Chapter 1:

The Magic Kingdom looked sort of creepy at night, but yet it was rather peaceful. David thought as he sat on a bench in his DHI form. David, unlike other teenage boys was different. Like his friends, Amanda and Jess, he was a Fairlie. Capable to manipulate electricity in the palm of his hands.

Two years into his past, he was one of the kids who were held by a government group that would study kids with special abilities and use them for experiments. He didn't know what purpose they were to them. But he escaped before they could do more experiments on him. Unlike the other kids there who believed in the government's words that they were taken care of and treated like normal likes. But David knew these were all lies. He knew after being with Amanda and Jess, that the people there were using them and their special powers.

He couldn't remember the time when he actually had a normal life, except before he turned eight years old. Back when he discovered his powers. And back on the day when the accident happened. The one that killed his parents and left him all alone for the people from Barracks 14 to find him and take him away to Baltimore. He didn't know how the accident even happened. Or if it was his fault for causing it. No one told him anything about it. And he couldn't remember all about it. He did remember stepping out of the car to look for help because he claimed his parents were dead. This had bothered him for years. But he had to move on from it, having to live out his life after he moved to Florida to get away from the barracks.

Ever since then, Wayne had found the young man living after a bridge. And brought him into his apartment with his daughter, Wanda. Living there was the best thing that has happened to him. Wayne had been like a father to him and had taught him all of the things he needed to know to become a Disney Imagineer. Something that David wanted to do as his career.

Also the best thing that has happened to him was the day he became a Kingdom Keepers with a group of other teens. These nine teens, five of them part of the popular DHI host of the Disney Parks, were chosen by Wayne to become holograms at night to protect Disney World from a group called the Overtakers. The other two were his Fairlie friends, Amanda and Jess. And Nikki, the girl who joined the team the same time he did. The one that he really liked. Sharing so many adventures together, David was developing a crush on her.

Together, he and Nikki were able to save the other Keepers from the Overtakers after they kidnapped them to take control of Disney World. Being the Keepers 'secret weapons' to find clues and help fight the OTs. But now they no longer have to hide from the Keepers to help them. They had officially become part of the team.

Seeing Nikki approaching him, he smiled at her. "Well, it's about time you showed up." He joked as he stood up, hands placed into his jacket pockets.

"Sorry, I got stuck with family stuff." Nikki responded, dusting herself after she woke up somewhere in the middle of Main Street.

"Philby said we're meeting up with Finn, Willa, and Maybeck at the control booth close to the Enchanted Tiki Room." David explained as he walked over to her.

"Do you remember where you put the Return button this time?" Nikki asked as she folded her arms.

"Yes, though…" He looked around them before turning back to Nikki. "I can't say out loud." He whispered. "We could be watched by someone."

"But, I thought the Overtakers are locked away." Nikki said, concern was showed on her face.

"According to Wayne, there are other OTs still out there." He explained before they both headed down towards the bridge that led to Adventureland. "Some those escaped and are planning to free Maleficent and the others. We believe that they're using ways to spy on us so we don't interfere with their plans. It's why Wayne wants us to check out the Tiki Room."

He noticed the concerned look on Nikki's face. He couldn't blame her for feeling this way. After dealing with the Overtakers last time, it was hard to deal with them returning to the Disney Parks again. But at least this time, they had greater strength in numbers with the other Keepers.

"Why the Tiki Room? It's seems so harmless. Though, Finn told me the story about how scary Small World was. And I learn that everything is not always as they seem." Nikki explained as she glanced ahead as they headed into Adventureland. Keeping their eyes focused around them. To keep an eye out for any other Keepers and to make sure that the OTs weren't going to attack them.

"The Overtakers can use anything harmless to try to get to us." David glanced around till they reached the building. Standing in front of the Tiki Tiki Room Attraction. "Even in this place." He softly said, tilting his head.

"Psst. Nikki. David." They suddenly heard a girl's voice calling to them. Making them turning to see Willa waving to them from behind one of the buildings close to where they were. They looked at each other first before they ran over to where Willa was.

"Thank goodness you both are here." Willa whispered as she hugged them both. "When you both didn't show up sooner, I thought you were captured."

"Sorry we're late. It took me a while to get to bed because of my mother. She's still clinging onto me after what happened last time." Nikki explained.

"Oh, I understand how you feel. My mother's the same way." Willa said with a frown. Her mother had never approved of her wondering into Disney World at night. Especially if she was stuck in the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. "Come on, Finn's waiting for us inside."

Willa led the two inside of the Tiki Tiki Tiki Room building. The room was huge, and had so many robotic birds within it. At night, it was really creepy to look at, David thought to himself.

"Wlla? Nikki? David? Over here." David then turned, seeing Finn on the other side of the room. The three of them rushed over to them.

"Sorry we're late." Niki said to him.

"It's alright. We're just glad that both of you are alright." Finn said, having a concerned look on his face. "There are so many Overtakers out here lately. They've been trying to trap us. So we have to be very careful."

"Whitman. There's no time for conversations." Maybeck called out from the control panel. "We'll explain to them everything when we get this mission done."

"Mission?" David turned back to Finn, raising his eyebrows.

"Wayne has a message for us. Telling us to meet here." Finn began to explain as he led them towards the control panel.

"This place gives me the creeps." Nikki said, feeling uncomfortable around the robotic birds that stood there motionless.

"I agree. It's just as bad as the dolls from Small World." Maybeck responded as he was working at the controls. "Philby should be doing this part. I don't know much about this kind of technology."

"Here, I'll give it a try." Nikki spoke up.

Maybeck moved to the side to allow her to sit down and work at the controls on the control panel. Setting up to turn on the cameras that were inside and outside of the building.

"This should give us a chance to see the OTs before they see us." Nikki smiled at her success before continuing to work at the controls.

"David, you and I should check outside to see if we can find anything out there." Finn suggested to him. David nodded before following Finn towards the doors.

Meanwhile, a couple of birds were watching them from the wooden beam above the stage. One of them was a red parrot. Jafar's parrot, Iago. And the other was a black raven. Diago, Maleficent's pet raven. Both them watched them with glares. Both of them squawked silently to each other before Diago flew out of the window to follow Finn and David. Both boys were walking around the café area near the building.

"Let's search around. Wayne could leave us a clue anywhere around here." Finn said before both of them began to search around the area. The raven smirked by this before flying out of Adventureland to warn the Overtakers of the whereabouts of the Keepers.