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Chapter 5: Dance Aftermath

Jaune walked through the halls of the great Beacon Academy. He had just finished dancing with Pyrrha. Of course, dancing in a dress was a bit strange but he did make a promise after all. He really thought it was the safest bet in the world. Like why did no one else ask her to dance!?

He went into his room and shut the door before quickly changing out of the dress and into his suite. He had told Pyrrha he would go back after changing. Now he just hoped Yang wouldn't come up with any new nicknames for him after this little episode. Then again anything was better than vomit boy.

Locking the door behind him, he set out to return to the dance. As he passed team RWBY's room, he heard the door behind him open.

"Jaune?" A soft voice called out.

He turned around instantly recognizing the voice of his former love interest. Former because it seemed she was hitting it off very well with Neptune once he returned to the dance. Not like he was going to keep bugging her after that.

"Oh, hey Weiss. What's up?" He asked a bit awkwardly. Now he wondered what she thought of him in a dress. He cringed hard thinking about it.

"Could you come in here a minute? I…need your help with something." She explained.

He nodded. Curiosity filled him. Weiss had never asked him for help before and it wasn't like she ever needed it ether. She could outshine him in just about anything.

She waved him in and he obliged. As he walked in she closed the door behind him before turning her back to him. He could tell she seemed flustered about something which was odd for her since she always seemed so calm. When she wasn't angry anyway.

"So…My zipper is stuck and I was wondering you could help me with it?" She stammered.

He was pretty sure his brain stopped working for a solid minute or two.

"I'm sorry… What!?" He exclaimed.

She turned back to face him. "I want you to help me with my stupid zipper. Is that so hard to understand!?" She stammered extremely flustered.

"Why don't I get Ruby or Neptune to help you with it? I mean it would make more sense for them, wouldn't it? I figured I'd be the last person you would ask for something like this." He stated clearly confused as to her reasoning.

She sighed. "Because Ruby is a dolt and I don't really want Neptune…" She trailed off in an awkward silence.

"But why? I mean I saw you with Neptune earlier. You looked happy." He smiled at the not so distant memory.

She gave another soft sigh before turning and looking out the window of the room. Her cheeks had gotten the slightest bit pinker. "I know what you did…"

"What do you mean?" He responded even more confused. Nothing big came to his mind other than showing up in a dress, but surely, she didn't mean that. He shivered at the thought of it.

"Neptune told me what you said when I asked him why he came back. He told me how you urged him to go back to me and get over his fear of dancing." She explained now looking back at him.

He shrugged, clearly not getting the point. "So? Isn't that good? You got to be together at the dance."

She closed the distance between him. "Yeah, it was good, but it made me think… You could have gone with me when I was alone and tried to score a rebound but instead you told him to get his ass over to me and be happy with me."

He nodded. "Okay?"

She sighed louder. "You idiot…It means you put my happiness first instead of your own. You knew how I felt about him and when it mattered you tried your best to help us get together despite how you felt about me. Not many guys would do that…"

He nodded, starting to understand the full picture as she continued.

"It started to click for me. That's just the type of guy you are. You never cared about my wealth or title. You just cared about me. You just wanted a chance to try and make me happy, but I shot you down at every turn… Then some flirt come along and I fall for him almost instantly?"

She stood next to him now as she went on. "I had to pick what type of guy I wanted in my life. The one who always went out of his way and truly cared about me or the guy who was easy on the eyes but would flirt with almost anything that moved. Hell, Yang told me he tried to flirt some two chicks at some club about a month back but I didn't think much of it until now." She explained.

Jaune's heart started to race at her words. He never really thought something like this would happen. That he should just move on.

"Jaune… I realize now I want you. I know it's selfish and I acted horribly towards you in the past, but I really want you to be the one… Will you help me with my zipper please?" She asked blushing.

He nodded. "Um, yeah."

For the first few seconds he just stared at it wondering what to do. After a minute, his brain started to work again and he slowly and with much hesitation touched the zipper of her dress.

'For God's sake, the zipper isn't going to hurt you Jaune'

He knew the zipper wouldn't, but Weiss could. Despite what she had said it still make him feel like at any minute she could turn around and punch his lights out while calling him a pervert or something. It all just felt so strange.

Finally, having the balls to take the zipper fully he attempted to unzip it but was unable to.

"Well, shit. It really is stuck." He muttered as he gave it a few more tries.

"Well, yeah! Did you think I was making it up?" Weiss asked with a hint of annoyance.

"Well, no… I just thought… Never mind." He said as he started to fiddle with it more.

After a few moments, he finally got it to zip down. Why zippers would get stuck like that in the most random of times was beyond him. It seemed to be one of the small ways the universe must amuse itself.

"I got it unstuck for you." He smiled.

He turned to leave before she grabbed him by the arm.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"Um back to the dance?" He offered confused.

"You really are an idiot." She muttered. Her face reddened as she leaned in and kissed him. "You're not done with my zipper, you dolt. I need it all the way off…"

"Oh… Um, okay." He awkwardly put his hand back on the zipper after she turned back around. Still stunned from her kiss, he pulled her zipper down slowly. Never expecting to see Weiss in such a light or this much of her at all he unzipped it to the bottom and her beautiful white dress slid off easily.

His blush deepened as Weiss now just stood in her white lingerie and heels.

She seemed to be just as embarrassed as him as she moved to cover her surprisingly curvy body with her arms.

"Don't stare so much." She muttered as she walked to her bed and sat down on it. "That being said get over here."

He obeyed as he almost felt hypnotized. Each step felt unreal as he walked over to her and sat next to her on the bed.

"Weiss isn't this a bit much? I'm not sure we should really be doing this."

She smiled, looking down. "Well, this is how I'm going to make it up to you. After treating you so horribly in the past, I wanted to do this."

He didn't argue with her further despite how unsure he still was.

Her lips soon met his. He had never kissed before but it was no surprise at how soft her lips were. He wrapped his arm around her waist as she adjusted to sit on his lap. Her nice ass felt soft yet firm and she leaned into him. Their tongues dancing together.

His hand slid down her backside to her bra strap. "Weiss can I take this off?"

Her face started to redden more, but nodded. "Yeah, you can…"

Quickly unhooking it, he threw the bra on the floor. Despite being small her breasts were still beautiful and soft to the touch.

Weiss let out a surprised squeal that soon melted into a moan as he fondled her gently. His hand sliding down to squeeze her ass gently. She started to grind on his lap gently and nibbled on his neck.

It didn't take long for the lower part of him to get excited and soon poked at her.

"Jaune you pervert…" She slid off him and got onto her knees.

"You know I can't help that." He retorted.

She smirked and unzipped his pants slowly along with his boxers. His rod soon stuck out in her face. She just looked at it for a moment before she got to work.

Letting out a surprised moan himself he couldn't help but admire her. Soft blue eyes looking up at him as she teased his hard cock with her lips gently while her tongue licked the tip. Her hands moved to massage his balls gently.

Her hands were so soft and he couldn't help but wonder if this is what paradise felt like. It only got better as she took his cock in her mouth and started to suck on it fully. Her head bobbed up and down gently as she sucked him off.

He hoped this wasn't just some wet dream he was having. It seemed too good to be true, but as long as he didn't wake up then he wouldn't complain.

Not being able to last another second he let loose his white load into her pretty mouth.

Weiss's eyes widened in surprise at the intensity of his load. Barely able to swallow it all she gulped it down. Her heart was racing a million miles per second. She had never imagined doing something like this again, let alone with someone she thought was a loser for the better part of the year.

She had done this along with the loss of her virginity back in Atlas when she was really going through her rebel stage. It wasn't hard to convince some attractive rich boy to come experiment with her.

The experience was decent enough, but Jaune's was far bigger than his. She had a feeling this was going to be far more intense. The thought only made her wetter as she started fingering herself. Her panties, long since ruined.

Letting his cock slide out of her mouth, she looked up at him before standing up. "Jaune. Let's take this to the next level." She smiled. Despite how indecent she felt it was hard to control her growing lust now. White panties falling to the floor as she got on to the bed next to him before laying on her back.

He looked at her, clearly unsure. She figured it was his first time and that made her smile all the more. She was glad to be his first since she had always been his crush since the begging. Now she just wished she returned his feelings sooner.

Spreading her legs for him she invited him in. As he got closer he leaned in and kissed her deeply. He was surprisingly good at kissing and she did her best to compete. Wrapping her arms around him she pulled him close.

After a few moments of kissing Jaune pulled back. He never thought he would see Weiss in nothing but her heels. It was one of the hottest things he had ever seen and his cock soon recovered to its former glory despite the amazing blowjob she had given him.

Not letting his nervousness get to him, he inserted his cock into her slowly. She moaned with pleasure as he did so. Leaning into her he gave her a deep kiss before thrusting slowly.

"Jaune you're reaching so deep into me already…" She moaned out in pleasure as she wrapped her legs around him.

He took this as a sigh to speed up. He had never felt anything like it and wondered if he was going to melt right there. As the intensity picked up, she wrapped her arms around his back and her nails dug into him, but it didn't hurt all that much.

"Fuck! I didn't know you were such a beast Jaune!" She cried out in pleasure. The bed was started to shake violently, but he didn't let up.

"Weiss, you feel so tight on me still…" It felt amazing the way she seemed to suck him in.

Leaning in he kissed down her neck before biting and leaving his mark.

"Jaune…People are going to see that…" She whimpered despite her moans of pleasure.

"Let them." He smirked. Kissing down her chest, he started to suck on her boob while not letting up on ravaging his princess.

Her grip on him tightened as he continued to go deeper into her.

"You're touching my womb!" She cried as her legs wrapped tighter around him.

He switched boobs and sucked on the other one while letting his hands grab her ass. Her more intense moans let him know he was doing something right and he continued to play with her body as he pumped her pussy.

"I'm going to cum!" She cried.

"I am too." He admitted.

The duo climaxed together in a mix of fluids. It was an amazing sensation. Wishing it would never end she unwrapped her legs and he pulled out. The fluids dripped out of her as she looked at him. Both of them far sweatier now then at the dance.

"I never felt that good before in my life…You made me into such a whore Jaune…" She whimpered. Her eyes seemed to twinkle at him.

"Yeah that was intense…Are you going to be okay?" He asked.

She nodded. "Yeah… I'll wash everything up… Please, let's do this again sometime?" She begged.

He never thought he would hear Weiss beg for anything but this really turned him on. "Yeah…"

All at once it clicked for him and he cursed. "Shit!"

"What is it?" Weiss asked.

"I told Pyrrha I would meet her back at the dance after I got dressed."

Weiss frowned and looked at the time. "Well, that's a problem… The dance ends in about five minutes…" She quickly got up as she said that and started to get dressed. Obviously not wanting her team to see them like this when they returned.

He quickly followed suit hoping he didn't smell too bad. "Crap…I'm sorry Pyrrha."

The thought of leaving her alone at the dance like that made him feel rotten to the core. Especially to have sex with someone else.

Weiss wrapped her arms around him. "Don't worry Jaune. I'll just tell her you were helping me with a small emergency and lost track of time."

He nodded. Despite that, he still felt really guilty.

"Oh, and Jaune?"

He noticed something different in her eyes now. "Um, yeah?"

"Just remember you're mine now." She smirked before giving him a deep kiss.

He soon felt his body lean into her once more and all thoughts of Pyrrha or anyone else for that matter quickly melt away.

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