Le Petite Chateau

Chapter Five

As soon as Zoro opens the door the sound of smooth jazz fills the air, the calm atmosphere of the place makes me feel right at home and happy. Once the door is shut behind us, I look around and take in the familiar establishment. It's been some months but every time I come in here, I feel a wave of nostalgia. I remember all the times Ace and I came here together, all the laughter and happiness.

I'm shaken from my thoughts by Zoro nudging my arm and gesturing in front of us. I look up and see a freakishly tall skinny older man with an afro waving at me energetically from behind the bar. A large smile breaks out on my face as I wave back. Brook nods in the direction the table our group normally occupies, and I turn to head that way, grasping Zoro by the wrist and tugging him along.

I let him seat himself first and scooch into the bench sidling up next to him. The table we are at has a crescent shaped bench with a round table in front of it that has a number of chairs framing the other side of the table. Zoro gently grabs my hand and I look up at him, he leans in and kisses me gently on the cheek, "So is that the famous Brook?"

I look back over to the bar and see he's finally making his way around the bar and B-linning for our table, "Yep that's him, he's a really great guy."

I get up quickly and open my arms letting Brooks long thin arms wrap around me as he hoists me up and spins me around a couple times. He laughs his crazy hysterical laugh and I can't help but join him. He sets me down and smiles kindly down at me before his gaze travels to Zoro, his smile widening just a little, he looks back to me, a knowing look in his eye, "So, yo ho ho…. This is him?"

I look back to Zoro and he scoots out of the booth coming to stand next to me. He extends his large hand out and Brook gladly slips his long thin hand into his. "My name is Zoro, it's nice to meet you."

Brook chuckles, "I am Brook, its very good to finally meet you, I've heard so much!"

Brook laughs and pats Zoro on the shoulder, he has us sit down while he fetches some drinks on the house, letting us relax and enjoy ourselves. Zoro asks for just green tea as he's going to drive us back later. He makes me promise to text him and come hang out more often, I agree, and Brook looks like I've just made his week. I feel a small pang of guilt at having kept away for so many months, but something about Brook's open affection reminds me too much of how Ace was always ready for a big hug.

Zoro and I talk for a good hour about a lot of different things. Finding out what our favorite music is, favorite movies and things we want to see and do. I'm a lot more reserved than Zoro, but I have a feeling he could talk me into doing almost anything. Our music interests are similar, same with movies, except for horror films, which I cannot stand. Zoro finds this crazy and determines he will get me to watch a few with him.

After an hour or so the door swings open and Luffy along with the others come scurrying through the door, eager to get inside, they spot us and make their way over.

A couple more hours pass by and the rest of the group starts to split off into couples, some leaving for other bars or places to eat. I look up to Zoro, "Hey, did you wanna go back to my place? Maybe watch a movie or something? I could also whip us up something to eat!" I eye him excitedly, thinking about how nice it will be for it to be just us.

Zoro smiles sweetly at me, he reaches down and brushes a lock of my golden hair off of my forehead, letting his thumb gently drag down my temple. He looks so gentle and sweet that I feel my heart melt under his steady strong gaze, "Yeah, let's get out of here. Your cooking sounds amazing right now." He carefully leans down and kisses me softly on the cheek. He then slowly untangles himself from me and starts getting ready.

I find myself staring at him, feeling struck by just how gentle and sweet this man is. I follow suit after a beat and once we finish getting our jackets back on, we start heading out. I wave bye to Brook and eagerly seat myself behind Zoro. Relishing in the feeling of wrapping my arms around his wide, muscular torso as he drives us back to my home.

I fumble a bit with the keys as Zoro stands behind me waiting for me to unlock the door, my nerves are starting to get to me as I think about the fact this is the first time in years I've had an attractive man alone in my house this late at night. I jump slightly as his large hand suddenly stills mine, I look up and see us reflected in the glass of the front door. I have my reading glasses on now as I normally do when the evening comes around, my blue eyes shine clearly as I look up at him.

He offers another sweet smile and helps me get the key into the lock, turning it so it clicks. I giggle at him, feeling just slightly giddy from the glasses of wine I had at the club, "Thanks Zoro, guess I'm just feeling a little nervous."

We go inside, and Zoro turns me to him, "Hey, there's nothing to be nervous about, okay? If you want to call it a night at any point just let me know and it's all good." He looks down at me and waits until I give him a nod.

I take his hand and lead him inside the kitchen, I show him around and then decide to show him the back alley where I often go to relax. I sit Zoro down on the other side of the counter back inside the kitchen and I start to pull down some simple things to cook. I decide to stick with chicken breasts and sautéed vegetables. Zoro eagerly watches me while I work, throwing out what his favorite foods and dishes are as well as things he hasn't eaten since he lived in Japan. I take mental notes on the things he lists off, determined to make them for him one day soon.

I expertly cook our food despite being slightly tipsy. I show off my skills determined to make a good impression on Zoro. I carry our food upstairs, leaving Zoro to carry the wine and dishes as he follows behind me. I determine we will be more comfortable relaxing in my small, but cozy living room, this way we can watch a movie.

We seat ourselves and decide on the movie, 'The Notebook.'
Zoro snuggles up close throwing an arm over my shoulders. I delight in the effortless way we seem to get along. Not a lot of words are needed between us and being with Zoro makes me feel safe. I lean my head against his shoulder and let myself relax into him.

We both tear up during the movie, squeezing each other in a hug for comfort. I find the fact that Zoro isn't embarrassed to show his sensitive side to be absolutely endearing and something I appreciate greatly.

The movie ends far too soon, neither of us are ready for the night to end so we decide on watching a comedy to lighten the mood. We decide on a movie called, 'What we do in the shadows.'

We enjoy the movie immensely, both laughing at the odd humor the movie contains. I enjoy the sound of Zoro's genuine laughs and delight in the way he holds his gut and throws back his head when he's laughing his loudest. I find myself yearning to reach out, thread my fingers through his soft pushed back green hair and kiss his thin lips. Zoro must have felt my eyes on him as he suddenly looks over to me, his smile faltering slightly and his cheeks pinking.

I remove my glasses, setting them down on the small coffee table in front of us and pause the movie. I turn back to Zoro and his eye is dark and hungry. I slowly reach forwards and let my fingers glide through his silky hair, I question myself briefly, but the mood is right, so I take the chance and crawl into his lap, my knees framing his thighs.

Zoro's hands gently glide over my hips, up my sides and back down. My nose brushes against his and I feel my heart speed up, I bite my lip in nervousness. Zoro coos slightly and brings his hand up to my mouth, gently pulling my bottom lip out from my teeth with his thumb, rubbing at the red mark my teeth left behind.

He gently kisses my lips, just a quick chaste kiss that turns into a slow peppering of kisses. I gently massage his scalp as we begin kissing deeper and deeper. Zoro's large hands settle back onto my hips, he slowly squeezes them and rubs his thumbs along my sharp hip bones.

Zoro's tongue darts out and drags along my lips, gently pushing against them and I allow his tongue in, greeting his with my own. The feel of his tongue against mine, his breath against my lips and his fingers gripping my hips causes an embarrassing whimper to escape my throat. I blush furiously but Zoro only responds with a low rumbling and a hand coming up to grip the back of my neck.

We kiss for a long while, until I finally must pull away. Recalling our agreement to go slowly, my mind is clouding, and I can feel myself wanting to take it further, to grind down on his lap and devour him. I pull back and Zoro follows me for a second before he realizes what's going on. He blinks at me and offers a sweet grin.

I slip off his lap clearing my throat, "Well, I think I'm going to get another bottle of wine, do you want anything else?"

Zoro stretches a bit, "I'll just take a glass of water for now, still got to drive myself home later."

I feel a slight ache at the statement but force myself to understand that he must go home at some point. We have to take it slow; it's been too long since I've been with someone so if I want it to last, I have to take my time.

I hurry downstairs and grab a new bottle of red, stalling briefly so I can clear my head and let my arousal die down before I head back up. As soon as I've calmed down, I hurry back up and settle myself next to Zoro again. He smiles at me and I hand him his glass of water. I lean forwards and press play while pouring myself a glass.

We watch the rest of movie and after a time I feel my eyes get heavy, the wine getting to me again, making my face hot and sleep start to overtake me. I snuggle into Zoro's side and he automatically wraps his arm around me, and I fall asleep.

Sunlight wakes me, and I squint against it. I squirm and find myself in my bed, still in my pants and shirt from the previous night. I'm buried inside my covers, it's nice and warm. I reach down and undo my pants peeling them off and tossing them outside the bed, making myself more comfortable. I shuck my shirt next and then peek around for my phone. I look over at my nightstand and find my phone along with a folded piece of paper.

I reach over and grab them both before retreating into my covers, the bedroom being too cold to deal with right now. I check the time first and find it's almost 8:00 AM and I have a few texts waiting for me to respond, some of them from Luffy and a couple from Zoro.

I check the note first and it reads,

Sanji, I had the best time with you last night. I hope we can go out again soon. I locked the door and put the key in the mail slot, so don't worry about that. Also, you sleep with your mouth hanging open and it the cutest thing I think I've ever seen.

I laugh out loud at being caught with my mouth open.

I pull up Zoro's text to see what he's sent me,

"Hey, I just wanted to say good morning and that I cannot stop thinking about your kisses."

Along with the text he's sent a picture of himself, he looks like he's in bed, half of his naked torso is covered by a blanket and his arm is bent up and covering half his sweet sleepy face as he smirks into the camera.

Remembering last night makes my blood rush and my face heat up. Zoro's body is gorgeous, he has such a large well sculpted frame and a ruggedly handsome face. I decide to risk sending him something a little sexy, hoping he will get the idea and send me something back.

"Well good morning to you too, I could get used to seeing your face in the morning ;), I honestly can't stop thinking about how good it feels to sit on your lap and how comfortable I feel when you wrap me up in your arms."

I bite my lip, a bit nervous that I'm going too fast or coming on too strong.

I mess around a bit with angles and decide on taking a picture from directly above me. I hold my phone up and push down my comforter, exposing my chest completely. The light chest hair I have barely registering against my fair skin. I take my left hand and use my fingers to half cover my left eye and push back my messed-up hair a bit. Giving the camera a sultry look and throwing in a lip bite for good measure.

I send the picture and try not to panic as I wait to see if he sends me back anything. A few moments go by and he finally gets back.

"Shit baby…I really hope you don't mind if I send this. If it bothers, you just tell me"

The next picture I get is of Zoro's stomach and hip area, clothed with a thin sheet. His fingers are gently touching his prominent arousal through the sheet. I feel my own arousal pulse at the picture and my hand immediately snakes down my body and I grip myself firmly. Giving myself a few squeezes and trying to hold back from completely losing my mind. I must return the favor to Zoro, I don't want to leave him hanging.

I take a steadying breath and respond, "Fuck Zoro, that's really fucking hot... You got me so hard right now…"

I blush furiously at the dirty talk, not having done something like this in years. I throw my right leg out of the covers but leave my left leg and hip covered up. I use my right hand to grip myself under the covers, I push down the warm comforter and leave just the thin sheet in its place. My arousal is just barely covered by the sheet and I'm sure to reveal a bit of my left hip bone as well. I bend my right knee in towards my left leg slightly, I angle my arousal up, slightly showing off just how hard and long it is.

I send the picture as well and focus on the picture Zoro sent me. Not having time to get up and search my cabinets for something to use, I spit in my hand to make things go smoother. I flip back and forth on my phone between Zoro's face and the picture of his covered arousal. And before long I let out a deep groan, spilling onto my stomach as I ride out the waves of pleasure, a pleasure I don't normally let myself indulge in. Since meeting Zoro it's gotten harder and harder to keep thoughts about him touching me out of my head.

After a moment I reach over and grab a couple tissues, wiping up my stomach and briefly wondering if Zoro took this as far as I did. My phone buzzes after a few minutes and I see it's from him, "You are going to be the death of me Sanji…I also wouldn't mind starting every day that way ;)"