Chapter 14

Clary woke to an empty bed, rolling over to find Jace's side cold and looking unslept in. She stumbled out of bed, wandering to the windows to peer outside. The sun looked like it had been up for a good couple of hours; the others would be long gone. That meant Jace too. And hopefully, her evil uncle would no longer be around to cause grief.

She sighed and checked her phone. There was a message from Jace to remind her where he was, but she didn't bother replying, settling on leaving it face down on the bedside table. She headed down to the kitchen, her stomach rumbling for food.

A dark headed figure sat at the island counter, head bowed over a book in his hands. As she approached, his cat eyes flickered to Clary. He smiled. "Good morning, Sleeping Beauty."

"What are you doing here?"

Magnus rolled his eyes. "How nice to see you too."

She sat beside him. "It is nice to see you, Magnus. But I thought everyone would be fighting Claudius, yourself included."

"You're not the only being left out of the fun, Biscuit. I've been given strict instructions from your golden husband to stay here and look after you."

This time it was Clary's turn to roll her eyes. Of course. "I don't need to be babysat. Jace should know that."

Magnus looked at her out of the corner of his eye. "I think you and I both remember what happened last time you were left here on your own. He doesn't want a repeat, and neither do I, if I'm being honest."

"You care about me?"

Magnus laughed but there was a warmth to the sound. "Don't be silly. It just took a lot of energy to heal you." She glanced at him, finding him smiling.

Magnus and Clary sat side by side as Magnus conjured up a feast of food out of thin air, and they ate in quiet conversation. After she had eaten, Clary retreated to the lounge, and brought out her sketch book. She didn't have to think about what she wanted to draw, her pencil was already drawing out a rough outline as if it had a mind of its own.

It wasn't long into her sketching that Clary heard the elevator click into place on the main landing. Her gaze lifted from the book on her lap, and she started towards the doorway. There was a commotion: people grunting in what sounded like pain, loud conversations, shuffling feet. Clary broke out into the hallway, and her eyes immediately landed on Jace who was leaning heavily against Alec's shoulder; Jace's shirt front was drenched with blood, parts tattered and hanging together by only a thread.

Clary's eyes widened as Jace's gaze found her too. He tried to straighten himself up, to stop her from worrying, but he slumped against Alec faster than he was standing. Clary walked over to them quickly and touched Jace's arm. "Jace… by the Angel. What happened?"

She slipped to his side, lifting the arm on her side to guide it around her neck and balance out his weight with Alec on the other side. Jace drew away from her though, and hurt flashed across her face before she could stop it. He placed the hand on her shoulder instead, squeezing it reassuringly. "I'm okay," he said, and his voice was rough and dull like all of his energy had been zapped out of him. "Don't worry about me."

"Jace…" she began, and put a hand on his arm as he let it fall from his shoulder. He didn't pull away this time and she tightened her grip. She followed them down into the infirmary, Clary holding onto him the entire way. "Will you please tell me what happened?"

Jace glanced at her, and tried for a smile. His lip was busted, and blood stained the front of his white teeth. He must have seen her horror because he quickly closed his lips to a tight smile. "It's all right. We were just outnumbered, that's all."

"Outnumbered?" she said, a little too loudly and other patients in the infirmary glanced their way. Alec helped Jace onto one of the beds, and Jace's blood stained the white sheets almost instantly. Clary lowered her voice. "Jace, how by the Angel were you outnumbered? You had half the clave with you, and he was one man."

"The bastard is a warlock, Clary." His eyes were blazing into her, never flinching as Alec cut his shirt away from his skin, and his words were harsh. She glanced down briefly, gaze catching on the open wound. Her stomach rolled at the smell of blood and the sight of his wound. Turns out she didn't like any of that now she was pregnant. She swallowed hard as bile threatened to slide up her throat, and she quickly brought her gaze back up to Jace. Jace's eyes and voice softened as he continued to watch her. "He summoned a hoard of demons. And I'm talking a lot of them, more than we could fight. It was a bloody battle, and I wasn't sure if we were going to win for a little bit. We lost a few people. Those of us who were only injured were the lucky ones."

Clary glanced around the room where other Shadowhunters were bleeding and groaning on the bed. Her eyes returned to Jace's wound. The skin on the left side of his body was torn to shreds; the skin around it was red and inflamed, blood leaking out of it. She tried to swallow the bile down again, but it was coming up faster than she could control. Jace looked at her with concern, his eyes narrowing and then widening as she bolted for the nearest bathroom.

There was yelling from behind her, but she didn't dare stop to find out what was happening. It was only when she felt a warm hand on her back that she realised why. Jace crouched behind her, holding her hair back, and keeping a reassuring a hand on her back as she heaved.

"You okay?" he asked when she was done, gently helping her up from the ground.

She rolled her eyes up at him. "You shouldn't be here. You should be with Alec, resting, getting an iratze." She turned back to him, sniffling. He gave her a look and reached behind her to flush the toilet. "What?" she asked. "I'm okay."

"Being sick doesn't seem very okay to me," he replied, and brought his hands up to take her face between his palms. But he stopped short as he realised his hands were covered in blood and demon ichor; he let them fall back to his sides with a sigh.

"I'm pregnant, Jace. I'm just a little more sensitive at the moment, but I'm okay." His eyes lit up at the word pregnant. She shook her head softly, a small smile playing on her lips. "Come on, Handsome," she said. "Let's get you fixed up so I can be around you without feeling sick."

He laughed and commented on her nickname, which of course rewarded him with a light slap on the arm. Alec stood in the infirmary, waiting for them to return. He did not look impressed as he glared straight past Clary to Jace. Jace pretended to look scared which made Alec roll his eyes. Alec reached into his back pocket and retrieved his stele. "Come here, doofus, and let me fix you up before you run away again."

Obediently, Jace held his arm out and let Alec take the limb in question, placing the tip of his stele to the skin. The black swirls of the healing rune burned into Jace's skin, tangling with the blue veins which sat beneath the surface. Clary watched, only just holding it together, as each of his wounds began to heal. Only the blood over his body and the white scar lines were the signs of his injuries.

"So what happened to Claudius? He's not still out there, is he?" She hated to admit she was scared in front of anyone else but Jace, that her uncle had managed to get under her skin and make her heart flutter like a trapped rabbit whenever she thought of him. But Jace looked at her as if he knew what she was thinking. Although, of course he knew what she was thinking. Jace knew her better than she knew herself. He smiled reassuringly.

"We got him, baby. He's long dead," Jace said. "You don't have to worry about him anymore."

Clary let go of a breath she hadn't realised she was holding, and Jace smiled at her again. He reached out a hand toward her, and despite the blood and ichor caked into the lines of his palm, she let him hold her hand. "And my brother? Did you find him?" Jace looked at Alec, and Clary looked between the two of them. "What's going on? Where's my brother? Please tell me didn't die too…" Jace shook his head, and she looked at him closely.

"We don't know where he is," Alec said, and she turned her gaze on him.

"What does that mean?"

"He wasn't with Claudius. We looked but we had to get back. So many people were hurt. Magnus is trying to find him. Don't worry."

Jace squeezed Clary's hand, but she barely felt it. Her mind was caught on the images of Jonathon the last time she had seen him. How skinny and broken he had looked… She heard Jace and Alec speaking above her, but the words were lost. She glanced up again suddenly. "We need to find him." They both looked at her with sad eyes. She focused on Jace, knowing she would be able to convince him the most. She held onto his hand tightly. "I need to find him."

"I know, baby. I know. And we will. But we need to know where to start first." He smelled himself and flinched. "And right now, that's a shower for me and a kiss from my beautiful wife." When she stared at him, not saying a word, his eyes softened. "Give Magnus some time to figure something out. He's our best hope."

Clary nodded, and let Jace lead her out of the infirmary and to their room. She waited on the bed as the water in the bathroom turned on and off. Jace stepped out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist. He looked better now that he wasn't injured and covered in blood; it made Clary relax a little bit.

He sat beside her, and Clary could smell his soap. He smelled like Jace again. She leaned a little closer, pressing her nose into his shoulder. He chuckled softly. "Better?" His voice was quiet, only reserved for her even though she was the only other person in the room. She nodded. He held the back of her head, holding her against his shoulder.

After a while, he began to pull away but she scooted closer to him. "We should find Magnus and see if he's found anything," Jace said.

She pulled back, eyes searching his face. "Shouldn't you be resting? I know the iratze healed you, but you still need rest."

He shrugged, like she knew he would. "You're more important to me and I know your brother is important to you." When she looked like she was about to protest, he added with a smile, hooking his finger through her curls, "I know. I'm important to you too. Trust me, I know, Clary." He kissed her, short and sweet. "But I'll be okay. For today it's just a discussion, nothing more. Nothing else will happen until tomorrow."

Clary leant into him again, curling into his side. "I'm glad you're okay. You scared me."

He tightened his grip on her waist. "I'm sorry. I'll be more careful next time. It's just when someone threatens or hurts my girl, I get a little protective."

She laughed. "A little? Jace, you made Magnus babysit me. You know I don't need protecting."

She felt his side rumble with his chuckle. "I know, I know. But I'm not just protecting you anymore, I'm protecting our baby too."

Clary smiled and took his lips in her own. She shifted and before she knew it, Jace was pulling back, clearing his throat awkwardly. "As much as I love this," he said and kissed her again. "We should really go find Magnus, and before I become completely out of control."

Clary realised where her hand had been slowly drifting, and blushed.

Dressed and clean, Jace led Clary down the hallway to the library. The library was just as busy as it had been the night before when they had all discussed what to do about her uncle. There was only a few people missing. Some of those people she remembered seeing in the infirmary, and the other people she didn't remember seeing at all. She swallowed as she suddenly realised where they were.

Magnus sat at the desk in the centre of the library, stacks of books spread out around him. He glanced up as they approached and smiled.

"How's it going, Magnus?" Jace asked.

"I've found a way to find Jonathon Morgenstern. There's only one thing we need."

This piqued Clary's interest. "What? What do we need, Magnus?"

His cat eyes flickered to Clary, a look in them she couldn't read. "Blood. Your blood, Clary."

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