A tiny one- shot about Danny Lawrence after she became a vampire. Please review. Please keep in mind that english is not my first language.

Danny Lawrence was known for being brave and fierce. She always offered a helping hand to fellow students at Silas, and wanted nothing in return. She took great pride in protecting those around her.

That's what students had been saying about her after they learned that she had been killed by Theo. She had snuck up on them, eavesdropping. Like a coward. In the beginning, it had made her cry tears of happiness, that later had become tears of anger and sadness. Danny had refused to accept her fate at first. She wasn't their precious, strong, vice president "Xena" anymore. She was a vampire; she had become thing she despised the most. Danny had tried to ignore her thirst for blood, but it consumed her. It was on her mind constantly and it became increasingly difficult not to attack someone. One night she wandered around looking for animals that she could feed on. That wasn't as bad as feeding on humans, right? To her surprise and she noticed a badly injured student lying on the ground, and she ran over to help. "Don't worry, I'll help y…" She stopped mid-sentence, she now noticed that the student was bleeding. Danny looked around feeling helpless and hungry. So, so hungry. "I'm sorry" she stammered. Danny lowered herself over the injured boy and sunk her teeth into his neck.

Months later, Danny Lawrence had become a skilled hunter. She enjoyed taking lives now, she loved how her victims whimpered in fear and pain when she drank from them. It made her feel powerful and fearless. However, there was a tiny part of her that felt sad for them. Maybe she had a tiny bit of humanity left in her? When she slept, Laura haunted her dreams. God how she missed that woman. She always made Danny feel safe. They had a real connection too, but of course that went to hell because of Carmilla. Carmilla… Just thinking about her made Danny's blood boil. She took everything from her, Laura, her education, her life. She made up her mind, she was going to kill Carmilla Karnstein.