Chapter six

The months have flown by since Zoro and I started dating. It's been a couple of months since our first date to Brooks club and since then we have kept in contact and gone on many dates together, some at my place and some at his. We haven't gotten to the point of sleeping over but that will come when the time is right. Zoro doesn't rush me, he's always a gentleman and for that I am grateful.

Today we are out walking the streets and perusing the shops of one of the nearby cities, taking a day to relax and enjoy the sunny weather. Or at least that's what we were doing up until the rain suddenly started to pour down on us. Zoro grabs my hand and we run through the streets heading towards where he parked the car he borrowed from Nami. We were about to head out anyway, thinking about enjoying some time at Brooks club for a bit.

As we round a corner, we realize we made a wrong turn, we look up to see a wall right in front of us cutting us off. We both turn, covering our heads with a hand each and noticed just how much darker it has gotten with the rain. The alleyway suddenly feels eerie, the hairs on my arms standing on end. I squeeze Zoro's hand and he squeezes mine in reassurance. We take a step forwards to make our way back out of the alley.

Before we can take another step a hooded figure steps into the alleyway. It appears to be a man, based on the broad shoulders and defined jaw. I immediately tense up, feelings of fear and dread stirring in my belly. The man takes a step forward and draws out a gun. I suck in a gasp and grip onto Zoro, terror taking course in my veins. 'This cannot be happening, not like this!' I squeeze my eyes shut, ready to throw myself in front of Zoro.

Before either of us can react, we hear shouts and I snap my eyes open to see two officers with their guns drawn on the man. They take the man's attention, his gun now drawn on them instead of us. Zoro takes the opportunity to gently push me, so we are both against the wall shielded partly behind some stacked crates. Zoro keeps his eye on the man and the officers as they exchange words, the officers trying to convince the man to drop his weapon.

My mind reels, flashes of a memory I wasn't there to witness, but one conjured in my mind cause my breath to come quick and shallow. I feel myself panicking, the world around me dimming and darkening. Large hands suddenly frame my face and I hear Zoro's muffled voice trying to talk to me, but it is too hard to understand.


I feel my body being shaken violently and I snap out of it. Zoro is looking at me with wide eyes, "Sanji just breathe baby it's okay now." Zoro's voice is low and deep, controlled with the intent to calm.

My chest feels heavy and my eyes are wet from the tears streaming down my face as well as the rain. I blink rapidly trying to calm down. "Sanji, hey, breathe with me." I look back up to Zoro and watch as he breathes in deeply and slowly through his nose, then exhaling slowly and calmly through his mouth. I follow suit and match his breathing. Within moments I feel a bit better, my chest seems more open and I no longer feel like the world is slipping out from under me.

Zoro pulls me to him and hugs me fiercely. I grip back just as tightly and feel immensely better. An officer interrupts us, checking on us to see if we are okay. They take us to the station nearby and take our statements, after some time they tell us the man had just robbed a place and they had already been on his trail. They tell us to head home, not needing anything further from us.

The drive back home is full of silence as I cannot fathom what I could possibly say to fill it. My worst nightmare almost happened for a second time. I grip Zoro's hand and do not let go during the whole drive. Zoro is sweet, not pushing me to talk, understanding somehow that I need time to think. He holds my hand just as tightly, conveying to me that he is here with me whenever I am ready.

By the time we get back to my Café it is already darkening outside, the rain having slowed down since the late afternoon. I get out of the car and make my way stiffly to the door, unlocking it and waiting for Zoro to come inside. He silently walks in closing the door behind him. He places a hand on my shoulder and turns me to face him. My face must give away all the things I'm feeling, hurt, pain and an overwhelming sense of loneliness.

Zoro gathers me up in his arms and peppers my face with sweet kisses. I squeeze my eyes shut, trying to stop the tears from coming again. Zoro silently locks the front door and takes my hand, leading us upstairs. He leads me to the sofa and sets me down, "Sanji, I'm going to get a couple towels for us, we should dry off, so we don't get sick, okay?" I manage to nod at him, and he offers a sad smile, straightening up and heading into my bedroom where the bathroom is located.

Zoro comes back in quickly, gently placing a fluffy clean towel on my lap. He removes his shoes and socks; I shake myself out of my funk enough to do the same. I rub the towel on my head, drying off my hair as much as I can before I feel the words, I need to say trying to claw their way out of my mouth.

I grip tightly onto the towel as I spill the events that ripped away my happiness and took away my best friend. I keep my eyes shut as I tell Zoro, unable to look at him or anything else while I pour my heart out.

"Ace and I had gotten into a small argument on the morning of the day he died, it was just something petty and small about costs of the Cafe and things. He had plans to take Luffy out to the city for his birthday, he promised to take him sightseeing and shopping that afternoon." I pause for a moment, needing a second to take a deep breath and collect myself, it's been years since I've spoken about it out loud.

Zoro gently touches my shoulder and I look up to him, he hands me a small glass of water and I take it gratefully. He rubs my arm briefly before settling back down, patiently waiting for me to go on.

I set the half empty glass back down and continue, "He left upset with me before we got it settled. I had tried to text him once he left asking him to please not worry about it, but he never responded. I spent that morning and afternoon kicking myself for letting him leave mad, we promised each other we would never go to sleep angry and I felt like that applied to leaving for the day as well."

I run my hand through my damn golden hair trying to prepare myself for the next part. Zoro reaches over and rubs my shoulder, I look over to him and I feel the need to be wrapped in his arms. I unbutton my shirt and toss it on the floor. Zoro gets the idea and peels off his wet shirt as well, throwing it onto the floor alongside mine. I stand up and strip off my pants, keeping on my briefs. Zoro does the same, he lays back down on the sofa and spreads himself across it, arms open.

I lay down on top of him and we both adjust ourselves until I'm slotted onto him comfortably. He drapes the blanket that lays on top of my sofa over us, giving us a small amount of warmth and comfort.

"Hours went by and it got later and later. I tried to text him and after not getting any response I tried Luffy. It was another couple of hours before I heard back from him. She called me and as soon as I answered the phone, I knew something horrible happened. He couldn't even speak, just started to cry. A police officer got on the line and explained to me what happened. Ace and Luffy got jumped by someone, the guy tried to rob them. The man tried to go after Luffy, but Ace pushed him out of the way and Ace was stabbed. Someone nearby screamed as well as Luffy and the man panicked and took off. Ace didn't make it, they tried to save him, but it was too late."

I bury my face in Zoro's neck and sob, my heart feeling like it's breaking all over again. Today's event reminded me too much of what happened to Ace, and I just couldn't hold it in anymore. Zoro kisses my head and squeezes me, whispering that he's sorry and to just let it out.

I must have dozed off, I open my eyes to the feeling of Zoro's hand stroking my back, his chest is warm and comforting. I look up to Zoro and find him sleepily watching me. He searches my eyes for a moment before gently grasping my chin and kissing me fully on the mouth. A fire ignites inside me and I kiss him back like it's the last thing I'll ever do.

Zoro's hands slide all over my body, into my hair down my back and over my ass. He gently pulls my hair and squeezes my rear and all I can do is whimper and roll my hips onto him. I thread my own fingers through his green locks and force his lips apart with my tongue. We kiss fervently, our tongues colliding, our breath puffing against each other's lips in harsh bursts.

Feeling slightly crazed I lift away from him and stand, pulling down my briefs and throwing them off to the side. My arousal is firm and long, I watch Zoro as he stares openly at my naked body, his eyes lingering on my groin. I quickly make my way to the bedroom and rip open my nightstand drawer snatching out the bottle of lube and condoms I have and rush back to the living room. I find Zoro has already removed his boxers and is half laying down unsure what he should do.

I move to the sofa and push at his shoulders until he's sitting up, feet flat on the floor. I stand in front of him and uncap the lubricant, coating a couple of my fingers, never taking my eyes off of his. Zoro's chest rises and falls harshly has he watches me. I toss the bottle and condoms onto the sofa and immediately reach behind myself; I start to insert one finger and the feeling makes my eyes flutter.

I close my eyes briefly as I begin to open myself up, rubbing at my insides and eagerly getting a second finger in as soon as I'm able. I find myself become more and more frantic wanting, no, needing to feel Zoro inside of me. Desperately needing to feel this man that I love moving inside me as he loses himself in the feel of me.

The feeling of something wet closing around my member makes my eyes snap open and a gasp escape from my throat. I look down and find Zoro's mouth on me, he glances up and the hunger I find in his eyes almost brings me to my knees. I thread my free hand through his hair and grip tightly, needing something to hold onto as well as something to keep me from coming undone before I'm ready. I continue to thrust my fingers deeper inside myself while also thrusting inside Zoro's warm mouth. I try my best not to accidentally gag him, but the few times I do he seems to be able to handle it, continuing and even going deeper, swallowing around me and making me see stars.

I suddenly find myself so close that I quickly grip tighter onto his hair and gently pull myself from his wet, perfect mouth. He looks up at me from his place on the floor, gasping and wiping the drool away from the corners of his mouth. I remove my fingers and wipe them off on one of the towels nearby, Zoro quickly sits back down on the sofa and snaps up a condom placing it on his own rigid arousal. He quickly slicks up his member with lube and looks back up to me. I take a deep breath and crawl onto the sofa, my knees framing his hips. I sit myself up and grip onto the back of his neck. He tries to pour some of the lube onto my hand but I stop him, "No Zoro, I want you to do it." He takes a shaky breath and pours a generous amount onto a few of his fingers, he reaches behind me and slicks up my entrance, pushing a couple fingers inside me to try to ease the way as much as possible.

Once I'm satisfied, I lean down and kiss his lips, enjoying the taste of him. He wipes his fingers on the towel before placing his hands on my hips. I lean back a bit and reach for his member, lining it up with myself before slowly steadily sinking down onto his length. It's been so long since I've done this, I've used fingers in the last couple months on myself but it's nothing compared to the real thing. He is thick, he stretches me open in a way I don't think I ever have been, and it makes me wince, but the slight sting quickly becomes pleasure in the best way.

It's only a moment or two before I'm full, seated on his lap, his arousal fully inside me and it feels like my whole body wants to come apart at the seams. I crack my eyes open and find Zoro staring right at me, he's breathing slowly and steadily no doubt trying to hold back. I place my hands on his beautiful face and kiss him tenderly. He looks slightly surprised at first, but eagerly returns the favor. His lips caressing mine and his tongue sweetly tasting my lips. I slightly wiggle my hips and determine now should be good.

I break away from the kiss and keep his face nose to nose with mine and stare right into his beautiful warm brown eyes. I draw him out of me just slightly and then sink back down, he immediately sucks in a breath and a small low moan escapes his tightly closed lips. The reaction he gives sends a rush through me and I suddenly want nothing more than to see him come utterly undone.

I move one hand to the back of his neck and the other to his thick shoulder, then I start to move in earnest. His hands grip tightly onto my hips as he is drawn in and out of me in long quick strokes, deep moans escaping from his mouth and cries escaping my own each time I sink back down onto him.

At one point I get up onto my feet and stay squatted above him and he angles himself better to ease the way and we both find a rough but perfect rhythm. We find our orgasms quickly approaching, both of us gasping and moaning aloud. Zoro's deep rough voice strains out, "Fuck Sanji, I'm right there!" The sound of his voice sends me right over, I quickly grip onto myself and stroke just a few times before spilling over my fist and letting it drip onto his stomach. I watch Zoro as his eye slightly rolls back in his head and his grip on my hips becomes bruising, he thrusts up into me only a few more times before his final thrust buries himself deep inside and he pulls my hips down forcing my ass to stay planted onto him.

I feel his body quiver and shake as he releases inside the condom, his length pulsing and twitching. He lets out a few ragged breaths as he comes down from the high, releasing my hips gently, thumbs rubbing over the marks apologetically. My legs feel stiff as I move myself off to the side and collapse onto the sofa cushions, my legs draped over his.

I close my eyes and hear Zoro fussing about, my legs are gently lifted and placed back down on to the sofa cushions and I hear his footsteps become faint as he leaves the room.

Rather suddenly I feel something slightly wet and cold touch my stomach and my eyes snap open to find Zoro back in his boxers and a damp towel in his hand currently resting it on my stomach. His hair looks slightly damp and I assume he must have grabbed a quick shower.

I smile at him he smirks back, continuing to wipe my body clean of most of the sweat and lube. Once he's done, he helps me stand up on shaky legs, I lean down and grab my briefs and we head into the bedroom. I throw my briefs back on the ground and look up at him. He smiles and removes his boxers again; he grabs my hand and leads me over to my bed. We both pull back the comforter and sheet tucking ourselves in.

I look over at him as he snuggles in and find my heart clench, I'm finally looking over and seeing someone else in bed with me. No longer will I have to look over and see a cold, empty space. I reach over and gently caress his cheek, "Zoro, I…" He places his hand over mine and looks at me like I'm the only thing in the world worth looking at and it steals my breath away.

He slowly comes closer and sweetly kisses me, "Hey..." I open my eyes and look at him, question clear on my face. He kisses my forehead and gently, "I love you Sanji."