Harry was left on the doorstep all those years ago. & Dumbledore left some "charms" in his wards with his "loving" family, where he grows up abused where near everyone seems to hate him. When 5 he discovered some magic, teleportation and found some freedom & hope. In the future, Harry, 30 & his family, friends, & allies lost the war, with a plan, they'll re-write their history!

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Harry wrote this down for no reason other than to make himself feel better.

A log that gave him peace of mind. In a messed up world. A world full of confusion, love, and heartache. He had never had a family or a hope or a… well, he had had nothing, but then he found a life, built it.

He had been happy, but that had been stolen by the lies and foolishness.

The war had torn their world apart. He was thankful, and blessed that he still had people to go on the mission with him.

That was why he was writing this journal. To document a life that could now be forfeit. No matter how much he might want to live. His next great trick will reset life.

Everything will be gone. Everything. They wanted to have a great future. A loving and hopeful past. To do that they must tear down the world.

Time is the ultimate miracle that they will control!

To redo. Reset. To smash through the gates of existence and be something else. Something great. To change history. To do things as they were meant to be done! To two time, the Goddesses Destiny, and Fate, and have the Goddess of Time bow to their will, just this once.

The world had been a major pain in his ass. This time. This history. He chuckled to himself thinking about the ultimate cheat code.

He sat at his desk in his large double room. Being a mage anyone in the know would think that he would be backwards enough to use a quill and parchment. However, he actually had an open red coloured lap top computer on his desk, waiting a moment, just thinking.

He had written a lot over the years. His story. The truth of who or what he was. He hid his few journals. Safe from the darkness by some powerful magical tricks. Lost, forever. They contained powerful magiks that he invented that cheat the World of Mysticism.

Rubbing his brow in thought. He smiled. Thinking back on the past. It could have been worse. He was strong willed and always smarter than most. Always open to treating magic differently. More like a science, which might explain his best subject being Runology. The teachers would call it Ancient Runes, but to him. He always referred to it in scientific terms. Symbology.

Thinking of magic as a science always brought him to what he calls creation cells, which are where magic came from. Not that the Wizarding Community would ever listen to him. They were wholly arrogant when it came to their belief that they were mystical beings and mysterious.

He didn't know where the creation cells came from, or figured out the how's and whys yet. They exist like a triple helix. Only wizards seem to have more than five that he had picked up so-far. It seems each of these extras revolve around a different aspect of wizardry, but he didn't how yet.

It was as if mage are evolved humans. That would make sense in many ways. It would explain muggle-born mage. However, it wouldn't explain squibs unless they were a product of interbreeding. They only came from pure-bloods, so maybe their blood was too pure that the full helix wasn't working.

Its odd because in areas where wizards and witches are constantly breeding with each other they appear to get weaker, while muggle-born's and hybrids are stronger, which could explain Tom Riddle, AKA Voldemort being the strongest Dark Sorcerer in a century, or at least the most brazen.

He had so many thoughts and simulations that after this he knew he would have to set up a huge computer system and use his family money to finance his experiments.

After all, the muggles created many machines that will help him, and if he can prove some kind of human evolution. The potential existed to realise how muggle-born's come to be, and with knowledge and truth comes power, more power.

Smiling at the thought of the look on Dumbledore's face showing him and the whole mage population that they don't know nearly anything about what they really are. As far as he's concerned none of his people have really looked outside of the box of what they see. To see something different, new, to evolve their thoughts and by that society.

It was amusing to think that maybe, just maybe, he could find out how and why. He could then start maybe, forcing evolutions hand. Mage are arrogant because they believe they were special, but if everyone were special, the world would settle down.

Shrugging his thoughts off. He put fingers to keys and started typing away. It was something that was like a summary of events.

One last recording of his life, and the lives of those who broke free of the mana of fools.

This is to be the last entry of the diary of Harry James Potter. I kind-of lost all of my journals chronicling my existence. Maybe if you're reading this you found them and read my life. If so then we are all gone, dead and the world will suffer at the hands of Voldemort until the muggles are clued-in and fight back, which could end our race for a while at least, or our world, as we knew it.

I just ask that if you are fighting for your freedom. The freedom of those you love - never stop. It can seem hard at times, but it is always worth it in the end when you see the smiles.

It is said that to die for those you love, from children to parents, to lovers and siblings, is an incredible thing to do. However, it is a wholly greater kind of love that you kill for those you hold in your heart.

This is a rehash since I stated Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Before now.

Before the past

A new hope.

I was in Ravenclaw. The sorting hat said I was smart. I was, very, very smart, still am. The sort of smart that scared people around me. The way I learnt magic. I knew in side that it was always more than they ever knew.

Magic was more than they ever cared to understand.

It was when all of these letters started turning up at the Dursley's (my abusive and evil non-magical family) for me that I noticed the stupidity around me.

I had already known that I was different. I learnt to jump before Hogwarts while my cousin had been chasing me. The bully and his pals were after me for a game of Harry beating. The teachers never cared about me, and his parents encouraged this behaviour.

Everyone around me used to call me ungrateful. That my aunt and uncle took me in when they could have dumped me with child services. I still wonder how they can call that a threat? Child services would have been welcomed relief.

The jumping made me see why I was a 'freak'. At the time, I was six and curious. I had a reason, and thought I was a mutant or something like from those comics I sometimes sneakily read while hiding in the one place Dudley would never go.

The library.

I don't think he could even read, and he was a few months older than I was.

It was long before I saw the jealousy in their eyes. I had always saw it as hate. I stopped caring about them over time, hating them in return.

I've never hated the Dursley's because they were muggles. I liked muggles. I hated them because of the way they hated me for just living.

Knowing about my power made me do what any bright kid would, though dangerous. (I didn't know that at the time, and ignorance can be productive sometimes).

I practice and practice. Jumping. For the first time in my life. I felt free. Happy. Hopeful. I'm sure, maybe I felt that way when mum and dad were alive, but I cannot remember that.

Later I would study it more. Creating balls of this teleporting energy between my hands. Throwing it. I would teleport things away from and too me. That was a lifesaver as I used it to steal food, though some was rightfully mine as I was forced to do all of the chores anyway so it wasn't really stealing.

I felt like I should have ran away but something stopped me. It was odd, annoying and I hated it. I was about ten when I first tried to go really far, using the jump gate as I called it to see beyond. It was like looking through the teleportation wormhole. It was easy once I got the hang of seeing in two places at once. It was an odd experience when I first stuck my head in to look, being in two places at once, and I still can't seem to teach anyone else.

It was the wards around the Dursley's and then some that were stopping me. I couldn't physically teleport beyond. To freedom. It showed me limitations to my ability, and I would later learn that strong wizards all had their own different ways to teleporting, or something like that. It was all tricks for them. Then all, like mine are limited. I was still trying to see the energy preventing me when the owls turned up shortly before my eleventh birthday.

My aunt and uncle freaked out when the first letter came, and more when they were flooding the house, enough to give me Dudley's spare room as the letters were addressed to me. The cupboard under the stairs. Then more came in one Sunday, flooding in through the electric fire from the chimney.

That was my chance and when I was tossed into the cupboard to stop me stealing one of the hundreds of letter, I jumped one too me. So that's how I found out I'm a 'wizard' with 'magical' powers. I had guessed I was just lucky to stumble onto teleportation.

It wouldn't be for a while that I would find out that the way I teleported was different to others. It used the same means, but I burst through the wormholes, manipulating space. I see while I slide through the jump, can change my mind at a split second, and see through the multiple colours of the event horizon of jumping. Then, I have always been different, special some could say.

The letters never stopped and the day before my birthday, 'we' ran away. Though, I should say now 'we' were doing a bad job as the letters followed, but I was content to wait as they had been this persistent they would come. I would learn magic and then I could leave the Dursley's forever.

This huge man came when we finally settled on this rock a few hundred metres off the Norfolk coast or somewhere about. Since the Dursley's knew about magic, how did they think that would work? Did they not consider that magical people could travel over water?

Hagrid, at least as far as I could tell wasn't completely human, maybe half giant or something, but thinking about it. I wondered how a human and a giant could mate?

I really wish he wasn't so dim though as he seriously thought he caught us on vacation. Like the Dursley's would take me anywhere, even to a shack on a rock.

Hagrid told me about my parents. How great they were. I was surprised he was the only adult I had ever met who wasn't just hostile to me, but friendly, kind, caring even.

Then through my insistence told me about Voldemort. Then how my parents died. I had to keep my anger at bay and not jump him into a wall. Goddess I've been tempted with my family. He was party to leaving me with those monsters.

However, he admitted he did not want to, but Albus Dumbledore, some old crackpot had already decided I'll be happy with these people. Cared for. Loved with my 'family'. He must have been the one who placed the shield stopping my escape.

I kept my anger and disgust buried deep inside to stop from doing something I'll regret. The way Hagrid talked about how great and kind this Dumbledore was. The more I wanted to smack him. To show him the bruises that showed him how 'great' his Albus Dumbledore really was, but he had been fooled as others had.

However, justice had to wait. Wait for me to get stronger, which was what I told myself. I didn't really know what to think or do then, but if this Dumbledore didn't know my pain. I would one day show him.

I arrived in the magical world with Hagrid, and though I'll admit I was impressed I couldn't help but notice the anger and hatred directed at me. Like before. Like always. The adults and kids, with no reason, not even knowing who I am. It didn't take a genius here to realise magic was in the air in more ways than one. I knew I had to find the underlying cause of it.

The Goblins of Gringotts were nicer to me than the people I had saved, though inadvertently by unknown magic. They gave me the first glimpse of the wealth my family held; I held, even though it was only a trust. I knew there would be more. I would later use laws and lore loopholes and cheat codes to take hold of all my finances, early.

Leaving the bank, I wasn't looking where I was going and knocked over a small blonde haired girl, Daphne Greengrass. She ended up in Slytherin House, and I've wished that at this moment we could have become good friends. Her life wouldn't have ended in an early death, killed with her sister by their own parents for some pureblood honour bull-crap.

She was a surprise as she wasn't staring at me in hate but her expression wasn't very friendly even as she allowed me to help her up. She even held my hands while she stood staring at me. She then bowed her head, thanked me in a proper way after I apologised and ran off to her mother, father, and younger sister, Astoria.

Hagrid had laughed boomingly as I looked up to question him about the odd girls' behaviour. He said from her expensive robes she's probably from a well-too-do old pureblood family. They had plenty of rules and protocols some of the darker and older families take very seriously, but not to worry as I did quite well, and her father wouldn't want to question my behaviour (likely believing I'm muggle-born?) while with Hagrid.

I must admit I was intrigued and would later read up on magical lore, most of which I could disprove given some time. I think. I don't want to believe that our powers could control us. Lots of it was just not making logical scientific sense.

Idiots probably wrote it up over the years. On the other hand, cunning men using it to control their families, especially women. I've always hated such sexist notions as marrying off a daughter to make connections and or money. Anyone who out do that never loved their daughter and only had one or more as a commodity.

However, getting my 'wand' seemed like the biggest waste of wood I had ever seen. Really? Why would anyone need a focus for 'their' powers? That just brought me to weak and lazy. That they could be so much more with the wand and real magic combined.

I ended up stealing an extra two wands from the weird wand maker when he mentioned the wand that 'chose' me was Voldemort's wands brother. I've never been above stealing if it is necessary and I wanted the edge over Voldemort in case he returned.

School was weird that first week. I got curious stares here and there, and plenty of glares. I didn't get it and after all the books that stupid-dude in the book shop wouldn't let me buy, sneering at me.

I thought Hogwarts library would be the best place, and though it had lots on magic lore, and magic, with spell and potion books it had nothing I felt I wanted, interesting or valuable to me.

I realised that they had hid away all of the interesting, good books in the restricted section under some foolhardy pretext that they were 'dark' and 'evil'. I had never really like those words, because they're labels the 'light' and 'good' use to bully others who don't see eye-to-eye.

After that first week, only a few people seemed to look at me, and for once see me. That only included a few kids and one teacher. Severus Snape. That wasn't out of kindness on his part. He was always a piece of vindictive shit to me. Not that he seemed to be nice to anyone. He couldn't teach being a bastard, and he was one. That was how incompetent he was.

The other kids didn't really want much to do with me, just putting up with the cold and guarded Ravenclaw boy who would never let anyone get behind him, or initiate any contact.

The longer I stayed at the school the more I found people started responding better to me, and teachers stopped taking points for stupid reasons like showing the other students up even when he was holding back, and then giving me points instead.

I still haven't figured out what curse they were under, or how Dumbledore planted it into my wards, and more importantly, why?

Still at the end of the year. They were sending me back. Their 'hero'. Back to the Dursley's to suffer. I still have to wonder whether Dumbledore knew how I was treated, but fell under the same curse as everyone else. His own curse. It seems poetic in a way that Dumbledore would not hold any love for me so he was-captured under his own curse.

I had almost died before they sent me back. This ignorant and selfish bully. Ronald Weasley started being, 'nice' to me. Telling me about the Philosopher's Stone. Very powerful. Very dangerous in the wrong hands. I don't know how a moron like him could have figured out that Dumbledore hid it in the school. He's a right bully and not at all bright. I remembered the thing that Halloween with the troll and Hermione Granger.

Hermione had only tried helping him with his class work and he was a douche about it. She ran off crying. I can understand how she felt. I had not any friends either, but I didn't mind keeping too myself. She had hid in a bathroom when the troll attacked, but it was just lucky that I overheard where she was.

I was suspicious of Quirrell for some reason; the Defence against the Dark Arts teacher was just odd, shifty, suspicious, and very boring for someone who taught a potentially fun class.

Finding Hermione was quite easy. I just jumped outside of the doors to the bathroom since the wards dome over the school to stop teleporting in and out, and the ward charms dome extra over certain areas to protect bathrooms, dorm rooms, restricted areas, and other places like teachers rooms and offices, and the occasional class, but the halls are fair game apparently.

I didn't know why I was risking my life for a girl I barely knew, but I didn't see any other way. The prefects wouldn't listen or they're just too cowardly to risk their own safety, and the teachers were hunting in the dungeon when it most likely wouldn't be there.

I had probably grimaced as I heard the girl scream in the bathroom and rushed in. Hermione was hanging upside down by one leg, held by the monster, her robes and skirt flying up or down to reveal her underwear whichever way you look at it.

I don't know why I felt relieved to not be the only student to wear a uniform under my robes but I had been feeling weirded out that all the boys in my dorm just wore their robe like a dress.

However, first things first. It was the first time I pulled a living thing, but she was bleeding from her head and her eyes were out of focus and looking like she had some serious concussion from previous experience. I pulled and she flashed away in a blast of blue white warping energy, falling into my arms, her weight taking me to the ground while I held her.

I was almost sick a moment later. I realised I left her leg behind. She woke, screaming, breathing harshly she looked down at her leg surprised it had some kind of warp of white and blue around where the wound should be, looking up to the baffled troll. However, I knew she was in enough pain that I might as well have cut her leg off.

The troll turned to us as I tried not to freak out, as Hermione wouldn't stop crying. It lobbed her leg and I just remember waving my hand at it as it flew having no clue what I did, but it fizzed away back onto Hermione.

She looked just as shocked as I did, but that could have been some real shock. Her pain leaving instantly. She had tears streaming down her cheeks as she breathed deeply, calming as much as she could before I rolled over her taking the trolls club to the face knocking me away from her, skidding across the floor while Hermione screamed, crying out in panic.

I turned and with a blurry eyed stare the troll flickered back three times with whooshes of noise before it was near embedded in the wall, shattering tiles and concrete before crashing to the floor, bloodied. It was the most incredible and exhilarating thing I can ever remember doing up to that point in life, but it wouldn't be the craziest.

Hermione had stopped screaming, breathing heavily she was checking her leg over, blinking in awe, looking to me. She was quite the know-it-all, and when it came to knowledge, put it above all else.

She ignored what had happened to her and told me it was impossible to apparate (what they call teleporting) in Hogwarts let-a-lone the fact I opened the apparition field on somebody else.

I couldn't help but laugh. I remembered the look that wanted knowledge over the fact I did something called splinching to her, but worse, and even more the wormhole doesn't normally stay connected as mine did, which was why she felt as if her leg had been cut off.

I moved closer to her as I could feel them coming. I knew. Teachers. They were nearing us. They probably heard her screams.

I took her face in my hand and told her not to remember how I saved her. I was desperate and preformed an unknown magic on her. I couldn't risk Dumbledore know what I could do and shutting me down, or worse erasing the knowledge from my mind.

I still remember her dazed look, and feeling guilty as I realised I actually preformed some magic on her. The look matched in with the blood pouring down my head, the metallic taste in my mouth.

Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall turned up moments later and I felt that odd tingle that tried to enter my head straight away from the old man. I still don't get how I've always kept him out. They asked what happened, which knocked Hermione out of her daze where she took the blame for me.

However, I just said we both weren't at the feast and that we bumped into each other, and she asked whether I could wait for her when the troll came, forcing me into the bathroom where we had to fight. I'm not sure Dumbledore believed my retelling, but Hermione seemed a little susceptible and I was so convincing she agreed with my version, forgetting about her lie.

I was awarded five points. Like seriously. I deserved more than that. So McGonagall quickly escorted Hermione and me to the infirmary where Hermione was the first person I have met to thank me. We didn't exactly start hanging out after that, but we got along and partnered up during shared classes.

Anyway, back to Ron and his ploy to save the stone, or get me to do it. He had barely talked to me before this, and always about stuff I never cared for. He loved quidditch while I had subscribed to a broom-racing magazine. I'd always liked racing sports over ball sports. Not that I got to enjoy them, not even now I'm 30.

Because Dumbledore was suspiciously absent from the school, and Ronald 'knew' all about the stone we were in the forbidden corridor. The huge three-headed guard dog slept to a harps music. I watched Ronald pull up the trapdoor when the music stopped a moment later. The harp was likely charmed to stop if the trapdoor was opened or Ron had bad timing.

I looked up the dog monster was awake glaring down at us.

Ronald screamed like a girl and jumped through the trapdoor without a care for me. I shrugged, ignored the dog and slammed the door closed. The dog kept barking but didn't attack and stopped as I reached up and patted a massive snout giving the dog praise for saving me from that bother.

I had to give all the Cerberus heads fair attention before they let me leave and continued back to their place guarding the trapdoor.

Dumbledore may be stupid or ignorant, but not stupid or ignorant enough to really risk the Philosopher's Stone to the protection of first years, but if Ron wanted to play foolish hero-games on Dumbledore's 'suggestion', let him do it alone.

I'm not initially sure what happened to Ron but he was pissed off when I told McGonagall where he was and she had to rescue him. It wasn't that funny after the bastard had managed to sneak up on me, the day before we were due to go home and threw me down the moving staircase while it was moving, and I almost died, dropping five floors.

I woke up that afternoon, aching, and sore all over, wrapped in some bandages. It didn't seem many people cared but I heard if it weren't for Dumbledore, Hagrid would have strangled Ron to death. It was all good by me though after I got out the next morning for the train.

Ron had disappeared before he could even reach the train only to turn up hungry and crying several weeks later (most of his vacation missed) as he was found in a muggle nut house after he was found having broken into the asylum, and was found screaming about muggles and magic and an evil boy wizard.

He didn't have it bad. It wasn't like he was in China or anything. I doubt I could have shot him that far, but he did reach Manchester, the asylum was just a fluke.

"So you did throw Ronald to that Asylum in Manchester!"

Harry looked round, amused to see the blonde woman with dreamy blue eyes peering over his shoulder at his lap top screen.

"Ginny told me all about that, but she never said it was you."

"He accused me. Called me dark and evil the first day back, but that was more that so-called muggle hate thing!" he replied, smirking. "Says the prick who threw me down the stairs?! Said he'll get me back. I said if he doesn't shut up and get lost and stay lost I'll drop him off a cliff, never bothered me again… well, he did, but not about that since he had no proof, and a short attention span."

She smiled, rolling her eyes as she placed down a hot mug of tea. "Ginny asked me to bring you a cup of tea, and that dinner will be ready soon, and happy birthday," she smiled, hugging him with a kiss to the cheek before quickly leaving to go help the others in the kitchen.

He sighed sadly. "I like cooking too, what is it with Ginny. I hope someone out there can cook since Ginny didn't inherit that talent from her mother."

"Hey I heard that!"

Harry grimaced as he heard her shouting from the kitchen and some snickering twins who were in their mid-thirties so should act their age and stop using their spy tricks to get him into trouble.

He rolled his eyes and returned to his work, thinking he took a quick sip of his tea before his fingers hit back down on the keys of his lap top.


It was just before my second year at Hogwarts that this odd and dangerous, to himself, and others, House Elf turned up in my room at Privet Drive with the Dursley's I suppose in a way he meant well, but he caused me no end of trouble, and almost got me killed-well starved to death, and killed.

The elf. Dobby. He kept on ranting that I couldn't go back to Hogwarts. Terrible things would happen. He wouldn't tell me what. He kept smashing his head against the wall every time he even thought about telling me.

I felt sorry for him at first. However, when I told him to leave and that I'm not staying at the Dursley's, and that I would have truly preferred to engage danger over staying with them any longer than I had too. I told the little git that and he ran off, out of my room to do who knew what?

I jumped him back. He went to leave again frightened. This time by apparation. I hadn't seen anyone else apparate before, so I was fascinated as I looked through his wormhole, watching as he appeared downstairs before pulling him back again.

After telling him he wasn't welcome back I jumped him as far away as I could. Later something weird happened. It had only been a couple days. My aunt got a letter by owl, which meant from a wizard. It had the official Department for Misuse of Magic Office seal on it.

As soon as I saw that grin on her face, I knew something messed up was going on. I woke up covered in bruises from the attack. After my aunt attacked me, her son and husband joined in, and believe me, they were giants among the obese.

I could taste my own blood as I stood from where I had been dumped in the locked room on the floor. I grimaced as my left shoulder was out of its socket. It took a huge shove against the wall to pop it back in. The pain never bothered me any more I had felt worse than they could dish out and my magic accelerated my healing.

The room was dark. All of my belongings had been destroyed and bars had been placed on the window. I was glad that they didn't know about the loose floorboard where I hid my wands. Even more thankful that I didn't buy a familiar. I would have killed them had they murdered a pet of mine

I tried jumping out but I just flickered. I would find out that Dumbledore made the wards responsive. The Dursley's forbid me from leaving my room so the anti-apparation wards forbid me too.

The Ministry had accused me of using magic. I was, but they accused me of doing it with my wand. That stunk of a certain elf that I had gotten rid of before. He was watching me from the corner of the room in tears. He was afraid to get any closer.

I pulled a can of soda from the fridge and ignored him. He left soon after. I knew that because of the wards around the house that I had been in them too long to use magic to get help. They wouldn't care about me, so I had to wait. As long as I could jump food to me, I would be okay.

It wasn't too bad. I could practice magic without my wand. I didn't have any books, but that wasn't too bad. It was having no bathroom that bothered me, most. I got a lot of practice vanishing though. I still started to spell bad and feel itchy.

Then the Dursley's were trying to kill me that time. None of them offered me food, not once.

It came time to leave for Hogwarts, but nothing. I was left forgotten. It had been a week. I had been trying to jump all that time, but nothing. I hadn't even got my supply letter as far as I knew. I waited for just over two weeks before I had enough.

I couldn't jump myself, but I could jump other things. So I jumped the bars from my window, embedding them into my uncles car below. The noise was quiet the welcome release from the silence. I heard all of the locks turning in the door as I was climbing out of the window.

Lowering myself, I could see my uncle. He was screaming at me in his rage. He went and grabbed me through the window. However, he didn't have any leverage and I pulled him out, breaking his back on the car below.

He unfortunately survived that. I managed to shimmy down the drainpipe. I ran as soon as I hit the ground. It took me two weeks to get my Hogwarts stuff and return to school.

I wasn't greeted with much happiness. Apparently, Magical Law Enforcement had gone around the Dursley's after I had ran. I was arrested, treated like a muggle hating evil pile of crap. No matter the evidence to the contra. I was not even allowed to hire a lawyer for my defence.

Having no rights to these bastards cemented my hatred. I would tear these people apart and rebuild them. I would turn them into a proper governing body that would not allow a twelve year old to be fine the equivalent to one hundred thousand pounds to his abusers and spend two weeks being tortured in Azkaban Prison.

I hated Dumbledore more than ever, and when he came to pick me up from jail, I swore to him that someday I would end my nightmare and he would die. He had this blinding smile as if I was just a stupid child acting out.

School was worse than ever, and I got into fights with that fool Weasley boy more times than I can remember. He wasn't anything compared to me. After that, my 'wand' was taken from me except for during classes, not that that stopped me from beating him.

He was the biggest bully and ignorant hater in the school. He hated Slytherins just because they were Slytherins, and he hated me because I was supposedly a muggle hater. He had the cheek to believe he was sticking up for muggles. He knew nothing about them or their world. He thought they were stupid. He read comics on how stupid muggles were, and laughed the loudest.

Ronald made fun of muggles and all of their incredible NON-magical creations. Yet he had the gull to call me a muggle hater? I hated him worse than I hated anyone. At least The Slytherins didn't believe a word of Dumbledore and Ministry bull-shite even with the magic still strong, maybe stronger since the Dursley's hated me more.

I figured the ward was based around how the Dursley's felt about me; amplified to spread those feelings to everyone I came into contact with. However, caring, kindness, love, and other emotional aspects must have made some people immune.

Dumbledore. Ignorant. Naïve. Prat. I don't know. Not really. I don't know whether he expected the Dursley's to love me, and spread that around, or whether he wanted me that way. If the latter. Well, I have to wonder why he wanted a new Dark 'Lord' who would want the destruction of them all.

I was so close to folding, maybe even throwing myself off the highest tower. However, when Hermione cornered me soon after I had returned and hugged me I almost broke down, but I could not. She knew that it was all rubbish.

Then I discovered a weird blonde girl. She was a first year in Ravenclaw. She was bullied more than I was because she didn't fight back. She was a sweet girl who was already well on her way to becoming a conspiracy theory nut.

She was friendless, which got to me. Kids are cruel. Not just Dudley and his 'friends'. I went to her. She wasn't like everyone else. She wasn't caught in the spell. She had looked at me that first day and I don't know how, even now, but she just knew about the enchantment.

I had two friends then. Hermione and Luna. However, after the Chamber of Secrets was opened and the cat was petrified it was hard for me to spend any time with them. At least they had each other as I had introduced them.

It felt as if the world was out to destroy me. They called me the heir of Slytherin. The teachers and everyone hated me more than the year before.

I was all alone most of that year. It was a year of hell for me. I got accused of petrifying people even when there were witnesses to say I couldn't have. Not that they cared to stick up for me.

Then Hermione got petrified. I had to work it out, find the culprit and put an end to it myself. If the teachers only cared about pointing at me. It would have only been a matter of time until they threw me in Azkaban with Hagrid as they had already accused him.

That was shortly before the monster had taken Ginny Weasley. That was interesting, as I had been attacked; beaten by Ronald Weasley, his twin brothers and some other Gryffindors. I was left dumped, bloodied in the girl's bathroom on the third floor.

It was an unused bathroom because of Moaning Myrtle. The ghost that haunted it. She wasn't the most pleasant thing to deal with. It was ironic that she floated near me after I was left.

I remember looking up towards her. She looked mortified. She must have watched the whole thing. I managed to pull myself up, healing myself as well as I could. It helped that I had finally managed to get some books on healing magic. It helped if I sent mail order under a different name.

She told me about the red haired girl and the diary. She said when the girl came in she wasn't herself. She wasn't normal. She said she opened the sink. She had tried to tell someone. She knew what it was. Whatever was attacking students had done the same fifty years before and it killed her, and Hagrid got blamed without evidence then too.

Myrtle had been a parselmouth. Speaker of the language of snakes. I could get with that. I could speak it too. It did not take long to find the secret entrance in the sinks with a parseltongue password: open.

She didn't come with me but the slid down into the dark, dank tunnels below was something.

I was still hurt and covered in blood. However, I had to go and get this Weasley girl because no one else would. I got beaten up because of her. The least I could do is rescue her and rub it in their faces. Not that I thought they would care, but she was still an innocent girl.

The way Ronald acted towards other people left me in little doubt that he bullied her too. If anything, his mother encouraged misbehaviour towards lesser beings. Girls, muggles, muggle-born's, smart people, and just a note. She did, and it had always driven me crazy with dislike.

Mrs. Weasley expected Ginny to be a good little girl and know her place while being an opinionated busybody herself. Talking about double standards. Bitch!

Anyway, the trip through the dark cavern was creepy, but there was enough light leaking through cracks and stones from afar that my eyes adjusted enough so that I did not trip over the tiny bones littering the floor.

There was a giant snakeskin, shed by the basilisk that hung-out down there, but I could not sense anything creeping. Not even a mouse. Then again. I would expect mice to be smart enough not to head down into the chamber.

I found some inner doors with giant metal snake on it. I'm still surprised that Salazar Slytherin, builder of the Chamber of Secrets was that arrogant that his only password was 'open' in parseltongue. The giant steel gates opened to allow me in.

It was much brighter inside with an eerie blue glow from the water either side as I entered. The chamber was located under the lake so it was bound to let water in after a while. If it wasn't designed to for whatever reason anyway.

She was there. She was so small, leaning up against a back wall, barely conscious. I thought the look of horror she was giving me was fear for a moment, and it was. She was afraid for me, not of me, as her brown eyes flickered to the side.

That was the first time I saw him. Tom Riddle. Voldemort's teenage memory. I could see the diary in Ginny's small arms. It was how he came back.

Tom was quite helpful as he gloated, mocking me, commenting on the attack on me. He told me about all manner of spells Dumbledore could be using to make everyone hate me.

He made me an offer. To join him. We could have become partners to conquer the magical world. I'll admit for a moment I had felt tempted, but refused as I saw Ginny's fear.

In many ways the people who hated me because of Dumbledore and the Dursley's were not at fault. They were still innocent. I couldn't bring myself to want to harm them because of another's power over my being.

The children were only young, and impressionable. Most of them wouldn't have been anywhere near as vindictive without the spell. Others, adults especially. I couldn't forgive them. I didn't believe they deserved full forgiveness.

Over time, I had let some people off, as it was a powerful magic connected to me that I realised that though they were trapped. They still were not as bad as they could have been, should have been.

Tom was not pleased at my refusal and started calling out in parseltongue. I did not have time to contemplate the big-headed words he used to worship, or love Salazar Slytherin. Not to mention all of the ugly statues of the man.

A huge mouth opened up in a wall. It was huge and silver. The serpent. It was around seventy foot long, and thicker than Hagrid stood, round.

It had a mouth full of razor sharp fangs dripping with venom. I forgot to close my eyes, but nothing. I looked into its cold and dangerous yellow eyes as it looked into my green.

Tom had laughed at me. He told me that Ginny and I were safe, as the monsters killer stare did not affect speakers. He ordered it to kill me. I flickered away as it charged. It crashed into the ground as I appeared next to Ginny.

She was even more shocked than Tom as she begged me to run away. I turned to the monsters as it turned, looking at me. I needed to protect Ginny. I flickered away and called its attention. It turned to me while Ginny was crying out.

The red haired girl was weakening. I could see it. Feel it. Tom was stealing her life force. I could not let him. I would not let him. I would rather die. I did not fear death. I was too pathetic to fear death. I welcomed it with open arms.

I could almost see the shadowed figure of a beautiful woman in all black with a long black cloak hiding her in the shadows of nothingness.

The basilisk charged and I knew there was nothing I could do. All I could do is jump around. There was no way I would be strong enough to jump the snake.

I remembered closing my eyes when I heard a swish, and the sound of metal sliding into stone. I looked up and there it was. It was a sword. It was larger than I was. It had a long handle bound in white leather, and a long straight double-edged blade.

The sword was a dull grey silver tint with markings engraved within it. The markings had a blue shine to them. The very edged of the blades held that same blue. The weapon was beautiful, yet very functional. Well, more functional if I were taller at the time.

I had pulled the sword from where it had stuck into the ground with very little effort before I realised it. It was lighter than I had ever thought a sword could or should be.

A screech made me jump with the sword. I appeared over the other side of the chamber as the snake crashed into the wall. I was tired, jumping was making me disorientated, and sore, my muscles ached. I realised that it had more limits than I thought. I had never jumped like it before.

I looked for the source of the screech when I saw it. The basilisk was back up, snapping at a beautiful smoky white phoenix. Its wings were like flames of white smoke. Its eyes were full and blue. It was glaring at the snake as its mighty talons carved into the monster snakes eyes and face.

The serpent lashed out with its tail, knocking the phoenix out of the air towards me. I watched as 'she' bust into white smoke and land as a young girl with white hair trailing back like feathers and fur to her knees. Her clothes were like smoggy white hipsters, tee shirt and open hoody.

She looked at me silently as she landed in a crouch on her bare fingertips and toes. Her fierce, cool blue eyes were like the sky, and ocean combined, shifting through many different colours of blues and greens.

Turning back to the snake as it lashed out in pain. She hissed, and spat out, sneering with growls coming from her chest. That coming from her when she didn't look older than I did.

The monster basilisk turned to her, growling and hissing as its large tongue flickered out. It lunged at her, but she burst backward into white mist, pulling out of it as a cute white furred rodent of some kind with a long fluffy white tail longer than her tiny body.

She floated backwards with little gliding wings as she stretched out her clawed arms and legs. She landed her little body on top of my head. Her little snout still hissing, full of sharp teeth as she glared at the basilisk.

I'll admit I was a little confused. Nature spirit. If you were wondering, of air and sea: a wind spirit to normal people. She can change her form, but only keep stronger forms such as humans, mage or otherwise, for a shorter time than normal animals.

She needed a few moments or more to recharge since she had arrived by phoenix flame travel and then fought using phoenix strength and form.

I just accepted my new partners help. Moreover, she brought me my new sword. A girl offering a boy an awesome magical sword is a good start as friendships go.

Not to mention I knew what the sword was. Excalibur. The Sword of the Once King. Sword of Justice. All of that stuff from Arthurian Legends. That was cool. I remember mildly wondering whether owning Excalibur made me king of the UK or England or something.

I do not remember what happened next. I just know I reacted. The next moment I had a poisonous fang in my right forearm, sword clenched in hand, blade through the mouth of the basilisk, through its head. I pulled back and the snake dropped with a crash, dead.

Pulling out the fang. Dropping it to the floor, I remember feeling weak, but I staggered towards Ginny. She would later tell me that I had battered away a killing curse with the sword before I reached her, Tom ranting at me like a child.

I remembered looking at Tom with a grin as the tip of my sword touched the diary in Ginny's hands. It sunk in just a little way and the book was searing. He had dropped the wand he held. Ginny's wand. He wasn't corporeal any more and I could see the golden thread he was stealing from Ginny withdraw from him as golden mist, returning to its home.

Ginny had regained enough strength to take hold of the diary and slide it up the blade. The book burnt black and Tom screamed as he was ripped from the world. I let the diary drop to the floor from my sword spilling ink as if it was blood.

Then we were alone, except for my new partner. I knew. I knew she was going to stay. I named her Spirit. She liked the name, so all was well on that front except I had been poisoned. I was dying. I remembered falling to the floor with Ginny where she held me, panicking.

However, Spirit was a phoenix again. She used her healing tears in this form and my wound healed up before returning to her previous form to rest around my shoulders, enjoying Ginny's attention.

We sat together, taking for hours. I kept her warm in my arms as she cuddled up to me. She talked about her family. She begged my forgiveness, as she somehow knew her brother had attacked me. There was nothing to forgive. She had never even thought to harm me, and she never would have.

I only 'forgave'-ish the twin idiots after they gave me a little trinket during third year-a certain map as a peace offering, but I would never forget. Ronald Weasley however. He would only hold my contempt and loathing, as he would just get worse.

We would sleep there together, in the horrid chamber, content in each other's arms, and make our way back after we woke with Spirits help. We found Dumbledore and McGonagall with Ginny's parents and siblings that morning.

Molly Weasley attacked me and had to be dragged off by her husband and McGonagall while Ginny screamed at her to let me go as she had been thrown to the floor in her mother's rage.

My eyes caught Dumbledore. He had not tried to protect me. I dragged myself up, fresh blood now dripping from my face and I nearly lost it.

However, before I could think of attacking the bitch a large white dog tore into the woman's leg while Ginny had pulled herself up, glaring at her mother, screaming at her that I saved her life.

I called Spirit to let the woman go as I saw Dumbledore stand to attack her. She returned to her place. I picked up my sword from where it fell and remember pointing it at everyone in the room in turn, except for Ginny.

I threatened to burn their world to the ground and left with Ginny taking my free arm and helping me to the Hospital Wing. She was so ashamed of her family.

The school nurse did not care too much about me, actually just pointing out the potion cupboard, but I was smart enough to get what I needed. The nurse protested to me staying with Ginny but I think my sword was intimidating.

None of the Weasley's came to see Ginny that morning but she came to me later to tell me she had told them where to get lost when they told her they wanted her to have nothing to do with me. I was touched that she put me first.

Ronald tried intimidating me, but he was alone and I broke his face and he did not come back again.

The holiday came. Summer. I did not return to the Dursley's They were not waiting for me, so I did not care. I had sat the whole ride, just me, Luna, Hermione, and Ginny.

Ginny had to have been my favourite. While the other two were friends. We never hung around each other much, but since all of this, I had come to Ginny. She was my best friend. I felt comfortable with her. Luna and Hermione were nice, but I never understood them.

Hermione and Luna were different in different ways. Luna loses herself in the possible, the unknown, and the new. Hermione loses herself in the comfortable. She looked up to authority figures. She kept trying to get Harry to talk to Dumbledore about what was going on, believing he would fix anything, believing until next year that he was oblivious.

Ginny however. She knew what the world was like. Her mother let Ronald pick on her because she was just the girl. None of the teachers, or any of her brothers questioned her weird behaviour that year. Her family would still hated her hero. Me. The boy who saved her life without asking for anything in return. Then her mother attacking me.

She held no love for the idiot adults either, or the world that caused her to hurt people. She was feisty and strong willed. I felt comfortable sitting quietly will her, while with others. I felt as if I had to say something.

I was beginning to hate this world full of ungrateful scum. She was like an anchor for me. Keeping me together. Keeping me from doing something, I would regret.

In other words, she was less cynical and bitter than me without being too nice and kind about the world around us.

I was going to stay at the Leaky Cauldron Pub, but I changed my mind. I was lucky too. Tom who owed the place was a big Dumbledore fan. I needed to find some place outside of magic.

Magical people were more susceptible to the enchantment. I think I was lucky as the muggles in the hotel were under enough influence that they didn't care that a twelve year old boy was hiring a room by himself, but the enchantment was running away from them enough that they didn't hurt me.

My family had been rich before they died, so I rented a penthouse suite. It was the most comfortable I had ever felt. I had plenty of mail order books sent to me at that hotel.

I even had the magic paper sent to me under a fake name. It was nice to know no one knew I was not at the Dursley's That I had ran away. I made sure not to tell Ginny where I was when I sent her a letter with Spirit.

My sword was hidden away inside my trunk since it had an altered dimension. However, Spirit was fine acting as my mail carrier. She could teleport, so it was nice of her to do something of use. I wouldn't get my mail delivered anywhere near as fast otherwise. She had mostly kept to her small fluffy form and enjoyed getting to visit Ginny with a letter.

Spirit cannot talk, but she was better conversation than most humans I had met, better company, and all around cuter to look at. I could almost understand her on a complete foreign, primitive level, as if bound throughout existence with each other.

I remembered spending a lot of time sitting on my huge king-size bed with her curled up on my lap while I read away, learning. I especially found seals and runes interesting as they led to wards. I used some of my time practising anything I could without the use of a wand.

This soon led to me finding out about the escaped convict. Sirius Black. Then worse. The dementors. I still felt it. They had put me in with them monsters. I would admit it brought up bad memories. When near dementors I hear, my mother screams. She screams for me, for my life, begging Voldemort to spare me.

My mother would give anything for me, and I think she did. I think she used sacrificial magic for me, using herself as the sacrifice. It sometimes haunted my dreams still. Considering everything that had happened to me up to that point, I was surprised, I had not just ended myself. If not for Ginny and Spirit, knowing what happened in the Chamber of Secrets I would have.

It was a couple of weeks before school was due to start again that I was out to collect some lunch. I had sat down on a bench in a large park in the early evening with Spirit on my shoulder, curled up eating a large chicken doner kebab and chip between us.

We had just finished up and I had let Spirit finish the bottle of orange tango we were sharing. It was always amusing watching her drink out of a can, bottle, or cup in what I call her resting form.

I would not have noticed for a while if not for Spirit after she lobbed the bottle into the trash bin next to the bench if she had not suddenly started hissing. Her fur was stranding on end, and her little teeth bared. I saw why.

It was a large black shaggy dog.

It was staring at me. Its eyes were kind of sad. I knew from Spirits noises that this was actually a wizard.

After I confronted him, demanding that he return to his true form, he surprisingly did. He was a straggly man. Wild black hair. His blue eyes were weak and tired.

Sirius Black.

Spirit had calmed, but did not care for him at all. I was not afraid. I did not know how I knew, I just did. This man was innocent. I could not bring myself to believe that he had done anything bad. He looked at me how I imagined a proud father would.

He told me all about Peter Pettigrew being the man who killed my parents and all of the muggles Sirius was accused of murdering. Sirius had never been given a trail. I did not know what I could do for him.

If the magical world adored me, as they should have without the Old Man's enchantment I could have used my influence to prove his innocence. Instead, I had to do it the hard way.

Capturing Pettigrew and revealing him as alive and guilty of being the real traitor and Death Eater.

Okay, so it was easier than I had thought it would be when Sirius said he knew where Pettigrew was. He was Ronald Weasley's pet rat. The Weasley's had won some money and gone on vacation to Egypt to visit Bill Weasley.

The picture of the winning family had been front-page news. It contained a picture of all of the Weasley's I had been thankful that Spirit could travel that far to deliver mail to Ginny. The front page had Ronald with his rat on his shoulder, missing a front finger-toe, and all that was left of Pettigrew was a finger.

I contacted Ginny, telling her about it. She sent a reply telling me that she and her family were going to spend the last day of the holiday at the Leaky Cauldron Pub, so I met her there. It was a good ploy.

Do not let the traitorous little rat have a clue and then, bam! He was caught, and everyone secretly aiding him were made to look like bigger fools than they were.

Ginny's family was not pleased to see me, and I had to use some money to buy the land the Leaky Cauldron was on to get Tom to give me a room.

He's been terrified of me ever since as I owned the lease on the Cauldron and it was up that year. Ever since, I have only given him a three-monthly lease contract every three months to keep him in my pocket.

Bless magical world politics. If I had had the time, I would have just taken the whole thing from him. Even to a pariah money can get you anything if you have the guts and the goblins standing by you to make some money too.

It was easy getting Pettigrew. I had to use Ginny to reveal him or he might have got away with me, because of the hate.

The look on the face of Ronald Weasley was priceless. Pictured were taken, and sold to vengeful Slytherins because of all of the hate him, and people like him spread about them.

I had been hiding Sirius at my hotel as my pet dog since the muggles knew about him he couldn't pretend to be my father, but my pet was fine. Though they thought, he was a muggle criminal.

He was free within two days with compensation, taking custody of me as my godfather while I was back at school for my third year.

It was quite amusing as the dementors were recalled, even though I had practice the defence a little bit, just in case. I will always hate those monsters.

The patronus charm.

I had not told Sirius about my jail time without a trail, but he found out, angry that I did not tell him. He took the Ministry and Dumbledore to court. He won. It was not contested. I was awarded the equivalent to one million pounds compensation from the Ministry. The Dursley's were arrested. My cousin put in care. They were charged with child abuse, endangerment, and jailed.

It was thanks to Amelia Bones. Head of Magical Law Enforcement. She had investigated and discovered the blood magic that was manipulating everyone who met me because of how my aunt felt about me.

Dumbledore was in a lot of runny poop. However, he also got out of any consequences, but I did have a restraining order on him. He kept to it for the most part.

That year was the best year ever. Even though people knew that they were under a curse, most did not care to try fighting it and being nice. They treat me like crap. They attacked me for getting Dumbledore into trouble.

I would later realise that they would attack for the Dumbledore bit without the curse he had them sucking his pooper so hard.

However, that aside. Ginny was fun to hang with and play games. She would hug me, cuddle with me, and hold my hand while dragging me off to find something fun to do. She even got on very well with Spirit. So with Spirits support I knew that Ginny would be my most favourite human.

Don't get me wrong. I loved Hermione and Luna very much. Still do, but with her. Ginny. Everything became so uncomplicated. It even became fun pissing off Ronald.

The Weasley twins even apologised for what they did to me, second year. At first I thought they were only doing it out of guilt but even now they've been two of my most loyal friends and allies, making up for what they did even now. I suppose they have been forgiven, but I will not ever tell them that.

During that year, I met the new defence teacher. Remus Lupin. He was a werewolf, and old friend of Sirius and my father. He helped me learn the patronus. He had obviously been brought in because of the 'threat' of Sirius, but without the treat, and being so close to the school year he had to keep the job.

He was the best defence teacher I had ever had. It was a shame at the end of the year, Snape in his jealousy told his Slytherins that he was a werewolf. Then he had to leave as the foolish filth started telling parents, and even families of students that supported him were calling for his dismissal.

It was quite the debacle. Especially considering a lot of them idiot parents still supported Lockhart from the year before when he was an incompetent fraud. I should know. I had him arrested when I caught him trying to get some underage fan-girls to touch his tiny knob.

That was one of my greatest memories. Great metrosexual 'hero' with a small member and trying to do things with innocent, and certainly naïve girls. Maybe they should have a sex education at Hogwarts for first years, so the pure-bloods and most half-bloods are not so ignorant.

Ginny and I spent a lot of our free time learning spells that year. She even joined me learning the patronus charm. We spent most of our time together, and I was happy.

I had already dealt with the thing that would have messed up the year, so all was well as far as I was concerned, and nothing went wrong.

That summer. I returned to Kings Cross Train Station to find Sirius waiting for me. Ginny hugged me tightly after I introduced her and we had to part.

I remembered kissing her cheek. Her mother did not look happy. Ronald looked like he was going to jump me before Remus Lupin had turned up behind him with this smile, grabbing his shoulder. He looked like he might lob the boy onto the tracks at any moment.

Remus was coming to stay with us at our new cottage in Ireland. The Ashes. It was nice, quiet, and had plenty of places to practice magic under wards that shielded magical signatures. So no getting into trouble for underage magic.

Sirius was going to be the secret keeper for the fidelius charm, but I offered to do it. It was obvious the charm would be stronger with me as I would not be living there all year. None constant residents made the wards stronger.

However, that would have been impossible as I was so young then I would not be able to hide the lot. The land was a few acres around.

So I invited Ginny for a weekend. I trusted her the most. It was only because of her father that she was allowed to spend the weekend with me. He had at least woken up to the stupidity of the world around us.

At least a little.

She shared my room, and we cuddled in the night within my bed, comfortable.

Then she shared the responsibility by holding half of the secret so anyone would have to have us both to get in to my home, if we gave up the secret. It was odd that nobody thought of sharing before us, as that was actually quite clever of me.

I had a huge bedroom and when Ginny came round, which became often, we practised all sorts of magic for the future while having fun together.

We became closer than I thought two people could become. This led to my fourth year. Starting with the Quidditch World Cup:

Ireland verses Bulgaria.