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What Have We Done?

Chapter 06

We stare at each other, the broken human and I, and time stands still.

This is not supposed to happen—none of this is supposed to happen!—and I am panicked inside, fearful of what might happen next.

But I shake off those nerves, remembering who I am and who I am not.

I am not one for letting emotion rule me. I do not believe in vacillation or letting proverbial chips fall wherever they damn well please.

I am a woman of action, a woman who gets things done while others sit around idling in indecision.

Or in this case, lie in bed staring in silence.

So I blink first.

Bella does not react, so I retreat slowly, putting a polite distance between us. She follows my movement with her unblinking gaze, and I begin to believe she is still asleep.

Until she sits up and stretches, the crackle and pop of her limbs breaking the silence. Yawning grandly, she attempts to run a hand through her tangled hair before looking at me again. "Hey, Rosalie."

I am so shocked by her level of calm it takes me a moment to respond. "Hey."

"What time is it?"

"Uh..." I check my watch. "Just after midnight."

"Wow, I fell asleep. Yay, me."

"Yay, you."

"That's one thing I can do that you can't." Her smile doesn't reach her eyes. "Jealous?"

"A little."

"Score one for the human." She tilts her head. "You look weird."

"What do you mean?"

She looks me up and down. "You're dirty."

"Yes." I brush errant tree soot off my jeans. "Yet you're not surprised to see me."

"Why should I be?" She fluffs a flaccid pillow to no avail. "I once went to school with five animal-drinking vampires. It can't be that hard to hallucinate one."


"Come on." She shakes her head. "How else could I be seeing you right now?"

Without another word, Bella turns over and curls onto her side. She draws her knees into her chest, wrapping her arms around her midsection. A well-worn blanket lies rumpled near her bare feet, and my fingers itch to straighten it out.

"It figures though," she mutters.

I'm almost afraid to ask. "What does?"

"I would see the one who hates me."

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