My first non harry potter story as well as my first non crossover.

Summary: one sentence can change history itself, Charmcaster overhears Ben complaining about the Omnitrix and realizes that a much more powerful object than the Stones of Bezel are within her grasp. Playing the ally she attempts to steal the Watch from Ben.

Charmcaster looked up at Lucky Girl who was standing above her holding her bag. "Not so tough without you bag of tricks are you?" she asked, Charmcaster noticed she seemed to be reveling in the power of the keystone. She still did not understand how she could use it, the stone needed magic to be activated, but she guessed since it was so close to the alignment that the stone powered itself.

Quickly getting to her feet Charmcaster went to grab her bag but pulled at the last second she had no chance of getting that bag from her without her powers. "I-I-I didn't mean to hurt anybody, my uncle made me do it." she said putting her hand down and adopting an apologetic expression, technically this wasn't a lie she had wanted to sneak in grab the stone, do the ritual and then use the stones but no uncle Hex just had to show off.

"And why should I believe you?" Lucky Girl asked she wasn't an idiot, chances are she was just lying and waiting for a chance to stab her in the back.

"My name is Charmcaster, I'm Hex's niece." she said introducing herself. "You know what he is like he does take no for an answer." she said looking down in shame before looking up with a hopeful expression. "I could help you, uncle is after the keystone of Bezel, it's in your bracelet."

"Duh!" she said, "that was obvious, he wants it to increase his power."

Charmcaster shook her head. "Not only that, if he performs the ritual of Bezel at the highest point at the peak of the eclipse he can recreate the stones of Bezel that you destroyed." she explained.

"Making new friends Charmcaster?" came the haunting voice of her uncle, 'no no you idiot can't you see I'm playing her!' she thought her uncle had unparalleled skill in magic but when came to strategizing he wasn't the smartest, after all he was stuck in cell for months true but it's like he forgot that in place of his staff he could have drawn out runes to make his escape and carve a new one. It may not have been as good as his normal one but it would have been good enough. After all it's not like their were any real powerful magic users in this realm anymore, most of them had died out centuries ago, so there was no to truly challenge him.

Phasing through the bush he raised his hand to reveal the two of Lucky Girl's companions her grandfather, if Charmcaster remembered correctly and the shapeshifter, hovering in the air behind Hex. Luckily it seemed he was low on magic for he wasn't transforming otherwise they may have been in real trouble. She had to admit it was pretty ingenious to use a watch as a focus something wasn't easy to remove as well as something most people wouldn't look twice at, though where he got enough magically conductive metal to make one she didn't know, this realm was almost completely bare of such objects.

"Now give me the keystone or they will suffer a most painful of deaths." Hex threatened his staff glowing with mystic power.

"I can't let you do this uncle!" Charmcaster snatched her bag from Lucky Girl and unzipped the mouth letting loose several flying stone like creatures.

Hex was caught off guard by the unexpected betrayal, and did not react in time before the stone creatures dragged him away. "Charmcaster you will pay for this betrayal!" He cried as the stone golems dragged him away, making her wince even if she got the keystone she doubted he would be happy with her.

"Wow I guess you are legit." Lucky Girl said looking at Charmcaster in shock, she half expected her to use that bag on her when she grabbed it.

"Y-yeah thanks." She said honestly blushing for once, her uncle never really gave her any compliments and the only other people to do so were guys trying to flirt with her.

Lucky Girl's family groaned on the ground causing the girls to rush over to them. "Ben, Grandpa are you alright?"

"I'm fine Gwen." the old man said getting off the ground looking barely fazed despite the height he fell. "How about you Ben?"

"I'm fine," he said getting off the ground as well but he was glaring at his watch as well. "But I would be better if this stupid watch worked when I needed it to." he said fiddling with the dial. "Of course it doesn't work when I need it, what use is thousand transformations if it never works when I want it to!" he said smacking the watch face.

"Ben calm down." Said Lucky Girl- Gwen Charmcaster reminded herself, names had power she would do well to remember her enemies. "That's why you have Lucky Girl remember?" she said with a smirk her chest puffing up in pride. But it was what Ben said that caught Charmcaster's attention, the way he talked he made it sound like it wasn't he who was the source of the transformations but rather the watch itself, that must mean it was like the stones of Bezel. A magical object that gave supernatural abilities to it's wielder. Her eyes narrowed and she looked at the watch if that was true, than if she could take it from him and combine it with the power of Bezel she would be unstoppable. But that could take time more than she had to before the ritual began. The question was, was it worth it? She had no doubt her uncle could find a way to get the keystone on his own, but would he believe that she was faking and support her reasons. There was also the fact that he would most likely want the watch for himself, once he learned the truth of it.

Gwen placed a hand on her shoulder causing her to pull back in surprise having not noticed her approach. "Charmcaster I know you're scared of you uncle, you don't have to come along. You can stay here with my Grandpa." she sighed in relief they mistook her silence for fear rather than planning.

"Th-thank you." she stuttered out.

As they walked off she started to shift shyly looking like she wanted ask something but refraining from doing so and just like she planned the old man took the bait. "What is it? Is something wrong?"

"It's well." here she blushed in embarrassment. "What is that device Ben uses to transform? It is more powerful than anything I have ever seen."

"Yeah Ben is lucky to have the Omnitrix." the old man agreed but refused to elaborate.

She wasn't surprised when less than twenty minutes later the duo had returned missing the Keystone. "My uncle has the keystone?" she asked not needing to fake being scared with the power he would receive from that she had no idea what he could do.

"Yeah do you know what he was planning next?"

"Well he did say thing about using it at the highest point during the eclipse…" she trailed off and they caught onto her thought process.

"The Space Needle!" the two kids exclaimed looking towards the Space Needle.

The Rust Bucket which was not a very comforting name for a vehicle grinded to a halt in front of the Space Needle and the three Tennysons as well as Charmcaster all rushed out to see the spells flying off of the Needle.

"Oh no he has already begun." yes finally she could grab the stones claim that so soon after their recreation that destroying them would cause too much damage. It was obvious none of them knew the first thing about magic so it wasn't like any of them could disprove her statement.

Gwen sighed and looked down. "Guess it's all up to you Ben." Being Lucky Girl was fun while it lasted.

Ben placed a hand on her shoulder. "Hey I could always use some backup." Gwen looked up and smiled before she remember Charmcaster and turned to her.

"What about you will you help?"

Charmcaster pretended to consider it even though she had already decided to go, she needed those stones. "I can't let my uncle go through with this." She said adopting a determined look.

"That's great." Gwen said happy she was finally standing up to her uncle.

"Hex give up the keystone or face the awesome wrath of Lucky Girl." the girl threatened.

Hex stopped his ritual when he saw Lucky Girl slowly ascend to the roof top. For the briefest of moments he thought she had somehow regained her powers but quickly realize no magic was coming from her.

"Such cheap tricks mean nothing." he scoffed holding out his hand and pulling both the girl and her grandfather up from whatever was keeping the a float. "Did you really think such a ploy would affect me?" Hex asked almost disappointed this was the girl who beat him.

"It's called misdirection uncle!" Hex turned just in time to see his traitorous niece hurl several explosives at him. He easily blocked them only to knocked off his feet by some kind of flying device.

On the device was the shape shifter who was laughing. "I had forgotten how much fun this was." the boy laughed he waved down to his grandfather. "Hi grandpa!" Hex wondered if the boy was foolish as to think he would be defeated so easily.

"DIE!" he cried blasting the boy but the device he was on wiggled and threw off his aim. Hex snarled this thing was much more mobile than he was in the air. He may have been able to keep pace with it but it could turn to fast for him to truly catch it.

Hex looked down and saw his traitorous niece as well as Lucky Girl talked and sneered a quick spell had the two of them as well as the old man pinned to rollercoaster. Another spell got it moving. He wasn't surprise that his niece managed to escape before the ride could leave the building. His attention was drawn back to the board as he nearly fell to the ground below.

"Leave them alone!" Ben yelled moving towards Hex.

Charmcaster couldn't help but smile as she watched Lucky girl and her grandfather go towards the broken edge of the roller coaster. A weak spell that would fail at the last minute it would look like she tried to help and he would be too heartbroken over the loss of his family to truly care if she took the watch. Knowing these heroes types he would probably say he was unworthy of the watch or something like that and easily accept whatever spell she came up with to remove from him.

However he surprised her by doing something to his board and jumping off. It flashed green several times before turning red and suddenly rushing forward with her uncle still on it slamming the air vent and knocking the wind out of him. As Ben fell from the sky he twisted the face of his watch and slammed it down without looking not having time to try and pick an alien that would most likely not be chosen anyways. He landed with a loud thud as Diamondhead emerged. "Diamondhead!" Ben bellowed on reflex before running to the edge thinking fast his shot several crystals at the wheels of the ride causing it to grind to a oh so halt just at the edge. It seemed this wasn't the first time the two of them had been in such danger before as instead of sighing in relief and relaxing, they immediately climbed out of coaster and onto the tracks slowly making their way up to the roof of the Needle.

By the time they reached the top Hex had recovered, he smirked as the stones of bezel reformed right in front of his eyes.

"The stones are mine!" he proclaimed loudly reaching out with his magic to grasp the stones.

"Oh no they're not!" Ben said shooting several gems at the Stones. Normally these would do nothing the stones of bezel were filled with magic right after being reforged making them nearly invincible but the crystals Ben fired were not normal either were they were of the planet Petropia and the Petrosapien were famous for their crystals superconductivity and invulnerability it would take an extremely powerful blast to damage the crystal. The Stones of bezel shattered but instead of being worried Hex merely laughed.

"Do you really think it would so easy?" he asked as the stones began to reforge once more. "So long as the eclipse goes on the stones will continue to reforge themselves."

"Wanna bet!" Ben asked jumping into the air and forming a sword of crystal.

"BEN DON'T!" both Charmcaster and his Grandpa Max called, Charmcaster because that would mean all her work was for nothing and Grandpa Max because he knew full well what the backlash of that kind of explosion could damage.

The main stone shattered and the energy built up to be released. "GET DOWN!" Charmcaster yelled diving to the floor and summoning a shield to protect herself.

An explosion came but nothing on the magnitude of what they were expecting instead of an explosion that very well could have taken out the entire block it was all channel though the crystalline form of Diamondhead. The superconductivity of the crystal channelling all the built up energy into a single place. The Omnitrix.

Ben fell down to the ground turning back into a human as he did so.

"NO!" Hex called in rage summoning magic to his hand. "YOU WILL PAY!" Hex exclaimed only to be blasted into the elevator by shot from his own magical staff.

"Back away from the dweeb." Gwen said still holding the smoking staff.

'How did she?' Charmcaster wondered looking at Lucky Girl. if the stones had exploded than she would have assumed all the magical energy in the air would have allowed anyone to use the staff but all the energy was channelled straight into Ben.

This merited further investigation.

Done as I said up top first story not a crossover or Harry Potter!