September '88

Bobby took one look at the pair and pointed up the stairs, dragging Hermione down out of the way with the other hand. He paused halfway up, motioning for Hermione to stay where she was, following swiftly after his new house guests. Hermione turned to shut the front door, stopping in her tracks when she came face to face with a boy about her age looking straight back at her. The boy was wearing muddy clothes; and old pair of jeans, undershirt and a once blue shirt over the top, all covered in rips and tears, some which had even pierced his skin. His face however was blank, he showed no emotion, no pain. When Hermione moved around him he looked nowhere else, his eyes only following the boot prints up the stairs, not even acknowledging her presence.

As she turned away from him to close the door, he made a run for it up the stair case. The door slammed shut with a loud bang, shaking the frames on the walls nearby, not that this even stopped the boy for a second. Without even thinking, Hermione charged after him, grabbing him by the arm as she barrelled up the stairs.

'Hey!' The boy tried to rip his arm free from Hermione, but she had a strong grip on his sleeve, 'We can't go up there' For the first time, the two locked eyes, both with an equal stubborn glint flickering within.

'Says who?' He pulled his arm again harder, freeing it from her hand, 'I'm going to see my brother, you can't stop me!' Hermione ran around him, moving up a step further so she was the same height as him.

'Says me!' She crossed her arms, blocking the boy's path, 'It's my house and you aren't allowed. Besides, I don't even know who you are, why should I let you?' She shifted her weight onto her other foot, fixing the boy with an inquisitive stare, one eyebrow cocked and a hint of a smile on her lips. The boy looked down at his feet, crossing his own arms, squirming slightly.

'Look, I just want to see if my brother is okay, alright?' Hermione lifted her eyebrow higher again, not moving from her position in the middle of the staircase. 'What is there some kinda code word to get past you girly?' He shifted on his heels, as if he was looking for a way past her, but she mirrored his movements with ease, leaning left slightly when he did and right again as he moved almost anticipating his movements. 'Just let me past okay!' He shouted finally, pushing her aside and running up the stairs. Hermione sat slumped against the wall for a second, tears beginning to form in her eyes when she heard a loud shout from around the corner.

'DEAN! Out!' The gruff voice was not Bobby's so Hermione knew that it was the other man, the man she assumed was this boy's father. Not a second later, the boy who she now knew was called Dean was pushed back into her view around the corner of the staircase. He stumbled backwards, catching his balance at the last moment before he fell completely over. Hermione wiped her eyes quickly, standing up with her hands on her hips, an 'I told you so' look plastered all over her face. Dean stood still for a moment, staring at the closed door he had just been thrown away from, before storming down the staircase, past Hermione, and out the front door.

Hermione waited a few seconds then snuck up the staircase herself, peeking around the corner towards the guest bedroom. She couldn't see anything as the door was pushed to, but she could her the boy in there crying and occasionally screaming out, as well as muffled talk between the two men. She tried to listen as best she could to the conversation without getting any closer, but there was nothing she could do, they were talking to quietly. She considered moving closer, but knew that Bobby wouldn't be happy if he found her up here so she crept back downstairs, only briefly glancing at the now open attic.

After taking a few deep breaths, Hermione followed Dean out into the front yard, stopping almost immediately when she noticed the car parked up shoddily in front of the barn. Propping up the brooding boy was a beautiful Chevy Impala in great condition. The paint job was almost impeccable with only a few small scrapes, which was impressive considering how out of shape the people that came out of it were, Hermione would even wager that the car ran like it was brand new. She closed the front door slowly, making her way quietly over to Dean, to try and not spook him. More than anything she wanted to know what was going on, but she thought that she had better make sure he was okay first. Even though he had shoved her earlier, she knew that he was just concerned about his family, and she knew that she would be exactly the same if anything ever happened to Bobby or anyone she cared about.

Hermione stopped a few feet away from Dean, looking over his injuries again, noting a mean looking cut on his left arm. 'Hey,' She started slowly, drawing his attention away from his scruffy boots, 'I'm sorry your brother is hurt,' she shuffled her feet a little, anxious to find out what she could from him, 'What happened to him? ' Before she had even finished her question, Dean scoffed, shoving his hands further into his pockets.

'Look, it's nice of your dad to help us, but we're not friends,' he looked up at her, 'it's none of your business what happened to my brother' with one last scoff in her general direction Dean pushed himself away from the car and walked off a way down the track. By this point Hermione had had enough, she needed to know what was going on, who these people were fighting or protecting them from, and why kids were doing it. She took a look back at the upstairs windows, checking for Bobby then stormed off after Dean.

'Hey!' Dean paused for a minute, then carried on walking, 'Dean!' He stopped this time, turning to face Hermione. 'Please, I just want to know what's going on?' If there was one thing Hermione hated, it was not knowing everything, she needed to know processes and routines. Here she had no idea what was happening, it was as if there was a whole other world that she didn't know anything about, and she had so many questions. Dean looked at her for a minute, her lip firmly lodged between her oversized front teeth, stance shifting every few seconds before he spoke.

'You don't know about hunting, do you?' He watched as her face screwed up slightly, 'You have no idea about any of it!' He laughed at her, turning away again, 'I can't believe it!' He threw his hands out in annoyance, 'I don't know why we even came here, your dad probably can't even help Sammy,' Dean kicked a rock on the path, tripping slightly and stomping his feet a little in compensation.

'That's ridiculous!' Hermione shouted back, arms crossed, and already stomping after him, 'Bobby wouldn't have offered to help if he couldn't, I'm sure he knows exactly what is wrong with your brother and is fixing it right now.' She stood defiant in the yard, a few feet behind where Dean had stopped.

'Really? Is that why we can still hear him screaming then?' Dean gestured back towards the house, where if you listened closely a child's screams could be heard intermittently. 'I should've taken better care of him' He muttered, turning away from Hermione again.

'He did look in bad shape when he came in, it's not like that can be fixed by magic, it'll take time' Dean laughed again, kicking at the ground again.

'What would you know about magic?' Just as Dean was about to continue, an ear-splitting scream echoed throughout the yard and the spare room window shattered throwing glass shards in every direction with incredible force. The two kids exchanged a worried glance, then ran to the house at full speed.