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Pairings: Matt/Sarah, Mary/Ben, Lucy/Kevin, Simon/Cecelia, Ruthie/Peter (MAYBE), Roxanne/Chandler, and John/Priscilla.

Camden: Let's see what's happening with Rebecca.

      CHAPTER 8

          Rebecca sat in her seventh grade math class. It was after her class photos were taken. Rebecca looked as if she was ready to fall asleep. Math was not one of her favorite subjects, especially algebra. The main thing keeping Becky awake was Clarence, also known as her future husband. Clarence Phillips had wavy black hair, hazel eyes, and a great movie star smile. He could make any girl melt, including Rebecca.

          Soon the bell rung and the class was over. Rebecca gathered her books and followed after Clarence. She watched him go to his locker. Becky slowly walked over but kept a careful distance.

"Hi, Clarence," Becky squeaked.

He turned to her, flashing his movie star smile. "Hey. Your name's Rebecca, right?"

"Yeah. Or Becky. You know. Whatever you prefer."

"So what's up?"

"Nothing. It's just… what'd you think of that test in English last week. Pretty snoozing, huh?"

"No kidding." He took a book out of his open locker. "So I better get to my next class. I'll see you later, Becky."

"OK. Laters." She watched him leave with a romantic sigh.

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