyer wrote it, with many loopholes for the girls while leaving everyone else with shackles around their limbs.

Ginevra entered the room a moment later with a wide grin as she pulled Hermione in with her, closing and sealing the door with her wand she removed the few charms Hermione told her about and checked for more before removing them too as it was expected that Hermione wouldn't know about all of them, not that just one hug wouldn't have nullified them as Morgana's electromagnetic centre seemed to disrupt spells from sticking to her, or around her and girls she touched and hugged.

"Don't be so nervous!" Morgana reprimanded as she sat up with her smooth legs over the side and her bare feet on the floor. Morgana was wearing a soft light blue summer dress that hung to her mid-thigh, and wasn't wearing socks or shoes, just that and undies. Hermione was wearing black everyday robes to fit in with her pureblood mage 'worship ploy', and the only thing different about her was the silver Hogwarts necklace around her neck.

The necklace looked deceptively fragile while it was quite the powerful bit of magic. It was designed to carry memories, thoughts and feelings that mind rapists wouldn't be able to get through. It would show them what they expected, which wasn't much, but the 'truth' as the person wearing it told the person 'peeping'. The trick was that you couldn't tell far-fetched lies or it couldn't keep up, but mistruths were perfect, and then it kept the intruder completely out of the users mind. It cost a fortune to have made, but it was worth every Hong Kong Dollar Morgana spent.

The Aeon staff had come in use too when purifying the school. Tabitha (Shortcake) and her best friend Garnet were both very able to use the staff as they were still very pure of heart, and happily danced around the school getting rid of nasty spells the staff deemed impure or just outright offensive. However, something's were too integrated for them to remove, but at least everyone knew about those things, so they could be avoided until they use more powerful methods. But now it would be harder to purify the school free of all of its crap when Dumbledore was about to return. He wouldn't like to lose all of his selfish magic invading privacy.

Ginny giggled as she flopped down, sitting next to where Morgana sat up, smiling at Hermione and patting the spot the other side of her. Hermione nervously sat, and Morgana gave her a nice soft kiss to the cheek, and giving her a strong hug. Morgana knew that Hermione needed to be encouraged. She needed to know they were her sisters. That they would look out for her, and love her.

"How are you fairing now Hermione?" she asked.

Hermione was blushing slightly as she replied, "I think you're right, Dumbledore is insane, and very-and I mean very-naive!" she said. "I can't believe he's so gullible. I mean, I thought he was playing along or something, or something like that, but as soon as he looked into my eyes and saw my lies as truths, then that was it. He doesn't consider me a threat. He didn't consider that I was doing it to keep him misinformed, to protect my family and you guys-."

"Dumbledore is old-fashioned!" Morgan interrupted, shrugging as she knew she would have taken care to protect Hermione's family no matter what, just as the Covenant did the bookworm during the winter when Dumbledore attacked.

Hermione looked to Morgana, and she had to admire how one moment Morgan could look so dangerous or even a little slutty, and then a change in wardrobe and make-up made her into an 'angel'. Though, maybe angel was always the right word, but it was just missing the fallen before it because Morgana was a Fallen Angel, and that was Dumbledore's fault. But Hermione had to admit, she liked the girl like this, if not they would both be servants to the 'Greater Good' of the magical people of the wizarding world and never look beyond to the truth.

Hermione wanted to learn. It was what she liked. Books. They were her hobby, maybe she would write a book herself one day. She now realised that there was so much more to the world than just sorcery as she knew it. The magical world hid away from so much more than the muggles. Hermione wanted to meet the Slayer, and her team.

The slayer was legend beyond legend, right up there with Merlin and Morgana and their epic battles. The Slayers were heroes that fought daemons, so that had to be interesting, and then if all of that was reality then there had to be so much more everyone was missing, and siding with Morgana was the right thing because she would get to experience so much, and be a part of a new history.

"Dumbledore doesn't understand," Morgana had given Hermione enough time to think for a moment before continuing. "He still thinks in money, magic, and politics. If you have money in your bank that means power to him. If you have magic to burn. That means power. If you have a high position in society. That means power. Then all three together. Its power. But what is more powerful than magic, politics, and money in the bank, which could be used to 'contribute' to someone's elections?"

"Umm… I don't know," she said, frowning in thought before a light went on in her hazel eyes and they widened, "u-using the money to buy… stuff?" she asked, suddenly unsure and feeling stupid for thinking like that.

Morgana smirked as she flopped back to half lie on the bed, "exactly… owning the majority of what your enemy owns grabs them by the arsehole like a fish on a hook! Especially if you can afford to lose the money. If you don't care about the loss. You see they'll always care because you would lose them power by losing them money."

"But wouldn't that do the same for you?" Hermione asked, looking down at the girl while she was smiling.

"Ahh, but my dear little Bookworm," she said playfully-mockingly, "that is the genius of it. You run the company into the ground, or at least make it seem like the company is falling by taking risks with it that they never would. You have to spend a little to make a little, but you have to spend a lot to make a lot, and risk everything to beat down your enemies."

"Then you buy them out for much less than they're worth… chumps change," Hermione said slowly, "or they'll be risking bankruptcy, and they would see no choice or lose everything. They wouldn't have a clue you were planning a takeover because they would believe you were like them, but they would be too desperate to wonder why you would offer to buy them out. Then once they're out you invest more into the company, and your long term 'risk' works out and they're in fanatical straights while you're rolling in cash. Then they lose all of their power and their 'payroll' comes crawling to you to help with their campaigns."

Morgana stretched her muscles while grinning. "Well-well-well, Hermione Granger actually can think for herself – call me impressed!" she said while Ginny broke down laughing while Hermione's face burnt red as it was true that she had been letting other people say what was rather than thinking it over for herself and coming to a conclusion.

"S-sorry!" she said timidly, "I-I just… I never had friends at my muggle school. And I got bullied a lot for being a bookworm. I guess I was kind of broken and Ronald took advantage of that. It's not nice feeling alone all the time."

"You're not alone any more," Morgana said understandingly. She pulled the surprised girl down into her arms and cuddled her tightly. Hermione felt her embarrassment rise as she could feel all of the power flowing through Morgana's muscles, and the Lightning Queen kissed her forehead. She collapsed, curling up in her queens arms with her cheek on her chest, content that after too long she had found her place in the world.

"So how was Mrs. Weasley when you got here?" Morgana asked after a few moments while Ginny sat up against the wall next to both of them and grabbed her book about mage. She was trying to learn some new types of magic. She had gotten some fire magic working, but that was only because Valkyrie (Stephanie) had been eager to teach her in exchange for some lessons in summoning magic.

"Oh," Hermione said, startled while Ginny rolled her brown eyes. "She was 'really' eager to see me. I think she thinks that I'll be some kind of wedge between you and Ginny. And you were right the first thing she did was offer me a drink, but I refused and made my excuses promptly before she saw Ginny and forced me to go with her, just as planned," she said. "Oh, by the way, what did you do about Professor Lupin when Dumbledore fired him because he got out about his full moon problem?"

Morgana snorted, laughing, "I made a deal with that idiot minister," she said. "Lupin gets a job in a new off-shoot department for the regulated association and prevention of cursed infection. I said the name needed work, but whatever. I gave him the impression that maintenance, and treatment was better than registration and abuse. It would work out as a lot cheaper too, which the taxpayer would enjoy hearing about. We give them Wolfsbane potion, and they don't get pissed off and turn anyone else while out of their minds during the full moon. Then maybe, over time they'll die off of old age and the illness will go extinct."

"That's good," she said, comfortable within her queens arms, and pleased with the outcome that her life had finally led to where it was supposed to be.

Hermione started as Morgana's hands slid into her robe and onto her panty clad butt, squeezing her cheeks, and even though she was still 'innocent' she let her carry on. Morgana started kissing her ears, each in turn and it sent pleasant shivers down her spine. The queens' tongue trailed within her ear, and her fingers slid into Hermione's panties, along her bare butt crack and rubbing her rear hole.

She gulped as she realised this was going somewhere, and it already felt good.

It was later that evening and Hermione woke up when she realised that it was only Ginny's naked body keeping her warm. She looked up from where she and Ginny were under the covers on the bed to see Morgana fully dressed in beige combat hipsters, brown walking boots, and a white sleeveless top hugging her tight and beautiful body.

Morgana turned to Hermione with a grin on her lips as she pulled on her cream coloured leather jacket and cracked her knuckles. The window was open waving the empresses hair in a gentle breeze from the warm air of summer outside.

"L-Lady Morgana!" Hermione said quietly, "where are you going? It's still night outside," she said looking out into the dark through the room. There was only one wall mounted candle shining any light at all.

"Don't worry, go back to sleep. I'll be back before you wake," she replied and Hermione went to protest when she felt her eyelids betray her and she was out like a light.

Morgana was out of the window a moment later landing on her feet as she crashed to the floor outside, she walked with purpose and stopped as soon as she felt she had passed through the edge of the Weasley's furthest ward. There was a large thicket of trees in front of her with some bushes.

"Who are you, and what do you want!?" Morgana demanded quietly.

However, no one answered as a small black cat slew out of some bushes, and Morgana fired, zapping at its feet it stopped, "I'm not stupid!" she said, glaring at the animal.

The cat looked up at her with a glimmer of amusement before it started morphing up, transforming, and moulding into a tan young woman with yellow cat-like eyes and purple hair framing her face and tied back. She had a defined body and really great boobs. She was naked, and smirking widely as she eyed Morgana up and down.

"You're not alive," Morgana stated as fact. "No… you're not human… not in the same way that I… well others are."

"Wow, clever girl!" she agreed whimsically. "There are always legends of people like you. Extraordinary people, and I've checked out quite a lot, girls mostly, but you're the only one who ever spotted me! I don't normally interact with people, especially since I'm not in my gigai, you shouldn't be able to see me so I'm a little surprised! But then you are an abnormality on more levels than just magic and your… mutation. You've been touched by death and yet you're still alive. I know of some people who would love to study you to find out why!"

Morgana clenched her right fist and it sparked with blue. "If you want me to kill them, send them my way!"

She laughed, shaking her head. "Don't worry. The one I know is much too lazy these days. I'm Yoruichi Shihōin! I was once a… I suppose you would call me a soul reaper, and now, I'm kind of banished, or exiled, if they know I'm here," she said shrugging. "Living as long as I have, I get bored, and hearing about a girl like you makes me curious."

"And you're naked, why?"

"Oh, right, can't transform with my clothes on," she replied, "it normally gets an amusing reaction, but I guess you've seen enough naked girls that it doesn't bother you, does it my lady?"

"No, I'm enjoying the view actually!" Morgana replied. "Though this is a little disappointing. I had expected a fight. The last god I met was a bitch, probably trying to escape jail as we speak, so she'll come up with something amusing."

"Yea, Glory! I heard about her!" she replied thoughtfully, "would have loved to beat her up a little myself. She sounds like a complete bitch!"

"Complete and total bitch! But she was really hot too!" Morgana agreed. "… so… umm… there is a heaven?"

She snorted, rolling her eyes. "I wouldn't exactly call the realm of the Soul Society heaven, far from it, and I can't tell you whether heaven or heaven dimensions exist as I don't know. It's one of those silly mysteries the universe offered up that we would prefer to actually know! But with a little faith, who knows?"

"Ah yes, mysteries!" Morgana agreed as she walked around the woman, checking out her tight arse before facing her again. "Like why you're really here. Curious, maybe, but to come all the way from Japan by that accent, seems unlikely just because of a silly rumour."

"Smart and adorable is becoming of you Morgana!" she agreed. "You see I've been looking for someone with magic capable of creating something… new… a new state for a reaper because I'm not sure the arrogant little bitch can handle the coming battle without help, no matter how strong she gets."

"Hmm… sounds like this girl needs me to fuck her!" Morgana said with a smirk whole Yoruichi laughed. "But I'll have some R and D girls look into something, maybe some kind of… well barrier armour that uses spiritual energies rather than outright magic would be cool. But if you weren't going to say hello how did you intend to help her out?"

"Hadn't thought that one through," she replied sheepishly, "but you are incredibly connected, which was why I headed here. Though, why a queen would play so many games just to mess with some old guy?"

Morgana shrugged, "somebody has to punish him, and we can't just outright kill him. He is too well sponsored by idiots. It would bring civil war before I could perch myself in control. Order would be lost and innocent people would die. My people would suffer, and as a good queen I must not allow that by being a crafty little bitch and stripping away his lies and showing his devotees who he really is."

"So… I'll keep in contact!" Yoruichi said before nodding to Morgana and slinking away into the shadows, out of sight.

Morgana nodded slowly before shrugging, "I like her," she said to herself, "she has a great arse!"

Meanwhile on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean a certain ex-goddess had managed to break out of that pathetic mage-jail. She was infuriated that she had been forced to stay there for so long. She had to rely on what little earth-bound magic she knew just to get out, and without all of her power she didn't know how to live.

How did humans stand being so weak and fragile? She was by all intent and purpose a slayer now, and slayers were strong humans, but normal humans-maybe she should think herself lucky. Though, the 'choice' in clothes at the all-ladies jail (an upside as the UK and other places that used dementor guards dumped men and women in together) were bright orange, likely because they were easier to keep an eye on.

Glory was filthy (even though they were looked after with the basics at the prison), and her hair was knotted with dirt from her daring escape. Some of the tougher prisoners had found out she had tried to destroy the world, and apparently they would eventually get out to live their lives whether going back to crime or not, and didn't want the world ripped to pieces by some 'stupid' hell-goddess. So she had had a few attempts at her life. It was just fortunate that she still had some strength or she would have been killed.

She had managed to get to New York, and she ventured the back allies of Manhattan trying to find an easy target to rob of some clothes and money so she could buy herself a decent meal as she had already been chased twice by some police for stealing, and her luck might run out and even the humans could potentially overpower her, so that wasn't worth it.

Following the odd young woman was annoying. She couldn't bring herself to just up and attack them. She didn't quite understand the stabbing in her chest, thinking about hurting them, and leaving them in a state, naked, or close too. What if some pervert came along and found them, and hurt them worse than she did? She didn't know why she cared before she remembered that she was human now, and they were likely human feelings.

Sighing she decided that if she was going soft on innocent business women, or high school seniors she could at least steal from a bunch of male criminals, so she did. Taking the money from a drug deal she got rid of the contraband and took a man's suit, keeping the money she left all of the dead bodies in the warehouse. She was doing the humans a favour by keeping that crap from circulation and getting rid of some local thugs, pimps, and dealers. No one could call what she did to them wrong, could they? And if they could, she wouldn't care because she might have saved some silly girls life, so they owed her a turn of the cheek or something.

Glory had gorged herself that evening before spending some of her newfound cash on some more appropriate clothes, and a motel room with a shower to clean up and get a good night's rest. Sleeping was still an alien concept to her, but it was something she found relaxing, and even enjoyable.

She had been wandering the streets hunting for evil villains to kick the crap out of or kill since then. She felt strange. She missed the paranormal, which was odder. Manhattan didn't have any vampires. None, and for a huge city was unheard of. She couldn't sense them with her heightened senses. Not even a daemon roamed the city. She wondered what the hell was up with that because she had noticed some really strange things in the city.

Well, she figured that she couldn't slay any vampires to get some money and exercise, but she could still kill criminals, well, the one's the humans wouldn't miss, or thought deserved it. She couldn't go around killing druggies who needed help or anything. That would make the police investigate further than the meagre effort they put in now.

"What the hell is it?"

"It's a monster!"

Glory was passing through an alley when she heard those words. She looked through the alley where a bunch of street punks were poking the dead body of what looked to be a daemon. The dead male had light blue skin. He was smaller than the average human male, and his featured were more ingrained like one piece of bone rather than many, especially when it came to the nose.

The dead man's fingers were longer than a humans, and his hair was a solid black. Over his body was a small girl, the same species. She was crying. Her hair was a forest green, cut short to her shoulders. Her large expressive orange eyes were full of tears and she had black blood on her hands from the bullet wound that killed her father. Glory could see that the boys had weapons and one carried a gun.

"See, I told you guys monsters really exist!" the gunman said smugly, "look, they even have tails!" he said, gesturing the girls tail, long and thin to a point with soft fine green hairs to a feathery-furred tip. The girl looked like (in human years) that she was no older than fourteen and had to watch her own father die at the hands of useless punks.

"Hey man," another said excitedly, "maybe we could make a killing, selling rides on her?!" he suggested, which made the girl back up, wide eyed in horror as she wasn't stupid and knew the horrors they wanted to inflict upon her.

Glory had enough and broke the man's spine, dropping him to the ground, dead before grabbing the gunman by his neck and slamming the wind out of him up against a wall. He dropped his gun and looked into Glory's ferocious blue eyes in terror, piss dribbling down his trouser leg.

"Filthy little scum!" she hissed out, and yes, she did know that it was ironic that she would call him that. She tried to kill all humans, but before she never tried to understand them. But they weren't all bad. If she was going to call the earth her home, she might as well make up for the crap she did back in Sunnydale, and that would give her a chance for survival.

"Oh shit, is that The Cleaner!" one of them cried out in horror. That was what the papers called her: The Cleaner. It was a play on words, because she was cleaning up the streets, wiping away its scum, and in doing so she was the number one most wanted criminal in the city, but also a killer the police took the least effort to find. As long as she was getting rid of the lowlifes they didn't seem to consider her a threat to the city.

She threw the man head first into the far wall shattering his skull open, and he was dead, showing her strength. The young girl looked up at her in awe while the men pulled out weapons from guns to baseball bats, but Glory beat the living shit out of them all, snapping bats and unloading guns. The men were all dead within a few minutes and Glory looked down at the girl.

"You should leave."

"W-what planet are y-you from?" the girl asked when Glory turned to leave, the ex-goddess turned to the girl, curious. "Y-you're not human are you?!" she said like a question, but it was also a statement. "I come from Segeryarna! We were-were just visiting. Dad was here on business, and I begged to come along. I wish we stayed at home-."

"Not all humans are like this," Glory said, trying to be reassuring as she thought about Morgana and Buffy and how they would look after this girl, daemon or not. "So… where is this Segeryarna?"

"About forty point seven light years from earth!" she said thoughtfully and missing the shock on Glory's face as the world just became more interesting.

"I see, let's go, and tell me about your people?" Glory asked, offering her hand, and after a moment of hesitation, and a quick look at her father's body she took the offer, and Glory led her away.

"S-shouldn't we tell the proper authorities about this?" she asked, "and then they'll get me home to my mom and little sister."

"Authorities," Glory mumbled, "that explains why no daemon comes to Manhattan! So tell me, child. Does your home have magic?" she asked, shocking the confused high school girl as she pulled the girls hood up on her human clothes to hide her alien face as they stepped free from the ally into the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.


It had just happened to be a coincidence that Morgana and Ginny with their mistrusted Weasley's bumped into Remus and Sirius after they arrived at the portkey site for the Quidditch World Cup. Sirius had wanted Morgana to refuse Dumbledore's silly little deal, but she couldn't do that and spoil all of her fun ruining his schemes. Plus she wouldn't have moved in to live with him as he wanted, and he knew that she would have continued staying with her only 'sane' godmother, Laurel at Razed Castle.

Well Morgana told Mr. Weasley that it was a big coincidence meeting Sirius and Remus, but she knew he didn't believe her, and she didn't try hard to convince him otherwise. There was no part of her contact or deal with Dumbledore stating she couldn't go places with anyone she or Ginny wanted. However, it was the parents dropping off their daughters with Morgana and Ginny that Mr. Weasley spoke up about when he realised they also had their own tent and better, nearer to the action tickets.

"If I want to buy tickets front row centre so we can see the twat bags smack into the ground I shall," Morgana retorted while rolling her eyes. "And if I want to buy tickets for all of my friends to join me I shall also."

"But who will be a responsible adult," he replied smugly. "Because I sure am not intent on…"

"I guess that leaves me then though I honestly don't think my boss needs supervision for herself or her friends," interrupted a voluptuous auburn haired woman of maybe around thirty five, thirty six with a large chest and holding a tiny pre-teen version of her selves hand. It was uncanny how much the two looked alike, and Morgana knew they were just aunt and niece.

"W-w-who are you anyway?" he asked in surprise.

She laughed breezily. "My name is Charlotte Cooper, Miss Evans's attorney," she replied with a sexy smile on her plump red lips. That made Mr. Weasley gulp as he knew her by reputation and she was very good and dangerous to cross. He had heard Dumbledore grinding his teeth as he seemed to really hate the American lawyer as she made his life miserable when working for Morgana.

Dumbledore had even tried offering her more money to join his side, but she was loyal, and apparently had a sense of justice so that she sided with who she believed in, which was why she wore a Covenant pendant around her neck. Though, Morgana often wondered what the hell she was thinking when she thought about hiring the hot older woman. But she was really good at her job, and not many other attorney's wanted to face her. In fact, she made example of any man to try to get one over on her she was that good a lawyer.

"And this is my niece Abigail, but she prefers to be called Abby. She will be starting Hogwarts come September. We were given tickets and asked to join Miss. Evans and friends for the event.

"So I guess since her 'legal guardian', Mr. Black will have his own tent, and she is technically a free young lady, and I'm sharing with the girls I'll keep them as in check as a gall can," she finished laughing. "Well I believe we should get a move on, yes?"

"Of course," Morgana replied smiling as she moved next to them and offered her hand to Abby. "It's nice to finally meet you babes," she said as the smaller girl timidly took her hand and Morgana kept hold, smiling. "Your aunt talks about her sweet little Abby all the time, I'm sure you and I will become great friends okay?"

She nodded eagerly as she let her aunt go and glompped Morgana's arm when, Shortcake, (Tabitha) glompped her other arm giggling as she stuck her tongue out at Abby causing her to giggle too while Tabitha's best friend Garnet was happy to hold Ginny's hand contently as it was always nice to see her Tabby happy.

Morgana rolled her eyes as she led their large party on wishing that Felicity, Tracy, Daphne, Astoria, and Elizabeth could have joined them, but they had to go with Laurel so hopefully they would see them later as they couldn't go together while they were playing Dumbledore. He needed to be led to believe that they were at least trying to stick to what he wanted even though that would all be thrown out once school started and the 'contract' ended.

However, they did have all of their second years, Luna, Casey, and other friends with them such as Susan and Hannah. Amelia Bones was happy her daughter had been invited as it meant she wouldn't have to worry about keeping an eye on her while working as she did head the Department for Law Enforcement no matter how hard morons like the Minister made her job with their corruption, she did what she could.

Morgana had zoned out a little when they reached the site managers hut: a Mr. Roberts or something, and he was making Mr. Weasley nervous by asking questions about what was going on as some idiots had tried paying him with giant golden coins. What was the world coming to when wizards were stupid enough to not realise that different people had different currencies.

Morgana laughed as she moved forward smirking, she let Abby and Tabby go. "We're all a bunch of sadists and this is a worldwide cult event where we 'summon' up dark spirits and shit hoping to rule the world. If you have a fucking problem you can bitch off because I don't give a flying fuck, got it?"

Morgana asked the last rolling her emerald green eyes, and running electric around her right hand. He flinched back whimpering in fear. "Good little doggy, now if you'll excuse us!"

She reclaimed Tabs and Abs and began walking away with everyone following. Though, her girls were thinking what she did funny, and Mr. Weasley looking pale and scared. The fact was Morgana wasn't planning on hurting anyone, but the man would hopefully get the clue that he needed to shut up or he would get hurt, especially if talking to the wrong sort. From observation, Morgana knew he was married and likely had children, she was protecting them too and she was sure at least Ginny and other's realised that, even those slightly annoying Weasley twins knew her well enough to look beneath the surface of this she does 'wrong' to see the right beyond.

"Miss. Evans I wish you would show a little restraint," Miss. Cooper said after a few moments but otherwise was smiling in amusement. She was an observant woman and saw what Morgana did, so it was the right move to make the man keep his trap shut.

Ginny sighed in annoyance as she sat down at one of the many bench sets that came with their all girls tent next to her girlfriend Morgana as her brothers, (minus the twins as one glare was all that was needed to set them straight), complained about her, and her friends (sisters) supposedly performing blatant acts of magic as Miss. Cooper with the assistance of Garnet, (her mother having taught her) cooking on the huge gas (muggle) barbecue.

However, Ginny let a small smirk line her lips as she watched her dad cooking, or should she say burning some sausages on an open fire. He had taken over an hour to set the fire fumbling with match after match (seemingly enjoying himself) before Morgana got pissed off and surprisingly snatched the match book from him and without any powers used one match and his fire was going and his pride was handed a major defeat; it was hilarious. One would think that with his obsession with muggle stuff he would take note that they had almost perfected turning a camping trip into a luxury vacation.

Thinking of fire Ginny felt like pouting as she had made sure to invite Valkyrie to the Quidditch world Cup, but she had some work to do with that skeleton guy or something. She had apparently had to fight some losers that wanted to resurrect or call forth or something, some evil dark and ancient gods to take over the world, thankfully they won, but she had some more douche bags to beat up. But anyway, Val had her phone number so if she needed some power-house magic that Willow girl could be there to help out as she was really smart too.

"Hey, Hermione," hissed Ron suddenly gaining her attention as she sat on the grass chatting, (and discussing some creature she didn't believe existed) with Luna and Cassandra, and being stumped with the 'muggles don't believe in us but we exist' line. It was amusing to see Hermione in an element of illogical discussion and for once giving it thought.

Hermione looked over to Ron in surprise, most likely because he still barely talked to her since she had 'at first' sided with Morgana. Though, Ginny thought that Ron thought that she had been too scared to do the 'right' thing and side against Morgana, but her newfound 'allegiance' didn't mean she had to be nice to Ron or pretend to like him.

"Why are you just sitting there talking to Loony Lovegood and her freak of a best friend? I would've thought you would speak out against these idiots for using magic."

Hermione frowned and barely managed to keep from hexing him for talking like that about good people who had finally accepted her. "I believe you shouldn't speak like that about my friends. Do you forget your manors? Though I do remember you not having any!" she asked and stated in reply but awaited no answer. "Anyway, they unlike you can carry a conversation, and second. The barbecue is a muggle convenience and uses no magic you moron. If you hadn't noticed because your nose was so far up your rear, the muggle world has advanced far beyond swords and armour."

Ginny couldn't help but laugh with Morgana and the other girls as he burnt bright red and turned away mumbling under his breath about Dumbledore or something. Ginny had never known anyone could feel that much embarrassment. Just moments ago he felt so sure of himself and full of confidence. It amused her to feed his feelings of inadequacy so that maybe, one day, he would see he was as total dick and minion, and in that lost everything before he had anything.

"Hey sis, you'll let Fred and I join you and your friends for dinner, right?" George suddenly asked hopefully.

Ginny couldn't help but snort and roll her eyes. "Don't be ridiculous," she answered dashing their hope and gestured over to where Sirius and Remus had set up their tent and had proclaimed and set up a small charcoal barbecue. "You are both on the same list as them. Tolerable males. So if you want something prepared reasonably well, I suggest you go and see them as father has not even thought to bring any cooking implements."

The twins sighed and moved over to Remus and Sirius looking hopeful at all the many burgers being finished and the buns and cheese slices. "We hear ya boys," Sirius spoke laughingly. "Pull up a piece of grass," he said and Ginny could tell the twins were relieved, especially looking at what her father was making. "Damn, I don't have a clue what's up with those girls but Lily would have loved Morgana to bits. I still can't believe how violent she is, she most certainly gets it from her mother's side of the family."

He started while Ginny giggled as a spark landed just between his legs. "Escaped convict say what?" Morgana asked with a raised eyebrow, which caused some other girls to snicker as he began shaking his hands in defence while Remus and the twins instantly shimmied away from him as they wanted nothing to do with that.

"I, I, I was just saying how much you take after your mother," he answered nervously. "A, and how brilliant your mother was, and how much I respected her as a strong and independent woman."

Morgana grinned. "That's what I thought you said," she agreed as the other girls burst out laughing.

"Morgana, now is that anyway to treat your godfather?" Ginny asked her through her laughter in a joking tone.

She just rolled her emerald eyes. "If he was a really good godfather he would have broken out of Azkaban years ago and murdered Dumbledore for us all. It would have done the world a big favour."

"Well if I knew what he was up to I would have," he agreed.

"Why do you hate Dumbledore so much?" Ginny's eldest brother, Bill suddenly asked. "Dumbledore's a great man and he does anything for everyone."

Oh shit this wasn't going to end well. Nope, Morgana was deathly serious if she was actually out of her seat, and Ginny groaned as Bill foolishly stood to return her glare. Though her eyes sparked, Ginny wasn't surprised to see Bill flinch, and she can now sense his doubt about confronting her.

"Oh really… is that… so?" she asked slowly as she took two steps forward before stopping. He took half step back as he nodded his head. "He is the reason I am who I am, so I suppose on this front I shall thank him." Ginny was surprised at her words but she could feel her hate bubbling hotter than ever, darker, and fiercer. "However, who would you blame if right now I murdered your little brother Charlie?"

The moment she asked him she moved and Charlie's hand grabbed at her wrist as her right hand wrapped tightly around his neck and he began struggling to breathe, and was trying to pull her off but she was much too strong. Ginny felt a little sorry for Charlie as he hadn't said anything, and she also had to hide her smile as she fed on his fear as neither of Ginny's two eldest brothers had believed that Morgana was as powerful and dangerous as they had been told until then.

"Let him go!" Arthur Weasley suddenly demanded as he, Ron, and Percy joined Bill with their wands out while Morgana just smirked and everyone else watched, or in the case of Miss. Cooper watched while continuing to prepare their meals, unconcerned with events unfolding around her.

"Oh, then if William shall not answer my question, maybe you shall," Morgana asked smugly. "If I kill Charlie and Dumbledore's the cause of my suffering. The suffering that makes me the tough and vicious bitch I am today, who will you blame?"

"You," he hissed out. "We all have our own minds!"

She just laughed. "That's correct. Even the vilest of creatures has a choice. Sometimes that vile creature might have a moment of compassion for the enemy, or the human whose blood it had been willing to consume. That creature may feel pity as they watch their pray beg, but for every one person spared another hundred have died.

"However, even the best of mankind can fall and do bad things," she continued shrugging. "Be it through anger, or perhaps revenge… or worse still, perhaps they do some bad things because they think they have to, for some greater good in this world? But then they may entrap themselves in someone's all-consuming hate, and eventually they will meet a terrible end for never thinking about that person's happiness. Some people think too much about the well-being of the many that they don't realise that individuals make them up. Hurt an individual, and then another, and another, and eventually they will come together, gathered victims, and they will stop the monster!"

"You don't know anything," Mr. Weasley spat out angrily. "Albus did what he did for the greater good of the wizarding world…"

Sparks danced across Morgana as she glared. "I don't give a shit about your fucked up little backwater society!" she hissed causing him to flinch back. "You know nothing, even now. If what he did was good why fear me? If what he did was good why was I beaten by those who had custody of me until I was eight and thrown out on the streets? YOU KNOW FUCK ALL BUT HOW TO EAT DUMBLEDORE'S SHIT!"

And with that she threw Charlie to his dad's feet where he chocked and gasped for breath. "No caring person would condone my treatment to any child you poor excuse for a human. I will stop this whole world from turning to the monster!"

Morgana then turned and walked to the barbecue and grabbed a plat of burgers before heading off with a few sparks still sprinkling her body. "Ginny, come on because I will end up killing the bastards if we don't go somewhere else."

Ginny hopped out of her seat. "See you guys in a bit," she muttered to their friends as she followed after her girlfriend.

"Ginny you're not going anywhere with that crazy…" her dad trailed off, forgetting that she was by law and lore Morgana's sister now. She turned back smirking to see someone had bound and gagged her dad leaving him on the floor while a wide range of curses hit the other four knocking them out in moments as they floored the monsters minions.

Ginny shrugged with a smile as she reached Morgana, and took a burger, munching as she did. They didn't talk as they finished off the plate before Ginny magicked it away as it was only paper, and held her hand as they happily explored ass Morgan's bad moods didn't tend to last very long.

They had been wandering for about forty minutes when they came across a whole bunch of foreigners standing in a circle and chanting about something, which made Ginny realise that she should perhaps learn some translation magic. Though by the look on Morgana's face she already learnt some as she waved her wand at them and Ginny could understand… well kind of understand. The less common, larger words were still lost on her, but she supposed with time they would come.





"Kill her!"

"Kill him!"





The chanting continued with jeers and cheers as Morgana helped herself and Ginny squeeze through to the front. Though Ginny did notice a few guys fall down and not get up. She almost gasped as they reached the front and could see the fight as a beautiful young woman (maybe in her early twenties) with long flowing creamy blonde hair, wearing black leather zippered top with red lace up the front with the zipper stopping short enough to show skin and cleavage of her huge bust. She wore a loose short leather skirt with crimson belt showing off her long smooth creamy legs, and shin high black leather boots and a cloak with hood and with crimson inner lining, and a jagged torn look at the bottom.

The beautiful woman's bright forest green (almost luminous green) eyes glared at the huge hairy man in front of her, baring sharp looking canines. The man wore raggedy clothes and reminded them of a tramp. If a tramp looked like a gorilla had been doing the nasty with a person.

However, Ginny startled as the woman seemed to just flitter, leaving a red and black trail as she moved at speeds Ginny could never imagine being able to, and sending the giant of a man/thing flying and crashing down with a yelp of pain before he got up roaring in anger.

Ginny was feeling a little worried about the young woman and got a shock as she suddenly looked at her as the man charged her. Her bright red lips curved upwards into a wicked smile as her fist crashed into the giant man's gut causing him to scream as Ginny could hear bones snapping.

"Spiritus!" the young blonde whispered to the air and suddenly a huge gust blew out and picked the 'man' up. The crowd split as he sailed through and cracked his head on a tree and landing unconscious. However, the young woman's eyes never left Ginny's when she was declared the winner by some bald guy, and as he asked whether there was anyone else willing to face the deadly and beautiful 'Evangeline A.K. McDowell', Ginny blinked, and then Evangeline was practically curled around Ginny; her nose buried in her neck, inhaling, with her fingers holding her still around my waist. She was a vampire, but not like the soulless monster that the Slayer usually dealt with; this one was something else entirely.

"You smell so alluring," she whispered in Ginny's ear as she took another deep breath. Ginny shuddered at the pleasant feel of her cool lips barely touching her skin, and her pleasantly frosty breath. Ginny had been shocked and awed by the sound of her voice as she had never heard such a beautiful, soft voice before, or such a really English accent. She sounded as if she should be living in a British palace in London or something. "So delectable, and what a mind, I could feel your gift reading me. Do you find my emotions… tasty?"

Ginny was almost as surprised Evangeline could sense her ability to read emotions as much as she was that Morgana hadn't attacked her yet and put her in her place. Ginny could practically feel the anxious, and in some cases worried stares from the crown when she heard Morgana finally speak up sounding royally pissed off, though not next to Ginny where she had been.

"HEY!" she cried out in annoyance gaining everyone's attention, and they all looked over to see her standing in the middle of the ring wearing her dark blue hipster combats and pocket belt with black tee that showed off her tone tummy, and black boots, with dark blue jacket left open, and fingerless mettle plated gloves. She had been wearing a black summer dress before that she had looked so very yummy in. Even Ginny wasn't told how Morgana changed so fast, but she had been looking up how so that she could gloat that she found out for herself, even though Ginny knew that was what Morgana encouraged so she could grow in knowledge and power like she encouraged from all their sisters, her especially.

"Eva, right?" Morgana asked the blonde vimpiress, and Ginny almost laughed at the blondes cute eye twitch at the nickname. "Are you going to leave MY Ginevra alone and fight me or are you going to continue sniffing her all day like a dog in heat?"

Evangeline growled and flittered forward, standing opposite Morgana, smirking. "Are you sure you can afford it?" she asked snootily. "One hundred galleons for your chance at me little girl, but I guess the chance at five thousand is quite alluring, yes?"

"OK, sounds fair enough," Morgana agreed. "But I don't have that kind of cash with me."

"Oh, well…" she began in thought as she looked at Ginny, smirking before back to Morgana. "Perhaps you can put up your sweet red haired girlfriend?" she asked as her small pink tongue licked out over her crimson lips.

Morgana shrugged while Ginny grimaced wondering what the hell she was thinking. "Sure thing," she agreed before turning to the bald man. Ginny just internally sigh. She had faith, after all, Morgana did beat a hell goddess after all. "Hurry up before the fucking Quidditch starts douche fuck!" she said glaring at him.

The ref nodded quickly as Eva added in her glare too. "Okay, fight!" he was quick to shout out and Eva flittered. She reappeared knocking Morgana off her feet and grabbing her ankles before throwing her into the air about one hundred meters causing the crowd to gasp while Eva snickered looking as if that was all she needed to defeat Morgana; as if.

However, Morgan righted herself in air and a huge static clap erupted as a circle of electromagnetic energy shot from her, and Eva barely had time to look up in shock as she was hit and went flying back screaming as her hair frizzed up from the electricity.

Eva dizzily got back to her feet as Morgana landed on hers in a crouch before standing with a smirk. "The name's Morgana… I'm the Empress of Lightning, and Queen of the Covenant!" she declared, causing many gasps as people moved back, away as the two girls squared off.

"Well; I thought I wouldn't be beat," she retorted nervously as a new queen wouldn't come to light without having the power that other witches would want to follow. "But just because you're good at lightning magic and tricks doesn't mean you'll…"

She trailed off with wide eyes as Morgana moved in with a right fist sparking following through with a left, both hitting her beautiful face and causing her to cry out in pain as she stumbled back a few paces.

Then Morgana shot forward and back flipped. Her sparking toes hit Eva's chin knocking her back and to the ground before Morgana threw a ball of blue lightning and landed. Eva had just barely picked herself up before she was hit in an electric explosion.

It only took a few moments for the smoke to clear but when it did it left a burnt and dazed little girl in its place, looking just like a ten year old version of Eva, only really adorable. It took Ginny a moment to come to terms that it really was her as the ref reluctantly handed over Morgana's money and she victory danced over to her opponent to gloat a little.

"H-hey that is so not fair," the tiny girl declared angrily as she shook her head clear. "I didn't know you could just throw lightning around like that… give that back!" she demanded (she was now just beyond cute) as she jumped at the sack of cash but Morgana laughed and moved it out of the way and caught the girl by her arm, holding her off her feet, knowing the little vampire wasn't evil or anything by her attitude, which was more spoilt and arrogant than anything darker.

"Na-ah little girl," Morgana replied in amusement. "You didn't declare what you can do, so I believe I won fair and square. Anyway I think my Ginevra might like you so I'll tell ya what Eva. If you play nice and come with us if you're good she might let you have a taste if you want. As long as you're careful not to hurt her," she said as she carried the girl in her arms now (Ginny thought she would be too heavy for her, or any normal person to carry so effortlessly), and Ginny followed out of the parting, fearful crowd.

"Whoa, it was bad enough when the crazy vampire turned up," some random guy said as they were heading back to their tent, and Morgana let Eva drop to the ground to walk for herself.

"Yeah, and now some crazy lightning throwing Queen, what is the world coming too!" another nameless guy said when Ginny started as an emotionless bright green haired young woman had taken her hand and began walking with them. She was quite a looker. Her eyes were purple, and her ears pointed and long up the sides of her head ending a little above. She was also wearing a tan and lavender kimono though Ginny noticed she wasn't wearing anything on her small feet.

"Oh there you are Chachamaru," Eva suddenly said looking behind her at Ginny and the green haired woman (girl, she didn't look that old, maybe sixteen, seventeen at the most).

"Yes Master!" she agreed in a soft monotone voice, though it was also polite and too had that English accent to it. However, as she spoke and looked towards Eva (still holding Ginny's warm hand in her soft, warm(ish) hand) she felt just a jolt, almost unnoticeable but it was there… love. Though, the emotion disappeared seconds later.

"Morgana! Ginevra!" Eva said gesturing to each of them. "This is my servant Chachamaru," she introduced them.

"It is a pleasure," Chachamaru replied with a slight bow before continuing her attention onto Ginny with a curious expression. "It appears my Master has taken a liking to you and your blood. It has been so long since my Master has taken much of an interest in anything, I thank you."

"Err, thanks I guess," Ginny replied nervously as they neared their campsite.

Morgana laughed looking back at them with a smirk. "So, Chacha, you and Eva will be joining us for the match, I still have quite a few spare tickets for our section."

"Why thank you, that is most kind of you," she replied in that same polite monotone.

"No problem," she answered. "After all it's going to be cool. Eva here can probably teach my girls a few things about magic, being an immortal mage and all, and I can sense she has lived for a while longer than me."

Eva looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Why exactly would I want to do that?"

"Oh well," Morgana began in thought. "It's just that we plan on kicking some major league Dumbledore worshippers ass in the near future, and hopefully rid the world of the old bastard forever."

"Well, all you needed to say is you plan on over throwing the bigot Dumbledork," she retorted smirking smugly. "That foolish old man preaches about tolerance and crap and all of the 'Light' love him for it, but the bastard has never gone out on a limb and actually tried to amend the laws he's supposedly against. And the way he looks at people even creeps me out and I'm a vampire."

"Yeah, I've noticed," Ginny couldn't help but interrupt. "I-it's because of his legilimency. Though, all of our girls have, or are learning occlumency to stop him."

"That is good news is it not Master," Chachamaru said-monotone. "This way when you begin teaching them they shall either have the art down or at the least a basic understanding for you to assist them into mastery."

"Yes, Chachamaru," she agreed nodding with a small smirk and dark gleam in her eyes. "And when they are finished with mental protection I shall be perfectly capable of teaching them to defeat the sexist-Merlin wannabe," she laughed.

Morgana laughed too. "That's what I called him."


"Hmm, Eva, what kind of vampire are you anyway, no poof-ee in the sunlight?" Morgana asked as she looked the girl over while they were back at camp ignoring the losers from the next tent over as they talked to some other ministry losers.

She snorted and turned up her nose while the other girls had crowded around her and Charamaru, fascinated with their new friends.

"As if those things hold a candle to my brilliance!" she retorted smugly, "not only do I have a soul but I can do everything they can't and a lot more. I am one of the most powerful mage on the planet after all!"

"Wow, her accent is so adorable!" Casey couldn't stop herself.

"Hey!" the small vampire said glaring at the girl while she covered her mouth, embarrassed with her outburst.

"She is really adorable, though," Ginny whispered in Luna's ear while Luna nodded in agreement and the small vampire pout glared at the pair while some other girls were giggling, but at least these girls weren't 'that' crazy, she hoped. Or maybe she hoped they were. After all 'those' girls were kind of amusing, and amusing for an immortal was a must.

"So this is Morgana Potter?"

"Evans!" she corrected as they turned to the interloper. It was a young woman with dark brown hair hanging to her shoulders with pink highlights in the tips, and dark Egyptian caramel skin. She was dressed in tight blue jeans and a white tee firming to her chest, and white trainers on her feet. Mr. Weasley stood behind with some other ministry officials watching in trepidation, but he should know that a pretty young woman like her would be welcomed by the Queen of the Covenant.

"Right," she agreed with a smile and strange twinkle in her dark brown eyes while offering her hand, "I am Elis Guild, builder of the Firebolt racing broom and CEO of Firebrand… I've been hearing some… interesting things about you. I can say I totally understand your hate for Dumbledore. Who would like him except for his worship-monkey's?" she asked while ignoring the few people behind her that took offence but chose not to speak up in the old man's defence proving her point, but more importantly she was a very powerful woman and was with Morgana to add to that intimidation factor. Firebrand actually had been sponsoring the US quidditch team but they were knocked out, but Firebolt sponsored the whole World Cup now.

Morgana shrugged as she took the woman's hand, shaking it, "Yes, I couldn't have put it much better myself," she agreed. "And wow, the Firebolts creator is smoking, you're working those jeans," she said still holding her hand and gently twirling her while she grinned.

"Thanks," she said laughing as she stepped back a little as Morgana let her hand go. "You should see some of the people around here. They have no sense of style. There was this old guy earlier who was wearing a flowery dress with these law guys trying to get him to put on some slacks," she said. She had a Southern US accent that Morgana enjoyed, and she broke the hill-billy stereotype finely.

Morgana and the other girls snickered, only Chachamaru found no humour but she was a powerful living marionette, maybe she had some emotions somewhere, and Ginny would be determined to find them for her so she could express her humour and love.

"I would have probably encouraged him!" Morgana completed with a crafty smile that brought so much mischief that the Weasley-tent-errs grimaced. Even the extra ministry employees had been warned about Morgana's power and control, and they also knew that messing with the head of the covenant wasn't worth the trouble, especially as they saw her kill Snape herself.

"Oh, I did!" Elis said with a smirk, looking back behind her it seemed that the ministry officials she was with didn't appreciate her sense of humour. Mr. Weasley and the others looked like they were biting their tongues or else say something bad about Morgana and her girls in front of important people who she likely had some power over because of her positions. And it didn't bode well for them that she was effortlessly making friends with Firebrands CEO while they were looked down on for being light wizards, not that Elis looked at dark wizards any differently. She tended not to believe in tripe like they did as it was too much bother. She would leave stuff like good and evil for comic books, TV, video games, books, and movies where they belonged.

"Oh, hey Charlotte!" she said as she turned back as she noticed the lawyer sitting to one side with some of the younger girls she had been chatting with, likely teaching them something interesting, "so this was why you dropped me as your client. Bigger fish to piss on? Or something like that. It's been a few months now hasn't it?"

"Yes, it has. And you know it!" Morgana's solicitor agreed smugly. "But it is nice to see you Elis."

"You too," she replied as she turned back to Morgana. "It's been a pleasure meeting you, Morgana. I hope to see you again in the future. Maybe we could grab a bite to eat?" she suggested with a wink, expecting Morgana to blush, but she didn't, instead opting to blow her a kiss, which caused her to light up a little instead.

Elis was startled a moment later as Morgana was in her arms, holding her, pulling her around her and raised her left hand. Morgana's hand sparked with a massive current and the dirty orange spell shattered into it and Morgana pushed it to the side where it smashed harmlessly into the floor. There were men and women in black suits apparating in seconds later with wands out. They obscured Morgana's view of any potential attackers while she shook off the pins and needles from blocking some powerful magic.

"Neat trick!" Evangeline said with an impressed nod, "making a polarised electromagnetic field, which acted as a barrier between you and the spell."

Morgana nodded feeling miffed that these people got in her way but checked over the older woman, "are you okay?" she asked.

Elis nodded quickly, awed, breathing heavily. "I guess most of those rumours I've heard about you aren't all fake. I've been getting death threats since the Firebolt was chosen for the Quidditch World Cup as standard over the new Stratus Breach, and the Nimbus 3000. I thought nothing of it, but my shareholders arranged some bodyguards-."

"Useless bodyguards!" Eva said as she looked them over while they bristled with annoyance with her comment, "I am Evangeline A. K. McDowell!" she said, which surprisingly stopped some of the hostility and replaced it with trepidation and fear as they had likely heard of her and the little fanged mouth clued them in that this wasn't a normal child. "Good, now you people can all leave, and if Morgana is OK with it we shall be all the protection Miss. Guild will need, and that guy there has the scent of strong magic on him, and if I'm not mistaken works for Nimbus. It did seem unlikely that Stratus would be this prissy rather than trying better with the Stratus Breaker I heard about!" she said pointing to a very shifty looking bodyguard.

They all turned to him and he went to run, only to scream and fly several yards across the dirty ground, bouncing to a stop, sparking with blue his body twitched.

Morgana lowered her sparking right hand as she flicked the sparks away and turned to her new dark skinned beauty and mock bowed, "If you would do the Covenant the honour of joining us for the World Cup Finals, you can fire the incompetent bodyguards who don't seem to vet their new recruits."

Elis turned to them while aurors had turned up, getting the picture and taking the downed man away, "you're all fired. I believe I shall be safer in their capable hands than yours," she said before turning to Morgana while the bodyguards left with their tails between their legs.

Elis give Morgana a slight bow. "It shall be my pleasure My Lady," she readily accepted with a grin as she joined the girls, on a seat next to a red head while a cute little Asian girl sitting on the grass cuddled her right leg, she patted the sweeties head while she was getting introductions.

"This is Garnet!" the red haired girl sitting next to her introduced the sweet girl while she smiled up at her. "I'm Ginevra Evans, but you can call me, Ginny!" she introduced herself, shaking her new friend's hand. The world was about to change, and the horror on Ginny's father's face made it all worthwhile as she used her new name loudly and proudly. "And yes technically I am Morgana's sister. But I do hope to get to know your fine arse better!" she said, laughingly trying to Americanise, and knowing she did a bad job of it but Elis laughed along with her.

In Manhattan Glory was resting on the couch flipping through the news channels. Nothing mentioned a daemon or alien, so she took that as a good sign, but she didn't like the thought of these Men in Black her new ward had told her about. She wasn't sure she was ready to give up the comfort and love of her adorable charge, but she knew that was what was right. She had to get the girl home to her family.

"Miss. Glory I'm finished with the shower!" The blue skinned girl called as she exited a room to the side of the lounge of their apartment with a white towel wrapped around her hair and a matching bathrobe to hide her cute little body and helping her dry.

"Tallee!" she said smiling softly at the girl and patting the spot next to her.

Tallee didn't hesitate as she claimed her spot and snuggled up to the ex-hell-goddesses side, warm and content. It had been a shocker that her saviour was a former evil god, but she had seen enough weird stuff that when she was shown magic that she couldn't not believe. It made her wonder whether there were people from her planet that could perform magic too.

Glory smiled at her Tallee and cuddled the girl as she enjoyed the comfort as much as the girl did, and she smelt really nice after her shower. "If we go to these… Men in Black, would they get you home?" she asked as she had kept the girl for long enough she knew that it was the right thing, to get her home.

"Oh, yes, yes they would Miss. Glory!" she readily agreed, "but-but I wouldn't want to leave you all alone."

Glory couldn't help but kiss the girls head as she was falling in love and didn't know whether she liked the feeling or not yet. But it seemed to make it harder for her not to be selfish as she realised love seemed to be a hard emotion attached to so many others but ultimately she wanted what was best for her girl.

"Let's get you home," she said. "You can always return after you're older and look me up… well if you can find me!"

"A-are you sure? I don't think M.I.B deal with demonic things. That's probably out of their derestriction," she said sheepishly.

"Then let's just leave that bit out shall we?" she asked with a slight laugh when she suddenly moved as the door exploded down, grabbing Tallee and moving her back and away as she grabbed her gun from the open kitchen sideboard, flipping the safety off she aimed it just as several men wearing green military uniforms burst in with automatic weapons trained on them.

Glory hated the man as soon as he walked in. He was a smug bastard wearing a suit. From what she understood of the M.I.B, she would know the moment they drew a weapon who they were as they used advanced alien technology and reversed engineered weapons.

These men held normal mortal weapons that she could buy quite easily if she didn't steal them first. Then she knew that M.I.B did not wear military gear either.

These people were not M.I.B, as they would also be more discreet, and would have knocked on the door as normally cops would have unless they knew what she was. It was just a matter of who they were hunting, Glory or her ward, but if it wasn't her ward, they sure would be now if they were daemon hunters looking at her they wouldn't make a distinction between alien and daemon.

"Oh my, the blonde woman has balls!" the man in the suit commented laughingly. "Now just step aside and relinquish custody of that thing and we'll leave you in peace."

Glory snorted rudely. "No. You leave our apartment. Leave the city, and go and fuck yourselves and I won't put you all down!"

"Don't be foolish girl!" the man ordered coldly sneering at the blue skinned child. "We just want the alien!"

"Yeah, well… not going… too…" she trailed off as he started barking out his laugh, growling as his skin turned a rotten grey and he grew fangs within his mouth. "I wouldn't have had to devour her if her father hadn't been killed by those foolish humans… he went bad… well not today anyway. She's so rare, maybe the last of her species as mine has finally made the delicious morsels a feast to remember. Your world will be next, but we didn't want humans to start disappearing too much just yet or we might have to deal with the M.I.B too soon!"

Glory looked back at Tallee as the girl had tears pouring from her eyes while she shook in horror before she turned back, raging. The feeling in her chest felt terrible. This was what it was like, to find out so many innocent people had been killed. To feel sympathy. To feel such a deep love for someone she felt their pain.

Her young wards whole planet had become one huge table for a superior race. She wouldn't let this monster get away with hurting her ward, and she would teach young Tallee, make her stronger, teach her magic, so that one day she could get her justice.

"News flash bastard!" Glory hissed. "I'm not quite human!" she spat out and she moved faster than a normal slayer would in her rage. She had so much adrenaline pumping through her veins making her stronger. The man/thing watched as she broke all of his men, ripping them apart, proving her superior strength and giving in to her slayer instinct. She was dripping in blue blood as she stalked her final prey with cold stormy eyes.

He stepped back, eyes wide, frantic with horror. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. She wasn't the prey; he was.

"I am not prey by design!" she snarled as if reading his thoughts while he ran out of places to move back to, his back hit the wall. Neither herself as a hell-god or a slayer was prey; they were killers. They remorselessly killed whether good or evil. It was just now she knew how it was to be inferior, she knew she could protect her young ward, just like Buffy would have, just like Morgana would have. They would have put the fear of earth into them, as she would this monster.

The man had no choice and attacked. However, it took less than a moment for him to lose his head as she tore it clean from his neck just as two women burst in through the broken open door; a young black woman with long smooth loose black hair, and a white woman, older with her greying black hair tied up in a tight knot. They were both wearing expensive black suits carrying silver guns with blue glowing strips to each side. The grey man's head rolled to the floor with horror written in its dying expression, stopping by their feet.

"Oh, Tallee," Glory whimpered a moment later as she turned to her beautiful girl. Her baby-girl was sobbing in her arms moments later while she cuddled her for all she was worth without hurting her.

"K?" the black woman asked as she felt terrible for the girl as they had been listening in before they decided to interfere. It was just a shocker that the blonde woman wasn't all talk, and that she was a dangerous person, not to be trifled with, and she protected the blue skinned cutie.

The older woman said nothing as she pulled out a comm. device and an older man appeared on the screen, "the Gredamechs have committed mass genocide on the planet Segeryarna just as reported by our network. They plan to devour our planet next."

"On it!" the man on the line said. "We'll have them rounded up and deported straight away! What about the girl?"

"She'll be okay!" she said watching the two with a small sad smile as that child was lucky to have found someone to look out for her. "I think I will take that vacation. I think I've found myself a replacement!"

Glory looked to her from where she was comforting her girl.

"Let's go!" K said before looking to the black woman, "J, have their belongings brought to HQ would you," she said before Glory lifted Tallee and carried her after this, K.

"Ah man, I don't want a new partner!" J complained but she did have to admire that girl's kickassitude as she didn't even use her gun. "That is one hot blonde you do not want to piss off! Though, I think I might like having her for a partner, I guess-well she can't be any worse than K-," she finished off just as the clean-up crew arrived.


Within the United States of America, in the State of California Faith finally arrived in Heatherfield. She took longer than she thought she would have. Not only was California a huge state (luckily she was given funding from Morgana) but she came across a few daemons and whatnot and had no choice but to vanquish them before too many more innocent people became snacks.

However, maybe she should have been a bit faster as the city was smoking with explosions and-well she wasn't sure what had been going on for the last week or so, but she did know that the city appeared to have disappeared from the map, GPS or paper, which was another reason it took so long as they had to walk from the nearest village.

"What's going on… are we there yet?" the annoyingly bubbly and optimistic, yet cute pink haired girl whined while the four other girls sighed.

Faith had found the girls in a huge spot of bother, but luckily managed to destroy that annoying cat thing that gave them their magical powers, but not before saving the blonde girl from a nasty looking beheading (though all be-headings were nasty looking) and destroying some horrible 'witch', or whatever it really was, some kind of daemon or something, and her magical know-how was lacking, so she was thankful that Amy (the previous rat girl) had caught up to her with the help of a thing called a portkey that teleported her from Sacramento or half the girls they had with them now would have been dead if not all of them.

It would have been nice that after the little whatever it was was killed that the girls lost their powers so that they could go home, safe and happy, together, but no such thing was going to happen. They had their powers now, so she had to take them under her wing to be their role model. Well she and Amy did, which was bad for the girls as neither of them were exactly the best role models around, but they would have to do as they were the only role models around.

"It looks like something is seriously wrong!" the blonde girl said in worry. Though they all had magical powers it didn't mean they weren't still aged fourteen and sixteen as she was the oldest of the five girls, slightly role model-ish for the four fourteen year old girls.

"But Mami!" she whined.

"Shut up, Madoka!" the red head stepped up glaring at her coldly. However, a moment later the brunette of the group had a gun to the red heads chin.


"W-whoa, Homura!" she quickly said shaking her hands and stepping back and the girl removed her gun while still staring at her coldly.

"Umm… Miss. Faith, Miss. Amy? Will we ever get back to Japan?" the final girl asked. She had short cut blue hair and like the other girls still wore her school uniform since they dropped back from their magical girl outfits, or as Amy said what were actually called, Barrier-Jackets.

"We don't, know, Sayaka," Amy said while frowning. "You might have been transported here from another reality for all we know during that huge battle. You wouldn't be the first girls, since Tara has that Ellie girl from another Earth to look after, but then as role models go, Tara and Willow are both too 'goodie-two-shoes'."

"And you guys are not quite that good?" Kyoko asked while smirking smugly.

"Not quite," Faith said with a small smile, "but wait until you meet Morgana someday and you'll never understand whether she is good or bad, or whatever. But she would likely go through a hell dimension for her friends and family. The horrible thought is, she would likely come back stronger than ever."

"She's the one who sent you here to find these Guardians?" Mami asked while frowning as faith nodded in agreement. "I see, so she is a very important and powerful person?" she asked while they nodded. "I don't see how this isn't our world. It would be more likely that we were transported through space rather than reality. Could this Queen of the Covenant get us back to Japan so that we could be certain?"

"But maybe this is a blessing?" Amy said, starling them all. "I mean sure, Morgana could pay for you to all get home, but think about it. The things you could learn. The people you could protect, if given the funding, and the support… the training. You guys have some pretty powerful abilities. If you used them to help people, to help save the world…" she shrugged as she looked away.

"I…" Faith continued slowly. "I was chosen by a great mystical power to be a Slayer, so that I could protect people with my strength. I loved this girl who had her own problems she couldn't deal with me. I understand that now. She had so many problems she couldn't let me down gently, or consider being with me; I just added to her burden. And with that I grew bitter, jealous, and did things that I regret to get her attention.

"I think she regrets how she acted too, but while she continued to destroy daemons, I went bad, and I accidentally killed a human. I understand now that it was an accident, but he worked with a big-bad, so he made his bed. But that sent me on a dark spiral, and I lost my mind and hurt the person I loved through my own self-loathing and jealousy. I understand now that I was a bitch, and that I had all this power…-"

"You should have used that power for the people you were supposed to protect from the monsters?" Sayaka interrupted as Faith looked like she lost her thought. She felt bad just saying that as any one of them could lose it and do stupid things, and it didn't take the observant to notice Homura squirming uncomfortably as she had been messing with time, which seemed to be a moot point now as she supposedly lost that ability once her wish was granted and she had finally saved Madoka.

Faith nodded, "yeah, looking back now, I wanted support, and protection. I wanted to be loved. My childhood wasn't very nice… and I was wrong. And though I don't know Morgana very well, I know that she wants to do good in the world even if she has to be tough and hard. But she can't do that without strong people like us to stand up with her against the oppressors of this world."

"Then we have a lot to think about," Homura said, leading her group on they followed behind while she tried to understand how the timeline had changed so drastically with one movement, one change, she didn't understand, who could she talk to about her secrets. She looked to the pink haired girl, the girl she loved more than anyone as she skipped to catch up with her. She was alive, and their threat had passed.

Homura reached out, surprising Madoka as she took her left hand in her right, looking forward she wouldn't look into her friends beautiful eyes through fear of letting go. After a few moments of shock Madoka's hand grasped and tightened around Homura's, holding on tightly as she smiled at her friend and protector, wondering about this new future for them her friend had somehow created.

It didn't take them long to find a barrier into the city. It was a blockade of police cars and other vehicles. There were men and woman of all ages carrying weapons from blades to guns. They were stopped at gun point.

"No one has just walked through the barrier, no one can!" the leader demanded. He was an older man with light brown hair and slightly plumper than healthy. "Who are you and how did you get through from the…-"

"Vampires, captain!"

They were startled as the darkness had crept up on them with twilight. They hadn't realised it was getting that dark.

"Does she mean as in blood drinking soulless monsters?" Kyoto asked hopefully as a wicked grin stretched to her lips while the man nodded in confusion before shielding his eyes as she flashed a bright red before she was standing wearing a crimson top mid-thigh with white ruffled trim cut down the front from mid-stomach with black top underneath attached to a pink skirt. She had black thigh high socks and red shin high boots with white to black sleeves and black ribbon holding her ponytail back and red gem on her chest.

She held a yellow pole with silver blades at each end. She span her lance while a grin stretched to her lips and brownie red eyes alight at the prospect of a fight. "I can't wait. I can kill them, right Faith? They can't be helped, right?"

"Go wild!" she agreed as the girl turned to the charging bumpy-faced vampires and jumped up shooting over the shocked boarder-'keepers' and the several attacking vampires never stood a chance as she sliced them all into dust.

"Your friend has some serious issues," Amy said while the girls all nodded slowly.

"S-she is like… the Guardians?" the man asked in awe. "So… you're here to help them, before it's too late and everyone perishes?" he asked looking to Faith and Amy as they were the oldest.

"Yeah, we're here to help!" Amy chose to say rather than telling them that they just got lucky, it made them feel more secure if they believed they were more organised.

Elsewhere, Will crashed into the ground as a daemon smacked her down while she was in Guardian mode with pixy like wings wearing green and pink with miniskirt. Her crimson hair was covered in sweat and dirt as her green eyes glared up at the horse monster thing that she had been fighting. They weren't as strong as her, but she had fought so many over the past week she was losing strength, and even resting at Hay Lin's place during the day wasn't enough to get their strength up, and that wasn't mentioning the vampires and other assorted evil, and they didn't know where that giant daemon had gone.

She looked up with wide eyes as a horse daemon monster charged at her, flapping its wings, claws reaching out for her when suddenly there was a black handgun on its head just as it was a metre away from ripping Will apart, and in a boom its brains had been splayed out and it crashed to her side.

Will scrambled to her knees as she watched the girl in white black and purple with long black tights as her gun was gone and replaced by a bow. She pulled back the string, and over and over again it materialised an arrow and vaporised horse daemon things.

"Let's go!" Homura ordered, helping Will to her feet. "We have to regroup and amass our strength before these things completely destroy the town!"

"Oh, right!" Will agreed as she had some blood on her lips and was battered, shooting some kind of white electricity as a horse daemon while she followed her new ally, keeping to the back alleys where they met up with a pink haired girl wearing a poufy pink dress while carrying a magical staff.

"Are you two okay?" she asked.

"I'm okay, thank you!" Will agreed when she turned as she grimaced as the brunette had lost the magical bow and held a huge long barrelled Gatling gun, firing at flying daemons, shooting them down.

"Umm…" Will mumbled. "Your friend has a serious arsenal of weapons!" she stated the obvious because she couldn't think of anything else to say. It was awesome. She didn't think any magical wielding girl would opt for huge guns to smite her enemies with, and this one was no older than her.

"Y-yeah, she does," Madoka agreed nervously, "but I love everything about her!"

"Madoka, Guardian Girl-."


"-Will, let's get out of here, Mami should have led the others to the other Guardians just fine, there are more of them. We have to leave, right now. It seems these things only come out at night. If we can hold them off till morning we can at least gather our strength and forces and coordinate better."

"That's true!" Will said worriedly as she led her new friends through the back allies. "But we can't leave the town and all communication out doesn't work. I was with my team earlier, but we got separated just before night fell. I hope they're okay!"

"They'll be fine!" Madoka said uncertainly, "Faith and Amy are organising the mortals, and Faith is a Slayer, and Amy is a magician. They're trying to set up a magical comm. so that we can hopefully call for help."

"We've been trying to contact Meridian, but we can't get through! We can't even open a gate to evacuate the town!" Will said as they slid through a narrow alley. "If we can contact Queen Elyon of Meridian we can get reinforcements through the veil and get the defenceless out of Heatherfield!"

"The veil?" they both asked.

"Heatherfield is the entrance to another world, which is hidden by a veil," she said in a hurry, "I don't get how it works, just that it does. It's all kind of magic and confusing!"

"Then we have to get back to Faith and Amy!" Homura commanded coolly. "We have to give them all the information they may need while they try to contact Queen Morgana, or the other Slayer and her witches…-"

"Wait, Queen Morgana?" Will asked as she followed the girls, sneaking through the streets back allies.

"Queen of the Covenant of Witches!" Madoka said quickly while they snuck out to the edge of buildings where gunfire flew into the air along with magic and the remaining Guardians were with the remainder of Madoka's team, protecting innocent people while they evacuated the area and some kind of giant dinosaur was rampaging through the city and no one could stop it.

"NO! MUM!" Will suddenly yelled out in horror as she looked over to see her mother fleeing with other civilians and before the other two could say anything, or try to stop her she blast off, moving faster than she ever had, and stopping a moment later in the way of the monster and her mother. "Get the fuck away!" she roared out, having never been big on cussing it was a first for her friends or mother to hear her actually swear.

Will's eyes lit up as she lost herself in her power and she tore it apart before knocking her mother and the over civilians down as she shot off with a sonic boom. She was alight with blue sparks and her outfit had changed. She no longer had the same wings she did. They were now like a cape of transparent energy, gliding open. She was wearing a long navy blue coat to her ankles. It was thin, and open attached to the black of her short shorts and top that curved with her chest. She wore black half boots and fingerless gloves.

"What the hell happened to Will?" her best friend Irma asked as she landed with Madoka and Homura.

"Don't ask us… it's her power!" Homura said in awe as Will started destroying horse daemon after horse daemon like a girl possessed, in a raging temper with white laser-like beams from her hands, tearing through them.

On the ground Will's mother watched as her baby girl wasn't such a baby any more as she ripped into her enemy. It was nice that her baby was well and good, but now she worried more, but that did explain all of the secrets and lies if her daughter was a secret superhero; she almost fainted thinking about it.

But ultimately she couldn't have been any prouder.

Homura moved quickly to Faith and Amy where they were trying to set up some magical communications. "Heatherfield is sitting on top of some kind of gate to another world called Meridian. These Guardians seem to be on good terms with the queen. If you cannot contact the covenant, contact Meridian!"

"Good call!" Amy agreed.

Meanwhile a cute blonde girl with her hair tied into a plat was board sitting on her throne doing nothing, thinking of her friends and how much she missed her human friends when a ripple burst open in front of her and she perked up as two black haired young woman appeared in the ripple.

"I expected the queen to have been older!" Faith said.

"Morgana isn't much older than her!" Amy replied smugly.

"Good point!" Faith agreed turning back to the young queen. "You are Elyon, right?" Faith asked while the blonde girl nodded slowly, confused. "Good, right, we're in Heatherfield using sorcery to communicate. The city is over run with daemons and we need to evacuate the civilians somewhere!"

Elyon's eyes widened in horror as she remembered the Earth was also her home, and the Earth had protected her, so it was time Meridian protected some humans.

"Very well!" she quickly agreed as she saw some Guardians and some other girls in the background fighting out in the open, and Will had seemingly transcended her power. "I shall try to tear open the veil big enough to get all of the humans out of the city, but it may take an hour or two!"



"Yea...! Look at that bitch hit dirt!" Morgana couldn't help but scream out, whooping with her beautiful sisters and Elis, a hopeful new member of the covenant. She couldn't help but be amused as Eva was sitting up close to her and Ginny also screaming out in pleasure at seeing the Irish keeper smash his face into the ground-well even the little vamp saw how fun that was-well to watch anyway.

It was impossible to help but be disappointed. Morgana was a much better Seeker than this guy was. Though, that Bulgarian Seeker was pretty good his tells were so easy. Anyway, from Morgana's point of view all the Irish Seeker needed to do was keep the Bulgarian minger away from the Snitch. He didn't need it.

It boggled the mind at the stupidity of some people-especially magical people. It was a sport, and all sports had some strategic merit, and that went double for those with league points.

Considering how far behind Bulgaria was, they would have to catch the Snitch with a three hundred and forty point lead to win by just ten points, which looking at how lame their Chasers were compared to Irelands-well, that wasn't likely. After all the Irish team had such a point advantage because of their Chasers, even if they could use a better seeker.

Shaking that thought away Morgana looked back to the pitch, seeing those Veela women dancing about mocking the leprechauns-there was no need to guess whose mascots were whose even if she hadn't seen them come flying down. Though, those Veela were smoking when not like throwing fireballs about and looking like crows, literally. She had to stop some of her girls killing themselves to impress the Veela. She would have to remember that a cute flock of veela in the covenant would be a must to help her girls relieve some stress.

Morgana bet that douche bag Ronald loved the leprechauns though, when they dropped all of that 'gold' into the crowds. Though, honestly that was dangerous, they could have hurt a little kid. She just hoped she was there to see the greedy look on Ronald's face disappear when the gold just upped and faded away in a few hours as leprechaun gold wasn't real.

Though, it looked unlikely as neither Seeker was ever likely to find the Snitch. The match had been going on for over five hours now and some of her girls had even taken naps snuggled up together looking just too adorable, especially Abby, Tabby, and Garnet. They were just too freaking cute as they were fast bestest friends.

"Peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs, sodas!"

A young man called out as he was with two young women and another young man seemingly only a few years out of school. They were walking by their private section carrying a large, (though probably magic light) tray each strapped around their necks and waists, each containing many of the mentioned confectioneries.

"Over here!" Ginny called out licking her lips having moaned about being thirsty just moments ago, and Morgana was suspicious about that. "I want a lemon soda!" she said handing over some money she happily took from one of the girls (as she didn't have anything smaller than a galleon) to one of the young women and getting a giant sized drink she could share with some of her friends while other girls also grabbed giant sodas, and others sweets, or popcorn in huge buckets, enough to feed and water them all just fine.

"I can't believe two days... two freaking days!" Eva grumbled in annoyance, later, two days later. "The players are starting to get bored let alone me! I always knew this came could in theory go on forever- like cricket or baseball-but I've never seen one last more than eight hours before."

"Oh really. So you think I should give the Snitch back or something?" Morgana asked in surprise as she was actually just enjoying sitting back, relaxing and knowing no one of importance was scheming against her because they were all watching the match and hopefully having a great time.

The girl's all looked at her with mouths hanging open in shock as she showed them the little golden winged ball struggling to get free from between her expert fingers.

"How long have you had that?" Eva demanded heatedly glaring at the Snitch as if it had also wronged her.

"Mistress Lightning has had the Snitch in her possession now one hour and two minutes after the game started, My Master," Chachamaru answered before Morgana could, which surprised them that she saw and never mentioned it to Eva.

"And why didn't you tell me Chachamaru?" the tiny vampire reprimanded tiredly.

"It did not seem important," she answered. "I am sorry Master if I displeased you. It was not my intention."

"Just forget about it Chachamaru," she replied before turning her forest green eyes to glare at Morgana but being 'ten' ruined the effect. "Honestly... I escape that barrier and those insane girls and... 'her'... only to be stuck with another lot of insane girls... well at least I'll get some with you!" she complained, pouting.

"OK, OK, games over," Morgana replied sheepishly as she pointed her finger at the ball and blast it with a tiny stream of blue lightning, holding it with only the electricity she pointed like a gun as her girls watched in awe. It shot straight at the Irish Seeker as he was nearest. She fired at him as she was technically routing for Ireland to win anyway.

The Snitch shots forward and up towards him, winding him as it hit his gut causing him to cry out in pain. However, the Snitch then dropped down into his surprised hands as he looked around in shock as the crowd had gone quiet with shock.

"Wow...!" the commentators voice boomed over the stadium. "Could the Golden Snitch have gotten bored and turned itself it?" he asked, but most people were too surprised to laugh. "Ireland have caught the Snitch, earning them an extra one hundred and fifty points and they not only win this match but the Quidditch World Cup!"

However, this time the Irish supporters exploded into cheer, drowning out any negative shouting from the opposition. Morgana just smirked as her girls cheered too, some of them just glad they could leave and go to bed.

Morgana was leaving with her friends, out of the huge crowd when she was suddenly seeing red as two of her girls had just been snatched by some horrid looking men. Ginny had seen too with a look of horror on her face but she said nothing as Morgana charged after them not caring that she threw people out of her way with her super strength.

She shot through the woods after them and soon skidded out into a large clearing where a clear thirty or so fully trained wizards had gather. Her two girls, Shortcake and Garnet struggling against their attackers with tears in their eyes. There words made Morgana proud as they were adorable little members of the covenant and telling the men that their queen would kill them while they laughed and mocked them.

There were many other girls of varying ages having had items of clothing tore off with men with their pants down, and none of them looked worried that someone had interrupted, but more delighted than anything. They had no clue who had interrupted, no idea how much danger they were in.

"You best let every single one of them go, or I'm going to tear you apart!" Morgana hissed out in her rage as they laughed, but they stopped abruptly as she side peddled the large arms trying to grab her from behind and her left elbow crashed into his ribs causing him to squeal with pain spitting up blood.

She grabbed his face before he hit the ground holding him up, her power crackled as streams of blue energy started pulling out of him and up, streaming down her left arm and into her body. His gurgled cries died down after only a moment when she let his lifeless body hit the ground.

Turning her attention back to the men Morgana's eyes lit up, sparking with blue electricity. It sparked once around her body before they threw aside their captives, pulling pants up as fast as they could and turning to flee the way they came.

However, they paused as their stood Eva, her eyes hidden by shadows as Morgana could feel her anger for these things.

"It's just another little girl!" one called out in relief as they went to continue fleeing.

However, they stopped once again as the Eva's eyes lit up crimson red with a sinister smile baring fangs. "And where do you think you gentlemen are going?" she asked licking her red lips as she kicked something large by her feet at them.

It was a drained body landing by their feet with a look of terror on its face. "I caught this little bastard trying to swipe Abigail just after you ran after these two, My Queen Morgana!" Eva spoke as she flittered through the men sending several flying painfully before picking up both Tabby and Garnet, flittering again and placing them down as she stood by Morgana, terrifying the men further as they had heard of Morgana, but didn't know she had such a powerful vampire on her side until then.

Morgana sneered at the remaining petrified men cracking her knuckles. "Well... we are good girls... let's take out the rest of the garbage. After all, we have just had a couple of tasty meals now haven't we?"

"Yes, lets burn off some of that energy, or we'll never get any rest until tomorrow," Eva agreed, her accent accentuated even more by her anger.

The men were obviously messing themselves, and even in the dark Morgana could see piss stains forming on their crutches.

"What's going on here!" someone interrupted as several men in beige robes entered the clearing with wands draw, seeing the large group of huddled up, scared girls in the middle, some having torn clothes, the two dead men, the large group of terrified men, and the vampire child and girl with lightning dancing around her body, their first thought was to aim wands at the two girl, as they seemingly had two other girls hostage.

However, there were a few female aurors and one in particular with brightly coloured pink hair, and they saw things more clearly and moved their wand to face the men to the shock of the male aurors.

"You're Queen Morgana!" the pink haired woman called out in awe as she had heard rumour and legend, but seeing her in person was so much more.

"Yeah," she agreed as a smirk came to her lips. "Pink hair... pretty auror chick... you must be, Nymphadora Tonks! I believe we have a Lizzy in common!"

"Yea... but... just call me Tonks," she replied with caution. "So, what did these men do to you?"

"Kidnapped these two," she answered as she let her power down to stroke their hair lovingly before standing up straight.

"And tried to kidnap another," Eva added with narrowed red eyes as she returned focus on her targets. "Now if you'll take the other girls back to their family's we'll deal with these... men."

"We can't just let you eat them," Tonks said as her anger filled eyes glared at the men, but only a few of the other aurors chose to re-aim. "They'll be going to jail where they belong."

"Nonsense!" a large black auror spoke commandingly. "Albus has warned us of Potter!" he spat in disgust. "A lying insane girl, a murderer even, and here's the proof."

"Well... if it isn't one of Dumbledore's little servant bitches," Morgana said while Eva smirked and seemed to hold back a laugh. "You dare go around pointing your wand at me when the evidence is quite clear. In addition, we being two magus are perfectly within our right according to the law under certain circumstances such as this to kill at our digression. Goblins might be greedy, but they know this shit."

"What-a filthy vampire like her," he laughed out mockingly. "A magus... she's nothing but a leach!"

"Leach!" Eva hissed out in anger. "I'll have you know you filthy wannabe! I far outstrip your precious Dumbledore in power, and intellect!" she hissed taking a step towards them when Morgana took her shoulder and shook her head no. Now was not the time to slaughter one of Dumbledore's minions.

The black auror just snorted before getting a shove from another man. "What Dawlish?" he demanded angrily.

"They were within their right to defend themselves with lethal force. And I believe the evidence speaks for itself. If you have a problem them why don't we take it to Madam Bones and see whether she gives a crap about what Dumbledore says! Now let's go and round up the rest of these bastards before they try to escape while the ladies can see to getting the children back to parents or guardians and taking statements."

"But she's a vampire, she has no rights!" he commanded angrily.

Dawlish however pointed his wand at the black guy. "Now listen here Kingsley. I don't care. She's on a leash so to speak. Under the house of one of the Ancients! She is within her right, under that houses name within reason and just cause to take a life of a wizard under the Arcanum, which is absolute! So just get on with your job as I'm your superior not Dumbledore!"

Kingsley just grumbled in anger as he left to cuff up some men, all of which were surprisingly willing to be taken in. However, all of the women were quick in heading off to console the large group of girl, use magic to repair clothes etc. before taking them off to find their families. Harder chore than it seemed as not all of them were English!

However, Tonks had joined Morgana and Evangeline as Morgana was now cuddling her two missing girls lovingly as they snuggled their faces into her neck shivering with tears. Her hands were holding the small of their backs, pulling them tight to her.

"Will they be OK?" Tonks asked in concern.

Morgana nodded with a sigh. "Yea... they'll be fine with a little tender loving care. So you haven't turned into a Slytherin hating Dumbledore worshipper then?"

She crinkled her nose in disgust. "Of course not," she said rolling her eyes. "My mother was in Slytherin House, and she married a muggle-born from Hufflepuff. The Black family disowned mum for that. So can't win either way," she shrugged unconcerned, but Morgana made a mental not to speak with Sirius about possibly taking them back into his family.

"Not to mention your relationship with Lizzy," Morgana added unable to help herself, smirking as she looked over the woman's hot body with the knowledge that she could turn into other people-yummy.

Tonks was furiously blushing. "I-I can't believe she told you... wait... you're not...?"

"Of course I am," Morgana agreed rolling her eyes. "She really knows how to please a girl."

"Yeah..." Tonks whispered with a longing look in her eyes.

"So... do you have a tent here?" she asked as a plan formed in her mind to get the dense auror-chick so sweet action, and to have her joining the covenant.

"Yea... I had to buy one just for this match," she said rolling her eyes but still red cheeked. "I saw the ones the aurors office wanted us to use. I only think a few auror took those."

"How would you like to... join my exclusive girls only Covenant of Witches?" Morgana asked with a smirk lining her lips.

"You don't want me obeying Dumbledore but you want me obeying you?" Tonks asked me, but she didn't say no.

"Not obeying as such..." She told her thoughtfully. "More like working for the greater good..." she said and could sense her rebuttal so continued. "Of kicking dipshits asses!"

"For a second there... with the greater good," she shivered. "That's Dumbledore's bull-crap line for when his sheep, or at least one or two question him. Most of them just accept that as an actual excuse for doing something messed up!"

"Na... me..." Morgana shook her head while smirking. "I'll destroy for those I care about, which is why those I do love know I'm sincere. To die for those you love is a great honour, but to kill for those you love just means your loved one isn't going to be tortured and raped before they join you in death! Dumbledore's minions just don't seem to understand this simple principle."

"I've never heard it being spoken quite like that before," Tonks said sadly. "But thinking about what I would rather do. I guess I would rather kill and be able to say I did my best if I were to die. To go down fighting is better than to crap ya pants and die."

"So you in?" Morgana asked as she frowned catching Eva draining the still warm blood from the guy she killed. She supposed it was better than leaving it to waste. "It would be nice to have an auror on our side to dish us the dirt in the Ministry! Someone a bit lower down than Amelia. I might even be able to... use my good name amongst those who don't eat Dumbles shit to dig you a little deeper into the ministry itself. Hopefully, keep our eyes and ears on as much of Dumbledore's fucked up schemes as we can."

"Umm... sure," she agreed. "So... do I get a free pen for signing up?" she asked jokingly.

Morgana smirked while rolling her eyes as Tabby and Garnet had stopped crying and were watching with interest. "Garnet, Tabby, this is Nymphadora Tonks, our newest sister," she said kissing their cheeks lovingly. "Would you like to stay with her tonight, and she'll make sure you're both well and happy after everything that's happened today. She'll bring you back to us tomorrow."

Tonks was surprise as both girl each kissed Morgana and Eva's (even to her surprise) cheek and glompped onto one of Tonks' arms each nodding their heads in eagerness.

"You mean for... too?" Tonks asked, her checks flamed red.

"Just go and have fun. They must really think you're pretty, and I would have to agree with them, I'm almost a little jealous, but I have other things I need to do," she told the surprised woman while trying not to look at the cute vampire-chick while saying that. "Normally they're really clingy with me or our other sister Daphne, or each other when we have classes now I'm in third year. Maybe they could enjoy a few on your... transformation tricks.

"You girls be good for Sister Dora now, OK," she asked them and they nodded eagerly. "She's probably been working real hard because of the quidditch so why don't you girls be sure to give her an all over massage to relieve her stress, OK?"

"Yep!" both girls chimed in happiness as they practically dragged Tonks off towards camp having pushed the scary events from their minds where two super awesome but sometimes naughty heroes rescued them, and now they got to play with their newest big sister.

"A shape shifter," Eva commented. How she could just tell...? Well, that would come in handy. Morgana was sure, maybe she could teach her sometime. "She will be highly useful. And I don't mean just for playing with."

"I know what you meant," she replied rolling her eyes.

"Just checking," she retorted smirking as if she thought hot girls were all she thought about. Though, she thought about revenge a fair bit too-and blowing stuff up-blowing stuff up was cool-'car goes boom'.

However, shaking off those childish and pervy thoughts Morgana saw that they had been left alone. She let her senses out and could just about sense people heading into the forest when a huge explosion made Eva and Morgana startle as they looked towards where the camp was to see a ploom of rising fire.

Therefore, we ran off, shooting back towards camp in a hurry, weaving passed large groups of fleeing weakling's. They paused as they were startled to see a female house elf with panic on its face.

At first look the house elf seemed to be running away, however, looking closer Morgana could see it fighting an unknown force while it was trying to go back. Then looking further she could detect an invisible human with a thread of magic she had never really paid attention to before. It was strong but seemed like it was shackled too, house elf magic-another creatures magic in chains? How fucked up was that! She had to wonder, maybe there was something she could do about that, because no matter what cute girl she put in chains to have fun with, they had the choice to get out-mostly.

"My Queen...?" Eva called but Morgana just watched the elf. "Morgana...!"

Morgana was startled as that was the first time Eva had had ever spoken her name without queen in front of it even though she had told her just to call her by her first name she was a proper young lady who enjoyed being formal. "Protect the girls...! I feel I have to follow that elf... something about the person...!"

"She's trying to stop," Eva nodded in agreement. "I'll protect them... our sisters. You stop him!"

"Right," she agreed as she left after watching in surprise as Eva just burst into hundreds of tiny bats and shot into the sky over the trees in a great swarm.


Morgana chased after the elf for a good few minutes when she entered a clearing she came to a stop and there was no one, no house elf in sight.

However, she carefully moved around, looking for any sign of the elf, but she found none when she instinctively back peddled twice skidding to a halt as a huge mucky green blast shot up into the sky behind some bushes and the tree.

She let her eyes trail its path up into the sky to see a giant mucky green grey skull form in the air, with a huge green serpent slithering through and around its eye holes and mouth. She found herself growling as her eyes trialled back down to the bushes and tree where the spell came from as she wasn't the biggest fan of stupid Goths or their stupid skull, snake thingies.

Taking one step forward Morgana's forearms igniting with blue sparks of electricity as she readied to fight whoever shot that stupid looking Goth symbol into the air. That was when she felt the air pressure shift before hearing the multitude of popping sounds.

They all appeared at once in a circle around her. She lifted her right forearm as red lights swam at her. She marvelled as a blue electric shield erupted and the spells harmlessly hit. She had been trying to make that for months and finally, awesome shield powers to deflect dipshite spells. She spun, pulling her other arm up, deflecting some more spells into the surrounding bushes before creating a small shock-wave that knocked all of the wizards to the ground.

"What the fuck are you retards doing attacking me for?" Morgana screamed out in rage. Sure she was happy about her new power but still, they were total douches. She could even see Arthur Weasley cautiously getting to his feet with the others, some of which she noticed were of higher ministry office than mere aurors, Amelia Bones right their looking sheepish and apologetic as she pulled herself up thankful for her queens powers.

"Who are you?" demanded a greying brown haired man she knew to be a Barty Crouch. He was standing next to a bearded man she knew as Amos Diggory, and other than Mr. Bagman, and Mr. Weasley, she hadn't met many others, and she didn't actually care too as they were rejects.

"Are you such a spanner that you don't remember me as you met me before the Cup match started? I'm the girl who saved Elis's life from some idiot douche!" she demanded in annoyance as she glared at him and took great enjoyment in his blush and the snicker from Bagman. "After all, if you can't remember a staff members name... well… maybe you should retire, because the douche you were calling Wetherby is actually Percy, but I suppose us little people are beneath you, you prick!

"It's not like I destroyed a Dark Lord you pussies can't bear to speak of when I was fifteen months old," she said mockingly. "Or that I have such authority over the wizengamot as Queen of the Covenant of Witches or any such thing!"

Crouch started getting angry but Morgana continued, smirking as she mocked him.

"Oh wait a moment... I did that, silly me... how could I forget that everyone knows my name... but the dipshit with the opening signs of dementia... you should see a medi-wizard if you're having memory issues. After all you can't be too careful...!"

"That is enough!" Arthur Weasley just butted in angrily, but that didn't stop a few childish peoples continued laughing.

"Yeah yea, whatever," she replied disinterested. "Oh... if you're looking for the cake shite who threw that Goth-kid thing up into the sky, he was over there. I might have got him with one of those many stunner's you threw at me. You could have killed a little old guy. You should be more careful. You might accidentally do us all a favour and kill Dumbledork!"

"Shut up Potter!" Mr. Weasley hissed in rage. "Don't you talk like that about your betters!" he practically screamed with his face red with rage. His words causing plenty of shocked gasps.

"Oh do excuse my bad manners!" she replied with a kind smile full of bull-shite forgiveness while Amelia was biting her lower lip to keep from laughing. Morgana's right hand sparkled with electricity starting them all. "After all... his Greater Good is absolute... someone should check for a phoenix tattooed to your ass!" That got quite a few just roaring out laughing, but Mr. Weasley just fumed, glaring.

"I'll... check behind the bushes then," Mr. Crouch interrupted as the laughing slowly died down, and nobody told him not to so he looked around. Morgana don't know why she would have needed too, but she thought it wise to check again after him. He seemed like the type that would have defended himself over her insults, but he just let it go.

"Winky!" Crouch roared out in rage as he came out and just threw the house elf's unconscious body to the floor. Morgana's eyes narrowed in rage as he would treat one of her potential sisters like this... one that couldn't even defend itself. Crouch also had a second wand but used his to wake the creature up.

She woke groggily as she looked around. However, for a brief moment her large black eyes connected with Morgana's with horror written clearly in them before she turned to Barty Crouch.

"M-Master Barty... Please...!" she whimpered out, her cries shrill and panicked, tugging on her tea-towel toga bearing the coat of arms of the Crouch family. "I... I didn't do nothin' wrong! Please Master Barty!"

"I caught you with this!" he accused her, waving the extra wand in her face, which caused her to shiver back in fear. "Its clothes for you when we get home!" he spoke harshly causing her to cry with great big tears in her eyes. Her eyes were the only real sign of beauty on the creature, and it pissed Morgana off that this thing would make her cry when she was obviously innocent.

Morgana smirked as she pictured a plan as Winky continued whaling about not knowing how to fire the Goth thingy. "Why wait until you get her home," Morgana spoke looking at the elf before back to Barty Crouch. "I'm sure you can live without a tie for a while!"

He shifted uncomfortably for a moment before nodding his head in agreement as the elf whaled louder he pulled off his tie, but Morgana took a little pleasure in the fact he showed at least the tiniest spark of guilt. He forced the tie into her hands and she dropped to her knees whaling with sadness as she held it.

Mr. Crouch had just turned to leave when Morgana suddenly spoke. "Now let's see who Mr. Crouch is actually hiding behind the bushes," she spoke in amusement.

"Excuse me?" Amelia asked as her wand cautiously moving to Barty Crouch, a few others following suit.

"I can sense the human," she replied shrugging. "That's the reason I'm here. I followed the elf chick after I noticed her trying to stop a human I couldn't see from leaving deep into the forest."

"Amelia... you can't believe this nut job of a girl," Arthur Weasley spoke up. "She's dangerous and deluded."

"She is my queen!" she said coldly to the man.

"Give me a second and I'll go and get him!" Morgana said while Arthur Weasley paled. "Then we'll see who the deluded nut job is. Maybe I should get you some of his wife's cooking sometime. You might find it a little... dark around the edges, but you'll find it... quite controlling!"

Amelia's eyes snapped over to Arthur Weasley in anger. "If I find out you and your wife have been trying to drug Queen Morgana with illegal potions on Dumbledore's orders... or any potion for that matter I'll have you in Azkaban before you can say, 'but Dumbledore'!" she hissed out angrily before turning and nodding to her queen, Arthur Weasley having paled further he looked sick as he backed down.

Morgana grinned viciously as she quickly left into the bushes and 'saw' him under an invisibility cloak. She didn't even bother to pull the cloak off him as she grabbed at his clothes and just threw him out where he crashed down to the dirt before the others, his cloak no longer on his head.

"Barty Crouch Junior!" someone gasped out in horror. "But... he's supposed to be in Azkaban for... for crimes against the Longbottom's. He's a Death Eater!"

Amelia looked up in rage from the Death Eater to the Death Eaters father as he looked sick. He didn't even try to resist as Amelia sent aurors to arrest him for harbouring a criminal and he was soon in cuffs being led away with his son.

"I don't care what Dumbledore says!" Arthur Weasley suddenly spat out at Morgana in hate. "I'm not have an evil thing like you in my house ever again! And you're to stay away from Ginny! She can't be your sister, we'll make sure of…-."

Morgana moved grabbing him by the throat squeezing as she pulled him down to her level. "You are disrespecting one of the Ancients... one of the Ancient Families. The head even. Yet you don't have the power to back it up. Ginny is MINE! And she likes it that way. You have a problem..." she shrug while those around her watched, but none could come to his aid, and those that could, wouldn't.

"I care about Ginny a lot," Morgana continued. "And she me, in return... and...! Touch her, or try doing anything to her... then... well I'll be having some fun!"

He was surprisingly blasted across the clearing unconscious by Amelia, which surprised Morgana because she wanted to do the blasting.

"Aurors... arrest Arthur Weasley," Amelia said and two of them did so a little too eagerly. "Dumbledore may help him out of this, but..."

"Dumbledore has corrupted them so much that they care more about doing what he wants over protecting their own children from him," Morgana said coolly.

"Unfortunately they're not the only ones to fall under Dumbledore's control," Amelia spoke as she looked once sadly at the sobbing little house elf. "We should get back to camp. I won't be able to keep Arthur long, but long enough to perhaps get some information."

"Go ahead," Morgana told her quickly. "I just want a word or two with Winky if I may."

"Of course," she agreed as she gestured to the others and they began leaving. "But even after the bond is broken she won't give up family secrets, even under truth potion. She would rather die"

"I understand," she replied. "But that isn't what I want to talk to her about."

Amelia gave a simple nod before heading off, following after her colleagues while Morgana turned back to Winky and knelt down in front of her.

"Winky..." she spoke gently but she didn't look up. "Winks...!" she spoke more commandingly and holding her tie with huge tears in her expressive eyes she looked to her.

"W-Winky... Winky is no good..." she spoke blowing her huge nose on the tie. "Winky is bad House Elf. Winky never have...! Winky ruined. What Winky do, please... what Winky do!"

"You let me take you in," Morgana said straight away continuing with her plan. She knew all house elves would obey every command given by their master, and Morgana wanted to try something with her.

"Y-you would let bad Winky be y-your House Elf?" she asked as if unable to believe it.

Morgana smiled softly as she reached out and pulled away the tear and snot stained tie (no less than it deserves) and threw it to their side.

"Yes Winky... I want you..." she told the stunned little thing as more tears shed of gratitude. "Track yourself to me Winky...! Go ahead, let me be your master, your mistress."

"Y-yes," she said mesmerised by Morgana's stare. Her hands waved and a beautiful pattern encroached of silvers, golds and reds around Morgana and the elf like pixy dust before fading away and Morgana could sense any freedom Winky might have had in those few minutes draining away as well, to the elf's relief.

"W-what are your first orders Master?" she asked with absolute devotion in her big expressive eyes.

"I wish for you to use your powers," Morgana began and the elf wiped her eyes clear. They shone with hope, devotion, gratitude and other emotions she could not begin to described as she eagerly awaited her first ever order from her new master.

"Yes My Master... My Mistress?" she asked in absolute obedience and longing, needing to hear her first order as a new slave to a new master.

"I wish for you to use your magic... all of your power," she continued as she stroked the creatures face with affection and hope. Winky leant into the touch, unsure, tears of confusion in her brilliant black eyes. "To be truthfully FREE!" she practically roared the last word and Winky paused in shock and confusion.

Winky took two short steps back in confusion, her large black eyes on her ugly face widened in shock at her order; the words spoken with suck caring need.

The elf hadn't noticed at first but something was happening to her; a golden energy was building up, bursting from within her wrinkled skin. It felt wonderful to the elf, blissful, her power larger than it had ever been... divine, and beautiful.

The light and energy was peaceful, engulfing the elf in a golden glow hiding her from sight. Morgana could barely believe that what she had hoped for was actually working. It was happening, and she wondered what would happen when it was finished. She could already feel the momentary bound gone completely.

Then the golden energy faded away and Morgana had to hold back a gasp as a tiny girl appeared. Her eyes were dark, black even, her skin tan, and long pointed ears up the side of her head with long snow white hair to her shoulders. Her teeth were a little fangy and on the ends of her long slim fingers were perfectly sharp finger nails, just like with her bare feet. She had a body that was like a perfectly miniaturised human woman of perhaps between the age of seventeen and nineteen.

She was still wearing her tea towel toga, which was now a big baggy on her as she looked herself over with her mouth dropping open in awe and shock.

The elf looked up at Morgana, her height still the same, and her eyes just as expressive full of tears, tears of love, and devotion, only these weren't faked by a curse but genuine and she dropped to her knees bowing to her.

"I am... I am really truly... free," she whispered, startled as her little voice was no longer squeaky and annoying, but soft and gentle. "I... I will serve you My Lady of Lightning... My Master! My Queen! In all that you need. Please allow me this!"

Morgana smiled as she help little Winks to kneel up straight as she pulled out her wand and in but a moment Winky was wearing a cute little blue maid dress with white apron on the front with white and blue headdress holding her beautiful hair from falling into her eyes.

"As my maid... not slave," Morgana told her smilingly. "If I want a slave or two they'll be human girls, not an elf girl, understand?"

"Yes My Master," she agreed. "I... wish to continue calling you Master, or Mistress as you... out of all humans I know-." Her gaze was unwaveringly full of devotion and loyalty. "None have deserved such titles as you do."

Morgana smiled as she put her wand away and stroked her little Winky's cheek. This time however, Winky didn't hesitate in leaning into her beloved masters touch, a smile gracing her pretty pink tiny lips as her masters thumb traced them.

"And there you were when we first me saying you're not nice," Ginny said from behind startling them as she turned to see her with Chachamaru. "But really Morgana... you really freed her... and she's so adorable!"

Morgana sighed but smiled as Winky peaked around her, staring at the red haired girl in awe. "I know," Morgana agreed smiling. "But what was happening in camp?"

"Death Eaters," Ginny said darkly. "They got drunk and were juggling Mr. Robert's and his family, but Eva got them down. She even trapped a couple of the Munchers in ice before someone fired that," she said gesturing the Goth thingy as it was almost faded away. "Then they ran away in fear... so while Eva was trying to track the escapees down she sent me with Chachamaru as my bodyguard to check on you."

"Well, we were about to leave," Morgana told her standing up.

"What happened here anyway?" Ginny asked curiously as the clearing looked a little singed.

"Nothing much... but you remember that guy, Crouch who couldn't remember Percy's real name?" she asked, amused when she grinned, nodding in agreement. "I think he somehow snuck his son out of Azkaban. His son shot that thing into the sky. Then Crouch tried to blame Winks here and 'fired' her. So I offered her a job and the ordered her to be free, and now she looks like what I think they should!"

"Whoa... that's some adventure," Ginny said smilingly. "But where's dad... I heard the idiot was over here somewhere probably trying to preach Word of Dumbledore!" she said rolling her eyes.

"Oh, right," she said chuckling. "I beat him up for threatening me, then Amelia Bones Head of the Magic Cops stunned him before he started threatening you or something and I killed him. He'll be in jail for a few days so we should spend the rest of the holiday at Razed Castle. We only have a few days to the ceremony anyway. Is that cute Irish babe joining? You never said."

"Oh, Val said she was joining," Ginny agreed. "But I can't wait to meet Buffy and her team. They sound hot, and sisters-together-always fun."

"O-K," she answered with a sigh before shrugging as Ginny was quite naughty, especially after enjoying the mother, daughter, sister, sister combo with Laurel and her two daughters throughout the Christmas break so much.

"This is reality now. Sorry Gin... but your family are too far gone... well except Fred and George! They at least know bull-shit when Dumbledore presents it as the Greater Good!"

"With capital G's?"

"Of course."

They laughed a little before Morgana turned back to the elf. "Let's go Winks and meet the rest of our family."

"No," the elf suddenly said, looking to herself in awe. "I... I can say no," she said in joy.

"Well. That's good for you Winks," Morgana told her.

Morgana was glad that Winks was feeling good. She didn't have as much to worry about as Morgana and Ginny. The old bastards certainly going to try something fucked up in the future!

Morgana pulled Ginny into her arms and gave her a loving kiss on the lips, which she only too eagerly returned. Their tongues slipping into each other's mouths as Ginny's eager hands wandered, squeezing Morgana's tight little butt.

The queen pulled back from her princess, grinning.

"We stop now, or we soil the clearing floor and have Chacha and Winks protect our privacy!" Morgana couldn't help but gasp out, out of breath from the searing kisses.

Ginny grinned. "You two... keep everyone away... I'm going down town on this fine ass!" she said, and both Chachamaru and Winks nodded in agreement.


Narumi frowned as she looked into the cell that contained Sakura, and the pink haired vampire bitch was even more hostile, fuming that Narumi had dared use her as fodder to experiment on, and kept bashing into the barrier seal while trying to eat her queen. Then that was another thing to be pissed about. Narumi, dead-last in the ninja academy was now a queen, and where had she gotten all of that power from, she couldn't believe Ino when she said the teachers had been holding her back.

How could this bitch hope to be better than Sasuke-kun? How could Ino suddenly bow before a loser? Her yellow eyes glared through the barrier at the blonde girl. Her hair was cut short in spikes down her neck and she wore a black top that hugged her body, over her chest, curving with her breasts, cut bellow them and showing off her lightly tone tummy with a collar meshed around her neck.

She wore a black skirt that hung lose halfway up her thighs, long black socks that just left a small piece of skin shown on her thighs, black half-boots, black fingerless gloves and then a thin, long white leather coat hanging to her mid-calf, left open with collar. Her forehead protector had matte black metal on matte white material with an orange swirl in the centre with a black swirl on her back.

Sakura sneered as she was dressed in nothing but her filthy blood soaked panties, coated in blood her small breasts were on display but she passed cared about modesty since she lost her soul. The cell had nothing more than four walls, seals, a plastic see-through reinforced door, ceiling and floor. She could barely reach the inner barrier because of the powerful silver plated chakra reinforced steel chains that shackled her ankles and wrists to the far away from the door allowing her little more to do that stalk back and forth or sleep, not even a window to dust herself during the sunlight, which had crossed her mind and she didn't have the stomach to try tearing out her own heart to commit suicide.

"I didn't think you had it in you, Uzumaki!" Sakura hissed out. She was filthy covered in muck, sweat and grime to go along with the blood, some of which was her food as they bled animals to feed her; it kept her strong, but not as strong as human blood, or as tasty according to some of the vampires who had eaten human before, animal blood wasn't very appealing, but it did the job of keeping them well and somewhat weakened.

"Indeed, but you betrayed your kage," Narumi commented unconcerned. "You may have had a problem with me, but that doesn't mean you can attack me. This is better than wasting you by taking your head. This way in becoming the living dead you help your kage and her allies whereas death would have been of little worth!"

"What do you want, bitch!?" she demanded, sticking her nose up. "Have you come to mock me, gloat over your power?"

Narumi smiled sweetly, "of course not. Sakura Haruno is dead. You are just a soulless shadow of her former bitchiness. I have just come to offer you a choice. I thought it was the least I could do, either way you shall cease to exist soon! It shall be a lovely day, and your first choice is to see the sunrise for the last time-!"

"W-what?" Sakura asked nervously as she knew that would kill her; they wanted to kill her; she realised she was going to die soon either way.

"For what it is worth I don't hate you!" Narumi said with a shrug. "I feel bad that even during all of this you couldn't let go of your obsession with Sasuke, even without a soul. I give you this choice to show that I love you Sakura, no matter how much you may hate me; I love you! Though I hated Sasuke; that held reason, I always felt that you and I as teammates could have become great friends. Kakashi ignored both of us for Sasuke, and in doing so left us, unprotected, but I was stronger than you.

"I wanted to learn. I wanted to improve, and so I did while you continued praising Sasuke and not caring that our teacher was not teaching us while devoting all of his time to that ungrateful bastard. I saved your life over and over again because of my own power, my own lone training. I offered to help you. I offered you my friendship and protection and you constantly gave credit to Sasuke and not once did you thank me, but continued praising someone who didn't care for you in the slightest."

Sakura hissed angrily. "And what's my other choice?!" she demanded as she didn't like that she knew Narumi was telling the truth.

"Tsunade wants to cut you open and remove pieces of you bit by bit while you're aware and without antistatic to see what she can remove before you go poof! It seems so far that the heart is your limit!"

Sakura managed to look sick for a moment while she shivered even though she couldn't feel the cold, and in that moment she lost all hope and dignity.

"W-will you t-take me?" she asked quietly and suddenly feeling timid as all of the anger drained from her not-quite-dead body. She wouldn't look up into the blonde girls beautifully expressive blue eyes as she was afraid, afraid of dying-again-afraid of seeing the girls soft comforting, pitying look, and she was right, Narumi had been her only saviour and here she was again, looking out for her, in a way, once more when she had every right to want to see her tortured to death. "I-I- I may not have my soul, but that doesn't mean I don't feel. I'm afraid."

"Very well!" Narumi agreed quietly while she unlocked the cell door and threw in a white robe and slid in a bucket of warm water and a sponge before sealing the cell door. "There is no need for you to leave this world looking so undignified. The sun will start rising in just over two hours, prepare yourself!"

Narumi turned and walked out of the cell block where Sakura fell to her knees and burst into tears, which she hated. She was a monster, so why did she still feel so much fear. She couldn't stand it. In so short of a time, she was going to be a pile of dust. She had failed as a human, and because of that she would fail as a vampire, but in this, she would not fail; she would die, and in that she knew it would be her only victory.

It didn't take her too long to pull herself together and remove her disgusting panties and clean herself. The water was still warm and it felt nice against her skin. By the time Narumi returned she was wearing her silk white robe. It was comfortable and warm with an orange swirl on the back. She knew what that meant. It meant that she was being executed as a child of Whirlpool rather than Konoha. It was a sign that Narumi did not tell any mistruths and loved her no matter that she had always been a bitch to her, even while she had a soul so maybe she had always been a monster.

"Sister!" Narumi said without any sign of emotion. She hadn't changed her clothes. She opened the cell door and the barrier faded away with the chains dropping from her. Sakura knew that she could not flee from Narumi. She was no match for the blonde queen. She never had been even when she could use her chakra.

Narumi offered her left hand while Sakura braved herself for her last ever sunrise and took the offered digits and held on tightly as Narumi threaded their fingers and held her before shackling them both together at the wrist. She didn't question that as she knew that her bite couldn't affect Narumi; it was for the safety of others.

Smiling softly a moment later, Narumi straightened out Sakura's robe and stroked her pink hair back from her yellow eyes.

"Sakura!" she whispered, and she calmed her breathing her eyes faded back to green and her face lost the hard primitive ridges.

Narumi gave her a reassuring nod before taking her to the door and she tried unsuccessfully to stop shivering. They exited out into a large hall where she grimaced as the 'rookie' ninja from her year along with their sensei and Kakashi lined the walls in full black uniforms, missing a couple who might have been on missions and gaining a few others and her kage along with the last sannin, and even they wore black, and each person wore a silver ninjato on their backs.

Sakura could have laughed at that thinking that they needed silver swords in case she tried to escape; she knew Narumi would tear her head from her neck with her bare hands, dusting her, but she wouldn't try getting away, she would accept her fate.

None of them looked at her; they looked straight forward but moved in formation as Narumi and Sakura passed to walk behind them in formations of two. Sakura felt herself taking Narumi's arm, leaning into her and shaking, and once again, Narumi held her in a comforting manner, stroking her fingers in her hand and she honestly felt her shivers lessen.

It felt like an age before they exited out into the cool breeze of the early morning as the dark sky was lightening, Sakura knew her existence was almost up. Was there something beyond life? If there was, would she join with her soul?

Sakura was brought to the edge of a cliff overlooking a beautiful beach and luscious lake surrounded in beautiful mountains. Narumi sat and pulled her to sit in her lap. Sakura shivered as Narumi cuddled her while she looked out over the lake watching the birds flying freely in the late dark.

She rested her head on her queens chest, feeling the softness through the material she could also hear her alluring heartbeat gently beating a soft and comforting rhythm. The rest of her escort stood behind in a semicircle closing them in, watching the scene, but she chose to enjoy her time within her queens' arms. She almost felt as if her soul was somewhere within her, but she knew it was long gone, but she still had choice.

Narumi watched as Sakura turned her head to look up at her with tears in her eyes. "T-thank you My Queen!" she whispered shakily before she just snuggled contently while Narumi smiled, stroking her fingers through her pink hair and holding her lovingly; she would die finally knowing the warmth and love she had longed for from Sasuke within Narumi's strong and caring arms knowing that everyone would be safe with her to look after them and that she had been wrong.

She had never loved Sasuke. She had been foolishly obsessed. She hadn't realised that the love she had always wanted; always dreamt of had been right there, waiting to hold her within her arms, but she had messed up. She had lost out.

Sakura didn't scream or cry as she felt her skin starting to burn like a fire jutsu at close range might feel. Her flesh started bubbling and she smiled within the pain. She had served her true master well even if she did it a half-arsed way as an experiment. She could have stood by her side, and realised that Narumi was the only person left who loved her unconditionally.

"Mistress Narumi-sama!" she whimpered out weakly as she could feel her insides tearing up grasping breath to speak was choking her. She needed to let out her final words. "Please-please forgive me. I-I understand now! I love you too!" she said leaning up her lips touched Narumi's in a caste kiss full of so many lost moment.

Sakura's lips were on fire but Narumi returned the kiss with her eyes close with tears trailing down her cheeks before her weight left in a whoosh. Narumi dare not open her eyes for a moment before she felt a comforting hand on her shoulder. She opened her eyes and took the hand as Sakura was gone.

Narumi stood as she turned to Hinata, taking a deep breath she wiped her tears away and brushed the stray one away from her kindly Hinata-chan and turned to the others.

"Kakashi Hatake!" she commanded and he stepped forward while gulping. "You are to be demoted to chuunin, and your roll will be to further the education in the academy students so that you can learn to guide young training ninja, and not to encourage such blind obsession in worthless morons.

"You are to take responsibility for two of your students turning out the way they did when you could have stopped it. Sakura's death is on your hands. Sasuke's betrayal… that I can not completely level on you but the Third too, and many others for overenflating his ego rather than treating him like a normal kid. However, you could have saved him by treating your students as equals.

"Is this punishment signed off by you Godaime-sama?" she asked Tsunade.

The Hokage nodded her head, "it's too lenient if you ask me. You will only be exempt from academy duty if your tracking skills are in demand-…!"


Narumi was startled from her thoughts as she stood on her balcony overlooking the lake. She could see the ocean to one side but that didn't hold any interest to her right then as she recalled the feeling of vampire dust falling through her fingers. She felt guilty when she heard Sakura's last words to her as the pink haired girl was content to claim just one love-filled kiss from her queen before she left, and Narumi was only glad that she could offer her that much as a final goodbye.

"It may have taken a long time, and losing her soul, but she eventually, well…" Narumi trailed off with a shrug as she turned to the large double doors to see Karin standing there.

She smiled slightly, "hey, can't all be as smart as me to know when you've been an obsessive idiot soon enough to save your life."

Narumi smiled as she walked over and slid up into the older girls welcoming arms. "It's good to see you're back, is Ten-chan okay?"

"Yeah, she's fine, just dealing with the debriefing!" she replied as her hands wandered down to grab her queens tight butt, sliding her hands up her skirt and squeezing her panty-clad bottom tightly, pulling her queen further into her she started nipping at her left ear with her lips and tongue.

Narumi groaned. "Well I see why you snuck off."

"You know I have a new obsession My Lady!" She mumbled while rubbing her crouch up against her queens' right thigh. "I love Ten-chan but she's not enough to completely satisfy me when I know I have a queen to bow before; to suck your toes, to put my tongue up your tight ass!" she declared pulling her tighter, squeezing tighter with her tongue trailing into Narumi's ear cleaning it out and sending shivers down her spine.

"L-looks like I'll have to see to other business a-a little latter!" Narumi stuttered out, out of breath as she grabbed the red heads small ass and lifted her up throwing her from her to the bed as she slid her panties down from under her skirt, kicking them off before sliding up Karin's body until she was sitting on the eager girls mouth and her tongue was in her rear passageway without a moment to lose suckling and threading her tongue as far inside as she could get it.

Narumi was squeezing Karin's tits through her top when the door blast open and a brown haired girl barged in. "I've got you now nee-chan!" the girl chimed out before stopping with a small Hyuuga girl and a ginger haired cutie trying to stop her but they froze just as Narumi did.

"Huh?" Hanabi mumbled as she looked at the two older girls one sitting on the others face, and after a moment of pause for Karin she seemed to decide that she didn't mind the interlopers and continued her job while Narumi tried not to let how much she was enjoying it with the younger girls watching show.

"What are you doing with Karin-nee-chan, Narumi-onee-chan-sama?" Hanabi asked looking as confused as her teammates and best friends.

"N-nothing!" Narumi breathed out panting for breath.

"Is that some kind of sex?" Moegi asked with bright red cheeks while the other two girls blushing just as brightly went wide eyed. "Ino-sensei talks about Karin-nee-chan having a really good tongue to have sex with. Do you like that, Nee-chan. Does it feel good? Ino-sensei says it does and that maybe we would have sex for the first time sometime soon-."

"Ino-sensei said life with these monsters was too short not to pleasure each other!" Hanabi recited. "She said boys are icky and girls are awesome. Do you do things like this with Hinata-nee-sama too?" she asked eagerly while Narumi was whimpering as Karin moved her hands and lifting Narumi's skirt so the three girls could see her sitting on Karin's mouth and her dripping wetness left unattended.

Narumi couldn't say anything else as she gestured widely at the door. "Close and lock the door girls, and come here, and we'll teach you how to love us and each other, you'll love it!" she said and the three girls each looked at each other blushing their brightest as Kono-chan closed and locked the door before the three nervous girls moved closer and they soon scrambled onto the bed and Narumi slowly lowered Hanabi's face towards her soaking while pulling Moegi's lips into hers, kissing her softly.

"K-Kono-chan, why don't you strip so I can make you feel wonderful?" she asked as her tongue slipped into Moegi's lips for the ginger girls first kiss. However, her words were not a request but an order Kono-chan readily obeyed as the three eager girls had a lot to learn to love their superior girls, their queen, and each other.

"Hinata-nee-sama?" Hanabi muttered timidly later that afternoon after her big sister caught her and her best friends with Narumi and Karin after a wonderful time. Hinata didn't say much but ordered Hanabi to get dressed and follow her. She didn't know what was going to happen but Narumi-nee-chan-sama didn't seem concerned and shooed her after her sister once she was dressed.

Hinata had led her to her room that she shared with her best friends and teammates and ordered her to sit on the end of one of the three beds, the centre one, which was where Moegi slept.

Her big sister closed and locked the door staring at her sister blankly for a few moments when she suddenly moved blinking away she reappeared forcing Hanabi back onto the bed, kissing her lips, Hanabi was in shock for a moment before she gave into her sister's tongue. She couldn't believe it as she felt her big sister groping at her body kissing her with a passion. She had never felt so excited in all of her life.


It was the morning after three genin, Ino's genin, were taught some new lessons behind their teachers back, not that she would complain much, and Narumi was well relaxed and wandering through her castle alone checking out to see whether she could find any cool secret passageways or something fun like that.

Narumi was wearing her newest outfit. It had a short black rippled skirt with white socks halfway up her thighs with ultra-thin armoured plaiting for protection and black half-boots. Her top was white and armoured curving around her body tucked slightly with her skirt with a thick black belt around her waist with dark orange pouch on her left thigh with black straps more like a pocket with different compartments and zips and a black swirl symbol.

Her top was sleeveless but she had black loose sleeves to her mid-biceps tied with white straps lose down to her wrists, slightly over her small hands and black fingerless leather gloves. Her forehead protector was on white material with a matte black metal plate with orange swirl. Then finally she wore a dark orange and black bandana mask hanging loosely around her neck with swirl patterns of black and orange, and an orange hood falling back between her shoulder blades.

She was in good spirits, all things considered. She was just thinking about how hot it would be to watch Hinata doing her sister later when she suddenly had to jump up and back as the area she had been walking along exploded. Narumi skidded back on the balls of her feet before flipping up and back, landing on the ceiling without her skirt even drifting up, or down depending on perspective, and skidding to a stop as she was attacked with a kick from behind.

Narumi frowned as she looked down at the two masked men while the smoke cleared when they looked up at her with angry eyes through plain black ANBU masks. She moved and slid to her right, capturing a third attacker's wrist and snapping it. The man cried out in pain, losing concentration he went to fall from the ceiling while Narumi used that and swung him around, shattering his face into the ceiling he dropped to the floor, dead.

The Queen of Whirlpool smirked as the two attackers on the ground fumed when she suddenly flickered away as two more men appeared, attacking her they hit nothing while the two men on the ground had no chance to cry out as Narumi's hands crushed their faces with her hands and she slid them off their feet, shattering their heads into the floor cracking the ground, crushing their skulls to ooze open.

She stood up on the floor and grinned as there was now three men on the ceiling while she could feel their slowly growing fear and uncertainty. More men started stepping out of the shadows but she couldn't care.

"There will be people on their way after hearing the noise!" Narumi chimed whimsically.

"We'll kill you before then, dead last daemon filth!"

She moved her head to the left and the sword slid passed her face over her shoulder while her right hand reached back, and he squealed while his sword fell limply from his fingers where it stabbed into the floor by Narumi's right foot as she grabbed his crouch and crushed his balls. She let go a moment later and he stumbled back grabbing at his small bits while she drew his sword and took his head in one swift movement his body collapsed while his head rolled.

Moving lazily she flicked her newly acquired sword and blood flickered, splaying some of the men and they took slight steps back as she aimed at those in front of her while sensing the men behind her.

"Wow, you guys must really love me!" she said happily while grinning. "I was feeling a little board and all of my girls are off working their cute butts off for me. But you-you give your lives for me to have something to do. Training against greater numbers, you guys sure are clever; you shall not die in-vein."

"I think she's making fun of them!?" Yugito asked the ginger haired young woman who rushed to see what was going on with her, and they were behind the rear masked men with the red haired girl leaning up against a side wall while a black haired girl haired girl who also came at the sound of violence while carrying her flute stood with her arms folded while the blonde, Yugito had looked ready to kick butt she saw the others weren't so stood back as their queen didn't seem to need help, so until then, which wasn't likely with these weaklings she would stay out of the fight.

"Yeah, this will be fun!" the red haired girl said with a wicked grin. "Oh, look at all the cocksuckers this bitch took out already and she isn't even trying. They're all a bunch of flabby loser, shits who should go home and fuck their daddy's corpses before they join them in loser hell!"

"Tayuya!" the black haired girl complained before she gave her a withering look so she backed down as she didn't want to hear what rude cusses and disses Tayuya had stored up to tease her anytime soon.

"Yeah-yeah-yeah, Kin, so we both owe our lives to that bitch so of course we'll cheer her on and whatever!" she replied coolly as they hadn't long arrived with a large contingent of nuke-nin and automatically took Whirlpool headbands because of their somewhat loyalty to Narumi, plus that got them rooms in the castle rather than having to find a place to share in the village, which would have been troublesome as they were both cheap and wanted nice digs.

"Oh, hey girls!" Narumi called out happily waving as she found those three somewhat amusing as they were all so 'grown-up' even though they were only a few years older than her. But Narumi figured that they needed to seriously lighten up and have some fun. She would eagerly direct their tongues straight between her legs. Tayuya could use something more productive to do with her tongue rather than all the cussing.

"I'll be with you in a few moments, just let me kill off these traitors!" she continued. "Then we can hang. I was looking for something to do, and I did think that all of these traitors would give me a bit of a workout but they seem to be made up of mistakes considering quite a few of them are jounin from Konoha and Iwa!" she said which made the men shift uncomfortably wondering whether she knew who they were.

"It is odd isn't it?" Narumi asked as one angry man shot at her only for her to flash-step and as she reappeared the man dropped his sword as he lost momentum as a red line slowly formed up from his crotch to the tip of his head in a straight line. His eyes were lifeless as he fell into two pieces vertically with blood gushing out with his insides pouring to the floor with him horrifying her remaining attackers that she was playing with them.

"Why do these Iwa fools think that I should have to die for something a man I never even knew did in a war where people die anyway?" she continued as if uninterrupted. "I mean, if everyone acted like that no one would get along now would they?"

"Well you have a point!" Kin agreed thoughtfully. "I mean, you have more reason to hate the Yondaime than they do. Then it was a war and people die in wars. They think they're so high and mighty that if they had his ability they wouldn't have used it."

Tayuya snorted coldly. "Those fuckers wouldn't have stopped at winning. They would have likely raped and pillaged Konoha. Konoha could have easily taken advantage of Iwa's lose and conquered them bastards but they didn't! They should be praising the Yondaime for that."

"Then the Konoha fools would mistreat her because she was a guardian like her mother before her!" Yugito added, glaring at the attackers and they moved back from them as they were two A rank jounin and the jinchurki of the two tailed cat daemon, but some of them were trapped between Narumi and the other three girls.

"Augh! I feel kinda dirty preaching to these dicks when I worked for that snake asshole!" Tayuya said glaring.

"Yeah, it is kind of hypercritical of us, but why should we care. None of that was personal," Kin replied, shrugging.

"You'll drop the sword now!"

They were interrupted and turned to see a brown haired girl covered in bruises with tears in her eyes while a huge man held her off the ground by her throat.

"Imōto!" Narumi said as she looked at her little sister.

The hall exploded with her power felling everyone to their knees except the man who had her Kono-chan as he had dropped the girl in his horror as his hand was sliced clean off and the sword left her hands sticking into a wall as she didn't leave it at that.

Narumi was smashing him through wall after wall with punch after punch in but a millisecond, and they only moved faster until they shot out into the brightness of day from the top floor. She hammer punched him from the air crashing down into the courtyard he shattered the ground while other ninja and civilians were around to see her in the air and watch the spectacle as Narumi was finally making an example out of traitors.

No one knew how she did it but she shot down, swishing with the air as she sped up with boom after boom that destabilised the air, rocking the ground. It seemed to only be a moment later when Narumi shattered down and ninja fled the area rescuing civilian staff as the ground ripped up and exploded, fissuring and smashing the earth shook and crumbled.

The ground moved, shifted under Narumi's force, lifting and moving up and away, falling back people screamed as they were lifted up by the crumbling earth and jounin shot in saving their genin as they had been taking their break from training in the courtyard to eat their bentos together as villages needed to mingle and socialise to trust each other.

Genin watched in horror as they had seen their queen and the man who had obviously pissed her off worse than someone could piss of Tsunade by taking her drink. They knew she had killed him (likely before he hit the ground), and it was overkill like nothing they had ever seen before. This was certainly a warning in how much more power the queen had compared with even their teachers.

Tayuya had collected Kono-chan and followed with the other two once they were able to move, following the traitor ninja while they charged down to fight Narumi like the fools they were. They stayed up above to watch as the ground stopped moving, covered in dust and smoke.

"He didn't touch you, except for the beating did he?" Yugito asked quickly and sighed in relief as Kono shook her head.

"Those idiots still don't get it!" Kin said in awe. "They still believe that she is worthless because of grades that were sabotaged and because she hid her true talents like a real ninja but now she doesn't need to be a ninja. She needs to be a powerful warrior to lead us to salvation. They actually believe they can win. Threatening her family will only make her kill them faster! Hurting a person's family is a sure-fire way to piss them off like nothing else."

The smoke and dust cleared to show Narumi standing up with the tattered remains of the huge man held up by his throat, and she looked as if she hadn't even marred her clothes. The man was a lifeless blood soaked unrecognisable mess. She calmly let him drop to the ground as her deathly blue eyes flickered around her as her enemy surrounded her and they were shaking as they were starting to realise that yes they called her a monster.

No. she was no monster, she was much more terrifying.

Before they believed she was weak, and most subconsciously didn't believe she was the daemon or should be held responsible for her father's actions, but they dug their own graves already, now they started to realise why so many people would follow her power. There was no escape as they were trapped in their own petty hate and ignorance.

Then they attacked in a last ditch effort, rock blasted up and shot towards her from all sides with explosions of flames and fireballs and in seconds they collided in the centre with a massive explosion. It took them a moment before the enemy ninja started cheering in glee and relief but the surrounding ninja (with the exception of those in training-and the 'fodders' who seemed scared, horrified, or even hopeful) didn't so much as bat and eyelid.

"The filthy daemon is dead!"

Then the flames and erupted outwards in a boom shattering the windows and moving the earth throwing the men back in screams of terror as a huge whirlwind blew out controlling the flames and spinning them around the rocks burst up shattering under the ear-splitting roar from the firestorm.

Most of the men managed to right themselves and looked through the flames to see her standing in its centre with eyes alight with power like a goddess, beautiful and dangerous before she flexed her small deadly fingers and the flames blew out into nothing with a gentle breeze blowing out and around as the air returned to normal.

Narumi stood in the middle of a crater in the broken courtyard turning to look around at her attackers while her loyal ninja were now all present. She made a careless gesture and the men were on their knees, faces pressed to the ground, screaming as they were seconds from death when Narumi gestured for her ninja to stop.

"Put them in chains!" she ordered. "They will clean up this mess before they die. Let it be known that I am lenient. I am kind. And I will protect my people, the innocent and defenceless, as well as the people of my allies. But I will not be PUSHED any further!" she roared out in rage making many people flinch, "by filthy little bastards that even think for a moment they can attack my people, let alone my little sister! Let this be a warning, cross me and I will rip your fucking face off!" she hissed before turning, hoping up, out of the huge crater and walking away while her people dropped to one knee, bowing in a show of respect and admiration as she left back into the castle.


She was confronted a few moments later by Tsunade and had to take several deep breaths to calm down before turning a small smile to her.

"First time I've ever seen you angry!" Tsunade said shaking off that look. "I always thought I had seen you angry plenty when fighting or when pissing me off when I gave you a shitty mission, but no, an angry Narumi is not something I want to see aimed at me. I've seen you lost to the rage of the Kyuubi, but never had I seen you lost in your own rage and it was worse because you knew what you were doing and that kind of power with real intent is worse than aiming a rage-filled beast."

"I'm not sure whether that's a comment or not," Narumi said as she felt tired but content as she calmed down.

"It was kind of a compliment," she replied. "I'm proud of you, you should know that. You sent out a powerful message to any more people thinking of betraying us today."

"I know," she agreed turning to continue walking with Tsunade by her side. "I may have lost my cool but that doesn't mean I couldn't have stopped if I wanted. I knew they had to see a darker, deadlier side of me, so I continued. Those thinking of turning on us will now be warned that we will destroy them and that if they survive they will be beaten until they repair what they broke before we dispose of them like the trash they are!"

"Onee-sama!" Kono cried out as the three girls brought her down to meet half way, and it was the first time Kono had ever used Sama for her as she charged into her big sisters welcoming arms as she cuddled her, picking her up.

"It's okay now my little princess!" Narumi said with a content smile, kissing her nose. "They won't be hurting anyone ever again."

It was then that Moegi and Hanabi charged down the hall looking beaten up with Hinata straight behind them.

"Kono-chan, Kono-chan!" Hanabi called puffing for breath as she checked over her friend for serious injury as Narumi placed her down and Kono's two teammates were both cuddling her tightly moments later.

Hinata stopped with them and stroked Kono's hair, smiling in relief. "My apologies Narumi-chan. I got to the girls just as that man was running off with Kono-chan. It was only after one of his accomplices was nice enough to tell me what he intended that I chose to get some names from the men and let you deal with Kono-chan's immediate rescue, and I can see that you did as wonderfully as I thought you would have."

"Thanks Hina-chan!" Narumi said pulling her girl into her arms where she cuddled happily. "If there is anyone we have yet to capture please be a dear and ask Anko-nee to fetch them and ask them some enjoyable questions as to sort out any more insurgency. We cannot afford to have rusty links in the chain of our Armies."

"Of course, Narumi-chan!" she said smilingly, "and I must say that you kind of over did it a little with the destruction you caused throughout the South Wing."

Narumi rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. "Umm… yeah I guess I didn't have to break so much, but we can get that fixed no problem. These morons have to learn some manners and where there place is for daring to think they can attack me."


Several ninja turned up including Neji as some of his family members had been attack. He was with his old teammate Lee.

"Neji, Lee!" Hinata wasted no time. "Take a team and bring in the Tsuchikage and anyone who will not step aside. Bring him to the throne room and let's see whether he will take responsibility for his ninja! It seems bitterness is still ignorantly built deeply within rocks. Hokage-san we must ask the same of you."

"Of course!" Tsunade agreed quickly as it was protocol.

"Very well Lady Hinata!" Neji said.

"B-but what about the rest of the Iwa-nin?" Lee asked.

"If their kage is found guilty he will be forced to step down and we shall exile him from Whirlpool. We shall give them a chance, so offer them Whirlpool headbands. If they refuse, see if any other village will take them!" Narumi said. "And if not, then throw them out to die if that is how far their hatred for my father runs but keep the children whether they like it or not we will not let an adults foolishness kill off innocent kids whether civilians or ninja in training!"


Buffy Summers was actually feeling quite well. She had never gotten a vacation from being a Slayer before, which was going to be fun even though she wasn't sure Giles and Xander could handle covering for her by themselves. But they wanted her to leave and for once do something for herself and her family, which included her sister, Willow, and Tara until they fully joined the covenant in which Buffy was sure she would occasionally need reminding some of her new sisters' names. She never was the greatest with names but she would try her hardest.

It came as a surprise that Anya had left Xander (because he had been foolish) ages ago and they had been pretending to save face but the ex-daemoness wanted into the covenant, and she was quite good at magic. She went on ahead of them using magic, well, she had to wait for the magic to activate because new girls incoming could only leave at a certain time GMT.

It was quite surprising that Anya could be so loyal to anyone, and Buffy had to wonder whether Morgana had-well-had her without them knowing because that could do it for any girl as Morgana brought out the bravery and special in people-well girls. Plus her electrical powers had a sparking buzz for their pleasure.

She left the plane with Dawn smilingly holding her hand and Willow and Tara were behind with Ellie between them holding their hands still marvelling at the technology that her world had lost when they were invaded by the infected. It was with much thanks to Morgana that she could even fly on a plane because she needed a passport and Morgana had arranged one for her so that she could join in on the fun. Though, she supposed going by magical teleporting thing with Anya might have been fun she wanted to fly because that was wicked cool.

Ellie had become quite close to Dawn as they were around the same age and quick to become best friends, and though she had a thing for black girls (mainly because of her first love) Ellie could see herself falling for the brunette witch in the making as she was cute and fun. Ellie had always wondered what she had missed since she had been born in a world destroyed by monsters and it was more than she had ever believed.

Willow and Tara had both become Ellie's 'mothers' of sorts as she had to thank Morgana for that too as they were both young so under normal circumstances adopting a fourteen year old girl would not happen, but apparently Morgana had that kind of power, even in the muggle/mortal world.

Ellie was happy as her 'mothers' doted on her (and taught her about uses their tongues had other than talking). She had finally gotten to play on some arcade machines, and gotten her own console that she had to leave at home, but at least she had a 3DS XL to play on the plane, which was something that had never been invented on her Earth because the infected invaded a few years before its predecessors the DS and then DSi would have been complete.

She loved video games almost as much as she loved her new family. She missed Joel, and hoped she could open a portal to her old home so she could fetch him as he was kind of her father figure, but that could wait and hopefully he would be OK without her saving his butt. She had other butts to save anyway and got to learn magic. She knew this was going to be so much fun, and she would meet many new friends.

"This new world is so much more fun!" Ellie declared. She had even stopped giving people attitude because her new friends really listened and understood what it was like to lose people fighting evil monsters. Buffy had even died once herself, but it was lucky for Ellie that she was brought back or they wouldn't have been able to have fun together, and she had a nice ass just like Dawn's. She still wasn't sure who had the greatest ass, Buffy, Dawn, Mother Tara or Mother Willow. They liked her to call them mummy, Willow, and momma, Tara.

"Totally!" Dawn agreed as the two girls broke free from their family and grabbed hands practically buzzing with excitement as they spun around, giggling. "I've never been outside of California before, and now I'm in Ireland about to join the freaking Covenant of Witches!"

"I never even imagined that other countries still existed in my world!" Ellie said in awe as she thought that over. "It seems silly thinking about it now. I just wonder how many people really survived, not just in the US!"

"Dawn! Ellie!" Buffy reprimanded rolling her eyes as she took on the role of disciplining the girls when they got too hyper, but she let them do whatever they wanted, mostly while at home. "Come on girls not so loud. That Laurel woman we spoke with told us that she would send a car to collect us! I hope it's not too far as I don't have much cash on me. Will? Tara?"

"Umm… I have about fifty pounds!" Willow said looking in her purse. "But I have around two hundred dollars I never changed if we can find a cash exchange place."

"Well I don't think we would need that much!" Tara said thoughtfully. "We were told that we weren't going too far outside of Dublin."

"Where are we now?" Ellie asked.

"Dublin!" Dawn said with a grin as her best friend/girlfriends face lit up as she hadn't been paying much attention and looking around she saw a huge sign. She knew they were travelling to Ireland in the UK, but not what city. For all she knew there could have been airports in every city on the planet.

"Umm… I can't read that well!" she lied as they all knew that she liked superhero comic books and read them just fine.

"Well come on!" Buffy said while shaking her head and shooing the younger girls on to where there were people standing around, some with signs and there was a young woman wearing a grey suit with cap perched on her brown haired head. She looked bored while she was carrying a sign with 'Summers' written across it.

"Umm. That's us!" Buffy said startling her. She only looked a year or two older than her, Willow, and Tara.

"Oh, right, hi, sorry, your plane was an hour late so I was getting bored!" she said sheepishly. "I'm Hestia Jones. I'm just doing this because I'm the only girl with a driver's licence who was free. I'm actually in my third year at healers' school! Just became an intern at St. Mungo's, which is a magical hospital if you didn't know."

"Umm… right, so umm… lead the way!"

"Of course!" she said leading them outside and into the dull evening of Dublin air and to a huge black limousine parked in the pickup zone but nobody seemed to give it a moment's thought or a look, even the traffic warden overlooked it. The girls were all excited as none of them had rode in a limo before.

Meanwhile back in the United States of America within New York State in New York City Alex Russo had gotten a strange letter in the post. Well it had been delivered to her by an owl. Really, wizards were getting weirder and weirder. She was in her family dinner staring at the odd letter as she sat at a table. It came with a golden pocket watch that looked expensive. The letter said it was something called a portkey that would take her to Ireland where she was being asked to join the Covenant of Witches.

Now, she didn't know what the Covenant of Witches was. But it did sound interesting. The letter was officially sealed and everything, and she just knew it wasn't a hoax as it drew her into a world where she wouldn't be held back by limits or the rules of wizard lore. She would have to ask her mother and father what they thought or whether she could go or not. Plus it was a free trip after all.

"Alex, are you up to something?"

She was startled as her brother Justin interrupted her musing and sat opposite her. She brushed back her long black hair and gave him a caught in the headlights look. However, she was too late to stop him from snatching her letter away from her.

"T-the Covenant of Witches!" he read, stuttering. "But they're only a myth!"

She glared at him as she snatched her letter back. "You're just jealous that I was invited to an awesome Covenant and you were not!"

Justin folded his arms over his chest and pouted. "So, are you going to join them?"

"I don't know," she replied, shrugging. "According to this I would be out of the wizard competition, so I guess that means we'll both keep our magic!"

"It does?" he asked while she nodded.

"Yeah," she agreed reading that part over. "From what this says there is some kind of seal matrix that will disconnect me from the families' magic while stopping my blood from being cleansed of wizard magic, and that-well it says I would have the opportunity to learn daemonic magic and sorcery! That I would actually be a witch or Wicca rather than a wizard. That there will be many different magical girls and women from all over the world with different kinds of magic that I could learn from, be friends with, opening a world of opportunity."

Justin frowned as she let him take her letter and quickly read it over. "So, do you think you want to go? It sounds like if you do we both get to keep our powers because let's face it, Max isn't likely going to win."

She nodded in agreement. "I know, but would dad allow me to go, and more, mum? I may not be the brightest but this seems like I'm turning my back on wizards!"

Justin shrugged. "Hey if there was an all warlock order that invited me with this deal. I would have left already!"

Alex rolled her eyes. "No you wouldn't because you're a dork!" she replied smilingly. "You would have been fretting about asking mum and dad too and what they would say!"

"I think they would say if it is what you want!"

They almost fell from their seats as their father exited the kitchen. "The Covenant of Witches is not just a fairy tale!" he said as he walked over and took the letter, taking a deep breath as he read it over. "I think to say no would be a very silly mistake on any young witches part. You could learn a lot and be something incredible! If I tried to stop you, you would hate me forever, and I would hate myself for being so selfish that I would deny you such a family."

"S-so I can go?" she asked with hope in her eyes as she was starting to like the idea of getting out of the competition by cheating, cheating was her thing.

"We'll have to talk to your mother first!" he said in concern. "But if we just get her to understand the doors this will open for college or university after you graduate I'm sure she'll see reason!"

"Thanks," she said sombre for once. "But what will I tell Harper? She's my best friend and I'm leaving to join a Covenant!"

"Umm… you know you get to come home, right?" he asked. "That after the ceremony that everything will be normal-ish, but you'll have them, and them you. You'll still have school once the holiday finishes, and then uni."

"Oh, right!" she agreed sheepishly as she hadn't thought that far ahead. "I-I guess I should speak to mum first, but you know what dad, I think I'll leave that to you!" she said standing when she noticed him giving her a look and sighed. "OK, dad, OK, I'll come too, sheesh you big baby!" she complained childishly.

While Alex Russo was thinking of all of the adventure joining the Covenant would be other young ladies, girls, and women were arriving in Ireland, but Valkyrie already lived there so she had nothing to do as she lounged around the huge castle waiting for girls to arrive. She was sitting on the couch with an odd girl called Luna while that weird vampire girl Eva was sat on a squishy chair opposite and complaining about tardiness as she was likely just as bored.

"What is it with these people!" the vampire cried out in frustration, looking up from the magazine she was reading.

Valkyrie looked to the odd blonde witch next to her while the little witch looked to her from where she was resting her head in Valkyrie's lap, and the dark haired girl was stroking her hair while they were at least watching a movie on the huge screen TV on the wall to pass their time waiting.

They had all been tasked with waiting in and leading guests to their perfectly assigned rooms within the castle. There were some other girls around like Casey, Luna's girlfriend, Daphne, Laurel, and Astoria, and even Ginny, but they had lucked out with some guests arriving by fireplace, leaving the rest to wait for their return or new arrivals.

"Calm down, Evie!" Luna said smiling at the 'girl'. "What exactly would we be doing if we didn't have to greet new arrivals?"

"I could have your tongue up my arse!" she suggested reasonably.

Though that embarrassed Valkyrie as she didn't think she would ever want to put her tongue up anyone's butt (though maybe just to try one time if she was feeling brave). However, Luna wiggled her tongue at the little vampire and giggled, showing that she liked to put her tongue up girls' bottoms. Luna and her girlfriend Casey were kind of odd like that though; and huge lesbian perverts. But then Valkyrie couldn't say she was too much better any more as she had slept with Ginny, and since being a guest at the castle, Morgana, the Greengrass sisters, their mother, Felicity, and Tracey.

She had to admit though, she got on really well with Daphne and Astoria. They seemed to be always varying for her attention since Ginny introduced them. She found herself smiling a little. If she was going to try something as weird as tonguing one of the girls butts, she realised she would want to try that out on either Astoria of Daphne, maybe Ginny as she realised the red head was her best female friend her age. Those blondes were just totally hot, and they seemed to treat her with reverence, so maybe they liked her more than just sisters and lovers, maybe they wanted more from her.

If Luna and Casey could be more than just sisters and lovers, then why couldn't they. Plus it was the hottest thing watching two biological sisters making out. She smiled a little at the thought and realised she loved the way they made her feel with the simplest kiss on her lips.

The fireplace startled them as it lit up emerald a moment later before Valkyrie could get the courage to ask Luna whether she would have to ask the sisters out, or just ask them to be her girlfriends. She wasn't sure how that worked (especially since she wanted both girls) but she was sharing their room, their bed anyway, which made her wonder. Was she already dating the beautiful sisters?

Did they already consider themselves her girlfriends? That would have actually explained a lot about the way they had been treating her, and made her smile more thinking about it. She wondered what her friend Tanith would say. But then Tanith was happy to hear that she was making some girl-friends that were her age. She mildly wondered whether she could convince the older woman to join the covenant next year or something.

Luna sat up as two people flew out of the fireplace to the floor. It was a hot black girl with glasses and a white girl with ruffled pixy cut brown hair. She almost missed it. There was a third 'person'. She was tiny enough she could sit on her hand. She was a cute little fairy giggling madly at the two human girls.

"Oh, hello Felicity, Tracey, where have you been?" Luna asked while they both sat up on the floor glaring at the fairy.

"Saydi!" they both complained glaring at the little fairy. "That wasn't funny!" Felicity added with a sigh before turning to Luna and smiling slightly. "Saydi won't leave us alone. Apparently wants to be our pet like Morgana has those storm spirits. And she's just as kinky as they are too, maybe a little more so."

The little fairy landed her little butt on Tracey's head while nodding rapidly as the girls climbed to their feet and slumped down on a squishy sofa together in the huge lounge.

"Sorry it took us so long to get back!" Tracey said sheepishly. "We kind of got distracted as it was a bit of a melodrama. This Mildred girl was pretty easy to talk to and Felicity stole her first kiss. I think the girl went into shock at the time, but what girl wouldn't with this fine piece of black tail sticking her tongue in their mouth without warning? She's only a year younger than us, so well, never mind that.

"That Cackle's Academy for Witch's was harder to sneak into than we thought. We ended up just explaining to the headmistress who we were, showing her our pendants. She asked us a favour in return, well, kind of condition for taking the other three. The condition was that we take two other girls with us. They're kind of on a dark path kick. Professor Cackle was thinking that we could correct that by showing them, or at least the boss girl that she is far from powerful in the grand scheme of the world. I think she hopes that the girl will stop being an idiot. I think this girl is kind of jealous of, and in love with her arch-enemy, but that's just my opinion with the way she talks.

"Anyway, Mildred the good girl arch-enemy of our two other girls is a muggle-born so any offer to help her get stronger and to stop simpleton's teasing her, as that school is normally pure-bloods only can only be a good thing. She said her mortal mother knew the headmistress. She didn't know how or why that came to be, just something about a life-debt. The headmistress it quite nice actually. Maybe we could get rid of Dumbledore for good and have her instead."

"Well anyway," she continued while the other girls laughed, and though Valkyrie hadn't met Dumbledore yet he sounded like some of the douchy so-called good guys she had met from the Irish Sanctuary. "Mildred's friends Maud and Enid were pretty excited to be invited into the Covenant of Witches, even let me kiss them both before we gave them the spark-gate portkey so the three of them could leave the wards.

"Then the bad girl and her amusing minion Ethel Hallow and Drusilla Paddock. Ethel's cute. But she's more-full of herself than that idiot Malfoy!" she said laughing. "Her best and only friend is Drusilla, and I don't think she hates Mildred like Ethel supposedly does. These girls are a real melodrama if I've read them right because I think Drusilla goes along with Ethel because she loves her, but I doubt that she would ever figure that out for herself as she is quite… umm… dim-witted."

"Oh great!" Evangeline complained, pouting sweetly. "You get to have all of the fun while we're still here waiting."

"Master-!" they were interrupted as Chachamaru entered the lounge pushing a trolley full of snacks, tea and coffee. "I thought you and your friends might like something to eat and some tea, so I took the liberty. Miss. Winks made the cookies from scratch, and hopes very much that you all enjoy them. She has some butter cookies in the oven too. I shall check back with her in a little while because she wants everyone to enjoy her sweets as they are fat free and very tasty."

"Oh, thank you Chachamaru!" Eva said gratefully while the green haired marionette poured them each a cup and set up some saucers with some cookies.

"So who do you think will turn their portkey first?" Felicity asked as she sipped some tea. "I'm betting if it isn't the witches from Cackle's that it will be the 'wizard' Alex Russo. She is smoking hot. Look at this," she said pulling out a page torn from a magazine. "Apparently after the wish she made was broke that 'time' still exists and they think she was just a one-hit wonder and went back to a normal life somewhere. Funny thing is that only people with powers would be able to see that Alex is this Mikayla."

She her magazine clippings around and they checked out the 'pop'-girl.

"Wow, she is prettier than I thought."

Morgana startled them as she was back from wherever she had gone with Tabitha and some of her girlfriends in toe, so she had likely went off to convince or threaten their parents to let her take their daughters. Though, the chance to join the covenant would be something any parent could want, especially since Dumbledore's name was dirt these days, his rantings and ramblings would be ignored by sensible parents who wanted the best for their daughters.

The girls were giggling and seeking out comfy places to sit while Chachamaru was only too pleased to dish out some cookies and tea to the girls. Garnet and Tabitha were all smiles as they squeezed in comfortably with Eva on her chair since it was huge, either side. Now a little while back at a school for 'crazy' girls in Japan Eva would have complained, but this wasn't them being inconsiderate. This was them being affectionate. She got on with the younger girls, likely because she could be their 'leader' because she was eternally ten years old while having centuries of experience to impart knowledge and wisdom that might even help with school.

There was a two second bleep a moment later and by the fireplace Anya swished into the room on a specially designated teleportation point.

"Hey!" she said sheepishly. "I'm not disturbing a party am I?"

"No!" Chachamaru answered shaking her head. "Please, would you like some tea, or perhaps some coffee? I am afraid it is just standard coffee. But if you would like something else like a mocha, or latè I could get one from the kitchen?"

"Umm… I'll be fine with a normal coffee, thanks," she answered as she took a seat next to Tracey as she and Felicity moved for her to squeeze in comfortably with them rather than spreading out further onto other seats. They didn't want to have to shout so that they could hear each other clearly.

"You are welcome!" Chachamaru replied as she poured Anya a mug of coffee and handed to her while getting instructions on cream and sugar.

"This is Anya, the ex-daemon who granted Alex her wish!" Morgana said, smirking as she slid in to sit next to Valkyrie.

"Wow, you must have been powerful!" Valkyrie said in awe while she enjoyed Morgana cuddling her. She may have realised she had a relationship with Daphne and Astoria, but that didn't mean she didn't want to do things with other girls any more, and she was certain Daphne and Astoria still wanted to do other girls. They were still too young to be exclusive. Maybe when they were older, using magic to have adorable little girls together, then they would settle down to raise an adorable family.

"Yeah, but it became a drab," she replied sheepishly. "I-I started to feel bad about what I was doing as a vengeance daemon. Most of the men I 'punished' didn't deserve such harsh revenge, but it was when I started to really realise that a wish for vengeance said in anger, heartache, or despair isn't what they really wanted. I bet most of them if they were calm and had a little time to think wouldn't have made their wishes, especially if they knew I would really make them come true."

"Hey it's okay!" Felicity said as she hugged the older woman over Tracey. Anya smiled as she melted into the warm hug.


They were interrupted by three two second beeps as there was a swish of wind and fifteen year old Alex Russo appeared with her suitcases followed by another swish as a girl with dark brown hair in plaited pigtails, a brown haired girl with glasses, and a brown haired girl with a plat down her back appeared with their school trunks and the four girls tripped over each other, tumbling down as a girl with dark blonde hair pulled back tightly and a girl with lose red hair to her shoulders appeared with their school trunks stacking it with the rest of them.

Morgana just burst out laughing. Alex was wearing jeans and a blue top so she was okay, but the other five were wearing black Cackle's Academy robes and their school uniforms underneath and all five fell at such an angle that the others all got a good look at their panty-clad butts. But that was nothing much as the girls all wore similar plane or patterned panties. After Morgana burst out laughing the younger girls were giggling too with the rest following suit.

"Oww!" Alex complained as she extracted her face from the butt of the girl with pigtails, Mildred Hubble, as Felicity started introductions while giggling. The red haired girl was Drusilla Paddock, the annoyed looking blonde girl, Ethel Hallow was practically sitting on the face of the girl with her hair tied back in a plat, Enid Nightshade, and the girl with glasses extracting Alex's knee from her crotch was Maud Moonshine.

All six girls were blushing bright red as they pulled themselves to stand.

"Oh that was hilarious!" Morgana said while Felicity introduced the new girls to Morgana and company.

Morgana was surprised as Ethel quickly walked up to her with a smug smirk. "So you're the boss around here, are you?" she asked but awaited no reply. "Well I'm Ethel Hallow, you've probably heard of my family before, we are pretty world renown."

"I'm Morgana Evans. I survived the killing curse when I was fifteen months old. I have electric super powers." Her eyes sparked, startling the younger girl. "I'm one of the most powerful witches on this planet. I don't care who your family is. You've been invited to join a new family; they mean nothing to your success here!"

Ethel thought about retorting but looking at this girl she felt that she should probably hold off because, yes. That would be rude of a guest; she wasn't scared of her or anything. However, she had heard of Morgana Potter. The Girl-Who-Lined. She also knew of rumours that said she was powerful, and potentially dangerous so she stepped back into line with the other girls.

"That's better!" Morgana said smiling. "I received this letter while Felicity and Tracey were talking to you from your headmistress," she said pulling out a neat piece of paper from seemingly nowhere. "She has faith in you. She believes you have potential. All of you in fact. But you Ethel. She doesn't think you will go further than daddy's purse-strings unless you grow out of your own self-belief that you are more important than anyone else.

"I quite agree. You are not weak magically. You have promise," she said walking around the girl as she wasn't standing close enough to the other girls for them to get in her way. "But you need to be humbled. You need to understand sweetie that you won't always get what you want because your racist daddy is wealthy."

Morgana stood in front of the girl and stroked her fingers along her lips. "If you want people to jump when you say so, you should work for it yourself because there are many people far more wealthy than you!"

Smiling as Ethel gulped and stroking her fingers through a strand of the girl's blonde hair Morgana continued. "Out of the six of you, Alex Russo is the most powerful, and you don't even rate second!" she said which caused her eyes to widen. She could accept that the older American girl knew more, and maybe had more magic, but she would have 'known' she ranked second.

"T-then where do I rank?" she asked slowly.

"I'll admit that based on power alone you rank third!" Morgana replied which calmed Ethel down enough to think that third wasn't too bad, but she knew, looking at Morgana she wasn't going to tell her which of her classmates out ranked her in base power. She could only consul herself that she was better at magic.

Morgana smiled as she saw Ethel wasn't going to ask so carried on. "I think that the six of you will share a room, so that Alex can keep an eye on you, and you can learn to love each other. The best kind of power in this world is the power of unity. If we stand united, fight to destroy those who would harm someone we love, we become unstoppable."

She turned to Eva with a smile. "Honey, please escort our guests to their room! And then take Alex and bind her power to her would you!?"

"Finally!" she said with a sigh. "Sitting around here waiting was getting annoying!" she agreed as she hoped up from her seat and the other girls followed with their luggage.

It didn't take Eva long to take them to their room. It was huge with an en-suite bathroom with hot-tub, shower and toilet. However, all of the girls noticed one problem. There was only one bed. It was huge enough to fit them all comfortably, but it was just one.

"Oh yes!" Eva said when Ethel mentioned the supposed problem. "All of the rooms here have large beds and guests are expected to share. It is quite a clever ploy to get them to feel more comfortable; at ease, more intimate with each other. We are sisters after all. We keep no secrets from each other, and we love each other. You must learn this. Friends. Sisters. Lovers. Important to the success of your lives," she said before taking Alex by the hand and leading her out and closing the door behind them.

"Oh great, some kind of team building exercise!" Ethel said while rolling her eyes in annoyance.

"It's not so bad!" Mildred said slowly as she sat on the bed. "This bed. Wow. I guess they use magic to make them this soft. Why don't they do that at Cackle's Academy!?"

"You would think that!" she retorted as she sat too but jumped up again. "Oh… that does feel comfortable!" she reluctantly agreed while the other girls tried the bed, sinking into the softness with gleeful smiles.

It was later that night and Alex was still a little sore after having the seals planted. She had them around each ankle, her wrists, over her heart, and just above her butt. Luckily they only showed up while pulling at her magic, and her mum was likely going to complain about that.

That was the thing. Her magic was way more after the seals. She had never imagined she had been so weak before. The seals were all glowing black as she had been changing, unconcerned that the younger girls saw her naked, as it was bed time, and they were still arguing over stupid things.

She pointed her red coloured plastic wand at them each in turn which got them to shut up as they blushed while looking at the older girls' nice boobs and body.

"Okay!" Alex said with a growl as she decided she didn't need to let this continue as she was tired and wanted some rest after her busy day. Plus she had been given responsibility for them and she wanted to prove she was responsible and trustworthy. "You are going to take off all of your clothes, and that includes panties and bras, no towels to hide behind like little babies, and then get into your pyjamas before you slid into the bed, cuddle up or whatever, and sleep before I turn you into bunnies and put you in a hutch!"

"Somebody's grumpy!" Ethel mumbled but she quickly started stripping like the other girls as she didn't fancy being a rabbit any time soon.

They were all soon blushing and naked before they dug out their PJ's (while Alex was already in bed waiting for them to hurry) realising they should have gotten their PJ's out of their trunks ready before stripping. But they were soon PJ'd and climbing into bed. Though both Mildred and Ethel complained when they were stuck in the middle next to each other with Mildred's friends the other side of her, and Drusilla next to Ethel, and Alex next to her.

"Just shut up and go to sleep!" Alex said while switching off the light, bathing the room in darkness it didn't take them long to drift off to sleep they had all had such a busy day.


Penelope Jackson looked over the letter shrewdly as she had received it from an owl. She had thought it had been from Athena since she had the whole owl wisdom thing going on. She thought it was going to be well-bitchy at her for dating one of her daughters. Annabeth. Not that any of the gods actually seemed to have any morel view on being gay and she was almost certain that Artemis was super gay, what with her harem of 'maidens', and not to be pissed off; she wasn't just hot but she was super-badarse too.

However, the letter wasn't from the goddess of wisdom at all. At first she had been confused because it was addressed to her and Annabeth in a very couple-like way. But now she was even more confused. She didn't know any real magic, but she supposed she did have her water control powers, but Annabeth, sure she supposed she could control the mist better than her, and it was probably possible to learn.

"So this is real?" Annabeth asked. She had long blonde hair down to her waist tied back. She had blue eyes, unlike Penelope who had short ruffle black hair and sea green eyes. They were sitting on a bed together in Penelope's cabin at Camp Half-Blood. "We're being invited to the Covenant of Witches, and it also says to invite the seer chick and the angry one. Well that must be Rachael and Clarisse."

"Would we be allowed to take Rachael like that anyway?" Penelope asked while Annabeth shrugged without a clue.

"I guess nobody would miss her for a few days. It isn't like she stays here much anyway," Annabeth reasoned. "I heard the Covenant of Witches was powerful. If we had their help during that thing with Kronos we wouldn't have lost so many."

"So we agree to join!" Penelope said with a smirk. "Let's go find Rachael first and then use the portkey."

"Pen!" she playfully reprimanded. "We should get Clarisse too. If she finds out we ditched her and lost her the opportunity to join the Covenant she will likely be really pissed and we'll never hear an end to it."

"O-K!" she replied faking sadness as she hugged her girl, kissing her lips. "But first, let's play a little, okay!?"

"Okay!" she agreed as they were all over each other and falling back onto the bed. Penelope straddled her girls lap and squeezed her tits through her tight white tee while Annabeth was lying back smirking at her.

Penelope moved her hands to her girlfriends' soft smooth legs as she wore a cute little black skirt to give her easy access. Penelope was wearing tight blue rubberised short shorts with pinholes down the side so they breathed above water. Her top was a similar material of a lighter shade, covering her ample breasts but leaving her tone tummy and arms bar while circling around her neck with a collar. She wasn't wearing any shoes but all of her trainers were made for the water too. Annabeth was a pale skinned girl while Penelope was tan from enjoying the sun without worry of burning like her delicious girlfriend would.

Leaning down Penelope captured her girls' lips and Annabeth kissed back deeply sliding her tongue to meet her girlfriends, running her fingers through her sexy roughed up black hair, pulling her lips in tighter. Penelope pulled back as she felt Annabeth's hands squeezing her hidden boobs through her top and slid her hands up her arms to hold them in place.

"Hmm… my very own Ocean Princess!" Annabeth mumbled with a teasing grin while squeezing her girls' lovelies.

"Queen!" she replied smugly while squeezing her girls hands further into her supple sixteen year old hidden flesh. They might not have been as big as Annabeth's, small in comparison, but she loved her girl playing with them almost as much as Annabeth loved playing with them. "I can control the ocean better than any of my 'siblings' or step mother, well, on her, couldn't say, but I don't care, and though my dad does break those stupid rules, and help sometimes, and gave me an awesome pen that turns into a sword; he's still a deadbeat prick, not a king, so that makes me queen by default!"

Annabeth burst out laughing. "I'm half expecting the sky to shake for that one, but none of the gods can really say they're great parents, not even to their godly offspring."

Penelope snorted and rolled her amazing sea green eyes. "Or good siblings-!" she trailed off with a frown before her eyes widened and she looked frantic with worry. "Oh shit! I forgot to demand Calypso's release from purgatory! She's going to be so pissed with me and think I abandoned her and don't care, and be all sad and mope-ee. You know I don't like to break promises, but it was as if I just forgot, and now I remembered."

She looked to their side where the silver watch sat. It was a portkey with a silver chain, but it had something else attached and it drew her attention. "What is this…?" she asked as it was a small locket. It came free from the chain with its own chain. She opened it up and was surprised as a small scrape of paper fell out.

"I'm told the mist can mess with your head!" Annabeth read the note. "Lots of love- Morgana, Queen of the Covenant!"

Penelope just stared at the picture inside. "It's me and Calypso! Is this magic?"

"I don't know!" Annabeth said as she looked at the picture of the goddess-titan-whatever-whoever, trying it on with her girlfriend before she took it from her and it changed to a picture of her with Clarisse and Penelope while they were trapped in that sea monsters belly a few years back. She had hoped she forgot about that.

"A memory!" Penelope said as she read the other side of the note. "Wow. That was thoughtful, but how do we set Calypso free?"

Annabeth sighed. "You're too nice for your own good!" she said but her smile ruined her pout. "But that's part of your charm," she said sliding the locket around her girlfriends slender neck, smiling. "You should hold onto this if it will help you remember to save her! I know I might be a little jealous because she is really hot, but she did look after you and help you leave. She could have been a bitch like so many others who had a gripe with our parents! She could have kept you and done all sorts of naughty things to you!"

"Naughty is for us, Anna! You know you're the best! Unless when we get her out you want to have a threesome with her."

"Tempting," she said in amusement, "but what have I said about shortening my-!" She couldn't finish as Penelope leaned down and captured her only-to-willing lips in a deep kiss.

Clarisse was a tom-boy but all woman as far as she gave a dam. She had black hair and a pretty but serious face as she glared over the invite at her two annoying cousins. She wore tight black jeans, a white tee that was a little dirty from a fight she got into a few minutes ago with some punks from her cabin who pissed her off. If it wasn't for Penelope and her stupid talents those boys might have been skewered. She also wore a black shirt that was only done up from the bottom just below her tits.

"Why has it taken you so long to bring this to me?!" she demanded heatedly while she glared at them. The only thing that had changed about their outfits from breakfast was the locket around Penelope's neck, though she was wearing her yellow and blue waterproof half boots. Her pen was strapped to her waist at the back. It was bronze and looked expensive in its holster.

"Umm… we were busy!" Annabeth said unashamedly.

"You two are sickos!" she retorted with a sneer. "I know what you two lesbos were doing!"

"I get it! You're just jealous of me!" Penelope said smugly. "I get to stick my tongue in Annie's tight perfect little warrior arse and you don't!"

"As if!" she hissed out turning her nose up as she shoved the letter back into Annabeth's hand and walked away. "Just go and get the freak and let's go already. I have to pack my things for the weekend!" she said as she stormed around a corner.

"Umm… Pen, don't call me that, and I think she's jealous of me and pissed that you put yourself down so much in 'that' way that you can't see that!"

"Don't be silly Annie, but let's go get Rachael!" she replied rolling her sea green eyes and taking her girlfriends hand and dragging her off.

Meanwhile however, Clarisse had only stopped round the corner, leaning up against a wooden building and looking down at her brown leather walking boots while gritting her teeth in anger and frustration. She didn't understand why she had to feel that way. It made her feel weak and defenceless, and worse was she had to act like a complete idiot all the time. The least she could do was try to be nice, or not a bitch, just because her feelings were hurt.

Was it too much to ask to have Penelope sit on her face, to bury her tongue in every orifice it would fit. She shuddered at the thought while squirming in place and wondered whether she would have time to rub herself off first. Then realised she was sick as she had started liking Penelope because she could beat her. She was stronger than her. She liked being put in her place. It almost felt as if Penelope was dominating her.

"I can't stop thinking about obeying her every perverted sexual desire. Oh fuck I'm twisted aren't I!?"

"I wouldn't say that…-!"

She was startled and looked to her right in horror to see the most stunning blonde haired woman she had ever seen in her life. She was dressed in a hot red leather dress that was tight around her perfect arse. Her shoes were strapped on, giving her a little more height while showing most of her perfectly groomed nails. Her finger and toe nails were painted with a glistering red gloss like her lips with some gentle make-up shadowing her perfect blue eyes.

"-… a little freaky in your tastes for a virgin, maybe!" the young woman continued with a stunning smile. She looked no older than twenty one but Clarisse knew she was a lot older than that. "But then… sometimes freaky can be much more fun. Strong girls like you do tend to be into strong lovers, and have odd tastes."

"A-Aphrodite!" she stuttered pushing off the wall to turn to the Goddess of Love while said goddess continued leaning up against the wall.

"Hmm… much too good looking to be one of Aires kids, but I suppose that one would get lucky!" she said in amusement. "So the Covenant of Witches comes for you. How interesting. Their queen and one of her new witches along with one of the slayers defeated a hell-goddess and stripped her of her power, so maybe you'll find someone to dominate you if Athena's adorable daughter won't share!

"Morgana will someday be a force to rival any!" she said whimsically. "I see it. Someday you will make a choice, just like all demigods, and not just those from your camp. You will choose to fight for the gods, or you will choose to destroy us, make us mortal, or banish us from your realm. I would rather not die like that, but I suppose living a human life wouldn't be so bad. There are only a few of us who see what will happen with the rise of Morgana.

"Artemis has been watching her-," she said with a laugh. "She got electrocuted and turned up with her hair smoking. Morgana caught her, and she barely got away with a slight arse kicking, but that only seemed to turn that perv on. It drives her crazy when a girl disrespects her, so if you want to be dominated, you could become one of her maidens."

"Umm… no thanks!" she replied slowly. "B-but why are you here? Just to ask that they strip your immortality rather than killing or banishing you?"

"Oh no silly!" she replied with a shrug. "We have lived a very long time. Some of us believe it or not wouldn't mind dying-Eternity can be-depressing-and lonely. I think most of us are going insane; well we are insane. The banishment thing is what we wouldn't like. Banishment would only force us upon others so that likely wouldn't be fair, and Morgana though she would not admit it, is fair."

Aphrodite pushed up from the wall and moved closer to the demigod. "Speaking in riddles has always driven me crazy," she said wrapping Clarisse in her arms cuddling the shocked girl. "Those girls are your best friends. You should cherish them because that is a completely unconditioned love. Maybe instead of wetting yourself in lust and rubbing it you could tell her how you feel. Even if those feelings are never returned like that, she will understand you. Pen is a very caring girl and would never wilfully hurt you."

She smiled as she stole the girls' first kiss.

"Rachael will meet us by the Big House. Hurry up, Clarisse, for the…!" Annabeth and Penelope burst into her room after having snuck into the Aries Cabin only to freeze as her door closed behind them.

"Annie!?" Penelope asked and peered over her shoulder, eyes widening. "Oh shit Clarisse is naked with Aphrodite!" she said in shock as the two were covered in sweat, panting for breath with the goddess curled up in the demigoddesses' arms. They could only turn with wide eyes staring at the two other demigoddesses.

"Oh, wow, Clarisse fucked the Goddess of Love!" Annabeth said slowly. "Weirder things have happened, right, Pen?"

"No. No they haven't!" she disagreed unable to look away as sure she had her own girlfriend but this was much too hot to look from. "Not even that time I walked in on Thalia over Artemis's lap having her butt spanked."

"Say what?!" they all asked startling her.

She blushed brightly. "They begged me not to tell anyone, well Thalia did. I don't think Artemis cared, and even with me in the room didn't stop spanking Thalia. It was making her bare butt bright red. I had never seen someone looking as humiliated as Thalia was while Artemis demanded that I stay and speak the reason I interrupted so rudely, and I just couldn't while she was doing that, and she never asked me to hurry. I kind of forgot what I wanted anyway. So please don't tell them I said anything!"

"I wasn't here either!" Aphrodite said quickly before she disappeared.

"C-Clarisse!" Penelope said quietly as she stepped forward looking down at the naked sweaty girl in awe and trying to pretend that she wasn't checking her out but she knew her Annabeth would too, so all was fair. "You never once mentioned you were getting laid by Aphrodite. I thought you would have gloated. I didn't even know she liked to do girls too. I always figured you were into girls though; the way you dress and peek in at Aphrodite's daughters during shower times."

"I-I do not peek on anyone. A-and-it was the first and only time!" Clarisse stuttered out. "Now-now get out of my room so I can get dressed and get my things. I'll meet you by the Big House!" she said, grabbing her pillow she threw it while they ran out of her room before she collapsed back onto her bed with a tired sigh. She had wanted her first time to be Penelope but that goddess knew how to please a girl. It was just annoying that it turned her on more when Penelope and Annabeth barged in on them.

Penelope frowned as she led Annabeth out of the Aires cabin. "But the Aphrodite girls admitted to making it into a naughty game to tease her, since it was just her. Except for that annoying one who seems to be in charge. I don't like her. She has no sense of fun. Even her mum has plenty of fun."

"Yeah!" Annabeth said. "Aphrodite has a really nice arse and who knew Clarisse's tits were really that firm?"

"Annie!" she playfully reprimanded as she took her girls left arm, cuddling it to her chest while taking her hand, linking fingers and trapping the hand with her other. "You perverted little bitch, I think I'll have to spank you later tonight! Maybe Clarisse will want to watch your tight bare little ass reddening from my hand."

Annabeth turned her a slutty grin. "Hmm… you know you can slap my ass any time you want. But if you make me cry you so have let me do anything I want, and you know what I like!"

"You are a pervert!" she purred. "Naughty girl loves underwater sex breathing my breath!"

"So sue me, it's hot!" Annabeth admitted with a smug grin. "Then eating you out in a foggy bubble with your cute little squirms and moans."

"I love you too!" Penelope said with a loving grin as she kissed her girls lips as they reached the huge red farm house where a cute red haired girl sat on the steps with her bags waiting for them with a smile.

"So is it time for us to leave?" Rachael asked as she stood from the steps and joined her best friends.

"Only when-!"

"I'm ready!" Clarisse interrupted. She was still sweaty but fully clothed and had her suitcase, like theirs were waiting for them for their weekend away with Rachael

"Wow. That was fast!" Penelope said as she looked the girl over.

"Yeah-well I figured I could shower later!" she replied while blushing bright red as she knew she smelt of sex and watching Penelope's cute little nose twitching was turning her on again. "L-let's just get out of here!"

"Okay," Annabeth said as she left the girls and pulled over their cases into the centre before pulling out the watch. They stood in a circle around their stuff before holding hands, and they were gone in a swish only to reappear in the early evening within a large courtyard and for the temperature to drop, which automatically caused Penelope to shiver.

"Here idiot!" Clarisse said while rolling her eyes as she removed her black leather jacket and slid it onto Penelope's shoulders. She gave her a grateful smile. It smelt strongly of Clarisse but slipping her arms in it warmed her up. "Ireland isn't exactly that warm since its nearly autumn," she said amused slightly as Annabeth gave her a possessive glare pout.

"No way. Goddess or not. You can't beat me!"

They were startled to look around to see a girl with long brunette hair tied back wearing a loose black leather skit tight to her arse and a tight black tee-shirt, black jacket left open with black socks up to her thighs, and black half-boots. She was squaring off against another girl a few years older with short dirty blonde hair to the bottom of her neck. She was wearing a very short white tunic/skirt combination with small chest area with brown leather body armour and cold sky blue eyes, old Greek styled sandals and a sword of bronze on her left hip, and brown leather cuffs around her wrists.

Surrounding their point were tons of girls in varying outfits from ancient Greek booing the brunette girl, to a girl with short black hair to the top of her neck wearing a black leather jacket and jeans. However, most of the girls wore robes or normal mortal outfits like they did.

"I defeated Glorificus!" she replied smugly. "So… okay, I cheated and Buffy and Willow helped big, but still, she was much more powerful than you!"

The blonde girl glared harder and grit her teeth in anger. "Do not presume that you know of my power, or that of the Gods of Olympus!" she demanded heatedly.

"Whoa!" Alex Russo was with her little witches trying to be responsible, but Mildred and Ethel still bickered a lot, but it was amusing as they slept next to each other that they always woke cuddling and then pretending like that was horrible. They were so adorably amusing, but here they were in awe, staring at a real goddess. "Artemis, Goddess of… hmm… the Hunt I think, or lesbianism or something?!"

She gulped as a lot of the 'hunts' girls glared at her while Artemis was preoccupied to glare in her own defence. "Hey… umm… no hard feelings, I'm sorry!" Alex mumbled. "I need to learn to think before I speak!"

"Then a wager!" Artemis suggested with a smirk lining her lips. "When I defeat you in combat, one on one, you shall join me as one of my maidens-!"

Morgana grinned. "You don't have to indoctrinate me if you want to stick your tongue up my arse; a cutie like you just has to ask nicely!"

Artemis ground her teeth. "If by some small miracle you defeat me, name your price!"

"You and your maidens will be mine to order!" she replied with a huge grin while her emerald eyes glowed an electric blue and sparks danced between her flexing fingers. "For the rest of forever, you and they will belong to me!"


"Are we seeing what I think we are?" Penelope asked in awe as the two combatants faced off.

"Freaking awesome!" Clarisse declared while Annabeth and Rachael could only stare in awe. She loved a good fight and a goddess verses a super powered witch sounded like an awesome match in her books.

It had been such a shock. The fight hadn't even lasted that long. There was a victor, and that was a shock to the smaller group of girls.

Artemis felt humiliated as she was dressed in a blue maid uniform with white apron and white headdress. She was kneeling before her new mistress with a platter of finger foods Chachamaru and Winks hand made for her and her similarly dressed maidens to offer up to the rest of the Covenant of Witches, and though she would admit some of the girls teased them they weren't being bitches about it and many of her girls were laughing around with their new masters, treated with loving respect and well.

Morgana laughed as she sat, relaxed on the sofa and surprisingly pulled the platter away, placing it on the coffee table and pulling her very own goddess to sit with her, and slid up straddling her lap.

"It was a good fight!" she said kissing the surprised goddesses lips. "I release you from your obligation to me. Now maybe we can all become great friends," she said and this time when her lips touched Artemis's, Artemis kissed back, sliding her arms around her 'master'. She could get used to hanging around this girl. Maybe being dominated was a turn on she had yet to experience, and now, she found something new to enjoy, sexually.

"I never thought she would lose!" Thalia said as she sat between Annabeth and Penelope (still embarrassed about her non-punk maid outfit, especially since Penelope said she looked adorable) while Clarisse sat at Penelope's feet, having showered and changed she was trying not to let anyone see she was close to hugging Penelope's long smooth sexy legs.

Rachael had wondered off and found a blonde haired girl, Luna Lovegood with her girlfriend. It seemed that though, Casey was somewhat normal, Luna shared Rachael's oddness.

"Yeah, that was kind of cool though!" Penelope said, smirking as she gestured where the goddess had Morgana on her lap, squeezing her tight arse and making out. "But I think she's having some fun now," she said, giggling as they weren't the only two girls making out.

"Wow, that outfit is totally hot, right, Valkyrie!"

They looked up as two younger girls stood in front of them looking at Penelope's outfit, which was all designed for the water and a little skimpier than she would have liked to hang out in since she wasn't going swimming any time soon, and she suspected if they had a pool swimwear was not something expected. They had sexy matching grins. They were a red head and brunette, very good looking girls, and a few years younger than them.

Valkyrie, the brunette was wearing an outfit that Thalia could get with as it was all black with a long black coat, but Ginny was wearing a blue robe, left open to show her white sports bra and tight blue hot pants.

"Yeah, totally, Ginny!" she said, whereas the first girls accent was English, the second was Irish. "I wonder what kind of trick the daughter of Poseidon has going on?! Other than sexy outfits and a nice tone tummy ripe for licking."

"Wouldn't know… yet, but since Morgana is having too good a time making out with that cute goddess, maybe we could find out!" Ginny suggested reasonably. "Then we have a daughter of Athena, a daughter of Zeus, and daughter of Ares to 'work out' too."

"This day was going well, but just got better!" Valkyrie said smugly. "And we have another two days until the ceremony, so plenty of time to have plenty of fun!" she said, which made the four older girls gulp, and quiver as the two new girls joined them a little too close for comfort, but that would be brushed aside as Clarisse would be eternally thankful as she finally got to put her tongue where the sun wouldn't shine in Penelope.

It was better than she fantasised.


Torrents of water, spheres surrounded her and her familiar floating above the park, full of clear blue liquid, drowning them. She could barely think straight and her powers just were not working as they used too, as they should do.

Ever since she passed her test and transformed her wand, and transcended her powers, she just could not summon the power of her cards, and without that power, she and her guardian were going to drown horrible, painful, deaths.

She could easily see through the water to the world outside. She was above a playground she used to play in as a small child. Well, she supposed at just thirteen years old she was not exactly an adult yet, but she has had to deal with a lot in the past two and a half years. So she was more grown up than most girls her age, but no matter what she had dealt with in the past, this was different.

Her head felt light and she felt on the verge of passing out. She knew she was dying, but she could barely think of doing anything. This was the first time in her life that she felt so scared.

The water pressure alone was painful and numbing. It squeezed at her chest tightly, and her throat and heart felt like they were on fire.

This strange magic was so familiar to her, but still…? She could not think of where she had sensed it before. It had just came out of nowhere and attacked her for whatever nefarious or stupid reason. It couldn't be another card; she had collected them all; they were all with her.

Could it be possible that it was a new card? Or was it something new, something different? She couldn't even speculate at this point, and knew that if she survives this she would have her familiars teach her everything she could learn so that she doesn't find herself so stuck and helpless again. She hated feeling lost and defenceless, but hated even more that she was so weak when people could be depending on her.

She had been attacked by the bad, the misguided, and in the case of her other guardian her stupid test, what next? Well, if she did not drown to death it could be anything. She really had not thought about being killed because of the Card captor thing until then.

She was going to die a hollow and painful death as her lungs burnt with the need for oxygen… but NO, she couldn't give up, and she wouldn't. She hadn't gotten so far. Hadn't survived so much, just to give up like that. Even when she was given the option for a normal life, she had never given up what she had. She liked being the card captor; she loved her cards and her guardians. She held her star like key in her right hand praying as hard as she could.

She needed to find a way. She needed to unlock her power, strengthen her resolve. She couldn't die like that. She couldn't give up. She couldn't surrender to the unknown. She couldn't let the odds defeat her.

She was Sakura Avalon.

She was the Card captor: Guardian of the Clow Cards. No! She was Guardian of the Star Cards.

Sakura would not give in, she would not surrender to this weakness.

Closing her eyes in concentration, she felt for her power. The warmth, and comforting feeling deep within her heart. It was peaceful and unyielding, just as she was, never giving in to her fear or worry. It was still like a soft lake on a cool summers day, waiting for the storm of her touch to bring it forth and reveal its true strength. She could feel it churning within her.

It was different, new, pleasurable. She could feel it now. It was her power, bubbling within her flat tummy, tingling. It made her heart beat stronger and faster, tingling from her toes through her body, into her nipples and down to her fingertips. She could do this, she could become more.

This was her power now. She was no longer using the ancient magic of another. This was her, and she would breach the universe to feel this time and time again. She could almost breath as she relished in the feeling, enjoying every little bit of it throughout her heart and soul.

Her cheeks were flushed as she held her eyes closed lightly, feeling the magic within her everything. She loved it, and it loved her in return as it finally came to the forefront of her being.

She needed away to get rid of all this rain, she needed away to get out of the water filled bubble that was drowning her. She needed hope. And she found it was an overpowering feeling exploded through every pore in her being as felt something overpowering in her stomach, rushing to every point in her body.

Her eyes flashed open with a blue glow. However, before her mind could even begin to chant, or make sense of her feelings, she saw something through the water sphere. It was hideous. A monstrous thing with huge grey horns, and scaly grey body with rippling muscles at eight feet tall, humanoid.

Was that thing responsible? Were monsters real things? Magic was real, so she couldn't doubt her eyes.

However, it blinked away in that moment, as if she blinked, but she didn't. It couldn't have been real. It was just her imagination. Yes, she shook it off as a figment of her oxygen deprived imagination. After all, she wanted to blame something for this magic, so why not give it a monstrous face.

Her power was still buzzing through her body, adding to her light-headedness, and she felt like she might have wet herself a little. Though it was hard to tell with the freezing cold water prison.

The 'monstrous' moment had passed, and she shook it from her mind for the moment as she regained herself. Her fair fluffed up in the water with white streams of light as power started flowing, finally.

She needed out of this, and quick she wouldn't be able to last much longer. She needed to breath in, take the air into her burning lungs.

'Come on Star Key!' she begged in her mind, holding the key within her small fingers.

It finally listened to her as she started creating a new release spell. She felt the magic between her fingers. She pulled at her instincts bringing the spell to the forefront of her mind, to release her power in its fullest.

Pure white light blast out of her rippling and forcing at the water bubble, boiling it, steam flared away from the sphere. It warmed her body, making her feel stronger as a huge white magical circle erupted out around her feet, expanding beyond anything she had seen before. It blazed to life with a blue crescent moon curving around a yellow sun with blue and yellow flashes of light splashing around her connecting to the strange symbols of writing around the edges of the circle.

The water sphere bust open, ripping away from her in an explosion water, rippling out she gasped for air as she floated a several inches above her magical circle. She swallowed and gasped in the oxygen like an addict. Not that she knew anything about addicts, but she could guess they felt like that.

Looking to her left her familiar lioness with white angle-like wings was still trapped within the second bubble of water, struggling to get free, shooting blasts of flame like energy from her mouth, but it only shot out hitting the ground. But Sakura couldn't think about that now as she had to fight, she had to finish her magic, and bring this all to an end. She had to save her guardian; she had to protect her.

Sakura's lungs were burning with relief as she gently drifted down the few inches and landed on her floating magic circle, using it like a stepping-stone in the air. It was still sparking, and when a flash of blue or yellow light left the white to touch her she felt a deep tingling in the pit of her stomach. It felt unusual, but in a good way; a way she had never experienced before.

She looked around while her breathing was evening out. Her sailor like girls school uniform was still soaked through. Though it was steaming a little as her power started warming her up, and slowly drying her. But it was still poring with rain, so her uniform was sticking to her small frame, soaking through her skin, sopping wet and causing her to shiver a little.

She took a deep shuddering breath and held her key out in front of her. She held her hands face up, outstretched. The key floated up in a golden light with a white bubble aura like a tiny atmosphere around it, buzzing with power. Her breath condensed into steam in the cold as she stood on her pentagram concentrating the key floated higher; the glowing sphere around it brighter and larger, round the size of a football.

"Key of the Star!" she she said. "No! Key of my Star!" she corrected coolly as her green eyes closed unaware that they were shimmering and flashing with yellow and blue light.

After pausing for a moment to feel her power, and regaining her breath, she continued her new release spell.

"With powers burning bright, reveal the staff and shine your light, release!" she cried out. It happened with huge gusts of wind like white energy. It swirled and converged on the key. It was drawn in from all around through the rain. It was glowing bright yellow and blue

The key grew out, growing a long yellow staff with a large silver circle around the key. The key head having grown and changed to that odd blue colour with the crescent moon curving it. White wings spread out from the silver circle, and markings or runes glowed brightly on the silver before they faded to be carved into the metal and the wings curled around to the sides.

She allowed herself a small grin of triumph. She did it. And it was better than anything she could have dreamt of.

Sakura knew she would be okay now. She could summon her most precious friends to her side. She could bring them forth to hold her; to protect her from anything that might come her way.

She let her smile widen a little more as she pulled out a card from the card holster on her right hip. It wasn't even wet, as if the water avoided it altogether. The card was elongated, like something a tarot reader would use to 'predict' the future; not that she really believed in that, but it was still fun to pretend no matter how old she and her friends were.

Now she knew she had no choice. She went to transform her card. It was one of her most powerful, and had become one of her most faithful cards. She kissed the picture lovingly, and smiled as she felt like the card returned her affection. She knew, she just knew she could do this, and her beloved card would change, and be hers forever.

However, she was just getting into her stride, seconds from calling out her name when there was a pulse of magic. It was different to the magic that trapped her before, but she was cautious. She glided back on her magic circle, and up, further from where she sensed the source of the magic came from, eyeing her guardian in concern.

However, she was startled as the dark clouds started clearing and the rain slowed to a stop, and with a blast of flaming energy her familiar set herself free, gasping and panting for breath as she flapped her wings and floated back, landing on Sakura's magic circle with her, at her heel.

The pulse of magic seemed to nullify the magic of the first attacker, but Sakura knew that whoever performed the knew magic wasn't helping them. She wasn't sure how she knew, she just did, sensing it within her being. She felt it echoing throughout her city, and noticed it trying to interfere with her power, but she was stronger than that, and much too stubborn.

Sakura had gotten so far, she wasn't going to let somebody mess with her new powers. She looked to her guardian as the blue and yellow lights caressed her fur, but she didn't seem to notice as her golden yellow eyes watched bellow in caution.

With caution, Sakura slowly allowed the circle of light to lower them to the ground where she let her circle fade away as she might need every last bit of strength she had to fight this new threat as the previous one had disappeared.

She touched down on the ground with her soggy feet, squelching in her black school shoes. She held her card tightly between her fingers as she looked around at the clear early evening sky, not a cloud in sight. That worried her as that magic had been fairly strong and someone, or something else dispelled it so easily.

Sakura's right hand gripped her staff tightly as her green eyes scanned the park in concern. She had never felt like this before. This was new. Different from the pleasure of snuggling within her magic had been.

Sure, she had felt afraid before, especially when capturing her cards, but this was more. She could feel the magic in the air. It was like the irrational fear of spiders, the dark, or a horror movies. This power; this magic was dark. It was foul, and it made her shiver in dread. How could anything, or anyone delve into such terrible magic? Why would they be so wrong?

"K-Kera, what's going on?!" she demanded heatedly. Her spine was crawling with the feeling of cold dread and irrational feat.

However, her guardian Keraberos didn't reply. She just growled and hissed., It was a surprise as she was acting like a protective guard dog – or guard cat. Her head was swivelling from one direction to the next, and yes. After a moment of uncertainty Sakura realised that could sense them too, and she thought she might need to go to the bathroom. There was a malice in the air that she had never felt before.

Her town had always been quiet and peaceful if you discount her and the Clow Cards. She had always felt so safe, but now. This was something completely different, and that scared her a lot. She was scared for her friends as well as herself and her guardians. Not to mention her sister and father back at home, but she couldn't let that distract her, she trembled as she knew she had a fight on her hands and it won't have a good outcome like her fights before this.

"Kera! answer me!" she demanded angrily; her voice holding a slight quiver.

"Prepare yourself Master!" Kera said, using 'master' instead of her name. She had never done that before, and it scared Sakura more than ever. His voice was primal and dangerous. "The things are coming and they won't go easy on you… they're creatures of decay and destruction! They mean to destroy us!"

Sakura saw it in that moment. It walked out from behind a small grouping of trees. They had huge white bone horns and blue/grey rough skin like a rhinoceros's and a mouth with row upon row of teeth. Its skin was pealing and decaying, rotting, its eyes chilling white and dead yet it looked straight at them with a crawl grin showing off its razor sharp fangs.

She was further sickened, as the thing was naked, but at least as far as she could thankfully tell it did not have any… equipment. It pointed at Sakura with three inch long claws on long and narrow fingers as it licked its lips the way she might looking at a deliciously prepared meal.

However, her attention was split a second latter as she heard the scuffling and sliding on the ground coming from all around them. She looked round them to see people, human people, but not quite. She could not sense any life force from them, nothing, but she knew from just seeing them that they were dead. Their skin was pale and sloshy, torn and bloody without bleeding, some dragging limbs along the ground with blank white lifeless eyes.

"A-a Necros. A Necromancer Daemon!" Kera commented, startling her as she continued looking around. Not all of the 'people' were fully clothed, or they had rotting material falling off showing decaying flesh, and these 'people' did have equipment, not that she could find the time to have any embarrassment as a breast slid off a 'young' dead woman. She must have been dead for a long time for her decayed flesh to fall away like that and she almost vomited.

"Kera, what do we do?" she asked shivering as she held back the bile in her throat. "I don't think zombies are in the handbook!" she whimpered before pausing. "Kera… I-I want a handbook!"

"Master, we must fight!" she suddenly roared out, shooting flames towards the daemon, but it was gone. All Kera did was set zombies on fire. They ran and flailed, setting others ablaze.

However, that started it. The slow moving old-school 'slow' zombies turned out to be from the new school, and not so slow as they charged. Kera knocked Sakura out of the way as a zombie almost pounced on her. But then the guardian beast was dog piled by at least ten zombies. However, she roared out blasting them back with magical energy, cracking the ground and sending debris flaying.

Sakura could only watch in shock and awe for a few moments that seemed to drag on an age before looking to the card in her hand. She had to do this now. They couldn't let some horrid monster get away with disturbing the dead and trying to kill them. That wasn't right at all; it had no respect.

She could not think of anything else, but she had to protect herself and Kera. She had to see. No, she knew these people were already dead. They were lifeless, and she was not. She would survive this no matter what she had to do. It was a shame, but it had to be done.

Her power flared and her magic circle bursts open, bright and white with blue moon and sun with runes around the edge glowing yellow. It spun around her feet burning into the ground. She stood in its very epicentre as she felt that pure delight throughout her being while the zombies shield away as a shield of pure magical energy burnt into them if they got too close.

"I call upon the powers of my star!" she called out with a confidence she didn't know she ever had. But now she knew her powers better than anything or anyone. She finally understood herself, even if that was only subconsciously.

She smiled a little as she kissed the face of her card and felt its power returning her affection before she threw it above her head where it span. The world seemed to fall away as she rose her staff where the card span above it.

The yellow and blue sparks of light span up from her, dancing over her body and around her circle, up her staff and into her card. The card blazed to life, the red back turning white with yellow runes and her blue star and moon. The wings on her staff came alive as they grew out, flowing brightly as her card discarded the might of its creator, and harnessed her power instead, relishing in her masters strength.

"Ancient forces near and far!" she continued; her magic circle exploded out brighter, burning a few close zombies to dust, and lightning the night as if she summoned the day. "Clow Card discard your former might, and draw your power from my light, Star Card!"

She finished her spell and her name appeared on the back in beautiful script. She could feel the power and heartbeat of the card as if she never understood it until then as their hearts synced and beat as one.

The card burst open, blazing into flames forming a powerful red, yellow and orange spirit of a girl. She was beautiful and powerful as she spun out forming and spinning around, scorching the air around them.

The Fire Card: Fiery. She was younger looking than she used to be, different, even more stunning and beautiful than she ever was. Fiery moved round, circling Sakura like a serpent, her body of flames, but Sakura didn't feel hot as the circling magical fire spirit curled around her. Her flames liked at her masters body, drying her clothes, not burning or uncomfortable.

Fiery paused face to face with her master, her beautiful young face loving and devoted, as if this spirit worships everything Sakura was. From her heart, soul, magic, and body, her everything.

The spirits hands stroked through Sakura's hair before she kissed her, warm and tingly on the lips, just briefly. It was sweet and loving, Fiery's smile was amused as Sakura felt her cheeks heat up and that had nothing to do with her fire spirit. The magic circle flickered away as her love moved back from her and turned angry orange eyes to the enemy.

Then Fiery moved back just as several zombies attacked, having only taken moments to be out and have her scene with Sakura. She flashed powerful flames over the zombies, and though the one's she set on fire burst into burnt husks dropping to the floor, more zombies tried their luck, but Fiery would not let them close to her Mistress.

This time, Sakura knew summoning her card was different. She had never gotten more tired like this the longer the card was out, but then, she realised. She was summoning with her power, and then supporting the summon, whereas before, after summoning they ran off Clow Reeds magic still.

She felt wobbly on her feet as she watched the zombies go down one after the other. She staggered, but just shook her head to keep feeding her card power. It was surprising how easily Fiery destroyed them all with Kera, but what was more; she watched Kera as she captured the elusive daemon and tore it apart in his teeth.

She felt light-headed as she held on to let Fiery fight for her as she knew no magic other than the cards, but she set her resolve to learn. She wouldn't let them fight alone any more, the thought made her want to cry. She loved them all too much to even think that they could get hurt without her help, but right then she had no choice, but she knew they would all fight for her from then on-with the help of her power.

It was sickening to see her close friend and guardian acting like the mythical beast she was. But she understood her friends love for her; her protectiveness; she felt the same way.

Sakura felt dizzy and sleepy as Fiery finally returned to her, holding her with worry in her expression, as she gently helped Sakura to her knees and blast away, returning to her sealed card form and returned itself to her card holster with the last dreg of her magic.

Sakura's vision was blurry as Kera rushed over covered in zombie guts, now looking to her in worry. She was sure the winged lioness was saying something to her, but she could not quite hear anything, let alone her friend. She was wobbly, unfocused and moments from collapsing there and then without warning. Or though the wobbling should have been warning enough.

"K-Kera-chan," Sakura mumbled, near incoherent as a small, delicate smile graced her pretty pink lips. Her short brown hair was lose and sweaty. Her small chest was heaving to gain painful breath, and her skin was worryingly pale and clammy. "I love fire. Fiery good… so-so beautiful!" she muttered, giggly. "Remind me…" she was finishing, her voice now a mere whisper.

She had blurry eyes as she rambled in delirium, worrying her guardian as the winged lioness tried to steady the girl on her flank, but found that difficult as she didn't have any hands.

"Remind me to ask Madison-chan…?" she continued her rambling while Kera wished she would be quiet and lie down as she was getting embarrassing. "Madison-chan… I need waterproof outfits. Cute waterproof outfits. I love you too Madison-chan, can I kiss you now Maddie-chan? Madison-chan! I forgot to mention. I fought some mean zombies with Fiery… I love Fiery... and you to Madison-chan; Kera-chan too, but not the same way I love you-you're so pretty!"

Then the delirious girl collapsed with a giddy smile, folding over, slumped like a rag doll from her kneeling position face first, out cold and pale, sliding off Kera's side, which kept her from hurting herself.

Kera looked down at her, looked sad, partly because she had to figure out how to get her home, but mostly because apart of her innocence has gone during this. It was her first real battle and she felt that it would not be her last. Something was stirring. Something vicious. And it wanted her master. Sakura shall have to grow up faster. She needed to become stronger. To learn how to really fight, as she would have never learnt to before.

In the shadows far enough away from Kera and her Card captor, three figures stood atop an arch as they watched Kera manage to pick up Sakura, and carrying her away on her back, holding her with her wings.

One was the shape of a large wildcat with large dark wings while another was a girl in her late teens with butterfly like wings on her back. Then the last stood between them no older than Sakura. She was a girl dressed in tight battle robes with black framed glasses around her dark eyes.

They had watched everything that happened, shocked, uncertain, and unable to tell what was going on when those things turned up. Then Sakura Avalon showing power beyond what they would have expected from her. That wasn't supposed to happen. Something was different. Something was seriously wrong. How could this be so far out of their control?

"This is seriously messed up, Master!" the girl commented, confused and uncertain about the future now.

The girl in the middle looked up at her. "I do not understand what this could mean, but I sense something, big. Sakura will grow so much stronger with an opponent that is so-so…"

"Like this?" the panther asked. "Vindictive… evil…!"

"Enough!" the girl interrupted glaring at the panther as she slammed her shadowed staff into the platform of the straight edged archway they stood on. "This is serious, and not in his plans. If this keeps up she will be powerful enough to claim both of you as her right by lore of magical inheritance within months if not weeks! The stronger she gets. Her other guardians may start remembering you, and then-I don't know. But if they tell her of you, she will likely want to find you, and then you're hers! There will be nothing I could do to stop her."

"I know we'll have to eventually, but-," the girl asked sounding scandalised as she trailed off. "Can she actually do that, and… I don't know. Its much too soon, isn't it?"

"Yes!" she agreed coolly. "But the stronger she gets the more likely it is she'll sense you… us... but… we'll have to see what will happen next. We can not know the future. But our destinies have changed. You may not have a choice but to go to her. We cannot let her fall! She is too important to the future for us to sit back and watch her fall to any daemons, but for now we keep a close eye on her, watch, and wait."

"It could all just blow over!" the cat added hopefully. But that finished the conversation as they all nodded to each other, and they disappeared in swishes of wind as if they had never been there.


Sakura groaned as she sat up in bed rubbing her tired eyes free from sleep, shaking away that weird dream with those people, baffled, and confused about it, but soon it left her as she remembered what had happened. Her head hurt a little and she still felt tired, but she rubbed sleep free from her eyes anyway and pealed them open as she slumped back, resting a little more against her pillow.

She left her eyes closed a little against the bright light streaming through the cracks in her curtains. She didn't know how she got home, or what was going to happen next.

It had never actually occurred to her that monsters were real; that things really did go bump in the night. It made her shiver thinking about. That thing. It was a monster. A daemon. A zombie making daemon. But it was gone now. But it brought forth horrible questions.

If daemons like it existed then maybe other more commonly thought of monsters: daemons existed too.

Sakura felt like she shouldn't have been as surprised as she was. She had magical powers after all. She had even met a ghost before. Why didn't she even house thoughts of other things? Maybe she just chose not too, for peace of mind.

But what would she do now? What did that daemon want with her? Would more turn up? And what of the magic that attacked her before? couldn't she get at least a little peace and quiet.

She had thought that once she had collected all of the cards that everything would be over. That she could get on with her life. She wondered whether Liina knew about all of this and just didn't ever say anything to protect her from the truth. She wouldn't have been surprised as that girl was always looking out for her no matter how tough she pretended to be, she was always looking after her, but then she was Clow Reid's ancestor.

Shaking her head clear she just couldn't work out what was going on, or what would happen from then on.

She had to get stronger. She knew that now. She had to learn magic other than her cards. She needed to be able to protect herself, her guardians, and her cards. But what if this was bigger than her? What if something major was going on. Could she save the world from these monsters: alone? Would she be alone in this? Were there other people like her out there to fight with, other magicians to help her?

Sakura knew that there had to be others out there. After all Liina had magic, but Sakura wouldn't want to drag her along. Liina just wasn't powerful enough to keep up.

That startled her as she had never tried to claim she was stronger than her friend before, but it was true. And what about her friend Madison. She didn't want her to get hurt. She was powerless. She was just a normal human. If anything happened to her, Sakura quivered at the thought while her chest hurt thinking about it.

She sighed as she slowly opened her eyes, and her cheeks flamed up as she saw her there. She could just stare at the pretty face of her best friend: Madison Taylor. Her cheeks lit up as she remembered some delirious rambling, so hoped Kera kept her yap shut.

It didn't help her embarrassment as she realised she was completely naked under the covers of her bed. They had seen each other naked plenty of times before, but with those delirious ramblings on her mind it made the situation different somehow.

Her friend's hair was dark, near black, but not quite. It was always so smooth and shiny. She was wearing some cute purple PJ's bare foot. She looked as if she had been crying as she had tear streaks down her pale cheeks. Sakura felt bad that she had made her best friend cry.

She loved the girl so much. How could she had never realised that she felt like that until she was sitting on deaths' doorstep? She wanted to reach out and pull the girl into her arms, into her bed, under the covers and cuddle her for the rest of the day. But she would never have the guts to try something so upfront; she would be too worried about her rejection.

"I love you too, Sakura-chan," Madison said with a soft smile while Sakura's cheeks shone up so much they felt as if Fiery had nothing on their heat. "Yep," she said, popping the P, but at least her cheeks brightened. "Kera told me about what happened when you went nutty, but are you OK?" she asked in worry as she carefully sat down on the edge of the bed next to her friend and took her hand.

Sakura nodded with an impish smile. "Y-yeah, Maddie-chan," she agreed with her cutesy nickname. "I-I'll be find now, I guess, but that was all really scary. I-I can still barely believe it all happened. Anyway, where is Kera-chan?" she asked, looking around, expecting to find her floating around her room in her plushy toy form of a little cat-bear thing.

"She left us alone," she said with a shrug while cuddling her best friends hand to her small chest. Sakura could actually feel her best friends heart-beating hard in her chest. "She wanted to secure the house. She wouldn't have been much use helping me get you out of your filthy clothes anyway.

"Sorry," she added sheepishly. "I tried to get you into some PJ's just you kept squirming, so I gave up and just tucked you in bed."

"Oh," she replied smiling embarrassedly. "You had me at your mercy," she said teasingly.

However, Madison just smirked smugly. "Of course. I enjoyed every moment!"

"Maddie-chan!" Sakura wined childishly while they both broke down into some giggles for a few moments before they slowed to blushing smiles,

"I was so worried about you though, Sakura-chan!" she said, reaching out with her free hand and stroking back Sakura's short brown hair from her cheek.

Sakura smiled wider and lent into Madison's hand. "Thank you for looking after me, Maddie-chan!"

"I'll always be here to look after you," she replied. "I really meant it you know. I love you, Sakura-chan, more than I've ever loved anyone!" she said honestly and looking uncertain and scared.

However, Sakura alleviated her fear with a bright blushing smile. "I love you too, Maddie-chan!" she declared, sitting up and wrapping her friend in her arms with her covers falling to her waist, but Madison wrapped her arms around Sakura's soft warm half naked body, feeling her small breasts pushed up against her as they cuddled.

They pulled back blushing a few minutes later, and Sakura embarrassedly pulled up her covers and let her head hit back down on her pillow and reclaimed her girl friends hand. They just sat and lay there for a few moment, staring into each others eyes, Sakura's bright green, and Madison's dark blue before Sakura broke the trance they had on each other by speaking and changing the subject for now.

"What time is it, and what did you tell my dad?" she asked as those thoughts quickly span in her mind, worried.

"It's late evening. The sun will be setting soon," she replied, absent-mindedly stroking her thumb on the back of her friends' hand. "I told your dad you weren't feeling well, and that I'll stay over to look after you," she answered, shrugging sheepishly. "I was actually surprised that he didn't say anything against it, but looking at how you were then, you did look sick, but you're looking much better now."

"I'm glad," Sakura replied, smiling and near cuddling her friends hand, playing with her fingers, absent-mindedly while trying to stave off the chills from that evenings 'battle'. "Did Kera tell you why that daemon attacked us with those zombie things?" she asked, curious.

"No!" she answered shaking her head. "She said she'll talk to us both about it later-when you're back on your feet," she said before looking nervous. "But-maybe I could climb into bed with you. Cuddling will help you heal faster," she said looking hopeful.

Sakura's cheeks flamed up brighter than before. "B-but I'm naked!"

Madison didn't seem to have a response to that as she stood up and pulled the covers up enough to slide in next to her friend before fidgeting under the covers and her PJ top and bottom went flying to the floor.

"So am I!" she finally replied smugly as she snuggled her soft warm body into Sakura's arms as the Card captor wrapped them around her and their faces were so close they could feel each others cool breath, feeling each others small breasts pushed up against each other. They could even feel each others soft vaginas pushed up against each others thighs as they curled up into each other as tightly as they could.

Sakura couldn't help herself as she closed the gap and sealed Madison's lips with hers. But Madison wanted that as they had their first ever kiss, naked in Sakura's bed. Their eyes drifted closed and their little pink tongues explored each others mouths.

The Card captor let her hands wonder down her best friends back to that perfect little bottom, squeezing it, trying to pull her tighter into her. Their hearts beat powerfully in their chests, almost in complete sync with each other as they were both getting really hot.

They could feel the moisture slowly starting to leak from between their legs onto each other as they started humping each others thighs. Their kisses became more frantic with each movement while Madison reached round to lovingly caress Sakura's small pert breasts.

Their breathing got harder and more difficult as they continued kissing and groping at each other when they pulled back from each others lips and gasped out wetting each other as sweat dripped from them and Madison collapsed in her girl friends arms, snuggling with her while their bodies continued to twitch with their pleasure, and their hearts beat almost painfully.

Sakura and Madison lay there curled up into each other, their faces buried into the crook of each others necks.

"I-I love you so much!" Sakura whispered into her girl friends ear.

"Sakura! I love you! My beautiful magician!" she replied, pulling back to plant a kiss on her lips before snuggling back down. "You'll win at this. You'll get stronger! I know you can overcome everything, and I'll be with for everything; for ever! I promise!"

Sakura wasn't sure how to respond to that as she didn't want anything to happen to her girl-friend. Her girlfriend, but she knew she would be selfish and always want her to stay with her for ever. She would do everything in her power to protect her beloved friend, but she couldn't be without her, not now she had her; that they had been so intimate with each other.

"Lii-chan will be so jealous of me!" Madison commented smugly while nuzzling her girls neck.

"S-say what!?" Sakura asked in surprise.

Madison's laugh seemed almost musical. "Why do you think she's always so overprotective one moment and then mean the next?" she asked but she didn't wait for an answer. "But I think you need some more rest, so I think we should get some sleep. Don't worry, I'll be here all night, and if you need anything, I'll get it."

Sakura smiled in reply as they both closed her eyes softly and soon, exhaustion took them over. The sleep was comfortable and fret with some bad dreams, but as soon as Sakura felt and saw Madison in her arms she returned to sleep, content and happy.

Sakura woke content and warm with Madison wrapped in her arms, on top of her. Their naked bodies entwined under the covers in Sakura's bed.

"Good morning, Love!" Madison greeted her with a cute little yawn. "How are you feeling this morning!?"

"I feel perfect with you here!" she replied, stroking her girlfriends hair and giving her a loving kiss on the lips, which was eagerly accepted.

However, they pulled back blushing as they heard the soft squeaky clearing of a throat. "I'm glad you're okay, Sakura, but we need to discuss some Card captor business!" Kera interrupted them with a wide grin on her little plushy face.

"Okay," she said pulling apart from her girlfriend, and blushing brightly as they sat up together, using the covers to hide their naked bodies. "So what do we do about these monsters?" she quickly asked, hoping Kera doesn't say anything about how they were sleeping.

"I've talked it over with Yule, and she agrees with me," the little plushy said nervously. "We believe it best that we leave," she said and quickly continued before Sakura could object. "Alone. Yes. We'll admit you are growing stronger, but zombies, vampires, things like that are weak stuff compared to other things we may have to face, and alone we may fall! If that happens the town, and everyone in it may end up in early graves!"

Sakura bit her lower lip in worry while looking to Madison while she looked to her in concern.

"B-but I can't just leave. What about dad and Touyra!?" she asked in concern, "and-and Maddie-chan too! I'm not leaving Maddie-chan!"

"I-I can come with you!?" she replied, startling them both. "I mean-well, you'll need someone who has money, right. Magical girl or not, you'll need food, and somewhere to sleep. And I can make sure you're always wearing the appropriate outfit!"

"B-but it could be dangerous!" Sakura said in worry.

Madison quickly snuggled into her girlfriends arms, smiling at her. "I know you'll look after me, plus-I think I have something we can use to get around."

"I don't like the idea of taking a mortal with us," Kera said thoughtfully. "But the idea does hold merit, Sakura. You don't have the money for the journey while she does. We have to search for other mage-side with them. If this is some kind of an attack on strong mage to get us out-of-the-way then we might not be the only one's in danger, and together we would be stronger."

"Who would want to hurt us, and why?" Sakura asked. "I haven't done anything to anyone."

"It isn't about what you have done-," Kera began, but it was surprisingly Madison that continued.

"It's about what you could do!" she interrupted. "Evil doesn't need a reason to attack someone if that someone could potentially stop them. And there could be other mage out there that need our help! They might not have someone like Kera or Yule to explain these things to them. They might be all alone, and in trouble."

Sakura looked even more troubled hearing that as Kera nodded in agreement. "She's right," her guardian said. "There may be others with no guidance. No one to help them."

"T-then we have to leave!" Sakura said in determination. "B-but Kera. I-I think its time I learnt some proper magic. Not just using my cards. I need to be able to use spells and whatever I can learn."

Kera sighed but nodded. "Agreed," she replied. "Yule and I shall teach you all we know."

"E-even how to create new cards?" she asked, surprising her.

However, she nodded her head. "Yes. If Yule believes you're ready, as she was the judge, she is the only being alive that knows how they came to being."

"Then we should get dressed and prepare to leave!" Sakura said shakily. "B-but what do I tell my dad and sister?"

"Maybe you should tell them the truth?" Madison suggested, startling her girlfriend. "It-I think it would be best, or they might keep looking for us, and that could get them caught up in all of this too."

"Again, she is right," Kera said. "She is wise beyond her years."

"Okay, but how do I go and just tell them that I have magical powers and worse that I have to leave!?" she asked in concern. "I mean. That's not something you hear every day, and they'll still worry about me."

"I believe you should just come out and tell them!" Kera said reasonably. "Do it fast and to the point. I think they will understand, and you can call home every day to reassure them you're okay!"

"O-okay," said said looking down at her hands in thought.

"I-ll leave you two to get dressed," Kera said after a few moments of silence before floating away out of the bedroom door, closing it behind her.

"A-are you sure you want to risk coming with me?" Sakura asked suddenly while Madison was still cuddled in her arms.

"Always!" Madison agreed with a small grin as she kissed her girls lips, and Sakura melted into it pulling her girlfriend tightly into her body she lay back, pulling Madison on top of her while they made out.

"I love you so much!" Sakura muttered between Madison's lips, running her hands under the covers, down her smooth, soft skin, reaching her butt and squeezing it tightly.

Madison groaned while her centre was burning, and she whimpered as she ground herself on her girlfriend. "I love you, Sakura-chan!" she mumbled back as her hands moved round to fondle Sakura's small perky boobs. She tweaked on her girls rock hard little pink nipples as she kissed off Sakura's lips to her chin and down her neck to her chest, and ending with her lips wrapped around each of Sakura's nipples in turn, suckling them each.

Sakura whimpered and gasped as if she was on fire, but she couldn't have felt better. She looked down while Madison's dark blue eyes stared up at her with her cute little mouth tugging on Sakura's right nipple, swirling it around with her tongue.

Moaning loudly, Sakura felt Madison's right hand sliding down her soft body, ending between her legs, stroking along her thin brown hairs and over her overflowing slit. She gasped as Madison's middle finger slid in between her tight lower lips.

The Card captor could barely believe they were doing this, having been best friends for so long; they were finally much more, and they couldn't wait to devour each other, to show their love, to feel each other in a complete intimacy.

Running her hands through her dark hair, Sakura pushed Madison down from her boob. The covers moved back with her as Madison nipped at her tit before kissing down her body. The covers fell back to the floor exposing their complete nakedness to each other.

However, Madison continued to kiss her way down Sakura's body, using her tongue in her bellybutton. Then she continued down, smiling as she felt Sakura shaking; she moved her finger from Sakura's vagina, looking up at her best friend; her girlfriend she sucked her finger clean while closing her eyes and moaning in pleasure before her eyes opened and she grinned.

Looking down from Sakura's eyes, she looked down, between her girls legs, and then she lapped at her with her little pink tongue. Then, in that instant, Sakura cried out silently as the air left her lungs and she was at Madison's mercy. And Madison had no mercy for her beautiful magical lover.

Sakura quivered and squirmed while Madison held her thighs up around her neck, squeezing her tight little butt and drinking from her burning centre, lapping at it, burying her tongue deeply.

Madison could feel Sakura's hymen, and went for it, pushing her tongue deeper until she felt it give way and tasted the small amount of blood as Sakura gasped out, but she didn't pull back but continued to enjoy every bit of her Sakura. She slid in two fingers to finish the job, taking the love of her life's virginity, and making sure to do a proper job of it.

The young magician whimpered while pulling her mortal lovers face tighter into her self, begging her not to stop. Madison was getting off on having so much power over the powerful sorceress. She suckled on her clit and that was all it took to make Sakura finally explode in orgasm.

Meanwhile on the other side of the planet Luna Lovegood woke in her girlfriends arms, cuming, and sweating. She calmed her breathing as to not wake Cassie or the other girl in bed with them at Razed Castle as it was the middle of the night. Not that everyone in the castle would be sleeping, but she, her girlfriend, and friends had been shagging for quite a few hours before getting some rest.

She let a small bemused smile line her lips as she thought about the hot scene she had seen. She didn't often see the present, but for once she was glad she did. But this could only mean one thing, and that was that those girls futures were interlinked with her own.

"Luna-what's the matter?" Cassie asked tiredly as she slowly peeled her eyes open.

"Nothing, Love," she replied, cuddling her adventurous girl tightly. "Just saw some new adorable sisters in our future. I think they'll need our help soon, but for now I wouldn't know where to look for them."

"Oh," she replied with a smile. "Well, we'll have to tell Morgana about them tomorrow so we can get the Covenant to be on the look out."

"Many heroes should watch out!" They were startled as Rachael Dare cuddled up behind Luna, "as The First awakens to bring the world to the brink!"

"What does that mean?" Cassie asked in worry.

"I don't know!" Rachael said while fondling Luna's tits, tweaking her stiff nipples. "I just give these prophecies, not write them."

"We can deal with that in the morning!" interrupted a beautiful brunette goddess. "But you know, I was annoyed that I wasn't roomed with Penny at first, but you know, you weird little witches, stroke prophets, stroke demigoddesses are pretty cool."

"I still can't believe that you're, THE Calypso!" Cassie said as the goddess/titan was snuggled up to her.

"Well, I did free you, and you still want her!?" asked another girl behind her.

"Leia!" Calypso complained. "I love you, but seriously, like you haven't thought about it!"

"Well, okay, her, Annabeth, Maggie, Samirah, Piper, Jamie, Carla, Sadie, and Thalia together, seriously hot!" replied the dark skinned girl smirkingly. "I saw them all sneaking off together with Clarisse eagerly dragging Penny! Just imagine, several of the most powerful demigods on the planet together! And most of them are related, Carla and Sadie are even sisters! That is super hot!"

"So what is The First?" Hannah Abbot asked from the other side of Leia, and ignoring the perverted girl.

"Umm… you probably don't want to know!" Calypso commented. "If its who I think it is, you certainly don't want to meet the bitch!"

"Y-you know her!?" Susan, the last girl in the bed, cuddled with her girl friend Hannah asked.

"I don't have a choice. She's my great-aunt!" she replied with a sigh. "We tend not to speak of her. She's just as much of a bitch as her sister, my grandmother, Gaia! She is the mother of all evil. The First Evil! Not the goddess you want to ever hear is waking up! But we can talk more about this in the morning. It could be nothing. It could mean something else. Something less horrible, something easier to defeat."

"That isn't likely is it?" Leia asked, not reassured.

"No!" Calypso agreed.

"We'll tell Morgana in the morning," Luna said. "Then we can prepare for the worse, and look out for our missing sisters. I'll try to look for them in the future, and maybe Willow can help boost my ability with some daemonic magic."

"If we're lucky!" Calypso said tiredly as she turned to kiss her girlfriend Leia lovingly on the lips, and the girls let the thought of The First Evil leave them for a while as they had better things to do as they each claimed a set of lips for themselves, mouth, or in the case of the odd girl out, Rachael, claiming Luna's lower lips to make out with, but Luna would never complain as she opened her legs wide for her sister in weirdness.

Elsewhere in the castle Valkyrie Cain was rubbing her brow in frustration as her reflection was in her room, just as naked as her, glaring at her. She wasn't sure whether to grab her towel to cover up or not, as technically she was her. She had caught the other girl naked on her super huge bed in a very provocative position, but she jumped up when interrupted by Valkyrie leaving the shower, and dropping her towel before she spotted the other girl.

"You can't just break your mirror and be me!" Valkyrie said in annoyance. "And then trying to sleep with my girlfriends! That's just weird!"

However, her alternate self glared at her. "Well, you don't want your life. I just wanted to have some love too. And after leaving me in that alternate reality where I was bloody TORTURED! I deserve more than just being your stand in! I've earned that much and more!" she said causing Valkyrie to flinch in guilt. "Why shouldn't I have your life! They cut two of my fingers off! It hurt like hell! I'm just thankful they came back when I returned to that stupid mirror!" she replied coldly. "Or maybe I should tell everyone that you are Darquesse? And that you sealed your true name, and that you might end up destroying the world! So I am Stephanie Edgley! And there is nothing you can do about it!"

Valkyrie grit her teeth in anger. "Well that doesn't explain why you're here in my room, and naked! Trying to trick my girlfriends into screwing you when you could have mostly any other girl in this place!"

Stephanie smirked. "Hey, I want to have a good time too, and I know how hot it is to shag the sisters. Darquesse!"

"Stop calling me that!" Valkyrie said in annoyance. "What if someone hears you. That Rachael girl has already dished out a bloody prophecy about 'her', and that's not to mention all the other sensitives. And Luna keeps giving me these weirdly knowing looks like she knows something I don't about me, or her."

"You both worry too much!" They were interrupted as Morgan slipped out of the shadows from the corner of the room. They just stared at her in shock. "Sorry," she said not looking or sounding sorry at all. "When I saw your amusingly normal self sneaking in I got curious. And do you think Luna wouldn't tell me about your potentially evil self?"

"W-well I hoped she wasn't better than the other sensitives!" Valkyrie said sheepishly. "S-so what are you going to do?" she asked in concern as she looked over the beautiful brunette in her white summer dress feeling self-conscious about hers and her reflections nakedness.

"Nothing, right now," Morgana replied checking the older girls, ('twins') out as the other brunettes were looking totally yummy with their cute little tits and pussies with light dusting of black hair on display. "I figure that will work its self out, but why are you both naked?"

"I just got out of the shower!" Valkyrie said. "I was just going to put my PJ's on when I found her spread legged on the bed!"

"I was hoping to lose my virginity to the Greengrass sisters!" Stephanie said pouting, "but she turned up instead! I still have some of her memories of that before I became my own person!"

"O-Kay!" Morgana said with a nod as she pulled her dress up over her head to reveal her white panties and bra on her perfectly fit body (but then the twins body's were just as fit), as she threw her dress to the floor, kicking off her white trainers and socks. "Daphne and Astoria are off dealing with some newbies, but I'm free for the evening, if you want?" she suggested hopefully.

However, Stephanie didn't have a chance to answer as Morgana wrapped her in her arms and started kissing her lips with her tongue slipping into her mouth to wage a battle with hers. Stephanie didn't hesitate in kissing, back licking the lightning witches tongue, as Morgana's hands roamed her body, squeezing her arse.

Morgana pulled back after a moment, and smirked at Valkyrie. "This will give a whole new meaning to the words 'fuck yourself'," Morgana commented while holding Stephanie tightly in her arms, and making a come gesture to Valkyrie.

Valkyrie Cain gulped as she moved to them, kissing Morgana as she wrapped her arms around them. She had thought that having sex with sisters was hot and perverted, but when her lips first touched her own reflections, she knew that that was even more so, and it made her wetter than ever.

The only thing that would make this better would be if Astoria and Daphne were with them.

Valkyrie had never been so wet as when her reflection-her twin sister (or maybe triplet as she thought about her true name) touched her puss for the first time, and she almost squirted there and then, but she held back. She wanted this feeling to last as long as she could make it as her heart beat faster and harder than it ever had before.

Several rooms away, Penelope Jackson whimpered as Clarisse just wouldn't leave her pussy alone. She lay on their bed spread legged while Annabeth, Artemis, Carla and Sadie Kane, Jamie, Piper, Maggie (Annabeth's Norse demigoddess cousin), Samirah (Maggie's Valkyrie, and daughter of Loki), and Thalia were spent, covered in girl creams asleep.

She still couldn't believe that she sucked on a goddesses' clit, and that Artemis really knew how to please a girl, let alone that Clarisse really did have the hots for her, and wouldn't unclasp her mouth from her dripping hotness. Penelope was still tired from all of the previous loving but she didn't have the heart to stop Clarisse from enjoying herself as much as she was as she had her all to herself while Annabeth was snuggled in her arms, sleeping with the others cuddled up around them.

Clarisse had been all over her any chance she got since they arrived, and Annabeth didn't mind, as she got to have plenty of fun with other girls too, but they were still together as girlfriends, just they were a bit-well a lot more open in their relationship with their sisters.

Though, Penny supposed a nice Clarisse was better than the mean one she usually had to deal with, and she would let Penelope do whatever she wanted to her, so she wasn't going to complain much. Though, she could be a little less clingy, but then it was funny when the other girls teased her about it and she pretended she couldn't hear them. And being favoured by Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, Clarisse was very good at pleasuring them.

Who knew such a tough girl could be so soft and loving, and obedient? Penelope looked down her sweat and cum drenched body to the brunette's face buried attentively between her legs and smiled. Who would have guessed she could love Clarisse so much.

Just two doors down, Ethel Hallow glared at Mildred Hubble as they were alone in their room as they had been bickering again, and they were sent to their room to sort out their problems away from annoying anyone else. And the Slayer could be kind of scary when she wanted to be, and she had super strength so she wasn't to be disobeyed, not by weak little mage like them anyway, especially with those two powerful Wicca backing her up anyway.

Ethel found it annoying every time she met a new magician that she leant made her and her family look like rank armatures, but she was getting less surprised. She had heard based on power and talent that Willow was the most dangerous magic wielder in the castle, other than Eva the forever ten year old vampire, but she didn't count as she had centuries on everyone else. That made her not want to piss off the Slayer even more as she didn't want to be turned into a slug or something.

Though Willow seemed to be a nice girl-a goodie-two-shoes like Mildred, who knew what dark naughty secrets she held. That made her wonder whether Mildred had a dark side, and the thought was centring, and a little scary.

The vampire, Eva had told her outright that Mildred was destined to be a very powerful witch someday, telling her that on base power she was stronger than her. She even laughed about it when Ethel had tried to refute it. Mildred couldn't be more powerful than her could she?

Though, thinking back to all of their classes, and all of the spells Mildred messed up she couldn't refute it. The girl was dangerous with magic when she was getting it wrong. If someone who wasn't such a lame teacher taught her, could she actually become someone important? Someone powerful?

She quivered thinking about it, and hoped that she wasn't actually getting wet thinking about Mildred dominating her with her power, but knew she was. No. If Mildred was going to be powerful. Then so would she. They would be equals, or she, Ethel would be superior.

Ethel didn't have a clue that subconsciously she didn't care all that much; that she had feelings other than hate for this girl. And even after tonight it would be awhile before she realised her heart beat for this girl.

"So-we're supposed to make friends?" Mildred asked embarrassedly. "Do they mean we're supposed to have sex? Just the two of us or something?" she asked with blushing red cheeks.

Ethel shrugged while glaring at her. "I'm not licking your fanny, so you can forget that!"

"Why do you hate me?" she suddenly asked sadly.

Ethel paused before she said anything. At first it had been just because she was a muggle-born while Ethel was a pureblood, but she wasn't sure she ever cared about that, not really. She really tried to stop the words from slithering out of her mouth but she couldn't help herself.

"Because you're a nothing!" Ethel answered, but grimaced as she realised that she felt bad saying that, and tears prickled at Mildred's eyes. "D-don't cry, please just don't cry!" she said suddenly as she moved closer and dropped to her knees; she hated seeing people cry, it was so-well she didn't know how to deal with criers, so she could only think of one thing to stop the waterworks. "Okay, I'll lick your fanny!" she said putting her hands up Mildred's skirt and pulling her panties to her ankles.

"Just don't expect me to enjoy it!" she added putting her head up Mildred's skirt and licking her smooth fanny. She went for it nonchalant so that Mildred didn't think she was being too eager to eat her out. It was just-she was joining the Covenant-and Mildred would be her new sister-she should do it, right?

Mildred groaned as the tears disappeared from her eyes as Ethel started munching noisily on her. She was soaking in seconds and lost in the feeling as she sat back on the bed, lying back she spread her legs wider while Ethel pulled her fanny lips apart with her thumbs.

Despite what she said, Ethel was making noises with her throat as she eagerly drank down the muggle-born girls juices. She was in heaven, and made Mildred cum multiple times before they were interrupted by Alex and their other room-mates. They had stripped naked in the past half hour in a lust filled sixty-nine, groping at each others pale, firm butts with Mildred was on top with Ethel's middle finger shoved up her arsehole, filly up to her knuckles, pushing in and out.

Ethel felt like she should have jumped away, pretended nothing happened, or been angry at the interruption, but she just kept eating, and came while Mildred kept eating her while she did the same and continued fingering her tight butt hole; they could only groan in pleasure and enjoy each others juices.

The other girls just stood and watched as the door closed behind them before Alex took the lead, removing her clothes and joining the other girls, kissing Mildred's arse cheeks, running her tongue along the firm flesh with Ethel's best friend joining her moments later. The other two were all over Alex's tits seconds after that; all of them naked and ready for a night of fun as this would be the first time the room-mates had each other.

Goddesses bless Ethel's and Mildred's arguments because they finally led them all to where they were supposed to be.

Downstairs in the lounge Willow sat back on the couch snuggled in one of Tara's arms while Buffy was the other side cuddling up to her girlfriend in her other arm while Dawn and Ellie were in bed with some new girl friends they made. They were just watching some TV while talking as they had not long gotten word from Buffy's Watcher about something attacking and killing some potential Slayers.

They had already heard about some mystical-ish girls having been rescued from some eye-less men by Morgana while she had been out beating on some bastards in Dublin for daring think the city was theirs. There were two of them, a cute punk girl with odd hair colour and strange fashion sense (she would get on well with Tonks), and a cute girl with dark hair and mesmerising dark eyes. They had been brought to the castle, but it was nice knowing that there was a reason they were attacked so they could find and rescue others.

So the Covenant had used a Covenant contact in the Watchers' Council to get all info on known Potentials, so they could bring them into the safety of the castle while they figure out what to do with them.

"So-it could be possible to wake up more Slayers without me or Faith dying!?" Buffy muttered tiredly.

"Maybe," Willow agreed. "We'll have to research it much more, but, since you and faith prove more than one can be awake at a time, I don't see why not. Maybe-umm… well we might be able to trick the mysticism into believing you died over and over until all potentials are awake, and make it continue trying to awake Slayers for ever…-"

"Wow, if that works I get to vacation a lot more!" Buffy said looking pleased with the thought.

"It would be nice for the three of us to take off for a week or more whenever everything gets too hectic," Tara agreed with a loving smile she gave Buffy a sweet kiss on the lips before giving one to Willow too.

"The fun we could have searching for some new sisters for the Covenant!" Willow said with a smug smirk. "Plus there are so many magical places I've always wanted to see. I've already checked out the Irish Sanctuary, and met Val's weird skeleton detective partner. I would love to visit Hogwarts and Diagon Alley, and maybe even visit the English Sanctuary and Ministry of Magic-!"

"Hello, Willow!" They were interrupted by the slutty English accented voice and looked to the door where a fit young woman with dark hair down her back crinkled at the ends, and dark come 'fuck me eyes' aimed at the red haired witch before they flickered over the other two.

She was only wearing a lacy black bra over her large firm breasts, and panties a size too small, but it worked, showing off her beautiful; pale body.

"Buffy! Tara!" she added winking at them as the three of them checked her out with their mouths hanging open, wetting their lips. "You three look like you could use some attention. You could call it a holiday for the body if you want?" she suggested smugly. "To take your minds off your troubles. And I think my tongue could use the workout!" she said walking over to them and kneeling between them with a smirk, licking her plump lips.

"Will, your new friend Kennedy is a freak!" Buffy commented, but the new girl didn't look offended, but rather ran her fingers up the blonde Slayers legs, up over her thighs as if Buffy had complimented her.

"A freak who needs to have a taste of your slaying arse!" Kennedy agreed, smirking as her hands slid up Buffy's bare thighs, up her skirt and tugged her panties down, Buffy raised her hips to let her. Her panties came off before Kennedy was kissing up the Slayers legs and thighs, trailing her tongue along the smooth toned flesh.

Buffy opened her legs as she watched the slightly younger girl. "Dam, stop teasing, and get to work!" Buffy ordered, and Kennedy didn't need telling twice as she slid her face up Buffy's skirt and started feasting.

The Slayer squirmed and cried out in pleasure while Tara started unbuttoning the other blondes blouse to get at her cute little tits, and Willow had pulled Tara's panties down from under