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I had always tried to write this note but never could make it sound right. Then just last night the idea came to me. I poured out my heart and told you everything about how I felt. I had told how your smile always brightened my day when I saw it; that your dark eyes were like the night sky all mysterious; that your beauty reminded me of a gorgeous sunset with all the different colors; that you kindness towards me always made me feel that I could talk to you. Now all I had to do was give it to you.

So the next day I slipped the note on to your desk and took my seat in class. You came walking in talking with some of your friends. I just sat there watching you as you took your seat. My throat was all dry as you noticed the note.

You picked it up and looked around wondering who might have put it there. You opened it up and read it slowly. I rubbed my eyes knowing this was going to be a long class. You looked over at me and smiled slightly, then sat down and went back to talking to your friends.

I looked up at the clock, noting it was time to start class. The teacher moved away from his desk and went to the chalkboard and wrote down some important things. My eyes weren't paying attention to him but to you. I wanted to know what you thought about what the note said.

The teacher turned and began to speak, "Today class we will be discussing William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. I want you to get a partner and talk about the play and write down some notes. We will the read the notes aloud and have a open class discussion."

I watched as one of your friends asked you to be her partner but you shook your head. You got up and walked back to me and took the seat next to me. "Will you be my partner for this?" you asked.

I look at you with wonder in my eyes at why you would want to work with me. I manage to reply in a dry voice, "Sure." I looked into your dark eyes and then felt my cheeks redden at the beauty of your eyes. I wanted to ask you about the note but I just opened my book and begin to skim over what I had read.

"Isn't it sad that they find love at the wrong time and end up dying for it?" you say trying to break the silence.

I looked up, "It was a sad thing but a happy one, too, because they did find love. Some people never even find it."

You take the note from your book and opened it up, rereading it. "Is that what your were trying to say in this?"

I looked back down at my book trying to figure out what to say. The words slowly come to me and I blurted them out. "I have thought about it and tried many times to figure out how to tell you. Then when you broke up with your boyfriend I just had to take a chance and tell you. "

You gave my hand a squeeze, "Did you ever think I might feel the same way for you?"

I rubbed my eyes again and then looked back at you. "I did let that thought cross my mind a couple of time but I always just hid it back away again."

You looked into my eyes and then smiled, "Why don't we give this a chance then?"

I looked surprised at your remark and lightly brushed my hand with yours, "Are you sure you want to?"

You laughed quietly and look at me, "What you did today took courage if you have that kind of courage, then so do I."

Thoughts ran through my head at what could happen to us but I pushed them back enjoying the moment and looked up at the clock, "We had better get this work done or we will get in trouble."

You gave me a small smile and squeezed my hand again, "On one condition, we talk about this later. O.K.?"

I nodded my head and looked back at my book. I wondered to myself as we discussed the book what will happen between us. I looked over at you and was greeted by your beautiful smile. I just sat there looking at you knowing what ever will happen will be good.