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Parker never left his side. Whenever Eliot was having nightmares, or was getting ambushed by memories, she sat beside him, helping him calm down. At the end, she gave up and laid down beside him, running her hand over his hair.

When he finally woke up, he woke up with a gasp, his eyes flying around his surroundings. When his eyes met her's, he sighed, closing them.

"Hey," Parker said.

"Hey," His voice was quiet, barely even a whisper.

"How are you feeling?"

Eliot grunted, sitting up against the bed's backboard. Parker noticed that his eyes had become dull, the bright blue now gone and replaced with grey.

"Parker," he muttered, his expression pained. "Parker, I-"

Parker placed her finger on his lips, pushing him away from her. "For now, you need rest. How about you wash up? Then we'll talk."

He nodded, slowly getting up. He held onto his ribs as he walked into the room's bathroom, and then Parker heard the sound of water rushing. When Eliot came back out, he had a shirt and pair of jeans on; his hair was damp, falling over his broad shoulders. Wounds were still seen on his arms, in places his shirt didn't cover, and Parker shivered at the look of them. He sat back down on the bed, running his hand through his beautiful wet locks.

Parker crawled over to him, placing her hand on his shoulder. Eliot turned to her, his blue eyes locking with hers. Parker leaned in, about to kiss him, when he pulled back, looking away. He then stood up, and walked out of the room, making his way to the living room, where the team was waiting.

When their hitter walked in, they all stood up, their eyes going to the wounds on his body.

Parker had came into the kitchen as well, looking around the room of thieves.

"Eliot?" Nate asked.

He didn't reply, sitting down on a chair beside Hardison, who reached his hand out, his eyes filled with fear. The young man quickly took his brother's hand, sighing.

"Welcome back, man," Hardison whispered.

A wave of pain and nausea suddenly washed over Eliot, and he couldn't hold in a small whimper. Parker ran over to him, helping him up. "He needs rest," she explained, leading him out of the room.

"I was fine Parker," Eliot said. "I could have-"

"Eliot, you have been tortured and tormented for the past year," Parker interrupted. "And now you expect yourself to just jump back up. You need rest. You might think that your top priority is the team, but right now, your priority is to get rest and heal."

Eliot fell silent, his gaze traveling to the ground. Parker cupped his cheek, staring into his expressionless eyes. "Get some sleep," she whispered. "Please,"

He finally gave in and nodded, letting Parker help him lay down. Parker sat next to him, leaning against the bed's backboard, her fingers running through the hitter's long hair. As she watched him sleep, she thought of how peaceful he looked.

After a couple of minutes, Parker kissed him and cuddled up beside him, holding onto his hand.




"I do need you alive, Spencer," Moreau said, looking at the broken man in front of him. "But there are different ways of being… 'alive.'"

With that the man picked his right arm up and brought it down, the long whip he was holding slamming against Eliot's back.

Eliot gasped, groaning from the severe pain that took over his body.

Another hit.

Another cry.

"Enjoying yourself, Moreau?" he asked through gritted teeth.

"Very," Moreau replied, hitting Eliot again.

The hitter collapsed onto the ground, but Moreau kept going.

Finally, it was too much.

The hitter screamed in agony, passing out…




"...Eliot!" Parker said, trying to wake the poor man up.

He quickly gasped awake, his eyes growing wide. His hand reached to touch his side, where the whip's end had curled; he gasped softly.

He sighed with sudden relief, remembering that it was all over, that he was safe. He looked back to Parker, who was patiently waiting for him to return to her.

His body began to tremble violently, the memory of the whip burning into his skin coming back to him. He felt Parker place a gentle hand on his arm, trying to assure him that he was alright. The hitter suddenly leaned in and buried his head in the crook of her neck. Parker gentle stroked his face and hair, trying to calm him down.

"It's alright," she soothed. "Everything is okay, I promise you. You're here, Moreau can't get you."

The hitter whimpered.

Parker forced him to look at her, locking her eyes with his. "I'm gonna go talk to the team," she whispered. "You're safe Eliot. Nothing and no one can hurt you, I promise,"

She stood up, squeezing his hand. "I'll be right back," she said.

As Parker walked into the living room, tears welled up in her eyes. "Nate," she cried.

"Parker?" Nate asked. "What's wrong?"

"He's so scared, Nate," Parker began. "Moreau broke him. Eliot thinks he's gonna go after him again. He's afraid. I've never seen him like this. And I feel terrible for not being able to help him, convince him, that he's okay. That he's safe. The way he looks at me… oh God, Nate, I don't know what to do."

Nate quickly wrapped his arms around her, letting her cry her heart out.

"He's just dealing with aftershock, Parker," he said. "He's gonna be alright,"

"Nate, how much has he gone through?" Parker asked. "Not just with Moreau? And now, all of a sudden, he's falling apart? What could Moreau possibly have done to him to make him like this? So… scared… and vulnerable."

"He reminded him of his past," Nate answered. "Everything that Eliot wanted to forget, Moreau reminded him of it. That's why he's so out of it. Moreau did break him, and in the worst way possible."

Tears streamed down Parker's cheeks. She thought about Eliot, the fear in his eyes making her cry more.

"Eliot's much stronger than any of us, Parker," Nate continued. "He's going to heal. He's going to be okay."

"I don't know, Nate," Parker said. "From the way he was acting… it doesn't look like it. It really doesn't."

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