Chapter 6:

Akihiko was working with Hagane in his forge. The half-Devil looked on as the dwarf made him a new accessory. It was the ring he looted from Giread from the warehouse. When Hagane examined it, he said that it was imbued with troll properties, such as increased strength, durability, etc. The dwarf was hoping to smelt it down so Akihiko could use it normally.

Akihiko was going to comment on how the work was going when Hagane looked up in surprise, then he frowned. Seeing this, Akihiko asked, "What's going on?"

The dwarf scowled. "A Devil has crossed the threshold of my shop. Specifically, a High-Class Devil."

Akihiko looked confused as to who it was. Then his mind came to one conclusion, and he scowled. "Gremory," he snarled.

Hagane raised an eyebrow. "Gremory? You mean the crimson-haired brat? What the hell is she doing here?"

Akihiko's growl turned guttural. "That bitch intended for me to be a servant," Akihiko explained with disdain. "She let me and another guy die by the hands of a Fallen Angel, then revived us for the sole purpose of using us. Thankfully, thanks to my Towairaito blood, I wasn't able to become her slave. So, I'm a free man. But now she's come to try to probably convince me to join her peerage." Akihiko scoffed. "I say fuck that. I'm no one's servant."

The dwarf nodded in agreement. "Well said, brat. I can see why you're reluctant to see her. Don't worry. I'll deal with her."

Akihiko's expression turned grateful. "Thanks, Hagane."


Rias Gremory stood outside the antique shop with a curious look on her face. She'd tried tracking Akihiko with the aid of her peerage, but was unable to get a clear place as to where he was. She only knew he came here because she overheard one student at school seeing him come here often. She was here to try and convince him to join her peerage in their activities, and maybe learn how to turn him fully into her servant. She was going to speak to her brother to talk to Ajuka about the Evil Pieces.

As she entered the store, she saw racks of weapons on display, weapons of all shapes and sizes and from different eras stacked together. Sitting at the front counter was a young man around the age of twenty. He wore a black shirt, had brown eyes, pale skin and curly black hair. He was reading a small book.

Rias entered the store, wanting to get any details about Akihiko from the man. As she went in, the soft chime of the bell on the door alerted the man sitting on the stand. As he looked at the girl, a small smile made its way across his face.

"Hello. How may I help you?" Hagane spoke in a polite tone. As he looked upon her, he scoffed mentally. Sure, she was quite the looker, but it was evident that she was experienced. She couldn't even sense the presence of several weapons that he had on display. From looking at her face, she probably didn't even know that he was a dwarf. That was so sad. Hagane expected more from a High-Class Devil.

"I'm looking for Aki-kun," Rias replied, her eyes sweeping over the store, as if trying to spot him.

"Oh? And why are you looking for my employee? He never told me that he was going to have visitors? And those who he would visit him, I'd know them anywhere. Yet he never mentioned you at all." Once he said that, he could see the shocked and annoyed expressions on her face, which he found funny.

"Well, I'm a friend of his. If you could just tell him-" But Rias was interrupted by a chuckle by Hagane.

"Now I know that's false. If a friend of his was coming over, the brat would've told me. Especially if it was a Devil with your track record, Ms. Gremory." At Hagane's sentence, Rias had a surprised and shocked look on her face.

"W-what do you mean?" she stuttered out.

Here, Hagane's amused expression faded, turning into a stoic one. "What I mean, princess, is you let my employee die at the hands of a Fallen Angel, and then revive him without his knowing. Then you try to introduce him to your little club, hoping that he'll agree to be your servant." As he said all this, his stoic expression never changed. "Now I remember why I hate your kind so much. Greedy. Selfish. Power-hungry. The list goes on."

"How dare you!" Rias exclaimed, angered at the accusations he had thrown at her. She was guilty about what she had done to Akihiko, but that didn't mean she was going to take those insults lying down. Who did this peasant think he was talking to? She was the sister of the current Lucifer! The heiress to the Gremory household!

The dwarf looked at her, and Rias, despite her arrogant demeanor, flinched at the look of anger on his face. He leaned forward, making Rias back away slightly. "Get it through your spoilt little head, brat. The whole world doesn't revolve around you. Every decision you make has consequences. Don't think that just because your brother is Lucifer, that means your hot shit. Because you're not. Until you learn that, and until you've earned the forgiveness of my brat, you aren't welcome here. Now get out."

With that, Rias was left shocked, surprised, and astounded. No one talked to her like that. But then she did realise that she did screw up with Akihiko. With that, she left abruptly, a lot on her mind.

As she left the shop, Akihiko stepped out of a hidden corner, having heard the conversation. He turned to Hagane, a grin on his face. "That was awesome!" he exclaimed.

Hagane looked to him, an identical grin on his face also. "Ha, ha! I know, brat! I haven't had that much fun schooling another brat in a long time. She got what's coming to her. But anyway, do you plan on forgiving her?"

Akihiko's grin faded and morphed into a scowl. "Hell, no. She might act guilty about what she did but I know that she wouldn't hesitate to do it again. I'm no one's slave."

Hagane nodded. "Good boy. Now come on, let's finish working on that troll ring for you."


Akihiko was just walking to school, minding his own business. He was happy with himself. He was progressing in his training from Hagane and his parents. He did more missions and got more experience for himself. Hell, he was even getting paid!

Life was good.

So naturally, something had to happen to fuck up his day.

As he was walking across the school campus, he was approached by none other than Kiba. He knew he was probably going to talk about that red-headed tramp.

Damn, and he was just about to enjoy a nice lunch, too.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" Kiba asked. Akihiko wanted to just ignore him and move on. But he knew that the OCR were just going to annoy him even more. So, he sighed and followed the blonde to the roof of the school.

When they reached there, nothing was said between them. Akihiko waited for a couple more minutes, and just when he decided to leave, Kiba spoke.

"I understand if you hate Devils," he started off. "I hated them too, when I first became a Devil. I was taught that they were evil beings, until Buchou took me in and saved me from death. Since then, I became thankful for what she'd done for me, and I decided to follow her. I hope you can do the same, too."

After hearing what the Knight had to say, Akihiko sighed. "I don't hate Devils, Pretty Boy." Actually, I kind of do, but that's not the point, he thought to himself. "I just hate your master for leaving me to die when she easily could've solved the situation beforehand."

"I understand your hatred, but you have to give Buchou a chance. She didn't mean-" Kiba's defence for his master was cut off by Akihiko.

"Bullshit. She definitely knew what was going on, and let me and Issei die so she could gain, all because we had power. She's nothing but a fucking brat," he snarled. Kiba's expression turned angry.

"I get that you are angry, but I won't let you dishonour Buchou like that," Kiba responded lowly. Akihiko just scoffed.

"Oh, and what are you going to do, Pretty Boy? Fight me just because I call that tramp what she is? A spoilt brat?" Akihiko's response caused Kiba to growl lowly. He summoned a broadsword in his hand. Akihiko didn't question how he did that. Probably a Sacred Gear.

"Speak one more ill word of her and I will fight you, Aki-kun," Kiba said sternly, getting into a stance.

Akihiko summoned Yamikiri from the rune on his arm. He held it in defence. "Don't act so tough just because you can use a sword. I use one too. And I'll talk any way I want about your bitch of a master." Akihiko blurred, moving to hold the point of Yamikiri to Kiba's throat. He gulped, surprised and a little scared at the speed Akihiko displayed as well as the porximity of the dark blade near his neck.

"Do not threaten me, Kiba. I'm not some wet-behind-the-ears Devil. Since that time when we last met, I've been training, getting stronger. Push me, and I'll kill you," Akihiko warned. "Even you can't deny the words that I say. You know what Gremory did was wrong, yet your blind loyalty doesn't let you act against that. Having loyalty is good, but not when it blinds you to the truth." Making sure he got his words across to the Knight, Akihiko removed his sword and held it against the rune on his arm, causing it to disappear in a flash of light. He walked past Kiba, going for the exit on the roof. Kiba just stood there, shocked into silence.


"What part of 'no' do you not understand, Gremory?" Akihiko asked rhetorically. He was standing at the back of the OCR clubroom. Standing across from him were the OCR themselves, with Rias standing in front. It was the end of the school day, and Akihiko was eager to return home. But noooo, he had to deal with a certain red-head's persistence and stubborness.

The reason they were here was because Rias issued a challenge between him and the others. This was because Rias wanted to see how far he had come without the help of her peerage. Akihiko guessed that she wanted to prove a point to him that he should rely on them, so that way he would join. Which he found ridiculous.

"I'm not giving up, Aki-kun," Rias stated firmly. She had her hands on her hips, with a superior smirk on her face. "Once we defeat you, you'll see how much you need us, and you'll have no choice but to come back to us."

Akihiko raised his eyebrows. Was she that delusional? He wasn't her servant, so he had no business with her peerage. And he already hated her, so he wasn't going to even think of joining her.

He looked at the other members. All of them were wearing their school uniform, though he noticed that Koneko was wearing leather gloves, indicating that she was ready for battle. The rest of them stood in battle stances.

Akihiko sighed. Well, he might as well humour them. He was wearing a ring which was actually the ring he got from Giread, just reduced in size. Hagane did some good work. It still carried its magical properties, meaning increased strength and durability. It may be considered cheating, but Akihiko didn't care. He was going to use every advantage he had. Well, except Light magic. He wanted to see if the group were really strong, so he didn't want to hinder them completely.

Akihiko also noted that there was a barrier around the field, so nothing outside of it would be destroyed. Meaning that he could go all out.

Issei made the first move by shouting, "Boosted Gear!" His red gauntlet appeared on his arm. "I'm going to beat you, you damn bastard!" he yelled. With that, he charged towards Akihiko, shouting, "Boost!" His gauntlet lit up with a green light on the gem.

Akihiko didn't know why Issei was so angry at him. Maybe it was because he called him 'ero-kainu'? No, that couldn't be it.

Nevertheless, he focused on his opponent. Akihiko charged as well, matching Issei's stride. The both of them lashed out with a punch, Issei's gauntlet against Akihiko's ring-wearing fist.

There was a loud thud as Issei looked surprised, probably wondering how Akihiko could match his strike. Akihiko took advantage of that and struck again, this time hitting Issei in his right cheek. There was a crack, with Issei's face contorting, his body following after it. He was launched very far back, his back skidding across the field before coming to a stop. There was a large bruise on his face.

Akihiko didn't have time to celebrate his victory, as immediately Kiba rushed towards him with a sword in hand while Koneko following after him. Akihiko quickly brought out Yamikiri, using the black to deflect Kiba's attack, while using his fist to block Koneko's strike. This time, Akihiko winced. Guess he underestimated her strength.

Koneko struck again, this time going for an overhead strike. This time, Akihiko used his blade to block her attack. There was a loud clang, with Yamikiri holding firm. Out of the corner of his eye, Akihiko could see Kiba swinging his blade again, trying to go for a low strike. Reacting quickly, he grabbed Koneko's shoulders and jumped, twisting mid-air and dodging Kiba's attack. Still using Koneko as a stand, a performed an axe kick while in mid-air, heading towards Kiba. Fortunately for him, he managed to dodge out of the way, making Akihiko's attack hit the ground, making a crater.

Koneko tried grabbing his wrists to throw him off, but Akihiko didn't let go. Instead, he landed on the ground, and lifting Koneko from behind him over his head, and threw her, launching her towards Kiba. The Knight of Gremory wasn't expecting that, and Koneko collided with Kiba, making them both go down in a heap.

Akihiko quickly ducked, dodging a beam of jet black and crimson energy. He looked towards where it came from, seeing Rias with her hand outstretched.

Akihiko moved as he kept dodging the beams of energy from Rias. If Hagane's information was correct, then this was the Gremory's trademark Power of Destruction, which could obliterate anything on the spot. Best not to get hit by that.

As he was dodging, he swung Yamikiri in an arc, unleashing a blade of darkness towards Rias, who dodged to avoid it. However this didn't save her from getting hit by a bolt of blue lightning. This caused her to scream in pain, her body getting electrocuted. Akihiko would've followed up with another attack, but he saw a flash of yellow above him. He dodged a bolt of lightning similar to his own, only yellow in colour.

He looked up to see Akeno, her Devil wings out and wearing a miko shrine outfit. How she managed to change into that in the middle of battle, Akihiko didn't know. He wasn't sure if he wanted to know.

Akihiko cracked his knuckles. "Well, bring it on."

"Ooh, aren't you daring? Such a naughty boy deserves some punishment," Akeno said with an odd, lustful tone in her voice. She even rubbed her legs together. It was almost like...

When Akihiko came to his conclusion, he paled. "Oh, hell no. I do not want to deal with another sadist."

"Ara, ara, are you scared? Don't worry. I'll take good care of you." She said this with her hands crackling with lightning and a large blush on her face.

"...Yeah, fuck that," Akihiko commented as Akeno sent another bolt of lightning towards him. He countered by waving his hand, forming a blade of wind. His attack cancelled Akeno's lightning out, causing both elemental attacks to disperse.

Akihiko was about to deliver another attack when he saw Issei charging at him again, this time shouting out, "Boost!" several times. Akihiko guessed that his Sacred Gear allowed him to increase his power exponentially. An awesome power... but then again, zero times ten was still zero. Harsh, but true.

Wanting to deal with him quickly, Akihiko dodged Akeno's lightning again, and dropped into his laido stance, Yamikiri sheathed. As Issei was charging towards him, this time actually being smart and slowing down when he saw Akihiko's stance, Akihiko blurred, too fast for Issei's eyes to track him.

Issei stopped his charge all of a sudden, his eyes wide in surprise. Akihiko reappeared behind him, Yamikiri drawn fully at an angle. He then slowly sheathed his blade, making the motion agonisingly slow. As he sheathed the blade with a click, Issei screamed in pain. He had laceration wounds on him, ripping his uniform and exposing his now wound-ridden torso. Thankfully, they were all shallow. Issei dropped to the ground, unconscious before he even hit the floor.

Akeno tried to take advantage of that, but Akihiko moved quickly. He gathered energy in his legs and jumped, reaching her height, Before she could react, Akihiko grabbed her and threw her down onto the ground. Not letting up, Akihiko threw his arm down, and a large bolt of lightning, larger than Akeno's, and the attack struck her as Akeno let out a scream of pain - was that also a scream of pleasure from her as well? - as she was electrocuted before it ended as Akeno had scorch marks on her body with her outfit torn a little. She was also unconscious.

Akihiko then found himself surrounded by Kiba and Koneko. "Almost forgot about you two," Akihiko commented cockily.

"Don't get cocky, senpai," Koneko said. "We can still beat you."

Akihiko quirked an eyebrow. "Really? So, if your King and Queen couldn't beat me, not counting Issei since he's new, what makes you think you can? Granted, they were one-trick ponies."

"Don't speak badly about my family!" Kiba yelled, dashing wildly towards Akihiko.

He smirked, and met Kiba's charge with his blade. As he clashed with the swordsman, he could tell that even enraged, Kiba still retained some skill in his clashes. Akihiko knew that even though he was good with a sword, Kiba had more experience than he did wielding a blade. Despite his somewhat flashy tricks, he knew that in a straight fight, Kiba held the bigger advantage. However, he was too blinded by his rage at the moment to fully concentrate.

As he fought off Kiba, he could see Koneko try to rush him while he was distracted. Clever, but futile.

Akihiko took advantage of Kiba's overextended sword swing and Spartan-kicked in the chest, making it slightly cave in, and get launched back slightly. Akihiko turned to Koneko, who managed to successfully hit him in the face, making his face turn slightly and get pushed back a little. Thank you troll ring. That hurt like a bitch.

Akihiko spit out a glob of blood as Koneko rushed him, this time going low. He was about to counter when he saw Kiba jumping over her, going for a high strike.

Akihiko struck the ground, creating a large crater. This disrupted Koneko's charge, making her stumble. Waving his arms, he launched two lances of wind at Kiba, who was forced to block them with great difficulty, causing him to be pushed back.

Akihiko took advantage of that, rushing to meet Koneko and clotheslined her, causing her to spit out a glob of blood because of the attack done to her neck. Akihiko followed it up with a downward elbow struck, making Koneko and the ground become really close friends.

He looked to Kiba, who's school uniform was shredded from his wind attack. Akihiko just shook his head. "Why do you continue fighting? I've already beaten you."

"I don't plan to give up." Kiba's words would've been brave if he wasn't fighting to stand straight. He seemed exhausted. "I'll show you that we aren't to be trifled with. We want to help you."

"Does it really look like I need help?" Akihiko asked rhetorically. Kiba probably would've said more, but Akihiko interrupted him. "Forget it. Listen, I've got things to do and places to be, not to mention worried parents that I have to address. Let's just wrap this up."

Immediately he moved, blitzing behind Kiba and striking his temple with the butt of his sword, knocking him out.

Then he turned to Koneko, who was struggling to get up from the ground. "You guys really tried. I can see that. I can acknowledge that. But I still don't care."

Akihiko raised his palms to Koneko, and unleashed a bolt of lightning, electrocuting her. She didn't even have the strength to scream. When the attack ended, she passed out, smoking slightly.

Akihiko dusted his palms, as if he'd finished taking out the trash. "Well, that's that." And with that, he left, leaving the peerage unconscious on the ground.


Akihiko was just finishing performing an assignment for Hagane. It was twenty minutes past nine, and Akihiko was starting to curse Hagane for making him do jobs in the night. Who the hell did that?

"Well at least I can enjoy a night of peace," he muttered to himself. Looking up, he saw two people standing in his way. He stopped, looking at the two curiously.

One of them was a tall and very busty woman who looked to in her early thirtie,s with waist length navy blue hair and golden brown eyes with curves that put most adult woman in their prime to shame. Akihiko had to focus really hard not let his blood rush downstairs. She wore a magenta coloured trench coat like top that gave a very clear view of her large bust and a matching miniskirt that showed off her legs and large rear end as well and to top it off she wore black high heeled shoes and a golden necklace.

The girl next to her looked to have barely hit puberty and looked to be just a bit shorter than Koneko as she had blonde hair done up in pigtails and bright blue eyes as she wore a Gothic Lolita outfit that overall made her look like a maid. Which was completed by the black bow on top of her head, the white thigh high socks and black dress shoes.

"So this is one of the two who were killed by Raynare and gave Dohnaseek the slip," the smaller girl commented. She gave Akihiko a small glance. She scoffed. "He doesn't look impressive."

"Now, now Miltelt, looks can be deceiving," the older woman commented. She turned her gaze to leer at him, making Akihiko shudder slightly. "Besides, he seems a little cute. Maybe we could steal him away and have some fun with him."

"I swear you think of perverted thoughts every five minutes," the younger girl muttered.

Akihiko decided to speak up. "So, are you guys Fallen Angels?"

"That's right," the younger one spoke. "I'm Miltelt, and this is Kalawarner. And we've come here for you."

"Figures," Akihiko muttered. He threw up his hands in exasperation. "Look, can't you guys just leave me alone? I don't even have a Sacred Gear! Why don't you chase after the other guy, you know, the one with the Sacred Gear on him?"

"We already confronted him," Kalawarner spoke up. "We were about to kill him, but he got saved by that red-haired tramp. Plus, he was a weakling."

"True, Miltelt nodded. "But don't worry, we don't plan to kill you. Just rough you up and to take you back with us so we can understand why we were told to keep watch over you." She said all this with a cruel edge in her tone. The both of them unfurled their black wings.

Akihiko sighed. "Typical."

With that, the two Fallen Angels threw Light spears at him. He didn't even bother dodging. They just bounced off his skin, his [Adaptability] kicking in.

The two of them were shocked as to why their attacks didn't do any damage.

Akihiko sighed. "Let me show you how to use Light."

With that, he held out his arm, and a Light sword formed in his palm. His lessons in using Light magic had advanced very far, allowing him to make constructs of Light with little difficulty.

He dashed towards them, sword in hand. The two Fallen Angels tried to fly away, but it was futile as Akihiko jumped, going for an overhead strike with his Light sword aimed towards Miltelt. She tried to dodge in mid-flight, but Akihiko was faster as he sliced downward, cutting Miltelt's clothing at the front and making a large gash appear on her stomach.

She let out a loud cry of pain from the attack. She tried to move, but it was futile as Akihiko gave her an axe kick to the face. She landed on the ground so hard that she made a crater with her shape.

Kalawarner became alarmed at this. How the hell did this boy become so strong? Dohnaseek never reported this kind of strength the last time! He said the kid was scrappy, no skill at all!

Deciding to cut her losses, she spread her wings and flew away, making a tactical retreat.

Akihiko landed on the ground, looking at the retreating figure of Kalawarner. He'd gave her thirty more seconds before he chased after her. Which he could easily do with his new spell, which he found to be freaking awesome.

After thrity seconds, Akihiko said the name of the spell he wanted. "Meteor."

Immediately, he was wrapped in a cocoon of Light. He angled himself forward, and leaped, flying as he did so. (A.N. - Think of Jellal's 'Meteor' from Fairy Tail).

As he flew, he steadied himself, the spell propelling him at high speeds. He was thankful his mum taught him one of the secret techniques of the Towairaito clan. With a lot of trial and error, of course. Like, a lot.

As he reached up to meet with frantically flying Fallen Angel, he lashed out, landing a kick coated in Light magic. The kick caught the woman in the back, disrupting her flight and making her rocket to the ground, creating a crater similar to her friend.

Akihiko tried to cancel his spell, which he did with a lot of difficulty. He ended up landing in the side of car, hitting it so hard that it folded in on itself.

He groaned, trying to get up. "Damn, need to work on the landing."

When he managed to picked himself up from the crumpled car, he picked up both Fallen Angels, who were both unconscious, and decided to take them to Hagane's shop. He intended to get information from. It was about time he figured out what the hell they were doing.


"Brat, I don't know how, but you just made me the happiest dwarf alive," Hagane exclaimed, tears of happiness in his eyes.

The reason was because Akihiko brought both Fallen Angels to Hagane's shop, which took roughly twenty minutes. He kind of understood, him bringing two women with him to his store, one of them being drop dead gorgeous. Akihiko quickly broke his fantasies.

"No, it's not what you're thinking, you old geezer," Akihiko said, seeing the perverted expression on the dwarf's face. He even had blood gushing from his nose. "These are Fallen Angels who attacked me. I'm keeping them here so I can gather information from them as to why they're attacking me and other information they have. Can you just keep them here until the morning, so I can question them?"

"Oh, I'll take good care of them," Hagane said, his grin widening. His grin faded as he was slapped upside the head by Akihiko. "Knock it off. Don't do anything to them. They're unconscious and we need them for questioning. So behave."

"Fine, fine," Hagane grumbled. "Little brat. Don't be jealous just because you're not getting any game."

He promptly received another smack to the head.

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