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A long paved path, with burnt orange, cardinal red, and speckles of yellow leaves adorning the trees that lined the weaving walkway lay ahead of her. Unsure of where she was going, as the fog rolled in over the hills hiding her converse-clad feet from view, she continued walking at a zombie-like pace. In the distance, like the beginning of every horror movie, she heard a twig snap, so loud in the deafening silence that surround her that she couldn't miss it.

"Hello?" the teen questioned meekly, swiveling on her toes to face the dense forest.

She was met only with silence.

She continued walking ahead, quickening her pace to a brisk walk, as she pulled her thin black sweater tighter around her, not only for warmth but for comfort.

A moment passed, marked by her echoing footsteps which punctured each passing second, when she heard it again, a snap of a twig, followed by the rustling of leaves.

"Hello?" she called again, straining to hear a reply, "is anyone out there?"

For a moment she swore she saw a flash of something from the corner of her eye by the edge of the trees, but it was gone before she could even register it. With a shake of her head and a tense laugh, she continued on the never-ending path, to a place she wasn't quite sure of.

"There's nothing out there," she mumbled to herself, shaking her head as she spoke.

"Are you sure about that?" a low voice growled behind her.

She froze, mid-step, shoulders coming up to her ears and her nails digging into her skin, leaving pinpricks of pain to match the fear in her gut.

After a moment, she spun around, only to be met with air, not a trace of anyone there. A sigh of relief escaped her plump limps, "thank god." She breathed, releasing a breath she hadn't realized she was holding.

"Over here" a voice whispered in her ear from behind, causing the small hairs on the back of her neck to stand up and goosebumps to trail across her skin. The breath she was letting out hitched in her throat as she turned around to come face to face with a beautifully blue-eyed stranger.

Even though she didn't recognize the pale stranger in front of her, the name "Damon" came tumbling from her lips before she could stop herself, as she stood, seemingly frozen in front of him.

The man only smirked in response, allowing purple veins to spring from his eyes and travel across his cheekbones, rooting in his features. His once clear and entrancing blue eyes had been replaced by a muddled black with hints of red, only visible when you were as close as she.

And before she could even scream at the monster before her, his fangs were digging into the side of her neck. They tore into her jugular mercilessly, spilling blood into his mouth as he held her tightly against him, relishing in her pain, in her suffering.

In her death.

With a start, Luna sat up in bed, her heart racing widely in her chest, thudding in her ears, as she gripped the sheets below her. The ponytail she wore to bed once high and neat, was now askew and messy, hair sticking out and falling to frame her face where it stuck to her sweat coated skin.

Rubbing her face with a shaky hand, she took in her surroundings, realizing once again she fell asleep in the eldest Salvatore's bed.

A soft grumble from the man beside her, shook her from her racing thoughts, drawing her attention to the once terrifying man in her dreams to the now softly snoring one beside her. His skin was flawless, and hair tousled (much like in her dream), however instead of a sinister smirk on his lips, a soft sleepy smile rested there instead, where a smidge of drool leaked from the corner and onto the pillow beneath his head.

A smile, that mirrored the man's beside her, blossomed onto her face as she stared at him. The butterflies that were released in her stomach every time she looked at him fluttered passionately until she had to wrap an arm around herself to keep upright. And with a gentle, but precise touch she softly swept a strand of hair from his forehead that was dangerously close to tickling his nose.

Luna wasn't quite sure how, or why, the monster in her dream took the form of Damon.

Yes, he was a vampire, but he wasn't a monster. The Damon in her dream and the one before her were completely different.

Damon felt Luna sit up with a gasp, her hand clinging to his under the mass of sheets and luxury bedding (even though she may not have felt his hand under all this, he felt hers). However, he stayed still; listening to the thrashing of her heart trying to escape her chest cavity.

And for a moment, that enticed him.

But a slight whimper, too low for even Luna herself to hear, sounded from the frightened girl and drifted directly into his ears, vanquishing any thoughts of harm or bloodlust in the raven-haired man's mind.

After a moment or two, her erratic breathing and racing heart had slowed enough to the point where he didn't worry about her going into cardiac arrest or having a panic attack. Then, he felt her gaze shift to him, he kept his eyes closed and his breathing even. He wondered what she was thinking, was she scared of him?

'She should be' a bitter voice, nestled in the back of his mind spat

However, his thoughts came to a stuttering halt when he felt the soft skin of her fingers brush against his forehead, pushing a stray hair to the side.

If he wasn't so much of a badass vampire, he might have admitted to feeling the twinge of long forgotten, broken butterflies, take flight in his gut.

But Damon Salvatore was never one to admit anything.

"Good morning" the vampire murmured, a slight twinge of sleep accenting his voice

Luna paused, two fingers woven between strands of his hair at the sound of him waking,

"You're up" she exclaimed, voicing her surprise.

Damon only let out a throaty grunt in response, his eyes flicking up towards where her fingers remained tangled in his ebony hair.

"Uh, sorry," Luna lamely explained, retracting her fingers from his soft locks.

Damon tried to hide his disappointment at the removal of her skin against his.

"I didn't say stop, did I?" he couldn't help but say.

Luna only blushed in reply, leaning forward slightly to tuck some hair behind his ear with a small smile, "So, a vampire huh?"

"I thought we covered this last night," Damon asked, with the quirk of a brow.

"It's a lot to take in," she reasoned, moving to lightly stroke the stray hairs at the back of his neck with nimble fingers.

"Mhmm" Damon hummed contently; focus wavering at her soft touch at the nape of his neck

"So now that I know…" Luna trailed off, picking up the conversation from last night, where it had died off once their voices had become thick with sleep and she could no longer keep her eyes open.

"You can't tell anyone." He finished seriously, looking into her eyes intently, all traces of sleep gone.

"I know," she replied "I wasn't going to anyway"


"Do you think your friends will stop warning me to stay away from you now?"

"My friends?" Damon asked, nose crinkling at the thought of him and the witch being friends

"Well, they don't seem to be my friends anymore," Luna said, doubtful they would be after the Damon drama.

"Friends are overrated," Damon said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Then what are we?" Luna questioned, trying to catch Damon's gaze through hooded lids.

Damon leaned forward, till his nose brushed against hers

"Best friends." He exclaimed, a smirk making its way to his lips.

Luna scoffed, playfully tugging at the hair on the back of his neck "Jerk"

Damon's smirk only widened in return, "I don't mind if you pull on my hair"

Luna laughed, tugging his hair again for good measure. "Well, now I'll never do it again."

"Nooo," Damon pouted, sticking his bottom lip out for added measure.

The buzzing of Luna's cell phone on the nightstand table interrupted her train of thought. She leaned over to retrieve her phone, and Damon being Damon ignored this. He weaved an arm around her narrow waist and pulled her against him, nuzzling his face into the crook of her neck feeling her blood pumping beneath her soft skin. The teen half-heartedly nudged him in the ribs with her elbow, secretly loving the feeling of his strong arms around her.

"Hello?" she answered the phone, a giggle stuck in her throat and a 1000-kilowatt smile on her face.

"Hello Luna," rang her father's voice from the other end of the phone, immediately killing the giggle in her throat and dimming the smile on her face.

"W-what do you want," she asked, voice wavering as she tried to sound strong.

Damon tightened his arm around Luna, not liking the change in her voice. He could easily hear the person on the other end but was struggling to recognize who it was.

"You didn't come back, again," the man growled.

Damon's eyes darkened and his jaw clenched, wishing he knew who it was so he could rip their throat out.

"I-I was at a friend's. It's not…I'm sorry, sir." The crimson-haired beauty stuttered, unconsciously pressing back against the eldest Salvatore, wishing she could disappear.

"Get home. Now, or you know what will happen," the voice threatened.

The vampire, never one to hold himself back, couldn't take it anymore. No one was allowed to talk to her like that. He grabbed the phone out of her hand, careful to not to take his anger out on her.

"Listen here," Damon snarled his eyes dark and fangs threatening to retract.

"Damon!" Luna squeaked, grabbing the phone from his grasp and scrambling out of his hold. "You'll just make things worse," she reasoned, her eyes soft and sad.

Bringing the phone up to her ear, as she untangled her legs from the silk sheets and stood she spoke into the receiver.

"I'm coming home now, I'll be there soon." Without waiting for a reply, which she would probably regret late, she hung up.

"What are you doing, Luna?" the vampire exclaimed, haphazardly throwing the bed covers to the side and stomping over to her.

She only stared at him, unsure of what to say. She wasn't sure why she always went back; she knew it was stupid and reckless.

Yet, she always went back, and he knew that.

"I know that was your dad." Damon spat, trying to get Luna's attention as her eyes fogged over.

"Which is why you know I have to go back" Luna reasoned, looking everywhere but his eyes.

"Are you an idiot!?" Damon exploded, throwing his hands in the air.

The second he did it, he wished he hadn't. Even if he wasn't a vampire, it would be impossible for him to miss the harsh flinch that went through Luna's body as he raised his arms.

The anger suddenly drained out of him, and his gut clenched in an uncomfortable way that he never felt before. That he never wanted to feel again.

"I'm sorry," Damon said, his voice soft and low as he tried to catch Luna's gaze "please don't go."

Although Luna didn't know this, it was almost impossible for Damon to say these few words. Every fiber of his being told him not to care.

But he did.

He cared so fucking much, and he would do whatever it took to keep her safe.

Luna finally managed to look into his eyes and was surprised at all she saw there. His impossibly blue eyes held compassion, understanding, worry, and maybe even something along the lines of love.

"I have to Damon," she spoke, her voice cracking when she said his name.

"I can protect you," the vampire reasoned, gingerly moving to cup her face softly. "I won't let him hurt you."

Her eyes searched his for any signs of doubt. She couldn't find a single trace.

"I wouldn't ask you to do that"

"You don't have to;" Damon explained "I'm offering. I could snap his neck and dispose of his body before you would even know what's happening."

The vampire winced at his words once they left his mouth, he didn't want to scare her.

But Luna wasn't scared.

"What if you get caught," the slightly shorter teen asked, worrying about the beautiful man before her.

"I've never got caught before," he said a small grin falling onto his face.

"Damon" she warned, her tone serious compared to his somewhat playful one.

"Okay, sorry," he said, rubbing her jaw softly with his thumb, relishing in the feeling of her warm, smooth skin under his touch.

"I have to go, Damon," she said, already pulling away from his touch, even though it was the last thing she wanted to do.

"No you don't" Damon murmured, sliding his hand down to her waist and pulling her close.

"Damon…" the teal eyed girl trailed off, her voice catching and her eyes welling with tears.

"Please don't cry," Damon pleaded squeezing her waist softly.

Luna sniffled, jutting out her chin stubbornly as she spoke "I'm not crying"

Damon smiled softly at her, despite their current situation she was being her usual stubborn pain in the ass.

Using his other hand to wipe an overflowing tear making its way down her cheek he moved closer, inhaling her scent, a smell that was purely hers and that he wanted to smell forever.

"I don't have anywhere else to go, he'll find me," Luna whispered, leaning into his touch.

Without even thinking about it Damon said: "You can stay here, with me. And if he comes anywhere near you or this house I'll kill him."

"Stay here?" Luna asked shock evident in her striking features.

"Yeah, why not?" Damon asked, stroking her face with his thumb as he spoke.

"You're insane," Luna said, shaking her head in disbelief.

"Only the best people are" he grinned softly.

"Don't quote Lewis Carroll to me right now, Damon"

"Look at you, little miss honour roll student"

"You're the one that quoted it," she offered

"I was alive when he wrote it" Damon explained, laughing slightly at the look on her face.

"Jesus you're old"

"Don't change the subject, Luna." He tilted her head up with a flick of his wrist, so he could stare into her eyes. "Move in with me."

"Are you trying to compel me?" Luna asked, frowning softly.

"No, I'm pleading with you. One day you'll go back with him, and he'll kill you. You're too fragile."

"I'm not fragile," Luna stated, crinkling her nose in disgust.

"Luna," Damon sighed "I could crush your skull in my hand right now"

"But you wouldn't"

"I wouldn't" he echoed, confirming what she already knew.

Luna sighed, stepping back from his touch and avoiding his eyes. She couldn't think when she was staring into his baby blues, or with his hands all over the slight dips and curves of her waist.

She knew she should, if she was smart she would. He's offering her the chance to live in a mansion with constant protection, and not to mention the fact that he was her very hot best friend. Yet, something was still holding her back. She knew John wouldn't just let her go, her life wasn't that easy. He would come looking for her. But looking at Damon, with his tousled hair that always managed to be effortlessly perfect and his ocean coloured eyes (has she mentioned how beautiful they are before?) she couldn't think of a good reason to be anywhere else but with him.

"Okay," she said, finally looking up to meet his eyes once again.

"Okay?" he asked, not wanting to get his hopes up.

"I'll move in with you Damon."