The Lost Ones

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Summary: Adriana is a young eighteen-year-old girl. She is living a normal life and everything is fine until one fateful day. After hearing devastating news she decides to jump off the bridge near her home. She has lost all hope of life when she stumbles into Middle Earth. Can she overcome the fate set before her? Can she ever adjust to being in Middle Earth? Can she ever get home? Find out!


I smiled and waved to Keith. He walked up to me as I shoved my calculus book into my locker and slammed it shut. I kissed him lightly, "How was your day?"

He shrugged as he took my hand; "Just like every other day." I smiled and walked outside with him. A few friends waved to me as I walked out of the school building. Keith walked around the passenger side of his car and opened it. He allowed me to sit down in the passenger seat. I smiled and slipped in all the way and sat down. He closed the door behind me and walked around. I slipped the beige seatbelt over me and relaxed into the leather interior. His father's gift to him for his sixteenth birthday was this beauty. Keith's parents had divorced three years ago and two years his rich father had purchased a garnet red mustang convertible. He revved the engine and pulled out of the student parking lot. He smiled at me, "Where to beautiful?"

I laughed airily, "I need to go to the doctor. I told you today that I had a physical."

He snapped his fingers, "Oh yeah! I will take you there and wait for you. Afterwards we can go to the movies or go out for ice cream."

We arrived at the hospital and I nodded, "Ice cream sounds great. This will only take a second." He followed me into the hospital. I walked up to the front desk and smiled at the young woman sitting there. "Hello. I am here for a physical appointment. My name is Adriana McCormick." The young blond filed through some papers and pulled out a file.

She smiled, "Here you are Miss McCormick. The doctor will be with you shortly."

I smiled, "Thank you very much." After about an hour the nurse called my name. I walked up to the doctor in her white jacket and smiled. "Hello."

She smiled brightly in return, "Hello. Are you Adriana?" I nodded. She escorted me to an examine room and sat me down. "How old are you?"


She scribbled that down. "Date of birth?"

"The twenty second of September." I sighed as I realized how slow this was going to be.

She took down my social security number, phone number, allergies, currents medicines and medical history. She looked up, "Are you sexually active?"

I sighed, 'That is the dumbest question to ask me! I am a preacher's daughter!' With a shake of my head I calmed down. "No, I am not."

Her blue-green eyes lit with suspicion. "That man was your boyfriend?" I nodded and kept my temper. "You are not sexually active?"

I smiled, "No, I am not." She continued and took my blood pressure. Next, I was weighed and my height was measured. I grew even more bored. She put her icy cold stethoscope to my chest and back while asking me to breath in and out deeply. I did so and she paused.

"One more time, please." I did it again and she paused. "Your breath is very shallow. Are you breathing deeply?"

"As deep as I can, miss."

A 'hmm' escaped her lips. "Have you had any chest pain recently?"

I paused. "Yes, come to think of it. I was running yesterday during track practice and I felt a slight pain in my chest."

She frowned, "I want to take a chest x-ray and I want an EKG done ASAP." The nurse behind her scuttled off. I rolled my eyes as she walked off to treat another patient. I pulled the horrid looking hospital gown on. I slipped off my bra and shirt underneath the gown. After that was done Keith walked in.

"Hey what's up Adri?" I smiled at the sound of my nickname and blushed. "Shouldn't you be done by now?"

I sighed, "I thought so too but they want to do some tests on my chest. Nothing major, I am sure. I am always fit as a fiddle." He nodded and sat next to me. His soft lips brushed against my cheek. I kissed him back lightly and a young man approached me.

He gave me a bright smile, "Hello. My name is Orlando and I will be taking your chest x-rays." He wheeled the bed I was lying on into another room. He asked me to stand and face a box that was bolted to the wall. He walked into another portion of the room and then returned shortly thereafter. He smiled, "Now turn to the side." He positioned me a bit more and then left. When he returned, he was grim. "I can see the problem now, your doctor will have to verify, but there is an abnormal growth on your lung. I cannot be sure if it is cancerous or not but your doctor will be able to after a biopsy of the tissue." I stared at the x-ray. I could see a light colored bulge on the inside of my ribs. I closed my eyes and nodded. He led back into the exam room. "I will call off the EKG because it is unnecessary now."

I smiled, "Thank you." Keith looked at me.

"What's wrong?"

I started to sob. "They are going to have to cut my chest open to see if this growth I have on my lung is cancerous!"

He walked over and hugged me close. "It's ok. We will get through this no matter what the results." I hugged him tightly.

"Thank you."

As he leaned in to kiss me, the doctor strode in with his lips tightly pursed. "The x-rays show a growth on your lung and by the way it is spreading over your lung we are ninety percent sure that it is cancerous."

I gasped, "No! I am eighteen, I can't get cancer!"

Keith wrapped his arm firmly around me. The doctor took a breath; "We can make an incision in your side and see if it truly is cancerous."

A sigh escaped my mouth, "Sure. Cut me open and tell me I am going to die." Keith shook his head.

The doctor frowned. "Come on."

~~~Three hours later~~~

I woke on the hospital bed with Keith holding my hand. I looked up, "Well?"

Keith was crying as he held my hand, "The doctor told me a minute ago that it is cancer."

Before I realized it, I was sobbing and clutching Keith's hand. I stood up, "If I am going to die soon then I am not going to spend the rest of my life in a hospital." He stood and drove me home.

I reached my house and kissed him goodbye. "I will call you later Keith." He nodded and drove away. I walked in the door and sighed.

My mother walked in, "How was the physical?"

"Fine," I lied.

A bright smile appeared on her face, "Must have been busy. I have leftovers from supper in the fridge."

"I am not hungry." She nodded and went into her office to work. Father was sleeping on the couch when I walked into the living room. I picked up the stray beer cans around him and threw them away. After ten or fifteen minutes of trying to tidy up the house I went into my room. Outside my bay window I could see the gray clouds that loomed over the sky give way to rain. The droplets beat hard on the roof. I lay on my bed and wept. "All that I was aspiring to be has been lost. No longer will I dream. I am dead already." I heard both of my parents go to be before I stopped crying. The rain had stopped. "I am not going to endure this pain and then die." I stood and threw a sweatshirt over my head. Locking the door behind me, I walked down the street to the bridge that scaled a local river. The water below was flowing faster than usual for it had rained hard. Five hours of rain had brought the water level up a bit. No cars drove along the deserted rode. In a sleepy town like this everyone was asleep by eleven. It was not 3am and I had made up my mind. I looked up at the sky for a moment, "Forgive me Keith." I leaped off and felt a cold rush of air. I waited for the splash; I waited to be engulfed in the wild waters.


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