Love Bites

By Spunky0ne


After Ichigo breaks his heart, Byakuya is forced to watch as Seireitei's hero marries another young noble lord. But soon after the wedding, he begins to notice troubling signs that Ichigo is being physically and emotionally abused. The rules of the noble clans say he should look the other way, but can he? Could there be a more disturbing reason for Ichigo's decision to leave him? Yaoi, mpreg, domestic violence and dub con sex (non-graphic)...Ichigo/Byakuya, Taishiro (OC)/Ichigo, Renji/Tetsuya


Chapter 1: Heroes

Byakuya sat quietly beneath his favorite sakura tree, his lovely grey eyes turned to the bright stars and full moon that shined over the tranquil waterfall and wide meadow beneath the cliff he occupied. For the first time in months, his heart felt peaceful, his stomach was warm with good food and warm sake, and contentment radiated around him. Normally, the sounds of nearby revelry would have disturbed his peacefulness, but he only felt pleased that his comrades and friends were able to celebrate the fall of the wicked quincy king, and the opening of a new era of hope and promise in the three worlds.

Footsteps sounded on the path behind him, and he recognized Ichigo's familiar step at once. In the past, Ichigo's presence would have been an annoyance. And the young man certainly did still have the tendency to disregard proper etiquette. But, given Ichigo's bravery and his commitment to honoring his promise to Byakuya to protect Soul Society, Byakuya was willing to overlook his shortcomings. He kept his eyes turned upward as Ichigo approached.

"Kurosaki Ichigo," he said, forgetting momentarily the truth about Ichigo's lineage that had been revealed in the wake of Ywach's fall, "Ah, I mean, Shiba Ichigo."

"Hey, Byakuya," the younger man greeted him, "what are you doing out here all alone? It was really great of you to host this party for everyone. You should be enjoying it with us."

"I was there to greet the guests," Byakuya said primly, "and I mingled extensively before excusing myself. I will return at the end of the celebration to farewell the guests."

"I don't know if the party's ever gonna end," Ichigo laughed softly, looking back over his shoulder and grinning widely, "Everyone's finally able to smile and laugh again. The buildings are mostly rebuilt and things feel more normal."

"Yes," Byakuya agreed, his dark eyes following the bright path of a shooting star, "There is still sadness for those we lost, but if they were here, they would be glad that the world they loved is still here and alive."

Ichigo's eyes softened at the Kuchiki leader's words and he sat down at Byakuya's side. Byakuya's eyes closed for a moment as he felt the warmth of Ichigo's body and the strong press of his reiatsu.

"Would you like a drink?" Ichigo asked, removing two cups and a bottle of fine sake from within his clothing, "I've come of age now, so I can have some too."

Byakuya gave him a smoky look of disapproval.

"You have had a fair amount with your friends already, have you not?"

"Not with his one," Ichigo said, smirking as he poured the drinks.

He lifted one of the cups and held a palm beneath it, radiating his reiatsu to warm it. Byakuya's frown deepened and he stole the cup from the younger man's hand.

"You will probably cause an explosion doing that," he scolded Ichigo, "Your reiatsu is too feral for fine work of this sort. Allow me."

"You're probably right," Ichigo snickered, filling the second cup and handing it to Byakuya as the raven-haired man carefully warmed the first cup.

He accepted the first cup back as Byakuya warmed the second, then the two men paused, looking silently at each other for a moment before Ichigo gave a nervous laugh and made a toast.

"To a new beginning."

Byakuya touched his cup to Ichigo's, then took a polite sip as Ichigo did the same. The two men turned their eyes to the stars and Ichigo felt an urgent twinge inside that he should say something. But try as he might, his muddled mind couldn't come up with anything witty or important. Byakuya contemplated the stars for several minutes, well aware of his companion's slight discomfort, though uncertain of the reason for it, then he sighed softly and stole a glance at Ichigo.

"You do not have to do this, Ichigo," he assured the Shiba heir, making Ichigo blink in surprise and look back at him.

Byakuya froze for a moment at what he saw reflected in the other man's handsome, golden brown orbs.

"I don't have to...?" Ichigo repeated, confusion evident in his tone.

"You do not have to feel obligated to comfort me," Byakuya chided him, "I know that it upset you to see me in such a vulnerable state after As Nodt defeated me. However, I was healed and I am a stronger person, inside and out, because of what we all endured."

"Is that why you think I came out here?" Ichigo asked, his brow furrowing and a flicker of anger sparking in his eyes, "Byakuya, you've seen me vulnerable like that, and worse. You've seen me cry. Do you really think I would hold it against you that you lost a battle and felt desperate to have the people and home you loved protected?"

"Then, why are you here, sitting alongside me and awkwardly trying to think of something to say to me, instead of enjoying yourself with your friends?" the Kuchiki leader asked pointedly.

"I told you," Ichigo said in a wounded tone, "You are one of my friends, Byakuya. I know we think differently. We grew up differently. But inside, I don't think we're that different. I just..."

Byakuya's heart skipped a beat as he realized that the younger man was blushing.

"You have had too much to drink," he sighed, looking away, "You should go."

Ichigo let out an unsteady breath.

"I think if I hadn't had a couple of drinks, I wouldn't have been able to walk up here this," Ichigo laughed anxiously.

" what?" Byakuya asked, turning back just in time to feel Ichigo's arms wrap around him.

He sucked in a surprised breath and stiffened, but only stared into the younger man's widened eyes, saying nothing.

"Don't kill me, okay?" Ichigo said quickly, "I know you don't like guys in that way. I only...wanted to tell you that I think you're really beautiful."

He paused and laughed nervously.

"I won't step over any boundaries or anything, and I promise not to do this again, but just one time, I want to..."

His words ended suddenly as Byakuya leaned forward, closing the distance between them and crashing their lips together. He tried to speak, but Byakuya's soft, insistent tongue forced its way into his mouth, sliding along his and curling around seductively. Ichigo broke away and managed a dragging breath, his heart pounding at the realization that, not only had Byakuya not killed him, he seemed okay with being kissed by him.

And not just okay with being kissed by me. He's doing such beautiful things to my mouth that no one's ever done before. Oh gods, I don't want him to stop. Can I just die here, right now? Like this?

He started to move, then realized that, as they had been kissing, Byakuya had slid onto his lap and was rubbing warmly against his nether region. He attacked Ichigo's mouth again hungrily.

"Is this what you wanted, Ichigo?" he whispered between their hard, wet kisses, "Is this why you couldn't think of what to say to me?"

"Y-yeah," Ichigo managed, his face and throat going an even deeper shade of pink, "I didn't think you would..."

"Just because I have been with a woman before, does not mean that I would not love a man. It is the person who makes the difference. And yes, I could love the person you are."

Something of a mingled sigh and choked sob escaped Ichigo, and his kisses grew rougher, almost desperate. He fed passionately on the sweet, white flesh of Byakuya's soft throat, his hands sliding down and joining the elder man's in a rush to remove their clothing.

I wonder, Ichigo's hazy mind thought, will he let me...?

He felt as though the breath was suddenly sucked out of his chest as Byakuya remained on his lap and spread his pale thighs wide, pressing up against Ichigo. His hand wrapped around Ichigo's slim wrist, bringing it up so that his snapping mouth could bathe the younger man's fingers in his saliva.

Byakuya is going to let me penetrate him?

But, he's got so much pride.

I never thought...

But whatever thoughts he had left scattered like the pink petals of Byakuya's pretty bankai as the Kuchiki leader bit down on Ichigo's shoulder and pushed his hand downward.

His heart's beating so hard.

"Byakuya," he whispered, "Is this your first time, you know, with a guy?"

"It is," Byakuya admitted softly, holding tightly to Ichigo's body as the younger man's fingers touched, then began to prepare him, "And you?"



"I'll be careful/"

"You are using your fingers, not your reiatsu, so I think I am safe," Byakuya whispered, smirking and relaxing slightly.

"At least until I..."

Ichigo's words caught in his throat and he blushed more furiously.

"Are you overly large?" Byakuya asked calmly, shifting slightly to look.

He sucked in a surprised breath and buried his face in Ichigo's shoulder again.

"I think we will need more lubricant," he added anxiously.

"No, it's okay," Ichigo assured him, shifting and positioning himself.


"Shh, trust me. I won't hurt you. Relax," Ichigo soothed him, rubbing the small of Byakuya's naked back and pushing his hips forward.

The two men gasped together as their bodies were suddenly joined. Ichigo's heart melted in his chest at the oddly sweet feeling of the proud Kuchiki leader shivering gently against his shoulder, then biting down on his neck as he released a wanton sigh.

"Are you okay?" Ichigo asked uncertainly.

"I am fine," Byakuya answered, his voice shaking very slightly, "Move!"

A harder, more distressed sound escaped him as Ichigo's hands curved around his soft bottom, and he began a series of strong, deepening thrusts.

"Ah! Ichigo..." Byakuya panted, closing his eyes tightly and clenching hard at the Shiba heir's muscular shoulders and grinding sensuously against him.

Ichigo answered with harder, faster thrusts and pushed forward, bringing the beautiful raven-haired man down onto his back in a flurry of fallen petals and stretching out on top of him.

I don't know what I expected, but I didn't think that he would be so warm inside. But then, I've known for awhile now that Byakuya's a lot different inside than he is on the outside.

Oh my god, I had no idea it would be this good with him!

I only daydreamed about how it would feel to make love to him. I didn't know that it would feel so good to have him touching me, kissing me, holding on to me like this!

Ichigo felt something like euphoria sweeping over his body and fireworks seemed to explode in his head as he gasped erotically, then shuddered in the throes of a powerful release. Byakuya's blissful, fluttering moans and the slight pain of his fingernails as he dug them into Ichigo's shoulders assured the reeling Shiba heir that he wasn't alone in his complete enjoyment of the moment. He collapsed onto Byakuya's chest, engaging his lovely partner in a flurry of softer finishing kisses. He seemed to disappear into a haze and drifted off in Byakuya's arms, falling into a deep sleep.

Byakuya woke some time later and made a sound of surprise and dismay at the lateness of the hour. He scrambled out from under the still slumbering Shiba heir and pulled his clothing back into place, smoothing his hair and brushing the sakura petals from his face and arms.

What was I thinking?

We could have been seen! We could have been found by anyone, sleeping naked in the open.

I am never having more than one drink in a night again!

He looked down at his peacefully dreaming partner, blushing as he recalled the intense beauty of their sudden coitus.

It was impulsive.

Maybe it was wrong. But the truth is, right or wrong, I wanted this. There has always been passion between Ichigo and me. From the very beginning, he riled me. He saw through all of the posturing I'd learned to do to hide what I really felt. Somehow, he knew I couldn't possibly want to let Rukia die. And he fought to save her as I wanted to save her. Then, he saved all of us from Aizen Sousuke. But the most enchanting thing he ever did was easing the burden I felt as I was dying from the wounds As Nodt placed on my body, my mind and my heart. I failed everyone and when I did, it was Ichigo who honored the longing of my heart, and he protected all that we both hold dear.

I have no regrets about giving in to him.

He studied Ichigo's peaceful sleeping face in the bright moonlight.

I have to get back.

He moved back to Ichigo's side and carefully set the younger man's clothes in place, covering Ichigo with his cloak, then planting a gentle kiss on his lover's smiling mouth. He left Ichigo sleeping and walked back to the manor gardens, where the party was just beginning to wind down. His dark eyes tranquil and his body still humming with warmth, he saw to the proper farewells, then slipped into his bedroom, where his attendant waited to dress him for bed.

"Will you want to soak in the bathing room before bed, Byakuya-sama?" the young man asked politely.

"No," Byakuya answered, flushing slightly at the inward desire he felt to leave his plundered body exactly as it was, "thank you, Torio."

He stood silently as his attendant removed his kimono, pretending not to notice as several telltale petals drifted to the floor. Torio replaced the party attire with a comfortable yukata, then he set about cleaning up the dressing area as Byakuya headed for the large, soft bed that awaited him. He sank down into it, curling around several pillows and remembering the warm feeling of pressing up against Ichigo's strong body.

I wonder if he will even remember making love to me. He had indulged quite a bit before coming to me. He seemed certain I would reject him.

The look on his face when I surprised him with that first kiss...

Byakuya drifted off to sleep, his lips curved into a smile.


Ichigo remained in a deep, wonderfully sated sleep, blissfully unaware that he still laid on the ground in a pile of fallen petals, warm beneath the cloak Byakuya had laid over him. A gentle breeze moved the limbs of the tree he laid under, and more petals drifted down and landed on his sleeping form.

He didn't stir, even as a darkly dressed figure approached on silent feet, and a tall, hooded man moved to his side and paused to look down at him. The man blinked slowly, his heart flickering with anger as he caught the lingering, sweet scent of Ichigo's absent lover. He was careful not to wake the sleeping Shiba heir as he removed a white envelope from within his clothing and placed it carefully in the young man's hand. He looked around as a twig snapped somewhere behind him, then stood and withdrew from the area quickly, leaving Ichigo undisturbed.

It was nearly morning when the Shiba heir finally came awake. He sat up and looked around, his head achey from the lingering effects of the drinking he had done. he frowned, looking down at where something was poking into his palm. Then, he smiled as he lifted the white envelope.

"Byakuya," he whispered, hurrying to open it.

He frowned curiously at finding a picture and a short note inside.

"What the...?"

Ice shot through his veins at the sight of what had been photographed and panic flooded his body as he read the note.

You know what it will do to his reputation if this is made public. Tell no one I have contacted you, and do not share this with anyone. From this moment, you belong to me. Do not let him touch you again or both of you will be extremely sorry. I will contact you soon.