AYANO ( yandere-chan ) P.O.V.

It's Monday, the third week of school. I sigh as I walk to school. Last week I finished eliminating my second rival Kokona ,I had befriended her. My first rival Osana, from the beginning I had a strong disliking for her, she had insulted me many times, so I thought that I would make senpai hate her. I took great satisfaction when I saw her running home with tears in her eyes.

I walk to school like I normally do, silently watching senpai while he walked as well, with his black hair perfectly combed and his black eyes shining with happiness...

...he's perfect. The love of my life, the reasons for my emotions.

I had stalked senpai all morning and now it was time for class, I grumble to myself ''why do we have these dumb classes anyway?! Not like most of us pay attention.'' Almost nobody in my class studies, well except me, senpai likes smart girls with good grades so I have to keep them up.

As I was sitting down at my desk ,I notice that everyone seemed to be acting strange...now I don't understand emotions very well but I know fear when I see it, it's the same emotion I get when I see a girl walk up to senpai, fear of him falling in love with someone else.

I put on my innocent mask and then I look to my right to ask Koharu ''Hinata-sama? Why is everyone so scared?'' .The green haired girl jumped at the sound of my voice, then turned around to face me and smiled ''O-Oh you didn't hear?'' .I frowned confused ''What didn't I hear?'' Osana snorted at that, frustrated ''Of course you didn't hear anything, when do you hear anything?'' she grumbled .I glare at her ''oh, I hear lots of things ,like how even the cherry tree couldn't get your crush to like you back.'' I shot back. Her eyes widen, she was about to snap at me, but the door opened and everyone stopped talking. I turn around confused as to why everyone was so scared all the sudden. In the doorway was the one and only Osoro Shidesu leader of the Delinquents looking extremely bored.

I raise a eyebrow 'so he's the reason, huh, no wonder. Wasn't he suspended? I guess he's back.' He walked into the classroom and sat in front of me, then put his feet on the desk and leaned back, putting his hands under his head.

I huff 'Ugh, something about this guy really pisses me off'. I must have been loud because he turned around and raised an eyebrow at me, I do the same but start speaking ''Can I help you Shidesu-sama?'' my attitude caused eyes to widen. He smirked, yellow eyes shining with amusement ''Yes, yes you can, mind being at little more quiet?''. I smile politely ''Oh. I'm sorry were you trying to catch up on some well needed beauty sleep?''

I heard people taking in sharp breaths, but my eyes where focused on him. Beauty sleep my ass this boy was handsome as hell, but no where near my senpai, but still he's ...what did those girls call him? Hot? Yeah, he's 'hot' ,but no way I'm telling him.

He smirked at that, then turned around when the teacher entered looking even more scared then the students. He said loud enough for everyone to hear ''Finally, someone who has the balls to actually talk, you're feisty ,I like it, can I have your name?'' I roll my eyes ''No.-'' Shocking him and everyone in the room

''-No, you may not.'' His eyes widen ,then he had a dumb grin on his face. He fake sighed ''tisk,tisk,tisk. Oh ,I will get your name ,one way or another.'' Rolling my eyes I snapped back ''I know you will.'' He turns around to face me, his face challenging ''Then why make me go through the trouble ? Hmm, shorty?'' Oh, this guy is really starting to piss me off ''I'm not short, I'm 5'7'' which is average, not my problem you're a giant'' I tried keeping the anger from my voice, I really did, with how everyone was staring at me this was bound to get to senpai ears, but this boy was getting on my nerves real fast .He leaned back so we were face to face, our breath mixing ,our faces were 5 inches away from each others,but I refused to move, my face stone cold as always, no emotion at all, the innocent mask thrown away. He snickered, and in a husky voice he whispered so nobody else heard ''You know, that's not the only thing that's giant'' My eyes widen at what he was implying, other then that my face was emotionless as ever. I glare at him and in my normal monotone voice challenged ''Do I look like a slut to you?'' My eyes were narrowed, his just shined with amusement ''Well, no, but who knows anymore? I found out 5 minutes ago that your friend, what was her name again? Coconut?-'' I corrected him ''-Kokona-''He continued ''-ah yes, her with the big tits, I heard that she sold her panties to some guys from our rival school.-''There were gasps all around the room, but he just continued talking ''-Everyone here thought she was sweet. Now you may not look like it, but hey, who knows you could be one for all I know!'' He was trying not to laugh. I knew what he was doing, brining down her reputation, thinking I would be mad or guilty, which will get me into trouble ,not gonna work. I smile, shocking him as well as everyone in the classroom ''First off I'll have you know, I'm nothing of the sort. Second you must of heard wrong, I if anyone would know what Kokona is doing, it would be me, She's my best friend. Third it was a rhetorical question. Now can you get your face away from mine or am I that entertaining?'' My smile dropping as I finished. He raised a eyebrow ''Oh? you're interesting. Hm.'' he mumbled to himself, I'm not sure if I was supposed to hear that, but I did. He turned around to face the teacher, who was staring at him in fear ''Sorry to bother you then I guess...'' I growl at him, but other wise kept quiet and got out my things for class. The teacher started speaking, you could tell she was scared ''a-alright students l-let's get started''

The teacher started speaking, you could tell she was scared ''a-alright students l-let's get started''

OSORO (Delinquent leader) P.O.V.

Hmm. Well, well, well... Isn't she a cute little thing? Void of emotions, just like her mother. I wonder does she have her lover yet? I don't think she does, if she did I feel as If I would know about it...hm, but someone by now had to have caught her attention. I mean Aishi woman live for one person and one only. I wonder who her obsession is ? Which lucky guy has the pleasure of having a yandere girl after him? I turn around slightly to look at her from the corner of my eye, to see her drawing someone...black hair, black eyes...Taro Yamada ? she likes that bitch? Wow, I got my hopes up for nothing, what does that ass have that I don't? He has worse grades then me! He fucks girls on the daily! He was one of the perverts that buys pantie shots from Info-Chan! I even caught him masturbating in the boys restroom after meeting up with the nurse! What the fuck?! She likes him!? Why!? Ugh...

I take out my phone, I don't care if the teacher sees me she can't do anything about it anyway she's scared to of me so where's the point? I open Info-chan's contact, the girl owes me lot's of favors, I'm the reason why she's so feared anyway.

Osoro: Hey Yui, I need something.

Info-chan: Don't call by my real name. What do you need anyway?

Osoro: Well my dear cousin, I need some Info of the Aishi girl.

Info-chan: Ayano? Why?

Osoro: So that's her name. Send me her profile.


Osoro: I want her.

Info-chan: She's a yandere, in love with Taro Yamada.

Osoro: I know that already, but when I want something ,I get it, and you're gonna help me.

Info-chan: Oh really? Why should I?

Osoro: It would be a shame if someone found out that the red-head from the rainbow six is the one person that knows everything from everyone in school.

Info-chan: You're bluffing.

Osoro: Am I? Fuck with me Yui, see what happens.

Info-chan: Fine, you win. Here. BTW I'm her supplier for the I'm her supplier for the crimes

Osoro: good to know. Thanks,Info.


I snicker to myself,I was behind a tree in the plaza,watching her as she was doing the same thing but for a different person. Ayano was hiding behind a tree in the plaza,watching Taro Yamada.I glare at the bitch reading a book,heh,'book' anyone who could read would know that the 'book' Taro was reading,wasn't a book at all...It was hentai just put a book cover over the actual do I know? the cover is upside he was blushing like crazy and any time someone would walk pass him he would close it and say 'hi' to the like nothing's happening,and every once in a while he would put a hand on his this guy have a high libido,or what? I don't think she notices though,she's too busy glaring at Osana,you know the orange haired prick?Yeah her.

I smirk when I see Ayano grab a very sharp pair of scissors,the long ones used for cutting fabric,and put them in her skirt.

I raised an eyebrow at that,what is she hiding under that little skirt of hers?

I open up my phone a text 'info-chan' I see Yui jump and look at her looks up at the rainbow 6 and says "I'm not feeling to well,I think need to go to the nurse..." The girls smile at her and reassure her that she's gonna be alright,and that she should go see what's wrong. They were concerned for her.

I shake my head 'so naive' my phone vibrated,I open it to see it's a message from info-chan



Osoro:What is Ayano hiding under that skirt besides her womanhood?

Info-chan:She has a skirt with hand made pockets inside for weaponry, poisons,ect. Why? You need a pantie shot or something?

Osoro:Just curious,and yes.

Info-chan:yes what?

Osoro: I want a pantie shot.

Info-chan: Tough luck,I don't have one for her.

Osoro: What.

Info-chan: She's the one that gets me the pantie shots. She's never given me one of her not the first that asked,but you are the first to get the second part of the information.

Osoro: Who else asked?

Info-chan: Budo Masuta,and the male rainbow six except Riku.

Osoro: So I have competition.

Info-chan: not really, she doesn't even know the names of the male rainbow six except doesn't even pay attention to Budo.


I snicker then smile to myself.

She's mine.All mine.She doesn't have a choice

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