Harry Potter: Lost Very Far Away

Chapter 1: Harry Is Lost

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18th of June 2000

Galactic Date Unknown -796 BBY(Before Battle of Yavin)

2,857 ATC(After Treaty of Coruscant)

32,491 After Tho Yor Arrival

Department of Mysteries/Dantooine

"...That's something to discuss when young Harry is safe at Hogwarts Minister.." Dumbledore began.

"Harry?" questioned Cornelius Fudge the Minister of Magic " Harry Potter you mean?" At Dumbledore's nod, he continued" I'm afraid to say he ran off" He vaguely pointed "in that direction".

As Dumbledore began to move to find his wayward student the Minister continued "Come now Dumbledore he will be fine in the ministry for the moment. "After all, there are Aurors everywhere and he is Harry Potter it's not as if he's going to get lost or injured with all of these people floating around, besides we really do need to talk about what to do next…"

Dumbledore sighed as he saw the Minister's point of view because as much as he wanted to find Harry the truth remained that Voldemort was back and, more importantly, had been seen. Meetings in Fudge's office and strategy meetings to combat this threat would become the norm. He assumed that Harry would be fine for an hour or so.

Little did he know that the half-hour meeting would balloon into three and that by the time he was done Harry would be beyond his help and forever changed.

Fifteen-year-old Harry Potter was running moving to check on his friends and on his Godfather Sirius Black.

Sirius was dead, he thought.

Sirius couldn't be dead his mind screamed back.

Harry didn't stop running.

He couldn't be dead. Harry would not allow it.

All he remembered was Sirius falling through the veil after being hit by a red light. To Harry that did not mean he was dead, no body, no blood, though sadly no Sirius.

His fists clenched and in one hand was his wand while in the other was Bellatrix's taken from the ground when she disappeared with her horrible master. Harry idly wondered whether she would like her wand now that he had snapped it in two.

Passing an Auror in his run towards the veil room, he paused and couldn't help but wonder if all the Death Eaters would like the gift of broken wands. As he had that thought he stopped and studied what the Auror was doing.

As far as he could tell, all the man was doing was looking bored.

"Excuse me but what are you doing?" He asked

"Ah...Mr Potter" the distracted Auror remarked, obviously flustered to be meeting the Wizarding World's celebrity "How can I help you today?"

"What are you doing?" he repeated

"I'm supposed to be looking for more evidence but, instead I'm guarding a bag and waiting for my supervisor in the next room to take it from me". He grimaced. "Such is the glamorous life of an Auror"

"What is he doing? Your supervisor that is" he asked mildly curious.

"He's dealing with the scum and the ki... I mean your friends, Mr Potter…"

"It's Harry please" he paused and then added, "You know I could take that back to your supervisor".

When he seemed about to refuse, Harry continued "After all, I do have to give in this one anyway…" He mutely held out Bellatrix's wand and the Aurors eyes couldn't help but widen, especially at seeing the vile thing in pieces.

"Well, I suppose...as it's you.." he handed a bag of wands over to Harry with the word evidence stamped all over it, he also ignored the sound of snapping. "Just go through the door behind me and ask for Senior Auror Marcus then…"

Harry smiled and stepped on through the door to look for his friends while inside his mind his thoughts were still stuck on the same loop.

Sirius is dead.

But he can't be dead.

As he placed Bellatrix's wand pieces inside the bag with the others, his eyes were already scanning the room for his friends. Harry's eyes slid over a man that was obviously Marcus due to the way he was ordering everyone around and desperately hoped his friends were okay.

He saw Hermione, from a distance, in the far right corner of the room unconscious. There was a team of anxious Medi-Witches pouring over her body (but not in a frantic fashion) so Harry got the impression that she would be ok. He released a breath that he hadn't been aware, until that moment, that he had been holding.

She was going to live. He smiled, a bit of the weight that had settled on his soul over the course of the day slipped away and he felt lighter.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his friend Neville Longbottom waving him over. He was sitting on a bench next to his other friend Luna Lovegood.

Luna appeared to Harry to be her usual spacy self as she was humming a little bit, off to the side, while holding a satchel. Harry found this odd, but only because he didn't remember her having it before and it seemed unlikely that he would have missed it.

He moved to them with a smile on his face but before he could speak Luna beat him to it.

"A Notice-Me-Not charm Harry".

"Huh?" was his eloquent response.

"You were going to ask where I got this satchel from, which of course is the wrong question. The question you should be asking is why didn't you notice your satchel before now" she explained with wide innocent blue eyes.

"My satchel?" he asked getting the distinct impression that a headache was beginning to form behind his eyes. He wasn't worried, however, after all, he'd spoken to Luna before.

"But of course!" She explained as if carrying a hidden satchel and telling no one about it while in the middle of a battle was the most obvious thing in the world, especially as it was for someone else. "I'm not going to need it am I?"

Harry looked helplessly at Neville even as she passed him the satchel and he wordlessly slipped the bag of wand's inside while placing it on his shoulder.

For a moment Neville and Harry stared at each other and thought about all the responses that they could give and then they shrugged, as one, giving up on understanding her realising that it was probably a futile effort.

Luna of course just returned to humming tunelessly.

"So... The Weasleys?" he questioned not noticing them in the room.

"Ron's at St Mungo's and Ginny has gone with the rest of the family to be with him" responded Neville.

"Is he going to be ok?" Harry asked worriedly.

"They think so" even as he paused and seemed to be weighing his words "But you have to understand Harry, it's not like my nose, an easy fix that can be done in a second. It will take some time... maybe as long as a month or three"

"I'm glad your nose is fixed mate" Harry paused "what about your wand? Can they fix it at all?"

"I am afraid not" he smiled wistfully " It was my father's you know? It never really worked well for me but still…" Neville's eyes, which had drifted away, refocused on Harry's face. "Nevermind, I suppose. It's just another brick in the wall of the Longbottom-Potter Alliance". At Harry's blank look he paused "You don't know? Here…" He tucked his wand shards in the satchel "Keep that for now and come find me later and I'll fill you in". Harry nodded, it was the least he could do, for his friend losing something of his own lost father's.

"I'll come to find you later then" affirmed Harry

"Do you hear the voices behind the Veil?" Luna softly interrupted

With that, the question that had briefly been subsumed by worry for his friends returned with a vengeance.

Sirius was dead.

He couldn't be dead.

"Don't worry" Luna said softly. "I hear them too. They speak of Horrors and wonders, of brilliance and shadow, of love and life. Such pain in the voices and such joy…" Her eyes locked on his, staring not at his face, rather they seemed to look deeply into his soul. "Why don't they ever stop speaking?" The last sentence was said almost in a whisper.

"I don't know" he whispered back "I can't hear them from this far away". He paused for a moment and in a new voice raw with emotion simply asked " Is he alive?"

"I don't know" she said slowly. "He's not speaking to me at all… at least not that I can hear" and at that, he hung his head.

Neville, looking uncomfortable, backed away a few paces to give Harry some space as he wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.

"Dust" Luna nodded even though she knew it wasn't.

"Can I ask you three questions Harry Potter?" she said abruptly changing the subject.

"Only three Luna not twelve?" A joke, but of course Luna answered the question seriously

"I only need three. I could make some up if you like?" At his wide-eyed silence, she continued "Fair warning Harry Potter you must really think about your answers, not just say the first thing that pops into your head or what you think I want to hear".

Harry took a moment to think.

Luna was many things but one thing she was always was honest. If she gave a warning it would be because she was going to be getting personal and he wasn't sure if he was ok with that, but then again who was? If he couldn't be open with her now after the battle they just had could he be with anyone ever?

"Sure Luna...You can ask" She had stood with him this far and had never doubted him, just accepted him, for who he was.

He owed her for that.

"Do you think Sirius Black is alive?" He was about to bite off a sarcastic comment when he looked into her eyes, so forgiving, so understanding and so... blue. He sighed.

"I don't know Luna... I just don't know. I know he went through the Veil but I don't know what that means, only what people say it means. I also know that he was hit by a red spell, but I don't know if it was a stunning spell or a cutting spell or what…. I'm only a fifth year for fuck's sake and despite my D.A.D.A. scores I know I'm no Hermione". Luna seemed completely unfazed by his bad language, seemingly happy with his thoughts coming out unfiltered and raw. "I guess the answer is I just don't know"

It was freeing in a way, Harry mused, to share the burden of not knowing with someone else without being told to curb his language or being looked at with pity.

Bless Luna, he thought.

"My second question" she began " is... do you like me, Harry Potter... In that way?" Harry laughed, though not unkindly and Luna to her credit didn't even flinch.

"You know, this has to be the weirdest conversation I've had in my entire life Luna and, for the record, that does include the one about raising a dragon in a wooden house".

He paused to gather his thoughts while Luna waited. "If you'd asked me yesterday I wouldn't know what I would have said but here, now, with everything that we've been through and everything that has happened today... yes Luna I think I do.."

"Goodie!" she said and leaned forward, starting to kiss him. He felt in that moment more carefree, warmer and frankly more aroused than he had ever been before. He also felt a tiny bit scared, in short for the first time in his life, he felt normal for a moment.

Eventually, they pulled apart blushing lightly.

Neville, nearly forgotten, stood staring at the ceiling pretending not to have seen anything, though he too was blushing.

"My final question" Harry with great difficulty refocused "is can you live without knowing what happened to Sirius?"

At that moment, looking at her, It all crystallised for him. Could you deal with not knowing? The question echoed in his head and the ghost of another life, of him leaving arm in arm with her, flashed before his eyes.

"No" he said and at length. Luna smiled sadly, even as he continued, "Wait for me?"

"Of course" was the simple reply.

"I'm coming Sirius" he whispered and before anyone could stop him he ran into the Veil. An Artefact that was little understood by the greatest of Wizarding Minds but was always called the Veil of Death.