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"Eliot never fought anyone with a nerf sword, Hardison," Nate was saying as he, the hacker, Sophie, and Parker were waiting to get to their base in the HQ's elevator.

"I'm telling you," Hardison argued. "The man did it. I'm positive."

Nate chuckled, exchanging glances with Sophie.

The elevator doors opened, and the team stepped inside their HQ, only to see a soaked Eliot lying on the ground, covered in blood.

"Eliot!" Sophie exclaimed, darting towards the bloody hitter.

Eliot moaned, wincing away from Sophie's touch. He began shivering violently, unconsciously grabbing for his shoulder.

"Eliot, what happened?" he heard Nate ask; he couldn't even reply. He could only whimper with pain.

He felt himself getting pulled up, and then he was on the couch, somebody helping him take his wet shirt off.

The team gasped when seeing two bullets sitting in Eliot's flesh- one in his shoulder, the other in his abdomen. Heavy bruises covered his chest, and bloody cuts covered those.

"We gotta get those bullets out," Nate stated.

"Oh man, oh man," Hardison muttered over and over, his hands flailing above the hitter, unsure of what to do.

"Hardison, back up," Nate said, physically pushing the hacker out of the way and kneeling down next to the couch. Sophie appeared and took over, leading the tall man into the kitchen and settling him at the counter with a can of orange soda. She sat with him as Nate and Parker took charge of tending to the hitter.

Eliot's eyes opened and closed every once in awhile as Nate cut his ruined shirts off, peeling them away from the wounds, which were still seeping blood.

"Sophie, put some sheets and blankets into the dryer, we need to get him warm," he called to her, and the grifter jumped up and headed into the laundry room.

"Nate, what can I do?" Hardison asked.

"For now, nothing. Maybe try to track down his movements, see who did this to him."

"On it." They heard furious clicking as the hacker dived into his computers.

Parker looked back to Nate to see him pulling on sterile gloves, then palpating the wound on his shoulder. The mastermind daubed it with gauze to mop up some of the blood, then flushed it with sterile water and then alcohol. Eliot bucked a little as the wound bubbled and Parker held his shoulder down to the pillow.

"It's okay, Eliot," she whispered into his ear, nudging his wet hair out of his face. "It's us, we're trying to help. We have to get that bullet out."

She heard him groan and his head nodded jerkily, and she hoped that that meant he understood.

He went stiff under her hands then, a keen coming from between his clenched lips. Looking down to where Nate was working, she saw that he had a probe inserted into the wound, looking for the bullet. Eliot's hands gripped the couch cushions so hard she was afraid he was going to rip them open until she heard Nate's soft, "Found it."

He inserted a forceps and grabbed the bullet, pulling it out steadily so he didn't lose it in the muscle. The hitter's body was taut and unyielding, held still by sheer force of will. The bullet finally came free and Eliot cried out softly, panting with the effort of not lashing out.

Nate did the same thing with the bullet in his abdomen, but this time he had to be much more careful. Any wrong movement could have gotten the poor hitter even more hurt.

Finally, Nate found it and got it out, "Okay, okay, the bullet's out," he said. "I'll wrap both of them and then we can work on getting him warmed up. Parker, go ahead and take off his jeans."

The thief squeaked, looking at Nate with wide eyes.

"Go on, you've done this already many times before. Not just to Eliot. Besides, we have to get his wet clothes off so we can get him dry. Now hurry."

Shaking herself out of her surprise, her nimble fingers made quick work of his jeans button and zipper, then she worked at getting them off of his heavily muscled legs. By the time she'd managed to get them and his boots and socks off, Nate had bandaged the wounds and Sophie had come out with a soft, warmed blanket right out of the dryer.

They managed to bundle Eliot up in the blanket without jostling him too much and then Parker curled up at the end of the couch, his head in her lap as she toweled and brushed his long, silky hair.

In about twenty minutes, Eliot's shivering began to calm down, shudders taking over his body every once in awhile instead. Soon enough, Parker fell asleep as well, but she refused to leave her spot.

She was woken up when he heard shuffling, and then a light moan. She gasped awake, her eyes darting at Eliot. The hitter had his head against the edge of the couch, his hand holding onto his shoulder.

"You alright Sparky?" Parker asked, looking at him with caution.

Eliot grunted in return.

Parker scooted close to him, letting her head fall on his chest. "Tell me what happened." she said, taking his hand.

"It was a… surprise… attack," Eliot began, his voice shaking. "I was… on my," He swallowed, grunting with pain. "Way here. Men came… up to… me. Said an old… friend wanted… to see me. When I didn't cooperate," He smiled at that word. "They… attacked me. Got a… lucky shot in two… places. And beat me… up. I… finally managed… to get away but got unlucky. A car… ran into me… knocking me… into the Boston Harbour. I got out… and ran here. And then… the rest… you know." His breath hitched, and his body tensed; he was trying to fight off the pain.

"But who was after you?" Sophie asked; she and Hardison had come into the room, listening to Eliot's slurred story intently.

Eliot looked up, fear in his eyes. "Damien… Moreau." he replied in a quiet, low voice.

The room went silent, so silent you could hear a pin drop.

"Damien Moreau?" Nate finally asked.

Eliot nodded; his skin was suddenly so pale, sweat beading all over his handsome face.

Parker pulled him closer to her, feeling him tremble in her embrace.

"Hardison, set up an alarm system as quickly as possible," Nate said. "I don't want to have Eliot go to a safe house. Anything can happen with Moreau and I would rather he be here."
"You got it." the hacker replied with his baritone voice. He ran for his computer, getting his brand new, top of the line alarm system ready.

"Eliot, how about you get some rest?" Sophie asked gently. "After everything you've been through, you need it."

Eliot stood up slowly, shrugging off his blankets, showing off his muscular, battered body. He nodded, trudging over to his room. He changed into a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, a task that proved to be very hard and painful to complete. When finally done, he washed himself and then walked back into the main rooms. He walked into the kitchen, grabbing a cold bottle of beer from the fridge. He chugged half of it, then walked back to the living room again, sitting down on the couch.

"So what's the plan?" he asked.

"Eliot, you have to get some rest," Sophie said. "You've been through so much and now you want to just-"

"I'm fine!" Eliot interrupted. "I just want to stop this bastard and get it all over with. I'll be fine."

Suddenly, Hardison's computer started ringing, which made the hitter jump up. He looked up at Hardison's screen and saw Moreau's face pop into focus. He took a step back, as if afraid that bastard was going to come out of the screen and go after him. Again.

"Moreau," Nate's calm voice said. "Moreau, what do you want."

"Eliot Spencer," the warlord replied. "I want your Eliot Spencer in my custody."

"No way in hell, are we gonna hand over Eliot to you." Hardison quickly answered. Eliot could tell, just by his stance, that he was glaring at the man on his screen.

"You had better give him to me, Nathan Ford," Moreau continued. "It would be in your best interest-"

"Or you'll do what?" Parker screamed, looking back at Eliot, who was staring at Moreau with anger. But when their eyes met, Parker could see the terror that lingered in those beautiful blue orbs. "You can't do anything to us even if you tried."

"Oh you don't want to know what I can do," Moreau said, smirking. That one smirk brought heavy shudders up Eliot's spine. "I can have the entire world against the five of you in seconds."

"So where do you want to meet?" Eliot suddenly asked.

All heads turned to him, even Moreau's.

"The bridge right above Boston Harbour. You have twenty four hours. I don't really know Boston too well yet, so I would rather go to a place where I feel more comfortable. I know you don't. How are you doing anyway? I hope my men didn't pound you too hard."

Eliot growled, coming closer to the screen. "I'll be there." he snarled, smashing Hardison's computer. The screen blanked, and the team was left alone.

"The hell was that?" Hardison asked, his pitch high. "Number one, that was my computer! Number two, you are NOT giving yourself up to him! You can't."

"Hardison, if I don't give myself up, Moreau will go after you. He could kill you! All of you!" Eliot yelled. "And I can't lose anymore people to him." He let his voice go down to a whisper and he hung his head, his hands clenching into fists.

"Anymore?" Parker asked slowly.

Eliot looked up. "Emily Evans," he began. "Jackie Williams, Chris Williams, Kate Spencer," He choked on that word. "Were all Moreau's victims. Each time I did something wrong, he would punish me. Sometimes, I failed him so badly, he would kill people that I loved. And the people I just named were just the start of it. I-" His voice faded as his memories came back to him. He took a deep breath and continued, "I lost so many people that way."

He quickly shook himself out of his thoughts and took another deep breath. "I have to go," he continued. "As the hitter of the team I have to keep you all safe. And I'll do whatever it takes to do it."

"We need another plan," Nate said. "Sophie, Hardison, Parker, let's see what we can do."

The team nodded, about to leave the room. But Parker stayed. Slowly, she walked over to the hitter and looked him over. Finally, she stepped back, not taking her eyes off of him.

"Parker-" Eliot said.

Suddenly, the small thief wrapped her arms around him. Eliot gasped, but returned the hug. He buried his face in her shoulder inhaling her sweet scent of jasmine soap. Parker placed her hand on his head, kissing his cheek. "Everything will be okay," she whispered. "Just trust us."

With that, she stepped away, making her way to where the rest of the team was trying to make a plan.





The hitter turned around, seeing Parker standing behind him, her eyes glossed with tears.

The team had finished going over their new plan, and after a long argument, Eliot agreed to follow through with it. Little did the team know, that he had other plans.

"Parker," he said, opening his arms.

The blonde ran into his open hug, holding on to him as tightly as she possibly could.

"Eliot, please, don't do this," she cried. "You can't do this."

"I have to, darlin', I have to," Eliot replied, looking around his room. "I can't get any of you hurt. It's my job."

"Your job is to protect us, and keep yourself alive. This one job may get you killed." she said.

Eliot kissed the top of her head. "Parker, I have to."

"No you don't," she answered, clutching the back of his head with her hand. "Eliot, if the plan goes wrong, Moreau will most likely try to kill you. And what if we can't get you back? I'm not losing you. I can't lose you."

Eliot pulled the thief away from him, staring into her tear-filled eyes. "I will always be with you, Parker," he whispered. "Always."

Slowly, Parker leaned in closer, her lips pressing against his. Unknowingly, she deepened the kiss, and so did he. He ran his hand through her long hair, deepening the kiss even further. When it ended, Parker stepped away, placing the back of her hand over her mouth, sighing.

"Are you still leaving?" she quietly asked.

Eliot nodded. "Yeah, darlin'. I am."

She stepped closer to him, planting a final kiss on his lips and leaving the room.

The hitter stood still, trying to grasp everything that had happened. After a few moments, he shook himself out of his trance and took off his shirt, shoving it onto the ground. He threw himself on his bed, staring at the ceiling.

That entire night was filled with non-stop nightmares and memories of his past. Nightmares and memories that he just couldn't escape from. As he lay there, tossing and turning, he thought about what Moreau was going to do to him if- no, when- he caught him.

When he finally did manage to escape from his mental torture chamber, Eliot shot up, sweat inching down his face. He sighed, getting out of his bed and starting to walk towards the room's door. But his legs couldn't- wouldn't- carry him; he collapsed onto the ground, moaning.

When finally calming down, Eliot stood up and started making his way to the living room, forced to use the walls to hold him upright. After getting dressed, he walked into the living room, seeing Nate sitting on the couch, a bottle of whiskey in his hand, a book in his lap.

When he saw Eliot, he closed his book and looked his hitter in the eye.

"You alright?" Nate asked.

He grunted in return. He picked his head up, looking at Nate. "Nate, what if this doesn't work?" he asked.

"It will. It has to."

"But what if it doesn't work, Nate?" Eliot asked again, this time harsher.

"We'll find another way, then." Nate simply replied.

"No, Nate," Eliot said. "Don't look for me. Don't you dare look for me. Any of you."


"Nate, promise me you won't. I can't have any of you hurt." Eliot said. Especially Parker." he added quietly, the kiss he had shared with the beautiful thief popping into his head.

The mastermind fell silent, then sighed, and then replied, "Eliot, I can't promise you anything. If you get caught we will monitor what will be happening. But if it gets to the point where we know that you're in trouble, we're getting you out of there. I am not letting one of my team members get hurt. You in particular."

Eliot nodded.

"No matter who you might have been in your past, you're our Eliot," Nate said. "And no matter what, we will always be there for you. Remember that."

Eliot nodded again.

Silence took over the room as he and Nate sat there, in their own thoughts. Finally, it was morning, and now the team had to perform a task that they knew would be hard on each of them.

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