The Devil in the Moon6 – By DS Wynne

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Note: This is a fusion, crossover story.

"Good evening, Miss Tendo," said Miss Nora Osaka, Nabiki Tendo's secretary.

"'Evening, Nora," Nabiki said, as she walks into her office.

"Miss Tendo, you've received a call from the police department. It's about Inspector Saotome."


"Yes. Apparently, he received some injuries from an assailant while on a case."

"Thank you, Nora. By the way, please hold all calls until further notice. I'll be in my office doing some work."

"Very well, Miss Tendo."

When Nabiki went into her executive office, she locked the door behind her. And then, she sat in her chair, and went into a deep meditative state…

When "Nabiki" appeared, she was now a "he". Now appearing as a male version of Nabiki, the man went into the center of a darkened room, where a past version of Sailor Pluto was being bound by chains while sitting in a chair.

"Hello, Moment," the man smirked.

"P-Prince Lunarite," Pluto managed. "What do you want?"

"What I want is revenge, on the Moon Kingdom. You do remember the reason, right?"

"You disobeyed a direct order, if I recall."

Lunarite's eyes flashed, causing Pluto to be struck by etheric energy.


"Wrong response. But, then again, it's been a long time since you and I have been…together, remember?"

Lunarite stroked Pluto's left cheek. Then, from nowhere, he pulls up a chair.

"Let me remind you what happened that night, when the Moon Kingdom was attacked by the Negaverse…"

Part 6: Finale, Act Three

Usagi Tsukino, as per future-Sailor Pluto's instructions, embraced the Silver Imperium Crystal, as Naru Osaka handed it to her. At first, she felt as if she was falling into a bright light. Then, she realized that her vision was slowly returning to her. When her vision cleared, Usagi realized that she was in some place…a place with broken-down ruins. When she looked up, it had dawned on her that she wasn't looking at the Moon; she was looking at the Earth!

"Hello, my daughter," said a voice.

Usagi turned around to see a beautiful woman. She had white hair, arranged in a dumpling hairstyle, and a long gown. There was a crescent symbol etched in her forehead.

"Who are you?"

The woman smiled sadly.

"I am your mother, Queen Serenity of the later Moon Kingdom. And you are my daughter, Princess Serena."

Usagi was taken aback.

"No. I'm not a princess. Princess' have fairy tale endings and live in castles."

"My daughter, Fate can be a cruel master. In your past life, you were taken away from me by an attack from the forces of darkness, and you were blinded in your new one. Of that, I am sorry."

Usagi wanted to embrace this woman, whose sadness exceeded her own.

"Couldn't something have prevented all this?" Usagi asked.

"Aye, but because of the failure of my brother, the kingdom fell."

"Tell me, what happened?"

Serenity looks away for a minute.

"Lunarite, my younger brother, was the protector of the Moon Kingdom. It fell upon his shoulders to keep watch while the dignitaries from throughout the Silver Millennium attended a special banquet held in your honor. Then again, I would have held one anyway just to lighten the mood."


"And so I held my post, as I was instructed to," Lunarite says. "And then you showed up."

"You're blaming this on me?" Moment replies.

"Of course. You were upset that your father had insisted that you marry some nobleman on Earth, just to cement alliances amongst the Atlanteans. And so you came to me, threatened to commit suicide if you had to go through to wedding. And because I loved you, I decided to relieve you of your burden. So you and I ran away to get married."


"And because both Moment and Lunarite were away from their posts, that allowed Queen Beryl and her minions from the Negaverse to attack the Moon Kingdom and elsewhere."

"So, what happened to this Moment and Lunarite?"

"Having received word of the attack, Lunarite returned, albeit too late. Moment had to defend the Time Gate from further attacks, especially after most of its defenders have been perished."


"You remember the devastation, right?" Lunarite says. "Serenity had already used the Silver Imperium Crystal on our people, sending them to the future. But for me, because of you, because I left my post, I essentially broke my oath to defend the kingdom. As a result, I was cursed to become a wandering shade, inhabiting bodies until the day the rightful heir to the Silver Imperium Crystal is restored to power."

"What good does that do now?" Pluto says. "You're a criminal! In fact, had you not tried extort the Moon Princess 'present' father, she would not have ended up becoming blind!"

"That was a lack of foresight on my part."

"And why do you have a female body?"

"For two reasons. One, no one will suspect a woman for being a master criminal, and two, the Silver Imperium Crystal is only effective in the hands of a woman. Being in control of Nabiki Tendo's body will allow me to achieve those ends. And now that my niece is here, I can make her give me the crystal…and then I will be the one who will usher in the age of Crystal Tokyo!"


"Oh, my kami!" Usagi said.

"I know, dear. My brother's anger has made him insane, and only you can mollify him. You must embrace your heritage, my daughter…"


"Princess?" asked Naru.

Usagi opened her eyes. Instead of darkness, she could see patterns of colors. Her extraordinary hearing gave those patterns definition, creating three-dimensional imagery to Usagi. She could make out an image of Naru, whose aura shone brightly.

"Naru…isn't it?"

"Yes, Princess, we are here."

"Call me 'Usagi'," Usagi said. "I had formalities."

"Hey, partner," Minako said.

"I ought to clock you for your duplicitousness, Mina."

"My, aren't we using big words this evening."

Usagi stuck out her tongue.

"Princess, we have to act now," Setsuna says. "My past self is in danger at the hands of your uncle. He's taken the form of Nabiki Tendo…and had been responsible for what had happened to your father, Kenjiro Tsukino."

"I know. I also know what YOUR role has been in all this, too."


"We can deal with THAT later, right now, I got to get up."

"Usagi, you should exert yourself!" Naru says.

"I have to. There's an uninvited guest hanging about this place."

"Then, let us-"

"No," Usagi said, as she puts on her mask back on. "This MY fight, and I owe Bull's Eye for what he has done."

"Come out, and play, lass," yelled a voice from the temple's courtyard. "I'll be nice."

Usagi extended her senses. She could see Bull's Eye's aura through the walls of the domicile. She then smiles.

"This is going to be SO good…"

Outside, Bull's Eye flipped his blade casually. Though he is far from being religious, he was religious enough to be respectful.


Bull's Eye barely got out of the way of the thrown billy-club. On the roof, Bull's Eye could see the silhouette, in the full of the Moon, of…


"You could have simply come out without the theatrics, luv," Bull's Eye smirked.

"And miss the opportunity to showboat? Please."

'Oni leaped off the roof of the temple, and landed in front her opponent.

"Let's boogie," Oni said, as she got into a fighting stance.

"Let's," Bull's Eye replied.

The fight was intense to be sure. Bull's Eye threw a punch, while the 'Oni countered. A kick here was met with a trap there, and so on. What was different this time was that 'Oni was trying to keep the battle close. She knew that her opponent's strength was his deadly accuracy with thrown weapons, and could make anything into a weapon. Eventually, even Bull's Eye caught on to what 'Oni was trying to do.

"Keep away from me!"

"Aw, I thought that I was your number one girl!"

And, with swift movements, 'Oni pressed against different parts of Bull's Eye's body. And then, she stepped back.

"Now, let's see if- URRK!"

Bull's Eye's body began to spasm uncontrollably. He tried to pick up his throwing dagger, but found that he couldn't hold it correctly.

"What did you DO to me?!"

"I simply applied pressure points to make your body forget how to handle tools," Oni smirked. "In effect, you are as helpless as a little baby!"


"Oh, yeah!"

And with that, 'Oni cold-clocked Bull's Eye.

"That was, so neat!" Naru said, as she and the rest of the Sailor Scouts went out into the courtyard.

"Yeah. I'd forgotten that part of the 'Blind Arts' included pressure points. Silly me."


"Anyway, I got a meeting to attend to. Pluto, when the time has come, deal with your past counterpart."

"And we'll take care of this piece of trash," Minako says.

And with that, the Red Oni leaps towards her destiny.

A short time later…

"So, you've come at last," Nabiki Tendo says, as she slowly turns around. "I will assume Bull's Eye failed in his mission."

The Red Oni stood in front of Nabiki's desk, having successfully circumvented the building security.

"You cannot continue your evil ways…uncle."

"So, you know of your past," Nabiki smirks, as she rises. With very little effort, she kicks her oaken desk twenty feet out of the way. Then, out of thin air, she pulls out her old Silver Millennium era sword. "That crystal of yours will belong to me, since I assume that the only way to know of your past is by embracing your heritage, Silver Imperium Crystal included."

'Oni took off her mask.

"If the crystal is all that you wanted, then you shall have it."

Nabiki looks at Usagi.

"This has to be a trick or something."

"No trick. I'm tired of the fighting, and the death. I don't know if using the fall of the Moon Kingdom and the death of my father is good enough. I freely give the crystal to you, uncle."

With that, 'Oni presented the Silver Imperium Crystal to Nabiki.

Hesitantly, Nabiki took the crystal in her free hand. When she did, she was engulfed in a white light…

Prince Lunarite found himself in the ruins of the Moon Kingdom. Standing before him was-

"S-Serenity! Then I was a tricked-"

"No, uncle," Usagi said, as she appeared by her mother side. She now appeared in her full Princess form, complete with dumpling hair and crescent moon symbol on her forehead. "Haven't you heard anything that I have said? I'm tired of all this."

Then, Usagi turned to her mother.

"Mother, I know what uncle did was wrong, but can we not settle things peacefully? You gave me an opportunity to seek relief, please do the same for your brother."

Queen Serenity looks at Usagi, and then at her brother. Perhaps, there was wisdom in her daughter's words.

"Lunarite, I'm…sorry for placing that curse on you. I consider yourself redeemed."

Lunarite looks at his once-sister in shock.

"You expect me to forgive, just like that?"

"No, brother, I do not. Perhaps time-"

"Time? TIME? Here!"

In disgust, Lunarite tosses the Silver Imperium Crystal to Usagi.

"I reject your offer. In fact, I don't want ANYTHING to do with you. Ever!"

Then, everyone is engulfed in a flash of light…

Nabiki opens her eyes, as did Usagi.

"You may keep the crystal. I will find my OWN path, and create my own empire. And I will spare your friends lives, just because I want to be nice for a change. But mark my words, 'niece', this feud of ours is not over, not by a long-shot!"

The Red Oni shakes her head sadly, as she puts back her mask.

"Then you know how to reach me."

As she turned around, the 'Oni pauses.

"But mark MY words when I say that I will bring your criminal empire down, one way or another."

And with that, she leaves.

A few days later…

"And in other news, the Tendo Corporation has decided to reassess its foreign investments, in light of the sudden death of the Foreign Minister. Furthermore, the head of the Tendo Corporation, Miss Nabiki Tendo, has decided to go on a well-deserved vacation. We wish Miss Tendo well. This Trisha Takamura, signing off."


"Well, it looks like Nabiki is going to get away with murder," Minako says, as she munches on poki sticks, while she and her friend Usagi are sitting in the park. "At least your brother and Ranma will be fine."

"Yeah, at least for now," Usagi replies. "So, do you think you can manage living in Japan for now on?"

"Yeah, I'll manage. Oh, and Naru wants to let you know that you will still allow her to have custody of the 'you-know-what'."

"Hey, I got my own abilities to deal with. Besides, I don't know if I could wear short skirts while fighting crime."

"Hey, if I can do it, so can you."

"Yeah, right!"

As the two continued to converse, Usagi looks up at the morning sky. While she doesn't have "real" vision, she has received something that was nearly as great. In everything, she saw…rainbows. Kinda nice actually. Will she ever regain her sight? She didn't know the answer to that, and Sailor Pluto certainly wouldn't tell her about her future. But whatever the outcome, the Red Oni is more than ready to face it head on.

Maybe I should grow out my hair, Usagi thought. Nah!

Meanwhile, across town, Bull's Eye was in jail, trying to pick up his knife and fork in order to eat his meal. At the moment, he was being held for the murder of the Foriegn Minister, pending a trial. So far, he was having difficulty re-learning how to use the simplist of tools.

"One day, lass," Bull's Eye grinned evily. "One day..."