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You're Not Alone: Set before Shell Shocked: Part 1. The night before the big battle, Hiccup can't sleep and goes outside to clear his mind. Little does he know that Astrid has the same dilemma.


Chapter 1: You're Not Alone

Hiccup was supposed to be sleeping, but his brain had other plans for the night. Most of them including worrying about the plan for the battle… which was going to take place in less than twenty-four hours. He couldn't stop double-checking every little detail, making sure that everything would work out.

And, also… well… then there was Astrid.

The whole relationship with them was a little difficult to understand right now. The two hadn't really talked about it since that perfect kiss by the sunset. No matter what Hiccup did, his head refused to let go of the matter.

It was clear that his mind would not let him rest tonight, so he decided to take a breather outside - just for a little bit. He'd keep an eye on the base, maybe do a couple of rounds… yes, that was exactly what he'd do.

He sat up in his bed, startling Toothless awake.

"It's okay, bud," Hiccup assured his Night Fury. "I'm just going to go on a little walk… you know. To clear my thoughts. I need to think, and I just can't do it in here..."

Toothless growled his consent, then set his head back down. It was clear that Hiccup wanted to be alone, and the dragon was tired anyways. Hiccup smiled, rose from his bed, and was soon in the fresh outdoor air.

There were at least a million stars out tonight, and they seemed quite bright in the darkness. They always took Hiccup's breath away. It reminded him just how big the archipelago was… and the world beyond it. So many stars... They made Hiccup think of his father's familiar quote: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

Tons of stars. Just one Hiccup. His petty worries… they shouldn't have mattered. He should've been sleeping. That way, he could help the needs of the many...

Yet his body tugged him down the stairs of the Edge and to the platform the Riders would often sit on and watch the ocean. Especially Fishlegs, who always declared everyone needed some relaxation at the end of the day. Astrid and him had just a few days ago sat here and watched the sunset… talked a little… admitted a couple of things… leaned in… kissed...

With a sigh, Hiccup sat down, then stared at the waves. They were like his thoughts. Rushing this way and that, tumbling over each other to be the first one seen.

Project Shell-Fire.

The Riders.

The plan.


He had to force himself to think of the absolute priorities. Okay, the absolute of the absolute priorities.

The plan? Well, it all seemed to go well in his head. However, things were different in real life… would it work in the end? Or would he get his team hurt?

His shoulders collapsed, and he leaned forward. It was hard being the team leader at times. He had to control the group, make the plans, be sure that they would work, and on top of that, maintain a collected appearance even if he was freaking out. Like now. What if he did something wrong? What if he miscalculated the time to attack? What if he-


Hiccup jolted at the unexpected voice in the dark. He turned around to see Astrid standing a little ways behind him. She was wearing her usual day-to-day outfit, even though it was the middle of the night. Her clear eyes suggested she hadn't been able to sleep. Like me, thought Hiccup.

"Astrid," he said, rubbing his temples. "What are you doing up?"

Astrid came closer, then decided to sit down next to him. "Probably the same reason as you."

"Worrying about the plan?"


"Wondering if it'll work?"

"Of course..."

Hiccup smiled. "You're not alone with that."

Astrid smirked back at him. "I didn't think so… gods, we shouldn't even be worrying. Think about it; the entire council of Berk, the Riders, and the auxiliary team have all put their heads together to form this plan. It'll work. If none of us have spotted any problems, then I'm sure that we'll all be fine."

"Yeah," said Hiccup, but he sounded a little doubtful. "I guess…"

They watched as the waves crashed over each other until the silence suddenly became awkward. Hiccup gave a nervous cough, and Astrid tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

The pair spoke at the same time.


"I was thinking-"

They stopped, then began to chuckle.

Hiccup waved a hand at Astrid. "You first, milady."

She nodded, though Hiccup caught her rolling her eyes. "Ever the gentleman, aren't you?" She shook her head, smirking, but her comfortable expression soon faded to a tenser one. "Well, anyways… Hiccup… tomorrow's battle isn't all I've been thinking about…"

Hiccup raised his eyebrows, though the same was true for him. "Oh?"

"Yes." She looked up at the stars, and Hiccup followed suit. "I know I'm supposed to be only focusing on Project Shell-Fire, whatever it may be… but… well, I keep on thinking about something else, too, Hiccup."

Hiccup swallowed, knowing what was coming.

"A few nights ago. Here. The sunset. The… kiss."

Hiccup's cheeks heated, as did Astrid's.

"And, Hiccup… I was also wondering about..."

Hiccup stole a furtive look at his… friend? Girlfriend? What exactly were they? She sneaked a glance at him a moment after he looked away. Even though they had spent years at each other's side, one kiss had changed... everything. And nothing.

Relationships were more complicated than he'd first thought.

"About what?" said Hiccup. But, deep inside of him, he knew.

Astrid nudged the other Rider playfully, but Hiccup's heart fluttered at her touch. "I was wondering," she said, "about… us."

Hiccup scooted in a little closer. "Astrid…"

"I know, I know… I should just be thinking about the battle, but I-"

Hiccup shook his head. "No, that's not it… truth be told, I've been thinking about us, too. A lot, in fact. As much as I try to get you out of my mind… I can't." He swallowed, suddenly self-conscious of things he was saying. "So… well… um…" He sighed. Come on, Hiccup. He needed to be straightforward. He wasn't supposed to stutter, or be nervous. He had to be confident. Clear. Certain. He could do it. He opened his mouth to try again, but Astrid beat him to it.

"…I… think about you often, as well..." She looked down and tapped her fingers on the wood. "Anyways… how are you holding up? You must be nervous. You're the leader, and are about to lead us all into battle. Pretty much everything could go wrong."

"Thank you, for summing that up," Hiccup murmured, though he was more anxious than exasperated. "Yes. I'm worried. Just… what if… what if someone gets hurt? What if, on my watch, someone is taken down, and it's all my fault… Astrid… I couldn't live with myself if anything happened to any of the Riders, or the auxiliary team, or-" He stopped himself, holding his breath.

Astrid cocked her head. "Who?"

Hiccup played uncomfortably with his fingers.


For a moment, all that could be heard was the quiet chirping of the forest and the waves breaking one another. Then Astrid lightly touched Hiccup's shoulder, forcing them both to at last look at each other.

Gods, were Astrid's eyes beautiful. They were this - this perfect shade of crystal blue warmed with a little something extra. They looked especially lovely as compassion for Hiccup filled them, and even more so as she whispered, "I... well, I think the same thing, Hiccup… every day. We go into battle so much... we've been so lucky so far. It's... a little frightening to imagine someone... someone not pulling through."

Hiccup inched closer to Astrid, making her smile a little. Thor above, he could be such a flirt at times.

"Astrid…" Hiccup took in a breath. He needed to gather his thoughts and put them into words. Tell Astrid what he had wanted to for years... "Anything... everything might go wrong tomorrow."

The young woman nodded. "It might."

"One of us could get hurt. Captured… even killed."

"That's always a risk."

"So… I just want to say… you know, before we go into battle…" Hiccup took one of Astrid's hands in his and stared straight into her eyes. She didn't break the gaze.

"Astrid… I've been really… fond of you. Ever since we were little, even. You were so beautiful. Tough. Strong. Brave. I wanted to impress you the moment we first met… and I finally did, though it took training a Night Fury to do so. I was so happy that we were finally friends... but it felt like I wasn't doing enough. So I did more. And more. And more. And then… recently, we kissed. Astrid… that… that was one of the best moments in my life. I never dreamed that someone as… as amazing as you could ever like someone… well, like me."

Astrid seemed a bit taken aback. "Well, Hiccup, I've actually… for the past couple of years now… well… been hoping that…" She hesitated, glancing down. "That maybe we…"

Hiccup tried to find her eyes. "Yes?"

"Well… that maybe there could be a... Hiccup and Astrid."

Hiccup's breath caught. Astrid took it the wrong way.

"Gods… sorry… I… I just thought that ever since we-"

Suddenly, Hiccup leaned in and kissed her. It was just a peck on the cheek, but even the smallest gestures of affection could mean the world to someone. And it did to each of them.

Hiccup pulled back so he could stare into her beautiful blue eyes.

"There has always been a Hiccup and Astrid," he told her. "And, Astrid… I think there always will be. If you would like that, of course..."

Astrid smiled.

"I would like that very much."

Hiccup grinned at her. "Well… that's fantastic… I… thank you, Astrid." His tone solemned. "… but, now… I think we should really get some sleep. We have to be energized tomorrow if we're to beat Viggo. It's going to take everything in us."

Astrid noticed how quickly his concern had shown through, and wanted to provide some comfort for him as well.

"Hiccup," she said, squeezing his hand slightly, "don't worry."

"Why not? There's everything to worry about... what makes this situation... not stressful? How are you not worried?"

"Because we have something that Viggo doesn't. And that thing will allow us triumph in the end."

"What's that?" said Hiccup, his mind whirring with thoughts. In his mind, Viggo had nearly all of the advantages - over a thousand soldiers; racks of weapons; and a clever mind that could even outwit even Hiccup. What was so great that the Riders had that Viggo didn't?

Astrid rolled her eyes. For someone as brilliant as him, Hiccup could really be dense.

"Each other, Hiccup. Each other."

At those words, Hiccup found some peace. Despite not being tired, he stood up anyways, knowing that the sun would be rising in a few hours and he needed to get whatever rest he could. He not only had to be strong for Berk and his friends... but for Astrid, in addition to them all.

"Yes," he said, a little thoughtfully. "That we do."

He offered Astrid his hand.

And, smiling, she took it.

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