Disclaimer: Twistuff? Not mine.

Hello, again! So yes, this is my THIRD, completely distinct AU New Moon story— apparently I am obsessed with that book, LOL—but it's a bit different than anything I've ever done before, and I'm REEEEALLY EXCITED!

A little background:

A few years ago, I wrote a Rosalie-inspired collection for The Twilight25 Round 8 entitled "Blonde Ambition," and one of the drabbles was inspired by the word prompt, "Covert." After reading that 100-word blurb, my Bestie jmolly said she would looooove to know what happened next.

So this full-grown plot bunny is for you, loviekins!

A few notes before we begin:

1) This story is completely pre-written!

2) It is entirely in Rosalie's POV.

3) There are 58 chapters, but because this story is inspired by a 100-word drabble, each chapter is about 200-400 words.

4) But because the chapters are so short, this story will update on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

5) This is my second-favorite story I've ever written, the first being "Black Ice," another Rosalie-centric fic. I know I said "The Last Word" was my second-favorite, but after completing this one, I've had to change my vote, LOL.

6) Lastly, which is actually always firstly, I SINCERELY hope y'all enjoy this.

Here we go!

What Have We Done?

Chapter 01

This is beneath me.

An utter waste of time.

But our family steeps in suffocating grief

And I cannot breathe

Thus I sit alone in a tall Forks pine

Waiting for proof of life.


The human is fine

She has to be.

Otherwise our family would implode

And Edward...

Words do not exist to describe it

(and neither would he)


The rust-bucket arrives.

The door opens.

And as expected, she's…


That's not her.

That cannot be her.

That's barely anyone.


She's wrecked.

A girl left for dead

Sacrificed on an altar of her beloved's choosing

Oh god

Oh my god.

What have we done?

And we're off!

See you Wednesday! XO