In a small faded blue house, with siding worn and bleached by the sun lived a family, in the loosest sense of the word. Yes, they lived in a house and yes there were two kids and a man who some would call a dad, but that was the only way in which they were a family. The things most people know of that are associated with family; love, happiness, unity, and trust were not found in the Rose household. Instead, words like grim, depressing, empty, and ruthless were used.

In the house, a teenage girl with long, wavy hair the color of copper and big sea-foam green eyes lined with dark curled lashes sat under a cracked window on the scratched wood floors. Her skin, as white and impossibly flawless as ivory was scattered and covered with bruises and scars.

Some of the bruises were green and yellow, fading as they healed over time, while others were an angry black and purple that stood out harshly against the only shred of light in her life, in the form of the sun that poured in from the window. The sun danced and spun around the room as it flickered through the torn yellow lace that covered the windows.

The streaks of sun illuminated her face and lit up her skin in a strangely beautiful way. Despite the fact that she was beaten and bruised and scarred in places no one would ever see, she was beautiful.

Boxes, some filled and some not, lay across the room covering the few square feet of her 'bedroom'. Her few possessions, clothes, make up (an essential when you look like you've gone a few rounds with a professional boxer weekly), an old iPod shuffle (her prized possession in life, and her only escape), and a few other small things that she owned were deposited into the cardboard boxes. On the side of the box, written in black thick marker in all capital letters was Luna.

She couldn't believe they were moving again, just when she had started to make friends and get used to the small house on the end of Heritage Avenue it was time to move again.

People, as they always did become suspicious of the quiet girl with bruises and lame excuses of clumsy feet and they had to uproot their so-called lives and move on to the next town.

This time it was a small town called Mystic Falls.

A few weeks later, when moving trucks pulled up beside Elena Gilbert's house she peeked out the window and pulled the curtains aside excitement evident in her eyes. She hadn't had new neighbours since old mister David passed away over a year ago.

Her doe eyes peered forward as she saw a tall, thin twenty-something-year-old man with shaggy blonde hair and a hoodie pulled up and over his head and resting above his green eyes exit a dark blue SUV.

His arms, thin but toned were crossed against his chest and a pair of white headphones were stuck in his ears, drowning out the world around him. He quickly walked inside, passing the movers and escaping the hot sun that beat down above.

The next person to exit the SUV was a tall built man, with thick arms covered in coarse brown hair that curled at the end, the same hair adorned the top of his head. His face, covered with a thin beard and angry green eyes were topped with bushy eyebrows.

A duffel bag in one hand and the other shoved firmly in the pocket of his blue jeans he strolled up the walkway and closed the front door behind him.

Elena, just about to peel her curious eyes away from the scene outside, thinking it was over, was stopped when a girl, around her age exited the vehicle without making a sound.

Her hair fell in coils down the middle of her back and when the sun hit it just right it reminded her of amber. The nameless girl, with nothing in her hands and a blank look on her face, made her way towards the now closed front door.

She was covered in black, from a black leather jacket covered in zippers, to a pair of faded black jeans worn and ripped. But not the kind of ripped you buy from the store, the real kind of ripped that only happens over time.

Her hand, with nails covered in peeling burgundy nail polish, hovered over the brass handle as her ocean coloured eyes flicked up and met with Elena's brown ones.

Elena smiled sheepishly at being caught snooping, the girl, however, did not.

Luna stared for a moment, wanting to smile, wanting to befriend the pretty brunette next door, but friends only got nosey.

Friends only got curious.

Friends only asked questions she couldn't answer.

Friends only made it harder when she had to leave again.

So, with a heavy heart, but a strong mind she turned back towards the door and walked inside.