The Devil in the Moon (Sailor Moon/Daredevil Crossover) – By DS Wynne


Disclaimer: "Daredevil" belongs to Marvel Comics; "Sailor Moon" belongs to others.

Note: This story is inspired by the movie "Daredevil".  If there is interest, I might continue it beyond the introduction.  Let me know.

Special note: WARNING!  This story may contain spoilers.


            In the grand scheme of things, chance and fate manipulate events for a desired outcome.  In one reality, a young boy is blinded by a chance encounter with a chemical accident; in another, a young girl comes across a helpless cat, and freed it from its predicament.  In each case, those incidents would lead them to their future roles as champions of the oppressed and purveyors of justice.

            But what if those destinies were intertwined in some way?  Would the outcome be the same?  And what would be the ramifications of such a course?  Let's take a look, shall we?


            Daddy will be so proud! A young Usagi thought, as she ran to the accounting office that her father, Ken Tsukino, worked at.  She really wanted to show him and her mother that she could get good grades.

            Usagi quietly walked through the private office door, located near the docks, not really knowing that a meeting was taking place.  She was about to open her father's door, when she suddenly felt unease.  She knew her daddy was suppose to be at work, but she wondered why Miss Masumato, her secretary was curiously absent.  Quietly, she opened the door…

            "Boss is real glad that you're 'cooking the books', Ken," said a gruff looking man.

            "I'm only doing this so that my family won't get thrown in the streets," Ken replied.  "Otherwise, I wouldn't be in this predicament."

            Ken Tsukino was a good man.  Unfortunately, he had a bit of a gambling problem.  So, when he hit rock bottom, Ken turned to "The Mob" for a bailout.  And that was a few years ago.

            "I take it that I will be paid as usual…?"

            "Yeah, yeah.  You will."

            "No…" Usagi said quietly.

            "What's that?" said the gruff man, as he handed Ken his payout.

            "Who's there?" yelled Ken.  "Ikari?  Are you still here?"

            "NO!" Usagi yelled, as she ran out of the office and out the door, dropping her report card in the process.  With tears streaming down her cheeks, Usagi blindly ran in front of a forklift, which was unloading some very potent chemicals.

            "Hey kid, look out!" yelled the forklift operator.



            "AHHHHHHHHH-!" Usagi screamed, as her faced burned, and her senses flared.

            Somewhere outside of normal time and space, Sailor Pluto looks at the events with concern.

            "Crystal Tokyo…will not come to pass."

            "Maybe…maybe not."

            "Your Highness!" Sailor Pluto exclaims, as she whips her head in the direction of her former monarch.  "I…I am surprised to see you here."

            "I've come to assure you that Crystal Tokyo will come to pass."

            "But…the Princess' injuries will prevent her from assuming her role as the champion!"

            "Yes…and no.  There will be…another."

            "Make it stop!  MAKE IT STOP!"

            Since waking up, Usagi was assaulted by the flaring of her senses, particularly her hearing.  And somehow, Usagi was able to discern different shapes and distances.  Still, it was difficult to deal with…especially since she was no longer able to see.

            "Usagi!  It's alright," Ikukku said, as she held her daughter close to her.  "We'll get through this."

            I promise that I'll do right by you," Ken thought to himself, not really sure if he could comfort his daughter as well.

            "Dad?" asked Shango, who was with his father.  "Will Usagi be alright?"

            "She will be, son.  She will be."


            A year passes, and Usagi recovers slowly.  Being blind was not something that the Japanese people typically accept as "normal".  Thus, Usagi stayed close to home.  Ikkuku, determined to help Usagi, takes great efforts in finding tutors for her.  One recent tutor, a visiting specialist from China, has worked wonders with the blind.  Ikkuku had heard about this person while doing some research at the local university.  So she invited this specialist to work with Usagi while she is in Japan.  Furthermore, the teacher, named Xu Gua, will also work to strengthen her daughter's body.

            "Usagi?" asked Ikkuk, as she looked at her daughter.  Usagi, wearing a pair of shades, was sitting quietly in the backyard.  She had been practicing her Braille reading.

            "Yes, mother?" Usagi replied.

            "I have someone here to meet with you."

            "Hello, Usagi," Xu Gua said, as she examined the girl.  "My name is Xu Gua, and we are going to be good friends."

            The time between the day Usagi's teacher arrived and the day Xu Gua leaves go by quickly.  Xu Gua (or simply "Sugar") was, indeed, a specialist for the sight impaired.  However, she was also a member of a lost tribe of "Amazons", who specialized in the healing arts and a few esoteric martial disciplines.  According to her tribe's "Lore Keeper", a child of destiny would need to be prepared in order to prevent the end of the world.  The Fates would allow the Matriarch of her tribe to release Sugar from her responsibilities at home to seek this child abroad.  It was by chance that Ikkuku had discovered Sugar's specialty, though the Amazon in question would say otherwise.  Thus, upon meeting Usagi, Sugar knew that she found "the child of destiny".  And from that day forward, and until she had to leave for home, Sugar would hone Usagi newly acquired abilities.

            "Keep it up, Usagi!" Sugar said, as she leaped from rooftop to rooftop.  As far as everyone was concerned, Sugar was treating Usagi for an afternoon of fun.

            "Coming, Sifu!" Usagi said, as she followed.  It had been a while since she enjoyed herself, though she would give up her honed senses for the return of her sight.

            Meanwhile, a meeting at an undisclosed location takes place.

"Now remember, Ken," the gruff-looking man said with menace.  "All you have to do is stretch the truth."

            "What?  Do you think I'd testify against The Boss?"

            "Just want to make sure that you know what you are going to say, Kenny."

            However, on the day of the mob trial, Ken, inspired by Usagi and his family's presence, testified that the business he was an accountant for was laundering money.  Ken knew that he was in a lot of trouble, but, if he could make it up to his daughter, it was well worth the risks.

            "Ken, do we have to?" Ikkuku said, as she was packing her things.

            "Yes.  I don't want you and the kids to get hurt because of me.  You can stay with my brother and his family until all this is over."

            "Ken, just be careful.  I love you."

            "I…love you too."

            No, Daddy, Usagi thought to herself, as she perched on a nearby tree.  Since her teacher left for home, she had ventured out into the world on her own.  She had just come in from practice, when she heard her parents talking through an opened window.  Maybe she could do something to help her father…somehow.

            Ken was nervous, as he walked into the door of his office.  He knew that if he ran away, his actions would endanger his family's safety.  It was better for everyone concerned if he took his "punishment".

            "Hello, Kenny," said Ken's contact.  "I'm glad you didn't run away.  And for that, you have my respect."

            "Let's just…get this over with.  Just…promise me that you'll leave Ikkuku and the kids alone."

            "I promise."

Meanwhile, Usagi had followed her father at a distance.  When Ken arrived, Usagi immediately knew something was wrong.  As she leaped off the roof, she heard the sound of a vehicle speeding off.

"Daddy?  I can't hear you…"

Usagi's senses allowed her to hone on to even the sound of a heartbeat.  She groped her way around the office until she came across the prone body of Ken Tsukino.


Two years later, after Usagi, her mother and her brother leaves Japan for San Francisco, somewhere in her old district, a familiar scene takes place…

"Why didn't my alarm clock ring?" Naru said, as she ran for Juuban Middle School.  Funny how both the electricity in the house AND the battery back-up failed!

"Hey, what's that?" she asked herself.  Up ahead, three boys were brutalizing a black cat.

"Hey!  Stop messing with that cat!"

"Oh yeah?" replied one of the boys.  "What are you goin' to do?"

"I'll flatten ya!"

Seeing how Naru was bigger than they were, the boys made a strategic retreat.

"Hello, kitty," Naru said, as she picked up the injured cat.  "Hmm.  Why do you have a bandage on your forehead…?"

Across the street, Setsuna Meioh (aka "Sailor Pluto") watches the scene unfold.  She was, of course, dressed in civilian clothes.

"And so it begins, albeit differently," Setsuna mused to herself.  "Young Naru will take up the role of 'Sailor Moon', and the rest of the Senshi will follow.  Prince Endymeon will awaken as well…as an ally to the Senshi in general, as both they and he recover the Silver Millennium Crystal.  Together, while fighting their enemies, they will continue to search for the whereabouts of The Princess.  How that will play out will be interesting in the least."

Ten years later in San Francisco, California…

            "Okay, hand over your wallet!" said a would-be thug.  In the more seedy portions of the city, such as the Tenderloin, it was very easy to get into trouble.

            "Please!  It's all that I have!"

            Thankfully, there was someone there to take care of such difficulties.


            Dressed in a red ninja-type outfit, made from leather and had horns, which covered from head to toe, Usagi retrieve her club (which bounced off the thugs head).

            The thug got up and turned to see the person in question. 

            "The Oni!"

            Silently, Usagi began to beat up the thug.  Unfortunately, he apparently had friends nearby.

            Bang!  Bang!

Not that it was a problem for Usagi, since she had heard the chamber of the gun being "chambered".

            At any rate, Usagi leaped off the side of building, and wade through the thug's friends.  One by one, they all went down.  As soon as the cop sirens were heard, Usagi turned her attention back to the victim, checked him out, and leaped out of the alley.

            Later, Usagi arrived home, entering through a secret door way on the roof.  Thanks to her inheritance from her father's untimely demise, Usagi bought a home in Japantown, and equipped it with things that she might need to fight crime.  Most importantly, Usagi bought a sensory deprivation chamber that allowed her to sleep comfortably.  Afterall, she had to be on her best if she wants to do her work at the Japanese consulate as a law clerk.

            Usagi, once inside, removed her mask and rubbed her short crop hair.  Since taking up the role as "The Oni", Usagi found it necessary in cutting her hair.  An incident that took place years ago taught her that long-hair was a liability.  Once she showered, Usagi played her messages.

            "Usagi, this is your mother," the message began.  "Your brother has been injured.  Please return home.  I know that you think we abandoned you, but…just come home."


            Usagi thought for a moment.  Five years ago, her mother remarried, and took her son Shingo with her back to Japan.  Since the Japanese didn't take to the handicapped too well, Ikkuku thought that it would be best if Usagi stayed in America.  Besides, Usagi was already an adult, so Ikkuku no longer had any responsibility to her daughter.  Normally, Usagi would just turn her back on the whole thing, but…she had to see if her brother was okay.  Thus, with determination, Usagi made her decision.

            She was going home.

Author's note: So this is just a short story with Usagi in the role of Daredevil.  If the story continues, you'll learn that Shingo had become a police officer (Detective) in the hopes of finding his father's killers.  And the Sailor Scouts were able to win against their various enemies over the years (with a little guidance from Sailor Pluto) without their Princess.  However, Usagi and the Scouts will cross paths, when they learn that there upcoming foes have more in common than they both realize.  In the meantime, Usagi, in her role as "The Oni", will meet Shingo's senior partner…a certain high-caliber martial artist that possesses an unusual curse (guess who).  Anyway, let me know what you think.  Ciao!