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'Scroll Message'


Gamer Notifications/Descriptions

Ruby was sitting in the woods near Beacon next to an unlit campfire. "Okay… I have the wood, now I have to light it somehow…" She then looked up to see Yang hanging upside-down from a branch. "And don't blow it up. Please."

Yang groaned as she disengaged her weapons. "Come on sis! Why are you making it so hard on yourself?" She dropped down from the tree and then sighed. "Seriously, let me light it up!"

Ruby shook her head. "I need to level up my [Survival] skill. And I just feel like doing it myself." She then sighed and began to stare at the pile of wood. "...Hmm…" She stared for a good hour, then groaned in defeat. "Okay, Yang…"

Yang smiled and then fired off a single dust round at the pile of wood, immediately lighting it up. "There you go, sis! One campfire!"

Ruby rolled her eyes with a smile. "Thanks." She then looked at her hand. "Alright. Let's try this again, okay guys?" She then closed her eyes. "I call to the spirits of fire! Hear my plea!" She then thrust her hand into the fire. It...It was cold.

"Silver-eyed warrior… The spirits hear you. Tell us what your greatest desire is."

Ruby thought for a moment, before smiling. "I want to become a great huntress like mom and dad… and I want to help people. But I want to do it my way...because the ways right now aren't working all that great."

"Very well… your guide to the ways of fire has been chosen… Please contact her often."

Ruby nodded, then yelped as the flames suddenly grew hot. She pulled her hand back and watched as the flames grew brighter and hotter, before suddenly shooting to form a large pillar. She watched as a woman-like figure began to form in the flames.

"You have summoned the great Afrit* Marid**!" The pillar suddenly exploded outwards to reveal a woman with tan baggy pants, a somewhat short white, charred shirt and a large, flaming spear on her back. She stared down at Ruby. "For what purpose am I here?"

Ruby and Yang both stared up at the newly summoned woman. They blinked at the same time, then had sparkles in their eyes. "Woah…!" Ruby shook her head and then looked into Marid's eyes. "I have summoned you here to forge a contract."

Marid stepped out of the fire that Yang created and walked closer to Ruby, her footsteps leaving a trail of flames behind her. "You do realize what you are saying, right little girl? You understand the depth of this decision? For once you forge this contract, you can never return to your previous life."

Yang snickered. "I don't think that's a problem for Ruby. I mean, just a few months ago, her life already changed entirely."

Marid looked at Yang with a smirk. "I think I like you." She then pulled her spear from her back, spun it above her head with one hand and then stabbed it into the ground in front of Ruby. "If you truly wish to follow through with this contract, then you must be willing to give up your life. Take my spear and drive it through your chest."

Ruby stood up and then stared deeper into Marid's eyes as she grabbed the spear.

Marid smirked. "You show promise, but do you have the nerve to do what needs to be done?"

Yang looked at Ruby. "Wait, you aren't really going to stab yourself with that, are you?"

Ruby smiled at Yang. "It'll be fine!" She then pressed the tip of the spear to her chest.

Yang grabbed Ruby's wrist. "Sis! Come on! You're going to kill yourself! Don't be stupid!"

Ruby looked Yang in the eyes. "Yang, trust me. I got this!" She flowed out of Yang's grasp and quickly stabbed herself.

Yang ran towards Ruby, her arm outstretched. "Ruby NO!"

Ruby gritted her teeth at the brief second of pain, then suddenly drove the spear much deeper, the tip of the spearhead stabbing out of her back. She gasped as the spear suddenly became flames that wrapped around her. She was lifted into the air by whatever was going on and suddenly felt the flames grow a million times hotter. She began to scream in agony.

Marid crossed her arms in front of her with a smirk as she watched.

Yang turned towards Marid, her eyes red and her hair glowing very bright. "What did you do to her?!"

Marid glanced at Yang. "Just watch mortal."

Ruby screamed for a minute longer, then closed her eyes as she forced the pain away. She let out another scream as she forced her eyes open and a very bright silver light came from her. The flames were forced into Ruby's body and she soon collapsed onto the ground, the light completely gone. She groaned as she tried to stay conscious, barely able to do so because of her Gamer power. Just then, a notification popped up in the corner of her vision.

Congratulations! You have obtained the power of Fire! You may now access the vast pool of magic that lays dormant in the world! However, don't think that you can beat anything because you have magic. Once you run out of MP, you will not be able to cast spells, so ration them.

Fire Affinity has reached Stage 1!

You have unlocked the skill [Fireball]!

Fireball (Active): LV: 1 EXP: 0.00%: Beginner level pyromancy spell, can cause burns.

Damage is based on INT + 10

5% chance to inflict [Burning]

Ruby stared at the notification as best as she could, then groaned as she stood up. "That… hurt a lot."

Marid walked over to Ruby and then formed her spear again. "The contract has been forged in fire and blood." She then slammed the blunted end of her spear on the ground and then began to fade into embers. "Call me again when you are ready."

Ruby looked around. "... Huh. I thought that there would be a summoning skill."

Please wait…

Yang ran over to Ruby and grabbed her by her arms. She then began to shake her violently. "What is wrong with you Ruby?! Do you want to give me a heart attack?!"

Ruby looked down. "Sorry, Yang… but I had to do that."

Yang sighed, then hugged Ruby close. "Just… don't do that again… okay…?"

Ruby hugged Yang back. "Okay… I promise…"

Yang held Ruby close for a while, then let go of her sister. "I should head back. Are you going to stay out here for a bit?"

Ruby nodded and then sat down next to the still burning fire. "Yeah. Go have fun, Yang."

Yang chuckled in a way that made Ruby nervous. "Don't give me any ideas sis!" She then ran off, cheering as she launched herself into the air.

Ruby sighed as she stared at the fire. "…Okay." She stood and then held her hand out. "[Dungeon Projection: Wonderland]" She waited for a few moments, then sighed again when nothing happened. "Is my power glitching or somethi-" She heard a loud crack. Ruby looked down at her feet to see the ground beginning to open up beneath her. "O-Oh. Well… great." She then dropped quickly as the ground gave way.

Qrow sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "So let me get this straight. You guys are a group of people who call themselves ninja, use a weird power called chakra, and use said power to control the elements?"

Madara nodded. "Yes, that's exactly it."

Qrow stared into the man's eyes blankly. "…That's the stupidest thing that I've ever heard." He then pressed the tip of his sword against Madara's neck. "And you stole your name from a super-powered ancestor who probably never existed because you're the leader of this cult?"

Madara growled. "It is NOT a cult! Especially when the abilities granted by chakra are real!"

Qrow shot Madara in the chest. A blue shield of aura blocked the bullets. "You notice how you're not dead? That's your aura protecting you. Not some weird thing called chakra. Your entire belief system is based on something that doesn't exist."

Madara stared Qrow in the eyes. "I swear to you, chakra does exist! If I had a paltry fire semblance, how was I able to create those clones?"

Qrow shrugged. "Dust does amazing things. There's probably a cloning one out there." He fished around in Madara's pockets and then pulled out a somewhat clear, but a cloudy blue dust. "See? This is what you used."

Madara looked away. "That's simply because I have not mastered that Jutsu, so I am amplifying its effects with Dust!"

Qrow nodded as he pocketed the Dust. "Sure. And what do we use to activate Dust?"

Madara seemed very conflicted. "A-Aura, but I have discovered that you can use it to amplify chakra based attacks as well!"

Qrow nodded again. "Uh-huh." He then stood with a groan and took his flask out of his jacket. "Jesus… I was attacked by a cult. A pretty small one too if what you're saying is half true. I would've thought that you were the White Fang or something." He took a long swig of the gin inside of the flask. "Look, I'll let you do your whole 'chakra ninja' shtick, just stop attacking people, because if I find out that you've been doing so…" He looked down at Madara menacingly. "There will be no weird ass cult god on Remnant that can save you from me." He then walked out of the building while clipping his sword to his waist. "That was a waste of my time." He walked past a pillar and disappeared, a crow flying into the air instead.

Ozpin sipped at his coffee as he watched a large pillar of flames coming from the Emerald Forest. "Well Miss Rose, you certainly don't go back on your word."

Glynda walked into the room. "Professor Ozpin, may I have a word? It's about… her."

Ozpin looked back at Glynda. "Are we certain that it's her?"

Glynda nodded. "We're sure. In fact, Qrow is certain that she's involved."

Ozpin looked back at the forest. "Then you arrived here not a moment too soon… Gamer…" He sipped at his coffee again and then turned away as the pillar dissipated. "Salem is making her move… I believe that it is time to make ours." He then pulled out his scroll and called up Qrow.

Qrow was standing right outside of a bar. "What's up, Oz?"

Ozpin stared at his desk. "I need you to come in. There's something that I need to inform you about."

Qrow groaned. "Keep me from drinking… fine. Give me an hour." He then hung up.

Ozpin smiled. "That should give Miss Rose sufficient time to deal with her contract." He then looked into his coffee and saw a completely different person.

Ruby let out a pained groan as she stood up at the bottom of the hole. "Okay… that hurt."

"I can imagine so."

Ruby immediately pointed the end of her rifle at the voice to see a bony cat. "… Cheshire? What are you doing here?!"

Cheshire chuckled creepily. "While I could give you a very confusing riddle, and wreak havoc on your brain, in reality, I have no idea." He then looked around. "This Wonderland is significantly different from Alice's, and I have no idea what dangers you will face here. So… as the good kitty I am I will assist you, however I can." He grinned a toothy grin as a name and title appeared over his head.

Walker of Darkness


LV: 20

Cheshire then stared at the words he saw above Ruby's head. "Now that is interesting. It appears that I have the same abilities as you while I'm inside of your Wonderland."

Ruby glanced at her party list and saw that there was only Cheshire in there. "Maybe, but you were also automatically added to my party." She then flinched as a very loud noise rang out through the area. "What the heck was that?!"

Dungeon: Ruby's Wonderland!

Party Buff: Increase EXP gain and Item Drop chance by 25% when equipped with a scythe or a rifle

Enemy Buff: All enemy speed is increased by 50% of normal when equipped with a scythe or a rifle

Ruby looked at the notification and then sighed. "I mean, that's pretty fair, but does there have to be an enemy buff?" She then looked down at Crescent Rose. "Well… at least it isn't technically singling you out…"

Cheshire looked to his right and saw the path beginning to carve itself through the wall, eventually reaching a door. "Well, this seems vaguely familiar. Reminds me of when Alice was a child and was still innocent. She was always troubled, but there was a kind of beauty to her madness back then."

Ruby walked next to Cheshire and then stared at the door. "So, if you're here, what's with Alice? Is she okay?"

Cheshire nodded. "Alice is fine. Better than fine, actually. She's free of the puppeteer that was cutting the strings of her Wonderland." He then chuckled as he moved forward. "I actually believe that she is more stable than the first time she left."

Ruby moved with Cheshire, smiling. "That's really good to hear. I really wanted to do a little more to help her, but I don't think that was possible." She then looked around and saw blobs of black goop fall from the sky. Five of them to be exact.

Claws of Terror

Eviscerating Ruin

LVL: 25

Cheshire chuckled darkly. "It seems that your monsters are stronger than Alice's. Makes sense, seeing as you are risking your life every day."

Ruby unfurled her scythe. "I don't understand why they're here though!"

Cheshire looked at his paw, then unsheathed his claws. "They aren't a reflection of your psyche like this place, no. They are a manifestation of forces outside of your mind attempting to destroy you." He looked at Ruby. "Someone must really hate you."

The Ruins made this terrible screeching noise as their doll mouths cracked open. If the heads had jaws, they would've unhinged to reveal rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth and a bladed tongue. Cracking sounds came from their claws as porcelain spikes began to protrude through the black ichor that made up their bodies.

Cheshire stared at the enemies. "It seems that's what sets your monsters aside from Alice's. They are more monstrous." He then faded into smoke and appeared against the wall, watching Ruby. "I can give you support, but to be honest, I can't fight worth a damn."

Ruby nodded and clutched her scythe harder. "That's okay! I'll protect you!" She dashed forward and slammed her scythe down towards one of the five enemies.

The Ruin leaped back to dodge and then let out a hissing screech as it pounced at Ruby.

The girl flowed out of the way and then cried out in pain as she was sent flying, a large gash on her side appearing very briefly before her clothes and body mended itself, HP being retracted instead. "What the hell…?" She then flowed out of the way of an aerial attack that another Ruin tried to hit her with. She grabbed onto Crescent Rose, pulled her out of the ground and then spun around to slice one of them in half. She smirked, then gasped as it quickly reformed. She flowed out of the way and looked at Cheshire. "I need an analysis!"

Cheshire nodded and his eyes began to glow an eerie yellow. "As for all Ruin enemies, go for the mask. And as for your power acting that way, this dungeon is a projection of your mind. You will bleed here, if only for a very brief moment. Be sure that they do not deal any mortal damage while you are in this state!"

The third Ruin screeched as it began to attack Ruby with a flurry of strikes that were fast enough to leave brief afterimages of its arms. It landed a fair few strikes, though most of its attacks were deflected.

Ruby panted as she watched her HP drain. "Damn it!" She jumped into the air and embers began to swirl around her. "Let's try this out!" She threw her hands forward and the embers nearly instantly coalesced into a fair sized [Fireball]. Ruby launched it at the enemies and saw the Ruins dodge the attack, but the fireball exploded. It wasn't a large explosion, but it did give Ruby an idea.

MP: 250/275

Ruby landed on the ground behind a Ruin, hooked her scythe into its unhinged jaw and pulled the trigger of her weapon as she yanked it through its head. Her eyes became cold and calculated as she spun around and slashed through its head twice more before it faded into black smoke. 'Four left.' She stared at the remaining Ruins and noticed something about their attack patterns. 'They're only attacking me one at a time.' Ruby nodded to herself and she dashed towards the fourth Ruin that was also dashing towards her. Petals and embers surrounded her as she readied a [Fireball]. As soon as it was close enough, she fired the attack at the ground as she flipped over the creature, propelling herself into the air as she did fire damage to the Ruin. She quickly shifted Crescent Rose into a rifle and fired a gravity round into the back of its head, easily piercing the porcelain. The creature melted into black goop soon after.

Cheshire smirked. "As you've already noticed, your Dust rounds have different effects. Right now you only have Grade 1 Dust bullets. Gravity rounds deal more damage, Fire deals fire damage, your Grade 1 Lightning rounds aren't enough to deal lightning damage, but they can stun your enemies if you get a good shot in, and Frost rounds deal ice damage. Though, as you're a weapon fanatic, I'm certain that you already knew these things."

Ruby smirked as she swapped her magazines for Electric Dust. "Of course I know that. I also just learned that I really need to stock up on Grade 2 Lightning Dust!" She flowed out of the way of a strike that should have killed her and then fired her weapon. Out of the barrel came a small bolt of lightning connected to a bullet. It barely missed the mask and pierced the creatures neck. While no damage seemed to be inflicted, lightning arced through its goopy body. Ruby quickly closed the distance and stabbed through its porcelain eye socket with the spiked end of her grip. She then gritted her teeth as she yanked her weapon out through the side of its head, clearly dealing critical damage as it melted into goop. "Okay. Two

The two Ruins screeched and then dashed at Ruby at the same time, hitting her with very well placed slashes, and both ending their combos by trying to stab into Ruby's gut. Instead, she was blown back as her Aura seemed to get through its glitchy phase of not being a shield. Though the problem was…

AP: 0/1190

She was out of Aura. The petals stopped forming off of Ruby's cloak and a crimson mist formed around her just to shatter immediately. "Oh no…" She shook her head and then held her scythe at her side. "I can do this… My AP will regen in a minute." She then dashed towards the two and then saw Cheshire appear behind one of them and slash at their head, his claws on his right front paw emitting a black smoke.

"My apologize Ms. Rose. I could not get involved until now, as they have broken the rules." Cheshire then wrapped his tail around the head of the Ruin he attacked and glared as he crushed the porcelain. "You see, the rules of confrontation are that only one attacker of each side may attack at a time. Once those rules are broken, anything goes." He then appeared on the right side of the remaining Ruin and slashed at it, making it jump back towards Ruby.

Ruby nodded and then hooked the head of the Ruin with her scythe and dragged it down, slamming the enemy into the floor. She then spun around and slammed the tip of her scythe into the head of the Ruin with as much force as she could muster. The ichor bubbled out quite a bit before dissolving. "Thanks for the info Cheshire."


[Aura] has gained a level!

[Fireball] has gained a level!

You have gained 4 Porcelain Shards, 3 Vials of Ruin, 3000 Lien, and 1400 EXP

Cheshire chuckled as he looked up at Ruby. "Well then Miss Rose, you should probably head home. There may be someone looking for you." He began to force Ruby out of the dungeon. "Next time we meet, your Wonderland will not look the same. It changes as your mindset does. The more you change, the more different this place is." He grinned a frightening grin. "Good luck, Ruby Rose."

Ruby tried to get the smoke to disperse. "No! Cheshire! I'm not done here yet! We haven't even gotten past the first room ye-"

Ruby gasped loudly as she shot up. She was still in the Emerald Forest. She looked around, then groaned. "Dammit, Cheshire…" She hopped up to her feet and then looked around. She looked at her party and saw that everyone was back. "Weird."

"What's weird?"

Ruby immediately readied a [Fireball] and spun around to strike whoever was behind her when her wrist was grabbed.

Qrow was staring at Ruby's hand. "That's new. Didn't think that you could do that."

Ruby sighed as the spell disappeared. "Sorry, Uncle Qrow… But everyone is sneaking up on me today! I'm a little jumpy." She then realized that her uncle didn't know about her power. "A-And I can explain the fire!"

Qrow chuckled. "I'm sure you can, but Oz needs me to check in with him, and I think it has something to do with you-" He held up his scroll to show a picture of Ruby and a knight chess piece behind her profile. It said that she was granted access to the Vault. "-considering that you're allowed to see Amber."

Ruby snatched the scroll away from Qrow and stared at the profile pic. It was the most embarrassing shot of her ever! It looked like she was surprised by something, with strawberries flying in the air in front of her AND behind her. She blushed as she handed her uncle his Scroll back. "I-I want a new picture…"

Qrow smirked as he put his scroll away. "I'll see what I can do. Now, do you want to come with me? Or will I see you there?"

Ruby looked around and could practically feel the Grimm watching her. She didn't want to be fighting Grimm alone. "I'll come with you uncle."

Qrow nodded as he picked Ruby up and held her under his arm. "Good choice, seeing that I won't be seeing you for a while. After this Oz is sending me on a long-term mission."

Ruby pouted. "Alright… I'll miss you…"

Qrow ruffled Ruby's hair. "I'll miss you too kiddo. Now let's get moving." He leaped off the ground towards the main tower on Beacon campus.

Name: Ruby Rose

Job: The Gamer

Title: Beginning Grimm Slayer

Semblance: Flowing Petals (Stage 2)

LV: 21 Next Level: 14.51%

HP: 950/950 (Regen: 19)

MP: 275/275 (Regen: 8.5)

AP: 1190/1190(Regen 98.9(19+8.5 + 71.4))

STR: 31(33.48)

VIT: 38(41.04)

DEX: 49(52.92)

INT: 11

WIS: 26

LUK: 11

Lien: 20850

Fragmented Petals: 1/?

Stat Points: 10


Silver Eyes (Stage 2): Low [Fear] status inflicted on minor Grimm, 10% chance for a premonition of the future

Aura (Passive/Active): LV: 8 Cost: 1 AP per second: Aura. All hunters have one, and now, you have yours.

+8% passive bonus to all physical stats (+16% when active)

Shifts damage to AP until AP is depleted

Allows for usage of your Semblance at will

Unlocks Semblance progression

Aura Transfer (Active): LV: 7 AP Cost: Special: Not many have the gift to restore aura, however, those who do are invaluable in all aspects of life.

Allows for the transfer of one's aura to a target of their choosing.

Rate of transfer is dependant on the user

Range: 6 meters

Maximum targets: 2

Aura Recovery(Passive/Active): LV: 6 : The ability to recover Aura in battle, and at an increased rate!

Passively increases Aura Regen by 6% of max Aura

Converts Aura Charge rate to charge constantly, instead of once per minute.

20 AP gained for each hour spent actively charging Aura

Triples AP regen when active, but the user is immobile when charging

Drawing(Passive) LVL: 17 : Drawing at it's finest! Well, not yet, but… yeah.

17% increase to quality of art

Unlocks [?] at LVL 25

Unlocks [?] at LVL 75

Unlocks "?" at LVL MAX

Dungeon Projection(Active): LVL: 1 MP Cost: 20: A lost art of magic, only regained through otherworldly means.

Project yourself in and out of dungeons

Available dungeons: Blank, Grimm, Wonderland

More info and dungeons will be released to you as the skill grows stronger.

Dust Casting(Active): LVL: 2 Cost: Special: Over the years, the art of Mana spells were lost and were replaced with Dust.

Allows for spells to be cast with Dust and AP instead of MP

Grants usage of spells by using Dust as a catalyst for the spell in question

Dust consumed can be in either crystalline or powdered form, though effects may vary.

Element of Dust consumed MUST match the element for the spell.

At higher levels, Dust can be used to empower spells as well as be used to cast them

Fireball (Active): LV: 2 : MP Cost: 25 MP: Beginner level pyromancy spell, can cause burns.

Strength is based on INT + 11

6% chance to inflict [Burning]

First Aid (Passive): LV: 1 : The path of the healer is much more difficult then the path of the Warrior. But is far more useful.

+5% effectiveness to all healing skills

Allows for crafting of healing items

Gamer's Body (Passive) LVMAX: A skill only granted to the Gamer, it allows one to live their life as a video game.

Fully restores all HP, MP, and AP upon rest, as well as removing all fatigue

Removes all negative status effects upon rest.

Gamer's Mind (Passive) LVMAX: A skill only given to The Gamer, it allows the Gamer always be able to think things through calmly and logically.

Allows a peaceful state of mind

Grants immunity to all psychological effects

Grants immunity to all mental disorders (Past disorders do not intensify)

Observe (Passive/Active): LV:8 The ability to look past the surface of an object. This skill allows the user to see ally and enemy status pages, and quite possibly discern true intentions.

Grants information of the target to the user.

Passively allows the user to view Names, Titles, Semblances, Status Effects and Levels.

Rifle Mastery (Passive) LV: 27: While you may only train in one form of rifle, they are so similar that you get six skills in one!

+ 37% accuracy when using rifles

+ 30% Critical Hit chance when using rifles

+ 30% damage dealt when using rifles

Scythe Mastery (Passive) LV: 33: Only a handful of people in the world have mastered the art of the reaper. Good luck!

+ 40% damage when using Scythes

+ 38% critical hit chance when using Scythes

- 45% durability loss to all Scythes

"?" granted at LVL: 50

"?" granted at LVL: MAX

Survival (Passive): LV: 1 EXP: 0.00%: The knowledge and skill to survive in the wild, weather you're on your own, or in a group.

Knowledge on how to survive

+ 5% success to foraging

+ 5% success to all crafting items that fall under 'Survival'

Teamwork(Passive): LVL: 3 : Working together against a common struggle is natural! Time to harness that instinct!

Damage is increased by 13% when at least 4 members of the party are attacking the same enemy

When in a party of at least 4, damage from singular enemies is reduced by 8%

When in a party of at least 4, EXP gained in all things is increased by 3%

Unarmed Mastery (Passive/Active): LV: 9 :

The art of letting your fists do your talking.

+10% to all unarmed damage

+10% to all martial damage

*Another name of a Djinn, or a Genie.

**Arabic word for rebellious

I know...my chapters are getting shorter. I'm under stress with school, trying to find a job, stuff that people at least four years older than I am shouldn't be worrying about. So I'll get this off my chest because no one else in my life will listen to me, and this is really the only place that I can say this without being pitied… or loathed… or really openly mocked for saying what's on my mind. I take online classes, which helps me manage my time, I do all the cleaning in my house, which the only problem is that it takes up time from my studies. On top of that, I have to get my drivers license to even get to a theoretical job. But the most stressful thing is that everyone is constantly reminding me of what I should prioritize, and it's all FUCKING DIFFERENT! "Go to college" "Get a job" "Get married" "Have kids" ALL OF IT IS BULLSHIT! ….Hah… Okay… So, that's the cause. The effect is that it's causing me to be distracted, trying to find some way to relieve stress. Which means more time staying sane than actually doing the things I should be doing. Which in turn is making me more stressed and it'll go on and on. You all see where I'm going with this. All of this shit is keeping me from doing what I love to do, and that is create good content, a great story for you guys. And usually, my trick is to connect with each and every character on some level to get a real feel for them, and then just release the floodgates. But I'm so stressed now that I can't do that, and as a result my content is suffering from it. I started writing as a way to vent all of my edgy teen feelings away in a dark time, and it really worked, got all of that shit out so I can enjoy life, even if it was for a few moments. Whenever I finish one of these chapters, I always feel a sense of pride, of joy when I put that last period there. But I haven't felt that in months. So that's why I'm cutting this chapter short. I don't know how it'll turn out if I keep going… hell, I'm not sure if I'm even capable of writing the way I am right now… I guess while I'm at it, I should say why I chose mostly 'Gamer' stories. Simply put, I'm just a teeny bit delusional. I'm a coward in real life, I have difficulty managing my anger, and I'm delusional. It's a wonderful concoction. So I read this manhwa on Webtoons and I loved it enough that I wanted it to be real. Not all of it, obviously, but the 'Gamer' part...and I wanted to be that person. It's crazy, I know, but that's why I write those stories. Instead of acting on my delusions in crazy ways, I put myself in the character's shoes to get a glimmer of what it feels like. It's exhilarating, it's frightening, and above all else, it's maddening, because no matter how much I do this, no matter how much I try or pray to whatever being that could POSSIBLY do this, it won't happen. That's the biggest thought that goes through my head when I write these. 'None of it is real, it can never happen. Wake up.' And...I can't. That's all there is. It doesn't feel good to say this, but it felt much worse keeping it to myself. Sorry for dumping this on you guys, you don't deserve it… Have a good day everyone.