"Dugdrion. How nice of you to stop by," Vegeta said acidly. "I'm just going to kill him and I'll be right with you."

"Drop him, Vegeta," the wizard ordered.

"Oh, but I already HAVE," Vegeta said with a smirk. "Quite a distance, actually." But he did as he was told: he dropped Byraem. Right onto a ki ball. Vegeta dusted his hands off on each other and smirked up at Dugdrion. "Now what do you want?"

Bulma found that she could move. "Jeez. I HATE this place, and I only just GOT here!"

"Shut up, woman."

"Well, sor~ry! I didn't ASK you to act like my knight in shining armor, but here you are anyway! I'm going to TRY and find the ship. MAYBE I can fix it." She turned and collided with something. She couldn't quite see it, but she could guess what it was. "Dammit! WHY do you people enjoy DOING this to me?"

"What now, woman?" Vegeta snapped.

"Well, Prince Lunkhead, your FRIEND has an invisible force field or something."

Dugdrion looked surprised. "How did you know?"

"Let's see. I can't go farther than this." She knocked on seemingly empty air, and it made a slight thumping sound. She smirked up at him and shook her head. "And I only MAKE the damn things!"

Dugdrion suddenly vanished. He reappeared with Goku hanging onto him in a necklock and Krillin leaning on his back. "Howdy!" Krillin called down. "What are you guys doing?"

Seeing that Dugdrion was about to unleash his next attack, Vegeta shot him, almost hitting Goku at the time. Goku dropped him out of surprise, then grabbed Krillin as he fell after the wizard.

Vegeta stood over the fallen man and scowled. "Another time, Dugdrion." Then he yelled up to his traveling companions, "Come on! Get your asses moving!" With that, he scooped up Bulma -- much to her protest -- and flew off, leaving the wounded wizard to fend for himself.


"What the FUCK is your problem?" Bulma demanded once she got over the shock of being so high.

"Just be grateful you didn't run into him FIRST, woman," Vegeta lectured. "That paralyzing spell by that idiot magician was the worst he could do."

"WHAT is the BIG difference between a goddamn magician and a goddamn wizard, huh?"

"A magician's magic is calmer and usually used either for hunting things or growing things. Survival. A wizard is destructive and has a lot more than what you just saw. That was actually only an apprentice you went up against, woman. They're very powerful and clever, even by Saiyan standards. They're the only ones in the universe that could possibly put up a match that lasts longer that five minutes."

"So, the wizards are bad," Bulma paraphrased.

"All magic-users are bad. They just happen to be the more dangerous of the three."

"Not going to ask, don't want to know." Bulma turned her head and rolled her eyes at Goku, jerking her head to indicate Vegeta. "By the way..." She waited almost a full minute before sighing. "You know, by now a NORMAL person would have said 'What'." He only shrugged. "Fine. By the way you can put me DOWN. I want to WALK."

"It's faster to fly, woman," Vegeta muttered. "You should know that by now."

"It doesn't MATTER what SPEED we're going at, especially if we're going in the WRONG DIRECTION!"

He looked at her then simply let her fall. Bulma calmly dug in the shallow pockets she'd made in the cloth for her capsules. And came up empty-handed.

"THIS is bad. The Capsule Corp. president out without her capsules. If the press ever hears about this..."

Vegeta caught her and smirked. "Ill be sure to find out who the press is and tell them."

"Bastard," Bulma sulked. "Put me DOWN!" Vegeta dropped her again, but this time she immediately felt the dirt under her and the dust sweeping up to attack her face. "Thanks," she muttered sarcastically. "I think we're lost."

"How can we be lost if we don't know where we're going?" Krillin piped up as he followed the bend in the path. "Great. Not only are we lost, we're screwed."

Bulma saw what he meant immediately. There was no way to have known it was a ship unless you'd seen it BEFORE it was in countless pieces. Bulma slumped to her knees and groaned. She was too tired and shit out of luck to say anything more. Then she got up and scowled, beginning to walk back through the woods.

"Hey, Bulma. Where ya going" Krillin called after her.

Bulma turned and grinned. "To see if our friend has some Scotch tape."

"Woman! Are you INSANE? This time I'm not going to save you!" Vegeta threatened.

Bulma grinned over her shoulder at him. "Good. I don't want you around. Goku, will YOU come with me?" she asked in a voice that was so syrupy sweet they could have poured it over pancakes.

"Sure. Why not?"

"Because she's going to get herself killed," Vegeta growled in response to his rhetorical question. "Woman, you amaze me sometimes."

"Thanks, Vegeta. I always knew you admired my genius," Bulma said as she batted her eyes.

He snorted. "More like your stupidity. If you're supposed to be the smartest human on your planet then I'd hate to meet a dumb one."

"You know, I remember going through this before," Bulma said, tapping a finger on her chin. "Yeah, we did. And you know what, oh Forgetful One? You HAVE! More than once!" She grabbed Goku by the sleeve and dragged him off with her.

"Stupid woman," Vegeta grunted as he sat down and shook his head. He caught a glimpse of Krillin out of the corner of his eye and growled. "You're going too?"

Krillin looked at him and nodded. "Yeah. SOMEONE'S gotta watch out for them."

"Stay here, Cueball," Vegeta ordered.

"Why the hell should I listen to you?" Krillin demanded. Vegeta calmly stood and Krillin retreated. "You know, I'm actually a little tired. I think I'll go lay down."

"You do that." Vegeta turned and grinned as Bulma came marching out of the foliage, looking royally pissed off. "Back so soon," Vegeta taunted. "Where's the tape?"

"You know damn well you UNDERGROWN asshole that we don't know where the damn village or whatever the hell it is is at," Bulma growled dangerously. "So get the hell out of my way before I hurt you. And by Kami, I will find a way!"

Vegeta was unimpressed. "Why do you insist on going to them? You're not much of a favorite."

"You're not the easiest guy to get along with either," she replied. "And do you have a better idea? Like Goku told you before this whole damn thing even STARTED, though I have many abilities, I am NOT a miracle worker! And THAT'S what it's gonna take to get us OFF this planet unless I persuade Dipstick and Shit-for-brains to help."

"You can't fix the ship," he summarized.

"Unless you have a welding machine, a REALLY good metal detector and a shitload of patience on you, I highly doubt it."

"So, you're admitting that you can't do something," he said with a smirk.

"I'm saying I don't have the proper materials," Bulma said sweetly. "But... I DO have THIS." She held up the scouter that she'd fixed and grinned. "New and improved! I don't know HOW you people got around with these cheap things."

"That is used for ki," Vegeta told her calmly. "What makes you think it will trace magic?"

"Well, one because I'M the one who upgraded it, and two because this points out the dragonballs, right?" At Vegeta's confused nod she continued. "And the magic feels a lot like the dragonballs. So all I have to do is set it to just that and I'll follow it."

"You can program it to whatever you want to find?"

Bulma grinned. "I told you it was a piece of shit before. Now, let's find our little friends and get them to tell us just HOW to get out of here."

"Where's that idiot Kakorrot?'

"Taking a private moment."

"What the hell are you talking about woman?"

"He has to do some certain biological functioning." Vegeta only looked at her. She heaved a sigh, rolled her eyes and yelled in his ear, "He had to take a shit!"

Vegeta blinked at the harsh sound in his ear and shoved her away. Bulma bit her lip to hold in a whimper and held her hand, glaring at him. "That was all you had to say, woman."

She only turned and walked away. Pausing before the entrance to the denser pack of trees, she said coldly without turning around, "I'll see you when I come back for Krillin, Vegeta." Then she disappeared.

"Good job," Krillin told him sarcastically. "NOW we're separated again, only this time we know where they're going, but that doesn't help because we don't know where it is!"

"Shut up, Cueball. I know where the Circle is staying." Vegeta lifted off the ground slowly and smirked. "Are you coming or not? I doubt that woman will come back for you if I'm there."

"By the way, what the HELL is a CIRCLE?" Krillin demanded as he jumped up next to the Saiyan prince.

"A round object," Vegeta muttered before looking at Krillin with a slightly amused glance.

'Great. So NOW Prince Ego has a sense of humor,' Krillin thought with a mental sigh. "No shit, Sherlock. What's the OTHER definition."

"Basically a group of magic-workers." The way Vegeta spoke, it seemed like it was an everyday thing to know.


"Not here," Vegeta said in a disgusted voice. "They don't live on this planet. If they did the wizards wouldn't be as feared. Even the so-called white witches are more powerful than those ignorant little thieves."

"Why are you telling me all this? I know I asked, but usually I have to pry and wheedle stuff out of you."

Vegeta shrugged. "I don't know. It's a way to pass the time." Then he realized how human that sounded and barely suppressed a shudder.

"Where are we headed?" Krillin asked after a pause.

"To the Isolated Guild."


"Are you stupid or something? A guild is the place where they assemble magic and test new spells and such."

"Well exu~se me! I did NOT come here before, and as far as we know, there is NO magic on Earth!"

Vegeta shook his head. "I don't know how your species even survives. You have no weapons, no desire to fight and no magic."

"We have weapons, but they're BUILT. And they're to fight against the animals!"

Vegeta snorted. "I've watched human battles while we were trying to locate Kakorrot. You don't count yourselves as animals do you? But you have to be the most barbaric of them all."

"Is it just me or does that sound strange coming from a guy who kills for a living?"

"The Saiyans did not kill one another unless by accident or son to father for the royal throne," Vegeta said regally. "We fought wars that we were assigned to, and those were off-planet."

"But shouldn't you be a king then? I mean, your father IS dead."

Vegeta scowled. "No. I will remain a prince forever since I did not kill him."

"Weird people," Krillin drawled. "So, is this place out in the middle of nowhere or what?"

"Contrary to its name, no. It's there." Vegeta stopped abruptly and looked down, away from himself slightly. "I don't see the woman or Kakorrot."

"They're not flying and they don't know where it is," Krillin pointed out. "Give them some time." He growled but began to descend. Krillin paused a moment before following. "What's going on? I hear something in there."

Vegeta listened and a small smile crept onto his face, but he banished it before Krillin could notice. "A festival. They're receiving a new member."

"Does that mean they'll be in a better mood then they were earlier?" Krillin asked hopefully.

"Yes. And the drinks will be on our side as well." He walked toward the wall, scratching at his neck and leaving Krillin to figure that remark out for himself.


Bulma growled and pushed aside the huge fern-like things that were in her way and cursed the damned Namek ship for the umpteenth time. "At least this thing tells us we're close," she muttered. "Goku, can you fly us?"

He grinned at her. "As long as you promise not to yell while we're up there."

She glared at him. "That was a protest, but fine. I promise. Happy?"

He grabbed her, one arm around her shoulders and the other tucked under her knees. "Going up!"

Bulma tucked her face into his shirt and shook her head. Like calling the Eternal Dragon, she didn't think she'd ever get used to this.

"Hey. Isn't that Vegeta and Krillin over there?" Goku asked as he hovered just above the treetops. Bulma could barely make out two figures in the distance. One had a very distinct haircut while she couldn't see hair at all on the other. And the vast height difference made her nod. "Should we go over to them?"

"Hold on a sec," Bulma ordered as she pushed another button, one that could pick up both ki AND the mysterious power of the dragonballs. "They're right over it!" Then she looked up at Goku and nodded. "Let's go!"


Krillin looked up as Vegeta stopped, noticing a slight silverish tint right under his ear when the warrior's hand fell away. "Vegeta?"

"What is it NOW, Cueball?" Vegeta asked gruffly as he paused in preparing to blast the door to tiny pieces.

"There's something..." Krillin trailed off and rubbed at the same spot on his own neck.

Vegeta's hand went to the itching spot and scowled. "What does it look like?"

Krillin cautiously stepped forward and looked closer. "It's silver," he began, and he swore Vegeta stiffened. "It's kinda like a circle with a slash through it--"

"Is the circle filled in?" Vegeta demanded quickly.

"Kinda. It's like some little kid coloring it in and got called away. Why?"

Vegeta didn't know whether to groan or smirk. 'So, I'm bonded. To that damn woman. And she's bonded to me, and now she's starting to realize it.' Vegeta's eyes flashed with a sudden idea. Krillin noticed the gleam in the usually icy black eyes and took a step back.

"Come on, Cueball. We'll wait for the woman and Kakorrot inside." Now he allowed himself to smirk, and Krillin noticed the difference in body language. That was an extremely jovial look on the Saiyan's face. He could have sworn the creep was almost dancing with glee.

Now nervous at what Vegeta was planning, he sighed and followed at a careful distance. "As soon as I get home..." he began, then spent the rest of the time filling in what he would do other than end up a nervous wreck.


Vegeta was practically grinning as he hid in the shadows. 'With the truth serum in that drink, there's no way she can deny that she's mine. And the best part of all is that she'll KNOW what she's doing and unable to do anything about it!'

"Vegeta," Krillin hissed as he snuck into the room. "Where the hell are you?"

Vegeta growled and grabbed Krillin by the collar and slapped and hand over his mouth. "Shut. Up!' he grunted and flung Krillin back against the wall. "They're almost done. THEN we can come out."

"What the hell are they DOING?" Krillin wondered aloud as he watched the ceremony.

"Making sure he has followed the right kind of magic and that he is actually not a wizard." Coal black eyes turned to the new man. "The kid. It's the KID!" The only one besides Kakorrot to defeat him in battle.



The kid jumped up at the sound of someone coming. They sounded distant, but they were closing in fast. He ran a gloved hand though his unruly hair and leapt up into the trees.

"Prince Vegeta! Come here!" Nappa's deep bass growled, his eyes searching the almost lightless meadow. 'Damn! Why is it that I'M always the one stuck prince-sitting?!'

"I'm here, Nappa," Vegeta muttered as he slid to the ground. "What did you want?"

'To get rid of you once and for all,' the older man thought despite himself. "It's time for you to return to camp. There might be wizards out here."

"It's nothing a prince can't handle," Vegeta argued in a superior tone.

"My prince, you can't even defeat ME in battle, and the wizards have more than ki. While they are no match physically, they DO put up a good fight. You might even lose to an experienced fighter," Nappa protested calmly. They were here to train, not for him to kill off the little nuisance! As much as his temper proved otherwise.

"I'll be fine," the ten-year-old said in a tone that clearly closed the argument. "I'll see you in the morning, Nappa."

And so he had. The twenty-five-year-old warrior had saved his student from the spell of an apprentice that had his mind giftwrapped for torture. After watching Nappa dodge the attacks from both the boy and the others that had come, he was astounded.

Sitting atop his newly made throne of dead bodies, Vegeta looked down at Nappa. "How did you do that?"

The older Saiyan looked up. "Do what?"

The prince hopped down and shook his hair out of his eyes. "THAT!" he said, flinging his arm out to indicate the pile of magic users. The cold black eyes shone. "I want to learn how to do that. How to be so fast and agile, how to kill so many and not be tired afterwards. I want to raise my power level. I want to be the strongest, and the best!"

Nappa smiled to himself. At last his charge was willing to learn. That was a start. And Vegeta DID learn. He was dedicated and worked harder than any thought possible. And the reason for that was because of one measly little kid who had gotten him backed into a corner with a baby spell.

~~end flashback~~

Vegeta smirked at the brief memory. He should actually THANK the kid. And now, some 30 years later he was going to. HIS way of course.


Bulma panted as she tried to control her anger. 'Why did that LITTLE shit follow us?!"

She didn't realize she'd spoken out loud until Goku replied, "Well, he didn't follow us since he's AHEAD."

"Goku?" He looked at her and nodded to say he was listening. "Shut up."

"But Bulma--"

"Goku!" She put a finger to her lips and glared at him. He looked sheepish and directed his gaze downwards. She nodded in satisfaction and led the way. She was either going to kill the arrogant Saiyan bastard or die trying.


"All right! WHERE are you?" she demanded as she shut the scouter off and charged into the cabin-like building. She instantly had a hand clamped over her mouth and was roughly dragged aside.

"Woman, don't come in here and yell," Vegeta hissed. "Even KAKORROT can't beat them ALL!"

She jerked her head away and glared at him. "Do I look like I care? I hope not because I don't!" She started to get up and was shoved back down again.

"Wait another minute or so. Then we can get practically ANYTHING from them," the prince advised as he watched the leaders. "As soon as those three take a drink."

"What the hell is it? Punch?"

"Mostly," he answered quietly with a smirk. "But that drink is our ticket to Earth."

The two finishing the ceremony also finished the goblet of what looked like fruit punch. If Vegeta's face could stretch that wide, he would have been grinning. He managed a wide -- for him -- smile and carefully crept out of their hiding place.

He worked his way up to Roshon and tapped him on the shoulder. The 15-year-old turned to see the warrior. Despite himself he smiled. "Hello. What are YOU doing here?"

Vegeta nodded back and leaned on the table, picking at a piece of fruit. "I'm here for a deal."

Roshon looked interested, as Vegeta knew he would. These magicians were always looking for new ways to trade and bet. A deal was just another version of trading. "Continue."

"It's very simple. My..." He looked back and shook his head. "My companions and I need transportation."

"What do you have to trade?" Roshon asked eagerly, the truth serum already working in his system.

"Well, a little bit of information about your friend here" -- Vegeta jabbed a thumb at the new member of the Circle -- "AND your lives." He picked the teenaged leader up and smiled his I'm-going-to-kill-you smirk.

"And if I refuse?" Roshon asked carelessly.

"There won't be a Winding Circle guild anymore," Vegeta replied simply. "Do we have a deal?" Roshon looked like he was thinking about it. Vegeta knew that words to a magic user were binding. "Well...?" the Saiyan prompted menacingly.

Roshon grimaced then nodded once. A sudden gold thread of light came from the floor and encircled the boy. A gold link bracelet clamped onto Roshon's wrist, and another on Vegeta's. He dropped the leader and looked at the links.

"You have three days," Vegeta ordered, then turned to the others with a satisfied look on his face. Goku was the only one who could HEAR the conversation, so the others were confused. Actually, Bulma was angry.

"Well, Mr. Pathetic Salesman? WHY aren't we on Earth yet?!" Bulma demanded as she attempted to stamp on his foot.

"Woman, calm down!" he ordered, trying to glare her down. When that didn't work he offered her the drink he'd pulled off the table, unnoticed. As she warily accepted it, he looked up at her slightly. "If you could HEAR you'd know that they're not able to do ANYTHING right now. Their magic is nullified until tomorrow. They only have three days anyway."

Bulma wasn't listening. "This is pretty good. What is it?"

Vegeta sniffed at it. "Their passion fruit, I think." He took another whiff and nodded decisively. "Yes. Passion fruit and the truth serum."

"What does that do?" she asked as she took another sip, feeling a faint throbbing in her head and felt like cotton was stuck in her ears.

"Well, basically you'll have the urge to talk your mouth off, and you can't lie," Vegeta summarized as he watched her get used to the effects. "And you'll have one hell of a pleasant buzz."

"As if she doesn't talk enough already," Krillin muttered to himself.

Bulma dropped her cup as she fell to her knees and clapped her hands over the back of her head. "Vegeta, you bastard! What the hell did you DO to me?"

He looked down at her as Krillin and Goku tried to get her supported. "What the hell's going on?"

"She's HUMAN, moron." Krillin didn't look up as he slung one of Bulma's limp arms around his neck. "It doesn't have the same effect! What does it do to a Saiyan?"

"Nothing," he answered, looking his "mate" over. "We're immune to all drugs such as those."

"So that's why Goku could never use Tylenol," Bulma's slurred voice said as she sat up a little. "Vegeta, this is SHIT! What the HELL is it supposed to do again?"

"Great. She's stinking drunk!" Krillin yelped as Bulma's arm swung wildly to get up.

"I am not!" Bulma protested as she finally got to her feet, then promptly fell into Vegeta. She looked up at him and smiled. "Did you know I love your eyes?"

He smirked. "No, woman, I did not." He thought to himself, 'And I bet you didn't either until now.'

"Well, I do. And..."

Krillin rubber his temples. "This is going to be a LONG three days."


Krillin glared at the newly formed couple, then turned away and snorted in disgust. Despite all the blabbing last night and the denial this morning, it was still beyond him why Bulma liked the impossible bastard. He sat down and stared at the magicians hurrying to prepare to send them to Earth.

"Hey, Krillin," Goku mumbled as he plopped down beside his friend. "What are you doing?"

"Attempting to figure out what the hell both of them are thinking," Krillin muttered as he shot another murderous glance at the "happy couple," which happened to be feuding again.

"Woman, don't you EVER shut UP?"

"No! And if you're going to live with me, there's some things you need to know. I have a NAME, moron, and I expect you to use it! And DON'T expect me to--"

"Woman, SHUT UP!"

"Didn't we JUST go through this? I just SAID that--"

"Woman!! I'm TRYING to say something!"

"WHAT?" she finally yelled at him.

"When we get back to Earth, remind me to marry you."

Bulma's mouth clamped shut with an audible click. Then it dropped back open again, jaw working but nothing coming out. When she finally remembered where she put her voicebox, she said, "You know, Prince EGO, MOST people would ASK to get married." She crossed her arms and glared at him.

"You WILL marry me, woman," Vegeta said calmly, smirking at her.

"What makes you so sure?" She saw him open his mouth to quote her from last evening and blushed, scowling at him. "Don't say a word," she warned.

The smirk grew deeper. "Really, woman, why not? I'm SURE that you would like to hear EXACTLY why..."

"Dammit, I've SAID WHY!" she yelled back. "And WHAT did I JUST tell you about CALLING me that?"

"I don't know, WOMAN. I wasn't listening," he answered, taking a certain amount of amusement in her anger.

"Like hell you didn't. Otherwise you wouldn't try to get on my nerves!" she accused.

"From the way you're ranting, anyone could guess," he replied simply. "And it doesn't take much to get on your nerves, woman."

"The FIRST thing I do when I get home is to teach you some damn VOCABULARY."

"THEN you will marry me," he insisted. "That's what you were trying to tell me last night, isn't it?"

"What if I say no?"

He looked interested. "Now WHY would you NOT want to, woman?" he asked, cocking his head thoughtfully.

"Well, let's see...."

Goku grinned as he sat by Krillin and leaned back against the wall. 'We're going home,' he thought as a contented grin slid across his face. 'I get to see Chi Chi again.' His smile almost faded, but it was the thought of his wife rather than her anger that kept it there.

Krillin didn't look nearly as happy. He laid his hands on his knees and sighed, looking up. "Krillin? What's wrong?" Goku asked as he sat up.

The shorter man looked over at his best friend. "Nothing much Goku. For some reason going home doesn't sound so great, you know? I don't really have anyone to go back TO, and after this I bet it's gonna be boring." He grinned and shook his head. "It's really something. All this time I was homesick, and now that I get the chance, I almost don't want to go."

Goku tapped his ribs as Bulma and Vegeta came in, both scowling. "Woman, I swear--" He cut himself off when she didn't. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Goku could could see that Bulma was off in her own little world and shook his head at Vegeta. For some reason he saw them as a better match than Bulma and Yamcha. Yes, the egotistical maniac and the controlling bitch themselves.

Roshon pulled at his sleeves and glared at Vegeta. Or, more appropriately, at the gold band on the warrior's wrist. "Are you ready?" he snapped.

Vegeta gave a raised eyebrow in reply and smirked at Bulma. "Woman, we're leaving. Get your ass in gear."

She smiled sweetly at him. "I see you've been picking up Earth expressions after all."

He glared at her and shook his head. "Get going."

"Yes, oh highest bastard of them all," she said as she walked away, waving a hand to show she'd heard. "So, when are we leaving?"

Roshon looked uncomfortable. "Well, you see... even OUR magic couldn't fix your ship so..."

"So we're screwed," Bulma finished. "Perfect." She turned back to Vegeta and scowled. "YOU said they HAD to get us OUT of here!"

He took the hand that was raised to hit him and smirked, amused. "They DO. I didn't say HOW, but they do. Now shut up woman and let the man talk."

"Man?! I'm TWICE as old as he is!" Bulma protested.

"If he wasn't already a man, then he wouldn't be leading the damned Circle," Vegeta pointed out. "Or did you ignore THAT part of what I told you as well?"

"I think you can guess," she muttered, ripping her arm away. "And how do I know they're not going to screw me over or something?"

"They work with words for a living, idiot. Their words are binding. Why the hell else would they hesitate before agreeing to the deal?"

"Because they don't trust you," she said plainly. "And with damn good reason."

"Touché," Krillin muttered as he stood and wiped his hands on his pants. He turned to Roshon and smiled. "So, how ARE we getting to Earth?"

"I will send you myself," he promised. Making himself a little louder to be heard over Bulma and Vegeta, he yelled, "Just think where you want to be."

"Too bad I forgot my ruby slippers," Bulma muttered sarcastically. Then she crossed her fingers and squeezed her eyes shut, chanting, "My room, my room, my room."

Vegeta shook his head and smirked as Goku was saying, "With Krillin, with Krillin." Which would put him on Bulma's front lawn. Vegeta reached for Bulma and barely touched her arm as the magic sent them spiralling into blackness.


Bulma shook her head, dazed as she stood up, her back pressed against the wall. She shook her head and felt something very familiar against her back. The light switch. But she didn't need to turn it on to know she was back in her room. In the instant that she realized that she attacked her dresser in search of actual CLOTHES.


Vegeta scowled as he landed in front of a door. Large, sturdy and wooden, it was practically BEGGING to be broken through. Which he did as soon as he could move without the world swirling.

A Vegeta-shaped hole in the door -- complete with bad haircut and crossed-arm impression -- appeared as Bulma was pulling on her sweatpants. The prince stared at her, gaping. "What the hell have you done to yourself?" he demanded, looking her over.

Bulma grinned, letting her blue hair fall in her face as she bent down to put on her sneakers. "I put on CLOTHES. DECENT CLOTHES."

"You WERE decent," he growled. "You are WAY too overdresssed!"

"No Vegeta. THIS is decent! This is HUMAN decency! Saiyans need to learn what decency IS!"

Vegeta shook his head and scowled. "Woman, you're making me uncomfortable."

"Good!" She flung other clothes at him and smiled, putting her hands on her hips. "You deserve it after all this shit you put me through! Now, I have to make a phone call. Bye!"

He crossed his arms. "You still have to marry me, woman." Then he cringed. "I hate that Earth saying. You will become my mate."

"Excuse me, but do you KNOW how long it takes to PLAN a wedding?" Apparently he didn't because he looked unimpressed by the complaint. "At LEAST -- the very LEAST -- two months!"

Vegeta scowled. "I don't feel like waiting that long, woman," he growled, advancing on her. "Now."

He backed up when she screamed for Goku. It only took a minute for Goku to crash through the window and place himself by Bulma's side.

"What Bulma?" he asked as she backed away more.

"Get him out! As in on the OTHER side of the door. And KEEP him there. I'm calling Chi Chi."

Goku paled at that, taking Vegeta's arm without protest and dragging him away. Vegeta was too surprised to comment until they were too far away for him to find his way back. "Kakorrot, what the HELL is your problem?"

"Chi Chi," he uttered meekly. "She'll kill me."

Vegeta snorted. "The most powerful man in the universe is afraid of a woman," he growled in disgust.

"If you grew up with her, you would too," Goku protested.

Vegeta broke loose and shot a death glare at the younger Saiyan. "If *I* grew up with her she wouldn't be alive to be afraid of!" he shot back. "In fact, this whole damn planet would be GONE, just like it was SUPPOSED to be!" He jabbed a finger at Goku accusingly. "Just because YOU'RE just like one of those weakling HUMANS, don't EVER expect ME to be!"

Goku smiled at him. "Feelings aren't a weakness, Vegeta. If they were, I wouldn't be here, would I?"

Vegeta fumed at the unspoken words. He wouldn't be a Super Saiyan was what he was saying. He turned to leave but realized he didn't know where he was going. "Where the hell ARE we Kakorrot?"

Goku grinned and said, "On Earth."

"I know THAT, dipshit. WHERE on Earth?"

Goku looked around. "In a forest."

Vegeta actually felt like saying "duh" but squashed that feeling by hitting Goku in the center of his chest. "Now, Kakorrot. WHERE are we?"

He looked around again and cocked his head like he was listening to something. "Near my house, actually."

"How the hell did we get there?" Vegeta asked, knowing from other conversations that Goku's house from pretty far from Bulma's.

"Vegeta, we just flew." A rumbling sound happened and Goku looked sheepish. "Come on. Dinner time!"

With nowhere else to go and nothing else to do, Vegeta followed with a shrug. He would get to the woman later.


And he did indeed, for six months later they were married… much to his protest.

Bulma grinned as she met up with Chi Chi and Goku three weeks after her honeymoon. Vegeta hadn't wanted one, saying it was a waste of time. Bulma smiled to herself at the look on his face as she explained EXACTLY what happened on a honeymoon. She waved to her friends, running to catch up to them and not noticing her husband behind her.

"Hey Bulma!" Chi Chi said as she hugged her friend enthusiastically. Bulma grinned and drew back, catching Goku by the ear and yanking him over to place a kiss on his cheek.

"Hey," he muttered as he hugged her back carefully, then gripped her arms and sniffed carefully. "Bulma, you smell funny..."

"Well, gee thanks, Goku. Just what I needed to boost my self-esteem."

"No, like Chi Chi." He looked confused as he sniffed again, then looked over to his wife. "She had this smell before too..." Bulma was starting to get an idea of what he was talking about. Vegeta had commented on her scent earlier that morning. She'd been surprised he could smell anything over that disaster he called breakfast. "Like when... she... had... Gohan..."

"Um, Goku?" Bulma twisted and smiled up at him. "I can't feel my arms."

Goku released her just as Vegeta spoke up. "Kakorrot, let go of her!"

Bulma turned to glare at him, but the look morphed into a slightly gleeful smile. Turning her attention to her friend, she grinned and threw an arm around her. "Congratulations, Chi Chi. You're pregnant."

"I'm WHAT?" she asked, astonished. "How?"

"Well, you see, it's kinda like how you had Gohan..." Bulma began teasingly, getting a death glare in reply. She smiled and let Chi Chi go to talk to Vegeta.

"Woman, you mean neither of you knew?"

"And you did?" She scowled, then laughed. "Why am I not surprised. Do you know what it is or is that still a mystery to Prince Daddy?"

"It's a half-breed," he said with a certain amount of disgust in his voice.

"Um, DUH! I meant a girl or a boy?"

"I don't know. Why are you asking me?"

"NOW you're starting to sound like Goku." She rolled her eyes. "Say, how long am I going to be carrying thing thing?"

Vegeta mumbled, but she did catch the word "years." She gasped, about to fly off the handle when Vegeta interrupted. "Before you start woman, Saiyan years are much shorter than Earth years."

"So how long?"

"About eight years and two months," he replied. "In Earth years about eighteen months."

"This kid is going to be IN my stomach for a year and a HALF?!"

Vegeta smirked at her. "Looks like it, woman."

Bulma was about to complain to Chi Chi when she realized the two were already gone. 'Cowards,' she thought to herself. "Vegeta, this is half your fault!"

He opened his mouth to say something, then seemed to really listen to what she said and almost smiled. "Only half? How do you figure that?"

Bulma was about to turn it into a short joke but decided not to. "Because YOU'RE the weird half!"

"Woman, I'm getting hungry and running out of patience. I'll meet you and the brat back in the kitchen." With that he turned and left, leaving Bulma with only her capsules and the tiny group of cells floating around in there for company.

She looked at his retreating figure and laughed at what his response would be at human pregnancy. Especially at the food part of it... Not that a PRINCE would be bothered by going out at all hours of the night.

Bulma grinned and looked down at her stomach. "Hey, if you're in there, I want you to know something. Your father's a bastard, but I think I'm starting to like him."