Fading Silver by The Lady Arianrod

a/n: This is a poem/song type thing inspired by the Appendix of LOTR and the tale of Aragorn and Arwen in their final days. It is also meant to hearken back to Tolkien's songs and tales of old that are often included throughout the book.

Disclaimer: The Tolkien estate owns the rights to all characters and situations in the following piece of fiction. Thank you.


This is the song of a forgotten tale,

Of love betwixt mortal and immortal.

Evenstar and Elessar, joined by the hand of fate

In the starry land of Rivendell, whose splendour is now a shadow.

These memories are a tapestry,

A potrait of the days gone by.

For many a foot has walked Middle-earth,

But few recall the tale of this love.

The Grey Ships had long since sailed,

While in Gondor these two lingered.

Not forever bound to the circles of this world,

These mortals began to fade.

Summer gave way to Autumn,

And the King Elessar neared his end.

Gold became silver, and joy into sadness,

A bittersweet look in Evenstar's eyes.

For lo! Their song was ending soon,

As Undómiel would say farewell.

King Elessar took her hand in a final good-bye,

And she called out 'Estel'.

And for a while remained alone,

As the land grew silent and still.

Lothlórien was a mere shadow,

For all her kin had left.

When finally the Elven queen decided upon her fate,

She laid herself to rest upon Cerin Amroth.

These mortal lives taken by the sting of time,

Now buried forever in memory.

This memory lives on in the minds of those

That love touches, to this very day.

But most have forgotten, and time still flows

Like the silvery path of a star.

So passed away Elessar and Evenstar,

And no longer does elanor bloom east of the sea.


end notes: Hmmm..... how was it? Good? Bad? Needs improvement? I'm always open to criticism.

Anyway, you at least have to agree that Arwen and Aragorn make the best couple. Their love is timeless, as is their story. This poem was an attempt to keep the spark of their legacy alive, even if it is only in the hearts of their children.

p.s. Wouldn't this be poweful if it was in the P.O.V of Eldarion, their son? Just a thought. (actually, it might be....)

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