"Ron, come on, you know if we're caught I could lose my status as top student, and then I couldn't be Head Girl next year!"

Draco was on his way back from dinner that February evening when he heard the sounds of two people in an abandoned classroom and from the sound of it, they were enjoying themselves. He grinned hearing the girl's voice, tinged with both wanting and apprehension, and he knew from what she said who it must be. He walked over and whispered "Alohamora." The door clicked, and he carelessly pushed it open.

Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger quickly separated and looked up at the door. Draco Malfoy's strong body was leaning up against the door frame, an absolutely wicked smile gracing his face. He would've laughed if it was in his character. Two robes were haphazardly thrown into a corner, Hermione's blouse was halfway undone, and Ron's hair was sticking up in about fifty million different directions. They both stared at Malfoy, Ron looking angered and Hermione looking guilty, but both faces were red with embarrassment.

"Get out of here, Malfoy. Can't you see we're busy?" Ron looked livid.

"Oh it's quite obvious you're busy, Weasel. Mudblood, your bra is showing. And might I say, pink is really your color."

Hermione rushed to button her shirt back up and her face changed to a deep crimson. Ron rushed forward and reached for his wand, only to realize that his wand was in the pocket of his robes. He stopped in his tracks. Draco pointed behind the two in the direction of their robes.

"I believe you two will be needing those." He tutted.

"Hermione, I wonder what the professors will think of this... I dare say they'd be incredibly disappointed." He twirled around on his heel and began in the direction of Snape's office.

"Malfoy, wait!"

He couldn't resist turning around. "Yes?"

Hermione was rushing forward, her robes in her hands. Behind her, Ron was pulling on his own robes and stalking out of the room.

"Never mind him, lets go Hermione." She didn't move, her eyes never leaving Draco's face.

"Come on!" Ron tugged at her arm.

"Listen, Ron, I'll be in the common room in a second, ok? Cover for me if anything happens." Ron gave her a confused look before leaving the room. Hermione pulled on her robes.

"Listen, Malfoy... you know damn well that if you report this, I may not be Head Girl next year... you could RUIN my chances, ruin EVERYTHING I've worked for these past six years." She looked positively distressed as she ran her fingers through her hair.

"Now, I would really, really be appreciative if you would just let this pass… just act like you never saw it." Draco opened his mouth, but she cut him off.

"However, I know that's not in your character at all... and so I'm willing to make a deal. Anything you want...and I mean it, anything... and you just let me know." His mouth opened again, but she wasn't finished just yet.

"Don't tell me now. I'm going to give you time to think about it. Just... I trust that you won't be reporting this incident, as I'm giving you power over me to get anything you want. I also trust you know where to find me when you've thought of something. All I need is your silence." She walked past him and looked for teachers before rushing to her common room.

Draco was stunned. He couldn't move for a while as his thoughts swam around his head. He could get anything he wanted from her. Anything. The word flashed before his eyes several times, a neon colored light outside of a muggle store or a sleazy strip joint. He thought of everything, from the obvious (sexual favors) to the outrageous (his slave until graduation). But none of his ideas really worked out. She did say anything, but Draco was sure she wouldn't be into anything sexual with him; and despite what his father seemed to think, it was no fun if the other person wouldn't enjoy it. And of course, she was desperate enough to agree to be his slave, but he didn't really need one; the house elves in Hogwarts and at his own home took care of everything, and the idea of bringing a muggle into Malfoy Manor was humorous in itself.

He finally made it to the Slytherin common room and walked into his dorm, ignoring all the other students. He was lying in bed, thinking over and over what he could possibly tell her to do. Then he thought of it- the one thing he needed that could even prove to torture her as well. He couldn't wait until tomorrow, when he could tell her exactly what she'd have to do in return for his silence.