Kinu glanced about in interest at what she was currently seeing. The tents she had seen in the distance were much larger then she had thought. Amongst all the tents Arachne went about their daily lives not paying heed to the two humans following a Small Breed. Kinu pauses for a second before pulling her hoodie off and tying it around her waist. She then pauses upon seeing a flash of red in the corner of her eye. Standing off to the side of the path were two harpies running a market stand that was labeled in a langue Kinu did not recognize.

"What's that?" Kinu asks as she points to the stall. Mikka pauses for a second to look over at the stall before continuing on her way. Kinu follows after her.

"Harpy market stall selling dye. Most Arachne cannot produce colored silk and have to rely on dye to create patterns. I'm sure you'll learn more about it later." Mikka says as she continues following Tigerswallow. The trio travel in silence which gives Kinu a chance to take in her surroundings. The area around her was truly a bustling town. Adult Arachne went about their day to day business while the children happily darted about playing tag and other games. Every once in awhile the trio would pass a Harpy or Were-liminal of varying type either going about business or selling wares. The town had a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Kinu noticed as she stopped looking around that Tigerswallow had hidden behind Mikka for some reason. Kinu peered past the two and saw what was likely the reason. A glowing summoning circle was present in front of the group. A circle that made Kinu want to throw up due to the amount of raw magic coming from it. Kinu looked over at Mikka expecting an even stronger reaction from the magic caster but to her shock Mikka stood there smiling. A blinding light pours out of the circle as it activates, flooding the area with magically energy. An energy so strong that it knocks Kinu off her feet. As she manages to stand up she gets a glimpse of the culprit, some small creature with bubblegum pink hair. Kinu just stares in disbelief at it. It was Mikka who broke the silence.

"You're late, Miz. You were to meet us right when we arrived." Mikka calmly says as the small creature floats towards her. It lands on her shoulder before looking at Kinu. It smiled before laughing.

"Sorry, didn't realize we had a human exchange student. I thought we were fetching an Arachne." Miz states as she continues to look at Kinu. It shakes its head before floating off of Mikka's shoulder and into the air.

"Sorry about that. This is Miz, my MON operative." Mikka says as she continues to follow the now somewhat skittish Tigerswallow. Kinu also takes note of how most of the other Liminals were now avoiding the group. It seemed no one wanted to deal with Miz herself or just whatever species she was.

"Here we are, the house of the Brood Mother. You are not allowed inside." Tigerswallow says as she glares at Miz. Miz laughs before hovering away from the group.

"Of course I'm not." Miz says as she calmly floats in place. Mikka shakes her head before motioning for the group to enter the tent. As they enter the tent Kinu notices a sitting Arachne talking with a relatively fluffy and large Arachne. If Kinu's memory was correct it was a Large Breed Arachne and likely had a short temper. Standing off to the side were three more individuals. Two more Arachne, one of which was wearing what appeared to be chitin armor and another creature that could only be described as an Arachne but as a scorpion. This individual's slender build made Kinu believe that it was a Long Legs variety. The other two Arachne were an unknown to her though.

"Ah, Mikka, welcome. I had been told that you would be arriving with a human homestay." The seated Arachne says with a hint of intrigue. The Arachne standing next to her turns to look at the group revealing the fact that she had been holding a staff. The seated Arachne looks over Kinu and frowns before motion over one of the Arachne. The Arachne approaches and pauses.

"Yes, Mother?" The Arachne asks as she lowers herself some. Across the room a groan is heard. Kinu glances over just in time to see the armored Arachne step out of the tent, likely to deal with Miz. A small laugh emerges from the seated Arachne's lips.

"Ah you brought Miz, Mikka. Anyways this newcomer is likely uncomfortable in her outfit and I'd rather do paperwork when we all our comfortable. So please take her into the other room and create an outfit more, proper for both the climate and a human." The Arachne says. The smaller one nods.

"Of course." The Arachne says. The next thing Kinu knows is she's being practically dragged into the other room.

Author Corner

Originally I wanted this chapter simply to be Kinu have her outfit fitted and then things being talked over but I decided actually seeing parts of the town first would be better. And I just realized I missed a perfect opportunity for a joke. Who here would have loved to see Harpies' harping their wears?

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