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Evelyn turned around the corner and saw the three Jedi/Sith fighting with light saber. Darth Maul was relatively stronger than the combination of Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn, but the master and padawan had great cooperation, and they managed to stay in the fight nicely.

Maul jumped and kicked Kenobi in the chest, making him fall on the ground flat on his back. But the Sith didn't have a chance to finish the Jedi as Qui-Gon rushed up and attacked him, forcing Darth Maul to pull back and defend his own skin.

Evelyn smiled cruelly before tossing a hand grenade into the crowd. It's an attack on both the Sith and the Jedi as to Evelyn, both of them are enemies. The aggression was unexpected, and the explosion happened before either side could comprehend what happened and who attacked them.

After a loud boom, smoke began to fill the room. Evelyn took out her goggle for the sake of vision. After a few seconds, the smoke was starting to clear away, but there were no sign of movement. Evelyn held her guard up, not even considering the possibility of the grenade killing all three men. If they are that weak, then the Clone War itself would have wiped out the entire Jedi order.

Suddenly Evelyn heard movement behind her back that would have being ignored without the help of the force. Evelyn immediately moved to the right, using the force to increase her speed. Half a second later, a crimson light saber appeared in where she would have been, smashing into the ground from the sheer strength of the attacker.

Without looking at her attacker, Evelyn activated her jet pack, and she flew into the air and out of the range of attack. Two light sabers appeared behind Darth Maul, both of them striking at the red creature without hesitation. Darth Maul sent a death glare towards Evelyn before rotating his saber back to block the attacks. Evelyn smirked at the quiet threat and started to fire at the trio with her blasters, sometimes mixing in a grenade or two.

Ava and followers preceded into a hallway, where they were halted by some battle droids who were intelligent enough to use corner as cover. There were constantly droids taken down, but more rushed to reinforce.

"We don't have time for this." Amidala said. She looked around for a breakthrough and found it. Coming up with an idea, she fired several shots at a window, smashing the glass to pieces. The guards realized what she was planning and ran to the window. They took out ascension guns, and after half a minute, the entire team was on the floor above.

This is all going well...except the part when they were surrounded in the open by dozens of security droids and a few droidekas. Amidala instantly ordered the guards and followers to surrender. The droids imprisoned the queen and brought them to the viceroy. Bad idea.

Evelyn was firing rapidly at the trio, who deflected or dodged all the shots. In a swift kick, Darth Maul managed to kick Kenobi far enough to stop him for a few seconds, leaving Qui-Gon by himself. Kenobi tried to get up, but Evelyn saw the opportunity and fired a shot at him, wounding his saber-holding arm. Groaning in pain, Kenobi dropped his light saber, and before he could retrieve it, Evelyn jumped onto the ground and punched Kenobi with her armor covered fist, leaving a red mark on his face and knocking him out.

On the other end, things are not going well for the Jedi. Darth Maul was specifically trained to kill Jedi while Qui-Gon was mainly trained in taking down droids. Eventually, the stronger Darth Maul pushed aside Qui-Gon's light saber with a swift block. The green light saber was just aside for a few seconds, but that was enough. Darth Maul, along with a spin, managed to swiftly stuck his light saber into Qui-Gon's stomach. The latter fell on the ground, dying. His green light saber deactivated and fell on the ground beside the Jedi.

However, Maul's victory didn't last very long. He looked up and saw Evelyn tossing him a grenade. Though surprised, he force jumped into the sky, fully expecting to dodge the grenade and perhaps use the shock wave to jump forward.

But Evelyn expected that. Smiling victoriously, she used the force to push the grenade on Darth Maul. Not expecting the altered use of the force and not having enough time to dodge, Maul could do nothing but watch as the grenade flew up and stuck to his chest.

With a loud bloom, Darth Maul took a direct blast from the grenade. Evelyn saw very clearly that he fell on the ground, not moving anymore.

Evelyn wasn't sure if he's dead or alive, but she's not taking the chance. First, she force lifted the body into the air with one hand. Then she fired a dozen rounds at the body's head, chest, and arm, making sure the Sith is nothing but a lifeless corpse. After making sure she's the only winner, Evelyn let go of the battered body and moved cautiously towards Qui-Gon Jinn.

The older Jedi was very close to dead. The only reason he's still alive now is because the extremely hot temperature of the light saber burned away all the blood near the wound and sealed the veins, preventing the Jedi from bleeding to death.

"Any last words?" Evelyn asked as she pointed her pistol at the Jedi.

"I don't know who you are, but you have won this round. Just, let Obi-Wan live." Qui-Gon Jinn said, almost begging. "And if you can, let me talk to him."

Evelyn nodded and carried Kenobi to his master, knocking on his neck to wake him up. This is no act of sympathy, this is just an attempt to ensure the events of further moves. While Kenobi was talking with his master, Evelyn gathered all three light sabers. When she's done, she walked up to the dying Jedi.

"I can let you live." Evelyn said to Kenobi. Qui-Gon Jinn has already closed his eyes, and his padawan was looking down at his master's corpse, his anger growing in him. "But I want these light sabers."

"Why are you asking me?" Kenobi asked angrily, "You already have them. Sith." Unknowingly to him, his words just gave Evelyn access to storing his light saber.

"Sith?" Evelyn repeated before realizing that Kenobi thought her as another Sith lord, which was not unexpected considering how little the Jedi actually know about the Sith. "Let the hate flow through you." Evelyn said as she stood up and left, leaving Kenobi kneeing beside his master's body, angry at himself. Who knows, maybe Kenobi will fall to the dark side.

As the team was escorted into the throne room, Nute Gunray was actually quite satisfied. Despite the unexpected collisions, his plan still worked, and now he can get the treaty signed, and his invasion would be legalized.

But this all changed when another squad of guards appeared at the door, leaded by another queen. He suddenly realized the queen's plan, or so he thought: The captured team is a decoy, and the real queen is at the door!

Underestimating his enemy, Gunray was rash enough to order most of his security droids to go after the queen. Unfortunately for him, the real queen is just in front of him.

Queen Amidala opened a safety vault and took out two blasters. Tossing one to her captain, the two started to take down security droids. The followers, even with their storage rings, didn't do anything as using the ring is a big giveaway of their real identity as anything but random resistance groups.

The security droids were easily taken down, and the situation was instantly turned as the captured guards took up droid blasters and controlled the throne room, closing the main door to stop droid reinforcements.

"Now, viceroy, we will discuss a new treaty." Amidala said gladly to Gunray. Ava silently high-fived herself. Despite what happened, they've did it. They have successfully survived without endangering the plot.

"Where are you planning to go after this." Queen Amidala asked Ava after everything is under control. The viceroy have been imprisoned by the republic, and Naboo is back in the queen's control. When all is done, the queen wanted to reward those who helped her.

"We'll be travelling through the galaxies." Ava said vaguely. It's not exactly a lie as they will be travelling. Amidala nodded, not exactly sure what Ava meant but noticing the latter is not willing to talk about it too much."I'll provide you a transport and everything you need." Amidala said, "For the brave deeds you and your companions did."

Ava bowed in gratitude. Having a spaceship is going to make things a lot easier.

"Am I going to see you again?" Anakin asked Catherine as the girl came to say goodbye. The two have been spending some time together. Anakin is just happy to have a friend while Catherine is preparing for her plan to save Skywalker from turning to the dark side.

"Yes." Catherine said confidently. "I will be back." And when I do, your fate will be changed...forever.

After a few hours, everyone said goodbye and the travelers went on the transport given to them generously by the queen. After the ship took off and went into an undetected area of space, Ava selected the option of return on her ring. The others followed.

A light beam came down on the entire spacecraft, and everything started to disappear. Everything, people, aircraft, blasters, were turned into basic particles. Ava looked at the space one last time before disappearing as well.

Evelyn checked everything in her ring. 3000 battle droids, 30 tanks droids, 10 droidekas and 10 vulture droids formed her standing army. A couple hundred construction droids were also in her ring. These agile machines can construct even the largest space fortresses with enough time and resource. Another benefit about them is they can construct themselves, meaning the number of construction droids can multiply exponentially. Besides from these droids, Evelyn also had three light sabers, red, green, and blue, in her ring, along with her black armor and weapons. She chose to store them in her ring rather than wearing them back to the room. She's not afraid to fight the followers, but such fights are pointless. It's better to cover her tracks.

After everything's taken care of, Evelyn smiled to herself before tapping her ring and chose to return. Similarly, a light beam came down from nowhere, and her body started to disappear.

In the mysterious room, everything began to solidify.

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