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The Screen Behind the Mirror – Between Mind & Heart

*( Flashback)*

Thoughts (without quotes)




As I stepped out of the room and saw the pilots staring at me with wonder, I must admit that I wanted to turn around and avoid this whole conversation. Inside I felt that Hotaru's status didn't concern them, especially after the questionable circumstances of how she got the injuries still up in the air. I quickly searched for the words to say and right before I was about to open my mouth, Quatre spoke up.

"How is she…?"

"She is doing a lot better, especially with her healing powers considered… I don't have a clue what happened to her though…" I said than later realized I let one of Hotaru's powers slip out.

"Healing…. Are you guys sure you didn't notice anything weird at all while you were in the park?" Duo said curiously.

"That's the whole problem, with those types of injuries that Hotaru has acquired, there is no way she could have been that hurt without us finding out a thing in that tiny park… When we asked her she wouldn't tell us anything…" Wufei said obviously frustrated at all the circumstances that occurred tonight.

The gundam pilots talked like that for a minute or two until I noticed how quiet I have been. Heero finally stood up.

"We should go and let you and Hotaru rest up, I am sure there are a lot of things that we all need to think about," Heero said.

My mind didn't let me immediately answer. Quatre and Duo looked at me as if to ask if I will be alright, but with all the circumstances that happened tonight, they held their tongue. I didn't know what to tell them after this. I looked at the pilots and noticed how tired they were…but I felt a very faint air of worry-guilt flow through them. As they got their coats and were about to leave, I finally found the words and spoke up. They all stopped and looked back at me…

"Umm… I am sorry for what I said earlier… I know you all can tell that I don't trust you…but I have a feeling you really tried your best to find and help Hotaru. I haven't picked up any hint of malicious intent in this room. I feel that you all try to hide your emotions to some degree for whatever reason, but in the end… I know you all were worried about Hotaru…"

For the first time since I have been with the pilots, I felt the air in the room lighten up…

"Ami… there is a lot about us you probably don't know about, but when it gets to the very root of everything… we aren't heartless as you might think," Duo said with a genuine smile on his face.

"The piece of paper you saw today doesn't define us or our mission. I don't know what happened tonight, but it is something that we all want to find out and make sure it doesn't happen again to anyone… especially Hotaru," Trowa added which surprised me.

"We should go Ami, please rest up and keep us posted on Hotaru's status, it has been a long day for all of us," Quatre spoke with a smile. I nodded my head and watched as everyone walked out. With a close of the front door, I found myself somewhat relieved.

I went to lock the door and finally realized it was two o'clock in the morning and I was dead tired. I took another look at Hotaru and saw her sleeping like a baby. I changed into a nightie and sat on the couch. I stretched out and thoughts clouded my mind. The comments the pilots said were genuine… but I feel so confused. I don't know what to think about this sudden turn of events, but the main question is what happened to Hotaru this evening? Hotaru acted weird all day, and I can never forget the trance- like state she walked away with in the park. I want to blame the pilots, but at the same time, I feel slightly grateful for them. Finally, my mind quieted and the tiredness I felt throughout the day caught up to me.


Ami – (Finally, after 4 chapters we are on to the next day, which is Sunday =b)

I slowly opened my eyes, only to be welcomed by the beating sun on my face… I looked at the clock and noticed it was 1:17 on a Sunday afternoon. Thoughts of the previous night came rushing to my head and I got up to check on Hotaru. Her state remained unchanged and I started to wonder if she was in a comatose state. Regardless, I cleaned her wounds again, but noticed they were faint and nearly gone. It caused a smile to play on my lips knowing she was going to be ok.

As I walked around I heard my tummy talk to me and realized that I hadn't had a thing to eat since yesterday afternoon. I fixed a quick bowl of cereal and thought about what I was going to do today.

I was surprised to realize how close I was to Hotaru. Today is usually a day we sleep in and go out later on. Unfortunately, with her out like this, I started to wonder what I did before we met to occupy my time from boredom.

I knew I had so much to think about from the previous night. I did want to go to the park again to see if I can find anything out, but with Hotaru like this, I feel it is safer to stay here with her. It was really starting to turn into one of those days where you wanted something to do, but at the same time, you didn't feel like doing anything. As soon as I was about to fall asleep again, I heard the phone ring.

"Hello?" I said curiously.

"Hey Ami, this is Duo"

For once I'm actually quite glad to hear from Duo "Oh, hey there, Duo".

"We we all wondering how Hotaru was holding up."

"Well… her wounds are nearly gone, but she is still unconscious, I am not sure when she will wake up, but I have a feeling she will be ok".

"That's good to hear. I also wanted to apologize for yesterday… You kept on telling us on the couch to check on Hotaru but-"

"It's ok Duo… It is in the past right now. I really don't want to dwell on it. Deep down inside I have a feeling even if we were there; it wouldn't have made a difference on what happened to Hotaru."

"You think so… Wufei, Quatre, and Trowa are confused on all what happened. They keep on saying how they looked over and over only for her to suddenly appear out of nowhere wounded when they were about to give up."

"That's the problem…I don't know what happened to Hotaru either… her wounds seemed more like they were self-inflicted… almost like she was running through thorn bushes and tree branches."

"We are going to go to the park and the surrounding area again to see if we can figure something out. Let us know if anything happens with Hotaru's health."

"Ok, Bye".

After I hung up I felt it was weird for Duo and I to have such a conversation with no animosity at all. It made me really start to think that our relationships with the pilots are slowly changing to something more pleasant… if we like it or not.

I stretched out on the couch again and started to yawn. Suddenly, a previous conversation I had with Hotaru a while back came to my mind. I sat upright as I struggled to remember. As I slowly remembered, I started to really wonder if Hotaru's wounds might have been inflicted by something seriously out of this world.

I think it was a month after we met… we were in our spot in the woods behind the school… and she asked me something… what was it again…?

*( The wind was so gentle that day…and I remember looking at Hotaru and noticed a faraway look in her eyes…

"Is there something on your mind Hotaru?"

"You noticed?" Hotaru said with a slight chuckle… than she turned serious… "I actually have a question."

"As you know I'm an open book" I said with a smile.

"It may sound strange but… Have you ever disappeared to a place… well… out of this world in a violent way…"


"O-out of this world? Violently?" I remember looking at Hotaru curiously, but her faraway glance didn't change… she didn't answer so I spoke up again.

"I guess not from what I recall…Have you?" I said with curious look.

"Who knows…"

The wind that day continued to blow and at the time I thought nothing of it… at least at that time…)*

Out of this world… I know Hotaru has been reborn… maybe she was referring to that?

Finally… I remembered what Hotaru's true powers are. Powers that may have aligned her to do something which might be her true purpose… Another previous conversation popped in my mind which solidified my worries…

*( "Ami… do you ever feel like a puppet… That your powers were given to you to do something of someone else's will?"

"A puppet… not really, but why would you say for someone else's will? We are our own people Hotaru. No one can tell us how we may or may not use our powers."

"…Yeah… I guess you are right.")*

I violent chill came over me when I finally realized the only power Hotaru has ever used was her healing power. I thought it was because she didn't want to use the others… but now I realize that in Hotaru's world… unleashed and unmatched power has always flowed within her.

She is like me… yet she isn't.

I have always known her powers… but never understood… why did it take me this long…


I went over to Hotaru's bedside and started to cry… because now I had a feeling of her true purpose… A purpose someone would have to of been born with those powers…

Those deadly powers…

That she possess…

"Death……Destruction…… Rebirth"


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