A black haired girl calmly whistled to herself as she sat in the lobby of Tokyo's Exchange Office. From what she had managed to learn upon entering the building it was more an office for Tokyo's extensive MON branch then an actual office for the exchange agents. She adjusted the hoodie she wore over her school uniform. A uniform for a school she wasn't going to be seeing for a while. She stood up and grabbed her bag before walking towards the desk upon seeing the receptionist motion to her. The receptionist that had motioned for her was a human but a Lamia sat curled at the other end of the desk filing paperwork.

"Sorry for the delay. Miss Chiso will be meeting with you. Her office is the third down on the left. I also wish to commend you. It's not often a human decides to go outside their comfort zone and sign up for the exchange program." The receptionist calmly says. The girl notes that there is no indication of either ones name.

"Thank you." The girl said as she walked out of the room and down the hall. She took a deep breath before entering the office. The owner of the office was nowhere to be found but the office itself revealed quite a bit about the owner's personality. Adorning one of the walls of the office were multiple maps. Most of the maps were of either past or current extent of tribal nations although a multiple other maps were mixed in. Multiple pins were pushed into the maps leaving only two maps untouched. A separate wall held a book case adorned with all different kinds of mythology. The wall behind the desk was adorned with a display case holding multiple different small artifacts from different cultures. Adorning the desk itself was a simple jewelry box. The inside of the box was mainly obscured by the angle it sat at but the girl could make out what appeared to be rings within. Also seated on the desk was a blue haired doll with a rather creepy looking umbrella.

"Ah I'm so sorry about the wait. I had stepped out to get a cup of tea." A voice says from the hallway behind the girl. The girl turns around and steps into the office and looks up at the woman. The woman wore a white suit that had her name tag tucked into a pocket. The woman's auburn hair was pulled back into a ponytail. This only served to draw more attention to the woman's hazel eyes and slight tan. The woman's build also appeared to be more athletic than normal, almost as if this woman would run marathons for fun.

The woman offered her hand for a handshake. The girl carefully shakes the woman's hand, taking not of the multiple rings the woman wore.

"I'm Mikka Chiso, one of the coordinator's here at this branch. I assume you are, Kinu Niwa, correct." The woman said as she walked towards the desk. There was a hint of an English accent in her langue even though she appeared to be a native.

"Yes. I understand I am here to be placed in the exchange program. I'm a little concerned that I was asked to not pack clothes." Kinu says as she steps towards the desk. To her shock the creepy doll seated on the desk turns its head to look at her. The doll twirls playfully as it stands up. Mikka notices this and quietly taps one of the rings adorning her hand causing it to disappear. Kinu stares at the woman dumbfounded.

"I am a user of magic. Particularly puppeteer magic. I am sorry if my little one scared you. They tend to have a free will and the mind of a young child." Mikka says as she takes off the ring and places it in the jewelry box.

"Oh. I've never seen magic before. It's not even common in liminals. Oh and about the clothes issue?" Kinu says as she catches her breathe. To say the least the realization that the doll had been alive was quite a terrifying surprise for her.

"Not very many outfits available in modern day Japan would be suited for where you are going. As such a proper wardrobe will be prepared for you upon arrival." Mikka calmly stats as she looks over at Kinu.

"Where am I going?" Kinu asks, almost hesitant at the thought of what could happen.

"Lobo da serra da floresta." Mikka says with some difficulty. While she appeared to have a grasp on the langue it was clear she did not use it often.

"Where?" Kinu asked. She had never heard of anything like this before.

"Silken Forest Wolf. It's a world formed through magic that runs parallel to our world. It is a place that has Arachne calling it home. Although where you would be is more the grasslands instead of forest." Mikka says.

"You're kidding right. A world of magic. That sounds like something from a game series I played once." Kinu says in disbelief. Mikka just laughs before offering her hand.

"I find just like my teacher it is so much better to teach through example. Shall we?" Mikka says with a small laugh. Without thinking Kinu takes Mikka's hand. It is a move she quickly regrets as the world dissolves away around her and Mikka.

Author Note

I've decided to make these series separate from other host series. Right now Life Away: Arachne is the only one being worked on.

As a side not for anyone that's read Emotion's Connect by Thread yes this is the same Mikka, only grown up.

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