Running From Lions


'I didn't think I'd get us in this much trouble, Taylor," Teddy said honestly, the first time the little prick had been honest since they'd pulled up at this stupid 'roach stuffed motel. It was a seedy joint, one which made Jason's skin crawl being in.

Especially with a young man.

Screamed all sorts of queer and sexual deviance.

It was hard not to resent the younger man as he made himself comfortable on the one bed they had in their room. It squeaked under his weight and Jason was sure he spotted a pubic hair on the pillow. Great.

"What did you think would happen, Theodore?" Jason snapped, "You walked in on a mob gang shooting someone; you're a witness to a murder which could put a large family of men in prison for a long time. You're fucked."

"I just wanted to get away and have fun without babysitters," Teddy mumbled, "I didn't expect-"

"Fuck. You. Theodore," Jason growled now, "We are your bodyguards. Not your goddamn babysitters. If you weren't such a fame hungry whore you wouldn't need us to follow you around but if you act up to the media limelight then you do need us. You poisoned a member of my staff, disobeyed your father, broke your parents trust and now you've dragged me into this complete and utter farce. And you are yet to apologise or even say thank you to me for saving your arse!"

"I'm sorry, Jason," Teddy said firmly.

"You're forgiven, Teddy. Now shut up and sleep," Jason spat as he stripped to his boxers and climbed into his side of their queen sized bed.

"Thank you for saving me tonight too," Teddy added, sitting in the middle of his bed, "Are we safe in this motel?"

"Safe from the Mob? Yeah. For now we will be," Jason huffed, "You witnessed a mob hit, Teddy. That puts you and your family in danger. I'm yet to see you act like you give a damn. The consequences of your actions could be deadly. For your family and for mine."

"Why can't we go to the police?" Teddy asked then.

"Because, Teddy, I can't be sure you'll be safe in an Eyewitness protection program," Jason admitted, "The only way I'll know that you're safe is if I keep you safe myself. We keep moving. Unpredictably. Until I am contacted from Reynolds to let me know what's going on, you and I are going to be on the run."



Chapter one



12th June,

Grey Mansion,

Grey Estate,



Taylor held Gail's hand as they drove in silence back to the cottage. He felt exhausted, emotionally and physically, the effort to even breathe was proving difficult let alone drive the Jaguar back to the house.

He turned to face Gail who was staring out of the window, taking in the view of the Sound, tears trickling from her eyes. It broke his heart to see her so lost and frightened. Because that's what she was; frightened.

Frightened of the future, of his, of hers and theirs together.

"Are you okay?" Jason finally asked. Neither had spoken to the other since leaving the doctors. Just short one words as both attempted to internalise what had been said to them.

"As good as I can be," Gail choked, forcing a smile as she turned to look at him then.

Jason stared back at the road but he could feel her eyes exploring his face, every wrinkle, every scar and spot, each individual freckle; noting his every feature.

This was utter Hell.

"We can beat this," Jason said as positively as he could.

"There's no beating this, Jason," Gail scoffed, "You're being silly."

"I'm being a marine; there's always a way."

"Not this time, Sailor," Gail sighed and Jason felt his blood run cold. He couldn't help her. He couldn't help his Little Woman. Only the doctors could help her now and, even then, could they?

"Please don't tell Mr and Mrs Grey just yet. I need time to think about it all; assess my options and then we can plan," Gail added, still studying Jason's face closely, "You're beautiful. You know that, right?"

Jason snorted as he merged into another lane to overtake a Toyota who underestimated the speed of the Jag, "You high or something?"

"You are, Jason. I never want to forget how beautiful you are," Gail sighed, a few fresh tears slipping down her cheeks.

He couldn't cry yet, though he desperately wanted to. Instead he focused back on the road as they neared the turn off for Grey mansion.

Addlestone was working the gate and Jason slowed the Jag, rolling the window down.

"Hello Taylor, Gail," Addlestone smiled, "Hope you're well. You catch the Mariner's score, Boss?"

"I never, Addlestone," Jason said as the gate lifted and he was permitted to enter the grounds, "Catch you later."

"Sure, boss," Addlestone called, waving them through before securing the gate once again.

"You missed the game?" Gail frowned then, staring at him as they drove down the long, dark drive to the mansion. He needed to remember to check the light switches; they'd flicked again and the road was in total darkness.

"Of course Little Woman," Jason nodded, turning on the full beam to better see, "Stupid question. You mean more to me than sports."

Gail went quiet then and Jason saw her jaw wobbling as she frantically swallowed and tried to straighten herself out; keep composed. She somehow managed to stem the sobbed her body obviously needed to release and she took several calming deep breaths.

Then silence befell them, the purr of the engine and the sound of the wheels going over a couple of twigs on the road.

"Gail, I just wanted to say that-"

"Sailor, I want you," Gail suddenly interrupted him when Jason had a massive list of things still yet to say. He looked over at her in shock, taking his eyes of the road to do so. Gail must have seen his confusion because she added firmly; "Right now."


Jason was about to comment but then jumped when Gail's hands went straight to unfastening his jeans and slacken his belt. Cold hands found his dick and Jason shuddered from the temperature change.

"Geez, Gail, wait till I put the car in park," Jason stressed, focusing on the Grey's driveway. Or at least trying to focus on the driveway; Gail's head was now bobbing in his lap and Jason felt his dick going from soft to hard in seconds, "Gail," he moaned lowly, glad the Jaguar was automatic so he didn't have to work the stick but instead only focus on the road. He held the wheel with one hand and the other he used for holding the back of Gail's head to keep her thick curly blonde hair from her face.

Fuck he wanted her desperately.

After the hell they'd both experienced in the consultation room all Jason wanted to do was spend the night alternating between making tender love and fucking hard and fast until their problems were all but a distant memory for them both. He'd bring her a cup of tea between sessions, maybe something stronger to help them forget faster.

"Use your teeth," Jason moaned softly, hitching his hips when he felt her using her meeting his request, "That's it."

He didn't bother to reverse park, instead he just drove straight into one of the staff parking bays. Ryan's Fiat 500 was there still, as was Luke's Subaru, so Jason flashed the full beam of his own car.

It was usually a code signal for whoever may just so happen to be in the office that Grey and Ana were up to their usual nonsense in the back of the car, acting like a warning not to watch them doing the deed. It also acted as a way for Jason to know where to cut the security footage; he'd flash the lights to begin with and cut out the footage only when the car's occupants got out.

"Gail," Jason groaned, pulling his seat back whilst Gail let go of his dick and climbed into his lap, "Condoms in the glove box."

"I don't want one," Gail growled and bit him.

She bit him.

On the junction of his neck.

It sent a shiver down his spine…but still he looked at the glove box. This was a five thousand dollar suit; he really didn't want to muddy it up with the leakage that often came after having unprotected sex. Unprotected sex was okay in the house, but condoms kept things clean, like his suits or the interior of his beloved Jag or-

"Ahrnugh," Jason grunted when she started to ride him before he could further object on the condom front. This was only his third favourite suit anyway; it'd wash out.

She'd unbutton her blouse and Jason ended up with a face full of lace and milky white skin.

"Faster, Jason," Gail growled, her nails raking into the back of his neck, through his hair. He tried to oblige but was aware of how high she was already sitting and after today he really didn't want to hit her head.

"That's it," Gail near howled and Jason gave up being so restrained, "Oh, yes, ah fuck Jason."
Instead he grabbed her hips and thrust harder growling himself before biting her exposed shoulder as he came.

"Oh God," Jason panted, slouching back in his seat and looking into the deep brown eyes of the woman he loved. He smiled and tucked a hair behind her ear. "God I love you."

Gail smiled at first and then her face crumpled and she slumped forward into his shoulder.

"Baby please, don't cry. It's going to be okay. We'll work through this," Jason said firmly.

"You should leave me. You're young enough. Remarry. Find someone to look after you." Gail sobbed.

"Sickness and in health, Babe. You're mine," Jason mumbled, one hand in Gail's hair and the other wrapped around her hips to hold her against him tightly, "Shhh, we're going to be okay."

"Jason I'm going to die," Gail choked.

"We all die sometime," Jason pointed out, "We don't know for sure when or how or why. I could die tomorrow. I could die tonight. Death is just what it is. We will make this work for us, I promise you. I'm not leaving. I'm not prepared to leave you over something like this. I swear. It's you and me, babe. You and me. And our Bulldog."

That got Gail laughing then, "Oh Lesley."

"Exactly," Jason said, "You need to keep strong for our baby, Little Woman. Positive energy and all that shite, baby."

"Okay," Gail nodded, "Okay. I'm okay, Sailor. I need to go get cleaned up. Then put some dinner on."

"Good," Jason smiled, kissing her as sweetly as he could, "Beans on toast?"

"With a sprinkle of cheese just like you love," Gail winked but still Jason could see a sadness in Gail's eyes; she was still utterly terrified of their uncertain future or what they would do next.

Gail climbed out of the Jag first, Jason turning the lights off and picking up his wallet from the side door. He climbed out and frowned when he spotted Teddy.

Fucking weirdo.

Jason had no idea when the eldest Grey had become such an ass but at the age of eighteen, Teddy's behaviour was that of a spoilt billionaire's son and not the humbled well raised young man he should have been, like Phoebe.

"You okay, Gail?" Teddy asked, all sweetness and pie. The others couldn't see how much of a cock Teddy Grey was but Jason could, as did Luke and Ryan and Reynolds. Everyone else wrote him off as a lovable rogue. Jason wrote him off as a possible criminal.

How long had the freak been lurking out here?

Gail couldn't answer the young man, only smiling weakly at him before heading into the cottage before she started crying again. She loved the Grey kids like her own. Seeing them right now wasn't going to help her overcome today's events like Jason hoped.

Jason glared, buttoning up his fly and tucking his softening dick up into his waistband, "What are you doing lurking out here in the Staff Parking, Teddy?"

Probably here to steal a car, Jason thought but didn't say.

"Grabbing a joint," Teddy said with a smirk, "What are you doing out here, Sailor?"

He gave Jason a knowing look then which made Jason's blood boil; he'd been watching them having sex. Yes, Jason shouldn't have had sex in the car park but after today's hospital appointment he really didn't give a flying fuck about his behaviour. Which was a scary thought because he was desperate to give Theodore Grey the spanking his parents should have given him as a child.

"Back off, Theodore," Jason warned, going to walk past him, "I'm not in the mood for you tonight."

The kid was an utter prick; entitled and lazy. He'd no interest in going into GEH and he'd also no interest in college. Smoking weed was his latest act of rebellion but really, the joke was on him because the shit was legal in this state and Jason didn't give a flying fuck if he smoked it or not. Heck, he himself had been known to take a sneaky few draws when he went to Luke's apartment.

Phoebe was Jason's little princess. God he adored her like he adored Sophie. She was everything Teddy wasn't; shy, quietly determined, ambitious, strong willed for all the right reasons, fame-loathing. She didn't like people calling her Phoebe Grey because she'd been the victim of some horrific bullying in the past which had left her paranoid about people's intentions; did they want her friendship or her money?

Grey didn't know this but Ana and Jason had picked her up from a party once where her then-boyfriend had decided to make sexual advances which she'd been completely against. He'd called her an ugly prude and threatened to tell everyone intimate details about her if she didn't have sex with him. That was earlier in the year when she was only just sixteen. She'd been sensible and called Jason from the bathroom and he'd grabbed Ana and went to Phoebe's rescue in seconds, both deciding that the less Christian knew the better. That didn't mean Mrs Grey had let the matter go quietly, however.

Not in the slightest.

No, Jason took great joy in watching Luke slash the assholes tires, pan in his windscreen and mirrors, rip off the exhaust of his car. Ryan had contributed by using that big brain of his and hacked the lad's laptop with viruses. Reynolds made sure that he'd no images of Phoebe in an intimate way by going complete CIA and nabbing his iPhone. Of course there was photos of Phoebe which, had Ana wanted, they could have made the police known. However she was satisfied the guy had learnt his lesson and she didn't want to drag Phoebe through much more. Jason had made a point of walking Phoebe all the way to the door of the school building, much to Phoebe's relief; she'd said herself that she felt much safer with Jason around.

Yup, Phoebe was Jason's princess, and everyone knew it. He reckoned that's why Teddy carried such resentment towards him. But if the prick was interested in sparking a friendship with Jason, watching him having sex with his devastated wife was NOT the way to go about it.

"That's a shame you're not in the mood for me," Teddy pouted, "Because You and Luke are taking me to a concert tonight."

"I'm off the clock," Jason frowned.

"Ryan's heading home and Reynolds is off the clock tonight so Dad says it's your shift," Teddy said firmly, "I got tickets last thing to see a band I love."

"Did you, now?" Jason glared.

The last time Grey and Ana slackened the chain they had around Teddy's neck, the little prick had climbed out of the window in the bathroom and ran off to see those dead beat junkie friends of his, leaving Reynolds and Ryan with their fingers up their arses hunting around Seattle.

Teddy was clever, sneaky, there was no denying that he'd his father's intelligence. It was just a crying shame that he'd his mother's stubbornness and father's headstrongness too otherwise Teddy could have used his brain for something productive. But the boy couldn't be told.

"Yes, I did," Teddy said, stubbing out his smoke, "They trust me but they wont let me go with Sawyer unless you come too. I told Dad I didn't need two baby sitters but he's adamant."

"Excuse me, Teddy," Jason mumbled then, unable to believe this utter bullshit. He'd told Grey he had an important hospital appointment with Gail. Surely he wouldn't have Jason head out on a baby sitting job with Theodore?




Teddy was an arsehole for springing this concert on them all. Luke had no idea why Ana or Mr Grey had agreed to let Teddy go; how could they trust him? Sure, he was 18 now but still; he acted like a child for them. He was disobedient, he was dishonest, he was stubborn, he was arrogant, he was self-entitled but worst of all; he was such a wasted potential.

Luke missed the Tedster. He missed his little buddy who'd clung to his legs and aspired to be like him.

'mommy I be getted my hair spiked like Wook?'

'Mommy I learn guitar like Wook?'

'Daddy can I play football like Wook?'

'Sawyer, Teddy's got a runny tummy and he's asking for you. Would you mind?'

'Dad, why don't you listen to cool music like Luke does?'

'Mom, I'm not wearing a parka to school! Luke doesn't have to wear one!"

'Luke, can you train me to be a Navy SEAL?'

It seemed the minute Teddy hit puberty he became a royal cunt. There was no other word to describe him. Ryan was his CPO and the poor guy was constantly running after him and chasing his ass. He was skipping classes, smoking weed, which was legal but beside the point, talking 'street' for a period in time, spending daddy's money to buy himself friends.

He'd not bothered to go to any of his college interviews, he lied about applying Luke was almost certain.

Grey and Ana were at their wits end but they had so much else going on in their lives that Teddy was doing nothing but adding to the troubles. Grey was attempting to break into politics and campaigning whenever he got a spare moment. The success of his Help The World educational campaign, twinned with his devotion to feeding the poor in Washington State made him a prime candidate for the people. Whilst trying to break through the glass ceiling, he was also still head of GEH however there were talks of creating a board to help him run the company if he were to become successful in his political advancements.

From the hoods of Detroit to the Big Leagues, Luke had to give it to Grey; he was the definition of an Underdog and boy how people love the underdog.

Supporting her husband, Ana was still chief editor for her company and on the side she was writing little romance novels. She'd recently had massive success with her novel 'He Won My Heart,' a book about a tortured and twisted beastly Lawyer who finds love with an innocent discount store worker- familiar much?

Talk about writing what you know, Luke had thought when he'd read his copy.

Ryan's twin brother was a big shot Lawyer in NYC so Ana had been able to use his contacts for research purposes and Gail had been the woman who'd pushed Ana to release the book after she was privileged enough to read it. Ana was doing little tours to local bookshops at the current moment, whilst juggling her editorial work as well as her wifely duties to her politician-wannabe husband and her two children.

Teddy fucking around on the sidelines was exceptionally detrimental to his parents personal happiness, dreams and ambitions. One could argue that he was acting out for attention…but it could also be argued that if that were the case, why was Phoebe such a little darling?

At the age of sixteen, Phoebe was the model daughter as far as Luke was concerned. She was Ana's double; utterly gorgeous with beautiful blue eyes and a warm smile. She was however very shy and had been the victim of some horrific bullying which had seen her completely shy away from the public spotlight, unlike her brother. She adored structure and was exceptionally neat and precise with all things, much like her father. She thrived on control and order and stability; she'd a routine which made keeping her safe so much easier.

Lately she had been showing an interest in enlisting in the Navy, following in the footsteps not of her mother or her father but of her bestfriend, fitness buddy and favourite uncle; Jason Taylor. Ana was utterly against the idea of her 'little princess leaving home' but Grey supported his daughter's decision, the father-and-daughter identical in all but looks. He understood her in a way which Ana just didn't.

For that reason, Luke knew for a fact that Grey was allowing Jason to train Phoebe. When she was old enough to enlist, the decision would be entirely hers, just as dropping out of Harvard had been Christian's, but he would not see his daughter go to the Navy unprepared. Jason was only too glad to spend time with his 'second daughter' and the pair often went to the shooting range on a Thursday night…Ana thought Phoebe was at track racing.

Grey was going to have his balls cut off if Ana ever figured out the truth. Heck, Luke wasn't even allowed to know because of his closeness to Ana. He'd worked it out, he thought, since Taylor had just been spending more time with Phoebe at nights. Luke didn't believe Phoebe was training for a marathon like they said whenever he caught the two running with weighted bags around the estate and he also remembered Ana ranting and venting in his ear about Phoebe and the Navy. Two plus two made four, in Luke's mind.

Luke only wished Teddy would begin to show some sort of drive to do something with his life. Sure, joining the Navy wasn't for everyone, but Phoebe was certain it was where she wanted to be which the most important thing was. Teddy just didn't seem to have a drive to go anywhere.

Or rather, Teddy was driven to go wherever there was liquor, booze and pussy.

How that kid hadn't gotten someone pregnant yet was beyond him; the kid had the highest sex drive possible, and Luke had driven Ana and Grey many a time. Apparently there was someone who fucked more than Christian Grey; Theodore Grey.

Going to a music concert was going to be utterly hellish, especially when Luke just knew that Jason was going to be unimpressed with being rota'ed in. But Ryan had been working seven days on a trot now and Reynolds and his boyfriend, Craig, had their adopted Daughter's clarinet recital tonight. The other members of staff were just background guys who guarded the estate and the places of work, not the instant family members and so it was fucking useless at trying to convince them to do extra shifts. Dicks.

Sighing, Luke stepped out of the shower in the staff room and walked over to his locker. He always kept spare clothes inside, the SEAL in him wanting to always be completely prepared for whatever life threw at him. He paused once he'd his boxers on and stared at the photo of his fiancée, Danni, which he'd pinned inside the door. She was holding their seven year old daughter, Isla, their eleven year old daughter, Eddie, stood beside her mommy. Three of the most beautiful women in Luke's life; his ladies. All three had blonde hair like Danni, the girls having Luke's blue-green eyes and smile. Stunning girls, even if he did say so himself.

He finished hauling on his skinny jeans and Guns and Roses shirt; surely that was appropriate, discreet, clothes for the night?

Running a little gel through his hair, he grinned at himself in the mirror before heading downstairs into the main security office. Gail always left them dinner even if she was going out so he helped himself to one of the subs in the mini-fridge whilst staring at the computer monitors and making sure all was well the Greys.

Christian Grey was in his office, practicing a presentation of some sort.

Ana was in the living room watching the television with the Taylor's bulldog, Lesley, snuggled up in her lap.

Phoebe was doing homework beside her, occasionally looking up from her pad of paper and laughing with her mom.

Teddy was…huh.

Teddy wasn't in his room.

Luke groaned inwardly and sat forward, flicking through the cameras dotted over all points in on the Estate. In total there were 125 different live CCTV feeds; Grey's land was so vast. But there were 20 different screens to view each sector from and in seconds Luke located Teddy lingering by the Staff car park smoking a joint.

Yeah, because the bodyguards tooootally didn't know about that habit. Idiot.

Luke had to smirk that Teddy thought that smoking a little pot was a big ass act of rebellion. Such a trustfund kid. Luke prayed his daughters didn't go through this phase; he wouldn't be able to keep a straight face if Eddie thought she was a badass for doing a little pot and staying out till eleven. When Luke was Teddy's age he was enlisted and learning to use guns; try that for badass.

"Luke?" Ana called and Luke got up instantly, walking through into the main house and into the living room.

"Yes ma'am?" Luke smiled. He loved Ana; for the last decade and a bit Ana Grey had become an exceptionally dear friend to Luke. She was very fair and had a wicked sense of humour which Luke adored. They got on like a house on fire and he felt honoured to have been able to work alongside her; it was the easiest job he'd ever had, even when she'd had two young children at her feet.

"Are you sure you're okay keeping Teddy out of trouble?" Ana asked curiously, scratching Lesley's wrinkly face. Jason had asked Ana to watch him whilst he took Gail to the hospital for an appointment and Ana was more than glad to have the dog. She loved him dearly, they all did, even if he was wrinklier than Luke's scrotum.

Luke saw that Ana was nervous about letting her son go to this concert and rightly so; last time he was trusted to go to a concert he'd been fifteen and had deliberately gave Ryan and Reynolds the slip only to be found by them two hours later so drunk he'd shit himself.

In two hours.

He'd drunk so much he'd shit himself…in two hours.

Luke still had no idea how he'd managed that little party trick. But he was impressed by it for sure.

Grace had lectured him sternly when Teddy sobered up in the hospital. Grey had lectured Ryan and Reynolds but Jason had fought their corner fiercely and stated the facts; Teddy was evasive and took great joy out of 'outwitting' the security team and 'lying to them'. Teddy had said he was going to the bathroom and climbed out of the window back out onto the streets, the concert having been a bluff, and the guards had had to track his mobile phone which led them to where they'd found him; passed out with his friends, poisoned with alcohol.

"Honestly, Ana, he'll know better than to repeat last time with Jason and I watching him," Luke promised, sitting down on the sofa beside Phoebe.

"You smell nice, Luke," Phoebe complimented, Luke seeing she was doing arithmetic on her pad of paper.

"Thanks, Pheebs," Luke smiled, "I showered tonight."

"That's a first," Ana quipped and then laughed when Luke gave her a pouting face.

Luke looked over at the television, seeing Ana and Phoebe were engrossed in Game of Thrones. He smirked wickedly then before staring back at Ana, "Joffery dies."

"Sawyer!" Ana shouted furiously, "You asshole!"

"Mom, language," Phoebe retorted with a smirk which was all her father's. She was about to comment more when Jason walked into the room.

He looked pissed but Luke had anticipated that he would be.

"Mrs Grey, Teddy has just informed me that I'm to accompany him to an event tonight?" Taylor asked tightly.

"I think so, Taylor. Christian organised the rota for it," Ana said, Jason nodding before marching down the corridor. Luke saw Ana's uncertain look and so he got up and hurriedly followed Jason down the hall to Grey's office.

The Big Cheese was looking relatively well for having two kids at 18 and 16. As he'd aged, Mr Grey had lost a little muscle tone, choosing to stay in bed with Ana longer than jogging with Taylor. He was still incredibly fit but he certain had a bit of an ass and a fuller face; only noticeable to the staff whose job it was to watch the man all day. Grey was also supporting a dark coloured beard which gave him a certain regal air about him, looking majestic too with flecks of silver beginning to show.

Yup; considering the guy was in his forties, he was still a solid ten/ten and very much still Ana's Mr Perfect. Which Luke was seriously envious of; he'd had found his first grey pubic hair yesterday and Danni had laughed so hard she'd given herself a nosebleed. So whilst Grey was living up to Times magazine's title 'Prince of Seattle', Luke was being laughed at by his Ladies for starting to snore.

"Mr Grey, I requested the evening off," Jason said firmly and Luke watched as Grey took off his reading glasses and rubbed his eyes.

"Mr Taylor," Grey said, squeezing the bridge of his nose, "I said I would give you time at the hospital as a goodwill gesture. You're back now. There's no one else to cover and you're rota'ed in."

Uh-oh, he did not just 'Mister' Taylor…

"But sir, I've been with Gail at the hospital all evening," Jason pressed, "We'd hoped to spend the night together."

"I appreciate that, Jason, I do. And I gave you a few hours off today to go with Gail. But I employ you to keep my family safe and expect you to be able to do that when you're on shift. I'm sorry, Taylor but if you don't go with Teddy tonight I'll have to consider it an unauthorised absence," Grey said with a shake of his head.

Luke saw Jason's jaw tighten. Grey never asked for much considering the ridiculous benefits which they all received. It wasn't like him to put his foot down either. Luke could see Jason was trying to remind himself of that to keep his anger truly in check. Yes, Gail had probably had a shitty afternoon, but Gail didn't pay Jason an $80,000 baseline salary with more bonuses than any employer Luke had ever known. The guy had built Taylor a house for fuck sake.

"Is this going to be a problem, Jason?" Grey asked him after the marine stood a little too long glaring at the Boss in silence.

" sir."

"Thank you, Taylor," Christian said and Luke saw the guy let out a breath of air. Apparently he, too, thought Jason would've walked out the door just then, "I'm sorry I can't authorise you to be off longer tonight. Ryan's been working all week and Reynolds has Mei's clarinet recital and booked the weekend off months in advance. Please don't think I never sought out other options."

"Sir," Jason mumbled and then he looked at Sawyer, "Give me two minutes with Gail."

"Sir," Luke said, to Taylor now. After nearly three decades of friendship Luke knew when not to fuck Jason around with wise cracks. Tonight was that night for sure. Nope. Nope. Nope.

The big bear left and headed to his cottage via the adjoining security room and staff quarters, wordlessly. Even Ana and Phoebe didn't dare look his way.

"What was Gail at the hospital for?" Grey asked Sawyer now, stroking his beard. Fuck, Luke wished he could grow a beard like that. The bastard looked so bloody majestic.

"I don't know, Sir," Luke said honestly because Taylor had sprung the appointment on him just as quickly as he'd sprung it on Grey.

"If you did know, would you tell me?" Grey asked next, watching Luke closely.

"Probably not, sir," Luke admitted, "Will that be all for this evening?"

"Yes, Sawyer. Please keep him out of trouble," Grey said firmly.

Luke nodded and headed out of the Boss's office, going to check the security cameras one last time.


At the concert,

The Arena,

University District,



"Thanks for bringing me here, Sawyer," Teddy said as he and Luke walked into the main hall, Taylor with the building's security staff and giving them a heads up that Theodore Grey was with them tonight.

"It's fine, Ted." Luke said with a shrug, tucking his ticket into his jacket pocket, "It's been a while since I was at a concert so I'm actually looking forward to it."

"Good," Teddy replied and gave Luke a smile which was all his father's. He was a handsome young chap. It was a shame to see him acting out as much as he did, "Wanna get some grub before the gig starts?"

"Concert food's pricy. You buying?" Luke smirked and walked with Teddy towards the eatery. They approached a burger shack with a slight queue but it certainly smelt alright to Luke. He pulled his wallet out of his jean pocket but was halted when Teddy shoved his hand away.

"Yeah, it's my treat. I've been doing odd jobs for cash," Teddy nodded and, fuck me, Luke saw that Teddy was packing some serious cash in his Hugo Boss wallet.

Odd jobs?

"What have you been up to?" Luke frowned, making a mental note to question why Teddy had so much dolla in his pocket. That would just be what Grey wanted now that he was branching into politics; his eldest sung tied up in some sort of drug crime.

God knows Teddy couldn't be bothered getting a little weekend job.

"Oh nothing really. Just little bits and pieces," Teddy evaded. Luke didn't press it. Later, he would. But for now they were getting closer to the front of the line, "What will Jason want?"

"Oh. Err, just get him some fries. No vinegar," Luke said, "And a cola."

"You want a beer?" Teddy asked curiously, "I won't tell dad."

"Music to my ears, Tedster. But nah, I've got to behave. Burger and a cola too for me," Luke smiled, "I'll go grab us that free table and let Jason know where we are if you're sure you want to pay? Concert food is overpriced."

"Yeah I've got this. Go sit down," Teddy nodded.

Wow, that was odd, Luke thought when he sat down and text Jason. The bear would be in the security room for a little bit, seeing how they worked their systems.

Maybe Teddy was starting to mature finally?

Luke watched Teddy carrying their food to a table to put sauce on his and Jason's fries. Yeah, maybe he was finally beginning to mature. Heaven knows it was a long time coming.

Teddy carried their food over on a tray and Luke grinned as he picked up his burger, taking a big mouthful. He used to bring Danni to this venue for concerts every month. They'd have a burger, watch a band they liked and have a few drinks whilst the Taylors looked after Eddie and Isla for them. Eating this rubbery burger was a happy memory of those little date nights.

"Thanks again, Luke," Teddy said, "I'm sorry Jason got dragged out here tonight."

"He'll be okay as long as everything is soothe sailing," Luke promised, smiling at Teddy as he took a sip of his cola, "Your friends not here?"

"Eh nah they're not," Teddy admitted.

Red flag.

Red flag in Luke's mind.

Why come to a gig without friends? Was he planning on skipping out on them again to go to some party and get utterly sloshed?

Surely not.

Yes, Grey and Ana were exceptionally overprotective but Teddy's old friends were questionable though. That's why his parents pulled him out of his first school and enrolled him into to another; his friendship group consisted of rich, spoilt brats who spent money on party drugs, alcohol and stole their parent's cars for fun. Teddy having to get his stomach pumped at the age of fifteen had been mortifying and terrifying. If Ana or Christian knew Teddy was going to be seeing them then Luke was sure Teddy not be allowed to leave for his own safety.

But surely he wasn't going to attempt to sneak away like he'd done when he was fifteen? Both Luke and Jason weren't stupid and they anticipated that sort of behaviour from Teddy.

"There's a girl I like," Teddy said then, and Luke relaxed a little. Ahh…a girl, "She's a solid ten, Luke. Stunning. And she's flexible."

"Flexibility is a winning point," Luke chuckled, imagining watching Danni trying to touch her toes. She was so unfit it made him laugh, "So what's your plan to impress her?"

"Accidently bump into her. So, you know, if you and Jason can play it cool?" Teddy grinned, shaking his head as he sipped his own lemonade.

"Sure, sure," Luke winked, finishing his soda and picking at Jason's fries whilst they waited for the bear, "How'd you meet her?"

"Tinder," Teddy admitted and then smiled when Luke pulled a face, "Oh come on. I'm eighteen; I'm not looking for love."

"Still," Luke smirked, "What's your profile like?"

"All my pictures are fully clothed," Teddy said with a roll of his eyes, "I'm not that much of a twat."

"Just checking, Tedster," Luke smiled, surprised that he was actually enjoying Teddy's company right now. It had been years since he had and god Luke missed those days. He'd two daughters so Teddy had always held a special place in Luke's heart, "Just, you know, give me a code if you're going to fuck her."

"I'll twit like an owl," Teddy smirked, "Twit-tawoo, I'm getting boooob, don't tell my mom-tawoo," he demonstrated.

"That'll work," Luke laughed, "Jason uses the same sorta thing to keep us from going into the Taylor's cottage; 'Luke I'm getting a coffee from through the house.'. We have our own coffee machine in our staff kitchen…he's totally not getting coffee."

"I'll bear that in mind," Teddy chuckled, sitting back in his seat and looking at his wrist watch then.

Luke finished stealing Jason's fries then frowned when his stomach began to suddenly cramp and burn. He felt his saliva thickening too, which panicked him a little; he felt like he was going to be sick.

"You okay, Luke?" Teddy asked curiously.

Luke shook his head, his stomach burning. Before he could get up and find a trash can or a toilet, he'd leant over the side of his chair and threw up violently.

"Ooow!" Luke moaned, taking a deep breath before being sick again, staring down at the mess he'd just made before his stomach heaved again and he vomited again.

Some random goth girl screamed as he upchucked on her shoes.

And then on her bag.

And then on his lap.

And then on the table.

Teddy was gone.

Luke frowned, wiping his watery eyes as he looked down on the table and spotted a small, empty bottle. He picked it up and cursed loudly; ipecac.

That fucking bastard!

"Teddy!" Luke shouted and stood but he managed all but two steps before his burning stomach caused him to fall into a crouch, "Teddy?! Jason!?"

He reached into his pocket and hit one, speed dial taking him straight through to Ana Grey whilst his stomach lurched again and he threw up on the ground. Ideally he'd call Taylor but that involved hitting two different numbers, and he just couldn't deal with that right now; his stomach was on fire, "Oh fucking hell."

"Sawyer?" Ana answered.

"That fucker drugged-urghup!" he vomited again, eyes pouring as he coughed up bile which only aggravated his burning stomach more.

"Luke, what's happened?" Ana repeated worriedly.

"He spiked my drink with a whole bottle of Ipecac and legged it. I can't move; I'm allergic to this shit. Jason's in the security room here," Luke moaned, "I can't get Jaso-urghup!"



I really wanted to do a story with an older Teddy. From the stories I've read on here, Teddy always seems to grow up to be a decent soul but I think I'll probably take a different approach with him; make him a little spoilt, a little sheltered and pushing boundaries to cover up the fact that he's anxious and worried. I also imagined Christian and Ana to be very protective parents given all they went through together in the past; they've seen that the world can be a scary place which I think would trickle into their parenting; it would be hard not to be affected by their past experiences.

It's just an idea which I'm playing around with; I love writing action and imagining Teddy walking in on something which puts his life in danger seems like a good way to have a spoilt Teddy and a grumpy Taylor working together; unlikely forces haha.

It's not going to be in affiliation with either Hunted or Walk On The Wild Side, but I'm super lazy to reinvent character backgrounds for the secondary lot (the guards, Gail etc). So similarities are simply because I'm super lazy. Fingers crossed Jason doesn't end up in hospital this time! Gun shots and then Septicaemia. Comes in threes though, right?

As always, all characters belong to E. !

Hopefully you like it :)

D x