Chapter 1: Change- Ron's POV

There I was waiting for Hermione and Harry to turn up. Mum was with Ginny, Fred, George, dad and me; we were waiting for the train. It was my 7th year and Fred and George wanted to be there to thank Harry for helping them embarrass Malfoy last year.


As normal Malfoy came into the 'Weasley's Wizard  Wheezes Shop', He walked around insulting all their inventions like saying something like "sorry Weasel, this has been done before". He said it so loud that people could hear. Harry was in the shop so he decided to take action to this. He got a jar of cockroach Cluster and smelled it, he held his nose with his fingers and said "yuck, Fred and George, this smells like Malfoy". Everyone in the shop laughed, it was so funny.

End Flashback

It was 5 to 11 and I still waited. Then I saw Hermione and Harry coming…


Harry has changed so much, he was taller (even taller than me) and more muscular (not to much though), he had no glasses anymore and his eyes shone like the moon.

I was actually thinking Harry had grown cuter. I found out I was gay in 5th year when I realized I had a crush on Harry.

"Hey Ron" he said cheerfully.

"Uh, I, um, you, ah" I couldn't speak, Harry was so Sexy

"Ron, are you ok"

Um, I, well, you" still I couldn't get the words out.

I looked around even mum was fanning herself, Fred and George were actually holding themselves, Ginny was going crazy and Dad had eyes has big as sauces.



Hermione was staring at Harry's ass. Well actually I couldn't blame her.

"Is everyone all right?" Harry asked concerned.

"Well, Harry, you've changed" said Hermione wisely.

"What about it?" he asked nervously

"You…well look sexy, I guess"

Harry's jaw dropped, he looked surprised, but could you blame him, your best friend just told you that everyone thought you were sexy. If it was me, I would be happy, but harry is different to me, he has already enough fame.