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Loki knelt in the center of the court room, chained and muzzled as his sentence was decided. He couldn't bring himself to care. Loki honestly just wanted to he left alone. He had finally, finally been freed from Thanos' control. He knew whatever it was wasn't going to be pleasant but he hadn't been allowed to speak in his defense and Thor was certainly no help, even for all his claims of brotherly love and being close with him, he never noticed that he wasn't acting like himself. He knew death was unlikely, as much as he was beginning to wish for it, so he was resigning himself to torture that would be rather boring after the creativity of the Other.

Odin tapped Gungnir on the ground, drawing everyone's attention upward. Loki couldn't even muster up a glare, he was tired, he wanted to sleep, he just gave Odin a disinterested look. "Are there any who wish to add to this trial before the verdict is passed?" There was silence through the court before Odin lifted Gungnir again, "Then I, Odin Allfather..."

A bitter cold rose around them and shadows drew long across the room. Loki frowned behind his muzzle, unsure of what was happening. Dark mists began to flow from the shadows and they drew into a single space to the left of Loki, the court broke into murmurs as the mist solidified into a dark cloaked figure clutching a scythe in hands made only of bone. Loki looked up at the figure curiously, its strange cloak seemed to be made of the mist it had appeared out of and said cloak was flowing to drape over him, Loki could practically taste the power radiating from the being.

"Who are you!" Odin demanded, "Why have you interrupted this proceeding?"

"I am Death." The figure proclaimed, its voice cold and brittle sounding, the sound seeming to pierce to the very heart of people. "I interrupt this farce of a trial on behalf of my Mistress." Loki's eyes widened, someone above Death?

Looking back to Odin for confirmation Loki was surprised to see fear in that single eye. "What here draws the interest of your Mistress?"

Death lifted its scythe and swung, Loki flinch but recovered when he suddenly felt his shackles fall away and his muzzle disappear. Loki looked down at his freed limbs in surprise, noting that his clothing was mended and any aches he had no longer existed. Death slammed the butt of its scythe on the floor, "The unjust treatment of her Soulmate." It proclaimed.

Loki whirled around to look at Death, "Soulmate?" He asked in surprise, his eyes wide and his magic flaring.

Death ignored him, its focus on the Allfather whose fear had ratcheted up several notches. "My Mistress' Soulmate shall be pardoned of all charges and his children returned to him in a timely manner or you shall face our wrath! The Wrath of my Mistress! The Wrath of Death!"

With that Death slammed its scythe on the floor again and shadows consumed Loki, dragging him away in a strange whirlwind of cold and dark.

It ended as suddenly as it began and Loki found himself falling onto an enormous bed, making a dent in the soft emerald and gold comforter that was settled on top of it. Loki sat up quickly, scanning the room for potential threats. All he found was dark wood furniture in a large bedroom, a fire place that was crackling merrily, and several doors leading away to the unknown. Loki looked to the door across from the bed and moved to get up and try that first when Death appeared between the end of the bed and the door.

"Settle God of Mischief." Death said, its hood turned toward Loki. "You are safe here."

"Forgive me if I don't believe you." Loki snarked.

Death didn't respond immediately, "You are the Soulmate of my Mistress, it would not benefit me to hurt or kill you. It would, in fact, hinder me as my Mistress would order me to kill her many times until she went insane."

Loki's lips pressed into a thin line, "How do you know I am her Soulmate?"

"I am Death."

Loki narrowed his eyes at the being, "That's not an answer."

"Yet I have used it as one."

Loki barely withheld his growl and decided to go a different route. "I thought seeking your Soulmate was something you did over time. A necessary journey to make you who you need to be at the time of your meeting." He stated, "Wouldn't bringing me directly to her would be breaking the rules?"

Death let out a raspy chuckle, "Neither you nor your Soulmate has ever been good at following rules God of Mischief. In fact I believe you two are well on your way to making rule breaking an art form." Loki was torn between interest and snapping at the being, luckily Death continued on, "It would have been breaking the rules if she ordered me to bring her her Soulmate specifically. She did not. She ordered me to bring her someone willing and capable of helping her with her current goal. You fit that more than any other in this Universe, that you will be able to help after this goal is not important right now."

Now Loki's eyes were narrowing, apparently even his Soulmate was not above using him for...

"Ow!" He said with a frown, rubbing his head where Death had hit him with the handle of his scythe. "What was that for?"

"Your thoughts toward my Mistress are insulting God of Mischief." Death said, "She isn't even aware of who I brought to help her. My Mistress also tries to refrain from using anyone in such a way as she was used in the past. She will ask for your help, not demand it, and she will offer help in return. She would do this even if you weren't her Soulmate." It turned away from Loki, "Sleep God of Mischief, tomorrow you shall meet your Soulmate." The being began to fade but Loki held out a hand.

"Wait." He called, Death stopped, "What's her name?"

"Haven." Death said, "Haven Lilith Potter."

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