The rest of the school year flashed by, without any grand adventures or unexpected dangers.

Final tests came and went, though Hermione did have a fit when Ron passed the Poke Ball Crafting test so easily, and Nasrin was almost constantly bathed in the glow of her Gem.

Everything was as it should be, with her friends and Pokemon safe from danger, and Harry's own relief almost seemed to feed back her joy.

This was living.

The Great Hall was quieting as students finished stuffing themselves with this last feast, almost trying to draw out the moment.

Togepi clapped her hands as Ludwig changed the color of his flame, and Squeakers giggled excitedly when Snow fanned out her tail, the ice in her fur refracting the colored light into rainbows around them.

Eevee yawned, rolling over as Scooby burrowed into his fluffy fur and gnawing on the Rockruff's ear with lazy affection, a half-hearted growl the only response.

Star was sprawled across Harry's shoulder and Nasrin's, a boneless purring mass, and the half-Gem could not stifle her glow as they shared a smile.

Ralts and Snorunt were quietly conversing in Hermione's arms, petting and brushing each other's hair and fur, while Cubchoo blew a mucus bubble so large that Ron burst with laughter at the shouts of disgust from Lavender and Parvati.

Neville picked at a dinner roll, offering pieces to Flora, and the Bulbasaur accepted each with a glare at Sam the Snover whenever he tried to pop out from behind a dish.

All her friends were happy, all of their Pokemon were happy, and that was more than she could ever ask for.

Professor Dumbledore rose from his seat, calling for quiet, and the students did so.

"Another year, another year. Many people have come up to me after leaving this place and asked me what year was my favorite. There must be one, after all. There must be a group of students that outshone all others, and make me look back fondly among them. I suppose some of you believe that I could never view this class as the best, considering some of the troublemakers I'm forced to deal with."

Fred and George took a bow at that, earning a round of laughter and groans from their audience.

"Others must believe that you are my favorite, if only because you are here right now. Let me state, for the record and for the history books, that I have loved every student that has come to this island. In each of you, I see the future of Avalon, and the mere fact that I have played a small role in your development means more to me than you could possibly imagine. So many seek out their destinies and dream grand dreams…I have found more joy in helping others find their dreams than any achievement could have given me."

The headmaster raised his glass.

"And thus, I thank you, all of you, and wish you well on wherever your journey takes you."

Glasses clinking together filled the Great Hall up to the rafters.

"Make sure you text me every day." Hermione reminded, wagging her finger at Harry.

"I don't know if I'll have the time, what with you sending me a text every hour." Harry teased, and Hermione huffed in faux irritation before finally boarding the Hogwarts Express.

"Mate, if you don't like what the headmaster has set up, you can give me a ring anytime and I'll come running." Ron assured, leaning in. "I'll even steal my da's car if I have to. Don't worry, I'll blame it on Fred and George."

"Thanks, mate."

"Have a great summer, Harry." Neville hoped, patting Harry on the back.


"Thanks, Flora. Thanks, Neville."

Nasrin stepped up to his side, Scooby and Snow moving to stand with Eevee while Star and Squeakers perched on each shoulder, and both waved as the Hogwarts Express chugged away with their friends.

"You're not going with them?" Harry asked after a few quiet moments.

"I have my own ride." She replied with a shrug. "They're just running a little late."

The boy nodded, shoulders relaxing when their hands meshed.

"Don't worry, Mister Potter." Professor McGonagall assured, a secret little smile on her face at the sight. "You'll see them again."

"And mark my words, my boy, your summer will be filled with quite some adventure and excitement. The time will fly by." Professor Dumbledore agreed, checking his Pokedex. "Hm, late as always. Just like when he was a boy."

"Professor?" Harry voiced, grip tightening on her hand. "Who…Who did you get to take me in?"

The headmaster kneeled to be on their level, looking directly into Harry's uncertain eyes.

"Do you remember how I told you that many people in Avalon fought to have Surrey turn you over into their care? One who fought the hardest was a young man who went to this school. In fact, he was one of your father's best friends. The loss of your mother and father broke him, but being unable to see you sent him into despair. He has been traveling the world for quite some time, but when he received my note about you, he knew he had to return."

Scooby's nose twitched, and Professor Dumbledore smiled.

"Ah, there he is."

A man was hurrying across the platform, luggage clutched in one hand, with light brown hair and mustache, his face marked with several scars and a Zorua scampering about his feet.

When the Tricky Fox Pokemon spotted Harry, it raced over with an ecstatic bark to leap into his arms, licking each cheek with enthusiasm.

Eevee growled a bit at that, and Snow narrowed her eyes, but none of the Pokemon moved to unseat him.

"Leave him be!" The man called out, laughter in his voice. "Bloody hell, he doesn't remember you, buddy! You're probably scaring him!"

Nasrin shook her head at that, knowing better, as he finally stopped a couple feet away.

"Harry…My…My name is Remus Lupin, and I have been looking for you for a long time."

And Harry lunged, wrapping his arms around Remus in a hug, as a bright pink glow filled the platform.

The lost boy was home.

I planned on posting this story in three-chapter increments while working on the sequel, which I would hopefully finish by the time this one was out in full.

Surprisingly, I finished that sequel a lot sooner than expected, and decided to just put up everything now for you all to enjoy before posting it.

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