The Great Hero From Another Universe

The people is too used to their moral ideas, to their traditions, to basically all their life style that when somebody else gives a different idea, they tend to ignore that person, because questioning your own ideas isn't something everybody likes, people's ideals are their everything, their motivations, living with the doubt about if what you believe is truth may be not truth is hard to do.

One of those who actually was able to do it was a Latin American guy, he was almost completely different to the most of the people in his country, and even if he was young, it wasn't probably he was gonna start to like the idea to be more like them in the future.

He still could have been a normal teenager if he didn't despise his world so much, in his opinion, the only thing he could say it was good was the technology, product of the science, but the rest was shit, in the school, his classmates behaved like kindergarten children.. they were too immature to be high school students... he hated them... he also hated the goverment, his country was a paradaise for criminals, the impunity was normal thing because the corruption and ignorance, those two things were introduced into the society as a model of life.

The worst part was the fact that the good people thought that all that would be fixed just by praying to a god.

His father said he had to get adapted, but if getting adapted meant degenerating into a mindless pervert asshole, with mediocre goals or even no any goal at all in his life, he preferred to remain bitter.

He just wished to destroy all those things made the world a miserable place... or at very least.. if he couldn't save it, get away from that world, but of course, that wasn't gonna happen just because he wanted it.

He was a lover of the justice, lover of the knowledge, and he had an inherited good emotional intelligence, but the other persons around him were not.

This was just another day in his no desired life as a low-middle class person, he went to the school, spoke almost nothing to anybody else that weren't one of his very few friends that actually understood him a little, returned to his house, did his homework, and just at looking to do something different to what he was already very bored to repeat everyday, he decided to go outside to walk around instead of reading or playing videogames.

What he didn't know that by doing it, his desire to dissapear would become true.

He walked thorugh the streets, showing an emotionless face, walking and looking around to try to find something, anything would make him get interested, but it never happened... until he was in the limits of his town, the landscape had nothing especial, what got his attention was a shiny thing on the floor.

His eyebrow raised a little, it didn't look like a coin, he knelt to try to grab the object, but when he just did that, it started to shine even more.

"Qué demonios?.. (what the hell)... woooooow!."

It was the only thing he could say before the light swallowed him... and basically erased him.

In a different part of the infinite reality, a big conflict between nations was happening.

A red haired woman, who wore a golden uniform that had white feathers was looking with exasperation at a monument, a monument with the form of a rectangle and a middle circle at the top, with a circular rabbet and filled of golden lines.

She had done a ritual to summon the person that acording to the legend, was the one destined to save her country.

Soldiers under her command had sacrificed their lives in order to give her time to summon the hero.

It had been two minutes since she had placed that yellow ball inside the rabbet and said the magic words... it flashed a little, but since that, nothing else had happened... had she done something wrong?, did she forget something?, those were her thoughts.

But, as if the object felt he was done puzzling her, it shone stronger, some smoke was expelled from the down part, and finally, in front of the monument, a white and blue light beam raised until the sky, increasing its volume, blinding Anna for a few seconds, making her cover her eyes.

An human figure gradually materialized, floating in the air a few seconds before it fell and the light beam disappeared.

Her mouth was very opened, she had did it!, happly, she exclaimed.

"Oooh!, the ritual actually worked!."

The summoned one heard her voice, stunned and a little blinded by sun's light, he tried to stand up, after he was able to see again, he saw the red haired woman.

Before he could ask something, she knelt as if she had a great respect for him.

"Ahem... Oh Great Hero from another world!, thou hast come so far to fulfill your role in our legend! For our kingdom now stands on the very brink of ruin, and thou.. and thou... hold on.. are you really our Great Hero?, you don't look like a hero at all, and what kind of clothes are that?."

She was talking a lot and he had no idea about what was going on, fortunately, she was talking in a language that he knew.

"Hey hey hey!, Great Hero?, your kingdom?, first... can you please explain me where am I and what the fuck is going on?."

"Fair enough.. you're in-"


Before she could give him an aswer, the voice of a man was heard, they turned to see that man.

"Drat!, how did one of those Emblians get here already?, stand back!, I'll take care of him somehow!." exclaimed she, even if the person there didn't look like a hero, it was her duty to protect an innocent.

The girl ran towards the man, they two started a fight of axes.

Still feeling confused, the "Great Hero" reflected something "No sé en que clase de problema me he metido.. pero supongo que es mejor para mi ayudarla.. (I really don't know in what kind of trouble I got into... but I guess is better for me to help her)."

He ran too.

When the man was about to hurt the woman, he received punches on the face from the "Great Hero", after he managed to snatch the axe, he killed the man, cutting through the necklece.

He looked at his first victim "(Así que así se siente matar a alguien (So this is how to kill someone feels like))" he hadn't killed a person before, but it wasn't like he didn't want to.

"Whew.. we took care of him.. thank you." smiled the woman.

The "Great Hero" closed his eyes and crossed his arms "I wish that we could have meet in better situations... I guess.. well... now.. who are you and where am I?."

"My name's Anna. I'm the commander of the Order Of Heroes." she explained.

Making his eyes able to see Anna again, he asked. "The Order Of Heroes?."

"Yes, we're a group that fights for the freedom of the heroes." then she gave a more serious face. "But our enemies, however, enslave them."

"Ok." he grimaced. ".. it doesn't sound good.. "

"You're in Askr, this is a realm that has gateways to the worlds where heroes come from, have you heard of the World of Awakening?."

"Em... no.."

"How about the World of Birthright?."


"The World of Conquest?."

"No I don't know a shit of what are you talking about..."

Now was the woman who also crossed her arms. "You always use that kind of words in your vocabulary?."

"My apologies.. I guess those words aren't normal to use here."

"Well, you have to know at least one world." said Anna, scratching her hair.

"Well.. yes... but I don't know if you know that world... "

"Maybe we could find it, anyway, that man of before was from the Emblian Empire, they are the people who invades those worlds and binds their heroes to service."

"I guess they must be stopped... (Como casí todo político de mi mundo (almost like every politician of my world))." thought him, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, the only problem is that they're invading our kingdom right now, I was desesperate for help so I performed a summing ceremony. And you just appeared out of nowhere."

"Em.. I don't wanna disappoint you.. but this was the first time that I use a weapon like this... I'm not a soldier... besides.. I don't know how I'm supposed to defeat an entire empire."

"Well, the legend doesn't say something about you helping us fighting, the legend only says that you're the only able to use the Breidablik, that's the name of this relic I've brought... oh right!"

Anna turned to see the monument, the yellow ball had disappeared, the relic inside was now free to be touched, she grabbed it and showed it to the "Great Hero".

He recognized the form of that thing "It is.."

"It fires something out of it.. according to legend.. but the Breidablik doesn't look like a bow or other thing that I've ever seen, the legend also calls it "The True Key" which, if placed inside that rabber there, will summon the Great Hero who can fire it."

"I guess it's pretty obvious that it's not a bow... it's a gun."

"A gun?."


He took the weapon.

"The only thing you must do to fire a bullet is pull the trigger."

Before he could do a demostration, another voice was heard.


"Drat. More of those Emblian soldiers.. I can't defeat all them by myself.. Great Hero!, run away! take the Breidablik with you and keep you safe."

He shook his head "No."

"Why not?!."

"Because this." he aimed his weapon against the forehead of one of the soldiers and then, he pulled the trigger.

He was expecting a man with a skull pierced by a bullet, but not what actually happened, an orb was fired from the gun and then it started to shine, after that, a portal was opened.. and from it, a man appeared.

"Um... where am I?." he asked.

"Ok... that's not what I thought that would happen... but I guess it's better, I mean... he has a real bow." he laughed

"You-you summoned a hero!." exclaimed Anna in surprise.

"I guess I did." he shruggled.

A thing to say was the fact that the emblian soldiers weren't happy about what they seen, Anna explained to the hero what happend and that they needed his help, fortunately, he accepted and then, they two started to fight the enemies.

Meanwhile, now knowing what the gun could do, the "Great Hero" thought "Well.. I guess I have more ammo... let's see."

He pulled the trigger as more times as he could, being four times more.

He summoned four heroes... curiously all they were women... the first one, a blue haired girl who had a very interesting golden sword and blue clothes, the second one, a woman ninja... she had... big boobs... he throw those thoughts away of his mind, the third one, a white haired girl, she had a weird kind of armor and.. she was able to become herself into a dragon?, the fourth one, another blue haired girl, but she was dressing red clothes and she was... able to cast... fire magic?.

He explained them what was happening and why he brought them to that place, after of an apologies and to say please, the girls also accepted to help him.

"(Wow.. supongo que tengo talento para invocar chicas fuertes..(I guess I have talent to invoke strong girls...))" he thought as he saw the girls fighting the enemy.

After the battle was finished, Anna approached to him.

"This.. This is amazing!, forgive me for doubting of you, you really are the hero of the legend!."

"Am.. yeah.. well.. Heroes!, I know that maybe you're annoyed to be brought here without warning... but we need your help, can you please help us to accomplish our mission?!."

Fortunately, all the heroes accepted the task.

"You said that this wasn't your kingdom... so.. why did you say that it's our mission?." Anna asked.

"Well, I have two choices now, I help you with this, or I don't help you with this... which one do you prefer?."

"I guess the first one." she laughed.

"Besides, it's not like I could go to anywhere... I don't have money or weapons.."

"Don't worry, we'll take care of you." She smiled.

"Just don't do it like you do with our enemies." he said with a smile on the face.

"No promises." she laughed again.

"So, who are those persons you talked about?."

"They are the prince and the princess of Askr, they also are members of the order of heroes."

"Interesting... (...Si la realeza de aquí es como la de mi mundo... debería tener cuidado.. (if the royalty of here is like the royalty of my world... I should be careful))."

"The prince Alfonse should be around here, keep the eyes open."


"Urgh... how many times we have to hear a voice at the distance?." the "Great Hero" growled.

He turned to see a blue haired man who was wearing similar clothes to Anna's, but he had an sword instead of an axe.

"Commander Anna, it's good to see you safe...", then, he finally noticed to the weird dressed guy.

He frowned "Who is this?... could it be?."

"It is, Prince Alfonse!, the legend is true. I raised the Breidablik, and then he appeared!, our hero is here, and he was able to summon more heroes using the relic." she pointed to the heroes that were behind of them.

"Unbelieable, it's nice to meet you, as you heard, I'm Alfonse."

Then, they did a handshake

"Nice to meet you, too.. I guess.."

"Aren't you going to tell me your name?."

"Oh, it's true, I never asked for it." commented Anna.

"...You can call me Kiran...(No es mi verdadero nombre pero mejor uso otro aquí (it's not my true name, but it's better to use another name here))"

"Well Kiran, I'm sorry to ask this of you so soon after we've met, but we need your help."

"Yeah, Anna already explained it to me, The Empire Of Embla is trying to conquest all the worlds.. don't worry, I'm going to help you."

"Thanks Kiran, well, talking about the worlds, one of those is the World of Mystery, the empire has newly taken over that world."

"So, we're going to free it, right?, well, let's go."

"Right, but, first, Commander Anna, there's one more thing, there's a strange man, he not seems to be an imperial soldier but not a hero neither."

"Do you have an idea of who he can be and what he wants?."

"I don't know, I've never seen him before. He wears a mask and keeps his face a secret, his soldiers are coming to here."

"I can see them." Kiran said.

"O damn, Kiran, you have an axe, can you help me with those guys?" Alfonse pointed to two soldiers who had an spear and an axe.

"Guess.. which one should I attack?."

"Em.. considering the triangle of weapons.. you must attack to the spear soldier... it's pretty obvious..."

"Well, forgive me, but I've never fighted with weapons like these, anyway, let's go."

During the battle, Kiran learned more about the triangle of weapons, or how he called it "Stone, paper or scissors", being a difference that there was a fourth kind of weapon, that could be usefull against everything but at the same time it was weak against any other, the battle didn't take so long since he had summoned five heroes, it was a battle of eight against four.

After that, the man that Alfonse mentioned appeared, he didn't say anything at first.

"Who are you stranger?." Anna asked.

"Tell us, are you a soldier of Emblian Empire?, if so, I'm afraid that we have to defeat you for the free of the heroes, leave them alone"

"Oh?, interesting, I guess you want us to close the gates too.. right?, pff, in your dreams."

"Hey, where are you?, come back!... damn... he's gone.. "

"You must know, those gates he mentioned.. they connet our world to al those where heroes live, the royality of Askr, like Alfonse, can open a gateway." Anna said

"And the royality of Embla are able to close them.. time ago our families worked together to open and close the gates.. but now Embla is leaving the gates open and is trying to conquest those worlds... tch" Alfonse growled, clenching his fists.

"Someone in your family didn't get marry with someone from Embla and give birth to someone with both powers?... I mean.. you know.."

"I'm afraid that it's not the case."

"(Bueno.. es estúpido que eso no pasó al menos una vez... tener dos clases de poderes como esos separados es peligroso.. (Well... it's a stupid thing that it didn't happen at least once... having two kinds of powers like those separated is dangerous..))"

"We can fight them at least" Anna responded "That's why we made the order of heroes, but now, Alfonse, your sister has been on a scouting mission. I fear that she may be in danger, so, let's hurry to the World Of The Mystery."

Kiran nodded, "(Supongo que esta mierda se puede poner más compleja(Guess all this shit can get more and more complex...))."

After hours of walking, the group finally got in the World of The Mystery, Kiran was asking himself what it had of "Mystery."

Finally, they found a little group of soldiers, there was a blonde girl, she had the same clothes as Anna and Alfonse, she had an spear.

She ran to them, she seemed to be a few angry.

"Commander Anna... brother, what has taken you so long to get here?." exclaimed in frustration.

"Sorry sister. We had to battle our way here.." the prince rubbed the back part of his head.

"Mmm?, who is the guy with those clothes?, they look so cool... oh.. OH MY!" she started to get excited.

"W-What?." Kiran asked, feeling the needing protect himself.

"You're holding the legendary relic... and it's all aglow!." she smiled "Are you the Great Hero!?."

"Uh.. technically.. yes.. but I rather don't be called like that.." he sighed. "My name's Kiran... nice to meet you... em.. ".

"I'm Sharena, it's a pleasure to meet you Great... Kiran!, I'm going to be your number-one fan!."


"All right, just tell us sister, what's the situation here?."

"Simply put.. Absolutely dreadful, the empire has taken control of four heroes, the leader is a woman, she swoops through the skies, a fearsome figure, all in red."

"It sounds like the princess Minerva.. this battle is going to be fough."

"Great.." Kiran said.

"Begone, outsides, I am Minerva, Princess of Macedon, I have no time to waste with you, return to your world." the woman who was Minerva finally appeared.

"I'm afraid that we cannot do that". Anna answered.

"Well, the princess Veronica gave me an order, I must attack a kingdom near her empire, if you're not going to get out from my way, I guess I have to defeat you first, even if I have no time for you."

"Princess Minerva, please hearme out, I beg you, put down your weapons. We of Askr have no desire to battle you."

"I'm under contract to obey, there's only ONE way to release me of that, prove you're stronger."


"Just give up Alfonse, you have heard her, we have to defeat her... considering what you told me about the triangle of weapons.. Virion, please take care of those girls riding... um.. flying horses?.. the rest must cover him, Alfonse, let's fight her, you and me" Kiran said.

"Hey!.. I'm the commander.. " Anna exclaimed.

"Maybe you are, but it doesn't matter from who is the order, it only matters that the order makes sense... do you have a problem with what I've said?"

"Um.. well.. no.. maybe I should have said the same.."

"Well... let's go Alfonse."


"So, lemme try to understand... you're under a spell that turns you all into slaves ... but you're aware of it?" Kiran asked.

"(¿Además... está montando un dragón? (Besides.. is she riding a dragon?))

"It's not as simple.. If we refuse to cooperate, they can kill us all by a heartattack" Minerva responded.

"How cruel... don't worry, we'll save you." Alfonse exclaimed, then he ran towards the woman.

The battle wasn't easy, Kiran actually didn't know how to fight, he had no practice, He was only helping to Alfonse, a difference was the fact that Kiran dropped his axe and now he was holding a sword, they two had the advantage of the triangle of weapons, fortunately, the dragon wasn't fighting too, if it could shot fire balls, they would be screwed.

At certain point of the battle, Virion appeared behind Kiran, he had many wounds... appearently, when one of his heroes was defeated, they were teleported behim him to protect them, he told him to run away, what he did.

The battle finished when Kiran got jump on the dragon, holding Minerva, he hurt the animal and when it fell, Alfonse gave to Minerva the final attack

After that, a kind of dark energy was expelled from her body.

"Well done" she said " You two have proved strong enough to break our contract... well... maybe you are an exception... you're a cheater." she pointed to Kiran.

"jejejeje... yeah..."

"So, we are free once more, I give you my oath that we won't attack your kingdom... farewell... I need to cure my wyvern.." then, they left.

"And that completes our mission Kiran." Alfonse smiled.

"Maybe you could be a great tactician!." Sharena said.

"Em... maybe... I'll do the best I can do."

"I think I'm going to be very fond of you."

"Em.. ok.. I like the idea."


The three guys turned to see Anna with a worried expresion on the face.

"Listen up!." yelled Anna, her voice was filled with worry, "I've just gotten a report that Emblian soldiers are advancing on our kingdom!."

"What!?, so all this was only.. " Alfonse started.

"A distraction, we've left our kingdom.." Sharena continued the sentence.

"Open to attack." Kiran completed the sentence.

"What's done is done, let's make haste, BACK TO ASKR!." yelled again Anna.

All the soldiers started to run to where the portal was.

Kiran is bilingual, besides, he's not wearing his classic white coat of the game... at least... not yet..