Sakura And Naruto lovers Through Time Part 1 Things Must Change

Summary: The Fourth Great War has ended thousands lost their lives many of Sakura's friends died during the war but the one person most important to her was one of them Naruto beat Madara but died after the battle after a surprise talk with Sasuke, Sakura is given a chance to return to the past to not only change the future but will have another chance to admit her feelings to the man she loves.

A/N: I saw a similar story with a similar plot some of what happens is similar to the other person's story but it will change pretty quickly the pairing is pretty obvious although there will be competition for Naruto there will also be surprises.

Kurama Talking/Jutsu's

'Naruto Talking to Kurama/Sakura Talking to Inner Self'

Inner Thoughts

Inner Sakura

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Sakura is rushing around the battlefield searching for Naruto she knows in her heart something is wrong she sees Madara dead on the battlefield and almost looks away until she sees Blond hair next to him and her heart almost breaks she shouts "NARUTO." She runs over to him and cradles Naruto in her arms she immediately starts getting to work on healing Naruto.

After a few minutes she notices a hand on her cheek and looks at Naruto "S-Sakura-Cha.. he doesn't finish that sentence as his hand hits the ground.

Sakura knows he's gone but she won't give up "NO Naruto don't leave me you can't die you never became the Hokage, please fight, I love you, I need you to fight." She continues to try to bring back the man she loves but nothing works most of her friends and family her parents are dead. Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, Lee, Tenten, Kakashi-Sensei, Tsunade, Gaara, Temari, Hinata, Kiba all dead during this war but none of them meant as much as losing the man she loves. She's now cradling Naruto's lifeless body crying her eyes out. She's been cradling Naruto for over 15 minutes when she hears someone speak and looks up.

Sasuke looks down at her sees her crying then looks down at Naruto "So he died huh."

Sakura glares at him "What do you want Sasuke don't you think you've done enough damage have you come here to gloat if you're going to kill me then get it over with I will die in Naruto's arms then man I love."

Sasuke doesn't smile "Sakura, seeing Naruto dead brings me no happiness he was like a brother to me."

Sakura scoffs "Don't lie Sasuke if he was your brother then why try and kill him time and time again, your full of shit."

Sasuke sighs "Believe what you want, did you know he loved you ever since the academy. I might have been focused on revenge but I wasn't blind he adored you sometimes I wondered why he even bothered the way you treated him. He made that stupid promise to bring me back did you ever think of how that was killing him inside the girl he loves liking someone else the dobe would have sacrificed his happiness just so you would have been happy."

Sakura looks at him "How would you know you were so focused on revenge you only cared about yourself."

Sasuke nods "That is correct but he was my first real friend and knowing his life he deserved to be happy there was that pathetic Hyūga girl stalking him what a joke whenever she saw him she'd blush or faint she was even more pathetic then you were." He grins "But the dobe only wanted you. I admit you were annoying as hell you were a weakling you neglected your training and how could I take you seriously but you had Naruto everytime you asked me for a date and I turned you down Naruto was always there to try and cheer you up but you threw it back in his face."

He smirks "I admit you changed you became that bitches apprentice you changed you took your training seriously but still I did not want you your not annoying anymore still I could tell he still loved you and I could see you loved him even way back when we were Genin I turned you down and this might sound strange but I did it for Naruto I was a bastard my thirst for revenge blinded me from most things and now look at you, did you even tell him you loved him maybe it's Karma or someone's telling you that you don't deserve him well I hardly care so long Sakura Haruno."

Sakura watches him walk away and continues to cry "Baka, why did you love me, after all, I did to you, I wish I could tell you, that I love you, My life has no meaning anymore my parents are dead my friends are dead you are dead what do I have left."

She hears another voice "What if I gave you a chance to change the future."

She looks up and sees an old man looking at her "Who are you."

The old man looks at Naruto "It is a shame he died, I am the Rikudō Sennin I can send you back in time to change your future most of the people you know are dead I believe or do you wish to kill yourself."

Sakura is shocked "You're the Sage Of The Six Paths."

The man nods "I am well child what is your answer."

Sakura caresses Naruto's cheek "Just go back in time just like that."

The Rikudō Sannin smiles "You would return with all your memories from this time so that would help you I'm sure as for Naruto it is up to you to tell him whether he believes you or not is another thing."

Sakura nods "How far back would I go back."

The Rikudō Sennin smiles "That is uncertain but I'm sure you will think of something maybe four years maybe six no further than that, so child what is your answer."

Sakura smiles "A chance to see my friends again and tell Naruto my feelings I'll do it."

The Rikudō Sennin smiles "This will be a one-time thing I usually don't interfere but I will do it just this once it is up to you what you do with this chance."

Sakura sniffs "My life is in your hands Rikudō-Sama." The Rikudō Sennin smiles and places his hand on her head and Sakura feels a bright light and she passes out.

6 Years Earlier

Sakura sits up in bed she looks down at her small body and groans "Well it worked but I'm in this weak body again well that will change." She gets out of bed and looks at the calendar on her wall "So I'm 10 OK I can deal with that now what do I do first I'll have to find Naruto, of course, I've got a lot of work to do but can I do this by myself maybe I can confide in Milady oh wait it's the Sandaime as the Hokage wait Naruto's close to him so that would be good."

She walks over to her closet and opens it and groans "Stupid all this junk what did I ever see in that brooding Teme well time to get rid of all this junk." For the next 10 minutes Sakura rips up all the pictures she drew of her and Sasuke, she tossed all the stuff she picked up that Sasuke left "She groans I can't believe I was this bad I'm glad I didn't meet my younger self I'd kill her for being such an idiot."

When she's finished she gets dressed and groans again "I need some better clothes" She looks at her long hair "This will have to go maybe mom can cut it for me, well I'm hungry I'll eat first then speak to the Hokage then I'll find Naruto." She giggles "I can't wait to see him." She leaves her room and runs downstairs her mothers in the kitchen cooking breakfast when Sakura enters the kitchen.

Mebuki looks up "Morning dear you look happy, want some breakfast."

Sakura nods "Yea, have a busy day today."

Mebuki smiles and places a plate in front of her and Sakura looks confused What is this oh wait dieting forget that "Can I have some more food mom."

Mebuki at first is confused I thought she's on another one of her diets oh well "Sure dear." She puts more food on Sakura's plate and Sakura gets stuck in

After breakfast, she smiles "Bye mom be back later OK."

Sakura doesn't wait for a reply she just runs to the Hokage Tower as fast as her small legs will do it. She gets there after 30 minutes of running and stops panting "Oh crap I'll have to work on my stamina and get fitter again I can train with Naruto that would be good but time for this first I hope he believes me being 10 and all."

She enters the tower and walks to the tower lucky for her being the Hokage's apprentice means she knows where she's going she arrives at the Hokage's room and sees his receptionist she remembers her Naruto told her about all the receptionists that hated him and from the description of this one she was the worst one she smiles at Sakura though "Can I help you, dear."

Sakura nods Yes you can treat my lover better or I'll kick your ass "Yes, I was wondering if I could speak to the Hokage."

The Receptionist smiles "May I ask what it's about."

Sakura smiles "It's private."

The receptionist nods "OK I'll just see if he's OK for a visit." The receptionist gets up and knocks then heads inside whilst Sakura sits on a seat to wait she doesn't have to wait long which is good the receptionist comes out "He will see you now dear."

Sakura nods "Thank You." She walks to the door and steps inside the office and the receptionist closes the door behind her. Hiruzen looks up confused why a child would want to see him but motions her to a seat and she sits down.

Hiruzen smiles "Well hello child It is very odd for someone to come visit although I'm happy to meet you can I have your name child."

Sakura smiles "My name is Sakura Haruno I have come to speak to you on a very urgent matter can you put up a privacy barrier."

Hiruzen raises an eyebrow but does it "So what is so urgent for someone so young."

Sakura smiles "This is very hard to believe but I will answer any questions once I have finished."

Hiruzen nods "Go on."

Sakura smiles and for the next hour, Sakura explains everything to say Hiruzen and the two ANBU Neko and Inu are shocked at what they are hearing it's hard to believe but they listen to everything Hiruzen does let her drink some water as it's a lot to say. When she's finished she smiles "I know it's hard to believe but I want to change the future and I have been given a chance to do that and tell Naruto how I feel."

Hiruzen nods "Yes, I must say it's quite a tale but strangely I believe you it also means I will have a lot of things to do for the next few years."

Sakura nods "Oh Naruto because of the Kyuubi or Kurama as Naruto says that's it's proper name can't create normal Bunshin's he learned the Kage Bunshin as I think I mentioned so could he learn that again with the special ability his training will be much easier."

Hiruzen smiles "I'm sure I can do this for Naruto-Kun is there anything else."

Sakura smiles "Actually yes, there was this girl who ended up working for that Snake, Orochimaru her name is Karin Uzumaki she is Naruto-Kun's cousin she lives in Kusagakure Naruto found out she lived there with her mother I was wondering if we could bring her here for Naruto-Kun to have family around him that is if she's still there."

Hiruzen nods "Of course I will send two of my ANBU, Neko off you go, Inu accompany her just in case This is an A-Ranked Mission off you go."

Sakura smiles "Thank you, Sandaime-Sama I know Naruto would appreciate Kakashi and Yugao bringing them."

Hiruzen is confused then smiles "From the future of course so what are you going to do about Naruto-Kun."

Sakura smiles "Well I will befriend him now I think telling him the truth now would be pointless so I will just befriend him and try to help him, for now, I know the Academy for Naruto was terrible."

Hiruzen is confused "How so Sakura."

Sakura sighs "Well he didn't really make friends for a long time eventually befriending Shikamaru and Chōji plus the teachers neglected him completely ignoring him or treating him like crap, as such his Taijutsu was beyond terrible.

That was until his godfather that pervert Jiraiya helped him out but before then he had to teach himself and even then it was terrible it wasn't until the last year that he got Iruka-Sensei that things changed but by then well he was kind of closed off."

Hiruzen sighs "I understand I did not know that I'm thinking it's because of the Fox Kurama you called him."

Sakura nods "Yes, Kurama I will try and help him as much as I can."

Hiruzen smiles "Understood and I will start on the long term plans I'm glad Naruto has someone who cares for him so much."

Sakura smiles "It might be good to tell that perverted student of yours but that's your choice."

Hiruzen smiles "I will now run along and have a nice day try and regain your friendship with Ino you said you lost your friendship because of Sasuke."

Sakura nods "I intend to."

She smiles then leaves the office and Hiruzen sighs "Well I never expected that seems a lot happened but with a few years to prepare we should be ready for you Orochimaru."

Meanwhile, Sakura has rushed out of the Hokage tower and is now on her way to find her Blond haired lover she giggles at that thought First I'm going to treat him to some Ramen then maybe see if I can change him out of those hideous Orange jumpsuits no way will my lover become a target even if I have to buy him clothes myself.

She's been walking for a while she checked Ichiraku's but he wasn't there she goes to the Hokage Monument but he's not there she then decides to just visit his apartment she groans I can't believe he lived in that dump. She gets to his apartment and knocks on the door.

Inside the apartment, Naruto's just about to make breakfast when he hears a knock at his apartment door and he's confused That's weird nobody usually bothers me and surely they don't knock. He walks over to the door and cautiously opens the door and is shocked to see his crush Sakura Haruno at the door Am I dreaming.

Sakura watches him I can't believe how cute he was back then. "Hey Naruto-Kun what you up to."

Naruto looks at her OK, I didn't expect that "Nothing Sakura-Chan what are you doing here."

She smiles "Looking for you have you had breakfast yet."

Naruto shakes his head "No, Not yet."

She smiles "Great then let's go and grab some breakfast my treat."

Naruto is confused Is this really happening I thought she likes the teme. "Don't you like the teme Sasuke."

She scoffs "I used to but let's forget about him then we can go shopping for some new clothes because the Orange jumpsuits will attract the enemies for when you become a ninja you can hardly become the Hokage if your dead right plus you will look far more handsome and more like a ninja."

Naruto grins "Yea, that's true, OK let's go oh wait let me just get some money for clothes."

She nods "OK you going to invite me in to wait."

Naruto nods "Oh, yeah come in."