Hello ladies and gentlemen! CoffeyJoe here with something that is definitely not something I had in mind for doing. As the description shows, this fanfic will be one-shots of Jaune Arc that will involve anything that pops into my imaginative little head. If I like one of the chapters I may make 2 or 3 more depending on if I have the mojo. Honestly, this whole fic is going to be an excuse to dump all my spare creativity into a landfill of ideas.

So thanks for reading.


When Time Isn't On Our Side:

At the age of 12 Jaune's semblance is found out to be one of the most powerful on remnant. His parents decided it would be best if he got personal training from someone with a similar power, so they sent him off to Beacon to be trained by their professors and, more importantly, their headmaster.

For you see, Jaune was a time manipulator.


Jaune sat in his manor-style household, firmly in the lap of his oldest sister Bianca. She had a hand firmly wrapped around his shoulder with her other hand gently stroking his head; occasionally she'd offer soothing words when her brother's form would flicker as if he was about to fade from the world. Their second oldest sibling, Sienna, paced back and forth, scroll in her hand, as she talked with her parents that were rushing home immediately.

"Yes Dad I'm sure he's doing it!" a muffled voice said something over the line, "because I wasn't able to keep track of how goddamn fast he was going, and you know my semblance is observation!" she snapped into the scroll.

"Dad, Jaune's really scared. He's been crying his eyes out in fear, and he thinks he's going to hurt one of us or just up and disappear." she chewed on her lip tentatively, "just get home soon."

Sienna walked over to Bianca and the huddled Jaune, "how is he doing?" she asked quietly.

"Well he's shaking like a dog in a thunderstorm, my shirt is drenched in his tears, and nothing I can do will help. How do you think he's doing?" Bianca didn't mean to sound sarcastic, but the health of her little brother concerned her most of all out of everything.

"Ok, I know it was a dumb question." she peered down at her little brother, "and how has his phasing been?"

"It comes and it goes, but I've been able to keep him here for the most part."

Sienna just sighed, it was a good idea to send the others to their rooms until her parents got home. She did not need them rushing around like Taijitu's with their heads cut off, causing a ruckus and startling Jaune.

2 hours later...

Aurelian and his wife, Fizza, burst through the front door and made a beeline to the living room. There they found their eldest cooing the little boy in her lap, Fizza walked slowly over to Bianca and put a hand on her shoulder. Bianca leaned back and tapped Jaune telling him: "Mom's here Jaune, she can help."

Jaune turned his head away from his sister's lap and, in less than a second, was suddenly latched onto her, much to Fizza's surprise, as his body rippled with opaque energy. Eventually, she returned the hug and stroked her son's messy hair.

"It's ok Jaune, you're ok, it's just your newfound semblance. It won't hurt you."

"R-Really? I-It -hic- scares me." Jaune choked out through hiccups.

It pained Aurelian to see his brave little boy in such a state, they needed help and fast. And he knew the only person on Remnant capable of helping his boy, pulling out his scroll he dialed the contact without a picture and only the name "Ozzy" on it.

It rang once and then it picked up, "Hello?" was the slightly grainy reply from his older headmaster and friend.

"Oz, it's Aurelian."

"Aurelian? How are the kids? How's Fizza?" he asked jovially, if he could see his former student's face he would not have been so happy.

"Not good, Jaune just discovered his semblance and it's the reason why I'm calling." there were several seconds of silence, it was good to know that Ozpin had a good idea of how serious this was.

"What is it? Self-detonation? Telekinesis like your's? Or something worse?" Ozpin asked smoothly, almost like that of an android.

"He's got your semblance Oz, and he can't control it."

"I'll be there within the hour." Ozpin replied before the line went dead.

30 minutes later...

Jaune sat on the couch in their living room, his sister and mother flanking him on both sides as his father sat across from him. His dad was tapping his fingers together and taking gentle glances at his son who was very clearly in distress.

For a 12 year-old Jaune, this was very frightening. His world seemed to be normal enough, but every couple of minutes or so there would be this... warbling noise and suddenly everything would go really slow. All noise would slow down, all movement would slow down, even the particles in the air slowed down and clung to him creating a strange sensation, but Jaune could move just fine. Sometimes the effect would last for minutes, and sometimes it would last for only a few seconds, but it scared the daylights out of him; especially how everyone seemed frozen in place. It was an eerie feeling to say the least.

It had all gone wrong that morning when his parents were set to come back from a mission. Jaune was reaching up to get a box of Pumpkin Pete's cereal for his breakfast, his seven sisters all making a mess of the kitchen, when it happened. Jaune took hold of the box and came down from his stool as he read the games on the back of the box, he bumped into his older sister, Indigo, and just like that she went flying, as if some unseen force threw her almost through the wall.

His sisters stopped immediately as Jaune looked around in confusion. Moments passed and suddenly everything was in an uproar, Jaune's confusion turned to panic when he realized he was responsible for it and he tried to run.

Again, there was that sound as Jaune ran past his sisters and up the stairs. Passing by picture frames and assorted items around the house he never saw that seconds after he passed their current placement would be blown away through sheer speed and force of him passing by. Jaune was inadvertently slowing down time and moving faster than anyone else should be capable of. While slowing down time, the speed he is perceived at grants him impressive strength, inhuman reflexes, and a reaction time far greater than any huntsman. Running full speed into someone while time is slowed hits the victim with over 5x the force actually used, as the body and the laws of physics attempt to catch up to the user, it can turn people into paste with enough force!

Jaune's sisters had to coax him out with calm voices and soft gestures before he returned to the living room, where Sienna placed the call and Bianca took to calming the scared boy down to the best of her abilities.

Jaune was brought out of his reminiscing as the doorbell sounded, slightly distorted as Jaune once again slowed down time. His father opened the door to reveal someone he hadn't seen in a long time: Grandpa Ozpin and Auntie Glynda!

Jaune shot up to greet them, forgetting time was slowed as Bianca and Fizza were suddenly thrown off kilter by the force. Jaune ran over to meet them, moving too fast for the others to see as he appeared slightly behind his father. Glynda looked taken aback but Grandpa Ozpin just smiled softly at him as time resumed to normal, he looked Jaune in the eye and spoke to him gently.

"Good to see you again Mister Arc! I see your mother and sister's have been feeding you well; look at how tall you are now!" Jaune beamed at the compliment as Aurelian tapped Ozpin slightly.

"Aw yes, Jaune I've come to talk to you about your newfound power and what it means!"

"What it means?" Jaune asked, cocking his head innocently to one side.

"Yes, it means you are a very special and very powerful boy. It also means you have the potential to be an even greater huntsman than your parents!"

Jaune's face lit up as Aurelian waved them inside and sat them down on the spare furniture. Jaune resumed his place between his sister and mother and Ozpin continued to talk.

"Mister Arc, you belong to a very special class of people called 'Time Manipulators' as in: you have a degree of control over the flow of time." Jaune gave a low "wooooah" sound as Grandpa Oz just gave another smile. Auntie Glynda stared at him with veiled concern as he occasionally flickered in and out of normal time; however, it seemed Grandpa Ozpin was completely unaffected by these changes, moving like normal.

"Are you like me Grandpa?"

Ozpin gave an amused snort at his title but nodded, "yes Mister Arc I am, and it is the reason I'm here. I've come to teach you about your powers!"

Time flickered back near the end of his sentence and his perceptive dad caught on quickly. "Yes Jaune, your Grandpa here has decided to show you all about your new power, and how to hunt Grimm with it."

That's so cool! Jaune thought, if there was one thing he wanted to do it was be a cool huntsman like his dad, and mom, and big sis, and Auntie Glyn, and that one drunk guy he met at that party!

"It is cool." Ozpin said, Jaune always found it cool when Ozpin 'read his mind' so to speak, "and it'll get much cooler once I've taken you under my wing, but for now I'm going to seal your aura for just a little bit. To make sure that annoying flickering stops ok?"

Jaune nodded and looked at his Dad who gave him a warm smile and put his big hand on his shoulder, "You're going to live at Beacon for awhile Jaune, and the people there will help you master your power to the best of their abilities. You'll also get the best training we can get you."

He knelt down next to his son and put both hands around his shoulders, "I love you Jaune, we love you and don't ever forget it. It may be a little while before we see eachother face-to-face but I'll text everyday and facetime every weekend."

"Cool dad! When do I get going?"

"Right now Mister Arc." Jaune turned around to see Grandpa Oz with a finger almost pressed to his forehead, there was a crackled of green energy and then everything went dark.