By Amidala

////A/N: Hi guys, this is my first LOTR fic and I just saw the first movie
yesterday on video (ya, I know that is pitiful ?) Oh well, please bear with me. I'll
add more soon, this is just a poem for an opening… a prologue, I guess. I
obviously haven't seen the second movie yet, but I will try my best. Thanx for
actually reading this!! //////
Why do I have this cursing fate?

Why am I the one who is stuck to the bait?

They say that I was destined for this burden,

That I am the only one who can change this misfortune,

But why must my fate be the one with this twisted contortion?

I wish none of this ever happened to me,

I wish that I could be set free,

But no, I must carry on with this crux,

I cannot be one who ducks

Behind the darkness in the hole,

No! I must pay this heavy toll,

I cannot fail,

I must prevail,

Oh! For the sake of Middle Earth I must try with all my might,

I must fight the dark and bring in the light,

But most of all I must believe that I will be able to endure it,

And finally again light all candles that for so long were not lit.
*It is my destiny and I will make the most of it*
///////////////////Well, that's it for the prologue, but I'll add more soon. Thanx again guys.

Suggestions are very much appreciated