The bunker was quiet with the only noise being the occasional flip of a page as Sam perused an old worn-out book trying to find more information on Qareens. He had happened across the book by accident, and after their latest encounter, thought it wouldn't hurt to brush up on any and all knowledge the Men of Letters had acquired on that specific type of monster over the years.

The younger Winchester glanced up as he heard his older brother make his way into the room, two beers in one hand, Penthouse magazine in the other.

"Dude really!" Sam exclaimed, looking at the reading material in his brother's hand, as Dean tossed him a beer.

"What Sammy?" the green-eyed man took a seat across from Sam, grinning like a teenager, "I'm only reading the articles."

"Sure," he replied sarcastically, twisting the top off his bottle, "that's why everyone looks at Penthouse and Playboy, the articles."

"Playboy my ass," Dean stated, taking a swig from his beer, "there's more skin in a Victoria's Secret catalog than a Playboy magazine nowadays."

"You would know," the younger brother retorted.

Dean just brushed off the comment, shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head with a smirk, then a familiar ding sounded from Sam's open laptop on the table between them, notifying him that he had a new email.

Sam reached across and clicked open the email to see who had sent him something and the name listed in the "From" box sent an icy shiver down his spine. Dean could read the expression on his brother's face like a book.

"What is it?" he questioned. "Who's it from?"

Sam glanced up to Dean, then back down to the screen once more just to clarify he wasn't seeing things. He swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat as he looked back up at Dean, "Charlie. The email is from Charlie."

"That's not possible," Dean said, as he placed his beer on the table, "What's it say?"

"I haven't opened it yet," the younger brother responded, still staring at the screen.

"Well hell," Dean exclaimed, "open the damned thing Sam!"

Sam clicked again, and Dean waited patiently as he watched his brother's eyes scan the screen as he read the email. Once he had finished, he spun the laptop around for Dean to read.

Sam or Dean,

The first thing Charlie would want me to say is, "What's up bitches!" The second thing she would want me to say is, don't blame yourselves that she is gone. Let's back up and say the first thing she would want me to say is, I'm not Charlie, my name is Lexi, so no, this isn't some beyond the grave email from Charlie herself. I'm in town, and yes, I know where your secret "Boys Only" club is; Charlie told me. She also told me that if there was ever anything I needed help with when it came to monsters, you boys were the ones to contact. I'm a hunter too, that's how Charlie and I met, and I guess I have you two to thank for that. She was my best friend and I loved her. So, I'm hoping to hear back from you when I say I have some more information on a family that we share a common hatred for: The Stynes


Dean looked over the top of the computer screen to Sam who had already dug his cellphone out of his pocket and gave him his nod of approval. The older brother swiveled the laptop back around to face his younger brother and Sam punched the number into his phone and held it up to his ear.

"Hi, Lexi?" he questioned the girl on the other end, "yea, this is Sam Winchester. When can you meet?"

The two brothers stood outside leaning against the trunk of the Impala watching as a black Dodge Challenger pulled to a stop a couple feet away from them. Dean cocked an eyebrow at Sam and both stood up a little straighter as the driver door opened up. The girl who climbed from the driver's seat wasn't much taller than 5'4, she wore faded, ripped jeans over boots, a plain peach colored t-shirt layered under a turquoise plaid button up, which she had left unbuttoned. She had short dark hair that framed her face and tan skin.

"She's definitely Charlie's type," Dean smirked quietly to his brother.

"And yours," his brother replied, "no wonder Charlie never mentioned her."

Dean shrugged his shoulders with another sly smirk to his brother as the girl moved closer.

"Sam," Lexi acknowledged the taller of the two men first, offering her hand to shake.

Sam took her hand and smiled, "Nice to meet you."

"Likewise," she responded, then offered the same hand to the oldest Winchester, "and you must be the infamous Dean."

The man shook her hand with a smirk, "That's me."

"Charlie told me lots about you two," the dark-haired girl stated with a smile.

"How did you two meet?" Sam questioned.

"I ran into her in a bar outside of Lincoln, she was hunting the same ghost I was," Lexi began, "I could tell she was new to the life, so I offered to team up with her on it. She called me on a couple different cases she worked and I would call her on mine. But that was before her trip to OZ, she contacted me once she got back and we stayed in touch on everything up until…well, you know, you were there I assume."

Both brothers avoided eye contact with her for a moment.

"I'm sorry," Sam began, "I would have contacted you."

"Why wouldn't Charlie tell us she had a girlfriend?" Dean interrupted, changing the subject, not wanting to talk about her death anymore, it still hurt too much.

"Girlfriend?!" the dark-haired girl exclaimed, "What makes you think I was Charlie's girlfriend?"

Dean shared a confused look with his brother, "So, you and Charlie weren't…?"

"No," she cut him off quickly, "She was my best friend, which is hard to find in this line of work."

Dean nodded his head silently in understanding as Sam spoke, "Sorry, we just...she never mentioned you is all."

"She had her reasons," Lexi said quietly as she crossed her arms, "So, are you going to invite me in or is this some kind of He-Man Woman-Haters Club?"

Sam laughed a little and waved his arm toward the bunker door and began, "Come on…"

"Woman are always welcome," Dean interrupted his brother with a smirk.

Lexi walked past Dean and rolled her eyes at the taller man in front of her as she made her way to the front of the bunker. Sam shook his head in annoyance at his brother before he turned to follow the girl.