*(A/N Ok, this is going to be my first GW/SM fan fiction. Just so you know ahead of time, the main stars of this story are Hotaru and Ami. They will not be sailor scouts though, they will have magical powers just like their planet's. Oh and the gundam pilots might appear in the next chapter or in the next three chapters ( I'm not sure when.) Another important note is that I don't know if I'll put couples in this story. Hotaru might seem a little more depressed then usual just for your info. Lastly, the titles of this fiction are from Enigma. ( probably haven't heard of them)*

//thoughts// "what's being said"*( flashback )*

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The Screen Behind the Mirror: Endless Quest

She walked along a narrow path, gentle rain soaked through her gothic like clothes. As she walked visions of her past replayed in her mind like some kind of horror movie. // All my life.I was only some type of failed experiment, he didn't give a damn about me. // She hated her father, because of him, her life was a living hell. She was forced to go to an orphanage w/ some sort of powers that she never knew she had. Hotaru was like a time bomb, by her will she could destroy the world. The only difference is that she had control over her powers. She viewed the world negatively because of being reborn so many times. She was void of emotions. She only had one friend. Everybody feared her. It was her deadly look, her pale skin, like she had no melanin. It wasn't like she didn't try, she did, but she ended up giving that up a long time ago. To put it simply, she was rejected. Like the saying says, people tend to fear what they don't understand.

*( // Jeez, they don't have to be that loud //, Hotaru thought as foot steps seemed to be running nearer and nearer to her. Suddenly, she saw a blur role down the stairs which landed with a hard thud accompanied by an "oww." Hotaru ran down the stairs to see if the person was alright. When she reached the bottom she realized that it was a boy which had a leg that had been clearly broke // Idiot // Hotaru thought but didn't voice her opinion. Without hesitation, Hotaru gently lifted up her hand and let a purplish, black aura flow from her hand. The boy was in too bad of a state to retaliate. After she finished the boy quickly rose up and said " WHAT the hell did you just do to me?!?!" In a calm voice Hotaru said "I healed you, your leg was-" "Idiot, freak don't ever lay your hands on me again!!" The boy pushed her and ran away never realizing that she saved his life )*

"Hehehehe, they're all idiots" I would of destroyed this world if I didn't have some sot of control over my emotions. There was only one person who cared, one person who gave a damn about me, // Ami. //

*( " Class, we have a new student, her name is Ami Mizuno, please treat her with respect." The girl had short blue hair with blue eyes. "Ok, Ami will you please sit next too." // please don't let it be me, please don't let it be me.// "How about Hotaru" // damn! // The girl smiled a very gentle smile and walked to her seat quietly. When she sat down she looked at me and said a polite "hello."

// Does she expect me to say 'hello' or something?' 'I'll just ignore her // thirty seconds later I noticed that she was still awaiting some kind of answer. // Gosh, she's annoying. // I finally decided to look at her, when I noticed something in her eyes. // Damn.they look exactly like mine. They have that same magic aura could she be, nah probably not. //

I finally managed to say a quiet and annoyed "hey." That was our first conversation, well not a conversation, lets just say our first two words we said to each other. Little did I know that it wouldn't be our last. Later on that day, I was getting tired so I decided to skip my last period and go take a walk to my usual spot. In the woods behind the school. As I was walking, I saw a group of guys smoking pot. // Damn, why did they have to do this here in MY spot. O well, I never let this bother me before and hell if I'm going to start now. // I walked past them silently praying for them to leave me alone. My prayers were interrupted when one of the guys said " well what do we have here, some kind of gothic freak."

// Why god, does this always have to happen to me. //

One of the guys pulled out a knife an slashed me in the face. The familiar taste of ink trickled down my face. // Damn, that hurt. // If it was anytime I wanted to use my powers of destruction it was now.

// No, I won't resort to something so low, even if they are bastards. O well, at least I'll finally die, wait no, I'll just be reborn, that'll get me nowhere. I guess my life is hell after all. //

Suddenly, everything grew quiet, too quiet. A familiar aura of magic filled the air and a slight mist circled around the forest. The boys taunting and joking ceased and the only sound you could hear was a girl saying some kind of magic incantation.

"Shine Aqua Illusion!"

// That was a magic spell, but I haven't met anybody who could do that unless.//

Before I knew it a fierce water spell came towards the boys and of course they ran away like cowards. I healed my wound and as I expected, had a hard time trying not to black out. But before I fell into the land of unconsciousness, I saw the person who I expected to see. A worried blue eyed girl with the same mysterious eyes as mine running toward me. By now her eyes clouded with worry and her short blue hair was flirting with the wind with each stride she took.

"Ami" )*

So, how did you like it? I thought it might be confusing but if you saw the show and know about Hotaru you'll probably know what's going on (at least I think). As I said before Hotaru and Ami aren't sailor scouts and will never be in this story. The only people who I'm considering putting in from Sailor Moon are the outers and Makoto (Lita). Oh, and the gundam pilots will appear later (I think I said that already). Well. who cares anyway. This story is probably not good but oh well.

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