Technology is truly a wondrous thing that is limited only by one's imagination and drive to progress it. Thankfully when it came to Metal Knight he was never lacking either of these, which is exactly how he was able to repair all the damage done by Tornado over the course of a few hours. For while he did in fact only have the one man sized robot at the resort for research purposes, he did have a multitude of drones about the size of bowling balls that only appeared if there was ever an issue with the resort that the staff could not handle by themselves. And seeing as how before the repairs the damage looked like someone shot a torpedo through the building, it's safe to say that all robotic hands needed to be on deck for this one.

Thankfully though no one was put out by this as by the time they all decided to finally turn in for the night the drones were nearly done anyways, with just a few things like light bulbs, vases, vending machines, and some chairs that still needed to be replaced. Yet even with everyone still able to return to their rooms, sleep soundly in their beds, and wake up to begin a bright new day of their vacation, they were all still focused on the major world shaker that they were given the day before. But even as everyone got up and headed for the dining hall for breakfast, chatting and gossiping as they went, NONE of them came close to feeling as confused about everything as Fubuki was, who at the moment was busy putting her passed out older sibling to bed.

"There we go." She said to herself as she pulled the covers over her sister "You just rest and I'll be back to check on you later." She told her even though she knew she couldn't hear her.

Looking over Tatsumaki one more time just to make sure she was okay and would be asleep for a good long while, Fubuki went on to leave the room and close the door as quietly as she could behind her. But the moment the door was shut and everything seemed well for now, she immediately turned on her heels and glared daggers as hate filled and fiery as the fires of hell towards Geryuganshoop, who had gone to sleep on the couch after she had locked the bathroom door.

"Alright you." She spoke as she slowly walked over trying her best to intimidate him "You only have three minutes to explain what you are and why you're here with my sister, so talk." She ordered as she looked down at him.

Even though he was awake and had been the moment heard the bathroom door open, he was still terribly tired from both the events of last night as well as not having been able to sleep in an actual bed, which caused him to look at her with a half lidded gaze.

"I don't have to tell you anything." He told her as he closed his eyes all the way "Just wait for your sister to wake up and she'll explain everything." He instructed as he did his best to go back to sleep.

Upon hearing this reply however Fubuki without hesitation lifted him into the air as to show him how serious she was.

"I'm not going to repeat myself, so either you start talking or I'll show you why I'm known as the Blizzard of Hell." She warned her glare intensifying as she did.

But just as swiftly as she had lifted him from the couch did she soon find herself suddenly pressed to the floor unable to move even in the smallest way like moving her eyes around. Completely stunned as to what was going on she wasn't able to speak or make any kind of sound either, so she couldn't ask him what the hell he was doing even as he slowly floated from above the couch to above her.

"Listen here child." He spoke though his voice was far colder and more serious than it had been before "I do not care if you are Tatsumaki's sister, I do not care if you are a hero, and I definitely do not care that you have esp, for I am Geryuganshoop the SUPREME telekinetic force in the universe." He told her as he lowered himself even more so that their faces were but a few inches apart "And I will NOT be threatened into doing YOUR bidding, I've already had enough of people ordering me around like they own me, and I will not let anyone especially an ignorant woman such as yourself who cares not to have the full story before she makes assumptions and accusations have the pleasure of doing so, are. we. clear?" He asked her allowing her just enough control over herself to nod which she did immediately "Good, now that we have that settled, please let me get some rest so I can actually be of some use to her later and not more of burden than I already am." He said as he released her.

Getting upright and moving back to the front of the couch Geryuganshoop simply let his body fall and land on the cushions, no longer caring about comfort but just wanting to sleep some more. As for Fubuki, while she was of course a bit taken aback by that entire exchange, one thing he had said in particular was sticking to her like glue.

"More of a burden than I already am?" She thought as she sat upright and looked towards the couch "That sounds like something I would've said...back when..." She began to recall only to have her eyes widen "Did she? his life?" She wondered as new thoughts and ideas began pouring in.

(A/N: This should be the only time during this arc that a specific day is split into three parts, I'm sorry that I have extended the arc's total chapter count by doing this but I both wanted and felt that this particular situation deserved a bit more exploration before we continue focusing on everyone per chapter, thank you and until next time peace)