I've never seen a fic from Dark Kamui's POV
before. So here goes my try. Hope I'm portraying
his slightly 'misunderstood' personality well.
Disclaimer: Monou Fuuma/Dark Kamui, X and all
related things are properties of CLAMP et.al.
I'm just an obsessed fan, nothing more. ^___^
But, this story is mine, though.

an X fanfiction:
by Silver Wind
Ginga - http://suiko.net/lain/

I step outside the shopping center with a cone
of ice cream in my hand. With a leap, suddenly
I'm standing on top of a still-intact skyscraper.

I look at the busy city disgustedly... Wait, let
me rephrase that. Tokyo is still beautiful,
despite the ruins caused by *MY* earthquakes.
The people are still living there in ignorance.
Truly, this city is the only city in the world
that walks towards its destruction with pride.

Ah... Kamui of the Dragons of Heaven... the
pretty, pretty boy... the one who always suffers
because of his love for the persona in me which
is called 'Monou Fuuma'.
The wide purple eyes... the eyes that are always
covered with his tasty tears...

I remember when I granted the WindMaster's Wish.
I didn't see why Kamui was so angry. Couldn't he
understand that it was the Wish of the WindMaster
himself? I was merely making it come true, nothing
more and nothing less.

He and the other Seals are standing in my way.
They have to realize that the Future has already
been determined... The Destiny was foreordained.
Who are they that they dare to challenge Fate?

A Wish... is something amazing too. Sometimes
these humans are too drowned in their lives...
that they don't realize what they truly Wish

It is pathetic. Because they have been shaping
their lives to revolve around the Wish... but
the Wish itself they don't know.

Am I being cruel? But what's cruel? It depends
on the eye of the beholder, correct? For the
Seals, maybe I am cruel. But for Nataku and
Satsuki, they won't look at me as being 'cruel'.

The younger sister of 'Monou Fuuma' insisted
that the Future has not yet been determined.
Even if it were so... I will make sure that
there will be only one Future for all creatures.

I know the other Angels have their own agendas,
their own secrets. It does not bother me...
because I know everything there is about them.
They cannot hide their thoughts from me. They
are afraid of me... granted, not all of them
feel that way. It is natural. After all, I
/am/ Kamui.

The only one that can understand me, perhaps
from all the Angels, is Sakurazukamori. I have
to admit that I quite learn some tricks from

Hmm... the humans are just filthy beings that
taint the Earth. And I will destroy them. I
will wipe them off the surface of the Earth.
Yes... Including the Angels. They are humans
too, aren't they? One future... for these
disgusting humans...

But before that, I will grant their Wishes.
Because I am Kamui... I am the one Who Hunts
The Majesty Of The Gods.

~ owari ~

Dedicated to all fans of Dark Kamui, used to
be known as Monou Fuuma, especially to Kigai
Touya a.k.a. Dyah Yasmina. I really hope you
like this one!
How the hell this fic came into being? Well,
Touya-chan and I were listening to the lecture
of Forensic Psychology about psychopaths...
We agreed that Dark Kamui is definitely one...
She and I had a quite in-depth discussion about
Dark Kamui... and I just had the inspiration
to write this.
I don't know why, but I really like this one
work of mine... maybe because I'm a closet
Dark Kamui fangirl? ^^;;;
Written while listening to the theme song from
Spriggan The Movie, Jing-ling. Somehow... that
weird song refuses to get out of my mind...